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1 When Kynge Dauid was waxen olde and stryken in yeares, thoughe they couered him with clothes yet he caught no heate.
2 Wherfore hys seruauntes sayde vnto him: let there be sought for my lord the kynge a young mayden to wayt vpon him, and to cheryshe hym. And let her lye in thy bosome, that my Lorde the kynge maye get heate.
3 And so they sought for a fayre damosell thorow all the coastes of Israel and founde one Abisag a Sunamite and brought her to the kynge.
4 And the Damosel was excedynge fayre, and cheryshed the kynge and ministred to hym. But the kynge knewe her not.
5 But Adoniah the sonne of Hagith exalted hym selfe sayinge. I wylbe kynge. And he gat hym a charet and horsmen and fyfty men to runne before hym.
6 And hys father rebuked hym not at anye tyme nor sayde so muche to him, as why doest thou so? And he was therto a goodly man, and hys mother bare him next after Absalom.
7 And he communed wyth Ioab the sonne of Zaruiah and with Abiathar the prieste. And they holpe Adoniah.
8 But Sadock the pryeste, Bahaiah the sonne of Iehoiada, Nathan the prophet, Semei and Rei and the men of myght whyche were with Dauid fauered not Adoniah.
9 And Adoniah sacrificed shepe and oxen and fatlynges at the stone of Zoheleth, whyche is fast by the well of Rogel, and bad all his brethren the kynges sonnes and all the men of Iuda the kynges seruauntes.
10 But Nathan the prophet and Banaiah and the myghtye men and Salomon hys brother he bad not.
11 Whervpon Nathan spake vnto Bethsabe the mother of Salomon sayinge: haste thou not hearde how that Adoniah the sonne of Hagith doth raygne vnwetinge vnto our mayster Dauid?
12 Nowe therfore come that I may geue the counsel, how to saue thyne own lyfe and the life of thy sonne Salomon.
13 Hence and get the vnto kyng Dauid and saye vnto him: diddest not thou my Lorde kynge swere vnto thy handmayde sayinge? Salomon thy sonne shall raigne after me, and he shall syt vpon my seate, why is then Adoniah made kynge?
14 & se, whyle thou yet talkest there with şe king, I wyll come in after the and wyll ende thy wordes.
15 And Bethsabe went in vnto the kinge into the chambre: And the kinge was verye olde and Abisag the Sunamite ministred vnto hym.
16 And Bethsabe stouped and made obeysaunce vnto the kynge. And the kynge sayde: what is thy matter?
17 And she answered and sayde: My Lorde thou swarest by the Lorde thy God vnto thyne handmaide: Salomon thy sonne shall raygne after me and he shall syt vpon my seate.
18 But nowe se, Adoniah is kinge and thou my Lord kinge wottest it not.
19 And he hath offered oxen, fatlynges & shepe aboundantly, and hath called all the sonnes of the kynge, and Abiathar the priest, and Ioab the captayne of the hoste. But Salomon thy seruaunt hath he not bydden.
20 And nowe my lord king the eyes of all Israel wayte on the, to tell them who shal sytte on the seate of my Lorde the king after him.
21 For elles when my Lorde the Kinge is layd to rest with his fathers, I & my sonne Salomon shalbe synners.
22 And behold, while she yet talketh with the kinge, Nathan the prophet was come.
23 And they tolde the kinge sayinge: here cometh Nathan the prophet. And when he was come before the kynge, he made obeysaunce vnto the kynge vpon hys face vnto the grounde,
24 and sayde: My Lorde kinge, hast thou sayde Adoniah shall raygne after me, and he shall sytte vpon my seate?
25 For he is gone doune this day and hath offered, oxen, fatlynges and shepe aboundantlye, and hath called al the Kynges sonnes and the captaynes of the hoste, and Abiathar the priest. And se, they eate and drinck before hym, and saye: God saue kynge Adoniah.
26 But me thy seruaunt and Sadock the pryest and Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada, & thy seruaunt Salomon he hath not called.
27 Is thys thynge done of my Lorde the kinge and yet wouldest not shewe me thy seruaunt, who shoulde sit on the seate of my Lorde the kinge after hym?
28 Then kynge Dauid answered and sayde: call me Bethsabe. And she came in and stode before him.
29 And the kinge sware sayinge: As sure as the Lorde (that had ryd my soule oute of all aduersyte) lyueth,
30 euen as I sware vnto the by the Lorde God of Israel sayinge: Salomon shall raygne after me, and he shall sytte vpon my seate for me, so wyl I do this daye.
31 And Bethsabe bowed on her face to the earth, and dyd obeysaunce vnto the kynge and said: I praye God my Lorde kynge Dauid maye lyue euer.
32 Then sayde kynge Dauid: call me Sadock the priest and Nathan the prophet & Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada. And when they came before the kynge,
33 the kinge sayde vnto them: take with you the seruauntes of youre Lorde, and set Salomon my sonne vpon myne owne mule and carye him doune to Gihon.
34 And let Sadock the pryest and Nathan the prophet anoynte hym there, to be kynge ouer Israel. And then blowe ye with a trompet and saye: God saue kinge Salomon.
35 And then come vp after him, and let him come and sytte vpon my seate. For he shalbe kynge in my steade. And hym I haue commaunded to be captayne ouer Israel and Iuda.
36 And Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada answered the kynge and sayde: Amen, and so pray I God that the Lorde God of my Lorde the kynge saye so to.
37 And as the Lorde hath bene wyth my Lorde the kynge, euen so, I praye God, he maye be, with Salomon and that he make his seate gloryouser then the seate of my lorde kynge Dauid.
38 And Sadock the pryest, and Nathan the prophet of Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada & the Cerethites and Phelethites went doune, and set Salomon vpon kinge Dauids Mule and led him to Gihon.
39 And Sadock the priest toke an horne of oyle out of the tabernacle and anoynted Salomon. And they blewe a trompet, and all they sayde: God saue king Salomon.
40 And all the people came vp after hym pyppynge wyth pypes and reioysinge greatly, so that the earth range with the sounde of them.
41 And Adoniah and all the gestes that were with him, hearde it euen as they had made an ende of eatynge. And when Ioab hearde the sounde of the trompet, he said: how happeneth it that there is suche a noyse in the cytye?
42 And as he yet spake, se, Ionathas the sonne of Abiathar the priest came. And Adoniah said: come. for thou arte a lustye bloude, and bryngest good tydynges.
43 And Ionathas answered & sayde to Adoniah: Verely oure Lorde kynge Dauid hath made Salomon kynge.
44 And the kynge sent with him Sadock the prieste and Nathan the prophet: and Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada and the Cerethites and the Phelethites, and they haue set hym vpon the kinges Mule.
45 And Sadock the pryeste and Nathan the Prophet haue anoynted him kynge in Gihon. And as they came vp againe, they reioysed that the citie did sounde againe. And that is the noise that ye haue hearde.
46 And therto Salomon sitteth on the seate of the kyngedome.
47 And moreouer the kynges seruauntes went in to blesse oure Lorde Kynge Dauid sayinge: thy God make the name of Salomon more fauoure then thyne, and hys seate more gloriouse then thyne. And şe king bowed him selfe vpon the bede.
48 And last of all thus sayde the kinge: blessed be the Lorde God of Israel whiche hath made one to sytte on my seate thys daye, euen myne eyes seinge it.
49 And al the gestes that were with Adoniah were afrayed and rose vp and went euery man his waye.
50 And Adoniah fearinge Salomon, arose and went and caught holde on the hornes of the aultare.
51 And it was tolde Salomon howe that Adoniah for feare of kinge Salomon hathe caught hantfast by the hornes of the aultare sayinge: let kyng Salomon swere vnto my this daie, that he wyll not sley hys seruaunt with the swerd.
52 And Salomon said: yf he wylbe a childe of vertue, there shal not an heere of him fal to the earth. But and yf wyckednesse shalbe founde in him, he shal dye for it.
53 And thervpon kynge Salomon sent and fet hym doune from the aultare. And he came and dyd obeisannce vnto kynge Salomon. And Salomon sayde to hym: get şe to thyne house.




1 When the dayes of Dauid were draune nye, that he should dye, he charged Salomon his sonne sayinge:
2 I must walke by şe way of all the world, neuerthelater be thou strong and quyte thy self manfully,
3 and se that thou kepe thy appointment of the Lorde thy God, that thou walke in his waies and kepe his commaundementes, ordinaunce, lawes and testimonies, euen as it is written in the law of Moses: that thou mayest vnderstand al that thou oughtest to do, and al that thou shouldest medyll wyth.
4 That the Lorde maye make good his promesse whiche he hath promised me sayinge: yf thy children shal take heede to their wayes, şt they walke before me in truthe, with all their hertes and with al their soules, then thou shalt neuer be without one syttynge on the seate of Israell.
5 Moreouer thou wottest howe Ioab the sonne of Zaruiah hath serued me, and what he hath done to the two captayues of the Hostes of Israel: vnto Abner the sonne of Ner & vnto Amasa the sonne of Iether: how he slue them and shed the bloude of warre in tyme of peace, and put the bloude of warre vpon hys gyrdle that was about hys loynes and in hys shoes that were on his fete.
6 Deale with hym therfore accordynge to thy wysedome and se that thou brynge not hys horre head doune to the graue in peace.
7 And shew kindnesse vnto the sonnes of Berselai the Galaadite, and let them be among them that eate at thyne owne table, because they so claue to me when I fled from Absalom thy brother.
8 And se, thou hast with the, Semei the sonne of Gera the sonne of Gemini of Bahurim, whiche cursed me with a bytter curse, what tyme I went to Mahanaim. But he came against me to Iordan, and I sware to hym by the lorde sayinge. I wyl not sley the wyth the swerde.
9 But pardon thou him not. Thou art a man of wysdome and shalt know what to do to him, se therfore şt thou brynge hys horre head to the graue wyth bloude.
10 And so Dauid rested with his fathers, & was buryed in the cytye of Dauid.
11 And the dayes whyche Dauid raygned vpon Israell were fourtye yeares: seuen yeares in Hebron, and thyrtye and thre yeare in Ierusalem.
12 And Salomon sate vpon the seate of Dauid hys father, and hys kyngdome was stablyshed myghtely.
13 After that Adoniah the sonne of Hagith came to Bethsabe the mother of Salomon. And she said: Betokeneth thy coming peace? And he sayde: it betokeneth peace.
14 Then sayde he: I haue a matter to shew the. And she said: saye on.
15 And he sayde: thou knowest that the kyngdome was myne, and that all Israel put their eyes on me, that I shoulde raygne, howe be it the kyngdome was turned away and geuen to my brother, for it was appoynted hym of te Lorde:
16 and now I aske a petycyon of the: wherof denye me not. And she sayde vnto hym: tell what it is.
17 Then he sayde: speake I pray the, vnto Salomon the kynge (for he wyl not saye the naye) that he geue me Abisag the Sunamite to wyfe.
18 And Bethsabe sayde: wel I will speake for the vnto the kynge.
19 And thervpon Bethsabe went vnto kynge Salomon to speake vnto hym for Adoniah. And the kynge rose vp agaynst her & bowed hym selfe vnto her, and sat him doune on hys seate. And there was a seate for the kynges mother, and she sat on his right syde.
20 Then she sayde: I must desyre a lyttel peticyon of the: saye me not naye. And the kynge sayde vnto her: Aske on my mother: for I wil not say the naye.
21 And she sayde: let Abisag the Sunamite be geuen to Adoniah thy brother to wyfe:
22 And kynge Salomon answered and sayde vnto his mother: why doest thou aske Abisag the Sunamite for Adoniah? but rather aske for hym the kingdome, seynge he is myne elder brother: Euen for hym aske it and for Abiathar the pryeste, and for Ioab the sonne of Zaruiah.
23 Then kynge Salomon sware by the Lorde sayinge: God do so to me, and so therto yf Adoniah haue not spoken this worde agaynst hym selfe.
24 Now therfore as surely as the Lorde lyueth whyche hath stablyshed me and set me on the seate of Dauid my father, & which hath made me an house as he promysed me, Adoniah shall dye thys daye.
25 And kynge Salomon sent by the hande of Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada, and smote hym that he dyed.
26 And vnto Abiathar the pryest sayde the kynge: get the to Anatoth vnto thyne owne feldes for thou art worthy of death, but I will not at this tyme kyl the, because thou barest the Arcke of the Lorde Iehouah before Dauid my father, and because thou sufferedst wt my father in al hys afflyccyons.
27 And so Salomon put awaye Abiathar from beynge priest vnto the Lorde: to fulfil the wordes of the Lorde whyche he spake ouer the house of Eli in Siloh.
28 Then tydinges came to Ioab: for Ioab had turned after Adoniah but not after Salomon. Whervpon he fled vnto the tabernacle of the Lorde and caught handfast on the hornes of the aultare.
29 And it was tolde kynge Salomon, how that Ioab was fled vnto the tabernacle of the Lorde and stode by the aultare. Then Salomon sent Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada saying: go and smyte him:
30 And when Banaiah was come to the tabernacle of the Lorde, he sayde vnto hym: thus sayth the kynge, come out. And he sayde, nay. But I wil dye euen here: & Banaiah brought the kyng worde sayinge: thus sayde Ioab & thus he answered me.
31 And the kynge sayde: do euen as he hathe sayde: smyte hym and burye him, and take awaye the bloude (whiche Ioab shed causelesse) from me, and from the house of my father.
32 And the Lorde brynge hys bloude vpon his owne heade, for he smote two men ryghteouser and better then he, and slue them with the swearde, my father vnwetynge: euen Abner the sonne of Ner capitayne of the hoste of Israel, and Amasa the sonne of Iether captayne of the hoste of Iuda.
33 And their bloude returne vpon the heade of Ioab, and on the heade on hys sede for euer. And prosperyte be vnto Dauid, and vnto hys seade, and vnto hys house, and vnto hys seate, of the Lorde for euer.
34 And Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada went vp and smote him & slue him & buried hym in hys owne house in the wildernesse.
35 And the king put Banaiah şe sonne of Iehoiada in his roume ouer the host, and put Sadock şe priest in the roume of Abiathar.
36 Then the kynge sent and called Semei, and sayde to hym: buylde the an house in Ierusalem and dwel there, & se that thou go not once thence any whether.
37 For be thou sure of it, the daye thou goest out and passest ouer the ryuer of Cedron, thou shalt dye for it, and thy bloud shalbe on thine owne heade.
38 And Semei sayde vnto the kinge: it is wel sayd: as my Lorde the kinge hath sayed, so wil his seruaunt do. And Semei dwelt in Ierusalem many a daye.
39 And it chaunced at the ende of thre yeare that two of the seruauntes of Semei ranne awaye vnto Achis sonne of Maacah kynge of Geth. And one tolde Semei saying: se, thy seruauntes be in Geth.
40 And Semei stode vp and sadled hys Asse, and gat him to Geth to Achis to seke his seruauntes, and came and brought them agayne from Geth.
41 But it was tolde Salomon howe that Semei had gone from Ierusalem to Geth and was come againe.
42 And the kynge sent and called Semei, and sayde vnto hym: Dyd I not adiure the by the Lorde, and testifyed vnto the sayinge: be sure whensoeuer thou goest oute and walkest abroade any whether, thou shalt dye for it? And thou answeredst me: it is good tydynges that I haue hearde.
43 Why then hast thou not kept the othe of the Lorde, and the commaundement that I commaunded the?
44 And then the kinge sayde to Semei: thou remembrest all the wyckednesse whych thyne hert knoweth that thou diddest to Dauid my father. The Lorde therfore render agayn thy wyckednesse vpon thyne owne heade:
45 & kyng Salomon be blessed, and the seate of Dauid be stablyshed before the Lorde for euer.
46 And the kyng commaunded Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada: whiche went out and smote hym şt he dyed And so was the kyngdome setled in the hand of Salomon.




