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1 These be şe wordes whyche Moses spake vnto all Israel, on şe other syde Iordan in şe wyldernesse and in the feeldes by the red sea, betwene Pharan and Tophel, Laban, Hazeroth and Disahah
2 .xi. dayes iourney from Horeb vnto Cades barne, by the way that leadeth vnto mount Seir.
3 And it fortuned şe fyrst daye of the .xi. moneth in the fortieth yere that Moses spake vnto the chyldren of Israel accordinge vnto all that the Lorde hade geuen him in commaundement vnto them
4 after that he had smytten Sehon şe kynge of the Amorites which dwelt in Hesbon, and Og kinge of Basan which dwelt at Astaroth in Edrai.
5 On the other syde Iordan in the lande of Moab, Moses began to declare this lawe saying:
6 the Lord oure God spake vnto vs in Horeb saying: Ye haue dwelt long ynough in this mount:
7 departe therfore & take youre iourney and go vnto the hilles of the Amorites and vnto all places nye there vnto: both feldes, hylles and dales: and vnto the south & vnto the sea syde in the lande of Canaan, and vnto Libanon: euen vnto the greate ryuer Euphrates.
8 Beholde, I haue sett şe land before you: goo in therfore & possess the land whiche the Lorde sware vnto youre fathers Abraham, Isaac and Iacob, to geue vnto them and their seade after them.
9 And I sayde vnto you the same season: I am not able to beare you my selfe alone
10 For the Lorde youre God hath multiplyed you: so şt ye are this day as the starres of heauen in nombre
11 (the Lorde God of youre fathers make you a thousande tymes so many moo as ye are, & blesse you as he hath promysed you)
12 how (sayde I) can I my selfe alone, beare the combraunce, charge & stryfe şt is amonge you:
13 brynge therfore men of wisedome & of vnderstandynge & expert: knowen amonge youre trybes, that I maye make them ruelars ouer you,
14 And ye answerd me and sayde: that which thou hast spoken is good to be done.
15 And then I toke the heades of youre tribes, men of wysdome & that were expert. and made them ruelars ouer you: captaines ouer thousandes, & ouer hundreds, ouer fyfty & ouer ten, officers a monge youre trybes.
16 And I charged your Iudges the same time sayinge: heare youre brethren & iudge ryghteously betwene euery man and his brother and the straunger that is wyth hym.
17 Se that ye know no man in Iudgement: but heare the small as well as the greate & be afrayed of no man, for the iudgment is Gods. And the cause that is to harde for you, bryng vnto me and I will heare it.
18 And I commaunded you the same ceason, all the thynges whych ye should do.
19 And then we departed from Horeb and walked thorow all that greate & terrible wyldernesse as ye haue sene alonge by the waye that leadeth vnto the hylles of the Amorites, as the Lord our God commaunded vs, and came to Cades barne.
20 And there I sayd vnto you: Ye are come vnto the hilles of the Amorites, which the Lorde oure God doth geue vnto vs.
21 Beholde the Lorde thy God hath set the lande before the, goo vp and conquere it, as the Lord God of thy fathers sayeth vnto the: feare not, nether be discorraged.
22 And then ye came vnto me euery one and said: Let vs sende men before vs, to searche vs out the lande and to brynge vs worde agayne, both what waye we shall go vp by, and vnto what cyties we shall come.
23 And the sayinge pleased me well and I toke .xij. men of you, of euery trybe one.
24 And they departed and went vp into the hye contrey and came vnto the ryuer Escoll, and serched it oute,
25 and toke of the frute of the lande in their handes and brought it doune vnto vs and brought vs worde agayne and sayde: it is a good land whyche the Lorde oure God doth geue vs.
26 Notwithstandyng yea wold not consente to goo vp, but were dysobedyent vnto the mouth of the Lord your God,
27 and murmured in youre tentes and sayde: because the Lord hateth vs, therfore he hath broughte vs out of the lande of Egypte, to delyuer vs into the handes of the Amorites and to destroye vs.
28 How shall we goo vp? Oure brethren haue discorraged oure hertes sayinge: the people is greater and taller then we, and the cyties are greate and walled euen vp to heauen, & moreouer we haue sene the sonnes of the Enakimes there.
29 And I sayde vnto you: dreade not nor be afrayed of them:
30 The Lord your god which gothe before you, he shall fyghte for you, accordyng to al that he dyd vnto you in Egypt before your eyes
31 and in the wyldernesse: as thou hast sene how that the Lorde thy God bare the as a man shoulde beare hys sonne, thorow out all the waye which ye haue gone vntyll ye came vnto this place.
32 And yet for all this sayinge ye dyd not beleue the Lorde your God
33 which gothe the way before you, to serche you oute a place to pitche your tentes in, in fyre by nyghte, that ye myghte se what way to go and in a cloude by day.
34 And the Lorde heard the voyce of youre wordes and was wroth and sware sayinge,
35 there shall not one of these men of this froward generacion se that good land which I sware to geue vnto your fathers,
36 saue Caleb the sonne of Iephune, he shall se it, and to hym wyl I geue the land which he hath walked in and to his chyldren, because he hath contynually folowed the Lorde.
37 Lykewyse the Lorde was angrye with me for youre sakes saying: thou also shalt not go in thither.
38 But Iosua the sonne of Nun which standeth before the, he shall go in thither. Bolden hym therfore for he shal deuyde the herytage vnto Israell.
39 Moreouer youre chyldren which ye sayd should be a praye, and youre sonnes which knowe nether good nor bad this day, they shal goo in thither & vnto them I wyl geue it, and they shal enioye it.
40 But as for you, turne backe & take your iourney into the wildernesse: euen the way to the read sea.
41 Then ye answered and sayd vnto me: We haue sinned against the Lord: we wyl go vp & fighte, accordyng to al that the Lord our God commaunded vs. And when ye had gyrde on euery man his wepons of warre & were ready to go vp into the hilles,
42 the Lorde sayd vnto me: say vnto them, se that ye go not vp & that ye fyghte not, for I am not amonge you: lest ye be plaged before youre enemies.
43 And when I told you ye wold not heare: but disobeyed the mouth of the Lord, & went presumptuously vp into the hylles.
44 Then the Amorites which dwelt in those hylles, came out against you and chased you as bees do, and hewed you in Seir, euen vnto Horma.
45 And ye came agayne and wepte before the Lord: but the Lord wolde not heare your voice nor geue you audience.
46 And so ye abode in Cades a long ceason.




1 Then we tourned & toke oure iourney into the wyldernesse, euen the waye to the read sea as the Lorde commaunded me. And we compassed the mountayns of Seir a longe tyme.
2 Then the Lord spake vnto me saying:
3 Ye haue compassed these mountayns longe ynough, tourne you northward.
4 And warne şe people saying Ye shall go thorow the costes of youre brethren the chyldren of Esau whyche dwell in Seir, and they shalbe afrayed of you: But take good heade vnto youre selues
5 that ye prouoke them not, for I wyl not geue you of their lande, no not so moch as a fote breade: because I haue geuen mount Seir vnto Esau to possesse.
6 Ye shal bye meate of them for money to eate, and ye shall bye water of them for money to drinke.
7 For the Lord thy God hath blessed the in al the workes of thyne hand & knewe the as thou wentest thorowe thys great wyldernesse. Moreouer the Lorde thy God hath bene wt the this .xl. yeres, so that thou hast lacked nothyng.
8 And when we were departed from our brethren the chyldren of Esau whyche dwelt in Seir by the feld way from Elath and Ezion Gaber, we turned and went the waye to the wyldernesse of Moab.
9 Then the Lord sayd vnto me se that thou vexe not the Moabites, nether prouoke them to battel for I wyl not geue the of their lande to possesse:
10 because I haue geuen Ar vnto the chyldren of loth to possesse. The Emims dwelt therin in tymes past, a people great, many & tall, as the Enakims:
11 which also were taken for geauntes as the Enakims: And the Moabites called them Emims.
12 In like maner şe Horims dwelt in Seir before tyme whych the chyldren of Esau cast out, & destroyed them before them and dwelt there in their stede: as Israel did in the land of his possession which the Lord gaue them.
13 Now ryse vp (sayd I) & get you ouer the ryuer Zared: and we went ouer the ryuer Zared.
14 The space in whyche we came from Cades barne vntyll we were come ouer the ryuer Zared was .xxxviij. yeres: vntyll all the generacion of the men of warre were wasted out of the host as the Lord sware vnto them.
15 For in dede the hand of the Lord was against them to destroy them out of the host, tyl they were consumed.
16 And as soone as al the men of warre were consumed & dead from among the people,
17 then the Lord spake vnto me saying.
18 Thou shalt go thorow Ar the coste of Moab this day,
19 & shalt come nye vnto the children of Ammon: se that şu vexe them not, nor yet prouoke them. For I wil not geue the of the land of the children of Ammon to possesse,
20 because I haue geuen it vnto the chyldren of Loth to possesse. That also was taken for a land of geauntes & geauntes dwelt therin in old tyme, and the Ammonites called them Zanzumins
21 A people that was great, many & talle, as the Enakims. But the Lord destroyed them before the Ammonites, & they cast them out & they dwelt there in their steade:
22 as he did for the chyldren of Esau which dwel in Seir: euen as he destroyed the Horyms before them, & they cast them out and dwel in their steade vnto thys daye.
23 And the Auums which dwelt in Hazarim euen vnto Aza, the Caphthoryms which came out of Caphthor destroyed them and dwelt in their rowmes.
24 Ryse vp, take youre iourney and go ouer the ryuer Arnon. Behold, I haue geuen into thy hande Sehon the Amorite kynge of Hesbon, & his land. Go to and conquere and prouoke hym to battell.
25 Thys daye I wyll begynne to sende the feare and dreade of the vpon all nacions that are vnder all portes of heauen: so that when they heare speake of the they shall tremble and quake for feare of the.
26 Then I sent messengers out of the wildernesse of the easte vnto Sehon kynge of Hesbon, wt wordes of peace saying:
27 Let me go thorow thy land. I wyl go al wayes alonge by the hye way & wyll nether turne vnto the ryght hand nor to the left.
28 Sell me meate for money for to eate, & geue me drynke for money for to drynke. I wyll go thorowe by fote only
29 (as the chyldren of Esau dyd vnto me whych dwel in Seir & the Moabites whych dwel in Ar) vntyl I be come ouer Iordan, into the lande whych the Lorde oure God geueth vs.
30 But Sehon the kyng of Hesbon wold not let vs passe by hym, for the Lord thy GOD had hardened hys sprite and made his herte tough because he wold delyuer him in to thy handes as it is come to passe thys day.
31 And the Lorde sayde vnto me: beholde I haue begonne to set Sehon and hys lande before the: go to and conquere, that şu mayst possesse hys lande.
32 Then both Sehon and al hys people came out agaynst vs vnto battel at Iahaza.
33 And the Lorde set hym before vs, and we smote hym and hys sonnes and al hys people.
34 And we toke al his cyties the same ceason and destroyed al the cities with men, wemen and chyldren and let nothyng remayne,
35 saue the catell onlye we caught vnto oure selues and the spoyle of the cyties which we toke,
36 from Aroer vpon the brynke of the ryuer of Arnon, and the cytie in the ryuer, vnto Galaad: there was not one citye to stronge for vs. The Lorde oure God delyuered al vnto vs:
37 only vnto the land of the children of Ammon ye came not nor vnto al the coste of the ryuer Iabock nor vnto the cities in şe mountaynes, nor vnto what soeuer the Lord oure God forbade vs.




1 Then we turned & went vp the way to Basan. And Og the kynge of Basan came out agaynst vs: both he and all his people to battell at Edrai.
2 And the Lorde sayde vnto me: feare him not for I haue deliuered him & all hys people & his land into thy hand & thou shalt deale wyth him as thou dealedst with Sehon kyng of the Amorites whiche dwelt at Hesbon.
3 And so the Lord our god delyuered into oure handes, Og also the kyng of Basan & al his folcke. And we smote him vntil nought was left him.
4 And we toke al his cities the same ceason (for there was not a citie which we toke not from them) euen .iij. score cyties, al the region of Argob, the kyngdome of Og in Basan.
5 Al these cities were made stronge wyth hye walles gates & barres, besyde vnwalled townes a great meanye.
6 And we vtterly destroyed them as we played wt Sehon kynge of Hesbon bryngyng to nought al the cities with men, wemen and chyldren.
7 But all the catel & the spoyle of the cities, we caught for oure selues.
8 And thus we toke the same season, şe land out of the hande of two kynges of the Amorytes on the other syde Iordan, from the ryuer of Arnon vnto mount Hermon
9 (whyche Hermon the Sidons cal Sirion, but the Amorytes cal it Senyr)
10 al the cities in the playne and al Galaad and all Basan vnto Salecha & Edray, cities of the kyngdome of Og in Basan.
11 For only Og king of Basan remayned of the remnaunt of the geauntes: behold, his yron bed is yet at Rabah among the children of Ammon .ix. cubytes longe & .iiij. cubites brode, of the cubites of a man.
12 And when we had conquered thys lande the same time, I gaue from Aroer which is vpon the riuer of Arnon, & halfe mount Galad and şe cities therof vnto the Rubenites, & Gadites.
13 And the rest of Galaad and al Basan şe kingdom of Og, I gaue vnto the halfe trybe of Manasse: al the region of Argob wythal, Basan was called the lande of geauntes.
14 Iair the sonne of Manasse toke al şe region of Argob vnto şe costes of Gesuri & Maachati & called them after his owne name: Basan Hauoth Iair vnto this dai.
15 And I gaue half Galaad vnto Machir.
Deu 3:16 And vnto Ruben & Gad I gaue from Galaad vnto the ryuer of Arnon & halfe the valley & the cost, euen vnto şe ryuer Iabock which is the border of the chyldren of Ammon,
17 and the feldes and Iordan with the coaste, from Ceneroth euen vnto the sea in the feld which is the salt sea vnder the springes of Phasgah the eastwarde.
18 And I commaunded you the same tyme (yea Ruben & Gad) saying: the Lord youre God hath geuen you thys land to enioye it: se that ye go harnessed before youre brethren the children of Israel, all that are men of warre among you.
19 Youre wyues only your chyldren & your catell (for I wote that ye haue moch catel) shal abyde in your cities whych I haue geuen you,
20 vntyl the Lord haue geuen rest vnto your brethren as wel as vnto you, & vntyll they also haue conquered the lande which the Lord your God hath geuen them beyonde Iordan: and then returne agayne euery man vnto his possessyon whych I haue geuen you.
21 And I warned Iosua the same tyme saying: thyne eyes haue sene all that the Lorde your God hath done vnto these two kinges, euen so the Lorde wyll do vnto all kyngdomes whyther thou goest.
22 Feare them not for the Lord your GOD he it is that fyghteth for you.
23 And besoughte the Lorde the same tyme saying:
24 O Lorde GOD thou hast begonne to shewe thy seruaunte thy greatnesse & thy myghty hande, for there is no God in heauen nor in erth that can do after thy workes & after thy power:
25 let me go ouer & se the good lande that is beyonde Iordan, that goodly hye contre and Libanon.
26 But the Lord was angrye wyth me for your sakes & wolde not heare me, but sayed vnto me, be content, and speake henceforth no moare vnto me of this matter.
27 Get the vp into the toppe of Phasgah & lyfte vp thyne eyes west, north, south, and easte, and behold it wyth thyne eyes for thou shalt not go ouer thys Iordan.
28 Moreouer charge Iosua and courage him & bolden hym. For he shal go ouer before hys people, & he shall deuyde the lande which thou shalt se vnto them.
29 And so we abode in the valeye besyde Bethpheor.




