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1 In şe lande of Nus there was a man called Iob: an innocent & vertuous man, soche one as feared God exchued euell.
2 This man had .vij. sonnes, & .iij. daughters.
3 Hys substaunce was .vij.M. shepe .iij.M. camels .v.C. youck of oxen .v.C. she asses, & a very greate housholde: so that he was one of the moste principall men amonge all them of the east countre.
4 And his sonnes went, and made banckettes: one daye in one house, another daye in another, and sent for their .iij. systers to eate and drincke with them.
5 So when they had passed ouer the tyme of their banckettynge rounde aboute, Iob sent for them, and clensed them agayne, and gat vp early, & offered for euery one a brentofferynge. For Iob thought thus: peraduenture my sonnes haue done some offence, and haue bene vnthankfull to God in their hertes. And thus dyd Iob euery daye.
6 Now vpon a tyme, when the seruauntes of God came & stode before the Lord, Sathan came also amonge them.
7 And the Lorde sayde vnto Sathan: From whence commest thou? Sathan answered the Lorde, and sayd: I haue gone aboute the lande and walcked thorow it.
8 Then sayde the Lorde vnto Sathan: hast thou not consydered my seruaunt Iob, how şt he is an innocent & vertuous man: soch one as feareth God, & extrueth euel, & that there is none lyke hym in the lande?
9 Sathan answered, & sayde vnto the Lord: Doeth Iob feare God for nought?
10 hast thou not preserued him, his house, and all hys substaunce on euery syde? hast thou not blessed the worckes of his handes? Is not his possessyon encreased in the lande?
11 But laye thyne hande vpon him a lytle, touche ones all that he hath, and (I holde) he shall curse the to thy face.
12 And the Lorde sayd vnto Sathan: lo all that he hath, be in thy power: only vpon hym self se that thou laye not thyne hande. Then went Sathan forth from the Lorde.
13 Now vpon a certayne daye when his sonnes and daughters were eatynge, and drinckinge wyne in their eldeste brothers house,
14 there came a messenger vnto Iob, & sayde: Whyle the oxen were a plowynge, & the Asses going in the pasture besyde them:
15 the Sabees came in violently, and toke them all awaye: ye they haue slayne thy seruauntes with the swearde and I only ranne my waye, to tell the.
16 And whyle he was yet speakynge, there came another, and sayde: The fyre of God is fallen from heauen, it hath consumed, and brent vp all thy shepe and seruauntes: and I only ranne my waye, to tell the.
17 In şt meane season whyle he was yet speakynge there came another, and sayde: The Caldees made thre armies, & fell in vpon thy camels, which they haue caried awaye, yee and slayne thy seruauntes with the swearde: and I only am gotten awaye, to tell the:
18 Whyle he was speakynge, there came yet another, & sayde: Thy sonnes and daughters were eatyng & drynckynge wyne in their eldest brothers house,
19 & sodenly there came a mightie greate wynde out of the South, and smote the .iiij. corners of the house, which fell vpon thy chyldren, so that they are deed: and I am gotten awaye alone, to tell the.
20 Then Iob stode vp, and rente hys clothes shaued his heade, fell doune vpon the ground, worshipped,
21 and sayde: Naked came I out of my mothers wombe, & naked shall I turne thether agayne. The Lorde gaue, and the Lord hath taken awaye now blessed be the name of the Lorde.
22 In all these thynges dyd Iob not offende, ner murmured folyshye agaynst God.




1 It happened also vpon a tyme, that when the seruauntes of God came & stode before the Lorde, Sathan came amonge them, and stode before hym.
2 And the Lorde sayde vnto Sathan: From whence commest thou? Sathan answered & sayde: I haue gone aboute the lande, & walked thorow it.
3 Then sayde the Lorde vnto Sathan: hast thou not consydered my seruaunt Iob, how that he is an innocent and vertuous man soch one as feareth God, and extrueth euel, and that there is none lyke hym in the land? But thou mouedest me agaynst hym, to punyshe hym: yet is it in vayne, for he contynueth still in his godlynesse.
4 Sathan answered şe Lorde, and sayde: Skynne for skynne? yee a man will geue all that euer he hath, for his lyfe.
5 But laye thyne hande vpon him, touche hym ones vpon the bone and fleshe, and (I holde) he shall curse the to thy face.
6 Then sayde the Lorde vnto Sathan: lo, there hast thou hym in thy power, but spare his lyfe.
7 So went Sathan forth from the Lorde, and smote Iob with maruelous sore byles, from the sole of the fote vnto hys crowne:
8 so that he sat vpon the grounde in the asshes and scraped of the fylth of hys sores wyth potsherde.
9 Then sayd his wyfe vnto him: Doest thou contynue in thy perfectnes? curse God, and dye.
10 But Iob sayde vnto her: Thou speakest lyke a folysh woman. Seynge we haue receyued prosperite at the hand of God, wherfore shuld we not be content with aduersyte also? In all these thynges, dyd not Iob synne with his lyppes.
11 Now when Iobs frendes herde of all the trouble, that happened vnto hym, there came thre of them, euery one from hys owne place: namelye, Eliphas the Thamanite, Baldad the Suhite, and Zophar the Naamathite. For they were agreed together to come, to shewe theyr compassyon vpon him, and to comforte hym.
12 So when they lyfte vp theyr eyes a farre of, they knewe hym not. Then they cryed, and wepte: then euerye one of them rente hys clothes, and sprynckled dust vpon theyr heades in the ayre.
13 They sat them doune by hym also vpon the grounde .vij. dayes and .vij. nightes. Nether was there eny of them that spake one worde vnto hym, for they sawe that hys payne was verye greate.




1 After thys opened Iob hys mouth, and, cursed his day
2 and sayde:
3 loste be that daye, wherin I was borne: and the nyght, in şt which it was sayde: there is a man chylde conceyued.
4 The same daye be turned to darcknesse, & not regarded of God from aboue, nether be shyned vpon with lyght:
5 but be couered with darcknesse, & the shadowe of death. Let the dymme cloude fall vpon it, & let it be lapped in with sorow.
6 Let the darck storme ouercome that nyght, let it not be reckened amonge the dayes of şe yeare, ner counted in the monethes.
7 Despysed be that night, & discommended: let them that curse the daye,
8 euen those that be ready to rayse vp mourninge geue it also theyr cursse.
9 Let the starres be dymme thorow darcknesse of it. Let it loke for lyght, but let it se none, nether the rysyng vp of the fayre mornynge,
10 because it shut not vp the wombe that bare me, ner hyd these sorowes from myne eyes.
11 Alas, why dyed I not in the byrth? Why dyd not I perysh, as sone as I came oute of my mothers wombe?
12 Why set they me vpon their knees? Why gaue they me suck wyth their brestes?
13 Then shulde I now haue lyen styll, I shulde haue slepte, & bene at rest:
14 like as şe kynges & lordes of şe erth, which buyld them selues specyall places:
15 As the prynces that haue greate substaunce of gould, & theyr houses full of syluer.
16 O that I vtterlye had no beynge, or were as a thynge borne out of tyme (that is put asyde) ether as yonge chyldren, which neuer sawe the light.
17 There must şe wycked ceasse from their tyranny, there soch as are ouerlaboured be at rest:
18 there are those let out fre, whych haue bene in preson, so that they heare nomore şe voyce of the oppressour:
19 There are small and greate: the bonde man, and he that is fre from his mayster.
20 Wherfore is the lyght geuen to hym that is in miserye? and lyfe vnto them, that haue heuy hertes?
21 Whyche longe for death, yf it come not: and search for it more then for treasure
22 which also would be exceding glad, & reioyce yf they found their graue.
23 That should be ioye to şe man whose way is hyd, which God kepeth backe from him.
24 For my sighes come before I eate, and my roarynges fall oute lyke flowynge water.
25 For the thynge that I feared, is come vpon me: and the thing that I was afraied of, is happened vnto me?
26 Was I not happye? Had I not quyetnesse? Was I not in rest? And now commeth such misery vpon me.




1 Then answered Eliphas şe Themanyte and said vnto him:
2 Yf we beginne to commen with the peraduenture thou wilt be dyscontent, but who can withhold him selfe from speakinge?
3 Behold, thou hast bene a teacher of manye, and hast comforted the wery handes.
4 Thy wordes haue set vp those that were fallen, thou haste refreshed the weake knees.
5 But nowe that the plage is come vpon the thou shrenkest awaye: now that it hath touched thy self, thou arte faynt harted.
6 Is not this thy feare, thy stedfastnesse, thy pacience, and the perfectnesse of thy wayes?
7 Consydre (I praye the) whoeuer peryshed beynge an innocent? Or, when were the godly destroied?
8 As I haue sene them that plowe vanity and sowe malicie reape the same.
9 With the blast of God dyd they perysh, & with the breth of his anger consumed they awaye.
10 The roarynge of the lyon, the voyce of the lyonesse, and the teeth of the lyons whelpes are broken
11 The lyon perissheth, for lacke of praye & the lyons whelpes are scatered abrode.
12 And vnto me was the worde hydde, and myne eare hathe receyued a lytell therof.
13 In the phantasyes and thoughtes of the vysyons of the nyght, when slepe cometh on men:
14 feare came vpon me and drede & made my bones to shake.
15 And when the wynd passed by before my presence it made the heares of my flesshe stande vp.
16 He stode there and I knew not his face, an ymage there was before me & there was stylnes, so that I heard thys voyce.
17 Shall man be moare iust then God? Or shall man be purer then his maker?
18 Behold there is no trust to his seruauntes, and in his aungelles hath he founde frowardnes.
19 How moche moare in them that dwell in houses of claye whose foundacion is but earth, which shalbe consumed by the Moth.
20 They shalbe smytten from şe mornynge vnto the euenyng yee they shall perysh euerlastynglye, and no man thincke theron.
21 Is not their dignitie taken awaye with them, they shall dye and not in wysdome.




1 Name me one els, yf thou canst fynde eny: yee loke aboute the, vpon eny of the holye men.
2 As for the folyshe man, displeasure kylleth hym, and anger slayeth the ignoraunt.
3 I haue sene my selfe, when the folishe was depe roted, that hys bewty was sodenly destroied,
4 that his chyldren were without prosperite or healt: that they were slayne in the dore, and no man to delyuer them:
5 that hys haruest was eaten vp of the hungrye: that the weapened man had spoyled it, and that the thurstye had droncke vp his riches. It is not şe earth that bringeth forth trauayle,
6 neither commeth sorow out of şe grounde:
7 but is man, that is borne vnto mysery, lyke as the byrde for to fle.
8 But now wyll I speake of the Lorde, and talke of God:
9 which doeth thinges, that are vnsearcheable, and marueles without nombre:
10 Which geueth rayne vpon the earth, and poureth water vpon all thinges:
11 whiche setteth vp them of lowe degre, and sendeth prosperite, to those that are in heuinesse:
12 Which destroyeth the deuyces of the sotyll, so that they are not able to performe şe thinges that they take in hande:
13 whyche compasseth the wyse in theyr owne craftynesse, and ouerthroweth the councell of the wycked?
14 In so much şt they runne into darcknesse by fayre daye, & grope aboute them at the none daye, lyke as in the nyght.
15 And so he delyuereth the poore from the swearde, from their mouth, and from the hande of the cruell,
16 that the poore maye haue hope, and that the mouth of the oppressoure maye be stopped.
17 Beholde, happye is the man, whom God punisheth: therfore, despyse not thou şe chastenynge of the Almyghty.
18 For though he make a wound, he geueth a medicine againe: though he smyte, hys hande maketh whole agayne.
19 He delyuereth the oute of syxe troubles so that in şe seuenth there can no harme touch the.
20 In the middest of honger he saueth the from death: and when it is warre, from the power of the swearde.
21 He shal kepe the from the perlous tonge that so when trouble commeth, thou shalt not nede to feare.
22 In destruccion & derth thou shalt be mercy, & shalt not be afrayed for the beastes of the earth:
23 But the castels in the land shal be confederate with the, & the beastes of the felde shall geue the peace.
24 Ye thou shalt knowe, that thy dwellinge place shalbe in reste: thou shalt beholde thy substaunce, & be nomore punished for synne
25 Thou shalt se also, that thy sede shall encrease, and that thy posteryte shalbe as the grasse vpon şe earth.
26 Thou shalt come to thy graue in a fayre age, lyke as the corne sheeues are brought into the barne in due season.
27 Lo, this is şe matter, as we oure selues haue proued by experience. Therfore now that thou hearest it, take better hede to thy selfe.




