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1 These are e names of the chyldrene of Israel, whiche came to Eypte with Iacob, euery man wyth hys houshold:
2 Ruben, Simeon, Leui, Iuda,
3 Isachar, Zabulon, Beniamyn,
4 Dan, Nephtali, Gad, and Aser.
5 All these soules that came out of the loynes of Iacob were .lxx. and Ioseph was in Egypte all ready.
6 When Ioseph was deade and all hys brethren, and all that generation:
7 the chyldren of Israell grewe, encreased multiplied, & waxed exceadyng myghtye: so that the land was full of them.
8 Then there rose vp a new kyng in Egipt whyche knewe not Iosephe.
9 And he sayed vnto hys folke: beholde, the people of the chyldren of Israell are moo and myghtyer then wee.
10 Come on, lette vs playe wyselye wyth theym: least they multiplye, and then (if there chaunce anye warre) they ioyne theym selues vnto oure enimyes and lighte agaynste vs, and so gette theym oute of the Lande.
11 And he sette taskemasters ouer theim, to kepe them vnder wyth burthens. And they buylte vnto Pharao treasure cityes: Phyton, and Rameses.
12 But the more they vexed theym, the more they multiplyed and grew: so that they abhorred the chyldren of Israell.
13 And the Egyptians helde the chyldren of Israell in bondage wythoute mercye,
14 and made theyr lyues bytter, vnto theym, wyth cruell laboure in clay and brycke, and all maner worcke in the fyeldes, and in all maner of seruice, whyche they caused theim to worcke cruellye.
15 And the Kynge of Egypte sayed vnto the mydwyues of the Ebrues women, of which the ones name was Sephora, and the other Phua:
16 when ye do the offyce of a mydwyfe to the women of the Hebrues, and see in the byrthe tyme that it is a boye, kyl it. But if it be a mayed, lette it lyue.
17 Notwythstanding the mydwyues feared God, and dyd not as the Kynge of Egpt commaunded them: but saued the men chyldren.
18 Then the Kynge of Egypte called for the mydwiues and said vnto them: why haue ye delt on thys maner and haue saued the men-children?
19 And the midwiues answerd Pharao, that the Hebrues women were not as the women of Egipte: but were sturdy women, and were deliuered yer the midwyues came at them.
20 And God therfore dealte wel to the mydwyues. And the people multiplyed and waxed very myghty.
21 And bycause the mydwyues feared God, he made them houses.
22 Then Pharao charged al his people saying Al the men children that are borne, cast into the ryuer, and saue the mayd children alyue.




1 And there went a man of the house of Leui. And toke a daughter of Leuy.
2 And the wyfe conceaued and bare a sonne. And when she saw that it was a propre chylde, she hydde hym three monethes longe.
3 And when she could no longer hyde him she toke a basket of bulryshes, & dawbed it wyth slyme & pytch, & laied e child therin, & put it in the flagges by the ryuers brinke.
4 And his sister stode a farre of, to wete what wold come out of it.
5 And the daughter of Pharao came downe to e riuer to wash hir selfe & hir maidens walked a long by e riuers side. And when she saw the basket among the flagges, she sent one of hir maydes & caused it to be fet.
6 And when she had opened it she sawe the chyld, & behold, the babe wept. And she had compassion on it: & sayed it is one of the Ebrues chyldren.
7 Then sayd his sister vnto Pharaos daughter: shall I go and call vnto the a nurse of the Ebrues women, to nurse the child?
8 And the mayd ranne & called the childs mother.
9 Then Pharaos daughter saied vnto hyr take thys chylde awaye and nurse it for me, & I wil reward the for thy laboure. And the womanne toke the chylde, and nursed it vp.
10 And when the chylde was growen, she broughte it vnto Pharaos daughter, and it was made hyr son, & she called it Moses, bicause (said she) I toke hym oute of the water.
11 And it happened in those daies when Moses was waxte great, that he went out vnto hys brethren and loked on theyr burdens, & spyed an Egiptian smytynge one of his brethren an Ebrue.
12 And he loked round aboute and when he sawe that there was no man by, he slewe the Egyptian and hyd him in the sond.
13 And he went oute an other daye: & behold, two Hebrues strowe togyther. And he sayd vnto hym that did the wrong: wherfore smytest thou thyne neyghbour?
14 And he answered: who hathe made the a ruler or a iudge ouer vs? intendest thou to kyll me, as thou kylledst the Egyptian? Then Moyses feared and sayed: of a suretye the thynge is knowen.
15 And Pharao hearde of it and went about to slea Moyses: but he fled from Pharao and dwelte in the Lande of Madian, & he sate downe by a wells syde.
16 The priest of Madian had .vij. doughters which came and drewe water and filled the troughes, for to water theyr fathers shepe.
17 And the shepherdes came & droue them away: but Moyses stode vp & helped them, & watred their shepe.
18 And when they came to Raguel their father he saied: howe happeneth it that ye are come so sone to daye?
19 And they answered: there was an Egiptian that deliuered vs from the shepeherds, & so drew vs water, & watered the shepe.
20 And he sayed vnto hys doughters: wher is he? why haue ye left the man? Go call him t he may eate breade.
21 And Moyses was content to dwel with the manne. And he gaue Moyses Zelphora his daughter,
22 which bare a sonne, & he called him Gerson: for he said: I haue bene a straunger in a straunge lande.
23 And she bare yet an other sonne, whom he called Elieser, sayinge: the God of my father is myne helper, and hath ryd me out of the handes of Pharao. And it chaunced in processe of tyme, that the kynge of Egypt dyed, and the chyldren of Israel syghed by the reason of labour and cried.
24 And their complaint came vp vnto God from the labour. And God remembred hys promise wyth Abraham, Isaac, & Iacob.
25 And God loked vpon the children of Israel, and knewe them.




1 Moyses kepte the sheepe of Iethro hys father in lawe prieste of Madian, and he droue the flocke to the backesyde of the deserte, and came to the mountayne of God, Horeb.
2 And the Angell of the Lorde appeared vnto hym in a flame of fyre oute of a bushe. And he perceyued that the bush burned wyth fyre, and consumed not.
3 Then Moyses sayed: I wyll go hence, and se thys greate syghte howe it commeth that the bush burneth not.
4 And when the Lord sawe that he came for to see, he called to hym out of the bushe, and sayed: Moyses, Moyses. And he answered: here am I.
5 And he sayed: Come not hyther, but put thy shooes of thy fete: for the place wheron thou standest is holy ground.
6 And he sayed: I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Iacob. And Moses hyd hys face for he was afrayed to loke vpon God.
7 Then the Lorde sayed: I haue surelye sene the trouble of mi people which ar in Egipt, and haue heard their cry whyche they haue of their taskemasters. For I know theyr sorow,
8 and am come downe to deliuer them out of the handes of the Egyptians, & to bringe them out of that land vnto a good lande & a large, & vnto a land t floweth with milke & hony: euen vnto the place of the Cananites Hethites, Amorites, Pherezites, Heuites, & of the Iebusites.
9 Nowe therfore behold, the complaynt of the chyldren of Israel is come vnto me, and I haue also sene the oppression wherwyth the Egyptians oppresse them.
10 But come, I wyl sende vnto Pharao, that thou maist bring my people, the children of Israel out of Egypt.
11 And Moyses said vnto God: what am I to go vnto Pharao, & to brynge the chyldren of Israell out of Egypt?
12 And he sayde: I wyll be wt the. And this shalbe a token vnto the that I haue sente the, after that thou hast brought the people out of Egyte, ye shall serue God vpon thys mountayne.
13 Then said Moses vnto God: when I come vnto e children of Israel & say vnto them, the God of your fathers hath sent me vnto you & they say vnto me, what is hys name, what answer shal I gyue them?
14 Then sayd God vnto Moyses: I wilbe what I wyll be: & he said, this shalt thou say vnto the children of Israel: I wilbe did send me to you.
15 And God spake further vnto Moyses: thus shalt thou say vnto the children of Israel: the Lord God of your fathers, e God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, & e God of Iacob hath sent me vnto you: this is my name for euer, and thys is my memorial thorowout al generations.
16 Goo therfore & gather the elders of Israell togyther, & say vnto them: the Lorde God of youre fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Iacob appeared vnto me, and sayed. I haue bene and sene both you and that which is done to you in Egypte.
17 And I haue sayed it, that I wyll brynge you out of the tribulation of Egypte vnto the Lande of the Cananites, Hethites, Amorites, Pherezites, Heuites, and Iebusites: euen a land that floweth wt milke & hony.
18 If it come to passe t they heare thy voice then go, boeth thou and the elders of Israel vnto the kyng of Egypt, and say vnto him: The Lorde God of the Hebrues hath mette with vs: let vs go therfore .iij. dayes iourney into the wyldernes, that we maye sacrifice vnto the Lord our God.
19 Notwithstandynge I am sure that the kyng of Egypte wyl not let you go, except it be wyth a myghty hand:
20 yea, & I wil therfore stretche out myne hand & smyte Egypt wyth al my wonders which I wyll do therin. And after that he wyll lett you goo.
21 And I wyll gette this people fauour in the syghte of the Egyptians: so that when ye go, ye shall not go emptye:
22 but euery wyfe shall borowe of hyr neyghbouresse, & of hyr that soiourneth in hir house, iewels of siluer and of gold & rayment. And ye shal put them on youre sonnes & daughters, and shal robbe the Egyptians.




1 Moyses answered and said: Se, they wil not beleue me, nor herken vnto my voice: but wil say the Lord hath not appeared to the.
2 Then the Lord sayed vnto hym: what is that in thyne hand? and he said a rodde.
3 And he sayd cast it on the grounde, and it turned into a serpente. And Moyses ranne away from it.
4 And the Lord sayd vnto Moyses, put forth thyne hand & take it by the tayle. And he put forth hys hand & caught it, and it became a rodde agayne in his hand,
5 that they may beleue that the Lorde God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the god of Isaac, and the God of Iacob hathe appeared vnto the.
6 And the Lord sayd furthermore vnto him thruste thyne hand into thy bosome. And he thrust hys hand into hys bosome and toke it out. And behold, his hand was leperous euen as snowe.
7 And he sayed: put thyne hand into thy bosome agayne. And he put his hande into hys bosome agayne, and plucked it oute his bosome, & behold, it was turned agayne as his other flesh.
8 If they wyl not beleue the neither hear the voyce of the firste token: yet wyll they beleue the voyce of the second token.
9 But and if they wyll not beleue the two sygnes, neyther herken vnto thy voyce, then take of the water of the riuer and poure it vpon the dry land. And the water which thou takest out of the ryuer shall turne to bloude vpon the drye land.
10 And Moses sayed vnto the Lorde: oh my Lorde I am not eloquent, no not in tymes past, and namely sence thou hast spoken vnto thy seruaunt: but I am slowe mouthed, and slow tonged.
11 And the Lord sayed vnto hym: who hath made mans mouthe, or who hath made the dombe or the deaffe, the seynge or the blind? haue not I the Lord?
12 Go therfore and I wilbe with thy mouth, and teach the what thou shalte saye.
13 But he sayed: oh my Lord, send I pray the whom thou wylt.
14 And the lord was angry with Moyses and said: I knowe Aaron thy brother the Leuite that he can speake. And more ouer behold, he cometh to mete the, & when he seeth the he wyll be glade in hys herte.
15 And thou shalt speake vnto hym and put the wordes in his mouth, and I wylbe wyth thy mouth and wyth his mouth, and wyl teach you what ye shall do.
16 And he shal be thy spokesman vnto the people he shall be thy mouth, & thou shalt be hys God:
17 and take thys rodde in thy hande, wherwyth thou shalt do myracles.
18 And Moyses wente & returned to Iethro hys father in law againe and said vnto him, lette me goo (I pray the) & turne agayne vnto my brethren which are in Egypte, that I mai se whether they be yet aliue. And Iethro said to Moyses: goo in peace.
19 And the Lorde said vnto Moses in Madian: returne agayne into Egypt for they are dead whych wente about to kil the.
20 And Moyses toke his wyfe and his sonnes, and put them on an asse and wente agayne to Egypte, and toke the rodde of God in his hande.
21 And the Lorde sayd vnto Moyses: when thou art come in to Egypte ogayne, see that thou do al the wonders before Pharao which I haue put in thy hand: but I wyl harden his herte, so that he shal not lette the people go.
22 And tel Pharao, thus sayeth the Lorde: Israel is myne eldest sonne,
23 and therfore sayth vnto the let my sonne go, that he maye serue me. If thou wylt not lette him go: behold, I wyl slea thyne eldest sonne.
24 And it chaunced by the way in the ynne, that the Lord mett hym & woulde haue kylled him.
25 Then Zephora toke a stone & circumcised hyr sonne & fell at hys fete, and sayed: a bloudy husband art thou vnto me.
26 And he lette him go. She sayed a blouddy husbande bicause of the circumcision.
27 Then sayed the Lord vnto Aaron: go mete Moses in e wildernes. And he went & mett hym in the mount of God & kissed him.
28 And Moses told Aaron al the wordes of the Lord which he had sent by hym, & all the tokens which he had charged hym withall.
29 So went Moses & Aaron and gathered all the elders of the chyldren of Israell.
30 And Aaron told al the wordes whych the Lorde had spoken vnto Moses, & did the myracles in the syght of the people,
31 & e people beleued. And when they hearde that the Lord had visited the children of Israell and had loked vpon their tribulation they bowed them selues and worshypped.




1 Then Moses & Aaron went & told Pharao, thus saieth the Lorde God of Israel. Let my people go, that they maye kepe holye day vnto me in the wildernes.
2 And Pharao answered: what felowe is the Lorde, that I should heare hys voyce for to let Israell go?
3 I knowe not the Lord, neyther wyll let Israell go. And they sayed: the God of the Hebrues hath mett wyth vs: lett vs go (we praye the) thre dayes iourney into the deserte, that we may sacrifice vnto the Lord our God: lest he smyte vs eyther with pestilence, or wyth sworde.
4 Then sayed the kynge of Egypte vnto them: wherefor do ye Moses and Aaron let the people from their worke, get you vnto your labour.
5 And Pharao sayd furthermore: behold, there is much peaple in the lande, and ye make them playe and let theyr worcke stand.
6 And Pharao commaunded the same day vnto the taskemasters ouer the people, & vnto the officers saying:
7 se that ye giue the people no more strawe to make brycke withall, as ye dyd in time passed: let them go and gather them strawe them selues,
8 and the numbre of brycke whyche they were wonte to make in tymes passed, laye vnto their charges also, & minish nothing therof. For they be idle and therfore cry saying: let vs goo and do sacrifyce vnto our God.
9 They muste haue more worcke layed vpon them, that they maye laboure therein, and then wyll they not turne them selues to false wordes.
10 Then wente the taskemasters of the people and the officers oute and told the people sayinge: Thus sayth Pharao:
11 I wyll gyue you no more strawe, but go your selues and gather you strawe wher you can fynd it, yet shall none of your labour be minished.
12 Then the people scatered abrode thoroweout all the land of Egypt for ta gather them stubble to be in stede of strawe.
13 And the taskemasters hasted them forwarde saying: fulfyl your worcke day by day, euen as when strawe was geuen you.
14 And the officers of the children of Israel whych Pharaos taskemasters had set ouer theym, were beaten. And it was sayd vnto them: wherfore haue you not fulfilled your taske in making brycke both yesterdaye and to daye, as well as in tymes past.
15 Then went the offycers of the chyldren of Israel & complayned vnto Pharao saynge: wherfore dealest thou thus with thy seruantes?
16 there is no strawe geuen vnto thy seruauntes, and yet they say vnto vs make bryke. And loo, thy seruauntes are beaten, and thy people is fowle intreated.
17 And he aunswered: idle are ye idle, and therefore ye say: let vs goo and do Sacrifice vnto the Lorde.
18 Go therefore and worcke, for there shall no strawe be geuen you, & yet se that ye delyuer the whole tale of brycke.
19 When the officers of the children of Israel sawe them selues in shrode case (in that he said ye shall minysh nothyng of your dayly makyng of brycke)
20 then they mette Moses and Aaron standinge in theyr way as they came out from Pharao,
21 and sayd vnto them. The Lorde loke vnto you and iudge, for ye haue made the fauour of vs stynke in the syght of Pharao, and of his seruauntes, and haue put a swerd into their handes to slea vs.
22 Moyses returned vnto the Lord & sayed: Lorde wherefore dealest thou cruellye wyth this people: and wherfore hast thou sent me?
23 For sence I came to Pharao to speke in thy name, he hath fared foule with thys folke, & yet thou hast not deliuered thy people at al.




1 (5:24) Then the Lord sayed vnto Moyses: Nowe shalte thou se what I wyll do vnto Pharao for wyth a myghtye hande shall he let them go, and wyth a myghty hande shal he dryue them out of his land.
2 (6:1) And God spake vnto Moyses saying vnto him: I am e Lord
3 (6:2) and I appeared vnto Abraham, Isaac, & Iacob an almyghtye God: but in my name Iehouah was I not knowne vnto them.
4 (6:3) Moreouer I made an appoyntmente wyth them to gyue them the Land of Canaan: the land of theyr pilgrimage wherin thei wer straungers
5 (6:4) And I haue also hearde the gronynge of the chyldren of Israell, bycause the Egyptians kepe them in bondage, and haue remembred my promise.
6 (6:5) Wherfore say vnto the chyldren of Israel I am the Lord, & wyll bryng you out frome vnder the burdens of the Egyptians, & wyl ryd you out of theyr bondage, and wil delyuer you with a stretched out arme and with great iudgements.
7 (6:6) And I wyl take you for my people and wil be to you a God. And ye shall know that I am the Lorde your God, whyche bryng you out from vnder the burdens of the Egyptians.
8 (6:7) And I wyll brynge you vnto the land ouer the which I did lift vp my hande to giue it vnto Abraham, Isaac, and Iacob, and wyll gyue it vnto you for a possession: euen I the Lorde.
9 (6:8) And Moses told the children of Israell euen so: But they harkened not vnto Moyses for anguyshe of spirite and for cruell bondage.
10 (6:9) And the Lord spake vnto Moses saying.
11 (6:10) Go & bydde Pharao kinge of Egypte, that he let the chyldren of Israell go oute of hys lande.
12 (6:11) And Moyses spake before the Lorde saying: behold, the chyldren of Israell herken not vnto me, howe then shall Pharao heare me: seynge that I haue vncircumcised lippes.
13 (6:12) And the Lord spake vnto Moyses and Aaron and gaue them a charge vnto the children of Israel & vnto Pharao kyng of Egipte: to bryng the children of Israell out of the Lande of Egypte.
14 (6:13) These be the heades of theyr fathers houses. The children of Ruben the eldest sonne of Israell are these: Hanoh, Pallu, Hezron, Charmy, these be the housholders of Ruben.
15 (6:14) The children of Simeon are these: Gemuel, Iamin, Ohad, Iachyn, Zoher, & Saule the sonne of a Cananityshe wyfe: These are the kynreds of Symeon.
16 (6:15) These are the names of the chyldren of Leuy in their generations: Gerson, Kahath, and Merary. And Leuy lyued an hundred and .xxxvij. yere.
17 (6:16) The sons of Gerson: Libni and Semei in theyr kynreddes.
18 (6:17) The children of Kahath: Amram, Iesear, Hebron, and Vsiel. And Kahath lyued an hundred and .xxxiij. yere.
19 (6:18) The chyldren of Merary are these: Mahely, & Musy: these are the kynreddes of Leuy in theyr generations.
20 (6:19) And Amram toke Iochebed his nece to wife, which bare him Aaron & Moses. And Amram liued an hundred and .xxxvij. yere.
21 (6:20) The children of Iezear: Korah, Nepheg and Sychri.
22 (6:21) The children of: Vsiell, Misaell, Elzaphan and Sithri.
23 (6:22) And Aaron toke Elizaba daughter of Aminadab & sister of Nahason, to wife: which bare him Nadab, Abehu, Eleazar and Ithamar.
24 (6:23) The chyldren of Korah: Assir, Elkana, & Abiassaph: these are the kynreddes of the Korahites.
25 (6:24) And Eliazar Aarons sonne toke him one of the daughters of Putuel to wife whiche bare him Pinehas: these be the principal fathers of the Leuites in theyr kinreds
26 (6:25) These are that Aaron and Moses to whom the Lord sayed: cary the chyldren of Israell out of the Land of Egipt with their armies.
27 (6:26) These are that Moyses and Aaron whyche spake to Pharao kynge of Egypt, that they myght brynge the chyldren of Israel oute of Egypte.
28 (6:27) And in the daye when the Lorde spake vnto Moyses in the lande of Egypte,
29 (6:28) he spake vnto hym saiynge, I am the Lorde, se that thou speake vnto Pharao the kynge of Egypte all that I say vnto the,
30 (6:29) And Moses answered before the Lord: I am of vncircumcised lyppes, how shall Pharao then geue me audience.




