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1 The vision of Esai ye sonne of Amos, which he sawe vpon Iuda and Hierusalem, in the dayes of Uzia & Ioathan, Ahaz and Iehezekiah, kinges of Iuda.
2 Heare O heauens, and hearken O earth: for the Lorde hath spoken, I haue norished and brought vp children, and they haue done vnfaithfully against me.
3 The oxe hath knowen his owner, and the asse his maisters cribbe: [but] Israel hath not knowen, my people hath geuen no heede.
4 Ah sinnefull nation, a people laden with iniquitie, a seede of the wicked, corrupt children: they haue forsaken the Lorde, they haue prouoked the holy one of Israel vnto anger, they are gone backwarde.
5 Why shoulde ye be stricken any more? [for] ye are euer fallyng away: euery head is diseased, and euery heart heauy:
6 From the sole of the foote vnto the head there is nothyng sounde in it: [but] woundes, blaynes, and putrifiyng sore: they haue not ben salued, neither wrapped vp, neither molified with the oyntment.
7 Your lande is wasted, your cities are burnt vp, straungers deuour your lande before your face, and it is made desolate, as it were the destruction of enemies [in the tyme of warre.]
8 And the daughter of Sion shalbe left as a cotage in a vineyarde, lyke a lodge in a garden of Cucumbers , lyke a besieged citie.
9 Except the Lorde of hoastes had left vs a small remnaunt, we shoulde haue ben as Sodoma, & lyke vnto Gomorra.
10 Heare the worde of the Lord ye lordes of Sodoma, and hearken vnto the lawe of our God thou people of Gomorra.
11 Why offer ye so many sacrifices to me, wyll the Lorde say? I am full of the burnt offeringes of weathers, & of the fatnesse of fed beastes, I haue no pleasure in the blood of bullockes, lambes, and goates.
12 When ye come to appeare before me treadyng in my courtes, who hath required this at your handes?
13 Offer me no mo oblations, for it is but lost labour: incense is an abhominable thyng vnto me, I may not away with your newe moones, your sabbathes & solempne meetynges, your solempne assemblies are wicked.
14 I hate your newe moones and appoynted feastes euen from my very heart, they make me weery, I can not abyde them.
15 When you holde out your handes, I wyll turne myne eyes from you: and though ye make many prayers, yet I wyll heare nothyng at all, seyng your handes are full of blood.
16 Washe you, make you cleane, put away your euyll thoughtes out of my syght: ceasse from doyng of euyll,
17 Learne to do well, applie your selues to equitie, deliuer the oppressed, helpe the fatherlesse to his ryght, let the widdowes complaynt come before you:
18 And then go to, saith the Lorde, let vs talke together: though your sinnes be as red as scarlet, they shalbe as whyte as snowe: and though they were lyke purple, they shalbe as whyte as wooll.
19 If ye be wyllyng and obedient, ye shal eate the good of the lande:
20 But yf ye be obstinate and rebellious, ye shalbe deuoured with the sworde: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken [it.]
21 Howe happeneth it then that the righteous citie which was full of equitie, is become vnfaythfull as a whore? Righteousnesse dwelt in it, but nowe murtherers.
22 Thy siluer is turned to drosse, and thy wine mixt with water.
23 Thy princes are wicked, and companions of theeues: they loue gyftes altogether, and gape for rewardes: As for the fatherlesse they helpe hym not to his ryght, neither wyll they let the widdowes causes come before them.
24 Therfore saith the Lorde God of hoastes, the mightie one of Israel: Ah I must ease me of mine enemies, and auenge me of mine aduersaries:
25 And I shall lay my hande vpon thee, and purely purge away thy drosse, and take away all thy tinne:
26 And set thy iudges agayne as they were sometyme, and thy senatours as they were from the begynnyng: and then thou shalt be called the ryghteous citie, the faythfull citie.
27 Sion shalbe redeemed with equitie, and her conuertes with righteousnesse.
28 But the transgressours, and the vngodly, and such as forsake the Lorde, shall altogether be vtterly destroyed.
29 For ye shalbe confounded for the trees which ye haue desired: and ye shalbe ashamed of the gardens that ye haue chosen.
30 For ye shalbe as a tree whose leaues are fallen away, and as a garden that hath no moystnesse.
31 And the very strong one [of your idols] shalbe as towe, and the maker of it as a sparke [of fire] and they shal both burne together, and no man quenche them.


1 The selfe same worde that Esai the sonne of Amos sawe vpon Iuda and Hierusalem.
2 And [this] shall come to passe in the latter dayes: the hyll of the Lordes house shalbe prepared in the heyght of the mountaynes, and shalbe hygher then the hylles, and all nations shall preasse vnto hym.
3 And a multitude of people shall go, speakyng [thus one to another] come, let vs ascende to the hyll of the Lorde, to the house of the God of Iacob, and he wyll instruct vs of his wayes, and we wyll walke in his pathes: for out of Sion shall come a lawe, and the worde of the Lorde from Hierusalem:
4 And shall geue sentence among the heathen, and shall refourme the multitude of people: they shall breake their swordes also into mattockes, and their speares to make sithes: And one people shall not lyft vp a weapon agaynst another, neither shall they learne to fyght from thencefoorth.
5 Come ye O house of Iacob, and let vs walke in the lyght of the Lorde:
6 For thou hast forsaken thy people the house of Iacob, because they be replenished [with euils] from the east, and with sorcerers lyke the Philistines, and in straunge children they thynke them selues to haue enough.
7 Their lande is full of siluer and golde, neither is there any ende of their treasure: their lande is also full of horses, and no ende is there of their charrettes.
8 Their lande also is full of vayne gods, and before the worke of their owne handes they haue bowed them selues, yea euen before the thyng that their owne fingers haue made.
9 There kneeleth the man, there falleth the man downe [before them:] therfore forgeue them not.
10 Get thee into the rocke, and hyde thee in the grounde for feare of the Lorde, and for the glorie of his maiestie.
11 The high lookes of man shalbe brought lowe, and the hautinesse of men shalbe bowed downe: and the Lorde alone shalbe exalted in that day.
12 For the day of the Lorde of hoastes [shalbe] vpon all the proude, loftie, and vpon all that is exalted, and he shalbe brought lowe:
13 And vpon all high and stout Cedar trees of Libanus, and vpon all the okes of Basan.
14 And vpon all the high mountaynes, and vpon all the high hilles,
15 And vpon euery high towre, and vpon euery fenced wall,
16 And vpon all the shippes of Tharsis, and vpon all pictures of pleasure.
17 And the pride of man shalbe brought downe, and the loftinesse of men shalbe made lowe, and the Lorde alone shalbe exalted in that day:
18 As for the idols he shall vtterly abolishe:
19 And they shall creepe into holes of stone, and into caues of the earth for feare of the Lorde, and for the glorie of his maiestie, when he ariseth to destroy [the wicked ones of] the earth.
20 In the selfe same day shall man cast away his gods of siluer, and his gods of golde, into the holes of Mowles and Backes, which he neuerthelesse had made to hym selfe to honour them.
21 And they shall creepe into the cliftes of the rockes, and into the toppes of the harde stones for feare of the Lorde, and for the glorie of his maiestie, when he ariseth to destroy [the wicked ones of] the earth.
22 Ceasse therfore from man in whose nosethrilles there is breath: for wherin is he to be accompted of?


1 For lo, the Lorde God of hoastes doth take away from Hierusalem and Iuda all maner of stay, all stay of meate and drynke,
2 The captayne and the souldiour, the iudge and the prophete, the prudent and the aged man,
3 The captayne of fiftie & the honorable, the senatour, the cunnyng artificer, and the eloquent oratour.
4 And I shall geue children to be their princes, and babes shall rule ouer them.
5 And the people shall eche one of them violently oppresse another, and euery one agaynst his neyghbour: The boy shall presume agaynst the elder, and the person of lowe degree agaynst the honorable.
6 Yea one shall take a friende of his owne kinrede by the bosome, and say: thou hast clothyng, thou shalt be our head, and stay this ruine with thy hande.
7 Then shall he sweare and say, I can not helpe you: there is neither meate nor clothyng in my house, make me no ruler of the people.
8 For Hierusalem and Iuda must decay: because that both their wordes and counsayles are agaynst the Lorde to prouoke the presence of his maiestie to anger.
9 Their very countenaunce bewrayeth the, yea they declare their owne sinnes [themselues] as Sodome, they hide it not: Wo be to their owne soules, for they haue rewarded euyll vnto them selues.
10 Say to the ryghteous that it shall go well with them: for they shall eate the fruite of their owne studies.
11 [But] wo be vnto the wicked, for it shalbe euyll with hym: for he shalbe rewarded after his owne workes.
12 Children are extortioners of my people, and women rule ouer them: O my people, thy leaders deceaue thee, and corrupt the way of thy footsteppes.
13 The Lorde is here to commune of the matter, & standeth to iudge the people.
14 The Lorde shall enter into iudgement with the elders and princes of his people, [and shall say to them:] It is ye that haue burnt vp my vineyarde, the spoyle of the poore is in your houses.
15 What meane ye that ye bray [as in a morter] my people, and grinde the faces of the poore? saith the Lorde God of hoastes.
16 Moreouer the Lord hath said, seing the daughters of Sion are waxen proude, & walke with stretched foorth neckes, and wanton lokes, goyng and trippyng nicely, and tinckelyng with their feete:
17 Therfore shall the Lorde shaue the heades of the daughters of Sion, and shall discouer their filthinesse.
18 In that day shall the Lord take away the gorgiousnesse of the attire about their feete, & the caules, and the rounde tires [after the fashion of the moone.]
19 The sweete perfumes, and the bracelettes, and the mufflers,
20 The bonnettes, and the sloppes, and the head bandes, and the tablettes, and the earynges,
21 And rynges, and nose iewels:
22 The costly apparell, and the vayles, and the wimples, & the crispyng pinnes,
23 And the glasses, and the fine linnen, and the hoodes, and the lawnes.
24 And in steade of good smell there shalbe stincke, and in steade of their girdle a rent, and for well set heere there shalbe baldnesse, in steade of a stomacher a sacke cloth, & [sunne] burnyng for beautie.
25 Thy men shal perishe with the sword, and thy valiaunt souldiours in the battayle [O Hierusalem.]
26 And her gates shall mourne and bewayle: and she deyng desolate, shall syt vpon the grounde.


1 In that day, seuen women shall take holde of one man, saying: we wyll finde our selues meate and apparell: only let vs be called by thy name, to take our shamefull reproofe [from vs.]
2 In that day shall the budde of the Lorde be beautifull and glorious, and the fruite of the earth shalbe excellent and pleasaunt, for them that are escaped of Israel.
3 Then shall the remnaunt in Sion and the remnaunt at Hierusalem be called holy: [namely] all such as are written among the lyuyng in Hierusalem,
4 After that the Lorde hath washt away the filthinesse of the daughters of Sion, and hath purged the blood out from Hierusalem in the spirite of iudgement and in the spirite of fire.
5 And vpon all the dwellynges of the hylles of Sion, and vpon her congregations, the Lord shall create a cloude and smoke by day, and the shynyng of a flamyng fire by night: for all the glorie shalbe preserued.
6 And there shalbe a tabernacle for a shadowe in the day time from the heat, & a safe place and refuge from weather and rayne.


1 Nowe wyll I syng my beloued friende, a song of my friende touching his vineyard: My beloued friende hath a vineyarde in a very fruiteful plenteous grounde.
2 This he hedged, and gathered out the stones from it, and planted it with the choysest vine: In the middest of it builded he a towre, also made a wine presse therin: and he loked that it shoulde bring him grapes, and it brought foorth wylde grapes.
3 Nowe O citezen of Hierusalem, and man of Iuda, iudge I pray thee betwixt me and my vineyarde:
4 What more coulde haue ben done for it, that I haue not done? Wherfore then hath it geuen wylde grapes, where I loked to haue had grapes of it?
5 Well, nowe I shall tell you howe I will do with my vineyarde: I will take the hedge from it, that it may perishe, and breake downe the wall therof, that it may be troden vnder foote.
6 I wyll lay it waste, it shall neither be digged nor cut, but beare thornes and briers: I wyll also forbyd the cloudes that they shall not rayne vpon it.
7 As for the vineyarde of the Lorde of hoastes, it is the house of Israel : and the man of Iuda, the plant of his pleasure: Of these he loked for equitie, but see there is oppression for ryghteousnesse, and lo it is a crying.
8 Wo vnto them that ioyne one house to another, and bring one lande so nigh vnto another, that there is no more place: Wyll ye be placed alone in the myddest of the earth?
9 These thynges are in the eares of the Lorde of hoastes: of a trueth great and faire houses shalbe without any dweller in them.
10 And tenne acres of vines shall geue but a quart, and thirtie busshels of seede shall geue but an Epha.
11 Wo be vnto them that rise vp early to folowe drunkennesse, continuyng vntyll nyght, tyll they be set on fire with wine.
12 In their feastes are harpes and lutes, tabrettes and pipes, and wine: but they regarde not the worke of the Lord, and consider not the operatio of his handes.
13 Therfore commeth my folke into captiuitie, because they haue no vnderstandyng: Their glorie is famished with hunger, and their multitude dryed vp with thirst.
14 Therfore gapeth hell and openeth her mouth marueilous wyde, that their glorie, multitude, and wealth, with such as reioyce in her, may descende into it.
15 Thus hath man a fall and is brought lowe, and the hygh loke of the proude shalbe layde downe.
16 But the Lorde of hoastes shalbe exalted in iudgement, and God that is holy is sanctified in ryghteousnesse.
17 Then shall the sheepe eate as they were wont, and the riche mens landes that were layde waste shall straungers deuour.
18 Wo be vnto them that drawe wickednesse with cordes of vanitie, and sinne as it were with a cart rope.
19 Which vse to speake on this maner, Let hym make speede and hasten his worke, that we may see it: let the counsayle of the holy one of Israel come and drawe nye, that we may knowe it.
20 Wo be vnto them that call euyll good, and good euyll, which make darknesse lyght, and lyght darknesse, that make sowre sweete, and sweete sowre.
21 Wo be vnto them that are wise in their owne syght, and thynke them selues to haue vnderstandyng.
22 Wo be vnto them that are strong to suppe out wine, and expert men to set vp drunkennesse.
23 Wo be vnto them that geue sentence with the vngodly for rewardes, but condempne the iust cause of the ryghteous.
24 Therfore, lyke as fire licketh vp the strawe, and as the flambe consumeth the stubble: euen so their roote shalbe as corruption, and their blossome shall vanishe away lyke dust: for they haue cast away the lawe of the Lorde of hoastes, and despised the worde of the holy one of Israel .
25 Therfore is the wrath of the Lorde kindeled against his people, and hath stretched foorth his hande vpon them, yea he hath smitten them: and the hilles dyd tremble, and their carkases dyd lye torne in the open streetes: and in al this the wrath of God hath not ceassed, but his hande stretched out styll.
26 And he shall geue a token to a people of a farre countrey, and shall hisse vnto them from the ende of the earth: and beholde, they shall come hastyly with speede.
27 There shall not be one faynt nor feeble among them, no not a sluggishe nor sleepie person: there shall not one of them put of his gyrdle from his loynes, nor loose the latchet of his shoe.
28 His arrowes are sharpe, and all his bowes bent: his horse hoofes are as flint, and his cart wheeles like a whyrle winde.
29 His crye is as it were of a Lion, and he roreth lyke Lions whelpes: they shall roare and hantche vpon the pray, and no man shall recouer it, nor get it from them.
30 In that day he shalbe so fierce vpon him as the raging of the sea: then one shall beholde the lande, and lo darkenesse and sorow, and the light is darkened in the heauens therof.


1 In the yere that kyng Oziah dyed, I sawe also the Lorde sitting vpon an high and glorious seate, and his trayne filled the temple.
2 And about hym stoode Seraphims, whereof one had sixe winges, with twayne eche couered his face, with twayne his feete, and with twayne did he flee.
3 They cryed also eche one to another on this maner, Holy, holy, holy is the Lorde of hoastes: the whole earth is full of his glory.
4 And the lintels of the doore checkes moued at his crying, and the house was full of smoke.
5 Then sayd I, Wo is me, for I am lost, in as much as I am a man of vncleane lippes, and dwell among people that hath vncleane lippes also: for mine eyes haue seene the kyng the Lorde of hoastes.
6 Then flewe one of the Seraphims vnto me, hauing a hote cole in his hand, whiche he had taken from the aulter with the tongues,
7 And layde it vpon my mouth, and sayde: Lo, [this] hath touched thy lippes, and thine vnrighteousnesse shalbe taken away, and thy sinne forgeuen.
8 Also I hearde the voyce of the Lorde on this maner: whom shall I sende, and who wyll be our messenger? Then I sayde, Here am I, sende me.
9 And he sayd, Go and tell this people: Heare in deede, yet vnderstande not, ye shall playnely see, and yet perceaue not.
10 Harden the heart of this people, stop their eares, and shut their eyes: lest they see with their eyes, heare with their eares, and vnderstande with their heartes, and conuert and be healed.
11 Then spake I, Lord, howe long? He aunswered, vntill the cities be vtterly wasted without inhabiters, and the houses without men, and tyll the lande be also vtterly desolate.
12 For the Lorde shall put the men farre away, and [there shalbe] great waste in the middest of the lande.
13 Yet in it shall succeede ten kinges, and it shall returne and be afterwarde wasted: [But] as the Teyle tree and the Oke in the fall of their leaues haue yet the sappe remayning in them, [euen so] the holy seede shalbe the stay therof.


1 It happened in the tyme of Ahaz ye sonne of Iotham, whiche was the sonne of Uziah king of Iuda, that Razin the kyng of Syria, and Pechah the sonne of Romeliah kyng of Israel, went vp towarde Hierusalem to besiege it: but Razin was not able to winne it.
2 Nowe when the house of Dauid hearde worde thereof, that Syria and Ephraim was cofederate together, his heart quaked, yea and the heartes also of his people, lyke as when the trees of the wood are moued with the winde.
3 Then sayd God vnto Esai: Go meete Ahaz thou and thy sonne Sear Iasub, at the head of the ouer poole in the footepath by the fullers grounde,
4 And say vnto him: Take heede to thy selfe and be styll, feare not, neither be faynt hearted, for these two tayles, that is, for these two smoking firebrandes, the wrath and furiousnesse of Razin the Syrian, and Romelies sonne:
5 Because that the Syrian, Ephraim, and Romelies sonne haue wickedly conspired against thee,
6 Saying, we wyll go vp against Iuda, vexe them, and bryng them vnder vs, and set a kyng there, euen the sonne of Tabel:
7 Thus saith the Lorde God thereto, It shal not so go foorth, neither so come to passe.
8 For the head citie of the Syrians is Damascus , but the head of Damascus is Razin: And after threscore and fiue yeres shall Ephraim be no more a people.
9 And the head of Ephraim is Samaria , but the head of Samaria is Romelies sonne: if ye beleue not, surely ye shall not be established.
10 Moreouer, God spake agayne vnto Ahaz, saying:
11 Require to thy selfe a token of the Lorde thy God, whether it be towarde the depth beneath, or toward the height aboue.
12 Then said Ahaz, I will require none, neither wyll I tempt the Lorde.
13 The prophete aunswered, Then heare ye of the house of Dauid: Is it not inough for you that ye be greeuous vnto me, but ye must greeue my God also?
14 Therefore the Lorde hym selfe shall geue you a token: Beholde, a virgin shall conceaue and beare a sonne, and shall call his name Emmanuel.
15 Butter and honye shall he eate, vntill he knowe to refuse the euyll and choose the good.
16 For or euer the chylde come to knowledge to eschewe the euil and choose the good, the lande that thou so abhorrest shalbe desolate of both her kynges.
17 The Lord also shall sende a tyme vppon thee, vpon thy people, and vpon thy fathers house, such as neuer came since the tyme that Ephraim departed from Iuda, namely thorowe the kyng of the Assyrians.
18 For at the same tyme shall the Lorde hisse for the flyes that are about the water of Egypt , and for the bees in the Assyrians lande:
19 These shall come and shall light all in the desolate valleys, in the holes of stones, and vpon all thornie and bushie places.
20 At the same time shal the Lord shaue the heere of the head, and the feete, and the bearde cleane of, with the raser that he shall hyre beyonde the waters: namely with the king of the Assyrians.
21 At the same time shal a man nurrishe a young cowe, and two sheepe.
22 Then because of the aboundaunce of mylke that they geue he shall eate butter: so that euery one which remayneth in the lande shall eate butter and hony.
23 At the same time al vineyardes wherin there shalbe a thousand vines worth a thousande siluerlinges, shalbe turned to bryers and thornes.
24 They shall come into the lande with arrowes and bowes, because all the lande shall become bryers and thornes.
25 As for all hilles that shalbe digged with the mattocke, there shall not come vpon them any feare of bryers and thornes: but the cattell shalbe driuen thyther, and the sheepe shal feede there.


1 Moreouer the Lorde sayde vnto me, Take thee a great roule, and wryte in it as men do with a pen: make hastie speede to rob, and haste to the spoyle.
2 And I called vnto me faythfull witnesses to recorde, Uriah the priest, and Zachariah the sonne of Barachiah.
3 After that went I vnto the prophetisse, and she conceaued & bare a sonne: Then sayde the Lord to me, Geue him his name, a speedie robber, an hastie spoyler.
4 For why, or euer the chylde shall haue knowledge to crye my father and mother, shall the riches of Damascus and the spoyle of Samaria be taken away before the kyng of the Assyrians.
5 The Lorde spake also vnto me agayne, saying:
6 Forsomuche as this people refuseth the styll running water of Silo, and put their delight in Razin and Romelies sonne:
7 Beholde, the Lord shall bryng mightie and great fluddes of water vpon them, namely the king of the Assyrians with all his power, whiche shall climbe vp vpon all his fluddes, and runne ouer all his bankes,
8 And shall breake in vpon Iuda, he shall flowe and passe thorowe, tyll he come vp to the necke thereof: he shall fill also the widenesse of thy lande with his wynges O Emmanuel.
9 Breake downe O ye people, and ye shalbe broken downe, hearken to all ye of farre countreys: muster you, and you shalbe broken downe, prepare you, and you shalbe torne in peeces.
10 Take your counsell together, yet shall your counsell come to naught: determine the matter, yet shall it not prosper: for God is with vs.
11 For the Lorde spake thus to me in a mightie prophesie, and warned me that I should not walke in the way of this people, saying:
12 Ye shall not speake [wordes] of conspiracie in all thinges, when this people shall say conspiracie: feare them not, neither be afraide of them.
13 But sanctifie the Lorde of hoastes, let him be your feare and dread.
14 For he shalbe the holy place to flee to, and stone to stumble at, the rocke to fall vpon, a snare and net to both the houses of Israel, and the inhabitours of Hierusalem:
15 And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, yea they shalbe snared and taken.
16 Binde vp the testimonie, seale the law in my disciples.
17 And I wyll wayte vpon the Lorde that hideth his face from the house of Iacob, and I wyll loke for him.
18 But lo, as for me and the chyldren whiche the Lorde hath geuen me, we are to be a token and a wonder in Israel from the Lorde of hoastes, whiche dwelleth vpon the hill of Sion.
19 And if they say vnto you, Aske counsayle at the Soothsayers, Witches, Charmers, and Coniurers: [then make them this aunswere,] Is there a people any where that asketh not counsayle at his God? shoulde men runne vnto the dead for the liuing?
20 Get thee to the lawe, and the testimonie: and if they speake not after this worde, there is no light in them.
21 And they shall wander thorowe this lande hardly besteade and hungry, and when they suffer hunger, they wyll be out of pacience, and curse their king and their God, and shall loke vpwarde and downewarde to the earth,
22 And beholde there is trouble and darknesse, dymnesse is rounde about him, & he shalbe driuen into darknesse.