1 Iob answered, and sayde:
2 O that my mysery were weyed, and my punishmente layed in the balaunces:
3 for then should it be heuyer, then the sande of the sea. This is the cause, that my words are so soroufull.
4 For the arowes of the almyghty are in me, whose indignacyon hath droncke vp my sprete, and the terrible feares of GOD fyghte agaynste me.
5 Doeth the wylde asse roare when he hath grasse? Or cryeth the oxe, when he hath foder ynoug?
6 That which is vnsauery, shall it be eaten wythoute salte, or is there any taste in the whyte of an egge:
7 The thynges that some tyme I myghte not awaye wythall, are nowe my meate for very sorowe.
8 O that I myghte haue my desyre: O that GOD woulde graunte me the thynge, that I longe for.
9 That he woulde begynne And smyte me: that he woulde let hys hande go, and hewe me doune.
10 Then shoulde I haue some comforte: ye I woulde desyre him in my payne, that he shoulde not spare, for I wyll not be agaynst the wordes of the holy one.
11 What power haue I to endure? Or, what is myne end, that my soule myghte be pacyente?
12 Is my strength the strength of stones? Or, is my fleshe made of brasse?
13 Is it not so that there is in me no helpe: and that my substaunce is taken from me.
14 He that is in trybulacyon oughte to be comforted of hys neyghbour: but the feare of the Lord is cleane awaye:
15 Myne owne brethren passeouer by me as the water broke, that hastelye runneth thorow the valleyes.
16 But they that feare the hore frost, the snowe shall fall vpon them.
17 When theyr time commeth, they shalbe destroyed and perishe: and when they be set on fyre, they shalbe remoued oute of theyr place,
18 for the pathes that they go in, are croked: they haste after vayne thinges, and shal perysh.
19 Consydre the pathes of Theman, & the wayes of Saba, wherin they haue put their trust.
20 Confounded are they, that put eny confydence in them: For when they came to opteyne the thinges that they loked for, they were brought to confusion.
21 Euen so are ye also come vnto me: but now that ye se my misery, ye are afrayed.
22 Dyd I desyre you, to come hether? Or, to geue me eny of youre substaunce?
23 To delyuer me from the enemyes hande, or to saue me from the power of the myghtye?
24 Teach me and I wil holde my tonge: and yf I do erre, shewe me wherin.
25 Wherfore blame ye then the wordes, that are wel and truely spoken?
26 which of you can reproue them? Sauynge onlye that ye are sotyll to check mens sayinges, and can speake many wordes in the wynde.
27 Ye fall vpon the fatherlesse, & go aboute to ouerthrowe youre owne frende.
28 Wherfore loke not onely vpon me, but vpon youre selues: whether I lye, or no.
29 Turne into youre owne selues (I praye you) be indifferent iudges, and considre mine vngyltynesse:
30 whether there be eny vnryghtuousnesse in my tonge, or vayne wordes in my mouth.




1 Is not the lyfe of man vpon earth a verye batayl? Are not hys daies lyke şe daies of an hired seruaunte?
2 For lyke as a bonde seruaunt desyreth the shadowe, and as an hyrelynge woulde fayne haue an ende of hys worcke:
3 Euen so haue I laboured whole monethes longe (but in vayne) and manye a carefull nyght haue I tolde.
4 When I layed me downe to slepe, I sayde: O when shall I ryse? Agayne, I longed sore for the night. Thus am I full of sorowe, tyll it be darcke.
5 My fleshe is clothed wyth wormes, fylthynesse and dust: my skynne is wythered, and crompled together:
6 my dayes passe ouer more spedelye, then a weeuer can weeue out his webbe: and are gone, or I am a warre.
7 O remembre, that my lyfe is but a wynde, and that myne eye shall nomore se the pleasures
8 therof, ye & that none other mans eye shall se me eny more. For yf thou fasten thyne eyes vpon me, I come to naught lyke
9 as a cloude is consumed & vanisshed a waye euen so he that goeth downe to hell, commeth nomore vp,
10 ner turneth agayne into hys house, nether shall hys place knowe him eny more.
11 Therfore I wyll not spare my mouth, but will speake in the trouble of my sprete, in the bytternesse of my mynde wyll I talke.
12 Am I a see or a whalfysh, that thou kepest me so in preson?
13 When I thynke: my bed shall comforte me. I shall haue some refresshynge by talckinge by my self vpon my couche:
14 Then troublest thou me with dreames, and makest me so afrayed thorowe visions,
15 that my soule wyssheth rather to be strangled, and my bones to be deed.
16 I can se no remedy, I shall loue nomore: O spare me then, for my dayes are but vayne
17 What is man, that thou hast hym in soch reputacyon, and settest somoch by hym?
18 Thou takest diligent care for hym, & sodenly doest thou trye hym.
19 Why goest thou not from me, ner lettest me alone, so longe tyll I swalowe doune my spetle?
20 I haue offended, what shall I do vnto the, O thou preseruer of men? Why hast thou made me to stande in thy way, and am so heuy a burden vnto my selfe?
21 Why doest thou not forgeue me my synne? Wherfore takeste thou not awaye my wyckednesse. Beholde, now must I slepe in the dust: & yf thou sekest me to morow in the morning, I shalbe gone.




1 Then answered Baldad the Suhyte, and sayd:
2 How long wilt thou talke of such thynges? how longe shall thy mouth speake so proude words?
3 Doth God peruerte the thynge that is laufull? Or doth the Almyghtye destroye the thynge that is ryght?
4 When thy sonnes synned agaynst hym, dyd not he punish them for theyr wyckednesse?
5 If thou woldest now resorte vnto God by tymes, & make thyne humble prayer to the Almyghtye:
6 yf thou woldest lyue a pure and a godly lyfe: shulde he not wake vp vnto the immediatly, & geue the, the bewtie of rightuousnesse agayne?
7 In so moch, that where in soeuer thou haddest lytle afore, thou shuldest now haue greate aboundaunce.
8 Enquere of them that haue bene bofore the, search dylygently amonge thy forefathers:
9 Namelye, that we are but of yester daye, and consydre not, that oure dayes vpon earth are but a very shadowe.
10 They shall shewe the, they shall tell the, ye they wyll gladly confesse the same.
11 Maye a rysshe be grene wythout moystnesse? maye şe grasse growe wythout water?
12 No: but (or euer it be shot forth, and or euer it be gathered) it withereth, before eny other herbe.
13 Euen so goeth it with all them, that forget God: and euen thus also shall the ypocrytes hope come to naught.
14 His confydence shalbe destroyed, for he trusteth in a spyders webbe.
15 He leaneth hym vpon hys house, but he shal not stande: he holdeth hym fast by it, yet shall he not endure.
16 Oft tyme a thynge doth floryshe, and men thynke that it maye abyde the Sonne shynynge: it shuteth forth the braunches in hys garden,
17 it taketh many rotes, in so moche that it is lyke an house of stones.
18 But yf it be taken out of hys place, euery man denyeth it, saying: I knowe the not.
19 Lo, thus is it wt him, that reioyseth in hys owne doynges: and as for other, they growe oute of the earth.
20 Beholde, God wyll not cast awaye a vertuous man, nether wyl he helpe the vngodly.
21 Thy mouth shall he fyll with laugynge, and thy lyppes wyth gladnesse.
22 Thy that hate the, shalbe confounded, and the dwellynges of the vngodly shall come to naught.




1 Iob answered, & sayde:
2 As for that, I know it is so of a trueth, that a man compared vnto God, can not be iustified.
3 If he wyll argue with him, he shall not be able to auswere hym vnto one among a thousande.
4 He is wyse of hert, and myghtie in strength. Who euer prospered, şt toke parte against hym?
5 He translateth the mountaynes, or euer they be a ware, & ouerthroweth them in hys wrath.
6 He remoueth the earth oute of her place, that her pylers shake with all.
7 He commaundeth the Sonne, and it ryseth not she closeth vp the starres, as it were vnder a sygnet.
8 He him selfe alone spredeth out the heauens, and goeth vpon the waues of the see.
9 He maketh the vaynes of heauen, the Orions, the .vij. starres and the secrete places of the south.
10 He doth greate thynges, soch as are vnsearcheable, ye and wonders without nombre.
11 If he came by me, I myght not loke vpon hym: yf he went his waye, I shulde not perceaue it.
12 If he be hasty to take enye thynge awaye, who will make hym restore it agayne? Who wyll saye vnto hym: what doest thou?
13 He is God, whose wrath no man maye withstande: but the proudest of all muste stoupe vnder hym.
14 How shulde I then answere him? or what wordes shulde I fynde out agaynst hym?
15 Ye though I be rightuous, yet wyll I not geue him one worde agayne, but mekely submytte my self to my iudge.
16 All be it that I call vpon him, and he heare me, yet am I not sure, that he hath herde my voce:
17 he troubleth me so with the tempest, and woundeth me out of measure without a cause.
18 He wyll not let my sprete be in reste, but fylleth me with bytternesse.
19 If men wyll speake of strength, he is the strongest of all: yf men wyll speake of ryghtuousnes, who darre be my recorde.
20 If I will iustifye my self, my awne mouth shall condemne me: yf I wyll put forth my selfe for a perfecte man, he shall proue me a wycked doer:
21 For that I shulde be an innocent, my conscyence knoweth it not, ye I my selfe am werry of my lyfe.
22 This one thyng wyll I saye: He destroyeth both the ryghtuous & vngodly.
23 And though he slaye sodenly wyth the scourge, yet laugheth he at the punyshment of the innocent.
24 As for the world, he geueth it ouer in to the power of the wycked, soch as the rulers be, wherof al landes are full. Is it not so? where is there eny, but he is soch one?
25 My dayes haue bene more swyfte then a runner: they are gone sodenly, and haue sene no good thynge.
26 They are passed awaye, as the shippes that be good vnder sayle, and as the Aegle that hasteth to the praye.
27 When I am purposed to forget my complayninges to chaunge my countenaunce, & to conforte my selfe,
28 then am I afrayed of all my workes, for I knowe, thou fauourest not an euell doer.
29 If I be then a wycked one, why haue I laboured in vayne?
30 Though I washed my self with snowe water, & made myne handes neuer so clene,
31 yet shuldest thou dyppe me in the myer, and myne awne clothes shulde defyle me.
32 For he that I must geue answere vnto, and with whom I go to lawe, is not a man as I am.
33 Nether is there eny dayesman to reproue both the partes, or to laye hys hande betwixte vs.
34 Let him take hys rod awaye from me, ye let him make me no more a frayed of hym,
35 and then shall I answere hym wythout enye feare. For as longe as I am in suche fearfulnesse, I can make no answere: And why?




1 (9:36) it greueth my soule to lyue. (10:1) Neuerthelesse, nowe wyll I put forth my wordes: I will speake out of the very heuinesse of my soule,
2 and wyl saye vnto God: O do not condempne me, but shewe me the cause, wherfore thou iudgeste me on thys maner.
3 Thynkeste thou it well done, to oppresse me, to caste me of (beinge a worke of thy handes) and to manteyne the councell of the vngodly?
4 Hast thou fleshye eyes then, or doest thou loke as man loketh?
5 Are thy dayes as the dayes of man, and thy yeares as mans yeares?
6 that thou makest suche inquisicion for my wyckednesse, and searchest out my synne?
7 where as (notwithstandynge) thou knowest that I am no wycked person, and that there is no man able to delyuer me out of thyne hande.
8 Thy handes haue made me, and fashoned me altogether roundabout wilt thou then destroye my sodenlye?
9 O remembre (I beseke the) how that thou madest me of the mould of the earth, and shalt bring me to earth agayne.
10 Hast thou not milked me, as it were milck: and turned me to cruddes lyke chese?
11 Thou hast couered me wyth skynne and fleshe, and ioyned me together wyth bones & synowes.
12 Thou hast graunted me life, & done me good and the diligent hede that thou tokeste vpon me, hath preserued my sprite.
13 Though thou hidest these thinges in thine hert, yet am I sure, that thou remembrest them all.
14 Wherfore dydest thou kepe me, when I synned, and haste not clensed me from myne offence?
15 Yf I do wickedlye, wo is me therfore: Yf I be righteous, yet darre I not lyfte vp my heade: so full am I of confusion, and se myne owne mysery.
16 Thou huntest me out (being in heuynesse) as it were a Lyon, and troubleste me oute of measure.
17 Thou bringeste fresh wytnesses against me, thy wrath increaseste thou vpon me, very many are the plages that I am in.
18 Wherfore hast thou broughte me oute of my mothers wombe? O that I had peryshed, and that no eye had sene me.
19 Yf they had caryed me to my graue, as sone as I was borne, then shoulde I be nowe, as though I had neuer bene.
20 Shall not my shorte lyfe come sone to an ende? O holde the from, let me alone, that I maye ease my self a lytle
21 afore I go thether, from whence I shall not turne agayne. Namely, to that lande of darcknesse & shadowe of death:
22 ye into that darck clowdy lande & deadly shadow, where as is no ordre, but terrible feare as in the darcknesse.




1 Then answered Sophar the Naamathyte, and sayde:
2 Should not he that maketh many words, be answered? Shoulde he that bableth much, be commended therin?
3 Should men geue eare vnto şe only? Thou wylt laugh other men to scorne, and shal no body mocke the agayne?
4 Wylt thou saye vnto God: The thynge that I take in hande is perfecte, and I am clene in thy syght?
5 O that God woulde speake, and open hys lyppes agaynst the,
6 that he myght shewe the (out of his secrete wysdome) howe manyfolde his Lawe is: then shuldest thou knowe, that God had forgotten the, because of thy synnes.
7 Wylt thou fynde out God with thy sekinge? wilt thou attayne to the perfectnesse of the almyghtye?
8 He is hyer then heauen, what wilt thou do? Deper then the hell, howe wylt şu then know him?
9 Hys length exceadeth the length of the erth, & his bredth the bredth of the sea.
10 Though he turne all thynges vp syde downe, close them in, or thrust them to gether who darre check hym therfore?
11 For it is he that knoweth the vanyte of men: he seyth theyr wickednesse also, shulde he not then considre it?
12 A vayne body exalteth hym selfe, & the sonne of man is lyke a wyld asses foale.
13 Yf şu haddest now a righte herte, and lyftedst vp thyne handes towarde hym:
14 yf thou woldest put awaye the wyckednesse which thou hast in hande, so that no vngodlynesse dwelt in they house:
15 Then myghtest thou lyft vp thy face without shame, then shuldest thou besure and haue no nede to feare.
16 Then shuldest thou forget thy mysery, and thyncke nomore vpon it, then vpon the waters that runne by.
17 Then shuld thy lyfe be as cleare as the noone daye, and sprynge forth as the mornynge.
18 Then myghtest thou haue comforth, in the hope that thou haste: & slepe quyetly, when thou art buryed.
19 Then shuldest thou take thy reste, and no man to make the afrayed, ye many one shuld set moch by the.
20 As for the eyes of the vngodly, they shalbe consumed, and not escape: theyr hope shalbe mysery and sorow of mynde.