1 And now herken Israel vnto şe ordinaunces & lawes which I teach you, for to do them, that ye maye lyue & go and conquere the lande whych the Lorde God of youre fathers geueth you.
2 Ye shall put nothynge vnto the worde whych I commaunde you nether do ought therfrom, that ye maye kepe the commandementes of the Lord your God which I commaunde you.
3 Youre eyes haue sene what the Lord dyd vnto Baal Peor: for all the men that folowed Baal Peor, the Lord your God hath destroyed among you.
4 But ye that claue vnto the Lorde your God are alyue euery one of you this day.
5 Beholde, I haue taught you ordinaunces & lawes such as the Lorde my God commaunded me that ye should do euen so in the land whither ye go to possesse it.
6 Kepe them therefore and do them for that is your wysdome and vnderstandyng in the syght of the nations, whych when they haue hearde all these ordinaunces, shall saye: O what a wyse and vnderstaudynge people is thys greate nation.
7 For what nation is so great that hath Goddes so nye vnto him as the Lorde oure God is nye vnto vs, in all thynges, when we cal vnto him?
8 Yea, & what nation is so greate that hathe ordinaunces, and lawes so ryghtuouse, as all thys lawe which I set before you thys day.
9 Take hede to thy selfe therfore only & kepe thy soule diligently, that thou forget not the thynges whych thyne eyes haue sene, & that they departe not oute of thyne herte, all the dayes of thy lyfe: but teach them thy sonnes and thy sonnes sonnes.
10 The day that I stode before the Lorde your God in Horeb, when he sayed vnto me, gather me the people togither, that I may make them heare my wordes that they maye learne to feare me as longe as they lyue vpon the earth & that they may teache theyr children:
11 ye came and stode also vnder the hyll, and the hyll burnte with fyre euen vnto the mydes of heauen, and there was darckenes cloudes and myste.
12 And the Lorde spake vnto you out of the fyre and ye heard the voyce of his wordes: but sawe no ymage, saue heard a voyce onely.
13 And he declared vnto you his couenaunt which he commaunded you to do, euen .x. verses & wrote them in two tables of stone.
14 And şe Lord commaunded me that same ceason to teache you ordinaunces and lawes, for to do them in the land whither ye go to possesse it.
15 Take hede vnto youre selues diligentlye as pertaynynge vnto youre Soules, for ye sawe no maner of ymage the daye when the Lorde spake vnto you in Horeb out of şe fire lest ye marre your selues
16 & make you grauen ymages after whatsoeuer likenes it be: whether after the lykenesse of manne or woman
17 or any maner beaste that is on the earth or of anye maner fethered foule that flyeth in the ayre,
18 or of anye maner worme that creapeth on the earth or of anye maner fish şt is in the water beneth şe earth.
19 Yea, & least thou lyfte vp thyne eye vnto heauen, & when thou seist the sunne and the mone and the starres and whatsoeuer is contained in heauen, shouldest be deceyued and shouldest bowe thy selfe to them and serue the thynges whych the Lord thy God hathe distributed vnto all nations that are vnder al quarters of heauen.
20 For the Lorde toke you and brought you out of the, yron furnace of Egipt, to be vnto him a people of enheritaunce, as it is come to passe thys daye.
21 Furthermore, the Lorde was angrye wt me for youre sakes & sware, that I shoulde not go ouer Iordan and that I should not go vnto that good land, which the Lorde thy God geueth şe to enheritaunce.
22 For I must dye in thys Land, & shal not go ouer Iordan. But ye shall go ouer and conquere that good land.
23 Take hede to your selues therefore, that ye forgett not the appoyntment of the Lorde your god which he made with you, & that ye make you no grauen ymage of whatoeuer it be that the Lorde thy God hath forbydden the.
24 For the Lorde thy God is a consuming fyre, and a gelouse God.
25 If after thou haste gotten chyldren and chyldrens chyldren & hast dwelt long in the lande, ye shall marre your selues and make grauen ymages after the likenes of whatsoeuer it be, and shall worke wyckednes in the syght of the Lord thy God, to prouoke him.
26 I cal heauen and earth to recorde vnto you thys day, that ye shal shortely perishe from of the lande whither ye go ouer Iordan to possesse it: ye shal not prolong your daies therin but shal shortly be destroyed.
27 And the Lorde shal scatter you among nations, & ye shalbe left fewe in numbre among the people whyther the lord shal bryng you,
28 & there ye shall serue Gods whych are the workes of mans hand, wod & stone which neither se nor heare nor eate nor smell.
29 Neuerthelater ye shall seke the Lord your God euen ther, and shall fynde hym it thou seeke hym wyth all thyne herte and wyth all thy soule.
30 In thy tribulation and when all these thynges are come vpon the euen in the later dayes, thou shalte turne vnto the Lorde thy God, and shalte herken vnto hys voyce.
31 For the Lord thy God is a pitiful God, he wil not forsake the neyther destroy the, nor forget the appoyntment made wt thy fathers whyche he sware vnto them.
32 For aske I pray the for the dayes that are past which were before the, sence şe day that God created man vpon the earth and from the one syde of heauen vnto the other whether any thynge hath bene lyke vnto thys greate thyng or whether any suche thyng hath bene heard as it is,
33 şt a nation hath heard şe voice of God speaking out of fire as thou hast herde and yet lyued?
34 eyther whether God assaied to go & take him a people from amonge nations, thorowe temptations and sygnes and wonders & thorow warre & wyth a myghty hand and a streatched oute arme and with myghtye terryble syghtes, accordynge vnto all that the Lord your God dyd vnto you in Egypt before your eyes.
35 Vnto the it was shewed, şt thou mightest know, howe that the lorde he is God & that there is none but he.
36 Oute of heauen he made the hear hys voyce to nurture the, and vpon earth he shewed the his great fire, and thou heardest hys wordes out of şe fyre.
37 And bycause he loued thy fathers, therefore he chose theyr sede after them and broughte the out wyth hys presence and with hys mighty power of Egypte:
38 to thruste oute nations greater & myghtier then thou before the, to bring the in, & to giue the their land to enheritaunce: as it is come to passe this day.
39 Vnderstand therefore thys daye & turne it to thyne herte, that the Lord he is God in heauen aboue, & vpon the earth beneth there is no mo:
40 kepe therefore hys ordinaunces, & his commaundementes which I commaund the this day, that it may go wel with the & with thy children after the, & that thou maist prolong thi dayes vpon the earth which şe Lord thy God geueth the thy lyfe long.
41 Then Moses seuered .iij. cityes on the other syde Iordan toward the sonne rysing,
42 that he shoulde flee thyther whyche had kylled hys neyghboure vnwares and hated hym not in tyme paste, and therefore shoulde flee to one of the same cities and lyue:
43 Bezer in the wildernes, euen in the playne contry among şe Rubenites: & Ramoth in Galaad among the Gaddites and Solan in Bason amonge the Manassites.
44 This is the law which Moses set before the chyldren of Israell,
45 and these are the witnesses, ordinaunces & statutes whych Moses tolde the chyldren of Israel after they came out of Egypt
46 on the other side Iordan in the valey besyde Beth Pheor in the land of Sehon kyng of the Amorytes whiche dwelt at Hesbon, whom Moses & the children of Israell smote after they were come out of Egypte
47 and conquered hys land and the lande of Og kynge of Basan .ij. kynges of the Amorites on the other syde Iordan toward the sunne rysynge:
48 from Aroer vpon the bancke of the ryuer Arnon, vnto the mount Sion which is called Hermon
49 and al the feildes on the other syde Iordan eastwarde: euen vnto the sea in the felde vnder the springes of Phasgah.




1 And Moses called vnto all Israel & said vnto them: Heare Israell the ordinaunces and lawes which I speake in thine eares this daye, & learne theim, & take hede that ye do them.
2 The Lord our God made an appoyntment with vs in Horeb.
3 The Lord made not thys bond wyth our fathers, but wyth vs, we are they whyche are all here a lyue thys daye.
4 The Lorde talked wyth you face to face in the mount out of the fyre.
5 And I stode betwene the Lorde and you the same tyme, to shewe you the saying of the Lorde. For ye were afrayed of the fyre and therfore wente not vp into the mount, and he sayed.
6 I am the Lord thy God which brought the out of the land of Egypte, the house of bondage.
7 Thou shalte haue therefore none other Gods in my presence.
8 Thou shalte make the no grauen Image of anye maner lykenesse that is in heauen aboue, or in the earth beneth, or in şe water beneth the earth.
9 Thou shalt neither bowe thy selfe to them, nor serue them, for I the Lorde thy God, am a gelous God, visitynge thy wyckednes of the fathers vpon the children, euen in the third and fourth generation, among them that hate me:
10 and shewe mercye vpon thousandes amonge them that loue me and kepe my commaundementes.
11 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vaine: for the Lord wyl not hold him giltles, that thaketh hys name in vaine.
12 Kepe the Sabboth daye that thou sanctifye it, as the Lorde thy God hathe commaunded the.
13 Syxe dayes thou shalt laboure & do all şt thou hast to do,
14 but the seuenth dai is the Saboth of the lorde thy God: thou shalt do no maner worke, neither thou, nor thy sonne, nor thy daughter, nor thy seruaunte nor thy mayd, nor thyne oxe nor thyne asse, nor any of thy cattel, nor the straunger that is within thy cytye: that thy seruaunte and thy mayde maye reste as well as thou.
15 And remembre that thou was a seruaunte in the Lande of Egipt and how that the Lord God, brought the out thence wyth a mighty hande and a streatched out arme. For whyche cause the Lord thy God commaunded the to kepe the Saboth day.
16 Honoure thy father and thy mother, as the Lord thy God hath commaunded the: that thou maiste prolonge thy dayes, and that it may go wel wyth the on the land, which the Lord thy God geueth the.
17 Thou shalt not slea.
18 Thou shalt not breake wedlocke.
19 Thou shalt not steale.
20 Thou shalt not beare false witnes agaynst thy neyghbour.
21 Thou shalte not luste after thy neyghbours wyfe: thou shalt not couet thy neyghbours house, feylde, seruaunte, mayde, oxe, asse nor ought that is thy neyghbours
22 These wordes the Lord spake vnto al youre multitude in the mount out of the fyre, cloud and darckenes, with a loude voyce & added no more therto, and wrote them in .ij. tables of stone and deliuered them vnto me.
23 But as sone as ye heard the voyce out of the darcknes, and sawe the hyl burne wyth fyre, ye came vnto me all the heades of your tribes and your elders:
24 & ye sayd behold: the Lorde our God hath shewed vs hys glorye & hys greatnes, & we haue heard hys voyce out of the fyre & we haue sene thys day that God may talke with a man and he yet lyue.
25 And now wherfore should we dye that this great fyre should consume vs. If we should heare the voyce of the Lorde our God anye more we should dye.
26 For what is any fleshe that he shoulde heare the voyce of the liuing God speakynge oute of the fyre as we haue done & shoulde yet lyue?
27 Go thou and heare all that the Lorde oure God sayeth, and tell thou vnto vs all that the Lorde oure God sayth vnto the, and we wyl hear it and do it.
28 And the Lorde hearde the voyce of youre wordes when ye spake vnto me, & he sayed vnto me: I haue heard the voice of şe words of thys people which they haue spoken vnto the, they haue well sayed all that they haue sayed.
29 Oh that they had such an hert wyth them to feare me and kepe al my commaundementes alway, that it myght go wel with them & with theyr children foreuer.
30 Go and saye vnto theim: gette you into youre tentes agayne,
31 but stande thou here before me and I wyl tell the al the commaundementes, ordinaunces & lawes which thou shalt teache them, that they may do them in the lande whiche I gyue them to possesse.
32 Take hede therfore that ye do as the lord your God hath commaunded you, & turne not a syde: either to the ryght hande or to the lyfte,
33 but walke in all the wayes whych the Lorde youre God hathe commaunded you, that ye maye lyue and that it maye go well wyth you and that ye maye prolonge youre dayes in the land which ye shall possesse.




1 These are the commaundementes, ordinaunces & lawes whyche the Lorde youre God commaunded to teache you, that ye myghte do theym in the Lande whyther ye go to possesse it:
2 that thou mighteste feare the Lorde thy God, to kepe all hys ordinaunces and hys commaundementes whyche I commaunde the, boeth thou and thy sonne, and thy sonnes sonne al dayes of thy lyfe, that thy dayes maye be prolonged.
3 Heare therfore Israell and take hede that thou do there after, that it may go well with the, and that it maye encrease myghtelye, euen as the Lorde God of thy fathers hathe promised the, a land that floweth wyth milke and honye.
4 Heare Israel, the Lord thy God is Lord onely,
5 and thou shalt loue the lorde thy God wyth al thine hert, with all thy soule & wyth al thy myght.
6 And these wordes which I commande the thys daye, shall be in thyne herte
7 & thou shalt whett theim on thy children. & shalt talke of theim when thou arte at home in thyne house, and as thou walkeste by the way, and when thou lyest downe and when thou rysest vp:
8 and thou shalt bynd them for a sygne vpon thyne hande. And they shall be papers of remembraunce betwene thyne eyes and
9 shalt write them vpon the postes of thy house & vpon thy gates.
10 And when the lord thy God hath brought the into the land which he sware vnto thy fathers Abraham, Isaac & Iacob, to gyue the with great & goodly cityes which thou buildedst not,
11 & houses full of all maner goodes which thou filledest not, and welles dygged whych thou dyggedest not, & vynes & olyue trees which thou plantedest not, & when thou hast eaten and art ful:
12 Then beware lest thou forget the Lorde whych brought the oute of the lande of Egipt the house of bondage.
13 But feare the Lorde thy God and serue him, and sweare by his name,
14 & se that ye walke not after straunge Goddes of the Gods of the nations whych are about you.
15 For the Lord thy god is a gelous God among you leste the wrath of the Lord thy God waxe whote vpon the and destroy the from the earth.
16 Ye shall not tempte the Lorde your God as ye dyd at Masa.
17 But se that ye kepe the commaundementes of the Lorde your God hys wytnesses and ordinaunces whyche he hath commaunded the,
18 & se thou do that which is ryght and good in the syght of the Lorde: that thou maiste prospere & that thou maiste go and conquere that good lande which the Lorde sware vnto thy fathers,
19 and that the Lorde may cast out all thyne enemies before the as he hath sayed.
20 When thy sonne asketh the in tyme to come sayinge: What meaneth the witnesses ordinaunces & lawes whych the Lord oure God hath commaunded you?
21 Then thou shalt saye vnto thy sonne: We were bondmen vnto Pharao in Egypte, but the Lorde broughte vs out of Egypt wyth a myghty hand.
22 And the Lorde shewed sygnes and wonders, both greate and euyl vppon Egypt, Pharao and vpon al hys housholde, before our eyes
23 and brought vs from thence: to bryng vs in and to giue vs the land which he sware vnto our fathers.
24 And therefore commaunded vs to do all these ordinaunces & for to feare the Lord our God, for our wealth alwayes and that he myght saue vs, as it is come to passe thys day.
25 Moreouer it shalbe ryghtuousenesse vnto vs before the Lord our God if we take hede to kepe al these commaundementes as he hath commaunded vs.




1 When the Lorde thy God hathe brought the into the land whither thou goest to possesse it, & hast coste out manye nations before the: the Hethytes, the Gergesites, şe Amorites, the Cananites, the Pheresites, the Heuites, and the Iebusites .vij. nacions moo in numbre & mightier then thou:
2 and when the Lord thy God hath sett them before the that thou shouldest smyt them se that thou vtterly destroye them and make no couenaunt with theym nor haue compassyon vppon theym. Also thou shalte make no maryages wyth theim,
3 neyther gyue thy daughter vnto hys sone, nor take hys daughter vnto thy sonne.
4 For they wyl make your Sonnes departe fro me, and serue straunge Goddes, and then wyll the wrathe of the Lorde waxe whote vpon you and destroye you shortely.
5 But thus ye shall deale wyth them: ouerthrow theyr alters, breake downe theyr pyllers cut downe their groues and burne their ymages wyth fyre.
6 For thou art an holy nacion vnto the Lorde thy God, the Lorde thy God hath chosen the to be a seuerall people vnto hym selfe of al nations that are vpon the erth.
7 It was not bicause of şe multitude of you aboue al nations, that the Lord had lust vnto you and chose you. For ye were fewest of all nations.
8 But bycause the Lord loued you & bicause he would kepe the oth whych he hadde sworne vnto your fathers, therfore he brought you out of Egypt with a mighty hande and deliuered you out of the house of bondage: euen from the hande of Pharao, kynge of Egypt.
9 Vnderstande therefore, that the Lord thy God he is god & şt a true god, which kepeth pointment and mercy vnto them that loue him and kepe hys commaundementes, euen thorowe oute a thousande generations
10 and rewarded them that hate him before his face so that he bryngeth them to nought, and will not defarre the tyme to him that hateth hym but wyl rewarde hym before his face.
11 Kepe therfore the commaundementes, ordinaunces and lawes which I commaund you thys day, that ye do them
12 If ye shall herken vnto these lawes & shall obserue and do them, then shal the Lord thy God kepe poyntment with the and the mercy which he sware vnto thy fathers
13 & wyl loue the, blesse the, and multiply the: he wil blesse the frute of thy wombe & the frute of thy felde thy corne, thy wine, and thyne oyle, the frute of thyne oxen, and the flockes of thy shepe, in the Lande whyche he sware vnto thy fathers to gyue the.
14 Thou shalt be blessed aboue al nations, there shal be neither man nor woman vnfruitfull among you, nor any thing vnfrutful amonge youre cattell.
15 Moreouer the Lorde wyll turne from the all maner infirmities, & wyll putte none of the euyl deseases of Egypte (which thou knowest) vpon the, but will send them vpon them that hate the.
16 Thou shalt brynge to naught all nacions which the Lord thy God deliuereth şe, thine eye shal haue no pyty vpon them neither shalt thou serue theyr Goddes, for that shall be thy decaye.
17 If thou shalt saye in thine herte, these nacions are moo then I, howe can I cast them out?
18 Fear them not, but remembre what the Lorde thy God dyd vnto Pharao & vnto all Egypte,
19 and the greate temptations whiche thyne eyes sawe, & the sygnes and wondres & myghty hand and stretched out arme wherewith the Lord thy God brought the out: euen so shal the Lord thi God do vnto al the nations of which thou art afrayed.
20 Therto the Lorde thy God wil send hornettes among them vntyl they that are lefte and hyd them selues from the, be destroyed.
21 Se thou feare them not for the Lord thy God is among you a mighty God and a terrible.
22 The Lord thy God wil put out these nations before the a lytle, and a lytle, thou maist not consume theim at once lest the beastes of the feylde encrease vpon the.
23 And the Lorde thy God shal deliuer them vnto the and styrre vp a myghty tempest among them, vntyll they be brought to nought.
24 And he shall deliuer theyr kynges into thyne hande, & thou shalt destroy theyr names from vnder heauen. There shall no man stande before the vntyll thou haue destroyed them.
25 The Images of their Gods thou shalt burne wyth fire, and se that şu couet not the syluer or golde that is on them nor take it vnto the, least thou be snared therwyth. For it is an abhomination vnto the lord thy God.
26 Bring not therfore the abhomination to thyne house, least thou be a damned thing as it is: but vtterlye defye it and abhorre it, for it is a thynge that must be destroyed.




