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 THAT there is one God, self-existent and eternal, the creator, sustainer, and ruler of all things, infinitely perfect and existing eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Their glory is equal and their sovereign power is co-eternal.  


 THAT the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament and New Testament are the Word of God in writing, inspired by the Holy Spirit and infallible, and inerrant in the original writings. They contain all that is necessary to our salvation and are of supreme authority for faith and practice.  


 THAT our Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Godhead, is the eternal and only-begotten Son of God. He took manís nature in the womb of the Virgin Mary by miraculous conception of the Holy Spirit, so that the two whole and perfect natures, the Godhead and manhood, were joined together in one person, never to be divided. He lived a sinless life, obedient to the will of the Father. He died on the cross making a perfect and sufficient atonement for the sins of the whole human race so that He might reconcile us to the Father. On the third day He rose bodily from the grave. He ascended into Heaven where He is enthroned at God's right hand as our intercessor.  


 THAT the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Godhead, continually glorifies our Lord Jesus Christ, convicts men and women of sin, and regenerates all who repent and trust in Christ for salvation. It is by the Holy Spirit that believers are sanctified, indwelt, and guided into all truth. It is also by the Holy Spirit that Christ lives in the church, the gospel is proclaimed, and the Kingdom of God is advanced in the world.  


 THAT man was created in the image of God; but as the result of Adamís sin, the entire human race was alienated from God and plunged into sin. For this reason we are born into a state of native depravity, hostile to God and His Law, and utterly unable of ourselves to remedy our lost condition. By His prevenient grace, God restores moral sensibility to all mankind and enables each of us to respond to His offer of salvation.  


 THAT salvation is the provision of God's grace alone, but it is a gift that we must freely accept. Thus God graciously justifies and regenerates all who repent of their sins and believe on Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. As the children of God, they are restored to fellowship with Him, delivered from the penalty of sin, as well as from its willful practice, and are initially sanctified by the Holy Spirit who dwells in them.  


 THAT God calls all believers to entire sanctification, which is realized in a moment of full consecration and faith subsequent to their new birth in Jesus Christ. By the Holy Spirit they are thus cleansed from all sin and empowered for victorious living and fruitful service. Entire sanctification is dynamically maintained by obedient faith in moment-by-moment relationship; and it is both preceded and followed by growth in grace, expressed in progressing holiness and increasing spiritual maturity.  


 THAT believers are assured of personal salvation by the infallible promises of God's Word, confirmed by the inward testimony of the Holy Spirit, and attested by a good conscience and the presence of the fruit of the Spirit in their lives.  


THAT all believers are fully secure in Christ, conditioned only by their continuing obedient faith. Those who backslide may be immediately restored to God's favor by returning to Him in repentance and faith in Christ.  


 THAT it is the joy and duty of all Christians through the power of the Holy Spirit to live righteously, victoriously, and sacrificially, obedient to God's Law, faithful in the use of the means of grace, continually sharing the hope that is in them, and ministering compassionately to human need.  


 THE central purpose of the church is to glorify God. It is composed of all who are united to Him in saving faith and who are thus members of the body of which Christ is the head. All Christians should live in fellowship with the church, uniting in its worship of the Triune God, participating in its great task of world evangelism, and loving one another with pure and fervent hearts.  


 THAT our Lord Jesus Christ will personally return in glory at the end of the age, as He has promised, and that He will consummate His kingdom and judge the world in righteousness. His coming is the "blessed hope" which is set before us and for which we must live in constant and joyful readiness.  


 THAT all the dead shall be raised, those who have died in Christ to eternal life and blessedness, and those who have rejected Him to conscious and everlasting shame and punishment.