1 Then Salomon drewe affinite wt Pharao kynge of Egypte, and toke Pharaos doughter, and brought her into the citie of Dauid vntyll he had made an ende of buildinge his owne house, and to the house of the Lorde, and the walles of Ierusalem rounde about.
2 Only the people sacrificed in aultares made on hylles, because there was no house built vnto the name of the lord, vntil those dayes.
3 And Salomon loued the Lorde, and walked in the ordinaunces of Dauid hys father, saue onlye that he sacrificed & offered incense vpon aultares in hylles.
4 And the king went to Gabaon, to offer there, for that was a great offering place. And there Salomon offered a thousand burntofferinges vpon the aultare.
5 And in Gabaon the Lorde apered to Salomon in a dreame by nyghte. And God sayde: Aske what I shall geue the.
6 And Salomon sayde: thou hast shewed vnto thy seruaunt Dauid my father great mercye accordinge as he walked before the in truthe & in ryghteousnesse & playnesse of herte wyth the. And thou hast kept for hym thys great mercy, that thou hast geuen him a sonne to sit on his seate: as it is come to passe thys daye.
7 And now Lord, my God, it is thou that hast made thy seruaunt kynge in steade of Dauid my father. And I am a young lad & wote not how to order my selfe.
8 And thy seruaunt is in the myddes of thy people which thou hast chosen, a people that are so many that they can not be told nor nombred for multitude.
9 Geue therfore vnto thy seruaunt an vnderstandynge herte to iudge thy people, & to decerne betwene good, and bad. For who is able to iudge thys thy so waightye a people.
10 And it pleased the Lord well, that Salomon had desyred thys thynge.
11 Wherfore God said vnto him: because thou hast asked this thynge and hast not asked long life, nether hast asked ryches, nor the lyues of thyne enemies, but hast asked the discrecion to vnderstand equite.
12 Se, I haue done accordynge to thy petycyon: and beholde: I haue geuen thy a wyse and an vnderstandynge hert, so that there was none lyke the before, nether after the shal any aryse lyke vnto the.
13 And therto I haue geuen the, that thou askedst not, bothe rychesse and honoure: so that there shalbe no kynge lyke the all the dayes.
14 And yf thou wilt walke in my wayes, to kepe myne ordynaunces and commaundementes, as Dauid thy father dyd walke, I will lengthen thy dayes also.
15 When Salomon awoke, this was his dreame. And he came to Ierusalem and presented him selfe before the Arcke of the testament of the Lorde and offered burntofferynges and peace offerynges, and made a feast to al hys seruauntes.
16 Then came there two wemen that were harlottes vnto the kyng & stode before him.
17 And the one of them saide: Oh my lord I & this woman dwell in one house. And I was delyuered of a chyld with her in the said house.
18 And the thirde day after that I was delyuered, she was delyuered also: we two beynge together and no straunger with vs in the house saue we two alone.
19 And this wyues childe dyed in a nyght, for she had ouerlaide it.
20 And then she arose at midnight, and toke my sonne from my syde, whyle thyne handmayde slept and laide it in her bosome, and put her dead childe in my bosome.
21 And when I rose vp in the mornynge to geue my child sucke, se, it was deade. But when I had loked more dylygentlye vpon it in the mornynge, beholde, it was not my sonne, whiche I dyd beare.
22 And the other woman sayde: it is not so: But the lyuing is my sonne, and the dead thyne. And she said agayne: thou saiest vntrue, for the dead is thy sonne, and the lyuynge myne. And thus they pleated before the kynge.
23 Then sayd the king: the one sayeth, this that is a lyue, is my sonne & the dead is thyne. And the other saieth nay. But thy sonne is the dead & the lyue chylde is myne.
24 Then sayd şe kyng: bryng me a swerd. And they brought a swerde before the kyng.
25 And then the kynge sayd: Deuyde thy liuing chylde in two, and geue the one halfe to the one, and the other to the other.
26 Then spake the woman whose the lyuyng chylde was, vnto the kynge (for her bowelles yerned vpon her sonne) and sayde: I beseche the my Lorde, geue her the lyuynge chylde, and in no wyse sley it. And the other sayde: it shalbe neyther myne nor thyne, but deuide it.
27 Then the kynge aunswered & sayd: geue her the lyuyng chylde, and sley it not, for she is the mother therof.
28 And all Israel hearde of the iudgement which the kyng had iudged and feared the kynge: for they sawe that the wysdome of God was in hym to do iustice.




1 And so king Salomon was king ouer all Israel.
2 And these were hys Lordes: Azariah the sonne of Sadock the priest:
3 Elihoreph and Ahiah the sonnes of Sisa, scrybes. Ieosaphath the sonne of Ahilud the recorder.
4 And Baianah the sonne of Iehoiada was ouer the host. And Sadock and Abiathar were the priestes.
5 And Azariah the sonne of Nathan was ouer the generall receyuers. And Zabud the sonne of Nathan was a wayter & the kynges companyon.
6 And Asihar stewarde of housholde: And Adinoram sonne of Abda ouer the trybute.
7 And Salomon had twelue generall receyuers ouer al Israel which sustayned the king & hys housholde: eche man hys moneth in a yeare.
8 Whose names are these: the sonne of hur in mount Ephraim:
9 the sonne of Dekar in Makez, in Salem in Bethsames, in Elon & in Bethhanan:
10 the sonne of Hesed in Aruboth & to him pertayned Socoh and all the land of Hepher:
11 the sonne of Abinadab, which had al the regyons of Dor, and Tapheth şe doughter of Salomon was hys wyfe:
12 Baanah the sonne of Ahilud had Thanach Magedo and all Bethsan which is by Zarhanah benethe Iezrahel, and from Bethsan to Abel Mehulah & vnto beyounde Iecmaam,
13 the sonne of Gaber had Ramoth Galaad, and hys were şe tounes of Iair the sonne of Manasse which lye in Galaad, and hys was the coastes of Argob in Basan, threskore greate cytyes wyth walles and Barres of Brasse.
14 Ahinadab the sonne of Ado had Mahanaim:
15 Ahimaaz; had Nephtalim, & he had taken Basemath the doughter of Salomon to wife.
16 Baanah the sonne of Hasai had Aser & Aloth:
17 Iehosaphat the sonne of Pharuah had Isachar.
18 Semei the sonne of Elah had Beniamin:
19 Gaber the sonne of Vry had the contreye of Galaad and the lande of Sehon kynge of the Amorytes & of Og kyng of Basan, and was alone receyuer in the lande.
20 And Iuda & Israel were manye euen as the sande of the sea in nombre, eatyng, drynckyng, & makynge merye.
21 And Salomon raygned ouer al kyngdomes from the ryuer thorowout al the land of the Phylistines vnto the borders of Egipt and they brought presentes & serued Salomon all dayes of hys lyfe.
22 And Salomons fode was in one day thyrtye quarters of manchet floure and thre skore quarters of mele:
23 ten stalled oxen, & twentye out of the pastures & an hundred shepe and gootes, besydes, hertes, buckes and buballes & fat pultrye.
24 For he ruled in all the regyons on the other syde Euphrates, from Thaphsah to Gaza, and also ouer all the kinges on the other syde the sayd Euphrates. And he had peace with all hys seruauntes on euery syde.
25 And Iuda and Israell dwelt wythout feare, euery man vnder his vyne & vnder his fygge tre from Dan to Bersabe, all the dayes of Salomon.
26 And Salomon had fourtye thousand stalles of horsses for charettes, & twelue thousand horsmen
27 And the forsayde general receyuers made purueyaunce for kyng Salomon and for all that came to kynge Salomons table, euery man hys moneth, so that there lacked nothynge.
28 And as for barleye and strawe for the horsses & beastes, they brought vnto şe places where the offycers were, euery man in his offyce.
29 And God gaue Salomon wisdome & vnderstandyng excedyng muche & a large herte euen as the sande a longe by the sea bancke:
30 so that Salomons wysdome exceded the wysdom of all them of the east countreye & all the wysdome of the Egypcyans.
31 And he excelled all men in wysdome, both Ethan the Ezrahite, & Heman, Chalcol and Dorda the sonnes of Mahol. And hys name sprede abroade amonge all nacyons on euerye syde.
32 And Salomon wrote thre thousande prouerbes. And his songes were a thousande and fyue.
33 And he disputed of trees, euen from the Cedar tre that groweth in Lybanon vnto the Isope that spryngeth out of the walle. And he dysputed of beastes, foules, wormes and fyshes.
34 And there came of all nacyons to heare the wysdome of Salomon, and from all kynges of the earthe which had hearde of hys wysdome.




1 And Hiram kynge of Tyre sente hys seruauntes vnto Salomon, for he had hearde that they had anoynted hym kyng in şe roume of hys father. And therto Hiram was euer a louer of Dauids.
2 And Salomon sent agayne to Hiram, sayinge:
3 thou knowest of Dauid my father, howe he could not build an house vnto the name of the Lorde his god for warre which he had on euery syde, vntyll the Lorde had put them vnder hys fote.
4 But nowe the Lorde my God hath geuen me rest on euery syde, so that there is neyther aduersarye nor any euyll plage.
5 And therfore I am disposed to buylde an house vnto the name of the Lorde my God, as he promysed Dauid my father, saying: thy sonne which I wyl put vpon thy seate for the, he shal buylde an house vnto my name.
6 Nowe then commaunde that they hewe me Cedar trees in Libanon. And let my seruauntes be with thine, and I will geue the hire of şe seruauntes in all soche thinges as thou shalt appoynte, for thou knowest that there are not among vs that can skyll to hewe tymber lyke vnto the Sidones.
7 When Hiram hearde the wordes of Salomon, he reioysed greatlye & sayde: Blessed be the Lorde this daye whiche hath set Dauid a wyse sonne ouer this myghtie people.
8 And Hiram sent agayne to Salomon saying: I haue accept the request whiche thou sentest to me for, & wyll satisfye all thy luste, concernynge tymbre of Cedar trees & fyre.
9 My seruauntes shall brynge them from Lybanon to the sea. And I wyll conueye them by shippe vnto the place that thou shalt sende me worde, & wyll cause them to be discharged there, that thou mayst receyue them. And thou shalt do me this pleasure agayne, to mynistre fode for myne house.
10 And so Hiram gaue Salomon Cedar trees & fyrre trees, as moche as he desyred.
11 And Salomon gaue Hiram twentie thousand quarters of wheate to fede his housholde wt al, & twentye buttes of pure oyle. And so moch gaue Salomon to Hiram yere by yere.
12 And the Lord gaue Salomon wisdome as he promysed hym. And there was peace betwene Hiram and Salomon and they were confedered together.
13 And kynge Salomon areysed a trybute thorowe out al Israel. And the trybute was thyrty thousand men,
14 which he sent to Lybanon, ten thousand a monethe by coursse, so that they were one moneth in Lybanon, and two monethes at home. And Adoniram was ouer the trybute.
15 And Salomon had thre skore & ten thousande that bare burdens, & threskore and ten thousande that hewed in the mountaynes
16 besydes the Lordes he had, to ouer se the worcke, in nombre thre thousande & thre hundred, whiche ruled people that wrought in the worcke.
17 And at the commaundemente of the kynge, they brought great stones and that fre stones, and hewed therto, to laye in the foundacyon of the house.
18 And Salomons masons and the masons of Hyram dyd hew them, with them of the borders. And so they prepared bothe tymbre and stone to buylde the house.




1 And it came to passe the foure hundred and foure skore yeare after the chyldren of Israel were come out of the lande of Egypte, and the fourth yeare of şe raigne of Salomon vpon Israell, and the second moneth called Zif that he beganne to buylde şe temple vnto the Lorde.
2 And the house whiche Salomon buylt for the Lorde, was thre skore cubytes longe and twentye broade & thyrtye cubytes hye.
3 And the porche that was before the bodye of the temple, was twentye cubites longe after the measure of the bredeth of the house & .x. broade, euen at the very ende of the house.
4 And he made vnto the house windowes to open and shut.
5 And vnder the walles of the house he made galaryes rounde aboute, bothe rounde aboute the temple and also the quere. And so made sydes rounde aboute.
6 And the neyther most galery was .v. cubytes broade & the mydle galeri .vi. And the third .vij. cubytes broad. For he made the walles wythout wheron the beames laye, euer thynner & thynner, so that they were not fastened in the walles of the house.
7 And the house was built of stone made perfecte all ready yer it was brought thither, so that there was neyther hammer of axe eyther any tole of yron heard in the house, while it was in buyldynge.
8 And the dore of the myddle galary was in the ende of the house on the ryghte syde. And men went vp wyth wyndyng steares into şe myddle galarye, and out of the myddle into the thyrde.
9 And so he buylte the house & finyshed it, and roufte it wyth beames of Cedar tymber made holowe and ioyned together.
10 And then he buylt chambres ouer all the temple of fyue cubytes heyght, and coupled the house together wyth beames of Cedar.
11 And the worde of the Lorde came to Salomon saying:
12 concerning the house which thou arte in buyldynge, yf thou wylte walcke in myne ordynaunces and execute my lawes & kepe all my commaundementes, to walcke in them, then wyll I make good vnto the, my promes whiche I promysed Dauid thy father.
13 And I wyll dwell amonge the chyldren of Israel, and wyll not forsake my people Israel.
14 And so therfore Salomon buylt şe house and fynyshed it,
15 and syled the walles of the house wythin, wyth rybbes of Cedar tre: euen from the pauement vnto the rouffe dyd he syle it within, and borded the floore of the house wyth planckes of fyre.
16 And he syled twentye cubytes in the ende of the temple both floore & walles wyth Cedar, and dressed it within to be the quere and place most holye.
17 And the fyrste house, that is to saye, the bodye of the temple, was fourtye cubytes longe.
18 And the Cedar of the house wythin was kerued with knoppes, & grauen wyth floures, and all was Cedar tymber, so that no stone was sene.
19 And the quere şt was wythin the temple, he prepared to set there the arcke of the appoyntmente of the Lorde.
20 And the quere was twentye cubytes longe, and twentye in bredth & twentye in heyght. And he syled it wyth pure golde, & borded the aultare wyth Cedar.
21 And Salomon syled the house wythin also with pure golde. And he made golden barres runne a longe the quere, which he had couered wyth golde.
22 And the whole house he ouerlayde wyth golde vntyll he had ended it. And the aultar that was in the quere he ouerlayde wyth golde also.
23 And within the quere he made two Cherubyns of olyue tree, ten cubytes hye a pece,
24 and euery wynge fyue cubytes longe: so that from the vttermoste parte of the other were ten cubytes.
25 And the other Cherub was ten cubytes hye also: so that bothe the Cherubes were of one measure and one syse.
26 The heyghte of the one Cherub was ten cubytes, & so was it of the other. And he put the Cherubes in the midle of the ynner house.
27 And the Cherubes stretched their wynges, so that the one winge of the one touched the one wall, and the one wynge of the other touched the other walle, And the other two wynges of them touched one another in the middes of the house.
28 And he ouerlayde the Cherubes with golde.
29 And all the walles of the house rounde aboute, he garneshed wyth worke of Cherubes and palme trees and grauen floures, both within in the quere and wythout in the temple.
30 And the floure of the house he couered wyth golde both wythin in the quere and also wythout in the temple.
31 And in the entering of the quere he made two dores of olyue tree, wyth the vpper and two syde postes fyue square.
32 And the two dores of olyue tree, he graued wyth grauynge of Cherubes, and Palme trees and graued floures, and couered them wyth golde, and layde golde ouer the Cherubes and also the Palme trees.
33 And in lyke maner vnto the doore of the temple he made postes of olyue tre .iiij. square,
34 and two dores of fyre tree, and ether dore wyth two foldynge leues
35 and graued theron Cherubes Palme trees and floures, and couered them with golde made plaine by a ruler.
36 And then he buylte the ynner courte wyth thre rowes of hewed stone and one rowe of Cedar wode.
37 In the fourth yere of his raygne was the foundacyon of the house of the Lorde layde,
38 euen in the moneth Zif, & in şe .xi. yeare in şe moneth bul which is the .viij. moneth, it was full fynyshed in al that pertayned therto, and fashyoned as it shulde be in all poyntes: And so was he .vij. yeare in buyldyng of it.




