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1 Afterthe deathe of Moses the seruaunt of şe Lord: şe Lord spake vnto Iosua the sonne of Nun Moses minister saying:
2 Moses my seruaunt is dead. Now therfore vp and go ouer Iordan, bothe thou & all this people, vnto the land the which I geue vnto the chyldren of Israel.
3 Al the places that the sooles of youre fete shall treade vpon, haue I geuen you, as I sayd vnto Moses:
4 from the wyldernes and thys Lybanon vnto the great ryuer Euphrates: & all the lande of the Hethites, euen vnto the great sea towarde the goyng donne of the sunne, shall be youre coostes.
5 There shall not a man be able to wythstande the all the dayes of thy lyfe. For as I was with Moses, so wyll I be wt the and wyl nether leaue the, nor forsake the.
6 Be strong and bolde: for vnto thys people shalt thou deuyde the land which I sware vnto theyr fathers to geue them.
7 Aboue all thynge be strong and harden thy selfe, to obserue & to do, accordynge to all the lawes which Moses my seruaunt commaunded the. Tourne there from nether to şe ryght hand nor to the lefte: that thou mayest haue vnderstandynge in all thou takest in hande
8 let not the boke of thys lawe departe out of thy mouthe: But recorde therein daye & night that thou mayest be circumspect to do accordyng to all that is wrytten therein. For then shalt thou make thy waye prosperouse, & then thou shalt haue vnderstandyng.
9 Beholde, I haue sayde vnto the, be strong and bolde: neyther feare, nor dreade. For the Lorde thy God is with the whether soeuer thou goest.
10 Then Iosua commaunded the offycers of the people, saying:
11 Go thorow the myddes of the hoste, and commaunde the people, saying: prepare you vytales: for after thre dayes ye shall passe ouer thys Iordan, to go and enioy the lande whiche the Lorde your God geueth you, to possesse it.
12 And vnto the Rubenites, Gadites, and halfe the trybe of Manasses spake Iosua, sayinge:
13 Remember that whiche Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde commaunded you, sayinge. The Lorde your God hath geuen you reast, & hath geuen you thys lande.
14 Let youre wyues, youre chyldren, and youre catell remayne in the lande which Moses gaue you on thys syde Iordan: But go ye before youre brethren Armyd, all that be men of warre, & helpe them
15 vntyll the Lorde haue geuen your brethren reast, as he hath you, and vntyll they also haue obtayned, the lande which the Lord youre God geueth them. And then retourne vnto the lande of youre possessyon and enioy it, which lande Moses the Lordes seruaunte gaue you on thys syde Iordan towarde the sunne rysynge.
16 And they aunswered Iosua sayinge: All that thou byddest vs, we wyll do, and whether soeuer thou sendest vs, we wyll go.
17 Accordyng as we obeyed Moses in all thynges, so we wyll obeye the, onelye the Lorde thy God be wyth the as he was wyth Moses.
18 And whosoeuer dysobeye thy mouth, and wyll not herken vnto thy wordes in all şt thou commaundest hym, let hym dye. Onely be stronge, and of good courage.




1 Then Iosua the sonne of Nun sent out of Settim two spyes secretly saying: go & vewe the land & also Iericho. And they went, & came into a harlottes house named Rahab, and lodged there.
2 And it was told the Kyng of Iericho, saying: Beholde there came men in hyther to nyght, of the chyldren of Israel, to spye oute the countreye.
3 And the kyng of Iericho sent vnto Rahab, sayinge: brynge forth the men that are come to şe, which are entred into thyne house: for they be come to searche out all the lande.
4 And the woman toke the two men & hyd them. And sayde: in deade there came men vnto me but I wote not whence they were.
5 And about the tyme of the shuttynge of the gate when it was darcke, they went out, whether they wente I wote not: but folowe after them quickly, & ye shal take them.
6 And she brought them vp vpon the roofe of the house, & hydde them vnder flaxe (yet in the stalckes) which she had lyinge abroade vpon the roofe.
7 And the men pursued after them, the waye to Iordan euen vnto the passage, and as sone as they which pursued after them were gone out, thei shutte the gates immediatlye.
8 And or euer they were a slepe, she came vp vnto them vpon the roofe,
9 and sayde vnto the men. I knowe that the Lorde hath geuen you the lande, bothe because that the feare of you is fallen vpon vs, and because that the enhabyters of the lande faynt at youre commyng.
10 For we haue hearde how the Lorde dried vp şe water of the red sea before you, when you came out of Egypte, & what you dyd vnto the two kinges of the Amorytes on the other syde Iordan Sehon, and Og, which ye vtterlye destroyed.
11 And as sone as we had hearde these thynges, our hertes dyd faynte. And there remayned no more courage in any man for feare of youre commynge. For the Lorde your God, he is the GOD in heauen aboue: and on the earth beneth.
12 Now therfore sweare vnto me by the Lorde because I haue shewed you mercye, that ye shall also shewe mercye vnto my fathers house, and geue me a true token.
13 And şt ye shall saue a lyue, boeth my father, and my mother, my brethren, and my systers, and all that pertayne vnto them. And that ye shall delyuer oure soules from death.
14 And the men aunswered her: our lyues for you to dye, yf ye vtter not thys oure communicacyon. And so when the Lorde hath geuen vs the lande, we wyll deale mercyfully and truely wyth the.
15 And then she let them doune wyth a coorde thorowe a wyndowe. For her house stode in the toune wall. And she dwelte in the towne wall.
16 And she sayde vnto them: get you into the mountaynes, least the followers mete you, and hyde yourselues there .iij. dayes, vntyll the pursuars be returned, & then maye ye go youre wayes.
17 And the men sayde vnto her: we will be blamelesse of thy othe, which thou hast made vs sweare.
18 Beholde, when we come into the land, thou shalt bynde thys purple threden coorde in the wyndowe, which thou lettest vs doune by. And thou shalte brynge thy father, thy mother, thy brethren, and all thy fathers housholde, euen into the house to the.
19 And then whosoeuer go oute at the dores of thy house, into the strete, hys bloud shalbe vpon hys owne head, and we giltlesse. And whosoeuer shalbe wyth the in the house, hys bloude be on oure heades yf any mannes hande be vpon hym:
20 And euen so yf thou vtter these oure wordes, we wylbe quyte of thy othe which thou haste made vs sweare.
21 And she sayde accordyng vnto your wordes so be it: and so sent them away, and they departed. And she bounde the purple coorde in the wyndowe.
22 And they departed, and gotte them into the mountaynes, and there aboade thre dayes vntyll the pursuars were returned. And the pursuars sought thorowout al the waye, & found them not.
23 And the two men returned & descended from the mountayn, and passed ouer, and came to Iosua the sonne of Nun, and tolde hym all that had chaunged them.
24 And they sayde vnto Iosua: the Lorde hathe delyuered into oure handes all the lande, for all the inhabyters of the countreye faynt for feare of vs.




1 And Iosua rose earlye: and they remoued from Settim, & came to Iordan, bothe he and al the chyldren of Israel, & soiourned there before they went ouer.
2 And after thre dayes the offycers went thorowe out the hoste,
3 and commaunded the people, sayinge: when ye se the arcke of the testament of şe lord youre God, and the priestes that are Leuites bearyng it: then departe ye from your places & folowe after it.
4 So yet that there be a space betwene you and it, aboute a two thousande cubytes by measure. And come not nye vnto it, that ye maye knowe the waye by which ye must go: for ye haue not gone by it in tymes past.
5 And Iosua sayde vnto the people, puryfye your selues, for to morowe the Lord shall shewe wonders amonge you.
6 Then Iosua spake vnto the priestes saying Take vp the arcke of the Testamente, and go before the people. And they toke vp the arcke of the testament, and wente before the people.
7 And the Lorde sayd vnto Iosua: This day wyll I begynne to magnifye the, in şe syghte of Israell, that they maye knowe howe that as I was wyth Moses, so wyll I be wyth the.
8 And commaunde thou the priestes that beare the arcke of the testament, saying: when ye are entered a lytle into the water of Iordan then stande styll in it.
9 Then spake Iosua to the chyldren of Israel sayinge: come hether, & heare the wordes of şe Lorde youre God.
10 And Iosua sayd: Herebye ye shall know, that the lyuyng God is among you, and that he wyll wythout fayle cast oute before you, the Cananites, the Hethites, the Heuites, the Pheresites, the Gergesites, the Amorytes, and the Iebusites.
11 Behold, the arcke of the appoyntemente of the Lorde of all the worlde shal go before you into Iordan.
12 And now take you twelue men of the chyldren of Israel, of euerye trybe a man.
13 And as sone as the sooles of the fete of the priestes şt beare the arcke of Iehouah (the Lord of al şe world) treade in the water of Iordan, the water of Iordan shall deuyde it selfe: and the waters that commeth from aboue shall stande styll vpon an heape.
14 And when the people were departed from theyr tentes to go ouer Iordan (the Pryestes bearynge the arcke of the appoyntement before the people)
15 as sone as they that bare the arcke came vnto Iordan, and the fete of the Pryestes that bare the arcke were dypped in the brym of the water Iordan beyng full ouer all hys banckes all the tyme of harueste:
16 the water that came doune from aboue dyd stoppe and stode vpon an heape, a great waye from Adam, a cytye besyde Zarthan. And the water that wente doune vanyshed into the sea of the wyldernes called the salte sea as sone as it was deuyded: & the people went ryght ouer agaynst Ierycho.
17 And the priestes şt bare the arcke of the appoyntemente of the Lorde stode styll vpon drye lande, vntyl all şe people were cleane ouer Iordan.




1 And as sone as the people were all gone ouer Iordan, the Lorde spake vnto Iosua, saying. Take you twelue men out of the people, of euery trybe a man. And commaunde you them saying:
2 take you hence out of the middes of Iordan
3 euen out of the place where şe priestes stode in readines .xij. stones. And take ye them away wyth you & put them in the place where you lodge at nyght.
4 And Iosua called vnto the twelue men whiche he had prepared of the chyldren of Israel, of euery trybe a man,
5 & sayde vnto them: get you before the arcke of the Lorde youre God euen into the myddes of Iordan, and take vp euerye man a stone vpon hys shoulder, accordynge vnto the nombre of the trybes of the chyldren of Israel,
6 that thys maye be a sygne amonge you. And when youre chyldren aske theyr fathers in tyme to come, sayinge: what meane ye wyth these stones:
7 then say vnto them, how that the water of Iordan deuyded at the presence of the arcke of the appoyntmente of the Lord: euen while it went ouer Iordan, the water of Iordan deuyded. And these stones shalbe a memoryall vnto the chyldren of Israel for euer.
8 And the chyldren of Israel dyd euen so as Iosua commaunded, and toke vp twelue stones oute of the myddes of Iordan, as the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua accordynge to the nombre of the trybes of the chyldren of Israel, & caryed them awaye wyth them vnto the place where they lodged, and layed them doune there.
9 And thereto Iosua set vp twelue stones in the myddes of Iordan in the place where şe fete of the pryestes which bare the arcke of the testament stode. And there they be euen vnto thys day.
10 For the priestes whiche bare the arcke stoode in şe myddes of Iordan, vntyll all was fynyshed that the Lorde commaunded Iosua to saye vnto the people, accordynge to all that Moyses charged Iosua. And the people hasted & went ouer.
11 When all the people were cleane ouer then went ouer the arcke of the Lorde, and also the priestes before the people.
12 And the chyldren of Ruben, and the chyldren of Gad, and halfe the trybe of Manasses went before the chyldren of Israel armed, as Moses charged them.
13 Vpon a fourthy thousande trymmed for warre, went before the Lorde vnto battel, euen vnto the wylde feldes of Iericho.
14 That daye the Lord magnyfyed Iosua in the syght of all Israell, and they feared hym, as they feared Moses all dayes of hys lyfe.
15 And the Lorde spake vnto Iosua, saiyng:
16 commaunde the priestes that beare the arcke of wytnesse to come vp oute of Iordan.
17 And Iosua commaunded the priestes sayinge: Ascende vp oute of Iordan.
18 And when the pryestes that bare the arcke of the appoyntemente of the Lorde were ascended out of Iordan: as sone as the sooles of the priestes fete were brought to drye lande, the water of Iordan retourned agayn vnto his place, & went ouer all his banckes as he dyd before.
19 And the people came vp oute of Iordan the tenthe day of the fyrste moneth, and pytched in Galgal euen in the easte bordes of Iericho.
20 And the twelue stones which they toke out of Iordan, Iosua pitched in Galgal.
21 And he spake vnto the chyldren of Israel sayinge, when your chyldren aske you in tyme to come, sayinge: what meane these stones,
22 shewe your chyldren and saye: Israel came ouer thys Iordan on drye lande.
23 For the Lorde youre God dryed vp the water of Iordan before you, vntyll ye were ouer, as the Lorde youre GOD dyd vnto the red sea, whiche he dryed vp before vs, tyll we were ouer,
24 that all the people of the worlde maye knowe the hande of the Lorde how myghtye it is, and that ye myght feare the Lorde youre God for euer.




