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1 The Reuelacyon of Iesus Christe which God gaue vnto hym, for to shew vnto his seruauntes thinges whiche muste shortely come to passe. And he sent and shewed by hys angel vnto hys seruaunt Iohn
2 whiche bare recorde of the word of God, and of the testimonye of Iesus Christe, and of all thynges that he sawe.
3 Happye is he that readeth, and they that heare the wordes of the prophecye, and kepe those thynges which are wrytten therein. For the tyme is at hande.
4 Iohn to the .vij. congregacyons in Asia. Grace be wyth you and peace, from hym which is, and whiche was, and whiche is to come, & from the .vij. spyrites which are present before hys throne,
5 and from Iesus Christ, whiche is a faythfull wytnes, and fyrst begotten of the dead, and Lorde ouer the kynges of the earth. Vnto him, that loued vs and washed vs from synnes in his owne bloude,
6 & made vs kinges and priestes vnto God his father: be glorye and dominyon for euer more. Amen.
7 Behold he commeth wyth cloudes, and al eyes shal se him: and they also whiche persed hym. And all kynredes of şe earth shal waile. Euen so. Amen:
8 I am Alpha and Omega, the begynnynge and the endynge, sayeth the Lorde almyghty, whiche is, which was, and whiche is to come.
9 I Iohn your brother and companyon in trybulacyon, and in the kyngdome and pacyence whiche is in Iesu Christe, was in the yle of Pathmos for the worde of God, and for şe wytnessynge of Iesu Christe
10 I was in the spirite on a sondaye, and hearde behynde me a great voyce, as it had bene of a trompe,
11 saiynge. I am Alpha and Omega, the fyrst and the laste. That thou seest wryte in a boke, and sende it vnto the congregacyons which are in Asia, vnto Ephesus, and vnto Smyrna, & vnto Pergamos, and vnto Sardis, & vnto Phyladelphia, and vnto Laodicia.
12 And I turned backe to se the voyce şt spake to me. And when I was turned, I sawe .vij. golden candelstickes,
13 and in the myddes of şe candelstickes, one lyke vnto the sonne of man clothed wyth a lynnen garment doune to the grounde, and gyrde aboute the pappes with a golden gyrdle.
14 Hys heade and hys heares were whyte, as whyte woul and as snowe: & hys eyes were as a flamme of fyre:
15 & hys fete lyke vnto brasse, as thoughe they brent in a fornace: & his voice as the sound of many waters.
16 And he had in hys ryghthande .vij. starres. And out of his mouth went a sharp two edged sweard. And hys face shone euen as şe sonne in hys strength.
17 And when I sawe hym, I fell at hys fete, euen as dead. And he layde hys ryght hande vpon me, saiynge vnto me: feare not, I am şe fyrste, and the laste,
18 and am alyue, and was dead. And beholde I am alyue for euer more and haue the kayes of hell, & of death.
19 Write therfore the thynges, whiche thou hast sene, & the thynges whiche are, & the thynges which shalbe fulfylled here after:
20 and the misery of the .vij. starres which thou sawest in my right hande, and the .vij. golden candelstickes. The .vij. starres are the messengers of the .vij. congregacions: And the .vij. candelstyckes which thou sawest are the .vij. congregacyons.




1 Vnto the messenger of the congregacion of Ephesus writte, these thinges, sayeth he şt holdeth the .vij. starres in his right hand, and walketh in the middes of the seuen golden candelstickes:
2 I knowe thy workes, and thy laboure, & thy pacience, and howe thou cannest not forbeare them, whyche are euyl, and examinedst them which saye they are Apostles and are not, & hast found them lyars
3 and dydest washe thy selfe. And hast pacience, and for my names sake hast labored and hast not faynted:
4 Neuertheles I haue somwhat agaynste the, for thou hast left thy fyrst loue.
5 Remember therfore from whence thou arte fallen, and repente, and do the fyrste workes. Or els I wil come vnto the shortlye, and wil remoue thy candelsticke out of his place, excepte thou repent.
6 But this thou hast because thou hatest the dedes of the Nicolaytans, which dedes I also hate.
7 Let him that hath eares heare, what the spirite sayeth vnto the congregacions. To him that ouercommeth, wyl I geue to eate of the tree of lyfe, whyche is in the middes of the Paradyse of God.
8 And vnto the angell of the congregacion of Smyrna wryte: These thynges sayeth he that is fyrst, and the last, which was dead & is alyue.
9 I knowe thy workes and tribulacion and pouertye, but thou art rych: And I know the blasphemy of them, whiche call them selues Iewes and are not, but are the congregacion of Sathan.
10 Feare none of those thynges, which thou shalt suffre. Behold, the deuil shal caste of you into pryson, to tempte you, and ye shal haue tribulacion .x. dayes. Be faythful vnto the death, & I wyl geue the a croune of life.
11 Let him that hath eares, heare what the spyryte sayth to the congregacyons. He that ouercommeth, shall not be hurte of the second death.
12 And to the messenger of the congregacion in Pergamos wryte: Thys sayth he, whych hath the sharpe sweard, wyth two edges.
13 I know thy workes, and where thou dwellest euen where Sathans seate is, and thou kepest my name, and hast not denyed my fayth. And in my dayes, Antypas was a faithful wytnes of myne whych was slaine among you, where Sathan dwelleth.
14 But I haue a fewe thinges against the, that thou hast there, them that maintaine the doctryne of Balam, whiche taught in Balake, to put occasyon of synne before the chyldren of Israel, that they shoulde eate of meate dedicate vnto ydoles & committe fornicacion.
15 Euen so hast thou them that mayntaine the doctryne of the Nicolaytans whiche thinge I hate.
16 But be conuerted, or els I wyll come vnto the shortlye, and wil fyght agaynst them wyth the swearde of my mouth.
17 Let him that hath eares, heare what the spyryte sayeth vnto the congregacyons. To hym that ouercommeth will I geue to eate Manna, that is hyd and wyll geue hym a whyte stone, and in the stone a new name wrytten, whiche no man knoweth sauynge he that receiueth it.
18 And vnto the messenger of the congregacion of Thiatyra wryte. This sayth the sonne of God, which hath hys eyes lyke vnto flame of fyre, whose feete are lyke brasse:
19 I knowe thy workes and thy loue, seruyce, and fayth, and thy pacience, and thy dedes, whyche are mo at the laste then at the fyrst.
20 Notwithstandinge I haue a fewe thinges against the, that thou sufferest that woman Iesabel, which called her selfe a prophetisse, to teache and to deceyue my seruauntes to make them commit fornicacion, and to eate meates offered vp to Idols.
21 And I gaue her space to repent of her fornicacion and she repented not.
22 Beholde I wyl caste her into a bed, and them that commit fornicacyon wyth her into greate aduersytie, except they turne from their dedes.
23 And I will kyl her chyldren wyth death. And all the congregacions shal know, that I am he, whiche searched the reynes and hertes. And I will geue vnto euery one of you according vnto youre workes.
24 Vnto you I say, and vnto eyther of them of Thiatyra, as manye as haue not knowen this learning, and whiche haue not knowen the depnes of Sathan (as they say) I wyl put vpon you none other burthen,
25 but that whiche ye haue allreadye. Hold faste, tyll I come,
26 and whosoeuer ouercommeth and kepeth my workes vnto the ende, to hym wyl I geue power ouer nacions,
27 and he shal rule them with a rodde of yron: and as the vessels of a potter, shall he breake them to sheuers. Euen as I receyued of my father,
28 so wyll I geue him, the morninge starre.
29 Let hym that hath eares, heare what the spyryte sayeth to the congregations.




