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1 Peter an Apostle of Iesu Christe to them that dwell here & there as straungers thorowout all Pontus, Galacia, Capadocia Asia, and Bithinia, electe
2 by the for knoweledge of God the father, thorowe the sanctifiynge of the spyryte, vnto obedience & sprinklyng of the bloude of Iesus Christe. Grace be wyth you & peace be multiplied.
3 Blessed be God the father of oure Lorde Iesus Christe, whiche thorowe his aboundaunt mercye begat vs agayne vnto lyuely hope by the resurreccyon of Iesus Christe from death,
4 to enioye an enherytaunce immortall & vndefyled, and that putryfyeth not, reserued in heauen for you,
5 whiche are kept by the power of God thorowe fayth, vnto saluacyon, whiche saluacyon is prepared all ready to be shewed in the laste tyme,
6 in the whiche tyme ye shall reioyce, thoughe nowe for a season (yf nede requyre) ye are in heauynes, thorow manyfolde temptacyon,
7 that youre faythe ones tryed beynge muche more precyous, then golde that perysheth (though it be tryed with fyre) myghte be founde vnto laude, glory, and honoure, at the apearynge of Iesus Christe
8 whome ye haue not sene, and yet loue hym, in whome euen nowe, thoughe ye se hym not, yet do you beleue: and reioyce with ioye vnspeakeable and gloryous:
9 receyuynge the ende of youre faythe, the saluacyon of youre soules.
10 Of whiche saluacyon haue the Prophetes enquyred and searched, whiche prophesyed of the grace that shoulde come vnto you,
11 searchynge when or at what tyme of the spyryte of Christe whiche was in them, shoulde signifye, whiche spyryte testyfyed before, the passyons that shoulde come vnto Christe, and the glorye that shoulde folowe after:
12 vnto which Prophetes it was declared, that not vnto them selues, but vnto vs, they shoulde mynyster the thynges whiche are nowe shewed vnto you of them whiche by the holye ghoste sent doune from heauen, haue preached vnto you the thynges whiche the aungels desyre to beholde.
13 Wherfore gyrde vp the loynes of youre myndes, be sober, and trust perfectelye on the grace that is broughte vnto you, by the declarynge of Iesus Christe,
14 as obedyent chyldren not fashyonynge youre selues vnto your old lustes of ignorauncye:
15 but as he whiche called you is holye, euen so be ye holy in all maner of conuersacyon,
16 because it is wrytten. Be ye holy, for I am holy.
17 And yf so be that ye call on the father, whiche wythout respecte of person, iudgeth accordynge to euery mannes workes se that ye passe the tyme of youre pylgrymage in feare.
18 For as muche as ye know howe that ye were not redemed wyth corruptyble syluer and golde, from youre vayne conuersacyon whiche ye receyued by the tradicyons of şe fathers:
19 but wyth the precyous bloud of christ as of a lambe vndefyled, and wythout spotte,
20 whiche was ordeyned before the worlde was made, but was declared in the laste tymes for youre sakes,
21 whiche by hys meanes haue beleued on God that raysed hym from death, & gloryfyed hym, that youre faythe and hope myght be in God.
22 And for as muche as ye haue puryfyed, youre soules thorowe the spyryte, in obeying the truethe for to loue brotherlye wythout faynynge, se that ye loue one another with a pure herte feruentlye:
23 for ye are borne a newe, not of mortal seede, but of immortall, by the word of God whiche lyueth, and lasteth for euer.
24 For all fleshe is as grasse, and all the glorye of man is as the floure grasse. The grasse wyddereth, and the floure falleth awaye,
25 but the worde of the Lorde endureth euer. And thys is the worde whiche by the gospell was preached amonge you.




1 Wherfore laye a syde all malycyousnes, and all gyle, and dyssymulacyon, and enuye, and all backbytynge:
2 and as newe bourne babes, desyre that reasonable mylke whiche is wythout corrupcyon that ye maye growe therein.
3 If so be that ye haue tasted howe pleasaunt the Lorde is,
4 to whome ye come as vnto a lyuinge stone dysalowed of men, but chosen of God and precyous:
5 and ye as lyuynge stones, are made a spirytuall housse, and an holye priesthode, for to offer vp spyrytuall sacryfyce, acceptable to God by Iesus Christe.
6 Wherfore it is contained in the scrypture: beholde, I put in Syon an head corner stone, electe and precyous: and he that beleueth on hym, shall not be ashamed.
7 Vnto you therfor whiche beleue, he is precyous, but vnto them whiche beleue not, the stone whiche the buylders refused the same is made the head stone in the corner,
8 and a stone to stomble at, and a rocke to offende them whiche stomble at the word, and beleue not that whereon they were set.
