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1 Paule an Apostle of Iesu Christ by the wyll of God to preache şe promes of life which lyfe is in Christe Iesu.
2 To Tymothe his beloued sonne. Grace, mercy and peace from God the father, and from Christe Iesu oure Lorde.
3 I thanke God, whom I serue from myne elders with pure conscience, that wythout ceasyng I make mencyon of the in my prayers nyghte and daye,
4 desyrynge to se the, myndefull of thy teares: so that I be fylled with ioy,
5 when I call to remembraunce the vnfayned fayth, that is in the, whiche dwelte fyrste in thy graundmother Loys, and in thy mother Eunica: and am assured that it dwelleth in the also.
6 Wherfore I warne the that thou stere vp the gyfte of God whiche is in the, by the puttynge on of my handes.
7 For God hath not geuen to vs the spiryte of feare, but of power and of loue, and of sobrenes of mynde.
8 Be not ashamed to testifye oure Lorde, neyther be ashamed of me, whiche am bounde for hys sake: but suffre aduersitye also wyth the Gospell thorowe the power of God,
9 whiche saued vs and called vs with an holye callynge, not accordynge to hys owne purpose & grace whiche grace was geuen vs thorowe Christe before the worlde was,
10 but is nowe declared openlye by the appearynge of oure sauyoure Iesu Christ whiche hath put awaye deathe, & hath broughte lyfe and immortalitye to light thorow the Gospell,
11 whereunto I am appointed, a preacher and an Apostle and a teacher of the Gentyls:
12 for the whiche cause I also suffer these thinges. Neuerthelesse I am not ashamed. For I know whom I haue beleued, and am sure that he is able to kepe that whiche I haue commytted to hys kepyng, agaynst that daye.
13 Se thou haue the ensample of the holsome wordes, whiche thou heardest of me in faythe and loue whiche is in Iesus Christe.
14 That good thynge, whiche was commytted to thy kepynge, kepe in the holy ghoste which dwelleth in vs.
15 Thys thou knowest howe that all they whiche are in Asia, be turned from me. Of whiche sorte are Phygelos and Hermogenes.
16 The Lorde geue mercye vnto the house of Onesiphoras, for he ofte refreshed me, and was not ashamed of my chayne:
17 but when he was at Rome, he sought me oute very dylygently, and founde me.
18 The Lorde graunte vnto hym that he maye fynde mercye with şe Lorde at that daye. And in howe manye thinges he mynystred vnto me at Ephesus thou knowest very well.




1 Thou therfor my sonne, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Iesus.
2 And what thynges thou hast hearde of me, manye bearyng wytnes, the same delyuer to faythfull men, whiche are apte to teache other.
3 Thou therfore suffer affliccyon as a good souldyer of Iesu Christe.
4 No man that warreth entangleth hym selfe with worldye busynes, and that because he woulde please hym that hath chosen hym to be a souldyer.
5 And though a man stryue for a masterye, yet is he not crouned, except he stryue lawfullye.
6 The husbandman that laboureth must fyrste receyue of the frutes.
7 Consyder what I saye. The Lorde geueth vnderstandynge in all thinges.
8 Remember that Iesus Christe beynge of the sede of Dauid, rose agayne from death accordynge to my Gospell,
9 wherein I suffer trouble as an euyll doar, euen vnto bondes. But the worde of God was not bounde.
10 Here fore I suffre all thynges, for the electes sakes, that they myghte also obtayne the saluacyon, which is in Christe Iesus, with eternal glory.
11 It is a true saiyng, yf we be deade wt hym we also shall lyue with hym.
12 Yf we be pacyente, we shal also raygne with hym. Yf we denye hym, he also shall denye vs
13 Yf we beleue not yet abydeth he faythfull. He can not deny hym selfe.
14 Of these thynges put them in remembraunce, and testifye before the Lorde, şt they stryue not aboute wordes: which is to no profyte, but to peruerte the hearers.
15 Studye to shewe thy selfe laudable vnto God a workeman that nedeth not to be ashamed dyuydynge the worde of truste iustelye.
16 Vnghostly and vayne voices passe ouer. For they shall encreace vnto greater vngodlynes,
17 and theyr wordes shall frete euen as doeth a cancre: of whose number is Himeneos & Phyletos:
18 which as concernyng the truethe haue erred, saiynge that the resurreccyon is past alredy, and do destroye the fayth of diuers persons.
19 But the sure grounde of God remayneth, and hath thys seale: the Lord knoweth them şt are his, & let euerye man that calleth on the name of Christe departe from iniquitie.
20 Notwtstandyng in a greate house are not onelye vessels of golde and of syluer: but also of woode and of earthe, some for honoure, and some vnto dyshonoure.
21 But yf a man purge hym self from suche felowes, he shalbe a vessell sanctyfyed vnto honoure, mete for the Lorde, & prepared vnto all good workes.
22 Lustes of youth auoyde, and folow ryghtuousnes, fayth, loue, & peace, with them that call on the Lorde with pure herte.
23 Folyshe & vnlearned questions put from the, remembring that they do, but gendre stryfe.
24 But the seruaunt of the Lorde must not stryue, but must be peasable to all men, and apte to teache, and one that can suffre
25 the euyll in meakenes, and can informe them that resiste: yf that God at any tyme wyll geue them repentaunce for to know the trueth,
26 that they may come to them selues agayne out of the snare of the deuyll, whiche are nowe taken of hym at hys wyll.