1 All the commaundementes which I commaunde the thys day ye shall kepe for to do them, that ye may lyue & multiplye, & go & possesse şe lande which the lord sware vnto youre fathers.
2 And thinke on all the waye whych the lord thy God ledde the this .xl. yere in the wildernesse, for to humble the and to proue the, to wete what was in in thyne herte, whether thou wouldest kepe his commaundements or no,
3 He humbled the and made the hongry and fedde the with Manna, whych neyther thou nor thy father knew of to make the know that a man must not lyue by breade onely: but by all that proceadeth out of the mouth of the Lord must a man liue.
4 Thy raiment waxed not old vpon the neither did thy fete swell this .xl. yere.
5 Vnderstand therefore in thyne herte that as a man nourtereth hys sonne, euen so the Lord thy god nourtereth the.
6 Kepe therfore the commaundementes of the Lord thy god that thou walke in hys wayes & that şu fear him.
7 For the Lorde thy God bryngeth the into a good Lande, a lande of ryuers of water, of fountaynes & of springes şt spring out boeth in valeies and hylles:
8 a land of wheate & of barley, of vynes, fyggetrees & pomgranates, a land of olyue trees wyth oyle & of honye:
9 a lande wherein thou shalt not eate bread in scharsenesse, and where thou shalt lacke nothynge, a lande whose stones are yron, & out of whose hyls thou shalt digge brasse.
10 When thou haste eaten thereof and fylled thy selfe, then blesse the Lord for the good land which he hath geuen the.
11 But beware that thou forget not the Lord thy god, that thou wouldest not kepe his commaundementes, lawes & ordinaunces which I commaund the thys daye:
12 yea, & when thou hast eaten and fylled thy selfe and hast built goodly houses and dwelt therein,
13 & when thy beasse and thy shepe are waxed manye & thy syluer and golde is multiplied & al that thou hast encreased,
14 then beware lest thyne herte ryse & thou forget the Lorde thy God which brought the out of the land of Egypt şe house of bondage,
15 & which ledde the in the wildernesse boeth great and terrible wyth fyry serpentes and scorpions and drought where was no water which brought the water oute of şe rocke of flint:
16 which fed the in the wildernes with Manna whereof thy fathers knewe not for to humble the and to proue the, that he myght do the good at thy later ende.
17 And beware that thou saye not in thyne herte, my power & the myght of mine owne hande hath done me all these actes:
18 But remembre the Lord thy God, how that it is he which gaue the power to do manfullye, for to make good the promises whiche he sware to thy fathers, as it is come to passe this day.
19 For if thou shalt forget the Lord thy god and shalt walke after straung Gods & serue them and worshyppe them, I testifye vnto you thys day, that ye shal surely perysh.
20 As the nations whych the Lorde destroyeth before the, euen so, ye shall peryshe, bycause ye woulde not herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde your God.




1 Heare Israell, thou goest ouer Iordan thys daye, to go & conquere nations greater & mightyer then thy selfe, and cytyes great and walled vp to heauen,
2 and people greate and tal, euen the children of the Enakyms, whyche thou knowest, and of whom thou hast heard saye, who is able to stand before the children of Enack?
3 But vnderstand this day that the Lorde thy God whych goth ouer before şe a consuming fyre, he shall destroye them and he shall subdue them before the. And thou shalt cast them out, and bryng them out, and bryng them to nought quyckelye as the Lorde hathe sayed vnto the.
4 Speake not in thyne herte, after that the Lord thy God hath cast them out before the sayinge: for my ryghtuousnes the Lord hath brought me in to possesse this land. Nay, but for the wyckednes of these nations the Lord doeth caste them out before the.
5 It is not for thy ryghtuousnes sake & right hert that thou goest to possesse their land: But partely for şe wickednesse of these nations, the Lorde thy God doeth caste them before the, and partelye to perfourme that whyche the Lorde thy God sware vnto thy fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Iacob.
6 Vnderstand therfore that it is not for thy rightuousnes sake, şt the lord thy God doth giue the thys good land to possesse it, for thou art a styfnecked people.
7 Remembre & forget not how thou prouokedest the lord thy God in the wildernes: for sence the day that thou camest out of the land of Egipt vntil ye came vnto this place, ye haue rebelled against the Lorde.
8 Also in Horeb ye angryed the Lord so that the Lorde was wroth wyth you, euen to haue destroied you,
9 after that I was gone vp into the mount, to fett the tables of stone the table of an appoyntment whych the Lord made wyth you. And I abode in the hyll .xl. dayes & .xl. nyghtes, & neyther ate bread nor dranke water.
10 And the Lord deliuered me two tables of stone written with the finger of God, and in them was accordynge to all the wordes which the Lord said vnto you in the mounte out of the fyre in the daye when the people were gathered togyther.
11 And when .xl. daies and .xl. nightes were ended, the Lorde gaue me the two tables of stone, the tables of the testament,
12 and sayde vnto me. Vp, and get the downe quyckely from hence, for the people whych thou hast broughte out of Egypte, haue marred them selues. They are turned attonce out of the waye, whych I commaunded them, & haue made them a God of metall.
13 Furthermore the Lorde spake vnto me sayinge: I se thys people howe that it is a styfenecked people,
14 let me alone that I maye destroye them and put out the name of them from vnder heauen and I wil make of the a nation both greater and mo then they.
15 And I turned away and came downe from the hyll (& the hyll burnt with fire) & had the two tables of the appointment in my handes
16 And when I loked & saw that ye had synned against the Lorde our God & had made you a calfe of metall and had turned attonce out of the way which the Lord had commaunded you
17 Then I toke the two tables & cast them out of my two handes, & brake theym before your eyes.
18 And I fell before the Lord: euen as at the fyrst tyme .xl. dayes & .xl. nyghtes & neither ate breade nor dranke water ouer all your synnes which ye had sinned in doynge wickedly in the sight of the Lord & in prouokyng hym.
19 For I was afrayed of the wrath and fearcenes wherwith the Lorde was angry wyth you, euen to haue destroyed you. But the Lorde hearde my peticion at that tyme also.
20 The Lorde was very angry with Aaron also, euen for to haue destroyed hym: But I made intercession for Aaron also şe same tyme
21 And I toke your synne, the calfe whyche ye had made & burnt him wt fyre & stamped him & ground him a good, euen vnto smal dust. And I cast the dust therof into the broke that descended out of the mount.
22 Also at Thaberah & at Masah & at the sepulchres of lust ye angred the Lorde,
23 yea, and when the Lord sent you from Cades Barne saying: go vp & conquere the lande whych I haue geuen you, ye disobeyed the mouth of the Lord your God & neither beleued hym, nor herkened to hys voice.
24 Thus ye haue bene disobedient to the Lord, sence the daye that I knew you.
25 And I fell before the Lord .xl. dayes and .xl. nyghtes whyche I lay there, for the Lord was mynded to haue destroyed you.
26 But I made intercession vnto the Lord & sayed O Lorde God, destroye not thy people & thyne enheritaunce whyche thou haste delyuered thorowe thy greatenes and whych thou hast brought out of Egypte with a myghty hand
27 Remembre thy seruauntes Abraham, Isaac, & Iacob, & loke not to the stubburnes of thys people nor to their wyckednes & synne:
28 leste the land whence thou broughtest them saye: Bycause the Lorde was not able to brynge them into the lande whyche he promised them and bycause he hated them, therfore he caried them out to destroy them in the wyldernes.
29 Moreouer they are thy people and thine enherytaunce, whyche thou broughteste oute wyth thy myghty power & wyth thy streatched out arme.




1 In the same ceason the Lorde sayed vnto me hewe the two tables of stone lyke to the fyrst and come vp vnto me into the mount and make the an arke of wodde,
2 and I wyll wryte in the tables, the words şt were in the fyrst tables which thou brakest, & thou shalt put them in the arcke.
3 And I made an arke of sethyn wood & hewed two tables of stone like vnto şe fyrste, and wente vp into the mountayne and the .ij. tables in myne hand.
4 And he wrote in the tables, according to şe spake vnto you in the mount of şe fyre in the day when the people gathered togither and gaue them vnto me.
5 And I departed & came downe from the hil and put the tables in the arke whych I had made: and there they remained, as the Lord commaunded me.
6 And the children of Israel toke theyr iourney from Beroth of the chyldren Iakan to Mosera, wher Aaron dyed and wher he was buried, and Eleazar his sonne became priest in hys stead.
7 And from thence they departed vnto Gadgad: & from Gadgad to Iathbath a land of riuers of water.
8 And the same ceason the Lorde seperated the trybe of Leui to beare the arcke of the appoyntmente of the Lorde and to stande before the Lord, and to minister vnto hym and to blesse in his name vnto thys day.
9 Wherfore the Leuites haue no part nor enheritaunce with theyr brethren The Lorde he is theyr enheritaunce, as the Lorde thy God hath promised them.
10 And I taried in the mount, euen as at the first time .xl. dayes and .xl. nyghtes and the Lord herkened vnto me at that tyme also, so that the Lord wold not destroy the.
11 And the Lord sayed vnto me: vp & go forthe in the iourney before the people and let them go in and conquere the land which I sware vnto theyr fathers to giue them.
12 And now Israel what is it that the Lord thy God requireth of the, but to feare şe lord thy God and to walke in all hys wayes & to loue him & to serue the Lord thy God with al thyne herte, & with al thy soule,
13 that thou kepe the commaundementes of the Lorde & hys ordinaunces which I commaund the this day, for thy wealth.
14 Behold, heauen and the heauen of heauens is the Lordes thy God, & the earth wt al that therin is:
15 onely the Lorde had a lust vnto thy fathers to loue them, and therfore chose you their sede after them of al nacions, as it is come to passe this day.
16 Circumcyse therefore the foreskynne of youre hertes, and be no lenger styfenecked.
17 For the Lord your God, he is god of Goddes, and Lorde of Lordes, a greate God, a myghty and a terrible whych regardeth no mans person, nor taketh giftes:
18 but doth right vnto the fatherles & wydowe and loueth the straunger, to giue him fode and raiment.
19 Loue therfore şe straunger, for ye were straungers your selues in the lande of Egypt.
20 Thou shalt feare thy Lord thy God & serue him, and cleaue vnto him, & sweare by his name,
21 for he is thy prayse and he is thy God şt hathe done these greate & terrible thynges for the, whych thine eyes haue sene.
22 Thy fathers went downe into Egypt wt .lxx. soules & nowe the Lord thy God hath made the as the starres of heauen in multitude.




1 Loue the Lorde thy God and kepe hys obseruaunces, hys ordinaunces, hys lawes and and hys commaundementes alwaye.
2 And call to mynde thys daye that whyche your children haue neither knowne nor sene: euen the nurtoure of the Lord your God, hys greatnes, hys myghty hande, and hys streatched oute arme:
3 hys myracles and hys actes whyche he dyd amonge the Egyptians, euen vnto Pharao kynge of Egypte, and vnto all hys lande:
4 and what he dyd vnto the hoste of the Egyptians, vnto theyr horses and charettes howe he broughte the water of the redde see vpon them as they chased you, and how the Lorde hath brought theym to noughte vnto thys daye:
5 and what he dyd vnto you in the wyldernes, vntyll ye came vnto thys place:
6 and what he dyd vnto Dathan and Abiram the sonns of Eliab, the sonnes of Ruben, how the earth opened hyr mouth & swalowed them with theyr housholdes and theyr tentes, & al theyr substaunce that was in theyr possession in the myddes of Israel.
7 For youre eyes haue seene all the greate dedes of the Lord whych he dyd.
8 Kepe therfore al the commaundementes whiche I commaunde the thys day, that ye may be stronge and go and conquere the lande whether ye go to possesse it,
9 & that ye maye prolonge youre dayes in the lande whyche the Lorde sware vnto your fathers to gyue vnto them and to theyr sede, a lande that floweth with milcke and hony.
10 For the lande whether thou goest to possesse it, is not as the Lande of Egypte whence thou camest out, wher thou sowedest thi sede and waterstest it with thy fete as a garden of herbes:
11 but the land whither ye go ouer to possesse it, is a land of hylles and valeyes & drynketh water of the rayne of heauen,
12 and a Land whyche the Lord thy God careth for. The eyes of the lord thy God are alwayes vpon it, from the beginnyng of the yere vnto the latter end of the yere.
13 If thou shalt herken therfore vnto mi commoundementes which I commaund you this day, that ye loue the Lord your God & serue him with all your hertes and with all youre soules:
14 then he wyll giue rayne vnto youre lande in due ceason, both the first rayne & the later, and thou shalte gather in thy corne thy wyne and thyne oyle.
15 And he wyl sende grasse in thy feldes for thi cattel: & thou shalt eate and fyll thy selfe.
16 But beware that youre hertes deceyue you not that ye turne asyde and serue straunge Gods & worshyp them,
17 & then the wrath of the Lord waxe whote vpon you, & shut vp the heauen that ther be no raine, & that your land yeld not hyr frute and that ye peryshe quyckly from of the good land, which the Lord geueth you.
18 Put vp therfore these mi wordes in your hertes, and in your soules, & bind them for a sygne vnto your handes, and let them be as papers of remembraunce betwene your eyes
19 and teach them your chyldren: so that thou talke of them when thou sittest in thine house and when thou walkest by the way, & when thou liest downe, & when thou risest vp,
20 yea, & write them vpon the dorepostes of thine house and vpon thy gates,
21 that your dayes may be multiplyed, and the dayes of youre children vpon the earth, whych the Lord sware vnto your fathers to gyue theym, as longe as the dayes of heauen last vpon the earth.
22 For if ye shall kepe al these commaundementes whiche I commaund you, so that ye do them, & loue the Lord your God, and walke in all his waies & cleaue vnto him.
23 Then wyl the Lord caste out al these nations, & ye shall conquire them which are both greater & mightier then youre selues.
24 Al şe places whereon the solles of your fete shall treade, shall be youres euen from the wildernes and from Libanon, and from the riuer Euphrates, euen vnto the vtmost sea, shall youre coastes be.
25 There shall no man be able to stande before you: şe Lorde your God shall caste the feare and dread of you vpon all landes whether ye shall come as he hath sayed vnto you.
26 Beholde I sette before you thys daye, a blessynge, and a curse:
27 a blessynge: if that ye herken vnto the commaundementes of the Lord
28 And a curse: if ye wyll not herken vnto the commaundementes of the Lord your God: but turne out of the waye which I commaunde you this daye, to go after straunge Goddes which ye haue not knowne.
29 When the Lord thy God hath brought the into the lande whether thou goest to possesse it, then put the blessyng vpon mount Garizim and the curse vpon mount Ebal,
30 whiche are on the other syde Iordan on the backe syde of the waye towarde the goynge downe of the sunne in the Land of the Cananites whyche dwel in şe feldes ouer against Galgal beside the groue of Moreh.
31 For ye shal go ouer to go & possesse the lande which the Lord your God geueth you, and shall conquere it and dwell therein.
32 Take hede therfore that ye do all the commaundementes and lawes, which I set before you this day.