1 And when al şe kinges of şe Amorites which are on thys syde Iordan to şe seaward, & al şe kinges of the Cananites which lye on şe sea hearde, howe the Lorde had dryed vp the water of Iordan before the chyldren of Israel, vntyl they were ouer, theyr hertes faynted in them. And there was no sprete in them any more, for feare of the commynge of the chyldren of Israel.
2 That same tyme the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua. Make the knyues of stone, & go to agayne and circumcyse the chyldren of Israell the seconde tyme.
3 And Iosua made hym knyues of stone & circumcysed the chyldren of Israel in the hyll of fore skynnes.
4 And thys is the cause why Iosua cyrcumcysed. All the people that came out of Egypte that were males, all that were men of warre, dyed in the wyldernes by the waye after they came oute of Egypte.
5 Nowe al the people that came out were circumcysed. But all the people şt were borne in the wildernesse by the way after thei came out of Egypt, they circumcised not.
6 For the chyldren of Israell walked fourthye yeares in the wildernesse, till all şe people of men of warre şt came out of Egypt were consumed which harkened not vnto şe voyce of God, so that the Lorde sware, şt he wold not shew them the lande whiche the Lorde sware vnto theyr fathers, şt he wolde geue vs, euen a lande that floweth wyth mylke & honye.
7 And theyr chyldren he set vp in theyr steade: them Iosua circumcysed: for they were vncircumcised, because they cyrcumcysed them not by the waye.
8 And when al the people were ful circumcysed, they abode styll in theyr places in the hoste tyll they were whole.
9 And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua, thys daye I haue taken awaye the shame of Egypt from you, and called şe name of the same place Galgal vnto thys daye.
10 And the chyldren of Israel pytched theyr tentes in Galgall, and helde the feast of passe ouer the fourtene daye of the moneth at euen in the fieldes of Iericho.
11 And they ate of the corne of the lande on the morowe after passeouer, swete cakes and parched corne in şe selfe same daye.
12 And Manna ceased on the morowe, after they had eaten of the corne of the lande, neyther had the chyldren of Israel Manna any more, but dyd eate of the frutes of the lande of Canaan that yeare.
13 And when Iosua was come to Iericho, he lyfte vp his eyes and loked: and behold there stode a man before him with his swerd drawen in his hande. And Iosua went vnto hym, and sayde vnto hym: arte thou on our syde, or on our aduersaries.
14 And he answered: Naye, but I am the captayne of the hoste of the Lorde, & am nowe come. And Iosua fell on hys face to the earth and dyd reuerence, and sayd vnto hym, what sayth my Lorde vnto hys seruaunt.
15 And the captayne of the Lordes hoste sayde vnto Iosua: do thy shoes of thy feete, for the place wheron thou standest, is holye. And Iosua dyd so.




1 And Iericho shut in her people, & was shut for feare of the chyldren of Israel, so that no man went out or in.
2 And şe Lorde sayde vnto Iosua: beholde, I haue geuen into thyne hand Iericho & her kynge & the men of warre.
3 And ye shall compasse the citie, al that be men of warre, & go rounde about it once: & so shall you do syxe dayes.
4 And seuen priestes shall beare seuen trompettes of rammes hornes before the arcke. And the seuenth daye ye shall compasse the cytye seuen tymes, & the Priestes shall blowe wyth theyr trompettes.
5 And when there is a longe blaste blowen wyth the rammes horne, assone as ye heare the sounde of the horne, let all the people showte a myghtye showte. And then shal the walles of the cyty falle doune, and the people shall ascende vp, euerye man strayght before hym.
6 And Iosua the sonne of Nun, called vnto the priestes, and sayde vnto them: take vp the arcke of the appoyntement, and let seuen Priestes beare seuen trompettes of rammes hornes before the arcke of the Lorde.
7 And he sayd vnto the people, go and compasse şe citie: and let the men of armes go before the arcke of the Lorde.
8 And when Iosua had spoken vnto the people, the seuen Priestes that bare the seuen trompettes of rammes hornes before the arcke of the Lorde, wente forthe and blew wyth the hornes, and the arcke of the Testament of the Lorde folowed after them.
9 And şe men of armes wente before the priestes that blewe wyth the hornes, and the common people came after the arcke: & as they went, they blew with the hornes.
10 And Iosua commaunded the people, sayinge: showt not nor let your voyce be hearde, or any worde proceade out of your mouthes, vntyll the daye I byd you showt: & then showte.
11 And so the arcke of the Lorde compased the cytye and went aboute it once: and then they returned into the hoste and lodged there.
12 And Iosua rose erly in the mornynge, and the preastes toke vp the arcke of the Lorde,
13 & seuen priestes bare seuen trompettes of rammes hornes before the arcke of the Lord, & as they went blew with the hornes. And the men of armes went before them, & the common people came after the arcke of the Lorde, & as they wente, they blewe wyth the hornes.
14 And the seconde day they compased the citie once, & returned agayne into the hoste, & so they dyd .vi. dayes longe.
15 And the seuenth daye they rose erlye: euen with the dawnynge of the day, and compased the cytye after the same maner seuen tymes: onlye that they compased the cyty seuen times.
16 And at the seuenthe tyme, the priestes blew wyth the hornes, & Iosua sayde vnto the people, showte for the Lorde hath geuen you the cytye.
17 But the cytye shalbe excommunicate, bothe it and all that is therein, vnto the Lord: onelye Rahab the harlot shall lyue, bothe she and all that is wyth her in the house, because she hydde the messengers that we sent.
18 And in any wyse beware of the excommunicate thynges, leaste ye make your selues excommunicate. For yf you take of the excommunicate thynges, so shall you make the hoste of Israel excommunicate and shall trouble it.
19 But of the syluer, golde, vesselles of brasse, & yron shalbe holye vnto the Lorde, and shall go in to hys treasurye.
20 And the people cryed, and blewe with hornes: for when the people hearde the sounde of the hornes, they showted a great showte: and the walles fell doune, and the people wente vp into the cytye, euerye man strayght before hym,
21 and toke the cytye. And they vtterlye destroyed al that was in the cytye, bothe man and woman, younge & olde, oxe, shepe, & Asse, wyth the edge of the swerde.
22 Then Iosua sayde vnto the two men that went to spye oute the countreye: go into the harlottes house, and bryng out thence, bothe the woman & all that pertayneth to her, as ye sware to her.
23 And the younge men şt were spyes wente in, and brought oute Rahab, and her father, and mother, and all her brethren and all that she had. And they brought oute al her housholde, and put them wythout şe hoste of Israel.
24 And they burnt the cytye with fyre, and al that was therein. Only the syluer, şe golde, & the thynges of brasse, and yeron they put vnto the treasure of the house of the Lorde.
25 And Iosua saued Rahab the harlotte, & her fathers housholde and all that pertayned vnto her, & she dwelte in Israel, euen vnto thys daye, because she hydde şe messengers whiche Iosua sent to spye out Iericho.
26 And Iosua cursed at that tyme, saying, cursed be the man before the Lorde, that ryseth vp and buyldeth thys citie Iericho: so that he laye the foundacyon wyth the death of hys eldest sonne, & with the death, of hys youngest set vp the gates.
27 And the Lorde was wyth Iosua, and hys fame was hearde, thorowout all landes.




1 But yet the children of Israel trespased in şe excommunicate thinges for Acan the sonne of Carmi, şe sonne of Zabdi, the sonne of Zareh of the trybe of Iuda, toke of the excommunicate thinges. And the wrath of the Lorde waxed whote agaynst the chyldren of Israel.
2 Then Iosua sent men from Iericho to Ai which is besyde Bethauen, on the eastsyde of Bethel, and spake vnto them, sayinge: gette you vp and vewe the countreye. And the men went vp and spyed oute Ai.
3 And returned vnto Iosua, and sayde vnto hym, let not all the people go vp, but let as it were a two or thre thousande men go vp and destroye Ai, and make not all the people to laboure thether, for they are but fewe.
4 And so there went vp thether about a three thousande men, whiche fledde before the men of Ai.
5 And the men of Ai smote of them vpon a thyrtye and sixe men. and chased them before the gates euen vnto Gabarim, and smote them in the goynge doune. And the hertes of the people were discouraged and mealted lyke water.
6 And Iosua rent hys clothes, and fell to the earth vpon hys face before the arcke of the Lorde vntyll the euen tyde, bothe he and the elders of Israel, and put earth vpon their heades.
7 And Iosua sayde, Ah, Lorde Iehouah, wherfore haste thou brought this people ouer Iordan to delyuer vs into the handes of the Amorytes to destroye vs: wolde to God we had aduentured & dwelt on the other side Iordan.
8 Oh Lorde what shall I say, when Israel turneth theyr backes before theyr enemyes:
9 Moreouer the Cananites, and all the inhabyters of the Lande shall heare of it, and shall come about vs, and destroye the name of vs out of the world. And then what wilt thou do vnto thy myghtye name.
10 And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua, gette the vp, wherfore lyest thou thus vpon thy face?
11 Israel hath synned & also transgressed myne appoyntement, which I commaunded them, and haue taken of the excommunicate thinges and haue stolen and hydde them, and also put them vnto theyr owne stuffe:
12 And therfore the chyldren of Israel cannot stande before theyr enemyes. They shall turne theyr backes before theyr enemyes, because they be excommunicate. Nether wyll I be with you any more, except ye destroye the excommunicate from among you.
13 Vp & sanctifye the people and byd them to sanctifye them selues against the morowe for so sayth the Lorde God of Israel, the excommunicacyon is amonge you Israel, and therfore ye cannot stande before youre enemyes, vntyll ye haue put the excommunicacyon from amonge you.
14 To morowe mornyng ye shall come by youre trybes. And the trybe which the Lord shall fynde gyltye, shal come by kynredes. And şe kynrede which the Lorde shall fynde gyltye, shal come by housholdes. And the housholde whiche the Lorde shall fynde fautye, shall come man by man.
15 And he şt is founde in the excommunicacyon shalbe burnt with fyre, bothe he and al that pertayneth vnto hym, because he hath transgressed the couenaunt of the Lord, and because he hath wrought folye in Israel.
16 And so Iosua rose vp erly in the mornynge and brought Israel by theyr trybes: and the trybe of Iuda was caught.
17 Then he broughte the kynredes of Iuda, and founde the kynred of the Zarehites gyltye. And he brought the kynred of the Zarehytes by housholders, and Zabdy was caughte.
18 And he brought hys housholde man by man, and Acan the sonne of Carmy, the sonne of Zabdi, the sonne of Zareh in the trybe of Iuda was caught.
19 And Iosua sayde vnto Acan: my sonne, geue glorye to the Lorde God of Israell, & geue hym prayse, & shewe me what thou hast done, and hyde it not from me.
20 And Acan answered Iosua, and sayde: of a truthe I haue synned agaynst the Lorde God of Israel, and so and so haue I done.
21 I sawe amonge the spoyle a goodlye Babylonyshe garment, and two hundred sicles of syluer, and a tonge of golde of fyftye sicles weyghte: and I coueted them, and I toke them. And beholde they lye hydde in the earthe in my tente and the syluer there vnder.
22 And then Iosua sent messengers whiche ranne vnto the tent. And behold, it was hidde in hys tent, and the syluer there vnder.
23 And they toke them oute of the myddest of his tent, and brought them vnto Iosua, and vnto all the thyldren of Israel, and powred them oute before the Lorde.
24 And Iosua toke Acan the sonne of Zareh, and the syluer, and the garment, and the tonge of golde, and hys sonnes and hys doughters, hys oxen, asses, shepe, hys tente and all that he had, and all Israell wyth him, & brought them vnto the valeye of Acor.
25 And Iosua sayde: In as muche as thou hast troubled vs, the Lorde shal trouble the thys daye. And all Israell stoned hym wyth stones, and burnt them wyth fyre, and ouerwhelmed them wyth stones.
26 And they caste vpon hym a great heape of stones that remaineth vnto thys daye. And so the Lorde turned from hys fearce wrath. Wherfore the name of şe place is called şe valeye of Acor vnto thys daye.




