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1 The prophecye of Esai the sonne of Amos, whiche he shewed vpon Iuda & Ierusalem: In the tyme of Oziah, Ioatham, Ahaz, and Iehezekiah Kynges of Iuda.
2 Heare O heauen, herken O earth, for the Lord speaketh: I haue norysshed & brought vp chyldren, and they are fallen awaye from me.
3 An oxe knoweth hys Lorde, & an Asse his masters stall: but Israel knoweth nothynge, my people hath no vnderstanding.
4 Alas for thys synfull people, whiche are ouerladen with blasphemyes, a frowarde generacyon, wicked chyldren. They haue forsaken the Lorde, they haue prouoked the holy one of Israell vnto anger, and are gone backwarde.
5 Wherfore shulde ye be plaged any more? For ye are euer fallyng away. The whole head is sick, & the herte is very heauy.
6 From the sole of the fote vnto the head, there is no whol parte in all youre bodye: but all are woundes, botches, sores, and stripes, whiche can nether be helped, bound vp, molifyed, nor eased with any oyntment.
7 Youre lande lyeth waste, youre cyties are brent vp, youre enemyes deuoure your lande, and ye muste be fayne to stand, and loke vpon it: and it is desolate, as it were wyth enemyes in a battell.
8 Moreouer the doughter of Syon is lefte alone lyke a cotage in a vyneyard like a watche house in tyme of warre, lyke a beseged cytye.
9 And excepte the Lord of hostes had lefte vs a fewe alyue: we shulde haue ben as Sodoma, and lyke vnto Gomorra.
10 Heare the worde of the Lorde ye tyrauntes of Sodoma, and herken vnto the lawe of oure God, thou people of Gomorra.
11 Why offre ye so manye sacrifyces vnto me? I am discontent for the brentofferinges of wethers and with the fatnesse of fedbeastes. I haue no pleasure in the bloude of bullockes, lambes & gootes.
12 When ye appeare before me, who requyreth you to treade wythin my porches?
13 Offre me no mo oblacions, for it is but loste laboure. I abhorre youre incense. I maye not awaye with youre new moones, youre Sabbathes and solempne dayes. Youre fastinges are also in vayne.
14 I hate youre newe holye dayes and fastynges, euen from my very hert. They make me weerye, I can not abyde them.
15 Though ye holde oute your handes, yet turne I myne eyes from you. And though ye make manye prayers, yet heare I nothynge at all, for youre handes are full of bloude.
16 Washe you, make you cleane, put awaye youre euill thoughtes out of my sighte, cease from doynge of euyll and vyolence.
17 Lerne to do right, applye youre selues to equite, delyuer the oppressed, helpe the fatherlesse to hys ryght, let the wyddowes complaynte come before you.
18 Nowe go to (sayth the Lorde) we will talke together. Is it not so? Thoughe youre synnes be as reade as scarlet, shal they not be whyther then snowe? And though they were lyke purple, shall they not be lyke white wolle?
19 Is it not so? If ye be louynge and obedyent, ye shall enioye the best thynge that groweth in the lande.
20 But yf ye be obstynate and rebellyous, ye shalbe deuoured wt the swerde: for thus the Lorde hath promysed wyth hys owne mouthe.
21 Howe happeneth it then that e ryghtuous cytye (whiche was full of equyte) is be come vnfaythful as an whore? ryghteousnes dwelt in it, but now murthur.
22 Thy syluer is turned to drosse, and thy wyne mixte wyth water.
23 Thy prynces are traytours and companyons of theues. They loue gyftes altogether, & folowe rewardes. As for the fatherles, they helpe hym not to hys ryght, nether wyll they let the wydowes causes come before them.
24 Therfore speaketh the Lorde God of hostes e myghtye one of Israel: Ah I muste ease me of myne enemyes, and avenge me vpon them.
25 And therfore shall I laye my hande vpon the and burne oute thy drosse from the fyneste and pureste, and put oute all the leade,
26 and set thy iudges agayne as they were some tyme, and thy Senatours as they were from the begynninge. Then shalte thou be called e ryghtuous cytie, the faithful citye.
27 But Syon shalbe redemed with equite, and her captyuyte with ryghteousnesse.
28 For the transgressours and vngodlye, and suche as are become vnfaythfull vnto the Lorde, muste altogether be vtterlye destroyed.
29 And except ye be ashamed of the oke trees wherein ye haue so delyted, and of the gardens that ye haue chosen:
30 ye shalbe as an oke whose leaues are fallen awaye, and as a garden that hath no moystnesse.
31 And as for the glorye of these thynges, it shalbe turned to drye straw, and he that made them to a sparke. And they shall both burne together, so that no man shalbe able to quenche them.




1 Moreouer this is e word that was opened vnto Esay the sonne of Amoz, vpon Iuda & Ierusalem.
2 It will be also in processe of tyme: That e hyl where the house of the Lorde is buylded, shal be the chefe amonge hylles, and exalted aboue al lytle hylles. And all the Heathen shall preache vnto hym, & the multytude of people shall go vnto hym,
3 speakynge thus one to another: vp let vs go to the hyll of the Lorde, & to e house of the God of Iacob: that he maye shewe vs hys waye, and that we maye walcke in hys pathes. For the lawe shall come out of Syon and the worde of God from Ierusalem,
4 and shall geue sentence amonge the Heathen, and shall reforme the multytude of people. So that they shal breake theyr swerdes & speares to make sythes, sycles and sawes thereof. From that tyme forth shall not one people lyfte vp weapen agaynste another, neyther shall they learne to fight from thence forth.
5 It is to the t I crye (O house of Iacob) vp, let vs walck in the lyghte of the Lorde,
6 But thou art scatered abroade with thy people (O house of Iacob) for ye go farre beyonde youre fathers, whether it be in Sorcerers (whome ye haue as the Phylystynes had) or in calkers of mens byrthes, whereof ye haue to manye.
7 As soone as youre lande was full of syluer and golde, and no ende of youre treasure: so soone as youre lande was full of stronge horses and no ende of youre charettes:
8 Immediatlye was it full of Idols also, euen workes of youre owne handes, which ye youre selues haue fashyoned, & your syngers haue made.
9 There kneleth e man there falleth the man doune before them, so that thou canste not brynge hym a waye from thence.
10 And therfore get the soone into some rock, & hyde the in the grounde from the sighte of the fearful iudge, & from the glorye of his mageste:
11 Which casteth doune the hygh lokes of presumptuous personnes, & bryngeth lowe the pryde of man, & he only shall be exalted in the daye.
12 For the daye of the Lorde of Hostes shall go ouer all pryde & presumpcyon, vpon all them that exalte them selues, & shall brynge them all doune:
13 vpon all high & stoute Cedre trees of Lybanus, and vpon all the okes of Basan,
14 vpon all hygh hylles, and vpon al stoute mountaynes,
15 vpon all costlye towres, and vpon al strong walles,
16 vpon all shyppes of the sea, and vpon euerye thynge that is gloryous and pleasaunte to loke vpon.
17 And it shall bryng doune the pryde of man, & laye mans presumptuousnesse ful lowe, and the Lorde shall onelye haue the vyctorye in that daye.
18 But the ydoles shall vtterly be roted oute.
19 Men shall crepe into holes of stone, and into caues of the earthe, from the syghte of the fearfull iudge, and from the glorye of hys magesty: what tyme as he shall make hym vp to shake the earthe.
20 Then then, shall man caste awaye hys Goddes of syluer and golde (whiche he neuerthelesse had made to honoure them) vnto Moles and Backes:
21 that he maye the better crepe into the caues & rockes, and into the cliffes of harde stones, from the syghte of the fearfull iudge & from the glorye of hys Magestye.
22 (3:1) Every man can eschue a persone moued in anger, for what doeth he wyselye?




1 (3:2) Euen so shall the Lorde of Hostes take awaye from Ierusalem & Iuda, all possessyons and power, al meate and drincke,
2 (3:3) the captayne & the soudyar, the iudge & the Prophete the wyse and the aged man,
3 (3:4) the worshipful of fyftye yeare olde, and the honorable: the Senatours, and men of vnderstandyng: the maisters of craftes and oratours.
4 (3:5) And I shal geue you chyldren to be youre prynces (sayeth the Lord) & babes shall haue the rule of you.
5 (3:6) One shall euer be doynge vyolence & wronge to another. The boye shall presume agaynste the elder, and the vyle persone agaynst the honorable.
6 (3:7) Ye one shal take a frend of his owne kynred by the bosome and saye: thou haste clothynge, thou shalt be oure heade, for thou mayest kepe vs from thys fall and parell.
7 (3:8) Then shall he sweare and saye: I can not helpe you. Moreouer, there is neyther meate nor clothynge in my house, make me no ruler of the people.
8 (3:9) For Ierusalem and Iuda muste decaye, because that bothe theyr wordes and councels are agaynste the Lorde, they prouoke the presence of his magesty vnto anger.
9 (3:10) The chaungynge of their countenaunce bewrayeth them, yea they declare theyr owne synnes them selues, as the Sodomites, and hyde them not. Wo be vnto theyr soules, for they shalbe heuely rewarded.
10 (3:11) Then shall they saye. O happye are the godly, for they maye enioye the frutes of theyr studyes.
11 (3:12) But wo be to the vngodlye & vnryghtuous for they shall be rewarded after theyr worckes.
12 (3:13) O my people rybaudes oppresse the, and wemen haue rule of the. O my people, thy leaders deceyue the, and treade oute the waye of thy fotesteppes.
13 (3:14) The Lorde is her to comen of the matter, and standeth to geue iudgement wyth the people.
14 (3:15) The Lorde shall come forth to reason wyth the Senatours and prynces of hys people, and shal saye thus vnto them: It is ye that haue burnt vp my vyneyarde, the robberye of the poore is in your house.
15 (3:16) Wherfore do ye oppresse my people, and marre the faces of the innocentes? thus shall the God of Hostes reuyle them.
16 (3:17) Moreouer thus sayth the Lorde: Seynge the doughters of Sion are become so proude, and come in with stretched oute neckes, and with vayne wanton eyes: seynge they come in tryppynge so nycely with their fete:
17 (3:18) Therfore shall the Lorde shaue the heades of the doughters of Syon, and make theyr bewtye bare in that daye.
18 (3:19) In that daye shall the Lord take awaye the gorgyousnes of theyr apparel & spanges, chaynes, parlaftes,
19 (3:20) and colares, bracelettes & hooues,
20 (3:21) the goodly floured wide & broderd rayment, brusshes & headebandes,
21 (3:22) rynges and garlandes,
22 (3:23) holye daye clothes & vales, kerchues & pynnes,
23 (3:24) glasses & smockes, bonettes and taches.
24 (3:25) And in steade of good smell there shalbe styncke amonge them. And for theyr gyrdles there shalbe louse bandes. And for well set hearre there shalbe baldnesse. In steade of a stomacker, a sackclothe, and for theyr bewtye wytherydnesse & sunneburninge.
25 (3:26) Their housbandes and theyr myghtye men shall perysh with the swerde in batell.
26 (4:1) At that time shal their gates mourne & complayne, and they shall sitte as desolate folck vpon the earth.




 (4:2) Then shall seuen wyues take holde of one man, and saye: we wil laye all oure meate and clothing together in comen, only that we may be called thy wyues, & that this shameful reprofe may be taken from vs.
2 (4:3) After that tyme shall the braunche of the Lorde be bewtyfull & myghtye, & the frute of the earth shall be fayre & pleasaunte for those Israelites that shall bringe thereof.
3 (4:4) Then shall the remnaunt in Syon and the remnaunte at Ierusalem be called holye: namelye all suche as are wrytten amonge the lyuynge at Ierusalem:
4 (4:5) what time as the Lorde shall washe awaye the desolacion of the doughters of Syon, & pourge e bloude out from Ierusalem wt the wynde of his smoke & fyre.
5 (4:6) Moreouer vpon al the dwellynges of e hyl of Syon, and vpon their whole congregacyon, shal the Lord prouyde a cloude & smoke by daye, and the shynynge of a flammynge fyre by nyght: for all their glorye shalbe preserued.
6 (4:7) And Ierusalem shall be a tabernacle for a shadowe because of hete in the daye tyme, a place and refuge where a man may kepe him for wether and rayne.




1 Nowe wel then, I wyl syng my beloued frende a songe of hys vyneyarde. My beloued frende hath a vyneyard in a very frutefull plenteous grounde.
2 This he hedged, this he walled rounde about, & planted with goodly grapes. In the myddest of it buylded he a toure, & made a wyne presse therein. And afterwarde when he loked that it shulde bringe him grapes, it broughte forthe thornes.
3 I shewe you nowe my cause (O ye Cytesens of Ierusalem & whole Iuda:) Iudge I praye you betwixte me, & my vyneyarde.
4 What more coulde haue bene done for it, that I haue not done? Wherfore then hath it geuen thornes, where I loked to haue had grapes of it?
5 Well, I shall tell you how I wyl do with my vineyarde: I will take the hedge from it, that it maye perishe, & breake doune the wall, that it maye be troden vnder fote.
6 I wyl laye it waste, that it shall neyther be twisted nor cut, but beare thornes and breares. I wil also forbydde the cloudes, that they shall not raine vpon it.
7 As for the vyneyarde of the Lorde of Hostes it is the house of Israel, & whole Iuda hys fayre plantynge. Of these he loked for equyte, but se there is wronge: for rightuousnesse, lo, It is but miserye.
8 Wo be vnto you that ioyne one house to another, & bring one land so nyghe vnto another, tyll ye can get no more grounde. Wyll ye dwel vpon the earth alone?
9 The Lorde of Hostes roundeth me thus in myne eare: shall not many greater and more gorgyous houses be so waste, that no man shall dwell in them?
10 And ten akers of vynes shal geue but a Quarte, & .xxx. bushels of sede shall geue but thre.
11 Wo be vnto them that ryse vp earlye to vse them selues in dronkennes, & yet at nyght are more superfluous wyth wyne.
12 In those companies are harpes and lutes, tabrettes & pipes and wyne. But they regarde not the worck of the Lorde, and consydre not the operacyon of hys handes.
13 Therfore commeth my folcke also in captyuite, because they haue no vnderstandynge. Theyr glory shalbe mixte with hunger and theyr pryde shalbe marred for thyrste.
14 Therfore gapeth hell, and openeth her mouth maruelous wyde: that pryde, boastyng & wysdome, with suche as reioyse therein, may descende into it.
15 Thus shall man haue a fall, he shalbe brought lowe, & the hygh lokes of the proude layde doune.
16 But the Lorde of hostes, that holye God shalbe exalted and vntouched, when he shall declare hys equyte and ryghtuosnesse after thys maner:
17 Then shall the lambes eate theyr appoynted foder, & shall fede plenteouslye in the mountaynes.
18 Wo be vnto vayne persones, that drawe wyckednes vnto them, as it were with a coorde: & synne, as it were wt a carte rope.
19 Whiche vse to speake on thys maner: let hym make haste nowe, & go forthe with his worcke, that we maye se it. Let e councell of the holye one of Israel come, and draw nye, that we maye knowe it.
20 Wo be vnto them that cal euyll good, and good euyll: which make darckenesse lyghte, & lyghte darckenesse, that make sower swete and swete sower.
21 Wo be vnto them that are wyse in theyr owne syght, and thyncke them selues to haue vnderstandynge.
22 Wo be vnto them, that are connynge men to suppe oute wyne, and experte to set vp dronckennesse.
23 These geue sentence wyth the vngodlye for rewardes, but condempne the iust cause of the ryghtuous.
24 Therfore lyke as fyre lycketh vp the straw & as the flamme consumeth the stubble: Euen so (when theyr rote is full) theyr blossome shall vanyshe awaye lyke duste or smoke: for they despyse the lawe of the Lorde of Hostes, and blaspheme the worde of the holye maker of Israel.
25 Therfore is the wrath of the Lorde kyndeled also agaynst his people, and he shaketh hys hande at them: yea he shall smyte so, that the hylles shall tremble. And theyr karcases shall lye in the open stretes, lyke myre. After all thys, the wrathe of God shall not ceasse, but he shall stretche hys hande wyder.
26 And he shall geue a token vnto a straunge people and call vnto them in a farre countrey: and beholde, they shall come hastelye wyth spede.
27 There is not one faynte nor feble amonge them, no not a slogyshe nor sleperye personne. There shall not one of them put of the gyrdle from hys loynes, nor louse their lachet of his shue.
28 Theyr arowes are sharpe, and theyr bowes bent. Their horse hoofes are lyke flynt, & theyr cartwheles lyke a stormy wynde.
29 Theyr crye is as it were of a lyon, and the roarynge of them lyke lyons whelpes. They shal roare and hantch vp the praye, and no man shal recouer it, or get it from them.
30 In that day they shalbe so fearce vpon them, as the sea. And yf we loke vnto the lande, beholde, it shalbe all darckenesse and sorowe. If we loke to heauen: beholde, it shalbe darcke wyth careful desperacyon.




1 In the same yeare e kynge Oziah dyed, I sawe the Lorde sytting vpon an high & gloryous seate, and hys trayne fylled the palace.
2 From aboue flakred the Seraphins, whereof euery one had sixe wynges. With twayne eche couered his face, with twayne his fete, & with twayne dyd he flye.
3 They cryed also eche one to other on this maner: holy holy holy, is the Lord of hostes. The whole world is ful of his glory.
4 Yea the gestes and dorecheckes moued at their crieng, & the house was ful of smoke.
5 Then I sayde: O wo is me. For I was astonished: t I (which am a man of vncleane lippes and dwell amonge people that hath vncleane lyppes also) shulde se the kynge and e Lorde of hostes wyth myne eyes.
6 Then flue one of the Seraphins vnto me, hauynge a hote cole in hys hande, whiche he had taken from the aulter wyth the tounges,
7 and touched my mouthe, and sayde: lo, thys hath touched my mouth, and thyne vnryghtuousnes is taken awaye, and thy synne forgeuen.
8 After thys I heard the voyce of the Lord takyng aduysement on thys maner: Whome shall I sende, & who wylbe oure messenger? Then I sayde: here am I, sende me.
9 And so he sayde: go, and tell thys people: ye shall heare in dede, but ye shall not vnderstande, ye shall playnelye se, & not perceyue.
10 Harden e hart of thys people, stoppe theyr eares, and shutte theyr eyes, that they se not with theyr eyes, heare not wyth theyr eares, and vnderstande not wyth theyr hertes, and conuerte and be healed.
11 Then spake I: Lorde, howe longe? he aunswered: vntyll the cytyes be vtterlye without inhabytours, and the houses wythoute men, tyll the lande be also desolate, & lye vnbuylded.
12 For the Lorde shall take the men farre awaye, so that the lande shall lye waste.
13 Neuertheles, the tenthe part shall remayne there in, for it shall conuerte and be frutefull. And lykewyse as the Terebyntes and Oketrees brynge forthe theyr frutes, so shall the holye sede haue frute.




1 It happened in the time of Ahaz the sonne of Ioatham, whiche was the sonne of Oziah kyng of Iuda: that Razin the kyng of Syria, and Phakeh the sonne of Romeliah, kynge of Israel wente vp towarde Ierusalem to besege it, but wanne it not.
2 Nowe when the house of Dauid (that is Ahaz) hearde worde thereof, that Syria and Ephraim were confederate together: hys herte quaked (yea and the hertes also of hys people) lyke as a tree in the felde, that is moued wyth the wynde.
3 Then sayde God vnto Esay: go mete Ahaz (thou and thy sonne Sear Iasub) at the heade of the ouer pole, in the fote pathe by the fullers grounde,
4 and saye vnto hym: Take hede to thy selfe and be styll, but feare not, neyther be fayntharted, for these two tales: that is: for these two smokynge fyre brandes, the wrathe and furyousnes of Razin the Syryan and Romelyes sonne:
5 because that the kynge of Siria Ephraim & Romelyes sonne haue wickedlye conspyred agaynst the,
6 sayinge: We wyll go doune into Iuda, vexe them, and bryng them vnder vs, and set a kynge there, euen the sonne of Tabeel.
7 For thus sayth the Lorde GOD therto, It shall not so go forthe, nether come so to passe:
8 for the head cytye of the Syryans is Damascus, but the head of Damascus is Razin. And after fyue and threscore yeare, shall Ephraim be no more a people.
9 And the chefe cytye of Ephraim is Samaria, but the heade of Samaria is Romelies sonne. And yf ye beleue not, there shall no promyse be kepte wyth you.
10 Moreouer, God spake vnto Ahaz, saying:
11 requyre a token of the Lorde thy God, whether it be towarde the depthe benethe or towarde the heyght aboue.
12 Then sayde Ahaz: I wyll requyre none, neyther will I tempte the Lorde.
13 The Lord aunswered: Then heare to, ye of the house of Dauid: Is it not ynough for you, that ye be greuous vnto men, but ye muste greue my God also?
14 And therfore the Lorde shall geue you a token of hym selfe: Beholde, a vyrgyn shall conceyue and beare a sonne, and shall call hys name Emmanuel.
15 Butter and honye shall he eate, that he maye knowe the euyll, and chose the good.
16 But or euer the chylde come to knowledge, to eschue the euyll and chose the good: The lande (that thou arte so afrayde for) shalbe desolate of both her kynges.
17 The Lorde also shall sende a tyme vpon the, vpon thy people, and vpon thy fathers house (suche as neuer came sence the tyme that Ephraim departed from Iuda) thorowe the kynge of the Assyryans.
18 For at the same tyme shall the Lorde whistle for the flies that are aboute the water of Egypte, and for the bees in the Assyryans lande.
19 These shall come, and shall lyght all in the valeys, in the vawtes of stone, vpon all greue thynges, and in all corners.
20 At the same tyme shall the Lorde shaue the hearre of the heade and the fete and the beerd cleane of, with the rasoure t he shall paye them wyth all beyonde the water: namelye wyth the kynge of the Assyryans.
21 At the same tyme shall a man lyue wyth a cowe, and two shepe.
22 Then because of the aboundaunce of mylcke, he shall make butter and eate it. So that euerye one whiche remayneth in the lande, shall eate butter and honye.
23 At the same tyme all vyneyardes (thoughe there be a thousande vynes in one, and were solde for a thousande syluerlynges) shalbe turned to brears and thornes.
24 Lyke as they shall come into the lande wyth arowes and bowes, so shall al the land be come brears and thornes.
25 And as for all hylles that nowe are hewen doune, thou shalt not come vpon them, for feare of brears and thornes. But the catell shall be dryuen thyther, and the shepe shall fede there.




1 Moreouer the Lorde sayde vnto me: Take the a great leaf, and wryte in it, as men do wyth a penne, that he spede hym to robbe and haste him to spoyle.
2 And immediatly I called vnto me faythfull wytnesses, Vriah the priest, and Zachariah e sonne of Barachiah.
3 After that went I vnto the Prophetisse, that nowe had conceiued and borne a sonne. Then sayde the Lorde to me: geue him this name: Maherschalal haschbas (that is, a spedie robber: an hastie spoyler.)
4 For why, or euer the child shall haue knowledge to saye: Abi and Im (that is father, and mother): shall the ryches of Damascus, and the substaunce of Samaria be taken awaye, thorowe the kynge of the Assirians.
5 The Lorde spake also vnto me, sayinge:
6 for so muche as the people refuseth the styll runnynge water of Silo, and put their delyte in Razin and Romelies sonne:
7 Beholde, the Lorde shall brynge mightye and greate floudes of water vpon them: namely the kinge of the Assirians with all his power. Whyche shall poure oute his furiousnesse vpon euery man, and runne ouer all their banckes.
8 And shall breake in vpon Iuda, increasyng in power, tyll he get him by the throte. He shal fyl also the wydenesse of thy lande with hys broade wynges, O Emanuell.
9 Go together ye people, and gather you, herken to all ye of farre countreyes. Mustre you, & gather you: mustre you and gather you,
10 take your councel together, yet must youre councell come to nought: go in hand with all, yet shall it not prospere. Excepte Emanuel: (that is God) be with vs.
11 For the Lord chastised me, & toke me by the hande, and warned me, sayinge vnto me, that I shoulde not walcke in the waye of thys people. He sayde moreouer:
12 rounde with none of them, whosoeuer saye: younder people are bounde together. Neuertheles feare them not, neyther be afraide of them,
13 but sanctifye the Lorde of hostes, let him be youre feare and drede.
14 For he is the sanctifyeng, and stone to stomble at the rocke to fall vpon, a snare and net to both the houses, to Israell, and the inhabitours of Ierusalem.
15 And many shall stomble, fall, & be broken vpon him: yea they shalbe snared and taken.
16 Now laye the witnesses together (said the Lorde) and seale the lawe with my discyples.
17 Thus I wayte vpon the Lorde that hath turned his face from the house of Iacob, and I loke vnto him.
18 But lo, as for me, and the children whiche the Lorde hath geuen me: we are a token and a wondre in Israel, for the Lorde of hostes sake, whiche dwelleth vpon the hill of Syon.
19 And therfore yf they saye vnto you: aske councel at the sothesayers, wytches, charmers and coniurers, then make them thys answere: Is there a people any where, that asketh not councel at his God, whether it be concerning the deade, or the lyuynge?
20 Yf any man want lyght, let hym loke vpon the lawe and the testimony, whether they speake not after thys meaninge.
21 Yf he do not thys, he stombleth & suffereth hunger. And yf he suffre hunger, he is out of pacience, and blasphemeth hys kynge and his God. Then loketh he vpwarde, and dounewarde to the earthe,
22 and beholde, there is trouble & darcknesse, vexacyon is rounde aboute him, and the cloude of erroure. And oute of suche aduersitie, shall he not escape.