1 And write vnto the messenger of the congregation of Sardis, this sayth he that the spyryte of God & the .vij. starres. I know thy workes, thou hast a name, thou lyuest and thou arte deade.
2 Be awake & strengthe the thinges whiche remayne, that are ready to dye. For I haue not founde thy workes perfecte before God.
3 Remember therfore howe thou hast receiued and hearde, and hold faste & repent. Yf thou shalt not watche, I wyl come on the as a thiefe, and thou shalt not knowe, what hour I wil come vpon the.
4 Thou hast a fewe names in Sardys, whyche haue not defyled their garmentes: and they shal walke wyth me in whyte, for they are worthy.
5 He that ouercommeth, shalbe clothed in whyte araye, and I wyll not put out hys name out of the boke of lyfe, and I wyll confesse his name before my father, and before his angels.
6 Let hym that hath eares, heare what the spyryte sayeth vnto the congregacions.
7 And wryte vnto the tydinges bringer of the congregacyon of Philadelphia, this sayeth he that is holy and true, which hath the keye of Dauid, which openeth and no man shutteth, and shutteth & no man openeth.
8 I know thy workes. Beholde I haue set before the an open doore, and no man can shut it, for thou hast a lytel strength, and hast kept my saiynges: and hast not denyed my name,
9 Behold I make them of the congregacion of Sathan, which cal them selues Iewes and are not, but do lye: Beholde: I wyl make them that they shal come and worshyppe before thy fete, and shal knowe that I loue the.
10 Because thou hast kepte the wordes of my pacience, therfore I wyll kepe from the houre of temptacyon, which wyll come vpon al the worlde, to tempte them that dwell vpon the earth.
11 Beholde: I come shortlye. Holde that, which thou hast, that no man take awaye thy croune.
12 Hym that ouercommeth, wyl I make a pyller in the temple of my God, and he shal go no more out. And I wyl wryte vpon him, the name of my God, and the name of the cytye of my God, newe Ierusalem, which commeth doune out of heauen from my God, & I wyl wryte vpon him my newe name.
13 Let him that hath eares, heare what the spirite sayeth vnto the congregacions.
14 And vnto the messenger of the congregacion, which is in Laodicia wryte: Thys sayth (Amen) the faythful and true wytnes, the beginninge of the creatures of God.
15 I knowe thy workes, that thou art neyther colde nor hote. I would thou were colde or hote.
16 So then because thou arte betwene both, and neyther colde nor hote. I wyll, spewe the out of my mouth:
17 because thou art ryche and increased wyth goodes, and hast nede of nothinge, and knowest not howe thou art wretched and miserable, poore, blind and naked.
18 I counsel the to bye of me golde tryed in the fyre, that thou mayest be ryche, and whyte raymente, that thou mayest be clothed, that thy fylthye nakednes do not appere, & annointe thine eyes wyth eye salue, that thou maiest se.
19 As manye as I loue, I rebuke and chastes. Be feruent therfore and repente.
20 Behold I stande at the dore and knocke. Yf anye man heare my voice and open the dore. I wil come in vnto him, and will suppe with him, and he wyth me.
21 To hym that ouercommeth, wyl I graunt to sit with me in my seate euen as I ouercame and haue sitten wyth my father, in his seate.
22 Let him that hath eares, heare what the spyrite sayth vnto the congregacions.




1 After thys I loked, and beholde a dore was open in heauen, and the fyrst voyce which I hearde, was as it were of a trompete, talkynge wyth me which sayd: come vp hether, and I wyll shewe the thynges, whyche must be fulfylled herafter.
2 And immediatly I was in the spyryte: and behold a seate was put in heauen, and one sate on the seate.
3 And he that sate was to loke vpon, lyke vnto a Iaspar stone and a Sardin stone: And there was a rayne bowe aboute the seate, in syght lyke to an emeralde.
4 And about şe seate were .xxiiij. seates. And vpon the seates .xxiiij. elders syttynge clothed in whyte rayment, & had on their heades crounes of golde.
5 And out of the seate proceded lyghteninges, and thonderinges, and voyces, and there were seuen lampes of fyre, burninge before şe seate, whiche are the seuen spirites of God.
6 And before the seate there was a sea of glasse lyke vnto a Crystal, and in the middes of the seate, and roundabout the seat were .iiij. beastes full of eyes before and behinde,
7 and the fyrste beast was lyke a Lyon, the second beast lyke a calfe, and the thyrde beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beaste was lyke a fliyng egle.
8 And the .iiij. beastes had eche one of them .vi. wynges about him, and they were full of eies wythin. And they had no reste, daye neither nyghte sayinge. Holye, holye, holy, Lord God almyghtye, whyche was and is, and is to come.
9 And when those beastes gaue glorye and honour, and thankes to him that sate on the seate, whiche lyueth for euer and euer,
10 şe .xxiiij. elders fel doune before him that sate on the throne, and worshypped him that lyueth for euer, and cast their crounes before the throne, saiynge:
11 thou art worthy Lorde to receiue glory and honour and power, for thou hast created al thinges, and for thy wylles sake they are and were created.




1 And I saw in the ryghte hand of him that sate in şe throne, a boke wrytten, wythin and on the backsyde, sealed with .vij. seales.
2 And I sawe a stronge angel, which cryed wyth a loude voyce: Who is worthy to open the boke, and to lose the seales therof?
3 And no man in heauen nor in earth, neyther vnder the earth, was able to open the boke, neyther to loke theron.
4 And I wepte muche, because no man was founde worthy to open and to reade the boke, neyther to loke theron.
5 And one of the elders sayd vnto me: wepe not: beholde a Lyon beinge of the tribe of Iuda, the rote of Dauid, hath obtayned to open the boke, and to lowse the .vij. seales therof.
6 And I behelde, and lo, in the middes of the seate, and of the .iiij. beastes, and in the myddes of the elders, stode a lambe as though he had bene kylled, whyche had .vij. hornes and .vij. eyes, which are the spirites of God, sente into all the worlde.
7 And he came and toke the boke out of the ryght hand of him that sate vpon the seate.
8 And when he had taken the boke, the .iiij. beastes, and .xxiiij. elders fel doune before the lambe, hauinge harpes and golden vialles full of odoures, whyche are the prayers of saynctes,
9 and they songe a new songe saiyng: thou art worthy to take the boke, and to open the seales therof: for thou wast kylled, & hast redemed vs by thy bloud out of al kynredes, and tonges, and people, and nacions
10 and hast made vs to our God, kynges, and priestes, & we shal reigne on the earth.
11 And I behelde, and I heard the voyce of many angels about the throne, and about the beastes, and the elders, and I heard thousande thousandes,
12 sayinge wyth a loud voyce: Worthy is the lamb that was kylled to receiue power, and riches, and wysdome, and strength, and honoure, & glorye and blessing.
13 And al creatures whiche are in heauen, and on the earth, and vnder the earth, and in the sea, and al that are in them hearde I saiynge: blessing, honour, glory, and power be vnto him that sytteth vpon şe seate, and to the Lambe for euermore.
14 And şe foure beastes sayd Amen. And the .xxiiij. elders fel vpon theyr faces, and worshypped hym that liueth for euermore.




