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1 In the eyght moneth of the seconde yeare of kyng Darius, came the word of the Lorde vnto Zacharye the sonne of Barachias, the sonne of Addo, the prophet saying:
2 the Lorde hath ben sore dyspleased at youre forefathers.
3 And saye thou vnto them: thus sayeth the Lorde of hostes. Turne you vnto me (sayeth the Lorde of hostes) & I wyll turne me vnto you, sayth the Lorde of hostes.
4 Be not ye lyke youre forefathers, vnto whom the Prophetes cryed afore tyme, sayinge: Thus sayeth the Lord God of hostes. Turne you from youre euyll wayes, & from your wicked ymaginacyons. But thei wolde not heare, nor regarde me, sayeth the Lorde.
5 What is nowe become of your forefathers & the prophetes? are they yet styll aliue?
6 But dyd not my wordes and statutes (which I commaunded by my seruauntes the prophetes) touche your forefathers? Vpon this, they gaue aunswere and sayde: lyke as the Lord of hostes deuysed to do vnto vs, accordynge to oure owne wayes & ymagynacyons, euen so hath he dealte wyth vs.
7 Vpon the .xxiiij. daye of the .xi. moneth which is the moneth Sebat, in the second year of Darius, came the worde of the Lorde vnto Zacharye the sonne of Barachias, the sonne of Addo the Prophete, sayinge:
8 I sawe by nyght, and lo, there sate one vpon a read horse & stode styll amonge the Myrte trees, that were beneth vpon the grounde: and behynde hym were there reade, spekled, and whyt horses.
9 Then sayde I: O my Lorde, what are these? And the aungell that talcked with me, sayde vnto me: I wyll shewe the, what these be.
10 And the man that stode amonge the Myrt trees, aunswered and sayde: These are they, whom the Lorde hath sente to go thorowe the worlde.
11 And they aunswered the aungell of şe Lorde, that stode amonge the myrt trees, and sayde: We haue gone thorowe the world: and beholde, all the worlde dwell at ease, and are carelesse.
12 Then the Lordes aungell gaue aunswere, and sayde: O Lorde of hostes, howe longe wylte thou be vnmercyfull to Ierusalem and to the cytyes of Iuda, wyth whom thou hast bene dyspleased nowe these .lxx. yeares.
13 So the Lorde gaue a louynge and a confortable aunswere vnto the aungell that talcked wyth me.
14 And the aungel that commoned with me, sayde vnto me: Crye thou, and speake: Thus sayeth the Lorde of hostes: I am exceadynge gelous ouer Ierusalem and Syon,
15 and sore dyspleased at the carelesse Heathen: for where as I was but a lytle angrye, they dyd theyr best that I myghte destroye them.
16 Therfore thus sayeth the Lord: I wyl turne me againe in mercy toward Ierusalem, so that my house shalbe buylded in it, saith the Lord of Hostes: yea and the plommet shalbe layd abroad in Ierusalem, sayeth the Lorde of hostes.
17 Crye also, and speake: thus sayeth the lorde of hostes: My cytyes shalbe in good prosperyte agayne, the Lorde shall yet comfort Sion, and chose Ierusalem.
18 Then lyfte I vp myne eyes, and sawe, and beholde, foure hornes.
19 And I sayde vnto the angel, that talketh with me: what be these? he aunswered me: These are the hornes, whiche haue scatred Iuda, Israel and Ierusalem abroade.
20 And the Lorde shewed me .iiij. carpenters.
21 Then sayde I: what wyll these do? He aunswered, and said: Those are the hornes, which haue so strowed Iuda abroade, that no man durste lyft vp his head: But these are come to fraye them away and to caste oute the hornes of the Gentyles, whiche lyfte vp theyr horne ouer the lande of Iuda, to scatre it abroade.




1 I lyfte vp myne eyes agayne, & loked, and beholde, a man wyth a measure lyne in his hand.
2 Then sayde I: whether goest thou? And he sayde vnto me: To measure Ierusalem, that I maye se howe longe & howe broade it is.