1 Neuerthelesse, the darknesse shall not be suche as was in her vexation, when at the first he lightly afflicted the lande Zabulon, and the lande of Nephthali, and afterwarde dyd more greeuously afflict her by the way of the sea beyond Iordane in Galilee of the heathen.
2 The people that walked in darknesse, haue seene a great light: As for them that dwell in the lande of the shadowe of death, vpon them hath the light shined.
3 Thou hast multiplied the people, and not increased their ioy: they reioyce before thee, euen as men make merie in haruest, and they be ioyfull as men that do deuide the spoyle [after the victorie.]
4 For thou hast broken the yoke of his burthen, the staffe of his shoulder, and the rod of his oppressour, as in the day of Madian.
5 And truely euery battayle that the warrier maketh, is done with confused noyse: and defiling their garmentes with blood [but this battayle] shalbe with burning and consuming of fire.
6 For vnto vs a chylde is borne, and vnto vs a sonne is geuen, vpon his shoulder doth the rule lye, and he is called with his owne name wonderfull, the geuer of counsell, the mightie God, the euerlasting father, the prince of peace.
7 He shall make no ende to encrease the rule & peace, and shall sit vpon the seate of Dauid, and in his kingdome, to order the same, and to stablishe it with equitie and righteousnesse from hence foorth for euermore: This shall the zeale of the Lorde of hoastes bring to passe.
8 The Lorde sent a worde into Iacob, the same is come into Israel .
9 And all the people of Ephraim shall knowe, and they that dwell in Samaria that say with pryde and high stomackes [on this maner,]
10 The tyle worke is fallen downe, but we wyll buylde it with squared stones: the Mulberie timber is broken, but we shall set it vp agayne with Cedar.
11 But the Lorde shall strengthen the enemies of Razin, and ioyne his aduersaries together against him.
12 The Syrians before, and the Philistines behinde, and shall deuour Israel with open mouth: After all this is not the wrath of the Lorde ceassed, but yet his hande stretched out styll.
13 For the people turneth not vnto hym that chastiseth them, neither do they seeke the Lorde of hoastes.
14 Therefore hath the Lorde rooted out of Israel both head and tayle, bough and reede in one day.
15 By the head, is vnderstande the senatour and honourable man, and by the tayle, the prophete that preached lyes.
16 For the guides of this people are deceauers, and those that be gouerned are vtterly lost.
17 Therefore shall the Lorde haue no pleasure in their young men, neither haue pitie of their fatherlesse and wydowes: for they are altogether hypocrites and wicked, and al their mouthes speake folly: After all this is not the Lordes wrath ceassed, but yet his hand is stretched out styll.
18 For vngodlynesse burneth as a fire, and shall deuour bryers and thornes, and it shall burne as in the thicket of a wood, and [the wicked] aduaunce them selues, as the smoke is caryed vp.
19 Thorowe the wrath of the Lorde of hoastes is the lande full of darknesse, and the people be consumed as it were with fire: no man doth spare his brother.
20 But he robbeth on the right hande, and doth famishe, he eateth on the left hande, and he shall not haue inough: euery man shall eate the fleshe of his owne arme.
21 Manasses [shall eate] Ephraim, and Ephraim Manasses, and they both together shall eate Iuda: After all this is not the Lordes wrath ceassed, but yet his hande stretched out styll.


1 Wo be vnto them that make vnrighteous lawes, and that causeth their actuaries to wryte greeuousnesse,
2 Where thorowe the poore are put from their right, and my seelie people robbed of iudgement, that wydowes may be their pray, and that they may rob the fatherlesse.
3 What wyll ye do in the tyme of visitation, and when destruction shall come from farre? to whom wyll ye runne for helpe? and where wyll you leaue your glory?
4 That when I withdrawe my hand, ye come not among the prysoners, nor lye among the dead? After all this doth not the wrath of the Lorde ceasse, but yet is his hande stretched out styll.
5 O Assur whiche art the staffe of my wrath, in whose hand is the rod of mine indignation.
6 I wyll sende hym among those hypocritishe people: among the people that haue deserued my disfauour wyll I sende hym, that he vtterly rob them, spoyle them, and treade them downe lyke the myre in the streete.
7 Howbeit, his meaning is not so, neither thinketh his heart on this fashion: But he imagineth howe he may roote out and destroy muche people.
8 For he saith, Are not my princes all kynges?
9 Is not Chalno as easie to winne, as Charchamis? Is it harder to conquer Hamath, then Arphad? or is it lighter to ouercome Damascus , then Samaria ?
10 [As who say] I were able to winne the kyngdomes of the idolaters and their gods, but not Hierusalem and Samaria .
11 Shall I not do vnto Hierusalem and her images, as I dyd vnto Samaria and her idols?
12 Wherefore it shall come to passe, that assoone as the Lorde hath perfourmed his whole worke vpon the hill of Sion and Hierusalem, then wyll I visite the fruite of the stoute heart of the kyng of Assyria with his proude lookes.
13 For he standeth thus in his owne conceipt, This do I thorowe the power of myne owne hande, & thorowe my wysdome: for I am wyse, I am he that remoue the landes of the people, I rob their treasure, and haue pulled downe the inhabitauntes like a valiaunt man.
14 My hand hath found out the strength of the people as it were a nest: and like as egges that were layde here and there, are gathered together, so do I gather all countreys, and there was none [so bolde] as to moue the winge, that dare open his mouth, or once whisper.
15 Shall the axe boast it selfe against him that heweth therwith? or shal the sawe make any bragging against hym that ruleth it? That were euen lyke as if the rod did exalt it selfe against him that beareth it, or as though the staffe should magnifie it selfe [as who say] it were no wood.
16 Therefore shall the Lorde the God of hoastes sende among his fatlinges leanenesse, and burne vp his glory as it were with a fire.
17 And the light of Israel shalbe that fire, and his holy one shalbe the flambe: and it shall kindle and burne vp his thornes and bryers in one day.
18 Yea all the glory of his wooddes and fieldes shalbe consumed with body and soule, and they shalbe as an hoast of men, whose standard bearer fayleth.
19 The trees also of his wood whiche remayne shalbe of such a number that a chylde may tell them.
20 After that day shall the remnaunt of Israel, and suche as are escaped out of the house of Iacob, seeke no more comfort at him that smote them: but vnfaynedly shall they trust vnto the Lorde, the holy one of Israel.
21 The remnaunt, euen the posteritie of Iacob, shall conuert vnto God the mightie one.
22 For though thy people O Israel be as the sande of the sea, yet shal the remnaunt of them conuert vnto him: The decreed consumption ouerfloweth with righteousnesse.
23 And therefore the Lorde of hoastes shall perfectly fulfill the thing that he hath determined in the middest of the whole worlde.
24 Therefore thus saith the Lorde God of hoastes: Thou my people that dwellest in Sion, be not afraide for the king of the Assirians: he shall smyte thee with a rod, and shall lyft vp his staffe against thee, as the Egyptians dyd sometime.
25 But very soone after shall my wrath and indignation be fulfilled in the destruction of them:
26 Moreouer, the Lorde of hoastes shall stirre vp a scourge for him, like as was the slaughter of Madian vpo the rocke Oreb, and as the destruction of the Egyptians when he lyfted vp his rod vpon the sea.
27 Then shal his burthen be taken from thy shoulders, and his yoke from thy necke, yea the same yoke shalbe destroyed because of the vnction.
28 He shal come to Aiath, and go thorow towarde Migron, at Michmas shall he lay vp his harnesse.
29 They shall go ouer the foorde, Geba shalbe their resting place, Rhama shalbe afraide, Gibea Saul shall flee away.
30 Lift vp thy voyce O daughter Gallim, geue eare to Laisa thou poore Anathoth.
31 Madmena shall tremble for feare, but the citizens of Gabim are manly.
32 Yet shall he remaine at Nob that day: after that shall he lyft vp his hande against the mount of the daughter Sion the hyll of Hierusalem.
33 But see, the Lord God of hoastes shall breake downe the bough with feare, he shall hewe downe the proude, and fell the high minded.
34 The thickets also of the wood shall he roote out with iron, and Libanus shall haue a fall thorowe the mightie.


1 And there shall come a sprig foorth of the stemne of Esai, and a young shoote shall growe out of his roote.
2 The spirite of the Lorde shall rest vpon him, the spirite of wysdome and vnderstanding, the spirite of counsaile and strength, the spirite of knowledge and of the feare of the Lorde,
3 And shall make hym of deepe iudgement in the feare of God: For he shall not geue sentence after the thing that shalbe brought before his eyes, neither reproue after the hearing of his eares:
4 But with righteousnesse shal he iudge the poore, and with equitie shall he refourme the simple of the worlde, and he shall smyte the worlde with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his mouth shall he slay the vngodly.
5 Righteousnesse shalbe the gyrdle of his loynes, and faythfulnesse the gyrding vp of his raynes.
6 The Woolfe shall dwell with the Lambe, and the Leoparde shall lye downe by the Goate: Bullockes, Lions, and cattell, shall kepe company together, so that a litle chylde shall leade them.
7 The Cowe and the Beare shall feede together, and their young ones shall lye together: the Lion shall eate strawe, lyke the Oxe or the Cowe.
8 The chylde whyle he sucketh shall haue a desire to the serpentes nest, and when he is weaned, he shall put his hande into the Cockatrice denne.
9 No man shall do euill vnto another, no man shall destroy another in all the hyll of my holynes: for the earth shalbe full of the knowledge of the Lorde: euen as the sea floweth ouer with water.
10 And in that day shall the gentiles enquire after the roote of Iesse, whiche shalbe set vp for a token vnto the people, and his rest shalbe glorious.
11 At the same time shall the Lord take in hande agayne to recouer the remnaunt of his people, whiche shalbe left aliue from the Assirians, Egyptians, Arabians, Morians, Elamites, Chaldees, Antiochians, & from the Ilandes of the sea,
12 And he shall set vp a token among the gentiles, and gather together the dispearsed of Israel, yea and the outcastes of Iuda from the foure corners of the worlde.
13 The hatred of Ephraim also and enemies of Iuda shalbe cleane rooted out: Ephraim shall beare none euyll wyll to Iuda, & Iuda shall not vexe Ephraim.
14 But they both together shall flee vppon the shoulders of the Philistines towarde the west, and spoyle them together that dwell towarde the east: The Idumites and the Moabites shal come vnder their handes, and the Amonites shalbe obedient vnto them.
15 The Lord also shal cleaue the tongues of the Egyptians sea, and with his mightie winde shall he lyft vp his hand ouer Nilus, and shall smyte his seuen streames, and make men go ouer drye shod.
16 And thus shall there be a way for his people that remayneth from the Assirians, lyke as it happened to the Israelites what tyme they departed out of the lande of Egypt .


1 And in that day thou shalt say, O Lorde I wyll prayse thee, for thou wast displeased at me: but refrayne thou from thy wrath, and comfort me.
2 Beholde, God is my saluation, in who I wyll trust and not be afrayde: for the Lorde God is my strength and [my] song, he also is become my saluation.
3 Therfore with ioy shall ye drawe water out of the welles of saluation:
4 And then shall ye say: Geue thankes vnto the Lorde, call vpon his name, declare his workes among the people, kepe them in remembraunce, for his name is excellent.
5 O sing prayses vnto the Lorde, for he hath done great thinges, as it is knowen in all the worlde.
6 Crye out, and sing thou that dwellest in Sion: for great is the holy one of Israel in the middest of thee.


1 This is the burthen of Babylon , whiche Esai the sonne of Amos did see.
2 Lift vp the banner vppon the high hyll, call vnto the, wagge your hande, that they may go into the gates of the princes.
3 I haue commaunded my sanctified, I haue also called my valiaunt ones, ioying in my honour to execute my wrath.
4 There is a noyse of a multitude in the mountaynes, lyke as of a great people, a rushing as though the kingdomes of the nations came together: the Lorde of hoastes mustreth his armye to battayle.
5 They come out of a farre countrey from the ende of the heauen, euen the Lorde hym selfe with the ministers of his wrath, to destroy the whole lande.
6 Mourne ye, for the day of the Lord is at hande, and shall come as a destroyer from the almightie.
7 Therefore shall all handes be letten downe, and all mens heartes shall melt away.
8 They shall stande in feare, carefulnes and sorowe shall come vpon them, and they shal haue payne, as a woman that trauayleth with chylde: One shalbe abashed of another, and their faces shall burne like the flame of fire.
9 Beholde, the day of the Lorde shall come terribly and full of indignation, furie & wrath, to make the lande waste, and to roote out the sinners therof.
10 For the starres and planettes of heauen shall not geue their light, the sunne shalbe darkened in the rising, and the moone shall not shine with her light.
11 And I wyll visite the wickednesse of the worlde, and the sinnes of the vngodlye. The high stomakes of the proude wyll I take away, and will lay downe the boasting of the tiraunt.
12 I wyll make a man dearer then fine gold, and a man to be more worth then a golden wedge of Ophir.
13 Therfore I wyll shake the heauens, and the earth shall remoue out of her place in the wrath of the Lorde of hoastes, and in the day of his fearefull indignation.
14 And [ Babylon ] shalbe as an hunted or chased Doe, and as a sheepe that no man taketh vp: Euery man shall turne to his owne people, and flee eche one into his owne lande.
15 Whoso is founde shalbe shot thorowe: and whoso taketh their part, shalbe destroyed with the sworde.
16 Their chyldren shalbe slayne before their eyes: their house spoyled, and their wiues rauished.
17 For lo, I shall bring vp the Medes against them, whiche shall not regarde siluer, nor be desirous of golde:
18 With bowes shall they destroy the young men, and haue no pitie on women with chylde, and their faces shall not spare the chyldren.
19 And Babylon that glory of kingdomes, and beautie of the Chaldees honour shalbe destroyed, euen as God destroyed Sodome and Gomor.
20 It shall not endure for euer, neither shall there be any more dwelling there from generation to generation: The Arabians shall pitche no tentes there, neither shall the sheepheardes make their foldes there any more.
21 But fearefull wylde beastes shall lye there, and the houses shalbe ful of great Owles, Estriches shall dwell there, and Apes shall daunce there.
22 Wylde cattes shall crye in the palaces, and dragons shalbe in the pleasaunt houses: And as for Babylons tyme it is at hande, and her dayes shall not be prolonged.


1 But the Lorde wylbe mercyfull vnto Iacob, and will yet chose Israel againe, and set them in their owne land, straungers shall cleaue and get them to the house of Iacob.
2 The people shall take them and carry them home to their owne land: and the house of Israel shall possesse them in the lande of the Lord, that they may be seruaunts and handmaydes: and they shall take those prysoners whose captiues they had ben before, and rule those that had oppressed them.
3 When the Lorde nowe shall bryng thee to rest from thy trauayle, feare, and harde bondage that thou wast laden withall:
4 Then shalt thou vse this mockage vpon the kyng of Babylon , and say: Howe happeneth it that the oppressour leaueth of? Is the golden tribute come to an ende?
5 The Lorde hath broken the scepter of the vngodly, and the rod of the lordelye,
6 Which when he is wroth, smiteth the people with continuall strokes, and in wrath raigneth ouer the heathen, who he persecuteth without compassion.
7 And therfore the whole worlde is nowe at rest and quietnesse, and men sing for ioy.
8 Yea euen the Firre trees and Cedars of Libanus reioyce at thy fall, saying: Nowe that thou art layde downe, there come no mo vp to hewe downe vs.
9 Hell also beneath trembleth to meete thee at thy commyng, and for thy sake hath raysed his dead, all mightie men and princes of the earth, all kynges of the earth stande vp from their seates,
10 That they may all aunswere and speake vnto thee, Art thou become weake also as we? Art thou become lyke vnto vs?
11 Thy pompe and thy pride is layde downe into the pit, and so is the melodie of thy instrumentes. Wormes be layde vnder thee, & wormes be thy coueryng.
12 Howe art thou fallen from heauen O Lucifer, thou faire mornyng chylde? Howe hast thou gotten a fall euen to the grounde, which didst weaken the nations?
13 For thou saydest in thine heart, I wyll clymbe vp into heauen, and exalt my throne aboue beside the starres of God, I wyll sit also vpon the mount of the congregation towarde the North.
14 I wyll clymbe vp aboue the cloudes, and wyll be lyke the hyghest of all.
15 Yet thou shalt be brought downe to the deepe of hell, to the sides of the lake.
16 They that see thee shall narowly loke vpon thee, and thinke in them selues, [saying:] Is this the man that brought all landes in feare, and made the kyngdomes afrayde?
17 [Is this he] that made the worlde in a maner waste, and layde the cities to the grounde, which let not his prisoners go out?
18 The kynges of the nations lye euery one in his owne house with worship.
19 And thou art cast out of thy graue like a fylthy abhominable braunche, like as dead mens rayment that are shot thorowe with the sworde, and go downe to the stones of the deepe, as a dead coarse that is troden vnder feete.
20 Thou art not buried with them: euen because that thou hast wasted thy lande & destroyed thy people: The generation of the wicked shalbe out of memorie for euer.
21 Let there a way be sought to destroy their children that be in their fathers wickednesse, that they come not vp agayne to possesse the lande, and fyll the worlde full of enemies.
22 I wyll stande vp agaynst them saith the Lorde of hoastes, and roote out the name and remnaunt, sonne and sonnes sonne of Babylon saith the Lorde.
23 I wyll geue it to the Otters, and wyll make water puddels of it, and I wyll sweepe them out with the besome of destruction saith the Lorde of hoastes.
24 The Lorde of hoastes hath sworne an othe, saying: It shall come to passe as I haue determined, and shalbe fulfylled as I haue deuised,
25 So that Assyria shall I destroy in my lande, and vpon my mountaynes wil I treade hym vnder foote, wherthrough his yoke shall come from them, and his burthen shalbe taken from their shoulder.
26 This deuise hath God taken through the whole worlde, and this is his hande stretched out ouer all people.
27 For yf the Lord of hoastes determine a thyng, who is able to disanull it? And if he stretch foorth his hande, who may returne it agayne?
28 The same yere that kyng Ahaz dyed, was this burthen:
29 Reioyce not thou whole Palestina, because the rod of him that beateth thee is broken: for out of the serpentes roote there shall come an Adder, and his fruite shalbe a fierie fleeyng worme.
30 But the first borne of the poore shalbe fed, and the simple shall dwell in safetie: Thy roote also wyll I destroy with hunger, and it shall slay the remnaunt.
31 Mourne thou porte, weepe thou citie, for, O whole lande of Palestina, thou art layd waste: for there shal come from the north a smoke, that not one alone may abide at home in his times.
32 What shall one then aunswere the messengers of the Gentiles? For the Lorde hath stablished Sion, and the poore of his people that be therein shall put their trust in it.


1 This is the burthen vpon Moab : Ar of Moab was destroyed & ouerthrowen in the nyght season, Kir also in Moab was destroyed and perished in the nyght.
2 Moab went vp to the idols house, euen to Dibon to the hygh places to weepe: for Neba and Moab shall mourne for Medba, All their heades were balde, and all their beardes shauen.
3 In her streetes are they girded about with sackcloth: In all the toppes of her houses and streetes shalbe nothyng but mournyng and weepyng.
4 Hesbon and Eleale shall crye, that their voyce shalbe hearde vnto Iahaz: and therfore the armed souldiours also of Moab shall bleate out and crye for very sorowe of their myndes.
5 Wo shall my heart be for Moabs sake, they shall flee vnto the citie of Zoar, which is lyke a faire young bullocke of three yere olde, for they shall all go vp to Luith weepyng: euen so by the way towarde Horonaim they shall make lamentation for their vtter destruction.
6 For the waters of Nimrim shalbe dryed vp, by reason wherof the grasse is withered, the hearbes destroyed, and the greene thynges gone.
7 Therfore the goodes that remayneth in Moab , and the riches therof, they shall cary to the brooke of wyllowes.
8 For the crye went ouer the whole lande of Moab , vnto Eglaim and vnto Beer Elim was there nothyng but mournyng.
9 Because the waters of Dimon were fall of blood, I wyll adde more vpon Dimon: and lions vpon the remnaunt of the lande, and on them that are escaped from Moab .


1 Sende the lorde of the worlde a lambe from the rocke that lyeth towarde the desert, vnto the hyl of the daughter Sion.
2 For as for the daughters of Moab they shalbe as a trembling birde that is put out of her neste: for they shall cary them vnto Arnon.
3 Gather your counsell, come together in iudgement, couer vs with your shadowe in the midday as the nyght doth hyde the chased, and bewray not them that are fled.
4 Let my persecuted people dwell among you, Moab be thou their refuge against the destroyer: for the aduersarie is brought to naught, the robber is vndone, the tiraunt is wasted out of the lande.
5 And in mercie shall the seate be prepared, and he shall sit vpon it in the trueth in the tabernacle of Dauid, iudging and sekyng iudgement, and makyng haste vnto ryghteousnesse.
6 We haue hearde of the pride of Moab , he is very proude, presumptuous, arrogant, and full of indignation, and vayne are his lyes.
7 Therfore shall Moab make lamentation because of the Moabites [that shalbe slayne] yea they shall wayle altogether: because of the foundations of the citie that is made of bricke shall ye complayne, euen ye lame people that are left only behynde.
8 For the vines of Hesbon are cut downe: as for the vine of Sibma, the lordes of the heathen haue broken downe her principall braunches, they are come euen vnto Iazer, they went on wandering vnto the wildernesse, her goodly braunches were throwen downe as they went ouer the sea.
9 Therfore wyll I mourne for Iazer, and for the vine of Sibma, I wyl poure my teares vpon thee O Hesbon and Eleale: for the crye of thyne enemies is fallen vpon thy sommer fruites, and vpon thy haruest.
10 The mirth and cheare is taken away out of the plentifull fielde, and in the vineyardes there shalbe no ioy nor gladnesse: The treader shall treade out no wine in their presses, the song of their mery cheare haue I layde downe.
11 Wherfore my bowels shall rumble like an Harpe for Moabs sake, & mine inwarde partes for the cities sake that is made of bricke.
12 And it shall come to passe, that when it is seene that Moab shalbe made weery of his hyll chappelles, he shall come to his temple to pray, but he shall not be able.
Isa 16:13 So then this is the saying that the Lorde hath spoken concernyng Moab since that tyme.
14 But nowe the Lorde hath spoken, saying: In three yeres, which shalbe as the yeres of an hired seruaunt, shall the glorie of Moab be turned into contempt throughout all his multitude, which is very great: and that which remayneth shalbe very small and feeble.


1 This is the burthen vpon Damascus : Beholde Damascus is taken away to be no more a citie, but shalbe an heape of broken stones.
2 The waste cities of Aroer shalbe foldes for cattell which shall lye there, and there shalbe none to fray them away.
3 Ephraim also shall no more be strong, and Damascus shall no longer be a kyngdome, and the remnaunt of Syria shalbe as the glorie of the children of Israel , saith the Lorde of hoastes.
4 And in that day it shall come to passe, that the glorie of Iacob shalbe made very thinne, and the fatnesse of his fleshe shall waxe leane.
5 And he shalbe as one that gathereth vp corne in haruest, euen lyke hym whose arme reapeth the eares of corne: He shalbe also lyke hym that gathereth eares of corne in the valley of Rephaim .
6 Some gatheryng in deede shall there be left in it, euen as in the shakyng of an Oliue tree there remayne two or three berries in the toppe of the vppermost bowe, and foure or fyue in the brode fruitfull braunches thereof, saith the Lorde God of Israel.
7 Then shall man turne agayne to his maker, and his eyes shall haue respect to the holy one of Israel .
8 As for the aulters which are his owne handy worke he shal not regarde them, and the thynges that his fingers hath made, as groues and images, those shal he not cast his eye vnto.
9 In that day shall their strong cities be as the forsaken shrubbes & braunches, which they left because of the childre of Israel , and the lande shalbe desolate.
10 Because thou hast forgotten the God of thy saluation, and hast not ben myndfull of thy strong rocke: therfore shalt thou set pleasaunt plantes, and shalt graffe the braunche of another mans vine.
11 In that day shalt thou make thy plant to growe, and early in the mornyng shalt thou make thy seede to florishe: The haruest shalbe gone in the day of inheritaunce, and there shalbe sorowe without hope of comfort.
12 Wo shalbe to the multitude of much people, which shall make a sounde lyke to the noyse of the sea, and the violence of the nations which shall rage lyke the russhyng in of many waters.
13 Euen lyke many waters shal the people rage, God shall rebuke hym, and he shal flee farre of, he shalbe chased away lyke as drye strawe vpon the mountaynes before the wynde, and lyke a thyng that turneth before the storme.
14 At euen beholde there is trouble, and or euer it be mornyng lo it is gone: This is the portion of them that oppresse vs, and the lot of them that robbe vs.


