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1 In the thyrde yeare of the raygne of Iehoakim kinge of Iuda, came Nabuchodonosor kyng of Babylon vnto Ierusalem, & beseged it
2 and the Lord deliuered Iehoakim the kinge of Iuda into his hande, with certayne ornamentes of the house of God, whiche he caryed awaye vnto the lande of Sennar, to the house of his God, and there he broughte them into hys Goddes treasurye.
3 And the kyng spake vnto Asphanaz the chefe chamberlayne, that he shulde brynge hym certayne of the chyldren of Israel, that were come of the kynges sede & of prynces,
4 yonge spryngaldes wythout anye blemyshe, but fayre & welfauoured, instructe in all wisdome, connyng and vnderstanding: whiche were able to stande in the kynges palace, to reade and to learne for to speake Caldeish.
5 Vnto these the king appoynted a certayne porcyon of hys owne meate, and of the wyne, which he drancke hym selfe, so to noryshe them thre yeare: that afterwarde they myght stande before the kynge.
6 Amonge these nowe were certayne of the chyldren of Iuda: namely Daniel, Ananias, Misael & Azarias.
7 Vnto these the chefe chamberlayne gaue other names, & called Daniel, Balthazar: Ananias, Sidrach, Misael, Misach, and Asarias, Abednago.
8 But Daniel was at a poynte wyth hym self, that he wolde not be defyled thorowe the kynges meate, nor the wyne whiche he droncke. And this he desyred of the chefe Chamberlaine, leste he shulde defyle hym selfe.
9 So God gaue Daniel fauoure and grace before the chefe chamberlayne,
10 that he said vnto hym: I am afraied of my Lorde the kynge, whiche hath appoynted you youre meate & drinck: lest he spye your faces to be worse lykyng then the other springaldes of youre age, and so ye shall make me lose my head vnto the kynge.
11 Then Daniel aunswered Melassar, whom the chefe chamberlayne had set ouer Daniell, Ananias, Misael and Asarias, & sayde:
12 O proue but ten dayes with thy seruauntes, and let vs haue potage to eate, & water to drincke:
13 then loke vpon oure faces, & theyrs that eate of the kynges meate. And as thou seyst, so deale wyth thy seruauntes.
14 So he consented to them in thys matter, and proued them .x. dayes.
15 And after the ten dayes, theyr faces were better lykyng & fatter, then al e younge spryngaldes whiche ate of the kynges meate.
16 Thus Melassar toke awaye theyr meate, and wyne, and gaue them potage therefore.
17 God gaue nowe these foure spryngaldes connyng and learnyng in all scrypture and wysdome: but vnto Daniell specyally, he gaue vnderstandynge of all vysyons and dreames.
18 Nowe when the tyme was expyred, that the kynge hath appoynted to bryng in these yonge spryngaldes vnto hym: the chefe chamberlain broughte them before Nabuchodonosor,
19 and the kynge communed with them. But among them all were founde none suche as Daniel, Ananias, Misael, and Asarias. Therfor stode they before the kynge,
20 whiche in all wysdome and matters of vnderstandynge, that he enquered of them, founde them ten tymes better then all the sothsayers and charmers, t were in all hys realme.
21 And Daniel abode styl, vnto the fyrste yeare of kynge Cyrus.




1 In the seconde yeare of e raigne of Nabuchodonosor, had Nabuchodonosor a dreame, wherethorow his sprete was vexed, & hys slepe brake from him.
2 Then the kyng commaunded to cal together all e sothsayers, charmers, witches & Caldees, for to shew the king his dreame. So they came & stode before e king.
3 And the king sayd vnto them: I haue dreamed a dreame, and my sprete was so troubled therewith, that I haue clene forgotten, what I dreamed.
4 Vpon thys the Caldees aunswered the kynge in the Syrians speach: O king, God saue thy lyfe for euer. Shew thy seruauntes the dreame, and we shal shewe the, what it meaneth.
5 The kynge gaue the Caldees theyr aunswere, & said: It is gone fro me: Yf ye wyl not make me vnderstande the dreame wyth the interpretacyon thereof, ye shall dye, & youre houses shalbe prysed.
6 But yf ye tell me the dreame & the meanynge therof, ye shall haue of me gyftes, rewardes & greate honoure: onely, shew me the dreame and the sygnifycacyon of it.
7 They aunswered agayne, and sayde: the kynge must shewe his seruauntes the dreame, & so shall we declare what it meaneth.
8 Then e kinge auswered, sayinge: I perceyue of a trueth, that ye do but prolonge the tyme: for so muche as ye se, that the thing is gone fro me.
9 Therfore ye wil not tell me e dreame, ye shall all haue one iudgement. But ye fayne & dyssemble with vayne wordes, which ye speake before me, to put of the tyme. Therfore tel me the dreame, & so shal I know yf ye can shewe me, what it meaneth.
10 Vpon this, the Caldees gaue answere before e king, and sayde: there is no man vpon earthe, that can tell the thynge, whiche the kyng speaketh of, yea there is neyther kyng, prynce nor lord, that euer asked suche thynges at a sothsayer, charmer or Caldeer:
11 for it is a very hard matter, that the kynge requyreth. Neither is there any, that can certyfye the kynge therof, except the Goddes: whose dwellyng is not among the creatures.
12 For the whiche cause the kyng was wroth with greate indignacyon, and commaunded to destroye all the wyse men at Babylon:
13 and the proclamacyon wente forthe, that the wyse men shuld be slayne, They sought also to slay Daniel with hys companions.
14 Then Daniel enquered Arioh the kynges stewarde, of the iudgement and sentence, that was gone forth already to kyll soche as were wyse at Babilon.
15 He aunswered and sayde vnto Arioh brynge then the Kynges debyte: Why hath the kyng proclamed so cruell a sentence? So Arioh tolde Daniel the matter.
16 Vpon this, wente Daniel vp, and desyred the kynge, that he might haue leysoure, to shewe the kynge the interpretacyon:
17 and then came he home agayne, & shewed the thynge vnto Ananias, Misael & Asarias hys companyons:
18 that they shulde beseche the God of heauen for grace in thys secrete, that Daniel and hys felowes wyth other soch as were wyse in Babylon, peryshed not.
19 Then was the mysterye shewed vnto Daniel in a vysyon by nyght And Daniel praysed e god of heauen.
20 Daniel also cryed loude, and sayd: O that the name of God myghte be praysed for euer and euer, for wysdome and strengthe are hys owne:
21 he chaunged the tymes & ages: he putteth doune kynges, he setteth vp kinges he geueth wysdome vnto the wyse, & vnderstandynge to those that vnderstande,
22 he openeth the depe secretes, he knoweth the thynge that lyeth in darckenesse, for the lyghte dwelleth wyth hym.
23 I thanke the, and prayse the (O thou God of my fathers) that thou haste lente me wysdom and strength, & hast shewed me the thyng, that we desyred of the, for thou haste opened the kynges matter vnto me.
24 Vpon this went Daniel in vnto Arioh, whome the kynge had ordeyned to destroye e wyse at Babylon: he went vnto hym, & sayde: destroye not suche as are wyse in Babylon, but brynge me in vnto the kynge, and I shall shewe the kynge the interpretacyon.
25 Then Arioch broughte Daniel in to the kyng in all the haste, and sayde vnto hym: I haue founde a man amonge the presoners of Iuda, that shall shewe the kyng the interpretacyon.
26 Then aunswered the kynge, and sayde vnto Daniel, whose name was Balthasar: Arte thou he, that canste shewe me the dreame, whiche I haue sene, & the interpretacyon therof?
27 Daniel aunswered the kynge to hys face, and sayd: As for this secrete, for the whiche the kynge maketh inquisicion: it is neyther the wyse, the sorcerer, the charmer nor the deuyll coniurer, that can certyfye the kynge of it:
28 Onely God in heauen can open secretes, and he it is, that sheweth the kynge Nabuchodonosor, what is for to come in the latter dayes. Thy dreame, & that whiche thou hast sene in thyne heade vpon thy bed, is thys:
29 O kyng thou dyddest caste in thy mynde, what shulde come hereafter: So he that is the opener of misteryes, telleth the, what is for to come.
