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1 And Solomon the sonne of Dauid waxed strong in his kingdome, and the Lord his God was with him, and magnified him in dignitie.
2 And Solomon spake vnto all Israel , to the captaynes ouer thousandes, to the captaynes ouer hundredes, to the iudges, and to euery officer in all Israel , and to the auncient fathers.
3 And so Solomon and all the congregation with him went to the hie place that was at Gibeon : for there was the tabernacle of the congregation of God, which Moyses the seruaunt of the Lorde made in the wyldernesse.
4 But the arke of God had Dauid brought from Kiriathiarim, into the place which Dauid had prepared therfore: For he had pitched a tent for it at Hierusalem.
5 Moreouer, the brasen aulter that Bezaleel the sonne of Uri the sonne of Hur had made, was there before the tabernacle of the Lorde: And Solomon and the congregation went to visite it.
6 And Solomon gat vp there before the Lord, to the brasen aulter that was before the tabernacle of the congregation, and offered a thousand burnt sacrifices vpon it.
7 And the same night did God appeare vnto Solomon, and said vnto him: Aske what I shall geue thee.
8 And Solomon saide vnto God: Thou hast shewed great mercie vnto Dauid my father, and hast made me to raigne in his steade.
9 Now therefore, O Lorde God, let thy promise which thou madest vnto Dauid my father, be true: For thou hast made me king ouer a people which is lyke the dust of the earth in multitude:
10 Wherefore geue me now wysedome and knowledge, that I may be able to go in and out before this people: for who els can iudge this people that is so great?
11 And God saide to Solomon: Because this was in thyne heart, and because thou hast not asked treasure and riches, and honour, & the liues of thyne enemies, neither yet long lyfe, but hast asked wysedome and knowledge for thy selfe, to iudge my people ouer which I haue made thee king:
12 Wysedome and knowledge is graunted vnto thee, and I will geue thee treasure, & riches, and glory: so that among the kinges that haue ben before thee, or after thee, none was or shalbe lyke thee.
13 And so Solomon came from the high place that was at Gibeon to Hierusalem from the tabernacle of the congregation, and raigned ouer Israel .
14 And Solomon gathered charets and horsemen: and he had a thousand and foure hundred charets, & twelue thousand horsemen, whom he bestowed in the charet cities, and with the king at Hierusalem.
15 And the king made siluer and golde at Hierusalem as plenteous as stones, and Cedar trees made he as plentie as the Mulbery trees that growe in the valleyes.
16 Also Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt , & fine linnen: The kinges marchautes receaued the fine linnen for a price.
17 They came also and brought out of Egypt a charet for sixe hundred peeces of siluer, euen an horse for an hundred and fiftie: And so brought they [horses] for all the kinges of the Hethites, and for the kinges of Syria , by their owne hande.


1 And Solomon determined to buylde an house for the name of the Lord, and an house for his kingdome.
2 And Solomon tolde out threescore and ten thousande men to beare burthens, and fourescore thousand men to hewe stones in the mountayne, and three thousand and sixe hundred to ouersee them.
3 And Solomon sent to Hiram the king of Tyre, saying: As thou diddest deale with Dauid my father, and diddest send him Cedar wood to buyld him an house to dwell in [euen so deale with me:]
4 Behold I buylde an house for the name of the Lorde my God, to offer vnto him holy thinges, & to burne sweete incense, and to set shewe bread before him continually, to offer burnt sacrifices of the morning and euening on the Sabbath dayes, in the firste day of euery newe moone, and in the solempne feastes of the Lorde our God: for it is an ordinaunce to be continually kept of Israel.
5 And the house which I buylde shalbe great: for great is our God aboue all gods.
6 But who is able to buylde him an house? when that heauen and heauen aboue all heauens is not able to receaue him, what am I then that should buyld him an house? nay, but euen to burne sacrifice before him [shall this buylding be.]
7 Sende me nowe therefore a cunning man, that can worke in golde and siluer, in brasse and iron, in purple, crymosin, yelowe silke, & that can skyll to graue with the cunning men that are with me in Iuda and Hierusalem, whom Dauid my father dyd prepare.
8 Sende me also Cedar trees, pine trees, and algume trees, out of Libanon: For I wot that thy seruauntes can skill to hewe timber in Libanon: and behold my men shalbe with thyne,
9 That they may prepare me timber enough: For the house whiche I am determined to buylde, shalbe wonderfull great.
10 And behold, for the vse of thy seruauntes the cutters and hewers of timber, I haue geuen twentie thousande quarters of beaten wheat, and twentie thousand quarters of barlye, and twentie thousande battes of wine, and twentie thousande battes of oyle.
11 And Hiram ye king of Tyre aunswered in writing, whiche he sent to Solomon: Because the Lorde hath loued his people, therefore hath he made thee king ouer them.
12 And Hiram sayde moreouer: Blessed be the Lorde God of Israel whiche made heauen & earth, & that hath geuen Dauid the king a wise sonne, and one that hath descretion, prudence, and vnderstanding, to buyld an house for the Lord, and a palace for his kingdome.
13 And now I haue sent a wise man, and a man of vnderstanding, whom my father Hiram dyd vse:
14 The sonne of a woman of the daughters of Dan, and his father was a man of Tyre, and he can skil to worke in gold and siluer, in brasse and iron, in stone and timber, in purple and yelowe silke, in fine whyte and crymosin, and can graue sundry maner of grauinges, and to finde out diuers maner of subtill worke that shalbe set before hym, with thy cunning men, and with the cunning men of my lorde Dauid thy father.
15 Nowe therefore, the wheate and barlye, oyle and wine, which my lorde hath spoken of, let him sende vnto his seruauntes:
16 And we will cut wood in Libanon as much as thou shalt neede, and wil bring it to thee in flotes by sea to Iapho, from whence thou mayest cary them to Hierusalem.
17 And Solomon numbred all the straungers that were in the lande of Israel , after the number of them whom his father Dauid had numbred: And they were founde an hundred fiftie and three thousand, and sixe hundred.
18 And he set threescore and ten thousande to beare burthens, and fourescore thousande to hewe stones in the mountayne, and three thousande & sixe hundred officers to set the people a worke. The temple of the Lorde, and the porche are buylded, with other things thereto belonging.


1 And Solomon began to buylde the house of the Lorde at Hierusalem in mount Moria where the Lorde appeared vnto Dauid his father, euen in the place that Dauid prepared in the thresshing floore of Ornan the Iebusite.
2 And he began to buylde in the seconde day of the seconde moneth, the fourth yere of his raigne.
3 And these are the patternes whereby Solomon was instruct to buylde the house of God: The length was threescore cubites after the olde measure, and the breadth twentie cubites.
4 And the porche that was before the length in the front, according to the breadth of the house, was twentie cubites, and the heyght was an hundred and twentie cubites: and he ouerlayed it on the inner syde with pure golde.
5 And the greater house he seeled with firre tree, whiche he ouerlayed with the best golde, and graued thereto paulme trees and chaynes.
6 And he ouerlayed the house with precious stone beautyfully: And the golde was golde of Paruaim.
7 The house [I say] the beames, postes, walles, and doores therof, ouerlayed he with golde, and graued Cherubs on the walles.
8 And he made the house most holy: whose length was twentie cubites like to the breadth of the house, and the breadth therof was also twentie cubites: and he ouerlayed it with good golde, euen with sixe hundred talentes.
9 And the wayght of the nayles of golde was fiftie sicles: and he ouerlayed the vpper chambers with golde.
10 And in the house most holy he made two Cherubims of image worke, like children, and ouerlayed them with gold.
11 And the wynges of the Cherubs were twentie cubites long: The one wyng was fiue cubites, reaching to the wall of the house: and the other wyng was likewise fiue cubites, reaching to the wyng of the other Cherub.
12 And euen so the one wyng of the other Cherub was fiue cubites, reaching to the wall of the house: and the other wyng was fiue cubites also, and reached to the wyng of the other Cherub.
13 So that the wynges of the sayde Cherubs were stretched out twentie cubites: and they stoode on their feete, and loked inwardes.
14 And he made a fore hanging of yelow silke, purple, crymosin, and fine white, & caused the pictures of Cherubs to be brodred theron.
15 And he made before the house two pillers of thirtie and fiue cubites high, and the head that was aboue on the top of euery one of them was fiue cubites,
16 And he made chaynes of wreathe worke for the quier, & put them on the heades of the pillers: and made an hundred pomegranates, and put them on the chaynes.
17 And he reared vp the pillers before the temple, one on the right hande, and the other on the left: and called the right Iachin, and the left Boaz.


1 And he made an aulter of brasse, twentie cubites long, and twentie cubites broade, and ten cubites hie.
2 And he cast a brasen lauatorie of ten cubites from brym to brym, rounde in compasse, and fiue cubites hie: and a line of thirtie cubites dyd compasse it round about.
3 And vnder it was the fashion of oxen, whiche dyd compasse it rounde about: with ten cubites dyd they compasse the lauatorie rounde about, and there were two rowes of oxen whiche were cast lyke molten worke.
4 And it stoode also vpon twelue oxen: three loked towarde the north, three towarde the west, three toward the south, and three toward the east: and the lauatorie was set vpon them, and all their backes were towarde the lauatorie.
5 And the thyckest of it was an hande breadth, and the brym like the brym of a cuppe, with floures of lilies: and it receaued and helde three thousande battes.
6 And he made ten lauers, and put fiue on the right hand, and fiue on the left, to washe and clense in them such thinges as they offered for a burnt offring: But the great lauatorie was for the priestes to washe in.
7 And he made ten candelstickes of gold, according to the patterne that was geue of them, and put them in the temple, fiue on the right hande, and fiue on the left.
8 And he made also ten tables, and put them in the temple, fiue on the right side, and fiue on the left: And he made an hundred basens of golde.
9 And he made the court of the priestes, and the great court, and doores to it, and ouerlayde the doores of them with brasse.
10 And he set the great lauatorie on the right side of the east ende, ouer against the south.
11 And Hiram made pottes, shouels, and basens, & finished the worke that he was appoynted to make for king Solomon in the house of God.
12 The two pillers, and the bowles, and the pommels on the toppe of the two pillers, and the two wreathes to couer the two bowles of the pommels whiche were on the toppe of the pillers,
13 And foure hundred pomegranates on the two wreathes: two rowes of pomegranates on one wreath to couer the two bowles of the pomels.
14 And he made two bottomes, and lauers made he vpon the bottomes.
15 The great lauatorie, and twelue oxen vnder it.
16 Pottes also, shouels, and fleshhokes: and all these vessels dyd Hiram his father make to king Solomon for the house of the Lord, of bright brasse.
17 In the playne of Iordane did the king cast them, euen in the clay grounde that is betweene Socoth and Zaredatha.
18 And Solomon made al these vessels in great aboundaunce: for the weyght of brasse coulde not be reckened.
19 And Solomon made al the vessels that were for the house of God, the golden aulter also, & the tables to set the shewe bread vpon.
20 Moreouer, the candelstickes with their lampes, to burne after the maner before the quier, and that of precious golde.
21 And the floures, and the lampes, and the snoffers made he of golde, and that perfect golde.
22 And the dressing knyues, basens, spoones, and censers of pure golde: And the doore of the temple, and the inner doores within the place most holy, and the inner doores of the temple were gilted.


1 And so all the worke that Solomon made in the house of the lord was finished: And Solomon brought in all the thinges that Dauid his father had dedicated, with the siluer and golde, and al the iewels, and put them among the treasures of the house of God.
2 Then Solomon gathered the elders of Israel together, and all the heades of the tribes and auncient fathers of the children of Israel , vnto Hierusalem, to bring the arke of the couenaunt of the Lorde out of the citie of Dauid, whiche is [in] Sion.
3 Wherefore all the men of Israel resorted vnto the king in the feast, euen in the seuenth moneth.
4 And all the elders of Israel came, and the Leuites toke vp the arke.
5 And the priestes & the Leuites brought away the arke of the tabernacle of ye congregatio, & al the holy vessels that were in the tabernacle, and they bare them.
6 And king Solomon & all the congregation of Israel that were assembled vnto him before the arke, offered sheepe and oxen, so many that they coulde not be tolde nor numbred for multitude.
7 And the priestes brought the arke of the appoyntment of the Lorde vnto his place, euen into the quier of the temple within the place most holy, and set it vnder the wynges of the Cherubs,
8 So that the Cherubs stretched out their wynges ouer the place of the arke, and the Cherubs couered both the arke and her barres aboue on hye.
9 And the barres of the arke were so long, that the heades of the barres were seene without the arke within the quier, but not without: and there the arke remayned vnto this day.
10 But there was nothing in the arke saue the two tables which Moyses put therin at Horeb, when the Lord made a couenaunt with the children of Israel after they were come out of Egypt .
11 And it fortuned, that when the priestes were come out of the holy place (for all the priestes that were present, were sanctified, and did not then wayte by course)
12 That both the Leuites and the singers, vnder Asaph, Heman, and Ieduthun, were appoynted to sundry offices with their children and brethren, and were arayed in fyne whyte, hauing cymbales, psalteries, and harpes, and stoode at the east ende of the aulter, and by them an hundred and twentie priestes blowing with trumpets:
13 And the trumpet blowers and the singers so agreed, that it seemed but one voyce in praysing & thanking the Lorde: And when they lift vp their voyce with the trumpets, cymbales, and other instrumentes of musicke, and when they praysed the Lord, How that he is good, and that his mercie lasteth euer: the house of God was filled with a cloude,
14 So that the priestes coulde not endure to minister by the reason of the cloude: For the maiestie of the Lorde had filled the house of God.


