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1 (1:4) And the Moabites rebelled agaynst Israel after the death of Ahab.
2 (1:5) And Ohoziah fell thorowe a lattese wyndowe out of an vpper chambre that he had in Samaria, & fell sycke. Then he sent messengers sayinge vnto them: go & enquyre of Beelzebub the God of Akaron, whether I shal recouer of this disease.
3 (1:6) But the Aungell of the Lorde spake vnto Eliah the Thesbite: vp and go agaynst the messengers of the king of Samaria, and say vnto them: Is it because there is no God in Israel, that ye go to aske thorow Beelzebub the God of Akaron.
4 (1:7) Therfore thus sayth the Lorde: thou shalt not come doune from the bedde on which thou art gone vp, but shalt dye. And Eliah departed.
5 (1:8) And the messengers turned backe agayne vnto him. And he sayde vnto them: why are ye thus come agayne?
6 (1:9) And they sayde vnto him: there came a man against vs & sayde vnto vs: go and turne agayne vnto the kynge that sent you, & saye vnto him. Thus sayth şe lord: It is because there is no God in Israel, that thou sendest to enquyre thorowe Beelzebub şe God of Akaron? Therfore thou shalt not come doune from the bed on which thou art gone vp, but shalt surelye dye.
7 (1:10) And he sayde to them: what maner a man was that whiche met you, and tolde you these wordes?
8 (1:11) And they sayde vnto hym: it was an hearry man and gyrde with a gyrdle of a skinne aboute hys loynes. And he said vnto them: it is Eliah şe Thesbite.
9 (1:12) Then the kynge sent vnto him a capitayne, ouer fyfty with his fyftye. And when the captayne was come to him: beholde, he sat on the toppe of an hyl. And the captayne sayde vnto him: man of God, the kinge biddeth the come doune.
10 (1:13) And Eliah answered and sayde to the captain ouer the fyfty: yf I be a man of God, fyre come doune from heauen and consume the and thy fifty. And there came fyre doune from heauen, & deuoured him & his fifty.
11 (1:14) And the kinge went againe and sent to hym another captayn ouer fyfty with his fyfty, which answered & sayde vnto him: O man of God, thus sayth the kyng, make hast & come doune.
12 (1:15) And Eliah auswered and saide vnto them: yf I be a man of God, then let fyre come doune from heauen & consume şe & thy fifty. And there came fire doune from heauen, and consumed hym, and hys fyftye. And the kinge sent agayne the thyrd capitayne ouer fyfty.
13 (1:16) And when the third captaine ouer fyfty was come vp to him, he fel on hys knees before Eliah and besought hym & sayde vnto him: Oh man of God, let my lyfe & thy lyfe of these fyfty thy seruauntes be preciouse in thy sight.
14 (1:17) Beholde, there came fyre doune from heauen & burnt vp the two fore captaynes ouer fifty with their fyfties. But let my lyfe nowe be preciouse in thy syghte.
15 (1:18) Then sayde the Aungel of the Lorde vnto Eliah: go doune with him, and be not afrayd of him. And he went doune with him vnto the kinge.
16 (1:19) And he sayde vnto the kinge, thus sayth şe Lorde: for as muche as thou sentest messengers to aske thorowe Beelzebub the God of Akaron, as though there had bene no God in Israel to aske thorow this worde? therfore thou shalt not come of the bed on whiche thou art ascended, but shalt surely dye.
17 (1:20) And so he dyed according to the worde of the lord which Eliah spake, and Iehoram was made king in his stede, the second yeare of Iehoram sonne of Iehosaphat kynge of Iuda, because he had no sonne.
18 (1:21) The rest of the deades of Ohoziah whiche he did, are written in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel.




1 And it chaunced when the lorde woulde take vp Eliah to heauen in a whorle winde, that Eliah & Elizeus were goynge from Galgal.
2 And Eliah said to Elizeus: tary here I pray the, for the Lorde hath sent me to Bethel. But Elizeus sayde: as surely as the Lorde lyueth, and as thy soule lyueth, I wyl not leaue the. And when they came to Bethel,
3 the children of the prophetes that were at Bethel, came out to Elizeus, & sayd to him: knowest thou not how that the Lord wil take away thy maister from the this day? And he said: I know it to: holde youre peace.
4 Then sayde Eliah to Elizeus: tary here a felowship, for the Lorde hath sent me to Iericho. And he sayde: as surely as the Lorde lyueth, and as surely as thy soule lyueth, I will not leaue the, and so they went to Iericho.
5 And the chyldren of the prophetes that were at Iericho came to Eliseus, and sayd vnto him: art thou not ware, that the Lorde will take away thy mayster from the this day? And he answered: I know it also, holde your peace.
6 And Eliah sayd to him: tary I pray the here, for şe lord hath sent me to Iordan But he sayde: as surely as the Lord liueth, and as thy soule lyueth, I will not leaue the. And so they went bothe of them together.
7 And fyfty men of the sonnes of the Prophetes went and stode in sight a farre of, as they two stode by Iordan.
8 And then Eliah toke hys mantell & wrapte it together and smote the water, and it deuided it selfe, parte the one waye and parte the other, and they two went ouer on the drie land.
9 And as sone as they were ouer, Eliah sayde to Elizeus, aske what I shall do for the yeare I be taken away from the. And Elizeus said: let me I pray the, haue thy spirite double in me.
10 And he sayde: thou hast asked an harde thynge. Neuerthelesse yf thou se me when I am taken away from the, thou shalt haue it so, yf thou do not, it shal not be.
11 And as they went walkynge and talkynge: beholde, there came a charet of fyre and horsses of fyre, and put them a sondre. And Eliah went vp in the whorlewynde to heauen.
12 And Elizeus sawe and cryed: O my father, O my father, the charet of Israel and the horsmen therof, & saw him no more: and therefore toke his owne clothes and rent them in two peces.
13 And then he toke vp the mantel of Eliah that fel from him, and went backe agayn and stode by Iordans syde,
14 and toke the mantel of Eliah, that fel from him, and smote the water and sayde: where is the Lorde God of Eliah, where is he? And when he had smyten the water, it deuyded parte this waye and parte that waye. And Elizeus went ouer.
15 And the chyldren of the Prophetes of Iericho, which saw him from a farre, sayde: the spyryte of Eliah doeth rest on Elizeus, and went against him, and bowed to the earth vnto him.
16 And they saide vnto him: se, there be amonge thy seruauntes fyftie lustie men: let them go and seke thy mayster: happlye the spirit of the Lorde hathe taken him vp & cast him vpon some mountain or in some valeye. And he saide: sende not.
17 Neuerthelesse yet they laye vpon him, til he was ashamed, and saide: sende, and they sent fyfty men, whiche sought him thre daies and thre nyghtes, but founde him not.
18 And they came againe to him, for he taryed at Iericho. And he sayde to them, dyd I saye vnto you, şt ye shoulde not go.
19 Then the men of Iericho sayd to Elizeus: beholde, the citie standeth pleasauntly as my Lorde seyth, but the water is naught and the grounde bared.
20 And he sayde: brynge me a newe cruse and put salt therin. And they brought it to him.
21 And he went vnto şe spring of the water, and cast the shalt in thither, and sayde: thus saith the Lorde: I heale thys water, there shal not come henceforth ether death or barennesse.
22 And the water was helthsome euer after accordyng to the saying of Elizeus whyche he spake.
23 And he went from thence vp to Bethel. And he was goynge vp in the waye, there came lytle laddes out of the citie and mocked him, and sayde to him: go vp thou bald head, go vp thou bald heade.
24 And he turned backe and loked on them and cursed them in the name of the Lorde. And there came two Beares out of that wood, & tare .xlij. of the boies.
25 And he went from thence to mount Carmel, & from thence went agayne to Samaria.




1 Iehoram the sonne of Ahab beganne to raygne vpon Israell in Samaria the .xviij. yeare of Iehosaphat kyng of Iuda, and continued twelue yeare.
2 And wrought that was euyll in the syghte of the Lorde: but not lyke his father or his mother, for he put away the Image of Baal that hys father had made:
3 Neuerthelesse he contynewed in the synne of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat whyche made Israel synne, and shronke not there from.
4 And Mesa kynge of Moab whiche was riche of shepe (and was wont to render vnto the kinge of Israel an hundred thousand lambes, and as many ramnes wyth the wolle)
5 rebelled agaynst the kinge of Israel after the death of Ahab.
6 And kinge Iehoram went out of Samaria the same ceason, and nombred all Israel.
7 And then went and sent to Iehosaphat kynge of Iuda sayinge: the kinge of Moab hath rebelled agaynst me, wylt thou go with me against the Moabites to battel? And he sayde: I wil go, and wylbe as thou, & my people shalbe as thyne, and my horsses as thyne.
8 And he sayde: what waye shall we go? And şe other answered: the way thorow the wildernesse of Edom.
9 And the kynge of Israel toke his iourneye with the kinge of Iuda and the kinge of Edom. And when they had compased the way seuen dayes, there was no water for the host nor for the cattel that they hath with them.
10 Then said the kynge of Israel: Alasse, the Lorde hath called together these thre kynges to delyuer them into the handes of the Moabites.
11 But Iehosaphat sayde: is there here no prophete of the Lordes, that we may enquyre of the Lorde by him? And one of the kynge of Israels seruauntes answered and sayde: here is Elizeus the sonne of Saphat, whiche powred water on the handes of Eliah.
12 And Iehosaphat sayde: the worde of the Lorde is wyth hym. And so the kinge of Israel, and Iehosaphat and the kynge of Edom went doune to him.
13 And Elizeus sayde to the kynge of Israel: what haue I to do with the? Get the to the prophetes of thy father and of thy mother. And the kyng of Israel sayd vnto hym: Oh naye, but hath the lord called these thre kynges to delyuer them into the handes of the Moabites?
14 And Elizeus sayde, as sure as the Lorde of Hostes lyueth (in whose syght I stande) and it were not that I regarde the presence of Iehosaphat the kynge of Iuda, I woulde not loke toward the, nor yet se the.
15 But now bryng my a mynstrel. And as the mynstrel played, the hand of the Lord was vpon him.
16 And he said: thus biddeth the lorde: make thys broke full of dyches.
17 For thus sayth the Lorde: ye shall se nether wynde nor rayne, and yet this broke shalbe fylled with water, that ye maye drinck and youre beastes and youre cattel also.
18 And thys is yet but a small thinge, in the syght of the lorde. But he will geue the Moabites into youre handes also.
19 And ye shall destroye all stronge townes and all goodly cytyes, and shall fal al pleasaunt trees and stoppe all the welles of water, & marre al good plattes of grounde with stones.
20 And in the mornynge about offeryng time: there came suche a water the waye from Edom, that the countrey was filled with water.
21 And when all the Moabites heard that the kinges were come to fight against them, they gathered together, from the youngest şt was able to put an harnesse and so vpwarde, and wayted in the borders.
22 And they beynge vp erly in the morning, the sonne arose and shone vpon the water. And when the Moabites sawe the water a farre of, as red as bloud,
23 they said: it is bloud: the kinges haue fought together & one slaine another. Now therfore ye Moabites get you to the spoyle.
24 And when they came to the host of Israel, the Iesraelites stode vp, and layde on the Moabites, that they fleed before them. And so they entred the land and destroyed the Moabites.
25 And they ouerthrewe the cytyes, & on euery good parcel of lande, cast euery man his stone and ouercouered it, and stopte al the welles of water, and felde all the good trees. And as longe as the stones thereof dyd remayne in the walles of Brycke the slyngers went vpon it and bette it.
26 And when the kynge of Moab sawe, that the battel was to stronge for hym, he toke wt him seuen hundred men that drewe the swerd to haue broken vp vnto the kynge of Edom. But they coulde not.
27 And then he toke his eldest sonne şt should haue raigned in his stead, and offered him for a burntofferynge vpon the walles. And there came so greate wrathe vpon Israel, that they departed from hym & returned to their owne lande.