30 As for me, thys secrete is not shewed me, for anye wysdome that I haue, more then anye other lyuynge: but onelye that I myghte shewe the kynge the interpretacyon, and that he myghte know the thoughtes of his owne herte.
31 Thou kynge sawest, & behold, there stode before the a greate Image, whose fygure was marueylous greate, and hys vysage grymme.
32 The Image head was of fyne golde, hys breste & armes of siluer, his body and loynes were of copper,
33 his legges were of yron, his fete were parte of yron, and parte of earthe.
34 Tis thou sawest, tyll the tyme that (wyth oute any handes) there was hewen of a stone whiche smote the Image vpon the fete, that were both of yron and earth, and brake them to poulder:
35 then was the yron, the earthe, the copper, the syluer and gold broken altogether in peces: and be came lyke the chaffe of corne, that the wynde bloweth awaye from the somer floores, that they can no more be founde. But the stone that smote the Image, became a greate mountayne, whiche fulfilleth e whole earthe:
36 Thys is the dreame. And nowe wyll we shewe before the kynge, what it meaneth.
37 O kynge, thou arte a kynge of kynges: For the God of heauen hath geuen e a kyngdome, ryches, strengthe and maiestye:
38 & hathe delyuered the all thynges, that are amonge the children of men: the beastes of the feld, and the foules vnder the heauen, and geuen the dominyon ouer them al. Thou arte that golden head.
39 After e there shall aryse another kyngdome, whiche shall be lesse then thyne. The thyrde kyngedome shalbe lyke copper, & haue dominacyon in all landes.
40 The fourthe kyngdome shalbe as stronge as yron. For lyke as yron broseth and breaketh all thynges: Yea euen as yron beateth euery thynge doune, so shall it beate doune and destroye.
41 Where as thou sawest the fete and toes, parte of earthe, and parte of yron: that is a deuyded kyngedome, whiche neuertheles shall haue some of the yron grounde myxte with it, for so muche as thou haste sene the yron mixte with the claye.
42 The toes of the fete that were parte of yron and parte of claye, sygnifyeth, that it shalbe a kyngdome partely stronge and partly weake.
43 And where as thou sawest yron myxte wyth claye: they shall myngle them selues wyth the sede of symple people, & yet not contynue one wyth another, lyke as yron wyll not be souldered with a potsherde.
44 In the dayes of these kinges shall the God of heauen set vp an euerlastynge kyngdome whiche shall not peryshe, and hys kyngdome shall not be geuen ouer to another people: yea the same shal breake and destroy al these kingdomes, but it shall endure foreuer.
45 And where as thou saweste, that withoute any handes there was cut oute of the mounte a stone, whiche brake the yron, the copper, the earthe, the syluer and golde in peces: by that hath the greate God shewed the kynge, what wyll come after thys. This is a true dreame, and the interpretacyon of it is sure.
46 Then the kynge Nabuchodonosor fell doune vpon hys face, and bowed hym self vnto Daniel, and commaunded that they shuld offre meate offerynges and swete odours vnto hym.
47 The kynge aunswered Daniel, and sayde: yea of a trueth your God is a GOD aboue all Goddes, a Lorde aboue all kynges and an opener of secretes: seynge thou canste dyscouer thys mysterye.
48 So the kynge made Daniel a greate man, and gaue hym many & greate gyftes. He made hym ruler of all the countrees of Babylon, and Lorde of all the nobles, that were at Babylon.
49 Now Daniel intreated the kynge so: Sidrach, Misach and Abednago, so that he made them rulers ouer all the offyces in the lande of Babylon: But Danyel hymselfe remayned styll in the courte by the kynge.




1 Nabuchodonosor the kynge caused a golden Image to be made whiche was .lx. cubytes hye, & sixe cubytes thycke. This he made to be set vp in e feld of Dura in the lande of Babylon,
2 and sent out to gather together the dukes, lordes and nobles, e iudges and offycers, the debytes, & shreues, with all the rulers of the lande, t they mighte come to the dedicacyon of the Image whiche Nabuchodonosor the kynge had set vp.
3 So e dukes, lordes and nobles, the iudges and offycers, debytes and shreues with all the rulers of the land gathered them together, and came vnto the dedycatynge of the Image, that Nabuchodonosor the kynge had set vp. Now when they stode before the Image, whiche Nabuchodonosor set vp,
4 the bedel cryed out with al his might: O ye people, kynredes and tunges, to you be it sayde:
5 that when ye heare the noyse of the trompettes, whiche shalbe blowen, wyth the harpes, shawmes, Psalteryes, Symphonyes and all maner of Musick: ye fall doune and worshyp ye the golden Image, that Nabuchodonosor the kynge hath set vp.
6 Who so then falleth not downe & boweth hym selfe, shall euen the same houre be caste into an hote burnynge ouen.
7 Therfor when all the folcke hearde the noyse of the trompettes that were blowen, with the harpes, shawmes, Psalteryes, Simphonyes and all kynde of Melody: then all the people, kynredes and nacyons fell doune, and bowed them selues vnto the golden Image, that Nabuchodonosor the kynge had set vp.
8 Now were there certayne men of the Caldees, that wente euen then, and accused the Iewes,
9 and sayde vnto the kynge Nabuchodonosor: O kyng, God saue thy lyfe for euer.
10 Thou beynge kynge, haste geuen a commaundement, that all men when they heare noyse of the trompettes, harpes, shawmes, psalteryes, symphonyes and all the other melodyes: shall fall downe, and bowe them selues towarde the golden Image:
11 who so then fel not doune, and worshypped not, that he shulde be caste into an hote burnynge ouen.
12 Now are there certayne Iewes, whome thou haste set ouer the offyces of the lande of Babylon, namely, Sydrach, Mysach & Abednago. These men (O kynge) regarde not thy commaundement, yea they wyll not serue thy Goddes, nor bowe them selues to the golden Image, t thou haste set vp.
13 Then Nabuchodonosor in a cruell wrathe, and displeasur, commaunded that Sidrach, Misach and Abednago shulde be broughte vnto hym. So these men were broughte before the kynge.
14 Then Nabuchodonosor spake vnto them, and sayde: what? O Sidrach Misach and Abednago, wyll not ye serue my Goddes, nor bowe youre selues to the golden Image, that I haue set vp?
15 well, be readye here after, when ye heare the noyse of the trompettes blowe wyth the harpes, shawmes, psalteryes, symphonyes and all the other melodyes: that ye fall doune, and worshyppe the Image whiche I haue made. But yf ye worshyppe it not, ye shall be caste immedyatly into an hote burnynge ouen. Let se, what God is there, that maye delyuer you oute of my handes?
16 Sidrach, Misach and Abednago aunswered the kynge, and sayde: O Nabuchodonosor, we oughte not to consente vnto the in this matter, for why:
17 oure GOD whome we serue, is able to kepe vs from the hote burnynge ouen (O kynge) and can right well delyuer vs oute of thy handes.
18 And thoughe he wyll not, yet shalte thou knowe (O kynge) that we wil not serue thy Goddes, nor do reuerence to the Image, whiche thou haste set vp.
19 Then was Nabuchodonosor full of indignacyon, so that the countenaunce of hys face chaunged vpon Sidrach, Misach, and Abednago. Therfor he charged and commaunded, that the ouen shuld be made seuen tymes hoter, then it was wonte to be,
20 and spake vnto the strongeste worthyes that were in hys hoste, for to bynde Sidrach, Misach and Abednago, & to cast them into the hote burnynge ouen.
21 So these men were bounde in theyr cotes hosen, shues with theyr other garmentes, and caste into the hote burnynge ouen:
22 for the kynges commaundemente was so strate, and the ouen was exceadynge hote. As for the men t put in Sydrach, Mysach & Abednago, the flamme of the fyre destroyed them.