1 And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua: feare not, nor dread? but take al the men of warre wyth the, and vp and get the to Ai. Beholde I haue geuen into thy hande, the kynge of Ai, and hys people, hys cytye and hys lande.
2 And thou shalt do to Ai and her kynge, as thou dydest vnto Ierico and her kyng. Neuerthelesse the spoyle & catell therof, ye shall take vnto youre selues. But laye a watche vnto the toune on the backsyde therof.
3 And then Iosua arose, and al the men of warre, to go vp vnto Ai. And Iosua chose out thyrty thousand men of warre, and sent them by nyght.
4 And he commaunded them saiyng: Se that ye lye awayte vnto the toune on the backsyde therof. Go not very farre from the cytye, and se that ye be al readye.
5 And I and al the people that are wyth me, wil approche vnto the cytye. And when they come oute agaynst vs, as at the fyrste tyme, then will we flee before them.
6 And they wyll come out after vs, vntyl we haue plucked them awaye from the cytye. For they wyll saye, they flee vs, as at the fyrste tyme,
7 for we wyll flee before them. Then shall ye ryse vp from lying awayte & destroye the cyty: For the Lorde youre God wyll delyuer it into youre handes.
8 Assone therfore as ye haue taken the cytye, se that ye set it on fyre. Accordinge to the commaundement of the Lord se that ye do, behold, I haue charged you.
9 And Iosua sent them forth, and they went to lye awayte, and laye betwene Bethel and Ai, on the west syde of Ai. But Iosua lodged that nyght amonge the people.
10 And he rose vp erlye in the mornynge and nombred the people and went vp, both he and the elders of Israel before the people, vnto Ai.
11 And all the men of warre that were wyth hym, went vp and drue nye, and came before the cytye, and pytched on the north syde of Ai, a valeye beynge betwene them and Ai.
12 And he toke vpon a fyue thousande men and put them to lye a wayte, betwene Bethel, and Ai, on the westsyde of the cytye.
13 And he put the people euen al the hoste, on the northsyde of the cytye, and the lyers awayte on the weste. And Iosua went the same nyght into the myddesof the valeye.
14 And when the kyng of Ai sawe that they hasted & rose vp erlye, then the people of the cytye went out agaynst Israel, to battel, both the Kynge & all hys people, at a tyme apointed, euen before the playne, and wyst not that there were lyers awayte on the backsyde of the cytye.
15 And Iosua and Israell were put to the worsse before them, and flede towarde the wyldernesse.
16 And al the people of the toune cryed to folow after them. And they folowed after Iosua tyll they were drawen awaye from the cytye:
17 So that there was not a man leaft in Ai, or in Bethel, that went not out after Israel. And they leaft the cytye open and folowed after Israel.
18 Then the Lorde sayd vnto Iosua, stretche out the bouckelar that is in thine hande towarde Ai, for I haue geuen the it. And Iosua stretched out the bouckelar that was in hys hande, toward the cyty.
19 And the lyers awaite rose quycklye out of theyr places, and ranne, assone as Iosua had stretched out his hande, and they entred into the cyty, and toke it, and hasted and set it on fyre.
20 And when the men of Ai loked backe after them and sawe, Beholde, the smoke of the cytye ascended vp to heauen. And they had no place to flee either this waye or that, for the people that fleed to the wyldernesse turned backe againe vpon the folowers.
21 And when Iosua and al Israel sawe that the lyars awayte had taken the cyty and that the smoke of it ascended, They turned agayne and layed on the men of Ai.
22 And the other yssued out of the cytye agaynst them. And so were they in the myddes of Israell, these beinge on the one syde of them, and the reste on the other. And they layed vpon them, so that they let none eyther remayne or skape.
23 And the Kinge of Ai they toke a lyue and brought hym to Iosua.
24 And when Israel had made an ende of slaying all the inhabyters of Ai in the feldes, and in the wyldernesse, by whych they chased them, and when they were all fallen on the Edge of the swerde, vntyll they were wasted. Then all Israel returned vnto Ai and smote it wyth the edge of the swerd.
25 And al that fell that daye, both of men and women, were twelue thousand, euen all the men of Ai.
26 For Iosua plucked not hys hande backe agayne, whyche he stretched out wyth the bouckelar, vntyll they had vtterlye destroeyd all the inhabitoures of Ai.
27 Onelye the catell and the spoyle of the sayde cytye, Israell toke vnto them selues accordynge vnto the worde of the Lorde, whyche he commaunded Iosua.
28 And Iosua set Ai on fyre and made it an heape for euer and a wyldernesse, euen vnto this daye.
29 And the kynge of Ai he hanged on tree, vntill euen. And assone as the sonne was doune, Iosua commaunded and they toke the carkas doune of the tree, and caste it in the enteringe of the gate of the cytye, and cast theron a great heape of stones, that remayneth vnto thys daye.
30 Then Iosua buylt an altare vnto şe Lorde God of Israel, in mount Ebal,
31 as Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde commaunded the chyldren of Israell, accordinge as it is wrytten in the boke of the law of Moses, an altare of rough stone, ouer whiche no tole of yeron was lyft. And they sacryfyced theron burntsacryfyce, and offered peace offringes
32 And he wrote there vpon the stones the Seconde lawe of Moses, which he wrote in şe presence of the chyldren of Israel.
33 And al Israel and the elders therof, and their officers, and Iudges stode, parte on this syde the arke, and parte on that syde, before the priestes: that were Leuites, which bare the arcke of the appointment of the Lord, as wel the straunger, as they that were borne amonge them, halfe on them on the forefronte of the Mount of Garizim, and halfe of them on the forefronte of mount Eball, as Moses the seruaunte of the Lorde commaunded, fyrste to blesse the people Israell.
34 And after that he reade al the wordes of the lawe, both the blessinge and cursynge, accordinge to all that is wrytten in the boke of the lawe,
35 so that there was not one worde of all that Moses commaunded, whyche Iosua reade not, before all the congregacyon of Israell, wyth women and chyldren, and the straungers that were amonge them.




1 And when all the kynges that dwel on this syde Iordan, in the hilles and valeys, and a longe by all the costes of the great sea, euen vnto Libanon, the Hethites, the Amorites, the Cananites, the Pheresytes, the Heuytes, and the Iebusytes hearde,
2 they gathered them selues together to fyght agaynst Iosua and Israel, with one accorde.
3 But when the Enhabitoures of Gabaon heard what Iosua had done vnto Iericho, & Ai,
4 they played wylylye, and went and sente Ambasadoures, and toke the olde sackes vpon their Asses, and wyne bottelles olde and rent and knyt together agayne,
5 and olde clouted shoes vpon theyr fete, and olde rayment vpon them, and all their prouysyon of bread was dryed vp and hored.
6 And they came vnto Iosua into the hoste, to Galgall and sayde vnto hym and vnto the men of Israell: we be come from a farre countreye, nowe therfore make agrement with vs.
7 And the men of Israel said vnto the Heuites, paraduenture you dwelle amonge vs, and then how shoulde we make peace wyth you?
8 And they sayde vnto Iosua, we are thy seruauntes. And Iosua saide vnto them, what are ye, and whence come ye.
9 And they answered him. From a verye farre countrey the seruauntes are come in the name of the Lord thy God, for we haue heard the fame of him, and al that he dyd in Egypte,
10 and al that he dyd to the two kinges of the Amorites beyonde Iordan, Sehon kynge of Hesbon, and Og kyng of Basan, whyche dwelte at Astharoth.
11 Wherfore oure elders and al the Enhabitoures of oure countrey spake to vs, saying: take vitayles wyth you to serue by the waye, and go agaynst them, and saye vnto them: we are youre seruauntes. Nowe therfore make a couenaunt of peace with vs.
12 This oure prouysion of bread, we toke wyth vs oute of oure houses, whote, the daye we departed to come vnto you. And now beholde it is dried vp and hored.
13 And these bottelles of wyne, whiche we fylled were newe, and se, they be rente. And these oure garmentes and shoes are waxen olde by the reason of şe exceading long Iourneye.
14 And the men toke of their vitayles, and conceled not wyth the mouth of the Lorde.
15 And Iosua made a peace wyth them, and made a couenaunte with them, to saue their lyues, and the Lordes of the congregacyon sware vnto them.
16 But thre dayes after they had made peace with them, they hearde that they were neighboures vnto them, & that they dwelt amonge them.
17 For the children of Israel toke their Iourney, and came vnto their cities the thirde daye, and their cities were Gabaon, Caphira, Beeroth, and Kariath Iarim.
18 And the children of Israell slewe them not, because the Lordes of the congregacion had sworne vnto them by the Lord God of Israel. And therfore al the multitude murmured against the Lordes.
19 But al the Lordes said vnto al the congregacion, we haue sworne vnto them by the Lorde God of Israel, and therfore we maye not hurte them.
20 But thys we will do to them and let them liue, and so shal no wrath be vpon vs because of the othe which we sware vnto them.
21 And the Lordes sayde vnto them, şt they should lyue: And they were made hewers of woode and drawers of water vnto al the congregacion, as the Lordes sayde vnto them.
22 Then Iosua sent for them, and talked wyth them, and sayde, wherfore haue ye begiled vs and yet ye dwel amonge vs?
23 and nowe therfore cursed be you, and there shall not cease to be of you, bond men and hewers of woode & drawers of water vnto the house of my God.
24 And they answered Iosua and sayde, it was tolde thy seruauntes, how that the Lorde thy God had commaunded his seruaunt Moses to geue you al the lande, and to destroye all the Enhabitoures therof oute of youre syghte, and therfore we were exceadinge sore afrayed of oure liues because of you,
25 & nowe beholde, we are in thyne hande, as it semeth good and righte in thyne eyes to do vnto vs, so do.
26 And he dealte as it is sayde, wyth them, and ridde them out of the handes of the chyldren of Israel, that they slewe them not.
27 And Iosua made them that same daye hewers of woode and drawers of water vnto the congregacyon and vnto the aulter of God vnto this day, in şe place which God should chose.