1 So Iob answered, and sayde:
2 Then (no doute) ye are the men alone, and wysdom shall perysh wyth you.
3 But I haue vnderstandyng as well as ye, and am no lesse then ye. Ye who knoweth not these thinges?
4 Thus he that calleth vpon God, & whom God heareth, is mocked of hys neyghboure: the godlye and innocent man is laughed to scorne.
5 Godlynesse is a light despysed in the hertes of the ryche, and is set for them to stomble vpon.
6 The houses of robbers are in wealth & prosperite, and they that maliciously medle agaynst God, dwell without care: ye God geueth all thinges rychely with hys hande.
7 Aske the catell, & they shall infourme the: the fowles of the ayre, and they shall tell the:
8 Speake to the earth, & it shall shewe the: Or to the fysshes of the sea, and they shall certifie the.
9 What is he, but he knoweth that the hande of the Lorde made all these?
10 In whose hande is the soule of euery lyuynge thinge, & the breth of all men.
11 Haue not the eares pleasure in hearinge, & the mouth in tastinge the thinge that it eateth?
12 Amonge olde personnes there is wysdome, & amonge the aged is vnderstandinge.
13 Ye with God is wysdome and strength, it is he that hath councell and forknowlege.
14 If he breake downe a thinge, who can set it vp agayne? If he shut a thing, who wyll open it?
15 Beholde, yf he witholde the waters, they drye vp: Yf he let them go, they destroye the earth.
16 With hym is strength and wysdome: he knoweth bothe the disceyuer & hym that is disceyued.
17 He caryeth awaye the wyse men, as it were a spoyle, and bringeth the iudges out of their wyttes.
18 He lowseth the gyrdle of kynges, and gyrdeth theyr loynes with a bonde.
19 He ledeth awaye the Preastes in to captyuyte, and turneth the myghtye vpsyde downe.
20 He taketh the verite from out of the mouth, & disapoynteth the aged of their wysdome.
21 He poureth out confusyon vpon Princes, and comforteth them that haue bene oppressed.
22 Loke what lyeth hyd in darcknesse, he declareth it openly: and the very shadowe of death bringet he to lyght.
23 He bothe increaseth the people, and destroyeth them: He maketh them to multiplye and driueth them awaye.
24 He chaungeth the herte of the Princes and Kynges of the earth and disapoynteth them: so that they go wandringe out of the waye,
25 & grope in the darcke without light, stackeringe to and fro lyke droncken men.




1 Lo, all this haue I sene with myne eye, hearde with myne eare, & vnderstand it.
2 Loke what ye knowe, that same do I knowe also, nether am I inferior vnto you.
3 Neuerthelesse I am purposed to talke with the almyghtie, & my desyre is to comen with God.
4 As for you, ye are worckmaisters of lyes, and vnprofytable Physicians all together.
5 Woulde God ye kepte youre tonge, that ye myght be taken for wyse men.
6 Therfore heare my wordes, & pondre the sentence of my lyppes.
7 Wyll ye make answere for God wyth lyes, and maynteyne hym with disceate?
8 Wyll ye accepte şe persone of God, and intreate for hym?
9 Shall that helpe you, when he calleth you to rekoning. Thynke ye to begyle him, as a man is begyled?
10 He shall punysh you, & reproue you, yf ye do secretly accepte any persone.
11 Shall he not make you afrayed, when he sheweth hym selfe? Shall not his terrible feare fall vpon you?
12 Youre remembraunce shalbe lyke vnto the dust, and youre pride shalbe turned to claye.
13 Holde youre tonges now, and let me speake, for there is some thinge come into my mynde.
14 Wherfore do I beare my flesh in my teth, and myne soule in myne handes?
15 Lo, there is nether conforte nor hope for me, yf he wyll slaye me. But yf I shewe and reproue myne owne wayes in his syght,
16 he is euen the same that maketh me whole: and why? there maye no hypocrite come before hym.
17 Heare my wordes, and pondre my sayinges with youre eares.
18 Beholde, now haue I prepared my iudgement, and knowe that I shalbe founde ryghtwes.
19 What is he, that wyll go to lawe with me? For yf I holde my tonge, I shall dye.
20 Neuerthelesse graunte me two thinges, and then wyll I not hyde my selfe from the.
21 Withdrawe thyne hande from me, and let not şe fearfull drede of the make me afrayed.
22 And then sende for me to the lawe, that I maye answere for my selfe: or els, let me speake, and geue thou the answere.
23 Howe greate are my mysdedes and synnes? Let me knowe my transgressions and offences.
24 Wherfore hydest thou thy face, and holdest me for thyne enemye?
25 Wilt thou be so cruel and extreme vnto a flyinge leafe, and folowe vpon drye stubble?
26 That thou layest so sharpely to my charge, and wilt vtterlye vndo me, for the synnes of my youth?
27 Thou hast put my fote in the stockes: thou lokest narowly vnto all my pathes, & markest the steppes of my fete:
28 were as I (notwithstandynge) must consume lyke as a foule carion, and as a cloth that is moth aten.




1 Man that is borne of a woman, hath but a shorte tyme to lyue, and is full of diuerse miseries.
2 He commeth vp and falleth awaye lyke a floure. He flyeth as it were a shadowe, and neuer continueth in one state.
3 Thynkest thou it now well done to open thyne eyes vpon soche one, and to brynge me before the in iudgement?
4 Who can make it cleane, that commeth of an vncleane thynge? No body.
5 The dayes of man are shorte, the nombre of his monethes are knowne only vnto the. Thou hast apoynted hym his boundes, he can not go beyond them.
6 Goo from him, that he maye rest a lytle: vntyll hys daye come, whiche he loketh for, lyke as an hyrelynge doth.
7 If a tre be cut downe, there is some hope yet, that it wyll sproute and shute forth the braunches agayne:
8 For though a rote be waxen olde and deed in the grounde, yet when the stocke
9 getteth the sent of water, yt wyll budde, and brynge forth bowes, lyke as whent it was fyrst planted.
10 But as for man, when he is deed, perysshed and consumed awaye, what becommeth of hym?
11 The floudes when they be dryed vp, and the ryuers when they be emptie, are fylled agayne thorowe the flowynge waters of the sea:
12 but when man slepeth, he ryseth not agayne, vntyll the heauen perish: he shall not wake vp ner ryse out of his slepe.
13 O that thou woldest kepe me, and hyde me in the hell, vntyll thy wrath were stylled: and to appoynte me a tyme, wherin thou myghtest remembre me.
14 Maye a deed man lyue agayne? All the dayes of thys my pilgremage am I lokynge, when my chaunginge shall come.
15 If thou woldest but call me, I shulde obeye the, only despyse not şe worke of thyne owne handes.
16 For thou hast nombred all my goynges, yet be not thou to extreame vpon my synnes.
17 Thou haste sealed vp myne offences, as it were in a bagge: but be mercyfull vnto my wyckednesse.
18 The mountaynes fall awaye at the last, şe rockes are remoued out of theyr place,
19 the waters pearse thorow the very stones by lytle & litle, the floudes wasshe away the grauell & earth: Euen so destroyest thou the hope of man in lyke maner.
20 Thou preuaylest agaynst hym, so that he passeth awaye: thou chaungest his estate, & puttest hym from the.
21 Whether his chyldren come to worshippe or no, he can not tell: And yf they be men of lowe degre, he knoweth not.
22 While he liueth his flesh must haue trauayle: and whyle the soule is in hym, he must be in sorowe.




1 Then answered Eliphas şe Themanite, and sayde:
2 Shulde a wyse man answer as the scyence of the winde, and fyll hys bely wyth the wynde of the easte?
3 Thou reprouest with wordes, that are nothinge worth: & speakest the thinges, whiche can do no good.
4 As for shame, thou hast set it a syde, els woldest thou not make so many words before God:
5 but thy wyckednesse teacheth thy mouth, and so thou hast chosen the a craftie tonge.
6 Thyne owne mouth condemneth the, and not I: ye thyne owne lyppes shape the an answere.
7 Art thou the first man, that euer was borne? Or, wast thou made befoore the hilles?
8 hast thou hearde the secrete councel of God, that all wysdome is to lytle for the?
9 What knowest thou, that we knowe not? What vnderstandest thou, but we can the same?
10 Wyth vs are olde and aged men, ye suche as haue lyued longer then thy forfathers.
11 Thynkest thou it a small thynge of the consolacions of God? and are they wyth the lyinge worde.
12 Why doeth thyne herte make the so proude? Why standeste thou so greatly in thyne owne conceate? Where vnto loke thyne eyes,
13 that thy mynde is so puft vp against God & lettest such wordes go out of thy mouth?
14 What is man, that he shoulde be cleane? what hath he (whiche is borne of a woman) wherby he myght be knowne to be ryghtuous?
15 Beholde there is no trust to hys sanctes: ye şe very heauens are not cleane in hys syght.
16 How much more then an abhominalbe and vyle man, which drincketh wickednesse lyke water?
17 I will tell the, heare me: I wyll shewe the a thinge, that I know,
18 which wyse men haue tolde, & hath not bene hyd from their fathers:
19 vnto whom only the lande was geuen, that no straunger shoulde come amonge them.
20 The vngodly despayreth all the dayes of his lyfe, & the nombre of a tyrauntes yeares is vnknowne.
21 A fearfull sounde is euer in hys eares, and when it is peace: yet feareth he destruccion:
22 He beleueth neuer to be delyuered out of darcknesse, the swearde is alwaye before his eyes.
23 When he goeth forth to get his lyuing, he thincketh planely, that the daye of darcknesse is at hande.
24 Sorowe and carefulnesse make hym afrayed, and compasse hym roundeaboute, lyke as it were a kynge with hys hoost redy to the battayl.
25 For he hath stretched out hys hande agaynste God, and armed him selfe agaynst the Almyghtye.
26 He rounneth proudly vpon him, and with a stiff necke fyghteth he agaynst him:
27 where as he couereth his face wyth fatnesse, and maketh his body well lykynge.
28 Therfore shall hys dwellynge be in desolate cytyes, and in houses which no man inhabiteth, but are become heapes of stones.
29 He shal not be ryche, nether shall hys substaunce contynue, ner encrease vpon earth.
30 He shall neuer come oute of darcknesse, the flame shall drye vp hys braunches, wyth the blast of the mouth of God shall he be taken awaye.
31 He wyll nether applye hym selfe to faythfulnes ner trueth, so sore is he disceiued wyth vanyte.
32 He shall perysh, afore his tyme be worne out, and his hand shal not be greene.
33 He shall be pluckte of as an vntymely grape from the vyne, and shal let his floure fal, as the olyue doeth.
34 For the congregacyon of ypocrites is vnfrutefull, and the fyre shall consume the houses of suche, as are gredy to receyue gyftes.
35 He conceyueth trauayle, he beareth myschefe, and hys bodye bryngeth forth disceate.




1 Iob answered, and sayde:
2 I haue oft times heard such thinges. Miserable geuers of comforte are ye, al the sorte of you.
3 Shall not thy vayne wordes come yet to an ende? Or, hast thou yet eny more to saye?
4 I coulde speake, as ye do also. But woulde God, that youre soule were in my soules steade: then shoulde I heape vp wordes agaynst you, and shake my heade at you.
5 I shoulde comforte you wyth my mouth, and release youre payne wyth the talkyng of my lyppes.
6 But what shal I do? For all my wordes, my sorow wyl not cease: and though I holde my tonge, yet wyll it not departe from me,
7 And now that I am full of paine, and al that I haue destroyed
8 (wherof my wryncles beare wytnesse) there standeth vp a dyssembler to make me aunswere wyth lyes to my face.
9 He is angrye at me, he hateth me, & gnasheth vpon me with hys teth. Myne enemy skouleth vpon me with his eyes.
10 They haue, opened their mouthes wyde vpon me, and smitten me vpon şe cheke despytefully, they haue eased themselues thorow mine aduersite.
11 God hath geuen me ouer to the vngodly, & deliuered me into the handes of the wycked.
12 I was somtyme in wealth, but sodenlye hath broughte me to noughte. He hath taken me by the neck, he hath rente me, and set me, as it were a marck for hym to shute at.
13 He hath compased me roundeaboute with his dartes, he hath wounded my loynes, and not spared. My bowels hath he poured vpon the grounde.
14 Ye hath geuen the one wounde vpon another, and is fallen vpon me lyke a giaunte.
15 I haue sowed a sack cloth vpon my skynne, and lye with my strength in the dust.
16 My face is swollen with wepyng, & myne eyes are waxen dymne.
17 Howbeit there is no wyckednesse in my handes, and my prayer is cleane.
18 O earth, couer not my bloud, and let my cryenge fynde no rowme.
19 For lo, my witnesse is in heauen, & he that knoweth me, is aboue in the heyght.
20 My frendes laugh me to scorne, but myne eye poureth out teares vnto God.
21 Though a body myght pleate with God, as one man doth with another,
22 yeth the nombre of my yeares are come, and I must go the waye, from whence I shall not turne agayne.