1 And the lord said vnto Moses: behold I haue made e Pharaos God, & Aaron thy brother shalbe thy prophete.
2 Thou shalt speake all that I commaunde the & Aaron thy brother shall speake vnto Pharao: that he sende the children of Israel out of his land.
3 But I wyl harden Pharaos hert, that I may multiply my miracles & my wunders in the land of Egypt.
4 And yet Pharao shall not herken vnto you, that I may sette myne hand vpon Egypte and brynge out myne armies, euen my people the chyldred of Israell out of the land of Egypte, with greate Iudgementes.
5 And the Egyptyans shall knowe that I am the Lorde when I haue stretched forthe my hande vpon Egypte, and haue brought out the children of Israel from among them.
6 Moses and Aaron did as the Lord commaunded them.
7 And Moses was .lxxx. yere olde, and Aaron .lxxxiij. when they spake vnto Pharao.
8 And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses and Aaron sayinge:
9 when Pharao speaketh vnto you & sayeth: shewe a wonder, then shalt thou saye vnto Aaron, take the rod & cast it before Pharao, and it shall turne to a serpent.
10 Then went Moses & Aaron in vnto Pharao, and dyd euen as the Lorde had commaunded. And Aaron cast forth his rodd before Pharao, and before hys seruauntes, & it turned to a serpent.
11 Then Pharao called for the wyse men and enchaunters of Egypte: & they dyd in lyke maner with their sorcery.
12 And they cast down euery man hys rodde, & they turned to serpentes: but Aarons rod ate vp theyr roddes:
13 & yet for all that Pharaos hert was hardened, so that he herkened not vnto them, euen as the Lord had sayd.
14 Then sayd the Lord vnto Moyses, Pharaos herte is hardened, and he refuseth to let the people go.
15 Get the vnto Pharao in the mornynge: for he wyll come vnto the water, & stand thou vpon the riuers brynke agaynst he come, and the rod whiche turned to a serpente take in thyne hande.
16 And saye vnto hym: the Lorde God of the Hebrues hathe sent me vnto the sayinge: let my people goo, that they maye serue me in the wyldernes: but hitherto thou woldest not hear.
17 Wherfore thus sayth the Lorde: hereby thou shalt knowe that I am the Lord. Behold, I wyl smite with the staffe that is in myne hand vpon the waters that are in the ryuer, and they shal turne to bloude.
18 And the fyshe that is in the ryuer shal dye, and the ryuer shal stinke so that it shall greue the Egyptians to drynke of the water of the ryuer.
19 And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses, saye vnto Aaron: take thy staffe and stretche oute thyne hande ouer the waters of Egypte ouer theyr streames, ryuers pondes, and all pooles of water, that they maye be bloude, and that there maye be bloude in all the land of Egypt: boeth in vessels of wodde, and also of stone.
20 And Moyses and Aaron dyd euen as the Lord commaunded, And he lyft vp the staffe and smote the waters that were in the riuer in the syght of Pharao, & in the sight of hys seruauntes, & all the water that was in the riuer turned into bloud.
21 And e fish that was in the riuer died and the riuer stanke so that the Egyptians coulde not drinke of the water of the ryuer. And there was bloude thorow out al the land of Egypt.
22 And the enchaunters of Egypt dyd lykewyse with theyr enchaimtmentes, so t Pharaos hert was hardened and did not regard them as the Lord had sayed.
23 And Pharao turned hym selfe and wente into hys house, and set not his herte therunto.
24 And the Egyptians dygged round about the ryuer for water to drynke, for they coulde not dryncke of the water of the riuer.
25 And it continued a weke after t the Lorde had smitten e ryuer.




1 The Lord spake vnto Moyses: Go vnto Pharao and tel him, thus sayth the Lorde: let my people go, that they may serue me.
2 If thou wylt not let them go: beholde, I wyll smyte all thy lande with frogges.
3 And the ryuer shall scrale wyth frogges, and they shall come vp and go into thyne house, and into thy chambre where thou sleapest, and vpon thy bedde, & into the houses of thy seruauntes, and vpon thy people, & into thine ouens, and vpon thy vytails whych thou hast in store.
4 And the frogges shall come vpon the, and on the people, and vpon al thy seruauntes.
5 And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses, saye vnto Aaron: stretch forthe thine hande wyth thy rodd ouer the stremes, riuers & pondes. And bryng vp frogges vpon the land of Egypte.
6 And Aaron stretched his hand ouer the water of Egypt, & e frogges came vp & couered the land of Egipt.
7 And the sorcerers did lyke wyse with their sorcerye, & the frogges came vp vpon the land of Egipt.
8 Then Pharao called for Moses & Aaron and sayed, praye ye vnto the Lorde that he maye take away the frogges frome me and from my people, and I wyll lette the people goo, that they maye do Sacrifice vnto the Lorde.
9 And Moses sayed vnto Pharao: Appoynt thou the tyme vnto me, when I shall praye for the & thy seruauntes and thy people, to dryue away the frogges from the and thy house, so t they shall remayne but in the ryuer onely.
10 And he sayd to morow. And he said euen as thou hast saied, that thou maist know that there is none lyke vnto the Lord oure God.
11 And the frogges shal depart from the and from thine houses and from thy seruauntes, and from thy people, and shall remayne in the ryuer onely.
12 And Moses & Aaron went out from Pharao, & Moses cryed vnto the Lord vpon the appointment of frogges whych he had made vnto Pharao.
13 And the Lord dyd accordinge to the saying of Moses. And e frogges died out of the houses, courtes and feyldes.
14 And they gathered them togyther vpon heapes: so that the land stanke of them.
15 But when Pharao sawe that he had rest geuen hym, he hardened his hert and herkened not vnto them, as the Lord had sayed.
16 And the Lord sayed vnto Moyses: saye vnto Aaron stretch out thy rod and smite the dust of the Lande that it maye turne to lyfe in all the land of Egypt.
17 And they dyd so. And Aaron stretched out hys hand wyth his rodd & smot the dust of the earth, & it turned to lyse both in man and beast, so that all the dust of the Lande turned to lyse, thorowout all the land of Egypt.
18 And the enchaunters assayed lykewyse wyth theyr enchauntments to bringe forthe lyse, but they coulde not. And the lyse were boeth vpon man and beaste.
19 Then saied the enchaunters vnto Pharao, it is the finger of God. Neuerthe later Pharaos hert was hardened, and he regarded them not, as the Lorde had sayed.
20 And the Lord sayd vnto Moyses: ryse vp early in the mornynge & stande before Pharao, for he wyll come vnto the water: & saye vnto hym, thus sayeth the Lord: let my people goo, that they maye serue me.
21 If thou wylt not let my people go, beholde, I wyll sende all maner of flyes both vpon the & thy seruauntes, and thy people, & into thy houses. And the houses of the egyptians shall be ful of flyes, and the ground wheron they are.
22 But I wyl seperate the same daye, the Lande of Gosan wherein my people are, so that there shall no flyes be there: that thou mayst knowe that I am the Lorde vppon the earth.
23 And I wyl put a deuision betwene my people and thyne. And euen to morrowe shal this myracle be done.
24 And the Lord dyd euen soo: & there came noysom flyes into the house of Pharao, and into hys seruauntes houses, and into all the land of Egypt: so that the lande was marred with flyes.
25 Then Pharao sente for Moses & Aaron & sayd: Go & do sacrifice vnto youre God in the land.
26 And Moses answered: it is not mete so to do. For we muste offer vnto e Lorde oure God, that whiche is abhomination vnto the Egyptians: beholde, shall we sacrifice that which is an abhomination vnto the Egiptians before theyr eyes, and shal they not stone vs?
27 we wyll therfore goo thre dayes iourney into the deserte, and sacrifice vnto the Lorde oure God as he hathe commaunded vs.
28 And Pharao said: I wyl let you goo, that ye may do sacrifice vnto the lord your God in the wildernes: onely go not farre awaye, & se that ye pray for me.
29 And Moses sayed: beholde, I wyll go out frome the and praye vnto the Lord, and the flyes shall depart from Pharao & from his seruauntes and from his people to morrow. But let Pharao from hence forth deceyue no more, that he wyll not lette the people go to sacrifice vnto the Lord.
30 And Moses went out from Pharao and prayed vnto the Lorde.
31 And the Lord did as Moses had said, & toke away the flyes from Pharao & from his seruaunts, & from his people so that ther remayned not one.
32 But for all t Pharao hardened his hert euen then also and would not let the people go.




1 And the Lord saied vnto Moyses, goo vnto Pharao & tell him, thus sayeth the Lorde God of the Hebrues: let my people go that they maye serue me,
2 If thou wylt not let them go but wylt hold them styl:
3 behold, the hand of the Lorde shal be vppon thy cattell whyche thou hast in the felde, vpon horses, asses, camels, oxen, and shepe, with a mighty greate morrayne.
4 But the lord shal make a deuision betwen e Beastes of the Israelites, and the Beastes of the Egiptians: so that there shall nothing dye of all that pertayneth to the children of Israell.
5 And the Lord apponited a time sayinge: to morowe the Lord shal do thys thing in the Lande.
6 And the Lorde dyd the thynge on the morowe, and all the cattell of Egypte dyed: but of the cattel of the children of Israel dyed not one.
7 And Pharao sent to wete: but there was not one of the cattell of the Israelites deade. Notwythstandyng the herte of Pharao hardened, and he woulde not lette the people goo.
8 And the Lorde sayed vnto Moyses & Aaron: take youre handes full of ashes oute of the furnace, and let Moses sprynkle it vp into the ayre in the syghte of Pharao,
9 and it shall turne to dust in al the Londe of Egypt & shall make swellynge sores wyth blaynes both on man & beast in al the land of Egipt.
10 And they toke ashes oute of the fornace, and stoode before Ppharao, and Moyses sprynkled it vp into the ayre. And ther brake out soores with blaines both in man & beaste
11 so that the sorcerers could not stande before Moses, for there were botches vpon the enchaunters, and vpon all the Epyptians.
12 But the Lord hardened the hert of Pharao, that he herkened not vnto them, as the Lord had sayd vnto Moses.
13 And the Lord sayd vnto Moyses: ryse vp early in the mornyng, & stande before Pharao and tel hym, thus sayeth the Lord God of the Hebrues: Let my people go, that they may serue me,
14 or els I wyll at this tyme send all my plages vpon thyne hert, and vpon thy seruantes, and on thy people, that thou maist knowe that there is none lyke me in all the earth.
15 For nowe I wyl stretch out my hand & wil smite the & thy people with pestelence: so that thou shalt perysh from the earth.
16 Yet in verye dede for this cause haue I sterred the vp, for to shewe my power in the and to declare my name thorow out al e worlde.
17 If it be so that thou stoppest my people that thou wylte not let them goo:
18 beholde, to morow this tyme I wyl send down a mighty great hayle: euen such one as was not in Egipt sence it was grounded vnto this time
19 Sende therefore and fette home thy beastes and all that thou hast in the feyld. For vpon all the men and beastes whyche are founde in the felde and not brought home, shall the haile fall and they shall dye.
20 And as manye as feared the worde of the Lorde among the Seruauntes of Pharao, made theyr seruauntes and theyr beastes flee to house:
21 and they that regarded not the word of the Lord lefte theyr seruauntes and theyr Beastes in the fyelde.
22 And the Lorde sayd vnto Moses: stretch forth thyne hand vnto heauen, that there maye be haile in al the land of Egypt: vpon man & beast, & vpon all the herbes of the fielde in the feld of Egypt.
23 And Moses stretched out his rodd vnto heauen, & the Lorde thondered and hayled, so that the fyre ran a longe vpon the ground And the Lord so hayled in the land of Egypt,
24 that there was hayle & fyre mingled with the hayle, so greauouse, that there was none suche in all the Lande of Egypte, sence people inhabited it.
25 And the hayle smote in the lande of Egypte al that was in the fyeld both man and beaste. And the hayle smote al the herbes of the field, and broke al the trees of the felde:
26 only in the land of Gosan wher the chyldrene of Israell were, was there no hayle.
27 And Pharao sent and called for Moses and Aaron, and sayed vnto them: I haue now synned, the Lord is ryghtuous, & I and my people are wicked.
28 Pray ye vnto the Lord, that the thonder of God & hayle may cease, and I wyll let you go, and ye shall tarye no lenger.
29 And Moyses sayd vnto hym: as sone as I am out of the city, I wyl sprede abrode my handes vnto the Lorde, and the thonder shal cease, neither shal there be any more hayle that thou mayste knowe howe that the earth is the Lordes.
30 But I know t thou & thy seruauntes yet feare not the Lorde God.
31 The flaxe and the barley were smitten for the barley was shot vp, & the flaxe was boulled:
32 but the wheat and the rye were not smytten for they were late sowne.
33 And Moses went out of the city from Pharao, and spread abrode hys handes vnto the Lord, and the thunder and hayle ceased, neither rayned it any more vpon the earth,
34 when Pharao sawe that the rayne and the hayle & thunder were ceased, he synned agayne and hardened his hert: both he and his seruantes.
35 So was the herte of Pharao hardened, that he wolde not let the children of Israel go, as the Lord had said by Moses.




1 The Lord sayed vnto Moses: go vnto Pharao: neuerthelesse I haue hardened hys herte, & the hertes of hys seruauntes, that I myght shew these my signes amongest them,
2 & that thou tell in the audience of thy sonne, & of thy sonnes sonne, the pageantes which I haue played in Egypt, and the miracles which I haue done among them: that ye may know how that I am the Lord.
3 Then Moses and Aaron went in vnto Pharao, and sayd vnto hym: Thus sayth the Lorde God of the Hebrues: howe longe shall it be or thou wylt submit thy selfe vnto me? Let my people go that they may serue me.
4 If thou wylt not lette my people go: beholde, to morrowe wyll I brynge greshoppers into thy lande,
5 and they shall couer the face of the earth that it can not be seene, and they shal eate the residue whiche remayneth vnto you and escaped the hayle: and they shall eate all youre grene trees vppon the feilde,
6 and they shall fyll thy houses, and all thy seruauntes houses, & the houses of al the Egyptyans after suche a maner: as nether thy fathers nor thi fathers fathers haue sene sence the tyme they were vpon the earth vnto thys day. And he turned him selfe about, and went out from Pharao.
7 And Pharaos seruauntes said vnto him: How long shal we be thus euyll entreated? Lette the men goo that they maye serue the Lord theyr God: wylte thou not yet knowe that Egypt is destroyed?
8 And then Moyses and Aaron were brought againe vnto Pharao, and he sayed vnto them: Goo and serue the Lorde youre God, but who are they that shall go?
9 And Moyses answered: we wyll go with yonge and olde: yea, & with our sonnes and with our daughters, and wyth our shepe & oxen must we go. For we must hold a feast vnto the Lorde.
10 And he sayd vnto them: let it be so? The Lorde be wyth you, should I lette you goo, and your chyldren also? Take hede, for ye haue some myschiefe in hande,
11 Nay not so: but go ye that are men and serue the Lorde, for that was your desyre. And they thruste them out of Pharaos presence.
12 And the Lord sayd vnto Moses: Stretch out thyne hande ouer the Lande of Egypte, for greshoppers, that they come vppon the Land of Egypt and eat all the herbes of the lande, and al that the hayle lefte vntouched.
13 And Moses stretched forth his rod ouer the Lande of Egypt, and the Lorde brought an east wynd vpon the Land, all that daye and all nyghte. And in the mornynge the Easte wynde brought the Greshoppers,
14 and the greshoppers wente vp ouer all the Land of Egypt and lyghted in all quarters of Egypte verye greuouslye: so that before theym were there no suche greshoppers, neither after them shal be.
15 And they couered all the face of the earth, so that the land was darke therwyth. And they ate all the herbes of the land and all the fruites of the trees whyche the haile had left: so that there was no grene thynge left in the trees & herbes of the felde, thorow all the land of Egypte.
16 Then Pharao, called for Moses & Aaron in haste & sayed: I haue synned agaynste the Lord your God and against you.
17 Forgyue me yet my sinne only thys once, & pray vnto the Lord your God that he may take away from me thys death onely.
18 And he went out from Pharao, & prayed vnto the Lord:
19 & the Lord turned the wynd into a myghty strong west wynde, & it toke away the greshoppers and cast them into the rede sea: so that ther was not one greshopper in all the coastes of Egypte.
20 But the Lorde hardened Pharaos herte, so that he woulde not lette the chyldren of Israell go.
21 And the Lord sayd vnto Moses: Stretch out thy hand vnto heauen, & let ther be darcknesse vpon the land of Egypt: euen that they may fele the darckenes.
22 And Moyses stretched forth hys hand vnto heauen, & ther was a thycke darckenes vpon al the land of Egipt .iij. dayes long,
23 so that no man sawe another neither rose vp from the place wher he was by the space of .iij. dayes, but al the chyldren of Israel had light wher they dwelled.
24 Then Pharao called for Moses & sayed: go and serue the Lord, onely let your shepe, & your oxen abyde, but let your children go wyth you.
25 And Moses answered: thou must giue vs also offeringes, & burntofferings for to sacrifyce vnto the Lord our God:
26 our catel therefore shall go with vs, and there shal not one hooffe be lefte behynde, for thereof muste we take to serue the Lorde oure God. Moreouer, we can not knowe wherewyth wee shall serue the Lorde, vntyl we come thyther.
27 But the Lord hardened Pharaos hert, so that he wold not let them go.
28 And Pharao said vnto him: get the from me, & take hede to thy selfe that thou se my face no more. For when so euer tou comest in my syghte, thou shalte dye.
29 And Moses sayd: Let it be as thou hast sayd: I wyl se thy face no more.




1 And the Lorde said vnto Moyses: yet wyl I bryng one plage more vpon Pharao, and vpon Egypt, & after that he wyll let you go hence. And when he letteth you go, he shal vtterly driue you hence
2 But byd the people, that euery man borowe of hys neyghboure, and euery womanne of hyr neyghboures, Iewels of siluer and iewels of golde.
3 And the Lorde gate the people fauour in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreouer Moses was very greate in the Lande of Egypt: both in the syght of Pharao & also in the syght of the people.
4 And Moses sayd: thus sayeth the Lorde: About mydnyght wyll I go oute amonge the Egiptians,
5 & all the first borne in the Land of Egypte shal dye: euen from the first borne of Pharao that sitteth on his seat, vnto the fyrst borne of the mayde seruaunte that is in the mylle, and al the firstborne of the cattell.
6 And there shalbe a great crye thorow out all the lande of Egypt: so that there was neuer none lyke nor shall be.
7 And amonge all the chyldren of Israel shal not a dogge moue his tonge, nor yet manne or beaste: that ye maye knowe howe the Lorde putteth a difference betwene the Egyptians & Israel.
8 And these thy seruauntes shall come downe vnto me, & fal before me and say: get the out & al the people that are vnder the, & then wyll I departe. And he wente out frome Pharao, in a great anger.
9 And the Lorde sayd vnto Moses: Pharao shall not regarde you, t many wonders may be wrought in the land of Egypt.
10 And Moses & Aaron dyd al these wonders before Pharao. But the Lord hardened Pharaos hert, so that he woulde not let the chyldren of Israel go out of hys Land.




