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Chapter 1


1 Paul  Syluanus and Timotheus. Vnto the congregacion of the Tessalonyans  in God the father  and in ye Lorde Iesus Christ.Grace be with you  and peace from God oure father  and from the Lorde Iesus Christ.

2 We geve God thakes all waye for you all  makinge mension of you in oure prayers

3 with out  ceasynge  and call to remembraunce youre worke in the faythe  and labour in love and perseveraunce in the hope of oure lorde Iesus Christ in the sight of God oure father:

4 because we knowe brethren beloved of god  how yt ye are electe.

5 For oure gospell came not vnto you in worde only  but also in power  and also in the holy gost and in moche certayntie  as ye knowe after what maner we behaued oure selves amonge you  for youre sakes.

6 And ye became folowers of vs and of the lord  and receaved the worde in moche affliccion  with ioye of the holy gost:

7 so that ye were an ensample to all that beleve in Macedonia and Achaia.

8 For from you sounded out the worde of the lorde  not in Macedonia and in Achaia only: but youre fayth also which ye have vnto god  spred her silfe abroade in all quartars  so greatly that it nedeth not vs to speake eny thynge at all.

9 For they the selves shewe of you what maner of entrynge in we had vnto you and how ye tourned to God from ymages  for to serve the livynge and true god

10 and for to loke for his sonne from heven  whom he raysed from deeth: I mean Iesus which delivereth vs from wrath to come.


Chapter 2


1 For ye youre selves knowe brethren of oure entraunce in vnto you  howe that it was not in vayne:

2 but even after that we had suffered before and were shamfully entreated at Phillippos (as ye well knowe) then were we bolde in oure God to speake  vnto you the gospell of God  with moche strivynge.

3 Oure exhortacion was not to brynge you to erroure  nor yet to vnclennes  nether was it with gyle:

4 but as we were alowed of God  that the gospell shuld be comitted vnto vs: even so we speake  not as though we entended to please men  but God  which trieth oure hertes.

5 Nether was oure conversacion at eny tyme wt flatterynge wordes  as ye well knowe nether in cloked coveteousnes  God is recorde:

6 nether sought we prayse of men  nether of you  nor yet of eny other  when we myght have bene chargeable  as the apostles of Christ

7 but we were tender amonge you  even as a norsse cheressheth her children

8 so was oure affeccion towarde you  oure good will was to have dealte vnto you  not the gospell of God only: but also oure awne soules  because ye were deare vnto vs.

9 Ye remember brethre oure laboure and travayle.     For we laboured daye and nyght  because we wolde not be greveous vnto eny of you  and preached vnto you ye gospell of God.

10 Ye are witnesses     and so is god  how holyly and iustly and vnblameable we behaved oure selves amonge you that beleve:

11 as ye knowe how that we exhorted and comforted and besought every one of you  as a father his childre

12 that ye wolde walke worthy of God  which hath called you vnto his kyngdome and glory.

13 For this cause thanke we god with out ceasynge  because that when ye receaved of vs  the worde wherwith God was preached  ye receaved it not as the worde of man: but even as it was in dede  the worde of God  which worketh in you that beleve.

14 For ye brethre became folowers of the congregacions of god which in Iewry are in Christ Iesu: for ye have suffered lyke thynges of youre kynsmen as we oure selves have suffered of the Iewes.

15 Which as they kylled the lorde Iesus and their awne prophetes  even so have they persecuted vs  and God they please not  and are contrary to all men

16 and forbid vs to preache vnto the gentyls  that they myght be saved  to fulfill their synnes all waye. For the wrath of God is come on them  even to the vtmost.

17 For as moch brethren as we are kept from you for a season  as concernynge the bodyly presence  but not in the herte  we enforsed the more to se you personally with great desire.

18 And therfore we wolde have come vnto you  I paul once and agayne: but Satan with stode vs.

19 For what is oure hope or ioye  or croune of reioysynge? are not ye it in the presence of oure lorde Iesus Christ at his comynge?

20 yes ye are oure glory and ioye.


Chapter 3


1 Wherfore sence we coulde no lenger forbeare  it pleased vs to remayne at Athens alone 

2 and sent Timotheus oure brother and minister of god  and oure laboure felowe in the gospell of Christ  to stablysshe you and to coforte you over youre fayth

3 yt no ma shulde be moved in these affliccios. For ye youre selves knowe that we are even apoynted therevnto.

4 For verely when I was with you  I tolde you before that we shulde suffre tribulacion  even as it came to passe  and as ye knowe.

5 For this cause  when I coulde no lenger forbeare  I sent  that I myght have knowledge of youre fayth  lest haply the tempter had tempted you  and that oure laboure had bene bestowed in vayne.

6 But now lately whe Timotheus came fro you vnto vs  and declared to vs youre fayth and youre love and how that ye have good remembraunce of vs all wayes  desyringe to se vs as we desyre to se you.