23 And these thre men Sidrach, Misah & Abednago fell doune in the hote burnynge ouen, beinge fast bound.
24 (3:91) Then Nabuchodonosor the kyng marueyled, & stode vp in al haste: he spake vnto hys councell, and sayde: dyd not ye caste these thre men bounde into the fyre? They aunswered, and sayde vnto the kynge: Yea O kynge.
25 (3:92) He aunswered and sayde: lo, for all that, yet do I se foure men goynge lowse in the myddeste of the fyre, and nothynge corrupte: and the fourthe is lyke an angell to loke vpon.
26 (3:93) Vpon thys wente Nabuchodonosor vnto the mouth of the hote burnynge ouen: he spake also, and sayde: O Sydrach, Mysach & Abednago, ye seruauntes of the hye God: go forthe, & come hyther. And so Sydrach, Mysach, and Abednago wente oute of the fyre.
27 (3:94) Then the dukes lordes and nobles, and the kynges councell came together to se these men, vpon whom the fyre had no maner of power in theyr bodyes: In so much that the very hearre of theyr head was not burnte, & theyr clothes vnchaunged: Yea there was no smel of fyre felt vpon them.
28 (3:95) Then spake Nabuchodonosor, and sayde: Blessed be the God of Sidrach, Misach and Abednago, whiche hath sente his aungel, & defended hys seruauntes, that put their trust in him: that haue altered the kynges commaundement: and yeoparde theyr bodyes thervpon, rather then they wolde serue or worshyp any other God, excepte theyr owne God onelye.
29 (3:96) Therfore I wyll, and commaund, that al people, kynredes and tunges, whiche speake any blasphemye agaynst the God of Sidrach, Misach and Abednago, shall dye, and theyr houses shalbe prysed: Because there is no God t maye saue, as thys.
30 (3:97) So the kynge promoted Sidrach, Misach, and Abednago, in the land of Babylon.




1 Nabuchodonosor Kynge vnto all people, kynreddes and tunges t dwell vpon the whole earthe: peace be multiplyed among you,
2 I thoughte it good to shew the tokens and meruelous worckes, that the hye God hath wrought vpon me.
3 O how greate are hys tokens, and howe myghtie are hys wonders? His kyngedome is an euerlastynge kyngedome, and hys power lasteth for euer & euer.
4 I Nabuchodonosor beynge at rest in minehouse, and floryshynge in my palace,
5 sawe a dreame, which made me afraied: & the thoughtes that I had vpon my bed, wyth the vysyons of myne heade, troubled me.
6 Then sente I oute a commyssyon, that all they which were of wysdome at Babylon, shulde be broughte before me, to tell me the interpretacyon of the dreame.
7 So there came the sothsayers, charmers, Caldees and coniurers of Deuyls, to whome I tolde the dreame, but what it be tokened, they coulde not shewe me:
8 tyll at the laste, there came one Daniel (otherwyse called Balthazar, accordynge to the name of my God) whiche hath the sprete of the holy Goddes in hym: to whom I tolde the dreame, saying:
9 O Balthasar, thou prince of southsayers: For so muche as I knowe, that thou haste the spryte of the holy Goddes, and no secrete is hyd from the: tell me therfore, what the vysyon of my dreame (that I haue sene) maye sygnifye.
10 I sawe a vysyon in my heade vpon my bed: and beholde, there stode a tre vpon the grounde,
11 whiche was verye hye, greate and myghtye: the heygth reached vnto the heauen, and the bredth extended to all the endes of the earthe,
12 hys leaues were fayre, he had verye muche frute, so that euerye man had ynough to eate therein. The beastes of the feld had shadowes vnder it, and the foules of the ayre dwelte in the bowes therof. Shortly, all creatures fed of it.
13 I sawe in my heade a vysyon vpon my bed: & beholde, a watcher came doune from heauen,
14 & cryed myghtely, sayinge. Hew doune e tre, breake of hys braunches, shake of hys leaues, and scatre hys frute abroade: that all the beastes maye get them awaye from vnder hym, and the foules from his braunches.
15 Neuertheles leaue the grounde of hys rote styll in the earthe, and bynde hym vpon the playne feld, with cheynes of yron and stele. With e dewe of heauen shall he be wet, and he shall haue hys parte in the herbes of the grounde wyth other wylde beastes.
16 That mans herte of his shal be taken from him, and a beastes herte shall be geuen hym, tyll seuen yeares be come and gone vpon hym.
17 This erande of the watcher is a commaundement grounded and sought oute in the councell of him, that is most holye, to learne men for to vnderstande, that the hyest hath power, ouer the kyngedomes of men, and geueth them, to whome it lyketh hym, & bryngeth the very oute castes of men ouer them.
18 Thys is the dreame, that I kynge Nabuchodonosor haue sene. Therfore O Balthasar, tell thou me, what it sygnyfyeth: for so muche as the wyse men of my kyngdome are not able to shewe me, what it meaneth. But thou canst do it, for the spryte of the holy Goddes is in the.
19 Then Daniel (whose name was Balthasar) helde hys peace by the space of an houre, and hys thoughtes troubled hym. So the kynge spake, and sayd: O Balthasar, let neyther the dreame nor the interpretacyon therof feare the. Balthazar aunswered, saying: O my Lorde, this dreame happen to thyne enemyes, & the interpretacyon to thyne aduersaryes.
20 As for the tre, that thou sawest, whiche was so great & mighty, whose height reached vnto the heauen, and hys bredth into all the worlde,
21 whose leues were fayre, and the frute muche, vnder the whiche the beastes of e feld had theyr habitacion, and vpon whose braunches the foules of the ayre dyd syt.
22 Euen thou (O kynge) arte the tre, great & stronge. Thy greatnesse increaseth, and reacheth vnto the heauen, so doth thy power to e endes of the earthe.
23 But where as the kynge sawe a watcher euen an holye aungel, t came downe from heauen, and sayde: hewe doune the tre, and destroye it: yet leaue the grounde of the rote in the earthe, and brynge hym vpon the playne felde with cheynes of yron & stele: He shall be wet with the dewe of heauen, and hys parte shalbe with the beastes of the felde, tyll seuen yeares be come and gone vpon him:
24 This (O Kynge) is the interpretacyon, yea it is the very deuyce of him, that is hyest of all, and it toucheth my Lorde the kynge.
25 Thou shalte be caste oute from men, & thy dwellyng shalbe with the beastes of the feld: with grasse shalte thou be fed lyke an oxe. Thou must be wet with the dewe of the heauen, yea seuen yeares shall come, and go vpon the, tyll thou know, that the hyest hath power vpon the kingedomes of men, & geueth them to whome he lyst.
26 Moreouer, where as it was sayde, that the rote of the tree shulde be lefte styll in the grounde: it betokeneth, that thy kyngedome shall remayne whole vnto the, after thou hast learned to know, that the power commeth from heauen.
27 Wherfore, O Kyng, be content with my councel, that thou mayeste lowse thy synnes wyth ryghtuousnesse, and thyne offences with mercye to poore people: for suche thynges shall prolonge thy peace.
28 All these thynges touche the kynge Nabuchodonosor.
29 So after .xij. monethes, the kynge walked vp & doune in the palace of the kyngedome of Babylon,
30 and sayde: Thys is the greate cytye of Babilon, which I my selfe (wyth my power & strengthe) haue made a kynges courte, for e honour of my magestye.
31 Whyle these wordes were yet in the kynges mouthe, there fell a voyce from heauen, saying: O king Nabuchodonosor, to e be it spoken: Thy kingdom shall departe from the,
32 thou shalte be cast oute of mens companye: thy dwelling shalbe with the beastes of e felde, so that thou shalte eate grasse lyke as an oxe, tyll seuen yeares be come & gone ouer the: euen vntill thou knoweste, t the hyest hath power vpon the kyngdoms of men, and that he may geue them, vnto whom it pleaseth hym.