3 And beholde, the aungell şt talked with me, wente hys way forthe. Then wente there oute another aungell to mete him
4 and sayde vnto hym: Runne, speake to thys younge man, and saye: Ierusalem shall be inhabyted wythoute anye wall, for the verye multytude of people and catell, that shal be therein
5 Yea I my selfe (sayeth the Lorde) wil be vnto her a wall of fyre rounde aboute, and wilbe honoured in her.
6 O get you forthe, O fle from the lande of the northe, sayeth the Lorde, ye whom I haue scatred into the foure wyndes vnder heauen, sayeth the Lorde.
7 Saue thy selfe, O Syon: thou that dwellest with the doughter of Babylon,
8 for thus sayeth the Lorde of hostes: Wyth a gloryous power hath he sent me out to the Heathen, which spoyled you: for who so toucheth you, shal touche the aple of his owne eye.
9 Beholde, I wyl lyfte vp myne hande ouer them, so that they shall be spoyled of those, whiche afore serued them: and ye shall knowe that the Lorde of hostes hath sente me.
10 Be glad, and reioyce, O doughter of Sion: for lo, I am come to dwell in the myddeste of the, sayeth the Lord.
11 At the same tyme there shall manye Heathen cleue to the Lorde, and shall be my people. Thus wyll I dwell in the myddest of the, & thou shalte knowe, that the Lorde of hostes hathe sente me vnto the.
12 The Lorde shall haue Iuda in possessyon for hys parte in the holye grounde, and shall chose Ierusalem yet agayne.
13 Let all fleshe be styll before the Lorde, for he is rysen oute of hys holy place.




1 And he shewed me Iesua şe hye priest, standynge before the angell of the Lorde, and Satan stode at hys ryghte hande to resiste hym.
2 And the Lorde sayde vnto Satan: The Lorde reproue the (thou Satan) yea the Lorde that hath chosen Ierusalem, reproue the. Is not thys a brande taken out of the fyre?
3 Nowe Iesua was clothed in vnclean rayment, and stode before the aungel:
4 whiche aunswered and sayde vnto those, that stode before hym: take awaye the foule clothes from him. And vnto hym he sayd: Beholde, I haue taken away thy synne from the, and wil decke the with chaunge of rayment.
5 He sayde moreouer: set a fayre myter vpon his head. So they set a fayre myter vpon hys heade, and put on clothes vpon hym, and the aungel of the Lorde stode there.
6 Then the aungell of şe lord testyfyed vnto Iesua, and spake,
7 thus sayth şe Lorde of hostes: If thou wylte walke in my wayes, & kepe my watche: thou shalt rule my house, & kepe my courtes, and I wil geue the place amonge these that stande here.
8 Heare O Iesua thou hye priest, thou and thy frendes that dwell before the, for they are wonderous people. Beholde, I wyll brynge forthe the braunche of my seruaunt:
9 for lo, the stone that I haue layed before Iesua: vpon one stone shalbe .vij. eyes. Beholde, I wyll hewe hym out (sayeth the Lorde of Hostes) & take awaye the synne of that lande in one daye.
10 Then shal euery man cal for hys neyghboure vnder the vyne & vnder the fygge tree, sayeth the Lorde of hostes.




1 And the angel that talked wyth me, came agayne, & waked me vp, as a man that is raysed out of hys slepe,
2 & sayde vnto me: What seyst thou? And I sayde: I haue loked, & beholde: a candelsticke of all golde, wyth a boll vpon vpon it and his seuen lampes therein, & vpon euery lamp .vij. stalkes.
3 And two olyue trees therby, one vpon şe right syde of the bol, and the other vpon the left side.
4 So I answered, & spake to the angell that talked with me, sayinge: O my Lorde what are these?
5 The angel that talked with me aunswered & sayde vnto me: knowest thou not what these be? And I sayde: No, my Lorde.
6 He aunswered, and sayde vnto me: Thys is the word of the Lorde vnto Zorobabel, saying: Nether thorowe an hoste of men, nor thorow strength, but thorowe my sprete, sayeth the Lorde of hoostes.
7 What art thou, thou greate mountayne, before Zorobabel: thou must be mayde euen. And he shall brynge vp the fyrst stone, so that men shall crye vnto hym: good lucke, good lucke.
8 Moreouer the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge:
9 The handes of Zorobabel haue layed the foundacyon of thys house, his handes shal also fynysh it, that ye may know how that the Lorde of hostes hath sent me vnto you.