1 My breth fayleth, my dayes are shortened. I am harde at deathes dore.
2 I haue disceyued no man, yet must myne eye continue in heuynesse.
3 O deliuer me, and set me by the: who shall them be able to thruste my handes together?
4 Thou haste withholden their hertes from vnderstandyng, therfore shall they not be sett vp on hye.
5 He promyseth hys frendes parte of hys good, but his owne chyldren spende it.
6 He hath made me as it were a byworde of the comon people. I am hys gestynge stocke amonge them.
7 My countenaunce is heuy for very anger & the membres of my body are become lyke a shadowe.
8 Vertuous men therfore shall wel consydre this, & the innocent shall take parte agaynst the ypocrite.
9 The ryghteous wyll kepe his waye, & he that hath cleane handes, wyll euer be stronger & stronger.
10 As for you, turne you, & get you hence, for I can not se one wyse man amonge you.
11 My dayes are past, my thoughtes are vanyshed awaye, whych haue vexed myne herte,
12 chaunginge the nyght in to daye, and şe light into darcknes.
13 Though I tary neuer so moch, yet the graue is my house, & I must make my bed in the darcke.
14 I call corrupcion my father, and the wormes call I my mother and my syster.
15 What helpeth then my longe taryenge? Or, who wyll fulfyll the thynge, that I loke for?
16 All that I haue, shall go downe in to the pyt, and lye with me in the duste.




1 Then answered Baldad the Suhite, and sayde:
2 when wyll ye make an ende of your wordes? Marcke well, and consydre, we wyll speake also.
3 Wherfore are we counted as beastes, and reputed so vyle in youre syght?
4 Why destroyest thou thy selfe with anger? Shall the earth be forsaken, or the stones remoued oute of their place because of the?
5 Shall not the lyght of the vngodly be put oute? yee the flame of hys fyre shall not burne.
6 The lyght shalbe darcke in hys dwellynge, and hys candle shalbe put out with hym.
7 His presumptuous goinges shall be kepte in, and his owne councell shal cast hym downe.
8 For his fete shalbe taken in the nett, and he shall walke in the snare.
9 His fote shalbe holden in the gilder, and the thrustie shall catch him.
10 The snare is layed for him in the grounde, and a pitfall in the waye.
11 Fearfulnesse shall make hym afrayed on euery syde, that he shall not knowe, where to get out.
12 Honger shalbe his substaunce, and mysfortune shall hange vpon hym.
13 He shall eate the strength of his skynne, the fyrste borne of death shall eate hys membres.
14 All his comforte & hope shalbe roted out of his dwellynge, very fearfulnesse shall bringe hym to the kynge.
15 Other men shall dwell in his house (which now is none of his) and brymstone shalbe scatered vpon his habitacion.
16 Hys rotes shalbe dryed vp beneth, and aboue shall his haruest be cutt downe.
17 Hys remembraunce shall perish from the earth, & hys name shall not be praysed in the stretes:
18 he shalbe dryuen from the lyght into darcknesse, and be cast cleane out of the world.
19 He shall nether haue chyldren nor kynsfolckes amonge his people, no, ner eny posterite in his countre:
20 yonng & olde shalbe astonished at his death.
21 Soche are now the dwellynges of the wycked, and this the place of him that knoweth not God.




1 Iob answered, and sayde:
2 howe longe wil ye vexe my mynde, & trouble me wyth wordes?
3 Lo, ten tymes haue ye reproued me: are ye not ashamed, for to laugh me so to scorne?
4 yf I go wronge, I go wronge to my selfe.
5 But yf ye will enhaunce your selues againste me, & accuse me to be a wicked persone, because of the shame that is come vpon me:
6 knowe thys then, that it is God, whiche hath handled me so violently & hath compased me aboute with his scourges.
7 Beholde, though I crye, yet violence is done vnto me, I can not be herde: Though I complane, there is none to geue sentence with me.
8 He had hedged vp my payth, I can not get awaye, he hath set darckenesse in my gate.
9 He hath spoyled my of myne honoure, and taken the croune awaye from my head.
10 He hath destroyed my on euery syde, & I am vndone: My hope hath he taken awaye from me, as it were a tre plucte vp by the rote.
11 Hys wrath is kyndled agaynste me, he taketh me, as though I were hys enemy.
12 His men of warre came together, whyche made their waye ouer me, and beseged my dwellinge roundeaboute.
13 He hath put my brethren farre awaye from me, and suche as were of myne acquauntaunce, are become straungers vnto me.
14 Mine owne kynsfolkes haue forsaken me, and my frendes haue put me out of remembraunce.
15 The seruauntes & maydens of myne owne house take me for a straunger, and I am be come as an aleaunt in theyr syght.
16 When I call vpon my seruaunt, he geueth me no answere: no though I praye him wyth my mouth.
17 Myne owne wyfe may not abide my breth, I am faynt to speake fayre vnto the childeen of myne owne body.
18 Ye the very deserte fooles despyse me, and when I am gone from them, they speake euell vpon me.
19 Al suche as were my most familiers, abhorre me: and they whom I loued best, are turned against me.
20 My bone hangeth to my skynne, & my flesh is awaye, only there is left me the skynne aboute my teth.
21 Haue pyte vpon me, haue pite vpon me (O ye my frendes) for the hande of the Lorde hath touched me.
22 Why do ye persecute me as God, and are not satisfied of my fleshe?
23 O that my wordes were written, O that they were put in a boke:
24 woulde God they were grauen with an yron penne in leade or in stone.
25 For I am sure, şt my redemer liueth & that I shal ryse out of the earth in şe latter day:
26 that I shal be clothed againe wyth thys skynne, & se God in my fleshe.
27 Ye I my selfe shal beholde hym, not wyth other but wyth these same eyes. My reynes are consumed within me,
28 when ye saye: Why do not we persecute him? we haue founde an occasyon against hym.
29 But beware of the swearde, for the swearde wylbe auenged of wickednesse, and be sure, that there is a iudgement.




1 Then answered Sophar şe Naamathite, and sayde.
2 For şe same cause do my thoughtes compel me to answere. And why? my mynde is tossed here and there.
3 I haue suffyciently herde thy checkinge and reprose, therfore am I purposed to make aunswere after myne vnderstandinge.
4 Knowest thou not this, namely: that from the begynnynge (euer sence the creacion of man vpon earth)
5 the prayse of the vngodlye hath bene shorte, and that the ioye of ypocrites continued but şe twyncklyng of an eye?
6 Though he be magnifyed vp to the heauen, so that his heade reacheth vnto the cloudes:
7 yet he perisheth at the laste lyke dounge: In so moche that they which haue sene hym, saye: Where is he?
8 He vanysheth as a dreame, so that he can no more be founde, & passeth awaye as a visyon in the nyght.
9 So that the eye whiche sawe him before, getteth nowe no syght of hym, and his place knoweth hym no more.
10 His chyldren go a begynge, theyr handes bringe them to sorow and heuynesse.
11 From his youth his bones are full of vyce, which shall lye downe wyth hym in şe earth.
12 When wyckednesse is swete in his mouth, he hydeth it vnder his tonge.
13 That he fauoureth, that wyll he not forsake, but kepeth it close in his throte.
14 The meate that he eateth, shalbe turned to the poyson of serpentes, with in his body.
15 The ryches that he deuoureth, shall he perbreake agayne, for God shal draw them out of his bely
16 he shal sucke şe serpentes head, & şe adders tonge shal slaye hym:
17 so that he shall nomore se the ryuers & brokes of honye & butter:
18 But laboure shall he, and yet haue nothinge to eate. Greate trauayle shall he make for ryches, but he shall not enioye them.
19 And why? he hath oppressed the poore, and not helped them: houses hath he spoyled, and not builded them.
20 Hys bely could neuer be fylled, therfore shall he perish in his coueteousnesse.
21 He deuoured so gredely that he lefte nothinge behinde, therfore hys goodes shall not prospere.
22 Thoughe he had plenteousnesse of euery thynge, yet was he poore, and therefore he is but a wretche on euery syde.
23 For though the wicked haue neuer so much to fyll his bely, yet God shall send his wrath vpon hym, and cause hys battaill to raygne ouer him:
24 so that yf he fle the yron wepens, he shall be shott with the stele bowe.
25 The arow shal be taken forth, and go out at hys backe, and a glistering swearde thorow the gall of him, feare shall come vpon him.
26 There shal no darcknes be able to hyd him. And vnkindled fyre shall consume him, and loke what remayneth in his house, it shalbe destroyed.
27 The heauen shal declare his wickednesse, and the earth shall take parte agaynst hym.
28 The substaunce that he hath in hys house, shalbe taken away and peryshe, in the daye of the Lordes wrath.
29 This is the porcyon that the wycked shall haue of God, and the heretage that he may loke for of the Lorde.




1 Iob answered, and sayde.
2 O heare my wordes, and amende youre selues.
3 Suffre me a litle that I may speake also, and then laugh my wordes to scorne, yf ye wyll.
4 Is it with a man, that I make this disputacyon? Whych yf it were so, shoulde not my spyrite be then in sore trouble?
5 Marck me well, be abasshed, and laye youre hande vpon youre mouth.
6 For when I pondre & considre this, I am afrayed, & my fleshe is smitten with feare.
7 Wherfore do wicked men lyue in health and prosperite, come to their olde age, and increase in ryches?
8 Their childers children lyue in their syght, and their generacion before their eyes.
9 Their houses are safe from all feare, for the road of God doth not smyte them.
10 Their bullocke grendeth, and that not oute of tyme: their cowe calueth, and is not vnfrutefull.
11 They sende forth their children by flockes, and their sonnes lead the daunce.
12 They beare with them tabrettes and harpes, & haue instrumentes of musycke at their pleasure.
13 They spent their dayes in welthinesse: but sodenlye they go doune to hel.
14 They say vnto God: go from vs: we desyre not the knowledge of thy wayes.
15 What maner of felow is the Almightye, that we shoulde serue him? What profyt should we haue, to submitte oure selues vnto hym?
16 Lo there is vtterly no goodnesse in them, therfore wyll not I haue to do with the councell of the vngodly.
17 How oft shall the candle of the wicked be put oute? howe oft commeth their destruccyon vpon them? O what sorow shal god geue them for their part in his wrath?
18 Yea, they shalbe euen as chaffe before the wynde, and as dust that the storme caryed awaye.
19 And though God saue their children from suche sorowe, yet wyl he so rewarde them selues, that they shall knowe it.
20 Their owne destruccion and misery shall they se with their eyes, and dryncke of the fearfull wrath of the Almighty.
21 For what careth he, what be come of his housholde after his death? whose monethes passe awaye swyfter then an arowe.
22 In as muche then as God hath the hyest power of all, who can teache hym any knoweledge?
23 One dyeth now, when he is myghtye & at his best, riche, & in prosperite:
24 euen when his bowels are at the fattest, & his bones ful of mary.
25 An other dyeth in sorowe and heauynesse, and neuer had good dayes.
26 Nowe slepe they bothe a lyke in the earthe, and the wormes couer them.
27 But I knowe what ye thincke, yea and what ye ymagin against me vnrighteously.
28 For ye saye: where is the Princes palace? where is the dwellinge of the vngodly?
29 Aske any man that goeth by the way, and (yf ye wyll not regarde their tokens and dedes) he shal tel you,
30 that the wicked is kept vnto the daye of destruccion, and that the vngodly shalbe broughte forthe in the daye of wrath.
31 Who darre reproue him for his waies to hys face? who rewardeth him for the vngracyousnesse that he doth?
32 Yet shall he be brought to his graue, and watche amonge the heape of the deade.
33 Then shall he be faine to be buryed amonge the stones by the broke syde. All men must folow him, and there are innumerable gone before him.
34 O how vayne is the comforte that ye geue me? Are not youre answeres cleane contrary to right and truthe.