1 And there cryed a certayn woman of the wyues of the chyldren of the Prophetes, vnto Elizeus saying: thy seruaunt my husband is deade, and thou knowest that thy seruaunt dyd feare the Lorde. And the creditor is come to fet my two sonnes, to be his bondemen.
2 And Elizeus said to her: What shal I do for the? Tel me, what hast thou in thyne house. And she sayd: thyne handmayd hath nothynge at all in her house, saue a pytcher wyth oyle.
3 And he saide: Go and borowe the in other places, of al thy neyghboures emptie vesselles, and that not a fewe.
4 And then go and shut the dore to the and to thy sonnes, and poure out into the all those vesselles, and put the ful alway al syde.
5 And she went from hym, and shut the dore to her and to her sonnes. And they brought to her, and se powred out.
6 And when the vesselles were full, she sayde to her sonne: bryng yet a vessel. And he sayde: there is no mo. And then the oyle ceased.
7 Then she came and tolde the man of God. And he sayd: go and sell the oyle and paye thy creditor. And lyue thou and thy chyldren of the reste.
8 And it fell on a daye, that Elizeus came to Sunam, where was a riche woman that toke him in for to eate breade. And as ofte as he came that waye, he turned in thither to eate breade.
9 And she sayd vnto her husbande: se, I perceyue that the man of God is perfecte, and cometh alwaye by vs.
10 Let vs make hym a lyttel chambre with a littel walle, and let vs set him there a bed, a table, a stole and a candelstycke that he maye turne in thither, when he cometh to vs.
11 And it fortuned on a time that he came thyther and turned into the chambre & lay there.
12 Then he sayde to Gihezi his seruaunt: cal this Sunamite. And he called her, and she came before him.
13 And Elizeus sayd to him: saye to her I pray the: se, thou hast made al this prouision for vs, what shall I do for the wouldest thou be spoken for to the kinge or to the captayne of the Hoste? And she sayde: I dwel amonge myne owne people.
14 Then he sayde: what is to be done for her? And Gihezi sayd: Verely she hath no childe, and her husbande is olde.
15 And he sayde: call her. And he called her. And she came and stode at the dore.
16 Then he sayde: by suche a tyme, as sone as the frute can lyue, thou shalt embrace a sonne, and she sayde: Oh naye my Lorde thou man of God, do not lye vnto thyne handmayde.
17 And the wyfe conceyued and bare a sonne that same ceason that Elizeus had said vnto her, as sone as the frute coulde haue lyfe.
18 And when the lad was greate, it fell on a day, that he went out to his father, to the haruestmen.
19 And there he complayned to his father: my head, my head. And hys father sayd to a lad: carye him to his mother.
20 And he toke him & brought him to his mother. And he sat on her knees tyl none, and then dyed.
21 And the caryed him vp and layde him on the bedde of the man of God, and shut the dore to him, and went out
22 and came to her husbande & sayde: sende me one of the younge men and an Asse, that I may runne to the man of God.
23 And he saide: wherfore wilt thou go to hym to daye, whyle it is nether new mone nor Saboth day. And she sayde: be content.
24 Then she sadelled an Asse & saide to the lad: leade away & make me not cease ridinge, vntill I byd the.
25 And so she went and came vnto the man of God to mount Carmel. And when the man of God sawe her a farre, he sayde to Gihezi his seruaunt: se, where oure seruaunt cometh.
26 Now runne against her, and aske her, whether it be all well with her, and with her husbande and with the lad. And she sayde: all is well.
27 Then she went to the man of God vp to the hyll and caught him by the fete. And Gihezi went to her, to thrust her away. But the man of God sayde: let her alone, for her soule is vexed, and the Lorde hath hid it from me, and hath not tolde it me.
28 Then she sayde: dyd I desyre a sonne of my Lorde? dyd I not say, that thou shouldest not brynge me in a foles Paradyse.
29 Then he saide to Gihezi: gyrde vp thy loines, and take my staffe in thyne hande and away. Yf any man mete the, salute hym not: and yf any salute the, answere him not again. And put my staffe vpon the boye.
30 Not withstandynge the mother of the chylde sayde, as sure as the Lorde lyueth, and as thy soule lyueth, I wil not leaue the. And then he arose and folowed her.
31 Gihezi went before them & put the staffe vpon the lad. But there was neyther voyce nor attendinge. And then he went againe agaynst his mayster and told hym sayinge: it hath not awaked the lad.
32 When Elizeus was come to the house: Beholde, the lad was dead and layd vpon his bed.
33 And he went in and shut the dore to the lad & him, and praied vnto the Lord.
34 And he went vp and laye vpon the lad, and put his mouth on hys mouth, and hys eyes on hys eyes and the palme of his handes on the palme of hys handes, and sprede him selfe vpon the lad that the fleshe of the child waxed warme.
35 And went againe & walked once vp & doune in the house & then went vp and spred him selfe vpon him. And then the lad nesed seuen tymes & opened his eyes.
36 And he called Gihezi and sayd: Call for this Sunamite. And he called her. And when she was come to him, he said: take thy sonne.
37 Then she went & fel at his fete & bowed her self to the ground, & toke vp her sonne & went oute.
38 When Elizeus was come to Galgal agayne, there was a darth in the lande, & the chyldren of the prophetes dwelt with him. Then he sayde to his seruaunt, put on a great pot, and make pottage for the chyldren of the prophetes.
39 And one went oute into the felde, to gather herbes, & found as it were a wylde vyne, and gathered therof Coloquintidaes his lap ful, & came & shred them into the potte of potage, they vnwetynge.
40 And they powred out for the men to eate. And when they had tasted of the pottage, they cryed out and said: there is death in the pot thou man of God, & coulde not eate therof.
41 Then he sayde: brynge meale. And he cast it into the pot and sayde: fyll for the people that they maye eate, and there was no harme in the pot.
42 There came a man from Baalsalisa, and brought the man of God breade of fyrste frutes, euen twenty loues of barley, & new corne in a clothe he had. And Eliseus bade put it before the people that they myght eate.
43 Then hys mynyster sayde: what shoulde I set thys before an hundred men? And he sayde: set it before the people and let them eate. For thus sayth the Lorde: they shall eate and leaue.
44 And he set it before them, and they ate and lefte, accordynge to the worde of the Lorde.




1 Naaman capitaine of the hoste to the kynge of Siria, was greate wyth his mayster and wel taken: for thorow him the Lorde saued Siria. And he was an actiue man & yet a leper.
2 And ther had gone a companye of Soudioures oute of Siria a runnyng, and hath brought oute of the countrey of Israell a lytle mayd, which was with Naamans wife.
3 And the Damosell sayde vnto her ladye: I woulde my mayster were with a Prophet şt is in Samaria, he woulde delyuer hym of his leprosye.
4 And she went and tolde her husbande sayinge: thus and thus sayth the maide that is out of the lande of Israel.
5 And the king of Siria sayde: go thy waye, and I will sende a letter vnto the kinge of Israel. And he went and toke with hym ten talentes of syluer, and .vi. thousand peces of gould, and then chaunge of raymentes.
6 And he brought the letter to the king of Israel contayninge this tenour. Now when thys letter is come vp to the: Beholde, I haue sent Naaman my seruaunte to the, that thou shouldest rydde him out of hys leprosye.
7 And when the kinge of Israell had reade the letter, he rent hys clothes & sayed: am I God to sley and to make aliue? that he should sende to me, for to delyuer a man from his leprosye. But consyder I praye you and se, howe he piked quarels with me.
8 And when Elizeus the man of God, had hearde howe that the kinge of Israell had rent hys clothes, he sent to the kinge sayinge: Wherfore hast thou rent thy clothes? let him come to me, that he may know that there is a prophet in Israel.
9 And Naaman came with his horsses and his charet, and stode at the dore of Elizeus.
10 Then Elizeus sent a menssenger sayinge: go & washe the in Iordan seuen tymes, and thy fleshe shal come agayne to the as before, and thou shalt be cleane.
11 And Naaman was wroth and went away, & sayde: Beholde, I thought in my self, he would haue come out, & stand & cal on the name of the Lorde hys God, and put hys hande on the place of the disease, and so take awaye the leprosye.
12 Are not Abanah and Pharphar, ryuers of Damasco, better then all the waters of Israell? Myght it not rather washe in them and be cleane? And so he turned and departed in an angre.
13 Then came his seruauntes and communed with him, and sayde: Father yf the prophete had byd the done some great thinge, oughtest thou not to haue done it? How much rather then shouldest thou do it, whyle he sayth to the only, washe and be cleane.
14 Then he went doune & washed seuen tymes in Iordan, as the man of God bade, & his flesh chaunced, lyke vnto the flesh of a lyttel boye, and he was cleane.
15 Then he turned agayn to the man of God and al hys company with him, and came and stode before him and sayde. Behold, I know that there is no God in all the worlde, but in Israel. And now I praye the take a blessynge of thy seruaunt.
16 But he sayde: as surely as the Lord lyueth, before whome I stand, I wil receyue none. And the other would haue constrayned him to receyue: but he woulde not do it.
17 And Naaman sayd, yf thou wilt not: yet I praye the, maye there not be geuen to thy seruaunt the burthen of two mules of earthe. For thy seruaunte will henceforth offer neyther burnt sacryfice nor offerynge vnto any other God, then to the Lorde.
18 But herin the Lorde be mercifull to thy seruaunt, for when my mayster goeth into the house of Remon to worshyppe there, he leaneth on myne hand & I must worshyppe in the house of Remon, let the Lorde I pray the be mercyful vnto thy seruaunt in hys case.
19 And he sayde to hym: Go in peace. And when he was departed from hym a furlonge of grounde,
20 Gihezi the seruaunt of Elizeus the man of God, sayd: se, my mayster hath kepte of, thys Syryen Naaman that he wolde not receyue of hys hand that he offered. As surely as the Lorde lyueth I wyl runne after hym, and take somewhat.
21 And so Gihezi went after Naaman. And when Naaman sawe hym come runnynge after hym, he came doune of the charet agaynst hym & said: is all well?
22 And he sayde: yea. But my mayster hath sente me, sayinge: se there be two younge men come to me oute of Ephraim of the chyldren of the Prophetes: geue them I praye the, one talent of syluer, & a couple of good garmentes.
23 And Naaman sayde: auenture and take two talentes of syluer in two bagges, with two goodlye garmentes, & delyuered them vnto two of hys seruauntes, to beare it before hym.
24 And he went in şe darcke, and toke it of theyr handes and bestowed it in the house, and let the men go, & they departed.
25 Then he went & stode before hys mayster. And Elizeus sayde to hym: whence commeth Gihezi? And he sayde: thy seruaunt wente no whether.
26 And he sayde: wente not myne herte with the, when the man turned & came of hys charet agaynste the? Is it a tyme to receyue syluer & to receyue garmentes, olyue trees, vineyardes, oxen, shepe menseruauntes & maid seruauntes?
27 The leprosye therfore of Naaman claue vnto the, & vnto thy seede for euer. And he went out from hym a leper as whit as snowe.




1 Then sayde the chyldren of the prophetes vnto Helizeus: se, the place where we dwelle with şe, is to lytle for vs.
2 Let vs there take euery man a beame, & build vs a place there, to dwell in. And he sayde: go ye.
3 And one sayde: begynne I praye the, & go wyth thy seruauntes. And he sayde: I wyll,
4 and so went wyth them. And when they came to Iordan, they cut doune woode.
5 And as one was hewynge of a beame, the axe head fel into the water. And he cryed oute & sayde: Alasse mayster, for it was lent me.
6 And the man of God sayde: Where fell it? And he shewed hym the place. And he cut an helue, and cast it in thyther, and made the axe head swimme.
7 And he said: take it vp to the. And the other stretched hys hande and caught it.
8 And the kynge of Syrya fought agaynste Israel, & toke councell with hys seruauntes, saying: In soche a place and in soche a place wyll I pytche.
9 And the man of God sent vnto the kynge of Israel, sayinge: Beware thou go not by suche a place, for there are the Syryans gone doune.
10 And the kynge of Israel sent to the place which the man of God tolde him and warned hym of, and saued hym self there more then once or twyse.
11 And the hert of the kynge of Syrya was troubled therwyth, that he sent for his seruauntes, and sayde to them: wyl ye not shew me which of vs telleth the kynge of Israel.
12 And one of hys seruauntes sayde: naye my Lorde kyng. Elizeus the Prophet that is in Israell, he telleth the kynge of Israel the wordes that thou speakest in thy slepynge chambre.
13 Then he sayde: go and spye where he is, that I may sende and fet him. And one tolde the kyng, sayinge: se, he is in Dothan.
14 And he sent thyther horse and charettes & a great Hoste. And they came thyther by nyghte, & compased şe toune aboute.
15 And when the seruaunt of the men of God rose vp erly, and was gone out: Behold, there was an hoste rounde aboute the toune wyth horses and charettes. Then sayde hys lad to hym: Alasse mayster, what shall we do?
16 And he sayde: feare not: there are mo with vs then with them.
17 And Eliseus prayed & sayde: Lord open the eyes of the younge man, & he sawe. And beholde, the mountayne was ful of horses and charettes of fyre rounde aboute Elizeus.
18 And when the soudyars came doune to him: Elizeus prayed vnto the Lorde & sayde. Smyte thys people wyth blyndnesse. And he smote them wyth blyndnes accordyng to the desyre of Elizeus.
19 Then Elizeus said vnto them this is not the waye, nor thys is not şe toune: But folowe me, and I wyll bryng you to the man ye seke. And he led them to Samaria.
20 When they were come to Samaria, Elyzeus sayde: Lorde, open theyr eyes & let them se. And the Lorde opened theyr eyes that they sawe. And behold they were in the myddes of Samaria
21 And then sayde the kynge of Israel vnto Eliseus when he sawe them: shall I smyte them, shall I smyte them father:
22 And he sayde: smyte them not. But smyte them thou takest wyth thyne owne swerde, & with thyne owne bowe. But set bread and water before them, and let them eate and drincke, and go to theyr mayster.
23 And he made great ordinaunce before them. And when they had eaten and droncke, sent them awaye, and they wente to theyr mayster. And so the soudyours of Syrya came no more into the lande of Israel.
24 After this Benhadad kyng of Syrya gathered al the hoste, and went & beseged Samaria.
25 And there arose great darthe in Samaria: for they had beseged it, vntyll an asses head was worth foure skore sycles of syluer, and the fourth part of a Cab of doues dong worth fyue sycles.
26 And as the kyng of Israell walked vpon the walles there cryed a woman to hym, saying: helpe, my Lord Kyng.
27 And he sayde: Naye, the Lorde helpe the. But wherewyth shulde I helpe the, with corne or wyne?
28 Then sayde the kyng to her: what ayleth the? And she aunswered: thys woman here sayde to me, brynge thy sonne, and let vs eate hym to daye, and we wyll eate myne to morowe?
29 And so we dressed my sonne, and dyd eate hym. And I sayde to her another day, brynge thy sonne that we maye eate hym. But she had hyd her sonne.
30 When the kyng heard the wordes of the women, he rent hys clothes euen as he was walkyng on the walles. And when the people loked vpon him: se, he was clothed in sacke vnder.
31 Then he sayd: God do so and so to me, yf şe head of Elizeus the sonne of Saphat tarye on hym thys daye.
32 And as Elizeus satte in hys house, and the elders wt hym, the kynge sente one from hym. But yer the messenger came at hym, he sayd to the elders: se you not howe the sonne of thys murtherer hath sent, to take of myne head? be circumspecte therfore when the messenger cometh, & shutte the dore, and thrust hym backe therwyth: for the sound of hys maysters fete foloweth him.
33 And whyle he yet talked wyth them. Beholde the messenger was come vnto hym. And he sayd: behold thys euyll is of the Lorde, what more shall we loke for of the Lorde.




1 Then Heliseus sayde: heare the worde of the Lorde, for thus sayth the Lorde: to morowe this tyme a boushell of fyne floure shalbe solde for a sycle, & two boushelles of Barley for another in the gates of Samaria.
2 Then a great Lorde on whose hande the kyng leaned, aunswered the man of God and sayde, though the Lorde woulde make wyndowes in heauen, yet wolde not thys be. And he sayde agayne: Behold, thou shalt se it with thyne eyes and shalte not eate thereof.
3 And there were foure lepers set withoute the Gate of Samaria. And they sayde eche to hys companyon, what syt we here vntyll we dye?
4 though we thoughte that we myghte come into the cytye, yet is the darth so greate in the cytye, that we shall there dye. And yf we tarye here, we are but dead also Now therfor come and let vs flee to the hoste of the Siryans: If they save oure lyues, we shall lyue: And yf they kyll vs, then are we dead.
5 And so they arose in the darcke to go to the hoste of the Syryans. And when they were come to şe syde of the hoste of Syrya: se, there was no man there.
6 For the Lord had made the hoste of the Syryans heare a noyse of charettes & a noyse of horsses, and the noyse of a great hoste. In so muche that they sayde one to another: se, the kynge of Israell hath hyred agaynste vs, the kynges of the Hethites & the kynges of Egypte, to come vpon vs.
7 And vpon that they arose, and fled in the darcke, & left theyr tentes, theyr horsses, theyr asses and the feld they had pytched euen as it was, and fled for theyr lyues.
8 And when these lepers came to the edge of the hoste, they wente into a tente, and dyd eate and dryncke, and caryed thence syluer, goulde and raymente, and wente and hydde it, and came agayne, and entred into another, & caryed thence also, and wente, and hyde it.
9 Then they sayde one to another: it is not wel that we do, for thys day is a day to bring tydynges And yf we holde oure peace, & tary tyll it be day lyght, we shal find a myscheue. Now therfore come, let vs go and tell the kinges housholde.
10 And so they went and called to the porter of the cytye and tolde them sayinge: we came to the pauylyons of the Syrians and se, there was no man there, neyther voyce of man, but horsses and asses tyed, & the tentes euen as they were.
11 Then the porters called & tolde the kynges house wythin.
12 And the kynge arose in şe night and sayde to hys seruauntes: I wyll shewe you, howe the Syryans haue serued vs. They knowe that we are oppressed wyth hungre & therfore are gone oute of theyr pauylyons to hyde them selues in the felde, sayinge: They wyll come out of the cytye, and then we shall catche them alyue and get into the cytye.
13 And one of hys seruauntes aunswered, and sayde: Let men take fyue of the horsses that remayne and are lefte in the cytye. Beholde they are as good, as all the multitude that are lefte in the cytye: and as good as all the multytude of the cytye that are consumed, and let vs sende and se.
14 And they toke two charettes of horses, and the kynge sente after the hoste of the Syryans saying: go and se.
15 And they folowed after them euen vnto Iordan: and se, all the way was ful of clothes and vesselles which the Syryans had cast from them for haste. And the messengers returned and tolde the kynge.
16 And then the people wente oute & robbed the tentes of the Syryans. And so a busshel of floure was solde for a sycle, and .ij. busshelles of barley for a sycle, accordynge to the worde of the Lorde.
17 And the kynge set the Lorde on whose hande he leaned, to kepe the gate. And the people troade hym in the gate, that he dyed, accordynge to the sayinge of the man of God whiche he sayde, when the kyng came doune to him.
18 And it came to passe accordyng to the word of the man of God to the king sayinge: two bushelles of barleye for a sycle & a bushell of barleye for another shalbe to morowe this time in the gates of Samaria.
19 And the Lorde aunswered the man of God & sayd: though the Lorde made wyndowes in heauen, yet wolde thys not be. And the other sayde: Beholde, thou shalt se it with thyne eyes, and shalt not eate thereof.
20 And so it chaunged: for the people troade hym vnder fete in the gate, that he dyed.