10 For he hath ben dispysed a lytle season, shall reioyce, when he seyth the tynne weyght in Zorobabels hande. The .vij. eyes are the Lordes, whiche go thorowe the whole worlde.
11 Then aunswered I, and said vnto him: What are these .ij. olyue trees vpon the right & left syde of the candelstycke?
12 I spake moreouer, & sayde vnto hym: what be these two olyue braunches (whiche thorow the two golden pypes) emptye them selues into the gold?
13 He aunswered me, and sayde: knoweste thou not, what these be? And I sayde: no, my Lord.
14 Then sayde he: These are the two olyue braunches, that stande before the ruler of the whole earthe.




1 So I turned me, lyftyng vp myne eyes, and loked, and beholde, a flying boke.
2 And he sayd vnto me: what seyst thou? I answered: I se a flyinge boke of .xx. cubytes longe, and ten cubytes broade.
3 Then sayd he vnto me: This is the cursse that goeth forth ouer the whole earth: for all theues shal be iudged after this boke, & all swearers shalbe iudged accordynge to the same,
4 I wyl bring it forth (sayeth the Lorde of hostes) so that it shall come to the house of the these, and to the house of hym, that falselye sweareth by my name, and shall remayne in hys house, and consume it, with the timbre & stones thereof.
5 Then the aungell that talked wyth me, wente forth, & sayde vnto me: lyfte vp thyne eyes, & se, what this is that goeth forth.
6 And I sayde: what is it? He answered: this is a measure goinge oute. He sayde moreouer: Euen thus ate they (that dwel vpon the whole earth) to loke vpon.
7 And beholde, there was lyfte vp a talent of leade: and lo, a woman sat in the myddeste of the measure.
8 And he sayde: This is vngodlynesse. So he caste her into the middest of the measure, and threwe the lompe of leade vp into an whole.
9 Then lyft I vp myne eyes, and loked: & beholde, there came oute two wemen, & şe wynd was in theyr wynges (for they had wynges lyke the wynges of a storke) & they lyfte vp şe measure betwixt the earth & the heauen.
10 Then spake I to the aungell that talcked with me: whyther wyll these beare the measure?
11 And he sayde vnto me: into the lande of Synear, to buylde them an house: which when it is prepared, the measure shalbe set there in his place.




1 Moreouer, I turned me, lyftynge vp myne eyes, and loked: and beholde there came .iiij. charettes oute from betwixte two hylles, whiche hylles were of brasse.
2 In the fyrste charet were reade horse: in the second charet were blacke horse, in the thyrde charette were whyte horse,
3 in the fourthe charet were horses of dyuerse colours and stronge.
4 Then spake I, and sayde vnto the angel that talcked with me: O Lorde, what are these?
5 The Aungell aunswered, and sayde vnto me: These are the .iiij. wyndes of the heauen, whiche be come forthe to stand before the ruler of al the earth.
6 That with the blacke horse wente into şe land of the northe, & the whyte folowed them, and the spekled horses wente forthe towarde the southe.
7 These horses were very stronge, and wente oute, and soughte to go, and take theyr iourney ouer the whole earthe. And he sayde: get you hence, & go thorowe the worlde. So they wente thorowe oute the worlde.
8 Then cryed he vpon me, and spake vnto me, saying: beholde, these that go towarde the north, shall styll my wrath in the northe countreye.
9 And the worde of the Lord came vnto me, saying:
10 Take of the presoners that are come from Babylon, namely, Heldai, Tobiah and Idaia: and come thou the same daye, and go into the house of Iosiah the sonne of Sophony.
11 Then take golde and syluer, and make crounes thereof, and set them vpon the heade of Iesua the sonne of Ioseueh, the hye pryeste,
12 and speake vnto hym: Thus sayth the Lorde of hostes: Behold the man whose name is the braunche: and he that shall sprynge vp after hym, shall buylde vp the temple of the Lorde,
13 yea euen he shall buylde vp şe temple of şe Lord. He shall beare the prayse, he shal syt vpon the Lordes trone, and haue the domynacyon. A Priest shall be also vpon hys trone, & a peaceable councell shalbe betwixte them both.