1 Thys vnderstand, that in the last dayes shall come perylous tymes.
2 For the men shall be louers of theyr owne selues coueteous, bosters, proude, cursed speakers, dysobedyent to father and mother, vnthankefull, vnholye,
3 vnkynde, truce breakers, stubborne false accusars, ryatours, fierce despysers of them whiche are good,
4 traytours, headye, hye mynded, gredy vpon voluptuousnes more then the louers of God,
5 hauynge a simylytude of Godly lyuynge, but haue denyed şe power thereof: and suche abhorre.
6 Of thys sorte are they which enter into houses, & bring into bondage women laden wyth synne which women are lede of dyuers lustes,
7 euer learnynge, and neuer able to come vnto the knowledge of the trueth.
8 As Iannes and Iambres withstode Moyses, euen so do these resiste the trueth, men they are of corrupte myndes, and lewde, as concernyng the fayth,
9 but they shall preuayle no longer. For theyr madnes shalbe vttered vnto all men as theyrs was.
10 But thou haste sene the experience of my doctryne, fashyon of lyuyng, purpose, fayth, long suffering, loue, pacience,
11 persecucyons, and affliccyons which happened vnto me at Antioche, at Iconium and at Lystra: whiche persecucyons I suffered pacyently. And from them all, the Lorde delyuered me.
12 Yea and all that wyll lyue Godlye in Christe Iesu, must suffer persecucyons.
13 But şe euyll man and disceyuers shal waxe worsse & worsse whyle they deceyue, and are deceyued them selues.
14 But continue thou in the thynges whiche thou hast learned, which also were committed vnto the seyng thou knowest of whome thou hast learned them,
15 and for as muche also as thou haste knowen holy scrypture of a chyld, whiche is able to make the wyse vnto saluacion thorowe the fayth which is in Christ Iesu.
16 For al scripture geuen by inspyracion of God, is profytable to teache, to improue, to amende and to instruct in ryghtuousnes,
17 that the man of God maye be perfecte and prepared vnto all good workes.




1 I testifye therfore before God, & before the Lord Iesu Christe, which shall iudge quycke and deade in hys appearyng in his kyngedome,
2 preache the word, be feruent, be it in season or out of season. Improue, rebuke, exhorte, wyth all long suffering and doctryne.
3 For the tyme wyll come, when they wyll not suffer wholsome doctryne: but after theyr owne lustes shall they (whose eares ytch) get them an heape of teachers,
4 & shal turne theyr eares from the trueth, and shalbe geuen vnto fables.
5 But watche thou in all thynges, and suffre aduersitye and do şe work of an Euangelist, fulfyll thyne offyce vnto şe vtmost.
6 For I am now ready to be offered, and the tyme of my departynge is at hande.
7 I haue fought a good fyght, and haue fulfylled my course, and haue kepte the fayth.
8 From henceforth is layde vp for me a croune of ryghtuousnes which the Lorde that is a ryghtuous iudge shall geue me at that daye: not to me only, but vnto all them that loue hys comynge.
9 Make spede to come vnto me at once.
10 For Demas hath left me & hath loued this present worlde, and is departed into Thessalonica. Crescens is gone to Galacia, & Titus vnto Dalmacea.
11 Onelye Lucas is wyth me. Take Marke and brynge hym wyth the for he is necessarye vnto me, for to minister.
12 And Tichicus haue I sent to Ephesus.
13 The cloke that I lefte at Troada wyth Carpus, when thou comest, bryng wyth the, and the bokes but specially the partchement.
14 Alexander the coppersmyth dyd me muche euyll, the Lorde rewarde him, according to hys dedes,
15 of whom be thou ware also. For he wythstode our preachyng sore.
16 At my fyrste aunsweryng, no man assisted me, but all forsoke me. I praye God that it maye not be layed to theyr charges:
17 Notwithstandynge the Lord assisted me, & strenghthed me, that by me the preachynge shoulde be fulfylled to the vttermoste, and that al the Gentyles shoulde heare. And I was delyuered out of the mouth of the Lyon.
18 And the Lord shall delyuer me from all euyll doynge, and shall kepe me to his heauenly kyngdome. To whom be prayse for euer and euer, Amen.
19 Salute Prisca and Aquila, and the housholde of Onesiphorus.
20 Erastus abode at Corinthum. Trophimos I lefte at Myletum sycke.
21 Make spede to come before wynter. Eubolus greteth the, and Pudens, and Linus, & Claudia, and all the brethren.
22 The Lorde Iesus Christ be with thy spyryte. Grace be with you. Amen.