1 Even lyke as in time past it hath bene well sene, that the lande of Zabulon and the land of Nephtali (where thorow the sea way goeth ouer Iordane into the land of Galilee) was at the fyrst in lytle trouble, but afterwarde sore vexed.
2 Neuertheles the people that haue dwelt in darcknesse, shall se a greate lyght. As for them that dwell in the lande of the shadowe of death, vpon them shall the lyght shyne.
3 Shalt thou multyplye the people, and not increase the ioye also? They shall reioyse before the euen as men make mery in haruest and as men that haue gotten the vyctorye, when they deale the spoyle.
4 For thou shalte breake the yocke of the peoples burthen, the staffe of his shoulder, and the road of hys oppressoure, as in the daye of Madian.
5 Moreouer all temerariours and sedicious power (yea where there is but a cote fylled with bloude) shalbe burnt, and fede the fyre.
6 For vnto vs a chylde shalbe borne, and vnto vs a sonne shalbe geuen. Vpon his shoulder shall the kyngedome lye, and he shalbe called with hys owne name. The wonderous geuer of councel, the myghty God, the euerlastinge father, the prynce of peace,
7 he shall make no ende to encrease the kyngedome and peace, and shall sytte vpon the seate of Dauid, and in his kyngedome, to set vp the same, to stablyshe it wyth equyte and ryghteousnesse, from thence forth for euermore. This shall the gelousy of the Lorde of hostes brynge to paste.
8 The Lord sent a word into Iacob, the same is come into Israell.
9 And the people also of Ephraim, and they that dwell in Samaria, can saye wyth pryde and hye stomackes, on this maner:
10 The tyle worcke is fallen doune but we wyll buylde it wyth harder stones. The Molbery tymbre is broken, but we shal set it vp agayne with Cedre.
11 Neuertheles, the Lorde shall prepare Razin the enemy against them, and so ordre their aduersaryes,
12 that the Sirians shall laye holde vpon them before, & the Philistines behinde, and so deuoure Israell wyth open mouth. After all thys, the wrath of the Lord shall not ceasse, but yet his hande shall be stretched oute styll.
13 For the people turneth not vnto hym, that chastyseth them, nether do they seke the Lorde of Hostes.
14 Therfore the Lorde shal rote oute of Israel bothe head & tayle, braunch and twigge in one daye.
15 By the heade, is vnderstande the Senatoure and honorable man, and by the tayle, the Prophet that preacheth lyes.
16 For al they whiche enfourme the people that they be in a righte case, suche be disceyuers. Suche as men thyncke also to be perfecte amonge these, are but cast awaye.
17 Therfore shall the Lorde haue no pleasure in their yonge men, neyther fauoure their fatherlesse and wyddowes. For they are all together ypocrytes and wicked, and all their mouthes speake foly. After all this shall not the Lordes wrathe ceasse, but yet his hande shalbe stretched oute still.
18 For the vngodlye burne as a fyre in the bryers and thornes. And as it were oute of a fyre in a wood or a read bushe, so ascendeth the smoke of their pryde.
19 For this cause shall the wrath of the Lorde of Hostes fal vpon the lande, and the people shalbe consumed, as it were with fyre, no man shall spare his brother.
20 Yf a man do turne him to the ryght hande, he shall famishe, or to the lefte hande to eate, he shall not haue ynough. Euery man shall eate the fleshe of his owne arme.
21 Manasses shall eat Ephraim and Ephraim Manasses, and they both shall eate Iuda. After al this shall not the Lordes wrath cease, but yet shall his hande be stretched oute styll.




1 Wo be vnto you that make vnryghteous lawes, and deuyse thinges, whiche be to harde for to kepe:
2 where thorow the pore are oppressed on euery syde, & the innocentes of my people are therwyth robbed of iudgement: that wyddowes maye be youre praye, and that ye maye robbe the fatherlesse.
3 What wyll ye do in tyme of the visitacion and destruccyon, that shall come from farre? Tho whome wyll ye runne for helpe? or to whome will ye geue your honour that ye maye kepe it?
4 that ye come not among the presonners, or lye amonge the deade? After all this shall not the wrath of the Lord cease, but yet shall hys hande be stretched out styll.
5 Wo be also vnto Assur, whiche is a staffe of my wrathe, in whose hande is the roade of my punishement.
6 For I shall send him among those ypocrytish people, amonge the people that haue deserued my disfauour shall I send him: that he maye vtterly robbe them, spoyle them, and tread them doune lyke the myre in the strete.
7 How be it, his meaninge is not so, neither thincketh his hert of this fasshion. But he ymagineth only, how he may ouerthrowe and destroye muche people,
8 for he sayth: are not my princes al kinges?
9 Is not Calno as easye to winne, as Charchamis? Is it harder to conquere Antiochia then Arphad? Or is it lyghter to ouercome Damascus then Samaria?
10 As wo say: I were able to winne the kingedome of the Idolatres and their Goddes, but not Ierusalem and Samaria.
11 Shall I not do vnto Ierusalem and their ymages, as I dyd vnto Samaria and their ymages?
12 Wherfore the Lorde sayeth: As sone as I haue perfourmed my whole worcke vpon the hyll of Sion and Ierusalem, then wyll I also vpset the noble and stoute kynge of Assiria, wyth his wisedom and pryde.
13 For he standeth thus in hys owne conceyte. Thys do I thorow the power of myne owne hand, and thorowe my wysedome: For I am wyse I am he that remoue the landes of the people I robbe the princes, and (lyke one of the worthies) I dryue them from their hye seates.
14 My hande hathe founde out the hostes of the people, as it were arnest. And lyke as egges, that were layde here and there, are gathered togegether. So do I gather all countreyes. And there is no man, that darre be so bolde, as to touche a fether, that darre open his mouth, or ones whisper.
15 But doth the axe boost it selfe, agaynste hym, t he heweth therwyth, or doth the sawe make any krackynge, agaynst hym that ruleth it? That were euen lyke, as yf the roade dyd exalte it selfe, against him that beareth it: or as though the staffe shoulde magnyfye it selfe, as who saie: it were no wode.
16 Therfore shall the Lorde of Hostes sende him pouerte in his ryches, and burne vp hys power, as it were wyth a fyre.
17 But the lyght of Israell shalbe that fyre, and his Sanctuarye shalbe the flamme, and it shal kyndle, and burne vp his thornes and breers in one daye,
18 ye all the glory of his woodes and feldes shalbe consumed with body and soule. As for hym selfe, he shalbe as one chased away.
19 The trees also of his felde shalbe of suche a nombre, that a chylde may tell them.
20 After that daye shall the remnaunt of Israel, & suche as are escaped out of the house of Iacob, seke no more comfort at him that smote them, but shall comforte them selues wyth faythfulnesse and truthe in the Lorde, the holy one of Israell.
21 The remnaunt, yea and the posteryte of Iacob, shall conuerte vnto God the myghty one.
22 For thoughe thy people (O Israel) be as the sande of the sea, yet shall but the remnaunt of them onely conuerte vnto hym. Perfecte is the iudgement of hym that floweth in ryghteousnesse,
23 and therfore the Lorde of Hostes shall perfectlye fulfyll the thynge, that he had determyned in the myddest of the whole world.
24 Therfore thus sayth the Lorde God of Hostes: Thou my people thrt dwellest in Sion, be not afrayed for the king of e Assirians: He shall wagge his staffe at the, yea and beate the with the road, as the Egypcians did some tyme.
25 But soone after, shal my wrathe and mine indignacion be fulfilled agaynst their blasphemies.
26 Moreouer the Lorde of Hostes shall prepare a scourge for him, lyke as was the punyshement of Madian vpon the mount of Oreb. And he shall lyft vp his road ouer the sea, as he dyd somtyme ouer the Egipcians.
27 Then shall his burthen be taken from thy shoulders, and his yock from thy neck, yea e same yocke shall be corrupt for very fatnesse.
28 He shall come to Aiath, & go thorow towarde Migron. But at Machmas shall he muster his hoste,
29 and go ouer the foorde. Gabaah shalbe their restinge place, Rhamah shalbe afrayed, Gabaah Saul shall fle awaye.
30 The voyce of the noyse of thy horses (O doughter Gallim) shalbe hearde vnto Lais and to Anathoth, which also shalbe in trouble.
31 Madmena shall tremble for feare, but the cytesyns of Gabin are manlye,
32 yet shall he remayne at Nob that daye. After that, shall he lyft vp his hande agaynst the mount of Sion, and against the hyll of Ierusalem.
33 But se the lorde God of hostes shall take awaye the proude from thence with feare. He shall hew doune the proude, and fel the hye minded.
34 The thornes of the wood shalbe roted out with yron, and Libanus shall haue a myghtye fall.




1 After this there shall come a road forth of the kynrede of Iesse, & a blossome oute of his rote.
2 The spyryt of the Lorde shall lyghte vpon it, the spyryte of wisedome and vnderstandynge: the spirit of councell, & strength: the spirite of knowledge, and of the feare of God:
3 and shall make him feruent in the feare of God. For he shall not geue sentence, after the thinge that shall be brought before his eyes, neyther reproue a matter at the fyrst hearing
4 but wyth ryghteousnesse shall he iudge the poore, and with holynes shal he refourme the symple of the worlde. He shall smyte the worlde wyth the staffe of hys mouthe, & with the breathe of his mouth shall he slay the wicked.
5 Ryghteousnesse shalbe e gyrdle of his loynes, truthe & faythfulnesse, the gyrdynge vp of hys raynes.
6 Then shall the wolfe dwell wyth the lambe, and the leoparde shall lye doune by the gote. Bullockes, lions and catel shal kepe company together, so that a lytle childe shall dryue them forthe.
7 The cowe and the Beare shall fede together, & their younge ones shall lye together. The Lyon shall eate strawe like the oxe, or the cowe.
8 The chylde whyle he sucketh, shal haue a desyre to the serpentes nest, and when he is weaned, he shall put his hand into the Cochatryce denne.
9 No man shall do euyl to another, no man shall destroye another, in all the hyll of my Sanctuarye. For the earth shalbe full of the knowledge of the Lorde, euen as thoughe the water of the sea floweth ouer the earth.
10 Then shal the Gentyles enquere after the rote of Iesse (whiche shalbe set vp for a token vnto the Gentyles) for hys dwellinge shalbe glorious.
11 At the same tyme shal the Lord take in hande agayne, to conquere the remnaunt of hys people (whiche are left alyue.) From the Assirians, Egypcians, Arabians, Morians, Elamites, Ealdeyes, Antiochiaus, and Ilandes of the sea.
12 And he shal set vp a token amonge the Gentyles, and gather together the dispersed of Israel, yea and the out castes of Iuda from the foure corners of the world.
13 The hatred of Ephraim and the emnyte of Iuda shalbe cleane roted oute. Ephraim shall beare no euyll wyll to Iuda, and Iuda shall not hate Ephraim:
14 but they bothe together shall flee vpon the shoulders of the Philistines towarde the West, and spoyle them together that dwell towarde the Easte. The Idumytes and the Moabites shall let their handes, fal & the Ammonites shalbe obedient vnto them.
15 The Lorde also shall cleaue the tunges of the Egypcyans sea, and with a mighty wind shal he lift vp his hande ouer Nilus, & shall smyte hys seuen streames and make men go ouer drye shod.
16 And thus shall he make a waye for his people, that remayneth from the Assirians, lyke as it happened to the Israelytes, what tyme they departed oute of the lande of Egypt.




1 So that then thou shalt saye: O Lord I thanke the, for thou wast displeased at me, but thou haste refrained thy wrath, & hast mercy vpon me.
2 Beholde, God is my health, in whom I trust, & am not afraid. For the Lorde God is my strength and my praise, he also shalbe my refuge.
3 Therefore wt ioye shal ye drawe water out of the welles of the Sauioure,
4 & then shall ye saye: Let vs geue thankes vnto the Lorde, and call vpon his name, & declare his councels amonge the people, and kepe them in remembraunce for his name is excellente.
5 O synge prayses vnto the Lorde, for he doth great thinges, as it is knowne in al the worlde.
6 Crye oute, and be glad, thou that dwellest in Sion, for greate is thy prince, the holy one of Israell.




1 Thys is the heauy burthen of Babilon, whiche Esai the sonne of Amos dyd se.
2 Make some tokens to the hye hilles, call vnto them, hold vp youre hande, that the Princes maye go in at the dore.
3 For I will send for my debites & my gyauntes (sayth the Lorde) and in my wrath I wil call for suche, as triumphe in my glory.
4 With that, me thought I heard in the mountaynes a noyse, like as is hath bene of a great people: & a russhynge, as though the kyngedomes of al nacions had come together. (And the Lorde of Hostes was the captayne of the whole armye)
5 As they had not come only out of farre countreyes, but also from the endes of the heauens: Euen the Lorde him selfe with the ministres of his wrath, to destroye the whole lande.
6 Mourne therfore, for the daye of the Lorde is at hande, & commeth as a destroyer from the Almyghtye.
7 Then shall all handes be letten doune, and all mens hertes shall melt awaie,
8 they shall stande in feare, carefulnesse and sorowe shal come vpon them, and they shal haue payne, as a woman that trauaileth with childe. One shal euer be abasshed of another, and their faces shall burne lyke the flamme.
9 For lo, the daye of the Lorde shall come, terrible, full of indignacion and wrathe, to make the lande waste, and to rote oute the synne therof.
10 For the sterres and planetes of heauen shal not geue their lyght, the sunne shalbe quenched in the risinge, and the mone shall not shyne with his light.
11 And I will punysh the wickednesse of the worlde, and the synnes of the vngodly, sayeth the Lorde. The hye stomackes of the proude wyl I take awaye, and will laye doune the boastynge of tyrauntes.
12 I wyll make a man dearer then fyne goulde, and a man to be more worthe, then a goulden wedge of Ophir.
13 Moreouer, I wil so shake the heauen, that the earth shall remoue oute of her place. Thus shall it go with Babilon in the wrath of the Lorde of Hostes in the daye of his fearfull indignacyon.
14 And Babilon shalbe as an hunted or chased do, and as a flocke wythout a sheperde. Euery man shal turne to his own people, and flee eche one into his owne land.
15 Whoso is founde alone, shalbe shot thorow. And whoso gather together, shalbe destroied with the swerd.
16 Their chyldren shalbe slaine before their eyes, their houses spoyled, and their wyues rauyshed.
17 For lo, I shall brynge vp the Medes agaynst them, whiche shall not regarde siluer, nor be desyrous of gould.
18 Then shall young mens bowes be knapped a sunder. The Medes shall haue no pytye vpon wemen with chylde, and their faces shal not spare the chyldren.
19 And Babylon (that glory of kingedomes and bewtye of the Caldees honoure) shalbe destroied, euen as God destroyed Sodome and Gomorra.
20 It shall neuer be more inhabyted, neyther shal there be any more dwellynge there from generacion to generacyon. The Arabians shall make no more tentes there, neyther shall the shepardes make their foldes ther any more:
21 but wild beastes shal lye there, & the houses shalbe full of greate Oules. Estriches shall dwel there, and Apes shall daunse there:
22 the lytle Oules shal crye in the palaces, one after another, and Dragons shalbe in the plesaunt parlours. And as for Babilons tyme it is at hande, & her dayes maye not be longe absent.




1 Bvt the Lorde wylbe mercyfull vnto Iacob, and wil take vp Israel agayne, and set them in their owne lande. Straungers shall cleaue vnto them, and get them to the house of Iacob.
2 They shall take the people, and cary them home with them. And the house of Israell shall haue them in possession for seruauntes and maydens in the lande of the Lorde. They shall take those presonners, whose captyues they had bene afore, and rule those that had oppressed them.
3 When the lord now shall bringe the to rest, from the trauail, feare, and harde boundage that thou wast laden wyth all,
4 then shalte thou vse thys mockage vpon the Kynge of Babylon, and saye: Howe happeneth it, that the oppressoure leaueth of? Is the goulden trybute come to an ende?
5 Douteles the Lorde hathe broken the staffe of the vngodlye, and the scepter of the lordly.
6 Whyche when he is wrothe, smyteth the people with durable strokes, and in his wonders he persecuteth them, and tameth them continually.
7 And therfore the whole worlde is now at reste and quyetnesse, and men sing for ioye.
8 Yea, euen the Fyrre trees and Cedres of Libanus reioyse at thy fall, sayinge: Nowe that thou arte laide doune, there come no mo vp to destroye vs.
9 Hell also trembleth at thy commynge, all myghtye men, and Prynces of the earth, steppe forth before the. All Kynges of the earth stande vp from their seates,
10 that they may all (one after another) synge & speake vnto the. Art thou wounded also as we? art thou become lyke vnto vs?
11 Thy pompe and thy pryde is gone doune to hell. Mothes shalbe layde vnder the, and wormes shalbe thy coueringe.
12 How art thou fallen from heauen (O Lucifer) thou faire mornyng childe? hast thou gotten a fal euen to the ground, thou that (not withstanding) diddest subdue the people.
13 And yet thou thoughtest in thyne herte: I wyll climme vp into heauen, and make my seate aboue the starres of God, I wyl syt vpon the glorious mounte toward the North,
14 I wyll climme vp aboue the cloudes, and wylbe like the hyghest of all.
15 Yet darre I saye, that thou shalt be brought doune to e depe of hel.
16 They that se the, shal narowly loke vpon the, and thinke in them selues, sayenge: Is thys the man, that brought all landes in feare, and made the kyngedomes afrayde.
17 Is this he t made the worlde in a maner waste, and layde the cytyes to the grounde, whyche let not his prisoners go home?
18 How happeneth it, that the kynges of all people lye, euery one at home in his owne palace, with worshyppe,
19 and thou art cast oute of thy graue, like a wild braunch: like as dead mens raiment that are shot thorow wyth the swerde: as they that go doune to the stones of the depe, as a deade coarse that is troden vnder fete:
20 and art not buryed with them? Euen because that thou hast wasted thy lande, and destroyed thy people. For the generacion of the wycked shalbe wythoute honoure foreuer.
21 There shall a way be sought to destroye their chyldren, for their fathers wyckednes: they shall not come vp agayne to possesse the lande, and fyll the worlde ful of castels and townes.
22 I will stande vp against them (sayeth the Lorde of Hostes) and rote out the name & generacyon of Babylon (sayeth the Lorde)
23 and wyll geue it to the Oiters, and wyl make water podles of it. And I wyll swepe them oute with the besome of destruccyon, sayeth the Lorde of Hostes.
24 The Lorde of Hostes hathe sworne an othe, sayinge: It shal come to passe as I haue determyned: and shalbe fulfylled as I haue deuysed.
25 The Assyryans shalbe destroyed in my lande, and vpon my mountaynes wyll I treade them vnder fote. Where thorow hys yock shall come from you, & hys burthen shalbe taken from youre shoulders.
26 This deuyce hath God taken thorowe the whole worlde, and thus is hys hand stretched out ouer al people.
27 For yf the Lorde of Hostes determen a thynge, who wyl dysanulle it? And yf he stretch forth hys hande, who wil holde it in agayne?
28 The same yeare that kynge Ahaz dyed, God threatened by Esay on thys maner:
29 Reioyse not (thou whole Palestina) as thoughe the road of him that beateth the were broken: for out of the serpentes rote, there shall waxe a kockatrice, & the frute shalbe a fyrie worme.
30 But the poore shall fede of the best thynges, and the simple shal dwel in safety. Thy rotes wil I destroye with hunger, and it shall slay thy remnaunt.
31 Mourne ye portes, wepe ye cities, and feare thou (O whole Palestina) for there shall come from the North a smoke, whose power noman may abyde.
32 Who shall then maynteyne the messages of the Gentyles? But the Lorde stablisheth Sion, and the poore of my people shall put their truste in hym.




1 This is the heauy burthen vpon Moab: Ar of Moab was destroyed (as me thought) in the night season: the walles of Moab perished in the night, and vanished awaye.
2 They wente to Baith and Dibon in the hie places, for to wepe: Moab dyd mourne from Nebo to Medba. All their heades were colled, and all their beardes shauen.
3 In their stretes were they girded aboute with sacke clothe. In al the toppes of their houses and stretes was there nothinge but mourninge and wepinge.
4 Hesebon and Eleale cryed, that their voyce was hearde vnto Iahaz. The worthyes also of Moab bleared and cryed for very sorowe of their mindes.
5 Wo is my herte for Moabs sake. They fled vnto the cyty of Zoar, whiche is lyke a faire frutefull bullocke, they went vp to Luhith, weping. The waye toward Horonaim was ful of lamentacion for the hurte.
6 The waters of Nimrim were dried vp, the grasse was withred, the herbes destroied, and what necessary grene thing there was beside.
7 In lyke maner the thing that was left them of their substaunce, they caryed it by water to Arabye.
8 The crye wente ouer the whole lande of Moab: from Eglaim vnto Beer was there nothinge but mournyng.
9 The waters of Dimon were full of bloude, for the enemye hath sent thyther a bonde of men, which as a lyon laye awayte for the remnaunt of the lande, and for them that were escaped.




1 Then sent the Lordes of the lande a man of warre, from the rocke that lyeth toward the deserte vnto the hyl of e doughter Sion.
2 (For as for the doughters of Moab, they were as it had bene a trembling byrd, that is put oute of her nest, by the fery of Arnon) whiche messaunger sayde:
3 gather you councell, come together couer vs wyth your shadowe in the middaye, as the nyght doeth: hyd the chased, and be wray not them that are fled,
4 let the persecuted Moabites dwel among you, be you open refuge against the destroyer: for the aduersarye opppresseth vs, the robber vndoeth vs, & the tiraunt driueth vs oute of oure lande.
5 But the trone of youre Kyngedome is full of grace, therfore he that sitteth vpon it with faythfulnesse and trueth in the house of Dauid, knowe the thing, and do his diligence to helpe shortly, according to equite and ryghteousnes.
6 As for Moabs pride (shal they answere) it is well knowne. And all thoughe they be excellent, proude, arrogante and hye minded: yet is their strength nothing lyke.
7 And therfore Moab complayneth vnto Moab, where thorowe they come all to mourne: and now that they be smytten, they take their deuyce beneth by the bryckwall, & make theyr complaynte.
8 The suburbes also of Hesebon were made waste, & the Princes of the Gentyles hewed doune the vyneyardes of Sibma, whyche were planted with noble grapes, and spred vnto Iazer, and wente vnto the ende of the deserte, whose braunches stretched their selues forth beyonde the sea.
9 Therfore I mourned for Iazer, & for the vineyardes of Sibma with great sorowe. I poured my teares vpon Hesebon and Eleale, for al their songes were layde doune, in their haruest and gatherynge of their grapes.
10 Myrth and there was gone out of the felde and vyneyardes, in so muche that noman was glad nor songe. There went no treader into the wynepresse, their merye chere was layde doune.
11 Wherfore my belye rombled (as it had bene a lute) for Moabs sake and mine inward membres, for the brickwalles sake.
12 For it happened thus also: when Moab sawe that she was turned vpsyde doune: she went vpon on hye into her Sanctuarie, to make her prayer there, but she might not be helped.
13 This is the deuyce, whyche the Lorde toke in hande at that tyme agaynste Moab.
14 But now the Lorde sayeth thus: In the yeare shall the power of Moab wyth their pompe (whiche is greate) be minished, lyke as the burthen of an hyred seruaunt. And as for the remnaunt of them, they shalbe lesse then a fewe, and not rekened muche worth.




1 This is the heauy burthen vpon Damascus: Behold Damascus shalbe no more a citie, but an heape of broken stones.
2 The cyties of Aroer shalbe waste: the catell shal lye there, and no man shal fray them awaye.
3 Ephraim shal no more be strong, and Damascus shal no more be a kingedom. And as for the glory of the remnaunt of the Sirians it shalbe as the glory of the children of Israel sayeth the Lorde of Hostes.
4 At that tyme also shal the glory of Iacob be very poore, and his fatnes leane.
5 It shal happen to them, as when one sheareth in haruest, which cutteth his handfull with the sickle, and when one gathereth e sheaues together in the valley, of Raphaim
6 there remaineth yet some eares ouer: Or as when one shaketh an olyue tre, whiche fyndeth but two or thre olyue beries aboue in the toppe, & foure or fyue in the braunches. Thus the Lorde God of Israel hath spoken.
7 Then shall man conuerte agayne vnto his maker, and turne his eyes to the holy one of Israel.
8 And shall not turne to the aulters that are the worcke of his owne handes, neyther shal he loke vpon groues & ymages, which his fingers haue wrought.
9 At the same tyme shall their stronge cities be desolate, lyke as were ones the forsaken plowes & corne, which they forsoke, for feare of the children of Israel.
10 So shalt thou (O Damascus) be desolate because thou hast forgotten God thy Sauyoure, & hast not called to remembraunce the rocke of thy strength. Wherfore thou hast also set a fayr plat, & grafted a straung branch.
11 In the day when thou diddest plant it, it was greate, and gaue sone the frute of thy sede. But in the daye of haruest, thou shalt reape and heape of sorowes and myseries.
12 Wo be to the multitude of muche people, that rush in lyke the sea, and to the heape of folke, that runne ouer al lyke greate waters.
13 For thoughe so manye people increase as the flowynge waters, and though they be armed yet they fle farre of, and vanyshe awaye lyke the dust with the winde vpon an hill, and as the whirle winde thorow a storme.
14 Thoughe they be fearfull at night, yet in the morninge it is gone with them. This is their porcyon, that do vs harme, and heritage of them, that robbe vs.




