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1 These are the sermons that were shewed vnto Amos (whiche was one of the shepeherdes at Thecua) vpon Israel, in the tyme of Osiah kynge of Iuda, and in the tyme of Ieroboam şe sonne of Ioah kynge of Israel, two yeare before the earthquake.
2 And he sayde: The Lorde shall roare oute of Syon, and shewe hys voyce from Ierusalem: so that the pastures of the shepherdes shalbe in a myserable case, and the tope of Charmell dryed vp.
3 Thus sayth the Lord: for thre & foure wyckednesses of Damascus, I wil not spare her, because they haue throshed Galaad with yron flales:
4 But I wyll sende a fyre into the house of Hazael, the same shal consume the palaces of Benadab.
5 Thus wyll I breake the barres of Damascus, and rote out the inhabyter from the felde of Auen, & hym şt holdeth the scepter, out of the pleasaunt house: so that the people shalbe dryuen oute of fayre Syrya, sayeth the Lord.
6 Thus saith the Lord: For thre and foure wyckednesses of Gaza, I wyll not spare her: because they make the presoners yet more captyue, & haue driue them into the lande of Edom.
7 Therfore wyl I send a fyre into the walles of Gaza, whiche shall deuoure her houses.
8 I wyl rote out them şe dwel at Asood & hym şe holdeth the scepter of Ascalon, and stretche oute myne hande ouer Accaron, that the remnaunte of the Phylystines shal peryshe sayth the Lorde.
9 Thus sayeth the Lorde: For thre and foure wyckednesses of the cytye of Tyre, I wil not spare her, because they haue increased the captyuite of the Edomytes, and haue not remembred the brotherly couenaunt.
10 Therfore wil I sende a fyre into the walles of Tyre, that shal consume her palaces.
11 Thus sayth the Lorde: For thre and foure wickednesses of Edom I wyl not spare him, because he persecuted hys brother wyth the swearde, destroyed his mothers wombe, bare hatred very longe, and so kepte indignacyon alwaye by hym.
12 Therfore wyll I sende a fyre into Theman, which shal deuoure the palaces of Bosra.
13 Thus sayeth the Lorde: For thre and foure wyckednesses of the children of Ammon I wil not spare them, because they rypte vp the wemen greate with childe in Galaad, to make şe borders of theyr landes the wyder.
14 Therefore I wyl kyndle a fyre in the walles of Rabbath şt shal consume her palaces: with a great crie, in the daye of batel, in tempest & in the daye of storme,
15 so that their kinge shall go into captyuyte he and hys prynces together, sayeth the Lorde.




1 Thus sayeth the Lorde: For thre & foure wyckednesses of Moab, I wil not spare him: because he brente the bones of the kyng of Edom to ashes.
2 Therfor wil I sende a fyre into Moab, which shal consume the palaces of Carioth, so that Moab shal perysh with a noyse, & the sounde of a shawme.
3 I wyl rote oute the iudge from amonge them, & slaye all hys prynces with him, sayeth şe lord.
4 Thus sayth the Lorde: for thre and foure wickednesses of Iuda, I wil not spare hym: because he hath cast a syde the lawe of the Lord, & not kepte his commaundementes: for why, they wolde nedes be disceyued with the lyes, that theyr forefathers folowed.
5 Therfore wyl I sende a fyre into Iuda, whiche shall consume the palaces of Ierusalem.
6 Thus sayth the Lorde: For thre and foure wickednesses of Israel, I wyl not spare hym: because he hath solde the ryghteous for money, and the poore for shues.
7 They treade vpon poore mens heades, in the duste of the earthe, & croke the wayes of the meke. The sonne and the father go to the harlot, to dyshonoure thy holye name,
8 they lye besyde euery aulter vpon clothes taken to pledge, and in the house of theyr Goddes they drincke the wyne of the oppressed.
9 Yet destroyed I the Amorite before them, that was as hye as the Cedre trees, and as stronge as the okes: notwithstandynge I destroied his frute from aboue, and his rote from vnder.