1 Then Solomon sayde: The Lord hath spoken, howe that he wil dwell in the darcke cloude.
2 And I haue buylt thee an house of habitation for thee, and a place for thy dwelling for euer.
3 And the king turned his face and blessed the whole congregation of Israel , & all the congregation of Israel stoode.
4 And he sayde: Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, which hath with his handes fulfilled it that he spake with his mouth to my father Dauid, saying:
5 Since the day that I brought my people out of the lande of Egypt, I chose no citie among all the tribes of Israel to buylde an house in, that my name might be there, neither chose I any man to be a ruler ouer my people Israel:
6 Sauing that I haue chosen Hierusalem, that my name might be there, and haue chosen Dauid to be ouer my people Israel.
7 And when it was in the heart of Dauid my father to buylde an house for the name of the Lorde God of Israel,
8 The Lorde sayde to Dauid my father: Forasmuch as it was in thyne heart to buylde an house for my name, thou diddest well that thou thoughtest in thyne heart.
9 Notwithstanding, thou shalt not buyld the house: but thy sonne which is proceeded out of thy loynes, he shall buylde an house for my name.
10 The Lorde therefore hath made good his saying that he hath spoken: and I am rysen vp in the roome of Dauid my father, and am set on the seate of Israel , as the Lorde promised, and haue buylt an house for the name of the Lord God of Israel .
11 And in it haue I put the arke wherein is the couenaunt of the Lorde that he made with the children of Israel .
12 And the king stoode before the aulter of the Lorde in the presence of all the congregation of Israel, and stretched out his handes:
13 (For now Solomon had made a brasen scaffold of fyue cubites long, and fyue cubites brode, and three of heyght, and had set it in the middes of the great courte, and vpon it he stoode and kneeled downe vpon his knees before al the congregation of Israel, and stretched out his handes towarde heauen,)
14 And sayde: O Lorde God of Israel, there is no god like thee in heauen and earth, which kepest couenaunt & shewest mercie vnto thy seruauntes that walke before thee with al their heartes.
15 Thou whiche hast kept with thy seruaunt Dauid my father the thinges that thou promisedst him, thou saydest it with thy mouth, & hast fulfilled it with thyne handes, as it is to see this day.
16 And nowe Lorde God of Israel, kepe with thy seruaunt Dauid my father the thinges that thou promisedst him, saying, Thou shalt in my sight not be without a man that shall sit vpon the seate of Israel, so that thy children take heede to their wayes to walke in my lawe, as thou hast walked before me.
17 And nowe Lord God of Israel , let thy saying be true whiche thou spakest vnto thy seruaunt Dauid.
18 (And wil God in verie deede dwel with men on earth? Beholde, heauen and heauen aboue all heauens do not contayne thee, howe much lesse the house which I haue buylded?)
19 Let it be thy pleasure therfore to turne to the prayer of thy seruaunt and to his supplication O Lorde my God, to hearken vnto the voyce and prayer whiche thy seruaunt prayeth before thee,
20 And let thyne eyes be open towarde this house day & night, ouer this place wherof thou hast sayde that thou wouldest put thy name there, to hearken vnto the prayer whiche thy seruaunt prayeth in this place.
21 Hearken vnto the prayers of thy seruaunt and of thy people Israel , which they pray in this place: heare thou I say, out of thy dwelling place, euen out of heauen, heare, and be mercifull.
22 If a man sinne against his neyghbour, and take an oth agaynst hym and make him to sweare, and they both come before thyne aulter in this house:
23 Then heare thou from heauen, and do and iudge thy seruauntes, that thou rewarde the vngodly & recompence hym his way vpon his head, and iustifie the righteous, and geue him according to his righteousnes.
24 And if thy people Israel be put to the worse before the enemie, because they haue sinned against thee: Yet if they turne & geue thankes vnto thy name, and make intercession, and pray before thee in this house:
25 Then heare thou from heauen, and be merciful vnto the sinne of thy people Israel, and bryng them againe vnto the lande which thou gauest to them and to their fathers.
26 When heauen is shut vp, and there be no rayne, because they haue sinned against thee: yet if they pray in this place, and confesse thy name, and repent from their sinne for the which thou chastenest them:
27 Then heare thou in heauen, and be merciful vnto the sinne of thy seruauntes & of thy people Israel, and guyde thou them into the good way to walke in, and send rayne vpon thy lande whiche thou hast geuen vnto thy people for an inheritaunce.
28 And if ther be dearth in the land, or pestilence, corruption, or blasting of corne, grashoppers, or caterpillers, or that their enemies besiege them in the cities of their land, or whatsoeuer plage or sickenesse it be:
29 Then what supplications and prayers soeuer shalbe made of any man and of all thy people Israel, which shall know euery man his owne sore, and his owne griefe, & shall stretche out their handes towarde this house:
30 Thou shalt heare from heauen, euen from thy dwelling place, and shalt be mercifull, and geue euery man according vnto all his wayes, euen as thou doest know euery mans heart: (for thou only knowest the heartes of the children of men,)
31 That they may feare thee, & walke in thy wayes as long as they liue, in ye land which thou gauest vnto our fathers.
32 Moreouer, the straunger whiche is not of thy people Israel, if he come from a farre lande for thy great names sake, and thy mightie hande, and thy stretched outarme: If they come I say, and pray in this house:
33 Thou shalt heare from heauen, euen from thy dwelling place, and shalt do according to all that the straunger calleth to thee for: That all people of the earth may knowe thy name, and feare thee as doth thy people Israel, and that they may knowe how that in this house whiche I haue buylt, thy name is called vpon.
34 If thy people go out to warre against their enemies by the way that thou shalt sende them, and they pray to thee in the way towarde this citie whiche thou hast chosen, euen toward the house which I haue buylt for thy name:
35 Then heare thou from heauen their supplication and prayer, and helpe them in their right.
36 If they sinne against thee (as there is no man but he doth sinne) and thou be angry with them, and deliuer them ouer before their enemies, and they take them and carie them away captiues vnto a lande farre or neare:
37 Yet if they repent in their heart in the lande where they be in captiuitie, and turne, and pray vnto thee in the land of their captiuitie, saying, We haue sinned, we haue done euyll and wickedly:
38 And turne againe to thee with all their heart and all their soule in the lande of their captiuitie where they kepe them in bondage, and so pray towarde their land whiche thou gauest vnto their fathers, euen toward the citie which thou hast chosen, & toward the house whiche I haue buylt for my name:
39 Then heare thou from heauen, euen from thy dwelling place, their supplication and their prayer, and iudge their cause, and be mercifull vnto thy people which haue sinned against thee.
40 Now my God, let thine eyes be open, and thyne eares attent vnto the prayer that is made in this place.
41 Nowe vp O Lorde God into thy resting place, thou and the arke of thy strength: O Lorde God, let thy priestes be clothed with health, & let thy sainctes reioyce in goodnesse.
42 O Lord God, turne not away the face of thyne annoynted: remember the mercies whiche thou hast promised to Dauid thy seruaunt.


1 And when Solomon had made an ende of praying, there came downe fire from heauen, and consumed the burnt offring and the sacrifices: & the house was filled with the glorie of the Lorde,
2 And the priestes coulde not go into the house of the Lorde, because the glorie of the Lord had filled the lordes house.
3 And when al the children of Israel saw howe the fire and the glorie of the Lord came downe vpon the house, they fell downe flat vpon their faces to the earth vpon the pauement, and worshipped and confessed vnto the lord, That he is gracious, and that his mercie lasteth euer.
4 And the king and all the people offered sacrifices before the Lorde.
5 And king Solomon offered a sacrifice of twentie and two thousande oxen, and an hundred and twentie thousande sheepe: and so the king and all the people dedicated the house of God.
6 And the priestes wayted on their offices, & the Leuites had the instrumentes of musicke of the Lord, which king Dauid had made to confesse vnto the Lord, that his mercie lasteth euer, Dauid praysing God by the: And the priestes blew with trumpettes before them, and all they of Israel stoode.
7 Moreouer, Solomon halowed the middle of the court that was before the house of the Lorde, for there he offred burnt offringes: & the fat of the peace offringes, because the brasen aulter which Solomon had made, was not able to receaue the burnt offringes, and the meate offringes, and the fat.
8 So at the same time Solomon kept a feast of seuen dayes, and al they of Israel with him, an exceeding great congregation, euen from the entring in of Hamath vnto the riuer of Egypt .
9 And in the eyght day they made an assemblie: For they kept the dedication of the aulter seuen dayes, & the feast seuen dayes.
10 And the three and twentie day of the seuenth moneth he let the people depart into their tentes glad and mery in heart, for the goodnesse that the Lorde had shewed to Dauid and to Solomon, and to Israel his people.
11 And so Solomon finished the house of the Lorde, and the kinges house: and all that came in his heart to make in the house of the Lorde, & in his owne house, went prosperously forwarde.
12 And the Lorde appeared to Solomon by night, and sayd to him: I haue heard thy petition, and haue chosen this place for my selfe to be an house of sacrifice.
13 If I shut vp heauen that there be no rayne, or if I commaund the locustes to deuour the lande, or if I sende pestilence among my people:
14 And if they that are of my people, among whom my name is called vpon, do humble them selues, and make intercession, and seke my presence, and turne from their wicked wayes: then will I heare from heauen, and be mercifull to their sinne, and will heale their lande.
15 And from hencefoorth myne eyes shalbe open, and myne eares attent vnto the prayer that is made in this place.
16 And therfore nowe I haue chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there for euer: and myne eyes and myne heart shalbe there perpetually.
17 And if thou wilt walke before me, as Dauid thy father walked, to do all that I haue commaunded thee, and shalt obserue my statutes and my lawes:
18 Then will I stablishe the seate of thy kingdome, according as I made the couenaunt with Dauid thy father, saying: Thou shalt not be without a man to be ruler in Israel.
19 But and if ye turne away, and forsake my statutes & my commaundementes which I haue set before you, and shall go and serue other gods, and worship them:
20 Then will I plucke them vp by the rootes, out of my lande whiche I haue geuen them, and this house whiche I haue sanctified for my name, will I cast out of my sight, and will make it to be a prouerbe and a iest among all nations.
21 And this house whiche is most high, shalbe an astonishement to euery one that passeth by, and shal say: Why hath the Lorde dealt on this fashion with this lande, and with this house?
22 And they shal aunswere: Because they forsoke the Lorde God of their fathers which brought them out of the lande of Egypt, and caught holde on other gods, and worshipped them, and serued them: euen therefore hath he brought all this euyll vpon them.


1 And it fortuned, that after twentie yeres, when Solomon had buylt the house of the Lorde and his owne house:
2 He buylt the cities that Hiram gaue hym, and put of the children of Israel in them.
3 And Solomon went to Hamath Zoba, and strengthed it.
4 And he buylt Thadmor in the wildernesse, & repaired all the store cities which were in Hamath.
5 And he buylt Bethhoron the vpper, and Bethhoron the neather, strong cities, hauing walles, gates, and barres:
6 And Baalah, and al the store cities that Solomon had, and all the charet cities, and the cities of the horsmen, and euery pleasaunt place that Solomon had last to buyld in Hierusalem & Libanon, and throughout all the land of his dominion.
7 And all the people that were left of the Hethites, Amorites, Pherezites, Heuites and Iebusites, whiche were not of the children of Israel,
8 But were the children of them whiche were left after them in the lande, and were not consumed of the children of Israel, them dyd Solomon make to pay tribute, vntill this day.
9 But of the children of Israel dyd Solomon make no bondemen for his worke: but they were men of warre, and rulers, and great lordes with him, and captaynes ouer his charets and horsemen.
10 And king Solomons officers that ouersawe and ruled the people, were two hundred and fiftie.
11 And Solomon brought the daughter of Pharao out of the citie of Dauid, into the house that he had buylded for her: For he sayde, My wyfe shall not dwel in the house of Dauid king of Israel , for it is holy, because that the arke of the Lorde is come vnto it.
12 Then Solomon offred burnt offringes vnto the Lorde on the aulter of the Lorde, whiche he had buylt before the porche:
13 Doyng euery thing in his due time, and offering according to the commaundemet of Moyses, in the Sabbathes, new moones, and solempne feastes, three times in the yere, [that is to say] in the feast of sweete bread, in the feast of weekes, and in the feast of tabernacles.
14 And Solomon set the sortes of priestes to their offices as Dauid his father had ordered them, and the Leuites in their watches, for to prayse and minister before the priestes day by day, and the porters by course at euery gate: for so had Dauid the man of God commaunded.
15 And they omitted not the commaundement of the king vnto the priestes and Leuites, concerning any maner of thing, and concerning the treasures.
16 For Solomon made prouision for the charges, from the first day that the foundation of the house of the Lorde was layed, till it was finished, that the house of the Lorde was perfect.
17 Then went king Solomon to Ezion Gaber, and to Eloth at the sea side in the lande of Edom .
18 And Hiram sent hym by the handes of his seruauntes, shippes, and seruauntes that had knowledge of the sea: and they went with the seruauntes of Solomon to Ophir, and caryed thence foure hundred and fyftie talentes of golde, and brought it to king Solomon.


1 And when the queene of Saba hearde of the fame of Solomon, she came to proue him in hard questions at Hierusalem, with a verie great companie, with camels that bare spices, and plentie of golde, and precious stones: And when she was come to Solomon, she communed with him of all that she had in her heart.
2 And Solomon soyled her all her questions: and there was not one word hyd from Solomon, which he tolde her not.
3 And when the queene of Saba had seene the wisdome of Solomon, and the house that he had buylt,
4 And the meate of his table, the sitting of his seruauntes, and the standing of his wayters, their apparell, his butlars, their apparell, his goyng vp by the whiche he went into the house of Lord: there was no more spirite in her.
5 And she sayde to the king: The saying which I hearde in myne owne lande of thyne actes and of thy wisdome, is true.
6 I beleued not the wordes of them, vntill I came and myne eyes had seene it: And beholde, the one halfe of thy wysdome was not tolde me: for thou exceedest the same that I hearde.
7 Happy are thy men, and happy are these thy seruauntes which stand before thee alway, and heare thy wysdome.
8 Blessed be the Lorde thy God, whiche had lust to thee, to set thee [king] on his seate, that thou mightest be king for the Lord thy God: because thy God loueth Israel [and hath delyte] to make them continue euer, therefore made he thee king ouer them, to do right and equitie.
9 And she gaue the king an hundred and twentie talentes of golde, and of spices exceeding great aboundaunce, and precious stones: neither was ther any more such spyce as the queene of Saba gaue king Solomon.
10 And the seruauntes of Hiram and the seruauntes of Solomon which brought gold from Ophir, brought also Algume wood and precious stones.
11 And the king made of the Algume wood stayres in the house of the Lorde and in the kinges palace, & harpes, and psalteries for singers: And there was none such wood seene before in the land of Iuda .
12 And king Solomon gaue to the queene of Saba euery pleasant thing that she asked, besides that which she had brought vnto the king: And so she turned and went away to her owne lande with her seruauntes.
13 The waight of golde that came to Solomon in one yere, was sixe hundred threescore and sixe talentes of golde:
14 Besides that which chapmen & marchauntes brought: and all the kinges of Arabia and rulers of that countrey brought golde and siluer to Solomon.
15 And king Solomon made two hundred tarkets of beaten golde: and sixe hundred sicles of beaten golde were spet vpon one target.
16 And three hundred shieldes made he of beaten golde, & one shielde cost three hundred peeces of golde: and the king put them in the house that was in the forest of Libanon .
17 And the king made a great seate of yuory, & ouerlayde it with pure golde.
18 And there were sixe steps to the seate, with a footestoole of golde fastened to the seate: and pommels on eche syde of the sitting place, and two lions standing by the pommels.
19 And twelue lions stoode on the one side and on the other vpon the sixe steppes: so that there was no such worke made in any kingdome.
20 And all the drinking vessels of king Solomon were of golde, and al the vessels of the house that was in the forest of Libanon were of precious golde: for siluer was counted nothing worth in the dayes of Solomon.
21 For the kinges shippes went to Tharsis with the seruauntes of Hiram, euery three yeres once came the shippes to Tharsis, and brought golde, siluer, yuorie, and apes, and pecockes.
22 And king Solomon passed all the kinges of the earth, in richesse & wysedome.
23 And all the kinges of the earth sought the presence of Solomon, to heare his wysedome that God had put in his heart.
24 And they brought euery man his present, vessels of siuer, & vessels of golde, rayment, harnesse, spises, horses, and mules, and whatsoeuer might be gotten yere by yere.
25 And Solomon had foure thousand stalles for horses, and charrettes, and twelue thousand horsemen: whom he bestowed in the charet cities, and [some were] with the king at Hierusalem.
26 And he raigned ouer all the kinges that were from Euphrates, vnto the lande of the Philistines, and to the border of Egypt .
27 And the king made siluer in Hierusalem as plenteous as stones, and Cedar trees as plenteous as ye Mulberie trees that growe in the valleys:
28 And they brought vnto Solomon horses, out of Egypt, and out of all landes.
29 The rest of the actes of king Solomon first and last, are they not written in the sayings of Nathan the prophete, and in the prophecie of Ahiah the Silonite, and in the visions of Iddo the sear of visions against Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat?
30 And Solomon raigned in Hierusalem vpon all Israel fouretie yeres.
31 And Solomon slept with his fathers: and they buried him in the citie of Dauid his father, & Rehoboam his sonne raigned in his steade.


1 And Rehoboam went to Sichem: for to Sichem were all Israel come together to make him king.
2 And when Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat (which was fled into Egypt from the presence of Solomon the king) heard it, he returned out of Egypt .
3 And they sent and called him: And so Ieroboam and all they of Israel , came and communed with Rehoboam, saying:
4 Thy father layde a greeuous yoke vpon vs: nowe therefore remit thou somewhat of the greeuous seruice of thy fafather, & of his heauy yoke that he put vpon vs, and we wyll serue thee.
5 And he saide to them: Come againe vnto me after three dayes. And the people departed.
6 And king Rehoboam counsailed with the elders that had stande before Solomon his father while he yet lyued, and he saide: what counsaile geue ye me, to aunswere this people againe?
7 And they tolde him, saying: If thou be kinde to this people, and shewe thy selfe lowlie to them, and speake louyng wordes to them, they wyll be thy seruauntes for euer.
8 But he left the counsaile which the elders gaue him, and toke counsaile with the young men that were growen vp with him, and that stoode in his presence.
9 And he saide vnto them: What aduise geue ye, that we may aunswere this people, which haue communed with me, saying, Abate somewhat of the yoke which thy father did put vpon vs?
10 And the young men that were growen vp with him, spake vnto him, saying, Thus shalt thou aunswere the people that speake to thee, saying: Thy father made our yoke heauy, but make thou it somewhat lighter for vs: Thus shalt thou say vnto the, My litle finger, shalbe heauier then my fathers loynes.
11 For where my father put a heauy yoke vpon you, I will put more to your yoke: My father chastised you with whyppes, but I wyll chastise you with scourges.
12 And so Ieroboam and all the people came to Rehoboam the third day, as the king bade, saying, Come againe to me the third day.
13 And the king aunswered them cruelly: and king Rehoboam left the counsaile of the aged men,
14 And aunswered them after the aduise of the young men, saying: My father made your yoke greeuous, and I wyll adde thereto: my father chastised you with whyppes, but I wyll chastise you with scourges.
15 And so the king hearkened not vnto the people: but the occasion came of God, that the Lorde might make good his saying which he spake by the hand of Ahia the Silonite to Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat.
16 And when all they of Israel saw that the king woulde not agree vnto them, the people aunswered the king, saying: What portion haue we in Dauid? For we haue no inheritaunce in the sonne of Isai: Euery man to his tent oh Israel , and nowe Dauid, see to thyne owne house. And so all Israel gat them to their tentes:
17 So that Rehoboam raigned ouer no mo of the children of Israel then dwelt in the cities of Iuda.
18 Then king Rehoboam also sent Haduram that was ruler ouer the tribute, and the children of Israel stoned him with stones, that he dyed: But king Rehoboam made speede to get him vp to his charet, to flee to Hierusalem.
19 And they of Israel rebelled against the house of Dauid vnto this day.


