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1 In the thridde yeer of the rewme of Joachym, king of Juda, Nabugodonosor, the kyng of Babiloyne, cam to Jerusalem , and bisegide it.

2 And the Lord bitook in his hond Joachym, the kyng of Juda, and he took a part of the vessels of the hous of God; and he bar out tho in to the lond of Sennaar, in to the hous of his god, and he took the vessels in to the hous of tresour of his god.

3 And the kyng seide to Asphaneth, souereyn of his onest seruauntis and chast, that he schulde brynge yn of the sones of Israel , and of the kyngis seed, and the children of tirauntis,  in whiche weren no wem,

4 faire in schap, and lerned in al wisdom, war in kunnyng, and tauyt in chastisyng, and that myyten stonde in the paleis of the kyng, that he schulde teche hem the lettris and langage of Caldeis.

5 And the king ordeynede to hem lijflode bi ech dai of hise meetis, and of the wyn wherof he drank; that thei nurschid bi thre yeer, schulden stonde aftirward bifor the siyt of the kyng.

6 Therfor Danyel, Ananye, Myzael, and Azarie, of the sones of Juda, weren among hem.

7 And the souereyn of onest seruauntis and chast puttide to hem names; to Danyel he puttide Balthasar; to Ananye, Sidrach; to Mysael, Misach; and to Azarie, Abdenago.

8 Forsothe Danyel purposide in his herte, that he schulde not be defoulid of the boord of the kyng, nether of the wyn of his drink; and he preiede the souereyn of onest seruauntis and chast, that he schulde not be defoulid.

9 Forsothe God yaf grace and merci to Daniel, in the siyt of the prince of onest seruauntis and chast.

10 And the prince of onest seruauntis and chast seide to Daniel, Y drede my lord the king, that ordeinede to you mete and drynk; and if he seeth youre faces lennere than othere yonge wexynge men, youre eueneeldis, ye schulen condempne myn heed to the kyng.

11 And Danyel seide to Malazar, whom the prince of onest seruauntis and chast hadde ordeynede on Danyel, Ananye, Mysael, and Asarie,

12 Y biseche, asaie thou vs thi seruauntis bi ten daies, and potagis be youun to vs to ete, and water to drynke; and biholde thou oure cheris,

13 and the cheris of children that eten the kyngis mete; and as thou seest, so do thou with thi seruauntis.

14 And whanne he herde siche a word, he asaiede hem bi ten daies.

15 Forsothe after ten daies the cheris of hem apperiden betere and fattere, than alle the children that eeten the kyngis mete.

16 Certis Malazar took the metis, and the wyn  of the drynk of hem, and yaf to hem potagis.

17 Forsothe to these children God yaf kunnyng and lernyng in ech book, and in al wisdom; but to Daniel God yaf vndurstondyng of alle visiouns and dremys.

18 Therfor whanne the daies weren fillid, aftir whiche the kyng seide, that thei schulden be brouyt yn, the souereyn of onest seruauntis and chast brouyte in hem, in the siyt of Nabugodonosor.

19 And whanne the kyng hadde spoke to hem, siche weren not foundun of alle, as Daniel, Ananye, Misael, and Azarie; and thei stoden in the siyt of the king.

20 And ech word of wisdom and of vndurstondyng, which the king axide of hem, he foond in hem ten fold ouer alle false dyuynouris and astronomyens, that weren in al his rewme.

21 Forsothe Danyel was til to the firste yeer of king Cyrus.




1 In the secounde yeer of the rewme of Nabugodonosor, Nabugodonosor siy a dreem; and his spirit was aferd, and his dreem fledde awei fro hym.

2 Therfor the kyng comaundide, that the dyuynours, and astronomyens, and witchis, and Caldeis schulden be clepid togidere, that thei schulden telle to the kyng hise dremys; and whanne thei weren comun, thei stoden bifor the king.

3 And the king seide to hem, Y siy a dreem, and Y am schent in mynde, and Y knowe not what Y siy.

4 And Caldeis answeriden the kyng bi Sirik langage, Kyng, liue thou with outen ende; seie thi dreem to thi seruauntis, and we schulen schewe to thee the expownyng therof.

5 And the kyng answeride, and seide to Caldeis, The word is goen awei fro me; if ye schewen not to me the dreem, and expownyng therof, ye schulen perische, and youre housis schulen be forfetid.

6 Forsothe if ye tellen the dreem, and the expownyng therof, ye schulen take of me meedis and yiftis, and myche  onour; therfor schewe ye to me the dreem, and the interpretyng therof.

7 Thei answeriden the secounde tyme, and seiden, The kyng seie the dreem to hise seruauntis, and we schulen schewe the interpretyng therof.

8 The kyng answeride, and seide, Certis Y woot, that ye ayenbien the tyme, and witen that the word is goen awei fro me.

9 Therfor if ye schewen not to me the dreem, o sentence is of you, for ye maken an interpretyng bothe fals and ful of disseit, that ye speke to me til the tyme passe; therfor seie ye the dreem to me, that Y wite, that ye speke also the veri interpretyng therof.

10 Therfor Caldeis answeriden bifor the kyng, and seiden, Kyng, no man is on erthe, that mai fille thi word; but nether ony greet man and myyti of kyngis axith siche a word of ony dyuynour, and astronomyen, and of a man of Caldee.

11 For the word which thou, kyng, axist, is greuouse, nether ony schal be foundun, that schal schewe it in the siyt of the king, outakun goddis, whos lyuyng is not with men.

12 And whanne this word was herd, the kyng comaundide, in woodnesse and in greet ire, that alle the wise men of Babiloyne schulden perische.

13 And bi the sentence goon out, the wise men weren slayn; and Danyel and hise felows weren souyt, that thei schulden perische.

14 Thanne Danyel axide of the lawe and sentence, of Ariok, prynce of chyualrie of the kyng, that was gon out to sle the wise men of Babiloyne.

15 And he axide hym, that hadde take power of the kyng, for what cause so cruel a sentence yede out fro the face of the kyng. Therfor whanne Ariok hadde schewid the thing to Danyel,

16 Danyel entride, and preyede the kyng, that he schulde yyue tyme to hym to schewe the soilyng to the kyng.

17 And he entride in to his hous, and schewide the nede to Ananye, and to Misael, and Asarie,

18 hise felowis, that thei schulden axe merci of the face of God of heuene on  this sacrament; and that Danyel and hise felowis schulden not perische with othere wise men of Babiloyne.

19 Thanne the priuyte was schewid to Danyel bi a visioun in nyyt. And Danyel blesside God of heuene, and seide,

20 The name of the Lord be blessid fro the world, and til in to the world, for wisdom and strengthe ben hise;

21 and he chaungith tymes and ages, he translatith rewmes and ordeyneth; he yyueth wisdom to wise men, and kunnyng to hem that vndurstonden techyng, ether chastisyng;

22 he schewith deepe thingis and hid, and he knowith thingis set in derknessis, and liyt is with hym.

23 God of oure fadris, Y knowleche to thee, and Y herie thee, for thou hast youe wisdom and strengthe to me; and now thou hast schewid to me tho thingis, whiche we preieden thee, for thou hast openyd to vs the word of the kyng.

24 Aftir these thingis Danyel entride to Ariok, whom the kyng hadde ordeyned, that he schulde leese the wise men of Babiloyne, and thus he spak to hym, Leese thou not the wise men of Babiloyne; leede thou me in bifor the siyt of the kyng, and Y schal telle the soilyng to the kyng.

25 Thanne Ariok hastynge ledde in Danyel to the kyng, and seide to him, Y haue foundun a man of the sones of passyng ouer of Juda, that schal telle the soilyng to the kyng.

26 The kyng answeride, and seide to Danyel, to whom the name was Balthasar, Whethir gessist thou, that thou maist verili schewe to me the dreem which Y siy, and the interpretyng therof?

27 And Danyel answeride bifore the king, and seide, The priuytee which the kyng axith, wise men, and astronomyens, and dyuynours, and lokeris of auteris, moun not schewe to the kyng.

28 But God is in heuene, that schewith priuytees, which hath schewid to thee, thou king Nabugodonosor, what thingis schulen come in the laste tymes. Thi dreem and visiouns of thin heed, in thi bed, ben sich.

29 Thou, kyng, bigunnest to thenke in thi bed, what was to comynge aftir these thingis; and he that schewith priuetees, schewide to thee what thingis schulen come.

30 And this sacrament is schewid to me, not bi wisdom which is in me more than in alle lyuynge men, but that the interpretyng schulde be maad opyn to the kyng, and thou schuldist knowe the thouytis of thi soule.

31 Thou, kyng, siyest, and lo! as o greet ymage; thilke ymage was greet, and hiy in stature, and stood bifore thee, and the loking therof was ferdful.

32 The heed of this ymage was of best gold, but the brest and armes weren of siluer; certis the wombe and thies weren of bras,

33 but the leggis weren of irun ; forsothe sum part of the feet was of irun , sum was of erthe.

34 Thou siyest thus, til a stoon was kit doun of the hil, with outen hondis, and smoot the ymage in the irun feet therof and erthene feet, and al to-brak tho.

35 Thanne the irun, tijl stoon, ether erthene vessel, bras, siluer, and gold, weren al to-brokun togidere, and dryuun as in to a deed sparcle of a large somer halle, that ben rauyschid of wynd, and no place is foundun to tho; forsothe the stoon, that smoot the ymage, was maad a greet hil, and fillide al erthe.

36 This is the dreem. Also, thou kyng, we schulen seie bifor thee the interpretyng therof.

37 Thou art kyng of kyngis, and God of heuene yaf to thee rewme, strengthe, and empire, and glorie;

38 and he yaf in thin hond alle thingis, in whiche the sones of men, and the beestis of the feeld, and the briddis of the eir dwellen, and ordeynede alle thingis vndur thi lordschip; therfor thou art the goldun heed.

39 And another rewme lesse than thou schal rise aftir thee; and the thridde rewme, an other of bras, that schal haue the empire of al erthe.

40 And the fourthe rewme schal be as irun , as irun makith lesse, and makith tame alle thingis, so it schal make lesse,  and schal al to-breke alle these rewmes.

41 Forsothe that thou siest a part of the feet and fyngris of erthe of a pottere, and a part of irun , the rewme shal be departid; which netheles schal rise of the plauntyng of irun , `bi that that thou siest irun meynd with a tijl stoon of clei,

42 and the toos of the feet in parti of irun , and in parti of erthe, in parti the rewme schal be sad, and in parti to-brokun.

43 Forsothe that thou siest irun meynd with a tiel stoon of clei, sotheli tho schulen be meynd togidere with mannus seed; but tho schulen not cleue to hem silf, as irun mai not be meddlid with tyel stoon.