1 And when Adonizedec Kynge of Ierusalem had heard howe Iosua had taken Ai, and had destroyed it, and how that as he had done to Iericho and her kynge, euen so he had done to Ai and her kynge, and how the Enhabitoures of Gabaon had made peace wyth Israel and dyd remayne amonge them, then they feared excedingly,
2 for Gabaon was a great cyty, as any cytye of the kyngdome, and therto greater then Ai, and al her men were myghty.
3 Wherfore Adonizedec kyng of Ierusalem sent vnto Hoham kynge of Hebron, and vnto Pharam kynge of Ierimoth, and vnto Iaphia kynge of Lachis, and vnto Dabir kinge of Eglon sayinge:
4 Come vp vnto me & healpe me, that we may smyte Gabaon, for they haue made peace wyth Iosua and the chyldren of Israell.
5 Then the .v. kynges of the Amorites the kyng of Ierusalem, the kinge of Hebron, the kynge of Ierimoth, the kinge of Lachys, the kyng of Eglon, gathered them selues together, both they and all their hostes & wente vp and beseged Gabaon, and made warre agaynst it.
6 But the men of Gabaon sent vnto Iosua vnto the hoste to Galgal, saying: withdraw not thy handes from thy seruauntes, but come vp to vs, for all the kynges of the Amorythes, which dwell in the mountaynes are gathered together against vs.
7 And Iosua ascended from Galgall, both he and al the people of warre wyth hym, and al the men of myghte,
8 and the Lord sayde vnto Iosua: feare them not, for I haue delyuered them into thyne hande, there shal not a man of them stande before the.
9 And Iosua came vnto them sodenlye, and iourneyed from Galgal all nyghte.
10 And the Lorde turmoyled them before Israell, and slewe of them a greate slaughter at Gabaon, and chased them a longe the waye, that goeth vp to Bethoron, & slewe them tyll they came to Esaka and Makeda.
11 And as they flede from Israel, euen in the goynge doune to Bethoron, the Lorde caste doune great stones from heauen vpon them vntyll they came vnto Esaka, that they dyed. And there were mo that dyed wyth hayle stones, then the chyldren of Israell slewe wyth the swerde.
12 Then spake Iosua vnto the Lorde, şe daye when the Lorde delyuered the Amorites before the chyldren of Israel, and he sayde in şe sight of al Israel: Sunne stande thou still vpon Gabaon, & thou Mone, in the valeye of Aialon.
13 And the sonne abode, and the mone stode styll, vntyll the people had aduenged them selues vpon their enemyes. Is not thys written in the boke of the ryghtwes, howe that the sunne abode in the middes of heauen, and hasted not to go doune by şe space of a whole daye.
14 And there was no daye lyke that, before it, or after it, that the Lorde obeyed the voyce of a man, and al because the Lorde fought for Israel.
15 And Iosua returned, and all Israell wyth hym, vnto the hoste to Galgall,
16 but the fyue Kinges flede and hyd them selues in a caue at Makeda.
17 And it was tolde Iosua, saying, the fyue Kynges are founde hyd in a caue at Makeda.
18 And Iosua sayde, roule great stones vnto the mouthe of the caue and appointe men therto, for to kepe them.
19 And stande ye not stylle, but folowe after youre enemyes and smyte the hindmost of them. And suffre them not to entre into their cytyes, for the Lorde youre God hath delyuered them into youre handes.
20 And when Iosua and the chyldren of Israel had made an ende of slaying them wyth a great slaughter, tyll they were wasted, yet there remayned a certain of them, whych entered into walled cytyes.
21 And al the people returned to the hoste, to Iosua at Makeda in peace, so that no man durst moue his tonge agaynst the chyldren of Israel.
22 Then sayde Iosua, open the mouth of the caue, and bringe out these .v. Kynges vnto me out of the caue.
23 And they dyd so, & brought those fyue Kinges vnto him, out of the caue? the Kinge of Ierusalem, the King of Hebron, the Kinge of Ierimoth the Kinge of Lachys, and the Kynge of Eglon.
24 And when they had brought out these kinges vnto Iosua: Iosua called for all the men of Israel, and sayde vnto the capytaynes of şe men of warre, whych came wyth hym, come neare & put youre fete vpon the neckes of these kinges. And they came neare & put their fete vpon the neckes of them.
25 And Iosua sayd vnto them feare not, nor dreade. But be stronge and plucke vp your hertes, for so shal şe Lord serue all youre enemyes agaynst whyche ye fyghte.
26 And then Iosua smote them and slewe them and hanged them on fyue trees tyll euen.
27 And at the going doune of the sunne: Iosua gaue commaundement, and they toke them doune of the trees & cast them into the caue, where they hyd them selues, and layed great stones on the caues mouth, whych remaine vnto this daye.
28 And that same day Iosua toke Makeda & smote hyt wyth the edge of the swerde, and şe Kinge therof also, and vtterlye destroyed them and all the soules that were therin, and let nought remayne. And he dyd to the King of Makeda, as he dyd to the Kyng of Iericho.
29 Then Iosua went from Makeda, and all Israel wyth hym vnto Libna, and foughte agaynst Libna.
30 And the Lorde delyuered it also in theyr handes, wyth the Kynge also, & smote it with the edge of the swerde and all şe soules that were therin, and let noughte remayne in it, and dyd vnto the kyng therof as he dyd vnto the kynge of Iericho.
31 After that Iosua departed from Libna, and all Israel wyth hym, vnto Lachys, and beseged it, and assaulted it.
32 And the Lord deliuered into the handes of Israel Lachis, that they toke it the seconde daye, and smote it with the edge of the swerde, and al the soules that were therin, accordinge to al that he dyd to Lybna.
33 Then Horam kynge of Geser came vp to helpe Lachys: But Iosua smote him and his people, vntyll he lefte hym naughte remaynynge.
34 And from Lachis Iosua departed vnto Eglon, and all Israel wyth hym, and there beseged it, and assaulted it,
35 and toke it the same daye, and smote it wyth the edge of the swerde, and all the soules that were therin, & vtterlye destroyed them the same daye, accordinge to al that he dyd to Lachis.
36 Then Iosua departed vp from Eglon and all Israel wyth him, vnto Hebron. And they fought againste it,
37 and toke it, and smote it wyth the edge of the swerde, and the kynge therof, and al the tounes that pertayned to it, and all the soules that were therin, so that they lefte nought remayninge: but in al thinges as they dyd to Eglon, so they destroyed it vtterlye, and al the soules that were therin.
38 Then Iosua returned and all Israel with him to Dabir, and they fought againste it,
39 & toke it, and the kinge therof and al the tounes that pertained therto. And smote them wyth the edge of the swerde, and vtterly destroyed al the soules that were therin, and let nought remayne. And as he dyd to Hebron, so he dyd to Dabir and the King therof, and as he dyd to Libna and her Kynge.
40 And Iosua smote all the hille countreyes and the south countreys, and the valeyes, and the springes of water, with al their kinges, & let nought remayne, but vtterlye destroyed all that breathed, as the Lorde God of Israel commaunded.
41 And Iosua smote them from Cades barne vnto Asah, and all the countrey of Gosan, euen vnto Gabaon.
42 And all those kynges and their lande, Iosua toke at one tyme, because the Lorde God of Israell fought for Israel.
43 And then Iosua returned, and al Israel wyth hym, vnto the hoste to Galgall.




1 And when Iabin Kyng of Hazor had hearde that, he sente to Iobab kynge of Madon, and to the kinge of Someron, and to the Kyng of Acsaph.
2 And vnto the Kynges that are by north in the mountaynes, and playnes, on the southsyde of Ceneroth, and in the lowe countreyes, and in the regions of Dor vpon the sea,
3 and vnto the Cananites both by Easte and weste: and vnto the Amorites, Hethites, Pheresites, and Iebusites in the mountaines, and vnto the Heuites vnder Hermon in şe land of Mazphah,
4 whiche came oute, and all their hostes wyth them, a multitude of folke, euen as the sandes of the sea in numbre with horsses and charettes excedinge manye.
5 And all these Kynges met together, and came and pitched together vpon şe water of Merom, for to fyghte wyth Israell.
6 And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua, be not afrayd of them, for to morowe aboute thys tyme I wyl delyuer them al slayne, before al Israel, and thou shalt hough their horsses, & burne their charettes wyth fyre.
7 And Iosua came, and al the men of warre wt him against them, vnto the water of Merom, sodenlye, and felle vpon them.
8 And the Lorde delyuered them into the handes of Israel, and they smote them and chased them, vnto great Sydon, and vnto the whote waters, and vnto şe valey of Mazphah Eastward? and smote them vntyll they had none remaynynge of them.
9 And Iosua serued them as the Lord bad him, houghed their horsses and burnt their charettes with fyre.
10 Then Iosua at that tyme turned backe, & toke Hazor and smote her kyng wt the swerd. For Hazor before tyme was the heade of all those kyngedomes.
11 And they smote all şe soules that were therin with the edge of şe swerd, vtterlye destroying them, that no breath was let remayne. And burnt Hazor wyth fyre
12 and al the cyties of those Kynges, wyth al the kinges of them: Iosua toke and smote them with the edge of the swerde, and vtterlye destroied them as Moses the seruaunte of the Lorde commaunded.
13 But Israel burnt none of the cytyes, that stode vpon hylles, saue Hazor onely, that Iosua burnt,
14 but al the spoyle of the saide cyties and the catell, the children of Israell caughte vnto them selues: But the men onelye they smote with the edge of the swerde vntill they had destroyed them, and had lefte no breathe remaynyng.
15 As the Lorde commaunded Iosua, and euen so dyd Iosua and minisshed no worde of all that the Lorde commaunded Moses.
16 And so Iosua toke all that lande, the hilles and all the south countreye, and all the lande of Gosan, and the low countrey, and şe playnes, and şe mountayne of Israel, wt the lowe countrey of the same,
17 euen from mounte Halak that goeth vp to Seyr, vnto Baal, Gad, in the valeye of Libanon, vnder mounte Hermon. And al the kinges of the same, he toke & smote them, and slewe them.
18 Iosua made warre longe tyme with those kinges,
19 for there was no cytye şt made peace wyth the chyldren of Israell, saue those Hethites that enhabited Gabaon: All other they toke wyth battell,
20 for it came of the Lorde to harden their hartes, that they shoulde come agaynst Israel in battell, euen to destroye them vtterlye, that they shoulde haue no mercy, but to bringe them to noughte. As the Lorde commaunded Moses.
21 And that same ceason, Iosua wente and destroyed the Enakites oute of the mountaines, and out of Hebron, Dabir, and Auab, and oute of all the mountaines of Iuda, and oute of al the mountaynes of Israel. And Iosua destroyed them vtterlye wyth theyr cytyes.
22 So that there was not one Enakyte left in the lande of the chyldren of Israel: onelye in Asah, Geth, and Asdod, there remayned of them.
23 And Iosua toke şe whole land accordynge to all that the Lorde sayde vnto Moses, and gaue it a possessyon vnto Israel, euerye man his parte in their trybes, and the lande rested from warre.




1 These are the Kynges of the land whyche the chyldren of Israell smote and conquered their landes, on the other syde Iordan eastwarde, from the ryuer Arnon, vnto mounte Hermon, and all the plaine eastwarde:
2 Sehon Kynge of the Amorytes, that dwelt in Hesbon, and ruled from Aroer, whyche lyeth on the brym of the ryuer of Arnon, and to the middel of the ryuer, and halfe Galaad, vnto the riuer Iabock, the border of the chyldren of Ammon:
3 And in the playne vnto the sea of Ceneroth eastward, and vnto the sea in the playne called the salt sea eastwarde, the waye to Beth, Iesymoth and by south vnder the sprynges of phasgah.
4 And the costes of Og, Kynge of Basan, whych was of the remnaunt of the Raphaytes, and dwelt at Astharoth, and Edray,
5 and raygned in mounte Hermon, and in Salecah, and thorow out all Basan, vnto the borders, of the Gesurites, and the Macathites, & halfe Galaad, vnto the borders of Sehon, Kynge of Hesbon.
6 Moses the seruaunt of şe Lorde, and the children of Israel smote them, & Moses the seruaunt of the Lord, gaue their landes a possession, vnto the Rubenites, Gaddites, and halfe the tribe of Manasses.
7 These are the Kynges of şe countrey, which Iosua and the chyldren of Israel smote on this syde Iordan, westwarde, from Baal, Gad in the valeye of Lybanon, euen vnto mount Halak, that goeth vp to Seir. And Iosua gaue the lande vnto the trybes of Israell to possesse, to euery man his parte,
8 in the vpper land, and nether lande, in playnes, and sprynges of water, in the wyldernesse, and south countrey, the Hethites, the Amorites, the Cananytes, the Pheresytes, the Heuytes, and the Iebusytes.
9 The Kynge of Iericho: The Kynge of Ai besyde Bethel,
10 The Kinge of Ierusalem, The Kynge of Hebron,
11 The Kynge of Ierymoth, The Kynge of Lachys,
12 The Kynge of Eglon, The Kynge of Gazer,
13 The Kyng of Dabir, The Kynge of Gader,
14 The Kyng of Horma, The Kynge of Ered,
15 The Kynge of Libna, The King of Odolam,
16 The Kinge of Makeda, The Kinge of Bethel,
17 The King of Thaphuah, The Kyng of Hepher,
18 The King of Aphek, The Kyng of Lasaron,
19 The Kyng of Madan, The Kyng of Hasor,
20 The Kynge Someron, Meron, The Kinge of Acsaph,
21 The Kyng Thenach, The King of Magedo,
22 The Kyng of Cades, The Kynge of Iakanam in Carmel,
23 The Kynge of the countrey of Dor, The Kynge of the nacyons in Galgall,
24 and Kynge Therzah: All the Kynges together thyrthy and one.