1 Wo be to the land of flieng shippes, whyche is of thys side the floude of Ethiopia:
2 whych sendeth her message ouer the sea in shyppes of redes vpon the water: and sayeth: go sone & do youre message vnto a straunge and harde folke, to a fearful people, and to a people that is forther then this: to a desperate and pylled folke, whose lande is deuyded from vs with riuers of water.
3 Yea, al ye that syt in the compasse of the worlde, and dwell vpon the earthe, when the token shalbe geuen vpon the mountaynes, then loke vp: & when the horne bloweth, then herken to,
4 for thus hath the Lorde sayde vnto me. I layde me doune, and pondred the matter in my house, at the noone day when it was hote. And there fell a mistynge shower, lyke a dewe, as it happened in Haruest.
5 But the frutes were not yet type cut of, and the grapes were but younge and grene. Then one smote of the grapes wyth an hoke, yea he hewed doune also the bowes and the braunches and dyd cast them awaye.
6 And thus they were layde waste, for the foules of the mountaynes, and for the beastes of the earthe together. So that the foules sat there vpon, and the beastes of the earth wyntered there.
7 Then shall there be a present brought vnto the Lord of Hostes, euen that harde folke, that fearful folke, and that forther is then thys: that desperate and pylled folke (whose lande is deuided from vs with floudes of water) vnto the place of the name of the Lorde of Hostes: euen vnto the hyll of Syon.




1 This is the heauy burthen vpon Egipt: Beholde, the Lord wyll ryde vpon a swyft cloude, & come into Egipt. And the Goddes of Egypte shall tremble at hys comminge, and the herte of Egypt shal quake within her.
2 For thus sayeth the Lord: I wil stere vp the Egypcyans one agaynste another among them selues, so that one shalbe euer against his brother & neyghbour, yea one city against another, & one kingdome against another.
3 And Egypt shalbe choked in her selfe. When they aske councel at their goddes, at their prophetes, at their sothsayers & witches, then will I brynge their councell to naught.
4 I wil delyuer Egipt also into e handes of greuous rulers, and a cruel king shal haue e rule of them.
5 The water of the sea shalbe drawen out, Nilus shal sinck away, & be droncken vp.
6 The riuers also shalbe drawen out, e welles shal decreace and drye away. Rede & rush shal faile,
7 the grasse by the water syde or vpon the riuers banck, yea & whatsoeuer is sowen by the waters, shalbe withered, destroyed, & brought to naught.
8 The fishers shal mourne al suche as cast angles in the water, shal complayne, & they that sprede their nettes in the water, shalbe faynt harted.
9 Such as laboure vpon flax & sylck, shal come to pouerte, and they also that weeue fyne worckes.
10 All the poundes of Egypte, all the pollycye of their Moates and dyches shall come to naught.
11 Yea the vndiscrete Princes of Zoan, the councel of the wise Senatoures of Pharao, shall turne to folyshenesse. Those that darre boast & saye of Pharaos behalfe: I am come of wyse people,
12 I am come of the olde regall Progeny. But where are now thy wyse men? Let them tel the & shewe the, what the Lorde of hostes hath taken in hande agaynst Egipt.
13 Fooles are these Prynces of Zoan, & proude are the Princes of Noph: yea they disceyue Egypte with the nobilitye of their stock.
14 For the Lorde hath made Egypte droncken with the spirit of erroure, and they shal vse it in al matters, euen lyke as a droncken man goeth spewynge aboute.
15 For Egypte shall lacke good councell, so that they shall not knowe what to do, neyther beginning nor ende, neyther vpon the lande nor water.
16 Then shal the Egipcyans be lyke vnto wemen, afrayde & astonied, at the liftynge vp of the head, which the Lorde of Hostes shal lyft vp ouer them.
17 The land of Iuda also shall make the Egipcians afrayde, who so doeth but speake vpon it, shal put them in feare. And that because of the councel, whiche the Lorde of Hostes hath deuysed agaynst them.
18 Then shall the fyue cyties of Egypte speake wyth the Cananytes tonge, and swere by the Lorde of Hostes, & Heliopolis shalbe one of them.
19 At the same tyme shall the Lorde of Hostes haue an aulter in the middest of the lande of Egypt, with thys tytle therby: Vnto the Lord.
20 This shalbe a token or testimony vnto the Lorde of hostes in the lande of Egypt, when they shall crye vnto him, because of those that oppresse them, that he shal sende them a Captayne and a Sauioure to delyuer them.
21 Moreouer, Egypte shalbe boughte vnto the Lorde, and the Egipcians also shal know the Lorde at the same tyme: they shall do him reuerence with peaceofferinges, & with meatofferinges: they shal promyse him offeringes, yea and paye him also.
22 Thus the Lorde shall smyte Egipt, and heale it agayn: and so shal they turne to the Lorde, & he also shall haue mercy vpon them, and saue them.
23 Then shall there be a commen waye out of Egipt, into Assiria. The Assirians shal come into Egipt, and the Egipcians into Assiria. The Egipcians also and the Assirians shall bothe haue one Goddes seruyce.
24 Then shal Israel with honour be the thirde to Egipt and Assur,
25 and the Lorde of hostes shall blesse them, saying: Blessed is my people of the Egipcians, Assur is the worcke of my handes, but Israel is mine enheritaunce.




1 In the same yeare that Tharthan came to Asdod, where Sargon the kynge of the Assirians sent him, what tyme as he also beseged Asdod, and wanne it the same season.
2 Then spake the Lorde vnto Esai the sonne of Amos, sayinge: go and louse of that sacke clothe from thy loynes: and put of thy shoes from thy fete. And so he did, going naked and barefote.
3 Then sayde the Lorde: where as my seruaunt Esai goeth naked and barefote, it is a token and signifyenge of the thinge, that after thre yeare shall come vpon Egipt and Ethiopia.
4 For euen thus shall the kinge of the Assirians dryue bothe younge & olde, as presonners naked and barefote, oute of Egipte and Ethiopia. And shall discouer the shame of Egipt.
5 They shalbe also at their wittes ende, and ashamed one of another: the Egipcians of the Morians, and the Morians of the Egipcians, at the syght of their glorye.
6 Moreouer they that dwell in the Iles shall se euen the same daye: behold, this is our hope to whom we fled to seke helpe, that we might be delyuered from the kynge of the Assirians. How wil we escape?




1 Thys is the heauy burthen of the waste sea: A greuous vysion was shewed vnto me, lyke as when a storme of winde & rayn russheth in from the wildernesse that terrible land.
2 Who so may disceyue (said the voyce) let him disceyue. Who so may destroye, let him dystroye. Vp Elam, besege it O Madai, for I wyl styl al their groninges.
3 With this the raynes of my backe were full of payne: Panges came vpon me, as vpon a woman in her trauayle. When I hearde it, I was abasshed, and when I loked vp, I was afrayde.
4 Myne herte panted, I trembled for feare. The darcknesse made me fearfull in in my mynde.
5 Yea sone make ready the table (sayde this voyce) kepe the watch, eate & dryncke. Vp ye Captaynes, take you to youre shild,
6 for thus the Lorde hath charged me: go thy waye, and set a watche man, t he may tel what he seith.
7 And when he had wayted dylygentlye, he sawe two horsemen: the one rydynge vpon an Asse, the other vpon a Camel.
8 And the lyon cryed: Lorde, I haue stande waytynge all the whole daye, and haue kepte my watch all the night.
9 Wyth that came there one rydinge vpon a charet, whyche answered, and sayde: Babilon is fallen, she is turned vp syde doune and al the ymages of her Godes are smytten to the grounde.
10 This (O my felowe thresshers and fanners) haue I hearde of the Lorde of Hostes the God of Israel, to shewe it vnto you.
11 The heauy burthen of Duma. One of Seir cryed vnto me: Watche man what hast thou espyed by nyght, whatcheman what hast thou espyed by nyght.
12 The watchman answered: The daye breaketh on, and the nyght is commyng: Yf youre request be earnest, then aske and come agayne.
13 The heauy burthen of Arabia. At euen ye shall abyde in the wood, in the way toward Dedanim.
14 Mete the thursty wt water (O ye cytesins of Hema) mete those wt bread t are fled.
15 For they shal runne away from the weapen, from the drawen swearde, from the bent bowe, and from the greate battel.
16 For thus hath the Lorde spoken vnto me: ouer a yeare shall all the power of Cedar be gone, lyke as when the offyce of an hyred seruaunt goeth oute.
17 And the remnaunte of the good Arthers of Cedar, shalbe very fewe: For the Lorde God of Israel hath spoken it.




1 The heauy burthen vpon the valley of vysyons. What haste thou there to do, that thou clymmest vp into the house toppe,
2 O thou cytye of miracles, sedycyous and wylfull seynge, thy slayne men are neyther kylled wyth swearde, nor deade in battell.
3 For all thy captaynes gat them to their horses from their ordinaunce, yea they are all together ridden awaye, & fled farre of.
4 When I perceyued that, I sayde: awaye from me, that I may wepe bitterly. Take no laboure for to comforte me, as thouchinge the destruccion of my people.
5 For this is the daye of the lord of hostes, wherin he will plage, treade doune, & wede out the valleye of visions, and breake doune the walles with suche a cracke, that it shal geue a sounde in the mountaynes.
6 I sawe the Elamites take the quyuers to carte and to horse, and that the walles were bare from harnesse.
7 Thy goodly valleys were ful of charettes, the horse men made them sone to besege the gates.
8 Then was the couerynge of Iuda put from thence, and then was sene the sege of the tymbre house.
9 There shall ye se the ryftes in the walles of the cyty of Dauid, whereof there shalbe many. Ye shall gather together the waters of the lower pole,
10 and tell the houses of Ierusalem, and breake of some of them to kepe the walles.
11 And ye shal make a pyt betwyxte the two walles of the water of the old pole, and nothing regard him, that toke it in hande, & made it.
12 And at the same tyme shall the Lorde of Hostes call men to wepinge, mourninge, to baldnesse & puttynge on of sacke clothe.
13 But they to fulfil their lust and wilfulnes, slaughter oxen: they kyll shepe, they eate costly meate, and drincke wyne, let vs eate and drincke, to morow we shall dye.
14 Neuerthelesse when the Lorde of Hostes hearde of it, he sayde: yea, yf this wyckednes of yours shalbe remytted, ye must dye for it. This hathe the Lorde of Hostes spoken.
15 Thus sayeth the Lorde God of Hostes: Go into the treasury vnto Sobna the gouernoure, & saye vnto him:
16 What hast thou here to do, & from whence comest thou? that thou hast made the a graue here? For he had caused a costly tombe of stone to be made for him selfe, & a place to lye into be hewen out of a rocke.
17 Beholde, the Lorde shal cast the out by violence, he wyl deck the of another fashyon, & put vpon the a straunge cloth.
18 He shall carye the into a farre countre, lyke a ball with hys handes. There shalt thou dye, there shal the pompe of thy charettes haue an ende: thou villeyne of the house of the Lorde:
19 I wyl shut the oute of thyne offyce, and put e from thine estate.
20 After this wil I cal my seruaunt Eliakim, the sonne of Helkiah,
21 & aray with him thy cote & gyrde him with the gyrdle, & I wil geue thy power into his hande. He shalbe a father of e cytesins of Ierusalem and of the kinred of Iuda:
22 I will also laye the keye of Dauids house vpon his shoulders, & yf he open, noman shall shut: and yf he do shut, noman shal open.
23 I wyl fasten him to a nayle in the place of e moost hye faithfulnesse, and he shalbe vpon the glorious trone of his fathers house.
24 They shall hange vpon him all the glorie of his fathers house, of the children and childers children, al apparel small and great, al instrumentes of measure & musike.
25 This shal come to passe (sayeth the Lorde of Hostes) when the nayle that is fastened to e place of the highest faythfulnesse, shalbe pluckt of. And when the weyght that hangeth vpon it, shall fal, be broken, and hewen in peces. For the Lorde hym selfe hath sayde it.




1 An heauy burthen vpon Tyrus. Mourne ye shippes of Tarsis, for she is throwen doune to the grounde, and conquered of them that are come from Cethim.
2 The in dwellers of the Ilandes, the marchauntes of Sidon, & they that occupied the sea (of whom thou wast full sometyme) are at a poynt.
3 For by sea were there frutes brought vnto the, & all maner of corne by water. Thou wast the romen market of all people.
4 Sidon is sorye for it, yea and all the power of the sea complaineth, and sayeth: O that I had neuer trauayled with child, that I had neuer borne any that I had neither norished boye, nor brought vp doughter.
5 As sone as Egipte perceyueth it, she wilbe as sory as Tirus it selfe.
6 Go ouer the sea, mourne ye that dwel in the Iles.
7 Is not that the glorious cytye, whiche hath bene of longe antiquitie? whose natiues dwelling farre of, commende her so greatly?
8 Who hath deuysed suche thinges vpon Tirus the croune of al cities, whose marchauntes and captaines were the highest & principal of the world?
9 Euen the Lord of Hostes hath deuysed it, that he may put doune al pompe, & minish al the glory of the worlde.
10 Go thorowe thy land (O thou doughter of the sea) as men go ouer the water, and there is not a gyrdle more.
11 Thus the Lord hath remoueth the kyngedomes, & hathe taken inhande agaynste that mighty Canaan to rote it out: hath stretched oute his hande ouer the sea,
12 and saide: From henceforth shalt thou make no more myrthe, O thou doughter of Sidon: for thou shalt be put doune of the Cethens. Stand vp therfore and go where the enemy will cary the, where thou shalt also haue no reste.
13 Beholde (for thine ensample) The Chaldees were suche a people, that no man was like them, Assur builded them: he set vp his castels and palaces, & broke them doune agayn.
14 And therfore mourne (ye shippes of the sea) for youre power shalbe throwne doune.
15 After that, shall the .lxx. yeares of Tyrus (euen as longe as their kinges lyfe was) be forgotten. And after .lxx. yeares, it shall happen to Tirus as with an harlot that playeth vpon a lute.
16 Take the lute (saye men to her) and go aboute the citie, thou art yet an vnknowne whence, make pastyme wyth dyuerse balettes, wherby thou mayest come into acquayntaunce.
17 Thus shall it happen after .lxx. yeares. The Lorde shall vyset the cytye of Tyrus, and it shall come agayne to her marchaundyse, and shal occupye with all the kingedomes that be in the worlde.
18 But al her occupyinge and winninge shalbe halowed vnto the Lorde. For then shal they laye vp nothinge behind them, nor vpon heapes: but the marchaundyse of Tyrus shall belong vnto e cytesins of the Lorde, to the feadynge and susteninge of the hungrye, and to the clothinge of the aged.




1 Beholde, the Lorde shal waste & plage the worlde, he shal make the face of the earthe desolate, & scatre abroade the inhabitoures therof.
2 Then shal the pryeste be as the people, the mayster as the seruaunt, e dame lyke the mayde, the seller lyke the byer he that lendeth vpon vsurye, lyke vnto him t boroweth vpon vsury, the creditoure, as the detter.
3 Yea miserably shall the worlde be wasted & clean destroied. For the Lorde hath so determed in him selfe.
4 The earth shalbe heauy & decay. The face of the earth shal perishe & fal awaye, the proude people of the worlde shal come to naught.
5 For the earth is corrupt of her indwellers. For why? they haue offended the law chaunged the ordynaunces, & made the euerlasting testament of none effecte.
6 And therfore shall the course deuoure e earth: for they that dwel theron haue sinned, wherfore they shal be brent also, and those that remaine shalbe very few.
7 The swete wyne shal mourne, the grapes shalbe weake, and al that haue bene mery in harte, shall sighe.
8 The myrth of tabrettes shalbe layde doune, the chere of the ioyfull shall cease & the pleasure of lutes shal haue an ende
9 there shal no more wyne be droncke wyth myrth, the beere shalbe bytter to them that dryncke it,
10 the wicked cytyes shalbe broken donne, al houses shalbe shut, t no man maye come in.
11 In the stretes shall there be lyft vp a crye because of wine, al mens chere shall vanyshe awaye & al ioye of the earth shal passe.
12 Desolacion shal remayne in the cytyes, and the gates shalbe smytten wyth wastnesse.
13 For it shall happen vnto al landes & to all people, lyke as when a man smyteth donne the olyues, that are left vpon the tree: or seketh after grapes, when the wyne gatherynge is oute.
14 And those same (that remayne) shall lyft vp their voyce, and be glad, & shal magnifye the glorye of the Lord, euen from the sea,
15 & praise the name of the Lorde God of Israel, in the valeys, and Ilandes.
16 We heare sunges sung to the prayse of the righteous, from al e endes of the worlde. Therefore I must speake: O myne vnfrutefulnesse, O my pouerte. Wo is me, all is full of synners, whiche offende of purpose and malice.
17 And therfore (O thou that dwellest vpon the earth) there is at hand for the, feare, pyt and snare.
18 Who so escapeth the terrible crye, shal fal into the pyt. And yf he come out of the pit, he shalbe taken with the snare. For the wyndowes aboue shalbe opened, and the foundacion of the earth shall moue.
19 The earthe shall geue a greate cracke, it shall haue a sore ruyne, & taken an horrible fall.
20 The earth shal stacker lyke a drocken man, & be taken awaye like a tente. Her mysdedes shal lie so heauy vpon her, that she must fal, and neuer ryse vp agayne.
21 At the same tyme shall the Lorde mustre together the hye hooste aboue, and the kynges of the worlde vpon the earth.
22 These shalbe coupled together as prysoners be, and shalbe shut in one ward and punished innumerable daies.
23 The Mone and the Sunne shalbe ashamed, when the Lorde of Bostes shall rule them at Ierusalem vpon the mount Sion, before and wyth his excellent councel.




1 O Lorde, thou arte my God, I wil praise the, & magnifie thy name. For thou bryngest maruelous thinges to passe, accordinge to thyne olde councels, truly & stedfastly.
2 Thou makest of townes, heapes of stone, and of head cities, broken walles: The palaces of the wicked destroyest thou out of e citie that they shal neuer be buylded again.
3 Therfore the very rude people must magnifie the, & the cities of the cruel Heathen muste feare the.
4 For thou art the poore mans helpe, a strength for the neadful in his necessyte. Thou art a defence against euyll wether, a shadow agaynst the hete. But vnto the presumptuous, thou art lyke a stronge whyrle wynde, that casteth doune
5 the boastynge of the vngodly: thou kepest men from heate, wt the shadow of the cloudes, thou cuttest of the braunches of tyrauntes.
6 Moreouer the Lorde of Hostes shall ones prepare a feaste, for all people vpon the hyll: A plenteous, costly, pleasaunt feaste, of fat & wel fede beastes, of swete & most pure thinges.
7 Vpon the hil shal he take away the side vale that hangeth before the face of al people and the couerynge wherwith al Gentiles are couered.
8 As for death, he shal vtterly consume it. The Lord God shall wype awaye teares from all faces, & take away the confusion of his people thorow the whole worlde. For the lord hym selfe hath sayde it.
9 At the same tyme shall it be sayde: lo, thys is oure God in whom we put oure trust, and he hath healed vs. This is the Lorde that we haue wayted for. Let vs reioyse and delyte in hys health.
10 For the hand of the Lorde ceaseth vpon thys hyll. But Moab shalbe thresshen doune vnder him, lyke sa the straw is troden vnder fete in a donge hill.
11 For he shal stretche out his handes vpon him, lyke as a swimmer doth to swimme. And with the power of his handes shal he rast doune his hye pompe.
12 As for his strong holdes and hye walles: he shal bowe them, that cast them doune, & fel them to the grounde into dust.




1 Then shal thys songe be sung in the lande of Iuda. We haue a stronge cyty, the walles and the ordynaunce shal kepe vs.
2 Open the gates, that the good people maye go in, whiche laboureth for the truthe.
3 And thou, whiche art the doar & hast the matter in hand, shalt prouyde for peace, euen the peace that men hope for in the.
4 Hope styl in the lord for in the Lorde God is euerlastyng strength.
5 For why, it is he, that bringeth low the hye mynded citesins, & casteth doune the proude cytyes. He casteth them to the grounde, yea euen into myre that they may be troden
6 vnder the fete of the symple, and wyth the steppes of the poore.
7 Thou (Lorde) consydrest the path of the ryghteous, whether it be ryghte, whether the waye of the ryghteous be ryght.
8 Therfore (Lorde) we haue a respecte vnto the waye of thy iudgementes, thy name & thy remembraunce reioyse thy soule.
9 My soule lusteth after the all the nyght longe, and my mynde hasteth frely to the. For as soone as thy iudgemente is knowne to the worlde, then the inhabytours of the earth learne rightuousnesse.
10 But the vngodly (though he haue receyued grace) yet lerneth he not ryghtuousnesse, but in the place where he is punished, he offendeth, & feareth not the glorye of the Lorde.
11 Lorde, they wyll not se thyne hye hande, but they shall se it, and be confounded: when thou shalte deuoure them with the wrathe of the people, & wyth the fyre of thyue enemyes.
12 But vnto vs, O Lorde, prouyde for peace: for thou worckest in vs all oure worckes.
13 O Lord oure God thoughe soith Lordes haue domynacyon vpon vs as knowe not the: yet graunt that we maye hope onelye in the, and kepe thy name in remembraunce.
14 The malycyous Tyrauntes when they dye, are nether in lyfe nor in the resurreccyon, for thou vysytest them and rootest them oute, and destroyest all the memory all of them.
15 Agayne, thou increaceste the people, O Lorde, thou increaceste the people, thou shalte be praysed and magnyfyed in all the endes of the worlde.
16 The people that seke vnto the in trouble, that same aduersite which they complayne of is vnto them a chastening before the.
17 Lyke as a wyfe wyth chylde (when her trauyle commeth vpon her) is ashamed, cryeth and suffreth the payne: Euen so are we O Lorde, in thy sight.
18 We are with chyld, we trauyle, & beare, & with the spryte we bring forth healthe, where thorowe the earth is vndestroyed, and the inhabytours of the worlde perysh not.
19 But as for thy dead men and oures, that be departed, they are in lyfe and resurreccion. They lye in the earthe, they wake, & haue ioy: for thy dewe is a dew of lyfe and light. But the place of the malycyous Tyrauntes is fallen awaye.
20 So go now my people into thy chambre, & shut the dore to the, and suffre now the twincklynge of an eye, tyll the wrathe be ouerpaste.
21 For beholde, the Lorde wyl go out of his habitacyon, and vpset the wyckednesse of them that dwell vpon earthe. He wyl dyscouer the bloud that she hath deuoured, she shal neuer hyde them, that she hath murthered.




1 Then the Lorde with his heauye, great, & longe swerd shall vyset Leuyathan that inuyncible serpent: euen Leuiathan that croked serpent & shall slaye the whalfysh in e sea.
2 At the same tyme shal men synge of the vyneyarde of Muscatel.
3 I the Lorde kepe it, and water in it due ceason. I watche daye and nyght, that no man breake into it. I beare no euil wil in my mynd.
4 Who wyll compell me, that I greatly forgettynge all faythfulnesse, shulde burne it vp at ones with thornes & bushes?
5 Or who wyll enforce me to kepe or make peace.
6 It wyll come to thys poynte, that Iacob shalbe roted agayne, & Israel shallbe grene, and beare floures, and they shall fyll the whole worlde with theyr frute.
7 Smyteth he not hys smyter, as euyl as he is smyten him selfe: Destroyeth he not the murtherers, as he is murthered?
8 Euery man recompenseth with the measure that he receyueth: He museth vpon hys sore wynde, as vpon the dayes of extreame heate.
9 And therfor shall e iniquite of Iacob be thus reconcyled. And so shall he take away all the frute of hys sinnes. As for aulter stones, he shall make them all as stones beaten to poulder: the groues & Idols shall not stande.
10 The stronge cytyes shalbe desolate, & the fayre cytyes shalbe lefte lyke a wyldernes. The cattell shall fede and lye there, & the shepe shall eate it vp.
11 Theyr haruest shalbe brente, theyr wyues which were theyr bewtye when they came forth: shalbe defyled. For it is a people wythout vnderstandynge, & therfore he that created them, shall not fauoure them, and he that made them shal not be mercyful to them.
12 In that time shal the Lorde shute from the swyfte water of Euphrates, vnto the ryuer of Egypte. And there shal the chyldren be chosen oute one by one.
13 Then shall the greate trompette be blowen, so that those whiche haue bene destroyed in the Assyryans lande, and those that be scatred abroad in Egypte: shall come and worshyppe e Lord at Ierusalem, vpon the holy mount.