33 The very same houre was this matter fulfylled vpon Nabuchodonosor: so that he was cast oute of mens companye, & ate grasse like an oxe. His body was wet with the dewe of heauen, tyll hys hearres were as greate as Aegles fethers, & hys nales like byrdes clawes.
34 When this tyme was passed, I Nabuchodonosor lyfte vp myne eyes vnto heauen, and myne vnderstandynge was restored vnto me agayne. Then gaue I thanckes vnto the hyghest. I magnifyed and praysed hym that lyueth for euermore, whose power endureth alwaye, and his kingdome from one generacion to another:
35 in comparison of whom al they t dwel vpon the earth, are to be reputed as nothinge. He handleth accordinge to hys wyl, among the powers of heauen & amonge the inhabytours of the earthe: and there is none t maye resyste hys hande, or say: what doest thou?
36 At the same tyme was myne vnderstandyng geuen me agayne, and I was restored to the honoure of my kingedome, to my dignite, & to myne owne shappe agayne. My greate estates and princes soughte vnto me, and I was set in my kyngdome agayn, so that I had yet greater worshyppe.
37 Then dyd I Nabuchodonosor loue, magnifye and prayse the kynge of heauen: for all hys worckes are true, and hys wayes righte. As for those that go on proudely, he is able to brynge them doune.




1 Kynge Balthazar made a greate bancket to his thousand Lordes: with all these thousand he made great chere,
2 & when he was droncken with wyne, he commaunded to brynge hym the golden and syluer vessels, whiche his father Nabuchodonosor had taken oute of the temple at Ierusalem, that the king and hys lordes with hys quene and concubynes might drincke thereoute.
3 So they broughte the golden vessell, that was taken oute of the temple of the Lordes house at Ierusalem. Then the kynge and hys lordes with his quene & concubynes droncke oute of them.
4 They droncke wyne, and praysed theyr Idoles of golde, syluer, copper, yron woodde and stone.
5 In the very same houre there apeared fyngers, as it had bene of a mannes hande wrytynge, ryght ouer agaynst the candelstycke vpon the playne wall in the kynges palace, & the kynge sawe the palme of the hande that wrote.
6 Then chaunged the kynge hys countenaunce, and hys thoughtes troubled hym, so that the ioyntes of hys bodye shoke, and hys knees smote one against the other.
7 Wherfore the kynge cryed myghtelye, that they shulde brynge hym the charmers, Caldees and coniurers of deuyls. The kynge spake also to the wyse men of Babylon, and sayde: Who so can rede thys wrytynge, and shew me the playne meanyng therof, shalbe clothed wyth purple, haue a cheyne of golde aboute hys necke, and rule the thyrde parte of my kyngedome.
8 Vpon this, came al the kynges wyse men: but they coulde neyther reade the wrytynge, nor shewe the kinge what it signifyed.
9 Then was the kynge sore afrayed in so muche, that his colour chaunged, and his lordes were sore vexed.
10 So by reason of thys matter, that had happened to the kyng and his lordes, e quene wente vp her selfe into the banckethouse, and spake vnto the kynge, sayinge: O kyng, God saue thy lyfe for euer: Let not the thoughtes trouble the, and let not thy countenaunce be chaunged.
11 For why? there is a man in thy kingdome, that hath the spryte of the holy Goddes within him, as it was sene in thy fathers dayes. He hath vnderstandynge and wysdome like the Goddes. Yea the kynge Nabuchodonosor thy father made thys man chefe of the sothsayers, charmers, Caldees, and deuilconiurers,
12 because that suche an aboundaunt spryte knowledge & wysdome (to expound dreames, to open secretes, and to declare harde dowtes) was founde in hym: yea euen in Daniel whom the kynge named Balthazar. Let thys same Daniel be sente for, and he shall tell, what it meaneth.
13 Then was Daniel broughte before the kynge. So the kynge spake vnto Daniel, and sayde: Arte thou that Daniel, one of the presoners of Iuda, whome my father the kynge broughte oute of Iewry?
14 I haue heard speake of the, that thou haste the spryte of the holye Goddes, experience and vnderstandyng, and that there hath bene greate wysdome founde in the.
15 Now haue there ben brought me, wyse & conning charmers, to reade thys wrytyng, and to shewe me the meanynge thereof: But they coulde not tell me, what this matter sygnyfyed.
16 Then heard I saye, that thou canste expounde darcke thynges, and declare harde doutes. Well then, yf thou canst reade thys wrytynge, and shewe me the meanynge therof: thou shalte be clothed with purple, haue a cheyne of golde aboute thy necke, and rule e thyrde parte of my kyngdome.
17 Daniel aunswered, and sayde before the kynge. As for thy rewardes, kepe them to thy selfe, or geue thy ryche gyftes to another: yet not the lesse, I wyll rede the wrytynge vnto e kynge, and shewe hym the interpretacion therof.
18 O kynge, God the hyest gaue vnto Nabuchodonosor thy father, the dignite of a kynge with worshippe and honoure,
19 so that al people, kynredes and tunge stode in awe & feare of him, by reason of the hye estate, that he had lente him. For why, he slewe whom he wold: he smote, whom it pleased hym. Agayne, whom he wolde, he set vp: and whome he lyst, he put doune.
20 But because hys herte was so proude, and hys stomacke set so fast vnto wilfulnesse: he was deposed from hys kingly trone, & his magesty was taken from hym.
21 He was shote oute from amonge men, his herte was lyke a beastes herte, and hys dwellynge was wyth the wylde asses: he was fayne to eate grasse lyke an oxe, and hys body was wet with the dewe of the heauen: tyll he knewe, that e hyest had power vpon the kingdomes of men, and setteth ouer them, whome he lyst.
22 And thou hys sonne (O Balthazar) for al this, hast not submytted thyne herte, thoughe thou knewest all these thynges,
23 but hast magnyfyed thy selfe aboue the Lorde of heauen, so that the vessels of hys house were broughte before the, that thou, and thy Lordes, with thy quene and concubynes, myght drincke wyne thereoute: And hast praysed the Idoles of syluer and golde, copper and yron, of wode and stone: As for the God in whose hande consysteth thy breth and all thy wayes: thou haste not loaued hym.
24 Therfore is the palme of thys hande sente hyther from hym, to token vp thys writinge.
25 And thys is the scrypture, that is wryten vp: Mane, Thetel, Phares.
26 Nowe the interpretacyon of the thynge is thys: Mane, God hath nombred the kyngdome, and brought it to an ende:
27 Thetel, thou arte weyed in the balaunce and arte founde to lyghte:
28 Phares, thy kyngdome is delte in partes, and geuen to the Medes and Perses.
29 Then commaunded Balthazar, to clothe Daniel wyth purple, to hange a cheyne of golde aboute hys necke, and to make a proclamacyon concerning him: that he shulde be the ruler of the thyrde parte of hys kyngedome.
30 The very same nyghte was Balthazar the kynge of the Caldees slayne,
31 and Darius out of Medea toke in the kyngedome, beyng .lxij. yeare of age.




1 It pleased Darius to set ouer hys kingedome an .C. and .xx. Lordes, whiche shulde be in all hys kyngdome aboute.
2 Aboue these he set thre princes (of whom Daniel was one) that the Lordes myghte geue accomptes vnto them, and the Kyng to be vndiseased.
3 But Daniel exceaded al these Princes and Lordes, for the sprete of God was plenteous in him: so that the Kynge was mynded to set hym ouer the whole realme.
4 Wherfore the Prynces and Lordes soughte, to pycke oute in Danyel some quarell agaynst the kyngdom: yet coulde they fynde none occasyon nor faute vpon hym. For why? he was so faythful, that there was no blame nor dyshonestye founde in hym.
5 Then sayde these men: we wil get no quarell agaynste thys Daniel, excepte it be in the lawe of hys God.
6 Vpon this, wente the princes and Lordes together vnto the kynge, and sayde thus vnto him: king Darius God saue thy lyfe for euer.