1 And the lord spake vnto Moses & Aaron in the lande of Egipt saying:
2 This moneth shal be your chiefe moneth: euen of e fyrst moneth of the yeare shal it be vnto you.
3 Speake ye vnto all the felowshyp of Israell saying: That they take the .x. day of thys moneth to euery houshold a shepe.
4 If the houshold be to few for a shepe, then let hym & his neighboure that is next vnto his house, take accordynge to the numbre of the soules, & counte vnto a shepe accordynge to euery mans eatynge.
5 A shepe without spot & a male of one yere olde shal it be, and from amonge the lambes and the gootes shal ye take it.
6 And ye shall kepe hym in, vntyll the .xiiij. daye of the same moneth. And euery man of the multitude of Israel shal kyl hym aboute euen.
7 And they shall take of the bloud & strike it on the two side postes & on the vpperdore post of the houses, wherin they eate hym.
8 And they shal eate the flesh the same nyghte, rost with fyre and with vnleuended bread, & wt sowre herbes they shall eate it.
9 Se that ye eate not therof rawe ner soden in water, but rost with fyre: both the head, fete, & purtenance together.
10 And se that ye let nothyng of it remayne vnto the mornyng: yf ought remayne burne it wyth fyre.
11 Of thys maner shal ye eate it: with youre loynes gyrded, and shoes on youre fete, and your staues in your handes. And ye shal eate it in haste, for it is the Lordes passeouer,
12 for I wyl go aboute in the lande of Egypte thys same nyght, and wyl smyte al the fyrste borne in the lande of Egypte, both of man & beast, and vpon all the Goddes of Egypte wyl I the Lorde do execution.
13 And the bloud shall be vnto you a token vpon the houses wherin ye are, for when I se the bloude, I wyl passe ouer you, and the plage shal not be vpon you to destroye you, when I smyte the land of Egypte.
14 And thys daye shal be vnto you a remembraunce, & ye shall kepe it holy vnto the Lord: euen thorow out your generacions after you shal ye kepe it holy daye, that it be a custome for euer.
15 Seuen dayes shall ye eate vnleuended bread, so that euen the fyrst daye ye shall put awaye leuen out of youre housses. For whosoeuer eateth leuended bread from the fyrst day vntyl the .vij. day, that soule shal be plucked out from Israel.
16 The fyrste daye shalbe a holy feaste vnto you, & the .vij. also. There shall be no maner of worcke done in them, saue about that only which euery man must eate that only may ye do.
17 And se that ye kepe you to vnleuended bread. For vpon that same day I wyl brynge your armyes out of the lande of Egypte, therfore ye shal obserue thys day and al your children after you, that it be a custome for euer.
18 The fyrst moneth & the .xiiij. daye of the moneth at euen, ye shall eate swete breed vnto the .xxi. daye of the moneth at euen agayne.
19 Seuen dayes se t there be no leuended bread founde in your houses. For whosoeuer eateth leuended bread, that soule shalbe roted out from the multitude of Israel: whether he be a straunger or borne in the lande.
20 Therfore se that ye eate not leuended bread, but in all youre habitacions eate swete bread.
21 And Moses called for the elders of Israel & sayde vnto them: chose out & take to euerye housholde a shepe, & kyl passeouer.
22 And take a bunch of ysope, & dyppe it in the bloud that is in the basyn, and strycke it vpon the vpper poste & on the two syde postes, & se that none of you go out at the dore of hys house vntyll the mornyng.
23 For the Lord wyll goo aboute & smyte Egipte. And when he seyth the bloud vpon the vpper door poste & on the two syde postes, he wyl passe ouer the doore, & wyll not suffre the destroyer to come in to youre house to plage you.
24 Therfore se that thou obserue thys thyng, that it be an ordynaunce to the & thy sonnes for euer.
25 And when ye be come in to the land which the Lord wyl geue you accordyng as he hath promysed, se that ye kepe thys seruyce.
26 And when youre children axe you what maner of seruyce is thys ye do?
27 Ye shal say: it is the sacrifice of the Lordes passeouer, which passed ouer the houses of the chyldren of Israel in Egypte, as he smote the Egypcyans & saued oure houses. Than the people bowed them selues & worshypped.
28 And the chyldren of Israel went, and dyd as the Lord had commaunded Moses and Aaron.
29 And at mydnyght the Lorde smote all the fyrst borne in the land of Egypt: from the fyrst borne of Pharao that sat on his seat, vnto the fyrst borne of the captyue t was in presone, & all the fyrst borne of catell.
30 Than Pharao arose the same nyght & al hys seruauntes and al the Egypcians: & there was a great crieng thorow out Egypte, for there was no house where there was not one deed.
31 And he called vnto Moses and Aaron by nyghte sayinge: Ryse vp, & get you out from amonge my people: both ye & also the children of Israel, & go & serue the Lorde as ye haue sayd.
32 And take youre shepe and your oxen wt you as ye haue sayd, & departe & blesse me also.
33 And the Egipcians were ferce vpon the people, & made haste to send them oute of the land: for they sayd: we be al deed men.
34 And the people toke the dough before it was sowered whych they had in stoare, and bounde it in clothes, & put it vpon their shoulders.
35 And the chyldren of Israel dyd accordyng to the saying of Moses: and they borowed of the Egypcyans yewels of siluer, and yewels of gold, and rayment.
36 And the Lorde gat the people fauour in the syghte of the Egypcians: and so they borowed & robbed the Egypcyans.
37 Thus toke the children of Israel their yourneye from Rameses to Suchoth .vi. hundred thousand men of foote, besyde chyldren.
38 And moch comon people went also with them, and shepe, & oxen, & catell exceadyng moch.
39 And they baked swete cakes of the dough whych they broughte out of Egypte, for it was not sowered: because they were thrust oute of Egypte & coulde not tarye, nether had they prepared any other prouision of meate.
40 And the tyme of the dwellynge of the chyldren of Israel which they dwelled in Egyte, was .iiij. hundred & .xxx. yere.
41 And when the .iiij. hundred & .xxx. yeres were expyred, euen the selfe same daye departed all the hostes of the Lorde out of the lande of Egypt.
42 This is a nyght to be obserued to the Lorde, because he brought them out of the lande of Egypte. Thys is a nyghte of the Lorde to be kepte of al the chyldren of Israel and of their generacions after them.
43 And the Lord sayd vnto Moses & Aaron: thys is the maner of Passeouer; there shal no straunger eate therof,
44 but all the seruauntes that are bought for money shall ye cyrcumcyse, and then let them eate therof.
45 A straunger and a hyerd seruaunte shalnot eate therof.
46 In one house shal it be eaten. Ye shall carie none of the flesh out at the doores: more ouer se that ye breke not a bone therof.
47 All e multitude of the chyldren of Israel shall obserue it.
48 If a straunger dwel among you, and wyl holde Passeouer vnto the Lorde, let him circumcyse al that be males, and then let hym come and obserue it, and be taken as one that is borne in the lande. No vncircumcised person shal eate therof:
49 one maner of law shalbe vnto them that are borne in the lande, and vnto the straungers that dwell amonge you.
50 And al the chyldren of Israel dyd as e Lord commaunded Moses and Aaron.
51 And euen the self same daye dyd the Lorde brynge the chyldren of Israel out of the lande of Egypt wyth their armyes.




1 And the lord spake vnto Moses saying:
2 Sanctifie vnto me all e fyrst borne that open al maner matrices amonge the chyldren of Israel as wel of men as of beestes: for they are myne.
3 And Moses sayd vnto the people: thyncke on thys day in whych ye came out of Egypt & out of the house of bondage: for wt a mighty hand the Lord brought you out from thence. Se therfore that ye eate no leuended bread.
4 This day come ye out of Egypt in the moneth of Abid.
5 When the Lord hath brought the into the lande of the Cananytes, Hethites, Amorites Heuytes & Iebusites, whiche he sware vnto thy fathers that he wolde geue the a lande where in mylcke & hony floweth, then se that thou kepe this seruice in thys same moneth.
6 Seuen dayes thou shalt eate swete brede: & the .vij. day shal be feastfull vnto the Lorde.
7 Therfore thou shalt eate swete bread seuen dayes, & se t there be no leuended bread sene nor yet leuen among you in al your quarters.
8 And thou shalt shewe thy sonne at e tyme saying: this is done, because of that whiche e Lord did vnto me when I came out of Egypt.
9 Therfore it shall be a sygne vnto the vpon thyne hande a remembraunce betwene thyne eyes, that the Lordes lawe maye be in thy mouth. For with a stronge hande the Lord brought the out of Egypt,
10 se thou kepe therfore this ordynaunce in his season from yere to yere.
11 Moreouer when e Lord hath broughte the in to the lande of the Cananytes, as he hath sworne vnto the & to thy fathers, & hath geuen it the,
12 then thou shalt apoynt vnto the Lorde all that openeth the matryce, all the fyrst borne amonge the bestes which thou hast yf they be males.
13 And al the fyrst borne of the asses, thou shalt redeme wt a shepe: yf thou redeme hym not, then breake his necke. But al the fyrstborne amonge thy chyldren shalt thou bye out.
14 And when thy sonne axeth the in tyme to come saying: what is this? thou shalt say vnto him: with a myghty hand the Lord brought vs out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
15 And when Pharao was loth to let vs go, the Lord slewe all the fyrstborne in the lande of Egypte: as well the fyrst borne of men as of beastes. And therfore I sacrifice vnto e Lord al the males that open the matrice, but al the fyrst borne of my chyldren I must redeme.
16 And thys shalbe as a token in thyne hande, & as a thing hanged vp betwene thyne eyes: because the Lorde brought vs out of Egypte wyth a myghtye hande.
17 When Pharao had let the people go, God caried them not thorow the lande of the Philistines, though it were a nye waye. For God ayd: the people might happely repent when they se warre, & so turne agayne to Egypte:
18 therfore God led them aboute thorow the wildernesse that bordeth on the red sea. The children of Israel went harnessed out of the lande of Egypte.
19 And Moses toke the bones of Ioseph with him for he made the chyldren of Israel swere sayinge: God wyll surely vyset you, take my bones therfore awaye hence wt you.
20 And they toke their iourney from Sucoth: & pitched their tentes in Etham in the edge of the wyldernesse.
21 And the Lord went before them by daye in a pyler of a clowde to leade them the waye: and by nyghte in a pyler of fyre to geue them lyght: t they myght goo both by day and nyght.
22 And the pyler e cloude neuer departed by daye nor e pyler of fyre by nyght out of the peoples syght.




1 Than the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayinge:
2 byd the chyldren of Israel that they turne and pitch their tentes before the entrynge of Hiroth betwene Mygdole & the sea toward Baalzephon: euen before that shal ye pitch vpon the sea.
3 For Pharao wyll say of the children of Israel: they are tangled in the lande, the wyldernesse hath shut them in.
4 And I wyl harden his harte, that he shall folow after them, that I may get me honour vpon Pharao & vpon all his hoste, that the Egypcyans may knowe that I am the Lorde. And they dyd euen so.
5 And when it was tolde the kynge of Egypt that the people fled, than Pharaos harte and all hys seruauntes turned vnto the people & sayde: why haue we thys done that we haue let Israel goo out of oure seruice?
6 & he made ready hys charettes and toke hys people wt hym
7 and toke .vi. hundred chosen charettes & all the charettes of Egypte and captaynes vpon al hys people.
8 For the Lord hardened the harte of Pharao kynge of Egypt, that he folowed after the chyldren of Israel whyche for al that went oute thorow and hye hande
9 and the Egypcians folowed after them and ouertoke them where they pytched by e sea, wt all the horsses & charettes of Pharao & wt his horssemen & his hoste, euen fast by the entryng of Hiroth before Baall Zephon.
10 And Pharao drewe nye, & when the chyldren of Israel lyft vp their eyes & sawe howe the Egyptians folowed after them, they were sore a frayde & cryed out vnto the Lord.
11 Than sayde they vnto Moses? were there no graues for vs in Egypte, but thou muste brynge vs awaye for to dye in the wyldernesse? wherfore hast thou serued vs thus, for to carye vs out of Egypte?
12 Dyd not we tell the thys in Egypte sayinge, let vs be in rest & serue the Egypcians? For it had bene better for vs to haue serued the Egyptians, than for to dye in the wyldernesse.
13 And Moses sayde vnto the people: feare ye not but stonde styll and beholde howe the Lorde shall saue you thys daye: For as ye se the Egyptians thys daye, shall ye se them nomore for euer tyl the worldes ende.
14 The Lord shal fyghte for you and ye shal holde your peace.
15 The Lorde sayde vnto Moses: wherfore cryest thou vnto me? speake vnto the chyldren of Israel that they goo forwarde.
16 But lyfte thou vp thy rodd & stretch out thy hand ouer the sea and deuyde it a sondre, that the chyldren of Israel may goo on drye grounde thorow the myddest therof.
17 And beholde I wyl harden the hertes of the Egyptians that they maye folowe you. And I wyll gett me honoure vpon Pharao and vpon all hys hoste, vpon his charettes and vpon his horsse men.
18 And the Egyptians shal know that I am the Lord whan I haue gotten me honour vpon Pharao vpon his charettes and vpon his horssemen.
19 And the angell of God which went before the hoste of Israel, remoued & went behynde them. And the clouden pyler that was before them remoued & stode behinde them and
20 went betwene the hoste of the Egypcians & the host of Israel. It was a darke clowde, and gaue lyghte by nyghte: so that all the nyghte long the one coulde not come at the other.
21 When now Moses stretched forth hys hande ouer the sea, the Lorde caryed awaye the sea wt a stronge east wynde that blewe all nyghte, & made the sea drye land and the water deuyded it selfe.
22 And the chyldren of Israel went in thorow the myddest of the sea vpon the drye ground. And the water was a walle vnto them, both on their ryghthand & on their lefte hande.
23 And the Egiptians folowed and went in after them to the myddest of the sea, with all Pharaos horsses, & hys charettes & his horssemen.
24 And in the mornynge watch, the Lorde loked vnto the hoste of the Egyptians out of the fiery and clowdy pyller, and troubled their hoste
25 & smote of their charett wheles and cast them doune to the grounde. Than sayde the Egypcians: Let vs fle from Israel, for the Lord fyghteth for them agaynst vs.
26 Than sayd the Lord vnto Moses: stretch out thyne hande ouer the sea, that the water may come agayn vpon the Egypcians vpon their charettes and horssemen.
27 Than stretched forth Moses hys hande ouer the sea, & it came agayne to hys course early in the mornyng, & the Egypcians fledd agaynste it. Thus the Lorde ouerthrewe the Egypcians in the myddest of the sea,
28 & the water returned and couered the charettes and the horssemen: so that of all the hoste of Pharao that came in to the sea after them, there remayned not one.
29 But the chyldren of Israel went vpon drye lande in the myddest of the sea, & the water was a walle vnto them: both on the ryghte hande of them and also on the lefte.
30 Thus the Lord delyuered Israel the self same day out of the hande of the Egypcians, and Israel sawe the Egypcians deade vpon the sea syde.
31 And when Israel sawe that myghty hande which the Lorde had shewed vpon the Egypcians they feared the Lorde: & beleued both the Lorde, and also hys seruaunte Moses.




1 Then Moses and the chyldren of Israel sange thys songe vnto e Lord & sayd. Let vs synge vnto the Lorde, for he is become gloryous, e horsse & hym that rode vpon him hath he ouerthrowne in the sea.
2 The Lorde is my strength & my songe, and is become my saluacion. He is my God and I wyll glorifie hym, he is my fathers God and I wyll lyfte hym vp an hye.
3 The Lorde is a man of warre Iehouah is hys name:
4 Pharaos charettes and his hoste hath he cast in to the sea. Hys iolye captaynes are drowned in the redde sea,
5 the depe waters haue couered them: they soncke to the botome as a stone.
6 Thyne hand Lorde is glorious in power, thyne hand Lord hath all to dashed the enemye.
7 And wyth thy greate glorye thou haste destroyed thyne aduersaries, thou sentest forth thy wrath and it consumed them, euen as stubbell.
8 Wyth the breth of thyne anger the water gathered to gether and the floddes stode styl as a rocke, and the depe water congeled to gether in the myddest of the sea.
9 The enemye sayd: I wyl folowe and ouertake them, & wyll deuyde the spoyle: I wyll satysfye my lust vpon them: I wyll drawe my swerde, & myne hande shal destroy them.
10 Thou bluest with thy breth & the sea couered them, & they sancke as leed in the mighty waters.
11 Who is lyke vnto the O Lorde amonge goddes: who is lyke the so gloryous in holynes, fearfull, laudable & that shewest wondres?
12 Thou stretchedest out thy ryght hande, and the erth swalowed them.
13 And thou cariedest wyth thy mercye this people which thou delyueredest, & broughtest them wyth thy strength vnto thy holy habitacion.
14 The nacions heard, & were afrayed, panges came vpon the Phylystines.
15 Than the dukes of the Edomytes were amased, and tremblyng came vpon the myghtiest of the Moabytes, & al the inhabiters of Canaan waxed faynte harted.
16 Let feare and dreade fall vpon them thorow the greatnesse of thyne arme, & let them be as styll as a stone: whyle thy people passe thorow o Lord, whyle the people passe thorowe, whych thou hast gotten.
17 Brynge them in, & plante them in the mountayns of thyne enherytaunce, the place Lorde whych thou hast made for to dwell in, the sanctuary Lord, which thy handes haue prepared.
18 The Lorde raygne euer & all waye.
19 For Pharao went in on horsebacke with hys charettes & horssemen in to the sea, and the Lord brought the waters of the sea vpon them. And the chyldren of Israel went on drye lande thorow the myddest of the sea.
20 And MirIam a Prophetisse the syster of Aaron toke a tymbrell in her hand, & all the woman came out after her with tymbrels in a daunse.
21 And MirIam sange before them: Synge ye vnto the Lord, for he is become glorious in deade: the horsse and his ryder hath he ouerthrowne in the sea.
22 Moses brought Israell from the redd sea, and they went out into the wyldernesse of Sur. And they went thre dayes longe in the wyldernesse, and coulde fynde no water.
23 At the laste they came to Mara: but they coulde not dryncke of the waters for bytternesse, for they were bitter, therfore the name of the place was called Mara.
24 Then the people murmured agaynst Moses, sayinge: What shall we dryncke?
25 And Moses cried vnto the Lorde, and he shewed hym a tree: and he cast it in to the waters, and they waxed swete. There he made them an ordinaunce & a law & there he tempted them,
26 & sayde: If ye wyll herken vnto the voyce of the Lord your god, & wyl do that which is ryght in his syght & wyl geue an eare vnto hys commaundementes, and kepe all hys ordynaunces: than wyll I put none of these diseases vpon the whych I brought vpon the Egypcyans, for I am the Lord thy surgione.
27 (16:1) And they came to Elim where were .xij. welles of water & .lxx. date trees & they pytched there by the water.