1 Then spake Elizeus vnto şe woman whose sonne he had restored to lyfe agayne, sayinge: vp & go both thou and thyne house & soiourne where thou thinkeste best, for the Lorde wyll call a darthe whiche shall come on the lande seuen yeare.
2 And the woman arose and dyd after the saying of the man of God, & went both she & her houshold & soiourned in the lande of the Philistines seuen yeare.
3 And at the seuen yeares end, when the woman was come agayne oute of the land of the Philistines she wente oute to speake to the kynge for her house, and for her land.
4 And the kynge was talkynge with Gihezi the seruaunte of the man of God, sayinge, tell me I praye the, all the greate dedes which Elizeus dyd.
5 And it chaunsed as he was tellynge the kynge howe he restored a dead bodye to lyfe agayne that the woman whose sonne he reuiued, cryed to the kynge for her house & lande. Then sayde Gihezi: My Lorde kynge, this is the woman and thys is her sonne whiche Elizeus broughte to lyfe agayne.
6 And the kynge asked the woman, and she tolde him. And so the kynge sente with her one of his chamberlaynes sayinge: restore all that pertayneth to her, wyth all the frutes of the felde, sence the daye she lefte the lande, vnto thys tyme.
7 After that Elizeus went to Damasco, Benhadad the kinge of Syrya beynge sycke. And one tolde the kynge, sayinge: The man of God is come hyther.
8 Then sayde the kynge to Hazael: take a present wyth the and go againste the man of God, and aske the Lorde by hym whether I shal recouer of thys my dysease or no.
9 And Hazael went to mete hym, & toke presentes wyth hym, euen of al the good thinges of Damasco, as muche as fourtye Cameles coulde beare, and came and presented himselfe before hym and sayde: thy sonne Benhadad Kynge of Syrya hath sent me to the, sayinge: shall I recouer of thys my dysease.
10 And Elizeus sayde to hym: go, and saye to hym: thou shalte recouer, howe be it the Lord hath shewed me that he shall surelye dye.
11 And the man of God beganne to loke earnestlye, in so muche that he was ashamed: and the man of God wept.
12 And Hazael sayd: why wepeth my Lorde: And he aunswered: for I knowe şt thou shalte do euyll vnto the chyldren of Israel: theyr stronge cytyes thou shalte set on fyre & theyr younge men thou shalte sleye with şe swerde, and shalte dashe oute the braynes of theyr suckynge chyldren, and all to teare their wemen wyth chylde.
13 And Hazael sayde: what is thy seruaunte which am but a dogge, that I shulde do thys great thyng? And Elizeus sayde: for the Lord hath shewed me, that thou shalte be kynge of Syrya.
14 And so he departed from Elizeus and came to hys mayster, whiche sayde to hym. What sayde Elizeus to the? And he sayd: he tolde me that thou shuldest recouer.
15 And on şe morowe he toke a rough clothe and dypte it in the water and sprede it on hys face, & he dyed, and Hazael raygned in hys steade.
16 The fyfte yeare of Iehoram sonne of Ahab kynge of Israel, Iehosaphat beynge yet king of Iuda, Iehoram the sonne of Iehosaphat, kynge of Iuda,
17 beganne to raygne .xxxij. yere olde was he when he beganne to raygne, and he raygned .viij. yeare in Ierusalem.
18 And he walked in the waye of the kynges of Israell, as dyd the house of Ahab for the doughter of Ahab was hys wyfe, and he dyd that dyspleased the Lorde.
19 Neuerthelather the Lorde wold not destroye Iuda because of Dauid his seruaunt, as he promysed hym to geue hym a lyght in hys chyldren alwaye.
20 And in hys dayes Edom fell awaye from vnder the hande of Iuda, & made them a king of theyr owne.
21 And Iehoram wente to Seyr, & all hys charettes wyth hym. And he rose by nyght, & layde on the Edomytes, which compased hym in, & the captaynes of hys charet & the people fleed into theyr tentes.
22 And so the Edomites slipte awaye from vnder the hand of Iuda vnto thys daye. And then Lobnah slipte awaye to, euen that same tyme.
23 The rest of şe dedes of Iehoram and al he dyd, are written in the chronicles of the kinges of Iuda.
24 And Iehoram rested with hys fathers & was buryed wyth hys fathers in the citie of Dauid. And Ohoziah hys sonne raygned in his steade.
25 The .xij. yeare of Iehoram sonne of Ahab, king of Israel, dyd Ohoziah the sonne of Iehoram kyng of Iuda begynne to raigne.
26 Two and twentye yeare old was Ohoziah when he beganne to raygne, and raigned one yeare in Ierusalem, hys mothers name was Athaliah doughter of Amri kynge of Israel.
27 And he walked in the waye of the house of Ahab:
28 for he was a sonne in lawe to the house of Ahab. And Iehoram the sonne of Ahab wente to warre wyth Hazael kynge of Syrya, at Ramoth in Galaad, and the Syryans wounded hym.
29 Wherfore kynge Iehoram wente backe agayne, to be healed in Iesrahel of the woundes whiche the Syryans had geven hym at Ramoth, when he foughte wyth Hazael king of Syrya. And Ohoziah the sonne of Iehoram kynge of Iuda wente doune to se Iehoram sonne of Ahab in Iezrahell because he was sycke.




1 And Elizeus the prophete called vnto one of the children of the prophetes, & sayde to him: gyrd vp thy loynes & take this boxe of oyle in thyne hande, and get the to Ramoth in Galaad.
2 And when tho comest thyther, thou shalt there se Iehu the sonne of Iehosaphat the sonne of Namsi, and go to hym, and make hym aryse vp from amonge hys brethren, and carye hym to a secret chambre.
3 And take the boxe of oyle, and poure it on hys head, and saye: thus sayth the Lorde: I haue annoynted the to be kyng ouer Israel. And then open the dore & flee, and tary not.
4 And the seruaunt of the Prophet get him to Ramoth in Galaad,
5 & when he came, the captaynes of the Host were syttyng together. And he saide: I haue an errande to the Syr captayne. And Iehu sayde, vnto which of all vs? And he sayd: to the O captayne.
6 And he arose and went into the house. And the other poured the oyle on hys head and sayde to hym, thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel: I haue annoynted the to be kynge ouer Israel the people of the Lorde,
7 that thou sleye the housholde of Ahab thy mayster. For I (sayth the Lorde) wyll aduenge the bloud of my seruauntes the Prophetes, and the bloud of all the seruauntes of the Lorde, of the hand of Iezabel
8 (for the whole house of Ahab shalbe destroyed) and I wyll destroye vnto Ahab what pysseth agaynste the wall, and so muche as the presoned or that is forsaken in Israel,
9 & wyll make the house of Ahab lyke the house of Ieroboam sonne of Nabat, and lyke the house of Baasa the sonne of Ahiah.
10 And as for Iezabel the dogges shall eate her in the feld of Iesrahel, and none shall burye her. And he opened the dore and fled.
11 And when Iehu was come out to the seruauntes of hys Lord, they sayde to hym is al peace? Wherfore came this mad felowe to şe? And he sayde to hym: ye know the person and hys communicacyon.
12 And they sayde: it is not so. But tell vs a felowshyppe. And he sayde: thus and thus spake he to me, sayinge. Thus sayth the Lorde: I haue annoynted the to be kynge ouer Israel.
13 And they hasted and toke euery man hys mantell, & put vnder hym on an hye benche at the toppe of steppes, & blew a trompet, and sayde: Iehu is kynge.
14 And so Iehu the sonne of Iehosaphat the sonne of Namsi conspyred agaynst Iehoram. And Iehoram had bene waytynge at Ramoth Galaad, and all Israell wyth hym, for feare of Hazael king of Syrya,
15 and was returned to be healed in Iesrahel, of the woundes which the Syryans had geuen hym as he foughte wyth Hazaell kynge of Syrya. Then sayde Iehu: If it be youre myndes, then let no man escape oute of the cytye, to go and tell in Iesrahell.
16 And Iesu rode & went to Iesrahell: for Iehoram laye there, & Ohoziah kyng of Iuda was come to Iehoram.
17 And the watcheman that stode on the toure in Iesrahel, spyed the company of Iehu, as he came and sayde: I se a company. And Iehoram sayd: take an horsman and sende agaynst them, and let hym aske whether it be peace.
18 And there wente one on horsbacke agaynste hym and sayde: thus sayeth the kynge: is it peace? And Iehu aunswered: what hast thou to do wt peace? turne & come after me. And the watchman tolde, sayinge: the messenger came to them but he cometh not agayne.
19 Then he sent oute another on horsbacke, which came to them & sayde, thus sayth the kyng: is it peace? And Iehu aunswered, what hast thou to do with peace? turne and come after me.
20 And the watcheman tolde, sayinge: he came to them, but he cometh not agayne, and şe dryuynge is lyke the dryuynge of Iehu the sonne of Namsi, for he dryueth as he were madde.
21 Then sayde Iehoram, make readye. And they made ready his charet. And Iehoram king of Israel, & Ohoziah kyng of Iuda went out eyther in hys charet agaynst Iehu, and mette hym in the furlonge of Naboth the Iezrahelite.
22 And when Iehoram sawe Iehu, he sayde: is it peace Iehu? And he sayde, what peace shulde there be, so longe as the whoredomes of thy mother Iezabel, and her witchcraftes are so great?
23 And Iehoram turned hys hande & fled, & sayde to Ohoziah: there is falshed Ohoziah.
24 And Iehu toke a bowe in hys hande, & smote Iehoram betwene the shoulders, that the arowe came out at hys breast. And he fell doune thre folde in hys charet.
25 Then he sayde to Badakar a lorde of hys, take and cast hym in the plat of grounde of Naboth the Iezrahelyte. For I remembre as I & thou roade together after Ahab his father, how the Lord spake these wordes agaynste hym:
26 I haue sene yesterdaye the bloude of Naboth and of hys sonnes, sayde the Lord, and I wyl quyte him in thys grounde, saythe the Lorde. Now therfore take and cast hym in the plat of grounde accordynge to the worde of the Lorde.
27 And when Ohoziah the kynge of Iuda sawe that he fled the waye to the garden house. And Iehu folowed after hym, and sayde: smite him also. And they smote hym in hys charet at the goynge vp to Sur by Ieblaam, & he fleed to Magedo, and there dyed.
28 And hys seruauntes caryed him to Ierusalem, and buryed him in hys sepulchre with hys fathers in the cytye of Dauid.
29 And in the .xi. yeare of Iehoram sonne of Ahab, beganne Ohoziah to raygne ouer Iuda.
30 And when Iehu was come to Iesrahel, Iezabell hearde of it, and starched her eyes, & tyred her head, & loked oute at a wyndowe.
31 And as Iehu entred at the gate, she said had Zamri peace whiche slewe his mayster.
32 And he lyfte vp hys eyes to the wyndowe & sayde: who is of my syde who? And there loked oute to hym two or thre lordes that were chamberlaynes.
33 And he sayde. Throw her doune. And they threw her doune. And he sprinkled of her bloude vpon the walles & on the horses, and troade her vnder fote.
34 And then when he was come in, & had eaten and droncke, he sayde: go & vyset I praye you, yonder cursed creature, & burye her, for she is a kynges doughter.
35 And when they came to burye her, they founde no more of her, then şe skulle & the two fete and the two handes.
36 And they came agayne, and told hym. And he said: it is the worde of the Lorde whiche he spake by the hande of hys seruaunte Eliah şe Thesbite, sayinge: in the felde of Iezrahel shall dogges eate the fleshe of Iezabel,
37 and the carkas of Iezabel shalbe donge vpon the earthe, in the felde of Iesrahell, the men shall not say thys is Iezabel.