1 These are the ordinaunces & lawes which ye shal obserue to do in the lande whyche the Lorde God of thy fathers geueth the to possesse it, as longe as ye lyue vpon the earth.
2 Se that ye destroy all places where the nations whyche ye conquere serue theyr Goddes, vpon hye mountaynes, and on hye hylles, & vnder euery grene tre.
3 Ouerthrow theyr alters and breake theyr pyllers, & burne theyr groues wyth fyre & hew downe the ymages of theyr Goddes, and brynge the names of them to naught out of that place.
4 Se ye do not so vnto the Lorde youre God
5 but ye shal enquere the place which the Lord your God shal haue chosen out of all youre trybes to putte hys name there, and there to dwell.
6 And thyther thou shalte come, and thyther ye shall brynge youre burnte sacryfyces, and your offeringes, your tythes and heaueofferynges of your handes, youre vowes and frewylofferynges & the fyrst borne of your oxen and of your shepe.
7 And there ye shall eate before the Lord your God, and ye shal reioyce in al that you lay your handes on, boeth ye and your housholdes, bicause şe Lord thy God hath blessed the.
8 Ye shall do after nothynge that we do here thys day, euery man what semeth hym good in hys owne eyes.
9 For ye are not yet come to rest nor vnto the enheritaunce which the Lorde your God geueth you.
10 But ye shall go ouer Iordan and dwell in the lande which the Lord your God geueth you to enheret, & he shal giue you rest from al your enemies round about, & ye shal dwel in safetye.
11 Therfore when the Lord your God hath chosen a place to make hys name dwel there thyther ye shall brynge all that I commaunde you, your burnt sacrifices and your offerynges, your tythes, & the heaueofferynges of your handes and all your Godlye vowes which ye vowe vnto the Lord.
12 And ye shall reioyce before the Lord your God, boeth ye youre sonnes & youre daughters, youre seruauntes and youre maydes, and the Leuite that is within in your gates for he hath neither part nor enheritaunce with you.
13 Take hede that thou offer not thy burntofferynges in whatsoeuer place thou seyste:
14 but in the place whych the Lorde shall haue chosen amonge one of thy trybes, there thou shalt offer thy burntofferynges & there thou shalt do al that I commaund the.
15 Notwithstandynge thou mayest kyl and eate flesh in all thy cytyes, whatsoeuer thy soule lusteth after, accordyng to the blessyng of the Lord thy God whych he hath geuen the, both the vncleane and the cleane mayste thou eate, euen as the roo and the hert:
16 onely eat not the bloud, but poure it vpon the earth as water.
17 Thou maiste not eate wythin thy gates the tythe of thy corne, of thy wine & of thy oyle, eyther the fyrstborne of thyne oxen or of thy shepe, neither any of thy vowes which thou vowest, nor thy frewil offeringes or heueofferynges thyne handes:
18 but thou muste eate them before the Lorde thy God, in the place whych the Lorde thy God hath chosen: both thou, thy sonne, & thy daughter, thy seruaunt & thy mayde, & the Leuite that is wythin thy gates: & thou shalte reioyce before the Lorde thy God, in al şt thou puttest thine hande to.
19 And beware that thou forsake not the Leuite as longe as thou lyuest vpon the earth.
20 If (when the Lord thy God hath enlarged thy costes as he hath promised the) thou saye I wyl eate flesh, bicause thy soule longeth to eate flesh: then thou shalt eate flesh, what soeuer thy soule lusteth.
21 If the place which the Lorde thy God hath chosen to put his name there be farre from the, then thou maiste kyll of thy oxen and of thy shepe which the Lord hath geuen the as I haue commaunded the & thou maiste eate in thyne owne citye whatsoeuer thy soule lusteth.
22 Neuerthelater, as şe roo and the hart is eaten, euen so thou shalt eate it: the vncleane & the cleane indifferently thou shalt eate.
23 But be strong şt thou eate not the bloude. For the bloud that is the life & thou mayst not eate the life with the flesh:
24 thou mayst not eate it: but must poure it vpon şe erth as water.
25 Se thou eate it not therfore that it may go well wt the & with thy children after the, when thou shalt haue done şt which is ryght in the syght of the Lord.
26 But thy holy thynges which thou hast & thy vowes, thou shalt take & go vnto şe place which the Lord hath chosen,
27 & thou shalt offer thy burnt offerynges, both flesh & bloud vpon the alter of the Lord thy God, and the bloude of thyne offeringes thou shalt poure out vpon the alter of the Lord thy God, and shalt eat the flesh.
28 Take hede & hear all these wordes which I commaund the that it may go wel wyth the & with thy children after the for euer, when thou doest that whiche is good & ryght in the syght of the Lord thy God.
29 When the Lord thy God hath destroyed the nacions before the, whether thou goest to conquere them, & when thou hast conquered them, and dwelt in theyr landes:
30 Beware şt thou be not taken in a snare after them, after that they be destroyed before the, & that thou aske not after theyr Gods sayinge: how dyd these nations serue theyr Goddes. şt I maye do so lykewyse:
31 Naye, thou shalt not do so vnto the Lorde thy God: for all abhominacions whyche the Lorde hated dyd they vnto theyr Goddes. For they burnt both their sonnes and their daughters with fire vnto their Goddes.
32 But whatsoeuer I commaunde you that take hede ye do: & put nought thereto nor take therfrom.




1 If there aryse amonge you a Prophete or a dreamer of dreames, and gyue the a sygne or a wonder,
2 and that signe or wonder whyche he hath said come to passe and then say: let vs go after straunge Goddes whyche thou hast not knowne and let vs serue them:
3 herken not vnto the wordes of şe prophete, or dreamer of dreames. For the Lord thy God tempteth you to wete whether ye loue the Lord your God wt all youre hertes & wyth all your soules.
4 For ye muste walke after the Lord your God & feare him & kepe hys commaundementes & herken vnto his voyce, & serue him & cleaue vnto him.
5 And şe prophete or dreamer of dreames shal dye for it bicause he hath spoken to turne you away from the Lorde your God whyche brought you out of the land of Egipt & deliuered you out of the house of bondage, to thrust the out of the waye whiche the Lord thy God commaunded the to walke in: and so thou shalte put euyl away from the.
6 If thy brother the sonne of thy mother or thine own sonne or the daughter of the wife that lieth in thy bosome or thy frende which is as thyne owne soule vnto şe, entyce the secretely saying, let vs go & serue straung Goddes which thou hast not knowne nor yet thy fathers of the gods,
7 of the people which are round aboute the, whether they be nye vnto the, or farre of from the, from the one end of the lande vnto the other.
8 Se thou consente not vnto him, nor herken vnto him: no let not thyne eye pity him nor haue compassion on him nor kepe hym secrete, but cause hym to be slaine.
9 Thine hande shall be first vpon him to kyl him, & then the handes of all the people.
10 And thou shalte stone hym wt stones that he dye, bicause he hath gone about to thrust the away from the Lorde thy God which brought the out of Egypt the house of bondage.
11 And all Israel shal heare and feare and shal do no more any suche wyckednes as thys is amonge them.
12 If thou shalt hear say of one of thy cities whyche the Lord thy God hath geuen the to dwel in,
13 that certayne (beyng the children of Belial) are gone out from among you & haue moued the enhabiters of their citi saying: let vs go and serue straung Goddes whiche ye haue not knowne.
14 Then seke & make searche and enquire diligently. If it be true and the thynge of a surety that suche abhomination is wrought among you:
15 then thou shalt smite the dwellers of that city with the edge of the swerde, & destroye it mercilesse and all that is therin,
16 & euen the very cattell therof wyth the edge of the swerd. And gather al şe spoile of it into the myddes of the streates thereof, and burne with fyre boeth the city and al the spoyle therof euery whyt vnto the Lord thy God. And it shal be an heape for euer & shal not be built agayne.
17 And se that there cleaue nought of the dampned thing in thyne hand şt the Lord maye turne from his fearce wrathe and shewe the mercye and haue compassion on the, and multiplye the, as he hath sworne vnto thy fathers:
18 when thou haste herkened vnto the voyce of the Lord thy God, to kepe all hys commaundementes whych I commaund the thys day so that thou do şt which is right in the eyes of the Lord thy God.




1 Ye are the chyldren of şe lord your God, cut not your selues nor make you anye baldenesse betwene the eies for any mannes deth.
2 For thou art an holy people vnto the Lord thy God, and the lord hathe chosen the to be a seuerall people vnto hym selfe, of all the nations that are vpon the earth.
3 Ye shall eate no maner of abhomination.
4 These are the beastes which ye shal eate of: oxen, shepe, and gotes,
5 hart, roo, and bugle wyldegote, vnicorne, origen and Camelion.
6 And all beastes that cleaue the hoffe & slytte it into two clawes & chewe the cud, them ye shall eate.
7 Neuerthelesse, these ye shall not eate of them that chewe cud, & of them şt deuyde & cleaue the hoffe: the Camell, the hare, & the cony. For they chew cud, but deuide not the hoffe: & therfore are vnclene vnto you:
8 & also the swine, for though he deuyde the hoffe, yet he cheweth not cud, and therfore is vncleane vnto you: ye shall not eate of the flesh of them nor touch the dead carkasses of them.
9 These ye shall eate of all that are in the waters: Al that haue fynnes and scales.
10 And whatsoeuer hath not fynnes & scales, of that ye may not eate, for şt is vncleane vnto you.
11 Of al cleane byrdes ye shal eate,
12 but these are they of whych ye may not eate: the egle, şe goshauke, the cormerant,
13 the ixion şe vultur the kyte, & hyr kinde,
14 and al kinde of rauens
15 the Estrich, the nyght crowe, the kuckou, the sparowhauke & al hyr kind,
16 the litle oule, the greate oule, the backe,
17 the bytture, the pye,
18 şe storke, the heron, the Iaye in hys kynde, the lapwynge, the swalow.
19 And al creping foules are vncleane vnto you & may not be eaten of:
20 but of al cleane foules ye may wel eate.
21 Ye shall eate of nothynge that dyeth alone: But thou maiste gyue it vnto the straunger that is in thy city, that he eate it, or maist sell it vnto an aliant. For thou art an holy people vnto the Lord thy god. Thou shalt not seth a kyd in hys mothers mylcke.
22 Thou shalt tith al the encrease of thi sede that cometh out of the feld yere bi yere.
23 And thou shalt eate before the lord thi God in the place which he hath chosen to make his name dwel there the tyth of thy corne, or thy wine and of thine oyle, and the fyrstborne of thine oxen & of thy flocke, that thou mayst learne to feare the Lord thy God alway.
24 If the way be to longe for the, so şt thou art not able to carye it, bycause the place is to farre from the whyche the Lord thy God hath chosen to set his name there (for şe Lord thy God hath blessed the)
25 then make it in money and take the money in thyne hande, & go vnto the place which the Lord thi God hath chosen,
26 & bestowe that money on whatsoeuer thi soule lusteth after: of oxen, shepe, wine, & good drinke, and of whatsoeuer thi soule desiereth, & eate there before the Lord thy God and be mery: both thou and thy housholde
27 & the Leuite that is in thi city. Se thou forsake not the Leuite, for he hath neither part nor enheritaunce wyth the.
28 At the ende of thre yere, thou shalt bryng forth all the tythes of thine encrease the same yere & laye it vp wythin thyne owne cytye,
29 and the Leuite shall come bycause he hathe neither parte nor enheritaunce with the, and the straunger and the fatherles, and the wydowe whych are wythin thy citye and shall eate and fyll them selues: that the Lorde thy God maye blesse the in all thy worckes of thyne hand which thou doest.




1 At the end of seuen yere thou shalt make a fre yere. And thys is the maner of şe fre yere,
2 whosoeuer lendeth ought wt hys hand vnto hys neyghbour, may not aske agayne şt whyche he hath lent, of hys neyghbour or of his brother: bicause it was called the lords fre yere
3 yet of a straunger thou maiste call it home agayne. But that which thou hast with thy brother thyne hand shal remit, & that in any wyse,
4 that there be no begger amonge you. For the Lord shall blesse the land which the Lord thy God geueth the, an enheritaunce to possesse it:
5 so that thou herken vnto the voice of the Lord thy God, to obserue & do al these commaundementes which I commaund you this day:
6 yea, & then the Lord thy God shal blesse the as he hath promised the, and thou shalt lend vnto many nations, and shalte borowe of no man, and shalt raygne ouer many nations, but none shall raygne ouer the.
7 When one of thy brethren among you is waxed poore in any of thy cityes within thy land whych the Lord thy God geueth the, se şt thou harden not thyne hert nor shet to thine hand from thy poore brother:
8 But open thyne hand vnto him & lende hym suffitiente for hys nede whych he hath.
9 And beware that there be not a poynt of Belial in thine hert, that thou wouldest say. The seuenth yere, the yere of fredome is at hand, & therfore it greues the to loke on thy poore brother and geuest hym nought & he then cry vnto the Lord againste the, and it be synne vnto the:
10 But giue him & let it not greue thine herte to giue. Bycause that for that thinge, the Lorde thy God shall blesse the in all thy workes & in all that thou puttest thyne hand to.
11 For the land shall neuer be wythout pore. Wherfore I commaund the saying: open thine hand vnto thy brother that is neady and pore in thy land.
12 If thy brother an Hebrue sel him self to the or an Hebruesse, he shal serue the syxe yere & the seuenth yere thou shalt let him go fre from the.
13 And when thou sendest hym out fre from the, thou shalt not let him go away emptye:
14 but shalt giue him of thy shepe & of thi corne and of thy wine, and giue him of that wherwith the Lord thy God hath blessed the.
15 And remembre that thou waste a seruaunt in the lande of Egypte, and the Lord thy God delyuered the thence: wherfore I commaunde the thys thyng to daye.
16 But and if he saye vnto the, I wyl not go awaye from the, bicause he loueth the & thyne house & is well at ease with the.
17 Then take a naule and nayle hys eare to the dore therewith & let hym be thy seruaunte for euer and vnto thy my mayde seruaunte thou shalte do likewise.
18 And let him not greue thine eyes to let him go out from the, for he hath bene worth a double hired seruaunte to the in his seruice .vi. yeres. And the Lord thy God shall blesse the in al that thou doest.
19 Al the first borne that come of thine oxen & of thy shepe that are males, thou shalt halowe vnto the lord thy God. Thou shalt do no seruice wyth the fyrst borne of thy shepe:
20 but shalt eat them before the Lorde thy God yere by yere in the place which şe Lord hath chosen both thou & thine housholde.
21 If there be any deformitie therin, whether it be lame or blynde, or whatsoeuer euyll fauerdenesse it hath, thou shalt not offer it vnto the Lorde thy God:
22 But shalt eat it in thine own cytye the vncleane & the cleane indifferently, as the roo and the herte.
23 Onelye eate not the bloud therof, but purge it vpon the grounde as water.




1 Obserue the moneth of Abib and offer passeouer vnto the Lorde thy God. For in the moneth of Abib, the Lord thy God broughte the oute of Egypte by nyghte.
2 Thou shalt therefore offer passe ouer vnto the Lord thi God, and shepe & oxen in the place which şe Lord shall chose to make hys name dwell there.
3 Thou shalte eate no leauened breade therwyth: but shalt eate therwyth the breade of tribulation .vij. dayes longe. For thou camest out of the land of Egipt in haste, that thou maist remembre şe day when thou camest out of the land of Egipt all dayes of thy life.
4 And se that there be no leuened bread sene in al thy costes .vij. daies longe, and that there remayne nothynge of the flesh which thou hast offred the first day at euen, vntyl the mornyng.
5 Thou mayst not offer passeouer in any of thy cityes which the Lord thy god geueth şe
6 But in the place whiche the Lord thy God shall chose to make his name dwell in, there thou shalt offer passeouer at euen about the goyng downe of the sunne, euen in the ceason şt thou camest out of Egypt.
7 And thou shalt seeth & eate it in the place whyche the Lorde thy God hath chosen, & depart on the morow & gette the vnto thy tente.
8 Syxe dayes thou shalt eate swetebreade, and the seuenth daye is for the people to come togither to the Lord thy God, that thou maist do no worcke.
9 Then reken the .vij. wekes & begyn to reken the .vij. wekes when the sickle beginneth in the corne,
10 and kepe the feaste of wekes vnto the Lord thy God, that thou gyue a frewylofferyng of thyne hande vnto the Lorde thy God accordynge as the Lord thy God hath blessed the.
11 And reioyce before the Lorde thy God, both thou, thy sonne, thy daughter, thy seruaunt and thy mayd, & the Leuite that is wythin thy gates, & the straunger, the fatherles & the wedowes şt are among you, in the place which the lord thy god hath chosen to make hys name dwel there.
12 And remembre that thou wast a seruaunt in Egypte şt thou obserue and do these ordinaunces.
13 Thou shalt obserue the feast of the tabernacles .vij. dayes long, after that şu hast gathered in thy corne & thy wine.
14 And thou shalte reioyce in that thy feast, both thou & thy sonne thy daughter, thy seruaunt, thy mayd, şe Leuite, the straunger, the fatherles, & the widow that are in thy cities.
15 Seuen dayes thou shalt kepe holy day vnto the Lord thy God, in the place which şe Lord shall chose: for şe Lorde thy God shall blesse the in al thy frutes and in all the workes of thyne handes, & therfore shalte şu be glad.
16 Thre times in the yere shall al your males appeare before the Lorde thy God in the place which he shal chose: In the feast of swete bread, in the feaste of wekes & in the feast of tabernacles. And they shall not appeare before the Lord empty:
17 but euery man with the gyft of his hand, according to the blessyng of the Lord thy God whyche he hath geuen the.
18 Iudges and officers thou shalt make the, in all thy gates which the Lord thy God geueth şe thorowout thy trybes: & let them iudge şe people ryghtuously.
19 Wrest not the lawe nor know any person nether take any reward for giftes blind the wise & peruert şe wordes of the ryghtuous.
20 But in all thyngs folowe ryghtuousnes şt thou maist lyue & enioy the land which the Lord thy God geueth the.
21 Thou shalt plante no groue of whatsoeuer trees it be, nye vnto the alter of the Lord thy God which thou shalt make the.
22 Thou shal sette the vp no pyller, whyche the Lord thy God hateth.