1 (16:2) And they toke theyr iourney from Elim, & all the hole company of the chyldren of Israel came to the wyldernesse of Sin, which lyeth betwene Elim and Sinay: e .xv. day of the .ij. moneth after that they were come out of the lande of Egypte.
2 (16:3) And the hole multitude of the chyldren of Israel murmured agaynst Moses & Aaron in the wyldernesse,
3 (16:4) & sayd vnto them: wolde to God we had dyed by the hand of the Lorde in the lande of Egypte, when we sat by the fleshpottes, & eate bred our belyes ful, for ye haue brought vs out into this wyldernesse to kyl thys holy multitude for honger.
4 (16:5) Than sayd the Lord vnto Moses: behold I wyl rayne bred from heauen doune to you, & let the people go out, & gather day by daye that I maye proue them whether they wyll walke in my lawe or no.
5 (16:6) The .vi. day let them prepare that which they wyll brynge in, and let it be twyse as moche as they gather in dayly.
6 (16:7) And Moses & Aaron sayd vnto al the chyldren of Israel: at euen ye shal know that it is the Lorde, whych broughte you oute of the lande of Egypte,
7 (16:8) and in the mornyng ye shal se the glorye of the Lorde: because he hath hearde youre grudgynges agaynst the Lorde: for what are we t ye shuld murmure agaynst vs.
8 (16:9) And moreouer spake Moses. At euen the Lord wil geue you flesh to eate, and in the mornynge bread ynough, because the Lord hath hearde youre murmure which ye murmur against him: for what are we? your murmuryng is not agaynst vs, but agaynst the Lorde.
9 (16:10) And Moses spake vnto Aaron: Saye vnto al the company of the children of Israel, come forth before e Lord: for he hath hearde your grudgynges.
10 (16:11) And as Aaron spake vnto the hole multitude of the chyldren of Israel, they loked toward the wyldernesse: & behold, the glorye of the Lord apeared in a clowde.
11 (16:12) And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saying:
12 (16:13) I haue heard the murmuring of e chyldren of Israel, tel them therfore & say that at euen they shall eate flesh, & in the mornyng they shall be fylled wyth bred, & ye shall knowe that I am e Lorde youre God.
13 (16:14) And at euen the quayles came and couered the grounde where they laye. And in the mornyng the dewe lay round about the hoste.
14 (16:15) And when the dewe was fallen: behold it laye vpon the grounde in e wyldernesse, small and round and thynne as the hore frost on the grounde.
15 (16:16) When the children of Israel sawe it they sayde one to another: what is this? For they wyst not what it was. And Moses sayd: this is the bread which the Lord hath geuen you to eate.
16 (16:17) Thys is the thyng whych the Lord hath commaunded, that ye gather euery man ynough for hym to eate: a gomer full for a man accordynge to the uombre of you, and gather euery man for them whyche are in hys tente.
17 (16:18) And the children of Israel dyd euen so, and gathered some more some lesse,
18 (16:19) & dyd mete it with a gomer. And vnto him that had gathered moche remayned no thynge ouer, & vnto hym t had gathered lytle was ther no lacke: but euery man had gathered sufficient for his eating.
19 (16:20) And Moses sayde vnto them: Se that no man let oughte remayne of it tyl the mornyng.
20 (16:21) Not withstandyng they harkened not vnto Moses: but some of them lefte of it vntyl the mornyng, & it waxte ful of wormes & stancke, & Moses was angry with them.
21 (16:22) And they gathered it al morninges: euery man as moche as suffysed for his eating, for as soone as the hete of the sonne came it moulte.
22 (16:23) And the .vi. daye they gathered twise so moch bred .ij. gomers for one man: & e ruelars of the multitude came & tolde Moses.
23 (16:24) And he sayde vnto them: this is that whych the Lorde hath sayde: to morowe is the Saboth of the holy rest of the Lord: bake that which ye wyl bake & sethe that ye wyll sethe, & that whych remayneth laye vp for you, & kepe it tyl the mornynge.
24 (16:25) And they layde it vp tyll the mornyng as Moses bade, and it stancke not, nether was there any wormes therin.
25 (16:26) And Moses sayd: that eate thys daye: for to day it is the Lordes Saboth: to day ye shall fynde none in the feld.
26 (16:27) Sixe dayes ye shal gather it, for the .vij. is the Saboth: there shalbe none therin.
27 (16:28) Notwithstanding there went out of e people in the seuenth day for to gather: but they founde none.
28 (16:29) Then the Lorde said vnto Moses: how long shall it be yer ye wyl kepe my commaundementes & lawes?
29 (16:30) Se because the Lord hath geuen you a Saboth, therfore he geueth you the syxte daye bred for twoo dayes. Byde therfore euery man at home, & let no man go out of hys place the seuenth day.
30 (16:31) And the people rested the seuenth daye.
31 (16:32) And the housse of Israel called it Man. And it was lyke vnto Coriander seede, & whyte, & the taste of it was lyke vnto wafers made wyth hony.
32 (16:33) And Moses sayde: thys is that which the Lord commaundeth: fyll a Gomor of it, that it may be kept for youre chyldren after you: t they may se the bred wherwyth he fedd you in wildernesse, when he had brought you out of the land of Egypt.
33 (16:34) And Moses spake vnto Aaron: take a cruse & put a Gomer full of Man therin, and laye it vp before the Lorde to be kept for youre chyldren after you,
34 (16:35) as the Lorde commaunded Moses. And Aaron layde it vp before the testymonye there to be kept.
35 (16:36) And the chyldren of Israell ate man .xl. yere vntyll they came vnto a lande inhabited. And so they ate Man, euen vntyl they came vnto the borders of the lande of Canaan.
36 (16:37) And a Gomor is the tenth parte of an Epha.




1 And al the company of the children of Israel went on their iourneys from the wildernesse of Sin at the commaundement of the Lorde, & pytched in Raphidim: where was no water for the people to dryncke.
2 And the people chode wyth Moses and sayde: geue vs water to drynke. And Moses sayde vnto them: why chyde ye wyth me, and wherfore do ye tempte the Lord?
3 There the people thyrsted for water, and murmured agaynst Moses & sayde: wherfore hast thou brought vs out of Egypte, to kyll vs and oure chyldren & oure catel with thyrste?
4 And Moses cryed vnto the Lord sayinge what shall I do vnto this people? they be all most redye to stone me.
5 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: go before the people, and take wyth the of the elders of Israell: and thy rodd wherwyth thou smotest the ryuer take in thyne hande and go.
6 Beholde, I wyl stande there before the vpon a rocke in Horeb: and thou shalt smyte the rocke, and there shall come water out therof, that the people may drynke. And Moses dyd euen so before the elders of Israel.
7 And he called the name of the place: Massa and Meriba: because of the chydynge of the children of Israel, and because they tempted the Lorde saynge: is the Lorde amog vs or not?
8 Then came Amelech and fought with Israel Raphidim.
9 And Moises sayde vnto Iosua: chose out men and goo fighte wt Amelech. Tomorow I wil stonde on the toppe of the hyll and the rood of God in myne hand.
10 And Iosua dyd as Moses bade hym, and foughte with the Amelechites. And Moses, Aaron and Hur went vp to the toppe of the hyll.
11 And when Moses helde vp his hande, Israel had the better. And when he lete hys hande doune, Amelech had the better.
12 When Moses handes were weery, they toke a stone & put it vnder hym, and he satte downe thereon. And Aaron and Hur stayed vp hys handes, the one on the one syde, and the other on the other syde. And hys handes were steady vntill the sunne was downe.
13 And Iosua discomfyted Amelech and his people with the edge of the swerde.
14 And the Lorde sayed vnto Moses, write thys for a remembraunce in a boke and tell it vnto Iosua, for I wyll put out the remembraunce of Amelech from vnder heauen.
15 And Moses made an aulter and called the name of it Iehouah Nissi,
16 for he sayed: the hande is on the seate of the Lorde, that the Lorde wyll haue warre wyth Amelech thorow out all generations.




1 Iethro the prieste of Madian, Moses father in lawe hearde of al that god had done to Moses & to Israel hys people, how t the Lord had brought Israel out of Egipt.
2 And he toke Ziphora Moses wyfe, after she was sent backe,
3 and hir two sonnes, of whyche the one was called Gerson, for he sayed: I haue bene an aliente in a straunge land.
4 And the other was called Eliesar: for the God of my father was myne helpe and deliuered me from the swerde of Pharao.
5 Aod Iethro Moses father in lawe came wyth hys two sonnes and hys wyfe vnto Moses into the wyldernes: where he had pytched hys tent by the mount of God.
6 And he sent word to Moses: I thy father in lawe Iethro am come to the, & thy wife also & hir .ij. sonnes with hyr.
7 And Moses wente out to mete hys father in lawe and did obeisaunce and kissed him, and they saluted eche other & came into the tent.
8 And Moses tolde his father in lawe al that the Lord had done vnto Pharao & to the Egiptians for Israels sake, and all the trauayle that had happened them by the way, and how the Lord had deliuered them.
9 And Iethro reioysed ouer all the good which the Lorde had done to Israell, & bicause he had deliuered them out of the handes of the Egyptians.
10 And Iethro saied: blessed be the Lord whyche hath deliuered you oute of the hand of the Egyptians and out of the hand of Pharao, whych hath deliuered hys people from vnder the power of the Egiptians
11 Now I knowe that the Lord is greater then al Gods, for bicause that they dealt proudly with them.
12 And Iethro Moses father in lawe offered burnte offerynges and sacrifices vnto God. And Aaron and all the elders of Israell came to eate bread with Moses father in lawe before God.
13 And it chaunced on the morow that Moses satt to iudge the people, & e people stode about Moses from morninge vnto euen.
14 When his father in law sawe all that he did vnto the people, he sayde: what is this that thou doest vnto the people? why sittest thou thy self & lettest all the people stonde aboute the from mornynge vnto euen?
15 And Moses sayd vnto his father in lawe: because the people came vnto me to seke counsayll of God.
16 For when they haue a matter, thei come vnto me, and I must iudge betwene euery man & his neyghboure, & must shew them the ordinaunces of God and hys lawes.
17 And his father in lawe sayde vnto him: it is not wel that thou doest.
18 Thou doest vnwisely & also this people t is with the: because the thinge is to greuous for the & thou arte not able to do it thy selfe alone.
19 But heare my voyce, and I will geue the counsayl, and God shalbe with the. Be thou vnto the people to Godward, and bryng the causes vnto God
20 and prouide them ordinaunces & lawes, and shewe them the waye wherin they must walke and the workes that they must do.
21 Moreouer seke oute amonge all the people, men of actiuitie which feare God and men that are true and hate coueteousnes: & make them heades ouer the people, captaines ouer thousandes, ouer hundredes, ouer fifty & ouer ten.
22 And let them iudge e people at all seasons: If there be any great matter let theym bringe that vnto the, & let them iudge al smal causes them selfes, & ease thy selfe & let them bere with e.
23 If thou shalt do this thing, then thou shalt be able to endure that which God chargeth the with all, & all this people shall go to their places quietly.
24 And Moses hearde the voyce of his father in lawe, and dyd all that he had sayd,
25 & chose actyue men out of all Israel and made them heades ouer e people, captaynes ouer thousandes, ouer hundreds, ouer fiftye and ouer ten.
26 And thei iudged the people at all seasons, & brought the harde causes vnto Moyses: & iudged all small matters them selfes.
27 And than Moses let hys father in lawe departe, and he went into his owne lande.




1 The thyrd moneth after the children of Israel were gone out of Egipt: the same daye they came into the wildernesse of Sinai.
2 For they were departed from Raphidim, & were come to the desert of Sinai, and had pitched their tentes in the wildernesse. And there Israell pitched before the mounte.
3 And Moses went vp vnto God. And the Lorde called to hym out of the mountayn, sayinge: thus saye vnto the house of Iacob, & tell the chyldren of Israel:
4 ye haue sene what I dyd vnto the Egipcians & how I toke you vp vpon Egles wynges, & haue brought you vnto my self.
5 Now therefore if ye will heare my voyce & kepe myne apoyntement: ye shall be myne owne aboue al nacions, for all e erth is myne.
6 Ye shalbe vnto me a kyngdome of priestes & an holy people: these are e wordes which u shalt say vnto the children of Israel.
7 And Moses came & called for the elders of Israel, & layde before them all these wordes which the Lord had commaunded hym.
8 And the people aunswered altogether and sayde: All that the Lorde hath sayde, we will do. And Moses brought the wordes of the people vnto the Lorde.
9 And the Lord sayde vnto Moses: Lo, I will come vnto the in a thycke cloude, that the people maye heare when I talke with the, and also beleue the for euer. And Moses shewed the wordes of the people vnto the Lorde.
10 And the Lord sayde vnto Moses: Go vnto the people & sanctifye them to daye & to morow, & let them washe their clothes:
11 that they waye be redy agaynste the thyrde daye. For the thyrd day the Lord will come doune in the sighte of all the people vppon mounte Synai.
12 And set markes rounde aboute the people & saye: beware that ye go not vp into the mounte, & that ye touche not the borders of it, for whosoeuer toucheth the mounte, shall surely dye.
13 There shall not an hande touch it, but that he shall eyther be stoned or els that thorow: whether it be beast or man, it shall not lyue, when the horne bloweth: than let them come vp into the mountayn.
14 And Moses went doune from the mount vnto the people and sanctified them, & they wasshed their clothes:
15 And he sayde vnto the people: be redye against the thyrde daye, & se that ye come not at youre wyues.
16 And the thyrde daye in the mornyng there was thunder, & lightening & a thicke cloude vpon the mounte, & the voice of the horne waxed exceadynge loude, & all the people that was in the hoste was afrayed.
17 And Moses brought the people out of the tentes to mete with God, & they stode vnder the hyll.
18 And mounte Sinai was altogether on a smoke: because the Lorde descended doune vpon it in fyre. And the smoke therof ascended vp, as it had bene the smoke of a kylle, & all the mount was exceadyng fearfull.
19 And the voyce of the horne blewe & waxed louder & louder. Moses spake, & God aunswered hym and that with a voyce.
20 And the Lorde came doune vpon mounte Sinai, euen in the toppe of the hyll, and called Moyses vp into the toppe of the hyll. And Moyses went vp.
21 And the Lord sayd vnto Moses: go doune & charge the people that they prease not vp vnto the Lorde for to se hym, & so many of them perish.
22 And let e priestes also which come to the Lordes presence sanctifye them selfes: lest the Lord smyte them.
23 Then Moses sayd vnto the Lord: the people can not come vp into the mounte Sinai, for thou chargedest vs saying: set markes about the hyll, & sanctifie it.
24 And the Lorde sayde vnto hym: awaye, & get the doune: & come vp both thou & Aaron with the. But let not the priestes & the people presume for to come vp vnto the Lorde: lest he smyte them.
25 And Moyses went donne vnto the people, and tolde them.




1 And God spake all these woordes & sayd:
2 I am the Lorde thy God, which haue brought the out of the lande of Egipte and out of the house of bondage.
3 Thou shalt haue none other Goddes in my sight.
4 Thou shalt make the no grauen ymage neyther any similitude t is in heauen aboue either in the earth beneth, or in the water that is beneth e earth.
5 Se that thou neither bowe thy self vnto them neither serue them: for I the Lord thy God, am a gelouse God, & viset the synne of the fathers vppon the chyldren vnto the thyrd and fourth generacion of them that hate me:
6 and yet shew mercy vnto thousandes among them that loue me and kepe my commaundementes.
7 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vayne, for the Lord wil not hold him giltlesse that taketh his name in vayne.
8 Remembre the Sabbath daye that thou sanctifie it.
9 Sixe dayes mayst thou laboure and do all that thou hast to do:
10 but the seuenth day is the Sabbath daye of the Lord thy God, in it thou shalt do no maner worke: nether thou nor thy sonne, nor thy doughter, neither thy man seruaunte nor thy mayde seruaunt, neither thy cattel neither yet the straunger that is within thy gates.
11 For in sixe dayes e Lord made both heauen & earth & the sea & all that in them is and rested the seuenth day: wherfore the Lord blessed the Sabbath daye and halowed it.
12 Honour thy father & thy mother, that thy dayes may be longe in the lande which the Lorde thy God geueth the.
13 Thou shalt not kyll.
14 Thou shalt not breake wedlocke.
15 Thou shalt not steale.
16 Thou shalte beare no false witnesse agaynst thy neyghboure.
17 Thou shalt not couet thy neighbours house neither shalt couet thy neighbours wyfe, his man seruaunt, his mayde, his oxe, his asse or oughte that is hys.
18 And all the people sawe the thunder & the lighteninge & the noyse of the horne, & howe the mountayne smoked. And when the people sawe it, they remoued & stode a ferre of
19 and sayde vnto Moyses: talke thou with vs & we wil heare but let not God talke with vs lest we dye.
20 And Moses sayd vnto e people fear not, for God is come to proue you, & that his feare maye be among you that ye sinne not.
21 And the people stode a farre of, & Moses went into the thicke cloude where God was
22 And the Lord sayde vnto Moses: thus thou shalt saye vnto the children of Israel: Ye haue sene how that I haue talked with you from out of heauen.
23 Ye shal not make therfore with me goddes of syluer nor goddes of golde: in no wise shal ye do it.
24 An aulter of erth thou shalte make vnto me and thereon offer thy burntofferynges & thy peace offeringes, and thy shepe and thyne oxen. And in all places where I shall put the remembraunce of my name, thither I will come vnto the & blesse the.
25 But and if thou wilt make me an aulter of stone, se thou make it not of hewed stone, for if thou lift vp thy tole vpon it, thou shalt polute it.
26 Moreouer thou shalt not go vp wt steppes vnto myne aulter, that thy nakednesse be not shewed thereon.




1 These are the lawes whyche thou shalt set before the.
2 If thou bye a seruaunt that is an Hebrue, sixe yeres he shall serue, & the seuenth he shal go out fre payng nothing.
3 If he came alone, he shal go out alone: If he came maried, his wyfe shal goo out with him.
4 And if his master haue geuen him a wyfe & she haue born him sonnes or doughters: then e wife & her children shalbe her masters & he shall goo out alone.
5 But & if e seruaunt say I loue my master & my wife & my children, I wil not go out fre.
6 Then let his master bring him vnto e Goddes and sette hym to the doore or the dorepost & bore his eare thorow with a naule and let hym be his seruaunte for euer.
7 If a man sell his doughter to be a seruaunt she shal not go out as the men seruauntes doo.
8 If she please not her master, so that he hath geue her to no man to wife, then shal he let her go fre: to sell her vnto a straunge nacion shall he haue no power, because he despysed her.
9 If he haue promised her vnto his son to wife, he shal deale with her as men do with their doughters.
10 If he take him another wife yet her fode, rayment and dutye of mariage shall he not mynyshe.
11 If he do not these thre vnto her, then shal she goo oute fre and paye no money.
12 He that smiteth a man that he dye shalbe slain for it.
13 If a man laie not awayt but God delyuer him into his hand, then I wyll poynte the a place whether he shall fle.
14 If a man come presumpteously vpon his neyghboure and slea him with gile, thou shalt take him fro myne aulter that he dye.
15 And he that smyteth hys father or his mother, shall dye for it.
16 He that stealeth a man & selleth him (if it be proued vpon hym) shalbe slayne for it,
17 And he that curseth his father or mother, shalbe put to death for it.
18 If men striue together and one smyte another with a stone or with hys fyste, so that he dye not, but lieth in bedde:
19 if he ryse agayne and walke withoute vpon hys staffe then shall he that smote hym go quyte: saue only he shall bere his charges whyle he laie in bedde & pay for his healing.
20 If a man smyte his seruaunt or hys mayde with a staffe that they dye vnder his hand, it shalbe auenged.
21 But & if they continue a daye or two, it shall not be auenged for they are his money.
22 When men stryue & smyte a woman with chylde so that her frute departe from her and yet no misfortune foloweth: then shal he be mersed, according as the womans husband will laye to his charge, & he shall paye as e dayes men appoynte hym.
23 But and if any misfortune folow, then shall he pay lyfe for lyfe,
24 eye for eye, toth for toth, hande, for hande, fote for fote,
25 burnyng for burnynge, wounde for wounde, and strype for strype.
26 If a man smite his seruaunt or his mayde in the eye & put it out, he shal let them go fre for the eyes sake.
27 Also if he smyte out his seruauntes or his maydes toth, he shal let them go out fre for the tothes sake.
28 If an oxe gore a man or a woman that thei dye, then the oxe shalbe stoned, & hys flesh shall not be eaten: and hys master shall go quyte.
29 If the oxe were wont to runne at men in tyme past & it hath bene tolde hys master, & he hath not kept hym, but that he hath killed a man or a woman: then the oxe shalbe stoned and hys master shall dye also.
30 If he be set to a summe of money, then he shall geue for the deliueraunce of hys lyfe, accordynge to all that is put vnto hym.
31 And whether he hath gored a sonne or a doughter, he shalbe serued after the same maner.
32 But if it be a seruaunte or a mayde that the oxe hathe gored, then he shall geue vnto their master the summe of .xxx. siccles, and the oxe shall be stoned.
33 If a man open a welle, or dygge a pytte, and couer it not, but that an oxe or an asse fal therein,
34 the owner of the pytte shall make it good and geue money vnto their master, and the dead beast shalbe hys.
35 If one mans oxe hurte anothers that he dye, then they shal sell the lyue oxe & deuyde the money, & the dead oxe also they shall deuide.
36 But & if it be knowen that the oxe hathe vsed to pusshe in tymes past, then because his master hath not kept hym, he shall paye oxe for oxe, and the dead shalbe hys owne.