1 Ahab had .lxx. sonnes in Samaria. And Iehu wrote letters, and sente to Samaria vnto the elders that were Lordes of Iesrahel, & to them that noursed vp Ahabs chyldren sayinge:
2 nowe at the coming of these letters to you, ye haue with you youre maysters sonnes, and ye haue wyth you charettes & horses, & a strong citye & harnesse.
3 Therfore chose the beste, & him that most pleaseth you of youre maysters sonnes, & put him on hys fathers seate, & fyght for youre lordes house.
4 And they were excedinglye afrayde, & sayde: se, two kynges were not able to stande before hym, how shall we then stande?
5 And the gouerner of the kynges house & of the cytie and of the elders, and the nourses sente to Iehu, sayinge: we are thy seruauntes & wyll do all that thou shalte byd vs: we wyll make no man king, but do thou what semeth good in thyne eyes.
6 Then he wrote another letter to them sayinge: If ye be myne, & wil obey my voyce, then take the heades of youre maysters sonnes and come to me to Iezrahell, by to morowe thys tyme. And the kynges sonnes were .lxx. personnes wyth the great men of the cytye whiche nouryshed them.
7 And when the letter came to them, they toke the kynges chyldren and slue them in nombre .lxx. persones, & put theyr heades in cophines, and sente them to hym to Iezrahell.
8 And there came a messenger, & tolde hym, sayinge: they haue broughte the heades of the kynges sonnes. And he said: let them put them on two heapes in the entring of the gate, tyll it be daye.
9 And in the mornyng he wente oute & stode & sayd to all the folke, ye be rightuous: for se, I conspyred agaynst my mayster & slue him: But who slue these?
10 consydre now how there is nothynge of the Lordes worde fallen to the earthe, whiche he spake agaynste the house of Ahab: for the Lorde hath done that he spake to hys seruaunt Eliah.
11 And so Iehu slue all that remayned of the house of Ahab, in Iezrahel, & all that were greate wyth hym, & hys companyons & hys priestes, vntyll he had left hym naught remayne.
12 And he arose, and departed & went to Samaria. And as Iehu was come euen to the house where the shepeherdes bind theyr shepe by şe hye waye syde,
13 he met wyth the brethren of Ohoziah kinge of Iuda, and sayde: what are ye? & they sayde: the brethren of Ohoziah are we, and go to salute the chyldren of the kynge, and of the quene.
14 And he sayde: take them alyue. And they toke them alyue, & slue them at the well besyde the house where the shepardes bynde theyr shepe, in nombre .xlij. personnes, that he lefte none of them:
15 And when he was departed thence, he met with Iehonadab the sonne of Rechab coming agaynst hym. And Iehu saluted him & sayde to hym: is thyne herte ryghte, as myne hert is with thyne. And Iehonadab sayd: yea that it is. If it be, then geue me thyne hande. And he gaue hys hande, & the other toke hym vp to hym into the charet
16 & said: go with me & se the zeale I haue to the Lorde, & made hym ryde with him in his charet.
17 And when he came to Samaria, he slue all that remayned vnto Ahab in Samaria, tyll he had wypte him oute, accordyng to the sayinge of the Lorde whiche he spake to Eliah.
18 After that Iehu gathered all the people together, & sayde to them: Ahab seued Baal a lytle: But Iehu shall serue hym a good.
19 Now therfore call vnto me all the Prophetes of Baal and all his seruauntes & al his priestes, that none be lackynge. For I haue a great sacrifice to do to Baal: & yf any be myssed, he shall not lyue. But Iehu dyd it for a suttelty, to destroy the seruauntes of Baal.
20 Wherfore Iehu said: Appoynte a solempne feaste for Baal, & they proclamed it.
21 Then Iehu sent thorowe out all Israell. And all the seruauntes of Baal came, that there was not a man left behynde şt came not. And when they were come in to the temple of Baal, the temple was ful from one end to another.
22 Then he sayde to the keper of the vestrye, brynge forth garmentes for the seruauntes of Baal. And he brought them oute garmentes.
23 And Iehu went wt Iehonadab sonne of Rechab into the house of Baal, and sayd to the seruauntes of Baal: searche, & loke that there be none here with you of the seruauntes of the Lorde, but the seruauntes of Baal onelye.
24 And they went in, to offer sacrifyce and burnteofferynges. But Iehu appoynted him foure skore men wythoute, and sayd: Yf anye of the men whiche I shall brynge vnto youre handes escape, he that letteth hym go, shall dye for hym.
25 And as sone as he had made an ende of offeryng of burntsacrifyce, he sayde to them of the garde & to the Lordes, go in and sley them, let none come oute. And they smote them with the edge of the swerde. And the garde and the Lordes caste them oute, and went vnto the cytye of the house of Baal,
26 and fet oute the Image oute of the house of Baal, and burnte it.
27 And they brake the Image of Baal, & brake şe house of Baal, and made a sege of it euer after.
28 And so Iehu destroyed Baal out of Israel.
29 But from the synnes of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat whiche made Israel synne with the goulden calues in Bethel and Dan, Iehu departed not.
30 Then the Lorde sayde to Iehu, because thou hast lustely done that pleaseth me, and haste done to the house of Ahab all that was in myne herte, therfore shall thy chyldren in the fourthe generacyon sit on the seate of Israel.
31 But Iehu cared not to walcke in şe lawe of the Lorde God of Israel wyth all hys hert for he departed not from the synnes of Ieroboam whiche made Israel synne.
32 In those dayes the Lorde beganne to cut Israel shorte, for Hazael slue them in all the coastes of Israell,
33 from Iordan Eastwarde: euen al the lande of Galaad, the Gadites, the Rubenites and the Manassites, from Aroer vpon the ryuer of Arnon, with Galaad and Basan.
34 The rest of the actes of Iehu, and all he dyd, and all hys poure are wrytten in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel.
35 And when Iehu was layd to rest wyth hys fathers, they buryed hym in Samaria, and Iehoahaz hys sonne raygned in hys steade.
36 And that tyme that Iehu raygned vpon Israel in Samaria, was .xxviij. yeare.




1 And Athaliah the mother of Ohoziah, when she saw that her sonne was dead, she arose, and slew all the seede of the kingedome.
2 But Iehosaba the doughter of kynge Iehoram and syster of Ohoziah, toke Iehoas the sonne of Ohoziah, and stale hym from among the kynges sonnes that were slayne, and hys nourse with him, out of a slepyng chambre, and hyd hym from Athaliah, şt he was not slayne.
3 And he was with her, hyd in the house of the Lorde .vi. yeare. And Athaliah dyd raygne ouer the lande.
4 And the seuenth yeare Iehoiada sent & fet the rulars ouer hundredes with the captaines & them of the garde, and toke them into hym into the house of the Lorde, and made a bonde with them, & toke an othe of them in the house of the Lorde, & shewed them the kynges sonne,
5 And he commaunded them, sayinge: thys is that ye must do: one thyrde parte of you shall come on the Saboth daye, and kepe the watch of the kynges house:
6 And another thyrd part shalbe at the gate Sur: and another thyrde parte shalbe at the gate behynde the gard chambre, and so shall ye kepe the watche of şe house of Mesah,
7 & two porcions of you: that is, all that go oute the Saboth daye, shall kepe the watche of the house of the Lorde aboute the kynge,
8 and shal compase the kynge round aboute, euery man wyth his wepen in his hand. And whosoeuer cometh within the ranges shal dye for it. And se that ye be with the kinge as he goeth oute and in.
9 And the captaynes ouer the hundredes did all thynges as Iehoiada the prieste commaunded, and toke euery man hys men, that is, them that came in the Saboth daye wyth them that went out the Saboth day, & wente to Iehoiada the prieste.
10 And the prieste gaue to the captaynes ouer hundredes the speares & shyldes şt were kynge Dauids, & had remayned in the temple.
11 And the garde stode euery man with hys wepon in hys hand rounde about şe king from the ryght corner of the temple to the left alonge by the aultare & the temple.
12 And he broughte oute the sonne of the kynge, & put şe croune vpon hym, & delyuered hym şe wytnesse, and made hym kynge, and annoynted hym. And they clapte theyr handes and sayd: God saue the kynge.
13 And when Athaliah hearde the noyse of şe runnynge of the people, she came to the people into the house of the Lorde.
14 And when she sawe the kynge stande by a pyler (as the maner was) & the syngers & the trompettes by şe kynge, and all the people of the lande reioysynge, and the blowing of the trompettes, she rente her clothes, and cryed: treason, treason.
15 And Iehoiada the priest commaunded the captaynes of the hundredes that had the rule of the hoste, and sayde to them: haue her oute wtoute the ranges, and yf anye folowe her, let hym dye with the swerde: for the prieste sayd: she maye not be slayne in the house of şe Lord.
16 And they layde handes on her, & she went the waye that the horses of the kynges went oute & was slayne there.
17 And Iehoiada made a bonde both betwene the Lorde and the kynge, & betwene the people and the Lorde, that they shulde be the Lordes people: & also betwene the kynge and the people.
18 Then all the people of the land wente into the house of Baal, and destroyed hys aultares, and brake doune hys Images lustely, & slue Nathan the prieste of Baal before the aultare And the prieste set watche men in şe house of the Lorde,
19 & toke the rulars ouer hundredes and the captaynes, and the garde and all the people of the lande: And they brought şe kinge from the house of the Lord, and went the way of the gate of the garde of the kynges house. And he sat hym doune on the seate of the kynges.
20 And all the people of the Lorde reioysed, and the cytye was in quyete. And they slue Athaliah with the swerde in the house of the kynge.
21 (12:1) Iehoas was seven yeare olde when he was made kyng.




1 (12:2) And he beganne to raygne the seuenth yeare of Iehu, & raygned fourtye yeare in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Zebiah Bersabe.
2 (12:3) And he dyd that pleased the Lorde, as longe as Iehoiada the Prieste enformed hym.
3 (12:4) But they toke not awaye the hyllaultares, for the people slue & offered styll in the hyllaultares.
4 (12:5) And Iehoas sayde to the prieste: all the syluer that is dedicate & brought to the house of the Lorde in curraunt money, that is to saye, the money that euerye man is set at, with all the moneye that euerye mannes herte geueth hym to brynge into the house of the Lord,
5 (12:6) let the priestes take it to them, euery man of hys acquayntaunce, and let them repayre the broken places of the temple in all places where ought is founde decayed.
6 (12:7) Neuerthelater the priestes had not mended vnto the .xxiij. yeare of Iehoas, that was decayed in the temple.
7 (12:8) Then kynge Iehoas called for Iehoiada the priest, & for the other priestes also, and sayde to them: why repayre ye not the broken places of the temple? Now therfore se that ye receyue no more money of your aquayntaunce, but delyuer it to repayre the temple wythall.
8 (12:9) And the priestes consented to receyue no more moneye of the people: But that it shulde go to the mendynge of the temple.
9 (12:10) Then Iehoiada the priest toke a cofer and bored an hoale in the lyd of it, & put it besyde the aultare on the ryght syde as a man cometh into the house of the Lorde. And into that dyd the priestes that kepte the dores, put all the money that was brought into the house of şe lord.
10 (12:11) And when they sawe that there was muche money in the cofer the kinges scribe, & şe hye prieste came, and knyt vp the moneye şt was founde in the house of the Lorde, after they had tolde it.
11 (12:12) And they gaue the moneye by sommes into the handes of the worcke men that had şe ouersyght of the house of the Lord: & they brought it oute to the carpenters & buylders şt wrought vpon the house of the Lorde,
12 (12:13) & to masons and hewers of stone, to bye tymbre & fre stone, to repayre the decaye in the house of the Lorde, & all şt that neaded repayrynge in the house:
13 (12:14) howe be it there was not made in the house of the Lorde, booles of syluer, shredyng knyues, basens trompettes or any other instrumentes of goulde or syluer, of that money that was brought for the house of the Lorde.
14 (12:15) For they gaue that to the worckemen, to repayre therewyth the house of the Lorde.
15 (12:16) Moreouer they rekened not with the men, into whose handes they delyuered the money to be bestowed on worckemen: But they dyd it euen of fidelitye.
16 (12:17) How be it trespace moneye and synne money myght not be broughte into the house of the Lorde, for it was the priestes.
17 (12:18) Then came Hazael kynge of Syrya, and fought agaynste Geth, and toke it, & apointed hym selfe to go vp to Ierusalem.
18 (12:19) But Iehoas kyng of Iuda toke all the dedicate thynges şt Iehosaphat Iehoram & Ohoziah his fathers kynges of Iuda, had dedicate, & şt he hym self had dedicated, & al the gould şt coulde be found in the treasure of the house of the Lorde & of the kinges house, & sent it to Hazael Kynge of Syrya: and so he departed from Ierusalem.
19 (12:20) The remnaunt of the actes of Iehoas & al he dyd, are writen in the chronicles of the kinges of Iuda.
20 (12:21) And his owne seruauntes arose and wroughte treason, and slue Iehoas in the house Melo, in the way doune to Sela.
21 (12:22) Iozabar the sonne of Semaath and Iehozabad the sonne of Somer hys seruauntes, smote hym, that he dyed. And they buryed hym wyth his fathers in the cytye of Dauid. And Amaziah hys sonne raygned in hys steade.




1 In the .xxiij. yeare of Iehoas sonne of Ohoziah king of Iuda. Iehoahaz the sonne of Iehu was made kyng ouer Israel in Samaria, & continued .xvij. year
2 And he wrought wickednesse in the syghte of the Lorde: for he folowed the synne of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat whiche made Israell synne, & departed not there from.
3 Wherfore the Lorde was angrye with Israel, and delyuered them into the hande of Hazael kynge of Syrya, and into the hande of Benhadad the sonne of Hazael all theyr dayes.
4 But Iehoahaz besought the Lorde, and the Lorde heard hym. For he had sene the oppressyon of Israel, how the kynge of Siria oppressed them.
5 And therfore the Lorde gaue Israel a delyuerer, & they went oute from vnder the handes of the Syryans. And the chyldren of Israel dwelt in their tentes as before time.
6 Neuerthelesse they departed not from the synne of the house of Ieroboam which made Israel sinne but walked therein. And there remayned a groue also in Samaria styll:
7 But there were left of the people to Iehoahaz, but fyfty horsmen and ten charettes, & ten thousand fotemen, for the kynge of Syrya had destroyed them and made them lyke threshed chaffe.
8 The rest of şe actes of Iehoahaz, & al he dyd & his powre are wrytten in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel.
9 And Iehoahaz rested wyth hys fathers, & they buryed hym in Samaria, & Ioas hys sonne raygned in hys steade.
10 In the .xxxvij. yeare of Iehoas kynge of Iuda, began Ioas the sonne of Iehoahaz to raygne ouer Israell in Samaria, & continued .xvi. yeare,
11 & dyd vnhappelye in the syghte of the Lorde, & departed in nothynge from the synnes of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat that made Israell synne, but walcked therein.
12 The remnaunt of the actes of Ioas & al he dyd, and his power, how he fought wt Amaziah Kynge of Iuda, are wrytten in the chronicle boke of the kynges of Israel.
13 And when Ioas was layde to rest with his fathers, Ieroboam sat vpon his seate. And Ioas was buryed in Samaria amonge the Kynges of Israel.
14 When Eliseus was fallen sicke of the sicknesse whereof he dyed, Ioas kynge of Israell came to him, and wepte to him, & sayde: O father father the charet of Israel & the horsmen of the same.
15 And Eliseus sayde vnto him, brynge bowe and arowes.
16 And he brought to hym bowe & arowes. And he sayd to the king of Israel: put thyne hande vpon the bowe, & when he had put hys hande vpon the bowe, Elizeus put hys handes vpon the kinges handes.
17 Then he sayde: open a wyndowe Eastwarde, & he opened. And Eliseus sayde: shote & he shote. And he sayde: the arowe of helpe of the Lorde, and the arowe of helpe agaynst the Syryans, for thou shalt bete the Syryans in Aphek tyll thou haue consumed them.
18 Then he sayde: take arowes: and he toke Then he sayde to the kyng of Israel: smyte şe grounde, and he smote thryse & ceased.
19 And the man of God was angrye with him, and sayde: thou shuldest haue smyten fyue or syxe tymes, and then thou haddest smytten the Syryans tyl thou haddest consumed them: wher now thou shalt bete them but thryse.
20 When Eliseus was dead, and buryed, the soudyars of the Moabites came into the lande, the yeare folowyng.
21 And it chaunged as they were buryeng a man, that they spyed the soudyars, and therfore caste the man into the sepulchre of Elizeus. And as sone as the man came, and touched the bones of Elizeus, he reuyued, and stode vp on hys fete.
22 And Hazael oppressed Israel, all the dayes of Iehoahaz.
23 But the Lorde had mercye on them & pytyed them, & turned to them, because of hys appoyntment made with Abraham, Isaac & Iacob, & wolde not destroye them, ether caste them from hym as yet.
24 And when Hazael king of Syrya was dead, Benhadad his sonne raigned in hys steade.
25 And then Ioas the sonne of Iehoahaz went agayne, & toke oute of the hand of Benhadad sonne of Hazael, şe cytyes which he had taken awaye oute of the handes of Iehoahaz hys father, with warre. And thre tymes dyd Ioas beate hym, and brought the cytyes of Israel agayne.