14 And the crounes shalbe in the temple of the Lorde, for a remembraunce vnto Helem, Tobiah, Idaia, and Hen the sonne of Sophony. And suche as be farre of, shal come and buylde the temple of the Lorde,
15 that ye maye knowe, howe that the Lorde of hostes hath sent me vnto you. And this shal come to passe. Yf ye will herken diligently vnto the voyce of the Lorde youre God.




1 It happened also in the fourthe yeare of kinge Darius, that the word of the lord came vnto Zachary in the fourth daye of the .ix. monethe, whiche is called Caslew:
2 what tyme as Sarasar & Rogomelech & the men şt were with them, sent vnto Bethel for to pray before the lord:
3 & şt they should say vnto the priestes, which were in the house of the Lord of hostes, & to şe prophetes: should I wepe in the fyfte moneth, and absteyne, as I haue done now cerrtain yeares?
4 Then came the word of the Lorde of hostes vnto me, saying:
5 Speake vnto all the people of the land, & to the priestes, and saye: when ye fasted and mourneth in şe .v. & .vij. moneth (now this .lxx. yeares) dyd ye fast vnto me?
6 When ye ate also and droncke; dyd ye not eate & drincke for youre owne selues?
7 Are not these the wordes which the Lord spake by his prophetes afore tyme, when Ierusalem was yet inhabited & welthy, she and the cities round aboute her: when there dwelt men, both toward the south and in the playne countreyes?
8 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto Zachary, saying:
9 Thus sayeth the Lord of Hostes: Execute true iudgement: shew mercy & louinge kindnesse, euery man to his brother.
10 Do the widdow, the fatherlesse, the straunger, and poore no wronge: and let no man ymagen euil against his brother in his hert.
11 Neuertheles they would not take hede, but turned their backes, & stopped their eares, that they should not heare:
12 yea, they made their hertes as an Adamant stone, least they should hear the law & wordes, whiche the Lorde of hostes sent in his holy spirite by the Prophetes afore tyme. Wherfore the Lorde of hostes was verye wroth at them.
13 And thus it is come to passe, that like as he spake, & they woulde not hear: euen so they cryed, and I woulde not heare, (sayeth the Lord of hostes)
14 but scatered them among al Gentiles, whom they knew not: Thus the lande was made so desolate, that there trauayled no man in it, neyther to, nor for for that pleasaunt lande was vtterly layed waste.




1 So the worde of the lord came onto me saying:
2 Thus sayeth the Lord of hostes: I was in a great gelousy ouer Syon, yea I haue bene very gelous ouer her in a great displeasure:
3 thus sayeth the Lord of hostes: I wil turne me agayne vnto Syon & wil dwell in the middest of Ierusalem: so that Ierusalem shalbe called a faythfull, and true cytie, the hyll of the Lorde of hostes, yea an holy hill.
4 Thus sayeth the Lorde of hostes: There shal yet olde men & wemen dwell againe in the stretes of Ierusalem: yea, & such as go wt staues in their handes for very age.
5 The stretes of the citie also shalbe ful of yonge boyes & damoselles, playinge vpon the stretes.
6 Thus sayeth the Lord of Hostes: yf the residue of this people thincke it to be vnpossible in these dayes, should it therfore be vnpossible in my sight, sayeth the Lord of hostes:
7 Thus sayeth the Lord of hostes: Behold, I wil delyuer my people from the land of the east & west,
8 and will bringe them againe, that they maye dwell at Ierusalem. Then shalbe my people and I wilbe their God, in trueth & righteousnesse.
9 Thus sayeth the lord of hostes: let your handes be stronge, yea that nowe heare these wordes by the mouth of the prophetes which be in the dayes, that the foundacion is layed vpon the Lorde of hostes house, that the temple may be buylded.
10 For why? before these dayes neyther men nor cattell coulde wynne anye thinge, neyther might anye man come in and oute in rest, for trouble: but I let euery man go agaynst his neyghboure.
11 Neuerthelesse I wil now entreate the resydue of this people no more as for a time, sayeth the Lord of Hostes,
12 but they shalbe a sede of peace. The vineyarde shal geue her frute, the grounde shal geue her increase, and the heauens shall geue their dew: & I shall cause the remnaunt of this people, to haue all these in possession.