1 If a man steale an oxe or shepe & kylle it or selle it, he shall restore .v. oxen for an oxe, & .iiij. shepe for a shepe.
2 If a thefe be founde breakynge vp & be smytten that he dye, there shal no bloude be shed for hym:
3 excepte the sunne be vp when he is founde, then there shalbe bloude shed for hym. A thefe shall make restitucion: If he haue not wherwith, he shalbe solde for hys thefte.
4 If the theft be founde in his hande alyue (whether it be oxe, asse or shepe) he shall restore double.
5 If a man do hurt felde or vyneyarde so that he put in his beast to fede in another mans felde: of the beste of hys owne felde, & of the best of his owne vyneyarde, shall he make restitucion.
6 If fyre breake out & catch in the thornes, so that the stakes of corne or the standynge corne or felde be consumed therwith: he that kyndled the fyre shall make restitucion.
7 If a man deliuer his neyghboure money or stuffe to kepe, & it be stolen out of his house: If the thefe be founde, he shal pay double.
8 If the thefe be not founde, then the goodman of the house shalbe broughte vnto the goddes & swere, whether he haue put hys hande vnto hys neyghboures good.
9 And in al maner of trespace, whether it be oxe, asse, shepe, raymente or any maner loste thyng whiche another chalengeth to be hys, the cause of bothe parties shall come before the goddes. And whom the goddes condemne: e same shall paye double vnto his neyghbour.
10 If a man delyuer vnto his neighbour to kepe, asse, oxe, shepe or what so euer beaste it be and it dye or be hurte or dryuen awaie and no man se it;
11 then shall an othe of the Lord goo betwene them, whether he haue put hys hand vnto his neyghbours good: & the owner of it shall take the othe, and the other shal not make it good:
12 If it be stollen from him, then he shall make restitution vnto the owner:
13 If it be torne with wylde beastes, then let hym brynge recorde of the terynge: & he shall not make it good.
14 When a man boroweth ought of his neighbour if it be hurte or els dye, and if the owner thereof be not by, he shall make it good:
15 If the owner thereof be by, he shall not make it good namelye if it be an hyred thyng and came for hyre.
16 If a man begyle a mayde that is not betrouthed and lie with her, he shall endote her and take her to his wyfe:
17 If hir father refuse to geue her vnto hym, he shall paye moneye accordynge to the dowrye of virgyns.
18 Thou shalte not suffer a wytche to lyue.
19 Whosoeuer lyeth with a beast, shalbe slayne for it.
20 He that offereth vnto any goddes saue vnto the Lord only, let him die without redemption
21 Vexe not a straunger nether opresse hym for ye were strangers in the land of Egipt
22 Ye shal trouble no widdowe nor fatherlesse chylde:
23 If ye shall trouble them: they shall crye vnto me, and I wyll surelye heare their crye
24 and then wyl my wrath waxe hote and I wyl kil you with the sweard, and your wiues shalbe widdowes and your chyldren fatherlesse.
25 If thou lende money to any of my people that is poore by the, thou shalte not be as an vsurer vnto him, nether shalt oppresse him wt vsurye.
26 If u take thy neyghboures rayment to pledge, that thou delyuer it vnto him agayne by that the sunne go downe.
27 For that is hys couerlet onely: euen the raymente for his skynne wherein he slepeth: or els he wyll crye vnto me and I wyl heare him, for I am mercyfull.
28 Thou shalt not rayle vpon the goddes, nether cursse the ruler of thy people.
29 Thy frutyes (whether they be drye or moyste) se thou kepe not backe. Thy firste borne sonne thou shalte geue me:
30 lykewyse shalte thou do of thyne oxen and of thy shepe Seuen dayes it shall be wyth the dame, and the .viij. daye thou shalte geue it me.
31 Ye shall be holye people vnto me, and therefore shall ye eate no fleshe that is torne of beastes in the felde. But shall caste it to dogges.




1 Thou shalt not accepte a vayne tale, nether shalt put thine hand wyth the wycked to be an vnryghteous wytnesse.
2 Thou shalt not folowe a multitude to do euell: neyther answere in a matter of plea that thou (wouldest to folow manye) turne asyde from the trueth,
3 neither shalt thou paint a pore mans cause.
4 When thou metest thine enemies oxe or asse goynge a straye, thou shalt brynge them to him agayne.
5 If thou se thine enemies asse synke vnder his burthen, thou shalt not passe by and let him alone: but shalt helpe hym to lyfte hym vp againe.
6 Thou shalt not hinder the right of e poore that are amonge you in their sute.
7 Kepe the ferre from a false matter, and the Innocente and righteous se thou sley not, for I wil not iustify the wicked.
8 Thou shalt take no gyftes, for gyftes blynd the seynge and peruerte the wordes of the ryghteous.
9 Thou shalt not oppresse a straunger, for I knowe the herte of a straunger, because ye were straungers in Egypt.
10 Sixe yeres thou shalt sowe thy land and gather in the frutes therof:
11 & the seuenth yere thou shalt let it rest and lye styl, that the poore of thy people may eate, and what they leaue, the beastes of the felde shall eate: In lyke maner thou shalt do wyth thy vineyard and thine oliue tres.
12 Sixe dayes thou shalt do thy worcke and the seuenth daye thou shalt kepe holye daye, that thyne oxe and thyne asse maye reste and the sonne of thy maide and the stranger may be refreshed.
13 And in all thinges t I haue said vnto you be circumspecte. And make no rehersall of the names of straunge goddes, nether let anye man heare them oute of youre mouthes.
14 Thre feastes thou shalt holde vnto me in a yere,
15 Thou shalt kepe the feaste of swete bread t thou eate vnleuened bread .vij. dayes longe, as I commaunded the in the tyme appoynted of the moneth of Abyb, for in that moneth thou camest out of Egypte: and se that no man apeare before me emptye.
16 And the feaste of Heruest, when thou reapeste the fyrst frutes of thy laboures whych thou hast sowne in the felde. And the feast of ingatherynge, in the ende of the yere when thou haste gathered in thye laboures oute of the felde.
17 Thre tymes in a yere shall all thye menchyldren appere before the Lord Iehouah.
18 Thou shalt not offer e bloude of my sacrifyce wt leuended bread: nether shal the fat of my feast remayne vntyl the mornynge.
19 The first of the firstfrutes of thy lande thou shalt brynge into the house of the Lorde thye God thou shalt also not sethe a kydd in his mothers mylke.
20 Beholde, I sende myne aungel before the to kepe the in the waye, & to bryng the into e place whych I haue prepared.
21 Beware of him & heare his voice and angre him not: for he will not spare youre mysdedes, yea, and my name is in hym.
22 But & if thou shalt herken vnto hys voyce & kepe all that I shal tel the, then I wilbe an enemy vnto thyne enemies and an aduersary vnto thine aduersaries.
23 When myne aungel goeth before the & hath brought the in vnto the Amorites, Hethithes, Pherezites, Cananites, Heuites and Iebusites & I shall haue destroyed them,
24 se thou worship not their goddes neyther serue them, neither do after the workes of them but ouerthrowe them & breake doune the places of them.
25 And se that ye serue the Lord youre God, & he shall blesse thy bread & thy water and I will take all sickenesses awaye from amonge you.
26 Moreouer there shalbe no woman chyldlesse or vnfrutefull in thy lande, & the numbre of thy wayes I will fulfyll.
27 I wil sende my feare before the and will kill all the people whether thou shalt go. And I will make all thyne enemies turne their backes vnto the,
28 & I will sende hornettes before the, & they shall driue out of the Heuites, the Cananites & the Hethites before the.
29 I will not cast them out in one yere, lest the lande growe to a wildernesse: & the beastes of the felde multeplye vpon the.
30 But a litle & a litle I wil dryue them out before the, vntyll thou be increased that thou mayst enheret the lande.
31 And I wil make thy costes from the red sea vnto the sea of e Philistines and from the deserte vnto the ryuer. I wil deliuer the inhabiters of the lande into thyne hande, & thou shalt dryue them out before the.
32 And thou shalte make none appoyntment with them nor with their goddes.
33 Neither shall they dwel in thy lande, lest they make the sinne agaynste me: for if thou serue their goddes it will surely be thy decaye.




1 And he sayde vnto Moses: come vnto the Lord: both thou & Aaron, Nadab & Abihu, & the .lxx. elders of Israel, and worship afarre of.
2 And Moyses went hym selfe alone vnto the Lord, but they came not nye, neyther came the people vp with hym.
3 And Moses came & tolde the people all the wordes of e Lorde & all the lawes. And all the people aunswered with one voyce & sayd: all the wordes which the Lord hath sayd, will we do.
4 Then Moyses wrote all the wordes of the Lorde & rose vp early and made an aulter vnder the hyl, & .xij. pyllers according to the numbre of the .xij. trybes of Israell,
5 and sent yonge men of the children of Israel to sacrifice burntoffringes and to offre peaceoffringes of Oxen vnto the Lorde.
6 And Moyses toke halfe of the bloude & put it in basens, and the other halfe he sprenkled on the aulter.
7 And he toke the boke of the appoyntment & red it in the audience of the people. And thei sayd. All that the Lord hath sayd, we wil do and heare.
8 And Moyses toke the bloude and sprynkeld it on the people and sayd: beholde, this is the bloude of the appointment which the Lorde hath made with you vpon al these woordes.
9 Then went Moyses & Aaron, Nadad and Abihu and the .lxx. elders of Israell vp,
10 and sawe the God of Israel, and vnder his feate as it were a brycke worke of Saphir & as it were the facion of heauen when it is cleare,
11 & vpon the nobles of the chyldren of Israel he set not hys hande. And when they had sene God they ate and dronke.
12 And the Lord sayde vnto Moyses: come vp to me into the hyll and be there, & I wyll geue the tables of stone and a lawe and commaundementes, which I haue written to teache them.
13 Then Moyses rose vp & his minister Iosua, and Moyses went vppe into the hyll of God,
14 & said vnto the elders: tarye ye here vntyll we come agayne vnto you: And beholde here is Aaron & Hur with you. If any man haue any matters to do, let hym come to them.
15 When Moyses was come vp into the mount a cloude couered the hyll,
16 and the glory of e Lorde abode vppon mounte Sinai, and the cloude couered it .vi. dayes. And the seuenth daye he called vnto Moyses out of e cloude.
17 And the facion of the glorie of the Lord was lyke consumynge fyre on the toppe of e hyll in the syghte of the chyldren of Israel.
18 And Moyses went into the mountayne. And Moyses was in the mounte .xl. dayes. and .xl. nyghtes.




1 And the Lord talked with Moses saying:
2 speake vnto the children of Israel that they geue me an heueoffringe, & of euery man that geueth it willingly with his hert, ye shall take it.
3 And this is the heueoffringe whiche ye shall take of them: gold, siluer and brasse:
4 & Iacyncte coloure, scarlette, purpull, bysse, and gootes heere:
5 rams skynnes that are red, and the skynnes of taxus & sethim wood
6 oyle for lightes, and spices for anoyntynge oyle and for swete cense:
7 Onix stones and set stones for the Ephod and for the brestlappe.
8 And they shall make me a sanctuary that I maye dwell amonge them.
9 And I shall shewe the the facion of the habitacion and of all the ornamentes therof, euen so se that ye make it in all thinges.
10 And they shall make an arke of sethim wood .ij. cubites & an halfe long, a cubyte & an halfe breade & a cubyte & an halfe hye.
11 And thou shalt ouerley it wyth pure gold both wtin & without, & shalt make an hye vpon it a croune of gold round about.
12 And thou shalt caste .iiij. rynges of golde for it and put them in the .iiij. corners thereof .ij. rynges on the one syde of it and .ij. on the other.
13 And thou shalt make staues of sethym wood and couer them with golde,
14 and putte the staues in the rynges alonge by the sydes of the arke, to bere it withall.
15 And the staues shall abyde in the rynges of the arke, & shall not be taken awaye.
16 And thou shalt put in the arke, the witnesse which I shal geue the.
17 And thou shalt make a merciseate of pure golde .ij. cubytes and an half longe and a cubyte and an halfe brode.
18 And make .ij. cherubins of thycke golde on the two endes of the merciseate:
19 and set the one cherub on the one ende and the other on the other ende of the mercyseate: so se that thou make them on the two endes thereof.
20 And the Cherubyns shal stretche theyr wynges abrode ouer an hye, & couer the mercyseate wyth theyr wynges, and theyr faces shal loke one to another: euen to the mercyseate warde, shall the faces of the cherubyns be.
21 And thou shalte putte the mercyseate aboue vpon the arke, and in the arke thou shalt put the witnesse which I wil geue the.
22 There I wyll mete the and will comon with the from vpon the mercyseate from betwene the two Cherbyns whiche are vpon the arke of wytnesse, of all thynge whych I wyll geue the in commaundemente vnto the chyldren of Israel.
23 Thou shalt also make a table of sethym wood of two cubytes longe and one cubyte brode and a cubyte and an halfe hye.
24 And couer it with pure golde and make there to a croune of golde rounde aboute.
25 And make vnto that an whope of .iiij. fyngers brode, round about. And make a golden croune also to the whope rounde about.
26 And make for it .iiij. ringes of golde and put them in the corners that are on the .iiij. fete therof:
27 euen hard vnder the whope shal the ringes be, to putte in staues to bere the table withall.
28 And thou shalt make staues of Sethim wood & ouerlaye them with golde, that the table maye be borne with them.
29 And thou shalt make his disshes, spones, pottes & flat peces to poure out withall, of fyne golde.
30 And thou shalte sette vppon the table, shewbreade before me allwaye.
31 And thou shalt make a candelstycke of pure thicke golde with hys shaft, braunches, bolles, knoppes and floures proceadynge there out.
32 Syxe braunches shall procede oute of the sydes of the candelsticke .iij. out of the one syde and .iij. out of the other.
33 And there shalbe .iij. cuppes lyke vnto almondes wyth knoppes and floures vpon euerye one of the .vi. braunches that procede out of the candellstycke:
34 & in the candelstycke selfe .iiij. cuppes lyke vnto almondes with their knoppes and floures:
35 that there be a knoppe vnder euery .ij. braunches of the syxe that procede oute of the candelstycke.
36 And the knoppes & the braunches shalbe all together, one pece of pure thycke golde:
37 And thou shalt make .vij. lampes and put them an hye there on, to geue lighte vnto the other syde that is ouer agaynst it:
38 wt snoffers & fyre pannes of pure golde.
39 And an hundred pounde weyghte of fyne golde shall make it wyth al the apparel.
40 And se that thou make them after the facyon that was shewed the in the mounte.




1 And thou shalt make an habitacion wt ten curtaynes of twyned bisse, Iacyncte, scarlet and purpul, & shalt make them wt cherubins of brodered worke.
2 The lengthe of a curtaine shalbe .xxviiij. cubites & the bredth .iiii. & they shalbe all of one measure:
3 fiue curtaynes shalbe coupled together one to another: and the other fyue lykewyse shalbe coupled together one to another.
4 Then shalt thou make loupes of Iacincte coloure, a longe by the edge of the one curtayne euen in the selueege of the couplynge courtayne. And lykewyse shalte thou make in the edge of the vtmost curtaine that is coupled therewyth on the other syde:
5 Fifty loupes shalte thou make in the one curtaine and fifty in e edge of the other t is coupled therwyth on the other syde: so that the loupes be one ouer agaynste another.
6 And thou shalte make fyfty buttons of gold, and couple the curtaines to gether with the buttons: that it may be an habytacyon.
7 And thou shalte make a .xi. curtaynes of gootes here, to be a tent to couer the habitacion.
8 The length of a curtayne shalbe .xxx. cubites, and the bredth .iiij. and they shalbe all .xi. of one measure.
9 And thou shalt couple .v. it wyth .iij. pillers, and .iij. sockets: & likewise by them selues, & the other syxe by them selues, and shalt double the sixt in the fore front of t tabernacle.
10 And thou shalte make fyfty loupes in the edge of the vttermost curtayne on the one side: euen in the couplynge courtayne and as many in the edge of the couplynge curtayne on the other side.
11 And thou shalt make fiftye buttones of brasse and put them on the loupes, & couple the tent together wyth al, that ther may be one couering.
12 And the remnaunt that resteth in the curtaynes of the tente: euen the bredeth of halfe a curtayne t resteth, shalbe lefte on e backe sydes of the habitacyon:
13 a cubyte on the one syde & a cubyte on the other syde, of that that remayneth in the length of the curtaynes of the tabernacle, whych shal remayne of ether side of the habitacion to couer it with al.
14 And thou shalte make another couerynge for the tente of rams skynnes dyed red: & yet another aboue al of taxus skynnes.
15 And thou shalt make bordes for the habitacion of sethim wood to stand vp ryght:
16 ten cubytes longe shal euery borde be, and a cubite & an halfe brode.
17 Two fete shall one borde haue to couple them together wt all, & so thou shalt make vnto al e bordes of t habitacion.
18 And thou shalt make .xx. bordes for the habytacion on the south syde,
19 & thou shalt make .xl. sockets of syluer and put theim vnder the .xx. bordes .ij. sockettes vnder euery borde, for their .ij. fete.
20 In lyke maner in the north syde of the habitacion there shalbe .xx. bordes
21 and .xl. sockettes of siluer: two sokettes vnder euery bord.
22 And for the west ende of e habitacion, shalt thou make syxe bordes
23 & two bordes mo for the two west corners of the habitacyon:
24 so t these two bordes be coupled together beneth and lykewyse aboue with clampes. And so shall it be in both e corners.
25 And so ther shal be .viij. bordes in al & .xvi. sockettes of syluer .ij. sockettes vnder euery bord.
26 And thou shalt make barres of sethim wood fyue for the bordes of the one syde of the tabernacle, & fyue for the other syde,
27 and fyue for the bordes of the west ende.
28 And e mydle barre shall goo alonge thorowe the myddes of the bordes and bar them together from the one ende vnto the other.
29 And thou shalte couer the bordes with golde and make golden rynges for them to put the barres thorowe, and shalt couer the barres wyth golde also.
30 And rere vp the habytacyon accordynge to the facyon thereof that was shewed e in the mounte.
31 And thou shalt make a vayle of Iacynct, of scarlet, purpul and twined bisse, and shalt make it of brodred worcke and ful of Cherubyns.
32 And hang it vpon .iiij. pillers of sethym wod couered with gold and that their knoppes be couered with golde also & stand vpon .iiij. sockettes of syluer.
33 And thou shalt hange vp the vayle with rynges, & shalt brynge in within the vayle, the arke of witnes. And the vayle shal deuide e holy from the most holye.
34 And thou shalt put the mercyseate vpon the arke of wytnesse in the holyest place
35 And thou shalt put the table without the vail and candelsticke ouer agaynst the table vpon the south side of the habitacion. And put the table on the north syde.
36 And thou shalt make an hangynge for the doore of the tabernacle: of Iacynte, of scarlet, of purpull and of twyned bysse wrought with nedle worke.
37 And thou shalte make for the hangynge, fyue pyllers of sethim wodde & couer both them & their knoppes wt golde, & shalt cast fyue sockettes of brasse for them.