1 O that lande that trusteth vnder the shadow of wynges, [that lande] which is beyonde the waters of Ethiopia,
2 Sendyng messengers by the sea, euen in vessels of reedes ouer the water, Get you hence ye speedy messengers to a nation that is scattered abrode, and robbed of that they had, a fearefull people from their begynnyng hytherto, a nation troden downe by litle and litle, whose lande the fluddes haue spoyled.
3 All the inhabitours of the worlde, and indwellers of the earth, loke vp whe he setteth vp a token in the mountaynes, and hearken when he bloweth with the trumpe.
4 For so the Lorde sayde vnto me [as for me] I wyll take my rest, and loke vpon the matter in my habitation, lyke a faire heate after the rayne, and lyke a cloude of deawe in the heate of haruest.
5 For afore the haruest whe the braunch is growen, there shall come ripe fruite of the floure: and he shal cut downe the increase with sithes, and the braunches shall he take away with hookes.
6 Thus shall they be left together vnto the soules of the mountaines, and to the beastes of the earth: for in sommer the birdes shall remayne vpon it, and euery beast of the lande shalbe vpon it in wynter.
7 In that tyme shall there a present be brought vnto the Lord of hoastes, euen a people that is scattered abrode and robbed of that they had, that same people which haue ben fearfull from their begynnyng hytherto, a nation troden downe by litle and litle, whose lande the fluddes haue spoyled, to the place of the name of the Lorde of hoastes, euen to the mount Sion.


1 The burthen of Egypt. Beholde, the Lorde rideth vpon a swift cloude, and shall come into Egypt , and the idols of Egypt shall tremble at the presence of hym, and the heart of Egypt shall quake in the middest of her.
2 And I wyll set the Egyptians one agaynst another, so that one brother shall fyght agaynst another, and one neighbour against another, citie against citie, and realme against realme.
3 The mynde also of Egypt shalbe cleane without counsayle within it selfe, and the deuice that they take wil I destroy: and they shall seke counsayle at idols and at sorcerers, at workers with spirites, and at soothsayers.
4 And the Egyptians wyll I geue ouer into the hande of a maruaylous cruell lorde, and a mightie kyng shall haue dominion ouer them, saith the Lorde God of hoastes.
5 The waters of the sea shall fayle, and the riuer shall decrease and be dryed vp.
6 The waters shalbe drawen out, the riuers of Egypt shalbe emptied & dryed vp, the reedes and flagges shalbe cut downe.
7 The grasse in the riuer and by the riuers bancke, and all that groweth by the riuer, shall wither away, and be brought to naught.
8 The fisshers also shall mourne, and all they that cast angle into the water shall make lamentation: and they that lay foorth their net beside the waters shalbe rooted out.
9 Moreouer, they that worke in flaxe and make fine workes, shalbe confounded, and so shall they that weaue open workes.
10 For their open workes shal euen be destroyed, and all they that make pondes and slues for fishe shall come to naught.
11 But you foolishe princes of Zoan, ye wise counsaylers of Pharao, whose wit is turned to foolishnesse, howe say ye vnto Pharao, I am come of wise men and of auncient kinges?
12 Where are thy wise men? Let them tell thee yf they can, what the Lorde of hoastes hath deuised vpon Egypt .
13 The princes of Zoan are become fooles, the princes of Noph are deceaued, they haue deceaued Egypt , euen they that were taken for the chiefe stay therof.
14 In the middest of it hath the Lorde powred the spirite of wickednesse: and they haue deceaued Egypt in euery worke therof, euen as a drunken man staggereth in his vomite.
15 Neither shall the head or tayle, the braunche or reede, be able to do any worke in Egypt .
16 In that day shall Egypt be lyke vnto women: It shalbe afrayde and stande in feare at the motion of the hande of the Lorde of hoastes which he shaketh ouer it.
17 And Egypt shalbe afraide of the lande of Iuda: so that euery one that maketh mention of it shalbe afraide therat, because of the counsayle of the Lorde of hoastes which he deuised for it.
18 In that day shall fiue cities in the lande of Egypt speake the language of Chanaan, and sweare by the Lorde of hoastes: the citie of desolation shalbe called one of them.
19 In that day shall the aulter of the Lorde be in the middest of the lande of Egypt , and this title beside it vnto the Lorde.
20 And it shalbe a token and a witnesse vnto the Lorde of hostes in the lande of Egypt : For they shal crie vnto the Lord because of such as trouble them, and he shall sende them a sauiour and a great man to delyuer them.
21 And the Lorde shalbe knowen in Egypt , and the Egyptians shall knowe the Lorde in that day, and do sacrifice and oblation: yea they shall vowe a vowe vnto the Lord, and perfourme it.
22 The Lorde also shall smite Egypt sore, and heale them agayne: and they shalbe conuerted vnto the Lorde, and he shalbe intreated of them, and shall heale them.
23 In that day shall there be a common way out of Egypt into Assyria, and Assyria shall come into Egypt , & Egypt into Assyria : so that the Egyptians and the Assyrians shall serue the Lorde together.
24 In that day shal the nation of Israel be the thirde with Egypt and Assyria: and they shalbe blessed in the middest of the lande,
25 Which lande the Lorde of hoastes hath blessed, saying: blessed is my people of Egypt , Assur also is the worke of my handes, and Israel is mine inheritaunce.


1 In the yere that Tharthan came vnto Asdod when Sargon the kyng of Assyria had sent hym, and had fought agaynst Asdod, and taken it:
2 At the same tyme spake the Lorde by the hande of Esai the sonne of Amos, saying: Go and take of the sackcloth from thy loynes, and put of thy shoe from thy foote. And he dyd so, walkyng naked and barefoote.
3 And the Lorde sayde, Lyke as my seruaunt Esai hath walked naked and barefoote for a signe and wonder three yeres vpon Egypt and Ethiopia:
4 Euen so shall the kyng of Assyria take away out of Egypt and Ethiopia, children and olde men naked and barefoote, with their loynes vncouered, to the great shame of Egypt.
5 They shalbe brought in feare also, and be ashamed of Ethiopia their hope, & of Egypt wherin they are wont to glorie.
6 And they that dwell in the same Isle shall say in that day, Beholde such is our hope, whyther shall we flee for helpe, that we may be delyuered from the kyng of Assyria ? And howe shall we escape?


1 The burthen of the waste sea. Euen as the stormie weather passeth through at the noone day from the wildernesse, so shall it come from the terrible lande.
2 A greeuous vision was shewed vnto me: let one deceiptfull offendour come agaynst another, and one destroyer agaynst another: Up Elam , lay siege thou of Media, all their gronyng haue I layde downe.
3 Therfore are my loynes fylled with sorowe, heauinesse hath taken holde vpon me as the panges of a woman that is trauaylyng: it made me stoupe when I heard it, and it vexed me when I sawe it.
4 My heart panted, fearefulnesse came vpon me: the nyght of my voluptuousnesse hath he turned agaynst me into feare.
5 Whyle they garnished the table, the watchman loked: and whyle I was eatyng and drynkyng, it was sayde, vp ye captaynes, take you to your shielde.
6 For thus hath the Lorde sayde vnto me: Go and set a watchman to tel what he seeth.
7 And he sawe a charret which two horsemen sat vpon, with the cariage of an Asse, and the cariage of a Camel: So he loked, and toke diligent heede.
8 And he cryed, a lion, my Lorde I stande continually vpon the watche towre in the day tyme, and am appoynted to kepe my watch euery nyght.
9 And beholde here commeth a charret of men, with two horsemen, and he aunswered and sayd, Babylon is fallen, it is fallen, and all the images of her gods hath he smitten downe vnto the grounde.
10 Thou art he whom I must threshe, and thou belongest to my corne floure: This that I hearde of the Lorde of hoastes the God of Israel, haue I shewed vnto you.
11 The burthen of Duma. He calleth to me out of Seir: watchman what hast thou espied by nyght? watchman what hast thou espied by nyght?
12 The watchman sayde, The mornyng commeth, and so doth the nyght: If ye wyll aske me any question, then aske it: returne and come agayne.
13 The burthen concernyng Arabia . In the wooddes of Arabia shall ye tary all nyght, euen in the streetes of Dedanim.
14 The inhabitours of the lande of Thema brought foorth water to hym that was thirstie, they preuented hym that was fled away with their bread.
15 For because of swordes they are become fugitiue, Euen for the drawen sworde, and for the bent bowe, and because of the greeuousnesse of warre.
16 For thus hath the Lorde sayde vnto me: There is yet a yere, accordyng to the yeres of an hired seruaunt, and all the glorie of Cedar shall fayle.
17 And the number of them that shall escape from the bowes, shalbe minished by the mightie children of Cedar: for the Lorde God of Israel hath spoken it.


1 The burthen of the valley of vision. What hast thou to do here, that thou clymbest to the house toppes?
2 Thou that art full of tumultuousnes, thou troublesome and proude citie: Thy slayne men are neither put to death with the sworde, nor dead in battayle.
3 All thy captaynes are fugitiue together, the archers haue taken them prisoners: All they I say that are founde in thee are in captiuitie together, and they also that fled farre of.
4 Therfore sayde I, Let me alone, and I wyll make lamentation: Ye shall not be able to comfort me because of the destruction of the daughter of my people.
5 For this is a day of trouble, of ruine, and of destruction, that the Lorde the God of hoastes wyll bryng to passe in the valley of vision, breakyng downe the citie, and crying vnto mountaynes.
6 Elam bare the quiuer with a charret of footmen and horsemen, and the citie of Kir shewed the shielde open.
7 Thy chiefe valley also was full of charrettes, and the horsemen set their faces directly towarde the gate.
8 And in that day dyd the enemie take away the couer of Iuda, and then didst thou loke towarde the armour of the house of the forest.
9 Ye haue seene also the broken places of the citie of Dauid, howe that they are many, and ye gathered together the waters of the lower poole.
10 As for the houses of Hierusalem ye haue numbred them, and the houses haue ye broken downe, to make the wall strong.
11 A pit also haue ye made betweene the two walles for the waters of the olde poole, & haue not regarded the maker therof, neither had respect vnto hym that fashioned it long ago.
12 And in that day dyd the Lorde God of hoastes call men vnto weepyng and mournyng, to baldnesse and girdyng about with sackcloth.
13 And beholde they haue ioy and gladnesse, slaying oxen, and kyllyng sheepe, eatyng fleshe, and drynkyng wine: Let vs eate and drynke, for to morowe we shall dye.
14 And it came to the eares of the Lorde of hoastes, This iniquitie shall not be purged from you tyll ye dye, saith the Lorde God of hoastes.
15 Thus saith the Lord God of hoastes: Get ye vnto yonder treasurer, euen vnto Sebna, which is the ruler of the house.
16 What hast thou to do here? and whom hast thou here? that thou shouldest here hewe thee out a sepulchree, as it were one that heweth hym out a sepulchree on hye, or that graueth an habitation for hym selfe on an harde rocke?
17 Beholde O thou man, the Lorde shal cary thee away into captiuitie, and shall surely couer thee with confusion.
18 The Lorde shal turne thee ouer like a ball with his handes [and shall sende thee] into a farre countrey: there shalt thou dye, and there in steade of the charrets of thy pompe, shall the house of thy Lorde haue confusion.
19 I wyll driue thee from thy place, and out of thy dwellyng shal he ouerthrowe thee.
20 And in that day shall I call my seruaunt Eliakim the sonne of Helkia:
21 And with thy garmentes wyll I clothe hym, and with thy girdle wyll I strength hym: thy power also wyll I commit into his hande, and he shalbe a father of such as dwell in Hierusalem, and in the house of Iuda.
22 And the key of the house of Dauid wyll I lay vpon his shoulder: so that he shall open and no man shut, he shall shut and no man open.
23 And I wyll fasten hym as a nayle in a sure place, and he shalbe the glorious seate of his fathers house.
24 Moreouer, all generations and posterities shall hang vpon him all the glorie of their fathers house, all vessels both great and small, and all instrumentes of measure and musicke.
25 In that day saith the Lord of hoastes, shall the nayle that is fastened in the sure place, depart and be broken, and fall: and the burthen that was vpon it shalbe pluckt away, for so the Lorde hath spoken.


1 The burthen of Tyre . Mourne ye shippes of Tharsis, for there commeth such destruction, that ye shall not haue an house to enter into: and that there shalbe no traffike out of the lande of Cittim, they haue knowledge of this plague.
2 Be styll ye that dwell in the Isle, the marchauntes of Zidon, & such as passe ouer the sea haue made thee plenteous.
3 The corne that groweth by the great waters of Nilus, and the fruites of the riuer were her vittayles, so that it became a common mart of the nations.
4 Be ashamed thou Zidon: for the sea, euen the strength of the sea hath spoken saying, I haue not trauayled nor brought foorth children, nor norished vp young men, or brought vp virgins.
5 When tidinges commeth to the Egyptians, they shalbe sory for the rumour of Tyre .
6 Get you to Tharsis, mourne you that dwell in the Isle.
7 Is not this that glorious citie of yours which hath ben of olde antiquitie? her owne feete shall cary her foorth to be a soiurner into a farre countrey.
8 Who hath deuised this agaynst Tyre that crowneth her selfe? Whose marchauntes are princes, & whose factours are honorable in the worlde.
9 Euen the Lorde of hoastes hath deuised this, to put downe the pride of all such as be glorious, and to minishe all them that be proude vpon the earth.
10 Get thee out of thy lande like a fludde vnto the daughter of Tharsis, for thou hast no more strength.
11 He that smote the kyngdomes together, holdeth out his hande ouer the sea: euen the Lord him selfe hath geuen a commaundement agaynst the same common place of marchaundise, that they shall vtterly destroy the myght therof.
12 And he sayde: Make no more thy boast O virgin thou daughter Zidon, thou shalt be brought downe: Up, get thee ouer vnto Cittim, where neuerthelesse thou shalt haue no rest.
13 Beholde, this people came not of the Chaldees, but Assur made them strong with great shippes: They set vp the strong holdes therof, and destroyed his palaces: and he brought it in decay.
14 Mourne ye shippes of Tharsis, for your strength is brought downe.
15 And in that day shal Tyre be forgotten seuentie yeres, accordyng to the yeres of one king: & after the ende of the seuentie yeres shall Tyre sing as doth an harlot.
16 Take an harpe and go about the citie thou harlot that hast ben forgotten, make sweete melodie, sing mo songes, that thou mayest be had in remembraunce.
17 And after the ende of the seuentie yeres shall the Lorde visite Tyre, and she shall conuert vnto her rewarde, and shall commit fornication with all the kyngdomes of the earth that are in the worlde.
18 Their occupying also & their rewarde shalbe holy vnto the Lorde: their gaynes shall not be layde vp nor kept in store, but it shalbe theirs that dwell before the Lorde, that they may eate inough, and haue clothyng sufficent.


1 Beholde, the Lord maketh the earth waste and emptie, he turneth it vpside downe, and scattereth abrode the inhabitours therof.
2 And the priest shalbe as the people, and the maister as the seruaunt, the mistresse lyke the mayde, the seller lyke the byer, he that lendeth vpon vsurie, like him that boroweth vpon vsurie, the creditour as the dettour.
3 The lande shalbe cleane wasted and vtterly spoyled: for so the Lorde hath spoken.
4 The earth is sory and consumeth away, the worlde is feeble & perisheth, the proude people of the earth are come to naught.
5 The earth also is become vnprofitable vnder the inhabitours therof, which haue transgressed the lawes, chaunged the ordinaunce, broken the euerlastyng couenaunt.
6 Therfore hath the curse consumed the earth, and they that dwell therin are fallen into trespasse: Wherfore the inhabitours of the earth are perished with drought, and fewe men are left behinde.
7 The wine fayleth, the vine hath no myght, all they that haue ben mery of heart are come to mournyng.
8 The myrth of tabrettes is layde downe, the noyse of such as haue made mery is ceassed, the ioy at the harpe is at an ende.
9 They shall drynke no more wine with mirth, strong drynke shalbe bytter to them that drinke it.
10 The citie of vanitie is broken downe, euery house is shut vp, that no man may come in.
11 In the streetes is there a crying because of wine, all cheare is vanished away, the myrth of the lande is gone.
12 In the citie is left desolation, and the gate is smitten with destruction.
13 For in the middes of the lande, euen among the people, it shall come to passe as at the shaking of oliues, and as the grapes are when the wine haruest is done.
14 They shall lift vp their voyce, and make a merie noyse: and in magnifiyng of the Lorde shall they crye out of the west.
15 Wherefore prayse ye the Lorde in the valleys, euen the name of the Lorde God of Israel in the Iles of the sea.
16 From the vttermost part of the earth haue we hearde prayses and myrth, because of the righteous: And I sayde, I knowe a thing in secrete, I knowe a thing in secrete, wo is me: the transgressours haue offended, the transgressours haue greeuously offended.
17 Fearefulnesse, the pit, and the snare are vpon thee, O thou that dwellest on the earth.
18 It wyll come to passe, that whosoeuer escapeth the fearefull noyse, shall fall into the pit, and he that commeth vp out of the pit, shalbe taken with the snare: for the windowes from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth are moued.
19 The earth is vtterly broken downe, the earth hath a sore ruine, the earth quaketh exceedingly:
20 The earth shall reele to and fro like a drunkarde, and shalbe remoued lyke a tent, and the iniquitie thereof shalbe heauie vpon it, it shall fall, and not rise vp agayne.
21 And in that day shall the Lorde visite the hoast aboue that is on hye, and the kynges of the worlde that are vpon the earth.
22 And they shalbe gathered together as they that be in pryson, and they shalbe shut vp in warde, and after many dayes shall they be visited.
23 The moone shalbe abashed, and the sunne ashamed, when the Lorde of hoastes shal raigne in mount Sion and in Hierusalem with worship, and in the sight of suche as shalbe of his counsell.


1 Thou art my Lorde my God, I wyll magnifie thee, I will geue thankes vnto thy name, for thou hast brought wonderfull thinges to passe, according to thine olde counsels truely & faythfully.
2 Thou hast made a citie a heape of stones, and brought a strong towne into decay: the habitation of straungers hast thou made to be no citie, neither shall it be buylded any more.
3 Therefore shall the mightie people geue glory vnto thee, the citie of the valiaunt heathen shall feare thee.
4 For thou hast ben a strength vnto the poore, and a succour for the needie in his trouble, a refuge against euill weather, a shadow against the heate: for the blast of raging men is like a storme that casteth downe a wall.
5 Like as the heate in a drye place wasteth all thinges: so shalt thou suppresse the noyse of aliantes, the heate [is abated] with the shadowe of the cloude, [euen so shall God] asswage the noyse of the cruel tirauntes.
6 And in this mountaine shal the Lord of hoastes make vnto all people a feast of plenteous and delicate thinges, euen of most plesaunt and daintie disshes.
7 And in this mountaine shall the Lord destroy the couering that all people are wrapped in, and the hanging that is spread vpon all nations.
8 As for death he hath destroyed it for euer, and the Lorde God shall wype away teares from all faces, and the rebuke of his people shall he take away out of all the earth, for so the Lorde hath sayde.
9 And in that day it shalbe sayde, lo this is our God, we haue wayted for hym, and he shall saue vs, this is the Lorde in whom we haue hoped, we wyll be merie and reioyce in the saluation [that commeth] of hym.
10 For in this mountaine shall the hande of the Lorde ceasse, and Moab shalbe threshed vnder hym, euen as strawe is troden to doung on the dounghill.
11 And he shall stretche out his hande in the middes of them, as he that swimmeth casteth out his hands to swimme: and with the strength of his handes shall he bring downe their pryde.
12 The strong holde also and defence of thy walles hath he ouerthrowne and cast downe, and brought them to the grounde, euen vnto dust.


1 In that day shall this song be song in the land of Iuda , we haue a strong citie, saluation shal God appoint in steede of walles and bulwarkes.
2 Open ye the gates, that the righteous people whiche kepeth the trueth may enter in.
3 By an assured purpose wylt thou preserue perfect peace, because they put their trust in thee.
4 Put ye your trust alway in the Lord: for in the Lorde God there is strength for euermore.
5 For he hath brought downe the high minded citizens: as for the proude citie he hath brought it lowe, euen to the ground shall he cast it downe, and bring it vnto dust.
6 The foote, euen the foote of the poore, and the steppes of suche as be in necessitie shall treade it downe.
7 The path of equitie wylt thou graunt vnto the iust [O thou most righteous] thou shalt order the path of hym that is righteous.
8 Yea in the way of thy iudgementes, O Lord, haue we put our trust in thee: thy name also and the remembraunce of thee, is the thing that our soule longeth for.
9 My soule hath longed for thee all the night, and with my spirite whiche is within me wyll I seeke thee early in the morning: For when thy iudgementes are in the earth, the inhabiters of the worlde shall learne righteousnesse.
10 Shall the vngodly man be fauoured, which hath not learned righteousnesse, but doth wickedly in the earth, where nothing ought to be done but that which is righteous? he shall not see the glory of the Lorde.
11 Lorde, when thy hande is lyft vp to strike, they see it not: but they shall see it, and be confounded with the zeale of the people, and the fire that consumeth thyne enemies shall deuour them.
12 Lorde vnto vs thou shalt prouide peace: for thou also hast wrought all our workes in vs.
13 O Lord our God, other lordes beside thee hath subdued vs: but we wyll be mindfull only of thee and of thy name.
14 The dead wyll not liue, they that be out of life will not ryse agayne, therfore hast thou visited and rooted them out, and destroyed all the memorie of them.
15 Thou hast increased the people, O Lorde, thou hast increased the people, thou art glorious, thou hast sent them farre of vnto all the coastes of the earth.
16 Lorde, in trouble haue they visited thee, they powred out their prayer whe thy chastening was vpon them.
17 Like as a woman with chylde that draweth nye towardes her trauayle is sorie and cryeth in her paynes: euen so haue we ben in thy sight O Lorde.
18 We haue ben with chylde and suffred paine, as though we had brought forth winde: for there is no saluation in the earth, neither do the inhabiters of the worlde submit them selues.
19 Thy dead men shall liue, euen as my body shall they rise againe: Awake and sing ye that dwell in dust, for thy deawe is euen as the deawe of hearbes, and the earth shall cast out them that be vnder her.
20 Come my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doores about thee, hide thy selfe for a litle whyle, vntill the indignation be ouerpast.
21 For beholde, the Lorde is comming out of his place, to visite the wickednesse of suche as dwell vpon earth: the earth also shall disclose her bloods, and shall no more hide them that are slayne in her.


1 In that day the Lord with his sore, great, and mightie sworde, shall visite Leuiathan the fugitiue serpent, euen Leuiathan that crooked serpent, and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.
2 In that day see that ye sing of the congregation which is the vineyarde that bringeth foorth the best wine:
3 Euen I the Lorde do kepe it, in due seasons shall I water it: and lest the enemie do it any harme, I wyll both night and day preserue it.
4 There is no displeasure in me, els when the vineyarde bringeth me foorth bryers and thornes I woulde go thorowe it by warre, and burne it vp together.
5 Let it take holde of my strength, and it shalbe at one with me, euen at one shall it be with me.
6 The dayes are comming that Iacob shall take roote, Israel shalbe greene and florishe, and the world shalbe filled with fruite.
7 Hath he smitten hym as sore as he did the other that smote hym? Or is he slayne with so sore a slaughter as they that slue hym?
8 Thou wylt punishe it in the braunches, yet not beyonde measure: for in the day that the east winde bloweth sore, it taketh away the fruites.
9 By this meanes therfore shall the iniquitie of Iacob be purged, and this is all the fruite [namely] the taking away of his sinne, if he make all the stones of the aulter of idols as chalke stones that are beaten in sunder, that their groues and images ryse not vp agayne.
10 Els shall the strong citie be desolate, and the habitation forsaken and left like a wildernesse: there shall the Calfe feede, and there shall he lye, and eate vp the graffes therof.
11 When the braunches of it are drye, they are broken of, & the women come and set them on fire: for it is a people of no vnderstanding, and therfore he that made them shall not fauour them, and he that created them shall geue them no grace.
12 And in that day shall the Lorde make a threshing, from the middest of the riuer Euphrates, vnto the riuer of Egypt, and ye chyldren of Israel shalbe gathered together one to another.
13 In that day shall the great trumpe be blowne, so that they which were lost in the lande of Assyria, and they that were banished in the lande of Egypt , shall come and worship the Lorde in the holye mount of Hierusalem.