7 All the greate estates of the realme: as the princes, Dukes, Senatours, and iudges, are determed to put oute a commaundement of the kinge, and to make a sure statute: namely, that who so desireth any peticyon, ether of any god, or man (within this .xxx. dayes) excepte it be onlye of the, O kinge: the same person may be cast into the lions denne.
8 Wherfore, O kynge, confirme thou this statute, and make a wryttynge, that the thynge which the Medes and Perses haue ordeyned be not altered nor broken.
9 So Darius made the writtinge, and confirmed it.
10 Now when Daniel vnderstode that the writtinge was made, he wente into hys house: and the windowes of hys hall toward Ierusalem stode open. There kneled he doune vpon his knees, thre tymes a daye: there he made his peticion, and praysed his God, like as hys maner was to do afore tyme.
11 Then these men made searche, and founde Daniel makinge his petycyon and prayinge vnto his God.
12 So they came to the kynge, & spake before him concerninge his commaundement sayinge: O kinge, hast thou not subscribed the statute, that within .xxx. daies who so requireth hys petycyon of any God or man but onely of thy selfe, O kinge: he shalbe cast into the denne of the lyons? The kinge answered, and sayd: ye, it is true. It must be as a lawe of the Medes and Perses, that maye not be broken.
13 Then answered they, and sayde vnto the kynge: Daniel one of the presoners of Iuda, O kynge, regardeth neyther the, nor thy statute, that thou hast made, but maketh his peticion thre tymes a day.
14 When the king heard these wordes, he was sore greued, and would haue excused Daniel, to deliuer him, and put of the matter, vnto the Sunne wente doune to the intent that he myght saue hym.
15 These men perceyuinge the kinges mind sayde vnto him: knowe thys (O Kinge) that the lawe of the Medes and Perses is, that e commaundement & statute, whiche the kinge maketh, may not be altered.
16 Then the kynge had them bringe Daniel, and they caste hym into the Lyons denne. The kynge also spake vnto Daniel, & sayde: thy God, whom thou alwaye seruest, euen he shall defende the.
17 And there was broughte a stone, & layed vpon the hole of the denne: this the kinge sealed with his owne ringe, & wyth the signet of his prynces: that the kinges commaundemente concerninge Daniel, shoulde not be broken.
18 So the kinge wente into his palace, & kepte him sober al night, so that there was no table spred before him, neyther coulde he take any slepe.
19 But by tymes in the morninge at the breake of the day, the kinge arose, and wente in all haste vnto the denne of the Lyons.
20 Now as he came nye vnto the denne, he cried with a pyteous voyce vnto Daniell: yea the Kinge spake, and sayde vnto Daniel: O Daniel, thou seruaunt of the lyuynge God, is not thy God (whom thou alwaye seruest) able to deliuer the from the Lyons?
21 Daniel sayde vnto the Kinge: O King, God saue thy lyfe for euer.
22 My God hath sent his aungell whiche hath shut the lyons mouthes, so that they might not hurte me. For why? myne vngiltinesse is founde oute before him. And as for the, O Kinge, I neuer offended the.
23 Then was the kinge exceadinge glad, and commaunded to take Daniel out of the denne. So Daniel was broughte oute of the denne, and no maner of hurte was found vpon him. For he put his trust in his God.
24 And as for those men which had accused Daniel, the king commaunded to bringe them, and to cast them in the lyons denne: them, their children and their wiues. So the Lyons had the maystry of them, and brake all their bones a sonder, or euer they came at the grounde.
25 After thys, wrote the Kinge Darius vnto all people kinreddes, and tunges, that dwelt in al landes: peace be multiplyed wt you.
26 My commaundement is, in al my dominion & kingedome, that men feare and stande in awe of Daniels God. For he is the liuinge God, whiche abydeth euer: his kingedome shall not fayle, and hys power is euerlasting.
27 It is he that delyuereth and saueth: he doeth wonders & maruelous worckes, in heauen and in earth: he hath preserued Daniel from the power of the Lyons.
28 This Daniell prospered in the raigne of Darius and Cirus of Persia.




1 In the firste yeare of Balthazar kinge of Babylon, saw Daniel a dreame, and a visyon was in his head vpon his bed. Whiche dreame he wrote, and the summe of the matter is this:
2 Daniel spake, and sayd: I sawe in my vision by nyght, and beholde: the foure wyndes of the heauen stroue vpon the sea,
3 and foure great beastes came vp from the sea one vnlyke another.
4 The fyrste was a lion, and yet had he Aegles winges. I sawe, that hys wynges were plucte from him, and he taken awaye from the earth: that he stode vpon hys fete as a man, and that there was geuen him a mans herte.
5 Beholde, the seconde beaste was lyke a beer & stode vpon the one syde. Amonge his teeth in his mouth he had .iij. greate longe teeth, & it was sayde vnto him: Aryse: eate vp, much fleshe.
6 Then I loked, and beholde, there was another lyke vnto a leoparde: thys had wynges as a foule, euen four vpon the backe. This beaste had foure heades, and there was power geuen him.
7 After this I sawe in a vision by night, and beholde, the fourthe beast was grymme and horrible, and maruelous strong. It had great yron teeth, it deuoured and destroyed, and stamped the resydue vnder hys fete. It was farre vnlyke the other beastes, t were before it: for it had ten hornes, whereof I toke good hede.
8 And beholde, there came vp amonge them another lyke horne, before whom there were thre of the fyrste hornes pluckte awaye. Beholde, thys horne had eyes lyke a man, and a mouth speakynge presumptuous thynges.
9 I loked tyl the seates were prepared, and tyll the olde aged sat hym doune. His clothynge was as whyte as snowe, and the hearres of hys heade, lyke the pure woll. His trone was lyke the fyrye flamme, and his wheles as the burnynge fyre.
10 There drewe forthe a fyrye streame, and wente out from him. A thousande tymes a thousande serued him .x.M. tymes ten thousande stode before him. The iudgement was set, and the bokes opened.
11 Then toke I hede therunto, because of the voyce of the proude wordes, whyche the horne spake. I behelde, tyll the beaste was slayne, and his bodye destroyed, and geuen ouer to be brent in the fire.
12 As for the power of the other beastes also it was taken awaye, but their lyues were prolonged for a tyme and season.
13 I sawe in a vision by nyght, and beholde, there came one in the cloudes of heauen lyke the sonne of a man, whyche went vnto the olde aged, before whome they broughte hym.
14 Then gaue he hym power and dignitie regal, that al people trybes and tunges shoulde serue him. Hys power is an euerlastynge power, whych shal neuer be put doune, and his kingdome endureth vncorrupte.
15 My herte was vexed, and I Daniel had a troubled spirite within me, and the visions of my heade made me afrayed:
16 til I gat me vnto one of them that stode by, to knowe the trueth, concernynge all these thynges. So he tolde me, and made me vnderstand the interpretacion of these thinges.
17 These foure greate beastes, are foure kynges, whiche shal arise out of the earth.
18 These shall take in the kingedome of the sayntes of the most hyest, and possesse it still more and more for a longe season.
19 After this I requyred diligently to knowe the trueth, concerning the fourth beast, whiche was so farre vnlyke the other beastes, and so horrible: whose teeth were of yron, and his nayles of brasse: which deuoured and destroyed, and stamped the residue vnder his fete.
20 I desired also to knowe the trueth, as touching the ten hornes that he had vpon hys heade, and thys other, whiche came vp afterwarde, before whose face there fell doune thre: whyche horne had eyes, and a mouthe that spake presumptuous thynges, and loked with a grymmer vysage, then his felowes.
21 I behelde, and the same horne made battaile againste the saintes, yea and gat the victorie of them,
22 vntill the tyme that the olde aged came, that the iudgemente was geuen to the chefest sayntes: and till the tyme that the saintes hath the kingedome in possession.
23 He gaue me this answere: That fourthe beast shalbe the fourth kingedome vpon earth: it shalbe more then all other kingedomes, it shall deuoure, treade doune, and destroye all other landes.
24 The ten hornes are ten kinges, that shall aryse out of the kingedom, after whom there shall stande vp another, whiche shalbe greater then the fyrste.