1 And I saw when the Lambe opened one of the seales, and I hearde one of the .iiij. beastes saye, as it were the noyse of thonder, come and se.
2 And I sawe, and beholde there was a whyte horsse, and he that sate on him had a bow, & a croune was geuen vnto him, and he went forth conquerynge and for to ouercome.
3 And when he opened the seconde seale, I hearde the seconde beaste saye, come and se.
4 And there wente out another horsse that was red, and power was geuen to him that sate theron, to take peace from the earth, and that they should kyl one another. And there was geuen vnto hym a greate swerde.
5 And when he opened the thyrde seale, I hearde the thyrde beast say: come and se. And I behelde, and lo a blacke horsse: and he that sate on him, had a payre of balances in hys hand.
6 And I heard a voyce in the myddes of the .iiij. beastes say: a measure of wheat for a penye, and .iij. measures of barly for a peny, and oyle and wyne se thou hurte not.
7 And when he opened the fourth seale, I heard the voyce of şe fourth beaste saye: come and se.
8 And I loked, and behold a pale horsse, and hys name that sate on him was death, and hell folowed after him, and power was geuen vnto him ouer the fourth parte of the earth, to kyll with swerd and wyth honger, and wyth death, that cometh of vermen of the earth.
9 And when he opened the fyft seale, I saw vnder the aulter, the soules of them that were kylled for the word of God, & for the testymonye, whych they had,
10 and they cryed wyth a loude voyce sayinge: Howe longe tariest thou Lord holy and true, to iudge and to auenge oure bloud on them that dwell on the earth?
11 And longe whyte garmentes were geuen vnto euery of them. And it was sayde vnto them that they should reste for a litle season vntyll the number of their felowes and brethren, & of them that should be kylled as they were, were fulfylled.
12 And I behelde when he opened the syxte seale, and lo there was a greate earth quake, and the sunne was as blacke as sacke cloth, made of heare. And the mone wexed euen as bloude,
13 and the starres of heauen fell vnto şe earth, euen as a fygge tree casteth from her her fygges, when she is shaken of a myghty wynde.
14 And heauen vanished awaye, as a scrole, when it is rolled together. And al mountaines and Iles, were moued out of their places.
15 And the kynges of the earth, & the greate men and the ryche men, and the chiefe captaines, and the myghty men, and euerye bonde man, and euery free man, hyd them selues in dennes, and in rockes:
16 fal on vs, and hyde vs from the presence of hym that sitteth on the seate, and from the wrath of the lambe,
17 for the great day of his wrath is come: And who can endure it?




1 And after that I sawe .iiij. angeles stand on the .iiij. corners of the earth, holding the .iiij. wyndes of the earth, that the windes should not blow on the earth, neyther on the sea, neyther on any tree.
2 And I sawe another angell ascende from the rysinge of the sunne, whiche had the seale of the lyuing God, and he cried wyth a loud voyce to the .iiij. angelles (to whom power was geuen to hurte the earth and the sea)
3 sayinge: Hurte not the earth, neyther the sea, neither the trees, tyl we haue sealed the seruauntes of oure God in their forheades.
4 And I heard the numbre of them whyche were sealed, and there were sealed an .C. and .xliiij.M. of all tribes of the chyldren of Israell.
5 Of the trybe of Iuda were sealed .xij.M. Of the trybe of Ruben were sealed .xij.M. of the trybe of Gad were sealed .xij.M.
6 Of the trybe of Asser were sealed .xij. thousand. Of the trybe of Neptalim were sealed twelue thousande. Of the Trybe of Manasses were sealed twelue thousand.
7 Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelue thousand. Of the tribe of Leuy were sealed .xij. thousande. Of the tribe of Isacar were sealed .xij.M.
8 Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed twelue thousand. Of şe tribe of Ioseph were sealed twelue thousand. Of the tribe of Beniamin were sealed twelue thousande.
9 After this I behelde, and lo a greate multitude (which no man coulde numbre) of al nacions and people, and tonges, stode before the seate, and before the lambe, clothed wyth longe whyte garmentes, and palmes in their handes,
10 and cried with a loude voyce, saying: saluacion be ascribed to him that sitteth vpon the seate of our God, and vnto the lamb.
11 And all the Angelles stode in the compasse of the seate, and of the elders, and of the .iiij. beastes, and fell before the seate on theyr faces, & worshipped God
12 saying, Amen: Blessing and glory, wisdome, and thankes, and honoure, and power & mighte, be vnto our God for euermore: Amen.
13 And one of the elders aunswered, saying vnto me: what are these, which are arayed in longe whyte garmentes, and whence came they?
14 And I sayd vnto hym: Lorde thou wotest. And he said vnto me: these are they which came out of great tribulacion, and made their garmentes large and made them white, in the bloude of the lambe,
15 therfore are they in the presence of the seate of God and serue hym daye and nyghte in his temple, and he that sitteth in the seate wyl dwell amonge them.
16 They shal honger no more neyther thyrste, neyther shal the sunne lyghte on them, neyther anye heate:
17 For the lambe, which is in the middes of the seate shall feede them, and shall leade them vnto fountaynes of lyuinge water, and God shall wype awaye al teares from theyr eyes.




1 And when he had opened the seuenth seale, there was silence in heauen about the space of halfe an houre.
2 And I saw angelles standing before God, and to them were geuen .vij. trompettes.
3 And another angel came and stode before the aultare hauynge a golden senser, and muche of odoures was geuen vnto hym, that he shoulde offer of the prayers of al sainctes vpon the golden aultare, which was before the seate.
4 And the smoke of the odours, whiche came of the prayers of al sainctes ascended vp before God out of the angelles hand.
5 And the angell toke the senser, and fylled it wyth fyre of the aultare, and caste it into the earth, and voyces were made, and thonderinges and lighteninges, and earth quakes.
6 And the .vij. angelles, whiche had the .vij. trompettes prepared them selues to blowe.
7 The fyrste angel blewe, and these was made hayle and fyre, whiche were myngled wyth bloude, and they were cast into the earth, and the thyrde parte of the trees was burnte, and al grene grasse was brente.
8 And the seconde angel blewe: and as it were a greate mountaine burning wyth fyre was caste into the sea, and the thyrde parte of the sea turned to bloud,
9 and the thirde parte of the creatures, whiche had lyfe, dyed, and the thyrd parte of shyppes were destroyed.
10 And the thyrd angel blewe, and there fell a great starre from heauen burninge, as it were a lampe, and it fell into the thyrde parte of the riuers, and into fountaines of waters,
11 & the name of the starre is called wormwod. And the thyrde parte was turned to wormwode. And manye men dyed of the waters, because they were made bitter.
12 And şe fourth angel blew, and the thyrde parte of the sunne was smytten and the thyrd part of the mone, and the thirde parte of the starres, so that the thirde part of them was darckened. And the daye was smitten, that the thirde parte of it shoulde not shyne, and lykewise the nyghte.
13 And I behelde and hearde an angell fliynge thorowe the middes of heauen, sayinge wyth a loude voyce: Wo, wo, to the inhabiters of the earth, because of the voyces to come of the trompe of the .iij. angels, whyche were yet to blowe.