1 Thou shalt offer to the Lord thy god no oxe nor shepe wherin is any deformitie, whatsoeuer ylfauerednes it be: for that is an abhomination vnto the Lorde thy God
2 If ther be found among you in any of the cityes whych şe Lord thy God geueth şe man or woman that hath wrought wyckednes in the syght of the Lord thy God, şt they haue gone beyond his appoyntment,
3 so that they haue gone & serued straung Gods and worshypped them, whether it be the sunne or mone or any thing contayned in heauen which I forbade,
4 and it was told the and thou hast heard of it: then thou shalt enquire diligently. And if it be true and the thynge of a suretye şt suche abhomination is wrought in Israell then
5 thou shalt bryng forth that man or that woman which haue committed that wicked thing, vnto the gates and shalt stone them with stones, and they shal dye.
6 At the mouth of .ij. or .iij. wytnesses shal he that is worthy of death dye: but at the mouth of one witnes he shal not dye.
7 And the handes of the witnesses shal be fyrst vpon hym to kyll hym, & afterwarde the handes of all the people: so shalt thou put wickednes away from the.
8 If a matter be to hard for the in iudgment betwene bloud & bloud, plee, and plee, plage & plage in matters of strife within thi cityes Then arise & get the vp vnto şe place whyche the Lord thy God hath chosen,
9 and go vnto the priestes the Leuites, & to the iudge that shall be in those dayes, & aske, and they shall shewe the how to iudge.
10 And se that thou do accordynge to that whych they of that place (which the lord had chosen) shew the & se that thou obserue to do accordinge to al that they enforme the.
11 Accordyng to the lawe whyche they teach the & maner of iudgement whych they tell the, se that thou do & that şu bowe not from that which they shewe the, neither to the ryght hand nor to the left.
12 And that man that wil do presumptuousely, so that he will not herken vnto the priest that standeth there to minister vnto the Lord thy God or vnto the iudge, shal dye: and so thou shalt put away euil from Israell.
13 And all the people shall heare, & shal feare, & shall do no more presumptuously.
14 When thou art come vnto the land which the Lord thy God geueth the and enioyest it and dwellest therin: If thou shalt say, I will set a kynge ouer me: lyke vnto all the nations that are aboute me.
15 Then thou shalte make him kyng ouer the, whom the Lorde thy God shall chose. One of thy brethren muste thou make kynge ouer the, and mayste not sette a straunger ouer the which is not of thi brethren
16 But in any wyse let hym not holde to many horses, that he bringe not the people agayne to Egypt thorowe the multitude of horsses, for asmuch as the Lord hath sayd vnto you: ye shall henceforthe go no more agayne that way.
17 Also he shall not haue to many wyues lest his hert turne away, neither shal he gather hym siluer & gold to much.
18 And when he is sett vpon the seate of hys kyngedome, he shal write hym oute thys seconde lawe in a boke takynge a copye of the priestes the Leuites.
19 And it shalbe wyth him and he shall read therin all dayes of hys life that he may learne to feare the lord his God for to kepe al the wordes of this lawe & these ordinaunces for to do them:
20 that his hert arise not aboue his brethren and that he turne not from the commaundement: either to the right hand or to şe left, that both he & his children mai prolong their daies in his kingdom in Israel.




1 The Preastes the Leuytes, all the trybe of Leui shal haue no parte nor enheritaunce with Israel. The offrynges of the Lord and his enheritaunce they shall eate,
2 but shall haue no enheritaunce among their brethren: the Lorde he is their enherytaunce, as he hath sayde vnto them.
3 And this is the dutie of the preastes of the people and of them that offer, whether it be oxe or shepe: They must geue vnto the preast, the shoulder and the two chekes & the mawe,
4 the fyrst frutes of the corne, wyne & oyle & şe first of the shepe sheryng must thou geue him.
5 For the Lord thy God hath chosen him out of all the trybes to stande and to minystre in the name of the Lord: bothe: hym & hys sonnes for euer.
6 If a Leuite come out of any of thy cytyes or any place of Israel, wher he is a soiourner, & come wyth all the lust of his herte vnto the place which şe Lord hath chosen:
7 he shal ther ministre in şe name of the Lord his God as all his bretherne the Leuites do which stande ther before şe Lord.
8 And they shall haue lyke porcyones to eate, besyde that whych cometh to hym of the patrimonye of hys elders.
9 When thou arte in to the lande whyche the Lorde thy God geueth the, se that thou lerne not to do after şe abhominacions of these nacyons.
10 Let ther not be founde among you that maketh hys sonne or daughter to go thorow the fyre, or that vseth withcrafte, or a choser out of dayes or that regardeth the flieng of foules,
11 or a sorcerar, or a charmar, or şt counceleth with spretes, or a propheciar or that asketh the aduyse of the dead,
12 for al that do such thyngs are abhominacion vnto the Lorde: and because of these abhominacions the Lord thy God doeth cast them out before the,
13 be pure therfore wyth the Lorde thy God.
14 For these nacions which thou shalt conquere, herken vnto chosers out of dayes and prophecyars. But the Lorde thy God permytteth not that to the.
15 The Lord thy God wyl sterre vp a Prophete amonge you: euen of thy brethren lyke vnto me: & vnto him ye shal herken
16 according to al şt thou desyredest of the Lord thy God in Horeb in the daye when the people were gathered sayinge: Let me heare the voyce of my Lorde God no more, nor se thys greate fire any more, that I dye not.
17 And the Lord sayde vnto me: they haue wel spoken,
18 I wyl rayse them vp a prophet from among their brethren lyke vnto the & wyll put my wordes into his mouth & he shal speake vnto them al şt I shal commaunde him.
19 And whosoeuer will not herken vnto the wordes whych he shall speake in my name, I wil requyre it of hym.
20 But the prophete which shall presume to speake ought in my name whych I commaunded not to speake, and he that speaketh in the name of straunge goddes, the same prophete shal dye.
21 And yf thou saye in thyne hert how shall I knowe that whyche the Lorde hath not spoken?
22 When a prophete speaketh in the name of the Lorde, yf the thynge folow not nor come to passe, şt is the thyng whych the Lord hath not spoken. But the Prophete hath spoken it presumptuously: be not aferde therfore of hym.




1 When şe lord thy god hath destroied the nacions whose land the Lord thy god geueth the, and thou hast conquered them & dwellest in their cities and in their houses:
2 şu shalt appoynte .iij. cytyes in the lande whyche the Lorde thy God geueth the to possesse it:
3 thou shalt prepare the way and deuyde the costes of thy land whych the Lord thy God geueth the to enheret, into .iij. partes that whosoeuer commytteth murther may flee thither.
4 And thys is the cause of the slayer that shal flee thither and be saued:
5 If he smyte his neyghboure ignorantly & hated him not in tyme passed: As when a man goeth vnto the wood wyth hys neyghbour to hewe wood, & as his hand fetcheth a stroke wt the axe, the head slippeth from the helue & smyteth his neyghboure şt he dyeth: şe same shal flee vnto one of the same cities & be saued.
6 Lest the executer of bloude folowe after şe slayer while is hert is whote and ouertake him, because the way is longe, and slee hym, & yet there is no cause worthy of death in hym, in as moche as he hated not hys neyghbour in tyme passed.
7 Wherfore I commaunde the saying se that thou apoynte out .iij. cytyes.
8 And If the Lord thy God enlarge thy costes as he hath sworne vnto thy fathers and geue all the lande which he sayd he wold geue vnto thi fathers
9 (so that thou kepe al these commaundementes to do them, which I commaunde the this day, that thou loue the lord thy God and walke in his wayes euer) them thou shalt adde .iij. cities mo vnto those .iij.
10 şt innocent bloud be not shed in thy land which the Lorde thy God geueth the to enheret, & so bloud come vpon the.
11 But and yf there be any man that hateth hys neyghboure and layeth awayte for him & riseth agaynst hym & smyteth him şt he dye, & fleeth vnto any of these cytyes.
12 Then let the elders of his citye sende & fetche him thence & deliuer hym into the handes of the iustice of bloude, & he shall dye,
13 Let thyne eye haue no pitie on hym, & so thou shalt put awaye innocent bloude from Israel, & happye arte thou.
14 Thou shalt not remoue thy neyghboures mark whych they of olde tyme haue sett in thyne enheritaunce şt thou enherettest in the lande whihe şe Lorde thy God geueth the to enioye it.
15 One witnesse shal not ryse agaynst a man in any maner tresspace or synne, what souer synne a man synneth: But at the mouthe of two witnesses or of .iii. witnesses shal al maters betryed.
16 If an vnrighteous witnesse ryse agaynst a man to accuse him of trespace:
17 then let both the men which stryue together stande before the Lord, before the preastes and the iudges which shalbe in those dayes,
18 & let the iudges enquyre a good. And yf the witnesse be founde false and that he hath geuen false wytnesse agaynst his brother
19 then shal ye do vnto him as he had thought to do vnto his brother, & so thou shalt put euell awaye from the.
20 And other shall heare & feare and shal henceforth comyt no more any soche wickednesse among you.
21 And let thyne eye haue no compassyon, but life for life, eye for eye, tothe for tothe, hande for hand and fote for fote.




1 When thou goest out to battel. agaynst thyne enemyes, & seyst horsses & charettes & people mo then thou, be not aferde of them, for the Lord thy God is wyth the which brought the out of the lande of Egypt.
2 And when ye are come nye vnto battel, let the preast come forth and speake vnto the people
3 & say vnto them: Heare Israel, ye are come vnto battel agaynst your enemyes, let not your hartes faynte, neither feare nor be amazed nor a dread of them.
4 For the lord thy god goeth with you to fight for you agaynst your enemyes & to saue you.
5 And let the offycers speake vnto şe people sayinge: If any man haue buylt a new house and haue not dedicate it, let him go and returne to his house lest he dye in the battell, & another dedicate it.
6 And yf any man haue planted a vyneyarde & haue not made it comen let him go & returne agayn vnto hys house, lest he dye in the batell and another make it comen.
7 And yf any man be betrauthed vnto a wyfe and haue not taken her, let hym go and returne agayn vnto his house, lest he dye in the battel and another take her.
8 And let the officers speake further vnto şe people and say. If any man feare & be fainte herted, let him go and returne vnto his house lest his brothers hert be made faynte as wel as his.
9 And when the offycers haue made an ende of speaking vnto the people, let them make captaynes of warre ouer them.
10 When thou comest nye vnto a citie to fight against it, offre them peace.
11 And yf they answere the agayne peasably, and open vnto the, then let all the people that is founde therin be tributaries vnto the and serue the.
12 But & yf they wyll make no peace wyth the, then make warre agaynst the citie and besyege it.
13 And when the Lord thy God hath deliuered it into thine handes, smyte al şe males therof wyth the egde of the swerde,
14 saue the wemen and the chyldren and the catel and all that is in the cytie and al the spoyle therof take vnto thy selfe & eate the spoyle of thyne enemyes whych the Lord thy God geueth the.
15 Thus thou shalt do vnto al the cities whych are a greate waye of from the and not of the cities of these nacions.
16 But in the cities of these nacions which şe Lorde thy God geueth the to enheret, thou shalt saue alyue nothyng şt breatheth.
17 But shalt destroy them with out redempcion, both the Hethites, şe Amorites, şe Cananites, the Pherezites, the Heuites & the Iebusites, as şe Lord thy God hath commaunded the,
18 şt thei teach you not to do after al their abhominacions which they do vnto their goddes, & so should synne agaynst the Lord your God.
19 When thou hast besyeged a citie long time in making warre against it to take it, destroy not the trees therof, that şu woldest thrust an axe vnto them. For thou mayst eate of them, & therfore destroy them not. For the trees of the feldes are no men, şt they might come against the to besyege the.
20 Neuerthelater those trees which thou knowest that men eate not of them thou mayst destroye & cutte them doune and make bulwerkes agaynst the citie şt maketh warre with the, vntyl it be ouerthrowne.




1 If one be founde slaine in the land whych the Lorde thy God geueth the to possesse it, and lyeth in the feeldes: & not knowne who hath slayne hym:
2 Then let thyne elders and thy iudges come forth, and mete vnto the cytyes şt are round about the slayne.
3 And let the elders of that citie which is next vnto şe slayne man, take an heyffer that is not laboured wt nor hath drawen in the yocke,
4 and let them brynge her vnto a valeye where is nether earyng nor sowynge, and strike of her head there in the valeye.
5 Then let the preastes the sonnes of Leui come forth for the Lord thy God hath chosen them to ministre & to blesse in the name of the Lord, and therfore at their mouth shal al strife and plage be tryed.
6 And al the elders of the citie that is nexte to şe slayne man shal washe their handes ouer the heyffer that is be headed in the playne,
7 & shall answere and saye: oure handes haue not shed this bloude nether haue oure eyes sene it.
8 Be mercifull Lord vnto thy people Israell whyche şu hast delyuered and put not innocent bloude vnto thy people Israel: and the bloude shalbe forgeuen them.
9 And so shalt thou put innocent bloud from the, when thou shalt haue done şt which is ryght in the syght of the Lord.
10 When thou goest to warre against thyne enemyes & the Lord thy God hath deliuered them into thyne handes & thou hast take them captyue,
11 and seyst amonge the captyues a bewtyful woman & hast a fantasye vnto her that thou woldest haue her to thy wyfe.
12 Then bryng her home to thine house and let her shaue her head & pare her nayles
13 & put her raiment that she was taken in from her, and let her remaine in thine house & bewepe her father and her mother a moneth longe & after şt go in vnto her, & marie her & let her be thy wyfe.
14 And yf thou haue no fauoure vnto her, then let her go whether she lusteth: for thou mayest not sell her for moneye nor make cheuesaunce of her, because thou haste humbled her.
15 If a man haue two wyues, one loued & another hated, and they haue borne him children, both the loued & also the hated.
16 If the firstborne be the sonne of şe hated: then when he dealeth his goodes among his chyldren, he may not make the sonne of the beloued fyrstborne before the sonne of the hated whych is in dead the fyrstborne:
17 But he shal know the sonne of şe hated for his firstborne şt he geue him dowble of al that he hath. For he is the fyrst of his strength, and to hym belongeth the ryght of the fyrstborne shyppe.
18 Yf any man haue a sonne that is stubburne & disobedient, that he wyl not herken vnto şe voyce of hys father & voyce of his mother, & they haue taught him nurtour, but he wolde not herken vnto them:
19 Then let his father & his mother take him and bring him out vnto the elders of that citie and vnto the gate of that same place,
20 & say vnto the elders of the citie, This our sonne is stubburne and dysobedient and wyl not herken vnto oure voyce, he is a ryoter and a dronckarde.
21 Then let al şe men of that citie stone him with stons vnto death And thou shalt put euell awaye from the, & all Israel shall heare & feare.
22 If a man haue committed a trespace worthy of death & is put to death for it and hanged on tre:
23 let not hys body remayne al nyghte vpon the treee, but burye hym the same daye, For the curse of God is on him that is hanged. Defile not thy lande therefore, whyche the Lorde thy God geueth the to enheret.




1 If thou se thy brothers oxe or shepe go astraye, thou shalt not with drawe thy selfe from them: But shalt brynge them home agayne vnto thy brother
2 If thy brother be not nye vnto the or yf thou knowe him not, then bring them vnto thyne awne house and lett them be with the vntyll thy brother aske after them, and then deliuer him them agayne.
3 In like maner shalt thou do with his asse. with his rayment and wyth al lost thinges of thy brother which he hath lost and thou hast founde, and thou mayst not withdrawe thy selfe.
4 If thou se that thy brothers asse or oxe is fallen doune by şe way, thou shalt not wythdrawe thy selfe from them: but shalt helpe him to heaue them vp agayne.
5 The woman shal not weare that which pertayneth vnto the man, nether shall a man put on womans rayment. For all that do so, are abhomynacyon vnto the Lord thy God.
6 If thou chaunce vpon a byrdes nest by thy waye, in what soeuer tree it be or on the ground, whether they be young or egges, and the damme syttyng vpon the younge vpon the egges: Thou shalt not take the mother with the younge.
7 But shalt in any wyse let the damme go and take the young, that thou mayst prospere and prolonge thy dayes.
8 When thou buyldest a new house, thou shalt make a batelment vnto the rouffe, that thou lade not bloude vpon thyne house, yf any man fal therof.
9 Thou shalt not sowe thy vyneyarde with diuerse sead: lest thou halow şe sead which thou hast sowen wt the frute of thy vyneyard.
10 Thou shalt not plowe with an oxe and an asse together.
11 Thou shalt not weare a garment made of wool & flaxe together.
12 Thou shalt put rybandes vpon the .iiij. quarters of thy vesture wherewith thou couerest thy selfe.
13 If a man take a wife & when he hath lyen with her hate her,
14 and lay shameful thinges vnto her charge, and bryng vp an euel name vpon her, and say: I toke this wife, and when I came to her, I found her not a mayd:
15 Then let the father of the damsell and the mother bring forth the tokens of the damsels virginitie vnto the elders of the citie, euen vnto şe gate.
16 And let the damsels father say vnto the elders I gaue my daughter vnto this man to wyfe and he hateth her:
17 and lo, he layeth shameful thynges vnto her charge sayinge, I founde not thy daughter a mayde. And yet these are the tokens of my daughters virginite. And let them sprede the vesture before the elders of the citie.
18 Then let the elders of that citie take that man & chastyce him
19 and mearce hym in an hundred sycles of syluer and geue them vnto the father of the damsell, because he hath brought vp an euell name vpon a mayde in Israel. And she shalbe his wyfe, and he may not put her awaye al his dayes.
20 But and yf the thyng be of a suertye that the damsell be not founde a virgen,
21 let them bryng her vnto the dore of her fathers house, & let the men of that cytie stone her wt stones to death, because she hath wrought folye in Israell, to play the whore in her fathers house. And so thou shalt put euel away from the.
22 If a man be founde lyinge with a woman, that hath a wedded husband, then let them dye ether other of them: both the man that laye with the wyfe and also the wyfe: so thou shalt put away euel from Israel.
23 If a maid be hand fasted vnto an husband, and then a man fynde her in the towne & lye wyth her,
24 then ye shal brynge them both out vnto the gates of the same cytie & shall stone them wt stones to death: The damsel because she cryed not beyng in the citie: And şe man, because he hath humbled hys neyghbours wyfe, & thou shalt put away euell from the.
25 But yf a man fynde a betrauthed damsell in the felde and force her & lye wyth her: Then the man that lay with her shal dye alone,
26 and vnto the damsell thou shalt do no harme: because there is in şe damsell no cause of death For as when a man ryseth against his neyghbour and sleyeth him, euen so is this matter.
27 For he founde her in the feldes & the betrauthed damsel cryed: but there was no man to suckoure her.
28 If a man fynde a mayde that is not betrauthed & take her & lye with her & be founde:
29 Then the man that laye with her shal geue vnto the damsels father .l. sycles of syluer. And she shall be his wyfe, because he hath humbled her, & he maye not put her a waye all his dayes.
30 No man shall take his fathers wyfe, nor vnhylle his fathers couerynge.