13 And it shall come to passe, that like as ye were a curse amonge the Heathen (O ye house of Iuda & ye house of Israel) Euen so wil I deliuer you, şt ye shalbe a blessing: feare not, but let your handes be stronge.
14 For thus sayeth the Lord of Hostes: lyke as I deuised to punishe you, what tyme as youre fathers prouoked me vnto wrath, sayeth the Lord of hostes, and spared not.
15 Euen so I determed now in these dayes, for to do well vnto the house of Iuda, and Ierusalem, therfore feare ye not.
16 Now the thinges that ye shall do, are these: Speake euery man the truth vnto his neyghboure, execute iudgement trulye, & peaceably within your portes,
17 none of you ymagin euill in his hert againste hys neyghboure, & loue no false othes: for al these are the thynges that I hate, sayeth the Lord.
18 And şe word of the lord of hostes, came vnto me saying:
19 Thus sayeth the lord of Hostes: The fast of the fourth moueth, the fast of the fyfth, the fast of the seuenthe, & the faste of şe tenth, shalbe ioye and gladnesse, and prosperous hye feastes vnto the house of Iuda: Only loue the treuth and peace.
20 Thus sayeth the Lorde of hostes: There shal yet come people, and the inhabiters of many cities:
21 and they that dwell in one citie, shal go to another sayeng: Vp, let vs go, and pray before the Lord, let vs seke the Lorde of Hostes, I will go with you:
22 yea much people and mightie heathen shall come and seke the Lorde of Hostes at Ierusalem, & to pray before the Lorde.
23 Thus sayeth the Lorde of Hostes: In that tyme shal ten men (out of al maner of languages of the Gentiles) take one Iew by the hemme of his garment, and saye: we wyl go with you, for we haue hearde, that God is amonge you.




1 The worde of the Lorde shalbe receyued at Abrach, & Damascus shalbe his offering: for the eyes of all men and of the trybes of Israel shall loke vp vnto şe lord.
2 The borders of Hemath shalbe hard therby, Tyrus also and Sidon, for they are verye wise.
3 Tyrus shal make herself strong, heape vs syluer as the sande, & golde as the clay of the stretes.
4 Beholde, the lord shal take her in, & haue her in possession: he shall smyte doune her power into the sea, & she shalbe consumed with fire.
5 This shall Ascalon se, & be afraied. Gaza shalbe very sory, so shal Accaron also, because her hope is come to confusyon. For the Kinge of Gaza shal peryshe, and at Ascalon shal no man dwel.
6 Straungers shal dwel at Asdod, & as for the pryde of the Philistines, I shal rote oute
7 Their bloud wil I take away from their mouth and their abhominacyons from among their teeth Thus they shalbe left for our God, yea they shalbe as a prince in Iuda, & Accaron like as Iebusy:
8 & so wil I compase my house round about wt my men of warre goynge to & fro: that no oppressoure come vpon them any more. For that haue I sene now with myne eyes.
9 Reioyce thou greatly, O doughter Syon, be glad, O doughter Ierusalem. For lo, thy king commeth vnto the, euen the ryghteous & Sauioure: Lowly and simple is he, he rydeth vpon an asse, & vpon the foale of an asse.
10 I wil rote out the charrettes from Ephraim, & the horse from Ierusalem, the battel bowes shalbe destroyed. He shall geue the doctryne of peace vnto the heathen, & his dominion shal be from the one syde to the other, and from the flundes to the endes of the worlde.
11 Thou also thorow thy bloude of thy couenaunt, shalte let thy presoners out of the pyt, wherin is no water.
12 Turne you nowe to the strong holde, ye that be in preson, & long sore to be delyuered: And this daye I brynge the word, that I wil rewarde the double agayn.
13 For Iuda haue I bent out as a bowe for me, and Ephraim haue I fylled Thy sonnes (O Sion) will I rase vp againste the Grekes, & make the as a giauntes swearde:
14 the Lorde God shalbe sene aboue them, and his dartes shal go forth as the lyghteninge. The Lorde God shall blowe the trompet, and shall come forth as a storme oute of the south.
15 The Lorde of hostes shall defende them, they shall consume and deuoure, & subdue them with slyng stones. They shal dryncke & rage as it were thorow wyne. They shalbe fylled like the basens, & as the hornes of the aulter.
