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First, we shall establish by the Bible that there is only one true God. He sent His only Son to this world on a two-fold mission. First, He came to pay the penalty for our sins by dying on the cross that we might be saved and have eternal life. This is the plan of salvation which was made possible by His death and resurrection from the grave. Second, He came to establish His kingdom (His church) in the hearts of men and women right here on this earth.

Now we are ready to establish the fact that there is only one true God. First, let us look at a very important verse from the Old Testament. Isaiah 46:9, Remember the former times of old: For I am god, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me.

There are many more references from the Old Testament but we shall use the New Testament for the remainder of this lesson.

Now, using your Bible, fill in the blanks. Read and study each reference. Take notes, if you like, so you may ask questions in the class.


1. John 3:16. For _________ so loved the world, that He gave  __________________________, that whosoever believeth ______________ should not perish, but have everlasting life.


2. 1 Corinthians 8:4. We know that an idol is ________________ in the world, and there is ___________________________.


3. Ephesians 4:6. One ________ and _____________ of all, who is __________________, and _______________ all, and _______________________ you all.


4. 1 Timothy 2:5. For there is ________________________, and one _____________ between _______________, the man _____________________________.


5. 1 John 5:7. For there are __________ that bear record in heaven, the _______________, the  _________, and the _____________________: and these three are ____________.