1 And when Rehoboam was come to Hierusalem, he gathered of the house of Iuda and Beniamin, nine score thousand chosen men of warre, to fight against Israel , & to bring the kingdome againe to Rehoboam.
2 And the worde of the Lorde came to Semiahu the man of God, saying:
3 Speake vnto Rehoboam the sonne of Solomon king of Iuda, & to all them of Israel that are in Iuda and Beniamin, and say:
4 Thus saith the Lord, Ye shall not go vp nor fight against your brethren: returne euery man to his house, for this thing is done of me. And they obeyed the wordes of the Lorde, and returned from going against Ieroboam.
5 And Rehoboam dwelt in Hierusalem, and built strong cities in Iuda.
6 He built vp Bethlehem, & Etam, and Thekoa,
7 Bethzur, Socho, and Adullam,
8 Gath, and Maresa, and Ziph,
9 Adurahim, Lachis, and Azecah,
10 Zoraa, Aialon, and Hebron, which is in Iuda and Beniamin, strong cities.
11 And he repaired the strong holdes, and put captaynes in them, and store of vittaile, and wine, and oyle:
12 And in all cities he put shieldes and speares, & made them exceeding strong, hauing Iuda and Beniamin on his syde.
13 And the priestes and the Leuites that were in all Israel , resorted to him out of all their coastes.
14 For the Leuites left their suburbes, and their possession, and came to Iuda and Hierusalem: For Ieroboam and his sonnes had cast them out from ministring vnto the Lorde.
15 And he ordayned him priestes for the high places, for the deuils, and for the calues which he had made.
16 And after the Leuites, there went out all the tribes of Israel, such as submitted their heartes to seeke the Lord God of Israel, and came to Hierusalem to offer vnto the Lorde God of their fathers.
17 And so they strengthed the kingdome of Iuda, & made Rehoboam the sonne of Solomon mightie three yeres long: for three yeres they walked in the way of Dauid and Solomon.
18 And Rehoboam toke him Mahalath the daughter of Ierimoth the sonne of Dauid to wyfe, and Abihail the daughter of Eliab the sonne of Isai.
19 Which bare him children, Ieus, Samaria , and Zaham.
20 And after her he toke Maacha the daughter of Absolon, which bare him Abia, Atthai, Ziza, and Selomith.
21 And Rehoboam loued Maacha the daughter of Absolo aboue al his wyues and concubines: for he toke eyghteene wyues and threescore concubines, and begat twentie and eyght sonnes & threescore daughters.
22 And Rehoboam made Abia the sonne of Maacha, the chiefe ruler among his brethren: for he thought to make him king.
23 And he played wyselie, and scattered all his children throughout al the countryes of Iuda and Beniamin vnto euery strong citie, and he gaue them aboundaunce of vittaile, and obtayned many wyues.


1 And it came to passe, that when Rehoboam had stablished the kingdome & became mightie, he forsooke the law of the Lorde, and all Israel with him.
2 And it fortuned, that in the fifth yere of king Rehoboam, Sesac the king of Egypt came vp against Hierusalem, because they had transgressed against the Lorde,
3 With twelue hundred charettes, and threescore thousand horsemen: And the people wer without number that came with him out of Egypt, Lubim, Suckim, and the blacke Moores.
4 And he toke the strong cities in Iuda, and came to Hierusalem.
5 Then came Semeia the prophete to Rehoboam and to the Lordes of Iuda that were gathered together within Hierusalem for Sesac, and saide vnto them: Thus saith the Lorde, Ye haue left me, and therefore haue I also left you in the handes of Sesac.
6 Whereupon the lordes of Israel and the king humbled themselues, and said: The Lorde is righteous.
7 And when the Lorde saw that they submitted them selues, the worde of the Lorde came to Semeia, saying: They submit them selues, therefore I wyl not destroye them, but I wyll deliuer them somewhat, and my wrath shall not be powred out vpon Hierusalem by the hand of Sesac.
8 Neuerthelesse, they shalbe his seruauntes: to knowe what difference is betweene my seruice and the seruice of the kingdomes of the worlde.
9 And so Sesac king of Egypt came to Hierusalem, & toke away the treasures of the house of the Lorde, and the treasures of the kinges house, he toke euen all: and he carryed away the shieldes of golde which Solomon made.
10 In steade of which, king Rehoboam made shieldes of brasse, and committed them to the handes of the chiefe of the garde, & that kept the entraunce of the kinges house.
11 And it came to passe, that when the king entred into the house of the Lorde, the garde came and fet them, & brought them againe vnto the gard chamber.
12 And when he humbled himselfe, the wrath of the Lorde turned from him, that he woulde not destroy altogether: and in Iuda all was well.
13 And so king Rehoboam waxed mightie, & raigned in Hierusalem: And Rehoboam was one and fourtie yeres olde when he began to raigne, and he raigned seuenteene yeres in Hierusalem, the citie which the Lorde had chosen out of all the tribes of Israel to put his name there: And his mothers name was Naama, an Ammonitesse.
14 And he did euill, because he prepared not his heart to seeke the Lorde.
15 The actes also of Rehoboam first and last, are they not written in the sayinges of Semeia the prophete, & of Iddo the sear, which noted the genealogie? And there was warre alway betweene Rehoboam and Ieroboam.
16 And Rehoboam slept with his fathers, and was buried in the citie of Dauid, and Abia his sonne raigned in his steade.


1 The eyghteenth yere of king Ieroboam began Abia to raigne ouer Iuda.
2 And he raigned three yeres in Hierusalem: (His mothers name also was Michaiahu, the daughter of Uriel of Gibea:) And ther was warre betweene Abia and Ieroboam.
3 And Abia set the battaile in aray with the armie of valiaunt men of warre, eue foure hundred thousand chosen men: And Ieroboam set him selfe in aray to fight agaynst hym with eyght hundred thousand pickt men, which were strong, and men of armes.
4 And Abia stoode vp vpon Zemaraim, an hill which is in mount Ephraim , and saide: Heare me thou Ieroboam and al Israel .
5 Do not you knowe how that the Lord God of Israel gaue the kingdome ouer them of Israel to Dauid for euer, euen to him and to his sonnes, with a salted couenaunt?
6 And Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat the seruaunt of Solomon the sonne of Dauid is risen vp, and hath rebelled against his lorde.
7 And there gathered to him lewde men, the children of Belial, and preuailed against Rehoboam the sonne of Solomon, when Rehoboam was young and tender hearted, and could not stand before them.
8 And now ye say, that ye be able to preuaile against the kingdome of the Lord, which is in the hande of the sonnes of Dauid, and ye be a great multitude, and haue the golden calues which Ieroboam made you for gods.
9 And haue ye not cast out the priestes of the Lorde the sonnes of Aaron and the Leuites, and haue made you priestes after the maner of the nations of other landes? so that whosoeuer commeth & consecrateth his hande with a young oxe and seuen rammes, the same may be a priest of them that are no gods.
10 But we belong vnto the Lorde our God whom we haue not forsaken, and the priestes are the sonnes of Aaron which minister vnto the Lorde, and the Leuites wayte vpon their office.
11 They burne vnto the Lorde euery morning and euening burnt sacrifices, and sweete incense: the shewe bread set they in order vpon a pure table, and prepare the candelsticke of golde with the lampes of the same to burne euer at eue: And truly we kept the watch of the lord our God, but ye haue forsaken him.
12 And beholde, God him selfe is our captayne, and his priestes blowe with the trumpettes and crie alarum against you. O ye children of Israel , fight not against the Lorde God of your fathers: for it wyll not prosper with you.
13 But for all that, Ieroboam conuayed men priuyly about, to come behinde the: and so they were before Iuda, and the layers in wayte were behinde them.
14 And when they of Iuda loked about, beholde the battaile was before and behinde, and they cryed vnto the Lorde, and the priestes blewe with the trumpettes,
15 And the men of Iuda gaue a showte: And as the men of Iuda showted, it came to passe that God smote Ieroboam and all Israel before Abia and Iuda.
16 And the children of Israel fled before Iuda, and God delyuered them into their hande.
17 And Abia and his people slue a great slaughter of them: There fell downe wounded of Israel fiue hundred thousand chosen men.
18 And so the children of Israel were brought vnder at that time, & the children of Iuda preuayled, because they leaned vnto the Lorde God of their fathers.
19 And Abia folowed after Ieroboam, and toke cities from him, Bethel with the townes belonging thereto, Iesana with the townes that belonged thereto, and Ephron with her townes.
20 And Ieroboam recouered no strength againe in the dayes of Abia: And the Lorde plagued him, and he dyed.
21 But Abia waxed mightie, and maryed foureteene wiues, and begat twentie and two sonnes, and sixteene daughters.
22 The rest of the actes of Abia, his maners and his sayinges, are written in the story of the prophete Iddo.


1 So Abia slept with his fathers, and they buryed him in the citie of Dauid, and Asa his sonne raigned in his steade, in whose dayes the lande was in quietnesse ten yeres.
2 And Asa did that was good & right in the eyes of the Lorde his God.
3 For he toke away straunge aulters and the high places, and brake downe the images, and cut downe the groues:
4 And commaunded Iuda to seeke the Lorde God of their fathers, and to do according to the lawe and commaundement.
5 And he put away out of all the cities of Iuda the high places & the images: & the kingdome was quiet before him.
6 And he built strong cities in Iuda, because the lande was in rest, and he had no warre in those yeres: for the Lorde had geuen him rest.
7 Therefore he saide vnto Iuda: let vs builde these cities, & make about them walles, towres, gates, and barres, for the lande is yet in rest before vs: because we haue sought the Lorde our God, we haue sought him, and he hath geuen vs rest on euery side. And so they built, and it prospered with them.
8 And Asa had an armie of men that bare shieldes and speares out of Iuda three hundred thousand, & out of Beniamin that bare shieldes & drewe bowes two hundred and fourescore thousand: all these were valiaunt men.
9 And there came out against them Zarah the blacke Morian with an hoast of ten hundred thousand, & three hundred charettes, & came as farre as Maresa.
10 And Asa went out before him, and they ioyned the battaile in the valley of Zephata , beside Maresa.
11 And Asa cryed vnto the Lorde his God, and saide: Lorde, it is no harde thing with thee to helpe with many or them that haue no power: Helpe vs therfore O Lorde our God, for we trust to thee, and in thy name we go against this multitude: Thou art the Lord our God, and no man shall preuaile against thee.
12 So the Lord smote the blacke Moores before Asa and Iuda, and the blacke Moores fled.
13 And Asa & the people that was with him, folowed after them vnto Gerar: And the blacke Moores hoast was ouerthrowen, that there was none of them left, but were destroyed before the Lord and before his hoast: And they caryed away a mightie great pray.
14 And they smote all the cities rounde about Gerar, for the feare of the Lorde came vpon them: And they spoyled all the cities, & there was exceeding much spoyle in them.
15 They smote also the tentes of cattaile, and caryed away plentie of sheepe and camels, and returned to Hierusalem,


1 And the spirite of God came on Azaria the sonne of Obed,
2 And he went out to meete Asa, and said vnto him: Heare me Asa, and al Iuda and Beniamin, the Lorde is with you, while ye be with him: and when ye seeke him, he wyll be founde of you: and againe when ye forsake him, he also wyll forsake you.
3 Nowe for a long season Israel hath ben without the true God, and without priestes to teache, and without law.
4 And when any man in his trouble did turne vnto the Lorde God of Israel and sought him, he was found of them.
5 And in that time there was no peace to him that did go out and in, but great sedition was there among all the inhabiters of the earth.
6 And nation was destroyed of nation, and citie of citie: for God did moue all aduersitie among them.
7 Play ye therefore the men, and let not your handes slacke: for your worke shal be rewarded.
8 And when Asa heard those wordes, and the prophecie of Azaria the sonne of Obed the prophete, he toke courage, and put away the abhominable idols out of all the lande of Iuda and Beniamin, and out of the cities which he wan in mount Ephraim, and renued the aulter of the Lorde that was before the porche of the Lorde.
9 And he gathered al Iuda and Beniamin, and the straungers with them, out of Ephraim, Manasse, & Simeon: For there fell many to him out of Israel , when they sawe that the Lord his God was with him.
10 So they assembled together at Hierusale the third moneth, the fifteenth yere of the raigne of Asa.
11 And they offered vnto the Lorde the same time of the spoyle which they had brought, seuen hundred oxen, and seuen thousand sheepe.
12 And they made a couenaunt to seeke the Lorde God of their fathers, with all their heart, and all their soule.
13 And whosoeuer woulde not seeke the Lorde God of Israel , shoulde dye for it, whether he were small or great, man or woman.
14 And they sware vnto the Lorde with a loude voyce, showting and blowing with trumpettes and shawmes.
15 And all they in Iuda reioyced at the oth: for they had sworne vnto the Lord with all their heart, & sought him with all their lust, and he was found of them: And the Lorde gaue them rest rounde about on euery syde.
16 And king Asa put Maacha his mother out of aucthoritie, because she had made an abhominable idol in a groue: And Asa broke downe her idol, & stamped it, & burnt it at the brooke Cedron.
17 But al the high places were not taken away out of Israel , though the heart of Asa was perfect all his dayes.
18 And he brought into the house of God the thinges that his father had dedicate, and that he him selfe had dedicate: euen siluer, and golde, and iewels.
19 And there was no more warre vnto the thirtie and fiue yere of the raigne of Asa.


1 In the thirtie and sixth yere of the raigne of Asa, came Baasa king of Israel against Iuda, & built Rama, to the intent that he would let none passe out or in to Asa king of Iuda.
2 And Asa set out golde and siluer out of the treasures of the house of the Lord, & [out] of the kings house, and sent to Benhadad king of Syria that dwelt at Darmesec, and saide:
3 There is a confederation betweene me and thee, betweene my father and thyne: beholde I haue sent thee siluer and golde, that thou wilt come & breake thyne appoyntment with Baasa king of Israel, that he may departe from me.
4 And Benhadad graunted vnto king Asa, and sent the captaynes of his armies to the cities of Israel : and they smote Iion, Dan, and Abelmaim, & all the strong cities of Nephthali.
5 And when Baasa heard this, he left building of Rama, and let his worke ceasse.
6 And then Asa the king toke all Iuda, and caryed away the stones and timber of Rama wherewith Baasa was a building, and he built therewith Geba and Mispah.
7 At that time Hanani the sear came to Asa king of Iuda, and saide vnto him: Because thou hast trusted in the king of Syria , and not rather put thy trust in the Lord thy God, therfore is the hoast of the king of Syria escaped out of thine hande.
8 Had not the blacke Moores and Lubim an exceeding great hoast, with many charettes and horsemen? And yet because thou trustedst in the Lorde, he deliuered them into thyne hande.
9 For the eyes of the Lorde beholde all the earth, to strength them that are of perfect heart toward him: Herein thou hast done foolishly, and therefore from hencefoorth thou shalt haue warre.
10 And so Asa was wroth with the sear, and put him into a prison house, for he was displeased with him because of this thing: And Asa destroyed [certaine] of the people the same season.
11 And beholde, these deedes of Asa first and last, are written in the booke of the kinges of Iuda and Israel .
12 And Asa in the thirtie and ninth yere of his raigne fell sicke in his feete, and that his disease continued very long: And in his sickenesse he sought not the lord, but phisitions.
13 And Asa slept with his fathers, and dyed in the fourtie and one yere of his raigne.
14 And they buried him in his owne sepulchre which he had made for himselfe in the citie of Dauid, and layde him in the bed which he had filled with diuers kindes of spices, & sweete odours made by the craft of the appothecaries: and burnt very much spice about him.