44 Forsothe in the daies of tho rewmes, God of heuene shal reise a rewme, that schal not be distried with outen ende, and his rewme schal not be youun to another puple; it schal make lesse, and schal waste alle these rewmes, and it schal stonde with outen ende,

45 bi this that thou siest, that a stoon was kit doun of the hil with outen hondis, and maad lesse the tiel stoon, and irun , and bras, and siluer, and gold. Greet God hath schewid to the kyng, what thingis schulen come aftirward; and the dreem is trewe, and the interpretyng therof is feithful.

46 Thanne king Nabugodonosor felle doun on his face, and worschipide Danyel, and comaundide sacrifices and encense to be brouyt, that tho schulden be sacrifised to hym.

47 Therfor the kyng spak, and seide to Danyel, Verili youre God is God of goddis, and Lord of kyngis, that schewith mysteries, for thou miytist opene this sacrament.

48 Thanne the kyng reiside Danyel an hiy, and yaf many yiftis and grete to hym; and ordeynede hym prince and prefect, ether cheef iustise, ouer alle the prouynces of Babiloyne, and maister ouer alle the wise men of Babiloyne.

49 Forsothe Danyel axide of the kyng, and ordeynede Sidrac, Misaac, and Abdenago ouer alle the werkis of the prouynce of Babiloyne;  but Danyel hym silf was in the yatis of the kyng.




1 Nabugodonosor, the kyng, made a goldun ymage, in the heiythe of sixti cubitis, and in the breede of sixe cubitis; and he settide it in the feeld of Duram, of the prouynce of Babiloyne.

2 Therfor Nabugodonosor sente to gadere togidere the wise men, magistratis, and iugis, and duykis, and tirauntis, and prefectis, and alle princes of cuntreis, that thei schulden come togidere to the halewyng of the ymage, which the kyng Nabugodonosor hadde reisid.

3 Thanne the wise men, magistratis, and iugis, and duykis, and tirauntis, and beste men, that weren set in poweris, and alle the princes of cuntreis, weren gaderid togidere, that thei schulden come togidere to the halewyng of the ymage, which the kyng Nabugodonosor hadde reisid. Forsothe thei stoden in the siyt of the ymage, which Nabugodonosor hadde set; and a bedele criede myytili,

4 It is seid to you, puplis, kynredis, and langagis;

5 in the our in which ye heren the soun of trumpe, and of pipe, and of harpe, of sambuke, of sawtre, and of symphonye, and of al kynde of musikis, falle ye doun, and worschipe the goldun ymage, which the kyng Nabugodonosor made.

6 Sotheli if ony man fallith not doun, and worschipith not, in the same our he schal be sent in to the furneis of fier brennynge.

7 Therfor aftir these thingis, anoon as alle puplis herden the sown of trumpe,  of pipe, and of harpe, of sambuke, and of sawtre, of symphonye, and of al kynde of musikis, alle puplis, lynagis, and langagis fellen doun, and worschipiden the golden ymage, which the kyng Nabugodonosor hadde maad.

8 And anoon in that tyme men of Caldee neiyiden, and accusiden the Jewis,

9 and seiden to the kyng Nabugodonosor, Kyng, lyue thou with outen ende.

10 Thou, kyng, hast set a decree, that ech man that herith the sown of trumpe, of pipe, and of harpe, of sambuke, and of sawtree, and of symphonye, and of al kynde of musikis, bowe doun hym silf, and worschipe the goldun ymage; forsothe if ony man fallith not doun,

11 and worschipith not, be he sent in to the furneis of fier brennynge.

12 Therfor men Jewis ben, Sidrac, Mysaac, and Abdenago, whiche thou hast ordeynede on the werkis of the cuntrei of Babiloyne. Thou kyng, these men han dispisid thi decree; thei onouren not thi goddis, and thei worshipen not the goldun ymage, which thou reisidist.

13 Thanne Nabugodonosor comaundide, in woodnesse and in wraththe, that Sidrac, Mysaac, and Abdenago schulden be brouyt; whiche weren brouyt anoon in the siyt of the kyng.

14 And the kyng Nabugodonosor pronounside, and seide to hem, Whether verili Sidrac, Mysaac, and Abdenago, ye onouren not my goddis, and worschipen not the golden ymage, which Y made?

15 Now therfor be ye redi, in what euer our ye heren the sown of trumpe, of pipe, of harpe, of sambuke, of sawtree, and of symphonye, and of al kynde of musikis, bowe ye doun you, and worschipe the ymage which Y made; that if ye worschipen not, in the same our ye schulen be sent in to the furneis of fier brennynge; and who is God, that schal delyuere you fro myn hond?

16 Sidrac, Misaac, and Abdenago answeriden, and seiden to the king Nabugodonosor, It nedith not, that we  answere of this thing to thee.

17 For whi oure God, whom we worschipen, mai rauysche vs fro the chymenei of fier brennynge, and mai delyuere fro thin hondis, thou kyng.

18 That if he nyle, be it knowun to thee, thou kyng, that we onouren not thi goddis, and we worschipen not the goldun ymage, which thou hast reisid.

19 Thanne Nabugodonosor was fillid of woodnesse, and the biholdyng of his face was chaungid on Sidrac, Misaac, and Abdenago. And he comaundide, that the furneis schulde be maad hattere seuenfold, than it was wont to be maad hoot.

20 And he comaundide to the strongeste men of his oost, that thei schulden bynde the feet of Sidrac, Mysaac, and Abdenago, and sende hem in to the furneis of fier brennynge.

21 And anoon tho men weren boundun, with brechis, and cappis, and schoon, and clothis, and weren sent in to the myddis of the furneis of fier brennynge;

22 for whi comaundement of the kyng constreinede. Forsothe the furneis was maad ful hoot; certis the flawme of the fier killid tho men, that hadden sent Sidrac, Misaac, and Abdenago in to the furneis.

23 Sotheli these thre men, Sidrac, Misaac, and Abdenago, fellen doun boundun in the mydis of the chymenei of fier brennynge.

24 And thei walkiden in the myddis of the flawme, and herieden God, and blessiden the Lord.

25 Forsothe Asarie stoode, and preiede thus; and he openyde his mouth in the myddis of the fier,

26 and seide, Lord God of oure fadris, thou art blessid, and worthi to be heried, and thi name is glorious in to worldis;

27 for thou art riytful in alle thingis whiche thou didist to vs, and alle thi werkis ben trewe; and thi weies ben riytful, and alle thi domes ben  trewe.

28 For thou hast do trewe domes, bi alle thingis whiche thou brouytist yn on vs, and on Jerusalem , the hooli citee of oure fadris; for in trewthe and in doom thou brouytist yn alle these thingis for oure synnes.

29 For we synneden, and diden wickidli, goynge awei fro thee, and we trespassiden in alle thingis,

30 and we herden not, nether kepten thi comaundementis, nether we diden as thou comaundidist to vs, that it schulde be wele to vs.

31 Therfor thou didist bi veri doom alle thingis whiche thou brouytist yn on vs, and alle thingis whiche thou didist to vs;

32 and thou hast bitake vs in the hondis of enemyes, wickid men, and worst trespassouris, and to the vniust kyng, and worst ouer al erthe.

33 And now we moun not opene the mouth; we ben maad schame and schenschipe to thi seruauntis, and to hem that worschipen thee.

34 We bisechen, yyue thou not vs to enemyes with outen ende, for thi name, and distrie thou not thi testament,

35 and take thou not awei thi merci fro vs, for Abraham, thi derlyng, and Ysaac, thi seruaunt, and Israel , thin hooli;

36 to whiche thou spakist, biheetyng that thou schuldist multiplie her seed as the sterris of heuene, and as grauel which is in the brynke of the see.

37 For whi, Lord, we ben maad litle, more than alle folkis, and we ben lowe in al erthe to dai, for oure synnes.

38 And in this tyme is no prince, and duyk, and profete, nether brent sacrifice, nether sacrifice, nether offryng, nether encense, nether place of firste fruytis bifor thee,

39 that we moun fynde thi mercy; but be we resseyued in contrit soule, and in spirit of mekenesse.

40 As in brent sacrifice of rammes, and of bolis, and as in thousyndis of fatte lambren, so oure sacrifice be maad to dai in thi siyt, that it plese thee; for no schame is to hem that tristen in thee.

41 And now we suen thee in al the herte, and we dreden thee, and we seken thi face.

42 Schende thou not vs, but do with vs bi thi myldenesse, and bi the multitude of thi merci.

43 And delyuere thou vs in thy merueils, and yyue thou glorie to thi name, Lord;

44 and alle men ben schent, that schewen yuelis to thi seruauntis; be thei schent in all thi miyt, and the strengthe of hem be al to-brokun;

45 and thei schulen wite, that thou art the Lord God aloone, and glorious on the roundnesse of londis.

46 And the mynystris of the kyng, that hadden sent hem, ceessiden not to make hoot the furneis with syment, and herdis of flex, and pitche, and siouns of vynes.

47 And the flawme was sched out ouer the furneis bi nyne and fourti cubitis,

48 and brak out, and brente hem that it foond of Caldeis bisidis the furneis.

49 Forsothe the aungel of the Lord cam doun with Asarie and hise felowis, in to the furneis, and smoot out the flawme of the fier fro the furneis;

50 and made the myddis of the furneis as the wynd of deew blowynge; and outerli the fier touchide not hem, nether made sori, nether dide ony thing of disese.

51 Thanne these thre as of o mouth herieden and glorifieden God, and blessiden God in the furneis,

52 and seiden, Lord God of oure fadris, thou art blessid, and worthi to be preisid, and gloriouse, and aboue enhaunsid in to worldis; and blessid is the name of thi glorie, which name is hooli, and worthi to be heried, and aboue enhaunsid in alle worldis.

53 Thou art blessid in the hooli temple of thi glorie, and aboue preisable, and gloriouse in to worldis.

54 Thou art blessid in the trone of thi rewme, and aboue preisable, and aboue enhaunsid in to worldis.

55 Thou art blessid, that biholdist depthis of watris, and sittist on cherubyn, and art preisable, and aboue enhaunsid in to worldis.