1 Non that is gelded or hath his preuye membres cut of shal come in to the congregacion of the Lord.
2 And he that is borne of a comen woman shall not come into the congregacyon of the Lorde, no in the tenth generacyon he shall not entre into the congregacyon of the Lorde.
3 The Ammonites and the Moabites shall not come in to the congregacyon of şe Lord, no not in the tenth generacion, no they shall neuer come in to the congregacyon of şe Lorde,
4 because they met you not wyth bread and water in the waye when ye came out of Egypt, & because they hyred agenst the Balaam şe sonne of Beor şe interpreter of Mesopotamia, to curse the.
5 Neuerthelesse the Lorde thy God wolde not herken vnto Balaam, but turned the curse to a blessing vnto the, because the Lorde thy God loued the.
6 Thou shalt neuer therfore seke that which is prosperouse or good for them all thy dayes for euer.
7 Thou shalt not abhorre an Edomite, for he is thy brother: nether shalt thou abhorre an Eygpcian, because thou waste a straunger in his lande.
8 The chyldren that are begotten of them shall come in to the congregacyon of the Lorde in the .iii. generacion.
9 When thou goest out with the host agaynst thine enemies, kepe şe from al wickednesse for şe Lord is amonge you.
10 If there be any man that is vncleane by the reason of vnclennesse that chaunceth him by nyght, let him go out of the host and not come in agayne
11 vntyll he haue washed him selfe with water before şe euen: & then when the sonne is doune, let hym come in to the host agayne.
12 Thou shalt haue a place without the host whether thou shalt resorte to
13 & thou shalt haue a sharpe poynte at the ende of thy wepon: & when thou wylt ease thy selfe, dygge therwith and turne and couer that which is departed from the.
14 For şe Lorde thy god walketh in thyne host, to ryd the and to set thyne enemyes before the. Let thyne host be pure, that he se no vncleane thyng among you and turne from you.
15 Thou shalt not delyuer vnto his master şe seruaunt which is escaped from his master vnto the.
16 Let him dwel wt the, euen amonge you in what place he him self lyketh best, in one of thy cyties where it is good for hym, & vexe him not.
17 There shalbe no whore of şe daughters of Israel, nor whorekeper of şe sonnes of Israel.
18 Thou shalt nether brynge şe hyre of an whore nor şe price of a dogge in to the house of the Lorde thy God, in no maner of vowe, for euen both of them are abhominacion vnto the Lord thy God.
19 Thou shalt be no vsurer vnto thy brother, nether in money nor in fode, nor in any maner thyng that is let vpon vsurye.
20 Vnto a straunger thou mayst lende vpon vsurye, but not vnto thy brother, that the Lord thy God may blesse şe in al that şu settest thyne hande to in the land whether thou goest to conquere it.
21 When thou hast vowed a vowe vnto şe Lord thy God, se thou be not slacke to paye it. For he wyl surely requyre it of the, and it shalbe sinne vnto the.
22 If thou shalt leaue vowynge, it shalbe no synne vnto the:
23 but that whych is once gone out of thy lyppes, thou must kepe and do, accordynge as thou hast vowed vnto the Lorde thy God of a frewyl which thou hast spoken with thy mouth.
24 When thou comest into thy neyghbours vineyarde, thou mayst eate grapes thy belyfull at thyne awne pleasure: but thou shalt put none in thy bagge.
25 When thou goest into thy neyghboures corne, thou mayst plucke şe eares wt thyne hande, but thou mayst not moue a sycle vnto thy neyghbours corne.




1 When a man hath taken a wife and maryed her, yf she fynde no fauoure in his eies, because he hath spied some vnclennesse in her. Then let hym wryte her a bylle of deuorcement & put it in her hande and sende her out of hys house.
2 If when she is departed out of hys house, she go and be another mans wife
3 and the seconde husbande hate her & wryte her a letter of deuorcement & put it in her hande & sende her out of his house: or yf the seconde man dye whiche toke her to wyfe,
4 her fyrst man which sent her awaye may not take her agayne to be hys wyfe, in as moch as she is defyled. For that is abhomynacion in the syght of the Lorde: that thou defyle not the land with sinne, which the Lord thy god geueth the to enheret.
5 When a man taketh a newe wife, he shal not go a warrefare nether shalbe charged wt any busynesse: but shalbe fre at home one yere & reioyse with hys wyfe which he hath taken.
6 No man shal take the neather or the vppermylstone to pledge, for then he taketh a mans lyfe to pledge.
7 If any man be found stealyng any of hys brethren the chyldren of Israel, & maketh cheuesaunce of hym or selleth him, the thefe shall dye. And thou shalt put euell away from the.
8 Take heade to thy selfe as concernynge the plage of leprosye, that thou obserue dyligently to do accordyng to all that the Preastes the Leuites shall teache the, as I commaunded them so ye shal obserue to do.
9 Remembre what the Lord thy God dyd vnto Miriam by the waye, after that ye were come out of Egypte.
10 If thou lende thy brother any maner socoure, thou shalt not go in to hys house to fetche a pledge:
11 but shalt stande without & şe man to whom thou lendest, shall brynge the pledge out at the dore.
12 Forthermore yf it be a pore body, go not to slepe wt hys pledge
13 but delyuer hym the pledge agayne by şt the sonne go doune, & let him slepe in hys awne rayment and blesse the. And it shalbe ryghteousnes vnto şe, before the Lord thy god.
14 Thou shalt not defraude an hyred seruaunte that is nedye and poore whether he be of thy brethren or a straunger that is in thy lande
15 with in thy cyties. Geue him his hyre the same daye, and let not the sonne go doune theron. For he is nedye and therwith susteyneth hys lyfe, lest he crye agaynst the vnto the Lord and it be synne vnto the.
16 The fathers shal not dye for the chyldren nor the children for şe fathers: but euery man shal dye for his awne synne.
17 Hynder not the ryght of şe straunger nor of the fatherlesse, nor take wedowes rayment to pledge.
18 But remembre that thou wast a seruaunte in Egypte, and how the Lord thy God delyuered the thence. Wherfore I commaunde the to do this thyng.
19 When thou cuttest doune thy herueste in the feeld & hast forgotte a shefe in şe feelde thou shalt not go agayne and fett it: But it shalbe for the straunger, the fatherlesse & the wydowe, that the Lord thy God may blesse the in all the workes of thyne hande.
20 When thou beatest doune thyne olyue trees thou shalt not make cleane riddaunce after the: but it shalbe for şe straunger, the fatherlesse & the wydowe.
21 And when thou gatherest they venyarde, thou shalt not gather cleane after the: but it shalbe for the straunger, the fatherlesse & şe wyddow.
22 And remembre that thou wast a seruaunt in the land of Egipte: wherfore I commaunde the to do this thinge.




1 If there be strife betwene men let them com vnto the law, & let şe iudges iustifie the righteous & condemne the trespaser.
2 And yf the trespaser be worthy of stripes, then let the iudge cause to take him doune and to beate hym before his face accordynge to his trespace vnto a certayne nombre
3 .xl. strypes he shall geue him & and not passe: lest yf he should exceade & beate him aboue that with many stripes, thi brother should appeare vngoodly before thyne eyes.
4 Thou shalt not mosell şe oxe that treadeth out the corne.
5 When bethern dwel together and one of them dye and haue no childe, the wyfe of the deed shal not be geuen out vnto a straunger: but hir brother in lawe shal go in vnto her & take her to wife & marie her.
6 And the eldeste sonne whych she beareth, shall stande vp in the name of his brother which is dead, that his name be not put out in Israel.
7 But and if the man wyll not take hys sister in lawe, then let her go to şe gate vnto şe elders & saye: My brother in lawe refuseth to sterre vp vnto hys brother a name in Israel, he wyl not mary me.
8 Then let şe elders of his cyty call vnto hym and comen wt him. If he stande & saye: I wyll nat take her,
9 then let his syster in lawe go vnto hym in the presence of the elders and loose his shoo of his fote & spit in his face & answere and saye. So shall it be done vnto that man that wyll not byld his brothers house.
10 And his name shal be called in Israel, the vnshoed house.
11 If when men stryue to gether, one wyth another, the wyfe of the one runne to, for to ryd her husband out of the handes of hym şt smyteth him and put forth her hand & take hym by the secrettes:
12 cut of her hand, and let not thyne eye pytie her.
13 Thou shalbe not haue in thy bagge two maner of weyghtes, a great & a smal,
14 nether shalt thou haue in thine house dyuerse measures, a great & a small.
15 But thou shalt haue a perfect and a iust measure: that thy dayes may be lenghthed in the land which şe Lord thy God geueth the.
16 For all that do suche thynges & all that do vnryght, are abhomynacion vnto the Lord thy God.
17 Remembre what Amalech dyd vnto şe by the waye after thou camest out of Egypte,
18 he mett the by şe waye and smote şe hyndmost of you, all that were ouer laboured and dragged by hynde, when thou wast faynted & werye, & he feared not God.
19 Therfore when the Lord thy God hath geuen the reast from al thyne euemyes rounde aboute, in the lande whych the Lord thy God geueth the to enheret and possesse: se that thou put oute the name of Amalech from vnder heauen, and forget not.




1 When thou art come into the land whyche the Lord thy God geueth the to enheret and hast enioyed it and dwellest therin:
2 take of the first of al the frute of the erthe, whych thou hast brought in out of the lande that the Lorde thy GOD geueth the and put it in a maunde and go vnto the place which the Lorde thy GOD shall chose to make hys name dwell there.
3 And thou shalt come vnto the preast that shalbe in those dayes and saye vnto hym, I knowledge this daie vnto the Lord thy God, that I am come vnto the countre which the Lord sware vnto oure fathers for to geue vs.
4 And the preast shall take the maunde out of thyne hande, and sett it doune before the aulter of the Lord thy God.
5 And thou shalt answere and saye before the Lord thy God: The Syrians wolde haue destroied my father, and he went doune into Egypte and soiourned there with a fewe folcke and grewe there vnto a nacyon greate, mightie and ful of people.
6 And the Egypcians vexed vs and troubled vs, & laded vs with cruel bondage.
7 And we cryed vnto the Lorde God of oure fathers, and the Lord heard oure voyce and loked on oure aduersyte, laboure & oppressyon.
8 And the Lord brought vs out of Egipt with a myghtye hand & a stretched out arme & wt great terreblenesse and with signes and wonders.
9 And he hath brought vs in to thys place and hath geuen vs this land şt floweth wyth mylke & honye.
10 And nowe loo, I haue brought şe fyrst frutes of the land whiche the Lorde hath geuen me. And set it before the Lorde thy God, & worshyp before the Lorde thy God
11 & reioyse ouer al the good thynges which the Lord thy God hath geuen vnto şe and vnto thyne house, bothe thou the Leuite and the straunger that is amonge you.
12 When thou hast made an ende of tything all the tythes of thyne encrease the thyrde yere, the yere of tythyuge: and hast geuen it vnto the Leuyte, the straunger, the fatherlesse and the wydowe, and they haue eaten in thy gates and fylled them selues.
13 Then saye before the Lord thy God: I haue brought şe halowed thinges out of myne house, & haue geuen them vnto the Leuite, the straunger, the fatherlesse and the wydowe accordynge to al the commaundementes whych thou commaundest me: I haue not ouerskypped thy commaundementes, nor forgotten them.
14 I haue not eaten therof in my mournynge nor taken awaye therof vnto any vnclennesse, nor spente therof aboute any dead corse: but haue herkened vnto the voyce of the Lorde my God, and haue done after al that he commaunded me,
15 loke doune from thy holy habitacyon heauen, and blesse thy people Israell & the land which thou hast geuen vs (as thou swarest vnto oure fathers) a land şt floweth with mylke and hony.
16 This daye the Lorde thy God hath commaunded şe to do these ordinaunces & lawes Kepe them therfore & do them with all thyne herte and all thy soule.
17 Thou hast sett vp the Lorde thys daye to be thy God and to walke in his wayes & to kepe hys ordinaunces, his commaundementes and his lawes, and to herken vnto his voyce.
18 And the Lord hath sett the vp thys daye, to be a seuerall people vnto him (as he hath promysed the) & that thou kepe his commaundementes,
19 & to make şe hye aboue al nacions which he hath made, in prayse, in name and honoure: that thou mayst be an holy people vnto the Lord thy God, as he hath sayde.




1 And Moses with the elders of Israel commanded the people sayinge: kepe al the commaundementes which I commaunde you thys daye.
2 And when ye be come ouer Iordan vnto the land whiche the Lorde thy God geueth the, set vp greate stones and plaister them wyth playster,
3 and wryte vpon them al the wordes of this lawe, when thou arte come ouer: that şu mayst come into the land which the Lord thy god geueth the: a land that floweth with mylke & honye as the Lord God of thy fathers hath promysed the.
4 When ye be com ouer Iordan, se that ye set vp these stones whyche I commaunde you this daye in mount Ebal, & plaister them with playster.
5 And there bylde vnto the Lord thy God, an altare of stones and se thou lyfte vp no yron vpon them:
6 But thou shalt make the alter of şe Lord thy God of rough stones and offer burntofferynges theron vnto the Lorde thy God.
7 And thou shalt offer peaceoffringes and shalt eate there and reioyse before the Lord thy God.
8 And thou shalt wryt vpon the stones al the wordes of thys lawe, manyfestly and well.
9 And Moses wyth şe preastes the Leuytes spake vnto all Israel sayinge: take hede and heare Israel, thys daye thou art become the people of the Lord thy God.
10 Herken therfore vnto the voyce of the Lord thy God & do his commandementes & his ordinaunces which I commaunde you this day.
11 And Moses charged the people the same daye sayinge.
12 These shall stande vpon mount Garizim to blesse the people, when ye are come ouer Iordan, Symeon, Leui, Iuda, Isachar, Ioseph and Beniamin.
13 And these shal stande vpon mount Ebal to curse: Ruben, Gad, Aser, Zabulon, Dan & Nephthali.
14 And şe Leuites shall begynne & say vnto al the men of Israel wyth a loude voyce.
15 Cursed be he that maketh anye carued ymage or ymage of metall (an abhominacion vnto the Lord, the worke of the hands of şe craftesman) and putteth it in a secret place: and all şe people shall answere & saye Amen.
16 Cursed be he şt curseth hys father or his mother, and all the people shall saye Amen.
17 Cursed be he şt remoueth his neighbours marcke and all the people shall saye Amen.
18 Cursed be he that maketh şe blynd go out of his waye, & all the people shall saye Amen.
19 Cursed be he that hyndreth the right of şe straunger, fatherlesse and wydowe, and all the people shall saye Amen.
20 Cursed be he that lyeth wyth hys fathers wyfe because he hath opened hys fathers couerynge, and all the people shal saye Amen.
21 Cursed be he that lyeth wyth anye maner beast, and all the people shall saye Amen.
22 Cursed be he şt lieth wt his syster whether shee be the daughter of hys father or of hys mother, and all the people shall saye Amen.
23 Cursed be that lyeth wyth hys mother in lawe, and all the people shall saye Amen.
24 Cursed be he that smiteth his neyghbour secretly, and all the people shall saye Amen.
25 Cursed be he şt taketh a rewarde to sle innocent bloude, & all şe people shal saye Amen.
26 Cursed be he that mayntayneth not the wordes of thys lawe to do them, and all the people shal say Amen.