1 And Salomon buylt hys owne house in .xiij. yeare space and ful fynyshed it.
2 And he buylte the house of the wood of Lybanon, an hundred cubytes long & fyftye broad, and thyrtye hye, foure square wyth rowes of Cedar pyllers, and Cedar beames a longe vpon the pyllers.
3 And the rouffe was Cedar aboue an hye vpon the beames that lay an hye on the pyllers, whiche pyllers were fourtye & fyue in nombre, fyftene on a rowe,
4 and the spaces betwene the pyllers were one agaynste another thre folde,
5 And all the dores wyth the syde postes were foure square one agaynste another thre folde.
6 And he made a porche of pyllers fyftye cubytes longe and thyrtye cubytes broade: and yet a porche before that wyth pyllers, and a thycke pyller before that.
7 Then he made a porche to syt and iudge in, syled wyth Cedar thorow out al the pauementes.
8 And his owne house where he kepte resydence in another courte wythoute that porche was of the same worcke. And then Salomon made an house for Pharaos doughter whiche he had taken to wyfe, lyke vnto that porche.
9 And all these thinges were of ryche stones hewed after a measure & sawed with sawes within & wythout, euen from the foundacyon vnto that wheron the beames were layed, & on the out syde therto toward the great court.
10 And the foundacyon was of ryche stones & the myghtye greate stones of ten cubytes and of eyght.
11 And aboue were ryche stones hewed according to the same syse, and also with Cedar.
12 And the great court round about was wyth thre rowes of hewed stone and one row of Cedar planckes. And lykewyse was it in the ynner courte of the house of the Lorde and of the porche of the temple.
13 And kyng Salomon sent & fet one Hiram out of Tyre,
14 a wedowes sonne of the trybe of Nephtalim, hys father beyng of Tyre. Which Hyram was a craftes man in brasse, & full of wysedome, vnderstandynge & connyng to worcke all maner of worcke in brasse. And he came to kyng Salomon and wrought all hys worcke.
15 He caste two pyllers of brasse of .xviii. cubytes a pece hye and a strynge of .xij. cubytes myght compase eyther of them aboute.
16 And he made two head peces of molten brasse to set on the toppes of the pyllers, of fyue cubytes long
17 a pece wyth garlandes of brayded worcke and whopes of chayne worcke for the heade peces that were on the pillers .vij. for one and .vij. for the other.
18 And he made the pyllers, & for eyther of the head peces a garland wyth two rowes of pomegranetes to couer them wyth al.
19 And the head peces that were on the toppes of the pyllers were wrought wyth lylyes in the porche the space of foure cubytes of them.
20 And the pomegranetes aboue & beneth on the wrethen chaynes that compased the mydle of the head peces were in nombre two hundred on eyther heade pece.
21 And he set vp the pyllers in the porche of the temple, and when he had set vp the right pyller, he called the name therof Iachin, & when he had set vp the left pyller he called the name therof Boaz.
22 And the toppes of the pyllers were thus wroughte wyth lylyes, and so was theyr worckemanshyp fynyshed.
23 Then he caste a sea of brasse, ten cubytes wyde from brym to brym and rounde in compase, & fyue cubytes hye. And a strynge of .xxx. cubytes myghte compase it aboute,
24 & vnder the brym of it as it were apples compased and embrased the sea of ten cubytes wyde in two rowes cast wyth it when it waste cast.
25 And it stode on twelue oxen: of which thre loked North, thre West, thre South, & thre East & the sea on hye vpon them, and all theyr hynder partes were inwarde.
26 And it was an hand breadeth thycke, and the brym wroughte lyke the brym of a cup with floures of lylyes. And it contayned two thousande Bathes.
27 And he made ten botomes of brasse, foure cubytes long & foure cubytes broade a pece, & thre hye.
28 And the workes of the botomes was on this maner that the sydes were as it were flat bordes betwene the ledges.
29 And on the flat bordes betwene the ledges were lyons, oxen & Cherubes. And vpon the ledges that were aboue & beneth the lyons and oxen, was ioyned pendant worcke.
30 And euery bottom had foure brasen wheles, whose axel trees were also of brasse. And in the .iiij. corners were vndersetters vnder the lauatorye caste eche ouer agaynst hys felowe.
31 And the stalcke of the lauatorye was in the myddle of the bottome one cubyte hye, & a cubyte & an halfe round, & it had knoppes there on in the bare places which were four square not rounde.
32 And vnder the sydes were foure whelles and theyr axeltrees ioyned fast to the bottome. And the heyght of euery whele was a cubyte and an halfe.
33 And the wortkemanshyp of the wheles was lyke the worcke of a charet whele. And the axeltrees, the nauelles, spokes and shaftes were al moulten.
34 And the foure vndersetters in the foure corners were of the verye bottomes.
35 And vnder the stalcke of the lauatorye in the myddes of the bottome was there a rounde fote of halfe a cubyte hye.
36 And thereon plaine places and ledges of the selfe. And he graued in the playne and also on the ledges, Cherubes, lyons, and paulmetrees, euery were round aboute.
37 And on thys maner he made şe ten bottoms cast worcke: all of one measure and one syse.
38 Then he made ten lauers of brasse contaynynge fourtye Bathes a pece, and they were of foure cubytes a pece, for euerye one of the bottomes a lauer.
39 And he put fiue of those bottomes on the ryght corner of the temple, and other fyue on the lefte: And put the sea on the ryght corner of the temple Eastewarde & towarde the South.
40 And Hiram made pottes, shouelles and basons, and so fynyshed all the worcke that he made kynge Salomon for the house of the Lorde:
41 that is to saye, two pyllers & two skalpes of the heades that were on the toppes of şe two pyllers,
42 and foure hundred pomegranetes vpon two wrethes, two rowes on eyther wrethe, to couer the two skalpes of the heades that were on the toppes of the two pyllers:
43 And the ten bottomes of brasse wyth ten lauers vpon them: & a sea
44 with twelue oxen vnder it:
45 & pottes, shouels & basens. And al these vesselles whiche Hiram made to kyng Salomon for the house of the Lorde were of bright brasse.
46 And in the playne of Iordan dyd the kynge cast them; euen in the claye of the earth betwene Socoh and Zarthan.
47 And Salomon left all the vesselles vnwayed, for the excedinge abundaunce of brasse that was in them.
48 And Salomon made all the vesselles that pertayned vnto the house of the Lord: the aultare of goulde, and the table of goulde wheron the shewe bread was put:
49 And fyue candelstickes, for the ryghte syde, and as manye for the left, before the quere, of pure goulde: wyth floures,
50 lampes, and snoffers of goulde: and Bolles, Psalteries, basons, spones and fyre pannes of pure goulde: and hynges of gould bothe for the dores of the quere, the place most holye, and for the dores of the temple also.
51 And so was ended all the worcke şt kynge Salomon made for the house of the Lorde. And then Salomon brought in the thynges which Dauid hys father had dedicated in siluer, goulde and other vesselles, & put them to the treasure of the house of the Lorde.




1 Then Salomon gathered the elders of Israel, all the heades of the trybes and auncyent Lordes of the chyldren of Israel, vnto him to Ierusalem, to bryng vp the arcke of the appoyntment of the Lord out of the cytye of Dauid which is Syon.
2 And al the men of Israel assembled vnto kynge Salomon to the feast that falleth in the moneth Ethanim which is the seuenth moneth.
3 And when al the elders of Israel were come, the priestes toke vp the Arcke of the Lorde,
4 and brought it, & also the tabernacle of witnesse & all the holye vesselles that were therein. And the priestes & the Leuites brought them vp.
5 And kynge Salomon and all the congregacyon of Israell that were assembled, and were wyth hym before the arcke, dyd offer shepe & oxen that coulde not be tolde nor nombred for multitude.
6 And so the priestes brought the arcke of the apoyntment of the Lorde vnto hys place: euen into the quere of the temple, and place moste holy, vnder the wynges of şe Cherubes.
7 For şe Cherubes stretched oute theyr wynges ouer the arcke, and couered bothe it and also the staues therof a hye vpon it.
8 How be it the staues were so longe that the endes of them appered oute of the holy place before the quere, but were not sene wythoute. And there they be vnto thys dayes.
9 And there was nothynge in the arcke saue the two tables of stone whiche Moyses put there at Horeb, when the Lorde made an appoyntment wyth the chyldren of Israel after they were come oute of Egypte.
10 And when the priestes were come oute of the holye place, then a cloude fylled the house of the Lorde,
11 that the priestes coulde not endure to mynyster because of the cloud, for the glorye of the Lorde had filled the house of the Lorde.
12 Then spake Salomon: the Lorde sayd, that he wolde dwell in darckenesse.
13 I haue built the an house to dwell in, & an habytacion for şe to abyde in for euer.
14 And the king turned hys face, and blessed all the congregacyon of Israel, all the congregacyon standyng.
15 And he sayde. Blessed be the Lorde God of Israel, which hath fulfylled wyth hys hande, that he spake wyth hys mouthe vnto Dauid my father sayinge:
16 from the daye I brought my people Israel out of Egypte, I chose no cytye among any of the trybes of Israel, to buylde an house, that my name myght be there: But I haue chosen Dauid to be ruler ouer my people Israel.
17 And it was in the herte of Dauid my father, to buylde an house for the name of the Lorde God of Israel.
18 But the Lorde GOD sayde vnto Dauid my father: in that it was in thyne herte to buylde an house for my name, thou dyddest well, that thou wast so mynded.
19 Neuerthelesse thou shalt not buylde the house, but thy sonne that shal come out of thy loynes he shal buylde an house for my name.
20 And the Lorde hath made good hys worde şt he spake. For I stode vp in the roume of Dauid my father, and sate on the seate of Israel, as the Lorde promysed, & haue buylt an house for the name of the Lorde God of Israel.
21 And I haue prepared therein a place for the arcke wherein the couenaunt of the Lorde is, which he made with our father, after he had brought them out of the lande of Egypte.
22 And Salomon stode before the aultare of the Lorde in şe syght of all the congregacyon of Israel, and stretched oute hys handes to heauen
23 & sayde: Lorde God of Israel, there is no God lyke şe in heauen aboue or in the earthe benethe, that kepest appoyntment & mercye wyth thy seruauntes that walcke before the wyth all theyr hertes:
24 which also hast kepte wyth thy seruauntes Dauid my father, that thou promysedeste hym. Thou spakest wyth thy mouthe & haste fulfylled with thyne hande, as it is come to passe thys daye.
25 And now Lorde God of Israel, kepe wyth thy seruaunte Dauid my father, that thou promysedest hym saying: thou shalt not be wythoute one or other before me, syttyng on the seat of Israel: How be it yf thy chyldren shall take hede to theyr wayes that they walcke before me, as thou haste walked before me.
26 Now then O Lord God of Israel, let thy worde be stable whiche thou spakeste vnto thy seruaunt Dauid my father.
27 But in deade can God dwell on şe earthe? Beholde neyther heauen, nor heauen aboue all heauens are able to contayne the: howe muche lesse then thys house that I haue built?
28 but loke to the prayer of thy seruaunt and his supplicacyon O Lorde my God, to geue an eare vnto the noyce and prayer which thy seruaunt prayeth before the thys daye,
29 that thine eyes maye be open vpon thys house nyght & daye, & vpon the place, of whiche thou haste sayde, my name shalbe there: that thou herken vnto the prayer which thy seruaunt shal pray in thys place.
30 And herken vnto the supplicacyon of thy seruaunte and of thy people Israel whiche they shall praye in thys place. And heare thou vp vnto heauen thy dwellynge place, and when thou heareste, haue mercye.
31 And yf any man trespace agaynst hys neyghboure, and hys neyghboure take an adiuracyon to adiure hym with all, and the adiuarcyon come before thyne aultare at thys house,
32 then herken thou vp to heauen, & worke and iudge thy seruauntes, that thou condempne şe wicked to brynge hys waye vpon hys heade, & iustifye the ryghteous to geue hym accordynge to hys ryghteousnesse.
33 When thy people Israel be put to the worsse before theyr enemyes, because they haue synned agaynste the & afterwarde turne agayne to the, & prayse thy name, & praye, and make supplicacion vnto the in thys house:
34 then heare thou vp to heauen, and be mercyfull vnto the synne of thy people Israel, and brynge them agayne vnto the lande whiche thou gauest vnto theyr fathers.
35 Yf heauen be shut vp, that there be no rayne, because they haue synned against the: yet yf they praye in thys place, and prayse thy name, and turne from theyr synnes, thorowe thy skourgynge of them:
36 then heare thou vp to heauen, and be mercyfull vnto the synne of thy seruauntes & of thy people Israel, şt thou shewe them a good waye to walke in, & geue raygne vpon thy lande that thou haste geuen vnto thy people to enheret.
37 If there chaunce death in the lande, pestylence, blastynge, or wytheryng of corne, or şt the frutes be deuoured of Grashoppers or Caterpyllers, or yf theyr enemyes besege them in the lande & in theyr owne cytyes, or whatsoeuer plage or sycknesse chaunce:
38 then heare thou vp to heauen thy dwelling place, all the prayers and supplicacyons that shalbe made of all men thorowout all thy people Israel, which shal knoweledge euery man the plage of hys owne herte, and stretche forth hys handes vnto thys house,
39 and be mercyfull, and worcke, and geue euery man according to his wayes (euen as thou onelye knowest euerye mannes herte, for thou knowest the hertes of all the children of Adam)
40 that they may feare the as long as they liue vpon the earth which thou gauest vnto theyr fathers.
41 And likewise yf a straunger that is not of thy people Israel come oute of a farre countreye for thy names sake
42 (for they shal heare of thy great name and of thy myghtye hande and stretched out Arme) and therfore yf he come & praye at thys place,
43 heare thou vp to heauen thy dwellyng place, and do accordynge to all that the straunger calleth to the for, that all nacyons of the erth maye knowe thy name, to feare the as do thy people Israel, and that it maye be knowen that this house which I haue buylt is called after thy name.
44 And when they go out to battell agaynst their enemyes whether soeuer thou shalt send them, & shall praye vnto the Lorde towarde the cytie which thou hast chosen and towarde the house that I haue buylt for thy name:
45 heare thou their prayers and supplicacions, vp to heauen, and iudge their cause.
46 And finally when they shall haue synned agaynst the (for there is no man that synneth not) & thou art angrye with them and hast delyuered them to their enemyes, that they be caryed awaye prysoners vnto the land of theyr enemyes, whether ferre or neare,
47 yet yf they turne agayne vnto their hertes in the lande where they be in captiuite, and returne and praye vnto the in the lande of them that holde them captiue, sayinge: we haue synned & haue done wyckedlye & haue trespaced,
48 & so turne agayne vnto the with all their hertes and all their soules in the land of their enemyes which holde them captyue, and praye vnto the, towarde the land which thou gauest vnto their fathers, & towarde the cytie which thou hast chosen, and house which I haue buylt for thy name:
49 then heare thou their prayer & supplicacion vp to heauen thy dwellyng place, & iudge their causes,
50 and be mercyfull vnto thy people that haue synned agaynst the, and vnto all their trespace that they haue trespaced agaynst the, and get the fauoure in the syght of them that hold them captyue that they may haue compassyon on them.
51 For they be thy people and thyne enherytaunce whiche thou broughtest oute of Egypte, from the fornace of yron.
52 And let thyne eyes be open vnto the prayer of thy seruaunte, & vnto the prayer of thy people Israel, to herken vnto them, in all that they call vnto the for.
53 For thou dyddeste separat them, to be thyne enheritaunce, aboue all the nacyons of the earthe, as thou saydeste by the hande of Moses thy seruaunte, when thou broughtest oure fathers oute of Egypte O Lorde Iehouah.
54 And when Salomon had made an ende of prayinge all thys prayer & supplicacyon vnto the Lorde, he arose from before the aultare of the Lorde, & from knelyng on hys knees, and stretchynge of hys handes vp to heauen
55 and stode, & blessed all the congregacion of Israel wyth a loud voyce, saying:
56 Blessed be şe Lord that hath geuen reste vnto hys people Israel according to all that he promysed, so şt there is not one worde escaped of all the good promyses which he promysed by the hand of Moses hys seruaunte.
57 And the Lorde oure God be wyth vs, as he was wyth our fathers, and forsake vs not
58 neyther leue vs, but that he bowe oure hertes vnto him, to walcke in all hys wayes, and to kepe hys commaundementes, ordinaunces and customes whiche he commaunded oure fathers.
59 And these my wordes which I haue prayed before the Lorde, be nye vnto the Lorde oure God daye and nyghte, şt he defende the cause of hys seruaunte and of hys people Israel euermore,
60 that all nacyons of the earth maye knowe that the Lorde, he is God and none but he.
61 And I praye God that youre hertes maye be sounde wyth the Lorde oure God, to walke in hys ordinaunces and to kepe hys lawes as we do thys daye.
62 And the kyng and al Israel wyth him, offered offerynges before the Lorde.
63 And the peace offerynges that Salomon offered vnto the Lorde, were .xxij. thousand oxen & an hundred and twentye thousande shepe. And so the kynge and al the chyldren of Israel dedicated the house of the Lorde.
64 And the same daye the kynge halowed the mydle of the courte that is before the house of the Lord: for there he offered burntofferynges & meateofferynges, & the fat of the peaceofferynges, because the brasen aultare that was before the Lord, was to lytle to receyue the burntofferynges & meate offerynges, and the fat of the peaceofferynges.
65 And Salomon helde that same tyme an hye feast & all Israell wyth hym, a myghtye congregacyon, euen from the coastes of Hemath vnto the ryuer of Egypte, before the Lorde oure God, seuen dayes & yet seuen dayes, that is .xiiij. dayes.
66 And the .viij. daye he sente the people awaye. And they blessed the kynge and went vnto theyr tentes ioyouse & glad in herte for all the goodnesse that şe Lord had shewed vnto Dauid hys seruaunt and to Israell hys people.