1 Wo be vnto the crowne of pryde, euen to the drunken people of Ephraim, whose great pompe is as a floure that fadeth away vpon the head of the valley of suche as be in wealth, and are ouerladen with wine.
2 Behold, there commeth a vehement and sore day from the Lord, like an vnmeasurable hayle and perillous tempest, euen like the force of mightie and horrible waters that violently beareth downe all thinges.
3 The crowne of the pryde of the drunken Ephraemites shalbe troden vnder foote:
4 So that the floure of his fayrenesse and beautie whiche is in the head of the valley of fatnesse, shall fade away as doth an vntimely ripe figge before haruest: whiche when a man espieth, he loketh vpon it, and whyle it is yet in his hande he eateth it vp.
5 In that day shal the Lord of hoastes be the crowne of glory and diamonde of beautie vnto the residue of his people.
6 He wylbe also a spirite of perfect knowledge to him that sitteth in iudgement, and strength vnto them that turne away the battayle to the gate [of the enemies.]
7 But they are out of the way by reason of wine, yea farre out of the way are they thorowe strong drinke: The priest also and the prophete are gone astray by the meanes of strong drinke, they are drunken with wine, they go amisse thorowe strong drinke, they fayle in propheciyng, and stumble in iudgement.
8 For all tables are full of vomit and filthynesse, that no place is cleane.
9 Whom then shall suche one teache knowledge? and whom shall he make to vnderstande the thing that he heareth? for they are as ignoraunt as young chyldren that are taken from the milke, and are weaned.
10 For they that be suche, must take after one lesson, another lesson, after one commaundement, another commaundement, for one rule, another rule, after one instruction, another instruction, there a litle, and there a litle.
11 For he that speaketh vnto this people, is euen as one that vseth rudenesse of speache, and a straunge language.
12 If any man say vnto them, lo, this is the rest wherewith ye may ease hym that is weerie, this is the refreshing: they wyll not hearken.
13 Therfore shall the word of the Lord be vnto them, lesson vpon lesson, commaundement vpon commaundement, rule vpon rule, instruction vpon instruction, there a litle, and there a litle: that they may go on and fall backwarde, be brused, tangled, and snared.
14 Wherfore heare the word of the Lord ye mockers, ye that haue rule of this people whiche is at Hierusalem.
15 Because ye haue sayd, We haue made a couenaunt with death, and with hell are we at agreement: and though there go foorth a sore plague, it shall not come vnto vs, for we haue made falsehood our refuge, and vnder vanitie are we hid.
16 Therfore thus saith the Lorde God, Beholde, I lay in Sion for a foundation a stone, euen a tryed stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: who so beleueth, let hym not be to hastie.
17 Iudgement also wyll I laye to the rule, and righteousnesse to the balaunce, so that the hayle shall sweepe away as a broome your vayne confidence, and the priuie place of your refuge shall the waters runne ouer.
18 And thus the couenaunt that ye made with death, shalbe disanulled, and your agreement that ye made with hell shall not stand, yea when the sore plague goeth foorth, ye shalbe troden downe vnder it.
19 From the tyme that it goeth foorth it shall take you away: for early in the morning euery day, yea both day and night shall it go thorowe, and when the noyse thereof is perceaued, it shall gender vexation.
20 For the bed is narrowe and not large, and the couering so small that a man can not winde him selfe [vnder it.]
21 For the Lord shall stand as in mount Perazim, and shalbe wroth like as in the valley Gibeon, that he may do his worke, his straunge worke, and bryng to passe his acte, his straunge acte.
22 Nowe therefore see that ye be no mockers, lest your punishment increase: For I hearde of the Lorde of hoastes, that there shall come a short ende vpon the whole earth.
23 Heare ye then, and hearken vnto my voyce, consider and ponder my speache.
24 Doth not the husbandman plowe all the day, and openeth and breaketh the clottes of his grounde, that he may sowe?
25 When he hath made it playne, wyll he not spreade abrode the fitches, and sowe comin, and cast in wheate by measure, and the appointed barlye and rye in their place?
26 God wyll instruct hym to haue discretion, euen his God wyll teache hym.
27 For fitches shall not be threshed with an harrowe, neither shall a cart wheele be brought thorowe the comin: but the fitches are beaten out with a staffe, and comin with a rodde.
28 But the seede that bread is made of, is threshed, though it be not alway a threshing, and the cart wheele must be brought ouer it, lest he grinde it with his teeth.
29 This also commeth of the Lorde of hoastes, which worketh with wonderfull wysdome, and bringeth excellent workes to passe.


1 Wo vnto thee O Ariel Ariel, thou citie that Dauid dwelt in: Go on from yere to yere, and let the lambes be slayne.
2 I wyll lay siege vnto Ariel, so that there shalbe heauinesse and sorowe in it: and it shalbe vnto me euen an aulter of slaughter.
3 A will besiege thee rounde about, and fight against thee thorowe a bulwarke, and wyll reare vp diches against thee.
4 Thou shalt be brought downe, and shalt speake out of the ground, and thy speache shall go lowe out of the dust: Thy voyce also shall come out of the grounde lyke the voyce of a witche, and thy talkyng shall whisper out of the dust:
5 Moreouer, the noyse of the straunge enemies shalbe like thinne dust, and the multitude of tirauntes shalbe as drye strawe that can not tary: euen sodenly and in haste shall their blast go.
6 Thou shalt be visited of the Lorde of hoastes with thunder, earthquake, and with a great noyse, with storme and tempest, and with the flambe of a consuming fire.
7 And the multitude of all nations that fight against Ariel, shalbe as a dreame seene by night: euen so shall they be that make warre against it, and strong holdes to ouercome it, and that lay any siege vnto it.
8 In conclusion, it shalbe euen as when a hungry man dreameth that he is eating, and when he awaketh, his soule is emptie, or as when a thirstie man dreameth that he is drinking, and when he awaketh, he is yet fainte, and his soule hath appetite: euen so shall the multitude of all nations that fighteth against mount Sion.
9 Ponder these thinges once in your mindes, and wonder: Blinded are they them selues, and the blinde guides of other: They are drunken, but not with wine: they are vnstable, but not thorow strong drinke.
10 For the Lorde hath couered you with a slumbring spirite, and hath closed your eyes: your prophetes also and rulers that shoulde see, them hath he couered.
11 And the vision of all the prophetes is become vnto you as the wordes of a booke that is sealed vp, whiche men deliuer to one that is learned, saying, Reade thou in it: and he saith, I can not, for it is sealed.
12 And the booke is geuen to him that is not learned, saying, Reade thou in it: and he saith, I am not learned.
13 Therfore thus hath the Lorde sayd: Forsomuche as this people when they be in trouble, do honour me with their mouth and with their lippes, but their heart is farre fro me, and the feare whiche they haue vnto me proceedeth of a commaundement that is taught of men:
14 Therefore wyll I do marueyles among this people, euen marueylous thinges [I say] and a wonder: For the wysdome of their wyse men shall perishe, and the vnderstanding of their wittie men shall hyde it selfe.
15 Wo vnto them that kepe secrete their thoughtes, to hide their counsell from the Lorde, and to do their workes in darknesse, saying: Who seeth vs? and who knoweth vs?
16 Doubtlesse your destruction is in reputation as the potters clay: And doth the worke say of hym that made it, he made not me? And doth an earthen vessell say of hym that fashioned it, he had no vnderstanding?
17 Is it not harde at hande that Libanus shalbe turned into a low fielde, and that the lowe fielde shalbe taken as the wood?
18 And in that day shall deafe men heare the wordes of the booke, and the eyes of the blynde shall see, euen out of the cloude, and out of darknesse.
19 The meeke spirited also shall be merie in the Lorde, and the poore among them that be lowly shall reioyce in the holy one of Israel:
20 For he that dyd violence is brought to naught, and the scornefull man is consumed, and they rooted out that made haste early to vnrighteousnesse,
21 Making a man to sinne in the worde, and that toke him in a snare, whiche reproued them in the open place, and they that haue turned the cause of the righteous to naught.
22 Therefore thus saith the Lorde to the house of Iacob, euen thus saith he that redeemed Abraham: Iacob shall not nowe be confounded, nor his face pale.
23 But when he seeth his chyldren the worke of my handes in the middes of hym, they shall sanctifie my name, and prayse the holy one of Iacob, and feare the God of Israel.
24 They also that haue ben of an erronious spirite shall come to vnderstanding, and they that haue ben scornefull shall learne doctrine.


1 Alas for those disobedient chyldren saith the Lorde, that they will take counsell and not of me, that they wyll take a secrete aduice and not out of my spirite, and therefore adde they sinne vnto sinne.
2 Euen they that walke to go downe into Egypt , and haue asked no question at my mouth, but seeke strength in the might of Pharao, and trust in the shadowe of Egypt .
3 Therefore shall the strength of Pharao be your confusion, and the trust in the shadowe of Egypt your shame.
4 For his captaynes were at Zoan, and his embassadours came vnto Hanes.
5 They were ashamed of the people that coulde do them no good, and that might not helpe them nor shewe them any profit, but were their confusion and rebuke.
6 The burthen of the beastes of the south. In a land of trouble & anguishe, from whence shall come the young and olde lion, the viper and firie serpent that fleeth against them that vpon coltes beare their riches, and vpon camels their treasures, to a people that can do them no good.
7 For vayne and nothing worth shall the helpe of the Egyptians be: Therefore haue I cryed vnto Hierusalem, they shall haue strength inough if they wyll settle their mindes in quietnesse.
8 Nowe therefore go thy way, and write this before them in a table, and note it in a booke: that it may finally remaine and be kept styll for euer.
9 For this is an obstinate people, and dissembling chyldren, chyldren that refuse to heare the lawe of the Lorde.
10 For they say vnto the seers, see not, and to them that be cleare of iudgement, loke not out right thinges for vs: but speake fayre wordes vnto vs, loke out errours.
11 Get you out of this way, depart out of this path, and turne the holy one of Israel from vs.
12 Wherefore thus saith the holy one of Israel: Because your heartes ryse against this word, and because you trust in wrong dealing and peruerse iudgement, and put your confidence therin:
13 Therfore shall ye haue this mischiefe for your destruction and fall, like as an hye wall that falleth because of some rift or blast, whose breakyng commeth sodainly.
14 And the hurt thereof is lyke an earthen vessell whiche breaketh without helpe, so that in the bursting of it, there is not founde one sheuer to fetch fire in, or to take water withall out of the pit.
15 For thus saith the Lorde God, euen the holy one of Israel : In repentaunce and in rest shall ye be safe, in quietnesse and sure confidence shalbe your strength, but ye haue had no list thereto.
16 For ye haue sayde, No, but we wyll escape thorowe horses, therefore shall ye flee: And we wyll get vs vp vpon swift beastes, and therefore shall your persecutours be swifter.
17 A thousande shall flee at the rebuke of one, and at the rebuke of fiue shall ye all flee, till ye be left as a ship mast vpon the top of a mountaine, and as a beaken vpon an hill.
18 Therefore doth the Lorde cause you to wayte, that he may haue mercy vpon you, to the entent that he may haue the preeminence when he is gratious vnto you: For the Lord is the God of iudgement, Blessed are all they that hope in hym.
19 If the people remaine in Sion and at Hierusalem, thou shalt not be in heauinesse: but at the voyce of thy complaint shall he haue mercy vpon thee, and when he heareth it, he shall geue thee an aunswere.
20 And though the Lorde geue you the bread of trouble, and the water of aduersitie, thy rayne shalbe no more so scant, but thyne eyes shall see thy rayne.
21 Yea and thyne eare shall heare the talking of him that doth speake behinde thee: This is the way, walke ye in it, turne not aside neither to the right hande, nor to the left.
22 Ye shall destroy also the couering of your siluer images, and the decking of your golden idols, euen as filthynesse shalt thou put them away: And thou shalt say vnto it, Get thee hence.
23 Then shall God geue rayne vnto thy seede, that thou shalt sowe the grounde withall, and bread of the increase of the earth, whiche shalbe fat and very plenteous: in that day also shall thy cattell be fed in large pastures.
24 The oxen lykewyse and the young asses that eare the grounde shall eate cleane prouender, whiche is purged with the winde and the fanne.
25 Finally, vpon euery hye mountayne and hyll shall there be riuers, and streames of waters in the day of the great slaughter when the towres fall.
26 Moreouer, the light of the moone shalbe as the light of the sunne, and the sunne light shalbe seuen folde, and haue as much shine as in seuen dayes beside, when the Lorde bindeth vp the sore of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wounde.
27 Beholde, the fame of the Lorde commeth from farre, and his presence is so hotte, that no man is able to abyde: his lippes are full of indignation, and his tongue is as a consuming fire.
28 His breath is a vehement flud of water, that reacheth vp to the necke: that he may sift away the heathen in the siue of vanitie, and his breath is a brydle of errour in the iawes of the people.
29 And ye shall sing lyke as in the night when the holy solempnitie beginneth, and ye shall haue gladnesse of heart, like as when one commeth with a pipe vnto the hill of the Lorde, and to the most mightie one of Israel .
30 And the Lorde shall cause his glorious voyce to be hearde, and shall declare his stretched out arme with a terrible countenaunce, & with the flambe of a consuming fire, with noysome lightening, with a showre, and with hayle stones.
31 For thorowe the voyce of the Lorde shall Assur be destroyed, which smote other men with the rodde.
32 And it shall come to passe, that whyther soeuer he goeth the rodde shall cleaue vnto him which the Lorde shall laye vpon hym, with tabrettes and harpes: and with great warre shall he fight against his hoast.
33 For the fire of hell is ordayned from the beginning, yea euen for the kyng is it prepared: This hath the Lorde set in the deepe, and made it wide, the burning whereof is fire and muche wood: The breath of the Lorde whiche is like a riuer of brimstone doth kindle it.


1 Wo be vnto them that go downe into Egypt for helpe, and trust in horses, and put their confidence in charrets because they be many, and in horsemen because they be lustie and strong: but they regarde not the holy one of Israel , and they aske no question at the Lorde.
2 And he neuerthelesse is wise, and will plague the wicked, and goeth not from his worde, he wyll aryse against the housholde of the frowarde, and against the helpe of euyll doers.
3 Nowe the Egyptians are men and not God, and their horses fleshe, and not spirite: And assoone as the Lord stretcheth out his hande, then shall the helper fall and he that shoulde haue ben helped, and they shall altogether be destroyed.
4 For thus hath the Lorde spoken vnto me: Lyke as the lion and lions whelpe roareth vpon the pray that he hath gotten, and is not afraide though the multitude of shepheardes crye out vpon him, neither be abashed for all the heape of them: so shall the Lorde of hoastes come downe to fight for mount Sion, and defende his hyll.
5 Like as the byrdes flutter about their nestes, so shall the Lorde of hoastes, kepe, saue, defende, and deliuer Hierusalem.
6 Therefore O ye chyldren of Israel , turne againe vnto him whom you haue ofttimes forsaken.
7 For in that day euery man shall cast out his idols of siluer, and his idols of golde, whiche ye haue made with your owne handes vnto your sinne.
8 Assur also shalbe slayne with the sworde, not with a mans sworde, neither shal the sworde of any man deuour hym, and he shall flee from the slaughter, and his choise young men shalbe discomfited.
9 He shall go for feare to his strong holdes, and his princes shall flee from his standerd saith the Lord, whose fire is in Sion, and his fornace in Hierusalem.


1 Beholde, a kyng shall gouerne after the rule of righteousnesse, and the princes shall rule according to the ballaunce of equitie.
2 And that man shalbe vnto men as a defence for the winde, and as a refuge for the tempest, lyke as a ryuer of water in a thirstie place, and the shadowe of a great rocke in a drye lande.
3 The eyes of the seeing shall not be dim, and the eares of them that heare shall take diligent heede.
4 The heart of the vnwyse shall attayne to knowledge, and the vnperfect tongue shall speake playnely and distinctly.
5 Then shall the foolishe nigarde be no more called gentle, nor the churle liberall.
6 But the nigarde wyll speake nigardlye, and his heart wyll worke euyll, and play the hypocrite, and imagine abhominations against God, to make the hungry leane, and to withholde drinke from the thirstie.
7 The weapons of the churlishe are euyll, he deuiseth noysome deuises, that he may beguyle the poore with deceiptfull wordes, yea euen there as he should geue sentence with the poore.
8 But the liberall person imagineth honest thynges, and commeth vp for liberalitie vnto promotion.
9 Up ye riche and idle women, hearken vnto my voyce, ye carelesse daughters marke my wordes.
10 Many yeres and dayes shall ye be brought in feare O ye carelesse women: for the vintage shall fayle, and the haruest shall not come.
11 Be abashed you that lyue in aboundaunce, tremble you that lyue carelesse, cast of your rayment, make your selues bare, and put sackcloth about you.
12 For as the infantes weepe when their mothers teates are dryed vp: so shall you weepe for your faire fieldes and fruitfull vineyardes.
13 My peoples fielde shall bryng thornes and thistles: and so shall it be in euery house of voluptuousnesse, and in euery citie that reioyceth.
14 The palaces also shalbe broke, and the greatly occupied cities desolate: The towres and bulwarkes shall become dennes for euermore, where wylde asses take their pleasure, and sheepe their pasture.
15 Unto the tyme that the spirite be powred vpon vs from aboue, and that the wildernesse be a fruitfull fielde, and the plenteous fielde be reckened for a wood.
16 Then shall equitie dwell in the desert, and righteousnesse in a fruitfull lande.
17 And the worke of righteousnesse shalbe peace, and her fruite rest and quietnesse for euer.
18 And my people shall dwell in the innes of peace, and in sure dwellynges, in safe places of comfort.
19 And when the hayle falleth, it shall fall in the wood, and the citie shalbe set lowe in the valley.
20 O howe happy shall ye be when ye shall safely sowe your seede beside all waters, and dryue thyther the feete of your oxen and asses.


1 Wo to thee that destroyest when thou wast not destroyed, thou breakest ye league where as none hath broken it with thee: for when thou shalt leaue destroying, thou thy selfe shalt be destroyed: and when thou ceassest from breakyng the league, then shall they breake it to thee.
2 O Lorde haue mercie vpon vs, we haue put our whole trust in thee: be an arme to such early, and our health in the tyme of trouble.
3 At that confuse noyse the people fled, and at thine exaltyng the heathen were scattered.
4 And the spoyles shalbe gathered, which shalbe yours, as are the gathetheryng of Bruchus, and the multitude goyng to it shalbe as Locustes, running to and fro.
5 The Lorde is exalted, for it is he that dwelleth on hye, he hath fylled Sion with iudgement and rygteousnesse.
6 And a sure stablishyng of thy tymes, shalbe strength, health, wisdome, and knowledge: and the very feare of the Lorde shalbe the treasure of it.
7 Beholde the messengers shall crye without: and the embassadours of peace shall weepe bitterly.
8 Their streetes are waste, there walketh no man therin: God hath broken the appoyntment, the cities are cast away, and men are nothyng regarded.
9 The desolate earth is in heauinesse, Libanus is shamed and hewen downe, Saron is like a wildernesse, Basan and Charmel are spoyled of their fruites.
10 And therfore saith the Lorde, I wyll vp nowe, nowe wyll I be aduaunced, nowe wyll I be exalted.
11 Ye shall conceaue stubble, and beare strawe: and your spirite shalbe the fire, that it may consume you.
12 And the people shalbe burnt like lime, and as thornes burnt that are hewen of and cast in the fire.
13 Nowe hearken to ye that are farre of howe I haue done, and consider my power ye that are at hande.
14 The sinners at Sion are afrayde, a sodayne fearefulnesse is come vpon the hypocrites: What is he among vs say they that shall dwell by the consumyng fire? Which of vs may abyde the euerlasting heate?
15 He that leadeth a godly life, and speaketh the trueth, he that abhorreth gaynes by violence and deceipt, he that kepeth his hande that he touche no rewarde, which stoppeth his eares that he heare no counsayle agaynst the innocent blood, which holdeth downe his eyes that he see no euyll:
16 He it is that shall dwell on hye, whose safegarde shalbe in a bulwarke of rockes: to hym shalbe geuen meate, and his waters shall not fayle.
17 Thine eyes shall see the kyng in his glorie, euen the kyng of the farre countreys shall they see.
18 Thine heart studied for feare thinking thus: What shall then become of the scribe? of the receauer of our money? what of hym that taxed our fairest houses?
19 There shalt thou not see a cruel people of a straunge tongue, to haue so diffused a language that it may not be vnderstanded, neither so straunge a speache but it shalbe perceaued.
20 Loke vpon Sion the head citie of our solempne feastes: thyne eyes shall see Hierusalem that glorious habitation, the tabernacle that neuer shall remoue, whose nayles shall neuer be taken out worlde without ende, whose cordes euery one shall neuer corrupt.
21 For the glorious maiestie of the Lorde shall there be present among vs as a place where faire brode riuers and streames are, through the which shall neither galley rowe nor great ship sayle.
22 For the Lorde is our iudge, the Lord is our lawe geuer, the Lord is our king, and he hym selfe shalbe our sauiour.
23 Thy tacklyng is loosed, therfore it can not make fast the mast, nor spread the sayle: then there is dealed great spoyle, yea lame men runne after the pray.
24 There lyeth no man that saith, I am sicke: but all euyll is taken away from the people that dwell there.


1 Come ye heathen and heare, take heede you people: hearken thou earth and all that is therin, thou rounde compasse and all that dwelleth thervpon.
2 For the Lorde is angry with all people, & his displeasure is kindled agaynst all the multitude of them, he hath destroyed them, and delyuered them to the slaughter.
3 So that their slayne shalbe cast out and their bodyes stincke, that euen the very hylles shalbe wet with the blood of them.
4 All the starres of heauen shall waste, and the heauens shall folde together lyke a roll, and all the starres therof shall fall, lyke as the leaues fall from the vines and figge trees.
5 For my sworde shalbe bathed in heauen, and shall immediatly come downe to iudgement vpon Idumea, and vpon the people which I haue cursed.
6 And the Lordes sworde shalbe full of blood, and be rusty with the fatnesse and blood of lambes and goates, with the fatnesse of the kidneys of weathers: For the Lord shall kyll a great offering in Bozra, and a great slaughter in the lande of Idumea.
7 There shall the vnicornes fall with them, and the bulles with the giauntes, and their lande shalbe throughly soked with blood, and their grounde corrupt with fatnesse.
8 For it is the day of Gods vengeaunce, and the yere of recompence for the reuenge of Sion.
9 And his fluddes shalbe turned to pitch, and his earth to brimstone, and therewith shall the lande be kindled.
10 So that it shall not be quenched day nor nyght, but smoke euermore, and so foorth lye waste: and no man shall go through it for euer.
11 But Pellicanes, Storkes, great Owles, and Rauens shall haue it in possession and dwell therin: for God shall spreade out the line of desolation vpon it, and the stones of emptinesse.
12 Her nobles shall call, and there is no kyngdome: and all her princes shalbe nothyng.
Isa 34:13 Thornes shall growe in their palaces, nettles & thistles in their strong holdes, that the dragons may haue their pleasure therin, and that they may be a court for Estriches.
14 There shall straunge visures & monsterous beastes meete one another, and the wylde kepe company together: there shall the Lamia lye and haue her lodgyng.
15 There shall the Owle make her nest, builde, be there at home, & bryng foorth her young ones: there shall the Kytes come together, eche one to his lyke.
16 Seke through the booke of the Lorde and reade it: there shall none of these thynges be left out, there shall not one nor such lyke fayle: for his mouth commaundeth, and that same doth his spirite gather together, or fulfyll.
17 He hath cast the lot for them, and to those beastes hath his hande deuided it by the line: therfore those shall possesse it for euer, from generation to generation shall they dwell therin.