1 Wo be to the croune of pryde, to the droncken Ephraemytes, & to the faydynge floure, to the glorye of hys pompe, that is vpon the toppe of the plenteous valleye: whiche men be ouerladen with wine.
2 Beholde, the strength and power of the Lord shall breake into the lande on euerye syde, like a tempest of hayle, that beareth doune strong holdes, and lyke an horryble, myghty & ouerflowynge water.
3 And the proude croune of e droncken Ephraemytes, shalbe troden vnder fote.
4 And as for the faydynge floure, the glory of hys pompe, whiche is vpon the toppe of e plenteous valleye: it shall happen vnto hym, as to an vntymelye frute before the harueste come. Which as soone as it is sene, is by and by deuoured, or euer it come well in a mans hande.
5 And then shall the Lorde of Hostes be a ioyfull croune, and a gloryous garlande vnto the remnaunt of hys people.
6 Vnto the lowly, he shalbe a sprete of iudgement, and vnto them that dryue away the enemyes from the gates he shalbe a spryte of strength.
7 But they go wronge by the reason of wyne, they fall and stacker because of stronge drincke. Yea euen the Priestes and Prophetes them selues go amysse, they are droncken with wyne, & weake brayned thorowe stronge drincke. They erre in seynge, and in iudgemente they fayle.
8 For all tables are so full of vomyte and fylthynes, that no place is cleane.
9 What is he amonge them, that can teache, instructe or enfourme the chyldren, whiche are wened from sucke or taken from the brestes: of anye other fashyon then:
10 Commaunde that maye be commaunded, byd that maye be bydden, forbidde that maye be forbidden, kepe backe that maye be kepte backe, here a lytle, there a lytle.
11 And therfore the Lorde also shall speake wyth lispynge lippes and with a straunge language vnto this people to whome he spake afore of thys maner.
12 This shall bringe reste, yf one refreshe the weerye, ye this shall bringe reste. But they had no will to heare.
13 And therfore the Lorde shall aunswere theyr stubbournes (Commaunde that maye be commaunded, byd that may be bidden, forbid that may be forbidden, kepe backe that maye be kept backe, here a lytle, there a lytle) That they maye go forth fall back warde, be brosed, snared and taken.
14 Wherfore heare the worde of the Lorde, ye mockers that rule the Lordes people, whiche is at Ierusalem.
15 For ye comforte youre selues thus: Tushe, death & we are at a poynte, and as for hell, we haue made a condicyon with it, that thoughe there breake out anye sore plage it shall not come vpon vs. For wyth disceyte wyll we escape, and with nymblenes wil we defende oure selues.
16 Therfore sayth the Lorde God: Beholde, I wyll laye a stone in Syon a great stone, a costly corner stone for a sure foundacyon: that who so putteth hys truste in hym, shall not be confounded.
17 Ryghtuousnes will I set vp agayne in the balaunce, and iudgement in the weyghtes. The tempeste of haile shall take awaye your refuge, that ye haue to disceyue wythall, & the ouerflowynge waters shall breake doune youre stronge holdes of dyssimulacion:
18 Thus the appoyntmente that ye haue made with deathe, shalbe done away and the condition that ye made with hell, shal not stande. When the great destruccyon goeth thorowe, it shal all to treade you. It shal take you quyte away before it.
19 For it shal go forth earlye in the mornynge, and contynue onelye that daye & that nighte. And the very feare only shall teache you, when ye heare it.
20 For the bedde shall be so narrowe that a man can not lye vpon it: And the coueryng to small, that a man maye not wynde hym selfe therein.
21 For the Lorde shall steppe forthe as he dyd vpon the mounte Perazim, and shall take on as he dyd vpon the dale of Gabaon: that he maye bryng forthe his deuyce his straunge deuyce: and fulfyll hys worcke, hys wonderful worcke.
22 And therfore make no mockes at it, that youre captiuite increase not: for I haue hearde the Lorde of Hostes saye, that there shall come a soden destruccyon & plage vpon the whole earthe.
23 Take hede, and heare my voyce, pondre and marcke my wordes well.
24 Goeth not the housbande man euer in due season earnestlye to hys lande: he moweth and ploweth hys grounde to sowe.
25 And when he hath made it playne, he soweth it wyth fetches or comyn. He soweth the wheate & Barlye in theyr place, Mylyum and Rye also in theyr place.
26 And that he maye do it ryght, hys God teacheth hym and sheweth hym.
27 For he treadeth not the fytches oute wyth a wayne, neyther bringeth he the carte here & there ouer the comyn, but he tresseth the fitches out with a flayle, and the comyn with a rod.
28 As for the wheate he gryndeth it to make breade thereof In as muche as he can not brynge it to passe with treadynge oute. For nether the brosyng that the carte wheles make, nor hys beastes can grynde it.
29 This and suche lyke thynges come of the Lorde of Hostes whiche is maruelous in councell, and greate in ryghtuousnesse.




1 Wo be vnto the O Ariel, thou citye that Dauid wanne. Take yet some years, & let some feastes yet passe ouer:
2 then shall Ariel be beseged, so that she shall be heuy and sorowfull, & shall be vnto me euen as a lyon.
3 For I will laye sege to the rounde aboute, & kepe the in with towers, and graue vp dykes against the.
4 And thou shalte be brought lowe, and speake oute of the earth and thy wordes shall go humbly oute of the grounde.
5 Thy voyce shall come oute of the earthe, lyke the voyce of a witch, and thy talkynge shall grone oute of the myre. For the multytude of thyne enemyes shalbe lyke mealduste. And the nombre of Tyrauntes shalbe as the duste that the wynde taketh awaye sodenlye.
6 Thou shalte be vysyted of the Lorde of hostes with thondre, earthequake, & wyth a greate crack, with the whyrle wynde, tempeste, & with the flamme of a consumynge fyre.
7 But nowe the multytude of all the people, that wente oute agaynste Ariel: the whole hoste, the stronge holdes and sege, is lyke a breame whiche appeareth in the nyghte.
8 It is lyke as when an hungrye man dreameth that he is eatynge, and when he awaketh, he hath nothynge: lyke as when a thyrstye man dreameth that he is drinckynge, and when he awaketh, he is faynte, and hys soule vnpacyent. So is the multitude of all people that mustre them selues agaynste the hyll of Syon.
9 But ye shalbe at youre wyttes ende, ye shall be abashed, ye shall stackre, and rele to & fro. Ye shalbe droncken, but not of wyne. Ye shall fall, but not thorowe dronckennes.
10 For the Lorde shall geue you an harde slepynge spryte, and holde doune youre eyes: namelye youre Prophetes and heades which shuld se, them shall he couer.
11 And all vysyons shalbe vnto you, as the wordes that stande in a sealed lettre, when one offereth it to a man that is learned, and sayeth: reade vs thys lettre. Then he aunswereth: I cannot read it, for it is shut.
12 But yf it be geuen to one that is not learned, or sayd vnto him: reade this lettre: Then saith he: I can not reade.
13 Therfor thus sayth the Lord: For so much as thys people draweth nye me with theyr mouthe, and prayseth me hyghlye wyth theyr lyppes (where as theyr herte neuerthelesse is farre from me, & the feare which they owe vnto me, that turne they to mens lawes and doctrynes)
14 therfore will I also shewe vnto thys people a maruelous, terryble, and great thing (Namelye thys:) I wyll destroye the wysdom of theyr wyse, & the vnderstandynge of theyr learned men shall peryshe.
15 Wo be vnto them that seke to depe, to hyde theyr ymagynacion before the Lorde, which reherse theyr councels in the darcknes, & saye: who seyth vs, or who knoweth vs?
16 Whiche ymagynacyon of yours is euen as when the potters clay taketh aduysemente, as thoughe the worcke myghte saye to the worckemaister: make me not, or as when an earthen vessell sayeth of the potter: he vnderstandeth not.
17 Se ye not that it is harde by, that Lybanus shalbe turned into Charmell, and that Charmell shalbe taken as a woode?
18 Then shall deaf men vnderstande the wordes of the boke, and the eyes of the blynd shall se wythoute anye cloude or darckenes.
19 The oppressed shall holde a merye feaste in e Lorde, and the poore people shall reioyse in the holye one of Israell.
20 Then shall the furyous people ceasse, and the mockers shalbe put awaye, and all they that do wronge shalbe plucked oute,
21 suche as laboure to drawe men vnto synne: & that dysceyue hym, whiche reproueth them in the gate, and such as turne good personnes to vanite.
22 And therfore the Lord (euen the defender of Abraham) sayeth thus vnto the house of Iacob: Now shall not Iacob be ashamed, nor hys face confounded,
23 when he seyth amonge hys children (whome my handes haue made) suche as halowe my name amonge them: that they maye sanctyfye the holye one of Iacob, and feare the God of Israell:
24 and that they which afore tyme were of an erroneous sprite haue nowe vnderstandynge, and that such as before coulde not speake, are nowe learned in my lawe.




1 Wo be to those shrynkynge children (sayeth the Lorde) whiche seke councell, but not at me: whiche take a webbe in hande but not after my wil: that they may heape one synne vpon another.
2 They go doune into Egypte (and aske me no councell) to seke helpe at the power of Pharao, and comforte in the shadowe of the Egypcians.
3 But Pharaos helpe shalbe youre confusyon, & the comfort in the Egypcyans shadowe shalbe your owne shame.
4 Youre rulers haue bene at Zoan, and youre messaungers came vnto Hanes.
5 But ye shall al be ashamed of the people that maye not helpe you, whiche shall not brynge you strength or comforte, but shame and confusyon.
6 Youre beastes haue borne burthens vpon theyr backes towarde the Southe, thorow the way that is full of parell and trouble, because of the lyon & lyones, of the Cockatryce & shutynge dragon. Yea the Mules bare youre substaunce, & the Camels brought your treasure vpon their croked backes, vnto a people that can not helpe you.
7 For the Egipcians helpe shalbe but vayne and lost. Therfore I tolde you also, that your pryde shulde haue an end.
8 Wherfore go hence, and wryte them thys in theyr tables, & note it in a boke: that it may remayne by theyr posteryte, & be styll kept.
9 For it is an obstynate people, vnfaythful children children that will not heare the lawe of e Lord.
10 They darre saye to the Prophetes: Intromytte youre selues with nothynge, and vnto the Sothsayers: tell vs of nothynge for to come, but speake frendlye wordes vnto vs, & preache vs false thinges.
11 Treade oute of the waye, go out of the path, turne the holye one of Israel from vs.
12 Therfore thus sayeth the holye one of Israel: In as muche as ye haue caste of youre bewtye, and comforted youre selues with power and nymblenesse, and put youre confidence therin:
13 therfore shal ye haue this myschefe agayne for youre destruccyon and fall, lyke as an hye wall, that falleth because of some ryft (or blast) whose breakynge cometh sodenly.
14 And youre destruccyon shalbe lyke as an earthen pot, whiche breaketh no man touching it, yea and breaketh so sore, that a man shall not fynde a sheuer of it to fetche fyre in, or to take water wyth all oute of the pyt.
15 For the Lorde God, euen the holy one of Israell hath promysed thus: Wyth styll syttynge and rest shall ye be healed, in quyetnesse & hope shall youre strength lye.
16 Notwithstandynge ye regarde it not, but ye wyll saye: No, for thus are we constrayned to fle vpon horses. And therfore shall ye fle, we muste ryde vpon swift beastes, and therfore youre persecutours shal yet be swyfter.
17 A thousand of you shall fle for one, or at the moste for fyue, whiche do but only geue you euyll wordes? vntyll ye be desolate, as a shyp mast vpon an hye mountayne, and as a beaken vpon on hyll.
18 Yet standeth the Lorde waytynge, that he maye haue mercye vpon you, and lyfteth hym selfe vp, t he maye receyue you to grace. For the Lorde God is ryghtuous. Happy are all they that wayte for him.
19 For thus (O thou people of Syon and ye citisens of Ierusalem) shall ye neuer be in heauynes, for doutlesse he wyll haue mercy vpon the. As sone as he heareth the voyce of thy crye, he wyl helpe the.
20 The Lorde geueth you the bread of aduersite, and the water of trouble. But thyne instructer flyeth not farre from the, yf thyne eyes loke vnto thyne instructer,
21 and thyne eares harken to his worde, that cryeth after the, and sayeth: thys is the waye, go thys, and turne neyther to the right hande nor to the lefte.
22 Moreouer yf ye destroye the syluer worckes of youre Idoles, and caste awaye the golden coppes that ye deckte them wythall (as fylthynes) & saye get you hence:
23 Then wyll he geue rayne to the sede that ye shall sowe in the earthe, and geue you bread of the encrease of the earthe, so that all shalbe plentuous and aboundaunt. Thy cattel also shall he fede in e brode medowes,
24 yea thyne oxen & Mules that tyll the grounde, shall eate good fodder, which is purged with the fanne.
25 Goodly ryuers shall flowe out of all hys mountaynes and hylles. In the daye of the greate slaughter when the towers shall fall,
26 the mone shall shyne as the sunne, and the sunne shyne shalbe seuen folde, and haue as much shyne, as in seuen dayes besyde. In that daye shall the Lorde bynde vp the brosed sores of hys people, and heale theyr woundes.
27 Beholde the glory of the Lord shal come from farre, hys face shal burne, that no man shalbe able to abyde it, hys lyppes shall wagge for verye indignacyon, and hys tonge shalbe as a consumynge fyre.
28 His breath like a vehement floude of water, whiche goeth vp to the throte. That he may take away the people, whiche haue turned them selues vnto vanite, and the brydle of erroure, that lyeth in other folkes chawes.
29 But ye shall synge, as the vse is in e night of the holy solempnyte. Ye shall reioyse from youre herte, as they that come with the pype, when they go vp to the mounte of the Lorde, vnto the rocke of Israel.
30 The Lorde also shall set vp the power of his voyce, and declare his terryble arme, wyth hys angry countenaunce yea and the flamme of the consumynge fyre, with earthquake, tempest of wynde, and haile stones.
31 Then shall the Assyryans feare also, because of the voyce of the Lorde, which shall smyte him with the rodde.
32 And the same rodde which the Lorde wil sende vpon hym, shall moue the whole foundacyon with trompet, with noyse of warre and battell to destroye.
33 For he hath prepared the fyre of payne from the begynnynge, yea euen for Kynges also. This hath he made depe & wyde, e noryshing thereof is fyre & woode innumerable, whiche the breathe of the Lorde kyndleth, as it were a matche of brymstone.




1 Wo be vnto them that go doune into Egypte for help, and trust in horses, & comforte themselues in charettes, because they be many, & in horse men because they be lusty & strong. But they regarde not the holy one of Israel, and they aske no question at the Lorde.
2 Where as he neuertheles plageth the wicked, and yet goeth not from hys word when he steppeth forthe, and taketh the victory agaynste the housholde of the frowarde, & agaynste the helpe of euyll doars.
3 Nowe the Egypcyans are men, and not God, and theyr horses fleshe and not sprete. And as soone as the Lorde stretched oute his hande, then shall the helper fall, and he that shuld haue ben helped, and shall all together be destroyed.
4 For thus hath the Lorde spoken vnto me: Lyke as the lyon or lyons whelpe roareth vpon the praye that he hath gotten, and is not afrayed, thoughe the multitude of shepardes crye oute vpon hym, nether abashed for all the heape of them: So shal the Lord of Hostes come doune from the mounte of Sion, and defend his hil.
5 Lyke as the brydes flotre about theyr nestes, so shall the Lord of Hostes, kepe, saue, defend & delyuer Ierusalem.
6 Therfore, O ye children of Israel, turne agayne, lyke as ye haue exceaded in youre goynge backe.
7 For in that daye euerye man shall caste oute hys Idols of syluer and gold, which ye haue made with your synfull handes.
8 Assur also shalbe slayne with the swerde, not with a mans swerde. A swerd shall deuoure hym, but not a mans swerde. And he shall fle from the slaughter, and hys seruauntes shalbe taken prysoners.
9 He shall go for feare to hys stronge holdes, and hys Prynces shal fle from hys badge. Thys hath the Lorde spoken, whose lyght burneth in Syon, and hys fyre in Ierusalem.




1 Beholde, the kynge shal gouerne after the rule of ryghtuousnes, & the princes shal rule according to the balaunce of equyte.
2 He shalbe vnto men as a defence for the wynde, & as a refuge for the tempeste, like as a riuer of water in a thurstye place, and the shadowe of a great rocke in a drye land.
3 The eyes of the seynge shall not be dymme, & the eares of them that heare, shall take dylygente hede.
4 The herte of the vnwyse, shall attayne to knowledge, & the vnparfyte tung shal speake playnely and distinctely.
5 Then shal e nygard be no more called gentle, nor the churle liberal.
6 But the churle wyll be churlyshly mynded, & his hert wil worcke euil & playe the Ipocrite, & ymagyn abhominacyons against God, to make the hungry leane, & to withhold drincke from the thurstie.
7 These are the perlous weapons of the couetous, these be hys shamefull councels: that he maye begyle the poore with disceatfull workes, yea euen there as he shuld geue sentence with the poore.
8 But the lyberall person ymagyneth honest thynges, and commeth vp with honestye.
9 Vp (ye ryche and ydell cytyes) harken vnto my voyce. Ye carelesse cytyes, marke my wordes.
10 After yeares & dayes shal ye be broughte in feare, O ye carelesse cytyes. For Harueste shalbe oute, and the grape gatherynge shall not come.
11 O ye ryche ydell cytyes ye that feare no parell, ye shalbe abashed and remoued, when ye se the barennesse, the nakednesse and preparynge to warre.
12 Ye shall knocke vpon youre brestes, because of the pleasaunte felde, and because of the frutefull vyneyarde.
13 My peoples felde shall brynge thornes & thystels for in euerye house is voluptuousnes, and in the cytyes, wylfulnes.
14 The palaces also shalbe broken, and the greatly occupied cities desolate. The towers and bulworkes shalbe become deunes for euermore, the pleasure of Mules shalbe turned to pasture for shepe:
15 vnto the tyme that the spryte be poured vpon vs from aboue. Then shall the wyldernesse be a fruteful felde and the plenteous felde shalbe rekened for a wodde.
16 Then shall equyte dwell in the deserte, and rightuousnesse in a fruteful land.
17 And the rewarde of ryghtuousnesse shalbe peace, and her frute reste and quyetnesse for euer.
18 And my people shall dwell in the ynnes of peace, in my tabernacle and pleasure where there is ynough in them all.
19 And when e hayle falleth, it shal fal in the wodde and in the cytie.
20 O how happy shall ye be, when ye shall safely sowe youre sede besyde all waters and dryue thyther the fete of youre oxen and asses.




1 Therfore wo be vnto the (O robber) shalte not thou be robbed also? and vnto the that layeste wayte, as who say: there shuld no waite be layde for the: Wo vnto the whiche doest hurte, euen so shalte thou be hurte also. And as thou layest wayte, so shall waite be layde for the also.
2 Lorde be mercyful vnto vs, we wayte for the. Thyne arme is at a poynte to vyset vs, but be thou oure health in the tyme of trouble
3 Graunt that the people maye fle at the anger of thy voyce, & that at thyne vpstandynge the Gentyles maye be scatred abroade,
4 and that theyr spoyle maye be gathered, as the gresshoppers are comonly gathered together into the pyt.
5 Stande vp Lorde, thou that dwellest on hye: Let Syon be fylled wyth equyte & rightuousnesse.
6 Let trueth and faythfulnesse be in her tyme: power, health, wisdome, knowledge and the feare of God are her treasure.
7 Beholde, theyr aungels crye wythout, e messaungers of peace wepe bytterly.
8 The stretes are waste, there walketh no man therein, the appoyntment is broken, the cyties are despysed, they are not regarded,
9 the desolate earthe is in heuynes. Lybanus taketh it but for a sporte, that it is hewen doune: Saron is lyke a wyldernes: Basan and Charmel are turned vpsyde doune.
10 And therfore sayeth the Lorde. I wyll vp, now wyll I get vp, nowe wil I aryse.
11 Ye shall conceyue stubble, & bear straw, & youre sprete shall be the fyre, that it maye consume you:
12 and the people shalbe burnt like lyme, and as thornes burne that are hewen of, and caste in the fyre.
13 Now herken to, ye that are farre of, howe I do with them, & consydre my glorye, ye that be at hande.
14 The synners at Syon are afrayd a sodane fearfulnesse is come vpon the ypocrytes. What is he among vs (saye they) that will dwell by that consumynge fyre whyche of vs maye abyde that euerlastinge heate?
15 He that ledeth a godly lyfe (saye I) and speaketh the trueth: He that abhorreth to do vyolence and dysceyte: he that kepeth his hande that he touche no rewarde: which stoppeth hys eares that he heare no councel agaynste the innocent: which holdeth doune hys eyes, that he se none euyll.
16 He it is, that shall dwell on hye whose sauegarde shalbe in the true rocke, to him shal be geuen the right true meate and drincke.
17 His eyes shall se the kynge in hys glory: and in the wyde worlde,
18 and hys herte shal delyte in the feare of God. What shall then become of the scrybe? of the Senatoure what of hym that teacheth chyldren?
19 There shalt thou not se a people of a straunge tounge to haue so diffused a language, that it may not be vnderstande: neyther so straunge a speache but it shall be perceyued.
20 There shal Sion be sene, the head cytye of oure solempne feastes. There shal thyne eyes se Ierusalem that gloryous habytacyon: the tabernacle that neuer shal remoue, whose nayles shall neuer be taken oute worlde wythout ende, whose coardes euerychone shall neuer corrupte:
21 for the gloryous Magestye of the Lorde shall there be present amonge vs. In that place, where fayre broade ryuers & streames are, shall neyther Galeyrowe, nor great shyppe tayle.
22 For the Lorde shalbe oure captayne, the Lorde shalbe oure lawe geuer. The Lorde shalbe oure kynge, and he hym selfe shalbe oure sauyoure.
23 There are the coardes so layde abroade, that they cannot be better: The maste set vp of suche a fashyon, that no banner nor sayle hangeth theron: but there is dealed great spoyle, ye lame men runne after the praye.
24 There lyeth no man that sayeth: I am syck, but all euyll is taken awaye from the people, that dwell there.




1 Come ye Heithen & heare, take hede ye people. Herken thou earth & all that is therin: thou rounde compasse & all that groweth there vpon
2 for the Lord is angrye with all people, & hys displeasure is kindled agaynst all the multytude of them, to curse them, & to sleye them.
3 So that their slayne shalbe cast out, and their bodyes styncke: that euen the verye hilles shalbe wet with the bloude of them.
4 All e starres of heauen shalbe consumed, & the heauen shall folde together lyke a roll, & all the starres therof shal fall, lyke as the leaues fall from the vynes & fygetrees.
5 For my swearde (saieth he) shalbe bathed in heauen, and shall immediatly come downe vpon Idumea, and vpon the people which I haue cursed for my vengeance.
6 And e Lordes swearde shalbe full of bloude, and be rustye wyth the fatnesse & bloude of lambes & gootes, wyth the fatnesse of the kydneys of wethers. For the Lorde shall kyl a greate offringe in Bosra, and in the lande of Idumea.
7 There shall the Vnycornes fall with the Bulles (that is with the gyauntes) and theyr lande shalbe washed wyth bloude, and their grounde corrupte wyth fatnesse.
8 Vnto the also (O Syon) shall come the daye of the vengeaunce of God, & the yeare when thyne owne iudgmentes shalbe recompensed.
9 Thy floudes shalbe turned to pytch, and thyne earthe to brymstone, and ther wyth shall the lande be kyndled,
10 so that it shall not be quenched daye ner nyght: But smoke euermore, and so forth to lye waste. And no man shall go thorowe thy lande for euer:
11 But Pellicanes, Storkes, great Dules, and Rauens shall haue it in possessyon, and dwell therin. For God shall sprede out the lyne of desolacyon vpon it, and weye it with the stones of emptynes.
12 When kinges are called vpon there shalbe none, and all prynces shalbe awaye.
13 Thornes shall growe in their palaces, nettels and thistles in theyr stronge holdes, that the dragons maye haue their pleasure therin, and that they maye be a courte for Estriches.
14 There shall straunge visures and monstruous beastes mete one another, and the wilde kepe companye together. There shall the lamya lye, and haue her lodginge.
15 There shall the hedghoge buylde, digge, be there at home, and brynge forth hys younge ones. There shall the kytes come together, ech one to his lyke.
16 Seke thorow the scrypture of the Lorde & rede it. There shall none of these thynges be left out, there shall not one (ner soche lyke) fayle. For what his mouth commaundeth, that same doth hys sprete gather together (or fulfylleth.)
17 Vpon whom soeuer the lot falleth, or to whom he dealeth it with the lyue: those shall possesse the enheritaunce from generacyon to generacyon, and dwell therin.




