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1 There was a man of Ramathaim Zophim, of mount Ephraim named Elkanah, the sonne of Ieroham, şe sonne of Elihu, şe sonne of Thohu, the sonne of zuph an Ephratite:
2 which had two wiues, the one called Hannah, & the other Phenennah. And Phenennah had children but Hannah had none.
3 And şe sayde man went out of his citie euery festful day, to praye & to offer vnto the Lord of hostes: where the two sonnes of Eli (Hophni and Phinehes) were the Lordes priestes.
4 And it fel on a day as Elkanah had offered that he gaue to Phenennah his wife & to al her sonnes & doughters porcions.
5 But vnto Hannah he gaue a porcion with a heuye chere, for he loued her, neuerthelesse the Lorde had made her barren.
6 And therto her enemye Phenennah vexed her a good in castinge her in the thete, howe the Lorde had made her barren.
7 And so did she yere by yere as oft as she went vp to the house of the Lord. And so chafed her, wherfore Hannah wepte and ate not.
8 Then sayde Elkanah her husband to her: Hannah why wypeste thou? And why eatest thou not? & why is thyne herte so troubled? am not I better to the, then ten sonnes?
9 Then Hannah rose vp after that they had eaten and droncke in Siloh. And Eli the prieste sate vpon a stole by one of the syde postes of the temple of the Lord.
10 And she was troubled in her spretes, and prayed vnto the Lorde, and wepte sore,
11 and vowed a vowe and said: Lord of hostes, yf thou wylt loke on the wretchednesse of thyne handmayde, and shalt remembre me, and not forget thyne handmayde, & shalte geue vnto thyne handmayde a manchylde I wyll geue him vnto the Lord, all the dayes of hys lyfe, & there shal neyther raser or sheres come vpon hys heade.
12 And as she continued prayinge before the Lorde, Eli marked her mouth.
13 For Hannah she spake in her hert, and her lippes dyd but moue onely, but her voyce was not heard. And therfore Eli toke her for droncken
14 & sayd vnto her: how long wilt thou be droncken? put away from the, the wine şt thou hast
15 Hannah answered & sayd: not so my Lorde, I am a woman sorowfull in myne hert, & haue droncke nether wyne nor any stronge drinck, but I haue poured out my soule before the Lorde.
16 Counte not thyne handemayde to be lyke a doughter of vnthriftynes: for out of şe aboundaunce of my meditacyon, and greafe haue I spoken hytherto.
17 Eli aunswered and sayde: Go in peace the God of Israel shall graunt the thy petycyon that thou haste asked of hym.
18 Then she sayd: let thyne handmayde fynd grace in thy sight. And so the woman wente her waye, and dyd eate, and loked no more so sadde.
19 And they rose vp erlye, and bowed them selues before the Lorde, & then returned & went to theyr house to Ramath. And Elkenah laye by hys wyfe Hannah, and the Lorde remembred her.
20 And in processe of tyme she couceyued and bare a sonne, & called hys name Samuel: because she had asked hym of the Lord.
21 And Elkanah and all hys house went vp to offer vnto the Lorde, bothe the offerynges due for the feaste and also his vowes:
22 but Hannah went not vp for she sayde vnto her husbande: I wyl tarye vntyll the ladde be wened, & then I wil bring hym, that he maye apeare before the Lorde, & there abide for euer.
23 And Elkanah her husband sayde to her: do what semith the best: tary vntyll thou hast wened hym, onelye the Lorde make good his saying. And so the woman abode, and gaue her sonne sucke, vntyll she wened hym.
24 And then she toke hym wyth her, when she had wened hym, with thre bullockes & an Epha of floure, & a bottel of wyne, & brought him vnto the house of the Lorde in Siloh how be it the chylde was yet young.
25 And they slew the bullockes, & brought in the ladde to Eli,
26 & then she sayde: Oh my Lorde: as truly as thy soule lyueth my Lorde: I am the woman that stode by the here, praying vnto the Lorde,
27 and for thys ladde I praied, & the Lorde hath geuen me my desyre which I asked of him:
28 & therfor I also lend him şe Lord, as long as he may be lent şe Lorde. And so they prayed there vnto şe Lord.




1 And Hannah prayd & sayd: myne herte reioyseth in the Lord, myne horne is hye in the Lorde, & my mouthe is wyde open ouer mine enemyes, for I reioyse in thy sauynge.
2 There is none so holye as the Lorde: no there is none saue thou. Neyther is there any strength like vnto our God.
3 Talke not to muche proudlye: let olde thynges depart oute of your mouthes, for the Lorde is a God of knowledge, & iudgeth the thoughtes.
4 The boowes of the strong are broken, & the weake are endued with strength.
5 They that were full, haue hyred out them selues for breade, and they that were hongrye cease so to be: in so much şt the baren hath borne seuen, & she that had many chyldren is waxed feble.
6 The Lorde kylleth and maketh a lyue, bryngeth doune to hell & fetcheth vp agayne
7 The Lorde maketh pore, and maketh ryche, bryngeth lowe, and heueth vp on hye.
8 He reyseth vp the poore out of the duste, and lyfteth vp the begger from the dong hill: to set them among princes, and to enheret them with the seate of glory. For the pyllers of the earth are the Lordes, and he hath set the rounde worlde vpon them.
9 He wil kepe the fete of his sainctes, but the wicked shal kepe silence in darkenesse. For in his own myght shal no man be strong.
10 The Lordes aduersaryes shall be made to feare hym: and out of heauen he shal thunder vpon them. The Lorde shall iudge the endes of the worlde, and shall geue myght vnto his Kynge, and exalte the horne of his anoynted.
11 And Elkanah went to Ramath to hys house, and the ladde dyd mynystre vnto the Lorde before Eli the prieste.
12 But the sonnes of Eli were vnthryftye chyldren, and knewe not the Lorde.
13 For the maner of the priestes wyth the people was whensoeuer any man offered any offerynges the priestes ladde came, whyle the fleshe was in sethynge, and a fleshoke wyth thre tethe in hys hande,
14 and thrust it into the panne, ketle, caldren, or potte. And all that the fleshe hoke broughte vp the prieste toke awaye. And so they dyd vnto all Israel that came thyther to Siloh.
15 Yea, & thereto before they had offered the fatte, the priestes lad came and sayde to the man that offered: geue fleshe to roste for şe prieste, for he wyll not haue sodden fleshe of the, but rawe.
16 And yf any man sayd vnto hym let the fatte be offered accordynge to the daye, & then take as muche as thyne herte desireth. The lad wold aunswere him, thou shalt geue it me now, or els I wyl take it with violence.
17 And the synne of şe young men was very great before the Lorde. For they dispysed the people and also the offerynge of the Lorde.
18 But the ladde Samuel mynystred before the Lord gyrded about wyth a lynen Ephod.
19 Moreouer hys mother made hym a lytle coote, and brought it to hym from feaste to feaste when she came vp with her husbande to offer the offeryng of the sayd feast.
20 And Eli blessed Elkanah and hys wyfe: and sayde: the Lorde geue the seede of thys woman, for that she hath lent the Lord. And they went vnto their owne whome.
21 And the Lorde visited Hannah so that she conceyued and bare thre sonnes & two doughters But the boye Samuel grewe dwellynge styll with the Lorde.
22 Eli was very olde, and hearde all that hys sonnes dyd vnto all Israel, & how they slepte wyth the wemen that wayted in the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse,
23 & sayd vnto them: why do ye suche thynges? For I heare youre wycked deades of all these people.
24 Oh, naye my sonnes: for it is no good reporte, that I heare how that ye make the Lordes people to trespasse.
25 If one man synne agaynste another daysemen maye make his peace: but yf a man synne agaynste the Lorde who can be hys dayse man? Notwythstandynge they herkened not vnto the voice of theyr father, because the Lorde wolde slaye them.
26 The chylde Samuel profyted and grewe, and was in fauoure both wyth the Lorde and also with men.
27 And there came a man of God vnto Eli & sayde vnto hym: thus sayth the Lorde. I apeared vnto the house of thy father, when they were in Egypte in Pharaos house.
28 And I chose thy father out of al the trybes of Israel to be my prieste for to offer vpon myne aultar and to burne incense, & to were an Ephod before me. And I gaue vnto the house of thy father all the offerynges of the chyldren of Israel.
29 Wherfore kycke ye agaynste my sacryfyce and agaynst myne offeryng which I commaunde in the tabernacle, and honoreste thy chyldren aboue me, and make your selues fat of the fyrste frutes of all the offerynges of Israel my people?
30 Wherfore the Lorde God of Israel sayth: I sayde that thyne house and the house of thy father shulde haue walked before me for euer. But now the Lorde sayth: that be farre from me: for them that worshyppe me, I wyll worshyp, & they that despyse me, shalbe despised.
31 Behold the dayes wyl come that I wil cut of thyne arme and the arme of thy fathers house, that there shall not be an elder in thyne house.
32 And thou shalt se thyne enemye in the tabernacle, in al that shal please Israel, and there shall not be an elder in thyne house whyle the worlde standeth.
33 Neuerthelesse I wyll not destroye all thy males from my aultare, to dase thy syghte with all and to make thyne hert melte. And al the multitude of thyne house shall dye younge.
34 And this shalbe a sygne vnto the, that shal come vpon thy two sonnes, Hophni and Phinehes: euen in one daye they shal dye bothe of them.
35 And I wyl stere me vp a faythful priest şt shal do as it is in myne hert & in my mynd. And I wyl buylde him a sure house. And he shall walke before myne anoynted for euer.
36 And they that are lefte in thyne house, shall come & crouche to hym for a lytle pece of syluer & a cake of bread, and shall saye: put me I praye the in one offyce, or other amonge the priestes, that I may eate a morsell of bread.




1 And the child Samuel ministred vnto the Lord Eli: & the word of the Lorde was precious in those dayes, for there was none open vision.
2 And it chaunsed at that tyme, that Eli laye in his place, & his eyes began to waxe dimme, that he could not se.
3 And yer the lamp of God went out. Samuel layd him doune to slepe, in the temple of the Lord, where the arcke of God was.
4 And the Lorde called Samuel: & he sayd: here am I,
5 & he ran vnto Eli, & said: here am I, for thou calledest me. And he sayde I called the not: go agayne, & slepe. And he went and layde hym doune to slepe.
6 And the Lord called once againe: Samuel, and Samuel arose & went to Eli, and sayd: I am here, thou dyddest call me. And he aunswered: I called şe not my sonne. Go agayne & take thy rest:
7 but it was yer Samuel knewe the Lord, & yer the worde of the Lorde was opened vnto hym.
8 And the Lorde wente to & called Samuel the thyrde tyme. And he arose and wente to Eli, and sayde: I am here: for thou hast called me. Then Eli perceyued that the Lord had called the ladde.
9 And said vnto him: go & lye doune: & yf he call the agayne, then say: speake on Lord, for thy seruaunt heareth. And Samuel went & layed him doune in hys place.
10 And the Lord came & stode & called as before, Samuel, Samuel. And Samuel said speake on, for thy seruaunt heareth the.
11 And şe Lord said to Samuel: beholde I wyl do a thing in Israel, that şe eares of as many as heareth it, shall tingle.
12 In that day I wyll performe to Eli, al that I haue spoken concernyng hys house: I wil begynne it & ende it.
13 For I haue tolde him that I wyl iudge his house for euer. For the wyckednesse which he knoweth, how hys sonnes are vngracyouse, and he was not wroth therewyth.
14 And therfor I haue sworne vnto the house of Eli, that the wickednesse of Elies house, shal not be purged with sacrifice nor offeryng, whyle the world standeth.
15 And Samuell lay tyll the mornyng, & then opened the dores of the house of the Lorde. But Samuel feared, to shewe Eli the vysion.
16 Then Eli called Samuel and sayd: Samuel my sonne. And he aunswered here I am.
17 And he saide: what is şt he sayde vnto the? Se thou hyde it not from me. The Lord do so & so to the, yf thou hyde any thyng from me, of all şt he said vnto şe.
18 And Samuell tolde him euery whit, & hyd it not from him. And he answered: it is şe Lord, let him do what semeth him best.
19 And Samuel grewe, and the Lorde was with hym, and left none of hys wordes vnparformed.
20 And all Israel from Dan to Bersabe wist that Samuel was trulye made the Lordes Prophete.
21 And the Lorde apeared agayne in Siloh: for şe Lorde opened hym selfe to Samuel in Siloh, thorow the worde of the Lorde.




1 And Samuel spake vnto all Israel. And Israel went out agaynst the Philistines to battell, & pytched besyde the help stone. And şe Philistines pytched in Aphek.
2 And put them selues in araye agaynst Israel. And in the ende of the battel Israel was put to the worsse before the Philistines. And the Philistines slue in araye a long by the feldes about a four thousand men.
3 And when the people were come into theyr tentes, the elders of Israel sayde: wherfore hath the Lord beaten vs thys daye before the Philistines? let vs fetche the arcke of the appoyntment of the Lorde, oute of Siloh vnto vs, & let it come among vs, & saue vs out of şe handes of oure enemyes.
4 And the people sent to Siloh, and fet from thence the arcke of the appoyntment of the Lorde of hostes whiche dwelleth betwene the Cherubyns. And there were the two sonnes of Eli, Hophni & Phinehes with the arcke of the apoyntment of God.
5 And when the arcke of the appoyntment of şe Lord came into the host, all Israell shouted a myghty shout, so that the earth rang agayne.
6 When the Philistines heard the noyse of şe shoute they sayde: what meaneth the sound of thys myghtye shout in the host of şe Ebrues? And they vnderstode how that the arcke of şe Lorde was come into the host.
7 And the Philistines were afrayd, when it was tolde howe şe God was come into the host & said. Wo vnto vs, for it was neuer so before thys.
8 Wo vnto vs, who shall delyuer vs out of şe hand of thys myghtye God? this is the God that smote şe Egipcians wt al maner of plages in the wyldernesse.
9 Be stronge & quite youre selues lyke men, ye Philistines, that ye be not seruauntes vnto the Ebrues, as they haue bene to you. Be men therfore & fight.
10 And the Philistines fought, and Israel was put to the worsse and fledde, euery man into his tent. And there was a myghty great slaughter, so that there were ouerthrowen of Israel, thyrtye thousande fotemen.
11 And the arcke of God was taken, and the two sonnes of Eli, Hophni & Phinehes were dead.
12 And there ran a man of Beniamin out of the araye & came to Siloh the same day with his clothes rent & earthe vpon his head.
13 And when the man came in, Eli sate vpon a stole by the waye syde lokynge: for hys herte feared for the arcke of God. And the man came in & tolde it in the citie. And al the citie cryed.
14 When Eli hearde the noyse of the cryeng, he asked what the noyse of şe rumor ment. And the man hasted & came in & tolde Eli
15 Eli was foure skore & eighten yere olde, & his syghte fayled him şt he could not se.
16 And the man sayd vnto Eli: I am he şt came out of the aray and fled out of the hoste thys daye. And he sayde how is it fortuned, my sonne?
17 And the messenger answered & sayd: Israel is fled before the Philistines, & there is a great slaughter chaunsed amonge the people, and thy two sonnes, Hophni & Phinehes are dead, & therto şe arck of God is taken.
18 And when he made mencyon of the arcke of God, Eli fell from of hys stole backwarde towarde the gate, and hys necke brake, & he dyed: for he was olde & vnweldye and he had iudged Israel fourtye yeares.
19 And his doughter in lawe Phynehes wife was wt chylde & nye the byrthe. And when she hearde the tydynges of the taking of şe arcke of God, & that her father in law, & her husband were dead, she bowed her self & trauayled, for her paynes came vpon her.
20 And about şe time of her death, the wemen that stode about her, said vnto her: feare not, for thou hast borne a sonne. But she aunswered not nor regarded it
21 And she named the child Ichabod, saiyng: honoure is departed from Israel. Because the arcke of God was taken, & her father in law and her husband were dead.
22 And therfore she sayde, honoure is gone from Israel, because the arcke of God was taken.