1 But the desert & wildernesse shall reioyce, the waste ground shall be glad and florishe as the Lilie.
2 She shall florishe pleasauntly and be ioyfull, and euer be geuing thankes more and more: For the glorie of Libanus, the beautie of Charmel and Saron shalbe geuen her: These shall knowe the honour of the Lorde, & the maiestie of our God.
3 And therfore strength the weake handes, and comfort the feeble knees.
4 Say vnto them that are of a fearfull heart, be of good cheare and feare not, beholde your God commeth to take vengeaunce, and you shall see the rewarde that God geueth: God commeth his owne selfe, and wyll delyuer you.
5 Then shall the eyes of the blynde be lyghtened, and the eares of the deaffe opened.
6 Then shall the lame men leape as an Hart, & the dumbe mans tongue shall geue thankes: for in the wildernesse there shall welles spryng, and fluddes of water in the desert.
7 The drye grounde shal turne to riuers, and the thirstie to sprynges of water: wheras dragons dwelt afore, there shal growe sweete flowres & greene russhes.
8 There shalbe foote pathes & common streetes, this shalbe called the holy way: no vncleane person shall go through it, for the Lorde hym selfe shall go with them that way, and the wayfayrer nor ignoraunt shall not erre.
9 There shalbe no lion, & no rauishyng beastes shall come therin nor be there, but men redeemed shall go there free and safe.
10 And the redeemed of the Lorde I say shall conuert and come to Sion with thankesgeuyng: euerlastyng ioy shall they haue, pleasure and gladnesse shalbe among them, and as for all sorowe and heauinesse it shall vanishe.


1 In the foureteenth yere of king Hezekias came Sennacherib kyng of the Assyrians downe, to lay siege vnto all the strong cities of Iuda, to conquer them.
2 And the kyng of the Assyrians sent Rabsakeh from Lachis towarde Hierusalem, agaynst Hezekias with an exceedyng hoast, which set hym by the conduite of the ouer poole in the way that goeth through the fullers lande.
3 And so there came foorth vnto hym Eliakim Helkias sonne, the chiefe ouer the householde, Sobna the scribe, and Ioah Asaphs sonne the secretarie:
4 And Rabsakeh sayde vnto them, Tell Hezekia that the great kyng saith thus vnto hym: What presumption is this that thou trustest vnto?
5 I sayde surely that thou trustest in vayne wordes, when counsayle and strength are necessarie to battayle: but nowe wherto trustest thou, that thou rebellest agaynst me?
6 Lo, thou puttest thy trust in a broken staffe of reede [I meane] Egypt , which he that leaneth vpon, it goeth into his hande and shooteth it through: euen so is Pharao the kyng of Egypt vnto all them that trust in hym.
7 But if thou wouldest say vnto me, We trust in the Lorde our God: Is not he that God whose hygh places & aulters Hezekia toke downe, and commaunded Iuda and Hierusalem to worship only before this aulter?
8 Nowe therfore deliuer hostages that thou rebell no more agaynst my Lorde the kyng of the Assyrians, and I wyll geue thee two thousande horses yf thou be able to set men vpon them.
9 Howe darest thou resist the power of the smallest prince that my Lorde hath? howe darest thou trust in the charrets and horsemen of Egypt ?
10 Moreouer, thinkest thou that I am come vp hyther to destroy this lande without the Lordes wyll? The Lorde sayd vnto me, Go vp agaynst this lande and destroy it.
11 Then sayd Eliakim, Sobna, & Ioah, vnto Rabsakeh: Speake to vs thy seruauntes we pray thee in the Syrians language, for we vnderstande it well, and speake not to vs in the Iewes tongue, lest the folke heare which lyeth vpon the wall.
12 Then aunswered Rabsakeh: Hath my maister sent me to speake this only to thy maister and thee? hath he not sent me to them also that lye vpon the wall? that they may be compelled to eate their owne dunge, and drinke their owne stale with you?
13 And Rabsakeh stoode stiffe, and cryed with a loude voyce in the Iewes tongue, and sayde: Nowe take heede howe the great kyng of the Assyrians geueth you warnyng.
14 Thus saith the kyng: Let not Hezekia deceaue you, for he shall not be able to deliuer you.
15 Moreouer, let not Hezekia comfort you in the Lorde when he saith, The Lorde without doubt shall defende vs, and shall not geue ouer this citie into the handes of the king of the Assyrians.
16 Hearken not to Hezekia, for thus saith the kyng of Assyria: Obtayne my fauour, encline to me, so may euery man enioy his vineyardes and figge trees, and drynke the water of his cesterne:
17 Unto the tyme that I come my selfe, and bryng you into a lande that is lyke your owne, wherin is wheate & wine, which is both sowen with seede and planted with vineyardes.
18 Let not Hezekia deceaue you, when he saith vnto you, the Lorde shall deliuer vs: Myght the gods of the gentiles kepe euery mans lande from the power of the kyng of the Assyrians?
19 Where is the god of Hemath and Arphad? where is the god of Sepharuaim? and who is able to defende Samaria out of my hande?
20 Or which of all the gods of these landes hath deliuered their countrey out of my power? Is the Lord in deede able to deliuer Hierusalem from my hande?
21 Unto this Hezekias messengers helde their tongues, and aunswered not one worde: for the kyng had charged them that they should geue him no aunswere.
22 So came Eliakim Helkias sonne the chiefe ouer the householde, Sobna the scribe, and Ioah Asaphes sonne the secratarie vnto Hezekia with rent clothes, and tolde hym the wordes of Rabsakeh.


1 When Hezekia hearde that, he rent his clothes, and put on sackcloth, and went into the temple of the Lorde.
2 But he sent Eliakim the chiefe ouer the householde, Sobna the scribe, with the eldest priestes clothed in sacke, vnto the prophete Esai the sonne of Amos,
3 And they sayde vnto hym, Thus saith Hezekia: This is the day of trouble, of plague, and of blasphemie: for the children are come to the place of birth, but there is no power to bryng them foorth.
4 The Lorde thy God [no doubt] hath well considered the wordes of Rabsakeh, whom his lorde king of the Assyrians hath sent to defie and blaspheme the lyuyng God, with such wordes as the Lorde thy God hath hearde ryght well: and therfore lyft vp thy prayer for the remnaunt that yet are left.
5 So the seruauntes of the kyng Hezekia came to Esai,
6 And Esai gaue them this aunswere: Say thus vnto your lorde, Thus saith the Lord: Be not afraide of the wordes that thou hast hearde, wherwith the kyng of the Assyrians seruauntes haue blasphemed me.
7 Beholde, I wyll rayse vp a wynde agaynst him, & he shall heare a rumour, and he shall go agayne into his countrey, there wyll I destroy hym with the sworde in his owne lande.
8 Nowe when Rabsakeh returned, he founde the kyng of Assyria laying siege to Libnas: for he had vnderstandyng that he was departed from Lachis.
9 And there came a rumour that Tharakas kyng of Ethiopia was come foorth to warre agaynst hym: and when the king of Assyria hearde that, he sent other messengers to kyng Hezekia with this commaundement.
10 Say thus to Hezekia kyng of Iuda: Let not thy God deceaue thee, in whom thou hopest, and sayest, Hierusalem shall not be geuen into the handes of the kyng of Assyria .
11 For lo, thou knowest well howe the kynges of Assyria haue handled all the landes that they haue subuerted: and hopest thou to escape?
12 Were the people of the gentiles whom my progenitours conquered, deliuered at any tyme through their gods? [As namely] Gosan, Haran , Rezeph, and the children of Eden , which were at Thalassar?
13 Where is the king of Hemath, and the king of Arphad, and the king of the citie Sepharuaim, Ena, and Aua?
14 Nowe when Hezekia had receaued the letter of the messengers, and read it, he went vp into the house of the Lorde, and opened the letter before the Lorde,
15 And Hezekia prayed vnto the Lorde [on this maner.]
16 O Lorde of hoastes, thou God of Israel, which dwellest vpon Cherubim, thou art the God that only is God of all the kingdomes of the world, for thou only hast created heauen and earth.
17 Encline thine eare Lorde and consider, open thine eyes Lorde and see, and ponder all the wordes of Sennacherib, which hath sent his embassage to blaspheme the lyuyng God.
Isa 37:18 It is true O Lorde that the kynges of Assyria haue conquered all kyngdomes and landes,
19 And cast their gods in the fire: for those were no gods, but the workes of mens handes, of wood or stone, therfore haue they destroyed them.
20 Nowe therfore deliuer vs O Lord our God from the handes of Sennacherib, that all the kyngdomes of the earth may knowe that thou only art the Lorde.
21 Then Esai the sonne of Amos sent vnto Hezekia, saying, Thus saith the Lorde God of Israel: Wheras thou hast made thy prayer vnto me as touching Sennacherib the king of Assyria,
22 This is the aunswere that the Lorde hath geuen concernyng hym: Dispised art thou and mocked O daughter Sion, he hath shaken his head at thee O daughter of Hierusalem.
23 But thou Sennacherib, whom hast thou defied and blasphemed? Agaynst whom hast thou lifted vp thy voyce, and exalted thy proude lokes? euen agaynst the holy one of Israel .
24 Thou with thy seruauntes hast blasphemed the Lorde, and thus holdest thou of thy selfe: I wyll couer the hye mountaynes and sydes of Libanus with my horsemen, and there wyll I cut downe the hye Cedar trees, and the fayrest Firre trees: I wyll vp in the heyght of it, and into the chiefest of his tymber woods.
25 If there be no water, I wyll graue and drynke: and as for waters of defence, I wyll drye them vp with the feete of myne hoast.
26 Yea, hast thou not hearde what I haue taken in hande and brought to passe of olde tyme? That same wyll I do nowe also, and waste, destroy, and bryng strong cities vnto heapes of stones.
27 For their inhabitours shalbe like lame men brought in feare and confounded: they shalbe lyke grasse and greene hearbes in the fielde, lyke the hay vpon house toppes, that wythereth before it be growen vp.
28 I knowe thy wayes, thy going foorth, and thy commyng home, yea and thy madnesse agaynst me.
29 Therfore thy furiousnesse agaynst me, and thy pride is come before me, I wyll put my ryng in thy nose, and my bridle bit in the iawes of thee, and turne thee about euen the same way thou camest.
30 I wyll geue thee also this token [O Hezekia] this yere shalt thou eate such as groweth of it selfe, and the seconde yere that which spryngeth agayne of the same, & in the thirde yere ye shall sowe and reape, yea ye shall plant vineyardes, and enioy the fruites therof.
31 And such of the house of Iuda as are escaped shall come together, and the remnaunt shall take roote beneath, and bryng foorth fruite aboue.
32 For the escaped shall go out of Hierusalem, and the remnaunt from the mount Sion : and this shall the zeale of the Lorde of hoastes bryng to passe.
33 Therfore thus saith the Lorde concernyng the kyng of the Assyrians: He shall not come into this citie, and shall shoote no arrowe into it, there shall no shielde hurt it, neither shall they cast ditches about it.
34 The same way he came he shall returne, and not come at this citie, saith the Lorde.
35 And I wyll kepe and saue this citie [saith he] for myne owne and for my seruaunt Dauids sake.
36 Thus the angell of the Lorde went foorth, and slue of the Assyrians hoaste an hundred fourescore and fiue thousande: and when men arose vp early in the mornyng, beholde they were slayne, and all lay full of dead bodyes.
37 So Sennacherib the kyng of the Assyrians brake vp & dwelt at Niniue.
38 Afterwarde it chaunced as he prayed in the temple of Nesroch his God, that Adramalech and Sarazer his owne sonnes slue hym with the sworde, and fled into the lande of Armenia : and Asarhaddon his sonne raigned in his steede.


1 About this tyme was Hezekia sicke vnto death, and the prophete Esai the sonne of Amos came vnto hym, and sayde, Thus commaundeth the Lorde: Set thyne house in order, for thou must dye, and shalt not escape.
2 Then Hezekia turned his face toward the wall, and prayed vnto the Lorde,
3 And sayde: Remember O Lorde I beseche thee, that I haue walked before thee in trueth and a stedfast heart, & haue done the thyng that is pleasaunt to thee. And Hezekia wept sore.
4 Then sayde God vnto Esai,
5 Go and speake vnto Ezekia: The Lord God of Dauid thy father sendeth thee this worde, I haue hearde thy prayer, and considered thy teares: beholde I wyll put fifteene yeres mo vnto thy lyfe,
6 And deliuer thee and the citie also from the hande of the kyng of Assyria: for I wyll defende the citie.
7 And take thee this token of the Lord, that he wyll do it as he hath spoken.
8 Beholde, I wyll returne the shadowe of Ahaz diall that nowe is layde out with the sunne, and bring it ten degrees backwarde: So the sunne turned ten degrees backwarde, the which he was descended afore.
9 A thankesgeuyng which Hezekia kyng of Iuda wrote, when he had ben sicke and was recouered.
10 I thought I shoulde haue gone to the gates of hell when myne age was shortened, and haue wanted the residue of my yeres.
11 I spake within my selfe, I wyll neuer visite the Lorde [the Lorde I say] in this lyfe: I wyll neuer see man among the dwellers of the worlde.
12 Myne age is folden together & taken away from me lyke a sheepheardes cotage, I haue hewen of my lyfe by my sinnes, lyke as a weauer cutteth of his webbe: He wyll with pinyng sicknesse make an ende of me, yea he wyll make an ende of me in one day.
13 I thought I woulde haue lyued vntyll the morowe, but he brused my bones lyke a lion: and in one day thou wylt make an ende of me.
14 Then chattered I lyke a swallowe, and lyke a crane, and mourned lyke a doue, I lift vp mine eyes into the heyght: O Lorde [sayde] my sicknesse kepeth me downe, ease thou me.
15 What shall I say? The Lorde hath made a promise to me, yea and he hym selfe hath perfourmed it: I shall therefore so long as I lyue remember this bitternesse of my lyfe.
16 O Lorde, to all those that shall lyue hereafter, yea to all men shall it be knowen, that euen in those yeres I haue a ioyfull lyfe, and that it was thou that causedst me to sleepe agayne, thou hast geuen lyfe to me.
17 Beholde, bitter as gall was my pensiuenesse, so sore longed I for health, and it was thy pleasure to deliuer my lyfe from the filthy pit: for thou it is [O Lorde] that hast cast all my sinnes behynde thy backe.
18 For hell prayseth not thee, death doth not magnifie thee: they that go downe into the graue prayse not thy trueth:
19 But the lyuyng, yea the lyuyng knowledge thee, as I do this day: the father telleth his children of thy faythfulnesse.
20 To heale me it is the Lordes worke, and we will sing my songes in the house of the Lorde all the dayes of our lyfe.
21 And Esai sayde: Take a plaster of figges, and lay it vpon the sore, so shall it be whole.
22 Then sayd Hezekia: O what a miracle is this, that I shall go vp into the house of the Lorde.


1 At the same tyme Merodach Baladan, Baladans sonne kyng of Babylon , sent letters and presentes to Hezekia: for he vnderstoode that he had ben sicke, and was recouered agayne.
2 And Hezekia was glad therof, and shewed them the house of his treasures of siluer and golde, of spices, and rootes, of precious oyles, & all that was in his cubbordes and treasure houses: there was not one thyng in Hezekias house, and so throughout all his kyngdome, but he let them see it.
3 Then came Esai the prophete to king Hezekia, and sayde vnto hym: What haue the men sayde, and from whence came they vnto thee? Hezekia aunswered, They came out of a farre countrey vnto me, out of Babylon .
4 Esai sayde, What haue they loked vpon in thy house? Hezekia aunswered, All that is in my house haue they seene, and there is nothyng in my treasure but I shewed it them.
5 Then sayde Esai vnto Hezekia: Understande the worde of the Lorde of hoastes:
6 Beholde, the tyme wyll come that euery thyng which is in thyne house, and all that thy progenitours haue layde vp in store vntyll this day, shalbe caryed to Babylon, and nothing left behynde, thus saith the Lorde.
7 Yea and part of thy sonnes that shall come of thee, & whom thou shalt beget, shalbe caryed hence, and become gelded chamberlaynes in the kyng of Babylons court.
8 Then sayde Hezekia to Esai, Good is the worde of God which thou hast tolde me. He sayd moreouer. For there shalbe peace and faythfulnesse in my tyme.


1 Comfort my people [O ye prophetes] comfort my people, saith your God,
2 Comfort Hierusalem at the heart, and tell her, that her trauayle is at an ende, that her offence is pardoned, that she hath receaued at the Lordes hande sufficient correction for all her sinnes.
3 A voyce crieth in wildernesse: Prepare the way of the Lorde, make strayght the path of our God in the desert.
4 All valleys shalbe exalted, and euery mountayne and hyll layde lowe: what so is croked shalbe made strayght, and the rough shalbe made playne.
5 For the glorie of the Lorde shall appeare, for all fleshe shall at once see that the mouth of the Lorde hath spoken it.
6 The same voyce spake: Nowe crye. And the prophete aunswered, What shall I crye? That all fleshe is grasse , and that all the goodlinesse therof is as the floure of the fielde.
7 The grasse is withered, the floure falleth away, for the breath of the Lord bloweth vpon them: of a trueth the people are grasse .
8 The grasse withereth, and the floure fadeth away: yet the worde of our God endureth for euer.
9 Go vp vnto the hye hyll O Sion thou that bryngest good tidinges, lyft vp thy voyce with power O thou preacher Hierusalem, lyft vp without feare, & say vnto the cities of Iuda: Beholde your God,
10 Beholde ye Lorde God shal come with power, and shall of him selfe beare rule with his arme: beholde his rewarde with hym, and his workes before hym.
11 He shall feede his flocke like an heardman, he shall gather the lambes together with his arme, and cary them in his bosome, and shall kyndly intreate those that beare young.
12 Who hath measured the waters in his fist? who hath measured heauen with his spanne, and hath comprehended all the earth of the worlde in three measures? who hath wayed the mountaynes and hylles in a ballaunce?
13 Who hath directed the spirite of the Lorde? or who gaue hym counsayle, and shewed hym?
14 Who is of his counsayle, and geueth hym vnderstandyng, and hath taught hym the path of iudgement? who taught hym cunnyng, and opened to hym the way of vnderstandyng?
15 Beholde, all people are in comparison of hym as a droppe of a bucket full, and are counted as the least thyng that the ballaunce wayeth: yea and the Isles he taketh vp as a very litle thyng.
16 Libanus is not sufficient to minister fire to his offeryng, and all the beastes therof are not inough for one sacrifice.
17 All people in comparison of hym are reckened as nothyng: yf they be compared with hym, lesse then nothyng, and as it that is not.
18 To whom then wyll ye lyken God? or what similitude will ye set vp to him?
19 Shall the caruer make hym a carued image? and shall the goldesmith couer hym with golde, or cast hym into a fourme of siluer plates?
20 Moreouer, shal the image maker that the poore man which is disposed may haue some thyng to set vp also, seeke out and choose a tree that is not rotten, and carue thereout an image that moueth not?
21 Knowe ye nothyng? hearde ye neuer of it? hath it not ben preached vnto you since the beginning? haue ye not ben enfourmed of this by the foundation of the earth?
22 It is he that sitteth vpon the circle of the world, whose inhabiters are [in comparison of him] but as grashoppers: he spreadeth out the heauens as a couering, he stretcheth them out as a tent to dwell in.
23 He bringeth princes to nothing, and the iudges of the earth as though they were not.
24 So that of them it may be sayde, they be not planted nor sowne agayne, neither their stocke rooted agayne in the earth: for assoone as he bloweth vpon them, they wither and fade away lyke the strawe in a whirle winde.
25 To whom nowe will ye liken me, and whom shall I be lyke, saith the holy one?
26 Lift vp your eyes on high, and consider who hath made those thinges which come out by so great heapes, and he calleth them al by their names: there is nothing hid from the greatnesse of his power, strength, and might.
27 Howe may then Iacob thinke, or may Israel say, My wayes are hid from the Lord, and my God knoweth not of my iudgementes?
28 Knowest thou not, or hast thou not hearde that the euerlasting God, the Lorde whiche made all the corners of the earth, is neither weerie nor fainte? and that his wysdome can not be comprehended?
29 It is he that geueth strength vnto the weerie, and power vnto the faint.
30 Children are weerie and faint, and the strongest men fall:
31 But vnto them that haue their trust in the Lorde, shall strength be increased: Egles winges shall growe vpon them, when they runne they shall not fall, and when they go they shall not be weerie.


1 Be styll you Ilandes and hearken vnto me: let the people lay their strength together, let them come hither, and then shew their cause: we will go to the lawe together.
2 Who raysed vp the iust man from the east, and called hym to go foorth? who cast downe the people, and subdued the kynges before him? that he may throw them al to the ground with his sworde, and scatter them lyke stubble with his bowe.
3 He foloweth vpon them, and goeth safely him selfe, & that in a way where before his foote had not troden.
4 Who hath made and created these thinges? euen he that called the generations from the beginning, euen I the Lorde whiche am the first, and with the last.
5 The Isles sawe and did feare, and the endes of the earth were abashed, drewe nye, and came hither.
6 Euery man helped his neighbour, and sayd to his brother, be strong.
7 The carpenter comforted the goldsmith, and the goldsmith the hammerman, saying, sowder wyll do very well in it: and they fastened it with nayles, that it shoulde not be moued.
8 But thou Israel art my seruaunt, thou Iacob whom I haue chose, thou art the seede of Abraham my beloued.
9 Thou art he whom I led from the endes of the earth: for I called thee euen from among the glorious men of it, and sayd vnto thee, Thou art my seruaunt, I haue chosen thee, and not cast thee away.
10 Be not afraide, for I am with thee: Melt not away as waxe, for I am thy God to strength thee, helpe thee, and kepe thee with the right hande of my righteousnesse.
11 Beholde, all they that resist thee shall come to confusion and shame, and thine aduersaries shalbe destroyed & brought to naught.
12 So that who so seeketh after them, shall not finde them, thy destroyers shall perishe: and so shall they that vndertake to make battayle against thee be as that is not, & as a thing of naught.
13 For I the Lorde thy God wyll strengthen thy right hande, euen I that say vnto thee, Feare not, I wyll helpe thee.
14 Be not afraide thou litle worme Iacob, and thou despised Israel : for I wil helpe thee saith the Lorde, and the holy one of Israel thy redeemer.
15 Beholde, I will make thee a treading cart and a newe flaile, that thou mayest threshe and grinde the mountaines, and bring the hilles to powder.
16 Thou shalt fanne them, and the winde shall carrie them away, and the whirle winde shall scatter them: but thou shalt reioyce in the Lorde, and shalt delight in the holy one of Israel .
17 When the thirstie and poore seeke water and finde none, and when their tongue is drye of thirst, I geue it them saith the Lorde, I the God of Israel forsake them not.
18 I bryng foorth fluddes in the hilles, and welles in the playne fieldes: I turne the wildernesse to riuers, and the drye lande to conduites of water.
19 I plant in the waste grounde trees of Cedar, Boxe, Myrre, and Oliues, and in the drie I set Firre trees, Elmes, and Hawthornes together.
20 All this do I, that they altogether may see and marke, perceaue with their heartes and consider that the hande of the Lorde maketh these thinges, and that the holy one of Israel bringeth them to passe.
21 Stande at your cause saith the Lord, & bryng foorth your strongest grounde, saith the kyng of Iacob.
22 Let them bring foorth their gods, and let their gods tel vs what shall chaunce hereafter, yea let them shewe vs the thinges that are past what they be, let them declare them vnto vs, that we may take them to heart, and knowe them hereafter.
23 Either shewe vs thinges for to come, and tell vs what shall be done hereafter, so shall we know that ye are gods: do something either good or bad, so wyl we both knowledge the same, and tell it out.
24 Beholde ye are gods of naught, and your making is of naught: yea abhomible is the man that hath chosen you.
25 Neuerthelesse, I haue waked vp one from the north, and he shall come from the east, he shal call vpon my name, and shall treade vpon princes as vpon clay, and as the potter treadeth downe the mire.
26 Who declared this from the beginning, and we will knowe hym: or from the olde times, and we wil confesse and say that he is righteous? but there is none that sheweth or declareth any thing, there is none also that heareth your wordes.
27 The first is he that shall say to Sion, beholde, beholde, they are present: and to Hierusalem it selfe wyll I geue an euangelist.
28 But when I consider, there is not a man among them, nor any that can geue counsayle, nor that when I examine them that can aunswere one worde.
29 Lo wicked are they, and vayne, with the thinges also that they take in hand, yea their images are but winde and vayne thinges.


