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The Church of God has a rich inheritance of literature left to it by many who penned their experiences and their understanding of God's word as they grew in their experience with God. These saints were common people who were used by God in uncommon ways. Many of them were not highly educated but they lived close to the heart of God, and God trusted them with unusual knowledge and wisdom.

God used this literature in the days that it was written to speak to the hearts of many people who had not heard a Church of God message. These works were an essential tool of the reformation of the church in holiness and the restoration of the church to its pristine glory. If God used these works so many years ago, will He not now use them to accomplish the move of God we need in our day and age?

The works presented in this section reflect teachings, attitudes, and actions of original Church of God reformers and their successors from 1880 to the present time. Literature from various splits and groups gives a sense of the issues that have challenged the Church of God through the years. Some writers were self-serving; others zealously tried to defend what they believed at the cost of fellowship with those who disagreed; some were scholarly and some were not. It is hoped that as the reader peruses these works, he or she will develop an awareness of the prophetic moving of God in in the Church of God Reformation and that we are standing on the verge of a much needed revival in the Church and a final great awakening in the world.

The reader must be aware that not every work presented is completely reliable and sound in doctrine or spirit. Some things will offend some readers and other things will offend others. The pursuit of truth demands honesty and presenting literature of the Church of God that both lifts up the truth and exposes our faults is honest. May God bless the reader and help you to discern the truth.



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