56 Thou art blessid in the firmament of heuene, and preisable, and gloriouse in to worldis.

57 Alle werkis of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord, herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

58 Aungels of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

59 Heuenes, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

60 Alle watris, that ben aboue heuenes, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye him into worldis.

61 Alle the vertues of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

62 Sunne and moone, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

63 Sterris of heuene, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

64 Reyn and deew, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

65 Ech spirit of God, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

66 Fier and heete, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

67 Coold and somer, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

68 Dewis and whijt forst, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

69 Blac forst and coold, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

70 Yces and snowis, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

71 Niytis and daies, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

72 Liyt and derknesse, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

73 Leitis and cloudis, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

74 The erthe blesse the Lord; herie it, and aboue enhaunse it hym in to worldis.

75 Mounteyns and litle hillis, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

76 Alle buriownynge thingis in erthe, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

77 Wellis, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

78 Sees and floodis, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse  ye hym in to worldis.

79 Whallis, and alle thingis that ben mouyd in watris, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

80 Alle briddis of the eyr, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

81 Alle wielde beestis and tame beestis, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

82 Sones of men, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

83 Israel blesse the Lord; herie it, and aboue enhaunse it hym in to worldis.

84 Prestis of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

85 Seruauntis of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

86 Spiritis and soulis of iust men, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

87 Hooli men and meke of herte, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis.

88 Ananye, Azarie, Mysael, blesse ye the Lord; herie ye, and aboue enhaunse ye hym in to worldis. Which Lord rauyschide vs fro helle, and `made saaf fro the hond of deth, and delyueride fro the myddis of flawme brennynge, and rauyschide vs fro the myddis of fier.

89 Knowleche ye to the Lord, for he is good; for his merci is in to the world.

90 Alle religiouse men, blesse ye the Lord, God of goddis; herie ye, and knouleche ye to hym, for his merci is in to alle worldis.

91 Thanne kyng Nabugodonosor was astonyed, and roos hastily, and seide to hise beste men, Whether we senten not thre men feterid in to the myddis of the fier? Whiche answeriden the kyng, and seiden, Verili, kyng.

92 The kyng answeride, and seide, Lo! Y se foure men vnboundun, and goynge in the myddis of the fier, and  no thing of corrupcioun is in hem; and the licnesse of the fourthe is lijk the sone of God.

93 Thanne the kyng Nabugodonosor neiyide to the dore of the furneis of fier brennynge, and seide, Sidrac, Mysaac, and Abdenago, the seruauntis of hiy God lyuynge, go ye out, and come ye. And anoon Sidrac, Mysaac, and Abdenago, yeden out of the myddis of the fier.

94 And the wise men, and magistratis, and iugis, and miyti men of the kyng, weren gaderid togidere, and bihelden tho men, for the fier hadde had no thing of power in the bodies of hem, and an heer of her heed was not brent; also the breechis of hem weren not chaungid, and the odour of fier hadde not passid bi hem.

95 And Nabugodonosor brac out, and seide, Blessid be the God of hem, that is, of Sidrac, Mysaac, and Abdenago, that sente his aungel, and delyueride hise seruauntis, that bileuyden in to hym, and chaungiden the word of the kyng, and yauen her bodies, that thei schulden not serue, and that thei schulden not worschipe ony god, outakun her God aloone.

96 Therfor this decree is set of me, that ech puple, and langagis, and lynagis, who euer spekith blasfemye ayen God of Sidrac, and of Mysaac, and of Abdenago, perische, and his hous be distried; for noon other is God, that mai saue so.

97 Thanne the kyng auaunside Sidrac, Mysaac, and Abdenago, in the prouynce of Babiloyne; and sente in to al the lond a pistle, conteynynge these wordis.




98 Nabugodonosor, the kyng, writith thus to alle puplis and langagis, that dwellen in al erthe, pees be multiplied to you.

99 Hiy God made at me myraclis and merueils;

100 therfor it pleside me to preche hise myraclis, for tho ben greet, and hise merueils,  for tho ben stronge; and his rewme is an euerlastynge rewme, and his power is in generacioun and in to generacioun.

1 I, Nabugodonosor, was restful in myn hous, and flourynge in my paleis;

2 Y siy a dreem, that made me aferd; and my thouytis in my bed, and the siytis of myn heed disturbliden me.

3 And a decre was set forth bi me, that alle the wise men of Babiloyne schulden be brouyt in bifor my siyt, and that thei schulden schewe to me the soilyng of the dreem.

4 Than false dyuynours, astronomyens, Caldeis, and biholderis of auteris entriden; and Y telde the dreem in the siyt of hem, and thei schewiden not to me the soilyng therof, til the felowe in office,

5 Danyel, to whom the name was Balthasar, bi the name of my God, entride in my siyt, which Danyel hath the spirit of hooli goddis in hym silf; and Y spak the dreem bifor hym.

6 Balthasar, prince of dyuynouris, whom Y knowe, that thou hast in thee the spirit of hooli goddis, and ech sacrament, ether preuytee, is not vnpossible to thee, telle thou to me the visiouns of my dreemes, whiche Y siy, and the soilyng of tho.

7 This is the visioun of myn heed in my bed. Y siy, and lo! a tree was in the myddis of erthe, and the hiynesse therof was ful greet.

8 And the tree was greet and strong, and the heiythe therof touchide heuene, and the biholdynge therof was `til to the endis of al erthe.

9 The leeuys therof weren ful faire, and the fruyt therof was ful myche, and the mete of alle was in it; beestis and wielde beestis dwelliden vndur it, and briddis of the eir lyuyden in the braunchis therof, and ech man ete of it.

10 Thus Y siy in the visioun of myn heed, on my bed. And lo! a wakere, and hooli man cam doun fro heuene,

11 and he criede strongli, and seide thus, Hewe ye doun the tree, and kitte ye doun the bowis therof, and schake ye awei the leeuys therof, and scatere ye abrood the fruytis therof; beestis  fle awei, that be vndur it, and briddis fro the bowis therof.

12 Netheles suffre ye the seed of rootis therof in erthe, and be he boondun with a boond of irun and of bras, in erbis that ben with out forth, and in the deew of heuene be he died, and his part be with wielde beestis in the erbe of erthe.

13 His herte be chaungid fro mannus herte, and the herte of a wielde beeste be youun to hym, and seuene tymes be chaungid on hym.

14 In the sentence of wakeris it is demed, and it is the word and axyng of seyntis, til lyuynge men knowe, that hiy God is Lord in the rewme of men; and he schal yyue it to whom euere he wole, and he schal ordeyne on it the mekeste man.

15 Y, Nabugodonosor, the kyng, siy this dreem. Therfor thou, Balthasar, telle hastili the interpretyng, for alle the wise men of my rewme moun not seie to me the soilyng; but thou maist, for the spirit of hooli goddis is in thee.

16 Thanne Danyel, to whom the name was Balthasar, began to thenke priueli with ynne hym silf, as in oon our, and hise thouytis disturbliden hym. Forsothe the kyng answeride, and seide, Balthasar, the dreem and the interpretyng therof disturble not thee. Balthasar answeride, and seide, My lord, the dreem be to hem that haten thee, and the interpretyng therof be to thin enemyes.

17 The tree which thou siyest hiy and strong, whos heiythe stretchith `til to heuene, and the biholdyng therof in to ech lond,

18 and the faireste braunchis therof, and the fruyt therof ful myche, and the mete of alle in it, and beestis of the feeld dwellynge vndur it, and the briddis of the eir dwellynge in the boowis therof,

19 thou art, kyng, that art magnefied, and wexidist strong, and thi greetnesse encreesside, and cam `til to heuene, and thi power in to the endis of al erthe.

20 Sotheli that the kyng siy a wakere and hooli come doun fro heuene, and seie, Hewe ye doun the tree, and distrie ye it, netheles leeue ye the  seed of rootis therof in erthe, and be he boundun with irun and bras, in erbis with out forth, and be he bispreynt with the deew of heuene, and his mete be with wielde beestis, til seuene tymes be chaungid on hym;

21 this is the interpretyng of the sentence of the hiyeste, which sentence is comun on my lord, the kyng.

22 Thei schulen caste thee out fro men, and thi dwellyng schal be with beestys and wielde beestis, and thou schalt ete hey, as an oxe doith, but also thou schalt be bisched with the dew of heuene, also seuene tymes schulen be chaungid on thee, til thou knowe, that hiy God is Lord `on the rewme of men, and yyueth it to whom euer he wole.

23 Forsothe that he comaundide, that the seed of rootis therof, that is, of the tree, schulde be left, thi rewme schal dwelle to thee, aftir that thou knowist that the power is of heuene.

24 Wherfor, kyng, my counsel plese thee, and ayenbie thi synnes with almesdedis, and ayenbie thi wickidnessis with mercies of pore men; in hap God schal foryyue thi trespassis.

25 Alle these thingis camen on Nabugodonosor, the kyng.

26 After the ende of twelue monethis he walkide in the halle of Babiloyne;

27 and the kyng answeride, and seide, Whether this is not Babiloyne, the greet citee, which Y bildide in to the hous of rewme, in the miyt of my strengthe, and in the glorie of my fairnesse?

28 Whanne the word was yit in the mouth of the kyng, a vois felle doun fro heuene, Nabugodonosor, kyng, it is seid to thee, Thi rewme is passid fro thee,

29 and thei schulen caste thee out fro men, and thi dwellyng schal be with beestis and wielde beestis; thou schalt ete hey, as an oxe doith, and seuene tymes schulen be chaungid on thee, til thou knowe, that hiy God is Lord in the rewme of men, and yyueth it to whom euere he wole.

30 In the same our the word was fillid on Nabugodonosor, and he was cast out fro men, and he eet hey, as an  oxe doith, and his bodi was colouryd with the deew of heuene, til hise heeris wexiden at the licnesse of eglis, and hise nailis as the nailis of briddis.

31 Therfor after the ende of daies, Y, Nabugodonosor, reiside myn iyen to heuene, and my wit was yoldun to me; and Y blesside the hiyeste, and Y heriede, and glorifiede hym that lyueth with outen ende; for whi his power is euerlastynge power, and his rewme is in generacioun and in to generacioun.

32 And alle the dwelleris of erthe ben arettid in to noyt at hym; for bi his wille he doith, bothe in the vertues of heuene, and in the dwelleris of erthe, and noon is, that ayenstondith his hond, and seith to hym, Whi didist thou so?

33 In that tyme my wit turnede ayen to me, and Y cam fulli to the onour and fairnesse of my rewme, and my figure turnede ayen to me; and my beste men and my magistratis souyten me, and Y was set in my rewme, and my greet doyng was encreessid grettir to me.

34 Now therfor Y Nabugodonosor herie, and magnefie, and glorifie the kyng of heuene; for alle hise werkis ben trewe, and alle his weies ben domes; and he may make meke hem that goon in pride.




1 Balthasar, the kyng, made a greet feeste to hise beste men a thousynde, and ech man drank aftir his age.

2 Forsothe the kyng thanne drunkun comaundide, that the goldun and siluerne vessels schulden be brouyt forth, whiche Nabugodonosor, his fadir, hadde borun out of the temple that was in Jerusalem, that the kyng, and  hise beste men, hise wyues, and councubyns schulden drynke in tho vessels.

3 Thanne the goldun vessels and siluerne, whiche he hadde borun out of the temple that was in Jerusalem , weren brouyt forth; and the kyng, and hise beste men, and hise wyues, and concubyns, drunken in tho vessels.