16 The Lorde their God shall delyuer them in the day, as the flock of his people: for the stones of his Sanctuary shalbe set vp in his land,
17 O how prosperous & goodlye a thinge shall that be? The corne shall make the yong men chearefull, and the newe wyne the maydens.




1 Praye the Lord then by tymes to geue thou the latter rayne, so shall the Lorde make cloudes, & geue you raine ynough, for all the intreace of the felde:
2 For vayne is the answere of Idols. The sothsayers se lyes, & tel but vayn dreames: the comforthe that they geue, is nothinge worth. Therfore go they astraye lyke a flocke of shepe, & are troubled, because they haue no sheperde.
3 My wrothfull displeasure is moued at the sheperdes, & I will vpset the goates. For the Lord of hostes wil graciously viset his flocke, the house of Iuda, and hold them as a goodlye fayre horse in the battell.
4 Out of Iuda shall come the helmet, the nale, the battelbowe, and all the princes together.
5 They shalbe as the giauntes, whiche in the batell tread doune the myre vpon the stretes. They shal fight, for the Lorde shalbe wyth them, so that the horsemen shalbe confounded.
6 I will comforth the house of Iuda, and preserue the house of Ioseph. I wil turne them also, for I pitie them: & they shalbe lyke as they were, when I had not cast them of. For I the Lord am their God, and wil hear them.
7 Ephraim shalbe as a gyaunt, and their hert shalbe chereful as thorow wine: yea, their children shall se it, & be glad, & their herte shall reioyce in the Lord.
8 I wil blow for them & gather them together, for I wil redeme them. They shal increase as they increased afore.
9 I will sow them among the people, that they may thincke vpon me in farre countreyes, they shall lyue wt their children, & turne again.
10 I wil bring them again also from the land of Egipt, & gather them out of Assiria. I wil carie them into the land of Galaad & to Libanus, & they shall wante nothing.
11 He shall go vpon the sea of trouble, & smyte the sea waues: so şt al the depe floudes shalbe dried vp. The proud boastinge of Assur shalbe cast doun, & the scepter of Egipte shalbe taken away.
12 I will comforte them in the Lord, that they maye walcke in his name, sayeth the Lorde.




1 Open thy dores, O Lybanus, that the fyre maye consume thy Cedre trees.
2 Howle ye fyrre trees, for the Cedre is fallen, yea, all the proude are wasted awaye. Howle (O ye oke trees of Baasan) for the mightye strong wood is cut doune
3 Men may heare the sheperdes mourne, for their glory is destroyed. Men may heare the lyons whelpes roare, for the pride of Iordan is wasted away.
4 Thus sayeth the Lorde my God: Fede the shepe of the slaughter,
5 which shalbe slaine of those that possesse them: yet they take it for no sinne, but they that sell them, say: The Lorde be thancked, I am rich: yea, their owne sheperdes spare them not.
6 Therfore will I nomore spare those that dwell in the land (sayeth the Lord) but lo, I wil delyuer the people, euerye man into his neighboures hand, and into the hande of his king, that they may smyte the lande, & out of their handes wil not I delyuer them.
7 I my self fedde the slaughter shepe (a pore flocke verely) & toke vnto me two staues: the one I called louinge mekenesse, the other I called wo, & so I kepte the shepe.
8 Thre sheperdes destroyeth I in one moneth, for I might not away wt them, neither had they any delyte in me.
9 Then sayd I: I wil fede you no more, the thing that dieth, let it dye: & şt wil perishe, let it perishe, & let the remnaunt eate, euery one the fleshe of his neyghboure.
10 I toke also my louing meke staf, & brake it, that I might disanul the couenaunt, which I made with al people.
11 And so it was broken in that daye. Then the poore simple shepe that had a respecte vnto me, knewe therby, that it was the word of the lord.
12 And I sayde vnto them: yf ye thincke it good, bring hither my pryce: yf no, then leaue. So they wayed doune .xxx. syluer pens, the value that I was prysed at.
13 And the Lorde sayd vnto me: cast it vnto the potter (a goodly pryce for me to be valued at of them) & I toke the .xxx. siluer pens, & cast them to the potter in the house of the Lorde.