1 When Iosua was waxen olde, & strycken in yeres, the Lorde sayde vnto hym, thou art olde, and stricken in yeres,
2 and there remayneth yet excedinge much lande to be possessed: This is the land that remayneth, al the coostes of şe Philistines, and al the Gesurites,
3 from Nilus in Egypte vnto the borders of Akaron northwarde, whiche lande was counted to pertayne vnto the Cananites, euen to the fyue Lordes of the Phylistynes, the Asathites, the Asdadytes, Ascalonytes, Gethites, Akaronites, with the Euites, from the south.
4 Al the land of the Cananites, and Maara, that pertayneth to the Sydons, euen vnto Aphek, and to the borders of the Amorites.
5 And the lande of the Giblytes, and al Libanon towarde the sunne rysynge, from Baal, Gad, vnder mount Hermon, vntyll thou come to Hemath,
6 al the enhabitoures of the hyll countrey, from Libanon vnto the whote waters euen al the Sydones I will cast them out from before the chyldren of Israel, and se that thou in anye wyse deuyde it by lotte vnto the children of Israel to enheret, as I haue commaunded the.
7 Nowe therfore deuyde thys land to enherete, vnto the nyne trybes, and the halfe trybe of Manasses.
8 For the other halfe wyth the Rubenytes, and the Gaddites haue receyued their enheritaunce allready, whiche Moses gaue them beyonde Iordan Eastwarde, euen as Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde gaue them,
9 from Aroer that lyeth on the brym of the ryuer Arnon, wyth the cytye in şe middes of the ryuer. And al the playne of Midba vnto Dibon,
10 and al the cyties of Sehon, Kinge of the Amorites, which raygned in Hesbon, euen vnto the borders of the children of Ammon,
11 and Galaad, and the landes that border vpon the Gesurytes and the Machathites, and al mount Hermon & al Basan vnto Salecah:
12 euen al şe kingdom of Og in Basan, which raigned in Astharoth & Edrai, which same remained yet of the Rest of the Raphaites. But Moses smote them and destroyed them.
13 Neuerthelesse the children of Israel expelled not the Gesurites nor the Machathytes: But şe Gesurites & the Machathytes dwelt amonge the Israelites euen vnto thys daye.
14 Onely vnto the trybe of Leui, he gaue none enheritaunce, for the offerynge of the Lorde God of Israell is their enheritaunce as he sayde vnto them.
15 And Moses gaue vnto the trybe of şe children of Ruben by theyr kinredes.
16 And theyr coastes were from Aroer that lyeth on şe banck of the ryuer Arnon, and the cytye that lyeth in the ryuer, & al the playne aboute Madba,
17 Hesbon, & al her tounes that lye in şe plaine, Dibon Bamothbaal, and Bethbaalmeon:
18 Iahazah, Kedemoth and Mephaath,
19 Kiriathaim, Sabamah & Zarath, Zahar, in mount Emak,
20 and Beth Pheor, and the springes of Phasgah, and Bethiesymoth,
21 and all the cyties in the playne. And all the kyngdome of Sehon, Kinge of the Amorites, whiche reigned in Hesbon, whom Moses smote wyth the Lordes of Madian, Eui, Rekem, Zur, Hur and Reba, the Lordes of Sehon, and the Enhabitoures of the countrey.
22 And Balam also the sonne of Beor the sothsayer, the chyldren of Israel slewe wyth the swerde, among other that were slaine.
23 And the borders of the chyldren of Ruben was Iordan wyth şe countrey that lyeth theron. Thys is the enherytaunce of the chyldren of Ruben in their kynredes, wyth the cytyes and vyllages pertaynyng therto.
24 And Moses gaue vnto the trybe of Gad, euen vnto the children of Gad he gaue by kinredes.
25 And their coastes were Iazer, & all the cities of Galaad, and halfe the land of şe chyldren of Ammon, vnto Aroer that lyeth before Rabah:
26 And from Hesbon vnto Ramoth Mazphah, and Betonim, and from Mahanaim vnto the borders of Dabyr.
27 And in the valeye they had Betharam, Bethnimra, Socoth, & Zaphon, the rest of the kyngdome of Sehon Kyng of Hesbon, and Iordan, and the coastes that lye theron, euen vnto the edge of the sea of Ceneroth, on şe other syde Iordan eastward.
28 This is şe enheritaunce of şe children of Gad in their kinredes, the cities wt their vyllages.
29 And Moses gaue vnto the halfe trybe of Manasses. And the halfe trybe of Manasses had theyr parte by their kynredes.
30 And theyr coastes were from Mahanaim, euen all Basan, the kyngdom of Og, Kynge of Basan, and al the tounes of Iayr, whiche lye in Basan, euen thre skore cities,
31 and halfe Galaad and Astaroth, and Edrai, cities of the kyngedome of Og in Basan, which pertayne vnto the children of Machir the sonne of Manasses, and that vnto halfe the chyldren of Machyr by theyr kynredes.
32 These are they to which Moses gaue enheritaunce in the feldes of Moab, on şe other syde Iordan by Iericho Eastwarde.
33 But vnto şe tribe of Leui, Moses gaue none enherytaunce, for the Lord God of Israel he is their enheritaunce, as he said vnto them.




1 And these are the countreyes whiche the children enhered in the land of Canaan, vnto which Eleazar the prieste, and Iosua the sonne of Nun, and the auncient heades of the trybes of the chyldren of Israel,
2 gaue them their enheritaunce by lotte, as the Lorde commaunded by the hande of Moses, to geue vnto the nyne trybes, and vnto the halfe trybe of Manasses.
3 For Moses had geuen enheritaunce vnto two tribes and an halfe on the other syde Iordan. But vnto the Leuites he gaue none enheritaunce among them.
4 For the chyldren of Ioseph were two trybes, Manasses and Ephraim. And therfore they gaue no parte vnto the Leuites in the lande, saue cyties to dwelle in, and şe suburbes of the same, for their beastes & cattels
5 as the Lorde commaunded Moses, euen so the chyldren of Israel dyd when they deuided the lande.
6 And the chyldren of Iuda came vnto Iosua in Galgall. And Caleb the sonne of Iephune the Kenesyte sayd vnto him, thou wotest what the Lord said vnto Moses the man of God, aboute me and the in Cades Barne.
7 Fourty yere olde was I, when Moses the seruaunte of the Lorde sente me from Cades barne to spye oute the lande. And I brought him worde again, euen as I thought in myne herte.
8 Neuerthelesse my brethren that wente vp wysh me discouraged the hertes of şe people. But I folowed the Lord my God euen vnto the ende.
9 And Moses sware the same ceason saying the lande wheron thy fete haue trooden, shalbe thyne enheritaunce, & thy children for euer because thou hast folowed the Lord my God continuallye.
10 And now behold, the Lord hath kepte me lusty (as he sayd) this fourtye and fyue yeares, euen sence the Lorde spake vnto vnto Moses, whyle the chyldren of Israell wanderyd in the wyldernesse. And now se I am thys daye foure skore and fyue yeres,
11 and yet am as stronge at thys tyme, as I was when Moses sent me: loke how strong I was then, so strong I am now, to warre and to do al maner of thynges.
12 Now therfore geue me thys mountayne, whyche the Lorde at that tyme promysed, for thou herdest at that tyme, how the Enakims were there, and how the cytyes were greate & walled. I trust the Lord wylbe wyth me, and I shal dryue them out as the Lorde sayd.
13 And Iosua blessed Caleb the sonne of Iephune & gaue him Hebron to enherete.
14 And Hebron became the enheritaunce of Caleb the sonne of Iephune the kenesite, vnto this daye: because he folowed the Lorde God of Israell perpetually.
15 And the name of Hebron, was called in the olde tyme, Kariatharbe, which was a huge man among the Enakims. And the lande ceased from warre.




1 And the Lot of the trybe of the chyldren of Iuda in their kynredes was the wyldernesse of Zyn, that stretcheth to the coastes of Edon southward, and is the vtmost parte of the south coastes.
2 And their suthcoastes were from the brinck of the salt sea, and from a certain poynte of the sea, that leaneth southwarde.
3 And it went out on the south syde of the goyng vp to Acrabim, & went a longe to Zimma, and ascended vp on the south syde of Cades Barne, and wente a longe to Hezron, and wente vp to Adar, and fette a compasse to Karca,
4 and went a longe to Azmon, and it went out to the riuer of Egipt: so that the ende of that coaste is the sea. And these are their south coastes.
5 And their easte coastes are the salt sea, euen vnto the edge of Iordan.
6 And their borders in the north quarter were from another pointe of the sea, where Iordan endeth. And wente vp to Bethhagla, and wente a longe by the northsyde of Betharabah, and went vp to the stone of Bohen the sonne of Ruben.
7 And then went vp to Dabir from the valeye of Acor, & so northwarde, turnyng toward Galgal that lyeth before the goyng vp to Adonim, whych is of the southe syde of the Ryuer. And then went a longe to the water of Ensemes, and ended at the well of Rogell.
8 And then went vp to the valeye of the sonne of Hennon, euen vnto the southsyde of the Iebusites the enhabitoures of Ierusalem. And then went vp to the toppe of the hylle, that lyeth before the valeye of Hennon westwarde, and by the edge of the valeye of Raphaim northwarde:
9 And then it draweth from the sande hille vnto the fountaine of water called Nephthoah, and goeth oute at the cyties of mount Ephron, & draweth to Balah, otherwyse called Kariathiarim:
10 and then it compasseth from Balah westwarde, vnto Eyr, and then goeth alonge vnto the syde of mounte Iarim, otherwyse called Chesalon, on the northsyde therof. And cometh doune to Bethsames and goeth to Thamnah,
11 and goeth oute on the side of Akaron northwarde: And then draweth to Secron and goeth a longe to mounte Balah, and goeth oute at Iabnel, and the ende of the coastes is the sea.
12 And the west borders are the great sea, & the coastes of that lye theron. And these are the coastes of the chyldren of Iuda round about in their kynredes.
13 And vnto Caleb the sonne of Iephune was there a parte geuen amonge the children of Iuda, by the mouthe of the Lord to Iosua, euen the cyty of Kariatharbe father of Enack whyche cytye is called Hebron.
14 And Caleb droue thence the thre sonnes of Enack, Sesai, Ahman, and Thalmai, the sonnes begotten of Enack.
15 And he went vp thence, to the enhabitoures of Dabir, whose name in the olde tyme was kariathsepher.
16 And Caleb sayde, he that smyteth kariathsepher and taketh it, to hym wyll I geue Acsah my doughter to wyfe.
17 And Othinel, the sonne of Kenes, the brother of Caleb toke it. And he gaue hym Acsah his doughter to wyfe.
18 And as she went she moued hym, to aske of her father a felde. And she alyghted of her asse. And Caleb sayde vnto her, what ayleth the.
19 And she said, geue me a blessyng, for thou hast geuen me a southward and drye land, geue me also springes of water. Then he gaue her springes of water, both aboue and beneth.
20 This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the chyldren of Iuda in their kynredes.
21 And the cytyes of the trybe of the chyldren of Iuda in al quarters, towarde the coastes of Edom southwarde, ware: Kabzel, Eder, & Iagur,
22 Kinah, Dimonah, and Adada,
23 Kedes, Hazor and Iethnan:
24 Ziph, Telem, and Baloth
25 Hazor Hadathah, and Karioth, Hesron, otherwyse called Hazor:
26 Eman, Sami and Moladah,
27 Hazargadah, Hasmon and Bethpheleth,
28 Hazarsual, Bersabe, and Baziothiah,
29 Baalah, Iim, and Azen:
30 Eltholad, Cesyll, and Horma:
31 Zikelag, Medemenah and Sensenah:
32 Labaoth, Selhim, Ain and Kemou: all these cytyes are twentye and nyne with their villages.
33 And in the lowe countreye they had Esthaol, Zareah, and Asenah:
34 Zoneah, Enganim, Thaphuah & Enam:
35 Ierimoth, Adulam, Socoh, and Azkah:
36 Saarem, Adiathim, Gederah, and Gederothaim: Fourtene cytyes wyth their villages.
37 Zenan, Hadazah, and Magdalgad:
38 Delean Mazphah, and Iektheel:
39 Lachis, Bazcath & Eglon:
40 Cabon, Lahamam, and Cethlis
41 Gaderoth, Bethdagon, Maamah and Makedah: Syxtene cytyes with their villages.
42 Lebnah, Ether, and Asan:
43 Iephthah, Asnah, and Nezib:
44 Keilah, Kahezyp and Maresah: nyne cytyes wyth their vyllages.
45 Akron wyth her tounes and vyllages.
46 And from Akron out to the sea, al that lyeth about Asdod wyth theyr vyllages.
47 Asdod with her tounes and villages. Azah with her tounes and villages, euen vnto the ryuer of Egypt: and the great sea wt şe coastes that lieth theron.
48 And in the mountaynes, they had Samir, Iathir, and Socoh:
49 Danah, & Kariathsenath, which is Dabir:
50 Anab, Elthemoh, & Anim:
51 Gozen, Holon, and Giloh, eleuen cities with their villages.
52 Arab, Dumah, and Esean:
53 Ianim, Beththaphuah & Aphcah:
54 Humatah, & kariatharbe: which is Hebron and Zior, nyne cities with their villages.
55 Maon, Carmell, Siph, and Iutah:
56 Iesrael, Iukadan, and Sanoeh:
57 Cain, Gabaah, and Thamnah ten cytyes with their villages.
58 Halhul, Bethzur & Gedor:
59 Maarath, Bethanoth, and Elthecon: Syxe cities with their villages
60 Kariath Baal which is kariath Iarim, and Harabba two cytyes wyth their villages.
61 And in the wyldernesse they had Betharabah, Meddin and Sacarah:
62 Neblon the cytye of salt, and Engadi: Syxe cities wyth theyr villages.
63 But the Iebusites that were the enhabiters of Ierusalem: the chyldren of Iuda could not caste oute. Wherfore the Iebusites dwelle among the children of Iuda vnto this daye.