1 And the Philistines toke şe arcke of God, & caried it from the helpe stone vnto Asdod, & broughte it
2 into the house of Dagon, & set it by Dagon.
3 And when they of Asdod were vp in the morning, behold, Dagon lay grouelynge vpon the earthe before the arcke of the Lorde. And they toke Dagon & set him in his place agayne.
4 And when they were vp erlye şe next mornyng, beholde, Dagon laye grouelyng vpon the grounde before the arcke of the Lorde, & hys head & hys two handes cut of vpon the tresholde, that the body onely was lefte on hym.
5 Wherfore nether the priestes of Dagon, nether any man that cometh into Dagons house myght treade on şe tresholde of Dagon in Asdod, vnto this daye.
6 But the hand of the Lorde was heuye vpon them of Asdod, & he destroied them, & smote them wt Emerodes, both Asdod & all the coastes there of.
7 And when the men of Asdod sawe şt it was so, they sayd: the arcke of the God of Israell shall not abyde here wyth vs, for his hand is sore vpon vs, & vpon Dagon our God.
8 And so they sente and gathered all the Lordes of the Philistines vnto them, & said: what shall we do with the arcke of the God of Israel. Then sayd they of Get: let the arcke of the God of Israel be caryed about.
9 And they caryed the arcke of the God of Israel about. And when they had caried it about, the hand of the Lord was in the cytye with a myghty great plage, and he smote the men of the cytye both smal & great: and they were smyten in theyr secrete places, with the Emerodes.
10 Then they sente the arcke of God to Akaron. And as sone as the arcke of God came to Akaron, the Akaronites cryed out saying: they haue brought the Arcke of the God of Israel to vs: to slee vs & oure people.
11 Then they sent and fette all the Lordes of the Philistines vnto them, and sayde: sende awaye the arcke of the God of Israel, and let it go home agayne vnto hys owne place, that it slee vs not wyth our people. For there was a plage of death thorowout all the cytye, and the hand of God was excedyng sore there,
12 in so much that they which dyed not, were smiten with the Emerades: so that the crye of the cytye went vp to heauen.




1 And so when the arcke of şe Lord had bene in the countreye of the Philistines .vij. moneths,
2 şe Philistines called for the priestes & the sothsayers, sayinge: what shall we do wyth the arcke of the Lorde? tell vs wherwith we shall sende it home agayne.
3 They aunswered: yf you send the arcke of şe God of Israel home agayne, send it not emptye: But rewarde it with a trespasse offeryng: and then ye shalbe hole, and it shalbe knowen to you, why hys hand departeth not from you.
4 Then sayde they: what shalbe the trespace offerynge which we shal rewarde hym with? And they answered: fyue golden arsses with Emerodes and fyue golden myce, accordyng to the nombre of the Lordes of the Philistines. For it was one maner of plage şt was on you al, & on your Lordes to.
5 Wherfore ye shal make ymages lyke to your arsses with Emerodes & ymages lyke to your mice that destroyed your lande, & shall geue glorye vnto şe god of Israel: that he maye take his hand from of you, and from of youre Goddes, and from of your lande.
6 Wherfore shulde ye harden your hertes as the Egypcians & Pharao hardened theyr hertes, which for all that (when he had played hys pageauntes wyth them) were fayne to let the people go and departe.
7 Now therfore make a newe carte and take two mealche kyne, on whose neck neuer came yocke. And tye the kyne in the carte, & brynge the calues whome from them.
8 Then take the arcke of the Lorde, & put it in the carte, & putte the Iuelles of Golde (whiche ye reward him with for a trespace offeryng) in a sorcer by the syde thereof, and sende it away & let it go.
9 And marke yf he go vp by the way that leadeth vnto his owne coaste, to Bethsames, then it is he şt dyd vs thys great euyl. But & yf he do not, then it is not hys hande that smote vs, but it was a chaunce that hapened vs.
10 And the men dyd euen so: they toke two kyne şt gaue milcke, & tyed them in the carte, and kepte the calues at home,
11 & they layde the arcke of the Lord vpon the carte, & the sorcer with the myce of golde & the ymages of theyr arsses with Emerodes.
12 And the kyne toke the strayght way to Bethsames, bothe one waye, and as they wente, lowed, turnyng nether to the ryght hand nor to the lefte. And the Lordes of the Philistines went after them vntyll they came to the borders of Bethsames.
13 And they of Bethsames were reping their whete heruest in the valeye. And they lyft vp theyr eyes and spyed the arcke. And reioysed when they sawe it.
14 And the carte came into şe groue of one Iehosua a Bethsamite, and stode styll there. There was there also a greate stone. And they claue the wodde of the carte and offered the kyne a burnte offerynge vnto the Lorde.
15 And the Leuites toke doune the arcke of the Lorde, & the forcer that was therebye, wherein the Iuelles of golde were, & put them on the great stone. And the men of Bethsames sacryfyced burnte sacrifyce, & offered offerynges that same daye vnto the Lorde.
16 And when the fyue Lordes of the Philistines had sene it. they returned to Akaron the same daye.
17 These are the golden arsses with Emerodes whiche the Philistines gaue to amendes for a trespace offeryng, to the Lord: for Asdod one: for Gaza one: for Askalon one: for Geth one: & for Akaron one.
18 And the golden myce were according to the nombre of all the cytyes of the Philistines thorowe the fyue lordeshyppes: both of walled tounes & of tounes vnwalled, euen vnto the great stone, whereon they set doune the arcke of the Lorde: whiche stone remayneth vnto thys daye in the felde of Iehosua şe Bethsamite.
19 And he plaged the men of Bethsames, because they had sene the arcke of the Lorde. And he slue of the people fyftyethousand and thre skore & ten persones. And the people lamented, because the Lorde had slayne so greate a slaughter of them.
20 And the men of Bethsames sayde: who is able to stand before the Lord so holy a God, & to whom shall he go from vs.
21 And they sent messengers to the enhabiters of Kariath Iarim, sayinge: The Philistines haue brought home agayne the arcke of the Lorde: come doune and fet it vp to you.




1 And the men of Kariathiarim came & set vp the arcke of the Lord & brought it into the house of Abinadab in Gabaah, & sanctified Eleazar hys sonne to wayte vpon the arcke of the Lorde.
2 And whyle the arcke abode in Kariathiarim, the dayes multyplyed, that it was twentye yeares, & all Israel lamented after the Lorde.
3 And Samuel spake vnto al Israel, saying: yf ye become agayne vnto the Lorde wyth al youre hertes, then put awaye the straunge Goddes from among you, & Astharoth, & prepare your hertes vnto the Lorde, & serue hym alone, & so shal he rydde you out of the handes of the Philistines.
4 And then the chyldren of Israel, did put awaye Baalim and Astaroth, & serued the Lorde onelye.
5 Then sayd Samuel: gather al Israel to Mazphah, şt I maye pray for you vnto the Lorde.
6 And they gathered together to Mazphah, & drue water & poured it out before the Lorde, & fasted the same daye, & sayde there: we haue synned agaynst şe Lord. And Samuel iudged the causes of the chyldren of Israel in Mazphah.
7 When the Philistines heard şt the children of Israel were gathered together to Mazphah, şe Lordes of the Philistynes went vp agaynste Israel. And when the chyldren of Israel heard that, they were afraid of the Philistines
8 & sayd to Samuel: cease not to crye vnto the Lorde oure God for vs, that he maye saue vs out of the handes of the Philistines.
9 And Samuel toke a suckyng lambe & offered it all together for a burntofferyng, vnto the Lorde, and cryed vnto the Lord for Israel: & the Lorde hearde him.
10 And as Samuel offered the burntofferyng, the Philistines came to fyght agaynst Israel. But the Lorde thundered a great thunder that same daye vpon the Philistines, & turmoyled them, that they were beaten before Israel.
11 And the men of Israel issued out of Mazphah & pursued the Philistines & slue them, vntil they came vnder Bethcar.
12 And then Samuel toke a stone, & pitched it betwene Mazphah & Sen, & called the name therof the stone of help, saying: thus farre hath the Lorde holp vs.
13 And so şe Philistines were broughte vnder şt they came no more into the coastes of Israell: for the hande of the Lorde was vpon the Philistines all the dayes of Samuel.
14 Therto the cityes which the Philistines had taken from Israel, came again to Israel, euen from Acaron to Geth, with the coastes of the same, which Israel plucked out of the handes of şe Philistines For there was peace betwene Israell & the Amorites.
15 And Samuel iudged Israel all the dayes of hys lyfe,
16 & went about yere by yere, to Bethel Galgal & Mazphah, and iudged Israel in all those places,
17 & came agayne to Ramath: for there was hys house, and there he iudged Israell, & there he buylt an aultare vnto the Lorde.




1 When Samuel was olde, he made his sonnes iudges ouer Israel.
2 The name of his eldest sonne was Ioel, & the name of the second Abiath whiche were iudges in Bersabe.
3 Neuerthelesse his sonnes folowed not his steppes: but turned a syde after lucre, & toke rewardes, & peruerted şe ryght.
4 Then all the elders of Israel gathered them together & came to Samuell vnto Ramath,
5 and sayd vnto him: behold thou art olde, & thy sonnes folow not thy wayes. Now therfor make vs a king to iudge vs, as all other nacions haue.
6 But the thyng displeased Samuell, when they sayde: geue vs a kynge to iudge vs. And Samuel prayed vnto the Lorde.
7 And the Lord sayd vnto Samuel: heare the voyce of the people in all that they say vnto the. For they haue not cast the awaye, but me: şt I shulde not raygne ouer them.
8 And as they haue euer done (sence I brought them out of Egypt vnto thys daye, & haue forsaken me, & serued other Goddes) euen so do they vnto the.
9 Now therfor herken vnto theyr voyce, howbeit yet, testifye vnto them, & shew them the duty of the kyng that shal raygne ouer them.
10 And Samuel tolde al şe wordes of the Lord vnto the people şt asked a kynge of hym, & he sayde:
11 this shalbe şe duty of şe kyng şt shal raigne ouer you: he wil take your sonnes & put them to his charettes & make his horsmen of them, & they must runne before his charet,
12 & wil make him captaines of them ouer thousandes & ouer fyfties, & wil set them to eare hys grounde, & to gather in hys heruest, & to make instrumentes of warre & apparel for hys charettes.
13 And he wyll take your doughters & make them the dressers of his ointmentes, & his cookes & bakers.
14 And he shall take the best of youre feldes, & of youre vyneyardes & of your olyue trees, & geue them to hys seruauntes.
15 And he shall take the tenth of your seede & of your vines, & geue it to his lordes, & to his seruauntes.
16 And he shall take the best of your menseruauntes and maydeseruauntes & youngmen, and of your asses, and do his worke with them.
17 And he shall take the tenthe of youre shepe, & ye shalbe his seruauntes.
18 And when ye crye out at that time vpon your king, whiche ye shall haue chosen you, the Lorde wyl not heare you at that daye.
19 Neuerthelesse the people wolde not heare şe voyce of Samuel, but dyd saye: naye not so: But there shalbe a kyng ouer vs,
20 & we wylbe lyke al other nacions. And oure kyng shal iudge vs, & go out before vs, & fyght oure battelles.
21 And Samuel hearde all the wordes of the people, and rehersed them in the eares of the Lord.
22 And the Lord said to Samuel: herken vnto theyr voyce, & make them a kynge. Then said Samuel vnto the men of Israell: go euery man vnto hys cytye.




1 Now there was a man of Beniamin named Cis the sonne of Abiel, the sonne of Zeror, the sonne of Bechorath, the sonne of Aphiah, the sonne of a man şt was a Ieminite, a man of myght,
2 the same had a sonne called Saul, a goodly young man, so şt among the children of Israel, there was none goodlier then he, & was therto from the shoulders vpwarde hyer then all the other people.
3 And it chaunsed şt the Asses of thys Cis Sauls father were lost. Then said Cis to Saule his sonne: take one of the laddes with the, & vp, & go seke the Asses.
4 And they went thorow mount Ephraim, & thorow the lande of Salisia, & founde them not. Then they went thorow the lande of Salim, & there they were not. Then they went also thorow the land of Iemini, and they found them not.
5 Then when they were come to the lande of Zuph, Saule sayde to the youngeman şt was with hym: come, let vs returne, lest my father leue caring for the asses, & take thought for vs.
6 And he answered him: behold, there is in this cytie a worshipful man of God, & all şt he sayth, cometh to passe. Now then let vs go thether, paraduenture he shall shew vs what waye we may go.
7 Then said Saul to his lad yf we go what shall we bryng the man? For our bread is all spent out of our hampers, and there is no nother present to bryng the man of God, what haue we?
8 And the young man aunswered Saul agayne & sayde: I haue found about me the fourth part of a Sicle, şt will we geue the man of God to tell vs oure waye.
9 Before tyme in Israel when a man went to seke an answere of God, thus wyse he spake: come & let vs go to the Sear. For he that is now called a Prophet, was in the olde tyme called a Sear.
10 Then sayde Saul to his young man: well said of the: come let vs go. And so they went vnto the cytie where the man of god was.
11 And as they were goyng vp into şe citie, they met with damoselles that came oute to draw water, & sayde vnto them: is there here a sear.
12 And the maydens answered them: yee: beholde, he goeth before you. Make hast nowe, for he came thys day to the cytie, for şe people must offer thys day in şe hil.
13 When ye be come into the citie, so shall you fynd hym, yer he go vp to the hil to eate: for the people wyll not eate vntyll he come, because he must blesse the offeryng. And then eate they that be bidden to the feaste. Nowe therfore get you vp for euen now shal ye fynd hym.
14 And they went vp into the cyty. And when they were come into the myddes of the cytye: beholde, Samuel came out agaynst them, for to go vp to the hyl.
15 But the Lorde had tolde Samuel a daye before Saul came, sayinge:
16 to morowe thys tyme I wyl sende the a man out of the lande of Beniamin, him shalt thou anoynt to be captayne ouer my people Israel, that he maye saue my people out of the hande of the Philistines, for I haue loked vpon my people, and theyr crye is come vnto me.
17 When Samuel saw Saule, the Lorde aunswered hym: se, this is the man whome I spake to the of. Thys same shall raygne ouer my people.
18 Then went Saul to Samuel in the myddle of the gate, & sayd: tell me, I praye the, where about the sears house is,
19 and Samuel answered Saul and sayde: I am the sear, go vp before me vnto the hyll, for ye shall eate wyth me to daye. And to morowe I wyll let the go erlye, & wyll tell the all that is in thyne herte,
20 and as for thyne asses that were loste this day thre dayes, care not for them, for they are founde And moreouer whose shall şe bewtyfull thynges of Israel be? belonge they not to the, and vnto all thy fathers house?
21 But Saul answered, & sayde: am not I the sonne of a Ieminite of the smallest trybe of Israel, and my kinred the least of al the kynredes of the trybe of Beniamin, wherfore then speakest thou so to me?
22 And Samuel toke Saul and his ladde and brought them into the parler, and made them sit in the chyefest place among them that were bidden: which were vpon a thyrtye persones.
23 Then sayde Samuel vnto the cooke: brynge forth the porcyon which I gaue the: & of whiche I sayde kepe it wyth the.
24 And the cooke toke vp the shoulder and broughte it, and set it before Saul. And Samuel sayd: beholde, that whiche is lefte: putte it before the & eate, for I kept it for the of purpose, when I called the people. And so Saul dyd eate wyth Samuell that daye.
25 And when they were come doune from the hyl into the cytye, Samuel comuned with Saul vpon the toppe of the house:
26 & they arose erlye. And about the spryng of the daye Samuel called vpon the toppe of the house saying: vp that I maye sende the awaye. And Saul arose. And they wente out at the dores both of them, both he and Samuell.
27 And when they were come almoste oute of the toune, Samuel sayde to Saul: byd the lad go before vs, and he wente, but stande thou styll a whyle euen nowe, that I maye shewe the what God sayeth.