4 Thei drunken wyn, and herieden her goddis of gold, and of siluer, of bras, and of irun , and of tree, and of stoon.

5 In the same our fyngris apperiden, as of the hond of a man, writynge ayens the candilstike, in the pleyn part of the wal of the kyngis halle ; and the kyng bihelde the fyngris of the hond writynge.

6 Thanne the face of the kyng was chaungid, and hise thouytis disturbliden hym; and the ioyncturis of hise reynes weren loosid, and hise knees weren hurtlid to hem silf togidere.

7 Therfor the kyng criede strongli, that thei schulden brynge yn astronomyens, Caldeis, and dyuynouris bi lokyng of auteris. And the kyng spak, and seide to the wise men of Babiloyne, Who euer redith this scripture, and makith opyn the interpretyng therof to me, schal be clothid in purpur; and he schal haue a goldun bie in the necke, and he schal be the thridde in my rewme.

8 Thanne alle the wise men of the kyng entriden, and miyten not rede the scripture, nether schewe to the kyng the interpretyng therof.

9 Wherof kyng Balthasar was disturblid ynow, and his cheer was chaungid, but also hise beste men weren disturblid.

10 Forsothe the queen entride in to the hous of feeste, for the thing that hadde bifeld to the king, and beste men; and sche spak, and seide, Kyng, lyue thou withouten ende. Thi thouytis disturble not thee, and thi face be not chaungid.

11 A man is in thi rewme, that hath the spirit of hooli goddis in hym silf, and in the daies of thi fadir kunnyng and wisdom weren foundun in hym; for whi and Nabugodonosor, thi fadir, made him prince of astronomyens,  of enchaunteris, of Caldeis, and of dyuynouris bi lokyng on auteris; sotheli thi fadir, thou kyng, dide this;

12 for more spirit, and more prudent, and vndurstondyng, and interpretyng of dremes, and schewyng of priuytees, and assoilyng of boundun thingis weren foundun in hym, that is, in Danyel, to whom the kyng puttide the name Balthasar. Now therfor Daniel be clepid, and he schal telle the interpretyng. Therfor Daniel was brouyt in bifor the kyng. To whom the forseid kyng seide,

13 Art thou Danyel, of the sones of caitifte of Juda, whom my fader, the kyng, brouyte fro Judee?

14 Y haue herd of thee, that thou hast in thee the spirit of goddis, and more kunnyng, and vndurstondyng, and wisdom be foundun in thee.

15 And now wise men, astronomyens, entriden in my siyt, to rede this scripture, and to schewe to me the interpretyng therof; and thei myyten not seie to me the vndurstondyng of this word.

16 Certis Y haue herde of thee, that thou maist interprete derk thingis, and vnbynde boundun thingis; therfor if thou maist rede the scripture, and schewe to me the interpretyng therof, thou schalt be clothid in purpur, and thou schalt haue a goldun bie aboute thi necke, and thou schalt be the thridde prince in my rewme.

17 To whiche thingis Danyel answeride, and seide bifore the kyng, Thi yiftis be to thee, and yyue thou to another man the yiftis of thin hous; forsothe, kyng, Y schal rede the scripture to thee, and Y schal schewe to thee the interpretyng therof.

18 O! thou kyng, hiyeste God yaf rewme, and greet worschipe, and glorie, and onour, to Nabugodonosor, thi fadir.

19 And for greet worschip which he hadde youe to thilke Nabugodonosor, alle puplis, lynagis, and langagis, trembliden and dredden hym; he killide whiche he wolde, and he smoot whiche he wolde, and he  enhaunside whiche he wolde, and he made low which he wolde.

20 Forsothe whanne his herte was reisid, and his spirit was maad obstynat in pride, he was put doun of the seete of his rewme;

21 and his glorie was takun awei, and he was cast out fro the sones of men; but also his herte was set with beestis, and his dwellyng was with wielde assis; also he eet hei as an oxe doith, and his bodi was colourid with the deew of heuene, til he knewe, that the hiyeste hath power in the rewme of men, and he schal reise on it whom euer he wole.

22 And thou, Balthasar, the sone of hym, mekidest not thin herte, whanne thou knewist alle these thingis;

23 but thou were reisid ayens the Lord of heuene, and the vessels of his hous weren brouyt bifore thee, and thou, and thi beste men, and thi wyues, and thi concubyns, drunken wyn in tho vessels; and thou heriedist goddis of siluer, and of gold, and of bras, and of irun, and of tree, and of stoon, that seen not, nether heren, nether feelen; certis thou glorifiedist not God, that hath thi blast, and alle thi weies in his hond.

24 Therfor the fyngur of the hond was sent of hym, which hond wroot this thing that is writun.

25 Sotheli this is the scripture which is discryued, Mane, Techel, Phares.

26 And this is the interpretyng of the word. Mane, God hath noumbrid thi rewme, and hath fillid it;

27 Techel, thou art weied in a balaunce, and thou art foundun hauynge lesse;

28 Phares, thi rewme is departid, and is youun to Medeis and Perseis.

29 Thanne, for the kyng comaundide, Daniel was clothid in purpur, and a goldun bie was youun aboute in his necke; and it was prechid of hym, that he hadde power, and was the thridde in the rewme.

30 In the same niyt Balthasar, the kyng of Caldeis, was slayn;

31 and Daryus of Medei was successour in to the rewme, and he was two and sixti yeer eld.




1 It pleside Darius, and he ordeynede sixe score duykis ouer the rewme, that thei schulden be in al his rewme.

2 And ouer hem he ordeynede thre princes, of whiche Danyel was oon; that the duykis schulden yelde resoun to hem, and that the kyng schulde not suffre ony disese.

3 Therfor Danyel ouercam alle the princes and duikis, for more spirit of God was in hym.

4 Certis the kyng thouyte to ordeyne hym on al the rewme. Wherfor princes and duikis souyten to fynde occasioun to Danyel, of the side of the kyng; and thei miyten fynde no cause and suspicioun, for he was feithful, and no blame and suspicioun was foundun in hym.

5 Therfor tho men seiden, We schulen not fynde ony occasioun to this Danyel, no but in hap in the lawe of his God.

6 Thanne the princes and duykis maden fals suggestioun to the kyng, and spaken thus to hym, Kyng Darius, lyue thou with onten ende.

7 Alle the princes of thi rewme, and magistratis, and duykis, senatours, and iugis, han maad a counsel, that a decree and comaundement of the emperour go out, that ech man that axith ony axyng of what euer god and man, til to thretti daies, no but of thee, thou kyng, he be sent in to the lake of liouns.

8 Now therfor, kyng, conferme thou the sentence, and write thou the decree, that this that is ordeyned of Medeis and Perseis be not chaungid, nethir be it leueful to ony man to breke.

9 Forsothe Darius, the kyng, settide forth, and confermyde the decree.

10 And whanne Danyel hadde founde this thing, that is, the lawe ordeyned, he entride in to his hous; and the while the wyndows weren open in his soler ayens Jerusalem, in thre tymes in the dai he bowide hise knees, and worschipide, and knoulechide bifore his God, as he was wont to do bifore.

11 Therfor tho men enqueriden ful bisili, and  founden Danyel preiynge, and bisechynge his God.

12 And thei neiyiden and spaken to the kyng of the comaundement, Kyng, whether thou ordeynedist not, that ech man that axide ony of goddis and of men, til to thretti daies, no but thee, thou kyng, he schulde be sent in to the lake of liouns? To whiche men the kyng answeride, and seide, The word is soth, bi the decree of Medeis and Perseis, which it is not leueful to breke.

13 Thanne thei answeriden, and seiden bifore the kyng, Danyel, of the sones of caitifte of Juda, reckide not of thi lawe, and of the comaundement, which thou ordeynedist, but thre tymes bi the dai he preieth in his bisechyng.

14 And whanne the kyng hadde herd this word, he was sori ynow, and he settide the herte for Danyel, for to do delyuere hym; and til to the goyng doun of the sunne he trauelide for to do delyuere hym.

15 But tho men vndurstoden the kyng, and seiden to hym, Wite thou, kyng, that it is the lawe of Medeis and of Perseis, that it is not leueful that ony decree be chaungid,

16 which the kyng ordeyneth. Thanne the kyng comaundide, and thei brouyten Danyel, and senten hym in to the lake of liouns. And the kyng seide to Danyel, Thi God, whom thou worschipist euere, he schal delyuere thee.

17 And o stoon was brouyt, and was put on the mouth of the lake, which the kyng aselide with his ryng, and with the ryng of hise beste men, lest ony thing were don ayens Danyel.

18 Thanne the kyng yede in to his hous, and slepte with out soper, and metis weren not brouyte bifore hym; ferthermore and sleep yede awei fro hym.

19 Thanne the kyng roos in the firste morewtid, and yede hastili to the lake of liouns;

20 and he neiyide to the lake, and criede on Danyel with wepynge vois, and spak to hym, Danyel, the seruaunt of God lyuynge, gessist thou, whether thi God, whom thou seruest euere, miyte delyuere thee fro liouns?

21 And  Danyel answeride the kyng, and seide, King, lyue thou with outen ende.

22 My God sente his aungel, and closide togidere the mouthis of liouns, and tho noieden not me, for riytfulnesse is foundun in me bifore hym; but also, thou kyng, Y dide no trespas bifore thee.

23 Thanne the kyng made ioie greetli on hym, and comaundide Danyel to be led out of the lake. And Danyel was led out of the lake, and noon hirtyng was foundun in hym, for he bileuede to his God.

24 Forsothe the kyng comaundide, tho men, that accusiden Danyel, weren brouyt, and weren sent in to the lake of liouns, thei, and the sones of hem, and the wyues of hem; and thei camen not `til to the pawment of the lake, til the liouns rauyschiden hem, and al to-braken alle the boonys of hem.

25 Thanne Darius, the kyng, wroot to alle puplis, lynagis, and langagis, dwellynge in al erthe, Pees be multiplied to you.

26 Therfor a decree is ordeyned of me, that in al myn empire and rewme men tremble, and drede the God of Danyel; for he is God lyuynge, and euerlastynge in to worldis, and his rewme schal not be distried, and his power is `til in to with outen ende.

27 He is delyuerer and sauyour, makynge myraclis and merueils in heuene and in erthe, which delyuerede Danyel fro the lake of liouns.

28 Certis Danyel dwellide stabli `til to the rewme of Darius, and `til to the rewme of Sirus of Persey.




1 In the firste yeer of Balthasar, kyng of Babiloyne, Danyel siy a sweuene. Forsothe he wroot the visioun of his hed in his bed, and the dreem, and comprehendide in schort word; and he touchide  schortli the sentence,

2 and seide, Y siy in my visioun in niyt, and lo! foure wyndis of heuene fouyten in the myddis of the greet see.