1 The seconde yeare of Ioas sonne of Iehoahaz kynge of Israell raygned Amaziah the sonne of Iehoas kynge of Iuda:
2 he was .xxv. yeare olde when he began, and raygned .xxix. yeare in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Iehoadan, & was of Ierusalem,
3 And he dyd that pleased the Lorde, yet not lyke Dauid hys father: but dyd in al thinges as Ioas hys father dyd.
4 Nether toke they awaye the hyll aulters. But the people slue, & offered styll in the hylaulters.
5 And as sone as the kyngedome was setteled in hys hande, he slue hys seruauntes that kylled the kyng hys father.
6 But the chyldren of those murtherars he slue not, as it is written in the boke of the lawe of Moses, where the Lorde commaunded sayinge: the fathers shall not dye for şe childrens cause, nor the chyldren for the deades of theyr fathers: But euerye man shalbe slayne for hys owne synne.
7 And he slue of the Edomites in the salt valeye ten thousande, and toke the toune Sela wt strength of battell, and called the name of it Iektheel euer after.
8 After that Amaziah sent messengers to Ioas the sonne of Iehoahaz sonne of Iehu king of Israel sayinge: come, let vs se eche other.
9 But Ioas kyng of Israel sente agayne to Amaziah kyng of Iuda, sayinge. A thistel in Libanon sent to a cypresse tree in Lybanon, sayinge: geue thy doughter to my sonne to wyfe. But the wylde beastes in Lybanon went and troade doune şe thistel.
10 Because thou hast beaten the Edomytes, therfore thyne hert ryseth. Be gloryouse: but tarye at home. For what neadest thou to prouoke to myscheue, that thou shuldest be ouerthrowen and Iuda with the.
11 But Amaziah wolde not heare. And so Ioas kyng of Israel went vp, and he and Amaziah kynge of Iuda sawe eyther other at Bethsames in Iuda.
12 And Iuda was put to the worse before Israel, & they fled euerye man to hys tent.
13 And Ioas kyng of Israel toke Amaziah kynge of Iuda. sonne of Iehoas, sonne of Ohoziah, at Bethsames. And then he went to Ierusalem, and brake doune of the walle of Ierusalem from the gate of Ephraim to the corner gate, foure hundred cubytes.
14 And he toke all the goulde and siluer & al the vesseles that were founde in the house of the Lorde, & in the treasure of the kynges house, and hostages thereto: and then returned to Samaria agayne.
15 The rest of the actes of Ioas which he did and hys powre, & how he fought with Amasiah kyng of Iuda, are writen in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel:
16 & Ioas layde hym to rest wyth hys fathers, and was buryed at Samaria among the kynges of Israel: & Ieroboam hys sonne raigned in hys roume.
17 Amaziah the sonne of Iehoas kyng of Iuda, lyued after the death of Ioas sonne of Iehoahaz kyng of Israel, fyftene year.
18 And the remanaunt of the deades of Amaziah, are writen in the chronicles of the kynges of Iuda.
19 And they conspyred greate treason agaynste him in Ierusalem, & he fled to Lachis. And they wente after hym to Lachis, & slue hym there.
20 And they brought hym on an horse & he was buryed at Ierusalem with his fathers in the cytye of Dauid.
21 And al the people of Iuda toke Azariah, which was .xvi. yeare old, & made hym kyng for his father Amaziah.
22 And he buylte Ailate, and broughte it agayne to Iuda, after that the kynge was layde to reste wyth hys fathers.
23 The .xv. yeare of Amaziah sonne of Iehoas kynge of Iuda, was Ieroboam sonne of Ioas made kynge ouer Israel in Samaria, & raygned .xli. yeare,
24 and wroughte wyckednesse in the sight of the Lorde: for he turned in nothyng from the sinne of Ieroboam şe sonne of Nabat which made Israel synne.
25 He restored the coastes of Israel from the enterynge of Hemath vnto şe sea, in the wylde feldes, accordynge to the worde of the Lorde God of Israell whiche he spake thorow hys seruaunt Ionah the sonne of Amithai the Prophete, which was of Geth Opher.
26 For the Lorde had sene howe that the affliccion of Israell was excedynge bytter, in so much that the presoned & the forsaken were at an ende. And there was no helper vnto Israel.
27 And the Lorde had not yet sayde that men shulde put out the name of Israel from vnder heauen. And therfore he holpe them by the hand of Ieroboam şe sonne of Ioas.
28 The rest of the deedes of Ieroboam, and all he dyd, & his powre how he fought, & how he restored Damasco and Hemath to Iuda in Israel are written in the boke of the chronicles of the kinges of Israel.
29 And Ieroboam layde hym to rest with his fathers and wyth şe kynges of Israel, and Zachariah hys sonne raigned in hys steade.




1 The .xxvij. yeare of Ieroboam king of Israel, Azariah sonne of Amaziah kynge of Iuda beganne to raygne.
2 Sixtene yeare olde was he when he was made kynge, & he raygned .lij. yeare in Ierusalem, hys mothers name was Iecheliah, & was of Ierusalem.
3 And he dyd that pleased the Lorde in all thynges as dyd hys father Amaziah:
4 saue şt they put not the hyllaulters awaye: for the people offered & burned fat styll in the hylaultares.
5 And the Lorde smote the kynge, that he was a leper vnto the daye of hys death, and dwelte in an house at lybertye, and Iotham şe kynges sonne gouerned the house and iudged the people of the lande.
6 The reste of the deades of Azariah & all he dyd, are wrytten in şe chronicles of the kynges of Iuda.
7 And Azariah layde hym to slepe with his fathers, and they buryed hym with his fathers in the cytie of Dauid, & Iotham his sonne raygned in his steade.
8 In the .xxxviij. yeare of Azariah kynge of Iuda, was Zachariah the sonne of Ieroboam made kynge vpon Israel in Samaria, & raygned syxe monethes,
9 and dyd şt displeaseth şe Lorde, as dyd hys fathers, and turned not from the synnes of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat which made Israel synne.
10 And Zelum the sonne of Iabes conspyred agaynste hym, and smote hym before the people, & kylled hym, & raygned in hys steade.
11 The rest of the deades of Zachariah are written in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel.
12 This is the sayinge that the Lord spake vnto Iehu, sayinge: thy sonnes shall syt on şe seate of Israell in the fourth generacyon. And it came so to passe.
13 Selum the sonne of Iabes beganne to raygne the .xxxix. yeare of Azariah kynge of Iuda, and he raygned a moneth in Samaria.
14 For Manahem the sonne of Gadi came vp from Therzah, and went to Samaria & smote Selum the sonne of Iabes in Samaria, & slue hym, and raygned in hys steade.
15 The reste of the deades of Selum & the treason, whiche he conspyred, are wrytten in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel.
16 The same tyme Manahem destroyed Thaphsah and all that were therin & the coastes thereof from Therzah (because they opened not to hym) he smote and rent all the wemen with chylde.
17 The .xxxix. yeare of Azariah kynge of Iuda, beganne Manahem the sonne of Gadi to raygne vpon Israel, & contynued ten yeare in Samaria.
18 And he dyd euyll in the sighte of şe Lorde, and turned not all hys dayes from the synne of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat which made Israel synne.
19 And Phul kynge of Assiria came vpon the lande. And Manahem gaue Phul a thousand talentes of syluer, to helpe hym to stablyshe hys kyngdome.
20 And Manahem raysed the money in Israel, vpon al men of substaunce, for to geue the kynge of Assiria fyftye sycles of syluer a pece. And the kynge of Assyrya turned backe agayne, & taryed not there in the lande.
21 The rest of the deades of Manahem & all he dyd, are wrytten in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel.
22 And when Manahem was layde to reste with his fathers Phakeyah his sonne raygned in hys steade.
23 The fyftieth yeare of Azariah kyng of Iuda, beganne Phakeiah the sonne of Manahem to raygne ouer Israell in Samaria, and continued two yeare,
24 & wrought wickedlye in the syghte of the Lorde, and lefte not of from the synnes of Heroboam sonne of Nabat whiche made Israel synne.
25 And Phakeh the sonne of Romeliah a Lorde of hys conspyred agaynste hym, and slue hym in the palayse of the Kynges house, wyth Argob and Ariah and fyftie men wyth hym that were Galaadites: and when he had kylled him, raygned in his roume.
26 The rest of Phakeyah and all he dyd are wrytten in the chronicles of the kynges of Israell.
27 And the .lij. yeare of Azariah king of Iuda beganne Phakeh the sonne of Romeliah to raygne ouer Israel in Samaria and continued .xx. yeare,
28 and dyd euyll in the syght of the Lorde, and turned not from the synnes of Ieroboam sonne of Nabat şt made Israel sinne.
29 In the dayes of Phakeh kyng of Israel, came Teglath Phalasar kyng of Assyrya, and toke Aron, Abel, Beth, Maacah, Ianoah, Kades, Hazor, Galaad, Galile, and all the lande of Nephtali, and caryed them away to Assyrya.
30 And Hosea the sonne of Elah conspyred treason agaynst Phakeh the sonne of Romeliah, and smote hym, and slue hym, & raigned in hys steade, the .xx. yeare of Iotham şe sonne of Oziah.
31 The rest of the actes of Phakeh, & all he dyd, are wrytten in the storyes of şe kynges of Israel.
32 The seconde yeare of Phakeh sonne of Romeliah kynge of Israel, beganne Iotham the sonne of Oziah kynge of Iuda to raygne.
33 Fyue and twentie yeare olde was he when he beganne to raygne, and he raigned .xvi. yeare in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name was Ierusalem the doughter of Zadok.
34 And he did that was ryght in the sight of the Lorde: euen in al thynge as dyd hys father Oziah, dyd he.
35 But they put not awaye the hyllaultares: for the people offered & burnt incense styll in the hyllaulters, he buylt the hyghest dore in the house of the Lorde.
36 The reast of the dedes of Iotham and al he dyd, are written in the cronicles of şe kynges of Iuda.
37 In those dayes the Lorde beganne to sende agaynst Iuda, Razin the king of Syrya and Phakeh the sonne of Romeliah.
38 And Iotham rested wyth hys fathers & was buryed wyth hys fathers in the cytye of Dauid hys father, & Ahaz hys sonne raygned in hys steade.




1 The .xvij. yeare of Phakeh sonne of Romeliah kynge of Israell, Ahaz sonne of Iotham king of Iuda, beganne to raygne
2 .xx. yeare old was he, when he was made kynge: & raygned .xvi. yeare in Ierusalem, and dyd not that was ryghte in the eyes of the Lord hys God, lyke Dauid hys father.
3 But went in the waye of the kynges of Israell, and therto he offered hys sonne in fyre, after the abhomynacyon of the hethen which şe Lorde caste oute before the chyldren of Israel.
4 And he offered and burnt the fat in the hilaulters and on the hylles and vnder euery grene tree.
5 Then Razin kyng of Syrya & Phakeh sonne of Romeliah Kynge of Israel came vp to Ierusalem to fyghte. And they beseged Ahaz, but coulde not ouercome hym.
6 At the same tyme Razin Kynge of Syrya broughte Ailath agayne to Syrya, & ryd the Iewes thence. And the Syryans went to Ailath, and dwelte therein vnto thys daye.
7 Then Ahaz sente messengers to Teglath Phalasar Kyng of Assyrya, saying: I am thy seruaunte and thy sonne, come & delyuer me oute of the hande of the kynge of Syrya, and out of the hande of the kynge of Israel which are rysen agaynst me.
8 And Ahaz toke the syluer and the goulde that was founde in the house of the LORDE and in the treasure of the kynges house, and sent it for a rewarde to the Kynge of Assyria.
9 And the king of Assyrya herkened to hym, and went to Damasco, and toke it, and caried the people away to Kir, and slue Razin.
10 And King Ahaz wente agaynste Teglath Phalasar Kyng of Assyrya to Damasco. And when he sawe a certen aulter that was at Damasco, he sente to Vriah the Priest the patern of the aulter and the fashyon of all the workmanship thereof.
11 And Vriah the Priest made an aulter in all poyntes lyke to the paterne whiche kynge Ahaz had sent from Damasco, and had fynyshed it by the kynges comming from Damasco.
12 And when the kynge was come from Damasco, & sawe the aulter, he went to it, & offered thereon.
13 And he burnt his burntofferyng, and sprinkeled the bloude of şe peace offerynge, and powred hys drinckeofferynge & sprynkled the bloud of his peaceofferynges vpon the sayde aulter.
14 And the brasen aultare that was before the Lord, he fet from before the house, from betwene the aulter & the house of the Lorde, and put it on the northsyde of the sayde aulter.
15 And the Kinge commaunded Vriah the Priest saying: vpon the great aulter set on fyre, in the mornynge burntofferynges, & in the euen meate offerynges, & the kynges burnte sacrifice & his meateofferyng, & the burntofferynges of all the people of the lande & theyr meateofferynges & theyr drynckofferynges, & powre thereon all the bloude of al maner offeringes. But the brasen aulter shalbe for me, to enquyre with.
16 And Vriah the priest dyd all thynges as king Ahaz commaunded hym,
17 And kyng Ahaz brake the sydes of the bottomes & toke the lauers from of them, & toke doune the sea from of the brasen oxen şt were vnder it, & put it vpon a pauement of stone.
18 And therto şe pulpyte for the Saboth that they had made in the house, and the kynges entrye wythout turned he to the house of the Lord, for feare of the kynge of Assyrya.
19 The reste of the dedes of Ahaz which he dyd, are wrytten in the Chronicles of the kynges of Iuda.
20 And Ahaz layde hym to reste with his fathers, and was buryed wyth hys fathers in the cytye of Dauid: & Hezekyah hys sonne raygned in his roume.




