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1 In the eyght moneth of the seconde yeare of kynge Darius, came the worde of the Lord vnto Zacharie şe sonne of Barachias, the sonne of Addo, the prophete, sayenge:
2 The Lorde hath bene sore displeased at youre forefathers.
3 And saye thou vnto them: thus sayth şe Lorde of hootes: Turne you vnto me (sayeth the Lorde of hostes) and I wyll turne me vnto you, sayth the Lorde of hoostes.
4 Be ye not lyke your forefathers, vnto whom the prophetes cryed afore tyme, sayeng. Thus sayeth the Lord God of hostes. Turne you from youre euell wayes, and from youre wycked ymaginacyons. But they wolde not heare ner regarde me, sayeth the Lorde.
5 What is now become of youre forefathers and the prophetes? are they yet styll alyue?
6 But dyd not my wordes and statutes (which I commaunded by my seruauntes the prophetes) touche youre forefathers? Upon this, they gaue answere and sayde: like as the Lorde of hoostes deuised to do vnto vs, according to oure owne wayes and ymagynacyons, euen so hath he delt with vs.
7 Upon the .xxiiii. daye of the .xi. moneth whych is the moneth Sebah, in the seconde yeare of Darius, came the worde of the Lorde vnto Zachary the sonne of Barachias, the sonne of Addo the prophete, saying,
8 I sawe by nyght and lo, there sat one vpon a redd horse and stode styll amonge the myrre trees, that were beneth vpon the grounde, and behynde hym were there redd, speckled, and whyte horses.
9 Then sayde I, O my Lorde, what are these? And the aungel that talked wyth me, sayde vnto me. I wyll shewe the what these be.
10 And the man that stode amonge the myrre trees answered & sayde: These are they whom the Lorde hathe sente to go thorowe the world.
11 And they answered the aungel of the Lorde, şt stode among the myr trees and sayde. We haue gone thorowe the worlde: and beholde all the worlde dwell at ease and are carelesse.
12 Then the Lordes aungel gaue answer and sayde: O Lorde of hoostes, howe longe wylt thou be vnmercyful to Ierusalem and to the cyties of Iuda? With whom thou hast bene dyspleased nowe these thre score & ten yeares.
13 So the Lorde gaue a louynge and a confortable answere vnto the aungel şt talked wyth me.
14 And the aungel that comened with me, sayd vnto me: Crye thou, & speake. Thus sayeth the Lorde of hoostes. I am exceadynge gelous ouer Ierusalem and Sion,
15 and sore displeased at the carelesse Heathen: for where as I was but alytle angry, they dyd theyr beste that I myght destroye them
16 Therfore thus sayeth the Lord: I wyl turne me agayne in mercye toward Ierusalem, so that my house shalbe buylded in it, sayeth the Lorde of hoostes, yee, and the plommet shalbe layed abroade in Ierusalem, sayeth şe Lorde of hoostes.
17 Crye also, and speake thus sayeth şe Lorde of hoostes. My cyties shalbe in good prosperyte agayne, the Lorde shall yet conforte Sion: & chose Ierusalem:
18 Then lyfte I vp myne eyes, & sawe, & beholde foure hornes.
19 And I sayde vnto the aungel, that talked wt me what be these? he answered me. These are the hornes which haue scatered Iuda , Israel & Ierusalem abroade.
20 And the Lord shewed me foure carpenters.
21 Then sayde I: what wyll these do? He answered and sayde Those are the hornes which haue so stroweed Iuda abroad, that no man durste lyft vp hys heade: But these are come to fray them awaye: & to caste out the hornes of the Gentiles: whyche lyfte vp theyr horne ouer the lande of Iuda, to scatre it abroade.




1 I lift vp myne eyes agayne, and loked: & beholde a man with a measure lyne in hys hand.
2 Then sayde I: whether goeste thou? & he sayde vnto me: To measure Ierusalem, şt I maye se how longe & howe brode it is.
3 And behold the aungell that talked wyth me, went hys waye forth. Then went there oute another angel to mete him,
4 & sayde vnto hym: Runne speake to thys yonge man, and saye: Ierusalem shalbe enhabyted wythout eny wall, for the very multitude of people and catell that shalbe therin:
5 Yee, I my selfe (sayth şe Lorde) wyll be vnto her a wall of fyer rounde aboute, and wylbe honoured in her.
6 O get you forth, O fle from the lande of the north, sayth the Lorde, yee whome I haue scatred into şe foure wyndes vnder heauen, sayth the Lorde.
7 Saue thy selfe, O Syon: thou that dwellest with the daughter of Babylon,
8 for thus sayeth the Lorde of hoostes. After that glorious power hath he sent me out to the Heathen, whych spoyled you, for whoso toucheth you, shall touch şe aple of hys owne eye.
9 Beholde, I wyll lyft vp myne hande ouer them: so that they shalbe spoyled of those: whyche afore serued them, and ye shall knowe, that the Lord of hostes hath sente me.
10 Be glad, & reioyce, O daughter of Syon: for lo, I am come to dwell in the myddest of the, sayth the Lorde
11 at the same time there shal many Heathen cleue to the Lord and shalbe my people. Thus wyll I dwel in the myddest of the, and thou shalte knowe şt the Lorde of hoostes hath sente me vnto the
12 The Lorde shal haue Iuda in possessyon for hys parte in the holy ground, and shal chose Ierusalem yet agayne.
13 Let all flesh be styl before the Lorde, for he is rysen oute of hys holy place.