3 And foure grete beestis dyuerse bitwixe hem silf stieden fro the see.

4 The firste beeste was as a lionesse, and hadde wyngis of an egle. Y bihelde til the wyngis therof weren pullid awei, and it was takun awei fro erthe, and it stood as a man on the feet, and the herte therof was youun to it.

5 And lo! another beeste, lijk a bere in parti, stood, and thre ordris weren in the mouth therof, and thre princes in the teeth therof. And thus thei seiden to it, Rise thou, ete thou ful many fleischis.

6 Aftir these thingis Y bihelde, and lo! anothir beeste as a pard, and it hadde on it silf foure wyngis of a brid, and foure heedis weren in the beeste, and power was youun to it.

7 Aftir these thingis Y bihelde in the visioun of niyt, and lo! the fourthe beeste, ferdful, and wondirful, and ful strong. It hadde grete irun teeth, and it ete, and made lesse, and defoulide with hise feet othere thingis; forsothe it was vnlijk othere beestis, which Y hadde seyn bifore it, and it hadde ten hornes.

8 Y bihelde the hornes, and lo! an other litil horn cam forth of the myddis of tho, and thre of the firste hornes weren drawun out fro the face therof; and lo! iyen as iyen of a man weren in this horn, and a mouth spekynge grete thingis.

9 Y bihelde, til that trones weren set, and the elde of daies sat; his cloth was whijt as snow, and the heeris of his heed weren as cleene wolle, his trone was as flawmes of fier, hise wheelis weren fier kyndlid.

10 A flood of fier and rennynge faste yede out fro his face, a thousynde thousynde mynistriden to hym, and ten sithis a thousynde sithis an hundrid thousynde stoden niy hym; the dom sat, and bookis weren opened.

11 Y bihelde for the vois of grete wordis whiche thilke horn spak; and Y siy that the beeste was slayn, and his bodi was perischid, and was youun to be brent in  fier.

12 And Y siy that the power of othere beestis was takun awei, and the tymes of lijf weren ordeyned to hem, til to tyme and tyme.

13 Therfor Y bihelde in the visyoun of niyt, and lo! as a sone of man cam with the cloudis of heuene; and he cam fulli til to the elde of daies, and in the siyt of hym thei offriden hym.

14 And he yaf to hym power, and onour, and rewme, and alle the puplis, lynagis, and langagis schulen serue hym; his power is euerlastynge power, that schal not be takun awei, and his rewme, that schal not be corrupt.

15 My spirit hadde orrour, ether hidousnesse; Y, Danyel, was aferd in these thingis, and the siytis of myn heed disturbliden me.

16 Y neiyede to oon of the stonderis niy, and Y axide of hym the treuthe of alle these thingis. And he seide to me the interpretyng of wordis, and he tauyte me.

17 These foure grete beestis ben foure rewmes, that schulen rise of erthe.

18 Forsothe hooli men schulen take the rewme of hiyeste God, and thei schulen holde the rewme, til in to the world, and `til in to the world of worldis.

19 Aftir these thingis Y wolde lerne diligentli of the fourthe beeste, that was greetli vnlijk fro alle, and was ful ferdful, the teeth and nailis therof weren of irun ; it eet, and made lesse, and defoulide with hise feet othere thingis.

20 And of ten hornes whiche it hadde in the heed, and of the tother horn, that cam forth, bifore which thre hornes fellen doun, and of that horn that hadde iyen, and a mouth spekynge grete thingis, and was grettere than othere;

21 I bihelde, and lo! thilke horn made batel ayens hooli men, and hadde maistrie of hem,

22 til the elde of daies cam, and hiy God yaf doom to hooli men; and lo! tyme cam, and hooli men goten rewme.

23 And he seide thus, The fourthe beeste schal be the fourthe rewme in erthe, that schal be more than alle rewmes, and it schal deuoure al erthe, and it schal defoule, and  make lesse that erthe.

24 Forsothe ten hornes schulen be ten kyngis of that rewme; and another kyng schal rise after hem, and he schal be miytiere than the formere, and he schal make low thre kyngis.

25 And he schal speke wordis ayens the hiy God, and he schal defoule the seyntis of the hiyeste; and he schal gesse, that he mai chaunge tymes and lawis; and thei schulen be youun in to his hondis, til to tyme, and times, and the half of tyme.

26 And doom schal sitte, that the power be takun awei, and be al to-brokun, and perische til in to the ende.

27 Sotheli that the rewme, and power, and the greetnesse of rewme, which is vndur ech heuene, be youun to the puple of the seintis of the hiyeste, whos rewme is euerlastynge rewme, and alle kingis schulen serue, and obeie to hym.

28 Hidur to is the ende of the word. Y, Danyel, was disturblid myche in my thouytis, and my face was chaungid in me; forsothe Y kepte the word in myn herte.




1 In the thridde yeer of the rewme of Balthasar, the king, a visioun apperide to me. Y, Danyel, after that thing that Y hadde seyn in the bigynnyng,

2 siy in my visioun, whanne Y was in the castel of Susis, which is in the cuntrei of Helam; sotheli Y siy in the visioun that Y was on the yate Vlay.

3 And Y reiside myn iyen, and Y siy; and lo! o ram stood bifor the mareis, and hadde hiy hornes, and oon hiyere than the tother, and vndurwexynge.

4 Aftirward Y siy the ram wyndewynge with hornes ayens the eest, and ayens the west, and ayens the north, and ayens the south; and alle beestis myyten not ayenstonde it, nether be delyuered fro the hondis of it. And it dide bi his wille, and was magnefied.

5 And Y vndurstood. Lo! forsothe a buk of geet cam fro the west on the face of al erthe, and touchide not  the erthe; forsothe the buk of geet hadde a noble horn bitwixe hise iyen;

6 and he cam til to that horned ram, which Y hadde seyn stondynge bifore the yate, and he ran in the fersnesse of his strengthe to that ram.

7 And whanne he hadde neiyid niy the ram, he hurlide fersly on hym, and he smoot the ram, and al to-brak tweyne hornes of hym, and the ram miyte not ayenstonde hym. And whanne he hadde sent that ram in to erthe, he defoulide; and no man miyte delyuere the ram fro his hond.

8 Forsothe the buk of geet was maad ful greet; and whanne he hadde encreessid, the greet horn was brokun, and foure hornes risiden vndur it, bi foure wyndis of heuene.

9 Forsothe of oon of hem yede out o litil horn, and it was maad greet ayens the south, and ayens the eest, and ayens the strengthe.

10 And it was magnefied til to the strengthe of heuene, and it castide doun of the strengthe and of sterris, and defoulide tho.

11 And he was magnefied til to the prince of strengthe, and he took awei fro hym the contynuel sacrifice, and castide doun the place of his halewyng.

12 Forsothe strengthe was youun to hym ayens the contynuel sacrifice for synnes, and treuthe schal be cast doun in erthe; and he schal haue prosperite, and schal do.

13 And Y herde oon of hooli aungels spekynge; and oon hooli aungel seide to another, Y noot to whom spekinge, Hou long the visioun, and the contynuel sacrifice, and the synne of desolacioun, which is maad, and the seyntuarie, and the strengthe schal be defoulid?

14 And he seide to hym, Til to the euentid and morewtid, two thousynde daies and thre hundrid; and the seyntuarie schal be clensid.

15 Forsothe it was doon, whanne Y, Danyel, siy the visioun, and axide the vndurstondyng, lo! as the licnesse of a man stood in my siyt.

16 And Y herde the voys of a man bitwixe Vlai, and he criede, and seide, Gabriel, make thou Danyel to vndurstonde this visioun.

17 And he cam,  and stood bisidis where Y stood; and whanne he was comun, Y dredde, and felle on my face. And he seide to me, Thou, sone of man, vndurstonde, for the visioun schal be fillid in the tyme of ende.

18 And whanne he spak to me, Y slood doun `plat to the erthe. And he touchide me, and settide me in my degree.

19 And he seide to me, Y schal schewe to thee what thingis schulen come in the laste of cursing, for the tyme hath his ende.

20 The ram, whom thou siyest haue hornes, is the kyng of Medeis and of Perseis.

21 Forsothe the buc of geet is the kyng of Grekis; and the greet horn that was bitwixe hise iyen, he is the firste kyng.

22 Forsothe that whanne that horn was brokun, foure hornes risiden for it, foure kyngis schulen rise of the folc of hym, but not in the strengthe of hym.

23 And after the rewme of hem, whanne `wickidnessis han encreessid, a kyng schal rise vnschamefast in face, and vndurstondyng proposisiouns, ether resouns set forth; and his strengthe schal be maad stalworthe,

24 but not in hise strengthis. And more than it mai be bileuyd he schal waste alle thingis, and he schal haue prosperite, and schal do. And he schal sle stronge men, and the puple of seyntis,

25 bi his wille, and gile schal be dressid in his hond. And he schal magnefie his herte, and in abundaunce of alle thingis he schal sle ful many men. And he schal rise ayens the prince of princes, and withouten hond he schal be al to-brokun.

26 And the visioun, which is seid in the morewtid and euentid, is trewe. Therfor seele thou the visioun, for it schal be after many daies.

27 And Y, Danyel, was astonyed, and was sijk bi ful many daies; and whanne Y hadde rise, Y dide the werkis of the kyng; and Y was astonyed at the visioun, and `noon was that interpretide.




1 In the firste yeer of Darius, the sone of Assuerus, of the seed of Medeis, that was emperour on the rewme of Caldeis,

2 in the firste yeer of his rewme, Y, Danyel, vndurstood in bookis the noumbre of yeeris, of which noumbre the word of the Lord was maad to Jeremye, the profete, that seuenti yeer of desolacioun of Jerusalem schulde be fillid.

3 And Y settide my face to my Lord God, to preie and to biseche in fastyngis, in sak, and aische.

4 And Y preiede my Lord God, and Y knoulechide, and seide, Y biseche, thou Lord God, greet and ferdful, kepynge couenaunt and mercy to hem that louen thee, and kepen thi comaundementis.

5 We han synned, we han do wickidnesse, we diden unfeithfuli, and yeden awei, and bowiden awei fro thi comaundementis and domes.

6 We obeieden not to thi seruauntis, profetis, that spaken in thi name to oure kyngis, to oure princes, and to oure fadris, and to al the puple of the lond.

7 Lord, riytfulnesse is to thee, forsothe schenschipe of face is to vs, as is to dai to a man of Juda, and to the dwelleris of Jerusalem, and to al Israel, to these men that ben niy, and to these men that ben afer in alle londis, to which thou castidist hem out for the wickidnessis of hem, in whiche, Lord, thei synneden ayens thee.

8 Schame of face is to vs, to oure kyngis, to oure princes, and to oure fadris, that synneden;

9 but merci and benygnytee is to thee, oure Lord God. For we yeden awei fro thee,

10 and herden not the vois of oure Lord God, that we schulden go in the lawe of hym, whiche he settide to vs bi hise seruauntis, profetis.