1 In the .xij. yeare of Ahaz kynge of Iuda, Hosea sonne of Elah beganne to raigne in Samaria, vpon Israel, & continued .ix. year
2 & dyd that displeased the Lord, but not so euyll as dyd the kynges of Israel şt were before hym.
3 And Salmanasar kynge of Assyrya came vpon him, & Hosea became hys seruaunte, and gaue hym presentes.
4 And the kynge of Assyrya founde treason in Hosea, because he had sente messengers to Sua kynge of Egypte, and sente no presentes vnto the kynge of Assyrya, as he was yerely wonte to do. Therfore the kynge of Assyrya beseged hym, and put hym in pryson.
5 And then the kyng of Assyrya came thorououte all the londe, & came to Samaria & beseged it thre yeare.
6 And in the nynthe yeare of Hosea, the kynge of Assyrya toke Samaria & caryed Israel away vnto Assyrya, & put them in Hala, in Habor on the riuer of Gozan, & in şe cytyes of the Medes.
7 For the chyldren of Israel had synned agaynst the Lorde theyr God whiche brought them oute of the lande of Egypt, from vnder the hande of Pharao kyng of Egypt, and feared other Goddes.
8 And they walked in the ordinaunce of the hethen which şe Lorde caste oute before the children of Israel, and in the thynges which the kynges of Israell had made.
9 And the chyldren of Israel wrapt them selues in thynges that were not well toward the Lorde their God. And they buylte them hylaulters in al theyr cytyes, bothe in şe toures where they kepte watche, and also in the strong tounes.
10 And they made them Images & groues on euerye hye hyll, & vnder euerye grene tree.
11 And there they sacrifyced in the hylaulters, as dyd the hethen which the Lorde caried awaye at theyr commynge, & wrought weked dedes, to angre the Lord wyth al.
12 And they serued Idoles, wherof the Lord had said to them: ye shall not do so.
13 And the Lorde testifyed to Israel & to Iuda, by all the Prophetes & by al the sears sayinge: Turne from youre wicked wayes & kepe my commaundementes & myne ordinaunces accordynge to all the lawes which I commaunded youre fathers, & as I sente to you by my seruauntes the prophetes.
14 Notwithstanding they wolde not heare, but hardened their neckes, lyke to the neckes of their fathers şt dyd not beleue the Lorde theyr God.
15 And they refused his ordinaunce & his appoyntemente şt he had made wyth theyr fathers, and the wytnesse which he had witnessed to them, and folowed vanitie and became vayne, lyke to the hethen that were rounde aboute them, of whiche the Lorde had charged them, that they shuld not do lyke them.
16 But they lefte the commaundementes of the Lorde their God, and made them Images of metall, euen .ij. calues: & made groues, and bowed them selues vnto all the host of heauen, & serued Baal,
17 And they sacrificed their sonnes & their doughters in fyre, & vsed witchcraft & enchauntementes, & were solde to worcke wickednes in the sight of the Lorde for to angre hym.
18 Wherfore the Lorde was excedyng wrothe with Israel & put them oute of hys sighte, that there was lefte but the trybe of Iuda onelye,
19 and therto Iuda kept not the commaundementes of the Lorde theyr God, but walked in the ordinaunces of Israel whiche they had made.
20 Therfore the Lorde caste vp all the seed of Israell, and vexed them and delyuered them into the handes of spoylers, vntyll he had cast them oute of his syght.
21 And Israel deuyded them selues from the house of Dauid, and made Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat kynge. Which Ieroboam thruste Israel awaye from the Lorde, and made them synne a great synne.
22 And so şe children of Israel walcked in al the synne of Ieroboam which he had set vp, and departed not therefrom,
23 vntyll the Lorde had put Israel awaye oute of hys sighte, as he sayde by al his seruauntes the prophetes. And so he translated Israel oute of theyr lande to Assyrya, euen vnto this daye.
24 And the kynge of Assyrya brought from Babylon & from Cutha, & from Aua & from Hemath and from Sepharuaim, and put them in the cyties of Samaria in steade of the chyldren of Israel. And they possessed Samaria & dwelte in the cytyes thereof.
25 But at the begynnynge of theyr dwellynge, they feared not the Lord. Wherfore the Lorde sente lyons vpon them which slue them.
26 Then the men tolde the king of Assyrya, sayinge: The nacyons which thou hast translated, & put in the cytyes of Samaria, knowe not the maner of the God of the lande, and therfore he hath sente lyons vpon them, whiche slaye them, because they knowe not the maner of the God of the lande.
27 Then the kynge of Assyrya commaunded saying: cary thyther one of the priestes which ye brought thence, & let him go, & dwell there, & teache them the fashyon howe to serue şe God of the countreye.
28 And then one of the priestes which they had caried thence, went & dwelte in Bethel, & taught them howe they shulde feare şe Lorde.
29 How be it, euerye nacyon made theyr owne Goddes, & put them in the houses of şe Hiaulters whiche the Samaritans had made, euerye nacion in theyr cytyes where they dwelte.
30 The men of Babilon made Socoth, Benoth. The men of Cuth made Nergell. They of Hemath made Asima.
31 The Euites made Nebahaz, and Tharthak. And the Sepharuaites burnt theyr chyldren in fyre vnto Adramelech and Anamelech, the Goddes of the Sepharuaites.
32 And though they feared the Lorde, yet they made them priestes of the loweste of the people, for the hyllaultars, whiche sacrifyced for them in the houses of the hyll aulters.
33 And so they feared the Lorde, and yet serued theyr owne Goddes after the maner of the people from whence they were brought.
34 Vnto thys daye they do after the olde maner: they neyther feare the Lorde, neyther do after theyr owne ordynaunces and customes, and after the lawe & commaundement whiche the Lord commaunded the chyldren of Iacob whose name he called Israel,
35 and made an appoyntmente with them and charged them saying: feare not any other Goddes, nor bow your selues to them nor serue them, nor sacrifice to them:
36 but to the Lorde whych brought you oute of the lande of Egypte wyth greate powre & a stretched out arme: hym feare & to him bowe & to him do sacrifice.
37 And the ordinaunces, customes, law & commaundement which I wrote for you, se şt ye be diligente to do for euermore, & feare not any other Goddes.
38 And the appoyntement şt I haue made wyth you, se ye forget not, and that you feare none other Goddes:
39 but the Lorde youre God ye shall feare, & he shall delyuer you out of şe handes of all youre enemies.
40 How be it they hearde not, but dyd after the olde maner.
41 And euen so dyd these nacions feare şe Lorde & serue theyr ymages therto: & so dyd their children & theyr chyldrens children to. Euen as dyd theyr fathers, so do they vnto this daye.




1 The thyrde yeare of Hosea sonne of Ela, kynge of Israell raigned Hezekiah sonne of Ahaz kyng of Iuda.
2 Twentye and fyue yeare olde was he, when he beganne to raygne, & raygned .xxix. yeare in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name was Abi the doughter of Zachariah,
3 & he dyd that pleased the Lorde in all thynge, lyke to Dauid hys father.
4 He put awaye the hyllaultares & brake the Images, & cut doune the groues, & all to brake the brasen serpente that Moses made. For vnto those dayes the chyldren of Israell dyd burne sacryfyce to it, and called it Nehustan.
5 He trusted in the Lorde God of Israel, so that after hym came none lyke hym amonge al the kynges of Iuda, neyther amonge them that went before hym.
6 He claue to the Lorde, & departed not from hym, but kept hys commaundementes whiche the Lorde commaunded Moses.
7 And the Lorde was wyth hym. And whatsoeuer he toke in hande, he dyd it wysely. And he rebelled agaynste the kynge of Assyrya, & serued hym not.
8 He bet the Philistines euen vnto Azah and the coastes thereof, bothe in castels of garysons and stronge cytyes to.
9 And the fourthe yeare of kynge Hezekiah, whiche was the seuenthe yeare of Hosea sonne of Ela kynge of Israel, came Salmanasar kynge of Assyrya vpon Samaria, & beseged it.
10 And they toke it at the ende of thre yeare, which was the sixte of Hezekiah: that is to say the nynthe yeare of Hosea kynge of Israell, was Samaria wonne.
11 And the kynge of Assyrya dyd carye awaye Israel vnto Assyrya, & put them in Halah & in Habor on the ryuer of Gozan, & in the cytyes of Medes:
12 because they wolde not herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde theyr God. But transgressed hys appoyntemente, and all that Moses the seruaunt of the Lord commaunded, and wolde neyther heare nor do.
13 The .xiiij. yeare of Kynge Hezekiah came Sennaherib kynge of Assyrya agaynste all şe stronge cytyes of Iuda, and toke them.
14 Whervpon Hezekiah kyng of Iuda sent to şe kyng of Assyria to Lachis saying: I haue offended. But depart from me, and what thou putteste on me that wyll I beare. And the kynge of Assyria appoynted vnto Hezekiah kynge of Iuda thre hundred talentes of syluer, and thyrtye talentes of golde.
15 And Hezekiah gaue hym all the syluer that was founde in the house of the Lorde, and also in the treasure of the kynges house.
16 And the sayde ceason Hezekiah rente of the dores of the temple of the Lorde and the pyllers whiche the sayde Hezekiah kynge of Iuda couered ouer, & gaue them to the kynge of Assyrya.
17 And the kinge of Assyrya sent Tarthan & Rabsaris & Rabsakeh from Lachis to kynge Hezekiah with a greate Host to Ierusalem. And they went vp & came to Ierusalem, & wente & stode by the conduyte of the vppermoste pole which is in the waye to the fullers felde,
18 and called to the kynge. And there came out to them Eliakim the sonne of Belkiah stuard of housholde & Sobnah the scrybe, & Ioah the sonne of Asaph, the recorder.
19 And then Rabsakeh sayde to them. Tell ye Hezekiah I praye you: thus sayth the greate kynge the kyng of Assyria. What confidence is this that thou haste?
20 thou wylt haplye speake a lyghte worde, that thou hast councell & powre to make warre. On whome then doest thou truste, that thou rebellest agaynst me?
21 doeste thou truste to the staffe of this broken rede Egypte, on which yf a man lene, it wyll runne into hys hande & perce it. For euen so is Pharao kynge of Egypt vnto all that truste on hym.
22 If ye saye vnto me we trust in the Lorde oure God. Is not şt he whose hyllaulters and other aulters to, Hezekiah hath put doune, & hath sayde to Iuda and Ierusalem, bow youre selues before thys aulter here in Ierusalem.
23 And now ioyne thy self to my Lord şe king of Assyrya, & I wyll delyuer şe two thousande horses, yf thou be able to set ryders vpon them:
24 (and yf thou be not) how then arte thou able to resist one of the leste Dukes of my maisters seruauntes? or trustest thou to Egypte for charettes and horsmen?
25 Moreouer thinkest thou, that I am come wythoute the byddynge of şe Lorde to this place to destroye it? naye: şe lord sayde to me, go vp to this lande & destroye it.
26 Then sayd Eliakim the sonne of Helkiah and Sobnah & Ioah, to Rabsakeh: speake we pray the to thy seruaunts in the Syryans language for we vnderstande it: & talke not wyth vs in the Iewes tonge, in the eares of the people şt are on the walles.
27 And Rabsakeh sayde vnto them: hath my mayster sente me onely to thy mayster and to the, to speake these wordes, or rather to the men that kepe the walles, şt they shall eate theyr owne dyrte and dryncke their owne pysse with you.
28 And so Rabsakeh stode and cryed wyth a loude voyce in the Iewes language, and spake sayinge: heare the sayinge of the great kynge the kyng of Assyrya.
29 Thus sayth the king: let not Hezekiah begyle you, for he is not able to delyuer you out of myne hand:
30 neyther let Hezekiah make you truste to the Lorde sayinge: the Lorde shall surely ryd vs, and thys cytye shall not be deliuered into the handes of the kyng of Assyrya.
31 Herken not vnto Hezekiah, for thus sayth the kynge of Assyrya. Deale kyndely with me, & come out to me. And then eate euery man of hys owne vyne, & of hys owne fygge tree, & drincke euery man of the water of hys owne welle,
32 tyll I come, and fet you to as good a lande as youres is: a lande of corne and wyne, a lande of breade & vyneyardes, a lande of olyue trees, of oyle & of hony. And ye shal lyue and not dye. And herken not vnto Hezekiah for he wyll begyle you, sayinge: the Lorde shall delyuer vs.
33 For haue the Gods of the nacyons delyuered any God hys lande, out of the hande of the kyng of Assiria?
34 where are the Gods of Hemath & of Arphad? where are the Gods of Sepharuaim, of Ana, and Aphah? dyd they delyuer Samaria out of myne handes?
35 what God of any land hath deliuered his lande out of mine hand, that the lorde shoulde delyuer Ierusalem out of myne hande.
36 But the people helde their peace and answered not hym a worde: for the kynge had commaunded sayinge: answere him not.
37 Then Eliakim the stuard of the houshold and Sobnah the scrybe, and Ioah the sonne of Asaph the recorder, came to Hezekiah with their clothes rent, and tolde hym the wordes of Rabsakeh.