1 And Iehosaphat his sonne raigned in his steade, and preuailed against Israel .
2 And he put souldiers in all the strong cities of Iuda, and set rulers in the lande of Iuda, and in the cities of Ephraim which Asa his father had wonne.
3 And the Lorde was with Iehosaphat, because he walked in the olde wayes of his father Dauid, and sought not Baalim,
4 But sought the Lorde God of his father, and walked in his commaundementes, and not after the doinges of Israel .
5 And the Lorde stablished the kingdome in his hande, & all they that were in Iuda brought him presentes, so that he had aboundaunce of richesse and honour.
6 And he lyft vp his heart vnto the wayes of the Lorde, and he put downe yet more of the high places and groues out of Iuda.
7 In the third yere of his raigne he sent to his lordes, euen to Benhail, Obadia, Zacharia, Nethanel, and to Michaiahu, that they shoulde teache in the cities of Iuda:
8 And with them he sent Leuites, euen Semeiahu, Nethaniahu, Zebadiahu, Asael, Semiramoth, Iehonathan, Adoniahu, Tobiahu, & Tob adoniahu, & with them Elisama, and Iehoram, priestes.
9 And they taught in Iuda, and had the booke of the lawe of God with them, and went about throughout all the cities of Iuda, and taught the people.
10 And the feare of the Lorde fell vpon all the kingdomes of the landes that were rounde about Iuda, and they fought not against Iehosaphat.
11 And some of the Philistines brought Iehosaphat giftes, and tribute siluer, and therto the Arabians brought him cattaile, euen seuen thousand and seuen hundred rammes, and seuen thousand and seuen hundred hee goates.
12 And so Iehosaphat prospered, and grew vp an hie: And he built in Iuda castels and cities of store.
13 And he had great substaunce in the cities of Iuda: but the men of armes and strongest souldiers were in Hierusalem.
14 And these are the offices of them in the house of their fathers: the captaines ouer thousandes in Iuda, Adna the captayne, and with him of fighting men three hundred thousand.
15 And next to his hand was Iehohanan a captayne, and with him two hundred and fourescore thousand.
16 And next him was Amazia the sonne of Zichri, which of his owne good wyll offered him selfe vnto the Lorde, and with him two hundred thousand mightie men of warre.
17 And of the children of Beniamin, Eliada a man of might, and with him armed men with bowe and shielde two hundred thousand.
18 And next him was Iehosabad, and with him an hundred and fourescore thousand, that were prepared for the warre.
19 These wayted on the king, besides those which the king put in the strong cities throughout all Iuda.


1 And Iehosaphat had aboudaunce of richesse and honour, and ioyned affinitie with Ahab.
2 And after certayne yeres he went downe to Ahab to Samaria : And Ahab slue many sheepe and oxen for him and for the people that he had with him, and entreated him to go vp with him vnto Ramoth [in] Gilead .
3 And Ahab king of Israel saide vnto Iehosaphat king of Iuda: wylt thou go with me to Ramoth [in] Gilead ? And he aunswered him: I wyll be as thou, and my people shall be as thyne [and we wyll go] with thee to the warre.
4 And Iehosaphat saide vnto the king of Israel : Seke counsel I pray thee at the worde of the Lorde this same day.
5 Therfore the king of Israel gathered together of prophetes foure hundred men, & saide vnto them: Shall we go to Ramoth [in] Gilead to fight, or should I ceasse? And they saide: Go vp, & God shall deliuer it into the kinges hand.
6 But Iehosaphat saide: Is there yet here neuer a prophete more of the Lordes, that we myght aske of him?
7 And the king of Israel said vnto Iehosaphat: There is yet one man by who we may aske the Lorde: but I hate him, for he neuer prophecieth me good, but alway euill, and the same is Michea the sonne of Iemla. And Iehosaphat sayde, Let not the king say so.
8 And the king of Israel called one of his chamberlaynes, and sayde: Fetch hyther quickly Michea the sonne of Iemla.
9 And the king of Israel and Iehosaphat king of Iuda, sate eyther of them on his seate in their apparell, in a thresshing floore beside the gate of Samaria, & al the prophetes prophecied before the.
10 And one Zedekia the sonne of Chanaana had made him hornes of iron, and sayde, thus sayth the Lorde: With these thou shalt pushe Syria , vntill they be brought to naught.
11 And all the prophetes prophecied euen so, saying, Go vp to Ramoth [in] Gilead , & it shall prosper with thee: for the Lord shall deliuer it into the hand of the king.
12 And the messenger that went to call Michea, spake to him, saying: Behold, the wordes of the prophetes speake good to the king with one assent: let thy wordes therefore I pray thee be like one of theirs, that thou speake that whiche is pleasaunt.
13 And Michea sayde: As the Lorde liueth, euen what my God sayth, that wil I speake.
14 And when he was come to the king, the king sayd vnto him: Michea, should we go to Ramoth [in] Gilead to fight, or leaue of? And he sayd: Go vp, & al shalbe well, and they shalbe deliuered into your hande.
15 And the king sayde to him: So and so many times do I charge thee that thou say nothing but the trueth to me in the name of the Lorde.
16 Then he sayd: I did see all them of Israel scattered in the mountaynes, as sheepe that haue no sheephard: And the Lorde sayde, These haue no maister, let them returne euery man therfore to his house in peace.
17 And the king of Israel said vnto Iehosaphat: Did I not tel thee, that he would not prophecie good vnto me, but euyll?
18 But he said againe, Therfore heare ye the word of the Lord: I saw the Lord sit vpon his seate, and all the companie of heauen stoode on his right hande and on his left.
19 And the Lord sayd: Who shall deceaue Ahab king of Israel, that he may go vp and be ouerthrowne at Ramoth [in] Gilead? And one sayde this, another that.
20 And there came out a spirite, & stoode before the Lorde, and sayde: I will deceaue him. And the Lorde sayde vnto him, Wherin?
21 And he sayde: I wil go out and be a lying spirite in the mouth of all his prophetes. And the Lord sayd, Thou shalt deceaue him, and shalt preuayle: go out, and do euen so.
22 And nowe therfore behold the Lorde hath put a lying spirite in the mouthes of [all] these thy prophetes, and the Lord hath spoken euyll against thee.
23 And Zedekia the sonne of Chanaana went to, and smote Michea vpon the cheeke, & sayde: By what way went the spirite of the Lorde from me, to speake with thee?
24 And Michea sayd: Beholde, thou shalt see the day whe thou shalt go fro chamber to chamber, for to hyde thy selfe.
25 And the king of Israel sayd: Take ye Michea, and bring him to Amon the gouerner of the citie, & to Ioas the kinges sonne.
26 And ye shall say, thus sayth the king: Put this felowe in the prison house, and feede him with bread of affliction and water of trouble, vntil I come againe in peace.
27 And Michea said: If thou come againe in peace, then hath not the Lord spoken by me. And he sayde: Hearken to ye people euery one of you.
28 And so the king of Israel and Iehosaphat the king of Iuda, went vp to Ramoth [in] Gilead .
29 And the king of Israel sayde vnto Iehosaphat, I must chaunge me when I go to the battell: but see that thou haue thyne owne apparel vpon thee. And the king of Israel chaunged him selfe, and they came to the battel.
30 But the king of Syria had commaunded the captaynes of the charets that were with him, saying: See that ye fight not against small or great, saue against the king of Israel only.
31 And when the captaynes of the charets saw Iehosaphat, they sayd, It is ye king of Israel : And therfore they compassed about hym to fight. But Iehosaphat cried out, and the Lord helped him, and God chased them away from him.
32 For it came to passe, that when the captaynes of the charets perceaued that it was not the king of Israel , they turned backe againe from him.
33 And a certayne man drewe a bow with all his might, and smote the king of Israel beweene the ioyntes of his habergin, and he sayde to his charetman: Turne thyne hand, that thou mayst carie me out of the hoast, for I am wounded.
34 And the battel increased that day: Howbeit the king of Israel caused his charet to stand still against the Syrians vntill euen: And about the time of the sunne goyng downe, he died.


1 And Iehosaphat the king of Iuda came home againe in peace to Hierusalem.
2 And Iehu the sonne of Hanani the sear went out to meete him, and sayd to king Iehosaphat: Wouldest thou helpe the vngodly, and loue them that hate the Lorde? Therfore is wrath come downe vpon thee from before the Lorde:
3 Neuerthelesse, there are some good actes founde in thee, in that thou hast hewen downe the groues out of the lande, and hast prepared thyne heart to seke God.
4 And Iehosaphat dwelt at Hierusalem, and turned and went out to the people from Beerseba to mount Ephraim , and brought them againe vnto the Lorde God of their fathers.
5 And he set iudges in the lande throughout all the strong cities of Iuda, citie by citie:
6 And sayde to the iudges, Take heede what ye do: for ye execute not the iudgementes of man, but of God, whiche is with you in the iudgement.
7 Wherfore now let the feare of the Lord be vpon you, and take heede, & be doyng [the thing that pleaseth hym] for there is no vnrighteousnes with the Lorde our God, that he shoulde haue any respect of persons, or take rewardes.
8 Moreouer, in Hierusalem did Iehosaphat set of the Leuites, & of the priestes, and of the auncient fathers, ouer Israel in the iudgement and cause of the Lord: And they returned againe to Hierusale.
9 And he charged them, saying, Thus shal ye do in the feare of the Lord faythfully, and with a pure heart:
10 What cause soeuer come to you of your brethren that dwell in their cities, betweene blood and blood, betweene lawe and commaundemet, betweene statutes and ordinaunces: ye shall warne them that they trespasse not against ye Lorde, and so wrath come vpon you and your brethren: Thus do, & ye shal not offende.
11 And beholde, Amaria the hie priest is among you in all matters of the Lorde, and Zebadia the sonne of Ismael, a ruler of the house of Iuda for all the kinges matters: There be officers of the Leuites also before you, Take courage to you therfore, and be doyng [manfully] and the Lorde shalbe with such as be good.


1 After this also, it fortuned that the children of Moab and the children Ammon, & with them other of the Ammonites came against Iehosaphat to battell.
2 And there came some that told Iehosaphat, saying: There commeth a great multitude against thee from the other side of the sea, and out of Syria , and behold they be in Hasason Thamar, which is Engadi.
3 And Iehosaphat feared, & set him selfe to seke the Lorde: and proclaymed fasting throughout all Iuda.
4 And they that were in Iuda gathered the selues together to aske counsel of the Lord: And they came out of al the cities of Iuda, to make intercession to ye lord.
5 And Iehosaphat stoode betweene the congregation of Iuda & Hierusalem in the house of ye Lord before the new court,
6 And sayd: O Lord God of our fathers, art not thou God in heauen, and raignest not thou on all the kingdomes of the Heathen, and in thyne hande is power and might, and there is no man that is able to withstande thee?
7 Art not thou our God, whiche diddest cast out the inhabiters of this lande before thy people Israel, & gauest it to the seede of Abraham thy louer for euer?
8 And they dwelt therin, and haue buylt thee a teple therin for thy name, saying:
9 If euyll come vpon vs, as the sword of iudgement, pestilence or hunger: then, if we stande before this house in thy presence (for thy name is in this house) and crye vnto thee in our tribulation, heare thou, and helpe.
10 And nowe beholde the children of Ammon and Moab, and mount Seir, by whom thou wouldest not let them of Israel go when they came out of the lande of Egypt, but they departed from them, and destroyed them not:
11 See howe they rewarde vs, to come for to cast vs out of thy possession whiche thou hast geuen vs to inherite.
12 O our God, wilt thou not iudge them? for we haue no might against this great companie that commeth against vs: neither wote we what to do, but our eyes be vnto thee.
13 And all Iuda stoode before the Lorde, with their young ones, their wiues, and their children.
14 And there was Iahaziel the sonne of Zacharia, the sonne of Banaia, the sonne of Iehiel, the sonne of Matthania, a Leuite, of the sonnes of Asaph, & vpon hym came the spirite of the Lorde euen in the middes of the congregation:
15 And he sayd, Hearken all Iuda, and ye inhabiters of Hierusalem, and thou king Iehosaphat, thus sayth the Lorde vnto you: Be not afrayd nor faynt hearted by reason of this great multitude: for the battell is not yours, but Gods.
16 To morow go ye downe against them: behold they come vp by the clift of Ziz, and ye shall finde them at the ende of the brooke before the wildernesse of Ieruel
17 Ye shall not neede to fight in this battell: but steppe foorth and stand, and beholde the helpe of the Lorde whiche is with you: feare not, nor let your heartes fayle you O ye of Iuda and of Hierusalem: To morowe go out against them for, the Lord wilbe with you.
18 And Iehosaphat bowed his face to the earth, and all Iuda and the inhabiters of Hierusalem fel before the Lord, worshipping the Lorde.
19 And the Leuites of the children of the Caathites, & of the children of the Corahites, stoode vp to prayse the Lorde God of Israel with a loud voyce on hie.
20 And when they arose early in the morning, they gat them out vnto the wildernesse of Thekoa, and as they went out, Iehosaphat stoode and sayd, Heare me O Iuda, and ye inhabiters of Hierusalem: Put your trust in the Lorde your God, that ye may be founde faythfull: Geue credence to his prophetes, and so shall ye prosper.
21 When he had consulted with the people, and set some to sing vnto the Lorde, and to prayse him in the beautie of holinesse, and to go out before the armie, and to say, Prayse the Lorde, for his mercie lasteth euer.
22 And when they began to shout and to prayse, the Lord layde ambushementes against the children of Ammon , Moab , and mount Seir , whiche were come against Iuda: And they were ouerthrowen with strokes among theselues.
23 For the children of Ammon and Moab , rose against the inhabiters of mount Seir , and they slue and destroyed them: And when they had made an end of the inhabiters of Seir, euery one helped to destroy another among them selues.
24 And when Iuda came towarde Mispah in the wildernesse, they loked vnto the multitude: and beholde, they were dead carcasses fallen to the earth, and none escaped.
25 And when Iehosaphat and his people came to take away the spoyle of them, they founde among them aboundaunce of goods, rayment, & pleasaunt iewels, which they toke for them selues, more then they could cary away: so that they were three dayes in gathering of the spoyle, it was so much.
26 And the fourth day they assembled in the valley of blessing, for there they blessed the Lord: And therfore they called the name of the same place the valley of blessing, vnto this day.
27 And so all the men of Iuda and Hierusale returned with Iehosaphat their head, for to go againe to Hierusalem with gladnesse: for the Lord had made them to reioyce ouer their enemies.
28 And they came to Hierusalem with psalters and harpes, & shawmes, euen vnto the house of the Lorde.
29 And the feare of God fell on the kingdomes of all landes, when they had heard that the Lorde fought against the enemies of Israel .
30 And so the realme of Iehosaphat was in tranquillitie, and his God gaue him rest on euery side.
31 And Iehosaphat raigned vpon Iuda, and was thirtie & fiue yeres olde when he began to raigne, & he raigned twentie and fiue yeres in Hierusalem: And his mothers name was Azuba the daughter of Silhi.
32 And he walked in the way of Asa his father, and bowed not therfrom, doyng that which was right in the sight of the Lorde.
33 Howbeit the high places were not taken away: for the people had not yet prepared their heartes vnto the God of their fathers.
34 The rest of the actes of Iehosaphat first and last, behold they are written among the sayinges of Iehu the sonne of Hanani, which noted them in the booke of the kinges of Israel .
35 After this did Iehosaphat king of Iuda ioyne himselfe with Ahaziahu king of Israel , whose mind was to do wickedly.
36 He coupled him selfe with him, to make shippes to go to Tharsis: And they made the shippes in Ezion Gaber.
37 And Eliezer the sonne of Dodauah of Maresa prophesied against Iehosaphat, saying: Because thou hast ioyned thy selfe with Ahaziahu, ye lord hath broken thy workes. And the shippes were broke that they were not able to go to Tharsis.