25 He shall subdue thre Kynges, and shal speake wordes against the hyest of all: he shall destroy the saintes of the most hyest, and thincke, that he may chaunge tymes and lawes. They shalbe geuen vnder his power, vntill a time, two tymes, and half a tyme.
26 But the iudgemente shalbe kepte, so that his power shalbe taken from him, for he shall be destroyed, and perishe at the laste.
27 As for the kingedome, power and all might that is vnder the heauen, it shalbe geuen to the holy people of the most hyest, whose kingedome is euerlastinge, yea all powers shall serue & obeye him.
28 Thus farre extende the wordes. Neuertheles I Daniel was so vexed in my thoughtes, that my countenaunce chaunced, but the wordes I kepte styl in my herte.




1 In the thirde year of the raigne of kinge Balthazar, there apeared a vision vnto me Daniel, after that I had sene the fyrste.
2 I saw in vision (& when I saw it, I was at Susis in the chefe citie, whyche lyeth in the lande of Elam) and in the vision, me thought I was by the ryuer of Vlai.
3 Then I loked vp, and sawe, and beholde there stode before in the riuer, a ramme, whiche had hornes: and these hornes were hye, but one was hyer then another, & the hyest came vp last.
4 I sawe that this ramme pushed with his hornes againste the west, agaynste the north, and againste the south: so that no beastes might stande before him, nor defende them from his power: but he did as him lysted, & waxed greatly.
5 I toke hede vnto this, & then came there an hegoate from the west ouer the whole earthe, and touched not the grounde. This goate had a maruelous goodly horne betwixte his eyes,
6 and came vnto the ramme that had the two hornes (whome I had sene afore by the ryuer syde) and ranne fearcelye vpon him with his might.
7 I sawe him drawe nye vnto the ramme, beynge very fearce vpon him, yea he gaue him suche a stroke, that he brake his two hornes: Neyther had the ramme so much strength as to stande before him: but he cast him doune, trodde him vnder his fete: and no man was able to delyuer the ramme out of his power.
8 The goate waxed exceadinge greate, & when he was at the strongest, his great horne was broken also. Then grewe there other foure suche lyke in the steade, toward the .iiij. windes of the heauen.
9 Yea oute of one of the least of these hornes, there came vp yet another horne, whiche waxed maruelous greate: towarde the southe, towarde the east, and towarde the fayre pleasaunt lande.
10 It grew vp to the host of heauen, wherof it did cast some doune to the grounde, & of the starres also, & trode them vnder fete.
11 Yea it grewe vp vnto the prince of the host from whom the dayly offeringe was taken, & the place of his Sanctuary casten doune:
12 & a certayne ceason was geuen vnto it, against the daylye offeringe (because of wickednesse) that it might cast doune e verite to the ground and so to prospere in all thynges, that it went aboute.
13 Vpon this I heard one of the sayntes speakinge, whiche saynte sayde vnto one that asked this questyon: How longe shall this vysion of the daylye sacrifice and of the wasting abhominacion endure: that the Sanctuarye and the power shall so be troden vnder fote?
14 And he answered him: Vnto the eueninge & the mornynge, euen two thousand and thre hundreth dayes: then shall the Sanctuarye be clensed againe.
15 Now when I Daniel had sene this vision, and sought for the vnderstandinge of it: beholde, there stode before me a thynge like vnto a man,
16 and I hearde a mans voyce in the ryuer of Vlai, which cryed and sayd: O Gabriel, make this man vnderstande the vysion.
17 So he came, and stode by me. But I was afrayed at his commynge, and fell doune vpon my face. Then he sayde vnto me: O thou sonne of man, marcke well, for in the last tyme shall this vision be fulfylled.
18 Nowe as he was speakynge vnto me, I waxed faynte, so that I suncke doune to the ground. But he toke hold vpon me, and set me vp agayne,
19 sayinge: Beholde, I wyl shewe the, what shall happen in the last wrath, for in the tyme appoynted it shalbe fulfylled.
20 The ramme whyche thou sawest with the two hornes, is the kiuge of the Medes and Perses:
21 but the goate is the king of the Greke lande: the greate horne that stode betwyxte his eyes, that is the pryncypall kynge.
22 But where as it brake, and foure other rose vp in the steade: it sygnifyeth, that out of thys people shall stande vp four kyngdomes, but not so mighty as it.
23 After these kyngedomes (whyle vngodlynes is a growynge) there shall aryse a kynge of an vnshamefast face, whiche shalbe wyse in darcke speakinges.
24 He shalbe myghty and stronge, but not in his owne strength. He shall destroye aboue measure, and all that he goeth aboute shall prospere: he shall slaye the stronge and holye people.
25 And thorowe his craftynes, falshed shall prospere in his hande, hys herte shalbe proude, and many one shall be put to deathe in his welthinesse. He shall stand vp against the Prince of Princes, but he shalbe destroyed wythoute hande.
26 And this vysyon that is shewed vnto the, is as sure as the euenynge & the morninge. Therfore wryte thou vp this sighte, for it wilbe longe, or it come to passe.
27 Vpon this was I Daniel very fainte, so that I lay sicke certayne dayes: but when I rose vp, I wente aboute the kinges busynes, and marueled at the vision, neuertheles no man knewe of it.




1 In the fyrst yeare of Darius e sonne of Ahasuerus, whyche was the sede of the Medes, & was made king ouer the realm of the Caldees:
2 yea euen in the fyrst yeare of his raygne, I Daniel desyred to knowe the yearly nombre oute of the bokes, whereof the Lorde spake vnto Ieremye the Prophete: that Ierusalem shoulde lye waste .lxx. yeares:
3 and I turned me vnto god the Lorde, for to praye and make myne intercession, with fastinge, sackcloth & ashes,
4 I prayed before the Lorde my God, and knowledged, sayinge: O Lorde, thou greate and fearfull God, thou that kepest couenaunt and mercye wyth them, whiche loue the, and do thy commaundementes.
5 We haue synned, we haue offended, we haue ben disobedient and gone back: yea we haue departed from all thy preceptes and iudgementes.
6 We woulde neuer folowe thy seruauntes the Prophetes, that spake in thy name to our kinges and princes, to oure forefathers, and to all the people of the lande.
7 O Lorde, ryghteousnesse belongeth vnto the, vnto vs pertayneth nothynge but open shame, as it is come to passe this day vnto euery man of Iuda and to them that dwell at Ierusalem: Yea, vnto all Israell, whether they be farre or nye thorow out all landes: wherin thou haste strowed them, because of the offences that they had done agaynst the.
8 Yea O Lorde, vnto vs, to our kinges and princes, to oure forefathers: euen to vs all, that haue offended the, belongeth open shame.
9 But vnto the, O Lorde oure God, pertayneth mercye and forgeuenesse. As for vs, we are gone backe from him,
10 and haue not obeyed the voyce of the Lorde oure God, to walke in his lawes, which he layed before vs by his seruauntes the prophetes:
11 yea all Israel haue transgressed, & gone back from thy law, so t they haue not herckened vnto thy voyce. Wherfore the cursse & othe, that is written in the lawe of Moses the seruaunte of God (agaynst whom we haue offended) is poured vpon vs.
12 And he hath perfourmed his wordes, whiche he spake against vs, and against oure iudges that iudged vs: to brynge vpon vs suche a greate plage, as neuer was vnder heauen, lyke as it is now come to passe in Ierusalem.
13 Yea all this plage, as it is wrytten in the lawe of Moses, is come vpon vs. Yet made we not our prayer before the Lord our God, that we might turne agayne from our wickednesse, and to be learned in thy verite.
14 Therefore hathe the Lorde made haste, to brynge this plage vpon vs, for the Lorde our God is ryghteous, in all his worckes which he doeth: for why, we woulde not herken vnto his voyce.
