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1 Paule, Siluanus, and Tymotheus. Vnto the congregation of the Thessalonyans in God the father, and in the lord Iesus Christ. Grace be with you, & peace from God our father, & from the Lord Iesus Christ.
2 We geue God thankes alwayes for you all, makinge mention of you in oure prayers
3 wythoute ceasinge, and cal to remembraunce your worke the fayth, and laboure in loue & perseueraunce in the hope of our Lord Iesus Christ, in the syght of God oure father,
4 because we know brethren beloued of God, how that ye are electe.
5 For oure Gospell came not to you in worde onelye, but also in power, and in the holye Ghoste, and in muche certaintie, as ye know after what maner we behaued our selues among you, for your sakes.
6 And ye became folowers of vs and of the Lord, and receyued the worde with much affliccion, with ioye of the holye ghoste:
7 so that ye were an ensample to al that beleue in Macedonia and Achaia.
8 For from you sounded out the worde of the Lord, not in Macedonia & in Achaia onelye: but your fayth also which ye haue vnto God, sprede her selfe abrode in all quarters, so greatlye that it neadeth not vs to speake any thynge at all.
9 For they them selues shewe of you, what maner of entering in we had vnto you, and howe ye turned vnto God from Images, for to serue the liuing and true God,
10 and for to loke for hys sonne from heauen, whom he raised from death. I meane Iesus which deliuered vs from wrath to come.




1 For ye youre selues knowe brethren of oure entraunce in vnto you, how şt it was not in vaine:
2 but euen after that we had suffred before, and were shamefullye entreated at Philippos (as ye wel know) then were we bolde in our God to speake vnto you the Gospel of God wyth muche stryuynge.
3 Oure exhortacyon was not to bringe you to erroure, nor yet to vnclennes, neyther was it wyth gile,
4 but as we were allowed of God, that the Gospel shoulde be committed vnto vs, euen so we spake, not as though we entended to please men, but God whyche tryeth oure hertes.
5 Neither was our conuersacyon at anye tyme wyth flatterynge wordes, as ye well knowe neyther in cloked couetousnes, god is record:
6 neyther sought we prayse of men neyther of you, nor yet of anye other, when we mighte haue bene chargeable, as the Apostles of Christe,
7 but we were tender amonge you, euen as a noursse cheryshed his children,
8 so was our affeccion toward you, oure good wil was to haue dealte to you, not the Gospel of God onely, but also our owne soules because ye were deare to vs.
9 Ye remember brethren our labour and trauayle. For we laboured day and night, because we would not be greuous vnto any of you, and preached vnto you the Gospel of God.
10 Ye are wytnesses, and so is God, howe holily and iustlye and vnblameably we behaued our selues among you that beleue
11 as ye know howe that we exhorted and comforted, and besoughte euerye one of you, as a father hys chyldren,
12 that ye woulde walke worthye of God, whiche hath called you vnto his kingdome & glory.
13 For thys cause thanke we God wythout ceasyng, because that when ye receiued of vs the word, wher with God was preached, ye receiued it not as the worde of man: but euen as it was in dede, the worde of God: whiche worketh in you that beleue.
14 For ye brethren became folowers of the congregacions of God, which in Iewrye are in Christ Iesu, for ye haue suffred lyke thinges of your kinsmen, as we our selues haue suffred of the Iewes.
15 Which as they kylled the Lorde Iesus and theyr owne prophetes, euen so haue they persecuted vs, and God they please not, and are contrarye to all men,
16 and forbid vs to preache vnto the Gentyls, that they might be saued to fulfyll theyr synnes alwaye. For the wrathe of God is come on them, euen to the vtmost.
17 For as muche brethren as we are kepte from you for a season as concernynge the bodely presence, but not in the herte we enforsed the more to se you personallye wyth greate desyre.
18 And therfore we woulde haue come vnto you I Paule ones and agayne: but Sathan withstode vs.
19 For what is oure hope or ioye, or crowne of reioysynge: are not ye it in the presence of our Lord Iesus Christ at hys coming?
20 yes ye are our glory and ioye.




1 Wherfore sence we could no longer forbeare, it pleased vs to remayne at Athens alone,
2 & sente Timotheus our brother and minister of God, and our laboure felowe in the Gospel of Christe, to stablishe you and to comforte you ouer youre fayth,
3 that no man should be moued in these afflicons. For ye your selues knowe şt we are euen appointed there vnto.
4 For verelye when I was wyth you, I tolde you before that we shoulde suffer tribulacion, euen as it came to passe, and as ye know.
5 For this cause when I coulde no longer forbeare, I sente, şt I might haue knowledge of your fayth, least haplye the tempter had tempted you, and that oure labour had bene bestowed in vayne.
6 But nowe lately when Timotheus came from you vnto vs, and declared to vs youre fayth & your loue, & howe that ye haue good remembraunce of vs alwayes, desyring to se vs as we desyre to se you.
7 Therfore brethren we had consolacion in you and in all our aduersyte and necessitie, thorow your fayth.
8 For nowe are we alyue, yf ye stande stedfast in şe Lorde.
9 For what thankes can we recompence to God again for you, ouer al the ioy that we ioy for your sakes before oure God
10 whyl we nighte and daye praye excedinglye that we mighte se you presently, and might fulfill that which is lackynge in youre fayth.
11 God him selfe our father, and our Lord Iesus Christ guide oure iorney to you:
12 and the Lorde increase you and make you flow ouer in loue one towarde another and toward all men euen as we do toward you,
13 to make your hertes stable & vnblameable in holynesse before God oure father, at the comminge of our Lorde Iesus wyth al hys sainctes.