1 Behold this is my seruaunt vpon whom I leane, my elect in who my soule is pacified: I haue geuen my spirite vpon him, that he may shewe foorth iudgement among the gentiles.
2 He shall not be an outcryer, nor lift vp his voyce, his voyce shall not be hearde in the streetes.
3 And a broosed reede shall he not breake, and the smoking flaxe shall he not quench: but faythfully and truely shall he geue iudgement.
4 He shall not be pensiue nor carefull, that he may restore righteousnesse vnto the earth: and the gentiles also shall loke for his lawes.
5 For thus saith God the Lorde vnto hym, euen he that made the heauens and spread them abroade, and set foorth the earth with her increase, whiche geueth breath vnto the people that is in it, and spirite to them that dwell therein,
6 I the Lorde haue called thee in righteousnesse, and wyll holde thee by the hande, and wyll also defende thee, and geue thee for a couenaunt of the people, to be the light of the gentiles.
7 That thou mayest open the eyes of the blinde, let out the prisoners from their bondes, and them that sit in darknesse out of the dungeon house.
8 Euen I am the Lord, and this is my name: and my glory wyll I geue to none other, neither mine honour to grauen images.
9 Beholde olde thinges are come to passe, and newe thinges do I declare, and or euer they come I tell you of them.
10 Sing vnto the Lorde a newe song of thankesgeuing, blowe out his prayse from the ende of the worlde: they that be vpon the sea, and all that is therein prayse hym, the Isles and they that dwell in them.
11 Let the wildernesse with the cities lift vp her voyce, the townes also that they of Cedar dwell in: let them be glad that sit vpon rockes of stone, and let them crye downe from the high mountaines,
12 Ascribing glory vnto the Lorde, and magnifiyng hym among the gentiles.
13 The Lorde shall come foorth lyke a giaunt, and take a stomacke to him like a freshe man of warre: he shall roare and crye, and ouercome his enemies.
14 I haue long holden my peace [saith the Lorde] I haue ben styll and refrained my selfe, but now I wyll crie like a trauayling woman, and at once wyll I destroy and deuour.
15 I wyll make waste both mountaine and hill, and drye vp euery greene thing that groweth theron: I wyll drye vp the fluddes to become Ilandes, and drinke vp the riuers.
16 I wyll bryng the blinde into a streete that they know not, and leade them into a foote path that they are ignoraunt in: I shall make darknesse light before them, and the thing that is crooked to be straight: These things haue I done vnto them, and not forsaken them.
17 They are fallen backe, yea and let them be ashamed earnestly that hope in idols, and say to the moulten images, ye are our gods.
18 Heare O ye deafe men, and sharpen your eyes to see O ye blinde.
19 Who is blinde but my seruaunt? or so deafe as my messenger whom I sent vnto them? for who is so blinde as the perfect man, and so blinde as the Lords seruaunt?
20 Thou hast seene much, and kepest nothing: the eares are open, and no man heareth.
21 The Lorde is mercyfull vnto them for his righteousnesse sake, that his word might be magnified and praysed:
22 But the people them selues is robbed and troden vnder the foote, chayned in dungeons, and they all I say, are shut into prison houses: they be caryed away captiue, and no man doth loose them: they be troden vnder foote, and no man doth labour to bryng them agayne.
23 But who is he among you that pondereth this, that considereth it, and taketh it for a warning in tyme to come?
24 Who gaue Iacob to be troden vnder foote, and Israel to be spoyled? Did not the Lorde? Because we haue sinned against hym, and haue had no delight to walke in his wayes, neither ben obedient vnto his lawe:
25 Therfore he hath powred vpon hym his wrathfull displeasure and strong battayle, and hath fired hym on euery side, yet wyll he not vnderstand: he burneth hym vp, yet sinketh it not into his heart.


1 But nowe the Lorde that made thee O Iacob, and he that fashioned thee O Israel saith thus: feare not, for I haue redeemed thee, I haue called thee by thy name, thou art mine owne.
2 If thou goest thorow ye water, I wyl be with thee, the strong fluddes shal not ouerwhelme thee: and if thou walkest thorowe the fire, it shall not burne thee, & the flambe shal not kindle vpon thee:
3 For I am the Lord thy God, the holye one of Israel thy sauiour: I gaue Egypt for thy deliueraunce, the Ethiopians and the Sabees for thee:
4 Because thou wast deare in my sight, and because I set by thee and loued thee: I wyl geue ouer all men for thee, and deliuer vp all people for thy sake.
5 Feare not, for I am with thee, I will bryng thy seede from the east, and gather thee together from the west.
6 I wyll say to the north, let go, and to the south kepe not backe: but bring me my sonnes from farre, and my daughters from the endes of the worlde.
7 [namely] all those that be called after my name: For them haue I created, fashioned, and made for mine honour.
8 Bring foorth that people whiche is blinde and yet hath eyes, whiche are deafe although they haue eares.
9 If all nations come in one and be gathered together, whiche among them shall declare suche thinges, and tell vs the things that are past? let them bring their witnesse, so that they be iust: els let them heare, and say, it is trueth.
10 You are my witnesses saith the Lord, and my seruaunt whom I haue chosen: therefore be certified, and geue me faythfull credence, and consider that I am he before whom there was neuer any god, neither shalbe any after me.
11 I am, euen I am the only Lord, and beside me there is no sauiour.
12 I gaue warning, I made whole, I taught you when there was no straunge god among you: and this recorde must ye beare me your selues, saith the Lorde, that I am God.
13 And euen he am I who was from the beginning, and there is none that can take any thing out of my hande: I do the worke, and who shalbe able to let it?
14 Thus saith the Lorde the holy one of Israel your redeemer: for your sake I haue sent to Babylo, & brought it down: al they are fugitiue with the Chaldees, whose sorowfull crie is in their shippes.
15 I am the Lord your holy one, which haue made Israel , and am your kyng.
16 Thus saith the Lorde, euen he that maketh away in the sea, and a foote path in the mightie waters.
17 It is he whiche bringeth foorth the charrets and horses, the hoast and power of warre, that they may fall together and neuer rise, and be extinct, lyke as towe are they quenched.
18 Remember not thinges of olde, and regarde nothing that is past.
19 Beholde, I shall make a newe thing, and shortly shall it appeare, and shall you not knowe it? I wyll make a way in the desert, and riuers of water in the wyldernesse.
20 The wilde beastes shall worship me, the dragons and the young Estriches: for I shall geue water in the wyldernesse, and streames in the desert, that they may geue drinke to my people whom I chose.
21 This people haue I made for my self, and they shall shewe foorth my prayse.
22 For thou Iacob wouldest not call vppon me, but thou haddest an vnlust towarde me O Israel.
23 Thou gauest me not thy beastes for burnt offerings, neither diddest honour me with sacrifices: I haue not ben chargeable vnto thee in offeringes, neither greeuous in incense.
24 Thou boughtest me no deare spice with thy money, neither powredst the fat of thy sacrifices vpon me: but thou hast laden me with thy sinnes, and weeried me with thy vngodlynesse.
25 Where as I yet, euen I am he onlye that for my owne selues sake do away thine offences, and forget thy sinnes, so that I wyll neuer thinke vpon them.
26 Put me now in remembraunce: for we wyl reason together, & shew what thou hast for thee to make thee righteous.
27 Thy first father offended sore, and thy rulers haue sinned against me:
28 Therefore I profaned [or slue] the princes of the sanctuarie, I dyd curse Iacob, and gaue Israel into reproofe.


1 So heare nowe O Iacob my seruaunt, and Israel whom I haue chosen.
2 For thus saith the Lorde that made thee, fassioned thee, and helped thee euen from thy mothers wombe: Be not afraide O Iacob my seruaunt, thou righteous whom I haue chosen:
3 For I shall powre water vpon the drye grounde, and riuers vpon the thirstie: I shall powre my spirite vpon thy seede, and my blessing vpon thy stocke:
4 They shall growe together lyke as the grasse, and as the willowes by the waters side.
5 One shal say, I am the Lordes: another shall call hym selfe after the name of Iacob: the thirde shall subscribe with his hande vnto the Lorde, and geue hym selfe vnder the name of Israel .
6 Thus hath the Lorde spoken, euen the kyng of Israel , and his redeemer the Lorde of hoastes: I am the first and the last, and besides me there is no God.
7 If any be like me, let hym call foorth the thing past, and openly shewe it, and lay it playne before me, what hath chaunced since I appointed the people of the worlde, and what shalbe shortly, or what shal come to passe [in tyme long to come] let them shewe these thinges?
8 Be not abashed nor afraide: for haue not I euer tolde you hitherto and warned you? ye can beare me recorde your selues: is there any God except me, or any maker, that I should not know hym?
9 All caruers of images are but vayne, and the carued images that they loue can do no good: they must beare recorde them selues, that seeing they can neither see nor vnderstande, they shalbe confounded.
10 Who dare then make a god, or fashion an image that is profitable for nothing?
11 Beholde, all the felowship of them must be brought to confusion, & truely all the workemasters of them are men: they shal all be gathered together, they shall stand, tremble, and be confounded one with another.
12 The smith maketh an axe, and tempereth it with hotte coales, and fashioneth it with hammers, and worketh it with all the strength of his armes, yea sometime he is fainte for very hunger, and so thirstie that he hath no more power.
13 The carpenter or image caruer taketh measure of the timber, and spreadeth foorth his line, he marketh it with some colour, he playneth it, he ruleth it, and squareth it, and maketh it after the image of a man, and according to the beautie of a man, that it may stande in the house.
14 Moreouer, he goeth out to hewe Cedar trees, he bringeth home Elmes and Okes, and taking a bolde courage, he seeketh out the best timber of the wood: he him selfe hath planted a Pine tree, whiche the rayne hath swelled,
15 Which wood serueth for men to burne: Of this he taketh and warmeth hym selfe withall, he maketh a fire of it to bakebread, and maketh also a god therof to honour it, and a grauen image to kneele before it.
16 One peece he burneth in the fire, with another he rosteth fleshe, that he may eate roste his belly full: with the thirde he warmeth him selfe, and saith, Aha, I am well warmed, I haue ben at the fire.
17 And of the residue he maketh hym a god, and grauen image for him selfe: he kneeleth before it, he worshippeth it, he prayeth vnto it, and saith, Deliuer me, for thou art my god.
18 Yet men neither consider nor vnderstande, because their eyes be stopped that they can not see, and their heartes that they can not perceaue.
19 They ponder not in their mindes, for they haue neither knowledge nor vnderstanding to thinke thus: I haue brent one peece in the fire, I haue baked bread with the coales thereof, I haue rosted fleshe withall, and eaten it: and I wyll nowe of the residue make an abhominable idoll, and fall downe before a rotten peece of wood.
20 Thus doth he but lose his labour, and his heart whiche is deceaued doth turne hym aside, so that none of them can haue a free conscience to thinke, Do not I erre?
21 Consider this O Iacob and Israel , for thou art my seruaunt: I made thee that thou mightest serue me, O Israel forget me not.
22 As for thyne offences I haue driuen them away lyke the cloudes, and thy sinnes as the mist: Turne thee agayne vnto me, for I haue redeemed thee.
23 Be glad ye heauens, for the Lorde hath dealt graciously with his people, let all that is here beneath vpon the earth be ioyfull: reioyce ye mountaines and woods, with all the trees thereof, for the Lorde hath redeemed Iacob, and wyll shewe his glory vpon Israel.
24 Thus saith the Lorde thy redeemer, euen he that fassioned thee from thy mothers wombe: I the Lorde do all thinges my selfe alone, I only spreade out the heauens, and I only haue laide abrode the earth by my owne selfe.
25 I destroy the tokens of witches, and make the soothsayers fooles: As for the wise I turne them backwarde, and make their cunning foolishnesse.
26 He doth set vp the purpose of his seruaunt, and fulfilleth the counsaile of his messengers concerning Hierusalem, he saith it shalbe inhabited, and of the cities of Iuda they shalbe buylded againe, and I will repayre their decayed places.
27 He saith to the deapth, be drye, and I wyll drye vp water fluddes.
28 He saith of Cyrus, he is my heardman, so that he shall fulfill all thinges after my wyll: He saith also of Herusalem, it shalbe buylded, and of the temple, it shalbe fast grounded.


1 Thus saith the Lorde vnto Cyrus his annointed, who I haue taken by the right hande, to subdue nations before hym: I wyl loose the loynes of kinges, and I wyl open the gates before his face, and the gates shall not be shut.
2 I wyll go before thee, and make the crooked straigth: I shall breake the brasen doores, and burst the iron barres.
3 I shall geue thee hid treasures and the thing whiche is secretly kept: that thou mayest know that I am the Lord God of Israel , whiche haue called thee by thy name.
4 For Iacob my seruauntes sake, and for Israel my chosen, I called thee by thy name, and ordayned thee or euer thou knewest me.
5 I am the Lord, and there is none other, for without me there is no God: I haue prepared thee or euer thou knewest me.
6 Therfore they shall knowe from the rising of the sunne, vnto the goyng downe of the same, that all is nothing without me: for I am the Lorde, and there is els none.
7 It is I that created light and darknesse, I make peace and trouble: yea euen I the Lorde do all these thinges.
8 Ye heauens from aboue drop downe, and let the cloudes rayne righteousnesse: the earth open it selfe, let saluation and righteousnesse growe foorth, let it bryng them foorth together: I the Lorde haue created him.
9 Wo be vnto hym that striueth with his maker, let the potsherde striue with the potsherdes of the earth: Saieth the clay to the potter, What makest thou? or, thy worke is not perfectly done.
10 Wo be vnto hym that saieth to his father, what begettest thou? and to his mother, what bearest thou?
11 Thus saith the Lorde, euen the holy one and maker of Israel : Aske me of thinges for to come concerning my sonnes, and put me in remembraunce as touching the workes of my handes.
12 I haue made the earth, and created man vpon it: With my handes haue I spread foorth heauen, and geuen a commaundement for all the hoast thereof.
13 I shall wake hym vp with righteousnesse, and order all his wayes: He shall buylde my citie, and let out my prisoners, and that neither for gyftes nor rewardes saith the Lorde of hoastes.
14 Thus saith the Lorde, The occupiers of Egypt, the marchauntes of the Ethiopians and Sabees, shall come vnto thee with tribute, they shalbe thyne, they shall folowe thee, and go with chaines vpon their feete, they shall fall downe before thee, and make supplication vnto thee: for God without whom there is none other God, shalbe with thee.
15 O howe profounde art thou O God, thou God and sauiour of Israel ?
16 Confounded are they all and put to dishonour, thei are gone hence together with shame, euen the makers of images.
17 But Israel shalbe saued in the Lord with an euerlasting saluation: ye shall not come to shame nor confusion world without ende.
18 For thus saith the Lorde, Euen he that created heauen, the God that made the earth & fassioned it, and set it foorth, he dyd not make it for naught, but to be inhabited, euen I the Lorde, without whom there is none other.
19 I haue not spoken secretly, neither in darke places of the earth: I sayde not in vayne to the seede of Iacob, seeke me: I am the Lorde, whiche when I speake, do declare the thing that is righteous and true.
20 Gather you and come together, drawe nigh hither you that escaped of the people: they haue no vnderstanding that set vp the stockes of their idols, and pray vnto a god that can not helpe them.
21 Drawe nye, come hyther, and let them aske counsaile one at another, and shew foorth what is he that told this before? or who spake of it euer since the beginning? haue not I the Lorde done it? without whom there is none other God, the true God and sauiour, and there is els none but I.
22 And therfore turne you vnto me, all ye endes of the earth, that ye may be saued: for I am God, and there is els none.
23 I sweare by my self, out of my mouth commeth the worde of righteousnesse, and that may no man turne: but all knees shall bowe vnto me, and all tongues shall sweare [by my name,]
24 Saying: veryly in the Lorde is my righteousnesse and strength, to hym shall men come: but all they that thinke scorne of him shalbe confounded.
25 And the whole seede of Israel shalbe iustified, and glory in the Lorde.


1 Bel is fallen, Nabo is broken downe, whose images were a burthen for the beastes and cattell, to ouerlade them, and to make them weerie.
2 They are sunke downe and fallen together, for they may not ease them of their burthen, therfore must they go into captiuitie.
3 Hearken vnto me O house Iacob, and all ye that remaine yet of the house of Israel , whom I haue borne from your mothers wombe, and brought you vp from your byrth.
4 It is euen I whiche shall beare you vnto your last age: I haue made you, I wyll also norishe you, beare you, and saue you.
5 whom wyll ye make me lyke, or to whom wyll ye make me equall or compare me, that I shoulde be like him?
6 Take out siluer and gold out of your purses, and way it, and hyre a goldesmith to make a god of it, that men may kneele downe and worship it:
7 Yet must he be taken on mens shoulders and borne, and set in his place, that he may stande, and not moue out of his place: And if one crye vnto hym, he geueth no aunswere, and deliuereth not the man that calleth vpon hym from his trouble.
8 Consider this well, and be ashamed: go into your owne selues.
9 Remember the thinges that are past since the beginning of the worlde, that I am God, and that there is els no God, yea and that there is nothing like vnto me.
10 In the beginning of a thing I shewe the ende therof, & I tell before thinges that are not yet come to passe: My deuise standeth stedfastly stablished, and I fulfill all my pleasure.
11 I call a byrde out of the east, and the man by whom my counsayle shalbe fulfilled out of straunge countreys, as I haue spoken, so wyll I bryng to passe, assoone as I thinke to deuise a thing, I do it.
12 Heare me O ye that are of an hye stomacke, but farre from righteousnesse:
13 I shall bryng foorth my righteousnesse, it is not farre, and my health shall not tary long away: I wyll lay health in Sion, and in Israel my glory.


1 But as for thee O daughter, thou virgin Babylon , sit thou downe in the dust, sit vpo the ground, there is no throne O thou daughter of Caldea, for thou shalt no more be called tender and pleasaunt.
2 Bryng foorth the querne and grinde meale, vntrusse thy broydred heere, put of thy shoes, make bare thy knees, and wade thorowe the water riuers.
3 Thy filthynesse shalbe discouered, and thy priuities shalbe seene: for I wil auenge me of thee, and wyll shewe no mercy to thee, as I do to other men.
4 Our redeemer is called the Lorde of hoastes, the holy one of Israel .
5 Sit still, holde thy tongue; get thee into some darke corner O daughter Caldea: for thou shalt no more be called lady of kyngdomes.
6 I was so wroth with my people, that I punished myne inheritaunce, and gaue them into thy power, neuerthelesse thou shewedst them no mercy, but euen the very aged of them diddest thou oppresse right sore with the yoke.
7 And thou thoughtest thus: I shalbe lady for euer, and beside all that, thou hast not regarded these thinges, neither remembred what was the ende of that citie Hierusalem.
8 Heare nowe therefore thou delicate one that sittest so carelesse, and speakest thus in thyne heart, I am alone, and without me is there none, I shal neuer be widowe nor desolate agayne.
9 And yet both these thinges shal come to thee vpon one day, in the twinckeling of an eye, namely, widowhood and desolation: they mightyly fall vpon thee, for the multitude of thy witches, and for the great heape of thy coniurers.
10 For thou hast trusted in thy wickednesse, and hast said, No man seeth me: thine owne wisdome and cunning hath deceaued thee, in that thou hast sayd in thyne heart, I am alone, and without me there is none.
11 Therefore shall trouble come vpon thee, and thou shalt not knowe from whence it shall arise: Mischiefe shall fal vpon thee, which thou shalt not be able to put of, a sodayne vtter destruction shall come vpon thee or euer thou be ware.
12 Nowe go to thy coniurers, and to the multitude of thy witches with whom thou hast weeryed thy selfe from thy youth, if thei may helpe thee or strength thee.
13 Thou hast hitherto had many counsayles of them: So let the heauen gasers, and the beholders of starres, and moone prophetes, come on now and deliuer thee, yea and let them shew when these new thinges shal come vpon thee.
14 Beholde, they shalbe lyke strawe, whiche if it be kindeled with fire, no man may rid it for the vehemencie of the flambe, and yet it geueth no finders to warme a man by, nor cleare fire to sit by.
15 Thus are they with whom thou hast weeried thy self, and thus are thy marchauntes that haue ben with thee from thy youth: euery one hath taken his owne way, and none of them shall defende thee.


1 Heare this O thou house of Iacob, ye that are called by the name of Israel, & are come out of one stocke with Iuda: whiche sweare by the name of the Lorde, and beare witnesse by the God of Israel, but not with trueth and ryght.
2 For they are named of the holy citie, and are grounded vpon the God of Israel, whose name is the Lorde of hoastes.
3 The thynges that I haue shewed you euer since the begynnyng, haue I not brought them to passe immediatly as they came out of my mouth, and declared them, and they are come?
4 Howbeit I knowe that thou art obstinate, and that thy necke hath an iron sinowe, and that thy browe is of brasse.
5 Neuerthelesse, I haue euer since the begynnyng shewed thee of thynges for to come, and declared them vnto thee or euer they came to passe: that thou shouldest not say, myne idoll hath done it, my carued or molten image hath shewed it.
6 Thou heardest it before, and beholde it is come to passe: And shall not ye your selues shewe foorth or confesse the same? But as for me, I tolde thee before at the begynnyng newe and secrete thynges which thou knewest not of,
7 And some done of olde tyme, wherof thou neuer heardest before they were brought to passe, that thou canst not say, beholde I knewe of them.
8 Moreouer, there be some wherof thou hast neither heard nor knowen, neither haue ben opened vnto thyne eares afore tyme: For I knewe that thou wouldest malitiously offende, therfore haue I called thee a transgressour, euen from thy mothers wombe.
9 Neuerthelesse, for my names sake I wyll withdrawe my wrath, and for my honours sake I will patiently forbeare thee, that I do not roote thee out.
10 Beholde I haue purged thee, yet not as siluer, I haue chosen thee in the fire of affliction.
11 And that only for myne owne sake, yea euen for myne owne sake wyll I do this: or els what dishonour woulde they do to my name? surely I wyll not geue my glorie vnto another.
12 Hearken vnto me O Iacob, and Israel whom I haue called: I am euen he that is, I am the first and the last.
13 My hande hath layde the foundation of the earth, and my ryght hande hath spanned ouer the heauens: assoone as I call them, they stande together.
14 Gather you altogether and hearken: Which of yonder gods hath declared this? The Lorde hath a loue vnto him, and he shal perfourme his wyll against Babel , and declare his power against the Chaldees.
15 I my selfe alone, euen I haue tolde you this, I dyd call him and bryng him foorth, and he shall make his iourney prosperous.
16 Come to me and heare this: Haue I spoken any thyng darkly since the begynnyng? From the tyme that this thyng begynneth I am there: Wherefore the Lorde God and his spirite hath sent me.
17 And thus saith the Lorde God thy redeemer, the holy one of Israel : I am the Lorde thy God which teache thee profitable thynges, and leade thee the way that thou shouldest go.
18 O that thou hadst regarded my commaundementes, then had thy wealthynesse ben as the water streame, and thy ryghteousnesse as the waues flowyng in the sea:
19 Thy seede also had ben lyke as the sande in the sea, and the fruite of thy body lyke the grauell stones therof: His name shoulde not be rooted out, nor destroyed before me.
20 Go away from Babylon , flee from the Chaldees, with a mery voyce speake of this, declare it abrode, and go foorth into the ende of the worlde, say: The Lorde hath redeemed his seruaunt Iacob.
21 They suffred no thirst, he led them through the wildernesse, and caused the waters to flowe out vnto them from out of the rocke: he claue the rocke a sunder, and the water gusshed out.
22 As for the vngodly, they haue no peace, saith the Lorde.


