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Douglas F. Bayless

Pastor, Lawton Church of God






Scriptural Unity




The practice of unity has been one of the core messages of the Church of God Reformation Movement since its inception. This booklet explores the scriptural foundation and essential requirements for unity among the people of God.

Readers are challenged to fulfill the moral imperative inherent in unity. They are also challenged to decide whether they are really practicing scriptural unity or only paying lip service to a doctrine.


What is Holiness?

This is a series of seven sermons presented by Pastor Bayless in the spring of 2007. These messages focus on the importance of holiness in the Christian life and in the life of the church.


A Lamb on Mount Zion

This is a short book written by Pastor Bayless. It is an exposition on the fourteenth chapter of the Book of Revelation. Its origin is in six sermons evolving from an exegetical study of this passage in response to some questions received from a Church of God minister in Kenya.


I Believe; A Creed For People Who Do Not Believe In Creeds.


The Church of God and most holiness churches have eschewed the use of creeds because it was believed they minimized the importance of the Bible and "all of the truth." Nevertheless, Christians believe something and there must be a concise statement of what the Christian faith is. The word creed means "I Believe". The Apostles' Creed is a brief, Biblically based statement of what is believed in the Christian faith.


Forbid Not To Speak In Tongues

This booklet is a series of four sermons concerning the phenomenon of speaking in unknown tongues. A fourth chapter is a tract that concerns the personal experience of one of God's saints and her experience with tongues.



The Secondness in Salvation

Entire sanctification is a doctrinally confused subject among Christians. Jesus gave us a simple metaphor of a grapevine and a gardener. If we stay with His metaphor, the teaching becomes quite simple.


On Marriage

A Biblical look at marriage: God's plan and its exceptions.