1 And then Samuel toke a boxe of oyle, & poured it vpon his head & kissed him & sayd: the Lord hath annoynted the to be a captaine ouer his enheritaunce.
2 And now when thou art departed from me, thou shalte mete two men by Rahels sepulchre in şe borders of Beniamin euen at Zalezah. And they wyl say vnto the: şe asses which thou wenteste to seke, are founde se, thy father hath lefte the care of the asses, and soroweth for you saying what shal I do for my sonne?
3 Then thou shalt go forth from thence, & shalt come to the ocke of Thabor. And there shalt thou mete thre men goynge to God to Bethel: one cariyng thre kyddes: and another caryenge thre loues of bread: and the thyrd caryeng a botell of wine.
4 And they wyll salute the and geue the two loues of bread: which thou shalt receyue of theyr handes.
5 After that thou shalt come to the hyll of God, where the Philistines kepe theyr watche. And when thou art come thyther to that cytye, thou shalt mete a companye of Prophetes comyng doune from the hyll, with a psalter, a tymbrell, a pype, and an harp before them & they prophesying.
6 And the spyryte of şe Lord wyll come vpon the, and thou shalt prophesye with them, and shalt be turned into another man.
7 And when these sygnes are chaunced şe, then do what thou hast to do, for God is wyth the.
8 And thou shalt also go before me to Galgall. And beholde I wyl come vnto the, to sacrifye burnt sacrifice & peace offerynges. Tary for me seuen dayes, tyll I come to the, & shew the what thou shalt do.
9 And assone as he had turned his shoulder to go from Samuel, god gaue hym another maner of herte, and all those tokens came to passe that same day.
10 When thei came to the hyll, beholde, the company of prophetes met him, & the sprite of God came vpon him, & he prophesyed among them.
11 And all that knewe him before when they sawe that he prophesied among the Prophetes, they sayd eche to other: what is happened vnto the sonne of Cis? Is Saule also among the Prophetes?
12 And one of the same place answered & sayde? who is theyr father? And thereof sprang a prouerbe: what is Saul also amonge the Prophetes:
13 And when he had made an end of prophesieng, he came to the hyll.
14 Saules fathers brother sayde vnto him & his lad: whether wente ye? And he answered: to seke the asses, & when we saw that they were no where, we went to Samuel.
15 Then sayd Sauls vncle: tel me what Samuel sayde vnto you?
16 And Saul answered his vncle: he tolde vs şt the asses were found. But of the kyngdome wherof Samuel spake, tolde he hym not.
17 After that Samuel called şe people together vnto the Lorde to Mazphah
18 & sayde vnto the chyldren of Israel: thus saith the Lord God of Israel, I brought you out of Egypt, & deliuered you out of the hand of the Egipcians, & out of the handes of al kingedomes that oppressed you.
19 And ye haue this day cast awaye youre God that holpe you oute of al youre aduersities & trybulacyons. And ye haue sayde vnto him, make a kyng ouer vs. Now therfore stande before the Lord by your trybes & youre thousandes.
20 And when Samuel had brought al the trybes of Israel şe trybe of Beniamin was caught.
21 When he had broughte the trybe of Beniamin by theyr kinredes the kynrede of Metri was caught, and Saul the sonne of Cys was caughte. And they sought him: but he coulde not be founde.
22 Then they asked the Lorde further: whither the man shuld come thyther. And the Lorde aunswered: beholde he hath hydde hym selfe among the stuffe.
23 And they ran, and fet hym thence. And when he stode among the people, he was hyer then anye of the people, from şe shoulders vpwarde.
24 And Samuel sayde to al the people there se ye whom the Lord hath chosen & how there is none lyke hym amonge all the companye. And al the people shouted and sayd: God lend the Kyng lyfe.
25 Then Samuel tolde the people the dutye of the kyngedome, & wrote it in a boke, and layde it vp before the Lorde, & so sente all the people awaye, euery man to hys house.
26 And Saule also went home to Gabaah. And there went wt hym an hoste, suche as God had touched theyr hartes.
27 But the children of vnthryftynesse sayde: how shall he saue vs? and despysed him & brought hym not presentes. And he made as though he had not hearde it.




1 Then Nahas the Ammonite came & beseged Iabes in Galaad. And al the people of Iabes sayd vnto Nahas: make a couenaunte wyth vs & we wylbe thy seruauntes.
2 And Nahas şe Amonite said: herto will I make a couenaunt wt you, euen to thrust oute all youre ryght eyes, şt I may bring şt shame vpon al Israel.
3 Then said the elders of Iabes: geue vs .vij. dayes respite şt we maye send messengers vnto al the coastes of Israell. And then yf there come no man to help vs, we wyll come out to the.
4 Then came şe messengers to Gabaah where Saul dwelte, & tolde his tidinges in the eares of the people. And al the people lyfte vp theyr voyces & wept.
5 And behold Saul came followyng his oxen oute of the felde, & asked what ayled şe people to wepe. And they told hym şe tydynges of the men of Iabes.
6 Then came şe spryte of God vpon Saul, when he hearde those tidinges, & he was exceding angrye.
7 And toke a youke of oxen & hewed them in peces, & sent them thorowout al şe coastes of Israel by şe handes of messengers saying: whosoeuer cometh not forth after Saul & after Samuel, so shall hys oxen be serued. Then the feare of the Lord fel on the people, & they came out as it had ben but one man.
8 And when they were nombred in Bezek the children of Israel were thre hundred thousand, & the men of Iuda thyrtye thousand.
9 And they sayd vnto the messengers şt came, so say vnto the men of Iabes in Galaad: to morow by that tyme, the sunne be hote, ye shall haue helpe. And the messengers came & shewed the men of Iabes, & they were glad.
10 And then the men of Iabes sayde: to morowe we wil come out vnto you, that ye maye do with vs al that pleaseth you.
11 And on the morowe Saul put şe people in thre partes. And they came in vpon the host in şe morning watche, & slue the Ammonites, vntill şe heat of the day. And they şt remayned, shattered, so that two of them were not left together.
12 Then saide the people to Samuel: what are they şt sayd: shall Saule raigne ouer vs? bryng them şt we may slay them.
13 But Saule sayde: there shal no man dye thys daye, for to daye the Lord hath saued Israel.
14 Then sayde Samuel vnto the people: come & let vs go to Galgal, & renewe the kyngdom there.
15 And the people went to Galgal & made Saul kyng there, before the Lorde in Galgal. And there they offered peace offerynges before the Lorde. And there Saul and all the people reioysed excedinglye.




1 Then sayde Samuell vnto al Israel: beholde I haue obeyed your voyce in all that ye saide vnto me, & haue made you a kyng.
2 And se youre kyng walketh before you. But I am olde & graye headed: & behold my sonnes are with you & I haue walked before you from my chyldhode vnto thys daye.
3 Behold here I am: answere me before the Lorde & before his annoynted, whose oxe haue I taken? or whose asse haue I taken? whom haue I done wrong to? or whom haue I pylled? And of whose hand haue I receiued any bribe, to blynde myne eyes therewith? & I wyll restore it you agayne.
4 And they sayde thou hast done vs no wronge, nor pylled vs, nether hast thou taken ought of any mannes hande.
5 Then sayde he to them: the Lorde is wytnesse vnto you, and hys annoynted is witnesse thys daye, that ye haue found nought in my handes. And they answered: we are wytnesses.
6 Then sayde Samuel vnto the people: it is the Lorde that made Moses & Aaron, & which brought youre fathers out of Egypte.
7 Now therfore stand stil, & let me reason wyth you before the Lorde, of al the ryghtuousnesses of the Lorde which he shewed both you & youre fathers.
8 After şt Iacob was come into Egypte, your fathers cryed vnto the Lorde, & the Lord sent Moses & Aaron, which brought your fathers out of Egypt, & made them dwel in thys place.
9 Neuerthelater they forgat the Lorde theyr God. And he solde them into the hande of Sisara chyefe captayne of Iabin kynge of Hazor, and into the handes of the Phylystynes and into the handes of the Kynge of Moab, which fought agaynst them.
10 Then they cryed vnto the Lorde, and sayde: we haue synned, because we haue forsaken the Lorde, and haue serued Baalim & Astharoth. But nowe delyuer vs out of the handes of our enemyes, and we wyll serue the.
11 And the Lorde sent Ierobaal Badan. Iephthah & Samuel, & delyuered you out of the handes of youre ennemyes on euery syde, so that ye dwelled with out feare.
12 And for al that when you sawe that Nahas şe king of the children of Ammon came against you, ye sayde vnto me: not so, a kynge shall raygne ouer vs, when yet the Lord your god was your Kyng.
13 Now therfore beholde, the kynge whome ye haue chosen and whome ye haue desyred: se, the Lorde hath geuen you a Kynge,
14 Oh, that ye wolde feare the Lorde & serue hym, & heare hys voyce, & not disobeye the mouth of the Lorde: and that both ye and the Kynge that raygneth ouer you, wolde folow the Lorde your God.
15 For yf ye shal not herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde, but shall disobeye the Lordes mouthe: then shal şe hand of the Lorde be vpon you & on youre fathers.
16 Now also stande & se thys great thyng which the Lorde wyl do before youre eyes:
17 is it not now wheteheruest. And yet for al that, I wyl call vnto the Lorde, and he shall sende thunder and rayne. Wherby perceyue and vnderstand how that your wyckednes is great which ye haue done in the syght of the Lorde in askyng you a Kynge.
18 And when Samuel called vnto the Lorde, the Lorde sent thunder & rayne the same daye. And all the people feared the Lord and Samuel excedynglye.
19 Then sayde all the people vnto Samuel: praye for thy seruauntes vnto the Lorde thy God, that we dye not: for we haue synned in askyng vs a kynge, besyde all the synnes that euer we dyd.
20 Then sayde Samuel vnto the people: feare not. And thoughe ye haue done all thys wyckednesse yet departe not from the Lord in any case. But serue hym wyth all your hertes.
21 Nether turne ye after vayne thynges which cannot delyuer you, for they are but vanities.
22 But the Lorde wyl not forsake hys people, because of hys great names sake: because the Lorde had begonne to make you hys people.
23 Moreouer God forbydde that I shulde synne agaynste the Lorde in leuyng praiyng for you and to shewe you the good and ryghte way.
24 Onelye feare you the Lorde and serue hym truly with all your hertes: for se, he hath done great thynges for you.
25 But and yf ye shall do wyckedlye, then shall both ye and your King therto peryshe.




1 Saul was as a chyld of a yeare old, when he began to raigne. And when he had raygned .ij. yeares ouer Israel,
2 he chose him thre thousand men out of Israel. Two thousand were wyth Saul in Machmas & mount Bethel, & a thousande wyth Ionathas in Gabaah Beniamin. And the rest of the people he sent, euery man to hys owne house.
3 And Ionathas slue the Philistines in an holde they had in Gabaah, & it came to the Philistines eares. And Saul caused the trompet to be blowen thorow out all şe lande, saying: let the Ebrewes heare.
4 And all Israel hearde say, how that Saul had destroyed an holde of the Philistines, and howe that Israel stancke vnto the Philistines. And all şe people cryed after Saule to Galgal.
5 Then the Philistines gathered them selues together to fyghte wyth Israel, thyrtie thousand charettes and sixe thousande horse men with the other people lyke the sande by şe sea side is in multitude and came vp & pytched in Machmas eastward from Bethauen.
6 And when the men of Israel sawe them selues in a strayte, and that the people were accombred, they hyd themselues in caues, in preuy holes, in rockes dennes & pyttes.
7 And the Ebrues wente ouer Iordan vnto the land of Gad & Galaad. But Saul was yet in Galgal, and al the people şt folowed hym, were astonyed.
8 And he taryed seuen dayes, as Samuel had appoynted. But Samuell came not to Galgal, & şe people scatered from hym.
9 Wherfore Saule sayde: bryng burnt sacryfyce to me & peace offerynges. And he offered burnt sacrifice.
10 And as sone as he had made an ende of offeryng burnte offerynges, behold, Samuel came. And Saul went agaynste him to salute him.
11 Then sayde Samuel to Saul: what hast thou done? And Saule sayd: because I saw that the people skatered from me, & that thou camest not within the dayes apoynted & that the Philistines gathered them selues together to Machmas:
12 then sayd I: the Philistines shall come doune vpon me to Galgal, yer I haue made supplicacyon vnto the Lorde. And therfore I toke a courage wyth me, and offered burnt offerynges.
13 Then sayde Samuel to Saul, thou hast done folyshly & hast not kept the commaundement of the Lorde thy God whiche he commaunded the. For at thys tyme wolde the Lord haue stablished thy kyngdom vpon Israel for euer.
14 But nowe thy kyngedome shall not continue. The Lord hath sought him a man after his own hert, & hath commaunded hym to be a captayne ouer hys people: because thou hast not kepte şt which şe Lorde commaunded the.
15 And Samuel arose, & gat him from Galgal to Gabaah Beniamin. And Saul nombred the people şt were found with hym, aboute a syxe hundred men.
16 And Saul & Ionathas his sonne & the people that were founde with them, had theyr abydyng in Gabaah Beniamin. But the Philistines had pytched in Machmas.
17 And ther came out of the host of the Philistines thre companyes to destroye: one companye turned vnto the waye that leadeth to Ephrah vnto the land of Sual.
18 And another companye turned the way to Bethoron. And the thyrd company turned to the waye of the cost that turneth to şe valeye of Zeboim toward the wildernesse.
19 But there was no smyth thorowout al the lande of Israel. For the Philistines thought that then the Ebrues myght make them swerdes or speres.
20 And therfor must al Israel go doune to şe Philistines, to mende euery man his share, hys mattok, his axe, or hys cyckle:
21 as ofte as şe edges of the cyckles mattockes, doung forckes, & axes were blunte, and also to mende theyr goodes.
22 And so in tyme of battell there was nether swerde nor spere founde in the handes of any of the people that were wyth Saule & Ionathas: saue for Saule and Ionathas hys sonne was there som what founde.
23 And the Garison of the Philistines came oute, & stode on the other syde before Machmas.