11 And al Israel braken thi lawe, and bowiden awei, that thei herden not thi vois; and cursyng, and wlatyng, which is writun in the book of Moises, the seruaunt of God, droppide on vs, for we synneden to hym.

12 And he ordeynede hise wordis,  whiche he spak on vs, and on oure princes, that demyden vs, that thei schulden brynge in on vs greet yuel, what maner yuel was neuer vndur al heuene, bi that that is doon in Jerusalem,

13 as it is writun in the lawe of Moises. Al this yuel cam on vs, and, oure Lord God, we preieden not thi face, that we schulden turne ayen fro oure wickidnessis, and schulden thenke thi treuthe.

14 And the Lord wakide on malice, and brouyt it on vs; oure Lord God is iust in alle his werkis whiche he made, for we herden not his vois.

15 And now, Lord God, that leddist thi puple out of the lond of Egipt in strong hond, and madist to thee a name bi this dai, we han synnede,

16 we han do wickidnesse, Lord, ayens thi riytfulnesse. Y biseche, thi wraththe and thi stronge veniaunce be turned awey fro thi citee Jerusalem , and fro thi hooli hil; for whi for oure synnes, and for the wickidnessis of oure fadris, Jerusalem and thi puple ben in schenschipe, to alle men bi oure cumpas.

17 But now, oure God, here thou the preyer of thi seruaunt, and the bisechyngis of him, and schewe thi face on thi seyntuarie, which is forsakun.

18 My God, for thi silf boowe doun thin eere, and here; opene thin iyen, and se oure desolacioun, and the citee, on which thi name is clepid to help. For not in oure iustifiyngis we setten forth mekeli preiers bifor thi face, but in thi many merciful doyngis.

19 Lord, here thou; Lord, be thou plesid, perseyue thou, and do; my Lord God, tarie thou not, for thi silf, for thi name is clepid to help on the citee, and on thi puple.

20 And whanne Y spak yit, and preiede, and knoulechide my synnes, and the synnes of my puple Israel , that Y schulde sette forth mekeli my preieris in the siyt of my God, for the hooli hil of my God,

21 the while Y spak yit in my preyer, lo! the man Gabriel, whom Y hadde seyn in visioun at the bigynnyng, flei soone, and touchide me in the tyme of euentid sacrifice;

22 and he  tauyt me, and he spak to me, and seide, Danyel, now Y yede out, that Y schulde teche thee, and thou schuldist vndurstonde.

23 Fro the bigynnyng of thi preieris a word yede out. Forsothe Y cam to schewe to thee, for thou art a man of desiris; therfor perseyue thou the word, and vndurstonde thou the visioun.

24 Seuenti woukis of yeeris ben abreggid on thi puple, and on thin hooli citee, that trespassyng be endid, and synne take an ende, and that wickidnesse be doon awei, and euerlastynge riytfulnesse be brouyt, and that the visioun, and prophesie be fillid, and the hooli of seyntis be anoyntid.

25 Therfor wite thou, and perseyue; fro the goyng out of the word, that Jerusalem be bildid eft, til to Crist, the duyk, schulen be seuene woukis of yeeris and two and sixti woukis of yeeris; and eft the street schal be bildid, and wallis, in the angwisch of tymes.

26 And after two and sixti woukis `of yeeris Crist schal be slayn. And it schal not be his puple, that schal denye hym. And the puple with the duyk to comynge schal distrie the citee, and the seyntuarie; and the ende therof schal be distriyng, and after the ende of batel schal be ordeynede desolacioun.

27 Forsothe o wouk `of yeeris schal conferme the couenaunt to many men, and the offryng and sacrifice schal faile in the myddis of the wouke of yeeris; and abhomynacioun of desolacioun schal be in the temple, and the desolacioun schal contynue til to the parformyng and ende.


CAP 10


1 In the thridde yeer of the rewme of Sirus, kyng of Perseis, a word was schewid to Danyel, Balthasar bi name; and a trewe word, and greet strengthe, and he vndurstood the word; for whi vndurstondyng is nedeful in visioun.

2 In tho daies Y, Danyel, mourenyde bi the daies of thre woukis;

3 Y eet not desirable breed, and  fleisch, and wyn entride not into my mouth, but nethir Y was anoynted with oynement, til the daies of thre woukis weren fillid.

4 Forsothe in the foure and twentithe dai of the firste monethe, Y was bisidis the greet flood, which is Tigris .

5 And Y reiside myn iyen, and Y siy, and lo! o man was clothid with lynun clothis, and hise reynes weren gird with schynynge gold;

6 and his bodi was as crisolitus, and his face was as the licnesse of leit, and hise iyen weren as a brennynge laumpe, and hise armes and tho thingis that weren bynethe til to the feet weren as the licnesse of bras beynge whijt, and the vois of hise wordis was as the vois of multitude.

7 Forsothe Y, Danyel, aloone siy the visioun; certis the men that weren with me, sien not, but ful greet ferdfulnesse felle yn on hem, and thei fledden in to an hid place.

8 But Y was left aloone, and Y siy this greet visioun, and strengthe dwellide not in me; but also my licnesse was chaungid in me, and Y was stark, and Y hadde not in me ony thing of strengthis.

9 And Y herde the vois of hise wordis, and Y herde, and lay astonyed on my face, and my face cleuyde to the erthe.

10 And lo! an hond touchide me, and reiside me on my knees, and on the toes of my feet.

11 And he seide to me, Thou, Danyel, a man of desiris, vndurstonde the wordis whiche Y speke to thee, and stonde in thi degree; for now Y am sent to thee. And whanne he hadde seid this word to me, Y stood quakynge.

12 And he seide to me, Danyel, nyle thou drede, for fro the firste dai in which thou settidist thin herte to vndurstonde, that thou schuldist turmente thee in the siyt of thi God, thi wordis weren herd, and Y cam for thi wordis.

13 Forsothe the prince of the rewme of Perseis ayenstood me oon and twenti daies, and lo! Myyhel, oon of the firste princes, cam in to myn help, and Y dwellide stille there bisidis the kyng of Perseis.

14 Forsothe Y am comun to teche  thee, what thingis schulen come to thi puple in the laste daies; for yit the visioun is delaied in to daies.

15 And whanne he spak to me bi siche wordis, Y castide doun my cheer to erthe, and was stille.

16 And lo! as the licnesse of sone of man touchide my lippis; and Y openyde my mouth, and spak, and seide to hym that stood bifore me, My Lord, in thi siyt my ioynctis ben vnknit, and no thing of strengthis dwellide in me.

17 And hou schal the seruaunt of my Lord mow speke with my Lord? no thing of strengthis dwellide in me, but also my breeth is closyde bitwixe.

18 Therfor eft as the siyt of a man touchide me, and coumfortide me,

19 and seide, Man of desiris, nyle thou drede; pees be to thee, be thou coumfortid, and be thou strong. And whanne he spak with me, Y wexide strong and seide, My Lord, speke thou, for thou hast coumfortid me.

20 And he seide, Whether thou woost not, whi Y cam to thee? And now Y schal turne ayen, to fiyte ayens the prince of Perseis. For whanne Y yede out, the prince of Grekis apperide comynge.

21 Netheles Y schal telle to thee that, that is expressid in the scripture of treuthe; and noon is myn helpere in alle these thingis, no but Myyhel, youre prynce.


CAP 11


1 Forsothe fro the firste yeer of Darius of Medei Y stood, that he schulde be coumfortid, and maad strong.

2 And now Y schal telle to thee the treuthe. And lo! thre kyngis schulen stonde yit in Persis, and the fourthe schal be maad riche with ful many richessis ouer alle. And whanne he hath woxe strong bi hise richessis, he schal reise alle men ayens the rewme of Greece .

3 Forsothe a strong kyng schal rise, and shal be lord in greet power, and  schal do that, that schal plese hym.

4 And whanne he schal stonde, his rewme schal be al to-brokun, and it schal be departid in to foure wyndis of heuene, but not in to hise eiris, nether bi the power of hym in which he was lord; for his rewme schal be to-rente, yhe, in to straungeris, outakun these.

5 And the kyng of the south schal be coumfortid; and of the princes of hym oon schal haue power aboue hym, and he schal be lord in power; for whi his lordschipe schal be myche.

6 And after the ende of yeeris `thei schulen be knyt in pees; and the douyter of the kyng of the south schal come to the kyng of the north, to make frenschipe. And sche schal not gete strengthe of arm, nether the seed of hir schal stonde; and sche schal be bitakun, and the yonglyngis of hir that brouyten hir, and he that coumfortide hir in tymes.

7 And a plauntyng of the seed of the rootis of hir schal stonde; and he schal come with an oost, and schal entre in to the prouynce of the kyng of the north, and he schal mysuse hem, and he schal gete;

8 ferthir more he schal gete both the goddis of hem, and grauun ymagis. Also he schal lede into Egipt preciouse vessels of gold, and of siluer, takun in batel. He schal haue the maistrie ayens the kyng of the north;

9 and the kyng of the south schal entre in to the rewme, and schal turne ayen to his lond.

10 Forsothe the sones of hym schulen be stirid to wraththe, and thei schulen gadere togidere a multitude of ful many coostis. And he schal come hastynge and flowynge, and he schal turne ayen, and schal be stirid, and schal bigynne batel with his strengthe.

11 And the king of the south schal be stirid, and schal go out, and schal fiyte ayens the kyng of the north, and schal make redi a ful grete multitude; and the multitude schal be youun in his hond.

12 And he schal take the multitude, and his herte schal be enhaunsid; and he schal caste doun many  thousyndis, but he schal not haue the maistrie.

13 For the kyng of the north schal turne, and schal make redi a multitude, myche more than bifore; and in the ende of tymes and of yeeris he schal come hastynge with a ful greet oost, and with ful many richessis.

14 And in tho tymes many men schulen rise togidere ayens the kyng of the south; and the sones of trespassouris of thi puple schulen be enhaunsid, that thei fille the visioun, and thei schulen falle doun.

15 And the kyng of the north schal come, and schal bere togidere erthe, he schal take strongeste citees; and the armes of the south schulen not susteyne. And the chosun men therof schulen rise togidere, to ayenstonde, and strengthe schal not be.

16 And he schal come on hym, and schal do bi his wille; and noon schal be, that schal stonde ayens his face. And he schal stonde in the noble lond, and it schal be wastid in his hond.

17 And he schal sette his face, that he come to holde al the rewme of him, and he schal do riytful thingis with hym. And he schal yyue to hym the douyter of wymmen, to distrie hym; and it schal not stonde, and it schal not be his.

18 And he schal turne his face to ilis, and he schal take many ilis. And he schal make ceesse the prince of his schenschipe, and his schenschipe schal turne in to hym.