1 And the lot of the children of Ioseph felle from Iordan by Iericho, vnto the water of Iericho Eastward, and the wildernesse that goeth vp from Iericho, thorow out mount Bethel,
2 and then goeth out from Bethel to Lus, & runneth a longe vnto the borders of Arciatharoth,
3 and goeth doune westwarde, euen to the coastes of Iaphlethi, & vnto the coastes of Bethhoron the nether, & so to Gasor, & the endes of their coastes came to the sea.
4 And so the children of Ioseph, Manasses & Ephraim toke their enheritaunce.
5 An the children of Ephraim toke their coastes by kynredes. And the coastes of their enheritaunce Eastwarde were, Ataroth Ador, euen vnto Bethhoron the vpper,
6 and went out westwarde to Machmathah on the Northsyde, and compassed Eastwarde vnto Thaanath Silo, & past it on the Eastside vnto Ianoah,
7 & went doune from Ianoah to Ataroth & Naarath, and met at Iericho, & went out at Iordan.
8 And their borders wente from Thaphuah westwarde vnto the Riuer Kanah, & the endes were the sea. This is şe enheritaunce of the tribe of şe children of Ephraim in theyr kynredes,
9 & the bordering cities of the children of Ephraim, lye amonge the enheritaunce of the children of Manasses: euen al the cyties wt their villages.
10 Notwithstandinge they draue not out the Cananites that dwelte in Gasor: but the Cananites dwelt among the Ephraites vnto this daye, and paye tribute.




1 And şe tribe of Manasses, whiche was the eldeste sonne of Ioseph receiued a lot. And Machyr şe eldest sonne of Manasses, whiche was the father of Galaad (and a man of warre) had Galaad & Basan.
2 And the reste of the children of Manasses receiued by their kynredes: whyche were the children of Abieser, the children of Helek, şe chyldren of Asriel: the children of Sychem, the children of Hepher: the children of Semida. These are the male children of Manasses, the sonne of Ioseph in theyr kynredes.
3 But Zelaphead the sonne of Hepher, şe sonne of Galaad, şe sonne of Machir, the sonne of Manasses, had no sonnes saue doughters. And these are the names of hys doughters: Mahela, Noa, Hagla Melcha and Thirza:
4 which came before Eleasar the prieste, and before Iosua the sonne of Nun, and before the Lordes sayinge: the Lord commaunded Moses to geue vs an enheritaunce among oure brethren. And he gaue them at the mouth of the Lorde, an enheritaunce amonge the brethren of their fathers.
5 And there felle ten porcyons to Manasses besyde the land of Galaad and Basan, whyche are on the other syde Iordan:
6 because şe doughters of Manasses dyd enherete amonge hys sonnes. And Manasses other sonnes had the lande of Galaad.
7 And the coastes of Manasses reached from Aser to Machmathah, that lyeth before Sychem, & went a longe on the righte hande, euen vnto the enhabiters of Enthaphuah,
8 and the lande of Thaphuah belonged to Manasses, which Thaphuah lay in the borders betwene Manasses, and the chyldren of Ephraym.
9 And the coastes descended vnto the riuer Canah, on whose southsyde Ephraim hath cytyes amonge the cyties of Manasses. For the coastes of Manasses were on the northsyde of the ryuer, and the endes of them was the sea:
10 so that the south pertayned to Ephraim, and the north to Manasses, and the sea is his border. And they mette together in Aser northwarde, and in Isacar Eastwarde.
11 And Manasses had in Isacar and in Aser, Bethsean, and her tounes: and the enhabitoures of Dor, with the tounes pertaining to the same, and the enhabitoures of Endor, with the tounes of the same: and the enhabitoures of Thaanath with her tounes, and the enhabitoures of Magedo with the tounes of the same, euen thre countreys:
12 yet the chyldren of Manasses coulde not ouercome those cytyes: But the Cananites began to dwel in the same lande.
13 Neuerthelesse assone as the chyldren of Israel were waxed strong, they put the Cananytes to tribute, but expelled them not.
14 And the children of Ioseph spake vnto Iosua, saying: why hast thou geuen vs but one lot, and one porcion to enheret, seynge we be muche people, and for as muche as the Lorde hath blessed vs so,
15 and Iosua aunswered them: yf ye be much people, then get you vp to the wood countreye, and prepare for youre selues there in the lande of the Pheresytes and of the Raphaites, yf mounte Ephraym be to narowe for you.
16 Then the chyldren of Ioseph sayde agayn: the hyll wyll not begoten of vs, for al the Cananites, that dwell in the lowe countreye haue charettes of yron, and so haue they that enhabite Bethsean, and the tounes of the same, and they also that dwel in the valeye of Iezreel.
17 And Iosua aunswered the house of Ioseph, Ephraim and Manasses sayinge: ye be muche people and haue greate power and shall not therfore haue one lotte.
18 But the hyll shalbe youres, for it is a woode countreye, and ye shall bryng it to fashion, and it shalbe youres euen vnto the endes of it, for ye shalbe able to cast out the Cananites for all their yron charettes, and for all they be so stronge.




1 And the whole congregacion of the children of Israell came together at Siloh, and set vp the tabernacle of wytnesse there, and the lande was in subieccyon before them.
2 But there remayned among the chyldren of Israel seuen tribes, which had not their enheritaunce deuyded oute.
3 And Iosua sayd vnto the children of Israel, how long are ye so slacke to go & possesse şe land whych the Lord God of youre fathers hath geuen you?
4 Bring of euery tribe .iij. men, şt I maye sende them. And that they may ryse & walke thorowe the land & distribute it by their enheritaunces, & come agayne to me.
5 Deuide it into seuen partes. For Iuda shall abyde by theyr coastes in the south, & the house of Ioseph shal stande to their coastes in the north.
6 Describe ye şe lande therfore into seuen partes, & bring the descrypcion to me hether, that I may cast lottes for you here before the Lorde oure God.
7 The Leuites haue no part amonge you, for şe priestshype of the Lorde is theyr enheritaunce. And Gad, Ruben, and halfe the trybe of Manasses haue receiued their enheritaunce beyonde Iordan Eastward, which Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde gaue them.
8 And the men arose and want their waye. And Iosua charged them that went to describe the lande saying, hence and go thorowe the lande and describe it, and come agayne to me hether: and I will cast lottes for you before şe Lorde in Siloh.
9 And the men departed, and walked thorow the lande and descrybed it by cyties into seuen partes in a boke, and returned to Iosua into the hoste at Siloh.
10 And Iosua caste lottes for them in Siloh before the Lorde, and there he deuided the land vnto the chyldren of Israel, to eche their porcion.
11 And the lotte of the trybe of şe children of Beniamin came vp accordinge to their kynredes. And the coastes of their lot came out betwene the chyldren of Iuda, and the children of Ioseph.
12 And their north coastes were from Iordan, & wente vp to the syde of Iericho on the northsyde, and went vp thorowe the mountaines westwarde, and they ended at the wyldernesse of Bethauen,
13 and went from thence to şe southsyde of Lus, other wyse called Bethel, and descended to Atharoth, Adar vpon the hylle that lieth on the southsyde of the neither Bethhoron.
14 And the west coaste draweth and compasseth southward, euen from the hylle, that lyeth before Bethhoron, and goeth oute at Kariathbaal, which is kariath Iarim, a citye of the children of Iuda, and this is the west quarter,
15 and the south coaste, goeth from the edge of Kariathiarim westwarde, & goeth oute to the waterwelle, of Nephthoah,
16 and cometh doune to the edge of the hyll that lyeth before the valeye of the sonne of Hennon, whyche is in the valeye of Raphaim northwarde, and desceuded thorowe the valeye of Hennon vnto the syde of Iebusi southwarde, and goeth doune to the well of Rogell.
17 And compasseth from the north, and goeth forthe to Ensames, and to the coastes, that lye before şe going vp vnto Andomim, and goeth doune to the stone of Bohan the sonne of Ruben,
18 & then goeth a longe towarde the syde of the playne, northwarde, and goeth doune into the plaine:
19 and goeth a longe to the syde of Bethhaglah northwarde, and endeth at the pointe of the salt sea north therfrom, and at the ende of Iordan south therfrom. Thys is the south coaste.
20 And Iordan is their easte coast, this is the enheritaunce of the children of Beniamin with their coastes rounde aboute, & by their kinredes.
21 And these are the cytyes of the trybes of the chyldren of Beniamin in theyr kynredes: Iericho, Bethhaglah, and the valeye of Kaziz,
22 Betharabah, Zamarim, and Bethel,
23 Auim, Pharah, and Ophrag,
24 Chepar Ammonai, Ophni, and Gabai, twelue cytyes wt their villages,
25 Gabaon, Ramah, & Beroth,
26 Mazphah, Caphairah, and Mozah:
27 Rekem, Iarephel and Tharelah,
28 Zela, Eleph, and the cytye of the Iebusites, whyche is Ierusalem, Gabaath, and Kariath, fourtene cytyes wyth theyr vyllages. Thys is the enherytaunce of the chyldren of Beniamin in their kynredes.




1 And the seconde lot came out vnto the trybe of the chyldren of Simeon by their kynredes. And their enheritaunce felle in the myddes of the enheritaunce of the children of Iuda.
2 And their enheritaunce was, Bersabe, Sabe, and Moladah,
3 Hazorsual, Balah, and Azem,
4 Eltholad Bethul and Hormah
5 Zikelag, Bethmarcoboth and Hazelsusah,
6 Bethlebaoth, and Saruhen, thertene cyties with their villages.
7 Aim, Remon, Ether, and Asan, foure cities with their villages:
8 & therto all the villages that lye rounde aboute these cities, euen vnto Balasath, Beor, & Ramath, southwarde. This is the enheritaunce of the tribe of the children of Simeon in their kynredes
9 oute of the portion of the chyldren of Iuda, came the enheritaunce of the children of Simeon. For the parte of the chyldren of Iuda, was to much for them, and therfore the children of Simeon had their enheritaunce in the enheritaunce of them.
10 And the thyrde lot came vnto the children of Zabulon, accordynge vnto theyr kynredes. And the coastes of their enheritaunce came to Saryd,
11 and went vp to the Sea, and to Marialah, and touched at Dabaseth, and mette at the riuer that lyeth before Iokneuen,
12 and turned from Sarid eastwarde, towarde the sunne rysyng vnto the border of Chisloth in mounte Thabor, and then goeth oute to Dabereth, and goeth vp to Iaphia,
13 and from thence goeth a longe eastwarde, towarde the sunne rysyng, to Sethah, Hepher, Ithah, and Iazim, and goeth to Remon, Methoar, and Neah.
14 And compasseth it on the northsyde, & goeth to Nathan, and endeth in the valeye of Iephthahel.
15 And Iatath, Nahalol, Semron, Iedalah, and Bethlehem, twelue cityes wyth their vyllages.
16 Thys is the enheritaunce of the chyldren of Zabulon, in their kynredes. The sayd cities with their villages.
17 And the fourthe lotte came out to the chyldren of Isacar by their kynredes.
18 And theyr coastes were Iesraelah, Casuloth, Sunem,
19 Hapharaim, Sion, Anaharath,
20 Harabith, Kysion and Abez,
21 Rameth, Enganim, Enhadah, and Bethphazez.
22 And his coastes mette at Thabor Sahazimah and at Bethsames & endeth at Iordan, sixtene cytyes with their villages.
23 This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the chyldren of Isacar by theyr kynredes the cyties and their villages.
24 And the fyfte lot came out vnto the trybe of the chyldren of Aser by their kynredes.
25 And their coastes were Helkath, Hali, Beten, and Achsaph,
26 Alamelech, Amaad & Miseal, and mette at Carmel on the sea, & at Syhor and at Labanath
27 & turned towarde the sunne rysynge to Bethdagon, and mette at Zabulon and in the valeye of Iehthah, and toward the northsyde of Bethemek & Negel, & goeth oute on the lefte syde of Cabul,
28 and Hebron, Rohob, Hamon, and Kanah euen vnto greate Sidon.
29 And then the coast turneth to Ramah and to the stronge citie of Azor and turned to Hozah and endeth at the sea, by the possession of Achzibah:
30 Amah, Aphek, and Rohob: Twentye and two cyties with their villages.
31 This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the chyldren of Aser by theyr kinredes: These cities with their villages.
32 And the syxte lot came oute vnto the chyldren of Nephthali by their kinredes.
33 And their coastes were from Heleph and from Elon in Zaananim, and Adami, Nekeb and Iabneel euen to Lakum, and go oute at Iordan.
34 And then the coaste turned westward to Asanoth in mounte Thabor, and then goeth oute from thence to Hukokah and meteth wyth Zabulon on the southe syde, and wyth Aser on the west, and at Iuda vpon Iordan towarde the sunne rysynge.
35 And their stronge cyties are Zidim, Ber, Hamath, Racath and Cenereth,
36 Adamah, Hermah and Hazor:
37 Kedes, Edrai, and Enhazor:
38 Ieron, Magdelel: Horem, Bethanah and Bethsames .xix. cyties with theyr villages.
39 This is the enheritaunce of şe trybe of the children of Nephthali by their kyuredes: these cytyes and their villages.
40 And the seuenth lot felle to the trybe of the chyldren of Dan, by theyr kynredes.
41 And the coastes of theyr enheritaunce was Zaraah, Esthaol, Irsames,
42 Saelabin, Aialon & Iethlah:
43 Eglon, Themnathah and Akaron:
44 Elthekeh Gibethon and Baalath:
45 Iehud, Banebarak and Gathermon,
46 Meiericon & Harcon wyth the countreye that lyeth before Iapho.
47 And the coastes of the children of Dan, went out from beyonde them. For the chyldren of Dan, went vp and foughte agaynste Lesen and toke it, and smote it wyth the edge of the swerde, and conquered it, and dwelte therin and called it Dan, after the name of Dan their father.
48 This is the enheritaunce of the tribe of the chyldren of Dan in their kynredes, these cytyes wyth their villages.
49 When they had made an ende of deuydinge the lande by her coastes then the chyldren of Israell gaue an enheritaunce vnto Iosua the sonne of Nun amonge them:
50 at the mouthe of the Lord they gaue hym the cytie which he asked, euen Thamnathserah in mounte Ephraim. And he builte the cytye and dwelt therin.
51 These are the enheritaunces whych Eleazar the priest and Iosua the sonne of Nun, and the auncient fathers of the tribes of the children of Israel deuided by lot in Siloh before the Lorde, in the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse, and so made an ende of deuyding the countreye.




