Tracts appearing in this section were all written (or are thought to have been written) by persons who identified themselves with the one true church of God, the body of Christ and stood apart from sectarian divisions. They contain messages about salvation from sin, holiness of life, and the church built by Jesus Christ. The tracts are presented here for their historical value. Some of the information contained in some of the tracts may reflect some issues where present opinions have changed.


Bible Proofs of a Second Cleansing

by Russell R. Byrum


Come Out Of Her My People

by Harold Barber


Denominationalism--My Last Message To The Church

by Otto Bolds


False Doctrines

by E. E. Byrum



by Margarete W. Duke

How to Become a Member of God's Church

by Harold Barber

Holiness Or Hell! Which?

by Cleve Green

Holy Wisdom in Soul Saving

by D. S. Warner

The Church That Jesus Built

J. F. Lawson

The Antichrist

by Harold Barber


The Baptism Of The Holy Ghost Is Speaking in an Unknown Tongue the Evidence?

by Harold Barber

The Kingdom Of God

by Harold Barber

The Mark Of The Beast 

 by Harold Barber

The Purging of the Branches

by Harold Barber

Why I Am Not A Protestant

by A. J. Martin


The Only True Holy Catholic Church

by O. O. Boggers

SALVATION, What Does It Mean?

by D. S. Warner

Consecration of D. S. Warner

From the Journal of D. S. Warner

Where Are The Miracles?

I. T. Mark

Twelve Steps to Heaven

I. T. Mark

Is The Soul Immortal? Is Hell The Grave? Does Death End All?

Cecil M. Washington

The Divine Law of Submission

J. W. Byers


The Great Value of Suffering

Cleve Green


What Is Divine Healing?

Cleve Green


The Battle or Armageddon

Harold Barber


Allison F. Barnard

Thirty Errors of Modern Tongues Advocates

Boyce W. Blackwelder

The Double Cure for Sin

I. T. Mark



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