1 So Eliphas the Themanite gaue answere and sayde:
2 May a man be compared vnto God in wysdome, though he seme to hym selfe, for to be lyke him?
3 What pleasure hath God in that thou art righteous? Or what doth it profyte him, that thy waies are perfecte?
4 Is he afrayed to reproue the, & to steppe forth wt the into iudgement.
5 Commeth not this for that great wickednesse, & for thine vngracious dedes which are innumerable?
6 şu hast taken şe pledge from thy brethren for nought and robbed the naked of their clothing.
7 To suche as were wery, hast thou geuen no water to drincke, thou hast withdrawen bread from the hungry.
8 Shoulde suche one then as vseth violence, wrong and oppression (doing al thing of parcialite, and hauinge respecte of personnes) dwel in the lande?
9 Thou hast sent wyddowes away emptye and oppressed the poore fatherlesse.
10 Therfore art thou compased aboute wyth snares on euery side, and sodenly vexed with feare.
11 Shouldest thou then se no darckenesse? Should not the water floude runne ouer the?
12 Now because şt God is hyer then the heauens, & because thou seyst that the starres are so hye
13 wilt thou therfore saye: Tush, how shoulde God know? Doth his dominion reach beyond the cloudes:
14 Tush, the cloudes couer him, that he may not se, for he dwelleth in heauen.
15 Well thou wilt kepe the olde waye, that all wicked men haue gone:
16 bothe olde and young, whose foundacyon is a runninge water,
17 whiche say vnto God: go from vs, and after this maner: Tush, what wyll the Almyghty do vnto vs?
18 where as he (notwithstandinge) fylleth their houses wyth all good Whyche meanyng of the vngodly be farre from me.
19 For with ioy shall the godly, and with gladnesse shall the innocent se,
20 that their encrease shall be hewen doune, and their posteryte consumed wyth fyre.
21 Therfore reconcile the vnto God, and be content, so shall all thinges prospere wyth the ryghtwell.
22 Receyue the lawe at his mouth, & laye vp his wordes in thine hert.
23 For yf thou wilt turne to the Almighty, thou shalt stande fast, & al vnrighteousnesse shalbe farre from thy dwellinge:
24 He shall geue the an haruest, whiche in plenty & aboundance shall exceade the dust of the earth, and the gould of Ophir lyke riuer stones
25 Yea, the almighty his own self shalbe thine haruest, and the heape of thy moneye.
26 Then shalt thou haue thy delyte in the Almighty, & lift vp thy face vnto God.
27 Then shalt thou make thy prayer vnto hym, and he shal heare the, and thou shalt kepe thy promises.
28 Then loke what thou takest in hand he shall make it to prospere with the, and the light shall shyne in thy wayes.
29 For who so humbleth hym selfe, him shall he set vp: and who so loketh mekely, shalbe healed.
30 Yf thou be innocent, he shall saue the: and thorow the vngyltinesse of thyne handes shalt thou be delyuered.




1 Iob answered, & sayd:
2 My sayinge is yet this day in bitternes & my hande heauy among my groninges.
3 O that I might se him, and fynde hym. O that I myght come before his seat,
4 to pleat my cause before him, & to fill my mouth wt argumentes.
5 That I might know, what answer he would geue me: & that I might vnderstand, what he woulde saye vnto me.
6 Wyl he pleate against me with his greate power & strength, or will he leane him selfe vtterly vpon me?
7 Oh no, let him not do so with me. But let him geue me lyke power to go to the lawe, then am I sure to winne my matter.
8 For though I go before, I fynde him not. Yf I come behynde, I can get no knowledge of him:
9 Yf I go on şe left side to pondre his worckes, I can not atteine vnto them. Agayn, yf I go on the right syde, he hydeth him self, that I can not se him.
10 But as for my way, he knoweth it: & tryeth me as the goulde in the fyre.
11 Neuertheles my fete kepe his path, his hie strete haue I holden, and not gone oute of it.
12 I haue not forsaken the commaundemente of hys lippes, but loke what he charged me wt his mouth, that haue I shut vp in my herte.
13 It is he him selfe alone, who wyll turne hym back? He doth as him listeth, and bryngeth to passe what he will.
14 He rewardeth me into my bosome, and many other thinges mo doth he, as he maye by hys power.
15 Thys is the cause, that I shrincke at hys presence, so that when I consydre him, I am afrayed of hym.
16 For in so muche as he is God, he maketh my herte soft: and seynge that he is Almightye, he putteth me in feare.
17 Thus can not I get out of darcknesse, the cloude hath so couered my face.




1 Consyderinge then that there is no tyme hyd from the almighty, how happeneth it, that they whyche know him, will not regarde his dayes?
2 For some men there be, that remoue other mens landemarkes, that robbe them of their catell, and kepe the same for their owne:
3 that driue away the asse of the fatherlesse, that take the wyddowes oxe for a pledge:
4 that thrust the poore oute of the waie, and oppresse the simple of the worlde together.
5 Beholde, the wilde asses in the deserte go by tymes, as their maner is, to spoyle: Yea, the very wyldernesse mynystreth fode for their children.
6 They reape the corne feld şt is not their owne and gather the grapes oute of hys vineyard, whome they haue oppressed by vyolence.
7 They are the cause that so many men are naked and bare, hauinge no clothes to couer them and kepe them from coulde:
8 So that when the showers in the mountaynes haue rayned vpon them, and they be all wet, they haue none other succoure, but to kepe them among the rockes.
9 They spoyle the sucking fatherlesse children and put the dore in preson.
10 In so muche that they let them go naked withoute clothinge, and yet the hungry beare the sheues.
11 The poore are fayne to laboure in their oyle mylles, yea and to treade in their wyne presses, & yet to suffre thyrst.
12 The whole cyty cryeth vnto the Lorde with syghynge, the soules of the slayne make their complainte. But God destroieth them not for al this,
13 where as they (notwithstandinge) are rebellious and disobedient enemies: whiche seke not his lyghte and waye, nor turne agayne into hys pathe.
14 Tymely in the mornynge do they aryse, to murthur the simple and poore, & in the night they go a stealynge.
15 The eye of the vngodly is lyke the aduouterer, that wayteth for the darckenesse, & sayeth thus in hym selfe: Tush, there shall no man se me, & so he disgyseth his face.
16 In the nighte ceason they searche the houses, and hyd them selues in the day tyme, but wyll not knowe the light.
17 For as sone as the daye breaketh, the shadow of death commeth vpon them, & they go in horrible darcknesse.
18 The vngodly is very swyft. O that his porcion also vpon earth were swyfter then the runninge water, whiche suffreth not the shipman to beholde the fayre & pleasaunt vineiardes.
19 O that they (for the wickednesse whiche they haue done) were drawen to the hel, soner then snow melteth at the heate.
20 O that all compassion vpon them were forgotten: that their dayntyes were wormes, that they were cleane put oute of remembraunce, & vtterly hewen doune lyke an vnfrutefull tree.
21 For they manteyne the baren, and make them that they can not beare, and vnto wyddowes they do no good.
22 They plucke doune the myghtye with theyr power, and when they themselues are gotten vp, they are neuer without feare, as longe as they lyue.
23 And though they myght be safe, yet they wyll not receyue it, for their eyes loke vpon their own wayes.
24 They are exalted for a lytle, but shortly are they gone, brought to extreme pouerte, and taken oute of the way: yea & vtterly plucte of, as the eares of corne.
25 Is it not so? Who wyll then reproue me as a lyar, & say şt my wordes are nothing worth.




1 Then answered Baldad şe Suhite, & said:
2 Power & fear is wt him aboue, that maketh peace, sitting in his highnes
3 whose men of warre are innumerable, & whose light aryseth ouer all.
4 But how may a man compared vnto God, be iustified? Or, how can he be cleane that is borne of a woman?
5 Beholde, the mone shyneth nothinge in comparison to him, and the starres are vncleane in his sight.
6 Howe muche more then man, that is but corrupcion: & the sonne of man, whyche is but a worme?




1 Iob answered, and said:
2 O how helpest thou the weake? what comforte geuest thou vnto hym that hath no strength?
3 Where is the counsell that thou shouldest geue him, which hath no wysedome? Wilt thou so shew thine excellent ryghteousnes?
4 Before whom haste thou spoken those wordes? Who made the breth to come out of the mouth?
5 The gyauntes & worthies that are slayne, and lye vnder the worlde with their companions:
6 yea & all they which dwell beneth in the hell are not hid from him, and the very destruccion it selfe can not be kepte oute of his sighte.
7 He stretched oute the north ouer the emptie, & hangeth the earth vpon nothinge.
8 He bindeth the water in hys cloudes, that they fall not doune together.
9 He holdeth back his stoul, that it can not be sene, and spredeth his cloudes before it.
10 He hath compaseth the waters wt certayne boundes, vntill the day and night come to an ende.
11 The very pillers of heauen tremble & quake at his reprofe.
12 He stilleth the sea with his power, and thorow hys wisdom hath he set forthe şe world.
13 Wyth his spirites hath he garnisshed the heauens, & with his hand hath he wounded the rebellious serpent.
14 This is nowe a short summe of his doynges. But who is able sufficiently to rehearse his workes? Who can perceyue and vnderstand the thondre of his power?




1 And Iob proceaded & went forth in his communicacyon, saying:
2 As truly as God liueth (which hath taken away my power from me) and the almighty, that hath vexed my mynd.
3 My lippes shall talke of no vanite, and my tonge shall speake no disceyte
4 whyle my breth is in me, and as longe as the wynde (that God hath geuen me) is in my nostrels.
5 God forbidde, that I should graunt your cause to be ryght. As for me, vntil mine ende come, will I neuer go from mine innocencye.
6 My ryghteous dealinge kepe I fast, whiche I wyll not forsake: my hert shall not reproue me of my dayes.
7 Therfore myne enemye shalbe founde as the vngodly, and he that taketh parte against me, as the vnrighteous.
8 What hope hath şe ypocrite, though he haue greate good, and though God geue him ryches after his hertes desire?
9 Doeth God hear him the soner, when he crieth vnto him in his necessite?
10 Hath he suche pleasure and delyte in the Almighty, that he darre alway cal vpon God?
11 I wyl teache you in the name of God? and the thinge that I haue of the Almightye will I not kepe from you.
12 Beholde, ye stand in youre owne conceate, as though ye knewe all thinges. Wherfore then do ye go aboute with suche vaine wordes,
13 saying: This is the porcion that the wicked shall haue of God, and the heretage that Tirauntes shall receyue of the almighty.
14 Yf he get many chyldren, they shal perishe with the swearde, and hys posterite, shal haue scarcenesse of bread.
15 Loke whom he leaueth behind him, they shall dye & be buried, and no man shall haue pite of hys wyddowes.
16 Though he haue as muche money as the dust of the earthe, and raymente as ready as the claie,
17 he maye wel prepare it: but the godly shall put it vpon him, & the innocent shall deale oute the money.
18 His house shall endure as the moth, and as a bothe that the watcheman maketh.
19 When the ryche man dyeth, he caried nothing with him: he is gone in the twinckelynge of an eye.
20 Destruccyon taketh holde vpon him as a water floud, and the tempest stealeth hym awaie in the nyghte season.
21 A vehemente wynde caried him hence and departeth: a storme plucketh hym oute of his place.
22 It russheth in vpon hym, and spareth him not, he maye not escape from the power thereof.
23 Then clappe men their handes at him, yea and yeast of him, when they loke vpon his place.




1 There are places where syluer is molten, and were golde is tried:
2 where yron is digged out of the ground, & stones resolued to metall.
3 The darkenes shal ones come to an ende, he can seke out the grounde of all thynges: the stones, the darcke, & the horrible shadowe.
4 Wyth the ryuer of water parteth he a sunder the straunge people, that knoweth no good neyghbourheade: suche as are rude, vnmanerly and boyustours.
5 He bryngeth foode out of the earthe, & that whiche is vnder consumeth he with fyre.
6 There is found a place, whose stones are cleane Saphirs, & where the clottes of earthe are golde.
7 There is a way also that the byrdes knowe not, that no vulturs eye hath sene:
8 wherin the proude & hye minded walke not, and where no lyon commeth.
9 There putteth he his hande vpon stony rockes, and ouerthroweth the mountaynes
10 Riuers flowe out of the rockes, and loke what is pleasaunt, his eye seith it.
11 Out of droppes bringeth he greate floudes together & the thinge that is hyd bringeth he to lighte.
12 Howe commeth a man then by wysedome? Where is the place that men fynde vnderstandinge?
13 Verely no man can tell howe worthy a thynge she is, neither is she found in şe land of the liuinge.
14 The depe sayeth: she is not in me. The sea sayeth: she is not with me.
15 She can not be gotten for the most fine gould, neither may the pryce of her be bought with any money.
16 No wedges of goulde of Ophir, no precious Onix stones, no Saphirs maye be compared vnto her.
17 No, neyther goulde, nor Christal, neyther swete odoures, nor golden plate.
18 There is nothinge so worthy, or so excellent, as ones to be named vnto her: for perfecte wisedome goeth farre beyonde them al.
19 The Topas that commeth out of Iude, may in no wise be lykened vnto her: yea no maner of apparel howe pleasaunt and fayre soeuer it be.
20 From whence then commeth wysedome? & where is the place of vnderstandinge?
21 She is hyd from the eyes of all men, yea & from the foules of the ayre.
22 Destruccyon and death say: we haue hearde tell of her with oure eares.
23 But God seyth her waie, and knoweth her place.
24 For he beholdeth the endes of the world & loketh vpon al that is vnder heauen.
25 When he weyed the windes, & measured the waters
26 when he set the rayne in ordre, and gaue the mighty floudes a lawe?
27 Then dyd he se her, then declared he her, prepared her, and knew her.
28 And vnto man he sayde: Beholde, to feare the Lorde, is wisedom, and to forsake euil, is vnderstandinge.