7 Therfore brethre we had consolacion in you  in all oure adversite and necessite  through youre fayth.

8 For now are we alyve  yf ye stonde stedfast in the lorde.

9 For what thankes can we recompence to god agayne for you  over all the ioye that we ioye for youre sakes before oure god

10 whyle we  nyght and daye praye excedingly that we myght se you presently  and myght fulfill that wich is lackynge in youre fayth.

11 God him silfe oure father and oure lorde Iesus Christ gyde oure iorney vnto you:

12 and the lorde increace you and make you flowe ouer  in love one towarde another  and towarde all men  even as we do towarde you

13 to make youre hertes stable and vnblameable  in holynes before God oure father  at the commynge of oure Lorde Iesus Christ  with all his sainctes.


Chapter 4


1 Further more we beseche you brethren  and exhorte you in the lorde Iesus  that ye increace more and more  euen as ye have receaved of vs how ye ought to walke and to please god.

2 Ye remember what commaundmetes we gave you in oure lorde Iesu Christ.

3 For this is the will of god  even that ye shuld be holy  and that ye shuld abstayne from fornicacion

4 that every one of you shuld knowe how to kepe his vessell in holynes and honoure

5 and not in the lust of concupiscence  as do the hethen which knowe not god

6 that no man goo to farre and defraude his brother in bargayninge: because the lorde is a venger of all suche thinges as we tolde you before tyme and testified.

7 For god hath not called vs vnto vnclennes: but vnto holynes.

8 He therfore that despiseth  despiseth not man  but God  which hath sent his holy sprete amonge you.

9 But as touchynge brotherly love  ye nede not that I wryte vnto you. For ye are taught of God to love on another.

10 Ye and that thinge verely ye do vnto all the brethre which are thorow oute all Macedonia . We beseche you brethren that ye encreace more and more

11 and that ye studye to be quyet      and to medle with youre awne busynes  and to worke with youre awne hondes  as we commaunded you:

12 that ye maye behave youre selves honestly towarde them that are with out  and that nothinge be lackynge vnto you.

13 I wolde not brethren have you ignoraut concerninge them which are fallen aslepe that ye sorowe not as other do which have no hope.

14 For yf we beleve that Iesus dyed and rose agayne: even so them also which slepe by IeIesus  will God brynge agayne with him.

15 And this saye we vnto you in the worde of the Lorde  that we which live and are remayninge in the comminge of the Lorde  shall not come yerre they which slepe.

16 For the Lorde him selfe shall descende fro heve with a showte and the voyce of the archangell and trompe of God.  And the deed in Christe shall aryse fyrst:

17 then shall we which live and remayne  be caught vp with them also in the cloudes  to mete the Lorde in ye ayer. And so shall we ever be with the Lorde.

18 Wherfore coforte youre selves one another with these wordes 


Chapter 5


1 Of the tymes and seasons brethren ye have no nede that I write vnto you:

2 for ye youre selves knowe parfectly  that the daye of the Lorde shall come even as a thefe in the nyght.

3 When they shall saye peace and no daunger  than commeth on the soden destruccion     as the travalynge of a woma with childe  and they shall not scape.

4 But ye brethre are not in darcknes  that yt daye shuld come on you as it were a thefe.

5 Ye are all the childre of light  and the children of ye daye. We are not of ye nyght nether of darcknes.

6 Therfore let vs not slepe as do other: but let vs watch and be sober.

7 For they that slepe slepe in the nyght: and they that be dronken  are dronken in the nyght.

8 But let vs which  are of the daye  be sober      armed with the brest plate of fayth and love  and with hope of salvacio as an helmet.

9 For god hath not apoynted vs vnto wrath: but to obtayne salvacion by ye meanes of oure lorde Iesu Christ

10 which died for vs: that whether we wake or slepe  we shuld lyve togedder with him.

11  Wherfore comforte youre selves togedder  and edifie one another  even as ye do.

12 We beseche you brethren  that ye knowe them which laboure amonge you and have the oversight of you in the Lorde

13 and geve you exhortacion  that ye have them the more in love  for their workes sake  and be at peace with them.

14 We desyre you brethre  warne them that are vnruly  comforte the feble mynded  forbeare the weake  have continuall pacience towarde all men.

15 Se that none recopence evill for evyll vnto eny man: but ever folowe that which is good  both amonge youre selves  and to all men.

16 Reioyce ever.

17 Praye cotinually.

18 In all thinges geve thankes. For this is the wyll of God in Christ Iesu towarde you.

19 Quenche not the sprete.

20 Despise not prophesyinge.

21 Examen all thinges  and kepe that which is good.

22 Abstayne from all suspicious thinges.

23 The very God of peace sanctifie you thorow out. And I praye God that youre whole sprete  soulse and body  be kept fautlesse vnto ye comynge of oure Lorde Iesus Christ.

24 Faythfull is he which called you: which will also do it.

25 Brethre  praye for vs.

26 Grete all the brethren with an holy kysse.

27 I charge you in  the Lorde  that this pistle be reed vnto all the holy brethren.

28 The grace of the Lorde Iesus Christ be with you. Amen.