1 And the fyfte Angel blewe, and I sawe a starre fall from heauen vnto the earth, And to hym was geuen the keye of the bottomlesse pyt.
2 And he opened the bottomlesse pyt, and there arose the smoke of a great fornace. And the sunne, and the ayer were darkened by the reason of the smoke of the pytt.
3 And there came out of the smoke locustes vpon the earth, and vnto them was geuen power as the Scorpions of the earth haue power.
4 And it was commaunded them, that they should not hurt the grasse of the earth, neyther any grene thinge, neither any tree, but onely those men which haue not the seale in their foreheades,
5 and to them was commaunded that they should not kyll them, but that they should be vexed fyue monethes, and theyr payne was as the payne that commeth of a scorpion, when he hath stonge a man.
6 And in those dayes shal men seke death, and shal not finde it, and shall desyre to dye, and death shal flye from them.
7 And the similitude of the locustes was lyke vnto horsses prepared vnto battayl, and on theyr heades were as it were crounes, lyke vnto gold and their faces were as it had bene the faces of men.
8 And they had heere as the heere of women. And theyr teeth were as the teeth of Lyons.
9 And they had habbergions, as it were habbergyons of Iron. And the sounde of theyr wynges, was as the sounde of charettes, when many horsses runne together to battayle.
10 And they had tayles lyke vnto Scorpyons, and there were stynges in theyr tayles. And their power was to hurte men fyue monethes.
11 And they had a kynge ouer them, whych is the angel of the bottomlesse pyt, whose name in the Hebrue tonge, is Abodon, but in the Greke tonge, Appollion.
12 One wo is paste, and behold two woes come after thys.
13 And the syxte angel blewe, and I hearde a voyce from the .iiij. corners of the golden aultare, which is before God,
14 sayinge to the syxte angel, which had the trompe, louse the .iiij. angelles, whyche are bounde in the great riuer Euphrates.
15 And the .iiij. angels were loused, whyche were prepared for an houre, for a daye, for a moneth, and for an yere, for to slea the thyrd parte of men.
16 And the number of horsmen of warre, were twenty tymes ten thousand. And I heard the numbre of them.
17 And thus I sawe the horsses in a vision, and them that sate on them hauynge fyry habbergions of a Iacinct colour, and brimstone, and the heades of the horsses were as the heades of Lyons. And out of their mouthes wente forth fyre and smoke, and brymstone.
18 And of these .iij. was the thirde parte of men kylled, that is to say, of fyre, smoke, and brymstone, whych proceded out of the mouthes of them.
19 For theyr power was in their mouthes and in theyr tayles, for theyr tayles were lyke vnto serpentes, and had heades, and wyth them they dyd hurt.
20 And the remnaunt of the men which were not kylled by these plages, repented not of the dedes of their handes, that they should not worship deuyls, and Images of gold, and syluer, and brasse, and stone, and of wood, whych neyther can se, neyther heare, neyther go.
21 Also they repented not of theyr murther, and of theyr sorcery, neyther of their fornicacion, neither of their thefte.




1 And I sawe an other myghtye angel come doune from heauen, clothed wyth a cloude, and the rayne bowe vpon hys heade. And hys face as it were the sunne, and hys fete as it were pyllars of fyre
2 and he had in hys hand a lyttel boke open, & he put hys ryghte fote vpon the sea, and hys lyfte fote on şe earth
3 And cryed wyth a loude voyce, as when a Lyon roreth. And when he had cried, seuen thonders spake their voyces.
4 And when the .vij. thonders had spoken their voyces, I was aboute to wryte. And I harde a voice from heauen saying vnto me, seale vp those thynges, which the .vij. thonders spake, and wryte them not.
5 And the angell whyche I sawe stand vpon the sea, and vpon the earth, lyfte vp hys hand to heauen,
6 and swore by hym that lyueth for euer more, whiche created heauen, and the thynges that therin are, and the sea, and the thynges whyche therin are: that there shoulde be no longer tyme,
7 but in the dayes of the voyce of the seuenth aungel, when he shal begyn to blow, euen the mistery of God shalbe fynished as he preached by his seruauntes the prophetes.
8 And the voyce, whych I hard from heauen, spake vnto me agayne, and sayde, go and take the lytle boke, which is open in the hande of the angell, whyche standeth vpon the sea, and vpon the earth.
9 And I went vnto the angell, and sayd to hym, geue me the lytel boke, and he sayde vnto me take it, and eate it vp, and it shall make thy belly bytter, but it shal be in thy mouth as swete as hony,
10 and I toke the lytle boke out of hys hand, and eate it vp, and it was in my mouth as swete as honye, and assone as I had eaten it, my bealy was bitter.
11 And he sayd vnto me: thou muste prophesye againe amonge the people, and nacyons, and tonges, and to many kynges.




1 And then was geuen me a rede lyke vnto a rodde, and it was sayde vnto me: Ryse and meate the temple of God, and the aultare, and them that worshyppe therin,
2 and the quyre whiche is wythin the temple caste out and meate it not: for it is geuen vnto the Gentyles and the holy cytye shal they treade vnder fote .xlij. monethes.
3 And I will geue power vnto my .ij. witnesses, & they shal prophesy .M.ij.C. & .lx. daies, cloteth in sacke cloth.
4 These are two olyue trees, and two candelstickes, standyng before the God of the earth.
5 And yf any man wyl hurte them, fire shal proceade out of theyr mouthes, and consume theyr enemyes. And yf anye man wyll hurte them this wyse muste he be killed.
6 These haue power to shut heauen, that it rayne not in the daies of they: Prophesiyng, and haue power ouer waters to turne them to bloud, and to smyte the earth wyth al maner plages, as often as they will.
7 And when they haue fynished theyr testymonye, the beast that came out of the bottomlesse pyt, shal make warre agaynst them, and shal ouercome them, and kyl them.
8 And theyr bodies shal lye in the stretes of the great city, whiche spyrytually is called Sodome and Egypte, where oure Lorde was crucyfyed.
9 And they of the people and kynredes, and tonges, and they of the nacyons, shal se theyr bodyes thre dayes and an halfe, and shall not suffer theyr bodies to be put in graues.
10 And they that dwell vpon the earth, shall reioyse ouer them and be glad, and shal sende gyftes one to another for these two prophetes vexed them that dwelt on the earth.
11 And after .iij. dayes and an halfe the spyryte of lyfe from God, entred into them. And they stode vp vpon theyr fete, and great feare came vpon them, whiche sawe them.
12 And they harde a greate voyce from heauen, saying vnto them. Come vp hether. And they ascende vp into heauen in a cloud and their enemies sawe them.
13 And the same houre was there a greate earth quake, and the tenth parte of the cytye fell, and in the earth quake were slayne names of men seuen thousande, and the remnaunte were feared, and gaue glorye to GOD of heauen.
14 The seconde wo is past, and beholde the thyrde wo wyll come anone.
15 And the seuenth angell blewe, and there were made greate voyces in heauen, sayinge: the kyngdomes of thys worlde are oure Lordes and hys Christes, & he shall raygne for euer more.
16 And the .xxiiij. elders, whyche sit before God on their seates, fell vpon theyr faces, and worshipped God,
17 sayinge: we geue the thankes Lord GOD almyghty, whyche arte and wast, and arte to come, for thou hast receyued thy greate myght and hast reigned.
18 And the nacyons were angrye, and thy wrath is come, and the tyme of the dead that they shoulde be iudged and that thou shouldeste geue rewarde vnto thy seruauntes the Prophetes and saynctes, and to them that feare thy name small and greate, and shouldeste destroye them, whyche destroye the earth.
19 And the temple of God was opened in heauen, and there was sene in hys temple the arcke of hys testamente, and there folowed lyghtenynges, and voyces, and thonderynge and eartquake and muche hayle.