1 So Iob proceaded and went forth in his communicacyon, saying:
2 O that I were as I was in the monethes by past, & in the daies when God preserued me:
3 when his light shyned vpon my head: when I went after the same lyght and shininge euen thorowe the darckenesse.
4 As it stode with me, when I was welthy and had ynoughe: when God prospered my house:
5 when the almighty was wt me: when my houshold folckes stode about me:
6 when my wayes ranne ouer wt butter and when the stony rockes gaue me ryuers of oyle:
7 when I went thorow the cytye vnto the gate, and when they set me a chaire in the strete:
8 when the younge men (as sone as they sawe me) hid them selues, and when the aged arose, and stode vp vnto me:
9 when the Princes lefte of their talkinge, & layed their hande to their mouthe:
10 when the mighty kepte styll their voice, and when their tonges cleaued to the rofe of their mouthes.
11 When al they that hearde me, called me happie: & when all they that sawe me, wyshed me good.
12 For I delyuered the poore when he cried, and the fatherlesse that wanted helpe.
13 He that shoulde haue bene lost, gaue me a good worde, and the wyddowes herte praysed me.
14 And why? I put vpon me ryghteousnes, whyche couered me as a garment, and equyte was my croune.
15 I was an eye vnto the blinde, and a fote to the lame,
16 I was a father vnto şe poore and when I knew not their cause, I sought it oute diligently.
17 I brake the chaftes of the vnrighteous, and plucte the spoyle oute of their tethe.
18 Therfore, I thought verely, that I should haue dyed in my nest: & that my daies should haue bene as many as the soundes of the sea.
19 For my rote was spred oute by the waterside and the dew lay vpon my corne.
20 My honour encreased more and more, and my bowe was euer the stronger in my hande.
21 Vnto me men gaue eare, me they regarded, and with silence they taryed for my counsel.
22 Yf I had spoken they woulde haue it none other wayes; my wordes were so well taken amonge them.
23 They wayted for me, as the earth doeth for the rayne: and gaped vpon me, as şe ground doeth to receyue the latter shower.
24 When I laughed, they knew wel it was not earnest: and this testimony of my countenaunce pleased them nothinge at all.
25 When I agreed vnto their waye, I was the chefe, and sat as a Kynge amonge hys seruauntes: Or as one that comforteth suche as be in heauynesse.




1 Bvt now they that are myne inferiours and younger then I, haue me in derision: yea euen they, whose fathers I woulde haue thought scorne to haue set with the dogges of my cattell.
2 The power and strength of their handes might do me no good, and as for their age, it is spent and past away: wythout any profit.
3 For very misery & honger, they went about in the wildernesse lyke wretches and beggers,
4 plucking vp herbes from amonge the busshes, and the Iunipers rote was their meat.
5 And when they were dryuen forth, men cried after them, as it had bene after a thefe.
6 Their dwellyng was besyde foule brokes, yea in the caues and dennes of the earth.
7 Vpon the drye heeth wente they aboute crying, and in the brome hilles they gathered them together.
8 They were the chyldren of fooles and vilaynes, which are deade away from the world.
9 Now am I their songe and am become their yestinge stocke:
10 they abhorre me, they fle far from me, and stayne my face with spetle.
11 For the Lorde hath opened his quyuer, he had hyt me, and put a brydle in my mouthe.
12 Vpon my ryght hand they rose together against me, they haue hurte my fete, made a waye to destroye me,
13 and my path haue they cleane marred. It was so easy for them to do me harme, that they neded no man to helpe them.
14 They fell vpon me, as it had bene the breakinge in of waters, and came in by heapes to destroy me.
15 Fearfulnesse is turned against me. Myne honoure vanysheth awaye more swyftly then winde, & my prosperite departeth hence lyke as it were a cloude.
16 Therfore is my minde poured full of heauynesse, & the dayes of trouble haue taken holde vpon me.
17 My bones are pearsed thorow in the nyghte season, & my sinewes take no rest.
18 Wyth all their power haue they chaunged my garment & gyrded me therwith, as it were wt a cote.
19 I am euen as it were claie, & am become like asshes and dust.
20 When I crye vnto the, thou doest not heare me: & though I stande before the, yet thou regardest me not.
21 Thou art become mine enemy, & wyth thy violent hande thou takest part agaynst me.
22 In tymes past thou didest set vp me on hie, as it were aboue the wynde, but now hast thou geuen me a very sore fall.
23 Sure I am, that thou wilt delyuer me vnto death: where as a lodgynge is prepared for all men lyuinge.
24 Now vse not men to do violence vnto them, that are destroyed all ready: but where hurte is done, there vse they to helpe.
25 Dyd I not wype in şe tyme of trouble? Had not my soule compassion vpon the poore?
26 Yet neuerthelesse where as I loked for good, euyl happened vnto me: and where as I wayted for lyghte, there came darkenesse.
27 My bowels seeth within me, and take no reste, for the dayes of my trouble are come vpon me.
28 Mekely & lowly came I in yea and without any displeasure: I stode vp in the congregacion, and communed with them.
29 But now, I am a companion of dragons, & a felowe of Estriches.
30 My skinne vpon me is turned to blacke, and my bones are brent with heate,
31 my harpe is turned to sorow and my pype to wepynge.




1 I made a couenaunt with mine eyes, that I woulde not loke vpon a damosell.
2 For how great a porcion shal I haue of God from aboue? & what enheritaunce from the almyghty on hye?
3 As for the vngodly & he that ioyneth hym selfe to the company of wycked doers shall not destruccion & misery come vpon him?
4 Doeth not he se my wayes, and tell all my goynges.
5 Yf I haue cleaued vnto vanitie or yf my fete haue runne to disceyue:
6 let me be weyed in an euen balaunce that God may se my innocency.
7 Yf so be that I haue with drawne my fote out of the right waye, yf my herte hath folowed myne eye syght, yf I haue stayned or defyled my handes.
8 O then it is reason that I sowe, and another eate, yea şt my generacion & posterite be cleane roted oute.
9 Yf my hert hath lusted after my neyghboures wyfe, or yf I haue layd wayte at his dore.
10 O then let my wyfe be another mans harlot, and let other lye wt her.
11 For this is a wickeduesse and synne, that is worthy to be punished,
12 yea a fyre that vtterly shoulde consume, and rote oute all my substaunce.
13 Dyd I euer thinke scorne to do right vnto my seruauntes and maydens, when they had any matter against me.
14 But seynge that God will syt in iudgement what shall I do? And for so muche as he will nedes vpset me, what answere shall I geue hym?
15 He that fashioned me in my mothers womb, made he not him also? were we not bothe shapen alyke in oure mothers bodyes?
16 When the poore desyreth any thinge at me, haue I denyed it them? Haue I caused the wyddowe stande wayting for me in vayne?
17 Haue I eaten my porcyon alone, that the fatherlesse hath had no parte wyth me?
18 for mercy grewe vp with me from my youth, and compassion from my mothers wombe.
19 Haue I sene any man perysh thorow nakednesse and want of clothinge? Or any poore man for lack of rayment,
20 whose sydes thancked me not, because he was warmed wt the wolle of my shepe?
21 Dyd I euer lyfce vp my hande to hurte the fatherlesse? yea in the gate where I sawe my selfe to be in auctoryte:
22 then let myne arme fall from my shoulder, and myne arme holes be broken from the yoyutes.
23 For I haue euer feared the vengeaunce & punishement of God, & knew very wel, that I was no able to beare his burthen.
24 Haue I put my truste in goulde? Or haue I sayde to the fynest gould of all: thou art my confidence?
25 Haue I reioysed because my substaunce was great, and because my hande gat so muche?
26 Dyd I euer greatly regard the rysynge of the sunne? or had I the goyng doune of the mone in greate reputacyon?
27 Hath my hert medled priuely wt any disceyte? Or dyd I euer kisse mine owne hande?
28 that were a wyckednesse worthy to be punished, for then I shoulde haue denyed the God that is aboue.
29 Haue I euer reioysed at the hurte of myne enemy? Or whas I euer glad, that any harme happened vnto hym? Oh no.
30 I neuer suffred my mouth to do such a synne, as to wyshe hym euyll.
31 Yet they of mine owne housholde saye: who shall let vs to haue oure belly full of hys fleshe?
32 I haue not suffred a straunger to lye withoute, but opened my dores vnto him.
33 Haue I euer done any wicked dede where thorow I shamed my selfe before men: or any abhominacion, that I was fayne to hyde it?
34 For yf I had feared any greate multitude of people, or yf I had bene dispysed of the symple, O then shoulde I haue bene afrayed. Thus haue I quyetly spent my life, and not gone oute at the dore.
35 O that I had one whiche woulde heare me. Lo, this is my cause. Let şe almighty geue me answere: and let hym that is my contrary party, sue me with a lybell.
36 Then shal I take it vpon my shoulder, & as a garlande about my heade.
37 I haue tolde the nombre of my goynges & delyuered them vnto hym as to a Prynce.
38 But yf case be that my lande crye againste me, or that the forowes therof make any complainte:
39 yf I haue eaten the frutes therof vnpaied for, yea yf I haue greued any of şe plow men:
40 then let thystles growe in steade of my wheate, and thornes for my barleye. Here ende the wordes of Iob.




1 So these thre men would stryue no more wyth Iob, because he helde him selfe a ryghteous man.
2 But Eliu the sonne of Barachell the Bussite of the kinred of Ram, was very sore displeased at Iob, that he called him felfe iust before God.
3 And wyth Iobs thre frindes he was angry also, because they had founde no reasonnable answere to ouercome him.
4 Now taryed Eliu till they had ended their communycacion with Iob, for why they were elder then he.
5 So when Eliu the sonne of Barachel the Bussite sawe, that these thre men were not able to make Iob answere, he was myscontent:
6 so that he gaue answere hym selfe, and sayde: Considringe, that I am younge, & ye be men of age, I was afraid, & durst not shew forth my minde,
7 for I thought thus within my selfe. It becommeth olde men to speake, and the aged to teache wisedom.
8 Euery man (no doute) hath a mind but it is the inspiracion of the Almyghty that geueth vnderstandynge.
9 All men are not wise neyther dothe euery aged man vnderstande the thinge that is lawfull.
10 Therfore wyll I speake also (in so farre as I may be hearde) & wyl shew you myne opynion.
11 For when I had wayted till ye made an ende of your talking & hearde youre wysedome: what argumentes ye made in youre communycacyon:
12 yea when I had dylygentlye pondred what, ye sayde, I I founde not one of you that made any good argumente agaynst Iob, or that directly coud make answere vnto hys wordes:
13 lest ye shuld prayse youre selues, to haue founde oute wysdome: because it is God that hath caste hym oute, and no man.
14 Neuerthelesse, seyng he hath not spoken vnto me, therfore wyll not I aunswere hym as ye haue done
15 (for they were so abashed, that they coude not make aunswere, nor speake one worde)
16 but in so muche as ye wyll not speake, standynge styll lyke domme men, and makynge no aunswere:
17 I haue a good hope for my parte to shappe hym an answere, and to shewe hym my meanyng.
18 For I am full of wordes, and the spryte that is wtin me, compelleth me.
19 Beholde, I am as the newe wyne, whiche hath no vente, and bursteth the newe vessels in sunder.
20 Therfore wyl I speake, that I may haue a vente: I wyl open my lyppes, & make aunswere.
21 I wyll regarde no maner of person, no man wyll I spare.
22 For yf I wolde go aboute to please men, I knowe not, how sone my maker wolde take me awaye.




1 Wherfore heare my wordes (O Iob) and herken vnto me all, şt I wyll saye:
2 Beholde, I wyl open my mouthe, and my tonge shall speake out of my chawes.
3 My herte shall ordre my wordes a ryghte, & my lyppes shall talke of pure wysdome.
4 The spryte of God hath made me, & the breth of şe almyghtye hath geuen me my lyfe.
5 If thou canste, then geue me aunswere: prepare thy selfe to stande before me face to face.
6 Beholde, before God am I euen as thou, for I am fashyoned, and made euen of the same moulde.
7 Therfore, thou nedest not be afrayed of me, neyther nedest thou to feare, that my auctoryte shalbe to heauye for the.
8 Now haste thou spoken in myne eares, and I haue heard the voyce of thy wordes:
9 I am clene withoute any faute, I am innocente, & there is no wyckednesse in me,
10 But lo, he hath pyked a quarell agaynste me, and taketh me for hys enemye,
11 he hath put my fote in the stockes, & loketh narowlye vnto all my pathes.
12 Beholde, vnto these vnreasonable wordes of thyne wil I make aunswere. Shulde God be reproued of man?
13 Why doest thou then stryue agaynst hym, because he geueth the no accomptes of all hys doynges?
14 For when God doth ones commaunde a thynge, there shulde no man be curyous, to searche whether it be ryghte.
15 In dreames and visyons of the nyght season (when slombring commeth vpon men, that they fall a slepe in theyr beddes)
16 he roundeth them in the eares, he infourmeth them, and sheweth them playnelye,
17 that it is he, which wythdraweth man from euyll, delyuereth hym from pryde,
18 kepeth hys soule from destruccyon, and his life from the swearde.
19 He chasteneth hym wyth sycknesse, and bryngeth hym to hys bedde: he layeth sore punyshment vpon hys bones,
20 so şt hys lyfe maye awaye wyth no bread, & hys soule abhorreth to eate anye dayntye meate.
21 In so muche that hys body is cleane consumed awaye, and hys bones apeare no more.
22 Hys soule draweth on to destruccyon, & hys lyfe to death.
23 Nowe yf there be a messenger (one amonge a thousande) sent for to speake vnto man, and to shewe hym the ryght waye:
24 then the Lorde is mercyfull vnto hym, & sayeth: He shalbe delyuered, that he fall not doune to destruccyon, for I am suffycyentlye reconcyled.
25 Then hys fleshe (which hath bene in myserye and trouble) shalbe as it was in hys youth.
26 For yf he submytte hym self vnto God he is gracyous, and sheweth hym his countenaunce ioyfully, and rewardeth man for hys ryghtuousnes.
27 Suche a respecte hath he vnto men. Therfore let a man confesse (and saye) I offended, but he hath chastened and reformed me: I dyd vnryghteouslye, neuerthelesse he hath not recompensed me thereafter.
28 Yea he hath delyuered my soule from destruccyon, and my lyfe, that it seeth the lyght.
29 Lo, thus worcketh God alwaye wyth man,
30 that he kepeth hys soule from peryshynge, and letteth hym enioye the lyghte of the lyuyng.
31 Marke well (O Iob) and heare me: holde the styl, vntyll I haue spoken.
32 But yf thou hast anything to saye, then aunswere me, and speake, for thy aunswere pleaseth me.
33 If thou hast nothyng, then heare me, and holde thy tonge, so shall I teache the wysdome.




