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Pastor D. F. Bayless and Wife.

Founding pastor of the Lawton Church of God, 1986


Pastor Bayless was saved in 1961 under the ministry of Youth for Christ where he was active as a youth leader during high school.

While active in personal ministry for many years, he became active in formal ministry while attending the Morgan City Church of God in Morgan City, Alabama. He served the Church of God in Rich Hill, Missouri as pastor from 1983 to 1985 and moved to Lawton, Oklahoma later in 1985. The Baylesses, along with Larry and Paula Williams, founded the Lawton Church of God in 1986.

Bayless is a graduate of Liberty University with a BS in Business Administration and minors in theology and music. He holds a MBA from Cameron University.

Pastor Bayless served in the United States Army from 1966 - 1969 as a member of the 62nd Army Band, Fort Bliss Texas.


Mrs. Bayless was raised in a Christian home and was saved early in life. She married pastor Bayless in 1970 and is the mother of three sons.

Mrs. Bayless holds Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Psychology degrees from Cameron University. She presently teaches music at a local elementary school in Lawton.

Mrs. Bayless is the pianist for the church services.