1 Bvt the deserte & wyldernes shall reioyse, the waste ground shalbe glad, and florysh as the lylly.
2 She shall floryshe pleasauntlye, & be ioyfull, & euer be geuyng of thanckes more and more. For the glory of Libanus, the bewty of Charmel and Saron shalbe geuen her. These shall knowe the honour of the Lorde, and the magestie of oure God.
3 And therfore strengthen the weake handes, and comforte the feble knees.
4 Saye vnto them that are of a fearfull herte: Be of good there, & feare not. Beholde youre God cometh, to take vengeaunce, and to rewarde, God commeth his owne selfe, & wyll delyuer you.
5 Then shall the eyes of the blynde be lyghtened, & the eares of the deafe opened.
6 Then shall the lame man leape as an herte, and the domme mans tunge shal geue thanckes. In the wyldernesse also there shall welles spryge, and floudes of water in the deserte.
7 The drye grounde shall turne to ryuers, and the thurstye to springes of water. Where as drrgons dwelt afore, there shall growe swete floures and grene russhes.
8 There shalbe fote pathes and comen stretes, this shalbe called the holy waye. No vncleane person shall go thorow it, for the Lorde hym selfe shall go with them that waye, and the ignoraunt shall not erre,
9 There shalbe no lyon, and no rauyshynge beast shall come therin, nor be there, but men shall go there fre and safe.
10 And the redemed of e Lorde shall conuerte, and come to Syon with thankesgeuynge. Euerlastinge ioye shall they haue, pleasure and gladnesse shall be amonge them. And as for all sorowe and heuynes, it shall vanysh awaye.




1 In .xiiij. yeare of Kyng Hezekiah, came Sennaherib kyng of the Assyrians downe, to laye sege vnto all the stronge cyties of Iuda.
2 And the Kynge of the Assyrians sent Rabsakeh from Lachis towarde Ierusalem, agaynst Kynge Hesekiah, wyth a greuous Hoste, which set hym by the condite of e ouerpole, in the waye that goeth thorowe the fullers lande.
3 And so there came forth vnto hym Eliakim Helkiahs sonne the Presydent, Sobna e Scribe, & Ioah Asaphs sonne the Secretary.
4 And Rabsakeh sayde vnto them: Tell Hezekiah, that the greate kyng of Assyria sayeth thus vnto hym: What presumpcton is this, that thou trustest vnto?
5 Thou thinckest (peraduenture) that thou hast councell and power ynough to mayntene this warre: or els wherto trustest thou, that thou castest thy selfe of frome?
6 lo, thou puttest thy truste in a broken staffe of rede (I meane Egypte) whyche he that leaneth vpon, it goeth in to hys hande & shutteth hym thorowe. Euen so is Pharao the Kyng of Egypt, vnto all them that trust in him.
7 But yf thou woldest saye to me: we trust in the Lorde oure God: A goodlye God in dede: whose Hye places and aulters Hezekiah toke downe, & commaunded Iuda & Ierusalem, to worshyppe onely before the aulter.
8 Abyde the, thou haste made a condycyon with my lorde the kyng of the Assyrians, that he shuld geue the two thousand horses: art thou able to set men ther vp?
9 Seyng now that thou canst not resiste the power of the smallest prynce, that my Lorde hath, how darrest thou truste in the charettes and horse men of Egipt:
10 Moreouer, thinckest thou that I am come downe hether, to destroye thys lande without e Lordes wil? The Lord sayde vnto me, go downe in to the lande, that thou mayest destroye it.
11 Then sayde Eliakim, Sobua & Ioah vnto Rabsakeh: Speake to vs thy seruauntes (we praye the) in the Sirians language, for we vnderstande it well: And speake not to vs in the Iewes tonge, leste the folcke heare, whych lyeth vpon the wall.
12 Then answered Rabsakeh: Thyncke ye, that the kynge sent me to speake this only vnto you? Hath he not sent me to them also, that lye vpon the wall? that they be not compelled to eate their owne donge, and drincke theyr owne stale wyth you?
13 And Rabsakeh stode styf, and cryed with a loude voyce in the Iewes tunge: and sayd: Now take hede, how the greate kynge of the Assirians geueth you warning.
14 Thus sayeth the kynge: Let not Hezekiah disceyue you, for he shal not be able to delyuer you.
15 Moreouer let not Hezekiah conforte you in the Lorde, when he sayeth: The Lorde without doute shall defende vs, and shall not geue ouer this citie into the handes of The kynge of the Assyrians, beleue hym not.
16 But thus sayth e king of Assyria: opteyne my fauoure, enclyne to me: so maye euery man enioye his vineyardes and fygetrees, and drincke the water of hys cisterne:
17 vnto the tyme that I come my selfe, and bringe you into a lande that is like youre owne: wher in is wheate and wyne, whyche is both sowen wyth sede, and planted wyth vyneyardes.
18 Let not Hezekiah dysceyue you, when he sayeth vnto you: the Lorde shall delyuer vs? Myght the Goddes of the Gentiles kepe euery mans lande, from the power of the Kinge of the Assyrians?
19 Where is the God of Hemath and Arphad? Where is the God of Sepharnaim? And who was able to defende Samaria out of my hande?
20 Or which of all e Goddes of the landes, hath delyuered their countre out of my power, so t the Lorde shuld delyuer Ierusalem fro my hande?
21 Vnto this Hezekiahs messaungers helde their tunges, & answered not one worde: for the Kyng had charged them, that they shulde geue hym none answere.
22 So came Eliakim Helkiahs sonne the President, Sobna the Scrybe, and Ioah Asaphs sonne the Secretarye vnto Hezekiah with rente clothes, and tolde him the wordes of Rabsakeh.




1 When Hezekiah hearde that, he rente his clothes, and put on a sack cloth, & went into the temple of the Lorde.
2 But he sent Eliakim the Presydent, Sobna the Scrybe, wyth the eldest preastes clothed in sacke, vnto the Prophet Esay the sonne of Amoz,
3 & they sayde vnto hym: Thus sayeth Hezekiah: This is e daye of trouble, of plage and of wrath: lyke as when a chylde cometh to the byrth, but the woman hath no power to brynge it forth.
4 The Lorde thy God (no doute) hath well consydered the wordes of Rabsakeh, whom hys lorde the Kynge of the Assyrians hath sent, to defye & blaspheme the lyuynge God: with soch wordes as the Lord thy God hath heard right well. And therfore lyfte vp thy prayer for the remnaunt, that yet are left.
5 So the seruauntes of Kyng Hezekiah came to Esay.
6 And Esay gaue them this answere. Saye thus vnto youre lorde: thus sayeth the Lord: Be not afrayed of the wordes that thou hast hearde, wherwith the Kyng of the Assyrians seruauntes haue blasphemed me.
7 Beholde, I wyll cause a wynde go ouer hym, as sone as he heareth it, he shall go agayne into hys countre, there wyll I destroye hym with the swerde.
8 Now when Rabsakeh returned, he founde the kynge of Assyria layenge sege the Lobnah, for he had vnderstande, that he was departed from Lachis.
9 For there came a rumoure, that Tharhakah kynge of Ethiopia was come forth to warre agaynst hym. And when the Kynge of Assyria hearde that, he sent other messaungers to Kynge Hezekiah with this commaundement:
10 Saye thus to Hezekiah Kyng of Iuda: Let not thy God disceyue the, in whom thou hopest, & sayeste: Ierusalem shall not be geuen in to the handes of the Kyng of Assyria.
11 For thou knowest well how the Kynges of Assyria haue handled all the landes that they haue subuerted, and hopest thou to escape?
12 Where the people of the Gentyles (whom my progenytours conquered) delyuered at any tyme thorow their goddes? As namely, Gozan, Haran, Rezeph, and the chyldren of Eden, which dwell at Thalassar.
13 Where is the Kynge of Hemah, & the Kynge of Arphad, & the Kyng of the cytye Sepharuaim, Ena and Aua?
14 Nowe when Hezekiah had receyued the lettre of the messaungers, and read it, he went vp into the house of the Lorde and opened the letter before the Lord.
15 And Hezekiah prayed before e Lorde on this maner:
16 O Lorde of Hostes, thou God of Israel, which dwellest vpon Cherubyn. Thou art the God, that only is God of all e Kyngdomes of the world, for thou only hast created heauen & earth.
17 Enclyne thyne eare Lord & consydre, open thyne eyes, O Lorde, & se, & pondre all e wordes of Sennaherib, whiche hath sent hys embage to blaspheme the lyuynge God.
18 It is true, O Lorde, that the Kynges of Assyria haue conquered all Kyngdomes and landes,
19 and cast their goddes in the fyre. Not wythstandynge those were no goddes but the worckes of mens handes, of wod or stone, therfore haue they destroyed them.
20 Delyuer vs then, O Lorde oure God, from the handes of Sennaherib, that all Kyngdomes of the earth maye knowe, that thou only art the Lorde.
21 Then Esay the sonne of Amoz sent vnto Hezekiah, sayinge: Thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel: Where as thou haste made thy prayer vnto me, as touchyng Sennaherib,
22 thys is the answere, that the Lorde hath geuen concernynge hym: Despised art thou, & mocked, O daughter of Syon, he hath shaken his head at the, O doughter of Ierusalem.
23 But thou Sennaherib, whom hast thou defyed & blasphemed? And agaynst whom hast thou lyfted vp thy voyce, & exalted thy proude lokes? euen agaynst the holy one of Israel.
24 Thou with thy seruauntes hast blasphemed the Lord, and thus holdest thou of thy selfe: I couer the hye mountaynes, and sydes of Libanus with my horsmen. And there wyll I cut downe the hye Cedre trees & the fayreste Fyrre trees. I will vp into the heyght of it, & into the chefest of his tymbre woddes.
25 If there be no water, I wyl graue & drynke. And as for waters of defence, I shall drye them vp wyth the fete of myne Hoste.
26 Yee (sayest thou) hast thou not hearde, what haue taken in hande, and brought to passe of olde tyme? That same wyll I do now also: waste, destroye, & bringe stronge cities vnto hearpes of stones.
27 For theyr inhabitours shal be lyke lame men, brought in feare and confounded. They shalbe lyke the grasse and grene herbes in the felde, lyke the haye vpon house toppes, that withereth a fore it be growne vp.
28 I knowe thy wayes, thy goinge forth and thy commyne home, yee & thy madnesse agaynst me.
29 Therfore thy furiousnesse agaynst me, & thy pryde is come before me. I will put a ringe in thy nose, and a bridle byt in the chawes of the, & turne the aboute, euen the same waye thou comest.
30 I will geue the also thys token (O Hezekiah) this yeare shalt thou eate that is kept in stoare, & the next yeare soch as groweth of him selfe, and in the thyrde yeare ye shall sowe & reape, yee ye shall plante vyneardes, and enioye the fruytes therof.
31 And soch of the house of Iuda as are escaped, shall come together, and the remnaunt shall take rote beneth, and bringe forth fruyte aboue.
32 For the escaped shall go out of Ierusalem, and the remaunte from the mount Syon. And this shall the gelousy of the Lorde of hostes bringe to passe.
33 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde, concernynge the kynge of the Assyrians: He shall not come in to the cytye, and shall shote no arowe in to it, there shall no shilde hurte it, nether shall they graue aboute it.
34 The same waye that he came, shall he retourne, & not come at thys cytie, sayeth the Lorde.
35 And I wyll kepe and saue the cytie (sayeth he) for myne owne, and for my seruaunte Dauyds sake.
36 Thus the angel went forth, and slewe of the Assyrians hoste, an .clxxxv. thousande. And when men arose, vp earlye (at Ierusalem:) Beholde, all laye full of deed bodyes.
37 So Sennaherib the kynge of the Assyrians brake vp, and dwelt at Niniue.
38 Afterwarde it chaunsed, as he prayed in the temple of Nesrah hys god, that Adramalech and Sarazer hys owne sonnes slewe hym with e sweard, and fled in to the lande of Ararat. And Asarhadon hys sonne reygned after hym.




1 Not longe afore thys, was Hezekiah sick vnto the deeth: and the Prophet Esay the sonne of Amoz came vnto hym, & sayde: Thus commaundeth the Lord: Set thine house in ordre: for thou must dye, and shalt not escape.
2 Then Hezekiah turned hys face towarde the wall, and prayed vnto the Lorde,
3 and sayde: Remembre (O Lorde) that I haue walcked before the in treuth and a stedfast herte, and haue done the thyng that is pleasaunt to the. And Hezekiah wepte sore.
4 Then sayde God vnto Esay:
5 Go and speake vnto Hezekiah: the Lorde God of Dauid thy father sendeth the thys worde: I haue herde thy prayer, and consydred thy teares: beholde I wyll put fyftene yeares mo vnto thy lyfe,
6 and delyuer the and the cytie also, from the hande of the kynge of Assiria, for I wyll defende the citie.
7 And take the this token of the Lord, that he wyll do it, as he hath spoken:
8 Beholde, I will returne the shadowe of Ahaz dial, that now is layed out wyth the Sunne & brynge it ten degrees backe warde. So the Sunne turned ten degree backward, the which he was descended a fore.
9 A thanckesgeuynge, whiche Hezekiah Kynge of Iuda wrote, when he had bene sycke, and was recouered.
10 I thought I shulde haue gone to the gates of hell in my best age, and haue wanted the resydue of my yeares.
11 I spake with in my selfe: I shall neuer viset the Lorde God in this lyfe: I shall neuer se man amonge the dwellers of the worlde.
12 Myne age is folden vp together, and taken awaye fro me, lyke a shepherdes cotage: my lyfe is hewen of, lyke as a weeuer cutteth of his webb. Whyle I was yet takynge my rest, he hewed me of, & made an ende of me in one day.
13 I thought I wolde haue lyued vnto the morow, but he brosed my bones lyke a lyon, and made an ende of me in one daye.
14 Then chatred I lyke a swalowe, and lyke a crane, and mourned as a doue. I lyfte vp myne eyes into the heyght: O Lorde (sayde I) vyolence is done vnto me, be thou suertye for me.
15 What shall I speake or saye, that he may this do? That I may lyue out all my yeares, yee in the bytternesse of my lyfe?
16 Verely (Lorde) men must lyue in bytternesse, & all my life muste I passe ouer therin: For thou raysest me vp, and wakest me. But lo, I wyllbe well content with this bytternes.
17 Neuertheles my conuersacyon hath so pleased the, that thou woldest not make an ende of my lyfe: so t thou hast cast all my synnes behynde thy back.
18 For hell prayseth not the, death doth not magnyfye the. They t go downe into e graue, prayse not thy trueth:
19 but the lyuyng, yee the liuinge acknowledge the, lyke as I do thys daye. The father telleth hys chyldren of thy faythfulnesse.
20 Delyuer vs (O Lorde) and we wyll singe prayses in thy house, all e dayes of oure life.
21 And Esay sayde: take a playster of fygges, and laye it vpon the sore, so shall it be whole.
22 Then sayd Hezekiah: O what a great thinge is this, that I shall go vp into the house of the Lorde.




1 At the same tyme Merodach Baladam, Baladams sonne Kynge of Babylon, sent lettres and presentes to Hezekiah. For he vnderstode how that he had bene sick, and was recouered agayne.
2 And Hezekiah was glad therof, and shewed them the commodytyes of hys treasure, of syluer, of golde, of spyces and rootes, of precyous oyles, all that was in hys cubbordes & treasure houses. There was not one thing in Hezekiahs house, & so thorow out all hys kyngdome, but he let them se it.
3 Then came Esay the Prophete of Kynge Ezekiah, and sayde vnto hym. What haue e men sayde, & from whence came they vnto the? Hezekiah answered: they came out of a farre countre vnto me, out of Babylon.
4 Esay sayd: what haue they loked vpon in thyne house? Hezekiah answered: All t is in myne house haue they sene: and there is nothinge in my treasure, but I shewed it them.
5 Then sayde Esay vnto Hezekiah: Vnderstande the worde of the Lord of Hostes:
6 Beholde the tyme wyll come, that euery thynge which is in thyne house, and al that thy progenytoures haue layde vp in stoare vnto this daye, shalbe caried to Babylon, & nothinge left behynde. Thys sayeth the Lorde.
7 Yee & parte of thy sonnes, that shall come of the, & whom thou shalt get, shalbe caried hence, & become gelded chamberlaynes in the Kynge of Babylons courte:
8 Then sayde Hezekiah to Esay: Now God prosper hys owne councell, which thou hast told me. He sayde more ouer: So that there be peace and faythfulnesse in my tyme.




1 Be of good chere my people, be of good chere (sayeth youre God)
2 conforte Ierusalem, and tell her: that her trauayle is at an ende that her offence is pardoned, that she hath receyued of the Lordes hande sufficient correccyon for all her synnes.
3 A voyce cryeth: Prepare the waye for the Lorde in the wyldernesse, make streyght the path for oure God in the deserte.
4 Let all valleyes be exalted, & euery mountayne & hyll be leyed lowe. What so is croked, let it be made streyght, & lett the rough places be made playne feldes.
5 For the glory of the Lorde shall apeare, & all flesh shall se it, for why, the mouth of the Lorde hath spoken it.
6 The same voyce spake: Now crye. And I sayde: what shall I crye? Then spake yt: that all flesh is grasse, and that all the bewtye therof, is as the floure of the felde.
7 When the grasse is withered, the floure falleth awaye. Euen so is the people as grasse, when the breath of the Lorde bloweth vpon them.
8 Neuerthelesse whether the grasse wyther, or the floure fade awaye: Yet the worde of oure God endureth for euer. Moreouer the voyce cried thus:
9 Go vp vnto the hyll (O Sion) thou tha bryngest good tydynges, lyft vp thy voyce with power, O thou preacher Ierusalem. Lyft it vp without feare, & saye vnto the cities of Iuda: Beholde youre God,
10 beholde the Lorde, euen the Allmyghtie shall come with power, and beare rule with hys arme. Beholde, he bryngeth his treasure with hym, & hys worckes go before hym.
11 He shall fede his flock lyke an herdman. He shall gather the lambes together with his arme, and carie them in hys bosome, and shall kyndlye intreate those that beare yonge.
12 Who hath holden the waters in hys fyst? Who hath measured heauen with his spanne, and hath comprehended all the earth of the worlde in thre fyngers? Who hath weyed the mountaynes and hylles?
13 Who hath refourmed the mynde of the Lord? Or who is of hys councell to teach him?
14 At whom hath he asked councell, to make hym vnderstand, and to lerne hym the waye of iudgment: to teach him science: and to enstructe hym in the waye of vnderstandynge.
15 Beholde, all people are in comparyson of hym, as a droppe to a boket full, and are counted as the leste thinge that the balaunce weyeth. Beholde, the Iles are in comparyson of hym, as the shadowe of the sonne beame.
16 Libanus is not suffycyent to mynystre fyre for his offringe, and all the beastes therof are not ynough to one sacryfyce.
17 All people in comparyson of hym are rekened as nothing, yee vayne vanyte and emptynesse.
18 To whom then will ye liken God? or what simylitude wyll ye set vp vnto hym?
19 Shall the caruer make hym carued ymage? and shall the goldsmyth couer hym with golde, or cast hym in to a fourme of syluer plates?
20 Moreouer shall the ymage maker (that the poore man whyche is dysposed, maye haue some thynge to set vp also) seke out & chose a tree, that is not rotten, and came therout an ymage, that moueth not?
21 Knowe ye not this? Hearde ye neuer of it? Hath it not bene preached vnto you sence the begynnyng? Haue ye not bene enfourmed of this, sence the foundacyon of the earth was layde:
22 That he sytteth vpon the circle of the worlde, and that al the inhabytours of the worlde are in comparison of him, but as greshoppers: That he spredeth out the heauens as a coueryng, that he stretcheth them out, as a tent to dwell in:
23 That he bryngeth Prynces to nothyng, and the iudges of the earth to dust:
24 so that they be not planted nor sowen agayne, nether theyr stocke roted agayne in e earth? For as sone as he bloweth vpon them, they wither & fade awaye, lyke the strawe in a whyrle wynde.
25 To whom now will ye lyken me, & whom shall I be lyke, sayeth the holy one?
26 Lyft vp youre eyes on hye, and consydre. Who hath made those thynges, whyche come out by so greate heapes? And he can call them all by their names. For there is nothynge hyd vnto the greatnesse of his power, strength, and myght.
27 How maye then Iacob thyncke, or how maye Israel saye: My wayes are hyd from the Lorde, and my God knoweth not of my iudgementes.
28 Knowest thou not, or hast thou not hearde, that the euerlastynge God the Lorde whiche made all the corners of the earth, is nether weery nor faynt, & that his wysdome can not be comprehended,
29 but that he geueth strength vnto the weery, and power vnto the faynte?
30 Chyldren are weery and faynt, and the strongest men fall:
31 But vnto them that haue the Lorde before their eyes, shal strength be encreased, Aegles wynges shall growe vpon them: When they runne they shall not fal: and when they go, they shal not be weery.




1 Be styll (ye Ilandes) and herken vnto me. Be stronge ye people, Come hether, and shewe youre cause, we wyll go to the lawe together.
2 Who rayseth vp the iuste from the rysynge of the Sunne, and calleth him to go forth? Who casteth downe the people, and subdueth e kynges before him: that he maye thorowe them all to the grounde wyth hys swearde, and scatre them lyke stuble with hys bowe?
3 He foloweth vpon them, & goeth safely hym selfe, and cometh in no fote path with his fete.
4 Who hath made, created, and called the generacions from the begynnyng? Euen I the Lorde, whiche am the fyrst, and with the last.
5 Beholde ye Iles? that ye maye feare, and ye endes of the earth, that ye maye be abasshed, draw nye, and come hether.
6 Euery man hath exorted hys neyghboure, and brother, and bydden him be stronge.
7 The Smyth conforted the moulder, and the Ironsmyth the hammerman, sayenge: It shalbe good, that we fasten this cast worcke: and then they fastened it with nayles, that it shulde not be moued.
8 And thou Israell my seruaunte: Iacob my electe sede of Abraham my beloued,
9 whom I led from the endes of e earth by the hande: For I called the from farre, and sayde vnto the: Thou shalt be my seruaunt: I haue chosen the, and will not cast the awaye:
10 be not afrayd, for I will be with the. Loke not behynde the, for I will be thy God, to strength the, helpe the, and to kepe the with this right hand of myne.
11 Behold, all they that resyst e, shall come to confusyon and shame: & thine aduersaries shalbe destroyed and brought to naught.
12 So that who so seketh after them, shall not fynde them. Thy destroyers shall perysh and so shall they that vndertake to make batell agaynst the:
13 For I thy Lorde and God, will strengthen thy ryght hande. Euen I t saye vnto the: Feare not. I will helpe the.
14 Be not a frayde thou lytle worme Iacob, & thou despysed Israell for I will helpe the, sayeth the Lorde, and the holy one of Israel thyne auenger.
15 Beholde, I will make e a treadyng cart & a new flayle, that thou mayest thresshe and grynd the mountaynes, and brynge the hylles to poulder.
16 Thou shalt fanne them, & the wynde shall carye them awaye, and the whyrlwynde shall scater them. But thou shalt reioyse in the Lorde, and shalt delyte in praysinge the holy one of Israel.
17 When the thyrstye & poore seke water and fynde none, and when their tonge is drye of thyrst: I geue it them sayth the Lorde. I the God of Israel forsake them not.
18 I bringe forth floudes in the hylle, and welles in the playne feldes. I turne the wildernes to riuers, & the drye lande to condythes of water.
19 I plante in the waste grounde trees of Cedre, Boxe, Myrre & Olyues. And in the drye I set Fyre trees, Elmes, and Hawthornes together.
20 All thys do I, that they altogether may se & marcke, perceyue with their hertes & consydre, that the hande of the Lorde maketh these thinges, and that the holye one of Israel bringeth them to passe.
21 Stande at your cause (sayeth the Lorde) & brynge forth your stroungest grounde, counceleth the Kynge of Iacob.
22 Let the goddes come forth them selues, & shewe vs the thynges that are past, what they be: let them declare them vnto vs, that we maye take them to herte, and knowe them herafter.
23 Ether, let them shewe vs thynges for to come, and tell vs what shalbe done her after: so shal we knowe, that they be goddes. Shewe somthing, ether good or bad: so wyll we both knowledge the same, and tell it out.
24 Beholde, ye goddes are of naugth, & your makynge is of naught but abhomynacyon hath chosen you.
25 Neuertheles, I haue waked vp one from the North, and he shall come. And another from the East, which shall call vpon my name, & shall come to the Princes, as the Potter to his claye, and as the Potter treadeth downe the myre.
26 Who tolde that afore? So wyll we confesse and saye, that he is rightuous: But there is none that sheweth or declareth any thynge, there is none also that heareth youre wordes.
27 Beholde, I wyll fyrst graunte them of Sion and Ierusalem to be Euangelistes.
28 But when I consydre: there is not one amonge them that prophecyeth, nether (when I aske hym) that auswereth one worde.
29 Lo, wicked are they and vayne, with the thynges also that they take in hande: yee wynde are they, and emptynesse, with theyr ymages together.