1 And when Salomon had fynyshed the buyldynge of the house of the Lorde, and of the kynges palace, and of all that hys desyre & luste was to make:
2 the Lord appered vnto him agayne, as he appered to him at Gabaon.
3 And the Lorde sayde vnto hym: I haue hearde thy prayer and intercessyon that thou madest before me, & haue halowed thys house which thou hast buylt, to put my name there for euer, and myne eyes and myne herte shalbe there perpetuallye.
4 And yf thou wylte walcke before me, as Dauid thy father walcked, in purenesse of herte & playnesse, to do all that I haue commaunded the, and shalt kepe myne ordynaunces & customes:
5 then I wil stablyshe the seate of thy kyngdome vpon Israell for euer, as I promysed to Dauid thy father, sayinge: Thou shalt not be wythoute one or other vp on the seate of Israell.
6 But and yf ye and youre chyldren shall turne away from after me, and shall not kepe myne ordynaunces whiche I haue set before you, but shall go, & serue other Goddes and bowe youre selues vnto them:
7 then I wyll weede Israel oute of the lande whiche I haue geuen them. And this house which I haue halowed for my name, I wyll put out of my syghte, And Israell shall be a prouerbe and a fable vnto all nacyons.
8 And hys house which is so hye, al that passeth by it, shalbe astonyed, & shall hysse, & saye: why hath the Lord dealt on hys maner with this land & wyth thys house?
9 And it shalbe aunswered them, because they forsoke the Lord theyr God which broughte theyr fathers out of the lande of Egipt, & haue taken holde vpon other Goddes and haue stouped vnto hym, & serued them: therfore hath the Lord brought vpon them al thys euil.
10 Then at the ende of twentye yeares in which Salomon had buylte the two houses, şt is to wete, the house of the Lorde & the kinges pallayce:
11 because Hyram the kynge of Tyre had supported hym with Cedar, fyre & gould, as much as he desyred: therfore Salomon gaue Hiram .xx. cytyes in the lande of Galyle.
12 And when Hiram was come from Tyre to se şe cytyes which Salomon had geuen him, they pleased hym not.
13 Wherfore he sayd: what cytyes are these whiche thou hast geuen me, my brother? and he called them the land of Cabul vnto thys daye.
14 This Hiram had sent şe kyng .vi. skore hundred wayght of gould.
15 And thys is the summe of the trybute, whiche kyng Salomon raysed, to buylde the house of the lord and hys owne house, and Melo and şe walles of Ierusalem and Hezer, and Magedo, and Gazer.
16 For Pharao kyng of Egypt went vp and toke Gazer, and burnte it wyth fyre, and slue the Cananites that dwelt in the cytye, & gaue it for a presente vnto hys doughter that was Salomons wyfe.
17 And Salomon buylte Gazer and Beth Horon the nether:
18 and Baalath & Thamar in the wyldernesse that is in şe lande:
19 and all the store cities that Salomon had, & cyties for hys charettes, & cytyes for his horsemen & all that hys luste was to buylde in Ierusalem and Lybanon, and in all the lande of hys Kyngdome.
20 And all the people that were lefte of the Amorites, Hethites, Pheresites, Heuytes and Iebusites, whiche were not of the chyldren of Israel,
21 the chyldren of the sayde nacyons that were lefte in the lande, because the chyldren of Israel were not able to destroy them, dyd Salomon make trybutaryes vnto thys day.
22 And of the chyldren of Israel dyd Salomon make no bond men. But they were men of warre & hys seruauntes, and hys lordes and Captaynes and rulars of hys charettes and of hys horsemen.
23 And these manye lordes that ouersawe the worcke had Salomon, fyue hundred and fyfty, which ruled the people şt wrought in the worcke.
24 And Pharaos doughter came vp oute of the cytye of Dauid vnto the house which Salomon had buylt for her. And after that he buylt Melo.
25 And thryse a yeare dyd Salomon offer burntofferynges & peaceofferinges vpon the aultare which he had buylt vnto şe Lorde, to burne the fat thereon: whiche aultare is before the Lord. And when kyng Salomon had made the house perfecte,
26 he made shyppes in Azion Gaber which is besyde Eloth, on the bryncke of the read sea, in the lande of Edom.
27 And Hiram sent by shyppe also of hys seruauntes, that were shypmen and expert in the sea, wyth the seruauntes of Salomon.
28 And they went to Ophir, & fet from thence gould, to the summe of .iiij. hundred and .xxij. talentes, and brought it to Salomon.




1 And the quene of Saba hearde of the wysdome of Salomon concernyng the name of the Lord, and came to proue hym wyth rydelles.
2 And she came to Ierusalem wyth a myghtye great multitude of Camels that bare swete odoures and goulde exceding much, & precious stones. And when she was come to Salomon, she communed wyth hym of all that was in her hert.
3 And Salomon expounded her all her questions, that there was not one thynge hyd from the kynge which he expounded her not.
4 And when the quene of Saba had sene all Salomons wysdome, & the house that he had buylt,
5 & the meate of hys table, & the syttynge of hys seruauntes, and the standynge of hys seruytours & their apparell, & his buttelers, & hys sacrifyce that he offered in the house of şe Lord, she was astonyed.
6 Then she said to the kynge: the worde I hearde in myne owne land of thy dedes and wysdome, is true.
7 How be it I beleued it not, tyll I came and sawe it wyth myne eyes. And se, the one halfe was not told me: for thy wysdome and goodnesse exceadeth the fame which I hearde.
8 Happy are thy men: and happye are these thy seruauntes, whiche stande euer before the, and heare thy wysdom.
9 And blessed be the Lorde thy God which had a luste to the, to set the on the seate of Israell, because the Lorde loued Israel for euer, and therfore made the kynge, to do equite & ryghtuousnesse.
10 And she gaue the kynge an hundred and .xx. talentes of gould, and of swete odours excedinge moche, & precyouse stones There came neuer after such aboundaunce of swete odours as the quene of Saba gaue to kyng Salomon.
11 And therto the shyppes of Hiram that brought goulde from Ophir, broughte from Ophir great plentye of Almuge tre & precyouse stones.
12 And kynge Salomon made of şe Almuge trees pyllers in the house of şe Lord & in the kynges palace, & made harpes & Psalteryes for syngers There came no more Almuge tre so, nor was any more sene vnto this daye.
13 And kyng Salomon gaue vnto şe Quene of Saba al her desyre that she asked of him besydes that he gave her with hys owne hand. And so she returned vnto her owne countrey wyth her seruauntes.
14 The weyght of gould that came to Salomon in one yeare, was .vi. hundred thre skore and .vi. talentes of gould,
15 besydes that he had of chapmen and of merchauntes of Potycaries, and of all the kynges of Arabie and of the Lordes of the countreye.
16 And kyng Salomon made two hundred boukelers of beaten goulde .vi. hundred sicles of goulde went to a boukeler.
17 And he made thre hundred shyldes of beaten goulde, thre pounde of gould going to a pece, & put them in the house of the wood of Lybanon.
18 And the kynge made a great seat of Iuorye and couered it wyth precious golde.
19 And the seate had sixe steppes. And the toppe of şe seat was rounde behynde hys backe with pomelles on eyther syde on the place where he satte, and two Lyons standing besyde şe pomelles.
20 And there stode .xij. Lyons on the steppes .vi. on a syde. There was none lyke sene in anye kingdome.
21 And all kynge Salomons drynckynge vesselles were of goulde, and all the vesselles of the house of the woode of Lybanon were of pure gould. And as for syluer it was nothynge worth in the dayes of Salomon.
22 For the sea shyppes whiche the kynge had in the sea, wyth the shippes of Hiram, came everye thyrde yeare laden wyth goulde, syluer, Iuory, apes and pecockes.
23 And so kynge Salomon exceaded all the kynges of şe earthe in rychesse and wysdome.
24 And all the worlde resorted to Salomon, to heare his wysdome, which God had put in hys herte.
25 And brought hym euery man hys present vesselles of syluer and goulde, and of rayment, harnesse, swete odoures, horsses and Mules, yeare by yeare.
26 And Salomon gathered together charettes and horsemen: so that he had a thousande, and .iiij. hundred charettes, and .xij. thousand horsmen, whiche he bestowed in the charet cytyes and wyth the kynge at Ierusalem.
27 And the kynge made syluer in Ierusalem as plenteous as stones, and Cedar as plenteous as the mulbery trees that growe in the valeys.
28 And Salomons horsses came oute of Egypte from Keua: The marchauntes fet them from Keua at a pryce.
29 A charet came oute of Egypt for .vi. hundred sicles of syluer, and an horsse for an hundred and fyftye. And euen so by the handes of the sayde marchauntes, horsses were brought out for all the kynges of the Hethytes and for the kynges of Syrya.




1 Bvt kynge Salomon loued manye outlandysh wemen: the doughter of Pharao: and of the Moabytes, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonytes and Hethites,
2 even of nacyons of whiche the Lorde sayde vnto the chyldren of Israell, se ye come not at them, nor let them come to you: for surely they wyll turne youre hertes after theyr Goddes. Neuerthelesse to such Salomon claue and fell in loue with them.
3 And he had seuen hundred very Quenes and thre hundred concubynes whiche turned away his hert.
4 For when Salomon was olde, hys wyues turned hys herte after other Goddes: so şt hys herte was not perfecte wyth the Lorde hys God, as was the herte of Dauid hys father.
5 And Salomon folowed Astaroth the God of the Zidons, & Milcom the abhominacyon of the Ammonytes.
6 And Salomon wrought wickednesse in the syght of the Lorde, & continued not after the Lorde as dyd Dauid his father.
7 After that Salomon buylt an aulter for Chamos the abhomynacyon of the Moabytes in the hyll that standeth before Ierusalem, & vnto Moloch the abhomynacyon of the chyldren of Ammon.
8 And lykewyse dyd he for all hys outlandyshe wyues which burnte cense, and offered vnto theyr Goddes.
9 Then was the Lorde angrye wyth Salomon because hys hert turned from the Lord God of Israel which appered vnto him twyse,
10 & gaue him a charge of this thinge that he shulde not folowe other Goddes. But he kept not that which the Lord commaunded hym:
11 wherevpon the Lord said to Salomon: for as muche as thys is done of the, and thou haste not kepte myne appoyntement & myne ordinaunces which I haue commaunded the, therfore I wyll rent the kyngedome from the, & wil geue it to thy seruaunt.
12 Not wythstandynge in thy dayes I wyll not do it, because of Dauid thy father: but wyl take it from thy sonne.
13 How be it I wyll not take awaye all: But wyll geue one trybe to thy sonne, because of Dauid my seruaunt and because of Ierusalem which I haue chosen.
14 And the Lord stered vp an aduersary vnto Salomon, one Hadad an Edomyte and of the kinges lignage of Edom.
15 For when Dauid was in Edom, & Ioab the captayne of the hoste was gone vp to burye them that were slayne: and had slayne all the men children in Edom.
16 For .vi. monethes dyd Ioab remayne there & al Israel, tyll he had destroyed all the men children in Edom.
17 And this Hadad fled and certen other Edomites of his fathers seruauntes with him, to go to Egypt Hadad beyng yet a lytle lad.
18 And they arose oute of Madyan and went to Pharan, and toke men wyth them out of Pharan, and came to Egypte vnto Pharao kyng thereof, whiche gave hym an house, & appointed hym vytayles. and gaue hym landes.
19 And Hadad had great fauoure in the syght of Pharao, so that he gaue hym to wyfe the syster of hys owne lyfe, the syster of Thahaphnes the Quene.
20 And the syster of Taphahnes bare hym Senubath hys sonne. And Thahaphnes wened hym in Pharaos house. And he was in Pharaos house amonge the sonnes of Pharao.
21 And when Hadad hearde saye in Egypt that Dauid was layde to slepe with hys fathers, and that Ioab the captayne of the host was dead also, he sayd to Pharao: let me departe, that I may go to myne owne countrey.
22 Then sayd Pharao vnto him: what lackest thou here wyth me, that thou woldeste go to thyne owne countreye? And he sayde, nothyng: how be it let me go.
23 And God stered vp another aduersarye, one Razon the sonne of Eliada, whiche fled from Hadadezer king of Zobah hys mayster.
24 Which Razon gathered men vnto hym, & be came captayne ouer the companye, when Dauid slue them. And they went to Damasco, and dwelt therein, & raygned in Damasco.
25 And he was an aduersary to Israel all the dayes of Salomon, with the euyll that Hadad dyd, which abhorred Israel and raygned in Syrya.
26 And Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat an Ephrathite of Zaredah (whose mother was called Zeruah & was a wydowe & he Salomons seruaunt) lyfte vp hys hand agaynst the kynge.
27 And hereof came it, that he lyft vp hys hande agaynste the kyng. Salomon built Melo and mended broken places in the cytye of Dauid hys father.
28 And thys felowe Ieroboam was an actyue man. And when Salomon sawe the younge man, that he wroughte so lustelye in the worke, he made hym ruler ouer all the charges of the house of Ioseph.
29 And it chaunged at that ceason, as Ieroboam was gone oute of Ierusalem, that the Prophet Ahiah the Sylonite met hym by the way hauyng a newe mantell on hym, and they two alone in the felde.
30 And Ahiah caught the newe mantell that was on hym, & rent it in twelue peces,
31 and sayde to Ieroboam: take şe ten peces. For thys sayth the Lord God of Israel: beholde, I wyll rent the kyngedome out of the handes of Salomon, and will geue ten trybes to the,
32 and he shall haue one, for my seruaunt Dauids sake and for Ierusalem the cytye whiche I haue chosen out of al the trybes of Israel:
33 because they haue forsaken me, and haue bowed them selues vnto Astaroth the God of the Zydons, and to Camos the God of the Moabytes, and to Milcom şe god of the chyldren of Ammon, and haue not walked in my wayes, to do that pleaseth me, and myne ordynaunces and customes, as dyd Dauid hys father.
34 Howe be it I wyll take none of the kyngedome out of hys hand: but wyll make him cheaffe al his lyfe long, for Dauid my seruauntes sake, which I chose: because he kept my commaundementes and ordinaunces.
35 But I wyl take the kyngedome out of his sonnes hande and wyl geue unto the ten trybes of it:
36 & wyll geue hys sonne one, that Dauid my seruaunte maye haue a lyght alwaye before me in Ierusalem, the cytye whiche I haue chosen me, to put my name there.
37 And I wyll take the, and thou shalt raygne vpon all that thy soule desyreth, and shalt be king ouer Israel.
38 And yf thou shalte herken vnto al that I commaunde the, & shalte walke in my wayes, & do that is ryght in my sight, that thou kepe myne ordynaunces & commaundementes as Dauid my seruaunt dyd: then wil I be with the & buyld the an house şt shal continue, as I buylt for my seruaunt Dauid, & wil geue Israel vnto the.
39 And therwith wil I vexe the seede of Dauid, but not for euer.
40 And Salomon sought to kyll Ieroboam, wherfore Ieroboam arose & fleed into Egypt vnto Sesak kynge of Egypte & contynued there vntil the death of Salomon.
41 And the rest of the actes of Salomon & all that he dyd, and hys wysdome are writen in the boke of the actes of Salomon.
42 And the tyme that Salomon raygned in Ierusalem vpon all Israel, was fourtye yeare.
43 And then he laid him to rest with hys fathers, and was buryed in şe cytye of Dauid hys father, and Rehoboam hys sonne raygned in hys steade.