19 And he schal turne his face to the lordschip of his loond, and he schal snapere, and falle doun, and he schal not be foundun.

20 And the vilest and vnworthi to the kyngis onour schal stonde in the place of hym, and in fewe daies he schal be al to-brokun, not in woodnesse, nether in batel.

21 And a dispisid man schal stonde in the place of hym, and the onour of a kyng schal not be youun to hym; and he schal come priueli, and he schal gete the rewme bi gile.

22 And the armes of the fiytere schulen be ouercomun of his face, and schulen be al to-brokun, ferthermore and the duyk of boond of pees.

23 And after  frenschipe with hym, he schal do gile. And he schal stie, and he schal ouercome with litil puple;

24 and he schal entre in to grete and riche citees, and he schal do thingis which hise fadris and the fadris of hise fadris diden not. He schal distrie the raueyns, and prei, and richessis of hem, and ayens most stidfast thouytis he schal take counsel, and this `vn to a tyme.

25 And the strengthe of hym, and the herte of hym schal be stirid ayens the kyng of the south with a greet oost. And the king of the south schal be stirid to batel with many helpis and ful stronge; and thei schulen not stonde, for thei schulen take counsels ayens hym.

26 And thei that eeten breed with hym schulen al to-breke hym; and his oost schal be oppressid, and ful many men of hise schulen be slayn, and falle doun.

27 And the herte of twei kyngis schal be, that thei do yuel, and at o boord thei schulen speke leesyng, and thei schulen not profite; for yit the ende schal be in to an other tyme.

28 And he schal turne ayen in to his lond with many richessis, and his herte schal be ayens the hooli testament, and he schal do, and schal turne ayen in to his lond.

29 In tyme ordeyned he schal turne ayen, and schal come to the south, and the laste schal not be lijk the formere.

30 And schippis with three ordris of ooris, and Romayns, schulen come on hym, and he schal be smytun. And he schal turne ayen, and schal haue indignacioun ayens the testament of seyntuarie, and he schal do. And he schal turne ayen, and he schal thenke ayens hem that forsoken the testament of seyntuarie.

31 And armes of hym schulen stonde, and schulen defoule the seyntuarie, and schulen take awei the contynuel sacrifice, and schulen yyue abhomynacioun in to desolacioun.

32 And wickid men schulen feyne testament gilefuli; but the puple that knowith her God schal holde, and do.

33 And tauyt men  in the puple schulen teche ful many men, and schulen falle in swerd, and in flawme, and in to caitifte, and in to raueyn of daies.

34 And whanne thei han feld doun, thei schulen be reisid bi a litil help; and ful many men schulen be applied to hym gilefuli.

35 And of lerud men schulen falle, that thei be wellid togidere, and be chosun, and be maad whijt til to a tyme determyned; for yit another tyme schal be.

36 And the kyng schal do bi his wille, and he schal be reisid, and magnefied ayens ech god, and ayens God of goddis he schal speke grete thingis; and he schal be dressid, til wrathfulnesse be fillid. For the determynynge is perfitli maad.

37 And he schal not arette the God of hise fadris, and he schal be in the coueitisis of wymmen, and he schal not charge ony of goddis, for he schal rise ayens alle thingis.

38 Forsothe he schal onoure god of Maosym in his place, and he schal worschipe god, whom hise fadris knewen not, with gold, and siluer, and preciouse stoon, and preciouse thingis.

39 And he schal do that he make strong Moosym, with the alien god which he knew. And he schal multiplie glorie, and schal yyue power to hem in many thingis, and schal departe the lond at his wille.

40 And in the tyme determyned the kyng of the south schal fiyte ayens hym, and the  kyng of the north schal come as a tempest ayens hym, in charis, and with knyytis, and in greet nauei.

41 And he schal entre in to londis, and schal defoule hem; and he schal passe, and schal entre in to the gloriouse lond, and many schulen falle. Forsothe these londis aloone schulen be sauyd fro his hond, Edom , and Moab , and princes of the sones of Amon.

42 And he schal sende his hond in to londis, and the lond of Egipt schal not ascape.

43 And he schal be lord of tresouris of gold, and of siluer, and in alle preciouse thingis of Egipt; also he schal passe bi Libie and Ethiopie.

44 And fame fro the eest and fro the north schal disturble hym; and he schal come with a greet multitude, to al to-breke, and to sle ful many men.

45 And he schal sette his tabernacle in Apheduo, bitwixe the sees, on the noble hil and hooli; and he schal come til to the heiythe therof, and no man schal helpe hym.


CAP 12


1 Forsothe in that tyme Miyhel, the greet prince, schal rise, that stondith for the sones of thi puple. And tyme schal come, what maner tyme was not, fro that tyme fro which folkis bigunnen to be, `vn to that tyme. And in that tyme thi puple schal be saued, ech that is foundun writun in the book of life.

2 And many of hem that slepen in the dust of erthe, schulen awake fulli, summe in to euerlastynge lijf, and othere in to schenschipe, that thei se euere.

3 Forsothe thei that ben tauyt, schulen schyne as the schynyng of the firmament, and thei that techen many men to riytfulnesse, schulen schyne as sterris in to euerlastynge euerlastyngnessis.

4 But thou, Danyel, close the wordis, and aseele the book, til to the tyme ordeyned; ful  many men schulen passe, and kunnyng schal be many fold.

5 And Y, Danyel, siy, and lo! as tweyne othere men stood; oon stood on this side, on the brenk of the flood, and another on that side, on the tother part of the flood.

6 And Y seide to the man, that was clothid in lynnun clothis, that stood on the watris of the flood, Hou long schal be the ende of these merueils?

7 And Y herde the man, that was clothid in lynnun clothis, that stood on the watris of the flood, whanne he hadde reisid his riythond and lefthond to heuene, and hadde sworun by hym that lyueth with outen ende, For in to a tyme, and tymes, and the half of tyme. And whanne the scateryng of the hoond of the hooli puple is fillid, alle these thingis schulen be fillid.

8 And Y herde, and vndurstood not; and Y seide, My lord, what schal be aftir these thingis?

9 And he seide, Go thou, Danyel, for the wordis ben closid and aseelid, til to the tyme determyned.

10 Many men schulen be chosun, and schulen be maad whijt, and schulen be preued as fier, and wickid men schulen do wickidli, nether alle wickid men schulen vndurstonde; certis tauyt men schulen vndurstonde.

11 And fro the tyme whanne contynuel sacrifice is takun awei, and abhomynacioun is set in to discoumfort, schulen be a thousynde daies two hundrid and nynti.

12 He is blessid, that abideth, and cometh fulli, til a thousynde daies thre hundrid and fyue and thritti.

13 But go thou, Danyel, to the tyme determyned; and thou schalt reste, and stonde in thi part, in the ende of daies.


CAP 13


1 A man was in Babiloyne, and his name was Joachim.

2 And he took a wijf, Susanne bi name, the douyter of Helchie, a womman ful fair, and dredynge the Lord.

3 Forsothe hir fadir and modir, whanne thei weren riytful, tauyten her douyter bi the lawe of Moises.

4 Sotheli Joachim was ful riche, and he hadde a gardyn niy his hous; and the Jewis camen to hym, for he was the moost worschipful of alle.

5 And tweyne elde men weren ordeyned iugis in that yeer, of whiche the Lord spak, that wickidnesse yede out of Babiloyne, of the eldere iugis that semeden to gouerne the puple.

6 These iugis vsiden oft the hous of Joachym; and alle men that hadden domes camen to hem.

7 Forsothe whanne the puple hadde turned ayen after myddai, Susanne entride, and walkide in the gardyn of hir hosebonde.

8 And the eldre men siyen hir entrynge ech dai, and walkynge; and thei brenten out in to `the couetise of hir.

9 And thei turneden awei her wit, and bowiden doun her iyen, that thei siyen not heuene, nether bithouyten on iust domes.

10 Sotheli bothe weren woundid bi the loue of hir, and thei schewiden not her sorewe to hem silf togidere;

11 for thei weren aschamed to schewe to hem silf her coueitise, willynge to ligge fleischli bi hir.

12 And thei aspieden ech dai more bisili to se hir.

13 And oon seide to the tothir, Go we hoom, for the our of mete is. And thei yeden out, and departiden fro hem silf.

14 And whanne thei hadden turned ayen,  thei camen in to o place; and thei axiden ech of othere the cause, and thei knoulechiden her coueitise. And thanne in comyn thei ordeyneden a tyme, whanne thei miyten fynde hir aloone.

15 Forsothe it was doon, whanne thei aspieden a couenable dai, sche entride sumtyme, as yistirdai and the thridde dai ago, with twei damysels aloone, and wolde be waischun in the gardyn; for whi heete was.

16 And no man was there, outakun tweyne elde men hid, biholdynge hir.

17 Therfor sche saide to the damysels, Bringe ye to me oile, and oynementis; and close ye the doris of the gardyn, that Y be waischun.

18 And thei diden as sche `hadde comaundid; and thei closiden the doris of the gardyn, and yeden out bi a posterne, to bringe tho thingis that sche hadde comaundid. And thei wisten not, that the elde men weren hid with ynne.

19 Sotheli whanne the damysels weren gon out, tweyne elde men risiden, and runnen to hir, and seiden, Lo!

20 the doris of the gardyn ben closid, and no man seeth vs, and we ben in `the coueitise of thee. Wherfor assente thou to vs, and be thou meddlid with vs.

21 That if thou wolt not, we schulen seie witnessyng ayens thee, that a yong man was with thee, and for this cause thou sentist out the damesels fro thee.

22 And Susanne inwardli sorewide, and seide, Angwischis ben to me on ech side; for if Y do this, deth is to me; forsothe if Y do not, Y schal not ascape youre hondis.

23 But it is betere for me to falle in to youre hondis without werk, than to do synne in the siyt of the Lord.

24 And Susanne criede `an hiy with greet vois, but also the elde men crieden ayens hir.

25 Forsothe oon ran, and openede the door of the gardyn.

26 Sotheli whanne the seruauntis of the hous hadden herd the cry in the gardyn, thei fellen in bi the posterne, to se what it was.

27 But after that the elde men spaken, the seruauntis  weren aschamed greetly, for neuer was siche a word seid of Susanne. And the morew dai was maad.

28 And whanne the puple was comyn to Joachym, hir hosebonde, also the twei prestis fulle of wickid thouyte camen ayens Susanne, for to sle hir.

29 And thei seiden bifor al the puple, Sende ye to Susanne, the douyter of Helchie, the wijf of Joachym. And anoon thei senten.

30 And sche cam with hir fadir, and modir, and children, and alle kynesmen.

31 Certis Susanne was ful delicat, and fair of schap.

32 And tho wickid men comaundiden, that sche schulde be vnhilid, for sche was kyuered; that nameli so thei schuldun be fillid of hir fairnesse.

