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Together With Life Sketch, Bible Readings , And Sermon Outlines





By Rev. C. W. Ruth





Part I - Life Sketch

Part II - Entire Sanctification - A Second Blessing  


01 Definitions Of Sanctification

16 Sanctification The  Cure For Unbelief

31 Divine Guidance

02 Six Theories Of Sanctification

17 Growing Into Sanctification

32 Sinless Perfection

03 Sanctification And Entire Sanctification

18 Sanctification And Mistakes

33 First Pure, Then Peaceable

04 Distinctions Between Justification And Sanctification

19 Sanctification And Holy Living

34 Perfection And Growth

05 Justification Not A Half Way Work

20 Sanctification And Stability

35 Why Men Oppose Holiness

06 Sanctification A Second Blessing

21 Sanctification And Power

36 Definiteness

07 That Something

22 Sanctification And Revivals

37 Consecration And Sanctification

08 Essentials To Sanctification

23 Witnessing To Sanctification

38 Sanctification And Personality

09 Sanctification Includes Separation And Consecration

24 Sanctification Or Call It What You Please

39 Why The Preaching Of Holiness Is Essential To Revivals

10 Why Not Sanctified When Converted?

25 If Sanctified, How Could A Person Sin?

40 Some Questions Answered

11 Eradication Or Repression, Which?

26 What Becomes Of People Who Are Not Sanctified?

41 The Will Of God

12 Sanctification And The Baptism Of The Holy Ghost

27 I Cannot See Into Sanctification

42 Alone With Jesus

13 Entire Sanctification Necessary To Entire Sanctification

28 Darkness And Heaviness

43 Trials

14 Entire Sanctification--How Obtained

29 The Witness Of The Spirit


15 Some Benefits Of Sanctification

30 Him Or It



Part III - Bible Readings


44 Christian Perfection

46 Sanctification

48 Passages of Scripture Suggesting The Two Experiences


45 Heart Purity

47 Holiness


Part IV - Sermon Outlines


49 Perfect Love

54 Holiness Versus Backsliding

59 Glorying In The Cross

64 Essential Truth

50 An Uttermost Salvation

55 Heavenly Mindedness

60 Seeking The Face Of God

65 Jesus Christ--The God-Man

51 Full Salvation

56 Christ The Way

61 One Thing

66 The Test Of Genuine Religion

52 The Two Baptisms

57 Secrets Of Victory

62 Leprosy A Type Of Sin

67 Redeemed From The Curse Of The Law

53 Holiness Or Hell: Which?

58 Self Examination

63 Beyond The Second Veil

68 Fullness Of Jesus