14 Then brake I my other staf also (namely wo) şt I mighte lowse the brotherhead betwixte Iuda and Israel.
15 And the Lord said vnto me: Take to the also the staf of a foolish sheperd:
16 for lo, I wil rayse vp a sheperde in the lande, which shall not seke after the thinges that be lost, nor care for such as go astray: he shall not heale the wounded, he shall not norishe the thing that is whole: but he shall eate the fleshe of suche as be fat, and teare their clawes in peces.
17 O Idols sheperd, that leaueth the flocke. The swerde shall come vpon his arme & vpon his right eye. His arme shalbe cleane dryed vp, and hys ryght eye shalbe sore blinded.




1 The heauy burthen which the lord hath deuised for Israel. Thus saieth the lord, which spred the heauens abroade, layde the foundacyon of the earth, and geueth man the breath of lyfe:
2 Beholde I will make Ierusalem a cuppe of surfet, vnto al the people that are round aboute her: Yea, Iuda him self also shalbe in the sege agaynste Ierusalem.
3 At the same tyme wil I make Ierusalem, an heauye stone for al people, so that al such as lift it vp shalbe toarne & rente, & all the people of the earth shalbe gathered together against it.
4 In that day, sayeth the Lorde, I will make all horses abashed, & those that ryde vpon them to be out of their wittes. I wyll open myne eyes vpon the house of Iuda, & smite all the horses of the people with blindnesse.
5 And the princes of Iuda shal say in their hertes. The inhabiters of Ierusalem shal geue me consolacion in the Lord of hostes their God.
6 In that tyme will I make the princes of Iuda lyke an hote burninge ouen with wood, & lyke a cresset of fyre among the strawe, so that they shal consume al the people rounde about them, both vpon the right hand and the left. Ierusalem also shalbe inhabited agayne: namely, in the same place, where Ierusalem standeth.
7 The Lorde shal preserue the tentes of Iuda like as afore time: so şt the glorye of the house of Dauid, & the glory of the citesins of Ierusalem, shalbe but litle regarded, in comparison of şe glory of Iuda.
8 In that day shal the Lord defende the citesins of Ierusalem: so that the weakest then amonge them shalbe as Dauid: & şe house of Dauid shalbe lyke as Gods house, and as the Angel of the Lorde before them.
9 At the same tyme wil I go about to destroy al suche people as come againste Ierusalem.
10 Moreouer, vpon the house of Dauid & vpon the cytesins of Ierusalem wil I poure oute the spirite of grace & prayer, so şt they shal loke vpon me, whom they haue pearsed: & they shal bewepe him, as men mourne for their onely begotten sonne: yea & be sory for him, as men are sorye for their fyrst childe.
11 Then shal there be a great mourning at Ierusalem, like as the lamentacion at Adremnon in şe feld of Maggadon.
12 And the land shal bewayle euery kinred by them selues. The kinred of şe house of Dauid them selues alone, & their wiues by them selues.
13 The kinred of şe house of Nathan themselues alone, & their wyues by them selues. The kinred of the house of Leui them selues alone, & their wiues by them selues. The kinred of the house of Semei themselues alone & their wiues by them selues.
14 In lyke maner, all the other generacions, euerychone by them selues alone, and their wiues by them selues.




1 In that tyme shall the house of Dauid and the citesins at Ierusalem haue an open well, to wash of synne and vnclennesse.
2 And then (saieth the lord of hostes) I will destroye the names of Idols out of the land: so that they shal nomore be put in remembraunce. As for the false prophetes also & the vnclene spirit, I shal take them out of the land:
3 so that yf any of them prophecy any more, hys owne father and mother that begat him, shal saye vnto him: Thou shalt dye, for thou speakest lyes vnder the name of the Lord: yea his owne father and mother that begat him, shal wound him, when he prophecieth.
4 And then shal those prophetes be confounded, euery one of his vision when he prophecieth: neither shall they weer sackclothes any more, to disceyue men wt all.
5 But he shalbe fayne to saye: I am no prophete: I am an husband man, for so am I taught by Adam from my youth vp:
6 & yf it be sayd vnto him: how came these woundes then in thine handes? He shal answere: Thus am I wounded in the house of myne owne frendes.