33 Therfor hir kynesmen wepten, and alle that knewen hir.

34 Forsothe the twei prestis risiden togidere in the myddis of the puple, and settiden her hondis on the heed of hir.

35 And sche wepte, and bihelde to heuene, and hir herte hadde trist in the Lord.

36 And the prestis seiden, Whanne we walkiden aloone in the gardyn, this Susanne entride with twei damesels; and sche closide the dore of the gardyn, and lefte the damesels.

37 And a yong man, that was hid, cam to hir, and lai bi hir.

38 Certis whanne we weren in a corner of the gardyn, we sien the wickidnesse, and runnen to hem, and we sien hem meddlid togidere.

39 And sotheli we myyten not take hym, for he was strongere than we; and whanne he hadde opened the doris , he skippide out.

40 But whanne we hadde take this womman, we axiden, who was the yonge man; and sche nolde schewe to vs. Of this thing we ben witnessis.

41 The multitude bileuede to hem, as to the eldre men and iugis of the puple, and condempneden hir to deth.

42 Forsothe Susanne criede loud with greet vois, and seide, Lord God, without bigynnyng and ende, that art knowere of hid thingis, that knowist alle thingis bifore that tho  ben don;

43 thou wost, that thei han bore fals witnessyng ayens me. And lo! Y dye, whanne Y haue not do ony of these thingis, whiche these men han maad maliciously ayens me.

44 Forsothe the Lord herde the vois of hir.

45 And whanne she was led to the deth, the Lord reiside the hooli spirit of a yonge child, whos name was Danyel.

46 And he criede loude with a greet vois, Y am cleene of the blood of this womman.

47 And al the puple turned ayen to hym, and seide, What is this word, which thou hast spoke?

48 And whanne he stood in the myddis of hem, he seide, So ye, fonned children of Israel , not demynge nether knowynge that that is trewe, condempneden the douyter of Israel .

49 Turne ye ayen to the dom, for thei spaken fals witnessyng ayens hir.

50 Therfor the puple turnede ayen with haaste. And the elde men seiden to hym, Come thou, and sitte in the myddis of vs, and schewe to vs; for God hath youe to thee the onour of eelde.

51 And Danyel seide to hem, Departe ye hem atwynny fer, and Y schal deme hem.

52 Therfor, whanne thei weren departid oon fro the tother, he clepide oon of hem, and seide to hym, Thou elde man of yuel daies, now thi synnes ben comun, whiche thou wrouytist bifore,

53 demynge vniust domes, oppressynge innocentis, and delyuerynge gilti men, whanne the Lord seith, Thou schalt not sle an innocent and iust man.

54 But now if thou siest hir, seie thou, vndur what tree thou siest hem spekynge togidere to hem silf? Which seide, Vndur an haw tree.

55 Forsothe Danyel seide, Riytli thou liest in thin heed; for lo! the angel of the Lord, bi a sentence takun of hym, schal kitte thee bi the myddil.

56 And whanne he was stirid awei, he comaundide the tother to come, and seide to hym, Thou seed of Canaan, and not of Juda, fairnesse hath disseyued thee, and coueitise hath misturned thin herte;

57 thus ye diden to the douytris of Israel , and thei dredden, and spaken to you, but the douyter of Juda  suffride not youre wickidnesse.

58 Now therfor seie thou to me, vndur what tree thou siest hem spekynge togidere to hem silf?

59 Which seide, Vndur a blak thorn. Forsothe Danyel seide to hym, Riytli also thou liest in thin heed; for the aungel of the Lord dwellith, and hath a swerd, that he kitte thee bi the myddil, and sle you.

60 Therfor al the puple criede lowde with greet vois, and blessiden `the Lord, that saueth hem that hopen in hym.

61 And thei risiden togidere ayens the twei preestis; for Danyel hadde conuyctid hem bi her mouth, that thei hadden bore fals witnessyng; and thei diden to hem, as thei hadden do yuele ayens the neiyboresse,

62 that thei schulden do bi the lawe of Moises, and thei killiden hem. And giltles blood was sauyd in that dai.

63 Forsothe Helchie and his wijf herieden the Lord in that day, for Susanne, her douyter, with Joachym, hir hosebonde, and with alle hir kynesmen, for a foul thing was not foundun in hir.

64 Forsothe Danyel was maad greet in the siyt of the puple, fro that dai and afterward.

65 And kyng Astriages was put to his fadris, and Sirus of Perseis took his rewme.

1 Forsothe Danyel eet with the kyng, and was onourid aboue alle the frendis of hym.


CAP 14


2 Also an idol, Bel bi name, was at Babiloyne, and twelue mesuris of cleene flour, of whiche mesuris eche conteynede thre buyschels, and fourti scheep, and sixe mesuris of wyn, that ben clepid amfris, weren spendid in it ech day.

3 And the kyng worschipede that Beel, and yede ech dai to onoure hym; certis Danyel worschipide his God. And the kyng seide to hym, Whi worschipist thou not Beel?

4 Which answeride, and seide to him, For Y worschipe not idols maad bi hond, but God lyuynge, that made of nouyt heuene  and erthe, and hath power of ech fleisch.

5 And the kyng seide to hym, Whether it semeth not to thee, that Bel is a lyuynge god? whether thou seest not, hou grete thingis he etith and drynkith ech dai?

6 And Daniel seide leiyinge, Kyng, erre thou not; for whi this Bel is of clei with ynne, and of bras withoutforth, and etith not ony tyme.

7 And the king was wroth, and clepide the preestis therof, and seide to hem, If ye seien not to me, who it is that etith these costis, ye schulen die.

8 Forsothe if ye schewen that Bel etith these thingis, Daniel schal die, for he blasfemede Bel. And Daniel seide to the king, Be it don bi thi word.

9 Forsothe the prestis of Bel weren seuenti, outakun wyues, and litle children, ether seruauntis, and sones. And the kyng cam with Daniel in to the temple of Bel .

10 And the preestis of Bel seiden, Lo! we schulen go out, and thou, kyng, sette meetis, and meddle wyn, and close thou the dore, and aseele it with thi ryng.

11 And whanne thou entrist eerli, if thou fyndist not alle thingis etun of Bel, we schulen die bi deth, ether Daniel schal die, that liede ayens vs.

12 Sotheli thei tristiden, for thei hadden maad a priuy entryng vndur the boord, and bi it thei entriden euere, and deuouriden tho thingis.

13 Forsothe it was don, aftir that thei yeden out, and the king settide metis bifor Bel, Daniel comaundide to hise children, and thei brouyten aischis, and he riddlide thorouy al the temple bifor the kyng. And thei yeden out, and closiden the dore, and aseeliden with the ryng of the kyng, and yeden forth.

14 But the preestis entriden in niyt, bi her custom, and the wyues, and children of hem, and eeten and drunken alle thingis.

15 Forsothe the kyng roos moost eerli, and Daniel with hym.

16 And the kyng seide, Daniel, whether the seelis ben saaf? And he answeride, King, tho ben saaf.

17 And anoon whanne thei hadden openyd the dore, the king biheelde the boord, and he criede an hiy with a greet  vois, Bel, thou art greet, and no gile is at thee.

18 And Daniel leiyede, and he helde the kyng, that he entride not with ynne. And Daniel seide, Lo! the pawment, perseyue thou whos steppis these ben.

19 And the kyng seide, Y se steppis of men, and of wymmen, and of yonge children. And the kyng was wrooth.

20 Thanne the kyng took the preestis, and the wyues, and children of hem; and thei schewiden to hym litle priuy doris , bi whiche thei entriden, and wastiden tho thingis that weren on the boord.

21 Therfor the kyng killide hem, and bitook Bel in to the power of Daniel, which distriede thilke Bel, and his temple.

22 And a greet dragoun was in that place, and Babiloyns worschipiden it.

23 And the kyng seide to Daniel, Lo! now thou maist not seie, that this is not a quik god; therfor worschipe thou hym.

24 And Daniel seide to the kyng, Y worschipe my Lord God, for he is God lyuynge.

25 But thou, kyng, yyue power to me, and Y schal sle the dragoun, with out swerd and staf. And the kyng seide, Y yyue to thee.

26 Therfor Daniel took pitch, and talow, and heeris, and sethide togidere; and he made gobetis, and yaf in to the mouth of the dragun; and the dragun was al to-brokun. And Daniel seide, Lo! whom ye worschipiden.

27 And whanne Babiloynes hadden herd this thing, thei hadden indignacioun greetli; and thei weren gaderid ayens the king, and seiden, The king is maad a Jew; he distriede Bel, and killide the dragun, and slow the preestis.

28 And thei seiden, whanne thei weren comun to the kyng, Bitake thou to vs Daniel, that distriede Bel, and killide the dragun; ellis we schulen sle thee, and thin hous.

29 Therfor the kyng siy, that thei fellen in on hym greetli; and he was compellid bi nede, and he bitook Daniel to hem.

30 Whiche senten hym in to the lake of liouns, and he was there seuene daies.

31 Certis seuene liouns weren in the lake, and twei bodies and twei scheep weren youun to hem ech dai. And thanne tho weren not youun to hem, that thei schulden  deuoure Daniel.

32 Forsothe Abacuk, the profete, was in Judee, and he hadde soden potage, and hadde set in looues in a litil panyere; and he yede in to the feeld, to bere to reperis.

33 And the aungel of the Lord seide to Abacuk, Bere thou the mete, which thou hast, in to Babiloyne, to Daniel, which is in the lake of liouns.

34 And Abacuk seide, Lord, Y siy not Babiloyne, and Y knew not the lake.

35 And the aungel of the Lord took hym bi his top, and bar hym bi the heer of his heed; and he `settide thilke Abacuk in Babiloyne, on the lake, in the fersnesse of his spirit.

36 And Abacuk criede, and seide, Daniel, the seruaunt of God, take thou the mete, that God hath sent to thee.

37 And Daniel seide, Lord God, thou hast mynde on me, and hast not forsake hem that louen thee.

38 And Daniel roos, and eet; certis the aungel of the Lord restoride Abacuk anoon in his place.

39 Therfor the kyng cam in the seuenthe dai to biweile Danyel; and he cam to the lake, and lokide in, and lo! Daniel sittynge in the myddis of liouns.

40 The kyng criede an hiy with greet vois, and seide, Lord God of Daniel, thou art greet; and the kyng drow hym out of the lake.

41 Certis he sente in to the lake hem, that weren cause of his perdicioun, and thei weren deuourid in a moment bifor him.

42 Thanne the kyng seide, Thei that dwellen in al erthe, drede the God of Daniel, for he is God lyuynge in to worldis; he is delyuerere, and sauyour, doynge myraclis and meruels in heuene and in erthe, that delyuerede Daniel fro the lake of liouns.