1 Iehosaphat also slept with his fathers, and was buried with his fathers in the citie of Dauid: and Iehoram his sonne raigned in his steade.
2 And he had brethren whiche were the sonnes of Iehosaphat, Azaria, Iehiel, Zacharia, Azariahu, Michael, and Sephatiahu: All these are the sonnes of Iehosaphat king of Iuda.
3 And their father gaue the many great giftes of gold and siluer, and other speciall substaunce, with strong cities in Iuda: but the kingdome gaue he to Iehoram, for he was the eldest.
4 And Iehoram rose vp against the kingdome of his father, and preuayled, and slue all his brethren with the sworde, and diuers of the lordes of Israel .
5 Iehoram was thirtie and two yeres olde when he began to raigne, and he raigned eyght yeres in Hierusalem.
6 And he walked in the way of the kinges of Israel , like as dyd the house of Ahab, for he had the daughter of Ahab to wife: and he wrought euyll in the eyes of the Lorde.
7 Howbeit the Lord woulde not destroy the house of Dauid, because of the couenaunt that he had made with Dauid, as he promised to geue a light to hym and to his sonnes for euer.
8 In his dayes the Edomites rebelled when they were vnder the dominion of Iuda, and made them selues a king.
9 And Iehoram went foorth with his lordes, and all his charets were with him: and he rose vp by night, and smote the Edomites, which compassed him in, and the captaynes of the charets.
10 But Edom rebelled still, so that they woulde not be vnder the hande of Iuda vnto this day: That same time also dyd Libna depart from being vnder his hande, because he had forsaken the Lord God of his fathers.
11 Moreouer, he made high places in the mountaynes of Iuda, & caused the inhabiters of Hierusalem to commit fornication, and prouoked Iuda [to idolatrie.]
12 And there came a writing to him from Elia the prophete, saying, Thus sayth the Lord God of Dauid thy father: Because thou hast not walked in the wayes of Iehosaphat thy father, and in the wayes of Asa king of Iuda:
13 But walkedst in the wayes of the kinges of Israel, and hast made Iuda and the dwellers of Hierusalem to go a whoring like to the whordome of the house of Ahab, and hast slayne thy brethren, euen thy fathers house, whiche were better then thou:
14 Beholde, with a great plague will the Lorde smite thy folke, thy children, thy wyues, and all thy goods:
15 And thou shalt suffer great payne, euen a disease of thy bowels, vntill thy guttes fall out, by reason of thy sicknes day by day.
16 And so the Lorde stirred vp against Iehoram the spirite of the Philistines, and the Arabians that were besyde the blacke Moores .
17 And they came vp into Iuda, and wasted it, & caried away all the substaunce that was found in the kinges house, and his sonnes, and his wyues: so that there was neuer a sonne left hym, saue Iehohahaz, which was the youngest among his sonnes.
18 And after all these thinges, the Lorde smote him in his bowels with an incurable disease.
19 And it came to passe, that in processe of time, euen after the ende of two yeres, his guttes fell out in his sicknes, and so he died of very euyll diseases: And they made no burning for him, lyke the burning of his fathers.
20 When he began to raigne he was thirtie and two yeres olde, and raigned in Hierusalem eyght yeres, and liued wretchedly: howebeit they buried him in the citie of Dauid, but not among the sepulchres of the kinges.


1 And the inhabiters of Hierusalem made Ahaziahu his young sonne king in his stead: For the men of warre that came with the hoast of the Arabians, had slayne all his eldest sonnes: And so Ahaziahu the sonne of Iehoram king of Iuda was made king.
2 Two & fourtie yeres old was he when he began to raigne, and he raigned one yere in Hierusalem: His mothers name was Athaliahu, the daughter of Amri.
3 And he walked also in the wayes of the house of Ahab: for his mother by her counsel enticed him to do wickedly.
4 Wherfore he dyd that which was euyll in the sight of the Lord, as dyd they that were of the house of Ahab: for they were his counselers after the death of his father, to his destruction.
5 And he walked after their counsel, and went with Iehoram sonne of Ahab king of Israel , to fight against Hazael king of Syria at Ramoth [in] Gilead : and the Syrians smote Iehoram.
6 And he returned to be healed in Iezrahel, of the woundes whiche were geuen him at Rama, whe he fought with Hazael king of Syria : and Ahaziahu the sonne of Iehoram king of Iuda, went downe to see Iehoram the sonne of Ahab at Iezrahel, because he was diseased.
7 At it came of God that Ahaziahu shoulde be dispised for his comming to Iehoram: for when he was come, he went out with Iehoram against Iehu the sonne of Nimsi, whom ye Lord had annointed to destroy the house of Ahab.
8 And so it came to passe, that when Iehu was executing iustice vpon the house of Ahab, and had founde the lordes of Iuda and the sonnes of the brethren of Ahaziahu that wayted on Ahaziahu, he slue them.
9 And he sought Ahaziahu: & they caught him where he was hid in Samaria , and brought him to Iehu, and when they had slayne him, they buried him: because said they, he is the sonne of Iehosaphat, whiche sought the Lorde with all his heart: And the house of Ahaziahu had no powre to kepe still the kingdome.
10 But when Athaliahu the mother of Ahaziahu sawe that her sonne was dead, she arose and destroyed all the kinges seede in the kinred of the house of Iuda.
11 And Iehosabeth the daughter of the king, toke Ioas the sonne of Ahaziahu, and stale him from among the kinges sonnes that were slayne, & put him and his nurse in a priuie chamber: and so Iehosabeth the daughter of king Iehoram the wyfe of Iehoiada the priest, and the sister of Ahaziahu hid him from Athaliahu, that he was not slayne.
12 And so he was with them hyd in the house of God sixe yeres: and Athaliahu raigned ouer the lande.


1 And in the seuenth yere Iehoiada beyng bolde, toke the captaynes of hundredes, Azariah the sonne of Iehoram, & Ismael the sonne of Iehohanan, Azariahu the sonne of Obed, Maasiahu the sonne of Adaiahu, & Elisaphat the sonne of Zichri, & made a bonde with them.
2 And they went about in Iuda, and gathered the Leuites out of all the cities of Iuda, & the auncient fathers of Israel , and they came to Hierusalem.
3 And all the congregation made a bonde with the king in the house of God, and he sayd vnto them: Beholde, the kinges sonne must raigne, as the Lorde hath sayde of the children of Dauid.
4 This is it therfore that ye shal do: The thirde part of you shall on the Sabbath come to the priestes, Leuites, & kepers of the porches,
5 And another thirde part shalbe by the kinges house, and another thirde part shalbe at the gate of the foundation: and al the people shalbe in the courtes of the house of the Lorde.
6 But there shal none come into the house of the Lorde, saue the priestes and they that minister vnto the Leuites, they shall go in, for they are holy: but all the people shal kepe the watch of the Lord.
7 And the Leuites shall compasse the king round about, and euery man shall haue his weapon in his hand: and what other man soeuer doth come into the house [of the Lorde] he shalbe slayne: and let them be with the king when he commeth in and when he goeth out.
8 And the Leuites and all Iuda dyd according to al thinges that Iehoiada the priest had commaunded, and toke euery man his men that came in on the Sabbath, with them that went out on the Sabbath day: neither did Iehoiada the priest let the companies depart.
9 And Iehoiada the priest deliuered to the captaynes of hundredes, speares, shieldes, and bucklers, that had parteyned to king Dauid, and were in the house of God.
10 And he set all the people (euery man hauing his weapon in his hande) from the right side of the temple to the lift side of the temple, along by the aulter and the temple, rounde about the king.
11 And they brought out the kinges sonne, and put vpon him the crowne, and the testimonie, and made him king: and Iehoiada and his sonnes annoynted him, and sayde, God saue the king.
12 When Athaliahu hearde the noyse of the people running, and praysing the king, she came to the people into the house of the Lorde.
13 And she loked, and beholde the king stoode in his place at the entring in, and the lordes and the trumpettes were by the king, and all the people of the lande reioysed, blowing with trumpets, and the singers were with instrumentes of musicke, and such as could sing prayse: But Athaliahu rent her clothes, and sayde, Treason, treason.
14 And Iehoiada the priest went out to the captaynes of hundredes that were gouernours of the hoast, and sayde vnto them, Haue her foorth of the ranges: & whoso foloweth her, let him be slayne with the sword. For the priest sayd, that they should not slay her in the house of the Lorde.
15 And they layde handes on her till she was come to the entring of the horse gate beside the kinges house, and there they slue her.
16 And Iehoiada made a bond betweene him and al the people and the king, that they shoulde be the Lordes people.
17 And all the people went to the house of Baal, and destroyed it, and brake his aulters and his images, and slue Mathan the priest of Baal before the aulters.
18 And Iehoiada put the officers for the house of the Lord, vnder the hand of the priestes and Leuites, as Dauid had distributed them in the house of the Lord, to offer burnt offeringes vnto the Lord, as it is written in the lawe of Moyses, with reioysing and singing, as it was ordeyned by Dauid.
19 And he set porters by the gates of the house of the Lord, that none which was vncleane in any thing shoulde enter in.
20 And he toke the captaynes of hundredes, and all the nobles, and the gouernours of the people, and al the folke of the lande, and caused the king to come downe out of the house of the Lorde, and they came through the hye gate into the kinges house, & set the king vpon the seate of the kingdome.
21 And all the people of the land reioysed, and the citie was in tranquilitie after that they had slayne Athaliahu with the sworde.


1 Ioas was seuen yeres olde when he began to raigne, & he raigned fourtie yeres in Hierusalem: His mothers name also was Zibia of Beerseba.
2 And Ioas dyd that whiche was right in the sight of the Lorde all the dayes of Iehoiada the priest.
3 And Iehoiada toke him two wyues, and he begat sonnes and daughters.
4 And it chaunced after this, that Ioas was minded to renue the house of the Lorde.
5 And he gathered together the priestes and the Leuites, and sayde to them: Go out vnto the cities of Iuda, and gather of all Israel money to repaire the house of your God from yere to yere, and see that ye haste the thing: Howebeit the Leuites were slacke.
6 And the king called Iehoiada that was the chiefest, & sayd vnto him: Why requirest thou not of the Leuites to bring in out of Iuda and Hierusalem the collection of money, according to the commaundement of Moyses the seruaunt of the Lorde, and of the congregation of Israel for the tabernacle of witnesse?
7 For wicked Athaliahu and her children brake vp the house of God, and all the thinges that were dedicate for the house of the lord, did they bestow for Baalim.
8 And at the kinges commaundement they made a chest, and set it without at the gate of the house of the Lorde:
9 And made a proclamation through Iuda & Hierusalem, to bring in to the Lord the taxation of money that Moyses the seruaunt of God set vpon Israel in the wildernesse.
10 And the lordes and al the people reioysed, and brought in, & cast into the chest vntill it was full.
11 And it fortuned, that at the same time they brought in the chest vnto them whiche were in the kinges businesse by the hand of the Leuites, and when they sawe that there was much money, the kinges scribe, and one appoynted by the hye priest, came, and emptied the chest, and toke it, and caried it to his place agayne. Thus they dyd day by day, and gathered much money.
12 And the king and Iehoiada gaue it to such as dyd the labour and worke in the house of the Lorde, and hired masons and carpenters to repaire the house of the Lorde, and so dyd they artificers in iron and brasse to mende the house of the Lorde.
13 And so the workmen wrought, and the worke mended through their handes: and they made the house of God as it ought to be, and strengthed it.
14 And when they had finished it, they brought the rest of the money before the king and Iehoiada, and therwith were made vessels for the house of the Lorde, euen vessels to minister withall, [and to serue for burnt offringes] chargers and spoones, vessels of golde and siluer: And they offered burnt offringes in the house of the Lord continually all the dayes of Iehoiada.
15 But Iehoiada waxed olde, and dyed full of dayes: for an hundred and thirtie yeres olde was he when he died.
16 And they buried him in the citie of Dauid among the kinges, because he dealt well with Israel , and with God and with his house.
17 And after the death of Iehoiada, came the lordes of Iuda and made obeysaunce to the king: And the king hearkened vnto them.
18 And so they left the house of the Lorde God of their fathers, and serued groues and idoles, and then came the wrath of God vpon Iuda and Hierusalem for this their trespaces sake.
19 And he sent prophetes to them, to bring the againe vnto the Lord, & they testified vnto them: but they woulde not heare.
20 And the spirite of God came vpon Zacharia the sonne of Iehoiada the priest, which stoode by the people, and sayd vnto them, thus sayth God: Why transgresse ye the commaundementes of the Lorde, that ye can not prosper? For because ye haue forsaken the Lord, he also hath forsaken you.
21 And they conspired against him, and stoned him with stones at the commaundement of the king, euen in the court of the house of the Lorde.
22 And so Ioas the king remembred not ye kindnesse whiche Iehoiada his father had done to him, but slue his sonne: And when he died, he sayde, The Lorde loke vpon it, and require it.
23 And when the yere was out, it fortuned that the hoast of Syria came vp against him, and they came against Iuda and Hierusalem, and destroyed all the lordes of the people from among the people, and sent all the spoyle of them vnto the king to Damascon.
24 For the Syrians came with a small companie of men, and the Lorde deliuered a verie great hoast into their hande, because they had forsaken the Lord God of their fathers: And they gaue sentence against Ioas.
25 And when they were departed from him, they left him in great diseases: and his owne seruauntes conspired against him for the blood of the children of Iehoiada the priest, and slue hym on his bed, and he died: and they buried him in the citie of Dauid, but not in the sepulchres of the kinges.
26 And these are they that conspired against him: Zabad the sonne of Simeath an Ammonite, & Iehosabad the sonne of Simrith a Moabite.
27 And his sonnes, & the summe of the taxe that was raysed in his time, and the repairing of the house of God, beholde they are written in the storie of the booke of the kinges: and Amaziahu his sonne raigned in his steade.


1 Amaziahu was twentie and fiue yeres olde when he began to raigne, and he raigned twentie and nine yeres in Hierusale: His mothers name was Iehoadan, of Hierusalem.
2 And he dyd that which is right in the sight of the Lorde, but not with a perfect heart.
3 And assoone as he was setled in the kingdome, he slue his seruauntes that had killed the king his father.
4 But he slue not their children, because it is written thus in the lawe and booke of Moyses, where the Lorde commaunded, saying: The fathers shall not dye for the children, neither shall the children dye for the fathers, but euery man shall dye for his owne sinne.
5 And Amaziahu gathered Iuda together, and made them captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundredes, according to the houses of their fathers throughout all Iuda and Beniamin: And he numbred them from twentie yeres olde and aboue, and found among them three hundred thousande chosen men, able to go to battell, and that could handle speare and shield.
6 He hired also an hundred thousande strong fighting men out of Israel for an hundred talentes of siluer.
7 And there came a man of God to him, and sayde, O king, let not the armie of Israel come with thee: for the Lorde is not with Israel , [to wit] with al the children of Ephraim.
8 But if thou wilt needes [be saytlesse:] come on, and take the battell in hande, and God shall make thee fall before the enemie: For God hath power to helpe, and to cast downe.
9 And Amaziahu saide to the man of God: What shal we do then for the hundred talentes which I haue geuen for the hoast of Israel ? The man of God aunswered: The Lorde is able to geue thee much more then they be.
10 And Amaziahu separated them, [to wit] the armie that was come to him out of Ephraim, to go home againe: Wherefore they were exceeding wroth with Iuda, & returned home in great anger.
11 And Amaziahu toke heart, and caried out his people, and went to the salt valley, and smote of the children of Seir ten thousand.
12 And other ten thousand did the children of Iuda take alyue, & caried them vnto the top of a rocke, and cast them downe from the top of the rocke, that they all to burst.
13 But the souldiers of the armie which Amaziahu sent away that they should not go with his people to battaile, fell vpon the cities of Iuda from Samaria vnto Bethron, and smote three thousand of them, and toke much spoyle.
14 And it chaunced after that Amaziahu was come from the slaughter of the Edomites, he brought the gods of the children of Seir, and set them vp to be his gods, and bowed him selfe before them, and burned incense vnto them.
15 Wherfore the Lorde was wroth with Amaziahu, & sent vnto him a prophete, which saide vnto him: Why hast thou sought the gods of the people which were not able to delyuer their owne people out of thyne hande?
16 And it chaunced, that as ye prophete talked with him, the king saide vnto him: Haue men made thee of the kinges counsel: Ceasse, why wylt thou be beaten? And the prophete ceassed, and said: I am sure that God is minded to destroy thee, because thou hast done this, and agreest not vnto my counsell.
17 Then Amaziahu king of Iuda toke aduise, and sent to Ioas the sonne of Iehoahaz the sonne of Iehu king of Israel , and said: Come, that we way see either other.
18 And Ioas king of Israel sent to Amaziahu king of Iuda, saying: A thistle that is in Libanon, sent to a Cedar tree of Libanon, saying, Geue thy daughter to my sonne to wyfe: And there came a wylde beast of Libanon, and trode downe the thistle.
19 Thou sayest: Loe, thou hast smitten the Edomites, & thyne heart maketh thee proude to glorifie thy selfe: Now therefore byde at home, why doest thou prouoke vnto euyll, that thou mayest perishe, both thou and Iuda with thee?
20 But Amaziahu woulde not hearken to him: for it came of God, euen to delyuer them into the hande of their enemies, because they sought counsell at the gods of Edom .
21 And so Ioas the king of Israel came vp, and they sawe either other both he and Amaziahu king of Iuda, at Bethsames which is in Iuda.
22 And Iuda was put to the worse before Israel , and they fled euery man to his tent.
23 And Ioas the king of Israel toke Amaziahu king of Iuda the sonne of Ioas the sonne of Iehoahaz at Bethsames, and brought him to Hierusalem, and tare the wall of Hierusalem (from the gate of Ephraim, vnto the gate that was ouer against it) foure hundred cubites.
24 And he toke away also all the golde and siluer, and all the iewels that were founde in the house of God with Obed Edom, and the treasures of the kinges house, and the young wardes, and returned to Samaria.
25 And Amaziahu the sonne of Ioas king of Iuda, lyued after the death of Ioas sonne of Iehoahaz king of Israel fifteene yere.
26 The rest of the actes of Amaziahu first and last, are they not written in the booke of the kinges of Iuda and Israel .
27 And after the time that Amaziahu did turne away from the Lorde, they conspired treason against him in Hierusalem: and when he was fled to Lachis, they sent to Lachis after him, and slue him there:
28 And brought him vp with horses, and buryed him with his fathers in the citie of Iuda.