1 Beholde now therfore, thys is my seruaunte whom I wyll kepe to my selfe: myne electe, In whom my soule shalbe pacified. I wyll geue hym my sprete, that he may shewe forth iudgement & equyte amonge the Gentyles.
2 He shall not be an outcryer, ner an hye mynded person. Hys voyce shall not be hearde in the stretes.
3 A brossed rede shall he not breake, and the smokyng flax shall he not quench, but faythfully and truly shall he geue iudgement.
4 He shall nether be ouersene ner hastye, that he maye restore ryghtuousnes vnto the earth: and the gentyles also shall kepe his lawes.
5 For thus sayeth God the Lord vnto hym (euen he that the made heauens, and spred them abrode & seth forth the earth with her increase, whych geueth breath vnto the people that is in it, & to them that dwell therin)
6 I the Lorde haue called the in rightuousnesse, & led the by the hande. Therfore wyll I also defende the, and geue the for a couenaunt of the people, and to be e lyght of e Gentyles.
7 That thou mayest open the eyes of the blynde, let out the prisoners, & them that syt in darknesse, out of the dongeon house.
8 I my selfe, whose name is the Lorde, whych geue my power to none other nether myne honoure to the Goddes:
9 shewe yow these newe tydynges, and tell you them or they come, for olde thynges also are come to passe.
10 Synge therfore vnto the Lorde, a newe songe of thanckes geuynge, blowe out hys prayse vnto the ende of the world. They that be vpon the sea, and all that is therin, prayse hym, the Iles and they that dwell in them.
11 Let the wyldernes with her cities lyft vp her voyce, the townes also that be in Cedar. Let them be glad that syt vpon rockes of stone, & let them crie downe from the hye mountaynes:
12 ascribinge almightynes vnto the Lorde, and magnifying hym amonge the Gentyles.
13 The Lord shal come forth as a gyaunte, and take a stomacke to hym lyke as a freshe man of warre. He shall roare and crye, and ouercome hys enemyes.
14 I haue longe holden my peace (sayeth the Lorde) shulde I therfore be styll, and kepe sylence for euer? I wyll crye lyke a trauelynge woman, and ones wyl I destroye, & deuoure.
15 I wyll make waste both mountayne & hyll, & drye vp euery grene thynge that groweth theron. I wyll drye vp the floudes of water, and drincke vp the ryuers.
16 I will brynge the blynde into a strete, that they knowe not: & lede them into a fote path, that they are ignoraunt in. I shall make darckenesse light before them, and the thinge that is croked to be streyght. These thinges wyll I do, & not forget them.
17 And therfore let them conuerte, and be ashamed earnestlye, that hope in Idoles, and saye to fashyoned ymages: ye are oure godes.
18 Heare, O ye deaf men, and sharpen youre sightes to se (O ye blynde.)
19 But who is blinder, then my seruaunt? Or so deaf, as my messaungers, whom I sent vnto them? For who is so blinde as my people, & they t haue the rule of them?
20 They are lyke, as yf thou vnderstodest moch, & keptest nothyng: or yf one herde well, but were not obedient.
21 The Lord be mercyfull vnto them for his rightuousnesse sake, that his worde myght be magnyfyed & praysed.
22 But it is a myscheuous and wycked people. Their younge men belonge all to the snare, & shalbe shut into preson houses. They shalbe caryed awaye captyue, and no man shall lowse them. They shalbe troden vnder fote, & no man shall laboure to bringe them agayne.
23 But who is he amonge you, that pondreth this in hys mynde, that consydreth it, & taketh it for a warnynge in tyme to come?
24 Who suffred Iacob to be trodden vnder fote, and Israel to be spoyled? Dyd not the Lorde? Now haue we synned agaynst hym, & haue had no delyte to walcke in his wayes nether bene obedyent vnto his lawe.
25 Therfore hath he poured vpon vs hys wrathfull dyspleasure, & stronge batell, whiche maketh vs haue to do on euery syde, yet wyll we not vnderstande: He burneth vs vp, yet syncketh it not in to oure hertes.




1 But now, the Lorde that made the O Iacob, & he that fashyoned the O Israel, sayeth thus: Feare not, for I wyll defende the. I haue called the by name thou art myne owne.
2 When thou wentest in the water, I was by the, that the stronge floudes shuld not pluck the awaye. When thou walkest in the fyre, it shall not burne the, and the flame shall not kindle vpon the.
3 For I am the Lorde thy God, the holy one of Israel, thy Sauyour. I gaue Egypte for thy delyueraunce, the Moryans, and the Sabees for the:
4 because thou wast deare in my sight, and because I set by the, and loued the. I pylled all men for the, & delyuered vp al people for thy sake,
5 that thou shuldest not feare, for I was wyth the. I wyll brynge thy sede from the East, and gather the together from the West.
6 I wyll saye to the North, let go. And to e South, kepe not backe: but bringe me my sonnes from farre, and my daughters from the endes of the worlde:
7 Namelye, all those that be called after my name: For them haue I created, fasshyoned, and made for myne honoure.
8 Brynge forth that people, whether they haue eyes or be blynde, deafe or haue eares.
9 All nacyons shall come in one, and be gathered in one people. But whiche amonge yonder goddes shall declare suche thynges, & tell vs what is to come? Let them bringe theyr wytnesses, so shall they be fre: for then men shall heare it, & saye, it is trueth.
10 But I bring you wytnesses (sayth the Lorde) euen those that are my seruauntes, whom I haue chosen: to the intent that ye myght be certyfyed and geue me faythfull credence: yee & to consydre, that I am he, before whom there was neuer any God, and that there shalbe none after me.
11 I am only the Lorde, and wythout me is there no Sauyour.
12 I geue warnynge, I make whole, I teach you that there shulde be no straunge God amonge you. And thys recorde must ye beare me your selues (sayth the Lorde) that I am God.
13 And euen he am I from the begynnynge, & there is none that can take any thynge out of my hande. And what I do, can no man chaunge.
14 Thus sayeth the Lorde the holy one of Israel youre redemer: For youre sake I wyll sende to Babylon, & brynge all the strongest of them from thence: Namely, the Chaldees that boost them of their shyppes:
15 Euen I the Lorde youre holy one whiche haue made Israel, and am youre Kynge.
16 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lorde, euen he that maketh a waye in the sea, and a footpath in the myghtye waters:
17 which bryngeth forth the charettes and horses, the hoste & the power, that they maye fall a slepe & neuer ryse, and be extincte, lyke as towe is quenched.
18 Ye remembre not thynges of olde, and regarde nothinge that is past
19 Therfore beholde, I shall make a new thynge, & shortly shall it appeare: ye shall well knowe it, I told it you afore, but I wil tel it you agayne. I wyll make stretes in the deserte, & ryuers of water in e wyldernes
20 The wylde beastes shall worshyppe me: the dragon, and the Estryche. For I shall geue water in the wyldernesse, and streames in the deserte: that I may geue dryncke to my people, whom I chose.
21 This people haue I made for my self, & they shall shewe forth my prayse.
22 For thou (Iacob) woldest not call vpon me, but thou haddest an vnlust towarde me, O Israel.
23 Thou gauest me not thy younge beastes for burntoffrynges, nether dydest honoure me with thy sacryfices. Thou boughtest me no deare spice wyth thy money, nether pouredest the fatt of thy sacrifices vpon me. Howbeit I haue not bene chargeable vnto the in offringes, nether greuous in incense.
24 But thou hast laden me wyth thy synnes, and weeried me wyth thyne vngodlynes.
25 Where as I yet am euen he onlye, that for myne owne selfes sake do awaye thyne offences, & forget thy synnes: so that I wyll neuer thyncke vpon them.
26 Put me now in remembraunce (for we wyll reason together) & shew what thou hast for the, to make the quyte.
27 Thy fyrst father offended sore, & thy rulers haue synned agaynst me.
28 Therfore I ether suspended, or slue the chefest Prynces: I dyd curse Iacob, and gaue Israel into reprofe.




1 So heare now, O Iacob my seruaunt, and Israel whom I haue chosen.
2 For thus sayth the Lord that made the: fashyoned the, and helped the, euen from thy mothers wombe: Be not afrayed, O Iacob my seruaunt, thou rightuous, whom I haue chosen.
3 For I shall pouer water vpon the drye grounde and ryuers vpon the thurstye. I shall poure my sprete vpon thy sede, and myne encerase vpon thy stocke.
4 They shall growe together, lyke as the grasse, and as the Willies by the waters syde.
5 One wyll saye: I am the Lordes. Another will call vnder the name of Iacob. The thyrde shall descrybe wyth hys hande vnto the Lorde, and geue hym selfe vnder the name of Israel.
6 Moreouer, thus hath the Lorde spoken: euen the Kynge of Israel, and his auenger, the Lorde of Hostes: I am e fyrst & the last, and with out me is there no God.
7 For what is he, that euer was lyke me, which am from euerlastinge? Let hym shewe hys name, and do where thorow he may be likened vnto me. Let him tell you forth planely thinges, that are past & for to come:
8 yee and that without any feare or stoppe. For haue not I euer tolde you hytherto, and warned you? Ye can beare me recorde youre selues. Is there any God excepte me? or any maker, that I shuld not knowe hym.
9 Wherfore all caruers of Idoles are but vayne, & their labour lost. They must beare recorde them selues, that (seyng they came nether se ner vnderstande) they shalbe confounded.
10 Who shulde now make a God, or fashion an Idole, that is profytable for nothynge?
11 Beholde, all the felowshyppe of them must be brought to confusyon. Let all the worckmaisters of them come and stande together from amonge men: they must be abashed and confounded one with another.
12 The smith taketh yron, and tempereth it with hoate coales, and fashyoneth it with hammers, and maketh it with all the strength of his armes: yee sometyme he is faynt for very hunger, & so thurstye, that he hath no more power.
13 The carpenter, (or ymage caruer) taketh meat of the tymbre: & spredeth forth hys lyne: he maketh it with some coloure: he playneth it, he ruleth it, & squareth it, & maketh it after the ymage of a man, and accordynge to the bewtye of a man: that it maye stande in the temple.
14 Moreouer, he goeth oute to hewe downe Cedre trees: He bryngeth home Elmes and Okes, and other tymbre of the wod. Or els the Fyrre trees which he planted hym self, & soch as the rayne hath swelled,
15 whyche wod serueth for men to burne. Of this he taketh and warmeth him selfe with all: he maketh a fyre of it to bake bred. And afterwarde maketh a God there of, to honoure it: & an Idole to knele before it.
16 One pece he burneth in the fyre, with another he rosteth flesh, t he maye eate roste hys bely full: wyth the thyrde he warmeth hym self, & sayeth: Aha, I am well warmed, I haue bene at the fyre.
17 And of the resydue he maketh hym a God, and an Idole for hym selfe. He kneleth before it, he worshyppeth it, he prayeth vnto it, and sayeth: deliuer me, for thou art my God.
18 Yet men nether considre ner vnderstande, because their eyes are stopped, that they can not se: and their hertes, that they cannot perceyue.
19 They pondre not in their myndes, for they haue nether knowledge ner vnderstandyng, to thyncke thus: I haue brent one pece in the fyre: I haue baked bred with the coles there of, I haue rosted flesh with all, & eaten it: shall I now of the resydue make an abhomynacyon, & fall downe before a rotten pece of wodd?
20 The kepyng of dust, and folishnesse of herte hath turned them asyde: so that none of them can haue a fre conscience to thyncke maye not I erre?
21 Consydre this (O Iacob & Israel) for thou art my seruaunt. I haue made the, that thou mightest serue me. O Israel, forget me not.
22 As for thyne offences, I dryue them awaye lyke the cloudes, and thy synnes as the mist. Turne the agayne vnto me, and I wyl delyuer the.
23 Be glad ye heauens, whom the Lorde hath made, let al that is here beneth vpon e earth, be ioyfull. Reioyse ye mountaynes & woddes, with all the trees that are in you: for the Lord shall redeme Iacob, & shewe his glory vpon Israel.
24 For thus sayth the Lorde thy redemer euen he that fashioned the from thy mothers wombe: I am the Lorde, whiche do all thinges my selfe alone. I onlye haue spred oute the heauens and I only haue layde the foundacyon of the earth.
25 I destroye the tokens of witches, and make the Soth sayers go wronge. As for the wyse, I turne them backwarde, and make their connynge folyshnesse.
26 But I set vp the purpose of my seruauntes, and fulfill the councell of my messaungers. I saye to Ierusalem: turne agayne: And to the cyties of Iuda, be ye buylded agayne: and I repayre their decayed places.
27 I saye to the ground: be drie. And I drye vp thy water floudes.
28 I saye to Cyrus: thou art myne herd man: so that he shall fulfill all thinges after my will. I saye to Ierusalem: be thou buylded, & to the temple: be thou fast grounded.




1 Thus sayeth the Lorde vnto Cyrus his anoynted, whom he ledeth by the righthande: that the people maye fal downe before hym: I will lowse the gyrdle of kynges: that they shall open the gates before thy face, & not to shut their dores.
2 I wil go before the, & make the croked streyght I shall breake e brasen dores, & burst e yron barres.
3 I shall geue the the hyd treasure & the thinge which is secretly kepte: t thou maiest knowe that I the God of Israel haue called the by thy name:
4 & that for Iacob my seruauntes sake and for Israel my chosen. For I called the by thy name, & ordened the or euer thou knewest me:
5 Euen I the Lorde, before whom there is none other: for without me, tere is no God. I haue prepared the or euer thou knewest me
6 that it myght be knowne from the rysyng of the sunne to the goynge downe of the same, that all is nothing without me. For I am the Lord, & there is els none.
7 It is I that created the lyght and darcknes, I make peace & trouble yee euen I the Lorde do all these thinges.
8 The heauens aboue shall droppe downe, & the cloudes shall rayne ryghtuousnes. The earth shall open it self, & brynge forth health, & therby shall ryghtuousnes florishe. Euen I the Lorde shall brynge it to passe.
9 Wo be vnto hym that chydeth wyth hys maker, the potsherde with e potter: Sayeth the claye to the potter: What makest thou? or thy worcke serueth for nothynge?
10 Wo be vnto hym, t sayeth to his father: Why begettest thou? And to hys mother: why bearest thou?
11 Thus sayeth the Lorde, euen the holy one & maker of Israel: Aske me of thynges for to come, concernynge my sonnes: and put me in remembraunce, as touchyng the worckes of my handes:
12 I haue made the earth, & created man vpon it. Wyth myne handes haue I spred forth heauen, and geuen a commaundment for all the Host therof.
13 I shall wake hym vp with ryghtuousnesse, & ordre all hys wayes. He shall buylde my cytye, and lett out my prisoners: and that nether for gyft nor rewardes, sayeth the Lorde of Hostes.
14 The Lorde hath sayde moreouer: The occupiers of Egypte, the marchauntes of the Morians and Sabees, shall come vnto the with trybute, they shalbe thyne, they shall folowe the, & go with cheynes vpon their fete. They shall fall downe before the, and make supplicacyon vnto e. For God (without whom there is none other God) shall be with the.
15 O how profunde art thou O God, thou God & Sauioure of Israel?
16 Confounded be ye, and put to dishonour: go hence together with shame, all ye t be worckmaysters of erroure: (that is worshippers of Idols)
17 But Israell shalbe saued in the Lorde, which is the euerlastinge saluacion: They shall not come to shame ner confusyon, worlde without ende.
18 For thus sayeth the Lorde: euen he t created heauen, the God that made the earth, that fashioned it, & sett it forth: I haue not made it for naught, but I made it to be enhabited Euen I the Lorde, wythout whom there is none other.
19 I haue not spoken secretely, nether in darcke places of the earth. It is not for naught, that I sayde vnto the sede of Iacob: seke me. I am e Lord, which when I speake, declareth the thing that is ryghtuous & true.
20 Let them be gathered and come together, lett them drawe nye hyther, that are escaped of the people: Haue they eny vnderstandynge, that set vp the stockes of their Idols, & praie vnto a God, that cannot helpe them?
21 Lett men drawe nye, let them come hyther, & aske councell one at another, and shewe forth: What is he, that tolde this before? or who spake of it, euer sence the begynnynge? Haue not I the Lorde done it: wythout whom there is none other God? the true God and Sauioure, and there is els none but I?
22 And therfore turne you vnto me (all ye endes of e earth) so shall ye be saued, for I am God, and there is els none.
23 I sweare by my selfe, out of my mouth commeth the worde of ryghtuousnesse, and that maye no man turne: but all knees shall bowe vnto me, and all tunges shall sweare by me,
24 sayinge: Verelye in the Lorde is my ryghtuousnes and strength. To hym shall men come: but all they that thyncke scorne of hym, shalbe confounded.
25 And the whole sede of Israel shalbe iustyfyed, and praysed in the Lorde.




1 Neuertheles Bell shall fall, and Nabo shalbe broken: whose ymages are a burthen for the beastes and cattell, to ouerlade them, and to make them weery.
2 They shall syncke downe, and fall together: for they maye not ease them of their burthen, therfore muste they go in to captyuyte.
3 Herken vnto me, O house of Iacob, & all ye that remayne yet of the housholde of Israel: whom I haue borne from youre mothers wombe, & brought you vp from your birth, tyll ye weere growen:
4 I whych shall beare you vnto youre laste age: I haue made you, I wyll also noryshe you, beare you and saue you.
5 Whom wyll ye make me lyke, in fashion or ymage, that I maye be lyke him?
6 Ye fooles (no doute) wyll take out syluer & golde oute of youre purses, and weye it, and hyre a gold smith to make a God of it, t men maye knele downe & worshippe it.
7 Yet muste he be taken on mens shoulders & borne, & set in hys place that he maye stande and not moue. Alas that men shulde crye vnto hym, which geueth no answere: and delyuereth not the man that calleth vpon hym, from hys trouble.
8 Consydre this well, & be ashamed Go in to youre owne selues (O ye runnagates.)
9 Remembre the thynges which are past, sence the begynnyng of e worlde: that I am God, & that there is els no God, yee & that there is nothynge lyke vnto me.
10 In the beginning of a thynge, I shewe the ende therof: & I tell before, thynges that are not yet come to passe. With one worde is my deuyce accomplyshed, & fulfylleth all my pleasure.
11 I call a byrde out of the East, & all that I take in hande, out of farre countrees, as soone as I commaunde, I brynge it hether: as soone as I thyncke to deuyse a thynge, I do it.
12 Heare me, O ye t are of an hye stomack, but farre from ryghtuousnesse.
13 I shall brynge forth my ryghtuousnesse. It is not farre, and my health shall not traye longe awaye. I wyll laye health in Sion, and geue Israel my glorye.




1 Bvt as for the (O daughter thou virgin Babylon) Thou shalt syt in the dust thou shalt sit vpon the grounde, & not in a trone (O thou mayden of Chaldea.) Thou shalt no more be called tender and pleasaunt.
2 Thou shalt bringe forth the querne and grind meele, put downe thy stomacher make bare thy knees & shalt wade thorow e water ryuers.
3 Thy shame shalbe discouered, & thy preuyties shalbe sene. For I wyll auenge me of the, and no man shall lett me:
4 sayeth oure redemer, which is called the Lorde of Hostes the holy one of Israel.
5 Syt styll, holde thy tunge, & get the in to some darcke corner, O daughter Chaldea, for thou shalt nomore be called lady of kyngdomes.
6 I was so wroth with my people, t I punished myne enheritaunce, & gaue them into thy power. Neuertheles, thou shewedeste them no mercy, but euen the very aged men of them, didest thou oppresse ryght sore wyth thy yock,
7 & thou thoughtest thus. I shalbe lady for euer. And desyde all that, thou hast not regarded these thinges, nether cast, what shuld come after.
8 Heare now therfore, thou wylful, t syttest so carelesse, & speakest thus in thine herte: I am alone, & without me is there none I shall neuer be wydowe, ner desolate agayne.
9 And yet both these thinges shall come to the vpon one daye in e twyncklyng of an eye: Namely wyddowhead, & desolacyon. They shall mightely fall vpon the, for the multitude of thy witches, & for the greate heape of thy coniurers.
10 For thou hast comforted thy selfe in thy dysceitfulnes, and hast sayde: No man seyth me. Thyne owne wysdome & connyng hath disceueyd the. In that thou hast sayde: I am alone, and without me there is none.
11 Therfore shall trouble come vpon the, & thou shalt not knowe, from whence it shall aryse. Myschefe shal fall vpon the, which thou shalt not be able to put of. A sodane myserye shall come vpon the, or euer thou be a warre.
12 Now go to thy coniurers, and to the multitude of thy witches (whom thou haste bene acquainted withall from thy youthe) yf they maye helpe the, or strengthen the.
13 Thou haste hytherto had manye councels of them, so let the heauengasers & the beholders of starres come on now and delyuer the: yea & let them shewe, when these new thynges shal come vpon the.
14 Beholde, they shalbe lyke strawe, whiche yf it be kindled with fyre, no man may rydde it for the vehemence of the flame: And yet it geueth no synners to warme a man by, nor cleare fyre to sit by.
15 Euen so shall they be vnto the whome thou haste vsed and occupied from thy youthe. Euery one shall shewe the hys erroneous waye, yet shall none of them defende the.




1 Heare this, O thou house of Iacob: ye that are called by the name of Israel, and are come oute of one stocke with Iuda, whiche sweare by the name of the Lorde, & beare wytnesse by the God of Israell (but not with trueth & righte)
2 whiche are called fre men of the holye citie, as they that loke for comforte in the God of Israel, whose name is the Lorde of hostes.
3 The thinges that I shewed you euer sence the begynnynge: Haue I not broughte them to passe, immedyatly as they came out of my mouthe, & declared them? And they are come.
4 Howebeit I knewe that thou arte obstynate, & that thy neck hath an yron veyne, & that thy browe is of brasse.
5 Neuertheles I haue euer sence the beginning shewed the of thinges for to come, and declared them vnto the, or euer they came to passe: that thou shouldest not saye: myne Idoll hathe done it, my carued or caste ymage hath shewed it.
6 Heare and consyder all these thynges whether it was ye that prophecyed them: But as for me, I tolde the before at the beginning, new and secrete thinges that thou knewest not of.
7 And some done nowe not of olde tyme, whereof thou neuer heardest, before they were brought to passe, t thou canst not saye: I knewe of them.
8 Moreouer there be some whereof thou haste neyther hearde nor knowne, neyther haue they ben opened vnto thyne eares afore tyme. For I knew that thou woldest maliciously offende, therfor haue I called the a transgressoure, euen from thy mothers wombe.
9 Neuertheles for my names sake, I haue withdrawen my wrath, and for myne honours sake I haue ouersene the, so that I haue not roted the oute.
10 Beholde I haue pourged the, & not for moneye. I haue chosen the in the fyre of pouerte,
11 And that onely for myne owne sake, for I geue myne honoure to none other, t thou shuldest not despyse me.
12 Herken vnto me O Iacob, and Israel whom I haue called I am euen he that is, I am the fyrst & the last.
13 My hande is the foundacyon of the earthe, & my ryghte hande spanneth ouer the heauens. As sone as I called them they were there.
14 Gather you al together, and herken: Whiche of yonder goddes hath declared this, that the Lorde wyll do by the kyng of Babylon (whom he loueth & fauoureth) & by the Caldees hys arme?
15 I my self alone haue tolde you this before. Yea I shall call him and brynge him forth & geue him a prosperous iourneye.
16 Come nye and heare this, haue I spoken anye thynge darcklye sence the begynnynge? when a thing begynneth, I am there. Wherfore the Lorde God with his spryte hathe sent me,
17 And thus sayeth the Lord God thyne auenger, the holye one of Israell: I am the Lorde thy God, whiche teache the profitable thynges, & leade the the waye, t thou shuldest go.
18 Yf thou wilt now regarde my commaundement, thy welthynes shalbe as the water streame, and thy ryghteousnes as the waues flowynge in the sea.
19 Thy sede shalbe lyke as the sande in the sea, and the frute of thy body, lyke the grauel stones therof. Thy name shal not be roted oute, nor destroyed before me.
20 Ye shall go awaye from Babylon, and escape the Calders with a merye voyce. This shalbe spoken of, declared abroad, and go forth vnto the ende of the worlde, so that it shalbe sayde: The Lorde hathe defended hys seruaunte Iacob,
21 that they suffred no thurste, when they trauayled in the wyldernesse. He claue the rockes a sonder, and the water gusshed out.
22 As for the vngodlye, they haue no peace, sayeth the Lorde.