1 And it fell on a daye, that Ionathas the sonne of Saul sayd vnto hys young man that bare his harnes: come & let vs go ouer to the watche men of the Philistines that are younder on the other syde, & told not his father.
2 But Saul taryed in the vtmost parte of Gabaah vnder a pomegarnet tree, şt was in Magron, & the people that were with hym were vpon a sixe hundred men.
3 And Ahiah the sonne of Ahitob Iehabodes brother, the sonne of Phinehes, the sonne of Eli, was the Lordes priest in Siloh & bare an Ephod. But the people wyst not that Ionathas was gone.
4 And in the way ouer by whiche Ionathas sought to go ouer vnto the garyson of şe philistines, were there two sharpe rockes, euen one on the one syde, & the other on the other syde: şe one called Bozez, & the other Seneh.
5 And şe one leaneth northwarde toward Machmas, & the other southwarde toward Gabaah.
6 Then sayd Ionathas to the young man şt bare hys harnesse: come & let vs go ouer vnto the standynge of these vncyrcumcysed, paraduenture the Lorde wyl worke with vs: for the Lorde is free to saue with manye or wyth few.
7 And his harnesbearer sayde vnto hym: do all şt is in thyne hert: set the forwarde: & se I am with the, as thyne hert lusteth.
8 Then sayde Ionathas: behold, when we go ouer vnto the men, & shewe oure selues vnto them:
9 yf they say on thys wyse to vs: tarye vntyl we come to you, then we wyl stand styl where we be & not go vp vnto them.
10 But & yf they so saye vnto vs: come vp vnto vs, then we wyl go vp, for the Lorde hath deliuered them into oure handes. And thys shalbe a sygne vnto vs.
11 And when they had bothe shewed them selues vnto şe garison of the Philistines, the Philistines sayd: se the Ebrewes come out of the holes where thei had hidde them selues in.
12 And the men of the garison answered Ionathas & hys harnesbearer & sayde: come vp to vs, & we wyl shew you a thyng. Then sayd Ionathas vnto hys harnesbearer: come vp after me, for the Lord hath delyuered them into the handes of Israel.
13 And Ionathas clame vpon handes & fete, & hys harnesbearer after him. Then they fel before Ionathas, & his harnesbearer slue them after him.
14 And that fyrst slaughter which Ionathas and hys harnesbearer made was vpon a twentye men, within the compasse as it were about an halfe aker of land.
15 And there was a fear in the host that was in the felde, & among all the people: in so much that they that kept the hold and they that were gone to robbe, were afrayde also, and the earthe trymbled, and there was a feare sente of God.
16 And the watche men of Saule in Gabaah Beniamin sawe. And beholde, the people skatered and ranne hyther and thyther.
17 Then sayde Saule vnto the people şt was with him: nombre and se who is gone awaye from vs. And when they had tolde: beholde, Ionathas & his harnesbearer were not there.
18 And then Saul sayd vnto Ahia: bryng hyther the arcke of God. For the arck of God was at that tyme wt the children of Israel.
19 And whyle Saule talked vnto the priest, the people şt were in the host of the Philistines, ranne more & more. And Saul sayd vnto the priest: withdraw thyne hand.
20 And Saul cryed & all the people that were with him, and went to battel. And beholde euery mans swerd was agaynst hys felowe, wt a myghty great slaughter.
21 Moreouer the Ebrues that were with the Philistines before that tyme, & were come with them in al partes of the hoste, they turned to Israel that was with Saul & Ionathas.
22 And they also whiche had hydde them selues in mount Ephraim, as sone as they heard how that the Philistines were fledde, they folowed after them in battell.
23 And so God holp Israel that daye. And the battell contynued vntyll they came to Bethauen.
24 And the men of Israel ioyned them selues together that daye: & Saule adiured the people saying: Cursed be he that eateth anye fode vntyll nyghte, that I may be aduenged of myne enemies. And so there was none of the people that tasted any sustinaunce.
25 And all the land came to a woode where honye laye vpon the grounde.
26 And when the people were come into the woodde: Beholde, the honye dropped. How be it there was no man that moued hys hande to hys mouthe, because that the people feared şe cursse.
27 But Ionathas heard not when hys father adiured the people, wherfor he put forth the ende of the staffe that was in his hand & dipte it in an honye combe, & put his hande to his mouth, & his eyes receyued sight.
28 Then spake one of the people & sayd: thy father adiured the people saying: Cursed be that man that eateth any sustinaunce this daye, and yet the people were fayntye.
29 Then sayde Ionathas: my father hath troubled the land: for se, myne eyes hath receyued sighte, because I tasted a lytle of thys honye:
30 how then yf all the people had eaten of the spoyle of theyr enemyes, which they founde had there not ben then a muche greater slaughter amonge the Philistines?
31 And they layed on the Philistines that daye, from Machmas to Aialon. And the people were excedynge fayntye.
32 Then the people gat them to the spoyle & toke shepe, oxen & calues, & slue them on şe ground & dyd eate wyth the bloude.
33 Then the men told Saul, sayinge: Beholde the people synne agaynst the Lorde, in that they eate wyth the bloude. And he sayde: ye haue trespaced. But roule a greate stone vnto me nowe,
34 and go abroad among the people, and bidde them bryng euery man his oxe & euerye man hys shepe, & slaye them here, & synne not agaynste the Lorde in eatyng with the bloude. And şe people brought euery man his oxe in his hand by night & slue them there.
35 And Saul made an aultar vnto the Lorde. And that was the fyrst altare şt he made vnto the Lorde.
36 And Saul sayde: let vs go doune after the Philistines by nyght, & let vs make hauoke amonge them vntyll it be daye in the mornyng, and let vs not leaue one of them. And the people answered: do whatsoeuer thou thynkest best. Then sayd şe priest: let vs come hether vnto God.
37 And Saule asked of God: shall I go doune after the Philistines? and wylt thou delyuer them into myne handes? But he aunswered hym not at that tyme.
38 Then sayde Saul: let the people come hyther out of all quarters, & knowe and se, in whome thys synne is chaunced thys daye:
39 for as trulye as the Lorde lyueth which hath saued Israel, though it be in Ionathas my sonne he shall dye for it. But no man answered hym of all the people.
40 Then he said vnto all Israell: be ye on one syde, & I & Ionathas my sonne wylbe on another. And the people sayde vnto Saule: what thou thynkest best that do.
41 And Saule sayde vnto the Lorde God of Israell: geue perfecte knoweledge. And Saule and Ionathas were caught, & the people skaped free.
42 Then sayde Saul, cast lottes betwene me & Ionathas my sonne. And Ionathas was caughte.
43 Then Saul sayde to Ionathas: tell me what thou hast done. And Ionathas tolde hym & sayde: I tasted a lytle honye vpon the ende of my staffe şt was in myne hande, & se, I must dye.
44 Then sayd Saul: God do so and so to me except şt thou dye Ionathas.
45 But the people sayde vnto Saul: shall Ionathas dye whiche hath so myghtely holpe Israel? God forbyd. As truly as the Lorde lyueth, there shall not one hearre of his head fal to the ground: for he hath wroughte with God thys daye. And so the people delyuered Ionathas, that he dyed not. And then Saule departed from folowyng the Philistynes.
46 And the Phylystynes wente to theyr owne place.
47 And so Saule toke the kyngedom ouer Israel, and fought agaynste all hys enemyes on euerye syde: agaynste the Moabytes: agaynst the chyldren of Ammon: agaynst the Edomites: agaynste the Kynges of Zobah and agaynst the Philystynes. And whethersoeuer he turned hym selfe, there he wanne,
48 and played the man & slue the Amaleckites, and rydde Israel out of the handes of them that spoyled them.
49 The sonnes of Saule were Ionathas, Iesui, and Melchisua. And hys two doughters were thus named: the elder was called Merob & the younger Michol.
50 And the name of Saules wyfe was Ahinoam the doughter of Ahimaaz. And the name of hys chyefe captayne was Abner the sonne of Ner Saules vncle.
51 And Cis was Saules father. And Ner the father of Abner was the sonne of Abiel.
52 And there was sore war with the Philistines al şe dayes of Saul. For whersoeuer Saul sawe a stronge man, and an actiue, he toke hym vnto hym.




1 Then sayde Samuel vnto Saul: şe Lorde sent me to anoynt şe King ouer his people Israel. Now therfore obeye thou the voyce of the wordes of the Lorde.
2 Thus saith the Lorde of hostes: I haue called to remembraunce that whiche Amalech dyd to Israel how they laye in wayte for them in the way as they came out of Egypte.
3 Now therfor go & smyte the Amaleckites, & onelye destroy ye all that pertayneth vnto them, & se thou haue no compassion on them. But slay both man & woman, infant & sucklyng, & oxe, shepe, camell & Asse.
4 And Saul tolde it the people, & nombred them in Telaim two hundred thousand foote men, & ten thousand men of Iuda.
5 And Saule came vnto a city of the Amaleckites, & fought in a valeye.
6 But Saul sayde vnto the Kenites go & departe, & get ye doune from amonge the Amaleckytes, leste I destroy you wyth them for ye shewed mercye with Israell when they came out of Egypt. And the kenites departed from amonge the Amaleckites.
7 And Saul slue the Amaleckites from Heuila to Sur that lyeth before Egypte,
8 & toke Agag the Kyng of the Amaleckites a lyue, & vtterly destroyed all the people with the edge of the swerde.
9 But Saule and the people spared Agag, and they left of the shepe and of the oxen and fat thynges and the lambes and al that was good, and wolde not destroy them. But all that was noughte worth an flaggye, that they destroyed vtterlye.
10 Then came the worde of the Lorde vnto Samuel, sayinge:
11 it repenteth me that I haue made Saul King. For he is turned from me, & hath not parformed my commaundementes, wherfore Samuel was euyl apayde & cryed vnto the Lord all nyght.
12 And Samuel rose earlye, to mete Saul in the mornynge. And it was tolde Samuel that Saule was come to Carmell, and had set hym vp a pyller of triumphe. And was turned and departed and gone to Galgall.
13 And when Samuel was come to Saule, Saule sayde vnto hym: Blessed be thou in the Lorde. I haue done the commaundemente of the Lorde.
14 And Samuel aunswered: what meaneth then the bleatynge of the shepe in myne eares, & the noyse of the oxen whiche I heare?
15 And Saule sayde: they haue broughte them from the Amaleckytes. For the people spared the best of the shepe and of the oxen, to sacrifyce vnto the Lorde thy God. And the remnaunt we haue destroyed.
16 But Samuel sayde to Saul: cease and let me tell the what the Lorde hath sayde to me thys nyght. And he sayde vnto him: saye on.
17 And Samuel sayde when thou waste lytle in thyne owne sighte, wast thou not made the head of the trybes of Israell? And the Lorde anoynted the Kynge ouer Israel.
18 And then şe Lord sent the on a iourneye, & sayde vnto the, se that thou vtterlye destroye those synners, the Amaleckites & fyght agaynste them vntil ye haue vtterlye destroyed them.
19 And wherfore hast thou now not obeyed the voyce of şe Lorde. But dydest turne to the praye & haste wrought wickednesse in the sight of the Lord?
20 And Saule sayde vnto Samuel: I haue obeyed the voyce of the Lorde, and wente the waye which the Lord sent me, & haue brought Agag the Kynge of the Amaleckites. And haue vtterlye destroyed the Amaleckites.
21 And şe people toke of the spoyle, shepe, oxen, and the chiefest of the thynges which shulde haue ben destroyed, to offer vnto the Lorde thy God in Galgal.
22 Then sayde Samuel: hath the Lorde as great pleasure in burnt sacryfyces & offerynges, as he hath that thou shouldest obeye hys voyce? Beholde, to obeye is better then offeryng, and to geue heade is better then the fat of rammes.
23 For rebellyousnesse is as the synne of witchcrafte, & stoburnesse is wyckednesse and Idolatrye. Because therfore thou hast cast awaye the worde of the Lorde, therfore hath the Lorde caste awaye the also, from beynge Kynge.
24 Then sayde Saul to Samuel: I haue sinned, for I haue trespaced the mouthe of the Lorde, and thy wordes, because I feared the people and obeyed theyr voyce.
25 But now take awaye my synne, & turne agayne wyth me, that I maye worshyppe the Lord.
26 Then sayd Samuel vnto Saul: I wyll not returne wyth the: for thou hast cast awaye the byddyng of God, & therfore the Lorde hath cast awaye the also, that thou shalt not be Kyng ouer Israel.
27 And as Samuel turned to go awaye, he caught the lappe of hys coote, and it rente.
28 Then Samuel saide: the Lorde hath rente the Kyngdome of Israel from the this daye, and hath geuen it to a neyghbour of thyne, that is better then thou.
29 And therto he that geueth victorye to Israel, wyl not begyle nor repente: for he is not a man, that can repent.
30 Then he sayd: I haue synned. But yet honoure me before the elders of my people, and before Israel, and turne agayne wyth me, that I maye praye vnto the Lorde thy God.
31 And Samuell turned agayne, and folowed Saule. And Saul prayed vnto the Lord.
32 Then sayde Samuel: Bryng ye hyther to me Agag the Kynge of the Amaleckytes. And Agag came vnto hym delycately. And Agag said: truly the bytternesse of death cometh on. And Samuel sayde:
33 As thy swerde hath made wemen chyldelesse, so shall thy mother be chyldlesse among other wemen. And so Samuell hewed Agag in peces before the Lord in Galgal. And then Samuell departed to Ramath.
34 And Saul went home to hys house to Gabaah Saule.
35 But Samuel came no more to se Saule vntyll the day of hys death. Neuerthelesse Samuel mourned for Saule, because the Lorde repented that he had made hym Kyng ouer Israel.




1 And then the Lorde sayde vnto Samuel: How longe wilt thou mourne for Saul, seing I haue cast him away from raygning ouer Israel? fyll an horne with oyntment, and come: I wil sende the to Isay şe Bethlehemite, for I haue spyed me a king amonge his sonnes.
2 But Samuel answered: how shall I go? For Saul shall heare it and wyll kyll me. And the Lorde sayde: Take an heyfer with the, and saye thou goest to offer to the Lorde.
3 And call Isai to the offerynge, and I wil shew the what thou shalt do. And thou shalt anoynt hym whom I saye vnto the.
4 And Samuel dyd as the Lorde bad him. And when he came to Bethlehem, the elders of the towne were astonyed at hys coming, and sayde: Betokeneth thy comynge peace?
5 and he sayde, ye, for I am come to offer vnto the Lorde. Clense your selues and come wyth me to the offerynge. And he puryfyed Isai and his sonnes, and bad them to the offerynge.
6 And when they were come, he loked on Eliab and sayde: the Lordes anoynted is before hym.
7 But the Lorde sayde vnto Samuel: loke not on his fashion nor on the height of hys stature, for I haue refused hym. Because it is not as man seyth. For man loketh on the outward apperaunce, but the Lorde beholdeth the harte.
8 Then Isai called Abinadab and made hym come before Samuel. And he sayd: nether yet hath the Lord chosen thys.
9 Then Isai made Samah come, and he sayde: nether yet hath the Lord chosen hym.
10 Then made Isai seuen of hys sonnes come before Samuel. And Samuel sayd, the Lord hath chosen none of these.
11 Then sayde Samuel to Isai: are here all thy chyldren, and he saide: the youngest is yet behynde: Beholde, he kepeth the shepe. Then Samuel sayd vnto Isai: sende and fet hym for we wyl not sytte doune, til he be come hyther.
12 And he sent and brought hym in. And he was browne wyth goodly eyes, and welfauored in syght. And then the Lord said vp and anoynt hym: for this is he.
13 And Samuel toke the horne with the oyntment and annoynted him in the presens of hys brethren. And the spryte of the Lord came vpon Dauid, from that daye forwarde. And Samuel rose vp and went to Ramath.
14 But the spyryte of the Lord departed from Saul, and an euill spyryt sent of the lord vexed hym.
15 Then sayde his seruauntes vnto hym. Beholde, an euyll spyryt sent of god vexeth the,
16 let oure Lord therfore commaund hys seruauntes to seke a man that is a connynge player wyth an harpe. And then when the euyll sprete sent of God, cometh vpon şe that he may plaie wyth hys hande, and thou shalt be eased.
17 And Saul sayde vnto his seruauntes: seke me a man that can well playe, and brynge hym to me.
18 Then answered one of hys seruauntes, and saide. Beholde, I haue sene a sonne of Isai the Bethlehemyte, that can playe vpon instrumentes, and is an actyue felowe and a man of warre and prudent and well made, and the Lorde is with hym,
19 whervpon Saul sent messengers vnto Isai, and saide, sende me Dauid thy sonne which is with the shepe.
20 And Isai toke an asse laden with bread, and a flacked of wyne, & a kidde and sent them by Dauyd hys sonne vnto Saul.
21 And Dauid went to Saul, and came before hym, and he loued hym very well, so that he was made hys harnesbearer.
22 And Saul sent to Isai saying, let Dauid remaine wyth me, for he hath founde fauour in my syght.
23 And when the spyryte of God came vpon Saul, Dauid toke an harpe and plaied with hys hand, and so Saul was refresshed, and dyd amend and the euyll spyryt departed from hym.