1 And there appered a greate wonder in heauen: A woman clothed with the sunne, and the mone vnder her fete, and vpon her heade a croune of .xij. starres.
2 And she was wyth chylde and cryed trauailling in byrth, and payned redy to be deliuered.
3 And there appered another wonder in heauen, for behold a great Dragon, hauinge .vij. heades, and ten hornes & crounes vpon his heades,
4 and hys tayle drewe the thyrde parte of the starres, and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stode before the woman, whyche was redye to be delyuered, for to deuoure her chyld assone as it were borne.
5 And she brought furth a man chyld, which should rule al nacyons wyth a rod of Iron. And her sonne was taken vp vnto God, and to hys seate.
6 And the woman fled into wyldernes, where she had a place prepared of God, that they should feede her there a thousand .ij. hundred and .lx. dayes.
7 And there was great battayle in heauen, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angells,
8 and preuayled not, neyther was theyr place found any more in heauen.
9 And the great dragon, that olde serpente called the deuyll and Sathanas was caste out. Whiche deceyueth al the worlde. And he was cast into the earth, and his angelles were cast out also.
10 And I hearde a loude voyce sayinge: in heauen is nowe made saluacyon, and strength and the kyngdome of our God, and şe power of hys Christe. For he is caste doune, whyche accused them before God daye and nyghte.
11 And they ouercame hym by the bloude of the lambe, and by the worde of theyr testimony, and they loued not theyr liues vnto the death.
12 Therfore reioyse heauens, and ye that dwell in them, Wo to the inhabiters of the earth, & of the sea, for the deuyll is come doune vnto you, which hath great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a shorte tyme.
13 And when the dragon sawe, that he was caste vnto the earth, he persecuted the woman, which broughte forth the man chyld.
14 And to şe woman were geuen two winges of a greate egle, şt she might flye into the wildernes, into her place, where she is noryshed for a tyme, tymes, & halfe a time from the presence of the serpente.
15 And the dragon cast out of his mouth water after the woman as it had bene a riuer, because she should haue be caught of şe floud.
16 And the earth holpe the woman, & the earth opened her mouth, and swalowed vp şe ryuer which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
17 And the dragon was wroth wyth the woman, and went and made warre wyth the remnaunt of her seede, whiche kepe the commaundementes of God, and haue the testimonye of Iesus Christe. And I stode on the sea sande.




1 And I sawe a beaste ryse out of the sea, hauyng .vij. heades, and .x. hornes, and vpon his hornes ten crounes, and vpon his heade the name of blasphemye.
2 And the beaste whych I sawe, was lyke a cat of the mountayne, and hys fete were as the fete of a beare, and his mouth as the mouth of a Lyon. And the dragon gaue him hys power and hys seale, and great authorytye,
3 & I sawe one of his heades as it were wounded to death and his deadlye wounde was healed. And al the worlde wondred at the beaste,
4 & they worshipped the dragon, which gaue power vnto the beaste, and they worshipped the beast saiynge: who is lyke vnto the beast? who is able to warre with him?
5 And there was mouth geuen vnto hym, that spake greate thinges and blasphemies, and power was geuen vnto hym, to do .xlij. monethes.
6 And he opened hys mouth vnto blasphemy agaynste God, to blaspheme hys name, and his tabernacle and them that dwell in heauen.
7 And it was geuen vnto hym to make warre wyth the Saynctes, and to ouercome them. And power was geuen hym ouer al kynredes, tonges and nacions,
8 and al that dwel vpon şe earth worshipte him, whose names are not written in the boke of lyfe of şe lambe, which was killed from the beginning of the worlde.
9 Yf any man haue an eare, let hym heare.
10 He that leadeth into captiuitie shal go into captiuitie, he that kylleth wt a sweard, must be kylled wyth a sweard. Here is the pacience and the fayth of the sainctes.
11 And I behelde another beast commyng vp out of the earth, and he had two hornes lyke a lambe, and he spake as dyd the dragon.
12 And he, dyd al that the fyrste beast could do in his presence, and he caused the earth, and them which dwel therin, to worship the fyrst beast, whose deadly wounde was healed.
13 And he dyd greate wonders, so that he made fyre come doune from heauen in the syght of men.
14 And deceiued them that dwelt on the earth by the meanes of those sygnes, which he had power to do in the syght of the beaste, saying to them that dwelt on şe earth, that they should make an ymage vnto the beaste, whyche had the wounde of a swearde, and dyd lyue.
15 And he had power to geue a spyryte vnto the ymage of the beaste, and that şe ymage of the beast should speake, and shoulde cause that as manye as would not worshyppe the ymage of the beaste, shoulde be kylled.
16 And he made al both smale and greate, ryche and poore, free and bonde, to receyue a marke in theyr ryght handes, or in theyr forheades.
17 And that no man myghte by or sell, saue he that had the marke, or the name of the beaste, other the numbre of his name.
18 Here is wysdom. Let him that hath wyt counte the numbre of the beaste. For it is the numbre of a man, and hys numbre is syxe hundred thre score and syxe.




1 And I loked, and lo a lamb stode on the mounte Syon, and wyth him an hundred & .xliiij. thousand hauyng hys fathers name wrytten in theyr forheades.
2 And I hearde a voice from heauen, as the sounde of manye waters, and as the voice of a greate thunder. And I hearde the voyce of harpers harping with their harpes.
3 And they songe as it were a newe songe, before the seate, & before şe foure beastes, & the elders, & no man coulde learne şe songe, but the hundred and .xliiij.M. which were redemed from the earth.
4 These are they, whiche were not defyled wt women for they are virgins. These folowe şe lamb whether so euer goeth. These were redemed from men being şe fyrst frutes vnto God & to the lamb,
5 & in their mouthes was founde no gyle. For they are without spot before şe trone of God.
6 And I sawe an angel flye in the middes of heauen hauinge an euerlastinge Gospell to preache vnto them that sytte and dwell on the earth, & to al nacions, kinredes, & tonges, and people,
7 sayinge with a loude voice: Feare God, & geue honoure to him, for the houre of his iudgemente is come, and worshyp hym, that made heauen and earth & the sea, & fountaynes of water.
8 And there folowed another angel, sayinge: Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, for she made al nacions drinke of the wine of her fornicacion.
9 And the thyrd angel folowed them saying wt a loude voice: Yf any man worship the beast & his ymage, and receiue his marke in his forhead, or in his hand,
10 the same shall drynke of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured in the cup of this wrath. And he shalbe punished in fyre & brimstone before the holy angels, and before the lambe.
11 And the smoke of their tormente ascendeth vp euermore. And they haue no rest daye nor night, which worship the beaste & his ymage, and whosoeuer receiueth the prynt of hys name.
12 Here is the pacience of saynctes. Here are they that kepe the commaundementes & the fayth of Iesu.
13 And I heard a voice from heauen, sayinge vnto me: wryte. Blessed are the dead, whyche here after dye in the Lorde euen so sayth the spyryte, that they may reste from their laboures, but their workes shal folowe them.
14 And I loked and beholde a whyte cloude, & vpon the cloude one setting like vnto the sonne of man, hauinge on his head a golden croune, & in his hand a sharpe sykle.
15 And another angel came out of the temple, criynge wyth a loude voyce to him şt sate on şe cloud. Thruste in thy sykle and reape for the time is come, to reape, for the corne of the earth is rype.
16 And he that sate on the cloude, thruste in hys sykle on the earth, and the earth was reaped.
17 And another angel came out of the temple which is in heauen hauing also a sharpe sikle.
18 And another angel came out from the aulter, whiche had power of fyre, and cryed wyth a loude crye to him that had the sharpe sykle, & sayed: thruste in thy sharpe sykle, and gather the clusters of şe earth for her grapes are rip.
19 And the angel thruste in his sykle on şe earth, and cut doune the grapes of the vineyarde of the earth, and caste them into the great wynfat of the wrath of God,
20 and the wynfat was troden wythout the cyty, and bloud came out of the fat, euen vnto the horsse brydelles by the space of a thousand and .vi. hundred furlonges.