1 Fvrther more we beseche you brethren and exhorte you in the Lord Iesus, that ye increase more and more, euen as ye haue receiued of vs, howe ye oughte to walke and to please God.
2 Ye remember what commaundementes we gaue you in oure Lorde Iesu Christ.
3 For this is the will of God, euen that ye shoulde be holy, and that ye shoulde abstayne from fornicacion,
4 that euerye one of you should know, howe to kepe his vessell in holynes and honoure,
5 and not in the luste of concupiscence, as do the heathen, which know not God,
6 that no man go to far and defraude his brother in bargaining: because the Lorde is a reuenger of al suche thinges as we tolde you before tyme and testified.
7 For God hath not called vs to vncleanes, but vnto holines.
8 He therfore that despiseth, despiseth not man, but God, whiche hath sente his holye spirite amonge you.
9 But as touchinge brotherly loue, ye nede not şt I write vnto you. For ye are taught of God to loue one another.
10 Yea and that thing verelye ye do vnto all the brethren, which are thorowout all Macedonia. We beseche you brethren, that ye encrease more and more,
11 and that ye studye to be quyete, and to medle with youre owne busines, and to worke wyth youre owne handes, as we commaunded you:
12 that ye may behaue your selues honestly towardes them that are wythout, and that nothinge be lackinge vnto you.
13 I woulde not brethren haue you ignoraunt concerninge them whiche are fallen a sleepe, that ye sorowe not as other do which haue no hope.
14 For yf we beleue that Iesus Christe dyed and rose agayne euen so them also, whyche slepe by Iesus, wyl God brynge agayn with hym.
15 And thys saye we vnto you in the worde of the Lorde, that we whyche lyue and are remaynynge in the commynge of the Lorde, shal not come yerre they which slepe.
16 For the Lord hym selfe shall descende from heauen with a shoute, and the voice of the Archangell and trompe of God. And the deade in Christ shall arise fyrste:
17 then shal we which lyue and remayne, be caught vp with them also in the cloudes, to meate the Lorde in the ayer. And so shall we euer be with the Lord.
18 Wherfore comforte youre selues one another with these wordes.




1 Of the tymes and seasons brethren ye haue no nede, that I wryte vnto you:
2 for ye youre selues knowe perfectly that the daie of the Lorde shall come euen as a thefe in the nyght.
3 When they shal say peace and no daunger, then commeth on them soden destruccion, as the trauaylynge of a woman wyth chyld, and they shal not escape.
4 But ye brethren are not in darckenes, that that daye shoulde come on you as it were a thefe.
5 Ye are all the chyldren of lyght and the chyldren of the daye. We are not of the nyghte neither of darckenes.
6 Therfore let vs not slepe as do other: but let vs watche & be sober.
7 For they that slepe, slepe in the nyght: and they that be droncken, are droncken in the nyght.
8 But let vs whiche are of the daye, be sober, armed wyth şe breste plate of fayth and loue, and wyth hope of saluacyon as an helmet.
9 For God hath not annoynted vs vnto wrath: but to obtayne saluacyon by the meanes of oure Lord Iesu Christ
10 whyche dyed for vs: that whether we wake or slepe, we shoulde liue together wyth hym.
11 Wherfore comforte your selues together, and edifye one another, euen as ye do.
12 We beseche you brethren, that ye knowe them, whiche laboure amonge you, and haue the ouersight of you in the Lord
13 and geue you exhortacyon, that ye haue them the more in loue for theyr workes sake, and be at peace wyth them.
14 We desyre you brethren, warne them that are vnruly, comforte the feble minded, forbeare the weake, haue contynuall pacience towarde all men.
15 Se that none recompence euyll for euyll vnto any man: but euer folowe that which is good, both among your selues, and to all men.
16 Reioyse euer.
17 Praye contynuallye.
18 In all thinges geue thankes. For thys is the wyll of God in Christe Iesu towarde you.
19 Quenche not the spyryte.
20 Despyse not prophesyenge.
21 Examen all thinges, and kepe that which is good.
22 Absteyne from all suspicious thinges.
23 The very God of peace sanctifye you thorowout. And I praye God that your whole spyryte, soule and bodye, be kept faultles vnto the comming of oure Lorde Iesus Christe.
24 Faythfull is he whiche called you: which wyl also do it.
25 Brethren, praye for vs.
26 Grete all the brethren wyth an holy kysse.
27 I charge you in the Lorde, that thys Epistle be read vnto all the holy brethren.
28 The grace of the Lord Iesus Christ be wyth you. Amen.