1 The Philistines gathered theyr hoste to battel, and came together to Socoh in Iuda, and pitched betwene Socoh and Azekah, in şe ende of Domim.
2 And Saul and the men of Israel came and pytched in Ockedale, and put them selues in araye, to fyght agaynst the Phylystines.
3 And the Philistynes stode on an hyll on the one syde, and Israel stode on a hyll on the other syde, and a valeye betwene them.
4 And then came a man and stode in the myddes, out of the tentes of the Philistines named Goliath of Geth syxe cubytes and an handbredeth longe,
5 and had an helmet of brasse vpon hys head, and a coote of mayle about hym. And the weyght of his coote of mayle was fyue thousande Cyckles of brasse.
6 And he had harnesse of brasse vpon hys legges, and a shilde of brasse vpon hys shoulders.
7 And the shaft of hys spere was like a weauers beame. And hys speare heade weyed syx hundred sykles of yron. And one bearynge a shylde went before hym.
8 And he stode and called vnto the hoste of Israel, and sayde vnto them: what neadeth that ye shoulde come out in araye to battell? am not I a Philistine, and you seruauntes to Saul, chose you a man, and let hym come doune to me,
9 yf he be able to fyght wyth me, and to beate me, then we wyll be youre seruauntes. But yf I can ouercome hym and beate hym, then ye shalbe oure seruauntes and serue vs.
10 And the Philistine said: I haue defyed the host of Israel thys daye geue me a man and let vs fyght together.
11 When Saul and all Israell hearde those wordes of the Philistine, they were discouraged & greatly afraied.
12 And this Dauid was the sonne of an Ephrathite of Bethlehem Iuda, named Isai, whyche Isai had eyght sonnes. And was an olde man in the daies of Saul among the people.
13 And the thre eldest sonnes of Isai went and folowed Saul to battell. And the names of his thre sonnes that went to battel were Eliab the eldest, and the next to hym Abinadab, and the thyrd Samah,
14 and Dauid was the youngest. And when the thre eldest were gone after Saul,
15 Dauid went and departed from Saul, to fede hys fathers shepe at Bethlehem.
16 And the Philistine came forth euery mornyng and euenyng, and contynued fourtye dayes.
17 And Isai sayde vnto Dauid hys sonne: take for thy brethren this Epha of parched corne, and these ten loues, and runne to the hoste, to thy brethren.
18 And carye these ten freshe cheses vnto the capitayne, and loke how thy brethren fare, and fet out their pledges.
19 And Saul and they and all the men of Israell were in ocke valey fyghtyuge wyth the Philistines.
20 And Dauid rose vp erlye in the mornynge and lefte the shepe wyth a keper, and toke and went, as Isai had commaunded hym, and came where the host laye. And the host was goying out in araye, and showted in the battell:
21 for Israel and the Philistines had put them selues in araye, the one agaynst the other.
22 Then Dauid put the panier from hym, vnto the handes of the keper of the vessels, and ranne into şe hoste, and came and saluted hys brethren.
23 And as he talketh with them, beholde, there stode a man in the myddes, Goliath the Philistine by name, of Beth, whyche came out of the araye of the Philistines, and spake of the maner aboue rehersed, that Dauid hearde it.
24 And all the men of Israell, when they sawe the man, ranne awaye from hym, and were sore afrayed.
25 And euery man of Israel sayde: Se ye this man that is come forthe, euen to reuile Israel he is come. And to hym that beateth hym wyll the Kynge geue great ryches, and wyl geue hym hys daughter therto, ye and make hys fathers house fre in Israel.
26 Then spake Dauid to the men that stode by and sayde: What shalbe done to the man şt beateth thys Philistine, and taketh awaye the shame from Israel? for what is this vncircumcysed Phylystyne, that he shoulde reuyle the hoste of the lyuynge God?
27 And the people answered as it is rehersed sayinge: so shal it be done to the man that beateth him.
28 And Eliab his eldest brother hearde when he spake vnto the men and was angry with Dauid and sayde: Why camest thou away and wyth whom hast thou lefte those fewe shepe in the wyldernesse? I knowe thy pryde and the malyce of thyne herte, that thou art come to se the battell.
29 And Dauid answered what haue I now done? is there any more saue a worde?
30 And departed from him into an other fronte, & spake of the same maner, and the people answered hym agayne as before.
31 And they that hearde the wordes whych Dauid spake, rehersed them before Saul, whyche caused hym to be fett.
32 And Dauid saide to Saul: Let no mannes hert fayle him because of hym. Thy seruaunt wyll go and fyght wyth this Philistine.
33 And Saul sayde to Dauid agayn, thou art not able to go vnto thys Philistine, to fyght wyth hym. For thou art but a ladd, and he hath bene a man of warre euen from hys youth.
34 Then sayde Dauid vnto Saul, as thy seruaunt kept his fathers shepe, there came a Lyon and lykewyse a Beare, and toke a shepe out of the flocke.
35 And I went out after hym and smote hym, and toke it out of hys mouth. And when he arose agaynst me, I caught hym by the bearde and smote hym and slue hym.
36 For bothe a Lyon and also a Beare hath thy seruaunt slayne. And this vncircumcysed Philistine shalbe as one of them, for hys railing on the hoste of the lyuyng God.
37 And Dauid spake moreouer, the Lorde that delyuered me out of the handes of the Lyon and out of the handes of the Beare, he shall delyuer me also oute of the handes of the Philistine. Then sayde Saul to Dauid: go, and the Lorde be wyth the.
38 And Saul put hys rayment vpon Dauid, and put an helmet of brasse vpon his head, and put a coote of mail vpon hym,
39 and gyrde Dauid with hys own swearde vpon hys rayment. And he assayed to go, for he neuer proued it. Then sayde Dauid vnto Saul: I can not go in these, for I haue not bene vsed therto, and put them of hym
40 and toke hys staffe in hys hande, and chose hym fyue smotestones out of a broke and put them in a shepardes bagge whyche he had, and in a pocke, and hys slyng in hys hande, and went to the Philistine.
41 And the Philistine came and drue nere to Dauid, wyth the man that bare a shylde before hym.
42 And when the Philistine loked and sawe Dauid, he disdayned hym, for he was but a ladd, roudye and goodly to loke vpon.
43 And the Philistine sayde vnto Dauid: am I a dogge, that thou comest to me with a staf? and he cursed Dauid in the name of hys Goddes.
44 And he sayde to Dauid: come to me & I wyll geue thy fleshe vnto the fowles of the ayre, and to the beastes of the felde?
45 Then sayd Dauid to the Philistine: thou camest to me with a swerde, a speare & shild, but I come to the in the name of the Lorde of hostes, the God of the hoste of Israell whom thou hast rayled vpon.
46 This day shal the Lorde delyuer the into my hande, and I shall smyte the and take thyne head from the, and I will geue the karcases of the hoste of the Philistines this day vnto the foules of the ayre and to the beastes of the earth, and al the worlde shal knowe, that there is a God in Israel.
47 And al this congregacyon shal know, that the Lorde saueth not wyth the swerde and speare. For the battel is the Lordes, and he shal geue you into oure handes.
48 And when the Philistine arose and came and drue nye vnto Dauid, Dauid hasted and ranne in araye euen againste the Philistyne.
49 And Dauid put hys hande in hys yoke and toke out a stone and slange it, and smote the Philystyne in hys forhead, that the stone soncke into hys forhead, and he felle groueling to the earth.
50 And so Dauid ouercame the Philistine wyth a slyng and a stone, & smote the Philistine and slue him. And because Dauid had no swerde in his hand,
51 he ranne and stode vpon the Philistine, and toke his swerd and drue it oute of his shethe, and slue hym & cut of his head therwyth. And when the Philistines sawe that theyr champyon was dead, they fleed.
52 And the men of Israel and of Iuda arose and showted and folowed after the Philistines, vntyl they came to the valey and vnto the gates of Akaron. And the Philistines fell doune dead by the waye, euen vnto Geth and Akaron.
53 And then the children of Israel returned from chasyng after the Phylistines and robbed theyr tentes.
54 And Dauid toke the head of the Philistine and brought it to Ierusalem: But he put his armoure in hys tente.
55 When Saul saw Dauid go forth agaynst the Philistine, he sayde vnto Abner the captayne of hys host: Abner, whose sonne is this lad? And Abner answered, as truely as thy soule lyueth, O kynge, I can not tell.
56 Then sayde the kynge: Enquere thou, whose sonne the youngelyng is:
57 And so when Dauid was returned from the slaughter of the Philystine, Abner toke him and brought him before Saul, wyth the head of the Philistine in hys hande.
58 And Saul said to him: whose sonne art thou, thou lad? And Dauid answered şe sonne of thy seruaunt Isai the Bethlehemite.




1 And when he had made an ende of speaking vnto Saul, the soule of Ionathas was knit wyth the soule of Dauid. In so much that he loued hym as hys owne soule.
2 And Saul toke him that daye & would let hym go no more home to hys fathers house.
3 And Ionathas and Dauid bounde them selues the one to the other, for Ionathas loued him as hys owne soule.
4 And Ionathas put of his owne coote that was vpon hym, & gaue it Dauid, and therto hys mantel, hys swerde, his bowe and hys gyrdle.
5 And Dauid went oute to all that Saul sente hym, and behaued hym selfe wyselye. And when Saul hath set him ouer his men of warre, he pleased al the people, and Sauls seruauntes therto.
6 And it happened as they went, when Dauid was returned from the slaughter of the Philistine, that wemen came out of al cytyes of Israel syngynge and daunsyng, agaynste Saul, wyth tymbrelles, wyth ioye, and wyth fydilles.
7 And the wemen that played sange therto, & sayd: Saul hath slayne his thousand & Dauid hys ten thousand.
8 Then was Saul exceding wroth & the sayinge displeased him, and he sayde: they haue ascrybed vnto Dauid ten thousand, and to me but a thousande, & what can he more haue saue the kyngdome?
9 wherfore Saul loked on syde of Dauid from that daye forward.
10 And it happened on the morow, that the euyll spirite sente of God came vpon Saul, so that he prophesyed in the myddes of the house. And Dauid played on the instrumente wyth hys hande as he was daylye wont.
11 And Saul had a speare in hys hand, and hourlde it entendyng to haue nayled Dauid to the walle. But Dauid auoyded out of hys presence two times.
12 For Saul was afrayde of Dauid, because the Lorde was wt him, and was departed from Saul.
13 And then Saul put Dauid from him and made hym a captayne ouer a thousand, and he wente oute and in before the people.
14 And Dauid was wyse in al that he toke in hande, and şe Lorde was wyth hym.
15 Wherfore when Saul sawe that he was so exceding wyse, he was afrayd of him.
16 But al Israel and Iuda loued Dauid because he wente oute and in before them.
17 Then sayd Saul to Dauid. Beholde my eldest doughter Merob, her I wyll geue the to wyfe: Only play the man and fyghte the Lordes batelles. For Saul thoughte myne hande shal not be vpon hym, but the hande of the Philistines.
18 And Dauid answered Saul: what am I? and what is my lyfe or the kynred of my father in Israel, that I shoulde be sonne in lawe to the Kynge:
19 How be it when the time was come that Merob Sauls doughter shoulde haue bene geuen to Dauid, she was geuen vnto Adriel a Meholothite, to wyfe.
20 How be it Michol Sauls doughter loued Dauid. And when it was shewed Saul, the thinge pleased hym well.
21 And he sayde: I wyll geue hym her that she maye be a snare to hym, to bringe the hande of the Philistines vpon hym. And Saul sayde to Dauid: thou shalt thys daye be my sonne in lawe agayne.
22 And Saul commaunded hys seruauntes, to comen wyth Dauid secretely and saye: Beholde the Kynge hath a fauoure to the, and all his seruauntes loue the, be therfore the kinges sonne in lawe.
23 And Sauls seruauntes spake these wordes in the eares of Dauid. But Dauid answered: semeth it to you a light thing to be the kinges sonne in lawe, when I am a poore man and of smalle reputacyon?
24 And Sauls seruauntes tolde hym agayne sayinge: of this maner answered Dauid.
25 Then sayde Saul: this wyse saye to Dauid: the kinge careth for no nother dowry but for an hundred foreskynnes of the Philistines, to be auenged of the kynges enemies. For Saul thought to make Dauid fall into the handes of the Philistines.
26 Then hys seruauntes tolde Dauid these wordes, and it pleased Dauid well to be the kynges sonne in lawe.
27 And shortlye after Dauid arose wyth his men, and went, and slue of the Philistines two hundred men, and brought there foreskinnes, and satisfyed the Kynge thereof to be his sonne in lawe. And so Saul gaue hym Michol hys doughters to wyfe.
28 And when Saul sawe and vnderstode, how that the Lord was with Dauid, and that Michol hys doughter loued hym,
29 he was the more afrayed of Dauid, and became Dauids enemie for euer.
30 And when the Philistines went out to warre, Dauid behaued hym selfe wyselyer then all the seruauntes of Saul: so that hys name was moche set bye.




1 Then Saul comuned with Ionathas hys sonne, and with al his seruauntes that they should kyl Dauid
2 But Ionathas Sauls sonne had a great fauoure to Dauid, and tolde Dauid sayinge: Saul my father goeth about to slee the. Now therefore take hede to thy selfe by tymes and abyde in some secret place and hyd thy selfe.
3 And I wil go out and stande by my father in the felde, where thou art, and wyll comen wyth my father of the, and yf I can perceyue ought I wil tell the.
4 And Ionathas spake the best of Dauid vnto Saul hys father and sayde vnto hym: lette not the kyng synne agaynst hys seruaunt Dauid, for he hath not synned agaynst the, and hys workes are to the warde very good.
5 For he dyd put hys lyfe in hys hande and slue şe Philistine, and the Lorde gaue a great vyctorye to all Israell. And thou sawest it, & thou reioysedest, wherfore then shouldest thou sinne agaynst innocent bloude, and slee Dauid for nought?
6 And Saul harkened vnto şe voice of Ionathas and sware: as truly as the Lorde lyueth, he shall not dye.
7 Then Ionathas called Dauid, and shewed him all those wordes and brought hym to Saul. And he was in his presens as in tymes past.
8 And the warre began agayne, and Dauid went out and fought with the Philistines and slue a great slaughter, and put them to flight.
9 And the euyll spyryte of the Lorde was vpon Saul as he sat in his house hauing a Iaueling in hys hande, and Dauid played wyth hys hande.
10 And Saul entended to nayle Dauid to the walle wyth the Iauelynge: But Dauid rydde hym selfe out of Sauls presens, and he smote the speare into the walle.
11 But Dauid fled and saued him selfe that same nyght. Then Saul sent messengers vnto Dauids house, to watche hym and to sley hym in the mornyng. But Michol his wife tolde it hym saying.
12 Yf thou saue not thy selfe thys nyghte, to morow thou art a dead man.
13 And so Michol let Dauid doune thorow a wyndow, and he went & fled and saued him selfe. And then she toke an Image and layed it in the bed, and put an pillow stuffed with goates heare vnder the head of it, and couered it wyth a clothe.
14 And when Saul sent messengers to fetch Dauid, she said that he was sicke.
15 Then Saul sent the messengers to se Dauid sayinge: brynge hym to me, bed and all, that he maye be slayne.
16 And when the messengers were come in, beholde there laye an Image in the bed, wyth a pyllowe of goates hearre vnder the head of it.
17 Then sayd Saul to Michol: why hast thou mocked me so, and sent awaye myne enemy that he is escaped? And Mychol answered Saul: he saide vnto me, let me go, or elles I wil kyl the.
18 And so Dauid fled and escaped and went to Samuel to Ramath and tolde hym all that Saul had done to hym. And he, and Samuel went and dwelt in Naioth.
19 And it was tolde Saul saying: Beholde, Dauid is at Naioth in Ramath,
20 then Saul sent messengers to fet Dauid. And when they sawe a companye of prophetes prophesying & Samuel standing fast by them, the spyrit of God fel vpon the messengers of Saul, and they prophesyed to.
21 And when it was tolde Saul, he sent other messengers, and they prophesyed lykewyse. And Saul sent messengers yet agayne the thyrd tyme whych prophesyed also.
22 Then went he hym selfe to Ramath, and when he came to a great welle that is in Socoh, he asked and sayde: where are Samuell & Dauid? And they sayde: se they be at Naioth in Ramath,
23 and as he went thither to Naioth in Ramath, the spyryte of God came vpon him also, and he went prophesying, vntyl he came to Naioth in Ramath.
24 And he stripte of hys clothes and prophesyed before Samuel in like maner, & fell naked all şe day & all the night wherfore it is a comen sayinge, is Saul also amonge the prophetes?