1 If thou shalt herken dilygently vnto the voyce of the Lorde thy God, to obserue and to do al hys commaundementes which I commaunde the thys day. The Lord wyl set the vp on hye aboue all nacions of the erth.
2 And al these blessinges shal come on the and ouertake the, yf thou shalt herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde thy God.
3 Blessed shalt thou be in the towne and blessed in the feldes,
4 blessed shalbe the frute of thy body, the frute of thy grounde and the frute of thy catell, the frute of thyne oxen, and thy flockes of shepe,
5 blessed shall thyne aulmery be and thy store.
6 Blessed shalt thou be, both when thou goest out, and blessed when thou comest in.
7 The Lord shal smyte thyne enemyes that ryse agaynst the before thy face. They shall come out agaynst the one way, & flee before the .vij. wayes.
8 The Lord shall commaunde the blessynge to be wyth the in thy store houses & in al that thou settest thyne hande to, and wyll blesse the in the lande whyche the Lorde thy God geueth the.
9 The Lord shall make the an holy people vnto him self, as he hath sworne vnto the: yf thou shalt kepe the commandementes of the Lord thy God and walke in his wayes.
10 And al nacions of the erth shall se şt thou arte called after the name of the Lorde, and they shalbe aferde of the.
11 And the Lord shal make the plentuous in goodes, in the frute of thy body, in the frute of thy catell and in the frute of thy grounde, in the land whych the Lord sware vnto thy fathers to geue the.
12 The Lord shall open vnto the hys good treasure, euen the heauen, to geue rayne vnto thy lande in due ceason and to blesse al the laboures of thyne hande. And thou shalt lende vnto many nacions, but shalt not nede to borowe thy selfe.
13 And the Lord shall set the before and not behynde, & thou shalt be aboue only and not beneth: yf that thou herken vnto the commaundementes of the Lorde thy God which I commaunde the this day to kepe and to do them.
14 And se that thou bowe not from any of these wordes which I commaunde the this daye ether to the ryght hande or to the lefte, that thou woldest goo after straunge goddes to serue them.
15 But and yf thou wilt not herken vnto the voice of the Lord thy God to kepe and to do al his commaundementes and ordinaunces which I commaunde the thys day: then all these curses shall come vpon the & ouertake the:
16 Cursed shalt şu be in the towne, & cursed in the felde,
17 cursed shall thyne aulmery be & thy store.
18 Cursed shal the frute of thy body & the frute of thy lande be & the frute of thyne oxen & the flockes of thy shepe.
19 And cursed shalt thou be when thou goest in, & when thou goest out.
20 And the Lorde shall sende vpon the cursynge, goyinge to nought & complanynge in all that thou settest thyne hande to whatsoeuer thou doest: vntyl thou be destroyed & brought to nought quyckely, because of the wickednesse of thyne inuencions in that thou hast forsaken the Lorde.
21 And the Lorde shall make the pestilence cleaue vnto the, vntyll he haue consumed the from the land whether thou goest to enioye it.
22 And the Lord shall smyte the with swellynge, with feuers, heet, bunrynge, wetherynge, with smytynge and blastynge. And they shall folowe the vntyll thou peryshe.
23 And the heauen that is ouer thy head shalbe brasse, & the erthe that is vnder the, yeron.
24 And şe Lorde shall turne the rayne of şe land vnto powder & dust: euen from heauen they shall come doune vpon the, vntyll thou be brought to nought.
25 And şe Lorde shall plage the before thyne enmyes: Thou shalt come out one waye agaynste them, and flee seuen wayes before them, & shalt be scatered amonge al şe kingdomes of the erth.
26 And thy carkesse shalbe meate vnto all maner foules of the apre and vnto the beastes of the erth, and no man shall fraye them awaye.
27 And the Lorde wyll smyte the wyth the botches of Egypt and the emoroydes, scalle & maungynesse, that thou shalt not be healed therof.
28 And the Lorde shall smyte the wyth madnesse, blyndnesse & dasyng of herte.
29 And thou shalt grope at none dayes as the blynd gropeth in darknesse, and shalt not come to şe ryght waye. And thou shalt suffer wronge only & be polled euermore, and no man shall sucker the,
30 thou shalt be betrawthed vnto a wyfe, and another shal lye with her. Thou shalt buylde and house & another shal dwell therin. Thou shalt plante a vyneard, & shalt not make it comen.
31 Thyne oxe shalbe slayne before thyne eyes, and thou shalt not eate therof. Thyne asse shalbe vyolentlye taken awaye euen bofore thy face, and shall not be restored the agayne. Thy shepe shalbe geuen vnto thyne enemyes, and no man shall helpe the.
32 Thy sonnes and thy daughters shall be geuen vnto another nacion, and thyne eyes shall se and dase vpon them all daye longe, but shalt haue no myght in thyne hande.
33 The frute of thy lande and all thy laboures shall a nacion which thou knowest not, eate, and thou shalt but suffre vyolence only & be oppressed alwaye:
34 that thou shalt be cleane besyde thy selfe for the syghte of thyne eyes which thou shalt se.
35 The Lord shal smyte the wyth a myscheuous botche in the knees and legges, so that thou canst not be healed: euen from the sole of the fote vnto the toppe of the head.
36 The Lord shall brynge both the and thy kynge whych thou hast sett ouer the, vnto a nacyon whych nether thou nor thy fathers haue knowne, and there thou shalt serue straunge Goddes: euen wod & stone,
37 And thou shalt go to waste & be made an ensample, & a iestynge stocke vnto all nacyons whether şe Lord shall carye the.
38 Thou shalt carie moch seed out in the felde & shalt gather but lytle in: for şe greshopers shall destroye it.
39 Thou shalt plante a veynearde & dresse it, but shalt nether drynke of the wyne neither gather of the grapes, for şe wormes shall eate it.
40 Thou shalt haue olyuetrees in al thy coastes, but shalt not be anoynted with şe oyle, for thyne olyue trees shalbe roted out.
41 Thou shalt get sonnes and daughters, but shalt not haue them: for they shalbe caryed awaye captiue.
42 All thy trees and frute of thy lande shalbe marred with blastynge.
43 The straungers şt are a monge you shall clyme aboue the vp on hye, and thou shalt come doune beneth alowe.
44 He shal lende the & thou shalt not lende him, he shalbe before and thou behynde.
45 Moreouer all these curses shall come vpon the & shall folowe the and ouertake the, tyll thou be destroyed: because thou herkenedest not vnto the voyce of the Lorde thy God, to kepe his commandementes and ordynaunces whych he commaunded the,
46 and they shalbe vpon the as miracles and wonders & vpon thy seed for euer.
47 And because thou seruedest not the Lord thy God wyth ioyfulnesse and with a good herte for the abundaunce of all thinges,
48 therfore thou shalt serue thyne enemye which the Lord shall sende vpon the: in hunger and thrust, in nakednesse and in nede of all thynge: & he shall put a yocke of yeron vpon thyne necke, vntyll he haue broughte the to nought.
49 And the Lord shal brynge a nacyon vpon the from a farre, euen from the ende of the world, as swyfte as an egle flyeth: a nacyon whose tonge thou shalt not vnderstande:
50 a harde fauoured nacyon whiche shall not regarde the person of the olde nor haue compassion on the yonge.
51 And he shall eate the frute of thy lande and the frute of thy catell vntill he haue destroyed the: so that he shall leaue the nether corne, wyne, nor oyle, nether the encrease of thyne oxen nor the flockes of thy shepe: vntyll he haue brought the to nought.
52 And he shall kepe the in, in all thy cities, vntyll the hye & stronge walles be come doune wherin thou trustedest, thorow al the lande. And he shal besyege the in al thy cytyes thorow out all thy land which the Lord thy god hath geuen the.
53 And thou shalt eate the frute of thyne owne body: the flesh of thi sonnes and of thy daughters whych the Lorde thy God hath geuen the, in that straytenesse & seyge wherwith thine enemye shal besyege the,
54 so that it shal greue the man that is tender and exceadynge delycate amonge you, to loke on hys brother and vpon his wyfe that lyeth in hys bosome, & on the remnaunte of his chyldren which he hath yet lefte,
55 for feare of geuynge vnto any of them of the flesh of his children, which he eateth, because he hath noughte lefte him in that straytenes and seyge wherwyth thyne enemyes shall besyege the in all thy cyties.
56 Yea, and the woman that is so tender & delycate among you şt she dare not aduenture to sett the sole of her foote vpon the grounde for softnesse and tendernesse, shalbe greued to loke on the husbande that lyeth in her bosome and on her sonne & on her daughter:
57 euen because of the after byrthe, that is come out from betwene her legges, & because of her chyldren which she hath borne, because she wolde eate them for nede of all thynges secretly, in the straytenes & seyge wherwyth thyne enemye shal besyege the in thy cyties.
58 If thou wilt not be dyligent to do all the wordes of this law that are wrytten in thys boke, for to feare this glorious and fearfull name of the Lorde thy God:
59 the Lorde wyll smyte both the and thy sead with wonderful plages and with greate plages and of longe continuaunce,
60 and with euell sekenesses and of longe duraunce. Moreouer he wyll brynge vpon the al the diseases of Egypt which thou wast afrayed of, and they shall cleaue vnto the.
61 Therto al maner sickenesses and all maner plages which are not wrytten in the boke of this lawe, wyll the Lord brynge vpon the vntyll thou be come to noughte.
62 And ye shalbe lefte fewe in nombre, where before ye were as the starres of heauen in multitude: because thou woldest not herken vnto the voyce of the Lord thy God.
63 And as the Lord reioysed ouer you to do you good & to multyplye you: euen so he wil reioyse ouer you, to destroy you and to bring you to nought. And ye shalbe wasted from of the lande whether thou goest to enioye it.
64 And the Lord shall scater the amonge all nacions from the one ende of the world vnto şe other and there thou shalt serue straunge goddes, whyche nether thou nor thy fathers haue knowne: euen wood and stone.
65 And amonge these nacyons thou shalt be no small ceason, and yet shalt haue no reste to the sole of thy foote. For the Lorde shall geue the there a tremblynge herte & dasynge eyes & sorowe of mynde.
66 And thy lyfe shall hange before the, & thou shalt feare both day and nyght & shalt haue no trust in thy lyfe.
67 In the mornyng thou shalt saye, wold God it were nyght. And at nyght thou shalt saye, wolde God it were mornynge: for feare of thyne herte which thou shalt feare, and for şe syght of thyne eyes which thou shalt se.
68 And the Lord shal brynge the into Egypt agayne with shyppes, by the way whych I bade the that thou shouldest se it no moare. And there ye shalbe solde vnto youre enemies, for bondmen and bondwemen: and yet no man shal bye you.




1 These are the wordes of the appoyntment which the Lord commaunded Moses to make with the chyldren of Israell in the lande of Moab, besyde the appoyntment which he made with them in Horeb.
2 And Moses called vnto al Israel & sayd vnto them: Ye haue sene al that the Lord did before your eyes in the land of Egypt, vnto Pharao & vnto all hys seruauntes, and vnto al his land,
3 and the great temptacions whiche thyne eyes haue sene and those great myracles and wonders:
4 & yet the Lord hath not geuen you an herte to perceyue, nor eyes to se, nor eares to heere vnto thys daye.
5 And I haue led you .xl. yere in the wyldernesse: & youre clothes are not waxed olde vpon you, nor thy shooes are waxed old vpon thy fete.
6 Ye haue eaten no bread nor droncke wyne or strounge drynke: that ye myghte knowe, how that he is the Lorde your God.
7 And at the last ye came vnto this place, & Sehon the kynge of Hesbon and Og kynge of Basan came out agaynst you vnto battel, and we smote them
8 and toke thier lande and gaue it an herytaunce vnto the Rubenytes and Gadites & to the half tribe of Manasse Kepe
9 therfore şe wordes of this appoyntment and do them, that ye maye vnderstande all that ye ought to do.
10 Ye stand here this day euery one of you before the Lord your God, both the heades of your trybes your elders, youre officers & all the men of Israel:
11 youre chyldren, your wiues and the straungers that are in thyne host, from şe hewer of thy wood vnto şe drawer of thy water:
12 şt thou shuldest come vnder the appoyntment of the Lorde thy God, & vnder his oth which the Lord the God maketh with the this day.
13 For to make the a people vnto him selfe, & that he maye be vnto the a God, as he hath sayde vnto the & he hath sworne vnto thy fathers Abraham, Isaac and Iacob.
14 Also I make not this bonde and this othe with you onlye:
15 but both with him şt standeth here with vs this daye before the Lorde oure god, and also with him that is not here with vs this daye.
16 For ye knowe howe we haue dwelt in the lande of Egypte, and how we came thorow the myddes of şe nacions which we passed by.
17 And ye haue sene their abhominacions and their ydolles: wod: stone, siluer and gold which they had.
18 Lest there be among you man or woman kynred or trybe, şt turneth away in hys hert thys day from the Lord our God, to go and serue the goddes of these nacions: & lest there be amonge you some roote that beareth gall and wormwod,
19 so that when he heareth the wordes of this curse, he blesse him self in his hert saying: I shall haue peace. I wyll therfore worke after the luste of myne owne hert, that the droncken may perysh with the thyrstye.
20 And so the Lorde wyll not be mercyfull vnto hym, but then the wrath of the lord & his gelousye, smoke agaynst that man, & al the curses that are written in thys boke lyght vpon hym, and the Lorde do out hys name from vnder heauen,
21 and separate hym vnto euell out of all the trybes of Israell accordyng vnto al the curses of the appoyntement that is written in the boke of this lawe.
22 So that the generacion to come of youre chyldren that shall ryse vp after you and the straunger that shal come from a ferre land, say when they se the plages of that lande, & the diseases wherwith the Lord hath smytten it
23 how all the land is burnt vp wyth bremstone & salt, & şt it is nether sowne nor beareth, nor any grasse groweth therin, after the ouerthrowing of Sodome, Gomor, Adama and Zeboim: which the Lord ouerthrewe in his wrath and angre.
24 And then shal al nacions also say: wherfore hath the Lorde done of this facion vnto this lande? O how fearse is this great wrath?
25 And men shal saye: because they lefte the testament of the Lorde God of their fathers which he made with them, when he brought them out of the land of Egypt.
26 And they went & serued straunge goddes & worshipped them: goddes which they knew not and which had geuen them nought.
27 And therfore the wrath of the Lorde waxed whote vpon that lande to bryng vpon it all the curses that are written in this boke.
28 And the Lorde cast them out of their lande in angre, wrath and greate furyousnesse, and cast them in to a straunge land, as it is come to passe this day.
29 The secrettes of the Lord oure God are opened vnto vs and our children for euer, that we do all the wordes of this lawe.




1 When all these wordes are come vpon the whether it be the blessyng or the cursse whych I haue set before the, yet yf thou turne vnto thyne herte amonge al the nacyons whether the Lord thy God hath truste the,
2 and come agayne vnto the Lorde thy GOD and herken vnto hys voyce accordynge to all that I commaunde the this day: both thou and thy children with al thyne herte and al thy soule:
3 Then the Lorde thy God wyll turne thy captiuite and haue compassyon vpon the, and goo and fet the agayn from all the nacyons, amonge which the Lord thy God shal haue scatered the.
4 Though thou wast cast vnto şe extreme partes of heauen: euen from thence wyl the Lorde thy God gether the and from thence fett the
5 and brynge the into the lande which thy fathers possessed, & thou shalt enioye it. And he wyl shewe the kyndnesse and multiplye the aboue thy fathers.
6 And the Lorde the God wyll circumcise thine hert & the herte of thy sede for to loue the Lord thy God wyth al thyne hert & all thy soule, that thou mayst lyue.
7 And the Lorde thy God wyl put al these curses vpon thyne enemies & on them that hate the, & persecute the.
8 But thou shalt turne and herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde and do al his commaundementes which I commaund the this day.
9 And the Lorde thy God wyl make the plentuous in all the worckes of thyne hand & in the frute of thy body, in şe frut of thy cattell & frute of thy land, & in ryches. For şe Lord wyll turne agayne & reioyce ouer them to do the good, as he reioysed ouer thy fathers:
10 If thou herken vnto the voyce of the Lord thy God to kepe his commaundementes & ordinaunces whyche are wytten in the boke of thys lawe, if thou turne vnto the Lorde thy God with al thyne hert, and al thy soule.
11 For the commaundement whiche I commande the thys daye, is not separated from şe, neither farre of.
12 It is not in heauen şt thou neadest to saye: who shall goo vp for vs to heauen, and fett it vs, that we may heare it, and do it:
13 Neither is it beyond şe sea that thou shouldest say: who shal go ouer sea for vs & fet it vs that we may heare it, and do it.
14 But the worde is verye nye vnto the: euen in thy mouth, & in thyne hert, that thou do it.
15 Beholde I haue set before you thys daye lyfe and good, death and euyll:
16 in that I commaunde the thys daye to loue the Lorde thy God, & to walke in hys waies & to kepe his commaundementes, his ordinaunces, and his lawes: that thou maist lyue and multiply, & that the Lord thy God may blesse the, in the land whither thou goest to possessess it.
17 But and if thyne hert turne away, so that thou wylte not heare: but shalt go astraye & worshyp straunge Goddes and serue them,
18 I pronounce vnto you thys daye, that ye shall surely perysh, and that ye shal not prolonge your daies vpon the land whither thou passest ouer Iordan to go and possesse it.
19 I cal to recorde thys daye vnto you, heauen and earth, that I haue set before you life and death, blessynge & cursinge: but chose lyfe, that thou, and thy sede may liue,
20 in that thou louest the Lord thi God, herkenest vnto his voyce, and cleauest vnto hym. For he is thy lyfe, & the length of thy daies, şt thou mayst dwell vpon the earth whych the Lorde sware vnto thy fathers: Abraham, Isaac, & Iacob, to gyue them.