1 Then all the people of Iuda toke Uzzia, which was sixteene yeres olde, & made him king in the roome of his father Amaziahu.
2 And he built Eloth, and brought it againe to Iuda, after that the king was layde to sleepe with his fathers.
3 Sixteene yeres olde was Uzzia when he began to raigne, and he raigned fiftie and two yeres in Hierusalem: His mothers name also was Iecholia, of Hierusalem.
4 And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lorde, according to all as did his father Amaziahu.
5 And [it came to passe that] he sought God in the dayes of Zachariahu, who had vnderstanding in the visions of God: And as long as he sought the Lorde, God made him to prosper.
6 And he went to battaile against the Philistines, and brake downe the wall of Geth, and the wall of Iabne, and the wall of Asdod, & built cities about Asdod and among the Philistines.
7 And God holpe him against the Philistines and against the Arabians that dwelt in Gur baal and Hamehunim.
8 And the Ammonites gaue tribute to Uzzia, & his name spread abrode euen to the entring in of Egypt : for he played the man exceedingly.
9 Moreouer, Uzzia built towres in Hierusalem by the corner gate, and by the valley gate, and at the turning of the wall, and made them strong.
10 And he built towres in the wildernesse, and digged many welles: For he had much cattaile in the valleyes & playnes, plowmen and vinedressers in the mountaines and in Charmel: for he loued husbandry.
11 And Uzzia had an hoast of fighting men, that went out to warre in the armie, according to the number of their office, vnder the hande of Ieiel the scribe, and Maasiahu the ruler, and vnder the hand of Hananiahu, which was one of the kinges lordes.
12 And the whole number of the auncient fathers and of the men of might, were two thousand and sixe hundred.
13 And vnder the hand of them was the armie of the men of warre, euen three hundred and seuen thousand, and fiue hundred that made warre with the power of an armie, helping the king against the enemies.
14 And Uzzia prouided them throughout all the hoast, shieldes, speares, helmets, haberginnes, bowes, and slinges for to cast stones.
15 And he made subtyll engins in Hierusalem, which he inuented and layed on the towres and corners, to shoote arrowes and great stones withall: And his name spread farre abrode, because he had prepared to him selfe marueylous strength.
16 But in his strength his heart arose to his destruction: For he transgressed against the Lorde his God, and went into the temple of the Lorde to burne incense vpon the aulter of incense.
17 And Azariahu the priest went in after him, and with him fourescore priestes of the Lorde, that were valiaunt men:
18 And they stoode by Uzzia the king, and saide vnto him: It parteyneth not to thee Uzzia to burne incense vnto the Lorde, but to the priestes the children of Aaron, that are consecrated for to offer incense: Come therfore out of the sanctuary, for thou hast trespassed, and it is no worship to thee before the Lorde God.
19 And Uzzia was wroth, & had incense in his hande to burne it, and so while he had indignation against the priestes, the leprosie sprang in his forehead before the priestes in the house of the Lorde, euen beside the incense aulter.
20 And Azariahu the chiefe priest, with al the other priestes, loked vpon him, and beholde he was become a leaper in his forehead, and they vexed him thence: and he was fayne to go out, because the Lorde had smytten him.
21 And Uzzia the king continued a leper vnto the day of his death, & dwelt seuerall in an house being a leper and shut out of the house of the Lorde: and Iotham his sonne had the gouernauce of the kinges house, and iudged the people of the lande.
22 The rest of the actes of Uzzia first and last, did Isai the prophete the sonne of Amos write.
23 And so Uzzia slept with his fathers, and they buried him with his fathers in the fielde of the buriall which was beside the sepulchres of the kinges: for they saide, he is a leper: And Iotham his sonne raigned in his steade.


1 Iotham was fiue and twentie yeres olde when he began to raigne, and he raigned sixteene yeres in Hierusalem: His mothers name also was Ierusa, the daughter of Zadoc.
2 And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lorde, in all poyntes as did his father Uzzia, saue that he came not into the temple of the Lorde: and the people did yet wickedly.
3 He built the hie gate of the temple of the Lorde, and on the wall (where the house of ordinauce was) he built much.
4 Moreouer, he built cities in the mountaines of Iuda, and in the wood countrey he built castels and towres.
5 He fought with the king of the children of Ammon, and preuailed against them: And the children of Ammon gaue him the same yere an hundred talentes of siluer, & ten thousand quarters of wheate, and ten thousand of barlye: So much did the children of Ammon geue him the second yere, and the third also.
6 So Iotham became mightie, because he directed his way before the Lorde his God.
7 The rest of the actes of Iotham, and all his warres, & his conuersation, loe they are written in the booke of the kinges of Israel and Iuda.
8 He was twentie and fiue yeres olde when he began to raigne, and raigned sixteene yeres in Hierusalem.
9 And Iotham slept with his fathers, and they buryed him in the citie of Dauid: and Ahaz his sonne raigned in his steade.


1 Ahaz was twentie yeres olde when he began to raigne, and raigned sixteene yeres in Hierusalem, and he did not that which is right in the sight of the Lorde, as did his father Dauid:
2 For he walked in the wayes of the kinges of Israel, & made moulten images for Baalim.
3 He offered incense in the valley of the sonne of Hinnon, and burnt his children in fire, after the abhominations of the heathen whom the Lorde cast out before the children of Israel .
4 He offered also and burnt incense in the high places, and on mountaynes, and vnder euery greene tree.
5 Wherefore the Lorde his God delyuered him into the hande of the king of the Syrians, which beat him, and caryed away a great multitude of his captiue, and brought them to Damascon: And he was deliuered into the hand of the king of Israel , which smote him with a great slaughter.
6 For Pekah the sonne of Remaliahu slue in Iuda an hundred and twentie thousand in one day, which were all fighting men: and that because they had forsaken the Lord God of their fathers.
7 And Zichri a mightie man of Ephraim slue Maasiahu the kinges sonne, and Africa the gouernour of the house, and Elcana that was next to the king.
8 And the children of Israel toke prisoners of their brethren two hundred thousand women, sonnes, and daughters, and caryed away much spoyle of them, and brought the spoyle to Samaria .
9 But there was a prophet of the Lordes, whose name was Obed: and he went out before the hoast that came to Samaria , & saide vnto them: Beholde, because the Lorde God of your fathers is wroth with Iuda, he hath deliuered them into your hande, and ye haue slaine them with cruelnesse, that reacheth vp to heauen.
10 And nowe ye purpose to keepe vnder the children of Iuda and Hierusalem, and to make them bondmen and bondwomen: And do ye not lade your selues with sinne in the sight of the Lord your God?
11 Now heare me therefore, and deliuer the captiues againe which ye haue taken of your brethren: for els shall the great wrath of God be vpon you.
12 Wherfore certayne of the heads of the children of Ephraim, as Azariahu the sonne of Iehohanan, Berechiahu the sonne of Mesillemoth, and Iehezkiahu the sonne of Sallum, & Amasa the sonne of Hadlai, stoode vp against them that came from the warre,
13 And saide vnto them, Bryng not in the captiues hither: for where as we haue offended toward God alredy, ye entende to adde more to our sinnes and trespasse: For our trespasse is great alredie, and there is a fierce wrath against Israel.
14 And vpon that, the men of armes left the captiues and the spoyle before the lordes and all the congregation:
15 And the men that were now rehearsed by name, rose vp, and toke the prisoners, and with the spoyle clothed all that were naked among them, & arayed them, & shoed them, and gaue them to eate and to drinke, and annoynted them, and carryed al that were feeble of them vpon asses, & brought them to Iericho the citie of Paulme trees, to their brethren: and then they returned to Samaria againe.
16 At that same time did king Ahaz send vnto the kinges of the Assyrians, to haue helpe of them.
17 And the Edomites came againe, and slue some of Iuda, and caryed away captiues.
18 And the Philistines inuaded the cities in the lowe countrey, and toward the south of Iuda: and toke Bethsames, and Aialon, and Gederoth, and Socho with the townes longing thereto, and Thimna with the townes of the same, Gimso and the townes thereof, and dwelt there.
19 For the Lorde brought Iuda lowe, because of Ahaz king of Iuda, which made Iuda naked, & transgressed sore against the Lorde.
20 And Thilgath Pilneser king of the Assyrians came vpon him, and troubled him rather then strengthed him.
21 For Ahaz toke away a portion out of the house of the Lorde, and out of the kinges house, and out of the lordes houses, and gaue vnto the king of the Assyrians: and yet it helped him not.
22 And in the very time of his tribulation, did king Ahaz trespasse yet more against the Lorde.
23 For he offered vnto the gods of them of Damascon, which beat him: and he sayd, Because the gods of the kinges of Syria helpe them, therefore wyll I offer to them, that they may helpe me also: But they were his destruction, and the destruction of all Israel .
24 And Ahaz gathered together the vessels of the house of God, & brake them, and shut vp the doores of the house of the Lorde, and made him aulters in euery corner of Hierusalem.
25 And in all the cities of Iuda he made high places to burne incense vnto other gods, and angred the Lorde God of his fathers.
26 The rest of his actes, and his workes first and last, beholde they are written in the booke of the kinges of Iuda and Israel .
27 And Ahaz slept with his fathers, and they buried him in the citie of Hierusalem: but brought him not vnto the sepulchres of the kinges of Israel : and Hezekia his sonne raigned in his steade.


1 Hezekia began to raigne when he was fiue and twentie yeres olde, and he raigned nine & twentie yeres in Hierusalem: And his mothers name was Abia, the daughter of Zachariahu.
2 And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lorde, in all poyntes as did Dauid his father.
3 He opened the doores of the house of the Lorde in the first yere and first moneth of his raigne, and repaired them.
4 And he brought in the priestes and the Leuites, and gathered them together into the east streate,
5 And saide vnto them: Heare me ye Leuites, and now be sanctified and halow the house of the Lorde God of your fathers, bring filthynesse out of the holy place.
6 For our fathers haue trespassed, and done euill in the eyes of the Lorde our God, and haue forsaken him, and turned away their faces from the habitation of the Lord, and turned their backes on it.
7 And beside that, they haue shut vp the doores of the porche, and quenched the lampes, and haue neither burnt incense, nor offered burnt offringes in the holy place vnto the God of Israel.
8 Wherefore the wrath of the Lorde fell on Iuda & Hierusalem, and he hath brought them to trouble to be wondred on, & to be hissed at, euen as ye see with your eyes.
9 For loe, our fathers were ouerthrowen with the sword, and our sonnes, our daughters, and our wyues were caried away captiue for the same cause.
10 And now it is in myne heart to make a couenaunt with the Lord God of Israel, that he may turne away his heauy indignation from vs.
11 Now therefore my sonnes, be not negligent: for the Lorde hath chosen you to stande before him, and for to minister and serue him, and to burne incense.
12 Then the Leuites arose, Mahath the sonne of Amasai, and Ioel the sonne of Azariahu of the children of the Caathites: And of the sonnes of Merari, Cis the sonne of Abdi, and Azariahu the sonne of Iahalelel: And of ye sonnes of the Gersonites, Ioah the sonne of Simma, and Eden the sonne of Ioah:
13 And of the sonnes of Elizaphan, Simri and Iehiel: And of the sonnes of Asaph, Zechariahu and Matthaniahu:
14 And of the sonnes of Heman, Iehiel, and Simei: And of the sonnes of Ieduthun, Semaia and Uzziel.
15 And they gathered their brethren, and purified them selues, and came according to the commaundement of the king and the wordes of the Lord for to clense the house of the Lorde:
16 And the priestes went into the inner partes of the house of the Lord to clense it, and brought out all the vnclennesse that they founde in the temple of the Lorde, into the court of the house of the Lorde: And the Leuites toke it, to cary it out into the brooke Cedron.
17 They began the first day of the first moneth to purifie, and the eyght day of the moneth came they to the porche of the Lorde: So they sanctified the house of the Lorde in eyght dayes, and in the sixteenth day of the first moneth they made an end.
18 And they went in to Hezekia the king, and saide: We haue clensed all the house of the Lorde, the aulter of burnt offring with all his vessels, and the shew bread table with all his apparell:
19 And all the vessels which king Ahaz did cast aside, when he raigned, & transgressed, them we haue prepared and sanctified, and beholde they are before the aulter of the Lorde.
20 And Hezekia the king rose earlye, and gathered the lordes of the citie, and went vp to the house of the Lorde.
21 And they brought seuen oxen, seuen rammes, seuen sheepe, and seuen hee goates, to be a sinne offring for the kingdome, for the sanctuary, and for Iuda: And he commaunded the priestes the sonnes of Aaron, to offer them on the aulter of the Lorde.
22 And they slue the oxen, and the priestes receaued the blood and sprinckled it on the aulter: likewyse when they had slaine the rammes, they sprinckled the blood vpon the aulter: They slue also the sheepe, and they sprinckled the blood vpon the aulter.
23 And then they brought foorth the hee goates for the sinne offering before the king and the congregation, & put their handes vpon them.
24 And the priestes slue them, and with the blood of them they clensed the aulter, to make satisfaction for all Israel : for the king comaunded that the burnt offering and the sinne offering shoulde be made for all Israel .
25 And set the Leuites in the house of the Lorde with cymbales, psalteries, and harpes, according to the commaundement of Dauid and of Gad the kinges sear, and Nathan the prophete: For so was the commaundement of the Lord through the hande of his prophetes.
26 And the Leuites stoode, hauing the instrumentes of Dauid: and the priestes helde the trumpettes.
27 And Hezekia commaunded to offer the burnt offring vpon the aulter: And when the burnt offring began, the song of the Lorde began also, and the trumpettes, with the instrumentes that were ordayned by the hand of Dauid king of Israel .
28 And all the congregation worshipped, singing a song, and blowyng with the trumpettes, and all this [continued] vntill the burnt offring was finished.
29 And when they had made an end of offering, the king and all that were present with him, bowed them selues, and worshipped.
30 And Hezekia the king and the lordes, spake to the Leuites to prayse the Lord with the wordes of Dauid & of Asaph the sear: And they sang prayses with gladnesse, and the other bowed them selues, and worshipped.
31 And Hezekia aunswered, and saide: Now ye haue consecrated your handes to the Lorde: go to therefore, and bryng the sacrifices and thanke offeringes into the house of the Lorde. And the congregation brought in the sacrifices & thank offeringes, and burnt offringes, as many as were of a free liberall heart.
32 And the number of the burnt offringes which the congregation brought, was threescore and ten oxen, an hundred rammes, & two hundred sheepe: which were all for the burnt offering of the Lorde.
33 And there were dedicated sixe hundred oxen, and three thousand sheepe.
34 And the priestes were to fewe to flay al the burnt offringes: but their brethren the Leuites did helpe them, till they had ended the worke, & vntil the priestes were sanctified: For the Leuites were purer hearted to be sanctified, then the priestes.
35 And therto ye burnt offringes were many, with the fat of the peaceoffringes, & the drinke offringes, that belong to the burnt offring: And so the seruice parteyning to the house of the Lorde, was finished.
36 And Hezekia reioyced, and all the people, that God had made the folke so readie, & that the thing was so soone done.