1 And I saw another signe in heauen greate and maruellous .vij. angels, hauynge the seuen laste plages, for in them is fullfylled the wrath of GOD.
2 And I sawe as it were a glassy sea, mingled wt fyre, & them that had gotten victory of the beast and of his ymage, and of his marke, & of the numbre of his name, stande on the glassye sea, hauinge the harpes of God,
3 and they songe the songe of Moises the seruaunt of God, & they songe of the lamb, sayinge: Great & maruelous are thy workes Lorde God almighty, iuste & true are thy wayes kynge of sainctes.
4 Who shal not feare. O Lorde, & glorify thy name? For thou only arte holy and al Gentyls shal come and worshippe before the for thy iudgementes are made manifeste.
5 And after that, I loked & behold the temple of the tabernacle of testimony was open in heauen,
6 & the .vij. angels came out of the temple, which had the .vij. plages, clothed in pure and bryght linnen, & hauing their breastes gyrded wt golden gyrdels.
7 And one of the .iiij. beastes gaue to the .vij. angels .vij. golden vialles, ful of the wrath of God, whiche liueth for euermore.
8 And the temple was ful of the smoke of the glory of God and of his power, & no man was able to enter into the temple, tyll the seuen plages of the seuen angels were fulfylled.




1 And I hearde a great voice out of the temple saying to the .vij. angels: go youre wayes, poure out your vialles of wrath vpon the earth.
2 And the fyrste wente and poured out his vial vpon the earth, and there fel a noisome and a sore botche vpon the men, which had the marke of the beaste, & vpon them whiche worshipped his ymage.
3 And the seconde angel shed oute his vial vpon the sea, & it turned as it were into the bloud of a dead man, & euery liuing thing dyed in şe sea.
4 And the thyrde angel shed out his vial vpon the riuers & fountaines of waters & they turned to bloud.
5 And I heard an angel say: Lord which art & wast, thou art rightuous & holy, because thou hast geuen such iudgementes,
6 for they shed out the bloud of sainctes, & prophetes, & therfore hast thou geuen them bloud to drinke, for they are worthy.
7 And I heard another out of the aulter saye, euen so Lord God almyghty, true, and ryghtuous are thy iudgementes.
8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial on the sunne, & power was geuen vnto hym to vexe men with heate of fire.
9 And the men raged in great heate, & spake euyl of şe name of God which hath power ouer those plages, & they repented not, to geue him glory.
10 And the fyfte angel poured out his vial vpon the seate of the beast, & his kingdome waxed darcke, & they gnew their tounges for sorowe,
11 & blasphemed the God of heauen for sorowe and payne of their sores, and repented not of theyr dedes.
12 And the .vi. aungel poured out hys vyall vpon the great riuer Euphrates, & the water dried vp that the wayes of the kynges of the este should be prepared.
13 And I sawe thre vncleane sprytes, lyke frogges come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast, & out of the mouth of the false prophete.
14 For they are the spirites of deuils working miracles to go out vnto the kinges of şe earth, & to the whole worlde to gather them to şe batayle of şe greate daye of God almighty.
15 Beholde I come as a thefe. Happye is he that watcheth & kepeth his garmentes, least he be founde naked, and men se hys filthynes.
16 And he gathered them together into a place, called in the Hebrue tonge Armagedon.
17 And the .vij. angel poured out his vial into the aire. And there came a voice out of heauen from the seate, sayinge: it is done.
18 And there folowed voices thonderinges & lighteninges, & there was a greate earth quake suche as was not sence men were vpon the earth so mighty an earthquake & so great.
19 And the greate city was deuided into thre parties, & the cyties of al nacions fel. And great Babilon came in remembraunce before God, to geue vnto her the cup of şe wine of the fyercenes of his wrath.
20 Euery Ile fleed away, & the mountaines were not founde.
21 And there fell a greate hayle, as it had bene talentes, out of heauen vpon the men, & the men blasphemed God, because of şe plage of şe haile, for it was great, & şe plage of it sore?




1 And there came one of the seuen angelles, which had şe seuen vialls, and talked with me, saiynge vnto me, come I wil shew the, the iudgement of the great whore that sytteth vpon manye waters,
2 wt whom haue committed fornicacion the kinges of the earth so that the inhabiters of şe earth, are drounken wyth the wyne of her fornicacion.
3 And he caryed me awaye into the wildernes in the spirite. And I saw a woman sit vpon a rose colored beaste ful of names of blasphemye, which had .x. hornes.
4 And the woman was arayed in purple & rose coloure, and decked wyth golde, precious stones and pearles, and had a cuppe of golde in her hand full of al abominacions and fylthines of her fornicacion.
5 And in her forhead was a name wrytten, a mystery, great Babylon the mother of whoredome and abominacions of the earth.
6 And I saw the wyfe drounken with the bloude of Saynctes, and with the bloud of the wytnesses of Iesu. And when I saw her, I wondred wyth great maruayle.
7 And the angel said vnto me, wherfore maruailest thou? I wil shewe the şe mistery of the woman, & of the beast şt beareth her, whyche had seuen heades & .x. hornes.
8 The beaste that thou seest, was, & is not, & shal ascende out of the bottomlesse pyt, & shal go into perdition, and they that dwel on the earth, shal wondre (whose names are not wrytten in the boke of lyfe from the beginninge of the worlde) when they beholde the beaste that was, and is not.
9 And here is a minde that hath wysdome. The seuen heades are seuen mountaines, on which the woman sytteth,
10 they are also .vij. kynges. Fyue are fallen, and one is, and another is not yet come. When he commeth he muste continue a space.
11 And the beast that was, and is not, is euen the eyghte, and is one of the seuen, and shall go into destruccion.
12 And the .x. hornes, which thou seest, are .x. kinges, which haue receiued no kingdom, but shal receiue power as kynges at one hour with şe beast.
13 These haue one minde, & shal geue their power & strength vnto şe beast.
14 These shal fyght wt the lamb, & the lamb shal ouercome them. For he is Lorde of Lordes, & kinge of kinges, & they that are on his syde, are called the chosen and faithful.
15 And he sayde vnto me, the waters whyche thou saweste, where the whore sitteth are people, and folke, and nacions & tounges.
16 And şe ten hornes, which thou sawest vpon the beast, are they that shal hate the whore, & shal make her desolate and naked, and shal eate her flesh and burne her wyth fyre.
17 For God hath put in their hertes to fulfil his wil, & to do wt one consent, for to geue her kingdom to the beast, vntil the wordes of God be fulfilled.
18 And the woman, which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth ouer the kinges of the earth.