10 Agayne: I broughte you oute of the lande of Egypte, and led you .xl. yeares thorowe the wyldernesse, that ye myghte haue the Amorytes lande in possession.
11 I raysed vp prophetes amonge your children, and absteyners among youre younge men. Is it not so. O ye chyldren of Israel, sayeth the Lorde?
12 But ye gaue the abstayners wyne to drincke, yea ye commaunded the Prophetes, sayinge: Prophecye not.
13 Beholde, I will crashe you in sonder, lyke as a wayne crassheth, that is full of sheaues,
14 so that the swifte shall not escape, nether şe strong be able to do anye thynge: no, the gyaunt shal not saue hys owne lyfe.
15 The archer shal not abyde, and the swyfte of fote shall not escape. The horsman shal not saue hys lyfe
16 & he şt is as manlye of stomacke as a gyaunte, shall in that day be fayne to runne hys waye naked, sayeth the Lorde.




1 Heare, what the Lorde speaketh vnto you (O ye chyldren of Israel) namely, vnto all the tribes whome I broughte oute of Egypte, and sayd:
2 you only haue I accepted from all the generacyons of the earthe: therfore wyl I vyset you in all youre wickednesses.
3 Maye twayne walke together, excepte they be agreed amonge them selues?
4 Doth a lyon roare in the woodde, excepte he haue a praye? Or cryeth a lyons whelpe oute of hys denne, excepte he haue gotten somthing?
5 Doth a byrde fall in a snare vpon the earthe, where no fouler is? Taketh a man hys snare vp from the grounde, afore he catche somwhat?
6 Crye they oute alarum wyth the trompet in şe cytye, and the people not afrayed? Commeth there anye plage in a cytye withoute it be the Lordes doynge?
7 Nowe doth the Lorde God no maner of thynge, but he telleth hys secrete before vnto hys seruauntes the Prophetes.
8 When a lyon roareth, who wyll not be afrayed? Seynge then that the Lord God him selfe speaketh, who wyll not prophecye?
9 Preache in the palaces at Asdod, and in the palaces of the lande of Egypte, and saye: gather you together vpon the mountaynes of Samaria, so shall ye se greate murther and vyolente oppressyon amonge them, for why, they regarde not the thyng that is ryght
10 saith the Lorde: they gather together euyll gotten goodes, and laye vp robbery in theyr houses.
11 Therfore thus sayth the Lorde God. This lande shalbe troubled and beseged rounde aboute, thy strength shalbe plucte from the, & thy palaces robbed.
12 Thus sayeth the Lorde lyke as an hyrdeman taketh two legges or a pece of an eare oute of the lions mouth: Euen so the chyldren of Israel (that dwell in Samaria, hauynge theyr couches in the corner, and theyr beddes at Damascus) shalbe plucte awaye.
13 Heare, and beare recorde in the house of Iacob (sayeth the Lorde GOD of hostes)
14 that when I begynne to vyset the wickednes of Israel, I wyll viset the aulters at Bethell also, so that the hornes of the aulter shalbe broken of, and fall to the grounde.
15 As for the wynter house and sommer house I wyll smyte them doune, and the houses of Iuery, yea, & many other houses shal perysh, and be destroyed, sayeth the Lorde.




1 O heare thys worde ye fat kyne, that be vpon the hil of Samaria: ye that do poore men wronge, and oppresse the nedy: ye that saye to your Lordes: bring hyther, let vs drincke.
2 Therfore the Lorde hath sworne by his holinesse. The dayes shal come vpon you, that ye shalbe lyft vp vpon speares, & your posteryte caryed away in fyshers panyers.
3 Ye shall get you out at the gappes one after another, and in Armon shall ye be caste awaye, sayeth the Lorde.
4 Ye came to Bethell for to worke vngracyousnes, and haue increased youre synnes at Galgal: ye broughte youre sacryfyces in the mornynge, and youre tythes vnto the thyrde daye.