1 And thou shalt make an aulter of sethim wood: fyue cubytes longe & .v. cubytes brode that it be foure square & .iij. cubytes hye.
2 And make it hornes procedyng out in the .iiij. corners of it, & couerte wyth brasse.
3 And make hys asshepannes shouels, basens, fleshhokes, fire pannes and al the apparel therof, of brasse
4 and thou shalt make a grederin also like a net, of brasse: vpon whose .iiij. corners shalbe .iiij. brasen rynges:
5 and the grederyn shall reache vnto the middes of the altare.
6 And thou shalt make staues for the altare of sethym wood, and couer them with brasse,
7 and let them be put in rynges a long by the sydes of the altar to beare it wt al
8 & make the aulter holow wt bordes: euen as it was shewed e vpon t mount, so let them make it.
9 And thou shalt make a courte vnto e habytacyon, which shall haue in the south syde hanginges of twined bysse, beinge an hundred cubytes long,
10 & .xx. pillers therof, with their .xx. sockettes of brasse: but the knoppes of the pyllers and their whopes shalbe syluer.
11 In lykewyse on the north syde there shalbe hanginges of an hundred cubytes long and .xx. pillers by ther sockettes of brasse, & the knoppes & whopes of syluer.
12 And in the breadeth of the courte westwarde, there shalbe hangynges of fyfty cubytes long, and .x. pyllers wyth their .x. sockettes.
13 And in the breadth of the courte eastwarde towarde the rysynge of the sonne, shalbe hangynges of .l. cubytes.
14 Hangynges of .xv. cubites in the one syde of it with .iij. pyllers & .iij. sockettes:
15 & likewyse on the other syde shalbe hangynges of .xv. cubytes with .iij. pyllers and, sockettes.
16 And in the gat of the courte shalbe a vaile of .xx. cubytes of iacincte, scarlet, purpull & twyned bisse wrought with nedle worke, and .iiii. pyllers wyth their .iiij. socketes.
17 All the pyllers round about the courte shalbe whoped with syluer, & their knoppes of syluer, & their sockettes of brasse.
18 The length of t court shall be an hundred cubites, & the breadeth .l. & the heygth fyue, and the hangynges shalbe of twyned bysse and the sockettes of brasse.
19 And al the vessels of the habitacyon to all maner seruyce & the pynnes therof: yea and the pynnes also of the court, shalbe brasse.
20 And commaund the children of Israel that they geue the pure oyle olyue beaten for the lyghtes to poure all waye into the lampes.
21 In the tabernacle of witnesse wythout the vayle which is before the wytnesse: & Aaron & hys sonnes shall dresse it both euen & mornyng before the Lorde: and it shalbe a dewty for euer vnto youre generacyons after you to be geuen of the chyldren of Israel.




1 And take thou vnto e Aaron thy brother and hys sonnes wyth him, from amonge the children of Israell that he may minister vnto me, both Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar Arons sonnes.
2 And thou shalt make holye raiment for Aaron thy brother, both honorable and gloryous.
3 Moreouer, speake vnto all that are wyse harted, which I haue fylled wt the spirite of wysdome: t they make Aarons raymente to consecrate him wt, t he maye mynyster vnto me.
4 These are the garmentes whyche they shal make: a brestlapp Ephod, a tunycle, a strayte cote, a myter and a gyrdell. And they shall make holye garmentes for Aaron thy brother and his sonnes that he maye mynynister vnto me.
5 And thei shal take therto gold iacincte, scarlet, purpull and bysse.
6 And they shall make the Ephod of golde, iacincte, scarlet, purpull and whyte twined bysse with brothered worke.
7 The two sides shall come together, closed vp in the edges therof.
8 And the gyrdell of the Ephod shalbe of the same worckemanshyppe and of the same stuffe, euen of golde, iacyncte, scarlette, purpull and twyned bysse.
9 And thou shalt take two onyx stones, and graue in them the names of the chyldren of Israell:
10 sixe in the one stone, the other sixe in the other stone: accordynge to the order of their birth.
11 After the worcke of a stonegrauer euen as signettes are grauen, shalt thou graue the .ij. stones with the names of the chyldren of Israel, and shalt make them to be set in ouches of golde.
12 And thou shalte put the two stones vpon the two shoulders of the Ephod and they shalbe stones of remembraunce vnto the chyldren of Israel. And Aaron shal beare their names before the Lorde vpon his two shulders for a remembrance.
13 And thou shalt make hokes of gold
14 and two cheynes of fine golde: lynkeworke and wrethed, and fasten the wrethed cheyns to the hokes.
15 And thou shale make the brestlappe of iudgement with brodered worke: euen after the worcke of the Ephod shalte thou make it: of gold, iacincte, sarlet, purple and twined bisse shalt thou make it.
16 For square it shalbe and double, an hande brede longe and an hande brede brode.
17 And thou shalt fyll it wyth .iiij. rowes of stones. In the fyrste rowe shalbe a Sardios, a Topas and Smaragdus.
18 The seconde rowe, a Rubye. Saphir and Diamonde.
19 The thyrde: Lygurios an Achat and Iaspis.
20 The fourth: a Turcas, Onix and Iaspis. And they shalbe set in golde in their inclosers,
21 And the stones shalbe grauen as signettes be grauen: wyth the names of the children of Israell euen wyth .xij. names euerye one wt hys name accordinge to the .xii. tribes
22 And thou shalt make vpon the brestappe two fastening cheyns of pure gold and wrethen worke. And thou shalt make, lyke wyse vpon, e brestlap two ringes of gold,
23 & put them on the edges of e brestlap.
24 & put e .ii. wrethen cheynes of gold in e .ij. rynges which are in the edges of the brestlappe.
25 And the .ii. endes of the .ij. cheyns thou shalte fasten in the .ij. rynges, and put them vpon the shoulders of the Ephode on the foresyde of it.
26 And thou shal yet make .ij. rynges of golde, and put them in the .ij. edges of the brestlappe euen in the borders therof towarde the insyde of the Ephod that is ouer agaynst it.
27 And yet .ij. other rynges of golde thou shalt make, & put them on the .ij. sides of the Ephod, beneth ouer agaynste the brestlappe alowe where e sydes are ioyned together vpon the bordered gyrdel of the Ephod.
28 And they shall bynde the brestlappe by hys ringes vnto the ringes of the Ephod with a lace of Iacyncte, that it maye lye close vnto the brodered gyrdell of the Ephod, that the brestlappe be not loosed from the Ephod.
29 And Aaron shal beare the names of e chyldren of Israel in the brestlappe of iudgement vpon hys hert, when he goeth into the holy place for a remembraunce before the Lorde alwaye.
30 And thou shalt put in the brestlappe of iudgement Vrim & Thumim: that they be euen vpon Aarons hert when he goeth in before the Lord & Aaron shall beare the ensample of the chyldren of Israell vpon his herte before the Lorde alwaye.
31 And thou shalt make the tunycle vnto the Ephod altogether of Iacyncte.
32 And there shalbe an hole for the head in the middes of it, and let there be a bonde of wouen worke rounde aboute the coller of it (as it were the coller of a partlet) that it rent not.
33 And beneth vpon the hemme, thou shalt make pomgranates of Iacyncte, of scarlette, and of purpull rounde about the hemme,
34 and belles of golde betwene them rounde aboute: that there be euer a golden bell and a pomgranate, a golden bell and a pomgranate rounde aboute vpon the hem of the tunicle.
35 And Aaron shal haue it vpon him when he ministreth, that the sounde may be herde when he goeth into the holy place before the Lorde and when he cometh out, that he dye not.
36 And thou shalt make a plate of pure gold and graue theron (as signettes are grauen) The holynes of the Lord,
37 & put it on a lace of Iacyncte & tye it vnto the mytre, vpon the forefront of it,
38 that it be vppon Aarons forehead: that Aaron beare the sinne of e holy thinges whiche the chyldren of Israell haue halowed in al their holy giftes. And it shalbe alwayes vppon Aarons forehead, that they maye be accepted before the Lord.
39 And thou shalt make an albe of bysse, and thou shalt make a mytre of bysse & a gyrdell of nedle worde.
40 And thou shalt make for Aarons sonnes also cotes, gyrdels and bonettes honourable and glorious,
41 and thou shalt put them vppon Aaron thy brother and on hys sonnes wyth him & shalt anoynte them & fill their handes and consecrate them that they may ministre vnto me.
42 And thou shalte make them lynnen breches too couer their preuityes: from the loynes vnto the thyes shall they reach.
43 And they shalbe vpon Aaron & his sonnes, when they go into the tabernacle of witnesse, or when they go vnto the aultare to ministre in holynes, that they beare no sinne and so dye. And it shalbe a lawe for euer vnto Aaron & his sede after hym.




1 This is the thing that thou shalt do vnto them when thou halowest theym to be my priestes. Take one oxe & two rammes t are without blemysh,
2 and vnleuended bread and cakes of swete bread tempered with oyle & wafers of swete bread anoynted with oyle (of wheten floure shalte thou make them)
3 & put them in a maunde and bringe them in the maunde with the oxe and the .ij. rammes.
4 And bryng Aaron & his sonnes vnto e dore of the tabernacle of witnesse, & wash theym with water,
5 & take the garmentes, & put vpon Aaron: the strayte coote, & the tunycle of the Ephod, & the Ephod & the brestlappe: & gyrd them to him with the brodered gyrdel of the Ephod.
6 And put the mytre vpon his head & put the holy croune vpon the mytre.
7 Then take e anoynting oyle & poure it vpon his head & anoynte hym.
8 And bring his sonnes & put albes vpon them,
9 & gyrd them with gyrdels: as well Aaron as his sonnes. And put the bonettes on them that the priestes office maye be theirs for a perpetuall lawe. And fyl the handes of Aaron and of hys sonnes,
10 and brynge the oxe before the tabernacle of witnesse. And let Aaron and hys sonnes put their handes vpon hys head
11 & kyl hym before the Lord in the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse.
12 And take of the bloude of the oxe and put it vpon the hornes of the alter with thy finger & poure all the bloude vpon the botome of the aulter,
13 and take all the fat that couereth the inwardes, & the kal that is on the lyuer and the .ij. kydneys with the fat that is vpon them: and burne them vpon the aulter:
14 But the flesh of the oxe & hys skynne and hys donge shalte thou burne wyth fyre without the host. For it is a synne offerynge.
15 Then take one of the rammes, & let Aaron & hys sonnes put their handes vpon the head of the ramme,
16 and cause him to be slaine, and take of hys bloude and sprenkell it rounde aboute vpon the alter,
17 and cutt the ramme in peces and wash the inwardes of hym and hys legges, and put them vnto the peces and vnto his head,
18 and burne the hole ram vpon the alter. For it is a burnt offeryng vnto the Lorde, and a swete sauoure of the Lordes sacryfyce.
19 And take the other ram and let Aaron and his sonnes, put their handes vpon hys head
20 and lett him than be kylled. And take of hys bloude and put it vpon the tippe of the right eare of Aaron and of hys sonnes, and vpon the thombe of their ryghte handes and vpon the greate too of their ryghte fete and sprenkel the bloude vpon the aulter round abonte.
21 Then take of the bloude that is vpon the alter and of the anoyntynge oyle, and sprenkell it vpon Aaron and his veltimentes, and vpon his sonnes and vpon their garmentes also. Then is he and his clothes holy and his sonnes and their clothes holye also.
22 Then take the fatte of the ramme and his rompe and e fat that couereth the inwardes and the kall of the lyuer and the two kidneis and the fat that is vpon them and the ryghte shoulder (for that ram is a fulloffring)
23 and a symnell of bread, and a cake of oyled breade and a wafer out of the basket of swete bread that is before the Lord,
24 and put all vpon the handes of Aaron and on the handes of hys sonnes: and waue them in and out, a waueoffrynge vnto the Lorde.
25 Then take it from of their handes and burne it vpon the alter: euen vpon the burnteofferynge, to be a sauoure of swetnesse before the Lorde. For it is sacryface vnto the Lord.
26 Then take the brest of the ramme that is Aarons ful offring and waue if a waueoffring before the Lorde, and lette that be thy part.
27 And sanctify the brest of the waueoffrynge and the shoulder of the heueoffrynge whyche is waued and heued vp of the ram which is the fulloffringe of Aaron and of his sonnes.
28 And it shalbe Aarons and his sonnes dutye for euer, of the chyldren of Israel, for it is an heueoffeynge. And the heueoffrynge shalbe the Lordes dutye of the children of Israell: euen of the sacrifyce of their peaceofferynges whyche they heue vnto the Lorde.
29 And the holye garmentes of Aaron shalbe hys sonnes after hym, to anoint them therin, and to fyll to their handes therin.
30 And that sonne that is priest in his stede after him shall put them on seuen dayes: that he go into the tabernacle of wytnesse, to mynyster in the holy place.
31 Then take the ram that is the fuloffrynge and seth his flesh in an holy place.
32 And Aron and his sonnes shall eate the flesh of hym, & the braede that is in the baskette: euen in the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse.
33 And they shall eate them because the attonement was made therwyth to fyll their handes & to sanctify them: but a straunger shall not eate therof because they are holy.
34 If oughte of the flesh of the ful offeringes or of the bred remayne vnto the mornynge, thou shalt burne it wyth fyre: for it shall not be eaten, because it is holye.
35 And se thou do vnto Aaron and his sonnes, euen so in al thinges as I haue commaunded the: that thou fyll their handes seuen dayes
36 and offer euery day an oxe for a sinne offring for to reconcyle wyth al. And thou shalt halow the alter when thou reconcylest it, and shalt anoynte it to sanctyfy it.
37 Seuen dayes thou shalte reconcile the alter and sanctyfye it, that it may be an alter most holy: so e no man may touch it but thei that be consecrate.
38 This is that which thou shalt offer vpon the alter .ij. lambes of one yere olde, daye by daye for euer,
39 the one thou shalte offer in the mornynge and the other at euen.
40 And vnto e one lambe take a tenthe deale of floure mingled wt the fourth parte of an hinne of beten oyle, & the fourth parte of an hinne of wyne for a drynckeofferyng,
41 And the other lambe thou shalt offer at euen and shalte doo therto accordyng to the meateofferynge and drinke offerynge in the mornynge, to be an odoure of a swete sauoure of the sacrifice of e Lorde
42 And it shabe a continuall burntofferynge amonge youre chyldren after you, in the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse before e Lorde where I wyll mete you to speake vnto you there.
43 Ther I wyll mete wyth the chyldren of Israell, and wylbe sanctifyed in myne honoure.
44 And I wyll sanctifye the tabernacle of wytnesse and the alter: and I wil sanctifie also both Aaron and hys sonnes to be my prestes.
45 And more ouer I wyll dwell amonge the chyldren of Israel and wylbe their God.
46 And they shall knowe that I am the Lorde their God that brought them out of the lande of Egypt for to dwell amonge them: euen I the Lorde their God.




1 And thou shalt make an alter to burne cense therein, of sethym woode:
2 a cubite long, and a cubyte brode, euen fouresquare shal it be: and two cubytes hie, wyth hornes procedinge oute of it,
3 and thou shalt ouerlay it wt fine gold, both e roffe and the walles round about, and his hornes also, & shalt make vnto it a crowne of gold round about
4 & .ii. golden ringes on ether side: euen vnder e croune, to put staues therin for to beare it wt al.
5 And u shalt make e staues of sethym woode & couer them wt gold.
6 And u shalt put it before the vaile t hangeth before the arcke of wytnesse, and before the mercyseate that is before the witnesse, wher I will mete the.
7 And Aaron shall burne theron swete cense euery mornyng when he dresseth the lampes
8 and lykewyse at euen when he setteth vp the lampes he shall burne cense perpetually before the Lorde thorow oute youre generacyons.
9 Ye shall put no straunge cense theron, nether burntsacrifyce nor meateoffrynge, nether power any drinkeoffryng theron.
10 And Aaron shall reconcyle vpon the hornes of it once in a yere, wyth the bloude of the synne offerynge of reconcylynge: euen once in the yere shall he reconcyle it thorow youre generacyons. And so is it most holye vnto the Lord.
11 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saiyng
12 when thou takest the summe of the children of Israel and tellest them, they shal geue euery man a reconcylynge of his soule vnto the Lorde that there be no plage amonge them when thou tellest them.
13 And thus much shall euery man geue that goth in the number: halfe a sycle, after the sicle of the sanctuarye: a sicle is .xx. gears: and an halfe sicle shalbe the heueoffrynge vnto the Lord.
14 And all that are numbred of them that are .xx. yere olde and aboue shall geue an heueofferynge vnto the Lorde.
15 The ryche shall not passe, and the poore shall not go vnder halfe a syckle, when they geue an heue offeringe vnto the Lorde for the attonemente of their soules.
16 And thou shalt take the reconcilynge mony of the children of Israell and shalt put it vnto the vse of the tabernacle of witnesse, and it shall be a memorial of the chyldren of Israell before the Lord, to make an attonement for their soules.
17 And the Lord spake vnto Moses saiynge:
18 thou shalt make a lauer of brasse & hys fote also of brasse to wash with all, and shalt put it betwene the tabernacle of witnesse, and the alter and put water therin:
19 that Aaron and hys sonnes maye wash both their handes & their fete thereoute,
20 when they goo into the tabernacle of wytnesse, or when they go vnto the altare to minister and to burne the Lordesoffrynge, lest they dye.
21 And it shalbe an ordinaunce for euer vnto him and his sede amonge youre chyldren after you.
22 And the Lord spake vnto Moses saiynge:
23 take principall spices: of pure myrre fyue hundred sycles, of swete cynamon halfe so much two hundred and fiftye sycles:
24 of swete Calamite, two hundred and .l. of Cassia, two hundred and .l. after the holye sycle, and of oyle oliue an hin.
25 And make of them holy anointynge oyle euen an oyle compounde after the crafte of the apoticarye.
26 And noynte the tabernacle of wytnesse therewith, and the arke of wytnesse,
27 and the table wyth all hys apparell, and the candelsticke wyth al hys ordynaunce, and the alter of incense,
28 and the alter of burntsacrifyce and all his vessels, and the lauer and his fote.
29 And sacrifice them t they maye be moste holye: so that no man touche them but they that be halowed.
30 And anoynte Aaron and his sonnes and consecrate them to minister vnto me.
31 And thou shalt speake vnto the children of Israell saiynge: thys shalbe an holye oyntynge oyle vnto me, thorowe out youre generations,
32 No mans flesh shalbe anointed therwith: nether shall ye make any other after e makynge of it for it is holye, se therfore that ye take it for holye:
33 whosoeuer maketh lyke that, or whosoeuer putteth anye of it vpon a straunger, shall peryshe from amonge hys people.
34 And the Lorde sayd vnto Moses: take vnto the swete spices: stacte, onycha, swete galbanum and pure frankencens, of etche lyke much:
35 and make cens of them compound after the crafte of the apoticarye, mingled together, that it may be made pure and holy.
36 And beate it to powder and put it before the wytnesse in the tabernacle of wytnesse, where I wyll mete the,
37 but let it be vnto you holye. And se that ye make none after the makyng of that, but let it be vnto you holye for the Lorde.
38 And whosoeuer shal make lyke vnto that, to smel therto shall perysh from amonge his people.