1 And Rehoboam went to Sichem for all Israel were come to Sichem to make hym kynge.
2 And when Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat hearde of it beyng yet in Egypte: for he fleed to Egypte for feare of Salomon, and dwelt in Egypte.
3 And they sent & called hym: and so Ieroboam & all the congregacyon of Israel came and spake vnto Rehoboam, sayinge:
4 thy father made oure youcke greuouse, but nowe make thou the greuouse seruyce of thy father & hys sore youcke which he put vpon vs, lyghter; and so we wyl serue the.
5 And he sayde vnto them: departe yet for şe space of thre dayes, and then come agayne to me. And the people departed.
6 And kynge Rehoboam toke councell wyth the olde men that stode before Salomon hys father whyle he yet lyued, & sayd: what councell geue ye to aunswere thys people with al?
7 And they sayd vnto hym: If thou shalt be a seruaunt vnto this people this daye and serue them, & answere them, & speake kynd wordes to them: they wyll be thy seruauntes for euer.
8 But he lefte the councell that the olde men had geuen hym, & counceled with the young men şt were nourished vp with him, & had waited on him.
9 And he sayd vnto them: what councel geue ye, to aunswere this people with all whiche haue communed wyth me, sayinge: make the youcke whiche thy father dyd put vpon vs, lighter?
10 And the young men that were brought vp wyth hym, aunswered hym, sayinge: thys people that haue sayde vnto the: thy father made our youcke heuye, make thou it vs lighter: thus aunswere them. My lytle fynger shalbe wayghtyer then my fathers loynes.
11 And nowe where my father put a greuouse youcke vpon you, I wyll make it heauyer. For where my father corrected you wt scourges, I wil chastyse you wt scorpions.
12 And when Ieroboam and all the people were come to Rehoboam the thyrde daye, as the kynge annoynted them, saying: come to me agayn this daye thre dayes:
13 the kynge aunswered the people churlyshlye, and lefte the aduise that olde men gaue hym:
14 and spake to them after the councell of the younge men, sayinge. My father made youre youcke greuouse, but I wyl make it greuouser. For where my father chastysed you with whyppes, I wyll chastyse you with scorpyons.
15 And so the kynge herkened not vnto the people: for the turnynge awaye was of the Lorde, to performe hys sayinge, which the Lorde sayde by Ahiah the Silonite vnto Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat.
16 And when all Israel sawe that the kynge regarded them not, the people aunswered the kynge agayne sayinge: we haue no parte in Dauid, nor enheritaunce in the sonne of Isai. To youre tentes therfor Israel, & nowe se to thyne owne house Dauid. And so Israell departed vnto theyr tentes.
17 How be it ouer the chyldren of Israel which dwelt in the cytye of Iuda, dyd Rehoboam raygne stil.
18 Then king Rehoboam sente Aduram the receyuer of the trybute. And all Israel stoned him to deathe with stones. But kyng Rehoboam made spede & gat him vp to hys charet, & fleed to Ierusalem.
19 And so Israel departed from the house of Dauid vnto thys daye.
20 And when all Israell hearde that Ieroboam was come agayn, they sent & called hym vnto the congregacyon and made him kyng ouer Israel: so there folowed the house of Dauid, but the trybe of Iuda only.
21 And when Rehoboam was come to Ierusalem, he gathered all the house of Iuda & the trybe of Beniamin an hundred and foure skore thousandes of chosen men and good warryours, to fyghte agaynst the house of Israel and to brynge the kyngdome agayne to Rehoboam the sonne of Salomon.
22 Then came the worde of the Lorde vnto Semeiah the man of God sayinge:
23 speake vnto Rehoboam the sonne of Salomon kynge of Iuda, and vnto all the house of Iuda and Beniamin, and the remnaunt of the people & saye.
24 Thus sayth the Lorde: go not nor yet fyght agaynste youre brethren the chyldren of Israel, but returne euery man to his house, for thys doynge is of the Lorde. And they obeyed the worde of the Lorde, and returned & departed accordynge to the word of the Lord.
25 Then Ieroboam buylte Sichem in mounte Ephraim, and dwelt therin. And went from thence and buylt Phanuel.
26 And Ieroboam thought in hys hert: now myght the kyngdome returne to the house of Dauid agayne.
27 For yf thys people shall go vp, & do sacryfyce in the house of the Lord at Ierusalem, then shall theyr hertes turne againe vnto theyr Lorde Rehoboam kynge of Iuda. And so shall they kyll me, and go agayne to Rehoboam kyng of Iuda.
28 Whervpon the kynge toke councell, and made two calues of golde and sayde vnto the people: ye shall not neade to go any more to Ierusalem. Beholde youre Goddes Israel which brought you out of the lande of Egypte.
29 And he put the one in Bethel, and the other in Dan.
30 And that doynge, was a cause of synne. And the people went before the one as farre as Dan.
31 And he made houses of hyllaulters, and made of the lowest of the people priestes whiche were not of the sonnes of Leui.
32 And Ieroboam made a feast the .xv. daye of the .viij. moneth like vnto the feast that was in Iuda, and offered on the aultare. And so dyd he in Bethell, to offer vnto the calues that he had made. And he put in Bethel the pryestes of the hyll aultares whiche he had made.
33 And he offered vpon the aulter whiche he had made in Bethell, the .xv. daye of the .viij. moneth, which he had ymagined of hys owne hert: and made a solempne feaste vnto the chyldren of Israel, and wente vp to the aultare to burne sacrifyce.




1 And beholde, there came a man of God out of Iuda with şe worde of God, to Bethel, as Ieroboam stode by the aulter to offer,
2 and cryed agaynst the aultare at the commaundement of the Lorde, and sayde: aultare, aultare, thus sayth the Lorde. Beholde a chylde shall be borne of the house of Dauid, Iosiah by name, which vpon the shall offer şe pryestes of the hyllaultares that sacrifyce vpon the, & shall burne mennes bones vpon the.
3 And he gaue them the same tyme a sygne sayinge: thys is the sygne of that the Lorde hath promysed. Beholde the aultare shal rent and the ashes that are in it, shall fall out.
4 And when the kynge hearde the saying of the man of God which he cryed agaynste the aulter in Bethel, he stretched oute hys hande from the aultare, sayinge: holde hym. And hys hande which he put forth towarde hym, dryed vp, that he coulde not pull it in agayne to hym,
5 and the aulter claue, and the ashes ran out of the aultar accordyng to the token which the man of God had geuen at the commaundemente of the Lorde.
6 And the kyng aunswered and sayd vnto the man of God: Oh pray vnto the Lorde thy God, & make intercession for me, that my hand maye be restored me agayne. And the man of God besought şe Lord and hys hande came to hym agayne as well as before.
7 Then sayd the kyng vnto the man of god: come home wyth me, and refreshe thy selfe, & I wyll geue the a rewarde.
8 But the man of God aunswered the kynge: yf thou woldeste geue me halfe thyne house, I wolde not go wt şe neyther wold I eat meat or dryncke water in thys place.
9 For so was it charged me, thorow the worde of God & sayde to me: eate no bread nor drincke water nor turne agayne by the same waye thou wentest.
10 And so he wente another waye and returned not by the waye he came to Bethel.
11 And there dwelt an olde Prophet in Bethel, whose sonnes came and tolde hym all the workes that the man of god had done that daye in Bethel, and the wordes which he spake vnto the kynge they told their father also.
12 And theyr father sayde to them: what waye went he? for hys sonnes had sene what waye the man of God wente which came from Iuda.
13 Then sayde he to his sonnes: sadle myne asse. And they sadled hym an asse. And he gat hym vp theron,
14 and wente after şe man of God, and founde hym sittynge vnder an Ocke, and sayde vnto hym: arte thou the man of God that camest from Iuda? And he sayde, yea.
15 Then he sayde to hym: come home wyth me, and eate breade.
16 And the other sayd again I maye not returne wyth the, to go with the, neyther maye I eate breade or drynke water with the in thys place.
17 For it was sayd to me by the commaundement of the Lorde, eate no bread nor dryncke water in thys place, nor turne agayne by the waye thou wentest.
18 And the olde Prophet sayde vnto hym: I am a prophet as wel as thou, and an angel spake vnto me with the worde of the Lorde saying: bring hym agayne with the to thyne house, and let hym eate breade and drincke water, & yet lyed vnto hym.
19 And so the other went agayn wyth him & ate bread in his house & drancke water.
20 And as they sate at the table, the worde of the Lorde came vnto the prophete şt brought hym agayne.
21 And he cryed vnto the man of God that came from Iuda, saying: thus sayth the Lorde: because thou hast dysobeyed the mouthe of the Lorde, and haste not kepte the commaundement which the Lorde thy God commaunded the,
22 but camest backe agayne & haste eaten breade, and droncke water in the place in whiche he bade that thou shuldeste eat no bread, nor drincke water: therfor thy carkasse shal not come vnto the sepulchre of thy fathers.
23 And when he had eaten breade & droncke, he sadled an asse for the Prophete whiche he had brought agayne.
24 And as he iorneyed a Lyon met hym by the waye, and slue hym, & his carkasse laye a longe in the waye, & the asse stode therby, & the Lyon stode by the course also.
25 And men that passed by, saw the carkasse caste a longe in the waye, and the lyon standyng therby, & went and tolde it in the toune where the olde Prophet dwelt.
26 And when the Prophete that brought hym backe agayne from the waye, hearde thereof, he sayde: it is the man of God whiche disobeyed şe mouthe of the Lorde. And therfore the Lorde hath deliuered hym vnto the Lyon whiche hath rente hym, and slayne hym, accordyng to the word of the Lorde, whiche he sayde to hym.
27 And he sayde to hys sonne: sadle me an asse: & so they dyd.
28 And he wente and founde the bodye cast alonge in the waye, and the asse and the lyon standynge therbye. And the lyon had not eaten the carkasse nor hurte the asse.
29 And he toke vp the bodye of the man of God, and put it vpon the asse, and brought it agayne, & came to the cytye of the olde Prophete to lament him, and to burye hym.
30 And he layde hys bodye in hys owne graue, and lamented ouer hym, Oh my brother.
31 And when he had buryed hym, he spake to hys sonnes sayinge: when I am dead, se that ye burye me in the sepulchre wherein the man of GOD is buryed and laye my bones by hys.
32 For the sayinge which he cryed at the byddynge of the Lorde agaynste the aultare in Bethell, and agaynste all the houses of hylaultares which are in the cytyes of Samarye, shall come to passe.
33 How be it for all that, Ieroboam turned not from his wicked waye: but turned awaye & made of the lowest of the people priestes of the hyll aultares. Whosoeuer wold, he fylled theyr handes, and they became pryestes of the hylaultares.
34 And thys doynge was synne vnto the house of Ieroboam, euen to destroye it, & to put it away from of the face of the earth.