1 Ye Iles, herken vnto me, & take hede ye people from farre. The Lorde hath called me from my byrth, and made mencion of my name from my mothers womb:
2 he hath made my mouth like a sharp swerd vnder the shadowe of hys hande hath he defended me, & hyd me in hys quyuer, as a good arowe,
3 and sayde vnto me: Thou arte my seruaunt Israel, I wylbe honoured in the.
4 Then aunswered I: I shall lese my laboure, I shall spende my strength in vayne. Neuertheles, I wyll commytte my cause and my worcke vnto the Lorde my God.
5 And now sayth e Lord euen he that fashioned me from my mothers wombe to be his seruaunte, that I may bring Iacob agayne vnto him: howbe it, Israel wil not be gathered vnto hym agayne. In whose syght I am greate; whiche also is my Lorde my God and my strength.
6 Let it be but a smal thynge, that thou arte my seruaunte, to set vp the kynredes of Iacob, & to restore the destruccyon of Israel: yf I make the not also the light of the Gentiles. that thou mayest be my helthe vnto the ende of the worlde.
7 Moreouer thus sayth the Lorde the auenger and holye one of Israel, because of the abhorrynge and despysynge amonge the Gentyles, concernynge the seruaunte of all them that beare rule: Kynges and prynces shall se, and aryse and worshyppe, because of the Lord that he is faythfull: and because of the holye one of Israell, which hath chosen the.
8 And thus sayth the Lorde: In the tyme apointed wyll I be present with the. And in the houre of healthe wyll I helpe the, and delyuer the. I wyll make the a pledge for the people, so that thou shalte helpe vp the earthe agayne, and chalenge agayne the scatred herytages:
9 That thou mayest saye to the presonners: go forth, & to them that are in darknesse: come into the lyght, that they may fede in the hye wayes, and get theyr lyuynge in all places.
10 There shall neyther hunger nor thurste, heate nor sunne hurte them. For he that fauoureth them, shall leade them, and geue them drincke of the sprynge welles.
11 I wyll make wayes vpon all my mountaynes, & my fote pathes shalbe exalted.
12 And beholde, they shall come from farre: lo, some from the north and weste, some from the south.
13 Reioyse ye heauens, and synge prayses thou earthe: Talke of ioye ye hylles, for God wyll comforte hys people, and haue mercye vpon hys, that be in trouble.
14 Then shal Syon saye: God hath forsaken me, and the Lorde hath forgotten me.
15 Doth a wyfe forget the chylde of her wombe, & the sonne whom she hath borne? And though she do forget, yet wyll not I forget the.
16 Beholde, I haue written the vp vpon my handes, thy walles are euer in my syght.
17 They that haue broken the doune, shall make haste to build the vp agayne: and they that made the waste, shall dwell in the.
18 Lyft vp thyne eyes, & loke aboute the: all these shall gather them together, and come to the. As truly as I lyue (saith the Lorde) thou shalte put them all vpon the, as an apparell, and gyrde them to the, as a bryde doth her Iewels.
19 As for thy lande that lyeth desolate, wasted & destroyed: it shalbe to narowe for them, that shall dwell in it. And they that wolde deuoure the, shalbe farre awaye.
20 Then the childe whom the baren shal bringe forth vnto the, shall saye in thyne eare: thys place is to narowe, syt nye together, that I maye haue roume.
21 Then shalt thou thincke by thy self: Who hath begotten me these: seing I am baren & alone, a captyue & an oute cast? And who hath noryshed them vp for me? I am desolate and alone, but from whence come these?
22 And therfore thus sayth the Lorde God. Beholde, I wyll stretch out myne hand to the Gentyles, and set vp my token to the people, They shal bryng the thy sonnes in theyr lappes, and carye thy doughters vnto the vpon theyr shoulders.
23 For kynges shalbe thy noursynge fathers, and Quenes shalbe thy noursynge mothers. They shall fall before the wt theyr faces flat vpon the earth, and lycke vp the duste of thy fete: that thou mayest knowe, how that I am the Lord. And wo so putteth his trust in me, shal not be confounded.
24 Who spoyleth the gyaunte of hys praye? or who taketh the presoner from the mightye?
25 And therefore thus sayeth the Lorde: The prysoners shalbe taken from the gyaunte, & the spoyle delyuered from the vyoleute: for I wil maintayne thy cause agaynste thyne aduersaryes, and saue thy sonnes.
26 And wyl fede thyne enemyes with their owne fleshe, and make them dryncke of theyr owne bloude, as of swete wyne. And all fleshe shall knowe (O Iacob) that I am the Lorde thy Sauyoure & stronge auenger.




1 Thus sayeth the Lorde: Where is the byll of your mothers deuorcement, that I sente vnto her or who is the vsurer, to whome I solde you? Beholde, for youre owne offences are ye solde: & because of youre transgression, is youre mother forsaken.
2 For why wolde no man receyue me, when I came and when I called, no man gaue me aunswere. Was my hande clene smyten of, that it might not helpe? or had I not power to delyuer? lo, at a worde I drincke vp the sea, and of water floudes I make drye lande: so that for want of water, the fysh corruppe and dye of thurst.
3 As for heauen, I clothe it wyth darcknesse, & put a sack vpon it.
4 The Lorde God hath geuen me a wel learned tunge, so that I can comforte them whiche are troubled, yea & that in due ceason. He waked myne eare vp by tymes in the mornynge (as the scolemasters do) that I myght herken.
5 The Lord God hath opened myne eare, therfore can I not saye naye, nor withdrawe my selfe,
6 but I offre my backe vnto the smyters, & my chekes to the uyppers. I turne not my face from shame & spyttynge,
7 for the Lorde God helpeth me, therfore shall I not be confounded. I haue hardened my face like a flynt stone, for I am sure, that I shall not come to confusyon.
8 Myne aduocate speaketh for me, who wyl then go with me to law? Let vs stand one agaynste another: yf there be any t wyll reason with me, let him come here forth to me.
9 Beholde the Lord God standeth by me, what is he that can condempne me? lo, they shalbe all lyke as an olde clothe, whiche the mothes shall eate vp.
10 Therfore who so feareth the Lorde among you let hym heare the voyce of hys seruaunt, Who so walketh in darcknesse, and no lyghte shyneth vpon hym, let hym hope in the Lord, and holde hym by his God.
11 But take hede ye haue all kyndled a fyre, and gyrded youre selues with the flamme: Ye walcke in the glysteryng of youre owne fyre, and in the flamme that ye haue kyndled. This cometh vnto you from my hande, namely that ye shall slepe in sorowe.




1 Herken vnto me, ye that hold of ryghtuousnes, ye that seke the Lord. Take hede vnto the stone whereout ye are hewen, and to the graue whereoute ye are digged.
2 Consydre Abraham youre father, & Sara that bare you: how that I called him alone prospered hym well, & encreased him:
3 how the Lorde comforted Syon, and repayred all her decaye: makynge her deserte as a Paradyse, & her wyldernesse as the garden of the Lorde. Myrth and ioye was there, thanckesgeuynge and the voyce of prayse.
4 Haue respecte vnto me then, O my people, and laye thyne eare to me: for a lawe and an ordynaunce shall go forth from me, to lyghten the Gentyles.
5 It is harde by, that my health & my ryghteousnesse shall go forthe, and the people shalbe ordered wyth myne arme. The Ilandes (that is the Gentyles) shall hope in me, & put theyr truste in myne arme.
6 Lyfte vp youre eyes towarde heauen, & loke vpon the earthe beneth. For the heauens shall vanyshe awaye lyke smoke, & the earthe shall teare lyke a clothe, & they that dwell therein, shall peryshe in lyke maner. But my healthe endureth for euer, & my ryghtuousnes shall not cease.
7 Therfore herken vnto me, ye that haue pleasure in rightuousnes, thou people that bearest my lawe in thyne herte. Feare not the curse of men, be not afrayde of theyr blasphemies & reuylynges:
8 for wormes and mothes shal eate them vp lyke cloth and wol. But my ryghtuousnesse shall endure for euer, & my sauinge health from generacion to generacyon,
9 Wake vp, wake vp, and be strong: O thou arme of the Lorde: wake vp, lyke as in tymes paste, euer and sence the worlde beganne.
10 Arte not thou he, that haste wounded that proude lucyfer, & hewen the dragon in peces? Arte not thou euen he, whiche haste dryed vp the depe of the sea, whiche haste made playne the sea grounde, that the delyuered myght go thorow?
11 That the redemed of the Lord, which turned agayne, myghte come wyth ioye vnto Syon, there to endure for euer? That myrthe and gladnesse might be with them, that sorow & wo myght fle from them?
12 Yea I, I am euen he, that in all thynges geueth you consolacion. What arte thou then, that fearest a mortal man, the chylde of man, whiche goeth awaye as doeth the floure?
13 And forgettest the Lord that made the, that spred oute the heauens, & layde the foundacyon of the earthe. But thou arte euer afrayde for the syght of thyne oppressour whiche is ready to do harme: Where is the wrath of the oppressoure?
14 It commeth on fast it maketh haste to apeare: It shall not perysh, that it shulde not be able to destroye, neyther shall it fayle for faute of noryshyng.
15 I am the Lorde thy God, that make the sea to be styl, & to rage: whose name is the Lorde of Hostes.
16 I shall put my worde also in thy mouth, & defende the with the turninge of my hande: that thou mayest plante the heauens, and laye the foundacyns of the earth, and saye vnto Sion: thou arte my people.
17 Awake, awake, and stande vp, O Ierusalem, thou that from the hande of the Lorde, hast droncken oute the cuppe of hys wrath, thou that hast supped of, and sucked oute the slombrynge cuppe to the bottome.
18 For amonge all the sonnes whome thou haste begotten, there is not one that maye holde the vp: and not one to leade the by the hande, of al the sonnes that thou hast noryshed.
19 Both these thynges are happened vnto the, but who is sorye for it: Yea, destruccyon, wastynge, hunger, & swerde: but who hath conforted the?
20 Thy sonnes lye comfortles at the heade of euery strete lyke a taken venyson, and are full of the terryble wrath of the Lorde, & punyshmente of thy God.
21 And therfore thou myserable & droncken (howbe it not with wyne) Heare this:
22 Thus sayth thy Lorde, thy Lorde & God, the defender of his people: Beholde, I wyll take the slombrynge cuppe oute of thy hande, euen e cuppe with the dregges of my wrathe: that from hence forthe thou shalt neuer drincke it more,
23 & wyll put it in theyr hande that trouble the: whiche haue spoken to thy soule: stoupe doune, that we maye go ouer the: make thy body eauen with the grounde, and as the strete to go vpon.




1 Vp Syon vp, take thy strengthe vnto the: put on thyne honeste rayment O Ierusalem, thou citie of the holye one. For from thys tyme forthe, there shall no vncyrcumcysed nor vncleane person come in the.
2 Shake the from the dust, aryse and stand vp, O Ierusalem. Plucke oute thy necke from the bonde. O thou captyue doughter Syon.
3 For thus sayth the Lord: ye are solde for naughte, therfor shal ye be redemed also without anye moneye.
4 For thus hath the Lorde sayde: My people wente doune afore tyme into Egypte, there to be straungers. Afterwarde dyd the kynge of the Assyryans oppresse them, for naughte.
5 And nowe what profyt is it to me (sayeth the Lorde) that my people is frely caryed awaye, & brought into heuynes by theyr rulers, and my name euer styll blasphemed? saith the Lorde.
6 But that my people maye knowe my name, I my selfe will speache in that daye. Beholde, here am I.
7 O howe bewtyfull are the fete of the Embassytoure, that bryngeth the message from the mountaine, and proclameth peace, that bringeth the good tydynges, and preacheth health, and sayeth vnto Syon. Thy God is the kynge.
8 Thy watchemen shall lyft vp theyr voyce with loude voyce shall they preache of him: for they shall se him presente, when the Lorde shall come agayne to Syon.
9 Be glad, O thou desolate Ierusalem, and reioyce together, for the Lorde wyll comforte hys people, he wyll delyuer Ierusalem.
10 The Lorde wyl make bare hys holye arme, and shewe it forthe in the sight of al the Gentyls, & all the endes of the earthe shall se the sauing healthe of oure God.
11 Awaye, awaye, get you oute from thence, and touche no vnclean thing. Go oute from amonge suche. And be cleane, ye that beare the vessell of the Lorde.
12 But ye shall not go oute with sedicion, nor make hast as they that fle awaye: for the Lord shall go before you, and the God of Israel shal kepe the watche.
13 Beholde, my seruaunt shall deale wysely, therfore shall he be magnyfyed, exalted and greatly honoured.
14 Lyke as the multitude shal wondre vpon hym, because his face shalbe so deformed & not as a mans face, & hys bewtye lyke no man:
15 Euen so shall the multitude of e Gentyles loke vnto hym, & the kinges shall shut theyr mouthes before hym. For they that haue not bene tolde of hym, shall se hym, and they that hearde nothynge of hym, shall beholde hym.




1 Bvt who geueth credence vnto oure preachynge? Or to whome is the arme of the Lorde knowne?
2 He shall growe before the Lorde lyke as a braunche, and as a rote in a drye grounde, he shall haue neither bewtye nor fauoure. When we loke vpon him there shalbe no fayrenesse: we shall haue no lust vnto him
3 He shalbe the most simple, and despysed of all, which yet hath good experience of sorowes & infyrmyties. We shall reken him so symple and so vyle, that we shall hyde our faces from hym.
4 Howbeit (of a trueth) he only taketh awaye oure infyrmyte, and beareth our payne: Yet we shal iudge him, as though he were plaged & caste doune of God:
5 where as he (notwithstanding) shal be wounded for oure offences, & smytten for oure wickednes. For the payne of oure punyshmente shalbe sayde vpon hym, and with hys strypes shall we be healed.
6 As for vs, we go all astraye (lyke shepe) euery one turneth hys owne waye. But thorow hym, the Lorde pardoneth all oure synnes.
7 He shall be payned & troubled, and shal not open his mouth. He shalbe led as a shepe to be slayne, yet shall he be as styll as a lambe before the shearer, and not open hys mouthe.
8 He shall be had awaye, hys cause not hearde, & wythout any iudgement: Whose generacion yet no man maye nombre, when he shalbe cut of from the grounde of the lyuyng: Which punishment shall go vpon him, for the transgression of my people.
9 His graue shalbe geuen hym with the condempned, & hys crucyfyenge with the theues. Where as he dyd neuer vyolente nor vuryght, neyther had there bene any disceytfulnesse in hys month.
10 Yet hath it pleased the Lorde to smyte him with infirmite, that when he had made hys soule an offerynge for synne, he myght se longe lasting sede. And this deuyce of the Lord shall prospere in hys hande.
11 Wyth trauayle and laboure of hys soule, shall he obtayne great ryches. My ryghtuous seruaunte shall wyth hys wysdome iustifye & delyuer the multitude, for he shal beare away theyr synnes,
12 Therfore wyll I geue him the multytude for hys parte, and he shall deuyde the stronge spoyle because he shall geue ouer hys soule to death, & shalbe rekened amonge the transgressours, which neuertheles shall take away the sinnes of the multytude, and make intercessyon for the mysdoers.




1 Therfore be glad nowe, thou baren that bearest not. Reioyce, singe, and be mery, thou that arte not with chyld. For the desolate hath mo children, then the maried wife sayeth the Lorde.
2 Make thy tente wyder, and sprede out the hanginges of thyne habytacion: spare not, laye forth thy coardes, and make faste thy stakes,
3 for thou shalt breake oute on the ryght syde and on the left, & thy sede shall haue the Gentyles in possessyon, & dwell in e desolate cities.
4 Feare not, for thou shalte not be confounded: Be not ashamed, for thou shalt not come to confusyon. Yea thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remembre the dyshonoure of thy wedowheade.
5 For he that made the, shalbe thy Lorde & husband (whose name is the Lorde of hostes) & thyne auenger shalbe euen the holy one of Israel, e Lorde of the whole worlde.
6 For the Lord shal call the, beynge as a desolate sorowful woman and as a younge wyfe that hath broken her wedlocke: sayeth thy God.
7 A lytle whyle haue I forsaken the, but with greate mercyfulnes shall I take the vp vnto me.
8 When I was angry, I hyde my face from the for a lytle season, but thorowe euerlasting goodnes shall I pardon the, sayeth the Lorde thyne auenger.
9 And this must be vnto me as the water of Noe: for as lyke I haue sworne that I wyll not brynge the water of Noe any more vpon the worlde: so haue I sworne that I wil neuer be angrye with the, nor reproue the:
10 The mountaynes shal remoue and the hylles shal fal doune: but my louing kindnesse shall not moue, & the bonde of my peace shal not fal doune from the, saith e lord thy mercifull louer.
11 Beholde thou pore, vexed and despysed: I will make thy walles of precious stones, & thy foundacyon of Saphires,
12 thy wyndowes of Christal, thy gates of fyne cleare stone, and thy borders of pleasaunt stones.
13 Thy children shall all be taught of god & I wyll geue them plenteousnes of peace.
14 In rightuousnes shalt thou be grounded, and be farre from oppressyon: for the whiche thou nedeste not be afrayed, nether for hynderaunce for it shall not come nye the.
15 Beholde, the aleaunt that was farre from the, shal dwel with the: & he that was sometyme a straunger vnto the. shalbe ioyned with the:
16 Beholde, I make the smyth that bloweth the coales in the fyre, & he maketh a weapen after hys handy worck. I make also the waster to destroye:
17 but al the weapens that are made agaynste the, shal not prospere. And as for all tunges, that shall resiste the in iudgement, thou shalte ouercome them, and condempne them. This is the herytage of the Lordes seruauntes, and the ryghtuousnes that they shal haue of me, sayeth the Lorde.




1 Come to the waters all ye, t be thurstye, & ye that haue no money. Come, bye, t ye maye haue to eate. Come bye wine & mylcke, without any money or money worth.
2 Wherfore do ye laye oute youre moneye, for the thing that fedeth not, and spende youre laboure aboute the thynge that satisfyed you not. But herken rather vnto me, & ye shall eate of the beste, & youre soule shall haue her pleasure in plentuousnes.
3 Encline youre eares, & come vnto me, take hede, & your soule shall lyue. For I wyll make an euerlastynge couenaunt wyth you, euen the sure mercyes of Dauid.
4 Beholde, I shall geue him for a wytnesse amonge the folke, for a Prynce and Captaine vnto the people.
5 Lo, thou shalte call an vnknowne people: & a people that had no knowledge of the, shall runne vnto the: because of the Lorde thy God, the holye one of Israell, which glorifieth the.
6 Seke the Lorde, whyle he maye be founde, & call vpon hym whyle he is nye.
7 Let the vngodly man forsake his wayes & the vnrighteous his ymaginacions, & turne agayne vnto the Lorde: so shall he be mercyfull vnto him: & to oure God, for he is redy to forgeue.
8 For thus saith the Lorde: my thoughtes are not youre thoughtes, & youre wayes are not my wayes,
9 but as farre as the heauens are hyer then the earth, so farre do my wayes exceade yours, and my thoughtes yours.
10 And lyke as the rayne & snowe commeth doune from heauen, & returneth not thyther agayne, but watereth the earthe, maketh it frutefull and grene, that it maye geue corne and breade vnto the sower:
11 So the worde also that commeth oute of my mouthe shall not turne agayne voyde vnto me, but shall accomplysh my wil & prospere in the thinge, whereto I sende it.
12 And so shall ye go forth with ioye, & be led with peace. The mountaynes & hilles shal sing with you for ioye, and all the trees of the feld shall clappe theyr handes.
13 For thornes, there shall growe. Fyrre trees, & the Myrre tre in the steade of breres. And thys shall be done to the prayse of the Lorde, and for an euerlasting token, that shall not be taken awaye.




1 Thus sayth the Lord Kepe equite, and do ryght, for my sauing health shal come shortly, & my righteousnes shalbe opened.
2 Blessed is the man that doth this & the mans chylde which kepeth the same. He that taketh hede, that he vnhalow not e Sabboth (that is) he that kepeth him self that he do no euyll.
3 Then shall not the straunger, which cleaueth to the Lorde, saye: Alas the Lorde hath shut me cleane oute from his people. Nether shall the gelded man say: lo, I am a drye tre.
4 For thus sayth the Lorde, fyrste vnto the gelded that kepeth my Sabboth: Namelye: t holdeth greately of the thynge that pleaseth me, and kepeth my couenaunte:
5 Vnto them wyll I geue in my housholde and within my walles, a better herytage and name then yf they had bene called sonnes and doughters I wyll geue them an euerlastynge name, that shall not peryshe.
6 Agayne, he sayeth vnto the straungers that are dysposed to stycke to the Lorde, to serue hym, and to loue hys name: That they shalbe no bonde men. And all they whiche kepe them selues, that they vnhalowe not the Sabboth, namely that they fulfil my couenaunt.
7 Then wyll I brynge to my holye mountayne, and make them ioyfull in my house of prayer. Their burnt offeringes & sacryfyces shalbe accepted vpon mine aulter, for my house shalbe an house of prayer for all people.
8 Thus sayeth the Lorde God whiche gathered together the scatred of Israel: I wil bring yet another congregacion to him.
9 Al the beastes of the felde, and al the beastes of e wood shal come to deuoure hym.
10 For hys watch men are al blind, they haue altogether no vnderstandyng, they are al domme dogges, not beyng able to barcke, they are slepery: slogish are they, & lye snortynge:
11 they are shamelesse dogges, that be neuer satisfyed. The sheperdes also in lyke maner haue no vnderstanding but euery man turneth his owne way, euery one after his owne couetousnes with all hys power.
12 Come (saye they) I wil fetche wyne, so shall we fyll oure selues, that we maye be droncken. And to morowe, lyke as to daye, yea and much more.




1 Bvt in the meane season the righteous perysheth, and no man regardeth it in his herte. Good godly people are taken awaye, and noman consydreth it. Namely: that the righteous is conuayed awaye thorowe the wicked,
2 that he him selfe myght be in reste, lye quietly vpon his bed, & lyue after his owne pleasure.
3 Come hyther therfore ye charmers children, ye sonnes of the aduoutrer & the whore:
4 Wherin take ye your pleasure? Vpon whom gape ye with your mouth and bleare out your tonge? Are ye not children of aduoutry, and a sede of dissimulacion?
5 Ye take youre pleasure vnder the okes, and vnder all grene trees, the childe beyng slayne in the valleys, and dennes of stone.
6 Thy part shalbe with the stony rockes by e ryuer. Yea euen these shalbe thy part. For there thou hast poured meat and drinckeofferinges vnto them. Shoulde I ouerse that?
7 Thou hast made thy bed vpon hye mountaynes, thou wentest vp thither, and there hast thou slayne sacryfyces.
8 Behinde the dores and postes, hast thou set vp thy remembraunce. When thou haddest discouered thy selfe to another then me, when thou wentest doune & made thy bed wyder (that is) when thou diddest carue the certayne of yonder Idols, & louedest their couches, where thou sawest them.
9 Thou wentest streyght to kinges with oyle & diuerse oyntmentes (that is) thou hast sente thy messaungers farre of, and yet arte thou fallen into the pyt therby.
10 Thou hast had trouble for e multitude of thine owne waies, yet saydest thou neuer: I will leaue of. Thou thynkest to haue lyfe (or health) of thy selfe, & therfore thou beleuest not that thou art syck.
11 For when wilt thou be abashed or fear seinge: thou hast broken thy promise, and remembrest not me, neyther hast me in thyne herte? Thinkest thou, that I also will holde my peace (as a fore tyme) that thou fearest me not?
12 Yea verely I wil declare thy goodnes and thy workes, but they shal not profyt that
13 when thou criest, let thy chosen heape deliuer the. But e winde shall take them al away, & cary them into the ayre. Neuertheles, they that put there trust in me, shal inheret the lande, and haue my holy hill in possession.
14 And therfore thus he sayeth: Make ready, make ready, & clense the strete, take vp what ye can oute of the waye that ledeth to my people.
15 For thus sayeth the hye and excellent, euen he that dwelleth in euerlastingnesse, whose name is the holy one. I dwell hye aboue & in the sanctuary, and with him also, that is of a contrite & humble spirite: that I maye heale a troubled mind, & a contrite hert.
16 For I chide not euer, & am not wroth without ende. But e blastinge goeth from me, though I make the breath.
17 I am wroth with him for his couetousnes and lust, I smyte him, I hyd me, and am angry, when he turneth him selfe, & foloweth the by the waye of his owne herte.
18 But yf I may se his right way againe, I make hym whole, I lede him and restore him vnto them, whome he maketh ioyfull, and that were sorye for him.
19 I make the frutes of thankesgeuynge. I geue peace vnto them that are farre of, and to them that are nye. saye I the Lord, that make hym whole.
20 But the wycked are lyke the raryng sea, that can not reste, whose water fometh with the myre and grauel.
21 Euen so the wycked haue no peace, saieth my God.




