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Madame Guyon


This little book, A Short and Easy Method or Prayer, was written for a few individuals who wanted to love God with their whole hearts by Madame Guyon, a celebrated French mystical writer of the Quietist school. This book gives simple instructions in contemplative prayer, prayer without words or distinct ideas. It also encourages readers to accept all things as from Godís hand. At the time of printing, which was a rather stormy era in France religious history, the work resulted in Madame Guyon being both attacked and defended by some of the most brilliant writers of her day, even resulting in her imprisonment for a time. The work continues to attract strong defenders and critics, but many find in it a fruitful way to seek God.





Chapter 1. The Universal Call to Prayer

Chapter 13. Of Rest before God

Chapter 2. The Method of Prayer

Chapter 14. Of Inward Silence

Chapter 3. The First Degree of Prayer

Chapter 15. Of Confession and Self-examination

Chapter 4. The Second Degree of Prayer

Chapter 16. Of Reading and Vocal Prayer

Chapter 5. Of Spiritual Aridity

Chapter 17. Of Petitions

Chapter 6. Of Self-Surrender

Chapter 18. Of Defects or Infirmities

Chapter 7. Of Sufferings

Chapter 19. Of Distractions and Temptations

Chapter 8. Of Mysteries

Chapter 20. Of Self-Annihilation

Chapter 9. Of Virtue

Chapter 21. The Noble Results of this Species of Prayer

Chapter 10. Of Mortification

Chapter 22. Of Internal Acts

Chapter 11. Of Conversion

Chapter 23. To Pastors and Teachers

Chapter 12. Of the Presence of God

Chapter 24. Of the way to attain Divine Union