1 At that tyme Abiah the sonne of Ieroboam fell sicke.
2 And Ieroboam sayde vnto his wyfe: vp a feloweshyppe, & chaunge thyne apparel that thou be not knowen to be the wyfe of Ieroboam, and get the to Siloh. For there is Ahiah the Prophete whiche tolde me that I shulde be kyng ouer this people.
3 And take wyth the ten loues, and cracknelles and a cruse of honye, and go to hym: for he wyll tell the what shall come of şe lad.
4 And Ieroboams wyfe dyd so: she arose and went to Siloh, and came to the house of Ahiah. But Ahiah coulde not se, for hys eyes were waxen dymme for age.
5 And the Lorde sayde vnto Ahiah: beholde, the wyfe of Ieroboam commeth, to questyon wyth the aboute her sonne whiche is sycke. Thys wyse and thys wyse aunswere her. And when she came, she feyned her selfe to be another woman.
6 But when Ahiah hearde the sounde of her fete as she come to the dore, he sayde: come in thou wyfe of Ieroboam, why feynest thou thy selfe to be another? I am sent to the a cruell messenger.
7 Go and tell Ieroboam, thus sayth the Lorde God of Israell: for as muche as I exalted the from amonge the comen people and made the prince ouer my people Israel,
8 and dyd rent the kyngdome awaye from the house of Dauid, and gaue it the: and thou haste not bene as was my seruaunte Dauid, whiche kept my commaundementes and folowed me wyth all hys herte, to do that onlye whiche semeth ryght in myne eyes:
9 but haste done euyll aboue all that were before the, and haste gone and made the other Gods and ymages of metal, to prouoke me, and hast caste me behynde thy backe:
10 therfore beholde I wil bring euyll vpon the house of Ieroboam, and wyll stryke from Ieroboam al that pysseth against the wall, and whatsoeuer is in preson or forsaken in Israel, and wyll take awaye the remnaunt of the house of Ieroboam, as men take awaye a dong hyll, tyll it be consumed.
11 And whosoeuer of Ieroboams house dye in the toune, hym shall the dogges eate, and hym şt dyeth in the felde, shall the foules of the ayre eate: for the Lorde hath sayde it,
12 vp and get the to thyne house, and as sone as thy fote entereth the cytye, the lad shall dye.
13 Howe be it al Israell shall mourne hym, and burye hym, for thys onely of all Ieroboam shall come to the sepulchre, because in hym there is founde goodnesse towarde the Lorde God of Israell in the house of Ieroboam.
14 Moreouer the Lorde shall stere hym vp a kynge ouer Israell whiche shall destroye the house of Ieroboam in that daye. And what is that that is now in hande?
15 And the Lorde shal smyte Israel, as a rede that groweth in the water, is shaken, and wyl wede Israell oute of thys good lande which he gaue to theyr fathers, and wyll skatter them beyounde Euphrates, because they haue made them groues to angre the Lorde.
16 And he wyll geue Israell vp, because of the synne of Ieroboam wherewith he dyd synne and made Israell synne therto.
17 And Ieroboams wyfe arose, and departed, and went to Therzah, & be that she was come to the tresholde of the dore, the lad was dead.
18 And all Israel buryed hym, and lamented hym, accordyng to the worde of the Lorde which he spake by the hande of hys seruaunt Ahiah the Prophete.
19 And the rest of the deades of Ieroboam, how he warred, and howe, he raygned, are wrytten in the boke of the storyes of the kynges of Israell.
20 And the dayes whiche Ieroboam raygned, were .xxij. yeare. And then he rested wyth hys fathers, and Nadab hys sonne raygned in hys steade.
21 And Rehoboam the sonne of Salomon raygned in Iuda, and was .xli. yeare old when he beganne to raygne and raygned .xvij. year in Ierusalem the cytye whiche the Lorde had chosen oute of all the trybes of Israell, to put hys name there. Hys mothers name was Naamah an Ammonyte.
22 And Iuda wroughte wyckednesse in the syght of the Lord, and angred hym aboue all that theyr fathers dyd, wt theyr synne whiche they synned.
23 For they also made them hyll aulters & Images & groues on euerye hye hyl, and vnder euery grene tre.
24 And therto there was a stues of male chyldren in the lande, and they dyd according to all the abhomynacyons of the nacions whiche the Lorde cast out before the chyldren of Israel.
25 And the fyfte yeare of kynge Rehoboam came Sesack kynge of Egypte vp to Ierusalem
26 & toke awaye the treasure of the house of the Lorde, and the treasure of the kynges house & all that was to be had. And he toke away the shyldes of goulde which Salomon made.
27 In whose steade kynge Rehoboam made brasen shyldes, & put them in the kepynge of the captaynes of the garde which wayted at the dore of the kynges house.
28 And as ofte as the kynge wente into the house of the Lorde, they of his garde bare them, & euer brought them againe into the garde chambre.
29 The reste of the Actes of kynge Rehoboam and all he dyd, are wrytten in the boke of the Actes of the kynges of Iuda.
30 And there was warre betwene Rehoboam and Ieroboam al theyr lyues.
31 And Rehoboam layd hym to rest wyth hys fathers, & was buryed with hys fathers in the cyty of Dauid. And hys mothers name was Naamah an Ammonyte. And Abiam hys sonne raygned in hys Rome.




1 The .xviij. yeare of Kyng Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, raigned king Abiam ouer Iuda,
2 and ruled thre yeare in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name was Maacah şe doughter of Abesalom.
3 And he walked in all the synnes of hys father which he dyd before hym, and hys herte was not whole with the Lorde hys God, as the herte of Dauid hys father.
4 Neuerthelesse for Dauids sake dyd şe Lorde hys God geue hym a lyght in Ierusalem, that he set vp hys sonne after hym, to continue Ierusalem.
5 Because that Dauid dyd şt which pleased the Lord, & turned from nothing that he commaunded hym al the dayes of his lyfe, saue onely in the matter of Vrias the Hethite.
6 And there was warre betwene Rehoboam and Ieroboam as longe as he lyued.
7 And the rest of the deades of Abiam and all şt he dyd, are wrytten in the boke of the dedes şt were done in the dayes of the kynges of Iuda. And there was warre betwene Abiam and Ieroboam.
8 And Abiam rested with his fathers, & they buryed him in the cytie of Dauid. And Asa hys sonne raygned in hys steade.
9 The .xx. yeare of Ieroboam kynge of Israel beganne Asa to raigne ouer Iuda,
10 and ruled in Ierusalem .xli. yeare. And his mothers name was Maacah the doughter of Abesalom.
11 And Asa dyd that semed ryght in the eyes of the Lorde, lyke Dauid hys father.
12 And he made the stues of males departe the lande, and put awaye al the Idoles şt his fathers had made.
13 And therto he put doune Maacah hys mother from bearing rule, because she had made an Idole in a groue. And Asa destroyed her Idole and burnt it by the broke Cedron.
14 But he put not doune the hyllaulters. Neuerthelesse Asas herte was whole with the Lorde al hys dayes.
15 And he brought in that hys father had dedicate, and the thynges dedicate vnto şe house of the Lorde, syluer, golde, and Iewelles.
16 And there was warre betwene Asa and Baasa kynge of Israell al their dayes.
17 And Baasa king of Israel went vp against Iuda & buylt Ramah, because that he woulde let none of Asas people kynge of Iuda go in or out.
18 Then Asa toke all the syluer and goulde that was lefte in the treasure of the house of the Lorde, and al the treasure of the kynges house and delyuered it vnto his seruauntes, and sent them to Benhadad the sonne of Tabremon the sonne of Hezion kynge of Siria, that dwelt at Damasco, saying:
19 there is a bounde betwene the and me as was betwene thy father and myne. Therfore I sende the bothe golde and syluer for a gyfte, that thou go, & breake the appointment betwene şe. And Baasa kinge of Israel, that he maye departe from me.
20 And Benhadad herkened vnto kynge Asa, and sent the captaynes of the hostes whiche he had against the cities of Israel and smote Ahian, Dan, Abel called Beth Maacah and all Cerenoth with all the lande of Nephthali.
21 And when Baasa hearde that he lefte buyldinge of Ramah and dwelt in Therzah.
22 Then kyng Asa made a proclamacyon thorowout all Iuda, that none shoulde be excused. And they toke the stones of Ramah, & the tymber wherwyth Baasa had buylt, & kynge Asa buylt therwyth Gabaah in Beniamin and Mazphah.
23 And the remnaunt of al the deades of Asa and of al his myght and of al that he did, and the cities whyche he buylt, are wrytten in the chronicles of the actes done in the daies of the kynges of Iuda. Neuerthelater in hys olde age he was diseased in his fete.
24 And Asa laid him to rest with his fathers, and was buryed with his fathers in the cytye of Dauid his father. And Iehosophat hys sonne raygned in his roume.
25 And Nadab the sonne of Ieroboam beganne to raygne vpon Israel the seconde yeare of Asa kyng of Iuda, and raygned vpon Israel two yeare.
26 And he dyd euyll in the syght of the Lorde and walked in the waye of hys father & in hys sinne wherwith he made Israel sinne.
27 But Baasa the sonne of Ahiah of the house of Isacar conspired agaynst him, & slue him at Gebethon a citie of the Philistines for Nadab and all Israel laye at seage before Gebethon.
28 And it was the third yeare of Asa kinge of Iuda, when Baasa slue him, and raygned in his steade.
29 And as sone as he was kynge, he slue all the house of Ieroboam and lefte hym naught that brethed, vntyll he had put him cleane out, agreyng vnto the sayinge of the Lorde whiche he spake by hys seruaunt Ahiah the Silonite,
30 for the synne of Ieroboam wherwith he synned and made Israel synne, and for his angeringe wherwyth he angred the Lorde God of Israel.
31 The reste of the deades of Nadab, and all he dyd, are written in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel.
32 And there was warre betwene Asa and Baasa kynge of Israell all theyr dayes.
33 In the thirde yeare of Isa kynge of Iuda, Baasa the sonne of Ahiah beganne to raygne ouer all Israel in Therzah, and contynued .xxiiij. year.
34 And he did that which displeaseth the Lorde, for he walked in the waye of Ieroboam and in hys synne wherwith he made Israel synne.




1 Then came the worde of the Lorde to Iehu the sonne of Hanani agaynst Baasa sayinge:
2 for as muche as I exalted the out of şe dust & made the captayne ouer my people Israel, and thou hast walked in the waye of Ieroboam, and hast made my people Israell synne, to angre me wyth their synne:
3 therfore I wyl make cleane ryddance of Baasa and of al his house, and wil make his house like şe house of Ieroboam şe sonne of Nabat.
4 And he şt dieth of Baasa in şe citie, hym shall dogges eate, and him that dieth in the feldes, shall the foules of the ayre eate.
5 The reste of the deades of Baasa, & what he dyd, and his power, are wrytten in the boke of the historyes of the kynges of Israel.
6 And Baasa fell on slepe wyth hys fathers & was buryed in Therzah. And Elah hys sonne raygned in hys steade.
7 And therto thorow the Prophete Iehu the sonne of Hanani, the word of the lorde came against Baasa & agaynste hys house, because of al the wyckednesse that he did in the sight of the lorde in angerynge hym wyth the workes of his handes, that he shoulde be lyke the house of Ieroboam, because he had kylled Nabat.
8 The .xxvi. year of Asa king of Iuda beganne Elah the sonne of Baasa to raygne ouer Israell in Therzah, and contynued two year.
9 And hys seruaunt Zamri captayn of halfe his charettes, conspyred against him, as he was in Therzah drinkynge of strouge dryncke, in the house of Arza stuard of his house in Therzah.
10 And Zamri came and smote hym and killed him the .xxvij. yeare of Asa kyng of Iuda, and raygned in his steade.
11 And as sone as he was kyng, and sat on hys seate, he slue al the house of Baasa and lefte not a pysser agaynste a wall. And therto he slue all hys kynne and frendes,
12 and so Zamri destroyed all the house of Baasa, accordynge to the worde of the Lorde whyche he spake to Baasa thorowe Iehu the Prophet,
13 for all the synnes of Baasa and synnes of Elah his sonne, wherwyth they sinned & made Israell synne, to angre the Lorde of Israel with their vanities.
14 The rest of şe deades of Elah and al he dyd, are wrytten in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel.
15 The .xxvij. yeare of Asa Kynge of Iuda, Zamry raygned .vij. dayes in Therzah, the people besegynge Gebethon a citie of the Philistines.
16 And when the people that laye in the seage, hearde saie how Zamri had conspired, and how he had slayne the kinge also: then all Israell made Amri the captaine of the men of warre kynge that same daie ouer Israel euen in the hoste.
17 And Amri departed from Gebethon and al Israel wyth him, and beseged Therzah.
18 And when Zamri sawe that the cytye muste nedes be taken, he went into the pallayse of the kinges house, and set the kynges house a fire vpon him selfe, and there dyed,
19 for hys synnes whiche he synned in doynge wyckednesse in the syght of the Lorde, and for walkynge in the waye of Ieroboam and in hys synnes whyche he dyd and made Israel synne.
20 The rest of the Actes of Zamri and the treason that he wrought, are wrytten in the boke of the chronicles of the kinges of Israel.
21 Moreouer that same ceason was Israel deuyded in twayn, for halfe the people folowed Thebni the sonne of Gineth, to make hym kynge. And the other halfe folowed Amri.
22 But the people that folowed Amri, preuayled against them that folowed Thebni the sonne of Gineth. And so Thebny dyed and Amri raygned.
23 The .xxxi. yeare of Asa kynge of Iuda, beganne Amri to raygne ouer Israel .xij. yeare, and he ruled .vi. yeare in Therzah.
24 And he bought the hyl of Samaria of one Semar for two hundred talentes of syluer, and buylt in the hyl, & called the name of the cyty which he had built Samaria after the name of Semar the Lorde of the hyll.
25 And thys Amri wrought wyckednesse in the eyes of the Lord worsse then all that were before him,
26 and walked in all the wayes of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, and in hys synne wherwith he made Israell synne, to angre the Lorde God of Israel wyth their vanities.
27 The rest of the actes of Amri which he did, and his power that he vsed, are wrytten in the chronicles of the kynges of of Israel.
28 And Amri layde hym to rest with hys fathers, and was buryed in Samaria, & Ahab hys sonne raygned in his steade.
29 The .xxxviij. yeare of Asa kynge of Iuda, beganne Ahab the sonne of Amri to raygne ouer Israel, and raygned in Samaria .xxij. yeare.
30 And he displeased the Lord aboue all şt were before him.
31 For it semed him a light thinge to walke in the synne of Ieroboam. But toke Iezabel the doughter of Ethbaal, kinge of the Sidonites to wyfe, and went & serued Baal and bowed vnto him.
32 And he rered an aultare to Baal in the house of Baal, whyche he had made in Samaria.
33 And Ahab made a groue, and proceded ferther in angerynge the Lorde God of Israell, then all the kynges of Israel that were before him.
34 In hys daies Hiel of Bethel buylt Iericho. And it coste him Amram his eldest sonne when he layde the foundacyon, and hys youngest sonne when he set vp the gates, agreyng vnto the worde of the Lorde whyche he spake by Iosua the sonne of Nun.




1 And Eliah the Thesbite whyche was of şe enhabiters of Galaad saide vnto Ahab: as truly as şe Lorde God of Israel lyueth, before whome I stande, there shal be neyther dewe nor rayne these yeares, saue as I appoynt it.
2 And the word of God came to him saying:
3 get the hence and turne the eastwarde, & hyde thy selfe in the broke Karith, that lyeth before Iordan,
4 dryncke of the ryuer for I haue commaunded the rauens to fede the herte.
5 And he went and dyd accordynge vnto the worde of the Lorde: he went and dwelt by the broke Karith that lyeth before Iordan.
6 And the rauens brought hym breade and fleshe euery mornyng and euery euenynge, and he drancke of the broke.
7 And it chaunced after a whyle that the broke dried vp, because there fell no rayne vpon the earth.
8 Then came the worde of the Lord vnto him sayinge:
9 vp, and get the to Sarephtha a citie of Sidon, and dwell there. Behold I haue commaunded a wydow there to sustayne the.
10 And he arose and went to Sarephtha. And when he came to the gate of the cytie, there was a wydowe there gatheringe stickes. And he called to her and sayd: fet me I pray the, a litle water in a dyshe that I may drincke.
11 And as she went to fet it, he cryed to her and sayde: bringe me I praie the, a morsel of bread in thyne hande.
12 And she answered: as surely as the lorde thy God lyueth, I haue no breade, but euen an handfull of mele in a pytcher, and a lytle oyle in a cruse. And se, I haue gathered a few styckes for to go & bake it for my and my sonne, that we maye eate it, and then dye.
13 And Eliah sayde vnto her: feare not, but go and do as thou hast sayde: but make me therof a lytle cake fyrst of all, and brynge it out to me: and afterwarde make for the and thy sonne.
14 For thus sayeth the God of Israel: the pitcher of mele shal not be wasted neither shall thy oyle cruse be withoute oyle, vntil the Lorde haue sent rayne vpon the earthe.
15 And she went and dyd as Eliah bad. And she and he and her house dyd eate a good space,
16 & the pitcher of mele wasted not, neyther was the oyle cruse withoute oyle accordynge to the worde of the Lorde whyche he spake thorowe Eliah.
17 And after these thinges, it happened that the sonne of the wyfe of the house fell sycke. And his sicknesse was so sore, that there was no breath left in him.
18 Then saide she vnto Eliah: what haue I done with the, O thou man of God? arte thou come vnto me, that my sinne shoulde be tought on & my sonne slayne?
19 And Eliah sayd vnto her: geue me thy sonne. And he toke hym out of her lappe and caryed him vp into a lofte where he laye, and layde him vpon hys owne bed,
20 and called vnto the Lorde and sayde: O Lord my God, hast thou bene so euyl vnto the wedowe wyth whome I soiourne, that thou hast slayne her sonne?
21 And he stretched him selfe vpon the lad thre tymes, and called vnto the Lorde and sayde: O Lorde my God, let the laddes soule come vnto hym agayne.
22 And the Lorde hearde the voyce of Eliah, and the soule of the lad came into hym agayne, and he reuiued.
23 And Eliah toke the boye and brought him doune oute of the chambre into the house and delyuered him vnto hys mother and sayde: se, thy sonne lyueth.
24 Then the wyfe sayde to Eliah: nowe I knowe that thou art a Gods man, and that the worde of the Lorde in thy mouth, is truthe.