1 And after that I saw another angel come from heauen, hauinge greate power, & the earth was lightened wt his brighnes.
2 And he cryed mightely with a strong voyce, saing: Great Babylon is fallen, is fallen: and is become the habitacion of deuilles, and the holde of al foule spyrytes, and a cage of al vncleane and hateful byrdes,
3 for al nacyons haue dronken of the wyne of the wrath of her fornicacion. And the kinges of the earth haue committed fornicacion wyth her, & her marchauntes are wexed riche of the aboundance of her pleasures.
4 And I hearde another voice from heauen say: Come awaye from her my people, şt ye be not partakers in her sinnes, & that ye receiue not of her plages.
5 For his sonnes are gone vp to heauen, & God hath remembred her wickednes.
6 Reward her euen as she rewarded you, & geue her double accordinge to her workes. And youre in double to her in şe same cuppe, which she fylled vnto you.
7 And as muche as she glorified her selfe and lyued wantonly, so muche poure ye in for her of punishment, & sorowe, for she said in her herte: I sytte being a quene and am no wydowe, and shall se no sorowe.
8 Therfore shal her plages come at one daye, death, and sorowe, and honger, and she shalbe brente wyth fyre, for stronge is the Lorde God, whiche iudgeth her.
9 And şe kynges of the earth shal bewepe her & wayle ouer her, which haue committed fornicacion with her, & haue lyued wantonly with her, when they shal se şe smoke of her burning,
10 & shal stand a farre of, for feare of her punishmente, saying: Alas, Alas, that great citie Babilon, that myghty cytie. For at one houre is her iudgemente come.
11 And the marchauntes of the earth, shal wepe and wayle in them selues, for no man wil bye their ware anye more,
12 the ware of gold, & syluer, & precious stones, neither of pearle, sylke, and raynes, & purple, & skarled, and al thin wode, & all maner vessels of iuory, & al maner vessels of most precious wode, and of brasse, and of Iron,
13 & sinamome, and odoures, and oyntmentes, & frankinsence, and wine, and oyle, and fine floure, and wheat, beastes, and shepe, and horsses, & charrettes, and bodyes, and soules of men.
14 And the apples that thy soule lusted after are departed from the. And al thinges which were deyntye, & had in price are departed from the, & thou shalt finde them no more.
15 The marchauntes of these thinges, which were wexed riche shal stand a farre of from her, for feare of the punishement of her, weping & waylynge,
16 & saying: alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in raines, & purple, and scarlet, & decked wt gold, & precious stones, & pearles,
17 for at one hour so great riches is come to nought. And euery shyp gouerner, & al they that occupied shippes, & shipmen which worke in the sea, stode a farre of
18 & cried, when they saw the smoke of her burninge, sayinge: what citie is lyke vnto this great citie?
19 And they cast duste on their heades, & cried weping, & wailing, & said: Alas, alas the greate citye wherin were made riche al that had shippes in the sea, by the reason of her costlines, for at one houre is she made desolate.
20 Reioice ouer her thou heauen, and ye holy Apostles, & prophetes: for God hath geuen your iudgemente on her.
21 And a mighty angel toke vp a stone lyke a greate mylstone, & cast it into the sea, saying: wyth such violence shal that greate citie Babilon be caste, and shalbe found no more.
22 And the voice of harpers, & musicions, and of pipers, & trompeters, shalbe hearde no more in the, and no craftes man, of whatsoeuer crafte he be, shalbe founde any more in the, & the sound of a myl, shalbe hard no more in the,
23 and the voice of the brydegrome and of the bryde, shalbe hard no more in the, for thy marchauntes were the greate men of the earth. And wt thyne inchauntment were deceiued al nacions,
24 & in her was found the bloud of the prophetes, and of the sainctes and of al that were slayne vpon the earth.




1 And after şt, I heard the voice of much people in heauen saying Alleluia. Saluacion and glory and honoure, & power be ascribed to the Lorde oure God,
2 for true and ryghteous are his iudgementes, for he hath iudged that great whore, whiche dyd corrupte the earth with her fornicacion, & hath auenged the bloude of his seruauntes of her hand.
3 And again they said: Alleluia. And smoke rose vp for euermore.
4 And şe .xxiij. elders, & şe .iiij. beastes fel doune, & worshipped God that sate on şe seat sayinge: Amen Alleluia.
5 And a voice came out of the seate, saying: prayse our Lord God all ye that are his seruauntes, and ye that feare him both smalle and great.
6 And I heard the voice of much people, euen as the voice of many waters & as the voice of strong thondringes, saying: Alleluia, for God omnipotent reigneth.
7 Let vs be glad & reioyse & geue honour to him, for the mariage of the lambe is come, and hys wyfe made her selfe readye.
8 And to her was graunted that she shoulde be arayed wyth pure and goodlye Raynes. For the Raynes is the ryghtuousnesse of Saynctes.
9 And he sayed vnto me, happye are they whyche are called vnto the Lambes supper. And he said vnto me, these are true sayinges of God.
10 And I fell at his feete, to worshippe him. And he sayed vnto me, se thou do it not. For I am thy felowe seruaunt, & one of thy brethren, & of them şt haue the testimony of Iesus. Worshippe God. For şe testimony of Iesus is the spirit of prophesye.
11 And I sawe heauen open, & beholde a whyt horsse: and he that sate vpon hym was faythful and true, & in rightuousnes dyd he iudge & make battayl.
12 His eyes were as a flame of fyre, and on hys head were manye crounes, and he had a name wrytten, that no man knewe but he hym self.
13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipt in bloud, & his name is called the worde of God.
14 And the warryers whiche were in heauen, folowed hym vpon whyte horsses, clothed with whyte & pure raynes:
15 & out of hys mouthe went out a sharpe swearde, şt with it he should smyte the heathen. And he shal rule them wyth a rod of Iron, & he trode the wine fat of şe fiercenes & wrath of almightye God.
16 And hath on hys vesture & on hys thighe a name wrytten: king of kinges, & Lord of Lordes,
17 And I sawe an angel stand in şe sunne & he cryed wyth a loud voyce, saiyng to al the foules that flye by the myndes of heauen come & gather youre selues together vnto şe supper of the great God,
18 şt ye may eate şe flesh of kinges, & of hye captaynes, & the fleshe of myghty men, and the flesh of horsses, & of them that sit on them, & the flesh of all free men & bonde men, & of small & great.
19 And I sawe the beast and the kynges of the earth, & theyr warriers gathered together to make battayl against him that sat on the horse & agaynst hys souldyers.
20 And the beast was taken, & with hym that false prophete şt wrought miracles before him with which he deceyued them that receiued şe beastes marke, & them şt worshipped his Image These both were cast into a ponde of fyre burnyng with brimstone:
21 and the remnaunte were slayne with şe swerd of him that sate vpon the horse, which swerd proceded out of his mouth & all the foules were fulfilled with their flesh.




1 And I saw an angel come doune from heauen, hauing the keye of the bottomlesse pytte, & a greate cheyne in his hand.
2 And he toke the dragon that olde serpent which is the deuyl and Satanas, & he bound him a thousand yeares:
3 and cast him into the botomles pyt, and he bounde hym, and set a seale on him, that he shuld deceyue the people nomore, tyl the thousand yeares were fulfilled. And after that he must be loused for a lytle season.
4 And I saw seates and they sate vpon them and iudgement was geuen vnto them: & I saw the soules of them that were beheaded for the wytnes of Iesu, & for şe worde of God, which had not worshypped şe beast, nether his Image, nether had taken hys marke vpon theyr forheades, or on theyr handes: and they lyued, and reygned with Christ a thousande yere:
5 but the other of the dead men lyued not agayne, vntil şe .M. yeres were fynyshed. This is şe fyrste resurreccion.
6 Blessed & holy is he that hath part in the fyrst resurreccyon. For on suche shall şe seconde death haue no power, for they shalbe the priestes of God and of christe, and shall raygne wyth hym a thousande yeare.
7 And when the thousand yeres are expired, Sathan shal be loused out of hys pryson,
8 & shal go out to deceiue şe people which are in şe four quarters of the earthe Gog & Magog, to gether them together to battayle, whose nomber is as the sande of the sea,
9 & they went vpon şe playne of the earth, & compassed the tentes of şe saynctes about & the beloued cytye. And fyre came doune from God, out of heauen, & deuoured them:
10 & the deuyll that deceyued them, was caste into a lake of fyre and brymstone, where the beast and the false Prophet were & shalbe tormented daye and nyghte for euermore.
11 And I sawe a great whyte seate and hym that sate on it, from whose face fled away bothe the earthe & heauen, & theyr place was no more founde.
12 And I sawe the deade, both great and small stande before God: & the bokes were opened, & an other boke was opened, which is the boke of lyfe, and the dead were iudged of those thynges: which were wrytten in the bokes accordyng to theyr deedes:
13 & the sea gaue vp her deade, which were in her, & death & hel delyuered vp the deade which were in them: & they were iudged euery man according to hys deedes.
14 And death & hell were cast into şe lake of fyre. Thys is that seconde death.
15 And who so euer was not founde wrytten in the boke of lyfe, was caste into the lake of fyre.




