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An Introduction to Important Biblical Topics

For New Christians and Those Seeking Salvation  


Phyllis V. Martin-Griffin

Zephyrhills, FL


(Edited by Douglas Bayless)





The purpose of this study is to teach the basic truths of the Word of God regarding His plan of salvation so that:


     A. Those who do not know Christ as their Savior will come to an experience of personal salvation which will cause them to live holy and acceptable before God in this life and prepare them to face Him in the final judgment and be ready for an eternal home in Heaven.


     B. Those who have been saved, born again and living free from sin be encouraged, grow in grace and become rooted and grounded in the faith that they too be ready for the final judgment and an eternal home in Heaven.


May God bless you as you enter this study and may His purpose be fulfilled in your life.




Phyllis V. Martin-Griffin


Accompanying each lesson is a workbook page with questions to guide your thinking in understanding the lesson. Print the workbook page, write your answers and mail or email them to the Lawton Church of God. Your answers will be reviewed and commented upon and returned to you. Here are some simple directions for this study:



1.  Use your Bible as you go through the lessons. While the texts are written out in the lesson book, do no use it as a substitute Bible.


2.  You may use any version of the Bible, but the lesson book uses the New King James Version. It is recommended that you use the N KJV or any King James based version.


3.  As you read the Bible verses, underline them in your Bible using a red pencil or a pen. This will help you to locate these verses in the future. This can also help you to memorize some of the verses.


4.  Use this workbook to record your answers to questions or to write down your observations. Donít worry about getting the right answer or writing down what you think your counselor wants you to write. The purpose is to record YOUR thinking.


5.  Have a set time to meet with your pastor or counselor to go over the answers for each lesson. Do not work ahead. As you study, you may have some questions yourself; it is important that you talk with your counselor about these questions. So, feel free to call or talk with your counselor between your regular meetings.


6.  The purpose of this exercise is to help you learn what the Bible actually teaches about the issues of salvation. There are many different opinions among Christians; you will find some people that believe very close to what you believe and you will find some that believe very differently. It is important for you to know WHAT you believe and WHY you believe it.


7.  You may not fully understand every point of every lesson as you go through this study. Donít worry about this because this is not uncommon for new Christiansóand even for people who have been Christians a long time. We are always learning. It often works out that something we donít understand today God opens our understanding some time laterómaybe even years later.


8.  As you go through these lessons, start building a habit of prayer and Bible reading on your own. Talk with your pastor or counselor on how to do this.


May God bless you as you grow in your knowledge of the Bible and in your experience with God. Life is a great adventure and life as a saved person makes it a real blessing.



An Introduction to the Bible


Lesson 1: Who Is Man?


Lesson 2: What Is Sin?


Lesson 3: The Effects of Sin


Lesson 4: The Cure for Sin


Lesson 5: Seeking Salvation


Lesson 6: Sin No More


Lesson 7: The Blessings of the Christian Life


Lesson 8: Maintaining Spiritual Life


Lesson 9: Walking in the Light


Lesson 10: Sharing Our Faith


Your Testimony of Salvation

Telling Someone About Salvation Personal Review

For a Microsoft Word version of this study and the workbook, click the links below.

What the Bible Says Lessons What the Bible Says Workbook