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1 Paule an Apostle of Iesus Christe, by the commaundemente of God our sauyour, and Lord Iesus christ whiche is oure hope.
2 Vnto Timothe hys naturall sonne in the fayth. Grace, mercye, and peace from God oure father and Lorde Iesus Christe oure Lorde.
3 And I besought the to abyde styl in Ephesus, when I departed into Macedonia, euen so do, that thou commaunde some, that they teache no nother wyse:
4 neyther geue hede to fables and genealogyes whiche are endelesse, & brede doubtes more then Godlye edifiynge whiche is by fayth:
5 for the ende of the commaundement is loue that commeth of a pure hert, & of a good conscience, and of fayth vnfayned:
6 from the which thinges some haue erred & haue turned vnto vayne iangelyng,
7 because they woulde be doctours in the scrypture, and yet vnderstand not what they speake, nether wherof they affyrme.
8 We knowe that the lawe is good, yf a man vse it lawfullye,
9 vnderstandynge thys, howe that the lawe is not geuen vnto a ryghtuous man but vnto the vnryghtuous and disobedient, to the vngodly and to synners, to vnholy and vncleane, to murtherers of fathers, and murtherers of mothers to manstears
10 & whor mongers: to them that defyle them selues wyth mankynde: to menstealers, to lyars & to periured, and so forth yf there be any other thynge that is contrarye to holsome doctrine
11 accordynge to the Gospell of the glorye of the blessed God, whiche Gospell is committed vnto me.
12 And I thanke Christe Iesus oure Lorde which hath made me stronge: for he counted me true, and put me in offyce,
13 when before I was a blasphemer and persecuter, and a tyraunte. But I obtayned mercye, because I dyd it ignorauntly thorowe vnbelefe.
14 Neuerthelater the grace of oure Lorde was more aboundaunt wyth fayth and loue whiche is in Christ Iesu.
15 Thys is a true saiynge and by all meanes worthy to be receyued, that Christ Iesus came into the worlde to saue synners, of whom I am chiefe.
16 Not wythstandyng for this cause was mercye geuen vnto me that Iesus christ shoulde fyrste shewe on me all longe pacience vnto the ensample of them whiche shal in tyme to come beleue on hym vnto eternall lyfe.
17 So then vnto God, kyng euerlastyng, immortall, inuysyble, and wyse onely, be honoure & prayse for euer and euer. Amen.
18 Thys commaundement committe I vnto the sonne Timotheus, accordyng to the Prophesyes whiche in tyme paste were Prophesyed of the that thou in them shouldest fyght a good fyghte
19 hauynge fayth and a good conscience whiche some haue put awaye from them and as concernyuge faythe, haue made shypwracke.
20 Of whose numbre is Himeneus and Alexander whome I haue delyuered vnto Sathan that he myghte be taught not to blaspheme.




1 I exhorte therfore, that aboue al thynges, prayers, supplicacyons intercessyons, and geuynge of thankes be had for all men:
2 for kynges, and for all that are in authorytye, that we maye lyue a quyete and a peasable lyfe, in all godlynes and honestye.
3 For that is good and accepted in the syghte of God oure sauyoure,
4 whiche wyll haue all men saued, and to come vnto the knoweledge of the trueth.
5 For there is one God, and one Meadiatoure betwene God and man, which is the man Christ Iesus
6 which gaue hym self a raunsome for al men, that it shoulde be testifyed at hys tyme,
7 where vnto I am ordeyned a preacher and an Apostle: I tell the trueth in Christe and lye not, beynge the teacher of the gentyles in fayth and verytye.
8 I wyll therfore that the men praye euerye where lyfting vp pure handes wythout wrath or doubtyng.
9 Lykewyse also the women that they araye them selues in comlye apparell wyth shamefastnes and discrete behauyoure not wyth broyded heare other golde, or pearles, or costlye araye:
10 but wyth suche as becommeth women that professe the worshyppyng of God thorowe good workes.
11 Let the woman learne in silence with all subieccyon.
12 I suffer not a woman to teache, neyther to haue authoritie ouer a man: but for to be in silence.
13 For Adam was fyrste formed, and then Eue.
14 Also Adam was not deceyued, but the woman was deceyued, and was in a transgressyon.
15 Notwythstandyng thorow bearyng of chyldren they shalbe saued, so they continue in faythe, loue & holynes with discrecion.