1 And Dauid fled from Naioth in Ramath and went and sayde before Ionathas: What haue I done? wherin am I faultie? what is the synne that I haue committed before thy father that he seketh my lyfe?
2 And Ionathas answered hym: God fordyd, thou shalt not dye. For se my father wyll do nothyng ether great or small, but that he wyll shew it me. For why shoulde my father hyde thys thynge from me? there shalbe no suche thinge.
3 And Dauid sware agayne and sayde: thy father knoweth şt I haue founde grace in thyne eyes and therfore he thinketh, Ionathas shall not know it, leste he be sorye. For in very dede, euen as truly as the Lorde lyueth and as truely as thy soule lyueth, there is but a steppe betwene me and death.
4 Then sayde Ionathas vnto Dauid, whatsoeuer thy soule desyreth that I wyl do vnto the.
5 And Dauid sayde vnto Ionathas: Beholde, to morow is the fyrst daye of the moneth, & I shoulde syt wyth the kynge at meate. But let me go that I may hyde my selfe in the feldes vnto thys daye thre dayes at euen.
6 Yf thy father mysse me, then saye: Dauid asked leaue of me, that he myght go to Bethlehem to hys owne cytye, for there is holden a yearely feast for all his kinne.
7 And yf thy father saye thus: it is well done, then thy seruaunt shall haue peace. But and yf he be angrye: then be sure that wickednesse is vtterly concluded of him.
8 And then thou shalt shewe mercye vnto thy seruaunt, for thou hast made wyth me thy seruaunte a bonde in the Lorde. Notwythstandinge yf there be in me any trespace, then sley me thy selfe, for what nedeth the to bring me to thy father.
9 And Ionathas answered: God kepe that from the, that I should knowe, that wickednesse were concluded of my father, to come vpon the: and should not tel it the.
10 Then said Dauid, who shal tel me, yf thy father answer cruelly?
11 Then sayde Ionathas to Dauid, come and let vs go out into the feldes. And they went out both of them into the feldes.
12 And Ionathas saide vnto Dauid: O Lord god of Israel, when I haue groped my fathers mynde, one tyme or other wythin thys thre dayes, that it stand well wyth Dauid, and I then sende not vnto the and shew it the,
13 the Lorde do so, and so vnto Ionathas. And in lyke maner, yf euyl to the warde please my father, I wyll shew the and sende the awaye, that thou mayest go in peace. And the Lorde be wyth the as he hath bene wyth my father.
14 And thou shalt performe vnto me the mercy of the Lord, not onely whyle I lyue but euen when I am dead,
15 plucke not thy mercy away from my house foreuer: No not when the Lorde hath destroyed the enemies of Dauid euery one from the face of the earth.
16 And so Ionathas made a bonde wyth the house of Dauid, desyrynge that the Lorde shoulde seke out of the handes of Dauids enemyes theyr wyckednesse.
17 And with other wordes Ionathas adiured Dauid, because he loued hym. For as hys owne soule he loued hym.
18 Then sayd Ionathas to Dauid: to morow shalbe the fyrst daye of the mone. And thou shalt be myssed, because the place shall appere emptye.
19 But thys day thre dayes come in any wyse vnto the place where thou shalt hyde thy selfe, when it is worckedaye: euen by the stone Esell.
20 And I wyll shote thre arowes by the one syde thereof, as though I shot at a marke,
21 and wyll sende after a ladde, and bid hym go seke the arowes. Yf I saye vnto the lad, se the arowes are on thys side the, brynge them: then come thou, for it is peace and nothyng to do, as sure as the Lorde lyueth.
22 But and yf I saye thus vnto the young felow, beholde, the Arowes are beyounde the, then go, for the Lord hath sent the awaye.
23 And of this whyche thou and I haue spoken: beholde, the Lord is witnesse betwene the and me for euer.
24 And so Dauid hyd him selfe in the feld. And when the new mone was come, the kynge sat downe at meate, for to eate.
25 And the kyng sat him doune after the old maner, in his seate by şe wall. And Ionathas arose, & Abner sate by Sauls syde, and Dauids place was emptye.
26 Neuerthelesse yet Saul sayd nothyng at all şt day. For he thought some thynge had chaunced hym that he is not cleane.
27 But on the morow whyche was the second daye of the mone when Dauids place appered emptye, Saul sayde vnto Ionathas hys sonne: wherfore cometh not the sonne of Isai to meate, nether yesterdaye nor to day.
28 And Ionathas answered vnto Saul. Dauid asked lycence of me to go to Bethlehem
29 sayinge: let me go, I praye the, for oure kynrede holde an offerynge in the cytye, and my brother hath sent for me. Nowe therfore yf I haue found fauour in thyne eyes let me go, and se my brother. And therefore he cometh not vnto the table of the Kynge.
30 Then was Saul angry with Ionathas and sayde vnto hym: O frowarde and rebellyous, thyukest thou I knowe not howe thou hast chosen the sonne of Isai vnto thine owne rebuke, and vnto the rebuke & shame of thy mother.
31 For as longe as the sonne of Isai lyueth vpon the earth, thou shalt not be stabylyshed, nor yet thy kyngdome, wherfore now sende and fet him vnto me, for he is the child of the death.
32 But Ionathas answered Saul hys father and sayde to hym: wherefore should he dye? what hath he done?
33 Then Saul cast a speare at hym to hyt hym, wherby Ionathas wyst well, that it was vtterlye determyned of hys father, to sley Dauid.
34 And so Ionathas arose from the table in a great anger and dyd eate no meate the second daye of the moneth, for he was sory for Dauid, because his father had done hym shame.
35 On the next mornynge Ionathas went out into the felde, at the tyme appointed with Dauid, and a litle lad with him.
36 And he sayd vnto the boye: runne and fynde out myne arowes whyche I shote. And as the boye ran, he shote an arow beyonde hym.
37 And when the lad was come to the place whether Ionathas had shot the arow, Ionathas cryed after hym and sayde, the arow is beyond the.
38 And he cryed after the lad: haste, make spede and stande not styll. And Ionathas lad gathered vp şe arow and came to his master.
39 But the lad wist nothyng of the matter: Only Ionathas and Dauid wist it.
40 Then Ionathas gaue hys wepons vnto the lad and sayd vnto hym: go and carye them to the towne.
41 And as sone as the lad was gone, Dauid arose out of a place that was to ward the south and fell on hys face to the grounde & bowed hym selfe thre tymes. And they kyssed ether other and wepte together, but Dauid more abundantly.
42 And Ionathas sayde to Dauid: go in peace, whyche we haue sworne both of vs in the name of the Lord sayinge: the Lorde be betwene the and me, and betwene thy sede and myne for euer. And he rose and departed. And Ionathas went into the towne.




1 Then came Dauid to Nob to Ahimelech the pryest. And Ahimelech was astonied at his coming and said vnto him: Why comest thou thy self alone, and noman wyth the?
2 And Dauid saide to Ahymelech the preast: the kinge hath commaunded me to do a certeyne thynge and sayde vnto me, let no man knowe where aboute I sende and what I haue commaunded the to do. And therefore I haue apoynted my seruauntes to suche and suche places.
3 And now what hast thou vnder thyne hande? geue me fyue loues of bread, or what cometh to hande.
4 And the pryest answered Dauid and sayd: there is no comen bread vnder myne hande, but there is halowed bread, yf the young men, had abstayned only from wemen.
5 And Dauid answered the pryest and sayde vnto him: of a truth wemen hath bene locked vp from vs about a thre dayes, when I came out, and the vesselles of the young men were holy. Howe be it thys waye is vnpure, but it shalbe halowed in the vessel.
6 And so the pryest gaue hym halowed bread, for there was no nother bread there saue shew breades that were taken from before the Lord, to put freshe bread there the day that it was taken away.
7 And there was there the same day a certen man of the seruauntes of Saul abydynge before the Lorde named Doeg an Edomite, the chefest of Sauls hearde men.
8 And Dauid sayde vnto Ahimelech: is not here vnder thine hande other speare or swerde? for I haue nether brought my swerde nor myne harnes wt me, because the kinges busines required hast.
9 Then the priest answered: the swerde of Goliath the Philistine whom thou sluest in Ocdale, that is here wrapt in a cloth behynde the Ephod. Yf thou wilt take şt, take it: for there is no nother saue that here. And Dauid sayde: there is none to that, geue it me.
10 And Dauid arose and fled the same daye from the presence of Saul, and went to Achis the Kynge of Geth.
11 And the seruauntes of Achis sayde of hym: is not this Dauid şe king of the lande? dyd they not synge vnto this felowe in daunses sayinge: Saul hath slayne hys thousand, and Dauid hys ten thousand?
12 And Dauid put those wordes into hys hert & was sore afrayed of Achis the king of Geth.
13 And he chaunged hys contenaunce before them and raued in theyr handes, and scrabled on şe dores of the gate, and let hys spyttel fal doun vpon hys bearde.
14 Then sayde Achis vnto his seruaunt. Lo, ye saw that this man was besyde hym selfe, wherefore then haue ye brought hym to me?
15 lacke I madde men, that ye haue brought this felowe to playe the mad man in my presence? he shall not come into my house.




1 And Dauid departed thence and escaped, and came vnto the caue Odollam. When hys bretheren and all his fathers house hearde it, they went thyther to hym.
2 And there gathered vnto hym all men that were in combraunce and in det and troubled in their hertes, and he became a captayne ouer them. And there where wyth hym vpon a four hundred men.
3 And Dauid went thence to Mazphah in the lande of Moab, and sayde vnto the kynge of Moab: Let my father and mother I praye the, haue their abidinge with you, tyl I knowe what God wil do with me.
4 And he lefte them with the kyng of Moab, and they dwelt wyth hym all the whyle that Dauid kepte him selfe in holdes.
5 And the prophet Gad sayde vnto Dauid: Abyde not in castelles, but departe and go to the land of Iuda. Then Dauid departed and came into the forest Hareth.
6 And Saul hearde of it: for Dauid was knowen and also the men that were wyth him. And as Saul sat in Gabaah vnder a groue vpon a hye bancke with hys speare in his hande, and al hys men about him,
7 he sayde vnto hys seruauntes that stode aboute him. Heare I pray you, you sonnes of Iemini wyl the sonne of Isai also geue euery one of you feldes and vineyardes, and make you all captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundredes?
8 that ye haue all conspyred agaynst me? so that there is none of you that openeth mine eare, in so muche that my sonne hath made a bounde with the sonne of Isai, nether is there any of you, that mourneth for me or sheweth it in myne eare: because my sonne hath set vp my seruaunt to lye awayte agaynst me, as it appeareth thys daye.
9 Then answered Doeg the Edomite, which had the ouer sight of the seruauntes of Saul and sayde: I sawe the sonne of Isai, when he came to Nob, to Ahimelech the sonne of Ahitob,
10 whyche asked councel of the lorde for him and gaue him vitayles, and the swerde of Goliath the Philistine also.
11 Then the king sent to calle Ahimelech the pryest the sonne of Ahitob, and all hys fathers house, that is to saye, the pryestes that were in Nob. And they came all to the kinge.
12 And Saul sayde: heare thou sonne of Ahitob. And he sayde: here I am my Lorde.
13 Then sayde Saul to hym: why haue ye conspyred against me, thou and the sonne of Isai, in so muche that thou hast geuen hym vitayle and a swerde, and hast asked councell of God for him, that he shoulde aryse against me, and lye awayte as it is come to passe thys daye.
14 And Ahymelech answered the kynge & sayde: who is so faythfull amonge all thy seruauntes as Dauid & therto the kinges sonne in lawe, and goeth at thy bidding, and is had in honoure in thyne house?
15 haue I thys daye begonne fyrst to aske councel of God for him? God forbyd that from me: let not the kynge put suche a thinge vnto hys seruaunt and on all the house of my father. For thy seruaunt knoweth nothinge of all thys, ether lesse or more.
16 But for all that the kynge sayd: thou shalt surely dye Ahimelech, bothe thou and all thy fathers house.
17 Then sayde the kynge vnto his fote men that stode about hym: turne and sley the priestes of the Lorde, bothe because their hand is with Dauid, and because they knewe when Dauid fled & shewed it not to me. But the seruauntes of the kynge woulde not moue their handes, to runne vpon the priestes of the Lorde.
18 Then saide the kinge to Doeg: turne thou and smyte the pryestes. And Doeg the Edomite turned and ranne vpon the priestes and slue that same daye foure skore and fyue persones that dyd weare eche man a lynnen Ephod.
19 And Nob the citie of the pryestes he smote with the edge of the swerde, bothe man and woman, chylde and suckelynge, with oxe asse and shepe.
20 But yet one of the sonnes of Ahimelech the sonne of Ahitob, named Abiathar, escaped & fled to Dauid,
21 and he shewed Dauid, how şt Saul had slaine the Lordes priestes.
22 And Dauid sayde vnto Abiathar: I wist it the same daye, that Doeg the Edomite whyche was there would tell it Saul. And I am cause of şe death of all the soules of thy fathers house.
23 Abyde with me and feare not: he that seketh thy soule, shall seke myne, and with me thou shalt be in sauegarde.