5 Ye made a thanke offerynge of leuen, ye promysed, fre wyl offerynges, and proclamed them. Suche luste had ye, O ye chyldren of Israel, sayeth the Lorde God.
6 Therfore haue I geuen you ydle teeth in all youre cytyes, and carnesse of bread in all your places, yet wil ye not turne vnto me, sayeth the Lorde.
7 When here were but thre monethes vnto the haruest I wythhelde the rayne from you: yea I rayned vpon one cytye, and not vpon another, one pece of grounde was moystured wyth rayne, and the grounde that I rayned not vpon was drye.
8 Wherfore two, yea thre cytes came vnto one to dryncke water: but they were not satisfyed, yet wyll ye not, turne vnto me, sayeth the Lorde.
9 I haue smiten you with drouth & blasting: and loke howe manye orchardes, vineyardes, fyggetrees & olyue trees ye had: the caterpyller hath eaten them vp. But yet wil ye not turne vnto me, sayeth the Lorde.
10 Pestylence haue I sente amonge you, as I dyd in Egipt: youre yong men haue I slayne with şe swerd, and caused youre horses be taken captyue: I made the stynkynge sauoure of youre tentes to come vp into youre nostrels: Yet wyll ye not turne vnto me, sayeth the Lorde.
11 Some of you haue I ouerthrowen, as I ouerthrew Sodome and Gomorre, so that ye were as brand plucte oute of the fyre. Yet wyll ye not turne vnto me, sayeth the Lorde.
12 Therfore thus wyl I handle the agayn, O Israel, yea, euen thus wyl I handle the. Make the ready then to mete thy God, O Israel.
13 For lo, he maketh şe mountaynes, he ordeyneth the wynde, he sheweth man what he is aboute to do: he maketh the mornynge & the darcknesse: he treadeth vpon the hye places of the earthe: the Lorde God of hostes is hys name.




1 Heare thys worde, O ye house of Israel, & why I must make thys moue for you:
2 The vyrgyn Israel shall fal, and neuer ryse vp agayne: she shalbe cast donne vpon her owne grounde, and no man shall helpe her vp.
3 For thus sayth the Lorde God: Where as there dwelt a .M. in one citie there shalbe lefte scarce an hundreth therein: & where there dwelt an .C. there shal scarce ten be left for the house of Israel.
4 Neuerthelesse, thus sayth the Lorde vnto the house of Israel: Seke after me, and ye shall lyue,
5 but seke not after Bethel. Come not at Galgal, & go not to Bersaba, for Galgal shalbe caryed awaye captyue, & Bethel shal come to naught.
6 Seke the Lorde, that ye maye lyue, leste the house of Ioseph be brente with fyre, and consumed, & lest there be none to quenche Bethel.
7 Ye turne the lawe to worm wode, and caste doune ryghtuousnes vnto the grounde.
8 The Lorde maketh the seuen starres and the Dryons, he turneth the nighte into daye, and of the daye he maketh darcknesse. He calleth the waters of the sea, and poureth them oute vpon the playne grounde: the Lorde is hys name:
9 He rayseth destruccyon vpon the myghty people, and bringeth doune the stronge hold:
10 but they owe hym euill wil, that reproueth them openly, and who so telleth them the playn truth they abhorre him
11 For so muche then as ye oppresse the poore, & robbe him of his best sustenaunce: therfore, where as ye haue buylded houses of square stone, ye shall not dwel in them. Maruelous pleasaunt vyneyardes shal ye plante, but the wyne of them shall ye not drynck: and why?
12 as for the multitude of your wickednesses and your stout synnes, I know them ryghte well. Euemyes are ye of şe ryghtuous, ye take rewardes, ye oppresse the poore in iudgement.
13 Therfore the wyse muste nowe be fayne to holde hys tunge, so wicked a time is it.
14 Seke after the thynge that is good, & not euill, so shall ye lyue: yea the Lorde God of hostes shall be wyth you, accordyng to your owne desyre.
