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1 Paule the seruaunt of God and an Apostle of Iesu Christ, to preache şe faythe, of Goddes elect, & the knowledge of that truethe, whiche is after Godlynes,
2 vpon the hope, of eternall lyfe, whiche lyfe God şt can not lye, hath promysed before the worlde beganne:
3 but hath opened hys worde, at the tyme appoynted thorowe preachynge which preachynge is commytted vnto me by the commaundement of God oure sauyoure.
4 To Titus hys naturall sonne in the common fayth. Grace, mercy, and peace from God the father and from the Lorde Iesu Christe oure sauyoure.
5 For thys cause left I the in Crete, that thou shouldest performe that whiche was lackynge, and shouldest ordeyne elders in euery cytye as I appoynted the.
6 Yf any be fautelesse, the husbande of one wyfe hauyng faythfull chyldren, whiche are not sclaundred of ryote, neyther are dysobedyent.
7 For a byshoppe must be fautelesse, as it becommeth the mynister of God: not stubborne, not angrye, no dronkarde, no fyghter, not geuen to fylthy lucre:
8 but herberous one that loueth goodnes, sober mynded, ryghtuous, holy temperate,
9 and suche as cleaueth vnto the true worde of doctryne, that he maye be able to exhorte wyth wholesome learnynge, and to improue them, that saye agaynste it.
10 For there are many dysobedyent: & talkers of vanitye and disceyuers of myndes, namely they of the circumcision,
11 whose mouthes must be stopped: whiche peruerte whole houses teachynge thynges whiche they oughte not because of fylthy lucre.
12 One beyng of them selues, which was a poete of theyr owne, said: The Cretians are alwayes lyars, euil beastes and slowe belyes.
13 Thys wytnesse is true, wherfore rebuke them sharply that they may be sounde in the fayth,
14 and not takyng hede to Iewes fables and commaundementes of men that turne from the truethe.
15 Vnto the pure are all thynges pure, but vnto them that are defyled and vnbeleuynge, is nothynge pure: but euen the very myndes and consciences of them are defyled.
16 They confesse that they knowe God: but wyth the dedes they denye hym, and are abhomynable and dysobedient, and vnto all good workes discommendable.




1 Bvt speake thou şt whiche becommeth wholsome learnyng.
2 That the elder men be sober, honest, discret, sounde in the fayth, in loue, and in pacience.
3 And the elder women lykewyse, that they be in such rayment as becommeth holynes, not false accusars, not geuen to muche drynkynge, but teachers of honest thinges
4 to make the yong women sobre mynded, to loue theyr husbandes, to loue their chyldren,
5 to be dyscret, chast, huswyfly, good & obedyent vnto theyr owne husbandes, şt the word of God be not euyl spoken of.
6 Young men lykewyse exhort that they be sobre mynded.
7 Aboue all thynges shewe thy selfe an ensample of good workes wyth vncorrupt doctryne wyth honesty,
8 and wyth the wholesom worde, which cannot be rebuked, that he which wythstandeth, maye be ashamed, hauyng nothynge in you that he maye disprayse.
9 The seruauntes exhort to be obedient vnto theyr owne maysters, and to please in al thynges, not aunswerynge agayne,
10 neyther be pyckers, but şt they shewe all good faythfulnes, that they maye do worshyp to şe doctryne of oure sauyoure God in all thynges.
11 For the grace of God, şt bringeth saluacion vnto al men, hath apered
12 & teacheth vs şt we shoulde denye vngodlynes & worldly lustes, and that we shoulde lyue sobre mynded ryghtuouslye and Godly in this present worlde,
13 lokynge for that blessed hope and gloryous apperyng of the myghtye God, and of oure sauyoure Iesu Christe,
14 whiche gaue hym selfe for vs, to redeme vs from al vnryghtuousnes and to pourge vs a peculyar people vnto him selfe, feruently geuen vnto good workes.
15 These thynges speake, and exhorte, and rebuke, wyth all commaundyng. Se that no man despyse the.




1 Warne them that they submytte them selues to rule and power to obeye the offycers that they be ready vnto al good workes
2 that they speake euyll of noman that they be no fyghters, but softe, shewynge all meakenes vnto all men.
3 For we our selues also in tymes paste, vnwyse, dysobedient, deceyued, in daunger to lustes, and to dyuers maners of voluptuousnes, lyuyng in malycyousnes and enuye, ful of hate, hatyng one another.
4 But after that the kyndnes and loue of our sauyoure God to man warde appered,
5 not of the dedes of rightuousnes, which we wrought but of hys mercy he saued vs, by the fountayne of the newe byrth, & with the renuyng of şe holye ghost,
6 which he shed on vs aboundauntly, thorowe Iesus Christe oure sauyoure,
7 that we ones iustifyed by hys grace, shoulde be heyres of eternall lyfe, thorow hope.
8 Thys is a true saiynge. Of these thynges I would thou shouldest certyfye, that they whiche beleue God, might be dylygent to go forwarde in good workes. These thynges are good and profytable vnto men.
9 Folysh questions and genealogyes, and braulynge and stryfe aboute the law auoyde: for they are vnprofytable and superfluous.
10 A man that is geuen to heresye, after the fyrst & the seconde admonicyon auoyde,
11 remembring that he that is suche, is peruerted, and synneth euen damned by hys owne iudgement.
12 When I shall sende Artemas vnto the or Tichicus, be diligente to come to me vnto Nichopolis. For I haue determyned there to wynter.
13 Brynge zenas the lawyar and Apollos on theyr iorneye dilygentlye, that nothing be lackyng vnto them.
14 And let oures also learne to excell in good workes as farforthe, as nede requyreth, that they be not vnfruteful.
15 All that are with me salute the. Grete them that loue vs in the faythe Grace be wt you all. AMEN.