1 Then the Lorde spake vnto Iosua saying:
2 comen with the children of Israell and saye: Appoynte out free cities, of whiche I spake vnto you by Moses,
3 that the slear that kylled any person vnwares and vnwyttynglye, may flee thether. And those cytyes shalbe your refuge from şe auenger of bloude.
4 And the slear shal flee vnto one of those cytyes and shal stande in the entring of the gate of the cytye, and shal shewe hys cause in the eares of the elders of the sayd cytye. And they shal take him into the cytye vnto them, and shal geue him a place, that he maye dwel amonge them.
5 And when the auenger of bloude foloweth after him, they shal not deliuer the slear into his hande, because he smote his frende ignorantlye, and hated hym not before tyme.
6 And he shal dwell in the sayde cytye vntyll he stand before the congregacyon in Iudgement, and vntyll the death of the hye prieste, that shalbe in those dayes. And then shal the slear returne and come vnto hys owne cytye, and vnto his owne house, and vnto the cytye from whence he flede.
7 And they apoynted Kedes in Galile, in mount Nephthali, and Sychem in mount Ephraim, and kariatharbe, whiche is Hebron, in the mountaines of Iuda.
8 And on the other syde Iordan ouer agaynste Iericho eastwarde, they gaue Bozor in the wyldernesse vpon the playue, out of the trybe of Ruben, and Ramuth in Galaad out of the trybe of Gad, and Golan in Basan out of the tribe of Manasses.
9 These were the cyties apointed for al the children of Israel, and to the straungers, that soiourned amonge them, şt whosoeuer kylled anye person ignorantlye, that same might flee thether, & should not dye by the hande of the auenger of bloude, vntyll he stode before the congregacyon.




1 And then came the principal heades of the Leuites vnto Eleazar the prieste, and vnto Iosua the sonne of Nun, and vnto the auncient heades of the trybes of the chyldren of Israell,
2 and spake vnto them at Siloh in the lande of Canaan sayinge: the Lorde commaunded by Moses, to geue vs cyties to dwell in, and the feldes aboute them, for oure catell.
3 And the children of Israell gaue vnto the Leuites out of their enheritaunces, at the bidding of the Lorde, these cytyes folowing wyth their suburbes.
4 And the lot came out vnto the kynredes of the Cahathites, and the children of Aaron, the priest, which were of the Leuytes had geuen them by lot, out of the trybe of Iuda, out of the trybe of Simeon, and out of the tribe of Beniamin .xiij. cytyes.
5 And the reast of şe children of Cahath had by lot, out of the kynredes of the trybe of Ephraim, out of the trybe of Dan, & out of the halfe trybe of Manasses ten cities.
6 And the chyldren of Gerson had by lot out of the kynredes of the tribe of Isacar out of şe tribe of Aser, out of şe tribe of Nephthali, and out of the other halfe trybe of Manasses in Basan .xiij. cities.
7 And the chyldren of Merari by theyr kynredes, had out of the trybe of Ruben, out of the trybe of Gad, and out of the trybe of Zabulon, twelue cities.
8 And the children of Israel gaue by lot vnto the Leuites, these cytyes wyth their suburbes as the Lorde commaunded by Moses.
9 And they gaue oute of the trybe of şe chyldren of Iuda, and out of the trybe of the children of Symeon, these cytyes by name,
10 which the chyldren of Aaron beynge of the kynredes of the Cahathytes, and of the chyldren of Leui, obtayned, for theyrs was the fyrste lot.
11 And they gaue them Kariath Arbe of the father of Enack, whych is Hebron, in the hyll countrey of Iuda, wyth the suburbes of the same rounde about it.
12 But the countreye that pertayned the cytye and the villages therof, they gaue to Caleb the sonne of Iephune, to be his possession.
13 And thus they gaue to the chyldren of Aaron the pryeste the fraunchesed cytyes of the slear, Hebron wyth her suburbes, and Lybna wyth her suburbes,
14 and Iathir wyth her suburbes, and Estymoa wyth her suburbes,
15 and Holon wyth her suburbes, and Dabyr wyth her Suburbes,
16 and Aybna wyth her Suburbes, and Iutah wyth her Suburbes, and Bethsames wyth her Suburbes, nyne cytyes out of those two trybes.
17 And out of the trybe of Beniamin, they gaue Gabaon wyth her suburbes, Gaba wyth her Suburbes,
18 Anatoth wyth her Suburbes, Almon wyth her Suburbes: foure cytyes.
19 All these cytyes of şe chyldren of Aaron priestes were .xiij. cytyes wyth theyr Suburbes.
20 And the kynredes of the chyldren of Cahath that were Leuites, that is to saye, the other chyldren of Cahath had the cytyes of theyr lot, out of the trybe of Ephraim.
21 And they gaue them the fre cytye of the slear: Sichen wyth her Suburbes, in mounte Ephraim, and Gazer wyth her Suburbes,
22 and Kabzaim wyth her Suburbes, Bethhoron wyth her Suburbes, foure cytyes.
23 And out of the trybe of Dan, Eltheke wyth her Suburbes, Gybthon wyth her Suburbes,
24 Aialon wyth her Suburbes, and Gathremon wyth her Suburbes, foure cytyes.
25 And out of the halfe trybe of Manasses, Thanach wyth her Suburbes, Gathremon wyth her Suburbes, two cytyes.
26 So that all the cytyes, whyche were geuen vnto the kynredes of the other chyldren of Cahath, were ten with theyr Suburbes.
27 And vnto the children of Gerson, which were of the kynredes of the Leuytes, they gaue out of the other halfe trybe of Manasses, the cytye of refuge for the slear, Golan in Basan wyth her Suburbes, Beestherah wyth her Suburbes, two cyties.
28 And oute of the trybe of Isacar, Kysyon wyth her Suburbes, Daberath wyth her Suburbes,
29 Iarymoth wyth her Suburbes, Enganim wyth her Suburbes, foure cytyes.
30 And out of the trybe of Aser, Miseal with her Suburbes, Abdon wyth her Suburbes,
31 Halakath wyth her Suburbes, Rohob wyth her Suburbes, foure cytyes.
32 And out of the trybe of Nephthali, the cytye of refuge of the flear, Kedes in Galyle, wyth her Suburbes, Hamothdor, wyth her Suburbes, Carthan wyth her Suburbes, thre cytyes.
33 So that all the cytyes of the Gersonites in theyr kynredes were .xiij. wyth theyr Suburbes.
34 And vnto the kynredes of the chyldren of Merari, the reste of the Leuytes, they gaue out of the trybe of Zabulon: Iecnam wyth her Suburbes, Carthah with her Suburbes,
35 Damna wyth her Suburbes, and Nahalal wyth her Suburbes, foure cytyes.
36 And out of the trybe of Ruben, they gaue Bozor wyth her suburbes, Iahesah with her suburbes,
37 Kedmoth with her suburbes, and Maphaath wyth her suburbes, foure cytyes.
38 And oute of the trybe of Gad, they gaue the fraunchysed cytye of the slear, Romoth in Galaad wyth her suburbes, Mahanaim with her suburbes
39 Hesbon wyth her suburbes,
40 and Iaser wyth her suburbes, foure cytyes in all, so that al the cytyes of the chyldren of Merari in their kinredes, which were the reste of the kynredes of the Leuites, were by theyr lot, twelue cyties.
41 And all the cytyes, that the Leuites had in the possessyon of the chyldren of Israell were .xlviij. wyth theyr suburbes.
42 And these cyties had eche theyr suburbes, round aboute her thorow out al the sayde cyties.
43 And the Lorde gaue vnto Israell all the lande, whiche he sware to geue vnto their fathers. And they conquered it, and dwelt therin.
44 And the Lorde gaue them rest roundabout accordyng to all that he sware vnto their fathers. So that there stode not a man of all theyr enemyes before them. But the Lorde delyuered all their enemyes into theyr handes.
45 There skaped nothynge of all the good thinges, whyche the Lorde had sayde vnto the house of Israell. But all came to passe.