15 And now, O Lorde oure God, thou that with a myghty hande haste brought thy people oute of Egipte, to get thy selfe a name, whiche remayneth this day: we haue synned
16 O Lorde, and done wyckedly agaynste all thy ryghteousnes: yet let thy wrothfull displeasure be turned awaye (I beseche the) from thy cytye Ierusalem thy holy hill. And why? for oure synnes sake, and for the wickednesse of oure forefathers is Ierusalem and thy people abhorred, of all them that are aboute vs.
17 Now therefore, O oure God, heare the prayer of thy seruaunte, and his intercession. O let not thy face shyne ouer thy Sanctuary that lyeth waste.
18 O my God, enclyne thine eare, and herken (at the leaste for thine owne sake) open thyne eyes: beholde, how we be desolated, yea and the cytye also, whiche is called after thy name: for we do not cast oure prayers before the in oure owne righteousnesse, no: but onely in thy greate mercyes.
19 O Lorde, heare. O forgeue Lorde. O Lorde consydre, tarye not ouer longe: but for thyne owne sake do it. O my God: for the citie and thy people is called after thy name.
20 As I was yet speakinge at my prayers, knoweledginge myne owne sinnes, and the synnes of my people, makinge so mine intercession before the Lorde my God, for the holye hils sake of my God:
21 yea, whyle I was yet speakinge in my prayer, beholde the man Gabrel (whome I had sene afore in the vision) came flying to me, and touched me about the offeringe time in the eueninge.
22 He infourmed me, and spake vnto me: O Daniel sayde he, I am now come to make the vnderstande it:
23 For as sone as thou begannest to make thy prayer, it was so diuised, and therfore am I come to shewe the. And why? For thou arte a man greatly beloued. Wherfore, pondre the matter well, that thou mayest learne, to vnderstande the vision.
24 .Lxx. weakes are determed ouer thy people, and ouer the holy citie: that the wickednesse maye be consumed, that the sinne maye haue an ende, that the offence may be reconcyled, and to bringe in euerlastinge righteousnesse, to fulfill the visions and the Prophetes, and to annoynte the most holy one.
25 Vnderstande this then, and marcke it well, that from the tyme it shalbe concluded, to go and repayre Ierusalem againe, vnto Christ (or the annointed) prince: there shalbe seuen weakes. Then shal the stretes and walles be buylded again .lxij. weakes, but wyth harde troublous time.
26 After these .lxii. weakes shall Christ be slaine and they shall haue no pleasure in hym. Then shall there come a people with the Prince, and destroye the cytie and the Sanctuarye: & his ende shall come as the water floude. But the desolacion shall continue till the ende of the battell.
27 He shall make a stronge bonde with many, for the space of a weke: and when the weke is halfe gone, he shall put doune the slayne and meateofferinge. And in the temple there shalbe an abhominable desolacion, till it haue destroyed all. And it is concluded, that thys wasting shall continue vnto the ende.




1 In the thirde yeare of king Cirus of Persia, there was shewed vnto Daniel (otherwyse called Balthazar) a matter, yea a true matter, but it is yet a longe tyme vnto it. He vnderstode the matter well, and perceyued what the vision was.
2 At the same time I Daniel mourned for the space of thre weakes,
3 so that I had no lust to eate bread: as for fleshe and wine there came none within my mouth: No, I dyd not ones annoynte my selfe, till the whole thre weakes were oute.
4 Upon the .xxiiii. daye of the first Moneth, I was by the great floude, called Tigris:
5 I lift vp mine eyes, and loked: and beholde, a man clothed in linen, whose loynes were girded vp with fyne goulde of Araby:
6 his body was like the Chrisolite stone, his face (to loke vpon) was like lighteninge, his eyes as the flamme of fyre, his armes and fete were lyke fayre glysterynge metall, but the voyce of his wordes was like the voyce of a multitude.
7 I Daniel alone sawe this vision, the men that were with me, sawe it not: but a greate fearfulnesse fell vpon them, so that they fled away & hid them selues.
8 I was left there my selfe alone, and sawe this greate vision, so longe till there remayned no more strengthe within me: yea I lost my coloure cleane, I waited awaye, and my strength was gone.
9 Yet hearde I the voyce of his wordes: and as sone as I hearde it, fayntnesse came vpon me, and I fell doune flat to the grounde vpon my face.
10 And beholde, an hande touched me, whyche set me vpon my knees, and vpon the palmes of my handes,
11 sayinge vnto me: O Daniel, thou well beloued man: take good hede of the wordes, that I shal say vnto the, and stande ryght, for vnto the am I now sent. And when he had sayde these wordes, I stode vp tremblinge.
12 Then he sayd vnto me: feare not Daniel: for why sence the fyrst day that thou set thyne herte to vnderstande, and diddest chasten thy selfe before thy God: thy wordes haue bene hearde. And I had come vnto the, when thou begannest to speake
13 bad nor the prynce ouer the kingedom of the Perses withstand me .xxi. dayes. But lo, Michael one of the chefe Princes, came to helpe me, hym haue I left by the kyng of Persia,
14 & am come to shewe the, what shall happen vnto thy people in the latter dayes. For it wilbe longe yet or the vision be fulfilled.
15 Nowe when he had spoken these wordes vnto me, I cast doune my head to the ground and helde my tunge.
16 Beholde, there touched my lippes one very lyke vnto a man. Then opened I my mouthe, & sayde vnto him, that stode before me: O my Lorde, my pointes are lowsed in the vision, and there is no more strength within me:
17 Howe may my Lordes seruaunt then talke with my Lorde? seynge there is no strength in me: so that I can not take my breth?
18 Vpon this there touched me agayne, one muche lyke a man, and comforted me,
19 saying: O thou man so well beloued feare not: be content, take a good herte vnto e, & be strong. So when he had spoken vnto me, I recouered and sayd: Speake on my Lorde, for thou haste refreshed me.
20 Then sayde he: knowest thou wherfore I am came vnto the? now wyl I go again to fyght with the prince of the Perses. As sone as I go forth, lo, the prince of Grekelande shall come.
21 Neuertheles I will shew the the thinge, that is fast noted in the scripture of truethe. And as for all yonder matters, there is none that helpeth me in them, but Michael youre prynce.




1 And in the first yeare of Darius of Medea, I stode by him, to comforte him, & to strength him,
2 and nowe wil I shew the the trueth. Beholde, there shall stande vp yet thre kynges in Persia, but the fourth shal be farre rycher then they all. And when he is in the chefest power of his ryches, he shall prouoke euery man against e realme of Grekelande.
3 Then shall there aryse yet a myghty kinge, that shall rule with greate dominion, and do what him lyst.
4 And as sone as his kingedome cometh vp, it shalbe destroyed, and deuyded toward the foure windes of the heauen. They that come after hym, shall not haue suche power and domynyon as he: but hys kyngedome shalbe scatred, yea euen amonge other then those.
5 And the kyng of the south shal be myghtyer, then his other princes. Agaynste him there shall one make hymselfe stronge, and shal rule his dominyon wt greate power.
6 But after certayne yeares they shalbe ioyned together, and the kinges doughter of the south shall come to the kynge of the Northe, for to make frendshyp, but she shall not obtayne the power of that arme, neyther shall she be able to endure thorow his myght: but she, and such as brought her (yea and he that begat her, & comforted her for hys tyme) shalbe delyuered vp.
7 Oute of the braunches of her rote, there shall one stande vp in his steade: whiche with power of armes shal go thorow the kinges lande of the North, & handle hym according to his strength. As for their Idols & princes, with their costly Iewels of goulde & syluer,
8 he shal carye them awaye captiues into Egipte, & he shall preuayle agaynste the kyng of the north certayne yeares.
9 And when he is come into the kinges realm of the south he shalbe fayne to turne agayne into hys owne lande.
10 Wherfore hys sonnes shalbe displeased, and shall gather together a myghtye greate hoste of people: and one of them shall come, and go thorowe lyke a waterflowed: then shall he returne, and go forth with defyinge and boastinge vnto his owne lande.
