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1 This is the heauye burthen, whiche the Prophet Abacuc did se.
2 O lord how long shal I crye, and thou wilt not heare? How long shal I complayn vnto the, sufferynge wrong, & thou wilte not helpe?
3 Why lettest thou me se weerynesse and laboure? Tyranny & vyolence are before me, power ouergoeth righte:
4 for the lawe is toarne in peces, and there can no ryghte iudgemente go forthe. And why? the vngodly is more set by then şe rightuous: this is the cause, that wronge iudgemente procedeth.
5 Beholde, amonge the Heathen, & loke well: wondre at it, and be abashed: for I wyll do a thynge in youre tyme, whiche thoughe it be tolde you, ye shall not beleue.
6 For lo, I wyll rase vp the Caldees, that bitter and swifte people: whiche shall go as wyde as the land is, to take possessyon of dwellyng places, şt be not theyr owne.
7 A grymme and boysteours people is it, these shall sit in iudgement, and punish.
8 Their horses are swifter then the cattes of the mountayne, & byte sorer then the wolues in the euenynge. Theyr horsmen come by greate heapes from farre, they fle hastely to deuour as the Aegle.
9 They come all to spoyle: oute of them commeth an easte wynde, whiche bloweth and gathereth theyr captyues, lyke as the sande.
10 They shall mocke the kynges, and laughe the princes to scorne. They shal not set by any stronge holde, for they shall laye ordynaunce agaynst it, and take it.
11 Then shall they take a freshe courage vnto them, to go forth, and to do more euil, & so ascrybe that power vnto theyr God.
12 But thou O Lorde my God, my holy one thou arte from the begynnynge, therfor shall we not dye. O Lorde, thou hast ordened them for a punyshment, and set them to reproue the myghtye.
13 Thyne eyes are clene, thou mayest not se euyll, thou canst not beholde the thynge that is wycked. Wherfor then doest thou loke vpon the vngodly, and holdest thy tung, when the wycked deuoureth the man that is better then hym selfe?
14 Thou makest men as the fysh in the sea, and lyke as the crepynge beastes şt haue no gyde.
15 They take vp all with theyr angle, they catche it in theyr net, and gather it in theyr yarne: whereof they reioyce, and are glad,
16 Therfore offre they vnto theyr net, and do sacryfyce vnto theyr yarne: because that thorowe it theyr porcyon is become so fat, & theyr meate so plenteous.
17 Wherfore they cast oute theyr net agayne, and neuer cease to slaye the people.




1 I stode vpon my watch, & set me vpon my bulworke, to loke & se, what he wolde saye vnto me, & what answere I shuld geue him that reproueth me.
2 But the Lord aunswered me, and sayde: Wryte the vysyon planely vpon thy tables, that who so cometh by, maye rede it,
3 for the vysyon is yet farre of for a tyme, but at the last it shal come to passe & not fayle. And thoughe he tarye, yet wayte thou for hym, for in very dede he wyll come, & not be slacke
4 Beholde, who so wyll not beleue, hys soule shall not prospere: but the iuste shall lyue by hys fayth.
5 Lyke as the wyne disceyueth the dronkarde, euen so the proud shall fayle and not endure. He openeth hys desyre wyde vp as the hell, & is as vnsacyale as death. All Heathen gathered he to hym, and heapeth vnto hym all people.
6 But shall not all these take vp a prouerbe agaynst hym, & mocke hym with a byworde & saye: Wo vnto hym that heapeth vp other mens goodes? Howe longe wyll he lade hym selfe with thicke claye?
7 O howe sodenly wyll they stand vp that shall byte, and awake, that shal teare the in peces? yea, thou shalt be their praye.
8 Seynge thou hast spoyled many Heathen, therfore shall the remuaunte of the people spoyle the: because of mens bloude, and for the wronge done in the lande, in the cytye and vnto all them that dwell therein.
9 Wo vnto hym, that couetouslye gathereth euyll gotten goodes into hys house: that he maye set hys neste an hye, to escape from the power of mysfortune.
10 Thou hast deuysed the shame of thyne owne house, for thou haste slayne to muche people, and hast wylfully offended,
11 so that the very stones of şe wall shall crye oute of it, and the tymbre that lyeth betwixte the ioyntes of the buyldynge shal aunswere.