1 Then Iosua called vnto the Rubenites, the Gaddites and to the halfe trybe of Manasses,
2 & sayd vnto them, ye haue kept al that Moses the seruaunt of the Lord commaunded you, and haue obeied my voyce in all that I commaunded you,
3 ye haue not lefte youre brethren of a long ceason vnto this daye but haue kepte the commaundement of the Lord youre God.
4 And now the Lord hath geuen reste vnto youre brethren as he promised them. Wherfore returne and go vnto youre tentes & vnto the lande of youre possessyon, whych Moses the seruaunt of the Lord gaue you on the other syde Iordan.
5 But in any wyse take exceding good heade, that ye do the commaundement & law whych Moses the seruaunt of the Lord charged you: whyche is, that ye loue the Lorde youre God, and walke in hys wayes & kepe his commaundementes, and cleaue vnto him, and seaue hym wyth all youre hertes, and all youre soules.
6 And so Iosua blessed them, and sent them awaye. And they went vnto their tentes.
7 Vnto the one halfe of the trybe of Manasses, Moses gaue possession in Basan, and vnto the other half therof gaue Iosua with their brethren on this syde Iordan westward. And also when Iosua sent them awaye vnto theyr tentes and blessed them,
8 he sayde vnto them, returne with much rychesse vnto youre tentes, and with very muche catell, wyth syluer gold, brasse, yeron, and with rayment aboue measure, and deuide the spoyle of youre enemyes wyth youre brethren.
9 And the chyldren of Ruben, the chyldren of Gad, and halfe the trybe of Manasses, returned and departed from the chyldren of Israel out of Syloh, which is in the lande of Canaan, to go vnto the countreye of Galaad, and to the lande of their possessyon, wherin they were possessed at the mouth of the Lorde by the hande of Moses.
10 And when they came vnto the coastes of Iordan, that lye in şe lande of Canaan, there the chyldren of Ruben, the chyldren of Gad, and the halfe trybe of Manasses, buylt an altare faste by Iordan, and that a great altare to se to.
11 And when the children of Israel hearde saye: beholde the chyldren of Ruben, the chyldren of Gad, and the halfe trybe of Manasses haue buylte an altare in the forefrounte of the land of Canaan in the borders of Iordan on the syde of the chyldren of Israell,
12 the whole congregacyon of the chyldren of Israel gathered them together to Siloh, to go vpon them wyth batell.
13 And the children of Israell sent vnto the chyldren of Ruben, to the chyldren of Gad, and to the halfe trybe of Manasses into the lande of Galaad, Phinehes, the sonne of Eleazar the prieste,
14 and wyth him ten Lordes of euery chefe house, a Lorde thorowout al the trybes of Israell, whych heades of their father housholdes were ouer the thousandes of Israell.
15 And they wente vnto the chyldren of Ruben, of Gad and to the halfe trybe of Manasses, vnto the lande of Galaad, and spake wyth them sayinge.
16 Thus saye the whole congregacion of the Lord: what transgression is this, that ye haue transgressed againste the God of Israell, to turne awaye this daye from after the Lorde and to buylde you an altare for to rebelle this day againste şe Lorde,
17 Is the wicked deade of Peor to lyttell for vs, wherof we are not cleansed vnto this daye, & there was a plage in the congregacion of the Lorde:
18 But that ye also shoulde turne awaye this daye from folowing the Lorde: ye shall rebelle to daye agaynste the Lorde, and to morow he shall be wroth wyth all the congregacyon.
19 Not withstanding yf the lande of youre possessyon be vncleane, then come ouer vnto the lande of the possessyon of the Lorde, where the Lordes tabernacle dwelleth, and be possessed amonge vs. But rebell not againste the Lorde nor agaynst vs, to buylde you anye other aulter saue the aulter of the Lorde oure God.
20 Dyd not Acan the sonne of Zareth trespase in şe excommunicate thinges, and wrath fell on all the congregacyon of Israel, so that he alone peryshed not for hys wyckednesse?
21 Then the chyldren of Ruben and of Gad, and halfe the trybe of Manasses aunswered and sayde vnto the heades ouer the thousandes of Israel:
22 The myghtye God Iehouah he knoweth, and Israel shall knowe yf it be to rebelle or transgresse agaynste the Lorde, then the Lorde saue vs not thys daye.
23 Or els yf we haue buylt vs an aulter to tourne from folowynge the Lorde, or to offer thereon burntofferynge or meate offerynges, or to offer peace offerynges thereon: let the Lorde requyre it:
24 And haue not rather done it for feare of thys: least in tyme to come youre chyldren shulde saye vnto oures: what haue ye to do wyth the Lorde God of Israel, seynge:
25 that the Lorde hath made Iordan a border betwene vs and you ye chyldren of Ruben & of Gad: ye haue no parte therfore in the Lorde: and so shall youre chyldren make our chyldren cease from fearynge the Lorde.
26 And therfore we sayde: Let vs cause an aulter to be made, not for burntofferynges, nor sacryfyces,
27 but it shalbe a wytnesse betwene vs, and you and oure generacyons after vs, that we shulde serue the Lorde, wyth our offerynges, sacryfyces and peace offerynges: and that youre chyldren shulde not say to oures in tyme to come, ye haue no parte in şe Lorde.
28 And we thought yf they shuld so say to vs or to oure generacyons in tyme to come, that we wolde saye agayne: Beholde the fashyon of the aulter which our fathers made, neither for burntofferynges nor sacryfyces, but that it shulde be a wytnesse betwene vs and you
29 God forbydde that we shulde rebell agaynst the Lorde, and that we shulde turne this day from after him, and buyld an aulter for burntofferynges or sacryfyces, saue the aultare of the Lorde, oure God that is before hys tabernacle.
30 And when Phinehes the Prieste, and the Lordes of the congregacion and heades ouer the thousandes of Israell whiche were wyth hym, hearde the wordes that the chyldren of Ruben, the chyldren of Gad and the chyldren of Manasses spake, they were well contente.
31 And Phinehes the sonne of Eleazar the priest sayde vnto the chyldren of Ruben, of Gad & of Manasses thys daye we perceyue that the Lorde is among vs, because ye haue not done thys trespase agaynst the Lorde. And now ye haue rydde the chyldren of Israell out of the handes of the Lorde.
32 And Phinehes the sonne of Eleazar the Prieste and the Lordes returned from the chyldren of Ruben and of Gad oute of the lande of Galaad vnto the lande of Canaan, to the chyldren of Israell, and brought them worde agayne.
33 And the aunswere pleased the chyldren of Israel well, and they praysed GOD and dyd not entende to go agaynste them in battayle, to destroye the lande which the chyldren of Ruben and Gad dwelte in.
34 And the chyldren of Ruben & the chyldren of Gad called the aulter Ed, because it is a wytnesse betwene vs, that the Lorde is God.




1 And it came to passe a long ceason after that the Lorde had geuen reste vnto Israel from all theyr enemyes rounde aboute, that Iosua waxed olde and was strycken in yeares.
2 Wherfore he sent for all Israell, & for theyr elders, theyr heades, theyr Iudges & offycers, and sayde vnto them: I am olde and strycken in yeares.
3 And ye haue sene all that the Lorde youre God hath done vnto al these nacyons before your faces: For the Lord your God he foughte for you.
4 Beholde I haue appoynted these nacyons that remayne, to be şe enherytaunce of youre trybes: euen from Iordan, and all the nacyons that I haue destroyed, euen vnto the great Sea.
5 And the Lorde youre God he shall expell and cast them oute before you, and ye shall conquere theyr landes, as the Lorde your God hath sayde vnto you.
6 Be therfore excedynge stronge that ye take hede to do all that is wrytten in the boke of the lawe of Moses, that ye bowe not asyde there from, to the ryght hande or to the lefte:
7 and that ye go not vnto these nacyons şt remayne wyth you: and that ye neyther make mencion or sweare by the names of theyr goddes: and that ye neyther serue them, nor bow your selues vnto them.
8 But that ye sticke fast vnto the Lorde youre God, as ye haue done vnto thys daye.
9 So shall the Lorde cast oute before you great nacyons and myghty, as ye se how no man hath stande before you hytherto.
10 One of you shall chase a thousande: for şe Lorde your God he fyghteth for you, as he hath sayde vnto you.
11 Take good hede therfor vnto youre soules, that ye loue the Lord your God.
12 But and yf ye shall go backe and cleaue vnto the reste of these nacyons that remayne wyth you, and shall make maryages wyth them, and shall go to them, and they come to you:
13 be sure that the Lorde youre God wyll not caste out al the nacyons from before you. But they shalbe snares and trappes vnto you, and scourges for youre sydes, & prickes in youre eyes, vntyll ye peryshe from of thys good lande whiche the Lorde your God hath geuen you.
14 Beholde I walke thys daye, by the waye of all the worlde: call ye to mynde in all your hertes and in all your soules, that nothynge hath fayled of all the good thynges whiche şe Lord your God promysed you. All are come to passe, and nothyng hath fayled therof.
15 And as all good thynges are come vpon you, which the Lorde youre God promysed you: so shall the Lorde brynge vpon you all euyll vntyl he haue destroyed you from of thys good lande which the Lorde your God hath geuen you
16 when ye haue transgressed the appoyntment of the Lorde youre God, which he commaunded you, and haue gone and serued straunge Goddes, and bowed your selues to them. Then shal the wrath of the Lord waxe whote vpon you, and ye shall peryshe quickly, from of the good lande which he hath geuen you.




1 And Iosua gathered all the trybes of Israel to Sichem, & called for the elders of Israel, and for theyr heades Iudges and offycers whiche presented them selues before God.
2 And Iosua sayde vnto all the people, thus saith the Lord God of Israel: your fathers dwelt on the other syde of the floude in olde tyme euen Thareh the father of Abraham and Nachor, and serued straunge Goddes.
3 But I toke youre father Abraham from the other syde of the floude, and brought hym into the lande of Canaan, & multyplyed hys seede, and gaue hym Isaac
4 Iacob and Esau And I gaue vnto Esau mounte Seyr to possesse it. But Iacob and hys chyldren wente doune into Egypte.
5 Then I sent Moses and Aaron. And I plaged Egypte, after the maner as I dyd amonge them,
6 and after that I broughte you out, & I brought youre fathers out of Egypt And ye came vnto the sea: and the Egypcyans folowed after youre fathers wyth Charettes and horsmen, vnto the red sea.
7 And they cryed vnto şe Lord. And he put darckenesse betwene you and the Egypcyans, and brought the sea vpon them, and couered them. And youre eyes haue sene what I haue done in Egypte. And ye dwelte in the wyldernesse a longe ceason.
8 And I brought you into the lande of şe Amorites which dwelte on the other syde Iordan. And they foughte with you: and I gaue them into youre handes. And ye conquered theyr contre. And I destroyed them in your syghte.
9 Then Balak the sonne of Ziphor, Kynge of Moab arose and warred agaynste Israell and sent & called Balam the sonne of Beor for to cursse you.
10 But I wold not agre to herken vnto Balam, and therfore he blessed you: And I delyuered you out of hys hande.
11 And when ye went ouer Iordan, and came vnto Iericho, the cytezens of Iericho foughte against you: the Amorytes, Pheresytes, Canaanytes, Hethytes, Girgosites, Heuites, Iebusites whiche I delyuered into youre handes.
12 And I sent hornettes before you and ye cast out before you euen the two Kynges of the Amorites: but not with youre owne swerd or wyth your owne bowe.
13 And I gaue you a lande in whiche ye dyd no laboure, & cytyes which you buylt not, & ye dwelte in them. And vynes, and Olyue trees which ye planted not, and ye ate of them.
14 And nowe feare the Lorde and serue hym in purenesse and truthe: And put awaye the Goddes which youre fathers serued on the other syde of the floude, and in Egypt, & serue the Lorde.
15 But yf it seme euyll vnto you to serue the Lorde, then chose you thys day whom you wyll serue whether the Goddes whiche youre fathers serued that were on the other syde of the floude, eyther the Goddes of the Amorytes in whose lande, ye dwelte, and I & my house wyll serue the Lorde.
16 And the people aunswered and sayd, God forbyd that we shulde forsake the Lorde and serue straunge Goddes.
17 For the Lorde oure God he it is that brought vs and our fathers out of the lande of Egypte, the house of bondage, and whiche dyd those myracles in oure syght, and preserued vs in all the waye we went and amonge all the nacyons whiche we came thorow.
18 And the Lorde dyd cast out before vs all the nacyons wyth the Amorytes, whiche dwelt in the lande, wherfore we wyll serue the Lorde, for he is oure God.
19 But Iosua sayde vnto the people, ye can not serue the Lorde: for he is an holye God & cannot beare youre transgressyon and synne.
20 But when ye haue forsaken the Lorde and haue serued straunge Goddes, he wyll turne and do you euyll, and consume you, after that he hath done you good.
21 And the people aunswered Iosua: naye, but we wyll serue the Lorde.
22 Then Iosua sayde vnto the folke, ye are wytnesses vnto youre selues, that ye haue chosen you the Lorde, to serue hym: and they said we are wytnesses.
23 Then put awaye, sayde he the straung Goddes which are among you, and bowe your hertes vnto the Lorde God of Israell.
24 And the people aunswered Iosua: the Lorde oure God we wyll serue, & hys voyce we wyl obey.
25 And so Iosua made a couenaunt wyth the people the same daye, and set ordynaunces and lawes before them in Sichem.
26 And Iosua wrote these wordes in the boke of the lawe of God, and toke a great stone and pytched it on ende in the sayde place euen vnder an ocke that stode in the sanctuarye of the Lorde.
27 And Iosua sayde vnto all the people: beholde, thys stone shalbe a wytnesse vnto vs, for it hath hearde all the wordes of şe Lorde whiche he spake wyth vs. It shalbe therfore a wytnesse vnto you, leste ye lye vnto youre God.
28 And so Iosua let the people departe euery man vnto hys enherytaunce.
29 And after these thynges the tyme came şt Iosua the sonne of Nun and the seruaunte of the Lorde dyed beynge an hundreth and ten yeares olde.
30 Whom they buryed in the cuntrey of hys enherytaunce, euen in Thamnath sareh whiche is in mount Ephraim, on the north syde of the hyll of Gaas.
31 And Israel serued the Lorde all the dayes of Iosua, and all the dayes of the elders that ouer lyued Iosua, and whiche had sene al the worckes of the Lorde that he had done to Israell.
32 And the bones of Ioseph, whiche the chyldren of Israell brought oute of Egypte, they buryed in Sichem, in a parcell of ground which Iacob bought of the sonnes of Hemor the father of Sichem, for an hundreth peaces of syluer, which parcell became the enherytaunce of the chyldren of Ioseph.
33 And Eleazar the sonne of Aaron dyed, whom they buryed in Gabaath that pertained to Phinehes hys sonne, and was geuen hym in mounte Ephraim.