1 And at the last the worde of the Lorde came to Eliah the thyrde yeare sayinge: go, shewe thy self vnto Ahab, that I may sende raine vpon the earthe.
2 And Eliah went to shew him self vnto Ahab for there was a great famishement in Samaria.
3 Wherfore Ahab called Abdiah the gouerner of hys house: whyche Abdiah feared God greatlye:
4 in so muche that when Iezabel destroyed the Prophetes of the Lorde, he toke an hundred of the Prophetes and hyd them, fyftye in one caue, and fyftye in another, and prouyded breade and water for them.
5 And Ahab sayde vnto Abdiah: walke thorow the lande, vnto al fountaynes of water and vnto all brokes, to se whether any grasse maye be founde, that we maye saue the horses and the Mules, that we destroye not the beastes.
6 And they deuyded the lande betwene them to walke thorow it. Ahab went one way by hym selfe, and Abdiah went another by hym selfe.
7 And it chaunced as Abdiah went in the waye that Eliah met him. And Abdiah knew hym and fell on his face and sayde: arte not thou my Lorde Eliah.
8 And he said vnto him: I am he. Go, and tel Ahab that Eliah is here.
9 And the other answered: what haue I synned that thou wouldest delyuer me into the hande of Ahab, to sley me?
10 As surely as the Lorde thy God lyueth, there is no nacyon or kyngedome, whether my Lord hath not sent, to seke the. And when they saide thou wast not there he toke an othe of the kyngedome & nacyon, because he founde the not.
11 And now thou sayest: go and tell, thy Lord Eliah is here.
12 And as sone as I am gone from the, the spyryte of the Lorde shal cary the away, whether I shall not knowe, and then I haue gone and tolde Ahab, and then he can not fynde the, he shall sley me. And yet I thy seruaunt haue feared the Lorde from my younge age.
13 Was it not tolde my Lorde, what I dyd, when Iezabel slue the Prophetes of the Lorde how I hydde an hundred of the Lordes Prophetes, fyfty in one caue and as many in another, & prouyded them of breade and water?
14 And yet now thou sayest, go shewe thy Lorde, that Eliah is here, that he shoulde sley me.
15 Then Eliah sayde: as truly as the Lorde of Hostes lyueth, before whom I stande: I wil shewe my selfe vnto hym thys day.
16 And thervpon Abdiah went to Ahab and told him. And Ahab went agaynst Eliah.
17 And when Ahab sawe Eliah, he sayd vnto hym: art thou he that troubleth Israel?
18 And he sayde: it is not I that trouble Israel, but thou and thy fathers house, in that ye haue forsaken the commaundementes of the Lord, and hast folowed Baal.
19 But now sende and gather to me all Israel vnto mount Carmel and the Prophetes of Baal foure hundred and fyfty, and the Prophetes of the groues four hundred, which eate of Iezabels table.
20 And Ahab sent for all the children of Israel and gathered the prophetes vnto mount Carmel.
21 And Eliah came vnto all the people and sayde: why halte ye betwene two opinions? Yf the Lorde be very God, folowe him: or yf Baal be he, then folowe hym. And the people answered him not one worde.
22 Then sayde Eliah vnto the people: I only remayne of the Lordes Prophetes, & Baals Prophetes are foure hundred and fyftye.
23 Let two oxen be geuen vs, and let them chose the one and cutte hym in peces and lay him on wood, and put no fyre vnder. And I wyll dresse the other & put him on wood, and wil put no fyre vnder.
24 And call ye on the name of youre God, and I wil cal on the name of the Lorde. And then the God that answereth by fyre, he is the very God. And al the people sayde: it is wel spoken.
25 Then sayde Eliah vnto the Prophetes of Baal: chose you an oxe and dresse him fyrst (for ye are many) and call on the name of youre God, but put no fyre vnder.
26 And they toke şe oxe that was geuen them and dressed it, and called on the name of Baal from mournynge to none sayinge: O Baal heare vs. But there was no voyce nor answere. And they lepte aboute the aulter that they had made.
27 And at none Eliah mocked them and sayd: call loud, (for he is a God: but he is talking or occupied or in the waye, or happely he slepeth) that he may awake.
28 And they cryed loud, and cut them selues, as their maner was, wyth knyues & launcers, tyl the bloude folowed on them.
29 And when midday was passed, they prophesyed vntil it was time to offer. But there was neyther voyce nor answere nor any that regarded them.
30 Then Eliah sayde to all the folke: come to me. And all the people came to hym. And he mended the aulter of the Lorde that was broken.
31 And he toke .xij. stones accordynge to the nombre of the .xij. trybes of the sonnes of Iacob, vnto whom the word of the lord came sayinge: Israel shalbe thy name.
32 And wyth the stones he made an aultare in the name of the Lord. And he made a gutter round about şe aulter, able to receyue two peckes of corne.
33 And he put the wood in order, and hewed the oxe in peces, and put hym on the wood, and sayde: fyl foure pytchers with water, and powre it on the sacrifice and on the wood.
34 And he said: do so againe. And they dyd so againe. Then he sayde: do it the thyrde tyme. And they dyd so the thirde tyme.
35 And the water ranne round about the aultare, and the gutter was full of water also.
36 And when offeringe time was come, Eliah the prophete went to and sayde: Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and of Israel, let it be knowen thys daye, that thou art şe God in Israel, and that I am thy seruaunt, and that I do al these thinges at thy commaundement.
37 Heare me O lorde, heare me, that this people may know, şt thou lord, art the God, and that thou hast turned their hertes backward.
38 And there fell fire from the Lorde, and consumed the sacryfice & the wood and the stones & the dust, & lycked vp şe water that was in the gutter.
39 And when all the people sawe that, they fel on theyr faces & sayde: the Lorde he is God, the lord he is God.
40 Then sayd Eliah vnto them: lay handes on the Prophetes of Baal, let not one of them escape. And when they had taken them, Eliah brought them doune vnto the broke of Kison, and slue them there.
41 Then Eliah sayde vnto Ahab, get the vp, and eate and dryncke, for ther is a sound of muche rayne.
42 And when Ahab went vp to eate & to dryncke, Eliah went vp to the toppe of mount Carmel. And bowed hym selfe to the earthe, & put hys face betwene hys knees,
43 and sayd to hys seruaunt: go vp and loke towarde the sea. And he went vp and loked, and saide: here is nothing. And he sayd: go agayn .vij. tymes.
44 And the seuenth time he sayde: beholde, there aryseth a lytle cloude out of the sea, lyke the palme of a mannes hande. Then he sayde: go and saye to Ahab, put the horsses in the charet, and get the doune that the rayne stoppe the not.
45 And within a lytle whyle, heauen was blacke wyth cloudes and winde, and there was a great rayne. And Ahab rode and went to Iezrahel.
46 And the hande of the Lorde was on Eliah, and he gyrdled vp hys loynes and ranne before Ahab, tyl they came to Iezrahel.




1 And Ahab tolde Iezabel, all that Eliah had done, and al together how he had slayne the Prophetes with the swerde.
2 Then Iezabel sent a messenger vnto Eliah sayinge: so do God to me and so therto, except I make thy soule lyke one of theirs, by to morow this tyme:
3 when he sawe that, he arose and went for his lyfe, and came to Bersabe in Iuda, and left hys lad there.
4 And he went a dayes iourney into the wildernesse, and when he was come sat doune vnder a Ginaper tree, and desyred for his soule, that he myght dye, and saide, it is nowe ynough O Lorde, take my soule, for I am no better then my fathers.
5 And as he laye and slepte vnder the Ginaper tree: beholde, there came an Aungell and touched him, and sayd vnto him: vp and eate.
6 And he loked aboute him: and se, there was a loffe of broyled breade and a cruse of water at hys heade. And he ate and drancke & layde hym doune agayne to slepe.
7 And the Aungell of the Lorde came agayne the seconde tyme, and touched him, and sayde: vp and eate, for thou hast a longe iourney to go.
8 And he arose & dyd eate and drincke and went in the strength of that meate fourtye dayes and fourtye nyghtes, vnto Horeb the mount of God,
9 & entred there into a caue & lodged there al night. And then the word of the lord came to him and sayde: what doest thou here, Eliah?
10 And he answered: I haue bene thorow angry for the Lorde God of hostes sake. For the children of Israel haue forsake thy couenaunt, & haue broken doune thyne aultars and slayne the Prophetes with the swerde, and I onlye am lefte, and they seke my soule to haue it to.
11 And he sayde: come out and stande before the Lorde. And beholde, the lorde went by and a myghty stronge wynde that rent the mountaynes, and brake the rockes before him. But the Lorde was not in the wynde. And after the wynde came an earthquake. But the lorde was not in the earthquake.
12 And after şe earthquake, came fyre: but the Lord was not in the fyre. And after the fyre, came a smal stil voice.
13 And when Eliah hearde it, he couered hys face wyth hys mantle, and went out an stode in the mouth of the caue. And se, there came a voyce vnto him, and sayde: what doest thou here Eliah?
14 And he answered: I was gelouse for the Lorde God of hostes sake: because the children of Israel haue forsaken thine appointment and haue cast doune thyne aultars and slayne thy Prophetes with the swerde, and I only am lefte, and they seke my soule to haue it.
15 Then the Lorde sayde vnto hym: go and turne thy waye to the wyldernesse of Damasco, and go and annoynte Hazael to be kynge of Siria.
16 And Iehu the sonne of Namsi, annoynte to be kinge ouer Israel. And Elizeus the sonne of Saphat of Abel Mehulah annoynt to be Prophete in thy roume.
17 And who so eskapeth the swerde of Hazael, hym shall Iehu slaye: and yf any man scape the swerde of Iehu, hym shall Elizeus slaye.
18 And therto I haue lefte me seuen thousande in Israel, of whyche neuer man bowed his knees vnto Baal, nor kissed him with his mouthe.
19 And he departed thence, and founde Elizeus the sonne of Saphat plowinge wyth twelue yocke of oxen before him, and he with the twelue. And Eliah went to hym and cast his mantel vpon him.
20 And he lefte the oxen & ranne after Eliah and sayd: let me I pray the kisse my father and my mother, and then I will folow the. And he saide to him: go backe againe, for what haue I done to the?
21 And he went backe againe from after him, and toke a yocke of oxen and slue them, and dressed the fleshe with the instrumentes of the oxen and gaue it the people, and they did eate. And then he arose and went after Eliah and ministred vnto him.




1 And Benhadad kynge of Siria gathered al his hoste together, and .xxxij. kinges wyth hym, with horse and charet, and went vp and beseged Samaria, and warred agaynst it.
2 And he sent messengers to Ahab kinge of Israel into the citie, and sayde vnto him: thus sayth Benhadad:
3 Thy siluer & goulde is myne, and the best of thy wyues, and the best of thy children be myne.
4 And the kinge of Israel answered and saide: my lorde kinge accordinge to thy sayinge: I am thyne with all I haue.
5 And the messengers came agayne to Ahab and sayde: thus saith Benhadad: I haue therfore sent vnto the, sayinge: delyuer then thy syluer and thy goulde, and thy wiues, and thy children.
6 Or else I wil sende my seruauntes vnto the by to morow this tyme: & they shal cherse thyne house, and the houses of thy seruauntes, whiche shall take all that is glorious in thyne eyes, and brynge it awaye wt them.
7 Then the kynge of Israel sent for the elders of the lande and sayed: take hede I pray you, and se, howe this felowe goeth aboute myscheue. For he sent vnto me, for my wiues and my children, & my siluer and my goulde, and I denyed him nothinge of it.
8 And all the elders of Israel and all the people sayde: herken not to him, nor consent.
9 Whervpon he sayde vnto the messengers of Benhadad: tell my Lorde the kinge, al that he sent for the fyrst tyme, that I wyll do: but this request I maye not do. And the messengers departed and brought hym worde.
10 Then Benhadad sent vnto him and said: thus do the Gods to me and so therto, yf the dust of Samaria be ynough for al the people that folow me, that euery man maye haue an handfull.
11 And the kynge of Israel answered and sayd: tell hym, let not him that putteth on hys harnesse bost him self, as he şt putteth it of.
12 And when Benhadad hearde that tidinges, as he and the kinges were drinckinge in the pauilions, he sayde vnto his seruauntes: put ye in araye. And they put them selues in araye against the cytye.
13 And beholde there came a Prophet vnto Ahab kynge of Israel, and saide to him: thus sayth the Lorde: Seyst thou all this greate multitude? beholde, I will delyuer them into thyne hande this daye, that thou mayest knowe that I am the Lorde.
14 And Ahab sayde: by whome? And he sayd: thus sayeth the Lorde: euen by the men of the gouernoures of the shires And Ahab sayde: who shall ioyne batayle? And he sayde: thou.
15 Then he nombred the men of the gouerners of the shires: and they were two hundred and .xxxij. And after them he nombred al the people, and al the children of Israel were seuen thousand.
16 And they went out at none when Benhadad was drinckynge stronge dryncke in the pauilions with the two and thyrtye kynges that holpe hym.
17 And the men of the shrifes of the shires went out fyrste. And Benhadad sent out, and they shewed him saying: there came men out e Samaria.
18 And he sayd: yf they come out of for peace, take them aliue. And also yf they come for warre take them yet alyue.
19 And when those men of the shrifes of the shires were come out of the citie and the host after them, they slue euery one of them his man.
20 And the Siriens fled, and Israel folowed after them. And Benhadad the kinge of Siria scaped on a horsse with hys horsemen.
21 And the kinge of Israel went out and smote horsse and charet, & slue a great slaughter of the Sirians.
22 Then there came a Prophete to the kinge of Israel, and sayde to him: go forth and play the man, be wyse & take hede what thou doest for when the yeare is about, the kinge of Siria will come against the agayne.
23 Then saide the seruauntes of the kinges of Siria to him: the Gods of the hylles are their Gods, and therfore they had the better of vs. But let vs fight with them in the playne, and for what ye will, we shall haue the better of them.
24 And this do: take the kinges awaye euery man out of his place, and put dukes in their roumes.
25 And thou nombre the an hoste, lyke the hoste that thou hast loste, and horse for horse, and charet for charet, and let vs fyght wyth them in the plaine, and for a wager, we get the better of them. And the king herkened vnto their voyce and dyd euen so.
26 And as sone as the yeare was aboute, Benhadad nombred the Siriens and went vp to Aphek to warre wyth Israel.
27 And the children of Israel were nombred and prouided of vytayle, and went against them, and pitched before them lyke two lytle flockes of kiddes: but the Sirians fylled the countrey.
28 Then there came a man of God and sayde vnto the kyng of Israel: thus sayeth the Lorde? Because the Siriens saye, the Lorde is but a God of the hylles, and not God of the valeys to: therfore wyl I delyuer all thys great multytude into thyne hande that ye may know that I am the Lorde.
29 And they pitched one ouer agaynst the other .vij. dayes, and the seuenth day ioyned batayle. And the chyldren of Israell slue of the Sirians an hundred thousande fote men in one daye.
30 And the reste fled to Aphek into the cytye. And there fel a walle vpon .xxvij. thousande of them that were lefte. And Benhadad fled and went into the cytye, from chambre to chambre.
31 Then sayde hys seruauntes vnto hym: beholde, we haue hearde saye, that the kynges of the house of Israel are mercifull kynges. Let vs put sacke cloth aboute our Loines and ropes about oure heades, and go out to the kynge of Israel: happlye he wil saue thy lyfe.
32 And they gyrded sacke clothe aboute theyr loynes, and put ropes about their heades, and went oute to the kynge of Israel, and sayde: thy seruaunt Benhadad sayth: I pray the, let me lyue. And he sayde: is he yet alyue? what he is my brother.
33 And they toke that word for good lucke and hastely caught it out of hys mouth and sayde? ye thy brother Benhadad. Then he sayde: go and brynge hym. And Benhadad came out to hym, and the other toke him vp into the charet.
34 And Benhadad saide: the cytyes whiche my father toke from thy father, I wyll restore agayne. And thou shalt make streates for the in Damasco, as my father dyd in Samaria. And I wyll make an appointment with the and sent the away. And so made an appoyntment with him and sent hym awaye.
35 Then a certaine man of the children of the Prophetes said vnto his felow with the word of the Lorde, smyte me I pray the. And the man woulde not smyte him.
36 And he sayde, because thou hast not obeyed the voyce of the Lorde: beholde, as sone as thou arte departed from me, a lyon shal slaye the. And as sone as he was departed from him, a lyon found him and slue him.
37 Then he founde another man & sayd to him: smyte me I pray the. And the man gaue him a good stripe and wounded him.
38 And the Prophete wente forth & wayted for the kynge by the waye, and put ashes vpon his eyes, and put him selfe out of knowledge.
39 And when the kinge came by, he cryed vnto hym and sayde: thy seruaunt went out in the myddes in the battel. And se, there was one beganne to flee. And there came a man to me and sayde: kepe this man. And yf he be missed thy lyfe shall go for hys, or else thou shalte paye a talent of syluer.
40 And as thy seruaunt had here and there to do, he was gone. And the kynge of Israel sayde vnto hym: euen so shall the iudgement be as thou hast defyned it thy selfe.
41 And he hasted and toke the ashes away from his eyes, and the kinge of Israel knewe hym, that he was of the Prophetes.
42 And he sayde vnto the kinge: thus sayeth the Lorde: because thou hast let go a man, that ought to haue dyed, thy lyfe shal go for his lyfe, and thy people for hys.
43 And the kynge of Israell went to hys house waywarde and heauy, and entred into Samaria.