15 Hate the euil, and loue the good: set vp right agayne in the porte: & (no doute) the Lorde God of hostes shal be mercyful vnto the remnaunt of Ioseph,
16 If no (sayeth the Lorde God, the God of hostes) there shal be mournynge in all stretes, yea they shal say in euerye strete: alas, alas. They shal cal the husband man to lamentacyon, and suche as can mourne to mournynge.
17 In all vyneiardes there shall be heuynesse, for I wil come among you, sayeth the Lorde.
18 Wo be vnto them that desyre the daye of the Lorde, Wherfore wold ye haue it? As for the daye of the Lorde, it shal be darcke and not cleare:
19 Yea lyke as when a man runneth from a lyon, and a beer meteth with him: or when he commeth into the house, and leaneth hys hande vpon the wall, a serpent diteth hym.
20 Shall not the daye of the Lord be darcke, and not cleare? shall it not be cloudye, and no shyne in it?
21 I hate and abhorre youre holye dayes, & where as ye cense me when ye come together I wyll not accepte it:
22 And though ye offre me brentofferynges, and meateofferynges, yet haue I no pleasure therein. As for youre fat thanckeofferinges, I wil not loke vpon them.
23 Awaye with that noyse of thy songes, I wyl not heare thy playes of musycke:
24 but se that equite flowe as the water, and ryghtuousnesse as a mightie streame.
25 O ye house of Israell, gaue ye me offeringes and sacrifyces those .xl. yeares long in the wyldernes?
26 yet haue ye set vp tabernacles to your Moloch, and Images of youre Idols, yea, and the starre of youre God Rempha, figures which ye made to worshyppe them.
27 Therfore will I cause you be caryed awaye beyonde Damascus, sayeth the Lorde, whose name is the God of hostes.




1 O wo be to the proude welthy in Syon to suche as thincke them so sure vpon the mounte of Samaria? which holde them selues for the beste of the worlde, and rule the house of Israel, euen as they lyst.
2 Go vnto Calne, and se: & from thence get you to Hemath the greate cytye, and so go doune to Gath of the Philistines: be they better at ease then these kyngedomes, or the border of theyr lande wyder then yours?
3 Ye are taken out for the euyll daye, euen ye that syt in the stole of wilfulnesse:
4 Ye that lye vpon beddes of Iuerye, and vse your wantonnesse vpon your rouches: ye that eate the beste lambes of the flocke, and the fattest calues of the droaue:
5 ye that singe to the lute, & in playenge of instrumentes compare youre selues vnto Dauid:
6 ye that drincke wyne oute of goblettes, and annoynte youre selues with the best oyle, but no man is sorye for Iosephs hurte.
7 Therfor now shal ye be the fyrst of them, that shal be led awaye captyue, and the lusty chere of the wylfull shal come to an ende.
8 The Lorde God hath sworne euen by himselfe (sayeth the Lorde God of hostes) I hate the pryde of Iacob, and I abhorre his palaces and I wyll geue ouer the cytie, with all that is therein:
9 so that thoughe there remayne ten men in one house, they shal dye.
10 So their next kynsfolkes and the dead buryers shall take them, and carye awaye theyr bones, and saye vnto hym, that is in the ynnermer house: is there yet any mo by şe? And he shal answere: they are al gone, holde thy tunge (shal he say) for they wolde not remembre the name of the Lorde.
11 Beholde, the Lorde is mynded to smyte the greate houses, so that they shall decaye: & the lytle houses, that they shall cleue a sunder.
12 Who can runne with horses, or plow with oxen vpon the herde rockes of stone? For why? ye haue turned true iudgement into bytternesse, & the frute of ryghtuousnesse into worm wood:
13 Yea, euen ye, that reioyse in vayne thinges, ye that say: haue not we obtayned hornes in oure owne strength?
14 Wel, take hede, O ye house of Israel, sayeth the Lorde God of hostes: I wyll brynge a people vpon you, which shall trouble you, from the waye that goeth towarde Hemath, vnto the broke in the medowe.