1 Thys is a true saiyng. If a man couete the offyce of a byshop, he desyreth a good worke.
2 Yea and a bishop muste be fautlesse the husband of one wyfe, sober discrete, hone style apparelled, harberous, apt to teache,
3 not dronken, no fyghter, not geuen to fylthy lucre: but gentle, abhorrynge fyghtyng, abhorrynge couetousnes,
4 and one that ruleth hys owne house honestlye, hauing children vnder obedience, wyth all honestye.
5 For yf a man can not rule hys owne house, howe shall he care for the congregacion of God.
6 He maye not be a yong scholer, lest he swell and fall into the iudgement of the euyll speaker.
7 He muste also be well reported of amonge them whiche are wythout forth, lest he fall into rebuke and snare of the euyll speaker.
8 Lykewyse muste the Deacons be honest, not double tonged, not geuen vnto much drinkynge, neyther vnto fylthy lucre:
9 but hauing the mystery of the fayth in a pure conscience.
10 And let them fyrste be proued, and then lette them mynyster, yf they be founde fautlesse.
11 Euen so muste theyr wyues be honeste, not euyll speakers, but sober and faythfull in all thynges.
12 Let the deacons be the husbandes of one wyfe, and suche as rule theyr chyldren well, and theyr owne housholdes.
13 For they that mynyster wel, get them selues good degree and greate lybertye in the faythe whiche is in Christ Iesu.
14 These thynges wryte I vnto the, trusting to come shortely vnto the:
15 but and yf I tarye longe, that then thou mayeste yet haue knowledge howe thou oughtest to behaue thy selfe in the housse of God, whiche is the congregacyon of the lyuynge God, the pyllar & ground of trueth.
16 And wythout naye greate is that mysterye of godlynes: God was shewed in şe fleshe, was iustified in the spirite, was sene of aungels, was preached vnto the gentils, was beleued on in earth and receyued vp in glory.




1 The spyryte speaketh euydentlye that in the later tymes some shal departe from the fayth, & shall geue heed vnto spyrytes of erroure, and deuelysh doctryne of them
2 which speake false thorowe hypocrisye, and haue theyr consciences marked with an hote Iron,
3 forbyddyng to marye, and commaundynge to abstayne from meates which God hath created to be receyued wyth geuyng thankes, of them which beleue and know the trueth.
4 For all the creatures of God are good & nothynge to be refused, yf it be receyued with thankes geuynge.
5 For it is sanctifyed by the worde of God and prayer.
6 Yf thou shalt put the brethren in remembraunce of these thynges: thou shalt be a good mynyster of Iesu Christe, whiche hast bene noryshed vp in the wordes of the fayth and good doctryne, which doctryne thou haste contynuallye folowed.
7 But cast awaye vnghostly and olde wyues fables. Exercyse thy selfe vnto Godlynes.
8 For bodely exercyse profyteth lytell: But godlynes is good vnto all thynges, as a thynge whiche hath promyses of the lyfe that is now, and of the lyfe to come.
9 Thys is a sure saiyng and of all partyes worthy to be receyued.
10 For therfore we laboure and suffer rebuke, because we beleue in the lyuyng God, whiche is the sauyoure of all men: but specyally of those that beleue.
11 Suche thynges commaunde and teache.
12 Let no man despyse thy youthe: but be vnto them that beleue, an ensample, in worde in conuersacyon, in loue, in spyryte, in fayth & in purenes.
13 Tyll I come, geue attendaunce to reading to exhortacyon and to doctryne.
14 Despyse not the gyfte that is in the, whiche was geuen the thorow Prophesye, and wyth layinge on of the handes of an elder.
15 These thynges exercyse, and geue thy selfe vnto them, that it maye be sene howe thou profytest in all thynges.
16 Take hede vnto thy selfe and vnto learnyng, and contynue therein. For yf thou shalte so do, thou shalte saue thy selfe and them that heare the.