1 After these thynges were done, it chaunced that Naboth the Iezrahelite had a vyneyard in Iezrahel harde by the palace of Ahab kynge of Samaria.
2 And Ahab spake vnto Naboth sayinge: let me haue thy vineyard, to make me a garden of yerbes therof, because it lieth so nye my house: and I will geue the a better vineyarde for it: or yf it playse the, I wyll geue the the worth of it in syluer.
3 But Naboth sayde to Ahab: the lord forbyd that from me, that I shoulde geue the enheritaunce of my fathers vnto the.
4 Then went Ahab vnto his house wayward and euyl apaide, because of the wordes which Naboth the Iezrahelite had spoken to hym saying. I will not geue to the the enheritaunce of my fathers. And he layde him doune vpon hys bed and turned awaye his face, & woulde eate no meate.
5 And then Iezabel his wyfe came to him, and said vnto him: why art thou so frowarde, that thou eatest no meate.
6 And he sayde vnto her: I spake vnto Naboth the Iezrahelite, and sayde vnto him: geue me thy vineyarde for syluer, or else yf thou wilt, I will geue the another vyneyarde for it. And he sayde: I will not geue the my vyneyarde.
7 Then sayde Iezabel hys wyfe vnto hym: what a goodly kingedome were thou able to make in Israel? vp and eate meate and sette thyne herte a rest, for I wyll geue the, the vineyarde of Naboth the Iezrahelite.
8 And she wrote a letter in Ahabs name and sealed it wt hys seale, and sent it vnto the elders and chefe men of his cytie that dwelt where Naboth dwelt.
9 And she wrote in the letter sayinge: proclayme fastyng and set Naboth on hye among the people,
10 and set two vnthriftes before him: and let them testifye agaynst hym sayinge: thou dyddest curse bothe God and the king: & vpon that carie him out & stone hym to death.
11 And the elders and nobles of the cities, whiche dwelt in hys citie, did as Iezabell had sent vnto them, and as it was written in the letter, whiche she had sent vnto them.
12 They proclamed fastynge, and set Naboth an hye amonge the people,
13 and there came in two vnthriftye persones and sate before him. And şe two vnthriftye persones wytnesseth agaynst Naboth before the people sayinge: Naboth dyd curse God and the kinge. And vpon şe they caryed him out of the cytye and stoned him wyth stones to death.
14 And then they sent to Iezabel saying: Naboth is stoned to death.
15 And when Iezabel hearde that Naboth was stoned to deathe, she said to Ahab: vp and take possession of the vyneiarde of Naboth, the Iezrahelite, whyche he denyed to geue the for syluer, for Naboth is not a liue, but dead.
16 And when Ahab heard that Naboth was dead. He stode vp to go doune to the vineyarde of Naboth the Iezrahelyte, to take possession of it.
17 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto Eliah the Thesbite saying,
18 vp and go doune to mete Ahab kynge of Israel whiche is in Samaria. Behold, he is in the vineiard of Naboth: for he is gone doune thither, to take possession of it.
19 And saye vnto him: thus saith the Lorde, thou hast killed & therto gotten possession. And saie moreouer vnto him, thus sayth the lord: in the place where dogges lapped the bloude of Naboth, shall dogges lappe euen thy bloude also.
20 And Ahab sayd to Eliah: hast thou founde me thine enemy at any time? and he saide: ye, because thou art vtterly geuen to worcke wyckednesse in the syghte of the lord.
21 Beholde, I will brynge euyl vpon the, & wyl make cleane ryddance of the, and wil destroy vnto Ahab all that pysseth agaynste the wal, and yf ought be presoned or forsaken in Israell:
22 and will make thyne house, lyke the house of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, and lyke the house of Baasa the sonne of Ahiah, for the angerynge wherwith thou hast angered, and made Israel synne.
23 And therto against Iezabel came the word of the lorde sayinge: dogges shall eate Iezabell, vnder the walles of Iezrael.
24 And he şt dyeth of Ahab in the towne, hym shal dogges eate: and he that dyeth in the feldes, him shall the foules of şe ayre eate.
25 For there was none at all lyke Ahab, that was so vtterly geuen to worcke wickednesse in the sight of the Lorde, and that because Iezabel his wyfe prycked hym forwarde.
26 And therfore he dyd exceding abhomynable, in folowynge Idoles, in all thynges lyke as dyd the Ammorites whyche the Lord cast oute before şe chyldren of Israel.
27 When Ahab hearde those wordes, he rent his clothes and put sackecloth about his flesh, and fasted, and laye in sack, and went confortlesse.
28 And the word of the lorde came to Eliah the Thesbite sayinge:
29 seyst thou howe Ahab humbleth hym selfe before me? because he so submytteth hym selfe before me, I wil bryng that euil in hys daies: but in his sonnes daies I wyll brynge euyll vpon his house.




1 And they contynued thre yeare wythout warre betwene Siria and Israel.
2 And the thyrd yeare Iehosaphat kynge of Iuda, came to the kyng of Israel.
3 Then sayd the king of Israel vnto his seruauntes: know ye not that Ramoth in Galaad is oures, and we syt stylle and take it not out of the handes of the kinge of Siria?
4 And he sayde vnto Iehosaphat: wylt thou go with me to batayle, to Ramoth in Galaad? And Iehosaphat sayde vnto the kynge of Israel: I will be as thou art, and my people shall be as thyne, and my horsses as thyne.
5 And Iehosaphat sayde vnto the kynge of Israel, aske counsel I pray the of the Lorde to daye.
6 And then the kynge of Israell gathered of the Prophetes together, vpon a foure hundred men, and sayde vnto them: shall I go to Ramoth in Galaad to battayle, or be stylle? And they saide: go, for the Lorde shall delyuer it into the handes of the kynge.
7 And Iehosaphat sayde: is there neuer a Prophet of the Lordes here more, that we myght enquyre of him?
8 And the kynge of Israell sayde to Iehosaphat: there is yet one, by whome we maye aske counsel of the Lorde, one Micheah the sonne of Iemlah. But I hate hym: for he neuer prophesyeth good vnto me, but euyl. And Iehosaphat sayde: let not the kinge saye so.
9 Then the kynge of Israel called vnto one of his chamberlaynes and sayde: fet Micheah the sonne of Iemlah hyther attonce.
10 And the kynge of Israell and Iehosaphat the kinge of Iuda sat eyther in his seate and their apparell on them, in a voyde place besyde the entrynge of the gate of Samaria, & all the Prophetes prophesyinge before them.
11 And Zedekiah the sonne of Canaanah made hornes of yron and sayde, thus sayth the lord: with these hornes thou shalt wynowe the Sirians vntyll thou haue made an ende of them.
12 And all the Prophetes prophesyed euen so sayinge: go to Ramoth in Galaad & prosper, for the Lorde shall delyuer it into the handes of the kinge.
13 And the messenger that was gone to call Micheah, said vnto him: se, the wordes of the Prophetes speake good vnto the kynge with one voyce: let thy wordes I praie the, be lyke the wordes of one of them, and speake that is good.
14 And Mycheah sayde: as surely as the Lorde lyueth, what the Lorde putteth in my mouthe, that wil I speake.
15 And when he was come to the kynge, the kynge sayde to hym: Micheah, shall we go to Ramoth in Galaad to batayle, or shall we be still? And he sayde vnto him: go and prosper, the Lorde deliuer it into the handes of the kinge.
16 And the kynge saide vnto him, how often shall I adiure the, that thou tel me nothinge but truthe, in the name of the Lorde.
17 Then he sayde: I sawe all Israell scattered vpon the hylles, as shepe that haue no shepardes. And the Lorde sayde: those haue no mayster, let them returne, euery man to hys house in peace.
18 Then sayde the kynge of Israel to Iehosaphat: dyd I not tell the, that he woulde prophesye no good vnto me, but euil?
19 And Micheah saide: heare therfore the worde of the Lorde. I sawe the Lorde sytte on hys seate and al the company of heauen standinge aboute him, on his right hand and on his left.
20 And the Lorde sayd: who shal deceiue Ahab that he maye go and be slaine at Ramoth in Galaad, and one sayde on this maner and another on that.
21 Then came forthe a spyryte & stode before the Lorde and sayde: I wyll deceyue him.
22 And the Lorde saide: wherwyth? And he saide: I wil go out and be a false spirit in the mouthes of all his Prophetes. And the Lord sayde: thou shalt deceyue hym, and also preuayle, go forth and do euen so.
23 Now therfore beholde, the Lord hath put a lyinge spirit in the mouth of all these thy Prophetes: when in very deade the Lorde hath spoken euyll towarde the.
24 Then Zedechiah şe sonne of Canaanah went to and smote Micheah on the cheke, and said: how is the spyryte of the Lorde gone from me, to speake in şe?
25 And Micheah sayd: behold thou shalt se in that daye, when thou shalt go from chambre to chambre to hyde the.
26 And the kynge of Israel sayde: take Micheah, and carie him backe agayne vnto Amon the gouerner of the citie, and vnto Ioab the kynges sonne,
27 and saye: thus sayth the kinge. Put ye this felow in the preson house, and fede hym with breade and water straytlye, vntill I returne in peace.
28 Then Micheah sayde: yf thou come safe agayne, the Lorde hath not spoken in me. And he sayde moreouer, herken to ye people euery one of you.
29 And so the kynge of Israel and Iehosaphat the kinge of Iuda went vp to Ramoth in Galaad.
30 And the kinge of Israel sayde to Iehosaphat: chaunce the and get the to warre: but put on thyne own apparel. And the kyng of Israel chaunged hym selfe, and went to battel also.
31 But the Kynge of Siria had commaunded the capitaynes of hys charettes of whych he had .xxxij. sayinge: fight neyther with smal nor greate, saue wyth the kinge of Israel onlye.
32 And when the captaynes of the charettes sawe Iehosaphat, they thought he had bene şe kinge of Israel, and therfore turned to him to fyght. But Iehosaphat cryed out.
33 And when the captaines of the charettes sawe that he was not the kinge of Israel, they turned backe from him.
34 And a certayne man drew a bow ignorantly and smote the kinge of Israel betwene the ribbes of his harnesse. Wherfore the kinge sayde vnto the dryuer of his charet, turne thy hande and carye me out of the host, for I am hurte.
35 And the battel encreased that daye, and the kynge continued in hys charet before the Sirians and dyed at euen. And the bloude ranne out of the wounde into the botome of the charet.
36 And there went a proclamacyon thorowe oute the Hoste, after the sunne was doune sayinge: euery man to his cytye and to hys own countreye.
37 And when the kynge of Israel was dead, they came to Samaria and buryed hym there.
38 And whyle they wasshed the charet in the pole of Samaria, the dogges licked vp hys bloude, and harlottes wasshed him accordynge vnto the worde of the Lorde whych he spake.
39 The rest of the deades of Ahab, and all he dyd, and the yuorye house whyche he made, and the cyties that he buylt, are written in the boke of the chronicles of the kinges of Israel.
40 And when Ahab was sayde to rest with hys fathers, Ohoziah hys soune raygned in hys steade.
41 Iehosaphat the sonne of Asa beganne to raygne vpon Iuda, the fourth yeare of Ahab kyng of Israel,
42 and was .xxxv. yeare old when he beganne to raygne, and raygned .xxv. year in Ierusalem. And his mothers name was Azubah the doughter of Salahi.
43 And he walked in all the wayes of Asa hys father & bowed not therfrom. But dyd that was right in the eyes of the Lorde. Onlye he dyd not put the hilaulters out of the waye: for the people offered, and burnt their sacryfices yet in the hylaulters.
44 And he had peace wyth the kynge of Israel.
45 And the rest of the deades of Iehosaphat, and the myght that he vsed, and how he warred, are wrytten in the boke of the chronicles of the kinges of Iuda.
46 And the remnaunt of the stues of the males, whyche remayned in the dayes of his father, he put cleane oute of the lande.
47 There was then no kynge in Edom, the kynge was but a debite.
48 And Iehosaphat made shyppes in the sea, to go to Ophir for gould, but they went not: for the shippes brake at Azion Gaber.
49 Then sayde Ohoziah the sonne of Ahab vnto Iehosaphat: let my seruauntes go with thine in the shyppes. But Iehosaphat woulde not.
50 And Iehosaphat layde him to slepe with hys fathers and was buryed with his fathers in şe citie of Dauid his father. And Iehoram hys sonne raygned in hys roume.
51 (2Ki 1:1) Ohoziah the sonne of Ahab beganne to raygne vpon Israel in Samaria, the .xvij. yeare of Iehosaphat king of Iuda, & was king ouer Israell two yeare,
52 (2Ki 1:2) & dyd euyl in the syght of şe Lorde, and walked in the waye of hys father and in the waye of his mother, and in the waye of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, whyche made Israel synne.
53 (2Ki 1:3) And he serued Baal, and bowed hym selfe to hym, & angred the Lorde God of Israel, in all thinge as dyd hys father.