1 Eliu proceadynge forth in his communicacyon, sayde:
2 Heare my wordes (O ye wyse men) herken vnto me, ye that haue vnderstandynge.
3 For lyke as the mouthe tasteth the meates, so the eare proueth and discerneth the wordes.
4 As for the iudgement, let vs seke it oute among our selues, that we may knowe what is ryghte.
5 And why? Iob hath sayde: I am ryghtuous, but GOD doth me wronge.
6 I muste nedes be a lyar, thoughe my cause be ryghte, and vyolently I am plaged where as I made no faut:
7 where is there such one as Iob, that drincketh vp scornefulnes lyke water?
8 which goeth in the company of wicked doars, & walketh with vngodly men?
9 For he sayeth: Thoughe a man be good, yet is he naughte before God.
10 Therfore herken vnto me, ye that haue vnderstandynge. Farre be it from God, that he shulde medle with wyckednesse: and farre be it from the almyghtye, that he shuld medle wyth vnryghtuous dealynge:
11 but he rewardeth the worckes of man, and causeth euerye man to fynde accordynge to hys wayes.
12 For sure it is, that God condemneth no man wrongouslye, and the iudgemente of the Almyghtye is not vnrightuous.
13 Who ruleth the earth in his stead? Or, whome hath he set to gouerne the whole worlde?
14 To whome hath he geuen hys herte, for to drawe hys spryte and breth vnto hym?
15 All flesh shall come together vnto naught, & all men shall turne agayne vnto earthe.
16 If thou nowe haue vnderstandynge, heare what I say, and herken to the voyce of my wordes.
17 Maye he be made whole, that loueth no ryghte? If thou were a verye innocente man, shuldest thou then be punysheth:
18 For he is euen the same, that knoweth the rebellyous kynges, and sayth to Princes:
19 Vngodly men are ye. He hath none respecte vnto the personnes of the lordlye, and regardeth not the ryche more then pore. For they be al şe worcke of hys handes.
20 In the twynckelynge of an eye shal they be slayne: and at midnight, when the people and the tyrauntes rage, then shall they peryshe, and be taken awaye withoute handes.
21 And why? hys eyes loke vpon the wayes of man, and he seith all hys goynges.
22 There is no darcknes nor thicke shadow, that can hyde the wycked doers from hym.
23 For no man shalbe suffered to go into iudgemente wyth God.
24 Manye one, yea innumerable doth he punyshe, and setteth other in theyr steades.
25 For he knoweth theyr euyll and darcke worckes, therfore shall they be destroyed.
26 They that were in the steade of Sears, dealte lyke vngodly men.
27 Therfore turned they backe trayterously and vnfaythfully from hym, & wolde not receyue hys wayes.
28 In so muche that they haue caused the voyce of the poore to come vnto hym, and nowe he heareth the complaynte of suche as are in necessite.
29 If he delyuer and graunte pardon, who wil iudge or condemne? But yf he hyde away hys countenaunce, who wyll turne it aboute agayne, whether it be to the people or to anye man?
30 For the wyckednesse and synne of the people, he maketh an ypocryte to raygne ouer them.
31 For so muche then as I haue begonne to talke of GOD, I wyll not hyndre the.
32 If I haue gone a mysse, enfourme me: yf I haue done wronge, I wyl leaue of.
33 Wylte thou not geue a reasonable aunswere? Art thou afrayed of anye thynge, seynge thou begannest fyrste to speake, & not I?
34 For els the men of vnderstandyng & wysdome, that haue heard me, myght say: What canste thou speake?
35 As for Iob he hath nether spoken to the purpose nor wyselye.
36 O father, let Iob be well tryed, because he hath turned hym self to the wycked:
37 yea aboue hys synnes he hath blasphemed, whiche offence he hath done euen before vs, in that he stryueth against God with his wordes.




1 Eliu spake moreouer, and sayde:
2 Thinkest thou it right that thou saiest: I am ryghteous before GOD?
3 Seynge, thou sayest so, howe doest thou knowe it? What thynge haste thou more excellente then I, that I am a synner?
4 Therfore wyll I geue answere vnto the and thy frendes:
5 loke vnto şe heauen, and beholde it: consydre the cloudes, how they are hyer then thou.
6 If thou sinnest, what doest thou vnto hym? If thyne offences be manye, howe gettest thou his fauoure?
7 Yf thou be ryghteous what geuest thou hym? Or what receyueth he of thy handes?
8 Of such an vngodly personne as thou, and of the sonne of man that is ryghtuous as thou pretendeste to be:
9 there is a great crye & complaynt made by them that are oppressed with violence, yea euerye man complayneth vpon the cruell arme of tyrauntes.
10 For suche one neuer sayeth: Where is God that made me? & that shyneth vpon vs, şt we myght prayse him in şe nighte?
11 Whiche geueth vs more vnderstandyng then he doth the beastes of the earthe, and teacheth vs more then the foules of heauen.
12 If anye suche complayne, no man geueth answere, and that because of the wyckednesse of proude tyrauntes.
13 But yf a man call vpon God, doth not he heare him? Doth not the almyghtye accepte hys crye?
14 Whan thou speakest then, shulde not he pardon the, yf thou open thy selfe before hym, and put thy trust in hym?
15 Then vseth he no vyolence in his wrath nether hath the pleasure in curyous & depe inquisicions.
16 Therfore hath Iob opened hys mouthe but in vayne, and folyshlye hathe he made so many wordes.




1 Eliu proceaded forth in his talking & sayde:
2 Hold the styl a lytle, & I shal shew the, what I haue yet to speake on Godes behalfe.
3 I wil open vnto the yet more of myne vnderstandynge, and proue my maker righteous.
4 True are my wordes, & no lye: & şe knowledge where with al I argue against the, is perfect.
5 Behold, God casteth not away the myghtye, for he hym selfe is myghtye in power and wysdome.
6 As for the vngodly, he preserueth them not, but helpeth the poore to their ryght.
7 He turneth not his eyes awaye from the ryghteous, he setteth vp kynges in theyr trone, and confyrmeth them, so that they alway sit there in.
8 But yf they be layed in preson & cheynes, or bounde with the bondes of pouertye:
9 then sheweth he them theyr worckes & dedes & the synnes where with they haue vsed cruell vyolence.
10 He wyth punyshynge and outtryng of them, roundeth them in the eares, warneth them to leaue of from theyr wyckednesse, and to amende.
11 If tney nowe wyll take hede, and be obedyente, they shall were oute theyr dayes in prosperyte, and theyr yeares in pleasure & ioye.
12 But yf they wyl not obeye, they shal go thorowe the swearde, and perysh or euer they be a warre.
13 As for suche as be fayned, dissemblers and ypocrytes, they heape vp wrath for them selues: for they call not vpon him, though they be hys presoners.
14 Thus theyr soule perysheth in folishnesse, and theyr lyfe wyth the condemned.
15 The poore delyuereth he oute of hys straytnesse, and comforteth suche as be in necessyte and trouble.
16 Euen so shall he kepe the (yf thou wylte be contente) from the bottomlesse pytte that is beneth: and yf thou wilt holde the quyete, he shall fyll thy table with plenteousnesse.
17 Neuerthelesse thou haste condemned the iudgemente of the vngodly, yea euen suche a iudgement and sentence shalt thou suffre.
18 For then shall not thy cause be stylled wyth crueltie, nor pacyfyed wyth manye gyftes.
19 Hath God ordeyned then, that the gloryous lyfe of the, & all suche myghtye men shuld not be put doune?
20 Prolonge not thou the tyme, tyl there come a nyght for the, to se other people in thy stead.
21 But bewarre that thou turne not a syde to wyckednesse and synne, whiche hyther to thou hast chosen more then mekenesse.
22 Behold God is of a myghtye hye power: Where is there soche a gyde and lawe geuer as he?
23 Who wyll reproue hym of his waye? who will saye vnto him: thou hast done wronge?
24 O consydre how greate and excellent his worckes be, whom all men loue and prayse:
25 yee wondre at hym, and yet they se hym but a farre of.
26 Beholde, so great is God, that he passeth oure knowledge, nether are we able to come to the experience of hys yeares.
27 He turneth the water to small droppes, he dryueth hys cloudes
28 to gether for to raygne, so şt they poure downe and droppe vpon men.
29 He can sprede out the cloudes (a couerynge of hys tabernacle)
30 and cause hys lyght to shyne vpon them: and to couer the botome of the sea.
31 By these thinges gouerneth he hys people, and geueth them aboundaunce of meate.
32 In the turnynge of a hande he hydeth the lyght, & at hys commaundement it commeth agayne.
33 The rysinge vp therof sheweth he to his frendes and to the cattell.




1 At thys, my herte is astonyed, & moued out of hys place.
2 Heare then the sounde of hys voyce, & the noyse that goeth out of hys mouth.
3 He gouerneth euery thing vnder the heauen, & his lyghte reacheth vnto the ende of the worlde.
4 A roarynge voyce foloweth hym: for hys gloryous maiestye geueth suche a thondre clappe, that (though a man heare it) yet may he not perceiue it afterward. It geueth an horryble sounde,
5 when God sendeth oute hys voyce: greate thynges doth he, whiche we can not comprehende.
6 When he commaundeth the snow, it falleth vpon the earth: As sone as he geueth the rayne a charge, ymmedyatly the showers haue theyr strength, & fall doune.
7 He sendeth feare vpon euery man that they myght knowe theyr owne worckes.
8 The beastes crepe into theyr dennes, and take theyr reste.
9 Oute of the south commeth the tempest, and coulde out of the north.
10 At the breth of God, the frost commeth, & the waters are shed abroad.
11 The cloudes do theyr laboure in geuyng moystnes, the cloudes poure doune theyr rayne.
12 He dystrybuteth also on euerye syde, accordynge as it pleaseth hym to deale oute hys worckes, that they maye do, whatsoeuer he commaundeth them thorowe the whole worlde:
13 whether it be to punysh anye lande, or to do good vnto them, that seke him.
14 Herken vnto this (O Iob) stande styl, and considre the wonderous worckes of God.
15 Art thou of councel wyth God, when he doth these thinges? When he causeth the lighte to come forthe of his cloudes?
16 Arte thou of hys councell when he spredeth oute the cloudes? Haste thou the perfect knowledge of his wonders?
17 and howe thy clothes are warme, when the lande is styll thorowe the Southe wynd
18 Hast thou helped him to spreade oute the heauen, which is to loke vpon, as it were cast of cleare metall?
19 Teache vs what we shall saye vnto hym, for we are vnmete because of darcknes
20 Shall it be tolde hym what I saye? Shulde a man speake, or shuld he kepe it backe?
21 For euerye man seith not the lighte, şt he kepeth cleare in the cloudes, which he clenseth when he maketh the wynde to blowe.
22 Goulde is brought oute of the Northe, but the prayse & honoure of Gods feare commeth from God hym self.
23 It is not we that can fynde oute the almighty for in power, equyte, and righteousnesse, he is hyer than can be expressed.
24 Seyng then şt euerye body feareth him, why shuld not all wise men also stande in feare of hym.