1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saiynge:
2 behold I haue called by name. Bezaleel the sonne of Vrye sonne to Hurre of the trybe of Iuda
3 And I haue fylled hym wyth the spirite of God, with wysdome, vnderstandynge and knoledge: euen in all maner worke,
4 to fynd out suttle feaytes, to worcke in golde syluer and brasse
5 and wyth the crafte to graue stones, to sette and to carue in tymber and to worke in al maner warkemanshype.
6 And beholde. I haue geueth hym to be his companion Ahaliab the sonne of Ahisamach of the trybe of Dan, and in e hertes of al that are wyse harted I haue put wysdom to make al t I haue commaunded e:
7 the tabernacle of wytnesse, and the arcke of wytnesse, and the mercyseate that is ther vpon all the ornamentes of the tabernacle,
8 and the table wyth hys ordinaunce, and the pure candelsticke wt all hys apparell, and the aulter of incens,
9 and the aulter of burntoffrynges with al his vessels, & the lauer wt his fot
10 & the vestimentes to mynyster in & the holye garments for Aaron e prest, & the garments of his sons to minister in,
11 & the anointing oile & swete sense for the sanctuarye: accordynge to all as I haue commaunded the shall they do
12 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saiynge
13 speake vnto the chyldren of Israell and saye: in any wyse se that ye kepe my Sabboth, for it shalbe a sygne betwene me and you in youre generacyons for to knowe, that I the Lorde do sanctyfye you.
14 Kepe my Sabboth therfore, that it be an holye thynge vnto you He t defyleth it shalbe slayne therfore. For whosoeuer worketh therein, the same soule shalbe roted oute from amonge hys people.
15 Syxe dayes shall men worke, but the seuenth daye is the Sabboth of the holye reste of the Lorde: so that whosoeuer doeth anye worke in the Sabboth daye, shall dye for it:
16 wherefore lette the children of Israel kepe the Sabboth, that they obserue it thorowe oute their generacyons, that it be an appoyntmente for euer.
17 For it shalbe a sygne betwene me and the chyldren of Israell for euer. For in sixe daies the Lord made heauen and earth and the seuenth daye he rested and was refreshed,
18 And when he had made an ende of commenyng wyth Moses vpon the mount Sinai he gaue hym two tables of witnesse: which were of stone and written with the fynger of God.




1 And whan the people saw that it was long or Moses came down out of the mountaine, they gathered theym selues together and came vnto Aaron and sayd vnto him. Vp and make vs a God to goo before vs: for of thys Moises the felow that brought vs out of the land of Egypt, we wot not what is become.
2 And Aaron sayd vnto them: plucke of the golden earynges whyche are in the eares of youre wyues, youre sonnes and of youre daughters: and brynge them vnto me.
3 And all the people plucked of the golden earinges that were in their eares, and broughte them vnto Aaron.
4 And he receiued them of their hands and facyoned it wyth a grauer & made it a calfe of molten metall. And they sayde This is thy God O Israel, which brought the out of the land of Egypte.
5 And when Aaron sawe that, he made an altare before it, & made a proclamacion saiynge to morrow shalbe holye day vnto the Lorde.
6 And they rose vp in the mornynge and offred burntoffringes, and brought offrynges of attonemente also. And than they satte them doune to eate and drinke, and rose vp agayne to play.
7 Then the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: goo get the downe, for thy people whyche thou broughtest oute of the lande of Egypte
8 haue marred all, they are turned at once out of the waye whihe I commaunded them: and haue made them a calfe of molten metall, & haue worshipped it and haue offred therto & saied Thys is thy God thou Israell, whyche hath brought the out of the lande of Egypte.
9 And the Lord sayd vnto Moyses: beholde I se this people that it is a styfe necked people,
10 & and nowe therfore suffer me that my wrath may waxe hote vpon them, and that I may consume them and then wyl I make of the a mightye people.
11 Then Moyses besoughte the Lorde hys God and sayde: O Lorde, why shoulde thy wrath waxe hote vpon thy people whiche thou hast brought out of the Lande of Egipt wt great power and with a mighty hande?
12 wherfore shuld the Egyptians speake & say: For a mychefe dyd he brynge them out: euen for to slee them in the mountayns, and to consume them from the face of the earth. Turne from thy fearse wrath, and haue compassion ouer the wickednesse of thy people.
13 Remember Abraham, Isaac and Israel thy seruauntes, to whom thou sworest by thyne owne selfe & saidest vnto them. I wyll multiplye youre seed as the starres of heauen, and all thys lande which I haue sayd, I wyll geue vnto youre seede: and they shal enheret it for euer
14 And the Lord refrained him selfe from e euil whych he sayed he wold do vnto his people.
15 And Moses turned hys backe and wente downe from the hyl, and the .ij. tables of witnesse in his hand: which were written on both the leaues
16 and were the worcke of God, and the wrytynge was the writynge of God grauen vpon the tables.
17 And when Iosua herde the noyse of e people as they shouted, he said vnto Moses: there is a noyse of warre in the hoste.
18 And he sayde: it is not the crye of them that haue the masterye, nor of them that haue the worse; but I doo heare the noyse of syngynge.
19 And as soone as he came nie vnto the host and sawe the calfe and the daunsynge, hys wrath waxed hote, and he cast the tables out of his hande, and brake them euen at the hylle fote.
20 And he toke the calfe whyche they had made and burned it wyth fyre, and stampte it vnto powder and strawed it in the water & made the children of Israel drynke.
21 And than Moses sayde vnto Aaron: what dyd thys people vnto the that thou haste broughte so great a synne vpon them.
22 And Aaron sayde: let not the wrath of my Lorde waxe fearse, thou knowest the people that they are euen sett on myschefe:
23 they sayde vnto me: make vs a God to go before vs, for we wote not what is become of Moses the felow that brought vs out of the land of Egypte.
24 And I sayde vnto them: let them that haue golde, take and brynge it me: and I cast it into the fyre, and there of came oute thys calfe.
25 When Moses sawe that the people were naked (for Aaron had made them naked vnto their shame when they made insurrection)
26 he went & stode in the gate of the hoste & sayde: If any man pertayne vnto the Lord, let him come to me. And all the sonnes of Leui gathered them selues together and came vnto him.
27 And he sayd vnto them, thus sayeth the Lorde of Israel put euery man his swerde by hys syde, and go in and out from gate to gate thorow out the hoste: & slee euery man his brother, euery man his frende and euery man his neighbour.
28 And the chyldren of Leui dyd as Moses had sayde. And there were slayne of the people the same daye, aboute thre thousande men.
29 Then Moyses said: fyl your handes vnto the Lord thys day, euery man vpon hys sonne & vpon his brother: to brynge vpon you a blessyng this day.
30 And on the morowe, Moyses sayde vnto e people: Ye haue sinned a great synne. But now I wyll goo vp vnto the Lorde, to wytt whether I can make an attonement for your synne.
31 And Moses went agayne vnto the Lorde & sayd: Oh, thys people haue synned a great synne & haue made them a god of gold:
32 Yet forgeue them their synne I praye the: If not wype me out of thy boke which thou hast written.
33 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: I wyl put hym out of my boke that hath sinned agaynst me.
34 But go & bryng the people vnto the land which I sayd vnto the: behold, myne angel shall go before the. Neuerthelater in the daye when I vyset. I wyll vyset their synne vpon them.
35 And the Lord plaged the people, because they made e calf whych Aaron made.




1 And the Lorde saide vnto Moses: departe and go hence: both thou & the people whych u hast brought out of the land of Egypt, vnto e lande which I swore vnto Abraham, Isaac and Iacob sayinge: vnto thy seed I wyl geue it.
2 And I wyll sende an angell before the, & wyll cast out the Cananytes, the Amorytes, the Hethites, the Pherezites, the Heuites, & the Iebusytes:
3 that thou maist go into a land that floweth with mylke and honye. But I wyl not go amonge you my selfe, for ye are a styfnecked people: leste I consume you by e waye.
4 And when the people herde this euell tydinges, they sorowed: and no man did put on hys best rayment.
5 And the Lord spake vnto Moses, say vnto the chyldren of Israel: ye are a styfnecked people: I must come once sodenly vpon you, & make an ende of you. But now put youre goodly rayment from you, that I maye wete what to do vnto you.
6 And the chyldren of Israel layde their goodly rayment from them euen vnder the mount Horeb.
7 And Moses toke the tabernacle & pytched it without the hoste a ferre of from the hoste, & called it the tabernacle of wytnesse. And al t wold axe any question of the Lorde, went out vnto the tabernacle of wytnesse whyche was without the hoste.
8 And when Moses went out vnto the tabernacle, all the people rose vp and stode euery man in his tent dore and loked after Moses, vntyll he was gone in to the tobernacle.
9 And as sone as Moses was entred in to the tabernacle, the clouden pyller descended and stode in the dore of the tabernacle, and he talked with Moses.
10 And when all the people sawe the clouden piller stande in the tabernacle dore, they rose vp & worshypped: euery man in hys tent dore.
11 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh vnto hys frende. And when Moses turned agayne in to the hoste, the ladd Iosua his seruaunte the sonne of Nun departed not out of the tabernacle.
12 And Moses sayde vnto the Lorde: se, thou saydest vnto me: leade thys people forth, but thou shewest me not whom thou wylt sende with me. And hast sayde moreouer: I know the by name and thou hast also founde grace in my syghte:
13 Now therfore, yf I haue found fauoure in thy sight, then shewe me thy way & let me know the: that I may fynde grace in thy syghte. And loke on thys also, howe that this nacion is thy people.
14 And he sayde: my presence shal goo wyth the, and I wyll geue the rest.
15 And he sayde: If thy presence goo not wyth me, carye vs not hence
16 for how shall it be knowne nowe that both I and thy people haue founde fauoure in thy syghte, but in that thou goest wyth vs: that both I and thy people haue a preemynence before all the people that are vpon the face of the erth.
17 And the Lord sayd vnto Moses: I wyll do thys also that thou hast sayde, for thou hast founde grace in my syghte, and I knowe the by name.
18 And he sayde: I beseche the, shewe me thy glorye:
19 And he sayd: I wyl make al my good god before the, and I wyl be called in thys name Iehouah before the, & wil shew mercy to whom I shewe mercy, and wyll haue compassion on whom I haue compassion.
20 And he sayed furthermore, thou maiste not see my for there shall no man se me and lyue.
21 And the Lorde sayed, beholde, there is a place by me, & thou shalt stand vpon a rocke,
22 and whyle my glory goeth forth I wyll put the in a clyfte of the rocke, & wyll put myne hand vpon the whyle I passe by.
23 And then I wyl take away myne hande, and thou shalte se my backe partes: but my face shall not be seene.




1 And the Lord sayed vnto Moses: hewe the two tables of stone lyke vnto the fyrste, that I may write in them the wordes whyche were in the fyrste two tables, whych thou brakest
2 and be ready against the mornyng that thou mayst come vp early to the mount of Sinai and stande me there vppon the toppe of the mounte.
3 But let no man come vp wyth the neither let any man be sene thorowout al the mount, neither let shepe nor oxen fede before the hyll.
4 And Moses hewed .ij. tables of stone lyke vnto the fyrst, and rose vp earlye in the mornynge and wente vp into the mounte of Sinai as the Lord commaunded him: and toke in hys hand the two tables of stone.
5 And the Lord descended in the cloud, and stode with hym there: and he called vpon the name of the Lorde.
6 And when the Lord walked before him, he cried: Lord Lord God full of compassion and mercy, which are not lightly angry but abundaunt in mercy and truth,
7 and kepest mercye in store for thousandes, & forgeueste wyckednes, trespace, and synne (for there is no man innocent before the) and vysitest the wyckednes of the father vpon the chyldren and vpon chyldrens chyldren, euen vnto the thyrd and fourth generation.
8 And Moses bowed himselfe to the earth quickly & worshipped
9 & said: If I haue found grace in thy sight, O Lorde, then let my Lorde go wyth vs (for it is a stubburne people) & haue mercy vpon our wickednes & our sinne, and let vs be thyne enheritaunce.
10 And he sayd: behold, I make an appoyntment before all thys people, that I wyl doo maruails: such as haue not bene done in all the world, neither among any nation. And all the people among whych thou arte, shall se the worckes of the Lord: for it is a terrible thynge that I wyll do wyth the:
11 kepe al that I commaund the thys daye, and beholde: I wyll caste out before the the Amorytes, Canaanites, Hethytes, Pherezites, Heuites, and Iebusites.
12 Take hede to thy selfe, that thou make no compact wyth the inhabiters of the Lande whether thou goest, least it because of ruine among you.
13 But ouerthrowe their aulters and breake theyr pillars, & cut downe their groues,
14 for thou shalt worshyp no straunge God. For the Lorde is called gelousee bycause he is a gelouse God:
15 lest if thou make any agremente wyth the inhabiters of the lande, when they go a whorynge after theyr Gods and do sacrifice vnto theyr Goddes, they cal the and thou eate of theyr sacrifyce:
16 and thou take of theyr daughters vnto thy sonnes, and when theyr daughters goo a whorynge after theyr Goddes,
17 they make thy sonnes goo a whoringe after their Goddes also. Thou shalt make the no Gods of metall.
18 The feast of swete bread shalt u kepe, & .vij. dayes thou shalt eat vnleauened bread (as I commaunded the) in the time appointed in the moneth of Abib: for in the moneth of Abib thou camest oute of Egypte.
19 All that breaketh vp the matrice shall be myne, & all that breaketh the matryce among thy cattel, if it be male: whether it be oxe or shepe.
20 But the fyrst of the asse thou shalt bye out wt a shepe or if thou redeme him not: se thou breake his necke. All the fyrst borne of thy sonnes thou must nedes redeme. And se that no man appeare before me empty.
21 Sixe dayes thou shalt worcke, & the seuenth thou shalt rest: both from earyng and reaping
Exo 34:22 Thou shalt obserue the feaste of wekes wt the fyrst fruites of wheate herueste, and the feast ingaderyng at the yeares ende.
23 Thrise in a yeare shall all youre men chyldren appeare before the Lorde Iehouah God of Israell:
24 for I wyll caste out the nations before the & wyll enlarge thy costes, so that no man shall desyre thy lande whylse thou goest vp to appeare before the face of the Lorde thy God, thryse in the yeare.
25 Thou shalt not offer the bloud of my sacrifice wt leuened breade: neither shal oughte of the sacrifice of the feast of passeouer, beleft vnto the morning.
26 The fyrst of the firstfrutes of thy Lande, thou shalt brynge vnto the house of the Lord thy God. And se, that thou seeth not a kydd in hys mothers milke.
27 And the Lorde sayed vnto Moses: wryte these wordes, for vpon these wordes I haue made a couenaunt wyth the & wyth the chyldren of Israel.
28 And he was there wyth the Lorde .xl. dayes & .xl. nightes, and nether ate bred not dranke water. And he wrote in the tables the wordes of the couenaunt: euen ten verses.
29 And Moses came doune from mount Synay & the .ij. tables of wytnesse in his hande, & yet the wyst not that the skynne of his face shone wyth beames of hys comenyng with hym.
30 And when Aaron and all the chyldren of Israel loked vpon Moses and sawe that the skynne of his face shone with beames they were afrayde to come nye hym.
31 But he called them to hym, and then Aaron & all the chefe of the company came vnto him, & Moses talked with them.
32 And at the last al the chyldren of Israel came vnto him, and he commaunded them all that the Lord had sayde vnto him in mounte Sinai.
33 And as soone as he had made an ende of comenyng wyth them, he put a coueryng vpon his face.
34 But when he went before the Lorde to speake wyth him, he toke the coueryng of vntyll he came out. And he came out & spake vnto the chyldren of Israel t whych he was commaunded.
35 And the chyldren of Israel sawe the face of Moses, that e skynne of hys face shone with beames: but Moses put a coueryng vpon hys face, vntyl he went into comen with hym.




1 And Moses gathered al the company of the chyldren of Israell together, and sayd vnto them: these are the thynges whiche e Lord hath commaunded to do:
2 Syxe dayes ye shall worke, but the seuenth day shal be vnto you the holy Sabboth of e Lordes rest: so t whosoeuer doth any worke therin, shal dye.
3 Moreouer ye shal kyndle no fyre thorowe out all your habitacions vpon the Sabboth day.
4 And Moses spake vnto al the multytude of the chyldren of Israel sayinge this is the thynge which the Lord commaunded saying:
5 Geue from amonge you an heue offeynge, vnto the Lorde. Al that are wyllynge in their hartes, shall brynge heue offeynges vnto the Lord: gold, syluer, brasse,
6 Iacyncte, scarlet, purpull, bysse and gootes heare:
7 rams skinnes red and tarus skynnes and Sethim wood:
8 and oyle for lyghtes & spices for the anoyntynge oyle and for the swete cens:
9 And Onixstones and stones to be sett for the Ephod and for the brestlappe.
10 And let al them that are wyseherted among you, come and make all that the Lorde hath commaunded:
11 the habitacion & the tent therof with his couerynge and his rynges, bordes, barres, pyllers & sockettes:
12 the arke and the staues therof with e mercyseate & the vayle that couereth it:
13 the table & hys staues wyth all that pertayneth therto & the shewebred:
14 the candelstycke of lyghte wyth his apparel and his lampes and the oyle for the lyghtes:
15 the cens alter & hys staues, the anoyntynge oyle and the swete cens and the hangynge before the tabernacle dore:
16 the alter of burntsacryfices and his brasen gredyren that longeth therto wyth his staues & all hys ordinaunce and the lauer and his fote:
17 the hangynges of the courte with his pyllers & their sockettes, and the hangynge to the dore of the courte:
18 the pynnes of the habitacion and the pynnes of the courte with their boordes:
19 the mynystrynge garmentes to mynystre wyth in holynesse, and the holy vestymentes of Aaron the preast and the vestimentes of his sonnes to mynystre in.
20 And all the companye of the chyldren of Israel departed from the presence of Moses.
21 And they went (as many as their hartes coraged them & as many as their spirites made them wyllynge) and brought heue offringes vnto the Lorde, to the makyng of the tabernacle of wytnesse & for all hys vses & for the holy vestimentes.
22 And the men came with the wemen (euen as many as were wyllyng harted) and brought bracelettes, earynges, rynges & gyrdels & all maner Iewels of golde. And al the men that waued waue offrynges of golde vnto the Lorde
23 and euery man wyth whom was found iacincte, scarlet, purpull, bysse or gootes heare or red skynnes of rammes or taxus skynnes, brought it.
24 And all t haue vp golde or brasse, broughte an heueoffrynge vnto the Lord. And all men wt whom was found sethim wood mete for any maner worke or seruyce, brought it.
25 And al the wemen that were wyse herted to worke wt their handes, spanne, & brought the sponne worke, both of Iacyncte, scarlet, purpul and bysse.
26 And all the wemen that excelled in wysdome of herte, spanne the gotes hayre.
27 And the Lordes brought Onix stones and set stones for the Epod, and for the brest lappe,
28 and spyce & oyle: both for the lyghtes and for the anoyntynge oyle & for the swete cens.
29 And the chyldren of Israel brought willynge offrynges vnto the Lorde, both men & wemen: as many as their hartes made them wyllynge to brynge, for all maner workes whych the Lorde had commaunded to make by the hande of Moses.
30 And Moses sayd vnto the chyldren of Israel: behold the Lorde hath called by name Bezaleel e sonne of Dry the sonne of Hur of the tribe of Iuda,
31 and hath fylled him wyth the spirite of God wyth wysedome, vnderstandyng and knoweledge, euen in al maner worcke,
32 & to fynde oute curious worckes, to worcke in gold, siluer, and brasse:
33 and wyth grauynge of stones to sett, & with keruynge in wodd, and to worcke in al maner of sottle workes.
34 And he hath put in his hert e grace to teach: both him & Ahaliab the sonne of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan
35 hathe he fylled with wisdome of hert, to worke al maner of grauen worke: they are also brotherers and worckers wyth nedle. And Iacyncte, scarlet, purple, and bysse, and are weauers that can make all maner worcke, and can deuise sottle worckes.