1 When Kynge Hezekiah hearde şt he rent his clothes, and put on sacke, and wente to the house of the Lorde.
2 Forthermore he sent Eliakim stuard of houshold and Sobnah the scribe, and the elders of the priestes clothed in sack, to Isaiah the Prophet the sonne of Amos.
3 And they sayde to hym: thus sayth Hezekiah: thys daye is a daye of trybulacyon, rebukinge and raylynge. Euen as when the chyldren are readye to be borne and the mothers haue no power to be delyuered.
4 Oh that the Lorde thy God would heare al the wordes of Rabsakeh whom the kynge of Assiria hys mayster hathe sent to rayle on the lyuynge God, and to rebuke hym wyth wordes which the Lord thy God hath heard. Wherfore lyfte vp thy prayer for the remnaunt that are lefte.
5 When the seruauntes of kynge Hezekiah were come to Isaiah,
6 Isaiah sayde to them. So shall ye saye to youre mayster. Thus sayth the Lorde: be not afrayde of the wordes thou heardest, with whyche the young men of the kyng of Assiria haue railed on me.
7 For I wil sende him a blast that he shal heare tydynges, and so returne to hys owne lande. And I will ouerthrow him with the swerde, euen in hys owne lande.
8 And Rabsakeh went backe agayne and founde the kynge of Assiria fightyng agaynst Lobnah: for he had hearde, how thac he was departed from Lachis.
9 And he hearde tydynges of Therhakah king of the blacke Mores, how that he was come out to fyght agaynst him.
10 And thervpon he departed and sent messengers vnto Hezekiah saying: Thus saye to Hezekiah king of Iuda: let not thy God carie the out of the waye, in whom thou so trustest sayinge: Ierusalem shal not be delyuered into the hand of the kinge of Assiria.
11 Beholde, thou hast hearde, what the Kynges of Assiria haue done to all landes, how they haue vtterly destroyed them. And how then shouldest thou escape?
12 hathe the Goddes of the Heathen delyuered them whiche myne aunsetries haue destroyed: as Gosan, Haran, Rezeph, and the chyldren of Eden, whiche were in Telazar?
13 where is the kinge of Hemath, the kynge of Arphath, the Kynge of the cytye of Sepharuaim, and the kynge of Ana and the kynge of Auah.
14 When Hezekiah had receyued the letter of şe hand of the messengers & had read it, he went into the house of the Lord and layd it abroade before the Lorde.
15 And Hezekiah prayed before the Lorde and sayde: Lorde God of Israell, whych dwellest betwene the Cherubes, thou art God alone ouer all the kyngedomes of the earthe, and thou hast made bothe heauen and earthe.
16 Lord bowe thine eares and heare: Open Lorde thyne eyes and se: and heare the wordes of Sennaherib, which had sent to raile on the lyuynge God.
17 But of a truthe Lorde, the kynges of Assiria haue destroyed nacyons and their landes,
18 and haue set fyre on their Goddes. For they were no Goddes, but the worke of the handes of man, euen wood and stone. And therfore they destroyed them.
19 Nowe therfore Lorde our God, saue thou vs oute of his hande, that all the kingdomes of the earth may knowe, that thou Lorde art God alone.
20 And Isaiah the sonne of Amoz sent to Hezekiah sayinge: thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel: that thou hast prayed to me concernynge Sennaherib kinge of Assiria, I haue hearde it.
21 This is the kinge that the lorde sayth of him: he hath despysed the, O virgine doughter of Sihon: he hath shaked his head at the, thou doughter of Ierusalem:
22 whom hast thou rayled on? and whom hast thou reuyled? Agaynste whome hast thou exalted thy voyce? and hast lyfte vp thyne eyes so hye?
23 Euen against the holy of Israel. By the hand of thy messengers thou hast rayled on the Lorde, & sayde: with the multitude of my charettes I am come vp to the heyght of the mountaynes euen along by the sides of Libanon, and haue cut of the hye Cedar trees and the lustye fyre trees therof euen to the wood of Carmel that belongeth therto.
24 I haue dygged and droncke straunge waters, and haue dryed vp with the soles of my fete poles enclosed.
25 But hast thou not hearde howe I haue ordeyned suche a thynge a great whyle a go, & haue prepared it from the begynnynge? And now I bryng it forthe and it shalbe to destroy and to brynge stronge cities into rude heapes of stones.
26 And the enhabiters of them shalbe of lytle power, and faynt herted and confounded. They shalbe lyke the grasse of the felde & grene erbes, and as the hey on the toppes of the houses whych whetherth or it come to any heyght.
27 I wote where thou dwellest, and thy cominge out and goyinge in know I to, and howe thou settest vp thy brystelles agaynste me.
28 And because thou settest vp thy bristelles against me, and that thy raginge is come vp to myne eares: therfore I wil put a rynge in thy nose and a byt in thy lyppes, and wyll brynge the backe agayne the same way thou camest.
29 And this shalbe a signe vnto şe: eate this yeare of the frutes of the seade that fell out, & the next yeare, that waxeth of it selfe. And the thirde yeare sowe ye and reape, plant vineyardes, and eate the frutes therof.
30 For the doughter of Iuda that is escaped and lefte, shall yet againe take rotinge dounewarde & beare frute vpwarde.
31 For out of Ierusalem shall go a remnaunt, and a nombre that shall escape out of mount Sion: the zeale of the lord of Hostes shall brynge this thinge to passe.
32 Wherfore thus saith the Lorde, of şe kinge of Assiria: he shall not come to this citie, nor shote arow into it, nor come before with shild nor cast any bancke agaynst it:
33 but shall go backe agayne the waye he came, and shall not come at his cytye sayth the Lorde.
34 For I wyll defende this cytye and saue it, for myne owne sake, and for Dauid my seruauntes sake.
35 And the selfe same nyght the Aungel of the Lorde went out & smote in the hoste of the Assirians an hundred four skore & fiue thousand. And when they were vp erly in the morning beholde, they were al dead corses.
36 And so Sennaherib kynge of Assiria auoyded & departed & went againe, and dwelt at Niniueh.
37 And as he was in his deuocyon knelynge in the house of Nisroch hys God, Adramelech and Sarasar smote him with the swerde. And they escaped into the lande of Ararat, and Asarhadon hys sonne raygned in his steade.




1 Aboute that tyme Hezekiah was sick vnto the death. And the Prophete Isaiah sonne of Amos came to him & sayde to hym: Thus sayth the Lorde: put thyne houssholde in an ordre, for thou shalt dye and not lyue.
2 And Hezekiah turned his face to the wal & besought the Lorde sayinge:
3 Oh Lorde, remembre yet howe I haue walked before the truly and with a perfect herte, and haue done that whyche is good in thy sighte, and wepte a great pace.
4 And Isaiah was skarce gone oute into the midle of the citie, but that the word of the lord came to him sayinge:
5 turne agayn & tell Hezekiah the captayne of my people. Thus sayth the Lorde God of Dauid thy father: I haue hearde thy prayer & seane thy teares. Behold I wyll heale the, and this daye thre dayes thou shalt go vp into the house of the Lorde.
6 And I wyl length thy daies yet fiftene yeare and wyll delyuer bothe the and this citie oute of the hand of şe kinge of Assiria, & wil defend this citie for mine owne sake, & for Dauid my seruauntes sake.
7 And Isaiah sayde: brynge a lumpe of figges. And they brought and put it on the sore, and he recouered.
8 Then sayde Hezekiah to Isaiah: what is the signe, that the Lorde will heale my, & that I shall go vp into the house of the Lorde the thyrd daye?
9 And Isaiah saide: this sygne shalt thou haue of the Lorde, that the Lorde wil do that he hath spoken: shal the shadowe go forwarde ten degrees, or go backe agayne ten degrees?
10 And Hezekiah saide: it is a lyght thynge for the shadowe to go doune ten degrees. Therfore I will not that: but let the shadowe go backewarde ten degrees.
11 And Isaiah the Prophete called to the Lorde, and he brought the shadowe ten degrees backewarde, by whyche it had gone doune, in the dyal of Ahaz.
12 The same ceason Berodach Baladan the sonne of Baladan king of Babylon sent letters and presentes vnto Hezekiah, for he heard how that Hezekiah was sycke.
13 And Hezekiah harkened vnto them, and shewed them al that was in the spycery house, and hys syluer and goulde & odoures & precyouse oyntmentes & hys armorye and all that was founde in hys treasure, there was nothing in his house or in al his reaulme, that he shewed them not.
14 Then came Isaiah the Prophete vnto kyng Hezekiah, and sayde to him: What saye these men, and from whence come they to the? And Hezekiah sayde: they be come from a farre countrey, euen from Babylon.
15 And he sayd: what haue they sene in thyne house? And Hezekiah sayd: al şt is in my house, haue they sene: there is nothinge amonge my treasure that I haue not shewed them.
16 And Isaiah sayde to Hezekiah: heare the worde of the Lorde.
17 Beholde the day shall come, that all that is in thyne house and that thy fathers haue layde vp in store vnto this day, shalbe caryed to Babilon, and nothing shalbe lefte sayth the lord.
18 And of thy sonne that proceaded oute of the, whiche thou begattest, shall there be caryed away, and shalbe made chambrelaines in the palace of the kynge of Babilon.
19 And Hezekiah sayde to Isaiah: welcome be the worde of the Lorde whiche thou hast spoken: so that peace and truthe be kept in my dayes.
20 The remnaunt of the deades of Hezekiah & al his power, and how he made a pole and conduyte and brought the water into the cytye, are written in the boke of the chronycles of the kynges of Iuda.
21 And Hezekiah layde him to rest with hys fathers, and Manasseh hys sonne raygned in his steade.




1 Manasseh was twelue yeare olde when he beganne to raygne, & raygned fyfty and fyue yeare in Ierusalem: hys mothers name was Haphzibah.
2 And he dyd şt displeased the Lorde, euen after the abhominacions of the Heathen whyche the Lorde caste oute before the chyldren of Israel. And he went
3 and buylt the hilaulters agayne, which Hezekiah hys father had destroyed. And he reared vp aulters to Baal and made groues, as dyd Ahab kinge of Israel. And he bowed him selfe vnto all the hoste of heauen and serued them.
4 And he buylt aulters in the verye house of the Lorde, of whiche the Lorde had sayd: In Ierusalem I wil put my name.
5 And he buylt aulters vnto all the Hoste of heauen, euen in two courtes of the house of the Lorde.
6 And he offered his sonne in fyre, and obserued dismall dayes, and vsed witchcrafte and maintened workers wyth spirites, and tellers of fortuners: and wrought muche wyckednesse in the syght of the Lorde to angre hym.
7 And he put an ymage of a groue that he had made, euen in the very temple of whiche the Lorde had sayd to Dauid and to Salomon hys sonne: in thys house and in Ierusalem whiche I haue chosen out of all trybes of Israel, wil I put my name for euer.
8 Neither wil I make the fete of Israel moue any more out of the lande whiche I gaue their fathers: so that they wilbe diligent to do al I haue commaunded them, and all the lawe that my seruaunt Moses commaunded them.
9 But they herkened not: for Manasseh had led them out of the waye, to do more wyckedly then dyd the heathen people, whiche the Lord destroied from before the chyldren of Israel.
10 And the Lorde spake by his seruauntes şe Prophetes sayinge:
11 because Manasseh kynge of Iuda hath done suche abhominacyons, and hath wrought wyckedly aboue all that the Amorites whyche were before him dyd, and hath made Iuda synne also wyth his ydoles.
12 Therfore thus sayth the Lord God of Israel. Beholde, I wyl brynge suche euyl vpon Ierusalem and Iuda, that the eares of all that heare it, shall tyngle at it.
13 And I wyll stretche ouer Ierusalem the squarynge lyne of Samaria and the plometh of the house of Ahab. And I wyl wype out Ierusalem, as a man would wipe a dyshe, and when he hath wyped, it turneth it vpsedoune.
14 And though I leue a remnaunt of myne enheritaunce, yet I wyl delyuer them into the handes of them that hate them, and they shalbe robbed and spoyled of al their enemies:
15 euen because they haue done wyckedly and haue angred me, sence the time theyr fathers came out of Egypte vnto thys daye.
16 And therto Manasseh shed innocent bloud exceadynge aboundantly, in so mnche that he replenysshed Ierusalem in all corners, beside his synne wherwyth he made Iuda synne & to do euyl in the syght of the Lorde.
17 The rest of the actes of Manasseh and all he dyd and hys sinne that he sinned, are written in the boke of the chronicles of the kinges of Iuda.
18 And Manasseh layd him to slepe wt his fathers, and was buryed in the garden of his owne house, euen in the garden of Oza: & Amon his sonne raygned in his steade.
19 Amon was .xxij. yeare olde when he began to raygne, and he raygned two yeare in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Mesalemeth the doughter of Haru of Iathbah.
20 And he did that displeased the Lorde as his father Manasseh dyd.
21 And he walked in al the way that hys father walked in, and serued the ydoles that hys father serued, and bowed hym selfe to them.
22 And he forsoke the Lorde God of his fathers and walked not in the waye of the Lorde.
23 And the seruauntes of Amon conspyred agaynst him, and slue him in hys own house.
24 But the people of the lande slue all that conspired agaynst kinge Amon, and made Iosiah his sonne kynge in hys roume.
25 The rest of şe actes of Amon, which he dyd are wrytten in the chronicle of the kinges of Iuda.
26 And they buryed him in his sepulchre in the garden of Oza, and Iosiah hys sonne raygned in hys steade.




1 Iosiah was .viij. yeare old when he beganne to raygne, & he raygned .xxxi. yeare in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name was Ididah the doughter of Adaiah of Bezecath.
2 And he dyd şt semed ryghte in the syght of the lord, & walked in al the wayes of Dauid his father, & bowed neither to şe right hande or to the lefte.
3 And the .xviij. yeare of hys raygne kynge Iosiah sent Saphan the sonne of Azaliah the sonne of Mesulam the scribe to the house of the Lorde, saying:
4 go to Helkiah the hye priest and let hym summe the siluer that is brought into the house of the Lorde, whych the kepers of the dores haue gathered of the people,
5 and let them delyuer it into the handes of the workmen that haue the ouersight of the house of the Lorde, whych shall geue it to them that worke vpon the house of the Lorde, to repaire the decayed places thereof,
6 euen vnto the carpenters and masons, and for to bye tymbre and fre stone to repayre the house.
7 How be it let no rekenyng be made wt them of the money that is deliuered into their handes, but let them do it of their conscience.
8 And Helkiah the hye pryeste sayde to Saphan the scribe: I haue founde the boke of the lawe in the temple of the Lorde, and Helkiah gaue the boke of Saphan, and he read it.
9 And then Saphan the scribe went to the kyng and brought him worde agayne, and sayde: thy seruauntes poured out the syluer that was founde in the temple, and haue delyuered it vnto the workemen that haue the ouersyghte of the house of the Lorde.
10 Forthermore Saphan the scribe shewed the kynge sayinge: Helkiah the prieste hathe delyuered me here a boke. And Saphan read it before the kynge.
11 And the kynge as sone as he had hearde, the wordes of the boke of the lawe, he rent hys clothes
12 and commaunded Helkiah the prieste, and Ahikam the sonne of Saphan and Achobor the sonne of Michaiah, and Saphan the scribe, and Asahiah a seruaunt of the kynges sayinge:
13 go ye and seke of the Lorde for me & the people and for all Iuda, concernynge the wordes of this boke that is founde. For it is a great wrathe of the Lorde that is kendled vpon vs, that our fathers haue not herkened vnto the wordes of thys boke, to do in all poyntes, as it is written therin.
14 And Helkiah the hye pryeste and Ahikam Achobor, Saphan, Ahasiah went vnto Oldah the Prophetisse wyfe to Selum the sonne of Tekuah the sonne of Haraham keper of the robes, whyche Prophetisse dwelt in Ierusalem in the seconde warre, and communed with her.
15 And she sayde to them: thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel. Tell the man, that sent you to me:
16 thus sayth the Lorde: beholde I wyll brynge euyll vpon this place, and on the dwellers therin: euen al the wordes of the boke, whiche the King of Iuda hath read,
17 because they haue forsaken me, and haue burntofferynges vnto other Goddes, to angre me with all the workes of their handes. Therfore is my wrath kendled agaynst thys place, and shall not be quenched.
18 But to the kynge of Iuda whyche sent you to enquyre of the Lorde, so shall ye saye: thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel, as touchinge the wordes whiche thou heardest.
19 Because thyne hert dyd melt, and thou mekedest thy selfe before me the Lorde, when thou heardest what I spake agaynst thys place, and the enhabiters of the same, howe that it shoulde be destroyed and made acursed, and tarest thy clothes and weptest before me: of that also I haue hearde sayth the Lorde.
20 And therfore se, I wyll receyue the vnto thy fathers & wyll fet the vnto thy graue in peace, thyne eyes shall se none of the euyl whych I wyll bryng vpon thys place. And they brought the Kyng worde agayne.