1 And Hezekia sent to all Israel and Iuda, and wrote letters to Ephraim and Manasse, that they shoulde come to the house of the lorde at Hierusalem, and offer passouer vnto the Lorde God of Israel.
2 And the king helde a counsell with his lordes, and all the congregation of Hierusalem, to kepe the feast of passouer in the second moneth:
3 For they coulde not kepe it at that time, because the priestes were not sanctified sufficiently, neither was the people gathered together to Hierusalem.
4 And the thing pleased the king and all the congregation.
5 And they decreed that it shoulde be proclaymed throughout all Israel from Beerseba to Dan, that they shoulde come & holde the feast of Passouer vnto the Lord God of Israel at Hierusalem: For they had not done it of a great season, as it was written.
6 So the postes went with letters of the king and of his lordes throughout all Israel & Iuda, and at the commaundement of the king they sayde: Ye children of Israel, turne againe vnto the Lorde God of Abraham, Isahac, and Israel, and he wyll returne to the remnaunt that are escaped of you out of the hande of the kinges of the Assyrians.
7 And be not ye lyke your fathers and your brethren, which trespassed against the Lorde God of their fathers, which gaue them vp to be destroyed, as ye see.
8 And now be not ye stiffe necked lyke as were your fathers: but yeelde your selues vnto the Lord, and enter into his holy place which he hath sanctified for euer, and serue the Lord your God, and the fiercenesse of his wrath shall turne away from you.
9 For if ye turne againe vnto the Lorde, then shall your brethren and your children finde compassion in the presence of them that toke them captiue, and they shall come againe vnto this lande: For the Lorde your God is gratious and mercifull, and wyll not turne away his face from you, if ye conuert vnto him.
10 And so the postes went from citie to citie in the lande of Ephraim & Manasse, euen vnto Zabulon: but they laughed them to scorne, and mocked them.
11 Neuerthelesse, yet diuers of Aser, Manasse, and of Zabulon, submitted them selues, and came to Hierusalem.
12 And the hande of God was in Iuda, and he gaue them one heart to do the commmaundement of the king and of the rulers, according to the worde of the Lorde.
13 And there assembled to Hierusalem much people, and there was present a mightie great congregation, to hold the feast of sweete bread in the second moneth.
14 And they arose, and remoued the aulters that were in Hierusalem: And all the aulters for incense did they away, and cast them into the brooke Cedron.
15 And they slue Passouer the foureteenth day of the second moneth: And the priestes and Leuites which were ashamed, sanctified them selues, and brought in the burnt offringes into the house of the Lorde.
16 And they stoode in their office after their maner and according to the lawe of Moyses the man of God: And the priestes sprinckled the blood, [which they receaued] of the hande of the Leuites.
17 For there were many in the congregation that were not sanctified, and therefore the Leuites had the charge of the killing of the Passouer for euery one that was not cleane, to sanctifie him vnto the Lorde.
18 For many of the people, and very many out of Ephraim, Manasse, Isachar, and Zabulon, were not clensed, and yet did eate Passour against the lawe appoynted: but Hezekia prayed for them, saying, The good Lorde be mercifull toward euery one
19 That prepareth his heart to seeke the Lorde God, the God of his fathers: though he be not [clensed] accordyng to the purification of the sanctuarie.
20 And the Lorde heard Hezekia, and healed the people.
21 And the children of Israel that were present at Hierusalem, held the feast of sweete bread seuen dayes, with great gladnes: and the Leuites & the priestes praysed the Lorde day by day, singing with loude instrumentes vnto the lord.
22 And Hezekia spake comfortablie vnto all the Leuites that had good knowledge [to sing] vnto the Lorde: and they did eate throughout that feast seuen dayes long, and offered peace offringes, and thanked the Lorde God of their fathers.
23 And the whole assemblie toke counsel to do so other seuen dayes: & they helde those seuen dayes with gladnesse:
24 For Hezekia king of Iuda, did geue to the congregation a thousand young oxen, and seuen thousand sheepe: And the lordes gaue out to the congregation a thousand oxen, & ten thousand sheepe, and a great number of the priestes were sanctified.
25 And all the congregation of Iuda, with the priestes & Leuites, and all the congregation that came out of Israel , & the straungers that came out of the lande of Israel , & that dwelt in Iuda, reioyced.
26 And there was great gladnesse in Hierusalem: For since the time of Solomon the sonne of Dauid king of Israel , there was no such [ioy] in Hierusalem.
27 And the priestes and the Leuites arose, and blessed the people: and their voyce was heard [of the Lorde,] and their prayer came vp vnto heauen his holy dwelling place.


1 And when all these thinges were finished, all they of Israel that were present in the cities of Iuda, went out and brake the images, and cut downe the idol groues, and all to brake the high places and aulters throughout al Iuda and Beniamin, in Ephraim also and Manasse, vntil they had vtterly destroyed them all: And all the children of Israel returned euery man to his possessions, and to their owne cities.
2 And Hezekia appoynted sundry companies of the priestes and Leuites after the diuersitie of their ministrations, euery man according to his office both priestes and Leuites, for the burnt offering and peace offringes, to minister and to geue thankes and praise in the gates of the hoast of the Lorde.
3 And the kinges portion of his substaunce that he gaue, were dayly burnt offringes in the morning and euening, and burnt offringes for the Sabbath dayes, newe moones, & solempe feastes, according as it is written in the lawe of the Lorde.
4 And he bade the people that dwelt in Hierusalem, to geue a parte to the priestes and Leuites, that they might substancially applie them selues to the lawe of the Lorde.
5 And assoone as the kinges commaundement came abrode, the children of Israel brought aboudance of first fruites, of corne, wine, oyle, hony, and of all maner of fruites of the fielde, & the tythes of all maner of thinges brought they in plenteously.
6 And the children of Israel and Iuda that dwelt in the cities of Iuda, they also brought in the tithes of oxen and sheepe, & other holy tithes which were consecrate vnto the Lorde their God, they did offer and brought them all by heapes.
7 In the third moneth, they began to lay the heapes in maner of a foundation, and finished them in the seuenth moneth.
8 And when Hezekia and the lordes came and sawe the heapes, they blessed the Lorde, and his people Israel .
9 And Hezekia questioned with the priestes and the Leuites concerning the heapes.
10 And Azaria the chiefe priest of the house of Zador, aunswered him and saide: Since the people began to bryng the heaue offringes into the house of the Lorde, we also haue had inough to eate, there remayned so much: for the Lorde hath blessed his people, and this heape is left.
11 And Hezekia bade prepare the chambers in the house of the Lord: And they did prepare them,
12 And caried in the first fruites, the tithes, and the dedicate thinges faithfully: ouer which Chonaniahu the Leuite had the rule, and Semei his brother next to him:
13 And Iehiel, Azariahu, Nahath, Asael, Ierimoth, Iosabad, Eliel, Iesmachiahu, Mahath, and Banaiahu, were ouerseres ordayned by Chonaniahu, & Semei his brother was an officer of Hezekia the king, & Azariahu was the ruler of the house of God.
14 And Core the sonne of Imna the Leuite, and porter of the east doore, had the ouersight of the thinges that were offered of a free wyll vnto God, & were geuen in maner seuerally vnto the lord, and ouer the thinges most holy.
15 And vnder his hand were Eden, Miniamin, Iesua, Semeiahu, Amariahu, and Sechaniahu in the cities of the priestes [appoynted] of their fidelitie to geue to their brethren their portions, aswell to the small as to the great.
16 Beside their generation, beyng males, from three yeres old and vpwarde, euen vnto euery one that entereth into the house of the Lord, they should geue day by day, for their ministration, and for their geuing attendaunce, and for their diuers waytinges by course,
17 Both to the generation of the priestes and Leuites throughout the housholde of their fathers, from twentie yeres and aboue, to wayte when their courses came:
18 And to the families of all their babes, wynes, sonnes and daughters through all the congregation: For vpon the fidelitie of them were the holy thinges bestowed.
19 And to the children of Aaron the priestes whiche were in the fieldes and suburbes of their cities, citie by citie, the men whose names were expressed afore, shoulde geue portions, euen to all the males among the priestes, and to all the Leuites, according to their number.
20 And of this maner did Hezekia throughout all Iuda: & wrought it that is good, and right and true before the Lorde his God.
21 And in al the workes that he began, for seruice of the house of God, for the lawe, & for the commaundementes, he sought his God: and that did he with all his heart, and prospered.


1 After that these deedes were faythfully done, Sennacherib king of the Assyrians came, and entred into Iuda, & compassed the strong cities, and thought to winne them for him selfe.
2 And so when Hezekia sawe that Sennacherib was come, and that he was purposed to fight against Hierusalem,
3 He toke counsell with his lordes and men of might, to stop the water of the fountaynes without the citie: And they dyd helpe him.
4 For there gathered many of the people together, and stopt all the welles, and the broke that ran through the middes of the land, saying: Why shall the kinges of the Assyrians come and finde much water?
5 And Hezekia went to lustyly, and buylt vp the wall where it was broken, and made ordinaunce vpon the towres, and to the other wall without, and repaired Millo in the citie of Dauid, and made many dartes and shieldes.
6 And he set captaynes of warre ouer the people, and gathered them together to him in the large streete of the gate of the citie, and spake gentylly to them, saying:
7 Plucke vp your heartes and be strong: be not afrayde nor discouraged for the king of the Assyrians, & for all the multitude that he hath with hym: for there be mo with vs then with hym.
8 With him is an arme of flesh: but with vs is the Lord our God for to helpe vs, and to fight our battayles. And the people toke a courage through the wordes of Hezekia king of Iuda.
9 After this did Sennacherib king of the Assyrians send of his seruauntes to Hierusalem (but he him selfe remayned beside Lachis, hauing all his power with him) vnto Hezekia king of Iuda, and vnto all Iuda that were at Hierusalem, saying,
10 Thus saith Sennacherib king of the Assyrians: wherin do ye trust O ye that dwell in Hierusalem which is besieged?
11 Doth not Hezekia entice you to geue ouer your selues vnto death, hunger, and thirst, saying: The Lord our God shall ryd vs out of the hand of the king of the Assyrians?
12 Hath not the same Hezekia put downe his hye places and his aulters, & commaunded Iuda and Hierusalem, saying, Ye shall worship before one aulter, and burne incense vpon the same?
13 Knowe ye not what I and my fathers haue done vnto the people of all landes? Were the gods of the people of other landes, able or mightie to saue their landes out of my hande?
14 Which of all the gods of those nations that my fathers destroyed, could deliuer his people out of my hande? And shall your God be able to deliuer you out of my hande?
15 Wherfore nowe let not Hezekia deceaue you, nor persuade you of this fassion, nor yet beleue him: For as no god among all nations and kingdomes, was able to rid his people out of my hand and out of the hand of my fathers: Howe much lesse shall your gods be able to kepe you out of my hande?
16 And yet mo thinges did his seruauntes speake against the Lorde God, and against his seruaunt Hezekia.
17 And Sennacherib also wrote a letter to rayle on the Lord God of Israel , and spake against him, saying: As the gods of the nations of [other] landes haue not ben able to deliuer their people out of my hande: euen so shal not the God of Hezekia deliuer his people out of my hande.
18 And they cried with a loude voyce in the Iewes speach vnto the people of Hierusalem that were on the wall, to feare them, and to make them faynt hearted, and that they might so take the citie.
19 And they spake against the God of Hierusalem, as against the gods of the nations of the earth, [whiche were] the workes of the handes of men.
20 But Hezekia the king, and the prophet Esai the sonne of Amos prayed against that [blasphemie,] and cried vp to heauen.
21 And the Lord sent an angel, which destroyed all the men of warre and the lordes and captaynes of the hoast of the king of the Assyrians, that he turned his face againe with shame towarde his owne lande: And when he was come into the house of his god, they that came of his owne body slue him there with the sworde.
22 And so the Lorde saued Hezekia and the inhabiters of Hierusalem out of the hand of Sennacherib the king of the Assyrians, and from the hande of all other, and mayntayned them on euery side.
23 And many brought offeringes vnto the Lorde to Hierusalem, and presentes to Hezekia king of Iuda: so that he was magnified in the sight of all nations from thence foorth.
24 In those dayes Hezekia was sicke to the death, and prayed vnto the Lorde: which aunswered him, and shewed him a wonderfull miracle.
25 But Hezekia dyd not againe vnto God according to it that he had shewed him: for his heart arose, & there came wrath vpon hym, and vpon Iuda and Hierusalem.
26 Notwithstanding Hezekia submitted him selfe after that his heart was risen vp, he and the inhabiters of Hierusalem: and the wrath of the Lorde came not vpon them in the dayes of Hezekia.
27 And Hezekia had exceeding much riches and honour: And he gat him treasures of siluer and gold, pretious stones, and spices, shieldes, and of all maner pleasaunt iewels:
28 And made store houses for the fruites of corne, for wine and oyle, and stalles for all maner of beastes, and foldes for sheepe.
29 And he made him cities, & had of sheepe and oxen great aboundaunce: For God had geuen him substaunce exceeding much.
30 This same Hezekia stopped the vpper water springes of Gihon, and brought them downe to the west side of the citie of Dauid: And Hezekia prospered in all his workes.
31 And when the princes of Babylon sent vnto him ambassadours, to enquire of the wonder that chaunced in the lande, God left him, to trye him, and that all that was in his heart might be knowen.
32 The rest of the deedes of Hezekia, and his goodnes, beholde they are written in the vision of Esai the prophet the sonne of Amoz, in the booke of the kinges of Iuda and Israel .
33 And Hezekia slept with his fathers, and they buried hym in the most worthy place of the sepulchres of the sonnes of Dauid, and all Iuda and the inhabiters of Hierusalem dyd him worship at his death: and Manasse his sonne raigned in his steade.