1 And Bezaliel wrought and Ahaliab and all wyse herted men to whom the Lorde had geuen wisedome and vnderstanding to knowe howe to worcke all maner worcke for the holy seruice, in al that the Lorde commaunded.
2 And Moses called for Bezaleel Ahaliak and al the wise hered men in whose hertes the Lord had putte wisedome, euen as many as their hertes couraged to come to the worcke to worcke it.
3 And they receiued of Moses al the heueofferinges which the children of Israel had brought for the worke of the holy seruice to make it withal. And they brought beside that wyllyng offeringes euery morning.
4 And al the wyse men that wrought all the holy worcke came euery man from his worke whyche they made,
5 and spake vnto Moses saying: the people bryng to much and aboue that is inough to serue for e worcke whyche the Lord hath commaunded to make.
6 And then Moses gaue a commaundement, & they caused it to be proclamed thorowoute the hoste sayinge: se that neither man nor woman prepare any more worcke for the holye heueofferynge, and so the people were forbidden to brynge:
7 for the stuffe they had, was sufficiente for them vnto all the worcke, to make it and to muche.
8 And al the wyse herted men among them that wroughte in the worcke of the habytacion made: euen .x. cortaines of twined bisse, Iacyncte, scarlet, and purple, and made them full of Cherubyns wt brodered worke.
9 The lengthe of one curtayne was .xxviij. cubites and the breadth .iiij. and were all of one syse.
10 And they coupled .v. curtaynes by them selues, and other fiue by them selues.
11 And they made fyftye louppes of Iacynte alonge by the edge of the vtmoste curtayne: euen in the seluege of the couplyng curtayne.
12 And lykewyse they made on the syde of the vtmooste couplynge curtayne on the other syde, fiftye loupes they made in the one curtayne, and fyfty in the edge of the couplynge curtayne on the otherside: so that the loupes were one ouer agaynst another.
13 And they made fifty rynges of gold, and coupled the curtaynes one to an other wyth the rynges: and so was it made a dwellynge place.
14 And they made a .xi. curtaynes of gotes heer to be a tent ouer the tabernacle
15 thyrtye cubites longe a pece, and .iiij. cubytes brode, & they all leauen of one cise.
16 And the coupled .v. by them selues, and .vi. by them selues,
17 and they made fyftye loupes alonge by the border of the vtmooste couplyng curtayne on the one side, and fyfty in the edge of the couplynge curtayne on the other syde.
18 And they made fyftye rynges of brasse to couple the tent togyther that it myght be one.
19 And they made a couerynge vnto the tent of rammes skynnes red, and yet an other of taxus skynnes aboue al.
20 And they made bordes for the dwellynge place of sethim wod that stode vpright
21 eueri borde .x. cubites longe & a cubyte & an halfe brode.
22 And they made .ij. fete to euery borde of the dwellinge place ioynynge one to another.
23 And they made .xx. bordes for the south syde of the habitation,
24 & .xl. sockettes of syluer vnder the .xx. bordes .ij. sockettes vnder euery borde, euen for the .ij. fete of them.
25 And for the other syde of the dwellynge towarde the north, they made other .xx. bordes
26 wyth .xl. sockettes of siluer .ij. sockettes vnder euery borde.
27 And be hynde in the ende of the tabernacle towarde they weste, the made syxe boordes,
28 and two other boordes for the corners of the habitation behynde,
29 & they were ioyned closse boeth beneth and also aboue wyth clampes and thus they dyd to both the corners:
30 so they were in al eyght bordes and .xvi. sockettes, vnder euerye boorde two sockettes.
31 And they made barres of Sethim wod .v. for the bordes of the one syde of the habitation,
32 & .v. for the other, & fyue for the bordes on the west ende of the habitation.
33 And they made the myddle barre to shote thorowe the bordes: euen from the one ende to the other,
34 and ouerlayd the bordes wyth gold, & made them rings of gold to thrust the barrs thorow, and couered the barres wyth gold.
35 And they made an hanging of Iacinct, of scarlet, purple, & twyned bysse with Cherubins of brodered worke.
36 And made therunto .iiij. pillers of Sithim wod, & ouerlaid them with gold. Their knoppes were also of gold, & thei cast for them .iiij. sockets of siluer.
37 And they made an hangyng for the tabernacle dore: of Iacincte, scarlet, purple, & twined bisse of nedle worcke,
38 & the pyllers of it were fiue wt theyr knoppes, and ouerlayed the heades of them and the whooppes with golde, with their .v. sockettes of brasse.




1 And Bezaleel made the arck of sethim wood two cubytes and an halfe long & a cubyte and a halfe brode, and a cubyt and a halfe hye,
2 & ouerlayde it wyth fyne golde both within & without, & made a crowne of golde to it rounde about,
3 and cast for it .iiij. rynges of golde for the .iiij. corners of it: two rynges for the one syde & two for the other,
4 & made staues of Sethym wood, & couered them with golde,
5 and put the staues in the rynges alonge by the syde of the arcke to bere it wyth all.
6 And he made the mercyseate of pure gold two cubites & a halfe longe and one cubite & a halfe brode,
7 and made two cherubyns of thycke golde vpon the two endes of the mercyseate:
8 One Cherubyn the one ende, & another Cherub on the other ende of the mercyseate.
9 And the Cherubyns spredde out theyr wynges aboue an hye, & couered the mercyseate therwyth. And their faces were one to another: euen to the mercyseate warde, were the faces of the Cherubyns.
10 And he made the table of sethim wood two cubytes longe and a cubyte brode, and a cubyte and a halfe hyghe,
11 and ouerlayd it with fyne golden, & made therto a crowne of golde rounde aboute,
12 and made therto an whope of an hande brede rounde aboute, and made vnto the whope a crowne of golde rounde aboute,
13 and cast for it .iiij. rynges of golde & put the rynges in the .iiij. corners by the fete:
14 euen vnder e whope to put staues in to beare the table with al.
15 And he made staues of Sethim wood and couered them wyth golde to beare the table with al,
16 and made the vessels t were on the table of pure gold, the dysshes spones, flatpeces & pottes to poure wyth al.
17 And he made e candelstick of pure thicke golde: bothe the candelstycke and hys shaft: with braunces, boles, knoppes and floures procedyng out of it.
18 Sixe braunches procedynge out of the sydes therof .iij. oute of the one syde, & .iij. out of the other.
19 And on euery braunche were .iij. cuppes like vnto almondes with knoppes & floures thorow out the syxe braunches t proceded out of the candelstycke.
20 And vpon the candelstycke selfe were .iiij. cuppes after the facyon of almondes wyth knoppes & floures:
21 vnder euery two braunches a knoppe.
22 And the knoppes & the braunches proceded out of it, and were alone pece of pure thycke golde.
23 And he made seuen lampes therto, and the snoffers therof, and fyre pannes of pure golde.
24 An hundred weyght of pure golde, made bothe it and all that belonged therto.
25 And he made e cens alter of Sethim wood of a cubit long & a cubyt brode: euen .iiij. square & two cubytes hye with hornes procedynge out of it.
26 And he couered it with pure golde, both the toppe & the sydes round about
27 and the hornes of it, & made vnto it a crowne of golde round about. And he made two ringes of golde vnto it, euen vnder the croune vpon ether syde of it, to put staues in for to beare it wyth all:
28 & made staues of Sethim wood, & ouerlayde them wyth golde.
29 And he made e holy anoynting oyle & the swete pure incens after the apothecarys crafte.




1 And he made the burntoffryng alter of Sethim wood .v. cubytes long & .v. cubytes brode: euen .iiij. square, and .iij. cubytes hye.
2 And he made hornes in the .iiij. corners of it procedyng out of it, and ouerlayde it wyth brasse.
3 And he made al the vessels of the alter: e cauldrons, shouels, basyns, fleshokes & colepanues al of brasse.
4 And he made a brasen gredyren of networke vnto the alter rounde about alowe beneth vnder the compasse of the alter: so that it reached vnto halfe the altare,
5 & cast .iiij. rynges of brasse for the .iiij. endes of the gredyren to put staues in.
6 And he made staues of sethym wodd & couered them with brasse,
7 & put the staues in the rynges alonge by the alter side to bere it with al, and made the alter holowe with bordes.
8 And he made the lauer of brasse & the fote of it also of brasse in the syghte of them that dyd watch before the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse.
9 And he made the courte with hangynges of twyned bysse of an hundred cubytes long vpon the southsyde,
10 & .xx. pillers with .xx. sockettes of brasse: but e knoppes of the pyllers & the whopes were syluer.
11 And on the northsyde e hanginges were an hundred cubytes long wyth .xx. pyllers and .xx. sockettes of brasse, but the knoppes & the whopes of the pylers were of syluer.
12 And on the west syde, were hangynges of .l. cubytes long, & .x. pyllers wyth their .x. sockettes, & the knopes & the whopes of e pillers were siluer.
13 And on the east syde towarde the sonne risyng, were hangynges of .l. cubytes:
14 the hangynges of the one syde of the gate were fiftene cubytes longe, and their pylers .iij. with their .iij. sockettes.
15 And of the other side of the court gate were hangynges also of .xv. cubytes longe, and their pillers .iij. with .iii. sockettes.
16 Now al the hangynges of the court round about, were of twyned bysse,
17 & the sockettes of the pyllers were brasse: but the knoppes and the whoopes of the pyllers were syluer, and the herdes were ouerlayde with syluer, & all the pillers of the courte were whoped about wt syluer.
18 And the hangynge of the gate of the courte was nedleworke, of iacyncte, scarlet, purple, & twyned bysse .xx. cubytes long and fyue in e bredth, accordyng to e hangynges of the court.
19 And the pyllers were .iiij. wyth .iiij. sockettes of brasse, & the knoppes of syluer, & the heedes ouerlayde wyth siluer and whoped aboute with syluer,
20 & al the pynnes of the tabernacle and of the courte rounde about were brasse.
21 Thys is the summe of the habitacion of wytnesse, whych was counted at the commaundement of Moses: and was the offyce of the Leuytes by the hand of Ithamar sonne to Aaron the preast.
22 And Bezaleel sonne of Vri sonne to Hur of the tribe of Iuda, made all that the Lord commaunded Moses,
23 and wyth hym Ahaliab sonne of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan, a connynge grauer and a worker of nedle worke in iacincte, scarlet, purple & bysse.
24 All the golde that was occupyed vpon all the worke of the holy place (whiche was the golde of the waueofferynge) was .xxix. hundred weyght and seuen hundred and .xxx. sycles, accordynge to the holy sycle.
25 And the summe of syluer that came of the multitude was .v. score hundred weyght & a thousande seuen hundred & .lxxv. sycles of the holy sycle.
26 Euery man offrynge halfe a sycle after the weyght of the holy sycle among them t went to be nombred from .xx. yere olde & aboue, among .vi. hundred thousande and .iij. thousande and .v. hundred and .l. men.
27 And the .v. score hundred weight of siluer went to the castynge of the sockettes of the sanctuary & the sockettes of the vayle: an hundred sockettes of the .v. score hundred weight an hundred weyght to euery sockette.
28 And e thousande seuen hundred & .lxxv. sycles, made knoppes to the pyllers, & ouerlayd e heedes and whoped them.
29 And the brasse of the waueofferyng was .lxx. hundred weyght and two thousand, and .iiij. hundred sicles.
30 And therwith he made the sockettes to the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse, and the brasen altare, and the brasen gredyren that longeth therto, and all the vessels of the alter,
31 and the sockettes of the courte round about, and the sockettes of the court gate, and all the pynnes of the habitacion, and all the pynnes of the courte round aboute.




1 And of the iacyncte, scarlet, purple & twyned bysse, they made the vestimentes of ministracion to do seruyce in that holy place and made the holy garmentes that pertayned to Aaron, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
2 And they made the Ephod of gold, iacincte scarlet, purple, and twyned bysse.
3 And they did beate e golde in to thynne plates, & cutte & into wyres: to worke it in e iacincte, scarlet, purple & the bysse, wyth broderd worke.
4 And they made the sides come to gether, and cloosed them vp by the two edges.
5 And the brodrynge of the gyrdell that was vpon it, was of the same stuffe and after the same worcke of golde, iacincte, scarlet, purple and twyned bysse, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
6 And they wrought Onix stones cloosed in ouches of golde & graued as sygnettes are grauen with the names of the chyldren of Israel,
7 & put them on the shoulders of the Ephod that they shulde be a remembraunce of the chyldren of Israel, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
8 And they made the brestlappe of connyng worke, after the worke of the Ephod: euen of golde, iacincte, scarlet, purple and twyned bysse.
9 And they made it .iiij. square & double, an hande breadeth long & an hande breadeth brode.
10 And they fylled it wyth .iiij. rowes of stones (the fyrst rowe Sardios, a Topas & Smaragdus:
11 the second rowe, a Rubye, a Saphir & a Diamonde:
12 e .iij. rowe, Ligurios an Achat and an Amatist:
13 the fourth rowe: a Turcas, an onix & a Iaspis) closed in ouches of gold in their inclosers.
14 And the .xij. stones were grauen as sygnettes with the names of the chyldren of Israel: euery stone wyth hys name, accordyng to the .xij. tribes.
15 And they made vpon the brestlappe, two fastenyng cheynes of wrethen worcke & pure golde.
16 And they made two hokes of golde & two golde rynges, & put the two ringes vpon the two corners of the brestlappe.
17 And they put the two chaynes of gold in e .ij. rynges, in the corners of the brestlappe.
18 And the two endes of the two chaynes they fastened in e two hokes, and put them on the shoulders of the Ephod vpon the fore front of it.
19 And they made two other rynges of gold and put them on the two other corners of the brestlappe a longe vpon the edge of it, toward the insyde of the Ephod that is ouer agaynst it.
20 And they made yet two other gold ringes, & put them on the two sides of the Ephod, beneth on the foresyde of it: euen where e sides go together,
21 aboue vpon the brodring of the Ephod, & they strayned the brestlappe by his rynges vnto the rynges of the Ephod, wyth laces of iacincte, that it myght lye fast vpon the brodrynge of the Ephod, & shulde not be lowsed from of the Ephod: as the Lord commaunded Moses.
22 And he made the tunycle vnto the Ephod of wouen worke, and al together of iacincte,
23 & the heade of the tunicle was in the middest of it as the coller of a partlet, wyth a bonde rounde aboute the coller, that it shoulde not rent.
24 And they made beneth vpon the hem of the tunycle: pomgranates of iacincte, scarlet, purple & twyned bysse.
25 And they made lytle belles of pure golde, & put them among the pomgranates rounde aboute vpon the edge of the tunycle a bell & a pomgranate,
26 a bell & a pomgranate rounde about the hemmes of the tunycle to mynystre in, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
27 And they made cotes of bysse of wouen worcke for Aaron and his sonnes,
28 & a mytre of bysse, & goodly bonettes of bysse, & lynen breches of twyned bysse,
29 & a gyrdell of twyned bysse, iacincte, scarlet and purple: euen of nedleworcke, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
30 And they made the plate of the holy croune of fyne golde, & wrote vpon it wyth grauen worke, the holynes of the Lord:
31 and tyed it to a lace of iacincte to fasten it an hye vpon the mytre, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
32 Thus was al the worke of the habitacion of the tabernacle of witnesse fynysshed. And the chyldren of Israel dyd accordynge to all that the Lorde had commaunded Moses.
33 And they brought the habitacion vnto Moses: the tent and al his apparel therof: the buttones, boordes, barres, pillers & sockettes:
34 and the couerynge of rams skynnes red, & the coueryng of taxus skynnes, & the hangyng vayle,
35 & the arcke of witnesse with the staues therof, and the mercyseate:
36 the table & al the ordinaunce therof, and the shewbred,
37 & the pure candelstycke, and the lampes prepared therunto with all the vessels therof, and the oyle for lyghtes,
38 and the golden altare, and the anoyntynge oyle and the swete cens, and the hangynge of the tabernacle doore,
39 & the brasen alter, and the gredyren of brasse longyng therunto wyth hys barres and all hys vessels, and the lauer with hys fote,
40 and the hangynges of the court with his pillers and sockettes, & the hanging to the courte gate, hys boordes & pynnes, & all the ordynaunce that serueth to the habitacion of the takernacle of wytnesse,
41 and the mynystryng vestymentes to serue in the holy place. and the holy vestymentes of Aaron the preast and hys sonnes raymentes to mynystre in:
42 accordyng to all that the Lord commaunded Moses: euen so the chyldren of Israel made al the worke.
43 And Moses beheld al the worke: and se, they had done it euen as the Lord commaunded: and then Moses blessed them.




1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saying:
2 In the fyrst daye of the fyrst moneth shalt thou sett vp the habitacion of the tabernacle of wytnesse
3 & put therin e arcke of witnesse, & couer the arcke wt the vayle,
4 and brynge in the table & apparell it, and brynge in the candelstycke and putte on hys lampes,
5 and sette the cense aultare of Golde before the arcke of wytnes, and put the hangynge of the doore vnto the habitation.
6 And sette the burntofferynge aultare before the dore of the tabernacle of witnes
7 and set the lauour betwene the taberuacle of witnes & the aultare, & put water therein,
8 and make the courte rounde aboute, and sette vp the hanging of the court gate.
9 And take the anoyntyng oyle and anoynt the habitation & al that is therein, & hallowe it and all that belongeth therto: that it maye be holy.
10 And anoynt the aulter of the burntofferynges & all hys vessels, and sanctify the aulter that it may be most holy.
11 And anoynt also the lauer & his fote, and sanctifye it.
12 Then brynge Aaron and his sonnes vnto the dore of the Tabernacle of wytnesse, and washe them wyth water.
13 And put vpon Aaron the holy vestementes, and anoynte him & sanctyfye hym that he maye minister vnto me,
14 <>
15 that their annointing may be an euerlasting preasthode vnto them thorowe out theyr generation.
16 And Moses dyd accordynge to all that the Lord commaunded him.
17 Thus was the Tabernacle reared vp the fyrst daye in the fyrste moneth in the seconde yere.
18 And Moses reared vp the tabernacle & fastened his sockettes, and set vp the bordes and put in their barres, & reared vp the pyllers,
19 & spred abrod the tent ouer the habitation, and put the coueringe of the tente an hye aboue it: as the lord commaunded Moses.
20 And he toke and put the testimony in the arcke, and set the staues to the arcke, & putte the mercy seate an hye vppon the arcke,
21 and brought the arcke into the habitation, & hanged vp the vayle, & couered the arcke of witnes as the Lord commanded Moses.
22 And he put the table in the tabernacle of wytnesse in the north side of the habitation wythout the vayle,
23 and set the bread in ordre before the Lord, euen as the Lord had commaunded Moses.
24 And he put the candelsticke in the tabernacle of wytnes ouer agaynste the table in the south syde of the habitation,
25 and sette vp the lampes before the Lorde: as the Lorde commaunded Moses.
26 And he put the golden altare in the tabernacle of wytnes before the vayle,
27 and brente swete sence thereon as the Lord commaunded Moses.
28 And set vp the hangynge in the dore of the habitation,
29 and set the burnt offering alter before the dore of the tabernacle of wytnes, & offered burnteofferynges and meate offerynges theron as the lord commaunded Moses.
30 And he set the lauer betwene the tabernacle of witnes and the aultare, and poured water therin to washe wt all.
31 And both Moses, Aaron & his sonnes washed their handes & their fete therat:
32 boeth when they went into the tabernacle of wytnes, or when they went to the aultare, as the Lord commaunded Moses.
33 And he reared vp the courte rounde about the habitation and the aultare & set vp the hangynge of the court gate: and so Moses finished the worcke.
34 And the cloude couered the tabernacle of wytnes, and the glorye of the Lorde fylled the habitation:
35 so that Moses coulde not enter into the Tabernacle of wytnesse bycause the cloude abode therin, and the glory of the Lord filled the habitation.
36 When the cloude was taken vp from of the habitation the children of Israel toke their iourneys as oft as they had iourneyed.
37 And if the cloude departed not, they iourneyed not tyll it departed:
38 for the cloud of the Lord was vpon the habitation by daye, and fyre by nyght: in the syght of all the house of Israell in all theyr iourneys.