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ESCHATOLOGY is the doctrine of the end times. In Christianity there are essentially three approaches to this doctrine. Post millennialism is the belief that moral and spiritual revival will happen on earth creating peace, prosperity and benevolence among mankind preparing them for the return of Christ. Premillennialism is the belief that Jesus will return to earth and set up the kingdom of God from which He will reign over the earth for one-thousand years. There are numerous variations of this doctrine.

The Amillennial view of eschatology rejects the millennial concept altogether. Instead, the Amillennialists see the world getting progressively worse, similar to the conditions in the days of Noah. Christ will return instantly raising the dead from all time since Creation and transforming all who are alive. At the instant of His return and the resurrection of the dead, all humanity will be ushered into the presence of Christ to be judged and separated to their eternal destinies. As this happens, the created universe will be destroyed by fire and returned to its original state of nothingness.