1 Manasse was twelue yeres olde when he began to raigne, and he raigned fiftie and fiue yeres in Hierusalem:
2 But dyd euyll in the sight of the Lorde, like vnto the abhominations of the heathen whom the Lord cast out before the children of Israel .
3 For he went to, and buylt the high places whiche Hezekia his father had broken downe: And he reared vp aulters for Baalim, and made groues, and worshipped all the hoast of heauen, and serued them.
4 And he buylt aulters in the house of the Lorde, where as the Lord yet had sayd, In Hierusale shal my name be for euer.
5 And he buylded aulters for all the hoast of heauen, in the two courtes of ye house of the Lorde.
6 And he burnt his children in fire in the valley of the sonne of Hinnon: He was a sorcerer, he regarded the crying of birdes, vsed inchauntmentes, and mayntayned workers with spirites and sears of fortunes, and wrought much euyll in the sight of the Lorde to anger hym withall.
7 And he put the carued image and an idol whiche he had made, in the house of God: Of which house, God had sayd to Dauid and to Solomon his sonne, In this house and in Hierusalem whiche I haue chosen afore all the tribes of Israel will I put my name for euer.
8 Neither will I make the foote of Israel to remoue any more out of the land whiche I haue ordeyned for your fathers, yf so be that they wil be diligent and do all that I haue commaunded them in all the law and statutes, and ordinaunces by the hande of Moyses.
9 And so Manasse made Iuda and the inhabiters of Hierusalem to erre, and to do worse then the heathen whom the Lord destroyed before the children of Israel .
10 And the Lord spake to Manasse and to his people: but they woulde not regarde.
11 Wherfore the Lord brought vpon them the captaynes of the hoast of the king of the Assyrians, whiche toke Manasse in holde, and bounde him with chaynes, and caried him to Babylon .
12 And when he was in tribulation, he besought the Lord his God, and humbled him selfe exceedingly before the God of his fathers,
13 And made intercession to him: and God was intreated of him, and hearde his prayer, and brought him againe to Hierusalem into his kingdome: and then Manasse knewe that the Lorde was God.
14 After this he buylt a wall without the citie of Dauid on the west side of Gion, in the valley, as they came to the fishe gate, and round about Ophel, & brought it vp of a very great heyght, and put captaynes of warre in all the strong cities of Iuda.
15 And he toke away straunge gods and images out of the house of God, and all the aulters that he had buylt in the mount of the house of God and Hierusalem, and cast them out of the citie.
16 And he prepared the aulter of the Lord, and sacrifised thereon peace offeringes and thanke offeringes, and charged Iuda to serue the Lorde God of Israel .
17 Neuerthelesse, the people dyd offer stil in the high places, howbeit vnto the Lorde their God only.
18 The rest of the actes of Manasse, and his prayer vnto his God, & the wordes of the sears that spake to him in the name of the Lorde God of Israel , behold they are [written] in the sayinges of the kinges of Israel .
19 And his prayer, and howe that he was hearde, and all his sinnes, and his trespasse, and the places where he made high places and set vp groues and images before he was meekened, beholde they are written among the sayinges of the sears.
20 And Manasse slept with his fathers, & they buried him in his owne house, and Amon his sonne raigned in his roome.
21 Amon was two and twentie yeres old when he began to raigne, and raigned two yeres in Hierusalem.
22 But he did euill in the sight of the Lord, like as dyd Manasse his father: for Amon sacrifised to all the carued images whiche Manasse his father had made, and serued them.
23 And submitted not him selfe before the Lorde, as Manasse his father had meekened him selfe: but Amon trespassed greatly.
24 And his owne seruauntes conspired against him, and slue him in his owne house.
25 But the people of the lande slue al them that had conspired against king Amon: and the same people of the lande made Iosia his sonne king in his roome.


1 Iosia was eyght yeres olde when he began to raigne, and he raigned in Hierusalem thirtie and one yeres.
2 And he dyd that whiche was right in the sight of the Lord, and walked in the wayes of Dauid his father, and bowed neither to the right hand nor to the left.
3 In the eyght yere of his raigne, when he was yet a childe, he began to seke after the God of Dauid his father: And in the twelfth yere he began to purge Iuda & Hierusalem from the high places, groues, carued images, and images of metall.
4 And they brake downe the aulters of Baalim euen in his presence: and other images that were in greater honour then they, he caused to be destroyed: And the groues, carued images, and images of metall he brake and made dust of them, and strowed it vpon the graues of them that had offered vnto them.
5 And he burnt the bones of the priestes vpon the aulters of them, and clensed Iuda and Hierusalem:
6 And euen so did he in the cities of Manasse, Ephraim, Simeon, vnto Nephthali, and in the wildernesse of them rounde about,
7 He plucked asunder the aulters & the groues, & did beate the images & stampe them to powder, and cut downe all the idoles throughout all the lande of Israel, and returned to Hierusalem againe.
8 In the eyghtenth yere of his raigne, when he had purged the lande and the temple, he sent Saphan the sonne of Azaliahu, and Maasiah the gouernour of the citie, and Ioah the sonne of Ioahaz the recorder, to repaire the house of the Lorde his God.
9 And when they came to Helkiah the hie priest, they deliuered the money that was brought into the house of God, whiche the Leuites that kept the entryes had gathered of the hand of Manasse and Ephraim, and of all that yet remayned in Israel, and of all Iuda and Beniamin, and they returned to Hierusalem.
10 And they put it in the handes of the workmen that had the ouersight of the house of the Lorde, & they gaue it to the labourers that wrought in the house of the Lorde, to repaire and mende the house.
11 Euen to masons and carpenters gaue they it, to get hewed stone, & timber for couples and for beames of the houses which ye kinges of Iuda had destroyed.
12 And the men did the worke faythfully: And the ouersears of them to courage them forward, were Iahath and Obadiahu Leuites of the children of Merari: and Secharia and Mesullam of the children of the Caathites, and other of the Leuites, whiche all could skill of instrumentes of musicke.
13 And ouer the bearers of burthens, and ouer all that wrought in whatsoeuer worckmanship it were, were there scribes, officers, & porters of the Leuites.
14 And when they brought out the money that was brought into the house of the Lorde, Helkia the priest founde the booke of the law of the Lorde [geuen] by Moyses.
15 And Helkia aunswered and sayd to Saphan the scribe: I haue found the booke of the law in the house of the Lord. And Helkia gaue the booke to Saphan.
16 And Saphan caried the booke to the king, and brought the king word againe, saying: All that was committed to thy seruauntes, that do they.
17 And they haue gathered together the money that was founde in the house of the Lord, and haue deliuered it into the handes of the ouersears of the worke, and to the handes of the worckmen.
18 And then Saphan the scribe shewed the king, saying, Helkia the priest hath geuen me a booke: and Saphan read in it before the king.
19 And it fortuned, that when the king had heard the wordes of the lawe, he tare his clothes:
20 And the king commaunded Helkia and Ahikam the sonne of Saphan and Abdon the sonne of Micah, and Saphan the scribe, and Asaa a seruaunt of the kinges, saying:
21 Go and enquire of the Lord for me and for them that are left in Israel and Iuda, concerning the wordes of the booke that is founde: For great is the wrath of the Lord that is fallen vpon vs, because our fathers haue not kept the worde of the Lorde, to do after all that is written in this booke.
22 And Helkia and they that the king had [appoynted] went to Hulda a prophetisse, the wyfe of Sallum, the sonne of Thecuath, the sonne of Hasra, keper of the wardrope (for she dwelt in Hierusalem within the seconde wall:) & so they communed with her.
23 She aunswered them, Thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel: Tell ye the man that sent you to me,
24 Euen thus sayth the Lorde: Beholde, I will bring euyll vpon this place, and vpon the inhabiters thereof, euen al the curses that are written in the booke whiche they haue read before the king of Iuda:
25 Because they haue forsaken me, and haue offred vnto other gods, to anger me with all maner workes of their handes: therfore is my wrath set on fire against this place, and shall not be quenched.
26 And as for the king of Iuda which sent you to enquire of the Lord, so shal ye say vnto him: thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel , concerning the wordes whiche thou hast hearde.
27 Because thyne heart did melt, and thou diddest meeke thy selfe before God when thou heardest his wordes against this place, and against the inhabiters thereof, and humbledst thy selfe before me, and tarest thy clothes, and weepedst before me: that haue I heard also, sayth the Lorde.
28 Behold, I wil take thee to thy fathers, and thou shalt be put in thy graue in peace, and thyne eyes shall not see all the mischiefe that I will bring vpon this place, and vpon the inhabiters of the same. And they brought the king worde againe.
29 Then the king sent and gathered together all the elders of Iuda and Hierusalem:
30 And the king went vp into the house of the Lorde, and all the men of Iuda, and the inhabiters of Hierusalem, and the priestes and Leuites, and all the people great and smal, and [the king] did reade in their eares all the wordes of the booke of the couenaunt that was founde in the house of the Lorde.
31 And the king stoode at his standing, and made a couenaunt before the Lorde, to folowe the Lorde, and to kepe his commaundementes, his witnesse, and his statutes, with all his heart, and with al his soule, and to fulfill the wordes of the appoyntment written in the sayd booke.
32 And he set in their roome all them that were founde in Hierusalem and Beniamin: and the inhabiters of Hierusalem did according to the couenaunt of the Lorde God of their fathers.
33 And Iosia put away all maner of abhominations out of all landes that parteyned to the children of Israel, and brought in all that were founde in Israel, to worship and to serue the Lorde their God: And they turned not aside from after the Lorde God of their fathers, as long as he liued.


1 And Iosia helde the [feast of] passouer vnto the Lorde in Hierusalem, & they slue passouer in the fourteenth day of the first moneth.
2 And he set the priestes in their offices, and ayded them in the seruice of the house of the Lorde,
3 And sayd vnto the Leuites that taught all Israel, and were sanctified vnto the Lorde: Put the holy arke in the house whiche Solomon the sonne of Dauid king of Israel dyd buylde, it shalbe no more a burden vpon your shoulders: But now serue the Lord your God, and his people Israel:
4 And prepare your selues by your auncient housholdes, and companies, according to the writing of Dauid king of Israel, and the writing of Solomon his sonne:
5 And stand in the holy place, according to the deuision of the auncient housholdes of your brethren the children of the people, and after the deuision of the auncient housholdes of the Leuites:
6 Kill passouer, and sanctifie your selues, & prepare your brethren, that they may do according to the word of the Lord by the hande of Moyses.
7 And Iosia gaue to the people flockes of sheepe and kiddes all for passouer, and for al that were present, thirtie thousande by tale, and three thousande oxen: and these were euen of the kinges substaunce.
8 And his lordes gaue willingly both vnto the people and to the priestes, and vnto the Leuites: Helkia also, Zacharia, and Iehiel, rulers of the house of God, gaue vnto the priestes for passouer offeringes two thousande and sixe hundred sheepe, and three hundred oxen.
9 Conania, and Semeiahu, & Nathanael his brethren, & Hasabiah, and Iehiel, and Iosabad, rulers of the Leuites, gaue vnto the Leuites passouer offeringes [euen] fiue thousande sheepe and fiue hundred oxen.
10 And so the seruice was prepared, and the priestes stoode in their places, & the Leuites in their distinct companies, at the kinges commaundement:
11 And they slue passouer, and the priestes sprinckled the blood with their hande, and the Leuites pulled of the skinnes of the beastes.
12 And they set away the burnt offeringes, to geue them vnto the people that were deuided be auncient houses, and that they shoulde offer vnto the Lorde, like as is written in the booke of Moyses: And so dyd they with the oxen also.
13 And they dressed the passouer with fire, as the maner was: And the other dedicate beastes sodde they in pottes, caldrons, and pannes, and deuided them among all the people.
14 And afterward they made redy for them selues and for the priestes: for the priestes the children of Aaron were busied in offring of burnt offringes and the fat vntill night: therfore the Leuites prepared for them selues and for the priestes the sonnes of Aaron.
15 And the singers the children of Asaph stoode in their standing, according to the commaundement of Dauid, and Asaph, Heman, and Ieduthun the kinges sear: and the porters wayted at euery gate, and might not depart from their seruice: for their brethren the Leuites prepared for them.
16 And so all the seruice of the Lord was prepared the same day, to offer passouer, and to offer burnt offeringes vpon the aulter of the Lord, according to the commaundement of king Iosia,
17 And the children of Israel that were present, kept the passouer the same time, and the feast of sweet bread seuen dayes.
18 And there was no passouer like to that kept in Israel from the dayes of Samuel the prophete, neither did al the kinges of Israel holde such a passeouer feast as dyd Iosia, and the priestes and Leuites, and all Iuda and Israel that were present, and the inhabiters of Hierusalem.
19 This passouer was holden in the eyghteenth yere of the raigne of Iosia.
20 After all this when Iosia had prepared the temple, Necho king of Egypt came vp to fight against Charcamis beside Euphrates : and Iosia went out against him.
21 Whiche sent messengers to hym, and said: What haue I to do with thee thou king of Iuda? Be not thou against thy selfe this day, for my warre is against another house, and God bad me make hast: Leaue of therfore & meddle not with God which is with me, lest he destroy thee.
22 Neuerthelesse Iosia would not turne his face from him, but rather toke aduise to fight with hym, and hearkened not vnto the wordes of Necho out of the mouth of God, and came to fight in the valley of Mageddo.
23 And the shooters shot dartes at king Iosia: And the king sayde to his seruauntes, Carie me away, for I am sore wounded.
24 His seruauntes therefore had hym out of that charet, and put him in another charet that they had: And when they had brought him to Hierusalem, he died, and was buried in the sepulchre of his fathers: And all Iuda and Hierusalem mourned for Iosia.
25 And Ieremia lamented Iosia, and all singing men and singing women mourned for Iosias in their lamentations to this day, and made the same lamentations an ordinaunce in Israel : and beholde they are written in the lamentations.
26 The rest of the actes of Iosia and his goodnes [whiche he did] folowing in the writing of the lawe of the Lorde,
27 And his sayinges first and last, behold they are written in the booke of the kinges of Israel and Iuda.


1 And the people of the lande toke Iehoahaz the sonne of Iosia, and made hym king in his fathers steade in Hierusalem.
2 And Iehoahaz was twentie & three yeres olde when he began to raigne, and he raigned three monethes in Hierusalem.
3 And the king of Egypt put him downe at Hierusalem, and merced the lande in an hundreth talentes of siluer, and a talent of golde.
4 And the king of Egypt made Eliakim his brother king vpon Iuda and Hierusalem, and turned his name to Iehoiacim: and Necho toke Iehoahaz his brother, and caried him to Egypt .
5 Iehoiacim was twentie and fiue yeres old when he began to raigne, & he raigned aleuen yeres in Hierusalem, and he did euil in the sight of the Lord his God.
6 Against him came vp Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon , and bounde hym with two chaynes, to cary him to Babylon .
7 The king Nabuchodonosor also caried of the vessels of the house of the Lord to Babylon , and put them in his temple at Babylon .
8 The rest of the actes of Iehoiacim, and his abhominations which he did, and that which was found vpon him, behold they are written in the booke of the kinges of Israel and Iuda: and Iehoiacin his sonne raigned in his steade.
9 And Iehoiacin was eyght yeres olde when he began to raigne, and he raigned three monethes and ten dayes in Hierusalem, and dyd euyll in the sight of the Lorde.
10 And when the yere was out, king Nabuchodonosor sent and fet him to Babylon with the goodly vessels of the house of the Lorde, and made Zedekia his fathers brother king ouer Iuda and Hierusalem.
11 Zedekia was one and twentie yeres old when he began the raigne, and raigned aleuen yeres in Hierusalem.
12 And he dyd euyl in the sight of the Lord his God, and humbled not him selfe before Ieremia the prophete, at the mouth of the Lorde.
13 And he rebelled against king Nabuchodonosor, which had receaued an oth of him by God: but he was stifnecked, and to hard hearted to turne vnto the Lord God of Israel .
14 Moreouer, all the chiefe of the priestes and the people trespassed wonderfully after all maner of abominations of the heathen, and polluted the house of the Lorde which he had halowed in Hierusalem.
15 And the Lorde God of their fathers sent to them by his messengers, rising vp betimes, and sending: for he had compassion on his people, and on his dwelling place.
16 But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his wordes, and misvsed his prophetes, vntill the wrath of the Lorde arose against his people, and till there was no remedie.
17 And so he brought vpon them the king of Chaldee, which slue their young men with the sword in their holy temple, and spared neither young man, mayden, old man, nor him that stowped for age: He gaue them all into his hande.
18 And all the vessels of the house of God, both great and small, and the treasures of the house of the Lorde, and the treasures of the king, and of his lordes: all these caryed he to Babylon.
19 And they burnt the house of God, and brake downe the wa
l of Hierusalem, and burnt all the pallaices thereof with fire, and destroyed all the goodly iewels therof.
20 And the rest that had escaped the sword, caried he to Babylon: where they were bondmen to him & his children, vntill the time that Persia had the Empire:
21 To fulfill the worde of the Lord by the mouth of Ieremia, vntill the lande had her pleasure of her Sabbathes: for as long as she lay desolate, she kept Sabbath, vntil threescore and ten yeres were fulfilled.
22 And the first yere of Cyrus king of Persia (when the worde of the Lorde spoken by the mouth of Ieremia was finished) the Lorde stirred vp the spirite of Cyrus king of Persia, that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdome, and that by wryting, saying:
23 Thus sayth Cyrus king of Persia, All the kingdomes of the earth hath the Lorde God of heauen geuen me, & hath charged me to buylde hym an house in Hierusalem, that is in Iuda: Wherfore whosoeuer is among you of all his people, the Lorde his God be with him, and let hym go vp.