7 Arise, O thou swerd, vpon my shepeherd, & vpon the prince of my people sayeth the lorde of hostes. Smite the sheperd, & the shepe shal be scatred abroade, & so wil I turne mine hand to the litle ones.
8 And it shal come to passe (saieth the Lord) that in all the land two partes shalbe roted oute, but the thirde parte shall remayne therin
9 And the same thyrd part wil I bring thorow the fyre, & wil clense them, as the siluer is clensed: yea, & try them like as gold is tryed. Then shall they call vpon my name and I wyll heare them: I wyl saye: it is my people. And they shal say: Lorde my God.




1 Beholde, the day of the Lorde commeth, that thou shalt be spoyled, & robbed:
2 for I will gather together al the heathen, to fighte agaynste Ierusalem, so that the city shalbe woune, the houses spoyled, & the wemen defiled. The half of the city shal go away into captiuite, & the residue of the people shal not be caried out of the cyty.
3 After that shal the lord go forthe to fyght agaynste those heathen, as men vse to fight in the daye of batell.
4 Then shall his fete stand vpon the mount olyuete, that lyeth vpon the east syde of Ierusalem. And the mount olyuete shal cleue in two, eastward & westward, so that there shalbe a great valley: & the half mount shal remoue toward the north, & the other toward the south.
5 And ye shal fle vnto şe valley of my hylles, for the valley of the hylles shal reach vnto Asal. Yea, fle shal ye, like as ye fled for the earthquake in the dayes of Osiah king of Iuda. And the lord my God shall come, and al sayntes with him.
6 In that day shal it not be light; but could & frost.
7 This shalbe that specially day, whiche is knowne vnto şe Lord: neyther day nor light, but about the euening time it shalbe light.
8 In that tyme shal the waters of lyfe runne out from Ierusalem: the half parte of them toward the east sea, & the other half toward the vttermost sea, & shal continue both somer & winter.
9 And the lord him selfe shalbe king ouer al şe earth. At that time shal there be one Lord onlye, & his name shalbe but one.
10 Men shall go about the whole earth, as vpon a feld: from Gibea to Remnon, & from the south to Ierusalem. The shal be set vp, & inhabited in her place: from BenIamins porte, vnto the place of the first port, & vnto the corner porte, & from the tower of Hananeel, vnto the kinges wine presses.
11 There shal men dwel, & there shalbe nomore cursing but Ierusalem shalbe safely inhabited.
12 This shalbe the plage, wherwith the Lorde wyll smite al people, that haue fought agaynst Ierusalem: Namely, their flesh shal consume awaye, though they stand vpon their fete: their eyes shalbe corrupt in their holes, and their tung shall consume in their mouth.
13 In that day shal the Lorde make a great sedicion amonge them, so that one man shal take another by the hande, & lay his handes vpon the handes of his neighbour.
14 Iuda shal fight also against Ierusalem, & the goodes of al şe heathen shalbe gathered together round aboute: gold & siluer, & a very great multitude of clothes:
15 & so shal this plage go ouer horses, mules, camels, asses, & al şe beastes that shalbe in the host, like as yonder plage was.
16 Euery one şt remayneth then of al the people, which came against Ierusalem, shal go vp yearly, to worshippe the king (euen the Lord of hostes) & to kepe the feast of tabernacles:
17 & loke what generacion vpon earth goeth not vp to Ierusalem for to worshippe the kinge (euen the Lorde of hostes) vpon the same shal come no rayne.
18 Yf the kinred of Egypt go not vp, and come not, it shall not rayne vpon them neyther. This shalbe the plage wherwith the Lorde wil smite al heathen, şt come not vp to kepe the feast of tabernacles:
19 yea, this shalbe the sinne plage of Egipt, & the sinne plage of al people that go not vp to kepe the feast of tabernacles.
20 At that time shall the riding geer of the horses be holy vnto the Lord, & the kettels in the Lordes house shalbe lyke the basens before the aulter:
21 yea al the kettels in Ierusalem & Iuda, shalbe holy vnto the Lord of hostes: & all they that slay offeringes, shall come take of them, & dight them therin. And at that tyme there shalbe no mo Cananites in the house of the Lorde.