1 Then men tolde Dauid seyinge: Beholde the Philistines fyghte against Keilah, and spoyle the barnes.
2 Then Dauid asked the Lordes aduyse sayinge: shall I go and smyte the Philistines? And the Lorde sayde vnto Dauid: go and smite the Philistines and saue Keilah.
3 Then sayde Dauids men vnto hym: se we be afrayed here in Iuda. What shal we then be, when we come to Keilah, to the host of the Philistines.
4 Then Dauid asked the Lorde agayne. And the Lorde answered hym and sayde: vp and go to Keilah, for I will delyuer the Philistines into thyne handes.
5 And so Dauid and hys men went to Keilah and fought wyth the Philistines, and draue awaye their cattel and slue a great slaughter of them. And so Dauid saued the enhabyters of Keilah.
6 And it chaunced when Abiathar the sonne of Ahimelech fled to Dauid to Keilah, that he brought an Ephod in hys hande.
7 And it was tolde Saul, that Dauid was come to Keilah. Then sayde Saul: God hath delyuered hym into my hand. For he is shut in, that he is come into a towne wyth gates & barres.
8 And Saul called al the people to warre, for to go to Keilah, to besege Dauid and his men.
9 But Dauid had knoweledge that Saul ymagened myschefe agaynst hym, and sayd therefore to Abiathar the pryest: Bring the Ephod.
10 Then sayde Dauid, O lord God of Israel, thy seruaunt heareth that Saul is about to come to Keilah to destroye the cytye for my sake:
11 wyll the men of Keilah delyuer me into hys hand? or wyll Saul come as thy seruaunt heareth saye? Lorde God of Israell tel thy seruaunt. And the Lorde sayde: he wyll come.
12 Then sayd Dauid: wyl the men of Keilah delyuer me and my men into the hande of Saul? and the Lorde sayde: they wyll deliuer you.
13 Then Dauid and hys men whyche were vpon a .vi. hundred, arose and departed out of Keilah, and went whether chaunce draue them. And when it was tolde Saul, that Dauid was flyd from Keilah, he let the iourney alone.
14 And Dauid abode in the wyldernesse in stronge holdes, and in mountayne in the wyldernesse of Ziph. And Saul sought hym all hys lyfe, but God delyuered hym not into hys hande.
15 And Dauid sawe that Saul was come out, to seke hys lyfe, while Dauid was in the wildernesse of Ziph in a thycket.
16 And Ionathas Sauls sonne arose and went to Dauid to the thycket, and strengthed him in God,
17 and said vnto hym: feare not, for the hand of Saul my father shall not fynde the, and thou shalt be kynge ouer Israell, and I must be next vnto the. And Saul my father therto knoweth that it shalbe so.
18 And they made a bonde bothe of them together before the Lorde. And Dauid taryed styll in the thycket, and Ionathas went to hys house.
19 Then came the Ziphites to Saul, to Gabaah sayinge: Dauid hydeth hym selfe fast by vs in stronge holdes that are in a thycket in the hyl of Hachilah on the ryght syde of the wyldernesse.
20 Now therfore syr kynge, come downe wyth all the lust that thy soule hath to come. And oure parte shalbe to delyuer hym into the handes of the kynge.
21 Then sayd Saul: Blessed are ye in the Lorde: for ye haue compassion on me.
22 Go, I praye you and marke more dylygently, and knowe and se hys haunt where hys fote hath bene, and who hath sene hym there: for it is told me that he is very sotel.
23 Se therfore and knowe al the lourkynge places where he lourketh, and come againe to me wyth the certenty, and I wil go with you. And then yf he be in the lande, I wyl hunt him out with all the thousandes of Iuda.
24 And they arose and went to Ziph before Saul. But Dauid and hys men were in the wyldernesse of Maon, in the wylde felde, on the ryght hand of the wildernesse.
25 For when Saul was gone with his men to seke, it was tolde Dauid. And therfore he went vnto a Rock and dwelt in the wildernesse of Maon.
26 And when Saul hearde that, he folowed after Dauid into the wyldernesse of Maon. And Saul and his men went on the one syde of the mountayne, and Dauid and his men on the other. And Dauid as a man amased, made hast to get from Saul, for Saul and his men had compased Dauid and hys men rounde about take them.
27 But there came a messenger to Saul saying: Hast the & come, for the Philistines are come in, & roue the land.
28 Wherfore Saul returned from persecutyng Dauid, & went agaynst the Philistines. And therfore the place is called, Sela Mahelecoth.
29 And then Dauid went thence and dwelt in strong holdes at Engadi.




1 When Saul was come agayne from şe Philistines, there were that tolde him saying: beholde Dauid is in the wildernesse of Engadi.
2 Then Saul toke thre thousand chosen men out of al Israel, & went to seke Dauid & his men in the Rockes, where nothyng haunted but wyld gotes.
3 And he came to the flockes of shepe by a wayes side, where was a caue. And Saul went in to couer his feete. And Dauid and his men sat a longe by the sides of the caue.
4 And şe men of Dauid sayde vnto him: se the day is come, of which şe lord said vnto the: Beholde, I wil delyuer thine enemy into thy hand, & thou shalt do with him what it pleaseth the. Then Dauid arose, & cut of a lappe of Sauls cote pryuely.
5 And immediatly Dauids herte smote hym, because he had cut of a lappe of Sauls cote.
6 And he sayde vnto his men: the Lord kepe me from doying that thing vnto my maister that is the lordes anoynted, to lay mine hand vpon him, seyng he is the lordes anoynted.
7 And so Dauid kept of his seruauntes with wordes, and suffered them not to go vpon Saul. And when Saul was vp out of the caue & gone awaye,
8 Dauid arose and went out of the caue, and cryed after Saul sayinge: My Lorde Kinge. And Saul loked behinde hym. And Dauid stouped to the earth and bowed him selfe,
9 & said to Saul: wherfore geuest thou an eare to mennes wordes, that saye: Dauid seketh the euyl?
10 Beholde, this daye thine eyes haue sene, howe that the Lord had delyuered the this daye, into myne hande in the caue. When they bad kil the, mine eye had compassion on the: and I sayde: I wyll not laye my handes on my mayster, for he is the lordes anoynted.
11 And moreouer my father, se yet the lap of thy cote in my hand. And in as muche as I killed şe not to, when I cut of the lappe of thy cote, vnderstand and se, that there is nether euyl nor rebellyousnesse in me, & that I haue not synned agaynst the. And yet thou huntest after my soule to take it.
12 The lorde be iudge betwene the and me, & the lorde aduenge me of the. But myne hand be not vpon the.
13 Accordyng to the old prouerbe, wickednesse shal procede out of the wicked. But myne hande be not vpon the.
14 After whom art thou come out, thou kynge of Israel? After whom chasest thou euen after a dead dogge, & after a flee.
15 The Lord be iudge, and iudge betwene the & me, & se & pleate my cause, and iudge me fre out of thine hande.
16 When Dauid had made an ende of speaking all these wordes to Saul, Saul sayde: is this thy voyce my sonne Dauid? & he lifte vp hys voyce and wepte,
17 and sayde to Dauid: thou art ryghteouser then I, for thou hast rewarde me wyth good, and I haue rewarded şe with euyl.
18 And thou haste shewed thys daye howe that thou hast dealt louyngly with me, for as muche as when the Lorde hath locked me in thyne handes, thou sluest me not.
19 For who shall fynde hys enemy and let hym depart a good waye? Wherfore the Lord rewarde the with good, for that thou hast done vnto me thys daye.
20 And now I wote wel that thou shalt be kyng, and that the kyngedome of Israel shalbe stablyshed in thyne hande.
21 Swere therfore vnto me by the Lorde, that thou shalt not destroye my seade after my, & şt thou shalt not destroy my name out of my fathers house.
22 And Dauid sware vnto Saul, and Saul went home. But Dauid and hys men gat vp vnto an holde.




1 And then Samuel dyed, and all Israel gathered together and lamented hym and buryed him in his owne house at Ramath. And Dauid arose and gat hym to the wildernesse of Pharan.
2 And there was a man in Maon, whose catel was in Carmell, and the man was excedynge myghtye, and had thre thousand shepe and a thousande gootes. And he was sheringe his shepe in Carmel.
3 The name of the man was Nabal, and the name of hys wyfe was Abigail, and was a woman of good wysdom and beutiful. But the man was churlyshe and of shrewde condicyons, and was a Kalebite.
4 And when Dauid hearde in the wyldernesse, that Nabal share hys shepe,
5 he sent out ten of hys young men, and sayde vnto them: get you vp to Carmell, & go to Nabal & grete him in my name.
6 And thus wyse saye vnto my frende: peace be to şe, peace be to thyne house and peace be vnto all that thou hast.
7 I haue hearde saye that thou hast sherers. Now thy sheperdes were with vs, & we dyd them no spyte, nether was there ought myssynge vnto them, al the whyle they were in Carmel:
8 aske thy laddes, and they wil shewe the. Wherfore let these young men fynde fauoure in thyne eyes (for we come in a good ceason) and geue I praye the whatsoeuer cometh to thyne hand vnto thy seruauntes and to thy sonne Dauid.
9 And Dauids young men came & tolde Nabal all those wordes in the name of Dauid & then stopped.
10 And Nabal answered Dauids seruauntes & sayd: What is Dauid? and what is the sonne of Isai? there is plentye of seruauntes nowe a dayes, that breake awaye euery man from hys mayster.
11 I shoulde take my breade, my water & my flesh that I haue kylled for my sherers, and geue it men whych I wote not whence they be.
12 And Dauids seruauntes turned theyr waye and went agayne, and came and tolde hym accordinge to all those sayinges.
13 Then Dauid sayd vnto his men: gyrd euery man his swerd aboute hym. And they gyrded euery man his swerde on, and Dauid therin girde on hys swerde. And there folowed Dauid vpon a foure hundred men, and two hundred abode by the stuffe.
14 But one of the laddes tolde Abigail Nabals wyfe sayinge: se Dauid sent messengers vnto oure maister out of the wildernesse to salute him, and he rayled on them.
15 And yet the men were very good vnto vs and dyd vs no displeasure, nether missed we any thynge, as longe as we were conuersant with them, when we were in the feldes,
16 But they were a wal of defence vnto vs bothe by nyght, and also by daie, al the while we were with them keping shepe.
17 Now take hede and se what thou hast to do, for it is concluded to do mischeue vnto our maister, and to al his houshold. And he is vngracyous to speake to.
18 Then Abigail made hast and toke two hundred loues and two botelles of wine, and fiue shepe redy dressed and fyue measures of parched corne, and an hundred bondelles of reasings, and two hundred frayles of fygges, and laded them on asses,
19 & sayde vnto her younge men: go before me, & se I come after you, and tolde her husbande Nabal nothing therof:
20 and as she rode on her asse and was coming doune in a slade of the hyll, Dauid and his men came doune against her and she met them.
21 And Dauid sayde: in vayne haue I kept all that this felowe had in the wildernesse, so that nought was myssed that pertayneth vnto him, for he hath quytte me with euyll for good.
22 So and so do God vnto the enemies of Dauid, as I wil not leaue of all that pertaine to hym, by the daunynge of the daye, ought that pisseth agaynst the wall.
23 When Abigail sawe Dauid, she halted & light of her asse, and fell before Dauid on her face, and bowed her selfe to the grounde,
24 and fel at his fete and sayde: Let thys vnhappye deade be counted myne, my lord, and let thine handmaid speake in thine audience, and heare the wordes of thy handmayde.
25 Let not my Lorde regarde thys vnthryftye man Nabal, for as hys name is, so is he. Nabal is his name, and follye is with him. But I thine handmayde sawe not the younge men of my lorde whiche thou sendest.
26 And nowe my lord as sure as the lorde lyueth and as thy soule lyueth, the Lorde hathe witholden the from commyng to shede bloud and from aduenging thy self with thine own hande. Forthermore I praye God that thyne enemies and they that entende to do my Lord euyl, may be as Nabal.
27 And now this blessing, whiche thine handmaide hath brought, let it be geuen vnto the young men that folowe my Lorde.
28 Forgeue the trespace of thine handmaide that the Lorde may make my lord a suer house, because my Lorde fyghteth the battelles of the Lorde, and there coulde none euill be founde in the in all thy lyfe.
29 And yf any man rise to persecute the and to seke thy soule the soule of my Lorde be bounde in a bondel of lyfe with the Lorde thy God. And thy soules of thy enemies be slong in the midle of a slinge.
30 And moreouer when the Lorde shal haue done to my Lord all the good that he hath promysed the, and shal haue made the ruler ouer Israel:
31 then shall it be no grudge of conscience vnto the or discourage of herte vnto my Lorde, that thou sheddest bloud causelesse and dyddest aduenge thy selfe. And moreouer when the Lorde shall haue dealt wel with my Lorde, then thinck on thine handmayde.
32 Then sayde Dauid to Abigail: blessed be the Lorde God of Israel which sent the this daie to mete me.
33 And blessed be thy behaueoure, and blessed be thou whyche hast kept me this daye from coming to shed bloud and from aduenging my selfe with mine own hande.
34 For in very dede as sure as the Lorde God of Israel liueth whiche hath kept me backe from hurting the, excepte thou haddest hasted and met me, there hath not bene lefte Nabal by the dauninge of the daye, a pysser against the wall.
35 And so Dauid receyued of her hand that she brought hym, and sayde to her: go in peace to thine house. And se I haue obeyed thy voyce, and haue receyued the to grace.
36 And when Abigail came to Nabal: behold he helde a feaste in his house like the feast of a kynge, and Nabals herte was mery within him, and he was droncke a good. Wherfore she tolde hym naught nether lytle nor more, vntil to morow daye.
37 But in the mornynge, when the wyne was gone out of Nabal, hys wyfe tolde him those wordes, and hys herte dyed within him, and he became as a stone,
38 and vpon a ten dayes after the Lorde smote Nabal, that he dyed.
39 And when Dauid heard that Nabal was dead, he sayde: Blessed be the Lorde that hath iudged the cause of my rebuke of the hande of Nabal, and hath kept his seruaunt from euil, and hath turned the wickednesse of Nabal again vpon his own head. And Dauid sent to comen with Abigail, to thyntent to take her to his wyfe.
40 And when the seruauntes of Dauid were come to Abigail to Carmel, they spake vnto her sayinge: Dauid sent vs to the, to take the to his wyfe.
41 And she arose and bowed her selfe on her face to the earth and sayd: Beholde thy handmaid to be a seruaunt
42 to washe the fete of thy seruauntes of my Lorde. And Abigail hasted & arose, and gat her vp vpon an asse, with fyue damoselles of hers that went at her fete, and went after the messengers of Dauid & was hys wyfe.
43 Dauid also toke Ahinoam of Iesrahel, and they were bothe his wyues.
44 But Saul gaue Michol hys doughter Dauids wyfe to Phalty the sonne of Lais of Gallim.




1 After that came the Ziphites vnto Saul to Gabaah sayinge: Dauid hydeth hym self in the hil of Hachilah euen before the wildernesse.
2 Then Saul arose & went to the wildernesse of Ziph and thre thousande chosen men of Israel with hym, for to seke Dauid in the wildernesse of Ziph.
3 And Saul pitched in the hyl of Hachilah which lieth before the wildernesse, by the wayes side. But Dauid dwelt in the wildernesse. And when he saw that Saul came after him into the wildernesse
4 he sent out spyes and vnderstode that Saul was come of suretye.
5 Wherfore Dauid arose and went to the place where Saul had pytched, and behelde the place where Saul lay wt Abner the sonne of Ner his chefe captaine. For Saul lay within a round bancke, and the people pytched rounde about him.
6 Then answered Dauid & spake to Ahimelech the Hethite and to Abisai the sonne of Zaruiah and brother to Ioab sayinge: who wyl go doune with me to Saul to the hoste? and Abisai saide: I wyl go doune with the.
7 And so Dauid and Abisai came to the people by night. And beholde, Saul lay slepynge within a rounde bancke and his speare pytched in the ground at his head, Abner and the people lying round about hym.
8 Then sayde Abisai to Dauid: God hath closed in thine enemy vnto thyne handes this day. Now therfore let me smyte him a felowshippe with my speare to the earth, euen one stroke, and I wil not smyte hym the second tyme.
9 But Dauid sayde to Abisai: destroye him not, for who can laye his hand on the Lordes anoynted and be gyltlesse?
10 And Dauid sayde forthermore: as the Lorde lyueth, the Lord shall smyte hym, or hys daye shal come to dye, or he shall descende into battel and there peryshe:
11 but the Lorde kepe me from laying myne hand vpon the Lordes anointed. Now then take a felowshippe the speare that is at his heade, and the creuse of water, and let vs go.
12 And Dauid toke the speare and the creuse of water that were at Sauls head, and they gat them away and noman sawe or wist it or awoke. For they were all a slepe, because the Lorde had sent a slomber vpon them.
13 Then Dauid went ouer to the other syde and stode on the toppe of an hyl a farre of (a great space beyng betwene them)
14 and cryed to the people and to Abner şe sonne of Ner saying: Answerest thou not Abner? and Abner answerde and said: What art thou that cryest to the king?
15 and Dauid said to Abner: art not thou a man, and who is like the in Israhel? But wherefore hast thou not kept thy Lord thy kinge? For there came one of the folke to destroy the kyng thy lord.
16 It is not good that thou hast done. As truely as the lorde lyueth, ye are worthy to dye, because ye haue no better kept the Lordes anointed. And now se where the kynges speare is and the creuse of water that were at hys heade.
17 Then Saul knew Dauids voyce and said: is this thy voyce my sonne Dauid? and Dauid sayde: it is my voyce my Lord kyng.
18 And he saide therto: wherfore doth my Lorde persecute hys seruaunt? for what haue I done? or what euil is in myne hande.
19 Now heare therfore (my lord king) the wordes of thy seruaunt Yf the lorde haue stered the vp against me, he shal smel the sauoure of sacryfyce. But & yf they be the children of men, cursed be they before the Lorde. For they haue cast me out from abyding in the enheritaunce of the Lorde, saying: hence & go serue other Goddes.
20 And yet I hope my bloude shal not fal to the earth before the face of the Lorde, though the kyng of Israel be come out to hunt a flee, as men hunt the partreges in the mountaynes.
21 Then said Saul: I haue synned, come agayn my sonne Dauid, for I will do the no more harme, because my soul was preciouse in thine eyes this daye. Beholde, I haue played the fole & haue erred exceding muche.
22 And Dauid answered and sayde: Beholde the kynges speare, let one of the young men come ouer and fet it.
23 The Lorde rewarde euery mannes ryghteousnesse and faythe: for the Lorde delyuered the into my hande this daye, but I woulde not laye myne hande vpon the Lordes anoynted.
24 And as thy lyfe was muche set by in the thys tyme in myne eyes: so be my lyfe in şe eyes of the Lorde, that he delyuer me out of all trybulacyon.
25 And Saul sayde to Dauid: Blessed art thou my sonne Dauid, for thou shalt be a doer and also able to brynge to an ende. And so Dauid went hys waye, and Saul turned to hys place agayne.