1 And then the kynge sent and gathered vnto hym al the elders of Iuda and of Ierusalem.
2 And the Kyng went vp into the house of the Lorde, and all the men of Iuda and all the enhabytoures of Ierusalem wt hym, and the pryestes and the Prophetes and all the people bothe small and greate. And he read in the eares of them al the wordes of the boke of the couenaunt, whyche was founde in the house of the Lord.
3 And the kynge stode by a pyller, and made a couenaunt before the Lorde, that they shoulde walke after the Lorde, and kepe his commaundementes and hys wytnesses and hys ordynaunces wyth all their hertes, and al theyr soules, and make good the wordes of the sayde appointmente, that were wrytten in the forsayde boke. And all the people consented to the appoyntment.
4 And the kynge commaunded Helkiah the hye prieste and the inferioure pryestes and the kepers of the dore, to bringe out of the temple of the Lorde, al the vesselles that were made for Baal and for the groue & for al the host of heauen. Add he burnt them without Ierusalem in the feldes of Cedron, and caryed the asshes of them into Bethel.
5 And he put doune the Camarites, whyche the kynges of Iuda had set to burne offerynges in the hylaulters in the cities of Iuda round aboute Ierusalem and also them that burnt sacrifices vnto Baal to the sonne and to the mone and to the planetes, and to all the hoste of heauen.
6 And he brought out the groue from the temple of the Lorde without Ierusalem vnto the broke Cedron, and burnt it at the broke Cedron and stampte it to pouldre, and cast the dust therof vpon the graues of the people of the countrey.
7 And he brake doune the celles of the malehores that were in the house of the Lorde, where the wemen woue lytle houses for the groue.
8 And he brought al the pryestes oute of the cities of Iuda, and defyled the hylaulters where the pryestes dyd burne sacrifice, euen from Gabaa to Bersabe. And he brake doune the hylaulters of the Gates, that were in the enterynge of the Gate of Iosua the gouernoure of the citie, whyche were on the lefte hande of the gate of the citie.
9 Neuerthelesse the pryestes of the hilaulters myght not come at the aulter of the Lorde in Ierusalem, saue only they dyd eate of the swete breade amonge their brethren.
10 And he defyled Topheth also, whiche is the valeye of the children of Hennom, because noman shoulde offer hys sonne or hys doughter in fyre to Moloch:
11 he put doune the horses that the kynges of Israell had geuen to the sonne at the entrynge of the house of the lord, in the chambre of Nathanmelech the chamberlayne, which was of Paruarim, and burnt the charettes of the sonne wyth fyre.
12 And the aulters that were on the toppe of the parloure of Ahal, whyche the kynges of Iuda had made, and the aulters whiche Manasseh had made in the two courtes of the house of the Lorde, the kynge brake doune, and ranne hence, and cast the dust of them into the broke Cedron.
13 And the hilaulters that were before Ierusalem on the ryght hande of the mounte Mashith, whyche Salomon kynge of Israel buylt to Astharoth the abhominacion of the Zidons and to Chamos the abhominacyon of the Moabites, and to Milchom the abhomynacyon of the children of Ammon, the kynge defyled:
14 and brake the ymages and cut doune the groues, and fylled the places with the bones of men.
15 Moreouer the aulter that was at Bethel, the hylaulter made by Ieroboam the sonne of Nabath whyche made Israel synne, both the aulter and also the hyll he brake doune, and burnt the hyll and stampte it to pouder, and burnt the groue.
16 And as Iosiah turned hym selfe, he spyed the graues that were in the mounte, and set and fet the bones oute of the graues, and burnt them vpon the aulter and poluted it accordynge to the worde of the lord that the man of God had proclamed, whiche openly had denounced the same thinges.
17 Then the kynge saide: what meaneth younder graue stone that I se? And the men of the citye tolde hym: it is the sepulchre of the man of God, whyche came from Iuda and openlye denounced the selfe same thynges that thou hast done to the aulter of Bethel.
18 And he said: let hym be: se that noman moue hys bones. And so his bones scaped wyth the bones of a Prophete that came oute of Samaria.
19 And therto all the houses of the hilaulters of the cities of Samaria whiche the kynges of Israel had made, to angre wyth all: Iosiah put out of the way, and dyd to them in al pointes as he dyd in Bethel.
20 And he sacryfyced all the priestes of the hylaulters that were there euen vpon the aulters, and burnt mennes bones vpon them, and returned to Ierusalem.
21 And the kynge commaunded al the people sayinge: kepe the feaste of passouer vnto the Lorde your God, as it is wrytten in the boke of thys couenaunt.
22 For there was no passouer holden lyke that, from the daies of the iudges that iudged Israel, and thorowe oute all the dayes of the kynges of Israel and of Iuda.
23 And in the .xviij. yeare of kynge Iosiah was thys passouer holden to the Lorde in Ierusalem.
24 And therto workers wyth spyrytes, sothsayers, ymages of witchcrafte, ydoles, and al other abhomynacyons that were spyed in the lande of Iuda and in Ierusalem, Iosiah put out of the waye, to make good the wordes of the law, whyche were wrytten in the boke that Helkiah the prieste founde in the house of the Lorde:
25 lyke vnto him was there no kynge before him, that turned to the Lorde with al hys herte, with al his soule and all hys myght, accordynge to all the lawe of Moses, neyther after him arose there any suche.
26 Notwithstandynge the Lorde turned not from his fearce and great wrath, wherwyth he was angrye against Iuda vpon al the prouocacyons that Manasseh prouoked hym.
27 But the Lorde sayd: I will put Iuda to, out of my syghte, as I haue done Israell, and will cast of thys citie Ierusalem whyche I haue chosen and the house of which I haue sayd, my name shalbe there.
28 The rest of the deades of Iosiah and all he dyd, are wrytten in the boke of the storyes of the kynges of Iuda.
29 In his dayes Pharao Necoh kynge of Egipt went againste the kynge of Assiria to the ryuer of Euphrates. And kynge Iosiah went against hym, and was slayne of hym at Magedo when he had sene him.
30 And his seruauntes caryed him dead from Magedo and brought him to Ierusalem, and buried him in hys owne sepulchre. And the people of the land toke Iehoahaz the sonne of Iosiah, and annoynted him and made hym kynge in hys fathers roume.
31 And Iehoahaz was .xxiij. yeare olde when he beganne to raygne, and raygned thre monethes in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Hamital şe doughter of Ieremiah of Lobnah.
32 And he dyd that dyspleased the Lorde, in all thynges as his fathers hath done.
33 And Pharao Necoh put him in bondes at Reblah in şe lande of Hemath in that tyme of hys raigne in Ierusalem, and put the lande to a tribute of an hundred talentes of syluer, and a talent of golde.
34 And Pharao Necoh made Eliakim the sonne of Iosiah, kynge in the roume of Iosiah hys father, and turned his name to Iehoakim and toke Iehoahaz away, whyche when he came to Egypte dyed there.
35 And Iehoakim gaue the syluer & the gold to Pharao: how be he it taxed şe lande, to geue the money at the commaundement of Pharao and as euery man was set at, so he requyred the syluer and the goulde of the people of the land, to geue Pharao Necoh.
36 Iehoakim was .xxv. yeare olde, when he beganne to raygne, & he raigned .xi. yeare in Ierusalem. His mother was named Zebdah şe doughter of Phadaiah of Ramah.
37 And he dyd that was euyll fauoured in the syght of the Lorde, lyke in all thynges, as dyd his fathers.




1 In his dayes came Nabuchodonozor kynge of Babylon, & Iehoakim became his seruaunte thre yeare, and then turned and rebelled agaynst him.
2 And the Lorde sent vpon hym men of warre oute of Caldey, out of Siria, oute of the Moabites, & from the children of Ammon: and sent them into Iuda, to destroye it, accordyng to the sayinge of the Lorde whiche he spake by hys seruauntes the Prophetes.
3 Only at the bydding of the Lorde happened it so to Iuda, to put them out of his syght, for the synne of Manasseh accordinge to all he dyd:
4 and for the innocent bloude, that he shedde, and fylled Ierusalem with innocent bloude, whych the Lord woulde not forgeue.
5 The rest of the deedes of Iehoakim and al he dyd, are wrytten in the chronycles of the kynges of Iuda.
6 And Iehoakim layde him to slepe with his fathers, & Iehoacin his sonne raygned in his steade.
7 But the kyng of Egipt came now no more out of his lande: for the kynge of Babylon had taken from the ryuer Euphrates, all that pertayneth to the kynge of Egypte.
8 Iehoacin was .xviij. yeare olde, when he beganne to raygne, and raygned in Ierusalem thre monethes. His mothers name was Nehustha the doughter of Elnathan of Ierusalem.
9 And he dyd that dyspleased the eyes of şe Lord in al pointes as his father did.
10 In hys tyme came the seruauntes of Nabuchodonozor kynge of Babylon, to Ierusalem, and the cytye was beseged.
11 And Nabuchodonozor came to the cytie as his seruauntes were yet a besegynge of it.
12 And Iehoacin the kynge of Iuda came oute to the kinge of Babilon, with his mother, his seruaunte, hys Lordes, and hys chambrelaynes. And şe king of Babilon toke him, in the eyght yeare of his raygne.
13 And he caryed oute thence all the treasure of the house of the Lorde, and the treasure of the kynges house, and brake all the vesselles of goulde, whyche Salomon kynge of Israel had made, in the temple of the Lorde, as the Lorde had sayde.
14 And he caried awaye all Ierusalem, and all the Lordes, and all the men of myghte, to the nombre of ten thousande into captyuyte, and all craftes men and Ioyners, none remaynynge saue the poore people of the lande.
15 And he caryed awaie Iehoacin to Babilon, and the kynges mother, and the kynges wyues, & hys chambrelaynes, and the mightye of the lande caryed he awaye from Ierusalem to Babilon.
16 And al the men of actiuite to the nombre of seuen thousande, & craftesmen and ioyners a thousand, all stronge & apte for warre,
17 dyd the kyng of Babilon bring to Babilon to dwell. And the kinge of Babilon made Mathaniah hys fathers brother, king in his stead, and chaunged his name and called him Zedekiah.
18 Zedekiah was .xxi. yeare olde when he beganne to raygne, & he raygned a .xi. yeare in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Hamital şe doughter of Ieremiah of Lobnah.
19 And he dyd euyl in the sight of the lorde, in al pointes lyke to Iehoakim.
20 For throughe the wrath of the Lorde it so chaunsed to Ierusalem and Iuda, vntyl he had cast them out of hys syghte. And the sayde Zedekiah rebelled agaynst the king of Babylon.




1 Wherfore in the nynth yeare of hys raygne, the tenthe daye of the tenthe monethe, came Nabuchodonozor Kynge of Babilon wyth all his power to Ierusalem: and pytched agaynst the towne and made engynes agaynst it on euery syde.
2 And the cyty continued beseged vnto the .xi. yeare of kynge Zedekiah.
3 And the nynthe daye of the fourthe monethe of that yeare, there was so great hongre in the cytye, that there was no sustinaunce for the people of the lande.
4 And therto the cytye was broken vp: wherfore al the men of Armes fled by nyght, by a waye thorowe a Gate, betwene two walles harde on the Kynges garden: the Caldeyes lyenge aboute the cytie. And the kynge went strayght towarde the deserte.
5 And şe hoste of the Caldeyes folowed after him, and toke hym in the deserte of Iericho, all his armye beynge scatered awaye from him.
6 And when they had taken him, they brought him to Nabuchodonozor the kynge of Babilon to Reblah, where they reasoned wyth him.
7 And they slue the sonnes of Zedekiah before hys eyes, and put out the eyes of Zedekiah, and fettered him, and caried him to Babylon.
8 And the seuenthe day of the fyfth moneth which was in the nintenth yeare of king Nabuchodonozor kynge of Babylon, came Nabusaradan seruaunte of the kinge of Babilon, and chefe Marshal, vnto Ierusalem:
9 and burnte the house of the Lorde and the kynges house, and all the houses of Ierusalem, and al greate houses burnte he wyth fyre,
10 And al the hoste of the Caldeyes that were with the chefe Marshal, brake doune the walles of Ierusalem rounde aboute.
11 And the rest of the people that were lefte in the cytie, and them that were fled to the kynge of Babilon, & the remnaunt of the comen people, Nabusaradan the chefe Marshal caryed awaye,
12 and lefte of the poore of the lande to dresse the vynes, and to tyl the grounde.
13 And the pyllers of brasse that were in the house of the Lorde and the botomes, and the brasen sea, that was in the house of the Lorde the Caldeyes brake, & caryed the brasse of them to Babylon.
14 And the lauers, shouelles, dressynge kniues, ladelles, and the mynystrynge vesselles of brasse, they caried awaie.
15 And the firepannes & basens that were eyther of gould or syluer,
16 them toke the chefe Marshal away with the two pillers and the sea of brasse, and the bottomes whiche Salomon had made in the house of the Lorde. The brasse of al these vesselles was without weyght.
17 The heyghte of the one piller was .xviij. cubites, and the heade theron was brasse and thre cubites long wyth a wrethe & pomegranetes round aboute vpon the heade, all of brasse. And of the same fasshyon was the seconde pyller wt a wrethe.
18 And the chefe Marshall toke Saraiah the chefe preste, and Zophoniah, the hiest preste saue one, & thre kepers of the dore.
19 And out of the citie he toke a certayne chambrelayne that had the ouersyght of the men of warre, and fiue men that were euer in the kynges presence, whiche were founde in the cytye, and Sopher the captayne of the Hoste that taught the people of the lande to make warre and threskore men of the people of the lande that were founde in the citie also.
20 And Nabusaradan the chefe Marshall toke them and brought them to the Kynge of Babilon to Reblah.
21 And the kynge of Babilon smote them and slue them at Reblah in the lande of Hemath. And so Iuda was caried awaye out of their lande.
22 And ouer the people that remayned in the lande of Iuda, whiche Nabuchodonozor Kynge of Babilon lefte, he set Godoliah the sonne of Ahikam the sonne of Saphan.
23 And when all the capitaynes of the men of warre and the men hearde that the Kynge of Babilon had made Godoliah gouerner: there came to Godoliah to Mazphah: Ismael the soune of Nathaniah and Iohanan the sonne of Kareah and Saraiah the sonne of Thanehumeth the Netophathite and Iezoniah the sonne of Maachati and theyr men.
24 And Godoliah sware to them and to theyr men, and sayde to them: feare not ye the seruauntes of the Caldeyes. But dwelle in the lande and serue the Kynge of Babilon and ye shalbe in good condycion.
25 But it chaunced the seuenth monethe after, that Ismael the sonne of Nathaniah the sonne of Elisama of the Kynges bloude came, and ten men with hym and smote Godoliah that he dyed: and so did he the Iewes & the Caldeys that were with hym at Mazphah.
26 There vpon all the people both smalle and greate and the captaynes of the men of warre arose & went to Egipte: for they were afrayed of the Caldeyes.
27 Notwithstandinge yet the .xxxiiij. yere after Iehoacin Kynge of Iuda was caryed awaye, the .xxvij. daye of the twelueth monethe, dyd Euilmerodah Kynge of Babilon lifte vp the head of Iehoacin Kynge of Iuda out of the presone house,
28 and speake kyndelye to hym and set hys seate aboue the seate of all the Kynges that were with hym in Babilon,
29 and chaunged hys preson garmentes. And he dyd euer eate breade before hym all the dayes of hys lyfe.
30 And a continuall porcyon was assygned hym of the Kynge, daye by daye as long as he lyued.