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Phyllis Martin-Griffin



Phyllis Martin was a Church of God missionary who worked with E. Faith Stewart in Cuba in the 1950s. She developed the following Bible School curriculum for use in training Church of God ministers from among the Cuban people. Some examples and expressions may appear dated as these outlines were put together in the context of the 1950s, but the content is clear and vital. You can read of Sister Stewart's work in India and Cuba in the book Highways and Hedges.


 These lesson  outlines are valuable for teaching  essential biblical doctrines and would be very useful in preparing gospel workers and Sunday school teachers in local congregations.






Scriptures, The Word of God

Building the New Testament Church

All Men May be Saved

God, A Personal Being

How the New Testament Church is Governed

The Conditions for Salvation

The Attributes of God

The Great Apostasy

The Nature of Salvation

The Divine Trinity

The Restoration from Apostasy

The Assurance of Salvation

The Creator of All Things

The Mode of Christian Baptism

Christians Live Holy Lives

God, The Ruler of All Things

Who Should Be Baptized

Sanctification a Second Cleansing

Man, A Twofold Being

The Lord's Supper

The Nature of Entire Sanctification

Man, In the Image of God 

The Washing of One Another's Feet

The Holy Ghost Baptism

The Original Testing and Fall of Man

The Life After Death

The Gifts of the Spirit

All Men Naturally Depraved

The Second Coming of Christ 

The Gift of Tongues

Christ Both God and Man

The Kingdom of God

The Conditions for Receiving the Holy Ghost

The Atonement of Christ

The Judgment and the End of the World

Divine Healing of the Body

What Constitutes Sin?

Future Reward and Punishment

Conditions for Obtaining Healing