9 But ye are a chosen generacyon, a royall priesthode, an holye nacyon and a peculyar people that ye shoulde shewe the vertues of hym that called you oute of darkenes into his marueylous lyght,
10 whiche in tyme past were not vnder mercye, but nowe haue obtayned mercye.
11 Dearely beloued, I beseche you as straungers and pylgremes, obstayne from fleshely lustes, which fyght agaynste the soule,
12 and se that ye haue honest conuersacyon amonge the Gentyls, that they whiche backbyte you as euyll doars, maye se youre good workes and prayse God in the daye of visitacyon.
13 Submyt youre selues vnto all maner ordinaunce of man for the Lordes sake, whether it be vnto the kynge as vnto the chiefe heade:
14 other vnto rulars, as vnto them that are sent of hym, for the punyshemente of euyll doars: but for the laude of them that do wel.
15 For so is the wyll of God, that ye put to sylence the ignorauncye of the folyshe men:
16 as fre, and not as hauynge the lybertye for a cloke of maliciousnes, but euen as the seruauntes of God.
17 Honoure all men. Loue brotherlye felowship. Feare God, and honour the kynge.
18 Seruauntes obeye your maysters wyth al feare, not onelye yf they be good, and courteous: but also thoughe they be frowarde.
19 For it is thanke worthy yf a man for conscience towarde God endure griefe, suffering wrongfullye.
20 For what prayse is it, yf when ye be buffeted for your faultes, ye take it pacientlye? But and yf when ye do well, ye suffre wrong and take it pacyently, then is there thanke wt God.
21 for here vnto verelye were ye called: for Christe also suffered for vs, leauynge vs an ensample that we shoulde folowe his steppes,
22 whiche dyd no synne, neyther was there gyle founde in hys mouth:
23 which when he was reuyled, reuyled not agayne: when he suffered, he threatened not: but commytted şe cause to him that iudgeth ryghtuously,
24 which hys owne selfe bare oure synnes in hys body on the tree, that we shoulde be delyuered from synne, and shoulde lyue in ryghtuousnes. By whose strypes ye were healed.
25 For ye were as shepe goynge astraye: but are nowe returned to the shepeherde and byshop of your soules.




1 Lykewyse let the wyues be in subiectyon to theyr husbandes, that euen they which beleue not the worde, maye wythoute the worde be wonne by the conuersation of the wiues:
2 whyle they beholde your pure conuersacion coupled wyth feare.
3 Whose apparell shall not be outewarde wyth broyeded heare, and hangynge on of golde, other in puttynge on of gorgyous apparell:
4 but let the hyd man of the harte be vncorrupte with a meke and a quyete spyryte, whiche spyryte is before God a thynge muche set by.
5 For after thys maner in the olde tyme dyd the holye women whiche trusted in God, tyer them selues, and were obedyente to theyr husbandes
6 euen as Sara obeyed Abraham, and called hym Lorde: whose doughters ye are as longe as ye do well, and be not afrayde of euerye shadowe.
7 Lykewyse ye men dwell wyth them accordynge to knoweledge, geuynge honoure vnto the wyfe, as vnto the weaker vessell, and as vnto them that are heyres also of the grace of lyfe, that youre prayers be not let.
8 In conclusyon be ye all of one mynd, one suffer wyth another, loue as brethren, be petifull, be curteous,
9 not rendringe euyll for euyll, neyther rebuke for rebuke, but contrarywyse, blesse, remembryng that ye are thervnto called, euen that ye shoulde be heyres of blessinge.
10 If anye man longe after lyfe, and loueth to se good dayes, let him refrayne his tonge from euil, & his lippes that they speake not gyle.
11 Let hym eschue euyll and do good, let him seke peace, and ensue it.
12 For the eyes of the Lorde are ouer the rightuous, and his eares are open vnto theyr prayers. But the face of the Lorde beholdeth them that do euil.
13 Morouer who is it that wyll harme you, yf ye folowe that whiche is good?
14 Notwithstanding happy are ye, yf ye suffre for ryghtuousnes sake. Yea and feare not though they seme terrible vnto you, neither be troubled,
15 but sanctifie the Lorde God in your hertes. Be ready alwaies to geue an answere to euery man that axeth you a reason of the hope, that is in you, and that with mekenes & feare,
16 hauinge a good conscience, that when they backbyte you as euyl doers, they maye be ashamed, for as muche as they haue falsely accused your good conuersation in Christ.
17 It is better (yf the wyll of God be so) şt ye suffre for wel doyng, then for euil doinge.
18 For as much as Christ hath ones suffered for sinners, the iuste for the vniuste, for to bringe vs to God, and was kylled, as perteininge to the fleshe: but was quickened in the spirite.