1 Ye Isles hearken vnto me, and take heede ye people from farre: The Lord hath called me from my birth, and made mention of my name from my mothers wombe:
2 He hath made my mouth lyke a sharpe sworde, vnder the shadowe of his hande hath he defended me, and hid me in his quiuer as a good arrowe,
3 And sayde vnto me: Thou art my seruaunt Israel, I wyll be honoured in thee.
4 Then I aunswered: I haue lost my labour, I haue spent my strength in vayne: Neuerthelesse, I wyll commit my cause and my worke vnto the Lorde my God.
5 And nowe saith the Lorde, euen he that fashioned me from my mothers wombe to be his seruaunt, that I may bryng Iacob agayne vnto hym, albeit Israel wyll not be gathered vnto hym agayne, yet in Gods sight shall I be glorious, my God shalbe my strength.
6 And he sayde: It is but a small thyng that thou art my seruaunt to set vp the kinredes of Iacob, and to restore the destruction of Israel : For I haue made thee the lyght of the gentiles, that thou mayest be my health vnto the ende of the worlde.
7 Moreouer, thus saith the Lorde the redeemer and holy one of Israel , concernyng the abhorred & dispised among the gentiles, the seruaunt of them that beare rule, kynges and princes shall see and arise, and worship because of the Lorde that is faythfull, and because of the holy one of Israel that hath chosen thee.
8 And thus saith the Lorde: In the tyme accepted haue I hearde thee, and in the day of saluation haue I helped thee: I wyll preserue thee, and make thee to be the attonement of the people, that thou mayest helpe vp the earth againe, and possesse againe the desolate heritages.
9 That thou mayest say vnto the prisoners, go foorth, and to them that are in darknesse, come into the lyght: they shall feede thee in the hye wayes, and get their pasture in all hye places.
10 They shall neither hunger nor thirst, heate nor sunne shall not hurt them: for he that fauoureth them shall leade them, and geue them drynke of the well sprynges.
11 I wyll make wayes vpon all my mountaynes, and my footpathes shalbe exalted.
12 And beholde, these shall come from farre, lo, some from the north and west, some from the lande of Sinis [which is in the south.]
13 Reioyce ye heauens, and sing prayses thou earth, talke of ioy ye hylles: for God hath comforted his people, & wyll haue mercie vpon his that be in trouble.
14 But Sion sayde: God hath forsaken me, and my Lorde hath forgotten me.
15 Will a woman forget her owne infant, and not pitie the sonne of her owne wombe? And though they do forget, yet wyll I not forget thee.
16 Beholde, I haue written thee vp vpon my handes, thy walles are euer in my syght.
17 They make haste who buildeth thee vp againe: as for those that ouerthrowe thee and make thee waste, they shall depart from thee.
18 Lift vp thine eyes and loke about thee, all these gather them together and come to thee: As truely as I lyue saith the Lorde, thou shalt put them all vpon thee as an apparell, and girde them to thee as a bride doth her iewels.
19 As for thy lande that lyeth desolate, wasted, and destroyed, it shalbe to narowe for them that shall dwell in it: and they that woulde deuoure thee, they shalbe farre away.
20 Then thy children whom the barren shall bring foorth, shall say in thine eare: This place is to narowe, geue place that I may haue roome.
21 Then shalt thou thinke by thy selfe, who hath begotten me these, seeyng I am barren and alone, a captiue and an outcast? and who hath norished them vp for me? I am desolate and alone, but from whence come these?
22 And therfore thus saith the Lorde God: Beholde, I wyll stretch out my hande vnto the gentiles, and set vp my token to the people, they shall bryng thee thy sonnes in their lappes, and cary thy daughters vnto thee vpon their shoulders.
23 For kynges shalbe thy nursyng fathers, and queenes shalbe thy nursyng mothers: They shall fall before thee with their faces flat vpon the earth, & lick vp the dust of thy feete: that thou mayest knowe howe that I am the Lorde, and that who so putteth their trust in me shall not be confounded.
24 Shall the spoyle be taken from the mightie? or the lawfull prisoner from the taker?
25 But thus saith the Lorde: The prisoners shalbe taken from the mightie, & the spoyle shalbe recouered from the violent: for I wyll maynteyne thy cause agaynst thine aduersaries, and I wyll saue thy sonnes.
26 And I wyll feede thine enemies with their owne fleshe, & make them drunken with their owne blood, as with sweete wine: And all fleshe shall knowe O Iacob that I am the Lorde thy sauiour, thy noble redeemer.


1 Thus saith the Lorde: Where is the byll of your mothers deuorcement whom I sent away? or who is the vsurer to whom I solde you? Beholde, for your offences are ye solde, and because of your transgression is your mother forsaken.
2 For why woulde no man receaue me when I came? and when I called, no man gaue me aunswere? Is my hande shortened that it myght not helpe? or haue I not power to deliuer? lo, at a worde I drynke vp the sea, & of water fluddes I make drye lande: so that for want of water the fishe corrupt and dye for thirste.
3 As for heauen I clothe it with darknesse, and put as it were a sacke vpon it.
4 The Lorde God hath geuen me a well learned tongue, so that I can comfort them that are troubled, yea & that in due season: he wakeneth mine eare vp betymes in the mornyng, betymes in the mornyng I say he wyll waken mine eare, that I might hearke as to the schoolemaisters.
5 The Lorde God hath opened myne eare, and I haue not gaynesayde nor withdrawen my selfe.
6 But I offred my backe vnto the smiters, and my cheekes to the nippers: I turned not my face from shame and spittinges.
7 And the Lorde God shall helpe me, therfore shall I not be confounded: I haue therfore hardened my face lyke a flint stone, for I am sure that I shall not come to confusion.
8 He is at hande that iustifieth me, who wyll then go with me to lawe? Let vs stande together, yf there be any that will reason with me? let hym come here foorth to me.
9 Beholde the Lorde God wyll helpe me, what is he the that can condempne me? lo, they all shall waxe olde lyke a cloth, the moth shall eate them vp.
10 Therfore who so feareth the Lorde among you, let hym heare the voyce of his seruaunt: Who so walketh in darknesse and no lyght shyneth vpon hym, let hym put his trust in the name of the Lorde, and holde hym by his God.
11 But take heede, ye all kindle a fire, and stirre vp the coales: walke on in the glisteryng of your owne fire, and in the coales that ye haue kindled: This commeth vnto you from my hande [namely] that ye shall sleepe in sorowe.


1 Hearken vnto me ye that holde of ryghteousnesse, and ye that seeke the Lorde: take heede to ye stone wherout ye are hewen, and to the graue wherout ye are digged.
2 Consider Abraham your father, and Sara that bare you, how that I called hym alone, and blessed hym, and encreased hym.
3 Therfore shall the Lorde comfort Sion, and repayre all her decay, makyng her desert as a paradise, and her wildernesse as the garden of the Lorde: Mirth and ioy shalbe founde there, thankesgeuyng and the voyce of prayse.
4 Haue respect vnto me then O my people both high & lowe, and lay thine eare vnto me: for a lawe and an ordinaunce shall go foorth fro me, to lyghten the gentiles.
5 It is harde by that my health and my ryghteousnesse shall go foorth, and the people shalbe ordered with mine arme: the ilandes [that is the gentiles] shall hope in me, and put their trust in myne arme.
6 Lyft vp your eyes towarde heauen, and loke vpon the earth beneath: for the heauens shall vanishe away lyke smoke, and the earth shal waxe olde like a garment, and they that dwell therein shall perishe in lyke maner: But my saluation shall endure for euer, and my ryghteousnesse shall not ceasse.
7 Hearken vnto me ye that haue knowledge in ryghteousnesse, thou people that bearest my lawe in thyne heart: feare not the reuilynges of men, be not afrayde of their blasphemies.
8 For wormes and mothes shall eate them vp lyke cloth and wooll: but my ryghteousnesse shall endure for euer, and my sauyng health from generation to generation.
9 Wake vp, wake vp, and be strong O thou arme of the Lorde, wake vp, lyke as in tyme past, euer, and since the world began.
10 Art not thou the same arme that hast wounded the proude, and hewen the dragon in peeces? Art not thou euen the same which hast dryed vp the deepe of the sea, which hast made playne the sea grounde, that the deliuered myght go through?
11 Therfore the redeemed of the Lorde shall turne agayne, & come with ioy vnto Sion, continuall ioy shalbe on their head, and mirth and gladnesse shalbe with them, and sorowe and wo shall flee from them.
12 Yea I, [euen] I am he that in all thynges geueth you consolation: What art thou then that fearest a mortall man & the childe of man, which goeth away as doth the floure?
13 And forgettest the Lorde that made thee, that spread out the heauens, and layde the foundation of the earth: but thou art euer afrayde for the syght of thyne oppressour, which is redy to do harme: where is the wrath of the oppressour?
14 The exile maketh haste to be loosed, that he dye not in prison, and that his bread fayle hym not.
15 I am the Lord thy God that deuide the sea, & his waues shall rage, whose name is the Lorde of hoastes.
16 I haue put my wordes in thy mouth, and haue defended thee in the shadowe of my hande, that I may plant the heauens, & lay the foundation of the earth, and say vnto Sion: thou art my people.
17 Awake, awake, and stande vp O Hierusalem, thou that from the hande of the Lorde hast drunken out the cup of his wrath, thou that hast supped of and sucked out the slumbryng cuppe to the bottome.
18 For among all the sonnes whom he hath begotten, there is not one that may holde it vp, and not one to leade it by the hande of all the sonnes that he hath norished.
19 Both these thinges are happened vnto thee, but who is sory for it? yea destruction, wastyng, hunger, and sworde, but who wyll comfort thee?
20 Thy sonnes lye comfortlesse at the head of euery streete like a take venison, and are full of the terrible wrath of the Lorde, and punishment of thy God.
21 And therfore thou miserable and drunken (howbeit not with wine) heare this:
22 Thus saith the Lorde, thy Lorde and God, the defendour of his people: Beholde, I wyll take the slumbryng cup out of his hande, euen the cup with the dregges of my wrath, that from hencefoorth thou shalt neuer drinke it more:
23 But I wil put it into their hande that trouble thee, which haue spoken to thy soule, Stoupe downe, that we may go ouer thee, make thy body euen with the grounde, and as the streete to go vpon.


1 Vp Sion, vp, take thy strength vnto thee, put on thyne honest rayment O Hierusalem, thou holy citie: for from this tyme foorth there shall no vncircumcised nor vncleane person come in thee.
2 Shake thee from the dust, arise and stande vp O Hierusalem: Plucke out thy necke from the bonde, O thou captiue daughter Sion.
3 For thus saith the Lorde: ye are solde for naught, therfore shal ye be redeemed also without any money.
4 For thus saith the Lorde God: My people went downe afore tyme into Egypt , there to be straungers, and the kyng of the Assyrians oppressed them without any cause.
5 And nowe, what profite is it to me saith the Lorde? that my people is freely caryed away, & brought into heauinesse by their rulers, and my name euer styll blasphemed saith the Lorde.
6 But that my people may knowe my name, I my selfe wyll speake in that day, Beholde here am I.
7 O howe beautifull are the feete of the embassadour that bryngeth the message from the mountayne and proclaymeth peace? that bryngeth the good tidinges, and preacheth health, and saith vnto Sion, Thy God is the kyng.
8 Thy watchmen shall lyft vp their voyce, with loude voyce they shall reioyce together: for they shall see plainly when the Lorde shall conuert Sion.
9 Be glad O thou desolate Hierusalem, and reioyce together: for the Lord hath comforted his people, he hath deliuered Hierusalem.
10 The Lorde hath made bare his holy arme, and shewed it foorth in the syght of all the gentiles, and all the endes of the earth hath seene the sauyng health of our God.
11 Away, away, get you out from hence, and touche no vncleane thyng: Go out from among such, and be cleane that beare the vessell of the Lorde.
12 For ye shall not escape by runnyng, nor by fleeyng away: but the Lorde shall go before you, and the God of Israel shall gather you together.
13 Beholde my seruaunt shal deale prosperously, therfore shal he be magnified, exalted, and greatly honoured.
14 Lyke as the multitude shall wonder vpon hym, because his face shalbe so defourmed and not as mans face, his beautie like no man:
15 Euen so shall the multitude of the gentiles speake of him, and kynges shall shut their mouthes before hym: for they haue seene that which was not tolde to them, and haue vnderstande that wherof they had not hearde.


1 But who hath geuen credence vnto our preaching? or to whom is the arme of the Lorde knowen?
2 For he dyd growe before the Lorde like as a braunche, and as a roote in a drye grounde, he hath neither beautie nor fauour: when we loke vpon hym, there shalbe no fairenesse, we shall haue no lust vnto hym.
3 He is dispised and abhorred of men, he is such a man as hath good experience of sorowes and infirmities: We haue reckened hym so vile, that we hyd our faces from hym.
4 Howbeit, he only hath taken on him our infirmitie, and borne our paynes: Yet we dyd iudge hym as though he were plagued, and cast downe of God.
5 Wheras he [notwithstandyng] was wounded for our offences, and smitten for our wickednesse: for the payne of our punishment was layde vpon hym, and with his stripes are we healed.
6 As for vs we are all gone astray lyke sheepe, euery one hath turned his owne way: but the Lord hath throwen vpon hym all our sinnes.
7 He suffered violence, and was euyll intreated, and dyd not open his mouth: He shalbe led as a sheepe to be slayne, yet shall he be as styll as a lambe before the shearer, and not open his mouth.
8 From the prison and iudgement was he taken, and his generation who can declare? for he was cut of from the grounde of the lyuyng, which punishment dyd go vpon hym for the transgression of my people.
9 His graue was geuen hym with the condempned, and with the riche man at his death, wheras he did neuer violence nor vnright, neither hath there ben any disceiptfulnesse in his mouth.
10 Yet hath it pleased the Lord to smite hym with infirmitie, that when he had made his soule an offeryng for sinne, he might see long lastyng seede: and this deuice of the Lorde shall prosper in his hande.
11 Of the trauayle and labour of his soule, shall he see the fruite & be satisfied: My righteous seruaunt shall with his knowledge iustifie the multitude, for he shall beare their sinnes.
12 Therfore wyll I geue hym among the great ones his part, and he shall deuide the spoyle with the mightie, because he geueth ouer his soule to death, and is reckened among the transgressours: which neuerthelesse hath taken away the sinnes of the multitude, and made intercession for the misdoers.


1 Be glad nowe thou baren that bearest not, reioyce, syng, and be mery thou that art not with childe: for the desolate hath mo childre then the maryed wyfe saith the Lorde.
2 Make thy tent wyder, and spreade out the hanginges of thine habitation: spare not, lay foorth thy wardes, and make fast thy stakes:
3 For thou shalt be multiplied on the ryght syde and on the left, and thy seede shall haue the gentiles in possession, and dwell in the desolate cities.
4 Feare not, for thou shalt not be confounded: be not ashamed, for thou shalt not come to confusion: Yea thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remember the dishonour of thy widowhead.
5 For he that made thee shalbe thy Lorde and husbande (whose name is the Lord of hoastes) and thy redeemer shalbe euen the holy one of Israel , the Lorde of the whole worlde.
6 For the Lorde hath called thee beyng as a desolate sorowfull woman, and as a young wyfe that was forsaken saith thy God.
7 A litle while haue I forsaken thee: but with great mercifulnesse shall I take thee vp vnto me.
8 When I was angry I hyd my face from thee for a litle season: but through euerlastyng goodnesse haue I pardoned thee, saith the Lorde thy redeemer.
9 And this is vnto me as the water of Noe: for like as I haue sworne that I wyll not bryng the water of Noe any more vpon the worlde: so haue I sworne that I wyll neuer be angry with thee, nor reproue thee.
10 The mountaynes shall remoue, and the hylles shall fall downe: but my louyng kyndnesse shall not moue, and the bonde of my peace shall not fall downe from thee, saith the Lorde thy mercifull louer.
11 Beholde, thou poore, vexed, & dispised, I wyll make thy walles of precious stones, & thy foundation of Saphires,
12 Thy windowes of Christal, thy gates of fine cleare stone, and all thy borders of pleasaunt stones.
13 Thy children shalbe all taught of God, and I wyll geue thee plenteousnesse of peace.
14 In ryghteousnesse shalt thou be grounded, & be farre from oppression: for the which thou needest not be afrayde, neither for hinderaunce, for it shall not come nye thee.
15 Lo, whoso gathereth together [agaynst thee, doth it] without me, and who so within thee doth ioyne together against thee, shall surely fall.
16 Beholde, I make the smith that bloweth the coales in the fire, & he maketh a weapon after his handy worke: I make also the waster to destroy.
17 But all the weapons that are made against thee shall not prosper: and as for all tongues that shal resist thee in iudgement, thou shalt ouercome them, and condempne them: This is the heritage of the Lordes seruauntes, and their righteousnesse commeth of me, saith the Lorde.


1 Come to the waters all ye that be thirstie, and ye that haue no money, come, bye, that ye may haue to eate: Come, bye wine and mylke without any money or money worth.
2 Wherfore do ye lay out any money for the thyng that feedeth not, and spende your labour about the thyng that satisfieth you not? But hearken rather vnto me, and ye shal eate of the best, and your soule shall haue her pleasure in plenteousnesse.
3 Encline your eares and come vnto me, take heede [I say] and your soule shall lyue: For I wyll make an euerlastyng couenaunt with you, euen the sure mercies of Dauid.
4 Beholde, I gaue hym for a witnesse among the folke, for a prince & a teacher vnto the people.
5 Lo, thou shalt call an vnknowen people: and a people that had no knowledge of thee shall runne vnto thee, because of the Lorde thy God and the holy one of Israel which glorifieth thee.
6 Seke the Lorde whyle he may be founde, and call vpon hym whyle he is nye.
7 Let the vngodly man forsake his owne wayes, and the vnrighteous his owne imaginations, and turne agayne vnto the Lorde, so shall he be mercifull vnto hym: and to our God, for he is very redy to forgeue.
8 For thus saith ye Lord: My thoughtes are not your thoughtes, & your wayes are not my wayes.
9 But as farre as the heauens are hyer then the earth: so farre do my wayes exceede yours, & my thoughtes yours.
10 And lyke as the rayne and snowe commeth downe from heauen, and returneth not thyther agayne, but watereth the earth, maketh it fruitfull and greene, that it may geue corne vnto the sower, and bread to hym that eateth:
11 So the worde also that commeth out of my mouth shall not turne agayne voyde vnto me, but shall accomplishe my wyll, and prosper in the thing wherto I sende it.
12 And so shall ye go foorth with ioy, and be led with peace: The mountaynes and hylles shall syng with you for ioy, and all the trees of the fielde shal clappe their handes.
13 For thornes, there shall growe Firre trees, and the Myrre tree in the steede of bryers: And this shalbe done to the prayse of the Lorde, and for an euerlastyng token that shall not be taken away.


1 Thus saith the Lorde, Kepe equitie, and do right: for my sauyng health shal come shortlye, and my righteousnesse shalbe opened.
2 Blessed is the man that doth this, and the mans childe which keepeth the same: He that taketh heede that he vnhalowe not the Sabbath [that is] he that keepeth him selfe that he do no euill.
3 Then shall not the straunger whiche cleaueth to the Lorde, say, Alas the Lorde hath shut me cleane out from his people: Neither shall the gelded man say, Lo I am a drye tree.
4 For thus saith the Lorde vnto the gelded that kepeth my Sabbath, [namelye] that holdeth greatly of the thyng that pleaseth me, and kepeth my couenaunt:
5 Unto them wyll I geue in my householde and within my walles, a better heritage and name then yf they had ben called sonnes and daughters: I wyll geue them an euerlastyng name that shall not perishe.
6 Agayne, the straungers that sticke to the Lorde to serue hym, and to loue his name, and to be his seruauntes, and all they which kepe them selues that they vnhalowe not the Sabbath, namely that they fulfyll my couenaunt:
7 Them will I bring to my holy mountayne, & make them ioyfull in my house of prayer: their burnt offerynges and sacrifices shalbe accepted vpon myne aulter: for my house shalbe called an house of prayer for all people.
8 Thus saith the Lorde God which gathereth together the scattered of Israel : I wyll bryng yet an other congregation to hym.
9 Come all ye beastes of the fielde, that ye may deuoure all the beastes of the wood.
10 For his watchmen are all blynde, they haue altogether no vnderstanding, they are all dumbe dogges not beyng able to barke, they are sleepy, sluggishe are they and lye snortyng.
11 They are shamelesse dogges that be neuer satisfied: The sheepheardes also in like maner haue no vnderstandyng, but euery man turneth his owne way, euery one after his owne couetousnesse with all his power.
12 Come [say they] I wyll fetche wine, so shall we fyll our selues, that we may be drunken: and do to morowe lyke as to day, yea and much more.


1 The ryghteous perisheth, and no man regardeth it in his heart: good godly people are taken away, & no man considereth it, namely, that the righteous is conueyed away from the wicked.
2 He commeth into peace, and godly men rest in their chaumbers, and before the godly man goeth peace.
3 Come hyther therfore ye charmers children, ye sonnes of the adulterer and the whore.
4 Wherin take ye your pleasure? vpon whom gape ye with your mouth, and bleare out your tongue? Are ye not children of transgression, and a seede of dissimulation?
5 Ye make your fire vnder the okes, and vnder all greene trees, and ye offer children in the valleys and dennes of stone.
6 Thy part shalbe with the stony rockes by the riuer, yea euen these shalbe thy part: For there thou hast powred meate & drynke offeryng vnto them: Shoulde I delyght in that?
7 Thou hast made thy bed vpon hye mountaynes, thou wentest vp thyther, and there thou hast slayne sacrifices.
8 Behynde the doores and postes hast thou set vp thy remembraunce, when thou hadst discouered thy selfe to another then me, when thou wentest vp and made thy bed wider, and with those idols hast thou made a couenaunt, and louedst their couches where thou sawest them.
9 Thou wentest straight to kinges with oyle and diuers oyntmentes [that is] thou hast sent thy messengers farre of, and yet art thou fallen into the pit.
10 Thou art weerie for the multitude of thyne owne wayes, yet saydest thou neuer, there is no hope: Thou hast had the life that thy handes wrought, and therefore thou art carelesse.
11 For whom wylt thou be abashed or feare, seing thou hast broken thy promise, and remembrest not me, neither hast me in thyne heart? Thinkest thou that I also wyll holde my peace as aforetime, that thou fearest me not?
12 Yea veryly I wyll declare thy goodnesse and thy workes, but they shall not profite thee.
13 When thou cryest, let thy chosen heape deliuer thee: but the winde shall blowe them foorth, and vanitie shal take them all away: Neuerthelesse they that put their trust in me, shall inherite the land, and haue my holy hill in possession.
14 And therefore thus he saith: make playne, make playne, and clense the streete, take vp the stumbling blockes out of the way of my people.
15 For thus saith the hye and excellent, euen he that dwelleth in euerlastingnesse, whose name is the holy one: I dwell hye aboue and in the sanctuarie, and with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirite do I dwell, that I may heale a troubled minde, and a contrite heart.
16 For I chyde not euer, and am not wroth without ende: but the blasting goeth from me, and is included in the body, and I made the breath.
17 I am wroth with hym for his couetousnesse, I smite hym, I hide me and am angrie, and he turneth himselfe, and foloweth thee by the way of his owne heart.
18 I haue seene his wayes, and I heale hym, I leade him, and restore to hym comfort, and to those that were sorie for hym.
19 I make the fruites of thankesgeuing, that he may say, peace, peace, vnto the that are farre of, and to them that are nye saith the Lorde, I make hym whole.
20 But the wicked are lyke the raging sea that can not rest, whose water fometh with the mire and grauell.
21 Euen so the wicked haue no peace, saith God.


1 Crye nowe as loude as thou canst, leaue not of, lift vp thy voyce like a trumpet, & shew my people their offences, and the house of Iacob their sinnes.
2 For they seeke me dayly, and wyll knowe my wayes, euen as it were a people that dyd right, and had not forsaken the statutes of their God: they aske of me concerning right iudgement, and wyll be nye vnto God.
3 Wherefore fast we [say they] and thou seest it not? we put our liues to straitnesse, and thou regardest it not?
4 Beholde, when ye fast, your lust remayneth still, for ye do no lesse violence to your detters: lo, ye fast to strife and debate, and to smite with your fist without mercy: Nowe ye shall not fast thus, that your voyce might be hearde aboue.
5 Thinke ye this fast pleaseth me, that a man shoulde chasten hym selfe for a day? and to hang downe his head like a bulrushe, and to lye vpon the earth in an heerie cloth? Should that be called fasting, or a day that pleaseth the Lord?
6 Doth not this fasting rather please me, That thou lose the wicked bands, that thou take of the ouer heauie burthens, that thou let the oppressed go free, and breake all maner of yoke?
7 To deale thy bread to the hungrie, and to bring the poore wandering home into thy house? when thou seest the naked that thou couer hym, and hide not thy selfe from thy neighbour, and despise not thyne owne fleshe?
8 Then shall thy light breake foorth as the morning, and thy health florishe right shortly: righteousnesse shall go before thee, and the glory of the Lorde shall embrace thee.
9 Then if thou callest, the Lorde shall aunswere thee, if thou cryest, he shall say, here I am: yea if thou layest away from thee thy burthens, and holdest thy fingers, and ceassest from vngracious talking:
10 If thou hast compassion vpon the hungrie, and refreshest the troubled soule: then shall thy light spring out in the darknesse, and thy darknesse shalbe as the noone day.
11 The Lorde shall euer be thy guyde, and satisfie the desire of thyne heart in the tyme of drought, and fill thy bones with mary: Thou shalt be like a freshe watred garden, and like the fountaine of water that neuer leaueth running.
12 Then the places that haue euer ben waste, shalbe builded of thee, there shalt thou lay a foundation for many kinredes: Thou shalt be called the maker vp of the breache, and the buylder agayne of the way to dwell in.
13 Yea if thou turne thy feete from the sabbath, so that thou do not the thing whiche pleaseth thy selfe in my holy day, and thou call the pleasaunt, holy, and glorious sabbath of the Lorde, and that thou geue hym the honour, so that thou do not after thyne owne imagination, neither seeke thyne owne wyll, nor speake thyne owne wordes:
14 Then shalt thou haue thy pleasure in the Lorde, and I wyll cary thee hye aboue the earth, and feede thee with the heritage of Iacob thy father: for the Lordes owne mouth hath so promised.