1 Then spake the Lorde vnto Iob oute of the storme, and sayd:
2 what is he that hideth his mynde with folysh wordes?
3 Gyrde vp thy loynes lyke a man, for I wyl question the, se thou geue me a dyrecte aunswere.
4 Where wast thou, when I layde the foundacyons of the earth? Tel planely yf thou hast vnderstandyng.
5 Who hath measured it, knoweste thou? Or, who hath spreade the lyne vpon it?
6 Wherevpon stande the pylers of it? Or who layed şe corner stone?
7 Where wast thou when the mornyng starres praysed me together & all the chyldren of God reioysed triumphantly?
8 Who shut the sea with dores, when it brake forth as a chyld oute of his mothers wombe?
9 When I made the cloudes to be a coueryng for it, & swadled it wyth the darcke?
10 when I gaue it my commaundement, makynge dores & barres for it,
11 saying: Hytherto shalt thou come, but no forther, & here shalte thou laye doune thy proude & hye waues.
12 Haste thou geuen the mornyng his charge (as sone as thou wast borne) and shewed the daye sprynge his place,
13 şt it might take holde of the corners of the earthe, & that the vngodlye myght be shaken out?
14 Theyr tokens & weapons haste thou turned lyke claye & set them vp agayne as the chaunginge of a garment.
15 Yea thou hast spoyled the vngodly of theyr lyght, & broken the arme of the proude.
16 Camest thou euer into the grounde of the sea: or haste thou walked in the lowe corners of şe depe?
17 Haue the gates of death ben opened vnto the, or haste thou sene the dore of euerlasting treasure?
18 Hast thou also perceiued, how broad the earth is? Nowe yf thou haste knowledge of all,
19 then shewe me where lyght dwelleth, & where darcknes is:
20 that thou mayest brynge vs vnto theyr quarters, yf thou canste tell the waye to theyr houses.
21 Knewest thou (when thou wast borne) how olde thou shuldest be?
22 Wentest thou euer into the threasuryes of the snowe, or haste thou sene the secrete places of the hayle,
23 whiche I haue prepared agaynst the tyme of trouble, agaynste the tyme of battell and warre?
24 By what waye is the lyghte parted, and the heate dealte oute vpon the earth?
25 Who deuydeth şe aboundaunce of waters into ryuers, or who maketh a waye for the stormye wether,
26 that it watereth & moystureth the drye and baren grounde,
27 to make the grasse growe in places where no body dwelleth, and in the wyldernes where no man remayneth?
28 Who is the father of rayne? Or who hath begotten the droppes of dewe?
29 Oute of whose wombe came the yse? Who hath gendred the coldnes of şe ayre?
30 that the waters are as harde as stones, and lye congeled aboue the depe.
31 Haste thou brought the .vij. starres together? Or art thou able to breake the circle of heauen?
32 Canst thou brynge forth the mornynge starre or the euenyng starre at conuenyente tyme, & conueye them home agayne?
33 Knowest thou the course of heauen, that thou mayest set vp the ordynaunce thereof vpon the earth?
34 Moreouer canst thou lyfte vp thy voyce to the cloudes, şt they maye powre doune a greate rayne vpon the?
35 Canste thou thondre also that they maye go theyr waye, & be obedient vnto the, saying: Lo here are we.
36 Who geueth sure wysdome or stedfast vnderstandyng?
37 who numbreth the cloudes in wysdome? who stylleth the vehement waters of heauen?
38 who turneth şe clottes to duste, & then to be clottes agayne?
39 Hunteste thou the praye from the lyon, or fedest thou hys welpes
40 lying in theyr dennes, & lurkyng in theyr couches?
41 who prouydeth meate for şe rauen, when his younge ones crye vnto God, and fle aboute for wante of meate?




1 Knowest thou the tyme when şe wylde gotes bringe forthe theyr yonge among the stony rockes? Or layest thou wayte when the hyndes vse to fawne?
2 rekeneste thou the monethes after they engendre, that thou knowest the tyme of theyr bearynge?
3 or when they lye doune, when they raste theyr younge ones, & when they are delyuered of theyr trauayle and payne?
4 How theyr younge ones growe vp & waxe greate thorowe good fedynge?
5 who letteth the wylde asse go fre, or who louseth the bondes of the mule?
6 Vnto whom I haue geuen the wyldernes to be their house, & the vntylled lande to be theyr dwellynge place.
7 That they maye geue no force for the multytude of people in the cytyes, neither regard the crying of the dryuer,
8 but seke their pasture aboute the mountaynes, and folow şe grene grasse.
9 Whyl the vnicorne be so tame as to do the seruyce, or to abyde styl by thy cryb?
10 Canste thou bynd the yocke about him in thy sorowes, to make him plowe after the in the valleys?
11 Mayest thou trust him (because he is strong) or committe thy laboure vnto hym?
12 Mayest thou beleue him, that he wyll brynge home the corne, or to cary any thyng vnto the barne?
13 The Estrych (whose fethers are fayrer then the wynges of the sparowe hauke)
14 when he hath layed hys egges vpon şe ground he bredeth them in the dust,
15 & forgetteth them: so that they myght be troden with fete, or broken with some wylde beaste.
16 So harde is he vnto hys yong ones, as thoughe they were not hys, & laboureth in vayne wythout anye feare.
17 And that because God hath taken wysdome from hym, & hath not geuen hym vnderstandynge.
18 When hys tyme is, he flyeth vp on hye, & careth neyther for horse nor man.
19 Haste thou geuen the horse his strength, or learned him to bowe doune his necke wt feare:
20 that he letteth him selfe be dryuen forthe lyke a greshopper, where as the stoute neyenge şt he maketh, is fearfull?
21 he breaketh the grounde with the hoffes of hys fete chearfullye in hys strength, & runneth to mete the harueste men.
22 He layeth a syde all feare, hys stomack is not abated, neyther starteth he a backe for anye swerde.
23 Thoughe the quyuers rattle vpon him though the speare & shyld glystre:
24 yet rusheth he in fearsely, and beateth vpon the grounde, He feareth not the noyse of the trompettes,
25 but as sone as he heareth the shawmes blow, thushe (sayth he) for he smelleth the battell a farre of, the noyse, the Captaynes and şe shoutynge.
26 Commeth it thorow thy wisdome, that the Goshauke flyeth towarde the South?
27 Dothe the Aegle mounte vp, and make his neste on hye at the commaundement?
28 He abydeth in şe stonye rockes, and vpon the hye toppes of harde mountaynes, where no man can come.
29 From thence maye he beholde his praye, and loke farre aboute wyth hys eyes.
30 His younge ones are fed with bloude, & where any deade bodye lyeth, there is he immediatly.




1 (39:31) Moreouer, God spake vnto Iob & sayde:
2 (39:32) Can he that stryueth with the almightye, be at reste? Shulde not he whiche disputeth with God, geue hym an aunswere?
3 (39:33) Iob answered the Lorde, sayinge:
4 (39:34) Beholde, I am to vyle a personne, to aunswere the, therfore wyll I laye my hand vpon my mouth.
5 (39:35) Ones or twise haue I spoken, but I wyll saye no more.
6 (40:1) Then spake the Lorde vnto Iob oute of the storme, & sayd:
7 (40:2) Gyrd vp thy loynes lyke a man, & tell me the thynges that I wyl aske the.
8 (40:3) Wilt thou disanulle my iudgemente? Or wilt thou condempne me, that thou thy selfe mayest be made righteous?
9 (40:4) Is thyne arme then lyke the arme of God? Maketh thy voyce such a sound as hys doeth?
10 (40:5) Then arme thy selfe with thyne owne power, vp, decke the in thy ioly araye,
11 (40:6) poure oute the indignacyon of thy wrath: se that thou caste doune all the proude,
12 (40:7) loke well, that thou makest all suche as be stubborne, to obeye: treade all the vngodlye vnder thy fete,
13 (40:8) caste them doune vnto the myre. and couer theyr faces wt darckenesse.
14 (40:9) Then wil I confesse also, şt thyne owne ryghte hande hath saued the.
15 (40:10) Behold Behemoth (whom I made with the) which eateth haye as an oxe:
16 (40:11) lo, how strong he is in his loynes, & what power he hathe in the nauell of hys bodye.
17 (40:12) He spredeth oute hys tayle like a Cedre tre, all hys vaynes are stife.
18 (40:13) His shynnes are lyke pypes of brasse, hys rygge bones are lyke staues of yron.
19 (40:14) Fyrste when God made hym, he ordened the wyldernesse for hym,
20 (40:15) that the mountaynes shuld geue hym grasse, where all the beastes of the fylde take theyr pastyme.
21 (40:16) He lyeth amonge the redes in the Mosses, the fennes
22 (40:17) hyde him wyth theyr shadowe, & the wylowes of the broke couer hym rounde about.
23 (40:18) Lo, withoute any labour myght he drincke out of the whole floud & suppe of Iordane wythoute anye trayle.
24 (40:19) Who darre laye hande vpon him openlye, & vndertake to catche hym? Or, who darre put a hooke thorowe hys nose, & laye a snare for hym.




1 (40:20) Darrest thou drawe out Leuyathan wt an angle, or bynde hys tonge with a snare?
2 (40:21) Canste thou put a rynge in the nose of hym, or bore hys chaftes thorow wt a naule.
3 (40:22) Wil he make many fayre wordes wyth the (thinckest thou) or flattre the?
4 (40:23) Wyll he make a couenaunt wyth the? Or art thou able for to compel him to do the contynuall seruyce?
5 (40:24) Wylt thou take thy pastyme wyth hym as with a byrd, or geue him vnto thy maydens,
6 (40:25) that thy companyons maye hewe hym in peces, to be parted amonge the marchaunt men?
7 (40:26) Canste thou fyl şe net with his skinne, or the fyshe pannyer with hys heade?
8 (40:27) Darrest thou laye hande vpon him? It is better for the to consydre what harme might happen the there thorow & not to touche hym.
9 (40:28) For when thou thinkest to haue hold vpon hym, he shall begyle the: Euery man also that seyth hym, shal go backe. And why?
10 (40:29) there darre none be so bolde as to rayse hym vp. (41:1) Who is able to stande before me?
11 (41:2) Or, who hath geuen me anye thynge afore hande, that I am bound to reward hym againe? All thynges vnder heauen are myne.
12 (41:3) I feare hym not, whether he threaten or speake fayre.
13 (41:4) Who lyfteth hym vp, & strypeth hym out of hys clothes, or who taketh him by the byt of hys brydle?
14 (41:5) Who openeth the dore of hys face? for he hath horryble tethe rounde aboute.
15 (41:6) Hys body is couered with scales as it were wyth shyldes, lockt in, kepte, & wel compacte together.
16 (41:7) One is so ioyned to another, şt no ayre can come in
17 (41:8) Yea one hangeth so vpon another, & stycketh so together, that they can not be sundered.
18 (41:9) His nesynge is lyke a glysteryng fyre, & his eyes lyke the morning shyne.
19 (41:10) Oute of hys mouthe go torches & fyre brandes
20 (41:11) oute of hys nostrels there goeth a smoke, like as oute of an hote sethinge pot.
21 (41:12) His breth maketh the cotes burne, the flamme goeth out of hys mouth.
22 (41:13) In his necke remayneth strength & before hys face sorow is turned to gladnes.
23 (41:14) The membres of his body are ioyned so strait one to another, and cleue so fast together, that he can not be moued.
24 (41:15) His hert is as herde as a stone, & as faste as the stithye that the hammer man smyteth vpon.
25 (41:16) When he goeth, the myghtiest of al are afrayed, & the waues heauy.
26 (41:17) If he drawe out the swearde, there maye neyther speare nor brest plate, abyde hym
27 (41:18) He setteth as much by a strawe as by yron, and as muche by a rotten stocke as by metall.
28 (41:19) He starteth not away for hym that bendeth the bowe: & as for slynge stones, he careth as muche for stubble as for them.
29 (41:20) He counteth the hammer no better then a strawe, he laugheth hym to scorne that shaketh the speare.
30 (41:21) He treadeth the golde in the myre lyke the sharpe potsherdes.
31 (41:22) He maketh the depe to seethe and boyle lyke a pot, & stereth the sea together lyke an oyntment.
32 (41:23) The waye is lyght after hym, the depe is hys walkynge place.
33 (41:24) Vpon earth is there no power lyke vnto hys, for he is so made that he feareth not.
34 (41:25) If a man wyll consydre all hye thinges, thys same is a kynge ouer all the chyldren of pryde.




1 Then Iob aunswered the Lorde, and sayd:
2 I know that thou hast power ouer all thynges, & that there is no thought hyd vnto şe.
3 For who can kepe his owne councell so secrete, but it shalbe knowne? Therfore haue I spoken vnwysely, seyng these thynges are so hye, & passe myne vnderstandynge.
4 O herken thou vnto me also, & let me speake: aunswere vnto the thynge that I wyll aske the
5 I haue geuen dyligente care vnto the, & nowe I se the with mine eyes.
6 Wherfor I geue myne owne selfe the blame, and take repentaunce in the duste and asshes.
7 Now when the Lord had spoken these wordes vnto Iob, he sayde vnto Elephas the Themanite: I am displeased with the & thy two frendes, for ye haue not spoken the thyng that is right before me, lyke as my seruaunte Iob hath done.
8 Therfore take .vij. oxen & .vij. rammes, and go to my seruaunte Iob: offre vp also for your selues a brentofferynge: & let my seruaunte Iob praye for you. Hym wyll I accepte, & not deale with you after youre folishnesse: in that ye haue not spoken the thynge whiche is right, like as my seruaunt Iob hath done.
9 So Elephas the Themanite, Baldad the Suhyte & Sophar the Naamathite went their waye, and dyd accordynge as the Lorde commaunded them. The Lorde also accepted the personne of Iob,
10 and the Lorde turned hym vnto Iob, when he prayed for his frendes. Yea the Lorde gaue Iob twyse as muche as he had a fore.
11 And then came there vnto him all hys brethren, all hys sisters, with all them that had bene of hys acquayntaunce afore, & ate bread wyth hym in hys house, wondryng at hym, & comfortyng hym ouer all the trouble, that the Lorde had brought vpon hym. Euery man gaue hym a shepe and a Iewell of golde.
12 And the Lorde made Iob rycher then he was before: for he had .xiiij.M. shepe .vi.M. camels, a .M. youcke of oxen, & a .M. asshes.
13 He had chyldren also .vij. sonnes & .iij. doughters.
14 The fyrste called daye: the seconde Pouerte: the thyrde all plenteousnes.
15 In all the lande were none found so fayre, as the doughters of Iob, & theyr father gaue them enherytaunce amonge theyr brethren.
16 After this lyued Iob .xl. yares, so that he sawe his children, & his children children to the fourthe generacyon.
17 And so he dyed, beynge olde & of a perfecte age.