12 Wo vnto hym, that buyldeth şe towne wyth bloude, & maintaineth the citie wyth vnryghtuousnes.
13 Shall not the Lorde of hostes brynge thys to passe, that the laboures of the people shal be brent wyth a greate fyre, & that the thynge wherevpon the people haue weeryed them selues, shall be lost?
14 For the earth shall be full of knowledge of the Lordes honoure, lyke as the waters that couer the sea.
15 Wo vnto hym that geueth his neighboure dryncke, to get hym wrothefull dyspleasure for his dronckennesse: that he maye se his preuytees.
16 Therfore wyth shame shalte thou be fylled, in steade of honoure. Drincke thou also tyll thou slombre wyth al: for the cuppe of the Lordes ryght hande shall compasse the about and shamefull spewyng in steade of thy worshippe.
17 For the wronge that thou hast done in Lybanus, shall ouerwhelme the, and şe wylde beastes shal make the afrayd: because of mens bloude, and for the wronge done in the lande, in the cytye, and vnto all such as dwell therein.
18 What helpe then wyll the Image do, whom the worckman hath fashyoned? Or the vayne cast Image, wherein because the craftesman putteth hys trust, therfore maketh he domme Idols?
19 Wo vnto hym, that sayeth to a pece of woode: aryse, & to a domme stone: stande vp. For what instruccyon maye suche one geue? Beholde it is layed ouer wyth gold and siluer and there is no breth in it.
20 But the Lord in his holy temple is he, whome all the world shuld feare.




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2 O Lord, when I hearde speake of the, I was afrayed. The worck that thou hast taken in hande, shalt thou perfourme in his tyme (O Lord): and when thy time commeth, thou shalte declare it. In thy verye wrath thou thinckest vpon mercye.
3 God commeth from Theman, and the holye one from the mounte of Pharan Selah. Hys glory couereth the heauens, and the earthe is full of hys prayse.
4 Hys shyne is as şe sunne, & beames of lyght go out of his handes, there is his power hyd.
5 Destruccyon goeth before hym, and burnynge cressettes go from his fete.
6 He standeth and measureth the earth. He loketh, and the people consume awaye, the mountaines of the worlde fall doune to poulder, & the hilles are faine to bowe them selues for hys goynges are euerlastynge and sure.
7 I sawe, that the pauylions of the Morians & the tentes of the lande of Madian were vexed for werynesse.
8 Waste thou not angrye, O Lorde, in the waters? was not thy wrathe in the floodes, and thy displeasure in the sea? yes when thou sattest vpon thyne horse, & when thy charettes had the vyctory.
9 Thou sheuedst thy bowe openly, lyke as thou haddest promised with an othe vnto the trybes. Selah. Thou diddest deuyde the waters of şe earth.
10 When the mountaynes sawe the, they were afrayed, the water streame wente awaye: the depe made a noyse at the lyftyng vp of thyne hande.
11 The sunne and mone remayned. styll in theyr habitacyon. Thyne arowes went out glysterynge, and thy speares as the shyne of the lyghtenyng.
12 Thou trodest doune the land in thyne anger, and dyddest throsshe the Heathen in thy displeasure.
13 Thou camest forth to helpe thy people, to helpe thyne annoynted. Thou smotest doune the heade the house of şe vngodlye, and dyscoueredest hys foundacyons, euen vnto the necke of hym. Selah.
14 Thou cursest hys scepters, the captayne of men of warre: whiche come as a stormy wind to scatre me abroade, and are glad when they maye eate vp the poore secretely.
15 Thou makest awaye for thyne horses in the sea, euen in the mudde of greate waters.
16 When I heare thys, my bodye is vexed, my lyppes tremble at the voyce therof, my bones corruppe, I am afrayed where I stande. O that I myght rest in the day of trouble, that I myght go vp vnto oure people, whiche are alredye prepared.
17 For the fygge trees shall not be grene, & şe vynes shall beare no frute. The laboure of şe olyue shalbe but lost, & the lande shall bringe no corne: the shepe shalbe taken oute of şe fold & there shalbe no catel in the stalles.
18 But as for me, I wyll be glad in the Lorde, and wyll reioyce in God my sauyoure.
19 The Lord God is my strengthe, he shall make my fete as the fete of hertes: and he whiche geueth the vyctorye, shal bryng me to my hye places, synging vpon my psalmes.