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1 Paule, Syluanus & Timotheus. Vnto the congregacyon of the Thessalonians, whiche are in God oure father, and in the Lorde Iesus Christe.
2 Grace be with you and peace from God oure father, and from the Lorde Iesus Christe.
3 We are bounde to thanke God alwayes for you brethren, as it mete, because that your fayth groweth excedingly, and euerye one of you swimmeth in loue towarde another betwene youre selues,
4 so that we oure selues reioyse of you in the congregacions of GOD ouer youre pacience and fayth in al youre persecucyons and trybulacyons that ye suffer,
5 whiche is a token of the ryghtuouse iudgement of God that ye are counted worthye of the kyngdome of God, for whiche ye also suffer.
6 It is verely a ryghteous thing with God to recompence trybulacyon to them that trouble you:
7 and to you whiche are troubled, reste wyth vs, when the Lorde Iesus shall shewe hym selfe from heauen wyth hys myghtye Aungels,
8 in flammynge fyre, rendrynge vengeaunce vnto them that knowe not God, and to them that obeye not vnto the Gospel of our Lorde Iesus Christ,
9 which shall be punyshed wyth euerlastyng dampnacyon from the presence of the Lorde, and from the glory of hys power,
10 when he shall come to be gloryfyed in hys saynctes, and to be made marueylous in all them that beleue: because oure testimonye that we had vnto you, was beleued euen the same daye that we preached it.
11 Wherfore we praye alwayes for you that oure God make you worthye of the callynge and fulfyll al delectacyon of goodnes and the worke of fayth, wyth power
12 that the name of oure Lorde Iesus Christe maye be glorifyed in you, and ye in hym, thorowe the grace of oure God, and of the Lorde Iesus Christe:




1 We beseche you brethren by the commynge of oure Lorde Iesu Christe, and in that we shal assemble vnto hym,
2 that ye be not sodenly moued fome your mynd, and be not troubled, neyther by spirite neyther by wordes, nor yet by letter whiche shoulde seme to come from vs, as thoughe the daye of Christe were at hande.
3 Let no man deceyue you by any meanes, for the Lord commeth not, except there come a departyng first, and that, that sinful man be opened, the sonne of perdicyon
4 whiche is an aduersarye, and is exalted aboue all that is called God, or that is worshypped: so that he shall sytte as God in the temple of God, and shewe hym selfe as God.
5 Remember ye not, that when I was yet with you, I tolde you these thynges?
6 And nowe ye knowe what withholdeth: euen that he myght be vttered at his tyme.
7 For the mysterye of that iniquitie doeth he al ready work whiche onelye loketh vntyll it be taken out of the waye.
8 And then shall that wicked be vttered, whome the Lorde shall consume with the spirite of hys mouth, and shall destroye wt the aperaunce of hys commynge.
9 euen hym whose commynge is by the workynge of Sathan, with all liynge power, signes and wonders:
10 and in all deceyuablenes of vnryghtuousnes, amonge them that peryshe: because they receyued not the loue of the truethe, that they myght haue bene sayed.
11 And therfore God shall sende them stronge delusyon, that they shoulde beleue lyes:
12 that all they myghte be damned which beleued not the trueth but had pleasure in vnryghtuousnes.
13 But we are bounde to geue thankes alwaye to God for you brethren beloued of the Lorde, because that God hath from the beginnynge chosen you to saluacyon, thorow sanctifiynge of the spyryte, and thorowe beleuing the trueth
14 whereunto he called you by oure Gospell, to obtayne the glorye that commeth of oure Lorde Iesu Christe.
15 Therfore brethren stande fast and kepe the ordinaunces which ye haue learned: whether it were by oure preachynge or by epistle.
16 Our Lorde Iesu Christe hym selfe, and God oure father whiche hath loued vs and hath geuen vs euerlastynge consolatyon and good hope thorow grace,
17 comforte youre hertes, and stablyshe you in all doctryne and good doynge.




1 Fvrthermore brethren praye for vs, that the worde of God maye haue free passage and be glorifyed, as it is with you:
2 and that we maye be delyuered from vnreasonable and euyll men. For all men haue not fayth:
3 but the Lorde is faythfull, whiche shall stablyshe you, and kepe you from euyll.
4 We haue confydence thorowe the Lorde to you warde, that ye both do, and wyll do ūt whiche we commaunde you.
5 And the Lorde guide your hertes to the loue of God and pacience of Christe.
6 We requyre you brethren in the name of oure Lorde Iesu Christ, that ye wythdrawe your selues from euerye brother that walketh inordinatelye and not after the institucyon whiche ye receyued of vs.
7 Ye youre selues knowe howe ye oughte to folowe vs. For we behaued not oure selues inordinately among you.
8 Neyther toke we bread of anye man for nought: but wroughte wyth laboure and trauayle nyght and daye, because we would not be greuous to anye of you:
9 not but that we had authorytye: but to make oure selues as ensample vnto you, to folowe vs.
10 For when we were with you thys we warned you of, that yf there were any whiche woulde not worke, that the same shoulde not eate.
11 We haue hearde say no doubte that there are some whiche walke amonge you inordinately and worke not at all, but are besye bodyes.
12 Them that are suche we commaunde and exhorte by oure Lorde Iesu Christe, that they worke wyth quietnes, and eate theyr owne breade.
13 Brethren be not werye in well doyng.
14 Yf any man obeye not oure sayinges send vs worde of hym by a letter: and haue no companye wyth hym that he maye be ashamed.
15 And counte hym not as an enemy, but warne hym as a brother.
16 The verye Lorde of peace geue you peace alwayes, by all meanes. The Lorde be wyth you all.
17 The salutacyon of me Paule wyth myne owne hande. Thys is the token in al Epistles. So I wryte.
18 The grace of oure Lorde Iesus Christe be with you all. AMEN.