1 And Moses went and spake these wordes vnto al Israel
2 & sayd vnto them. I am an hundred & .xx. yeare thys day, & can no more go out & in. Also the Lorde hath sayd vnto me, thou shalt not go ouer thys Iordan.
3 The Lorde your God he wyll go ouer before the and he wyll destroye these nations before the, and thou shalt conquere them. And Iosua he shall go ouer before the as the Lord hath sayed.
4 And the Lorde shall go vnto them, as he dyd to Sehon & Og kynges of the Amorites, & vnto theyr landes whych kinges he destroyed
5 And when the Lorde hath deliuered them to the, se that ye do vnto theim accordyng vnto all the commaundementes which I haue commaunded you.
6 Plucke vp your hertes and be stronge, dread not, nor be afrayed of them: for the Lord thy God him selfe will go with the, & wil neither let the go nor forsake the.
7 And Moses called vnto Iosua and sayed vnto hym in the syghte of all Israell. Be stronge and bold, for thou must go with this people vnto the lande whych the Lord hath sworne vnto theyr fathers to giue them, and thou shalt gyue it them to enherett.
8 And the Lorde he shall go before the and he shall be with the, and wyll not let the go nor forsake the, feare not therfore nor be discomforted.
9 And Moses wrote thys lawe and deliuered it to the priestes the sonnes of Leui whyche bare the arcke of the testament of the Lorde and vnto all the elders of Israell,
10 and commaunded them saying. At the ende of .vij. yere, in the time of the fre yere, in the feast of the tabernacles,
11 when all Israell is come to appeare before the Lord thy god, in şe place which he hath chosen: se that thou read thys lawe before al Israel in theyr eares.
12 Gather the people togyther: both men, women, and children, & the straungers that are in thi cityes that they may heare, learne, & fear the Lord your God, & be diligent to kepe al the words of thys lawe,
13 and that theyr children whyche knowe nothyng may heare & learne to feare the Lorde your God, as longe as ye lyue in the Lande whyther ye goo ouer Iordan to possesse it.
14 And the Lord sayd vnto Moses. Behold, thy dayes are come that thou must dye. Cal Iosua and come and stand in the tabernacle of wytnes, that I may giue hym a charge. And Moses and Iosua went and stode in the tabernacle of witnes.
15 And the Lord apeared in the tabernacle, euen in şe piller of the cloud And the piller of şe cloud stode ouer the dore of the tabernacle.
16 And the Lord sayed vnto Moses: beholde, thou must slepe wyth thy fathers, and thys people wyll go a whoring after straunge Goddes of the land whither they go, and wyl forsake me and breake the appoyntment which I haue made with them.
17 And then my wrath wyl waxe whot against them, and I wil forsake them, and wyl hide my face from them, & they shalbe consumed And when much aduersitie and tribulation is come vpon them, then they wyll saye: bycause our God is not among vs, these tribulations are come vpon vs.
18 But I wil hide my face that same time for all the euyls sake whych they shal haue wrought, in that they are turned vnto straunge Gods.
19 Now therfore wryte ye this song, & teach it the chyldren of Israell and putt it in theyr mouthes, that this song maye be my witnes vnto the children of Israel.
20 For when I haue brought them into the lande which I sware vnto theyr fathers that runneth with milke and hony, then they wyll eate and fyll them selues and waxe fatt and turne vnto straung Gods and serue theym and rayle on me and breake my testament.
21 And then when much mischyefe and tribulation is come vpon them thys song shall answere before them, and be a wytnes. It shall not be forgotten out of the mouthes of theyr sede: for I know their imagination which they goo aboute euen nowe before I haue brought theym into the lande whych I sware.
22 And Moses wrought thys song the same ceason, & taught it the children of Israel.
23 And the Lord gaue Iosua the sonne of Nun a charge & sayed: be bold & strong for thou shalt brynge the children of Israel into the landes which I sware vnto them, & I wylbe wyth the.
24 When Moses had made an ende of writyng out of these wordes of şe law in a boke vnto the ende of theim,
25 he commaunded the Leuites whych bare the arcke of şe testament of the Lorde sayinge:
26 take the boke of thys lawe, & put it by the syde of the arcke of the testament of the Lorde your God, & let it be there for a wytnesse vnto the.
27 I for knowe thy stubburnes and thy styffe necke: beholde whyle I am yet a lyue wyth you thys daye, ye haue bene disobediente vnto the Lorde: & howe much more after my death?
28 Gather vnto me all the elders of youre trybes, & youre offycers, that I may speake these wordes in theyr eares & call heauen and earth to record against them.
29 For I am sure şt after my death, they wil vtterly marre them selues, and turne from the way which I commaunded you, & tribulation wyl come vpon you in the later daies, when ye haue wrought wyckednes in the syght of the Lorde to prouoke hym wyth the worckes of your handes.
30 And Moses spake in the eares of all the congregation of Israel the wordes of thys song, vnto the ende of them.




1 Heare O heauen, what I shal speake, and heare O earth, the wordes of my mouth.
2 My doctrine droppe as doth the raine and my speache flowe as doth the dewe, as the miselyng vpon the herbes, and as the droppes vpon the grasse.
3 For I wyl cal on the name of the Lord: Magnifye the myght of our God.
4 He is a rocke and perfect are his dedes for al hys wayes are with descrecion. God is faythful, & without wyckednes, both ryghtuouse and iust is he.
5 The frowarde and ouerthwart generacion hath marred them selfes to himward, & are not his sonnes for their deformities sake
6 Doest thou so rewarde the Lord? O foleish nation and vnwise, Is not he thy father and thyne owner? hath he not made the & ordeyned the?
7 Remembre the dayes that are past: consider the yeres from tyme to tyme. Aske thy father, and he wyl shewe the, thy elders and they wyl tel the.
8 When the most hyghest gaue the nations an enheritaunce, & deuided the sonnes of Adam, he put the borders of şe nations, fast by the multitude of the children of Israell.
9 For the Lordes part is hys folke, & Iacob is the portion of hys enheritaunce.
10 He found hym in a desert land, in a voide ground, and a roring wildernes. He led him about, & gaue hym vnderstandynge, & kepte hym as the aple of hys eye.
11 As an Egle that steareth vp hir nest & flotereth ouer the yonge, he streatched out hys wynges & toke him vp, & bare him on his shoulders.
12 The Lorde alone was hys guide and there was no straunge God with hym.
13 He sett hym vp vpon an hye land, and he ate the encrease of the feyldes. And he gaue hym honye to sucke oute of the rocke, & oyle out of the hard stone.
14 With butter of kyne & mylcke of the shepe, with fatt of the lambes and fat rammes and he gotes wyth fat kidneies with wheate. And of the bloud of grapes thou dronkest wyne.
15 And Israel waxed fat and kycked. Thou wast fat, thycke and smothe. And he let God goo that made him & despised the rocke that saued him.
16 They angred him with straunge Goddes, and with abhominations prouoked him,
17 They offered vnto felde deuils and not to God, & to Gods whych they knewe not, & to newe Gods that came newly vp which theyr fathers feared not.
18 Of the rocke that begate the, thou arte vnmyndfull & hast forgote God that made the.
19 And when the Lord sawe it, he was angry bicause of the prouokyng of hys sonnes and daughters.
20 And he sayd: I wyl hyde my face frome them & wyll se what their ende shall be. For they are a frowarde generation & chyldren in whom is no faith.
21 They haue angred me wt that which is no God, & prouoked me wyth theyr vanities. And I agayne wyll anger them wyth them whiche are no people, and wyl prouoke them wyth a folysh nation.
22 For fyre is kindeled in my wrath, and shal burne vnto the bottome of hell. And shall consume the earth wyth hyr encrease, & set a fyre the bottomes of the mountaines.
23 I wyll heape mischeues vpon them & wyl spend al myne arrowes at them.
24 Burnt with hongre & consumed with heat and wt bytter pestelence. I wyll also sende the teeth of beastes vppon them and poyson serpentes.
25 Withoute forthe, the swerde shal robbe them of theyr chyldren: and wythin in the chamber, feare: both younge menne and yong womenne & the suckelynges wyth the men of gray heades.
26 I haue determined to skatter them thorowoute the worlde, and to make awaye the remembraunce of theym from amonge men.
27 Were it not that I feared the raylynge of theyr enemies, lest theyr aduersaries woulde be proude and saye: our hye hande hathe done all these worckes and not the Lorde.
28 For it is a nation that hath an vnhappye forcast, and hath no vnderstanding in them:
29 I would they were wyse and vnderstode thys & woulde consider their later ende.
30 How it cometh that one shal chace a thousande, and two putt ten thousande of theym to flyght, excepte theyr rocke had solde them, and bicause the Lord had deliuered them.
31 For oure rocke is not as theyr rocke, no thoughe oure enemies be iudge.
32 But theyr vynes are of the vynes of Sodome, & of the feldes of Gomorra. Theyr grapes are grapes of gall, and theyr clusters be bitter.
33 Theyr wyne is şe poyson of dragons, and the cruel gall of aspes.
34 Are not such thynges layed in store wyth me, and sealed vp among my treasures?
35 Vengeaunce is mine, and I wyll reward: theyr fete shall slyde, when the tyme cometh. For the tyme of theyr destruccion is at hand, & the tyme that shal come vpon them maketh hast.
36 For the Lorde wyll do iustice vnto hys people, & haue compassion on hys seruauntes For it shalbe sene şt theyr power shall fayle, & at the last they shalbe prisoned & forsaken.
37 And it shal be sayd, wher are their Gods and theyr rocke wherin they trusted?
38 The fatt of whose sacrifices they ate and dranke the wyne of theyr drynkeofferinges, let them ryse vp and helpe you and be youre protection.
39 Se nowe howe that I, I am he, and that there is no God but I. I can kyll and make a lyue, and what I haue smytten that I can heale: neyther is there that can deliuer anye man out of my hande.
40 For I wyll lyfte vp myne hand to heauen, and wyl say: I lyue euer.
41 If I whett the edge of my swerd, & mine hand take in hand to do iustice, I wil shewe vengeaunce on myne enemyes & wyl reward them that hate me.
42 I wyl make myne arowes dronken with bloud, and my swerde shal eate fleshe of the bloude of the slayne & of the captyue and of the bare head of the enemy.
43 Prayse ye heathen hys people, for he wil auenge the bloude of hys seruauntes, & wyl auenge hym of his aduersaries, and wyll be merciful vnto the land of hys people.
44 And Moses went & spake al these wordes of thys songe in the eares of the people, both he and Iosua the sonne of Nun.
45 And when Moses had spoken al these wordes vnto the ende to al Israel,
46 then he sayd vnto them. Set your hertes vnto all the wordes whych I testify vnto you thys daye: that ye commaund them vnto your chyldren, to obserue and do all the wordes of thys lawe.
47 For it is not a vayne worde vnto you: but it is youre lyfe, & thorow thys worde ye shall prolonge youre dayes in the lande whither ye go ouer Iordan to conquere it.
48 And the Lord spake vnto Moses the selfe same day, saying:
49 get the vp into thys mountayne Abarim vnto mount Nebo, whych is in the lande of Moab ouer against Iericho. And beholde the land of Canaan whyche I gyue vnto the children of Israel to possesse.
50 And dye in the mount which thou goest vpon and be gathered vnto thy people: As Aaron thy brother dyed in mount Hor & was gathered to his people.
51 For ye trespaced againste me amonge the children of Israel at the waters of strife, at Cades in the wildernesse of Zin, bicause ye sanctified me not among the children of Israel.
52 Thou shalte se the lande before the, but shalt not go thyther vnto the land which I giue the children of Israel.




1 This is the blessing wherwith Moses Goddes man blessed the chyldren of Israel before his deathe,
2 sayinge: The Lorde came frome Sinai, & shewed hys beames from Seir vnto them, & appered gloriously from mount Pharan, and he came wyth thousandes of saintes & in his right hand a lawe of fyre for them.
3 How loued he the people? Al his saintes are in hys hande. They ioyned theym selues vnto thy fote, and receyued thy wordes.
4 Moses gaue vs a lawe whiche is the enheritaunce of the congregation of Iacob.
5 And he was in Israel kyng when he gathered the heades of the people and the tribes of Israel togyther.
6 Ruben shall lyue and shall not dye: but his people shalbe fewe in numbre.
7 This is the blessynge of Iuda. And he sayed: hear Lord the voyce of Iuda, and bryng hym vnto his people: let hys handes fyght for hym: but be thou hys helpe agaynst hys enemies.
8 And vnto Leui he sayed: thy perfectnes and thy lyght be after thy merciful man whom thou temptedest at Masah wyth whome thou striuedest at şe water of stryfe.
9 He that saith vnto hys father and mother. I saw hym not and vnto hys brethren, I knewe not, and to hys sonne I wot not: for they haue obserued thy worde and kepte thy testamente.
10 They shall teach Iacob thy iudgementes & Israell thy lawes. They shall putte cens before thy nose & whole sacrifices vpon thyne aultare.
11 Blesse Lord their power & accept şe workes of theyr handes: smyte the backes of theim that ryse agaynst theim & of theim that hate them: they ryse not agayne.
12 Vnto BenIamin he sayed: The Lordes dearlynge shall dwell in safety by hym and kepe hym selfe in the hauen by him continually, & shal dwel betwene hys shoulders.
13 And vnto Ioseph he sayed: blessed of the Lord is hys hand wyth the goodly frutes of heauen, wyth dewe and with sprynges that lie beneath:
14 & with fruytes of the encrease of the sunne & with ripe frute of the monethes,
15 & wyth the toppes of mountaines that were from the begynnyng and wyth the dayntes of hylles that last euer
16 & wyth goodly frute of the earth and of the fulnes therof. And the good wyll of him that dwelleth in the bush shal come vpon the head of Ioseph and vpon the toppe of the head of hym that was separated from among hys brethren,
17 his beutye is as fyrsteborne oxe and hys hornes as the hornes of an vnycorne. And wyth them he shal push the nations togyther, euen vnto the endes of the world. These are şe many thousandes of Ephraim and the thousandes of Manasses.
18 And vnto Zabulon he sayd: Reioyse Zabulon in thy goyng oute, and thou Isachar in thy tentes.
19 They shal call the people vnto the hyll, & there they shal offer offerynges of rightuousnes. For they shal sucke of the abundaunce of the sea and of treasure hid in the sande.
20 And vnto Gad he sayd: blessed is the rowmemaker Gad. He dwelleth as a lion and caughte the arme and also the toppe of the head.
21 He sawe hys begynninge, that a parte of the teacher was hydde there and came with the handes of the people, and executed the ryghtuousnes of the Lord and his iudgmentes wyth Israell.
22 And vnto Dan he sayed. Dan is a lyons whelpe, he shal flowe from Basan.
23 And vnto Nephthaly, he sad: Nephthali he shal haue aboundaunce of pleasure & shall be fylled with the blessing of the Lord & shal haue hys possessions in the southwest.
24 And of Aser he sayed. Aser shalbe blessed wyth chyldren, he shalbe accepted vnto hys brethren and shal dyppe hys fote in oyle:
25 Iron and brasse shall hange on thy shooes & thyne age shalbe as thyne youth.
26 There is none lyke vnto the God of Israell: he that sytteth vpon heauen shall be thyne helpe, whose glorye is in the cloudes,
27 that is the dwellyng place of God from the begynnynge, and from vnder the armes of the worlde: he hath caste out thyne enemyes before the and sayed destroy.
28 And Israell shal dwel in safety alone. And the eyes of Iacob shall loke vpon a lande of corne & wyne moreouer his heauen shal droppe with dewe.
29 Happye arte thou Israell, who is lyke vnto the? A people that arte saued by the Lord thy shyeld and helper & swerd of thy glory. And thyne enemyes shal hyde theym selues from the, and thou shalt walke vppon theyr hye hylles.




1 And Moses wente from the feyldes of Moab vppe into mount Nebo which is the top of Phasgath şt is ouer against Iericho. And the Lord shewed hym al the lande of Galaad euen vnto Dan,
2 and al Nephthali, and the land of Ephraim, & Manasse, and al the land of Iuda: euen vnto the vtmost see,
3 and the south & the region of the plaine of Iericho the citye of palmetrees euen vnto Zoar.
4 And the Lorde sayed vnto him. This is the laud which I sware vnto Abraham, Isaac, and Iacob sayinge: I wyll giue it to thy sede. I haue shewed it the before thyne eyes: but thou shalt not goo ouer thyther.
5 So Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde dyed there in the Lande of Moab at the commaundement of the Lord.
6 And he buryed him in a valley in the land of Moab beside Beth Pheor: but no man wist of hys sepulchre vnto thys daye.
7 And Moses was an hundred and .xx. yere olde when he dyed, and yet hys eyes were not dym nor hys chekes abated.
8 And the children of Israell wepte for Moses in the feylde of Moab .xxx. dayes. And the dayes of wepynge and mournyng for Moses were ended.
9 And Iosua the sonne of Nun was full of the spirite of wysdome: for Moses had put hys hand vpon hym. And al the chyldren of Israel herkened vnto him & dyd as the Lord commaunded Moses.
10 But there arose not a prophete sence in Israell lyke vnto Moses, whom the Lorde knewe face to face,
11 in all the myracles and wonders which the Lord sent hym to do in the Lande of Egypte, vnto Pharao and all hys seruauntes, and vnto all his land:
12 and in al the myghty dedes and greate terrible thynges which Moses did in the syght of al Israel.