1 And I sawe heauen & a new earthe. For the fyrst heauen, & the first earth were vanyshed away & there was no more sea.
2 And I Iohn saw that holye cyty new Ierusalem come doune from God out of heauen prepared as a bryd garnyshed for her husband
3 And I heard a great voyce out of heauen saying: beholde, the tabernacle of God is wt men, and he wyll dwell with them. And they shal be his people, & God hym selfe shalbe with them & be theyr God.
4 And god shal wipe away al teares from their eyes. And there shalbe no more death, neyther sorow neither criyng, neither shal there be any more paine, for the olde thinges are gone.
5 And he that sate vpon the seate, said: Behold I make al thinges new. And he sayd vnto me: wryte for these wordes are faythfull and true.
6 And he said vnto me: it is done, I am Alpha & Omega, şe beginning & the ende. I will geue to hym that is a thyrst of the wel of the water of lyfe free.
7 He that ouercometh, shal inherete all thynges, & I wilbe his God, & he shall be my sonne.
8 But the fearful and vnbeleuing, & the abhominable, & murtherers, & whoremongers, & sorcerers, & ydolaters, & al lyars shall haue their parte in the lake which burneth wt fyre & brymstone, which is the seconde death.
9 And there came vnto nie one of the .vij. aungels which had the .vij. vials ful of the .vij. last plages: & talked with me saiyng: come hyther I wil shewe the the bryde, the lambes wyfe.
10 And he caryed me away in şe spirite to a great & hygh mountayne, & he shewed me the great citie, holy Ierusalem, descendyng out of heauen from God,
11 hauyng the bryghtnes of god And her shinyng was lyke vnto a stone most precyous, euen a Iasper cleare as Chrystal,
12 & had walles great and hye, and had twelue gates, & at the gates .xij. angelles: & names wrytten, which are the twelue trybes of Israel:
13 on the easte parte thre gates, & on the northe syde thre gates, & towardes the south .iij. gates, and from the west thre gates,
14 & the wal of the citie had .xij. foundacyons, & in them the names of the lambes twelue Apostles.
15 And he şt talked with me, had a golden rede to measure the cytie with al & the gates therof & the wal thereof.
16 And the citie was buylt .iiij. square, & the length was as large as şe bredth of it, & he measured the citie with the rede .xij.M. furlonges: & the length and the bredth, & the heyth of it were equall.
17 And he measured the wal therof an .cxliiij. cubites, the measure that the angel had, was after the measure şe man vseth.
18 And the buyldyng of the wall of it was of Iaspar. And the citie was pure golde lyke vnto cleare glasse,
19 and the foundacyons of the wall of the cytye were garnyshed with all maner of precious stones. The first foundacyon was Iaspar, the seconde saphyre, the thyrde a calcedony, the fourth an emerald:
20 the fyft sardonix: the .vi. sardeos: the .vij. chrysolite the .viij. beral: the .ix. a topas, the tenth a chrisoprasos: the .xi. a Iacint: and the .xij. an amatist.
21 The .xij. gates were .xij. pearles, euery gate was of one pearle, & the strete of the cytie was pure golde, as thorowe shynyng glasse.
22 And there was no temple therein. For the Lord God almyghty & the lambe are the temple of it
23 & the cytye hath no nede of the sunne neyther of the mone to lyghten it. For the bryghtnes of God dyd lyght it, & the lambe was the lyght of it.
24 And the people which are saued, shall walke in the light of it: & the kinges of the earth shal brynge theyr glory vnto it.
25 And the gates of it are not shut by daye. For there shalbe no myght there.
26 <>
27 And there shal enter into it none vncleane thyng, neyther whatsoeuer worketh abominacyon: or maketh lyes: but they onely which are wrytten in the lambes boke of lyfe.




1 And he shewed me a pure ryuer of water of life cleare as cristal: procedyng out of the seat of god and of the lambe.
2 In the middes of the strete of it, and of eyther syde of the ryuer was the wode of lyfe: which bare .xij. maner of frutes: & gaue frute euerye moneth: and the leaues of the wodde serued to heale the people wythall.
3 And there shall be no more cursse, but the seate of God, and the lambe shalbe in it: and hys seruauntes shall serue hym.
4 And shall se his face, & hys name shall be in theyr foreheades.
5 And there shalbe no nyght there, and they nede no candel neyther lyghte of the sunne: for the Lorde geueth them lyghte, & they shall rayne for euermore.
6 And he said vnto me, these sayinges are faythfull, & true. And the Lord God of sainctes and prophetes sente hys angel to shew vnto hys seruauntes, the thynges whiche muste shortly be fulfylled.
7 Beholde I come shortly. Happy is he that kepeth the saiyng of the prophesy of this boke.
8 I am Iohn which saw these thynges and harde them. And when I had hearde and sene, I fell doune to worshyppe before the fete of the aungell whiche shewed me these thynges.
9 And he sayed vnto me: se thou do it not, for I am thy felowe seruaunte, & the felowe seruaunte of thy brethren the Prophetes, & of them which kepe the sayinges of thys boke. But worshyppe God.
10 And he sayd vnto me: seale not the sayinges of the prophesye of thys boke. For the tyme is at hande
11 He that doeth euill, let hym do euyll styll, & he whiche is filthy, let him be filthy still: & he şt is ryghteous, let hym be more righteous: & he şt is holy, let him be more holy
12 And beholde I come shortlye, & my rewarde wyth me, to geue euerye man accordynge as hys dedes shall be.
13 I am Alpha & Omega, şe beginnynge and the ende: the fyrst & the laste.
14 Blessed are they that do his commaundementes that theyr power maye be in the tree of lyfe, & maye enter in thorowe the gates into the cite.
15 For without shal be dogges & inchaunters, & whoremongers, and murtherers & Idolaters and whosoeuer loueth or maketh leasynges.
16 I Iesus sent myne angell, to testifye vnto you these thinges in the congregacyons. I am the rote and the generacion of Dauid and the bryghte mornyng starre.
17 And the spiryte and the bride said: come. And let him that heareth, saye also come. And let hym that is a thyrste, come. And let whosoeuer wyll, take of the water of lyfe, fre.
18 I testifye vnto euerye man that heareth şe wordes of the prophesye of thys boke. Yf any man shall ad vnto these thynges, God shall adde vnto him the plages that are written in thys boke.
19 And yf any man shal mynyshe of the wordes of the boke of this prophesy, God shall take awaye hys part out of the boke of lyfe, & out of the holye citie and from those thinges which are wrytten in this boke.
20 He which testifyeth these thynges sayeth: be it, I come quickly, Amen. Euen so: come Lord Iesu.
21 The grace of our Lord Iesu Christe be wyth you all. Amen.