19 In which spirite, he also wente and preached vnto the spirites that were in prison,
20 which were in tyme passed disobedient, when the longe sufferinge of God abode excedinge paciently in şe dayes of Noe, whyle the arcke was a preparing wherin fewe (that is to saie .viij. soules) were saued by water,
21 which signifyeth baptisme that nowe saueth vs, not şe puttinge awaye of the fylth of the fleshe, but in that a good conscience consenteth to God, by the resurreccion of Iesus Christe,
22 whyche is on the right hande of God, and is gone into heauen, aungelles, power, and mighte, subdued vnto him.




1 For as much as Christ hath suffred for vs in the fleshe, arme your selues lykewise wyth the same mynde: for he which suffereth in the fleshe ceaseth from synne,
2 that he hence forwarde shoulde lyue as muche tyme as remayneth in the fleshe, not after the iustes of men, but after the wyl of God.
3 For it is sufficient for vs, şt we haue spent the time that is past of the lyfe, after the wil of the Gentiles, walking in wantonnes, lustes, dronckennes, in eatinge, drinkinge & in abominable Idolatrie.
4 And it semeth to them a straunge thynge, that ye runne not also with them vnto the same excesse of riote, and therfore speake they euyl of you,
5 whiche shall geue a comptes to hym that is redy to iudge quicke & dead.
6 For vnto this purpose verely was the Gospel preached vnto the dead that they shoulde be iudged lyke other men in the fleshe, but shoulde lyue before God in the spirite.
7 The ende of al thinges is at hande. Be ye therfore discrete and sober, that ye maye be apt to prayers.
8 But aboue all thinges haue feruente loue among you. For loue couereth the multitude of synnes.
9 Be ye herberous one to another, & that without grudginge.
10 As euerye man hath receyued şe gifte, minister the same one to another as good mynisters of the manifolde grace of God.
11 Yf anye man speake let hym talke as though he spake the wordes of God. If any man mynistre, let hym do it as of the habilitie, whyche God ministreth vnto hym. That God in all thinges may be glorifyed thorowe IESUS Christ, to whom be prayse and domynyon for euer, and whyle the worlde standeth. Amen.
12 Dearely beloued, be not troubled in hys heate, whiche nowe is come amonge you to trye you as though some straunge thing had happened vnto you:
13 but reioice in as much as ye are partakers of Christes passions, that when his glory appereth, ye maye be mery and glad.
14 If ye be railed vpon for the name of Christ, happie are ye. For the spyryte of glorye, and the spyryte of Gad resteth vpon you. On theyr parte he is euyll spoken of, but on your parte he is glorified.
15 Se that none of you suffer as a murtherer or as a thefe, or an euil doar, or as a busibody in other mens matters.
16 Yf any man suffer as a Christen man, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorifie God on this behalfe.
17 For the time is come that iudgemente must beginne at the house of God. Yf it fyrst begynne at vs, what shal the ende be of them, whiche beleue not the Gospel of God?
18 And yf the rightuous scasly be saued, where shal the vngodly and the sinner appere?
19 Wherfore let them that suffer according to the wil of God, commit their soules to him with wel doing, as vnto a faythfull creator.




1 The elders whiche are amonge you, I exhorte, whiche am also an elder, and a wytnes of the affliccions of Christe, and also a partaker of the glory that shallbe opened,
2 se that ye fede Christes flocke, which is amonge you, takinge the ouersight of them, not as though ye were compelled therto, but wyllingly, not for the desire of fylthy lucre, but of a good minde,
3 not as though ye were Lordes ouer the parishes, but that ye be an ensample to şe flocke.
4 And when şe chiefe shephearde shal appere, ye shal receiue an incorruptible crowne of glorie.
5 Lykewyse ye yonger submit youre selues vnto the elder. Submit youre selues euerye man, one to another, knyt youre selues together in lowlines of mynde. For God resisteth the proude & geueth grace to humble.
6 Submit youre selues therfore vnder the myghty hande of God, that he maye exalte you, when the tyme is come.
7 Caste all your care to him: for he careth for you.
8 Be sober and watch, for your aduersary şe deuyll as a roringe Lyon walketh aboute, sekinge whom he may deuour,
9 whom resist stedfast in the fayth remembring, that ye do but fulfill the same affliccions, which are appointed to youre brethren that are in the worlde.
10 The God of al grace, which called you vnto his eternal glory by Christe Iesus, shall hys owne selfe after ye haue suffred a litle affliccion make you perfecte, shall settle, strength and stablishe you.
11 To hym be glorie and dominion for euer, and whyle the worlde endureth. Amen.
12 By Syluanus a faythfull brother vnto you (as I suppose) haue I wrytten brefly, exhortynge and testifyenge howe that this is the true grace of God wherin ye stande.
13 The companions of youre election, that are of Babylon, salute you, and Marcus my sonne.
14 Grete ye one another wyth the kysse of loue. Peace be wyth you all, which are in Christe Iesus. AMEN.