1 The Lorde God shewed me such a vysyon: beholde, there stode one that made gresshoppers, euen when the corne was shuting forth, after the kinge had clypte hys shepe.
2 Nowe when they vndertoke to eat vp all the greue thynges in the lande, I sayd: O Lorde God, be mercyfull, I beseche the: who shuld els help vp Iacob, that is brought so lowe?
3 So the Lorde was gracyons therin, and the Lorde sayde: well, it shal not be.
4 Agayne the Lorde shewed me thys vysyon: beholde, the Lorde God called the fyre to punish withal, and it deuoured the greate depe: yea it consumed a parte already.
5 Then sayd I Lord God, holde thyne hande: for who shulde els helpe vp Iacob, that is brought so lowe?
6 So the Lorde was mercyfull therein, and şe Lord God sayde: well, it shall not be.
7 Moreouer, he shewed me thys vysyon: beholde, the Lorde stode vpon a plastered wall, and a masons trowel in hys lande.
8 And the Lorde sayd vnto me: Amos, what seyst thou? I aunswered: a masons trowel. Then sayde şe Lorde: Beholde, I wyl laye the trowel among my people of Israel, and wyll no more ouerse them:
9 but the hye hylchapels of Isaac must be layed waste, and the churches of Israell made desolate: and as for the house of Ieroboam, I wyl stand vp agaynst with şe swerd.
10 Vpon this sent Amasiah the prest to Bethell vnto Ieroboam the kynge of Israel, sayinge: Amos maketh the house of Israel to rebell agaynst the, the lande can not awaye with his wordes.
11 For Amos sayeth, Ieroboam shall dye with the swearde, and Israel shall be led awaye captyue oute of theyr owne land.
12 And Amasiah sayde vnto Amos: Get the hence (thou that caust se so well) & fle into the lande of Iuda: get the there thy lyuynge, and prophecye there:
13 and prophecye no more at Bethell, for it is the kynges chapell, and the kynges courte.
14 Amos aunswered, and sayde to Amasiah: As for me I am neyther Prophet, nor prophetes sonne: but a keper of catell. Now as I was breakinge downe molberies, and goyng after the catell,
15 the Lorde toke me, and sayde vnto me: Go thy waye, and prophecye vnto my people of Israel.
16 And therfore, heare thou now the word of the Lorde: Thou sayest: prophecye not agaynst Israell, & speake nothing agaynst the house of Isaac.
17 Wherfore thus sayeth the Lord: Thy wyfe shalbe defyled in the cytye, thy sonnes and daughters shall be slayne with the swearde, & thy lande shalbe measured out with the lyne. Thou thy selfe shalt dye in an vnclene lande, & Israel shalbe dryuen out of hys owne countre.




1 The Lorde God shewed me this vysyon: and beholde, there was a maunde wyth somer fruyte.
2 And he sayde: Amos, what seist thou? I answered: a maunde wyth sommer fruyte. Then sayde the Lorde vnto me: the ende commeth vpon my people of Israell, I wyll no more ouerse them.
3 In that daye shall the songes of the temple be turned in to sorowe, sayeth the Lorde God. Many deed bodyes shall lye in euery place, and be caste forth secretelye.
4 Heare this, O ye that oppresse the poore, and destroye the nedy in the lande, saying:
5 When wil the new moneth be gone, that we maye sell vytale, & the Sabboth, that we maye haue scarcenesse of corne: to make the busshell lesse, and the Sycle greater?
6 We shal set vp false waightes that we maye gett the poore vnder vs wyth their money, and the nedy also for shues: yee let vs sell the chaffe for corne.
7 The Lorde hath sworne agaynst the pride of Iacob: these workes of theirs wyl I neuer forget.
8 Shall not the lande tremble, and all they şt dwell therin, mourne for thys? Shall not their destruccyon come vpon them lyke a water streame, and flowe ouer them, as the floude of Egypte?