1 And therfore crye now, as loude as thou canst. Leaue not of, lyft vp thy voyce like a trompet, and shewe my people their offences, and the house of Iacob their synnes.
2 For they seke me daylye and wyll knowe my waies, euen as it were a people that did right & had not forsaken the statutes of their God. They argue with me concerninge right iudgement, and wil pleate at the lawe with their God.
3 Wherfore fast we (saye they) and thou seist it not? we put oure lyues to straytnesse, & thou regardest it not?
4 Beholde, when ye fast, your lust remayneth still: for ye do no lesse vyolence to youre detters: lo, ye falle to stryfe and debate, and to smite hym wyth youre fyst that speaketh vnto you. Ye fast not (as som tyme) that your voyce might be hearde aboue.
5 Thyncke ye this fast pleaseth me, that a man shoulde chasten him self for a daye, and to writhe his head aboute lyke an hoke in an hearry cloth, and to lye vpon the earth? Shoulde that be called fasting, or a daye that pleaseth the Lord.
6 But this fastyng pleaseth not me, til the tyme be thou louse him out of bondage, that is in thy daunger: that thou breake the ooth of wicked barginnes, that thou let the oppressed go fre and take from them all maner of burthens.
7 It pleaseth not me, tyll thou deale thy breade to the hungry, and brynge the poore fatherlesse home into thy house, when thou seyste the naked that thou couer him, and hyde not thy face from thyne owne fleshe.
8 Then shall thy lighte breake forthe as the morninge, and thy healthe floryshe ryghte shortlie: thy righteousnesse shall go before the, and the glorye of the Lorde shall embrace the.
9 Then yf thou callest, the Lorde shall answere the: yf thou cryest, he shall saye: here I am. Yea, yf thou layest awaie thy burthens, and holdest thy fingers, and ceasest from blasphemous talkinge,
10 yf thou hast compassyon vpon the hongrye, and refresshest the troubled soule: Then shall thy light sprynge oute in the darcknesse, and thy darckenesse shalbe as the noone day.
11 The Lord shal euer be thy gyde, and satisfye the desire of thyne herte, and fyl thy bones with marye. Thou shalt be like a freshwatred garden, and lyke the founteyne of water, that neuer leaueth running.
12 Then the places that haue euer bene waste, shalbe buylded of the: there shalt thou lay a foundacion for many kinredes: thou shalt be called the maker vp of hedges, and the buylder againe of the waye of the Sabboth.
13 Yea yf thou turne thy fete from the Sabboth, so that thou do not the thynge whyche pleaseth thy selfe in my holy daye: then shalte thou be called vnto the pleasaunt, holy, & gloryous Sabboth of the Lorde, where thou shalt be in honoure: so that thou do not after thyne owne ymaginacion, neyther seke thine owne wyll, nor speake thyne owne wordes.
14 Then shalt thou haue thy pleasure in the lord whyche shal carye the hye aboue the earthe, & fede the wt the heretage of Iacob thy father for the lordes owne mouthe hath so promised.




1 Beholde, the Lordes hand is not so shortened, that it can not helpe, neyther is his care so stopped, that it maye not heare.
2 But youre misdedes haue separated you from youre God, and youre synnes hyde his face from you, that he heareth you not.
3 For your handes are defiled with bloud and youre fyngers with vnryghteousnesse. Youre lippes speake lesinges, and your tong setteth oute wickednes.
4 Noman regardeth righteousnes, and noman iudged truely. Euery man hopeth in vayne thinges, and ymagyneth disceyte, conceyueth werynesse, and bringeth forth euyl.
5 They brede cockatrice egges, and weue the spyders webbe Who so eateth of their egges, dyeth. But yf one treade vpon them, there commeth vp a serpent.
6 Their webbe maketh no clothe and they maye not couer them with their laboures. Their dedes are the dedes of wickednes, and the worck of robbery is in their handes:
7 Their fete runne to euyll, & they make haste to shed innocent bloude. Their councels are wycked councel, harme and destruccion are in their wayes.
8 But the way of peace they know not. In their goinge is no equite, their wayes are so crocked, that whosoeuer goeth therin, knoweth nothinge of peace.
9 And this is the cause that equyte is so far from vs, and that ryghteousnes commeth not nye vs. We loke for light, lo, it is darcknesse: for the morninge shine, se we walke in the darcke.
10 We grope like the blinde vpon the wal, we grope euen as one t hath none eyes. We stomble at the none daye, as thoughe it were toward night, in the fallynge places, lyke men that are halfe deade.
11 We roare all lyke Beeres, and mourne still like doues. We loke for equyte, but there is none: for health, but it is farre from vs.
12 For oure offences are many before the, and oure sinnes testifie against vs. Yea we must confesse t we offende, and knowledge that we do amysse:
13 Namely transgresse and dissemble agaynst the Lorde, and fall awaye from oure God: vsinge presumptuous and trayterous ymaginacions, and castynge false matters in oure hertes.
14 And therfore is equyte gone a syde, & ryghteousnes standeth farre of: truthe is fallen doune in the strete, and the thinge that is playne and open, maye not be shewed.
15 Yea, the truth is layde in preson, and he that refraineth him selfe from euyl, must be spoyled. When the Lorde sawe this, it dyspleased him sore, that there was no where any equite.
16 He sawe also, that there was noman, whiche had pitie thereof, or was greued at it. And he helde him by hys owne power, and cleued to his owne ryghteousnes.
17 He put ryghteousnes vpon him for a brest plate, and set the helmet of health vpon his heade. He put on wrath steade of clothinge, and toke gelousye aboute hym for a cloke
18 (lyke as when a man goeth forth wrothfully to recompence his enemies, and to be auenged of his aduersaryes.) Namely that he might recompence and rewarde the Ilandes,
19 where thorowe the name of the Lorde might be feared, from the rysynge of the Sunne: and his magesty, vnto the goinge doune of the same. For he shall come as a vyolente waterstreame, whyche the winde of the Lorde hath moued.
20 But vnto Sion there shall come a redemer, and vnto them is Iacob that turne from wyckednesse, sayeth the Lorde.
21 I wyll make this couenaunt with them (sayeth the Lorde): My spirite that is come vpon the, and the wordes whyche I haue put in thy mouthe, shall neuer go out of thy mouthe, nor oute of the mouth of thy childers chyldren, from this tyme forth for euermore.




1 And therfore get the vp by tymes, for thy lyght cometh, and the glory of the Lorde shall ryse vp vpon the.
2 For lo, whyle the darcknesse and cloude couered the earth and the people, the Lorde shal shew the lyght, and hys glorye shalbe sene in the.
3 The Gentyles shal come to thy light, & kynges to the brightnes that springeth forth vpon the.
4 Lyft vp thyne eyes, & loke round aboute the: All these gather them selues, and come to the. Sonnes shal come vnto the from farre, and doughters shal gather them selues to the on euery syde.
5 When thou seyst this, thou shalt maruel exceadingly, and thine hert shal be opened: when the power of the sea shalbe conuerted vnto the (that is) when the strength of the Gentiles shall come vnto the.
6 The multitude of Camels shall couer the, the dromedaries of Madian and Epha. Al they of Saba shal come, bringinge golde and incense, and shewinge the prayse of the Lorde.
7 All the catel of Cedar shalbe gathered vnto the, the rammes of Nabaioth shall serue the, to be offred vpon myne aulter, whiche I haue chosen, and in the house of my glory, whiche I haue garnyshed.
8 But what are these that fle here like the cloudes, and as the doues flyenge to their wyndowes?
9 The Iles also shall gather them vnto me, and specially the shippes of the sea: that they maye bringe the sonnes from farre, and their syluer and their goulde with them, vnto the name of the Lorde thy God, vnto the holye one of Israel, that hath glorifyed the.
10 Straungers shall buylde vp thy walles, and their kinges shall do thy seruice. For when I am angrie, I smyte the: & when it pleaseth me, I pardon the.
11 The gates shall stande open still both daye and night, and neuer be shut: that the hoste of the Gentiles may come, and that their kinges may be brought vnto the.
12 For euery poeple & kingedom that serueth not the, shal perysh, and be destroyed with the swerd.
13 The glorye of Libanus shall come vnto the. The Fyrre trees, Boxes and Cedres together, to garnish the place of my Sanctuarye, for I will glorifie the place of my fete.
14 Moreouer those shall come knelinge vnto the, that haue vexed the: and al they that despised the, shal fall doune at thy fote. Thou shalt be called the citie of the Lorde, the holye Sion of Israel.
15 Because thou hast bene forsaken and hated, so that noman went thorowe the: I wyl make the glorious for euer and euer, and ioyfull thorowe oute all posterities.
16 Thou shalt sucke the mylcke of the Gentiles, and kinges brestes shal fede the. And thou shalt knowe that I the Lorde am thy Sauyoure and defender, the mightie one of Iacob.
17 For brasse, will I geue the golde, and for yron siluer: for wood brasse, & for stones yron. I will make peace thy ruler, and ryghteousnes thyne officer.
18 Violence and robbery shall neuer be heard of in thy land, neither harme and destruccyon within thy borders. The walles shalbe calleth healthe, and thy gate the prayse of God.
19 The Sunne shall neuer be thy day lyght, and the light of the Mone shal neuer shyne vnto the, but the Lorde hym selfe shalbe thyne euerlasting lyght, and thy God shalbe thy glory.
20 Thy Sunne shall neuer go doune, & thy Mone shal not be taken awaye, for the Lorde him selfe shalbe thy euerlastynge light, & thy sorowfull dayes shalbe rewarded the.
21 Thy people shalbe all godly, and possesse the land for euer: the floure of my plantinge, e worcke of my handes, whereof I wyll reioyce.
22 The youngest and leest shall growe into a thousande, and the symplest into a strong people. I the Lorde shall shortly bringe this thinge to passe in hys tyme.




1 The spirite of the Lorde God is with me, for the Lorde hath annointed me, & sent me, to preache good tydinges vnto the poore, that I myght binde vp the wounded hertes, that I myght preach delyueraunce to the captyue, and open the preson to them that are bounde:
2 that I myght declare the acceptable yeare of the Lorde, and the daye of the vengeaunce of oure God: that I myghte comforte al them that are in heauynesse,
3 that I might geue vnto them that mourne in Sion bewtye in the steade of ashes, ioyful oyntment for syghing, pleasaunt rayment for an heauy mynde: That they might be called excellente in ryghteousnesse, a plantinge of the Lord for hym to reioyce in.
4 They shal builde the longe roughe wyldernes, and set vp the olde deserte, They shal repayre the waste places, & such as haue bene voyde thorow out many generacions.
5 Straungers shall stande and fede your catel, and the Aleauntes shalbe your ploumen and repers.
6 But ye shalbe named the priestes of the lord, & men shall call you the seruauntes of oure God. Ye shall enioye the goodes of the Gentiles and triumphe in their substaunce.
7 For your greate reprofe & shame, shall they haue ioy t ye may haue parte with them. For they shall haue double possession in their lande, & euerlastinge ioy shalbe with them.
8 For I the Lorde, whiche loue right and hate robberye (though it were offred me) shal make their worckes of faithfulnes, and make an euerlastinge couenaunt with them.
9 Their sede also and their generacion shalbe knowne amonge the Gentiles, and amonge the people. All they that se them, shal knowe that they are the hye blessed sede of the Lord.
10 And therfore I am ioyful in the Lorde, and my soule reioyseth in my God. For he shall put vpon me the garment of health, & couer me with the mantle of righteousnes. He shal decke me lyke a brydegrom, and as a bryde t hath her apparell vpon her.
11 For lyke as the ground bringeth forth frute, & as the garden shuteth forth sede. So shall the Lorde God cause ryghteousnesses, and the feare of God to floryshe forthe before all the Heathen.




1 For Syons sake therfore wyll I not holde my tonge, and for Ierusalems sake I wil not ceasses vntil their righteousnesses breake forth as the shininge lyghte, & their health as a burninge lampe.
2 Then shal the Gentiles se thy ryghteousnesses and all kinges thy glorye. Thou shalt be named wyth a newe name, whyche the mouthe of the Lorde shal shewe.
3 Thou shalt be a croune in the hande of the Lorde, and a glorious garlande in the hande of thy God.
4 From this tyme forthe thou shalt neuer be called e forsaken, & thy land shal no more be called the wildernesse. But thou shalt be called Hephribah, & thy lande Beula: for the Lorde loueth the, and thy land shalbe inhabyted.
5 And lyke as a younge man taketh a doughter to mariage, so shall God mary him selfe vnto thy sonnes. And as a brydegrome is glad of his bride, so shall God reioyse ouer the.
6 I wyll set watchmen vpon thy walles (O Ierusalem) whiche shall neyther ceasse daye nor night to preache the Lorde. And ye also shal not kepe him close,
7 nor leaue to speake of him, vntill Ierusalem be set vp, & made the prayse of the worlde.
8 The Lorde hath sworne by his right hande, and by his strong arme, t from thence forthe he will not geue thy corne to be meate for thine enemies, nor thy wyne (wherin thou hast laboured) to be dryncke for e straungers.
9 But they t haue gathered in e corne shall eate it, and geue thanckes to the Lorde: and they that haue borne in the wyne, shal drincke it in in the court of my sanctuary.
10 Stande backe, and depart a sunder, ye that stand vnder the gate: make roume ye people, repayre the strete, and take awaye the stones, & set out a token for the people.
11 Beholde, the Lorde proclameth in the endes of the worlde: tell the doughter Syon: se, thy saluacyon commeth, beholde he bryngeth his treasure wyth hym, and hys worckes go before hym.
12 For they whome the Lorde delyuereth, shalbe called the holy people: and as for the, thou shalt be named the greatly occupied, and not the forsaken.




1 What is he thys, that cometh from Edom, with stayned read clothes of Bolra: (whyche is so costly cloth) and cometh in so nimbly wyth all his strength: I am he that teachech ryghteousnes, and am of power to helpe.
2 Wherfore then is thy clothinge reade, and thy rayment lyke his that treadeth in the wyne presse?
3 I haue troden the presse my self alone, and of al people, there was not one with me. Thus haue I troden doune myne enemyes in my wrath, and set my fete vpon them in my indignacyon. And their bloude sprange vpon my clothes, and so haue I stayned al my raiment.
4 For the day of vengeaunce that I haue taken in hande, and the yeare of my delyueraunce is come.
5 I loked aboute me, and there was noman to shewe me any helpe, I fell doune, & no man helde me vp. Then I held me by myne owne arme, and my feruentnesse susteyned me:
6 and thus haue I troden doune the people in my wrath, and bathed them in my displeasure: In so muche that I haue shed their bloude vpon the earth.
7 I wyl declare the goodnesse of the Lorde, yea and the prayse of the Lorde for all that he hath geuen vs, for the great good that he hath done for Israel: whyche he hath geuen them of hys owne fauoure, and accordynge to the multytude of hys louynge kyndnesses.
8 For he sayde: These no doute wylbe my people and no shrynkynge chyldren, and so he was their sauyoure.
9 In their troubles he forsoke them not, but the aungel that went forthe from his presence delyuered them. Of very loue & kindnesse that he had vnto them, redemed he them. He hath borne them, and caryed them vp euer, sence the worlde beganne.
10 But after they prouoked hym to wrath, and vexed hys holy mynd, he was their enemye, and fought against them him selfe.
11 Yet remembred he e olde tyme of Moses and hys people: How he brought them from the water of the sea, as a sheperde doth wyth his shepe: how he had geuen his holy spyryte amonge them:
12 howe he had led Moses by the ryght hande with hys glorious arme: how he had deuided the water before them (wherby he gat him selfe an euerlasting name)
13 how he led them in e depe as an horse is led in the playne, that they shoulde not stomble.
14 The spirite of the Lorde led them, as a tame beast goeth in the felde. Thus (O God) hast thou led thy people, to make thy selfe a glorious name wyth all.
15 Loke doune then from heauen, and beholde the dwellinge place of thy sanctuary and thy glory: how is it, that they gelousy, thy strength the multitude of thy mercyes, & thy louynge kindnesse, will not be entreated of vs.
16 Yet art thou oure father: For Abraham knoweth vs not, neither is Israel acquainted with vs. But thou Lorde art oure father and redemer and thy name is euerlastinge.
17 O Lord wherfore hast thou led vs out of thy waye? wherfore hast thou hardened our hertes, that we feare the not? Be at one with vs agayne, for thy seruauntes sake that are of the generacion of thine heretage.
18 Thy people hath had but litle of thy Sanctuarye in possession, for oure enemies haue taken it in.
19 And we are become euen as we were from the beginninge: but thou art not their Lorde, for they haue not called vpon thy name.




1 O that thou wouldest cleaue the heauen in sonder, & come doune that e mountaynes might melt awaye at thy presence,
2 lyke as at an hote fyre: and that the malicious might boyle, as the water doth vpon e fyre: Wherby thy name might be knowne amonge thyne enemies, and that the Gentiles might tremble before the.
3 That u mightest come doune, with thy wonderous straung workes, then shoulde the hilles melt at thy presence.
4 For sence the beginninge of the worlde there was none (except thou O God) that hearde or perceyueth, neyther had anye eye sene, what thou dost for them, that put their trust in the.
5 Thou helpest him that doeth ryght with cherefulnesse, and them that thyncke vpon thy wayes. But lo, thou art angry, for we offend and haue euer be in sinne, there is not one whole.
6 We are al as vncleane thinge, and all oure ryghteousnesses are as the clothes defyled with the floures of a woman: we fall euerychone as the leafe, for oure synnes carye vs awaie like the winde.
7 There is no man t calleth vpon thy name, t standeth vp to take hold by the. Therfore hydest thou thy face from vs, and consumest vs, because of oure synnes.
8 But now O Lorde, thou father of oures: we are al the claye, and thou art our potter & we are al the worke of thy handes.
9 Be not to sore displeased (O Lorde) and kepe not our offences to longe in thy remembraunce, but considre that we are all thy people.
10 The cytyes of thy Sanctuary lye waste, Sion is a wildernesse, and Ierusalem a deserte.
11 Oure holy house whiche is oure bewty, where oure fathers praysed the, is brent vp: yea all oure commodities & pleasures are wasted awaye.
12 Wylt thou not be intreated (Lorde) for all this? Wylt thou holde thy peace, and scourge vs so sore?




1 They shal seke my, that hytherto haue not asked for me: they shall fynde me, that hitherto haue not sought me. Then shal I say immediatly to the people that neuer called vpon my name: I am here, I am here.
2 For thus longe haue I euer holden out my handes to an vnfaithfull people, that go not the ryght waye, but after their owne ymaginacyons:
3 To a people that is euer defyinge me to my face. They make their oblacyons in gardens, and their smoke vpon aulters of brycke,
4 they lurcke amonge the graues, and lye in the dennes all nyght. They eat swyne fleshe, and vncleane broth is in their vessels.
5 Yf thou comest nye them, they saye, touch me not, for I am holyer then thou. All these men when I am angry, shalbe turned to smoke and fyre, that shall burne for euer.
6 Beholde it is written before my face and shal not be forgotten, but recompenced. I shall rewarde it them in their bosome.
7 I meane youre misdedes, and the misdedes of youre fathers together (sayeth the Lorde) whyche haue made their smokes vpon the mountaynes, and blasphemed me vpon the hylles: therefore wyll I measure their olde dedes into their bosome agayne.
8 Moreouer thus sayeth the Lord: lyke as when one would gather holy grapes, men say vnto him: breake it not of for it is holy: euen so wyll I do also for my seruauntes sake, that I wyll not destroye them all.
9 But I wyl take a sede oute of Iacob, and out of Iuda one, to take possession of my hyl. My chosen shal possesse these thinges, and my seruauntes shal dwell there.
10 Saron shalbe a shepefolde, and the valleye of Achor shall geue the stallinge for the catel of my people, that feare me.
11 But as for you, ye are they, that haue forsaken the Lorde, and forgotten my holy hil. Ye haue set vs an aulter vnto fortune, and geuen ryche drincke offerynges vnto treasure.
12 Therfore will I nombre you with the swerde, that ye shalbe destroyed altogether. For when I called, noman gaue me answere: when I spake, ye herkened not vnto me, but dyd wyckednes before myne eyes, & chose the thing that pleased me not.
13 Therfore thus saieth the Lorde God: Beholde, my seruauntes shall eate, but ye shall haue honger. Beholde, my seruauntes shall dryncke, but ye shall suffre thurste. Beholde my seruauntes shalbe mery, but ye shalbe confounded.
14 Beholde, my seruauntes shall reioyce for very quyetnesse of herte: But ye shal crye for sorowe of herte, and complayne for vexacyon of mynde.
15 Youre name shal not be sworne by amonge my chosen, for God the Lorde shall slay you, and cal his seruauntes by another name.
16 Who so reioyseth vpon earthe shall reioyse in the true God. And who so sweareth vpon earth, shal sweare in the true God. For the olde emnyte shalbe forgotten and taken awaye out of my syght.
17 For lo, I shall make a newe heauen, and a newe earthe. And as for the olde, they shall neuer be thought vpon, nor kept in minde:
18 but men shalbe glad and euermore reioise, for the thinges, that I shall do. For why: Behold, I shal make a ioyfull Ierusalem,
19 yea and my selfe wyl reioyse with Ierusalem, and be glad with my people: And the voyce of wepynge and waylinge shall not be heard in her from thenceforth.
20 There shal neuer be chylde, nor olde man, that haue not their full dayes. But when the childe cometh to an hundreth yeare olde it shall dye. And yf he that is an hundreth yeare of age do wronge, he shalbe cursed.
21 They shalt buylde houses, and dwell in them: they shall plante vyneyardes, and eate the frute of them.
22 They shall not buylde, and another possesse: they shall not plante, and another eate. But the lyfe of my people shalbe lyke a tree, and so shall the worcke of their handes.
23 My chosen shall lyue longe, they shal not laboure in vayne, nor beget with trouble, for they that are the hye blessed sede of the Lord, and their frutes with them.
24 And it shalbe, that or euer they call, I shall answere them. While they are yet but thinckinge howe to speake. I shal heare them.
25 The wolfe and the lambe shall fede together, and the lyon shall eate haye like the bullocke. But earthe shalbe the serpentes meate. There shal noman hurte nor slaye another, in al my holy hyll, sayeth the Lorde.




1 Thus sayeth the Lorde: Heauen is my seat, and the earth is my fote stole Where shal nowe the house stande, that ye wyll buylde vnto me. And where shalbe the place, that I dwell in?
2 As for these thynges, my hande had made them all, and they are all created, sayeth the Lorde. Whyche of them shall I then regarde? Euen hym, that is of a lowly troubled spyryte, and standeth in awe of my wordes.
3 For who so slaieth an oxe for me, doth me so great dishonour as he that killeth a man. He that kylleth a shepe for me, choketh a dogge. He that bryngeth me meateofferinges, offereth swynes bloude. Who so maketh me a memory all of incense, prayseth the thinge that is vnryght. Yet take they suche wayes in hand, and their soule delyteth in these abhomynacyons.
4 Therfore wyll I also haue pleasure in laughing him to scorne, & the thing t they feare wyll I brynge vpon them. For when I called, no man gaue answere: when I spake, they woulde not heare. But dyd wickednesse before myne eyes, and chose the thynges that displease me.
5 Heare the worde of God all ye, that feare the thynge whyche he speaketh. Your brethren that hate you, and cast you out for my names sake, saye: Let the Lorde magnyfye him selfe, that we may see youre gladnesse: and yet they shalbe confounded.
6 For as thouchinge the cytie and the temple, I heare the voyce of the Lorde, that wyll rewarde, and recompence his enemies,
7 lyke as when a wyfe bryngeth forth a man chylde, or euer she suffre the payne of the byrth, and anguysh of the trauayle.
8 Who euer hearde or sawe suche thinges? doth the grounde beare in one daye? or are the people borne all at ones, as Sion beareth her sonnes?
9 For thus sayeth the Lorde: Am I he that maketh other to beare, and beare not my selfe? Am not I he that beareth, and maketh baren? sayeth thy God
10 Reioyse with Ierusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that loue her. Be ioyful with her, all ye that mourneth for her.
11 For ye shall sucke comforte oute of her brestes, and be satysfyed. Ye shall taste, and haue delite in the plenteousnesse of her power.
12 For thus sayeth the Lorde: Beholde, I wyll let peace into her, lyke a water floude, and the myght of the Heathen lyke a flowinge streame. Then shall ye sucke, ye shalbe borne vpon her sides and be ioyfull vpon her knees.
13 For lyke as a chylde is comforteth of hys mother, so shall I comforte you, and ye shalbe comforted in Ierusalem.
14 And when ye se thys, youre herte shall reioyse, and youre bones shall floryshe lyke an herbe. Thus shall the hande of the Lorde be knowne amonge his seruauntes, and his indignacyon amonge his enemyes.
15 For behold the Lorde shall come with fyre, and hys charet shalbe lyke a whirle winde, that he maye recompence his vengeaunce in his wrath and hys indignacyon wt the flamme of fyre.
16 For the Lorde shall iudge all fleshe with the fyre, and with his swearde, & there shalbe a greate nombre slayne of the Lorde.
17 Suche as haue made them selues holy and cleane in the gardens, and those that haue eaten swyne fleshe, myce, and other abhomynacyons, shalbe taken awaye together, sayeth the Lorde.
18 For I wyl come to gather all people and tonges wt their workes and ymaginacyons: these shall come, and se my glory.
19 Vnto them shall I geue a token, and geue a certayne of them (that be delyuered) amonge the Gentyles: into Celycia, Africa and Lidia (where men can handle bowes) into Italye also and Greke lande. The Iles farre of, that haue not hearde speake of me, and haue not sene my glorye, shall preache my prayse amonge the Gentyles,
20 and shall bringe all oure brethren for an offerynge vnto the Lorde, oute of all people vpon horses, charettes and horse litters, vpon Males and cartes to Ierusalem my holy hill (sayeth the Lorde) like as the children of Israel brynge the offerynge in cleane vessels, to the house of the Lorde.
21 And I shall take oute certayne of them for to be Pryestes and Leuytes, sayeth the Lorde.
22 For lyke as the newe heauen and the newe earthe whyche I will make, shalbe fast stablyshed by me, (sayeth the Lorde.) So shall youre seade and youre name contynue
23 and there shalbe a newe Mone for the other, and a newe Sabboth for the other, and all fleshe shall come to worshyppe, before me (sayeth the Lord.)
24 And they shall go forth and loke vpon the carions of them, that haue transgressed against me. For their wormes shall not dye, neyther shall their fyre be quenched, and al fleshe shall abhorre them.