1 Beholde, the Lordes hande is not so shortened that it can not helpe, neither is his eare so stopped that it may not heare:
2 But your misdeedes haue seperated you from your God, and your sinnes hyde his face from you, that he heareth you not.
3 For your handes are defiled with blood, and your fingers with vnrighteousnesse: your lippes speake leasinges, and your tongue setteth out wickednesse.
4 No man regardeth righteousnesse, and no man iudgeth truely: euery man hopeth in vayne things, and imagineth deceipt, conceaueth weerinesse, and bringeth foorth euill.
5 They breede cockatrice egges, and weaue the spiders webbe, who so eateth of their egges, dyeth: but if one treade vpon them, there commeth vp a serpent.
6 Their webbe maketh no cloth, and they may not couer them with their labours: their deedes are the deedes of wickednesse, and the worke of robberie is in their handes.
7 Their feete runne to euyll, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their counsels are wicked counsels, harme and destruction are in their wayes.
8 But the way of peace they know not, in their goinges is no equitie: their wayes are so crooked, that whosoeuer goeth therein knoweth of no peace.
9 And this is the cause that equitie is so farre from vs, and that righteousnesse commeth not nie vs: We loke for light, lo it is darknesse: for the morning shine, see, we walke in the darke.
10 We grope lyke the blinde vpon the wall, we grope euen as one that hath none eyes, we stumble at the noone day as though it were towarde night, in the falling places, lyke men that are halfe dead.
11 We roare all like beares, and mourne still like doues: we looke for equitie, but there is none: for health, but it is farre from vs.
12 For our offences are many before thee, and our sinnes testifie against vs: yea we must confesse that we offende, and knowledge that we do amisse,
13 [namely] transgresse and dissemble against the Lorde, and fall away from our God, vsing presumpteous and trayterous imaginations, and casting false matters in our heartes.
14 And therefore is equitie gone aside, and righteousnesse standeth farre of, trueth is fallen downe in the streete, and the thing that is playne and open, may not be shewed.
15 Yea the trueth is taken away, and he that refraineth hym selfe from euyll, must be spoyled: When the Lorde sawe this, it displeased hym sore that there was no equitie.
16 He sawe also that there was no man righteous, and he wondred that there was no man to helpe hym: wherefore he helde hym by his owne power, and he sustayned hym by his owne righteousnesse.
17 He put righteousnesse vpon hym for a brestplate, he set the helmet of health vpon his head: He put on wrath in the steade of clothing, and toke ielousie about him for a cloke.
18 Euen as when a man goeth foorth wrathfully to recompence his enemies, and to be auenged of his aduersaries, he wyll recompence and rewarde the Ilandes.
19 They shall feare the name of the Lorde from the rising of the sunne, and his maiestie vnto the going downe of the same, for he shall come as a violent water streame which the winde of the Lorde hath moued.
20 But vnto Sion there shall come a redeemer, and vnto them in Iacob that turne from wickednesse, saith the Lord.
21 I wyll make this couenaunt with them (saith the Lord:) My spirite that is vpon thee, and the wordes whiche I haue put in thy mouth, shall neuer go out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy childers chyldren, from this time foorth for euermore, worlde without ende, saith the Lorde.


1 Get thee vp betymes, and be bright [O Hierusalem] for thy light commeth, and the glorie of the Lord is risen vp vpon thee.
2 For lo, whyle the darknesse & cloude couereth the earth and the people, the Lorde shall shewe thee light, and his glory shalbe seene in thee.
3 The gentiles shall come to thy light, & kinges to the brightnesse that springeth foorth vpon thee.
4 Lift vp thyne eyes, and loke rounde about thee: all these gather them selues and come to thee, thy sonnes shall come vnto thee from farre, and thy daughters shall gather them selues to thee on euery side.
5 Then thou shalt see this and be glorious, thou shalt maruayle exceedingly, and thyne heart shalbe opened: when the aboundaunce of the sea shalbe conuerted vnto thee [that is] when the riches of the gentiles shall come vnto thee.
6 The multitude of camels shall couer thee, the dromedaries of Madian and Epha: all they of Saba shall come, bringing gold and incense, and shewing the prayse of the Lorde.
7 All the cattell of Cedar shalbe gathered vnto thee, the rammes of Nabaioth shall serue thee to be offred acceptablie vpon mine aulter, and the house of my glory wyll I garnishe.
8 But what are these that flee here like the cloudes, and as the doues fleing to their windowes?
9 The Isles also shall wayte for me, and specially the shippes of Tharsis that they may bryng thy sonnes from farre, and their siluer and their golde with them, vnto the name of the Lorde thy God, vnto the holy one of Israel that hath glorified thee.
10 Straungers shall buylde vp thy walles, and their kynges shall do thee seruice: for whe I was angrie, I smote thee, and of my mercy I pardoned thee.
11 Thy gates shall stande open still both day and night, and neuer be shut, that the hoast of the gentiles may come, and that their kynges may be brought vnto thee.
12 For euery people and kingdome that serueth not thee, shall perishe, and be destroyed with vtter destruction.
13 The glory of Libanus shall come vnto thee, the Firre trees, Boxes, and Cedars together, to garnishe the place of my sanctuarie: for I wyll glorifie the place of my feete.
14 Moreouer, those shall come kneeling vnto thee that haue vexed thee, and all they that despised thee shall fall downe at thy foote: Thou shalt be called the citie of the Lorde, Sion [the citie] of the holy one of Israel .
15 Because thou hast ben forsaken and hated, so that no man went thorowe thee: I wyl make thee glorious for euer and euer, and ioyfull throughout all posterities.
16 Thou shalt sucke the milke of the gentiles, and kinges breastes shall feede thee: and thou shalt knowe that I the Lorde am thy sauiour and redeemer, the mightie one of Iacob.
17 For brasse, wyll I geue thee golde, and for iron, siluer: for wood, brasse, and for stones iron: I wyll turne thyne oppression into peace, and thyne exactions into righteousnesse.
18 Uiolence and robberie shall neuer be hearde of in thy lande, neither harme and destruction within thy borders: thy walles shalbe called health, and thy gates the prayse of God.
19 The sunne shall neuer be thy day light, and the light of the moone shall neuer shine vnto thee: but the Lorde him selfe shalbe thyne euerlasting light, and thy God shalbe thy glory.
20 Thy sunne shall neuer go downe, and thy moone shall not be hid: for the Lorde hym selfe shalbe thyne euerlasting light, and thy sorowfull dayes shalbe ended.
21 Thy people shalbe all righteous and possesse the lande euer, the floure of my planting, the worke of my hands wherof I wyll reioyce.
22 The youngest and least shall growe into a thousande, and the simplest into a strong people: I the Lorde shall shortlye bryng this thing to passe in his tyme.


1 The spirite of the Lord is vpon me: for the Lord hath annoynted me, and sent me to preache good tidinges vnto the poore, that I might binde vp the wounded heartes, that I might preache deliueraunce to the captiue, and open the prison to the that are bounde:
2 That I might declare the acceptable yere of the Lorde, and the day of the vengeaunce of our God: that I might comfort all them that are in heauinesse:
3 That I might geue vnto them that mourne in Sion, that I might geue [I say] beautie in steede of asshes, ioyfull oyntment for sighing, pleasaunt rayment for an heauie minde, that they might be called trees of righteousnesse, a planting of the Lorde for hym to reioyce in.
4 They shall buylde the long rough wildernesse, and set vp the olde desert: they shall repayre the waste places, and suche as haue ben voyde throughout many generations.
5 Straungers shall stande and feede your cattell, and the altauntes shalbe your plowmen and dressers of your vines.
6 But ye shalbe named the priestes of the Lorde, and men shall call you the seruauntes of our God: ye shall enioy the goodes of the gentiles, and triumph in their substaunce.
7 For your great reproofe you shal haue double ioy, and for shame shall they haue ioy of their portion: for they shall haue double possession in their lande, and euerlasting ioy shalbe with them.
8 For I the Lorde whiche loue right and hate robberie (though it were offered me) shall make their workes full of faythfulnesse, and make an euerlasting couenaunt with them.
9 Their seede also and their generation shalbe knowen among the gentiles, and among the people: all they that see them, shall knowe that they are the hye blessed seede of the Lorde.
10 And therefore I am ioyfull in the Lorde, and my soule reioyceth in God: For he hath put vpon me the garment of saluation, and couered me with the mantle of righteousnesse: He shal decke me lyke a bridegrome, and as a bride that hath her apparell vpon her.
11 For like as the ground bringeth foorth her fruite, and as the garden shooteth foorth seede: so shall the Lorde God cause righteousnesse and prayse to floorishe foorth before all the heathen.


1 For Sions sake wyll I not holde my tongue, and for Hierusalems sake I wyll not ceasse, vntill their righteousnesse breake foorth as the shining light, and their saluation as a burning lampe.
2 Then shall the gentiles see thy righteousnesse, and all kynges thy glory: Thou shalt be named with a newe name, whiche the mouth of the Lorde shall shewe.
3 Thou shalt be a crowne in the hande of the Lorde, and a glorious garlande in the hande of thy God.
4 From this tyme foorth thou shalt neuer be called the forsaken, and thy lande shall no more be called the wildernesse: but thou shalt be called, My pleasure is in her, and thy lande shalbe called, The maried woman: for the Lorde loueth thee, and thy land shalbe ioyned in mariage.
5 And lyke as a young man taketh a virgin to mariage, so shal thy sonnes be maried vnto thee: and as a bridegrome is glad of his bride, so shall thy God reioyce ouer thee.
6 I haue set watchmen vpon thy walles O Hierusalem, which shall neither ceasse day nor night to preache the Lorde: and ye also that remember the Lorde, ye shall not kepe him close,
7 Nor leaue to speake of him, vntill Hierusalem be set vp, and made the prayse of the worlde.
8 The Lorde hath sworne by his right hand and by his strong arme, that from hencefoorth he wyll not geue thy corne to be meate for thyne enemies, nor thy vine wherein thou hast laboured, to be drinke for the straungers.
9 But they that haue gathered in the corne, shall eate it, and geue thankes to the Lorde: and they that haue borne in the vine, shall drinke it in the court of my sanctuarie.
10 Go you, go you thorowe the gates, make cleane the way for the people, make playne, make playne the foote path, and take away the stones out of it, and set out a token for the people.
11 Beholde, the Lorde proclaymeth vnto the endes of the worlde, tell the daughter Sion, See thy sauiour commeth, beholde he bringeth his recompence with hym, and his worke go before hym.
12 For they whom the Lorde deliuereth, shalbe called the holy people: and as for thee, thou shalt be named the greatlye occupied, and not the forsaken citie.


1 What is he this that commeth fro Edom , with red coloured clothes from Bosra? He is honourablye arrayed, and commeth in mightyly with his power: I am he that teacheth righteousnesse, and am of power to helpe.
2 Wherefore then is thy clothing red, and thy rayment like his that treadeth in the wine presse?
3 I haue troden the presse my selfe alone, and of all people there is not one with me: Thus wyll I treade them downe in my wrath, and set my feete vpon them in myne indignation, and their blood shal be sprong vpon my clothes, and so wyll I stayne all my rayment.
4 For the day of vengeaunce is assigned in my heart, and the yere when my people shalbe deliuered is come.
5 I loked about me, and there was no man to shewe me any helpe, I marueyled that no man helde me vp: Then I helde me by myne owne arme, and my feruentnesse sustayned me.
6 And thus wyll I treade downe the people in my wrath, and bathe them in my displeasure, and vpon the earth will I lay their strength.
7 I wyll declare the goodnesse of the Lorde, yea and the prayse of the Lorde for all that he hath geuen vs, for the great good that he hath done for Israel, whiche he hath geuen them of his owne fauour, and according to the multitude of his louing kindnesses.
8 For he sayde, These no doubt are my people, and no shrinking chyldren: and so was he their sauiour.
9 In their troubles, he was also troubled with them, and the angell that went foorth from his presence deliuered them: of very loue and kindnesse that he had vnto them, he redeemed them, he hath borne them and caried them vp euer since the worlde began.
10 But after they prouoked hym to wrath and vexed his holy spirite, he was their enemie, and fought against them hym selfe.
11 Yet remembred Israel the olde time, of Moyses and his people, saying: where is he that brought them from the water of the sea, with them that feede his sheepe? Where is he that hath geuen his holy spirite among them?
12 He led them by the right hande of Moyses with his glorious arme, deuiding the water before them, wherby he gat him selfe an euerlasting name.
13 He led them in the deepe as an horse is led in the playne, that they shoulde not stumble.
14 As a tame beast goeth in the fielde, and the spirite of God geueth hym rest: thus (O God) hast thou led thy people, to make thy selfe a glorious name withall.
15 Loke downe then from heauen, and beholde from the dwelling place of thy sanctuarie and thy glorie: Howe is it that thy gelousie, thy strength, the multitude of thy mercies, and thy louing kindnesse wyll not be intreated of vs?
16 Yet art thou our father: for Abraham knoweth vs not, neither is Israel acquainted with vs: but thou Lorde art our father and redeemer, and thy name is euerlasting.
17 O Lorde, wherefore hast thou led vs out of the way? wherefore hast thou hardened our heartes that we feare thee not? Be at one with vs agayne for thy seruauntes sake, and for the generation of thyne heritage.
18 Thy holy people haue had but a litle whyle thy sanctuarie in possession, for our enemies haue troden downe thy holy place.
19 And we were thyne from the beginning, when thou wast not their Lorde, for they haue not called vpon thy name.


1 O that thou wouldest cleaue the heauens in sunder & come downe, that the mountaines might melt away at thy presence:
2 Like as at an hotte fire, and [that the malitious might boyle away] as the water doth vpon the fire: whereby thy name might be knowen among thyne enemies, and that the gentiles might tremble before thee.
3 When thou wroughtest wonderous straunge workes, we looked not for them: thou camest downe, and the hilles melted at thy presence.
4 For since the beginning of the worlde it hath not ben hearde or perceaued, neither hath any eye seene another God beside thee, whiche doest so muche for them that put their trust in thee.
5 Thou helpest hym that doth right with chearefulnesse, and them that thinke vpon thee in thy wayes: but lo, thou hast ben angrie, for we offended, and haue ben euer in sinne, though the worlde hath cleaued to them, yet shall we be saued.
6 We are all as an vncleane thing, and all our righteousnesse are as tilthy ragges: we fal euerychone as the leafe, for our sinnes cary vs away lyke the winde.
7 There is no man that calleth vpon thy name, that standeth vp to take hold by thee: therefore hidest thou thy face from vs, and consumest vs, because of our sinnes.
8 But nowe, O Lorde, thou father of ours, we are thy clay, and thou art our potter, and we all are the worke of thy handes.
9 Be not to sore displeased O Lord, and kepe not our offences to long in thy remembraunce: but consider that we all are thy people.
10 The cities of thy sanctuarie lye waste, Sion is a wildernesse, and Hierusalem a desert.
11 Our holy house whiche is our beautie where our fathers praysed thee, is brent vp: yea, all our commodities and pleasures are wasted away.
12 Wylt thou not be intreated O Lorde, for all this wylt thou holde thy peace, and scourge vs so sore?


1 They seeke me, that hitherto haue not asked for me, they finde me, that hitherto haue not sought me: I haue saide, I am here, I am here, I am founde of a people that neuer called vpon my name.
2 For thus long haue I euer holden out mine handes to an vnfaythfull people that go not the right way, but after their owne imagination:
3 To a people that is euer defiyng me to my face, they make their oblations in gardens, and their smoke vpon aulters of bricke.
4 They lurke among the groues, and lye in the dennes all night: they eate swines fleshe, and vncleane broth is in their vessels.
5 If thou commest nye them, they say, touche me not, for I am holyer then thou: All these men when I am angry, shalbe turned to smoke and fire that shall burne for euer.
6 Beholde, it is written before my face, and shall not be forgotten, but recompenced: I shall rewarde it them into their bosome.
7 [I meane] your misdeedes, and the misdeedes of your fathers together saith the Lord, which haue made their smokes vpon the mountaines, and blasphemed me vpon the hilles: therefore wyll I measure their olde deedes into their bosome agayne.
8 Moreouer, thus saith the Lord: Like as when newe wine is founde in the cluster, and one saith, Lose it not, for there is blessing therein: euen so wyll I do also for my seruauntes sakes, that I wyll not destroy them all.
9 But I will take a seede out of Iacob, and out of Iuda one, to take possession of my hill: My chosen shall possesse it, and my seruauntes shall dwell there.
10 Saron shalbe a sheepefolde, and the valley of Achor shall geue the stalling for the cattell of my people that seeke after me.
11 But as for you, ye are they that haue forsaken the Lorde, and forgotten my holy hyll: ye haue set vp an aulter vnto Iupiter, and geuen riche drinke offeringes vnto the planets:
12 Therfore wyll I number you to the sworde, that ye shalbe destroyed altogether: for that when I called, no man gaue me aunswere, when I spake, ye hearkened not vnto me, but dyd wickednesse before mine eyes, and chose the thinges that pleased me not.
13 Therefore thus saith the Lord God: Beholde, my seruauntes shall eate, but ye shall haue hunger: beholde, my seruauntes shall drinke, but ye shall suffer thirst: beholde, my seruauntes shalbe merie, but ye shalbe confounded:
14 Beholde, my seruauntes shall reioyce for very quietnesse of heart: but ye shal crye for sorowe of heart, and complaine for vexation of minde.
15 Your name shall ye leaue accursed among my chosen: for God the Lorde shall slay you, and call his seruauntes by another name.
16 Who so reioyceth vpon earth, shall reioyce in the true God, and who so sweareth vpon earth, shall sweare in the true God: for the olde afflictions shalbe forgotten, and taken away out of my sight.
17 For lo, I shall make a newe heauen and a newe earth: and as for the olde, they shall neuer be thought vpon, nor kept in minde:
18 [But the Lorde saith] Be glad and euermore reioyce for the things that I shall do: For why? beholde, I shall make a ioyfull Hierusalem, and his people ioyfull.
19 Yea, I my selfe will reioyce with Hierusalem, and be glad with my people: and the voyce of weeping and wayling shall not be hearde in her from thencefoorth.
20 There shall neither be chylde nor olde man that haue not their full dayes: but when the chylde commeth to an hundred yeres olde it shal dye, and if he that is an hundred yeres of age do wrong, he shalbe cursed.
21 They shall buylde houses and dwell in them, they shall plant vineyardes and eate the fruite of them.
22 They shall not buylde and another possesse, they shall not plant and another eate: but the life of my people shalbe like a tree, and mine elect shall enioy styll the worke of their handes.
23 They shall not labour in vayne, nor beget with trouble: for they are the hye blessed seede of the Lorde, and their fruites with them.
24 And it shalbe, that or euer they call, I shall aunswere them, whyle they are yet but thinking howe to speake, I shal heare them.
25 The woolfe and the lambe shal feede together, and the lion shall eate hay like the bullocke, but earth shalbe the serpentes meate: There shal no man hurt nor slay another in al my holy hill, saith the Lorde.


1 Thus saith the Lorde: Heauen is my seate, and the earth is my footstoole: Where shall nowe the house stande that ye wyll builde vnto me? And where shalbe the place that I wyll dwell in?
2 As for these thynges, my hande hath made them all, and they are all created saith the Lorde: which of them shall I then regarde? Euen hym that is poore and of a lowly troubled spirite, and standeth in awe of my wordes.
3 For who so slayeth an oxe [for me, doth me so great dishonour] as he that killeth a man: He that killeth a sheepe for me knetcheth a dogge: He that bryngeth me meate offerynges, offereth sivynes blood, who so maketh me a memorial of incense, prayseth the thyng that is vnryght: Yet take they such wayes in hande, and their soule delyghteth in these abhominations.
4 Therfore wyll I also haue pleasure in laughyng them to scorne, & the thyng that they feare will I bring vpon them: For when I called, no man gaue aunswere, when I spake, they woulde not heare: but did wickednesse before mine eyes, and chose the thynges that displeased me.
5 Heare the worde of God all ye that feare the thyng which he speaketh: Your brethren that hate you and cast you out for my name sake, say, The Lorde is heynous agaynst vs: but you shall see hym in ioy, when they shalbe confounded.
6 Then shalbe hearde a great noyse from the citie and the temple, the voyce of the Lorde, that wyll rewarde and recompence his enemies:
7 Lyke as when a wife bringeth foorth a man childe, or euer she suffer the payne of the birth & anguishe of the trauayle.
8 Who euer heard or sawe such thinges? doth the grounde beare in one day? or are the people borne all at once, as Sion trauayled in childe birth and bare her sonnes?
9 For thus saith the Lorde: Am I he that maketh other to beare, and beare not my selfe? Am not I he that beareth and maketh barren, saith thy God?
10 Reioyce with Hierusalem, and be glad with her all ye that loue her, be ioyfull with her all ye that mourne for her.
11 For ye shall sucke comfort out of her breastes, and be satisfied: Ye shall taste, and haue delyte in the bryghtnesse of her glorie.
12 For thus saith the Lorde: Beholde, I wyll let peace into her lyke a water fludde, and the glory of the heathen like a flowing streame: Then shall ye sucke, ye shalbe borne vpon her sydes, and be ioyfull vpon her knees.
13 For lyke as a chylde is comforted of his mother: so shall I comfort you, and ye shalbe comforted in Hierusalem.
14 And when ye see this, your heart shall reioyce, and your bones shall florishe lyke an hearbe: Thus shall the hande of the Lorde be knowen among his seruauntes, and his indignation among his enemies.
15 For beholde the Lorde shall come with fire, and his charret shalbe lyke a whirle wynde: that he may recompence his vengeaunce in his wrath, and his indignation with the flambe of fire.
16 For the Lorde shall iudge all fleshe with the fire and with his sworde, and there shalbe a great number slayne of the Lorde.
17 Such as haue made them selues holy and cleane in the gardens, and those that haue eaten swines fleshe, mice, and other abhominations, shalbe taken away together saith the Lorde.
18 For I do knowe their workes and thoughtes, and I wyll come to gather all people and tongues: then they shall come and see my glorie.
19 Unto them shall I geue a token, and sende certayne of the that be deliuered among the gentiles, into Cilicia, Affrica, and Lydia, where men can handle bowes, into Italie, and also Greeke lande: The Isles farre of that haue not hearde speake of me, and haue not seene my glorie, shall preache my prayse among the gentiles.
20 And shall bryng all your brethren for an offeryng vnto the Lorde out of all the people, vpon horses, charettes, and horslitters, vpon mules and cartes, to Hierusalem my holy hil saith the Lord: lyke as the children of Israel bryng the offeryng in cleane vessels to the house of the Lorde.
21 And I shal take out certayne of them for to be priestes and Leuites, saith the Lorde.
22 For lyke as the newe heauen and the newe earth which I wyll make, shalbe fast stablished by me, saith the Lorde: so shall your seede & your name continue.
23 And it shall come to passe, that from moone to his moone, from Sabbath to his Sabbath, all fleshe shall come to worship before me, saith the Lorde.
24 And they shall go foorth and loke vpon the carions of them that haue transgressed agaynst me: for their wormes shall not dye, neither shall their fire be quenched, and all fleshe shall abhorre them.