1 Then thought Dauid in his hert: I maye peryshe one daye or other by the handes of Israell. There is no better for me, then to flee into the lande of the Philistines, that Saul of very dispaire to finde me, may cease to seke me any more in all şe coastes of Israhel: for so I maye escape his hande.
2 And Dauid arose, & he and the syxe hundred men that were with him went vnto Achis, şe sonne of Maoch, kynge of Geth.
3 And Dauid dwelt wyth Achis at Geth, both he & hys men, euery man with his housholde, and Dauid wt hys two wyues: Ahinoam the Iesrahelite and Abigail Nabals wyfe of Carmel.
4 And when it was tolde Saul that Dauid was fleed to Geth, he sought no more for him.
5 And Dauid sayde vnto Achis: Yf I haue founde grace in thyne eyes, let me haue a place in some towne in the feldes, şt I may dwel there. For what shoulde thy seruaunt dwell in the head citie of the kyngdome with the.
6 Then Achis gaue him Zikeleg şe same day, for which cause Zikeleg pertayneth vnto the kinges of Iuda vnto this daye.
7 And the tyme that Dauid dwelt in the contreye of the Philistines, was a yeare, and foure monethes.
8 And Dauid & hys men went & ranne vpon the Gesurites, the Gerzites and Amalekites: whyche nacions were from the begynnyng the enhabyters of the land, as men go to Sur, and so forthe to Egypte.
9 And Dauid smote şe land & left nether man nor woman a lyue, & toke the shepe, the oxen, the asses, camelles, and clothes, and remoued and came to Achis.
10 And Achis said: haue ye not bene a rouyng thys day? And Dauid answered: yes in the south of Iuda, and in the south of the Iesrahelites, and in the south of the Kenites.
11 And Dauid saued nether man nor woman alyue to brynge to Geth, for feare leste they shoulde tell on them sayinge: so dyd Dauid & so is his maner all the whyle he dwelt in the contreye of the Philistines.
12 And Achis beleueth Dauid sayinge: He hath made hym selfe to stynke vnto hys people Israel, and therfore he shalbe my seruaunt for euer.




1 And it chaunced in those dayes, şt the Philistines gathered theyr hoste together to warre, entendyng to fyght with Israel. And Achis sayde to Dauid: Be sure, thou shalt go out with me in the host, and thy men also.
2 And Dauid sayd agayne to Achis: then thou shalt knowe, what thy seruaunt can do. And Achis sayde to Dauid: Then I wyll make the keper of my head for euer.
3 Samuel was then deade, and all Israel had lamented hym & buryed hym in Ramath hys owne cytye. And Saul had put the wemen that had spyrytes of prophesye & the Sorcerers oute of the lande.
4 And the Philistines gathered together and came and pytched in Sunam. And Saule and al Israell gathered together and pytched in Gelboe.
5 And when Saul sawe the hoste of the Philistines, he was afrayed, and hys hert was sore astonied.
6 And Saul asked councell of the Lorde: But the Lord answered hym not, nether by dreame nor by Vrim, nor yet by Prophetes.
7 Then sayde Saul vnto hys seruauntes: seke me a woman that is mastres of a spyrit of prophecie, that I may go to her and aske of her. And his seruauntes said to hym: se, there is a wyfe şt hath a spyrit of prophecy in her possession at Endor.
8 And Saul chaunged hys clothes & put on other rayment, & then went he and two men wt hym, & they came to the wyfe by nyghte. And he sayde: prophesye vnto me by the spyryt, & bring me him vp whom I shal name vnto the.
9 And the wyfe sayde vnto hym: Beholde, thou knowest what Saul hath done how he hath destroyed the wemen that had prophesyinge spirites, & şe Sorcerers out of şe lande. Wherfore then layest thou a nette for my soule to kyl me?
10 And Saul swore to her by the Lorde sayinge: As surely as the Lord lyueth, there shall no harme chaunce the for this thynge.
11 Then saide the wyfe: whom shall I fetche vp vnto the? and he sayde: Brynge me vp Samuel.
12 When the woman saw Samuell, she cryed with a loude voice & spake to Saul saying: why hast thou mocked me for thou art Saul:
13 And the kynge sayde vnto her, be not afrayd. But what seyst thou. And the wyfe sayde vnto Saul: I se a God ascendynge vp out of the earth.
14 And he sayd: what fashyon is he of? And the woman sayd: there cometh vp an olde man wyth a mantel vpon hym. And Saul perceyued that it was Samuel, and stouped wt hys face to the ground and bowed him selfe.
15 And Samuel sayde to Saul: why hast şu vnquyeted me, to make me be brought vp? And Saul answered: I am sore encombred. For the Philistines make warre agaynst me & God is departed from me & answered me no more, nether by prophetes, nether by dreames. And therfore I haue called the, to tell me what I shall do.
16 Then said Samuel: wherfore doest thou aske of me? while the lorde is gone from the & is thyne enemye,
17 the lorde wyl do to the as he sayde by my hande. For the lorde wyl rent the kyngdom out of thyne hand, & geue it thy neyghboure Dauid,
18 because thou obeydst not the voyce of the Lorde, nor excutest hys fearce wrath vpon the Amalekites. Therfore hath the lord done thys vnto şe this daye.
19 And moreouer the Lorde wyll delyuer Israel wyth the, into the handes of the Philistines. And to morow shalt thou and thy sonnes be with me, and the Lorde shall geue the host of Israel into the handes of the Philistines.
20 Then Saul fell streyght waye flatte on the earth as longe as he was, and was sore a dread of the wordes of Samuel. And therto there was no strength in hym, for he had not eaten all the daye & the nyght before.
21 And the woman came vnto Saul and sawe that he was sore troubled, and said vnto him Se, thyne handmayde hath obeyed thy voyce and haue put my soule in my hand, and haue harkened vnto thy wordes whyche thou saydest vnto me.
22 Now therefore harken thou also vnto the voyce of thyne handmayde, and let me set a morsel of bread before the, and eat and get the strength to go thy iourney.
23 But he refused it and sayde: I will not eate. But hys seruauntes and the wyfe together compelled hym, that he hearde their voice. And so he arose from the earth and sat hym on a bed.
24 The woman had a fat calf in the house, and that she hasted and kylled it, and toke flower and kneed it, and dyd bake hym swete cakes,
25 and brought them before Saul, and before his seruauntes. And when they had eaten, they stode vp, and went awaye the same nyght.




1 The Philistines gethered all their hostes together vnto Apher. And Israell pitched by a fountayne in Iesrahel.
2 And the Lordes of the Philistines went forthe by the hundredes & by the thousandes. But Dauid & hys men came behynde with Achis.
3 Then said the lordes of the Philistines: what are younder Ebrues? And Achis said vnto the lordes of the Philistines: Is not this Dauid şe seruaunt of Saul the king of Israell, whyche hath bene wt me daies or yeres, & I haue found no fault in him sence he fleed vnto me vnto this daie.
4 Neuerthelesse the lordes of şe Philistines were wroth wt him & said vnto him: make this felow returne, & let him go agayn to his place which thou hast appointed hym. For he shall not go with vs to battel, lest he be an aduersarye to vs in the battel. For wherwith could he better obtaine the fauoure of hys master, then vpon the heades of oure men.
5 Is this not Dauid to whom they sange in daunses: Saul slue his thousand, but Dauid his ten thousande?
6 Then Achis called Dauid and sayde vnto hym. As sure as the Lorde lyueth thou art honest, and it pleaseth me wel that thou shouldest accompanye me in the host, for I haue founde none euyl with the sence thou camest to me vnto thys daye. Neuerthelesse the Lordes of the Philistines fauoure the not
7 wherefore returne and go in peace, that thou displease not the Lordes of the Philistines.
8 And Dauid said again to Achis: Why? what haue I done? and what hast thou found in thy seruaunt as long as I haue bene with the vnto thys day? that I may not go fyght against the enemies of my Lord the kynge.
9 Achis answered & sayde to Dauid: I wote well thou pleasest me, as it were an Aungell of God. Notwithstandyng the Lordes of the Philistines haue sayde, that thou shalt not go wyth them to battell.
10 Wherfore ryse vp erlye in the mornynge wyth thy masters seruauntes that are come wyth the. And when ye be vp erly as sone as ye haue light, departe.
11 And so Dauid and hys men rose erlye to departe in the mornynge, and to returne into the land of the Philistines. And the Philistines went vp to Iesrahell.




1 Bvt yer Dauid and hys men were come to Zikeleg the third day, the Amalekites had runne in a runnynge vpon the south and vpon Zikeleg, and had smiten Zikeleg, and burnt wyth fyre
2 and had taken the wemen that were there in prysoners, both small and great: but slewe not a man, saue caryed them wyth them and went their wayes.
3 When Dauid and his men came to the citie, behold, it was burnt with fyre, and theyr wyues, their sonnes and their doughters were taken prisoners.
4 Then Dauid & the people şt was wt hym lyfte vp their voyces and wept, vntyl they coulde wepe no more.
5 And Dauids two wyues were taken prysoners also. Ahinoam the Iezrahelyte and Abigail the wyfe of Nabal the Carmelite.
6 And Dauid was in a shrowde strayte: for the people entended to stone hym because the hertes of all the people were vexed for their sonnes and their doughters. But Dauid toke a good courage to him in the lord hys God
7 & said to Abiathar şe priest Ahimelechs sonne: bryng me the Ephod. And Abiathar brought the Ephod to Dauid.
8 And Dauid asked the lorde sayinge: shall I folow after thys companye? and shall I ouer take them? And he sayde to hym: folowe, for thou shalte ouertake them and recouer the praye.
9 And he went and the syxe hundred men that were with him, & they came to the ryuer Besor, where a part of them abode.
10 But Dauid and foure hundred men folowed. But two hundred abode behinde being to werye to go ouer şe ryuer Besor.
11 Then they founde an Egypcian in the felde, and brought him to Dauid and gaue hym breade to eate and water to dryncke,
12 and gaue hym a fewe fygges, and two clousters of reasynges. And when he had eaten, hys spyrytes came agayne to hym: for he had eaten no breade nor droncke no water in thre dayes and thre nyghtes.
13 Then Dauid sayde vnto hym: to whom belongest thou and whence art thou? and the lad answered: I am an Egypcyan, and seruaunt to an Amalekite: and my master left me behynde because it is thre dayes a gone that I fel syck:
14 we came a rouynge vpon the south of Cerethis and vpon them of Iuda and on the south of Caleb. And we burnt Zikeleg with fyre.
15 And Dauid sayde to him: canst thou brynge me to thys company? And he sayde: swere by my vnto God, that thou wilt nether kyll me, nor delyuer me into the handes of my master, and I wyl brynge the vnto them.
16 And when he had brought hym, se, they laie skatered all abroade vpon the earth, eatyng and dryncking and triumphing ouer all the great pray that they had caryed awaye out of the lande of the Philistines, and out of the land of Iuda.
17 And Dauid layde vpon them from the twylyght vntyll the euen on the morow: so that there escaped not a man, saue foure hundre a young men, whyche rodde awaye vpon cameles and fledde.
18 And Dauid recouered all that the Amalekites had caryed awaye, and his two wyues,
19 so that there was no persone lackynge smal or great, sonne or doughter, or of the spoyle of all that they had take awaye, Dauid brought all againe.
20 And Dauid toke all the shepe, and the oxen. And they draue the cattel before, and sayde: this is Dauids pray.
21 And then Dauid came to the two hundred men that were to wery for to folowe Dauid, which they made to abyde at the ryuer Besor. And they came to mete Dauid and the people that were wyth hym. And when Dauid came to the people, he saluted them.
22 Then answered all the wycked and the vnthriftes of the men that went wyth Dauid, and sayde: because they went noth with vs, therfore shall none of the praye that we haue recouered, be geuen vnto them, saue to euery man hys wyfe and his children: whyche let them cary awaye and be walkynge.
23 Then sayde Dauid: ye shall not do so (my brethren) with that the Lorde hath geuen vs, and hath preserued vs, & delyuered the companye that came agaynst vs, into oure handes.
24 For who shoulde herken vnto you in this matter? But as his parte is şt goeth & fighteth so good shal hys parte be, that taryeth by the stuffe, they shall part it a lyke.
25 And so from şt daye forward was that made a law and a custome in Israel, and dureth to thys day.
26 When Dauid came to Zikeleg, he sent of hys praye vnto the elders to Iuda and to hys frendes saying: se there a blessinge for you, of the spoyle of the enemies of the Lorde:
27 He sent to them of Bethel: to them of south Ramath to them of Gether:
28 to them of Aroer: to them of Sephamoth: to them of Esthamo:
29 to them of Rachal: to them of the cytyes of the Ierhameelites: to them of the cities of the Kenites:
30 to them of Haramah: to them of Borasan: to them of Athach:
31 to them of Hebron, and to all places where Dauid and hys men were wont to haunt.




1 And as the Philistines fought agaynst Israel, the men of Israell fleed awaye from the Philistines, and fell doune deade in mount Gelboe.
2 And the Philistines folowed after Saul and hys sonnes, and slewe Ionathas, Abinadab and Melchisua Sauls sonnes.
3 And the battel went sore agaynst Saul, in so much şt shoters wt bowes had founde hym, & he was sore wounded of the shoters.
4 Then sayde Saul vnto hys harnesbearer: draw out thy swerde and thrust me thorow therwyth lest these vncyrcumcised come thrust me troughe and make me a mockinge stocke of me. But hys harnesbearer woulde not, for he was sore afrayed. Wherfore Saul toke a swerde and fel vpon it.
5 And when hys harnesbearer sawe that Saul was dead, he fell lykewyse vpon hys swerde and dyed wyth hym.
6 And so Saul dyed and hys thre sonnes and hys harnesbearer, and therto all hys men, that same daye together.
7 When the men of Israel that were in the other syde the valeye, and they of the other syde Iordan, hearde that the men of Israell were put to flyghte, and that Saul and hys sonnes were deade, they left the cytyes, & ran awaye, and the Philistines came and dwelt in them.
8 On the morow when the Philistines were come to strippe them that were slaine, they founde Saul and hys thre sonnes lyinge in mount Gelboe.
9 And they cut of hys head, and strypped him out of his harnesse, & sent into the land of the Philistines euery where, to publyshe in the houses of their Goddes & to the people.
10 And they hanged vp hys harnesse in the house of Astaroth, but they hanged vp hys carkase on the walles of Bethsan.
11 When the enhabyters of Iabes in Galaad hearde therof, what the Philistines had done to Saul,
12 they arose as manye as were men of warre and went all nyght and toke the karkasse of Saul & the karkases of hys sonnes from the walles of Bethsan & brought them to Iabes and burnt them there
13 and toke theyr bones & buryed them vnder a Tree at Iabes, & fasted seuen dayes.