9 At the same tyme (sayeth the Lorde God) I shall cause the Sunne to go downe at none, and the land to be darcke in the cleare daye.
10 Youre hye feastes wyll I turne to sorowe, and youre songes to mournynge: I wyll bringe sack cloth vpon al backes, and baldnes vpon euery head: yee soch a mournynge wyll I sende them, as is made vpon an only begotten sonne, and they shall haue a miserable ende.
11 Beholde, the tyme commeth (sayeth the Lord God) şt I shal sende an hunger in to the earth: not the hunger of bread, ner the thyrst of water: but an hunger to heare the worde of the Lorde:
12 so that they shall go from the one sea to the other yee from the north vnto the east, runnyng aboute to seke the worde of the Lorde, and shall not fynde it.
13 In that tyme, shall the fayre virgins and the yonge men perysh for thyrst,
14 yee euen they that sweare in the offence of Samaria, and saye: as trulye as thy God lyueth at Dan, and as trulye as thy God lyueth at Bersaba. These shall fall, and neuer ryse vp agayne.




1 I sawe the Lord standynge vpon the aulter, and he sayde; smyte the dore cheke, that the postes maye shake withall. For theyr couetousnesse shal fall vpon al their heades, and their posterite shalbe slayne wyth the swerde. They shall not fle awaye, there shall not one of them escape, ner be delyuered.
2 Though they were buryed in the hell, my hande shall fetch them from thence: though they clymme vp to heauen, yet shall I cast them downe:
3 though they hyde them selues vpon the toppe of Carmell, yet shall I seke them out, and brynge them from thence: Though they crepe downe from my syght into the depe of the sea, I shall commaunde the serpente, euen there to byte them.
4 If they goo awaye before their enemyes in to captyuite, then shall I commaunde the swerde, there to slayue them. Thus wyll I sett myne eyes vpon them, for their harme, & not for their wealth.
5 For when the Lorde God of hoostes toucheth a lande, it consumeth awaye, and all they that dwell therin, muste nedes mourne: And why? theyr destruccyon shall aryse as euery streame and runne ouer them, as the floude in Egipte.
6 He that hath hys dwellynge in heauen, & groundeth hys tabernacle in the earth: He that calleth the waters of the sea, and poureth them out vpon the playne grounde: hys name is şe Lorde.
7 O ye chyldren of Israell, are ye not vnto me, euen as the Moryans, sayeth the Lorde? haue not I brought Israell out of the land of Egypte, the Philystues from Capthor, and the Sirians from Cyr?
8 Beholde, şe eyes of the Lorde are vpon the realme that synneth, to rote it clene out of the earth: Neuertheles, I wyll not vtterly destroye the house of Iacob, sayeth the Lorde.
9 For lo thys I promyse: though I syfte the house of Israell amonge all nacyons (like as they vse to lyfte in a syue) yet shall not the smallest grauell stone fall vpon the earth:
10 But all the wicked doers of my people, that saye: Tush, the plage is not so nye, to come so hastely vpon vs: those shall perish with şe swerde.
11 At that tyme wyll I buylde agayne the tabernacle of Dauid, that is fallen downe and hedge vp hys gappes: and loke what is broken, I shall repayre it: Yee I shall buylde it agayne, as it was a fore tyme,
12 that they maye possesse the remnaunt of Edom, yee & all soch people as call vpon my name wyth them sayeth the Lorde, whyche doeth these thynges.
13 Beholde, the tyme commeth (sayeth the Lorde) that plowman shall ouer take the mower, & the treader of grappes, hym şt soweth sede. The mountaynes shall droppe swete wyne, and the hylles shalbe fruyteful,
14 and I will turne the captyuyte of my people of Israell: they shall repayre the waste cytyes, and haue them in possession: they shal plante vynyardes, and drinke the wine therof: they shal make gardens, & enioye the fruytes of them.
15 And I wyll plante them vpon their owne grounde, so that I wyll neuer rote them out agayne from their lande which I haue geuen them sayeth the Lorde thy God.