11 Then the kynge of the south shalbe angry and shall come forthe to fyght agaynste the kinge of the north: yea he shal brynge a great multitude of people together, & a great heape shalbe geuen into hys hande:
12 these shall he cary awaye with greate pryde, for so muche as he hath cast doune so many thousandes, neuertheles he shall not preuayle.
13 For the king of the north shal gather (of the new) a greater heape of people then afore, & come forth (after a certayne tyme & yeares) wyth a mighty hoste and exceadinge greate good.
14 At the same tyme there shall manye stande vp agaynst the kynge of the south, so that the wycked children of thy people also shall exalte them selues (to fulfyll the vysyon) & then fall.
15 So the kynge of the North shall come to laye sege, & to take the stronge fensed cytyes: And the power of them of the south shal not be able to abyde him, and the best men of the people shal not be so stronge, as to resist him.
16 Shortely, when he commeth, he shall handle him as he list, & no man shalbe so hardy as to stande agaynst hym. He shall stand in e pleasaunt countreye, whiche thorow him shalbe destroyed.
17 He shal set his face wt al his power to obtayne his kyngedome, and to be lyke it. Yea that shall he do, and geue hym vnto the doughters amonge wemen, to destroye hym. But he shall fayle, neyther shall he obtayne his purpose.
18 After this shall he set hys face vnto the Iles, & take many of them. A prynce shal stoppe him, to do hym a shame, besyde the confusyon that els shall come vnto hym.
19 Thus shall he tourne agayne to hys owne lande, stomble, & fall, and be no more founde:
20 so he that came vpon him & did him violence, shal stande in his place, & haue a pleasaunte kingedom: and after few dayes he shalbe destroyed, and that neyther in wrath, nor in battell.
21 In his steade there shal aryse a vyle person, not holden worthy of a kinges dygnitie: this shal come in craftely, & obtayne the kingedome with fayre wordes:
22 he shall fyghte agaynste the armes of the myghtye (and destroye them) yea and agaynste the prynce of the couenaunte.
23 So after that he hath taken truce with him, he shal handle disceytfully, that he maye get vp, and ouercome him with a small flocke:
24 & so with craftynesse to get him to the fattest place of the lande, and to deale otherwyse, then ether his fathers or graundfathers dyd. For he shall destroy the thinge, that they had robbed and spoiled, yea & al their substaunce: ymageninge thoughtes agaynst the stronge holdes, and that for a tyme.
25 His power, and herte shalbe sterred vp with a great armye agaynst the kinge of the south: where thorow the king of the south shalbe moued then vnto battell with a great and mighty host also. Neuertheles he shal not be able to stand, for they shal conspire against hym.
26 Yea, they that eat of hys meate, shal hurte him: so that his hoste shall fall, and many be slayne donne.
27 These two kinges shalbe mynded to do myschefe, and talke of disceyte at one table, but they shall not prospere: for why, the ende shal not come yet, vnto the tyme appoynted.
28 Then shal he go home agayne into his owne lande with great good, & set his herte against the holy couenaunt, he shalbe busye againste it, and then returne home.
29 At the time appointed, he shall come agayne, and go toward the south. So shall it happen otherwyse then at the first, yet ones agayn.
30 And why? the shippes of Lithim shall come vpon him, that he may be smytten and turne again: that he may take indignacyon agaynste the couenaunte of holynesse, to medle agaynste it. Yea he shall turne him, and drawe suche vnto hym, as leaue the holy couenaunte.
31 He shall set myghty men to vnhalowe the Sanctuary of strength, to put doune the daylye offerynge, and to set vp the abhomynable desolacyon.
32 And suche as breake the couenaunt shal he flattre wyth fayre wordes. But the people that wyll know their God, shal haue the ouerhand, and prospere.
33 Those also that haue vnderstandyng among the people shall enfourme the multitude: and for a long season, they shalbe persecuted with swerde, with fyre, with captyuyte and with the takinge awaye of their goodes.
34 Nowe when they fall they shalbe set vp with a litle helpe: but many shall clene vnto them faynedly.
35 Yea, some of those whyth haue vnderstandinge shalbe persecuted also: that they maye be tryed, purifyed and clensed, tyll the tyme be oute: for there is yet another tyme appointed.
36 The kinge shal do what him lyst, he shal exalte and magnifye him selfe agaynste all, that is God. Yea he shall speake maruelous thinges against the God of al goddes, wherin he shall prospere, so longe till the wrathe be fulfilled, for the conclusyon is deuysed alredy.
37 He shal not regarde the God of hys fathers, but his lust shalbe vpon wemen: Yea, he shal not care for any God, for he shall magnifye him selfe aboue al.
38 In his place shall he worshippe the mighty Idols: and the god whome his fathers knewe not, shall he honoure with goulde and syluer, with precious stones and pleasaunt Iewels.
39 This shal he do, sekyng helpe and succour at the myghtye Idols and straunge goddes. Suche as wil receyue him, and take him for God, he shall geue them greate worshippe, & power: yea and make them lordes of the multitude, and geue them the lande with rewardes.
40 In the latter tyme shall the kinge of the south stryue with him: & the king of the north in like maner shall come agaynste him wyth charettes, horsemen and wyth a greate nauy of shippes. He shall come into the landes, destroye and go thorowe,
41 he shall entre also into the fayre pleasaunt lande. Manye cytyes and countreyes shall decaye, excepte Edom, Moab & the best of the children of Ammon, whyche shall escape from hys hande.
42 He shal stretch forth his handes vpon the countreyes & the lande of Egipte shall not escape him.
43 For thorowe his goynge in, he shal haue dominion ouer the treasures of siluer and gold & ouer al the precyous Iewels of Egypt, Lybia and Ethiopia.
44 Neuerthelesse the tidinges oute of the easte and north shal trouble hym, for the whiche cause he shall go forthe to destroye & curse a greate multitude.
45 The tentes of his palace shall be pytch betwyxte the two seas, vpon the hill of the noble Sanctuarye, for he shall come to the ende of it, & then shal no man helpe him.




1 The tyme wil come also, that the greate Prince Michael, which standeth on thy people syde, shal aryse vp, for there shall come a tyme of trouble, such as neuer was, sens there beganne to be any people, vnto t same time. Then shal thy people be deliuered, yea, al those that be found written in the boke.
2 Many of them that slepe in e dust of the earth, shal awake: some to euerlastinge lyfe, some to perpetual shame and reprofe.
3 The wyse (suche as haue taught other) shall glyster, as the shynninge of heauen: and those that haue instructe the multitude vnto godlynesse, shall be as the starres, worlde without ende.
4 And thou O Daniel, shut vp these wordes, & seale the boke til the last time. Manye shal go aboute here & there, & then shal knowledge encrease.
5 So I Daniel loked, & beholde there stode other two, one vpon thys shore of the water, the other vpon yonder syde.
6 And one of them sayde vnto him, whiche was clothed in lynen, and stode aboue vpon the waters of the floud: How longe shall it be to the ende of the wonderous worckes?
7 Then hearde I the man with the lynen clothes, whiche stode aboue vpon the waters of the floude: when he helde vp his right and lefte hande vnto heauen, and sware, by hym whyche liueth for euer: that it shall tary for a tyme, two tymes and halfe a tyme: & when the power of the holy people is cleane scatred abroade, then shal al these thinges be fulfilled.
8 I hearde it well, but I vnderstode it not. Then sayde I: O my Lord, what shall happen after that?
9 He answered: Go thy waye Daniel, for these wordes shalbe closed vp, & sealed, till the last tyme:
10 & many shalbe purifyed, clensed and tryed. But the vngodly shal lyue wickedly, and those wicked (as many of them as they be) shall haue no vnderstanding. As for suche as haue vnderstandynge, they shall regarde it.
11 And from the time forth that the dayly offeringe shalbe put doune & the abhominable desolacyon set vp, there shalbe a thousande two hundreth & .xc. dayes.
12 O well is him, that wayteth, & commeth to the thousande .iij.C. & .xxxv. dayes.
13 Go thou thy way now, till it be ended: take thy rest, and byde in thy lot, till the dayes haue an ende.