1 Rebuke not an elder: but exhorte hym as a father, and the yonger men as brethren
2 the elder women as mothers, the yonger as systers, with all purenes.
3 Honour wyddowes, whiche are true wyddowes.
4 Yf any wyddowe haue chyldren or neues, let them learne fyrst to rule theyr owne houses godlye and to recompence theyr elders. For that is good and acceptable before God.
5 She that is a verye wydowe and fryndelesse, putteth her trust in God & contynueth in supplicacyon & prayer nyghte and daye.
6 But she that lyueth in pleasure, is dead euen yet alyue.
7 And these thynges commaunde, that they may be wythout faute.
8 Yf there be anye that prouideth not for hys owne, & namely for them of hys housholde the same denyeth the fayth, & is worsse then an infydele.
9 Let no wydowe be chosen vnder thre score yere olde, and suche a one as was the wyfe of one man,
10 and well reported of in good workes: yf she haue nouryshed chyldren, yf she haue bene lyberall to straungers, yf she haue washed the saynctes fete, yf she haue mynystred vnto them whiche were in aduersitie, yf she were contynually geuen vnto all maner good workes.
11 The yonger wydowes refuse. For when they haue begonne to waxe wanton to the dyshonoure of Christe, then wyll they marye,
12 hauynge damnacion because they haue broken theyr fyrst fayth.
13 And also they learne to go from house to house ydle, ye not ydle onelye, but also tryflynge and busybodyes speakynge thynges whiche are not comely.
14 I wyll therfore that the yonger women marye and beare children, and guyde şe house and geue none occasyon to the aduersarye to speake euyll.
15 For many of them are alreadye turned backe and are gone after Sathan.
16 And yf any man or woman that beleueth haue wydowes, let them mynyster vnto them, & lette not the congregacion be charged: that it maye haue suffycyent for them that are wyddowes in dede.
17 The elders that rule well, are worthye of double honoure, most specyally they whiche laboure in the worde and in teachynge.
18 For şe scrypture sayeth: Thou shalt not mousell the mouthe of the oxe that treadeth out the corne. And the labourer is worthye of hys rewarde.
19 Agaynste an elder receyue none accusacyon: but vnder two or thre wytnesses.
20 Them that synne, rebuke openly, that other maye feare.
21 I testyfye before God & the Lorde Iesus Christ, and the electe aungels, that thou obserue these thynges wythout hasty iudgement and do nothynge parcyally.
22 Laye handes sodenly on no man, neyther be partakers of other mennes synnes: kepe thy self pure.
23 Drink no lenger water, but vse a lytle wyne for thy stomakes sake, and thyne often dyseases.
24 Some mennes sinnes are open before hand and go before vnto iudgemente: some mennes synnes folowe after.
25 Lykewyse also good workes are manyfest before hande, and they that are otherwyse can not be hyd.




1 Let as manye seruauntes as are vnder the yoke, count theyr maysters worthy of all honoure that the name of God and hys doctryne be not euyll spoken of.
2 Se that they whiche haue beleuynge maysters, despyse them not because they are brethren: but so muche the rather do seruyce, for asmuch as they are beleuynge and beloued and partakers of the benefyte.
3 These thynges teache and exhorte. Yf any man teache otherwyse, and is not contente wt the holsome wordes of our Lord Iesus christ, and wyth the doctryne of Godlynes,
4 he is puft vp, and knoweth nothyng: but wasteth hys braynes about questyons and stryfe of wordes, whereof sprynge enuye, stryfe, raylynges, euyll surmysynges
5 and vayne disputacyons of men wyth corrupte myndes, and destytute of the trueth, whiche thynke that lucre is Godlines, from suche separate thy self.
6 Godlynes is greate ryches, yf a man be content with that he hath.
7 For we broughte nothynge into thys worlde & it is a playne case that we can carye nothyng out.
8 When we haue fode and raymente, let vs therwyth be content.
9 They that wyll be rych, fall into temptacyon and snares, and into many folysh and noysome lustes which drowne men in perdicyon and destruccyon.
10 For couetousnes is the rote of all euyll, whiche whyle some lusted after, they erred from the faythe and tangled them selues wyth manye sorowes.
11 But thou which arte the man of GOD, flye suche thynges. Folowe ryghtuousnes. Godlynes, loue, pacyence and mekenes.
12 Fyghte şe good fyght of fayth. Laye hande on eternall lyfe, wherevnto thou arte called and hast professed a good professyon before manye wytnesses.
13 I geue the charge in the syght of GOD, whiche quickeneth all thynges, & before Iesu Christe whiche vnder Poncyus Pylate wytnessed a good wytnessynge,
14 that thou kepe the commaundement, and be wythout spot and vnrebukeable, vntyll the appearynge of our Lorde Iesus,
15 whiche appearynge (when the tyme is come) he shal shew that is blessed and myghtye onelye, kynge of kynges, & Lord of Lordes,
16 whiche onelye hath immortalitie, and dwelleth in lyght that no man can attayne, whome neuer man sawe, neyther can se, to whom be honoure and rule euerlastynge. Amen.
17 Charge them that are ryche in this worlde shal they be not exceadyng wyse, and şt they truste not in the vncertayne ryches, but in the lyuyng God, which geueth vs aboundauntly al thynges to enioy them,
18 and that they do good and be ryche in good workes, and readye to geue and to distrybute,
19 layinge vp in store for them selues a good foundacyon agaynste the tyme to come that they maye obtayne eternal lyfe.
20 O Timothe saue that whiche is geuen the to kepe, and auoyde vnghostlye vanytyes of voyces and opposicyons of science falslye so called,
21 whiche science whyle some professed, they haue erred as concernyng the fayth. Grace be with the. AMEN.