1 And he shewed me Iesua the hye prest standyng before the angel of the lord and Satan stode at his ryght hand to resyst hym.
2 And the Lord sayde vnto Satan. The Lorde reproue the (thou Satan,) yee, the Lorde that hath chosen Ierusalem, reproue the. Is not thys a brand taken out of the fyre?
3 Nowe Iesua was clothed in vncleane raiment, and stode before the aungel
4 whych answered and sayde vnto those that stode before hym, take awaye the foule clothes from hym. And vnto him he sayde. Beholde, I haue taken awaye thy synne from şe and wyl decke the wyth chaung of rayment.
5 He sayde moreouer, sett a fayre myter vpon hys heade. So they set a fayre myter vpon hys heade, & put on clothes vpon hym, and şe angel of the Lord stode there.
6 Then şe angel of the Lord testifyed vnto Iesua, and spake
7 thus sayeth the Lord of hostes. If thou wilt walke in my wayes, & kepe my watch: thou shalte rule my house, & kepe my courtes, & I wyll geue the place amonge these that stande here.
8 Heare (O Iesua) thou hye preste, thou and thy frends that dwell before the, for they are wonderous people. Behold, I wyl bring forth the braunches of my seruaunt:
9 for lo, şe stone şt I haue layed before Iesua: vpon one stone shalbe .vii. eyes. Beholde I wyl hewe hym out (sayeth the Lorde of hoostes) & take awaye the synne of the lande in one day.
10 Then shal euery man cal for his neyghbour vnder the vyne and vnder the fyggtre, sayth the Lorde of hoostes:




1 And şe angel that talked with me cam agayne, and waked me vp, as a man that is raysed out of hys slepe
2 & sayd vnto me: what seyst şu? And I sayde I haue loked, and beholde: a candelstycke al of golde with a boule vpon it, & his seuen lampes therin, and vpon euery lampe seuen stalkes.
3 And two olyue trees therby, one vpon the ryght syde of the boule, and şe other vpon the lyftesyde.
4 So I answered, and spake to the angel that talked wt me saying, O my Lord what are these?
5 the angell that talked wyth me answered and sayde vnto me: knoweste thou not what these be? and I sayde: No my Lorde.
6 He answered & sayde vnto me: This is the worde of şe Lorde vnto Zorobabel, sayinge: Nether thorow an hooste of men nor thorowe strengthe, but thorowe my sprete, sayeth the Lorde of hoostes.
7 What art thou thou great mountayne, before Zorobabel? şu must be made euen. And he shal brynge vp şe fyrste stone, so that men shal crye vnto him good lucke good lucke.
8 Moreouer, the worde of the Lord came vnto me sayinge.
9 The handes of Zorobobel haue layed the foundacyon of the house: hys handes, shall also fynyshe it, that ye maye knowe howe that the Lorde of hoostes hath sent me vnto you.
10 For he that hath bene dispysed a lytle ceason, shall reioyce, when he seeth the tynne weyght in Zorobabels hande. The .vii. eyes are the Lordes whych go thorow şe whole world.
11 Then answered I, and sayd vnto him, what are these two olyue trees vpon the ryght and lefte syde of şe candelstick?
12 I spake moreouer, and sayd vnto him what be these two olyue braunches (whych thorow the two golden pypes) emptie them selues into the gold?
13 He answered me & sayd knowest thou not, what these be? And I sayde, no, my Lorde.
14 Then sayd he. These are the two olyue braunches, that stande before the ruler of the whole earth.




1 So I turned me, lyftyng vp myne eyes, & loked, & beholde, a flyinge boke.
2 And he sayd vnto me: what seest şu I answered: I se a flyinge booke of .xx. cubytes longe, and .x. cubytes brode.
3 Then sayed he vnto me: Thys is the curse şt goeth forth ouer the whole earth: for all theues shalbe Iudged after this booke & all swearers shalbe iudged accordynge to şe same,
4 & I wyl brynge it furth (sayeth şe Lorde of hostes) so şt it shall come to şe house of şe thefe, & to the house of him, şt falsly sweareth by my name: & shall remayne in hys house, & consume it, wt the tymbre and stones therof.
5 Then the angel şt talked wt me, wente forth and sayd vnto me: lyft vp thyne eyes and se, what is this that goeth forth.
6 And I sayde: what is it? He answered: thys is a measure goinge out. He sayde moreouer: Euen thus are they (şt dwel vpon the whole earth) to loke vpon.
7 And beholde, there was lyft vp a talent of leade: & lo, a woman sat in şe myddest of şe measure.
8 And he sayde: thys is vngodlynes. So he cast her into the myddest of the measure, and threwe the lompe of leade into the mouth of the measure.
9 Then lyfte I vp myne eyes, & loked: and behold, there came out .ii. women, and şe wind was in their wynges (for they had wynges lyke the wynges of a storke) & they lyft vp şe measure betwixt the earth and şe heauen.
10 Then spake I to şe aungel that talked wt me: whyther wyl these beare şe measure?
11 And he sayd vnto me: into the lande of Synear to buyld them an house, whiche when it is prepared, the measure shalbe set there in his place.




1 Moreouer, I turned me, lyftyng vp myne eyes, and loked, & beholde, there came foure charetes out from betwyxte two hylles, whiche hylles were of brasse.
2 In the fyrst charret were red horses, in the second charet were black horses,
3 in the third charet were whyte horses, in the fourth charet were horses of dyuers colours and stronge
4 Then spake I, and sayde vnto the aungell that talked with me: O lord what are these.
5 The aungell answered, and sayde, vnto me. These are the .iiii. wyndes of the heauen, which be come forth to stande before the ruler of all the earth.
6 That with şe blacke horse wente into the lande of şe north, & the white folowed them, and the spekled horses wente forth towarde şe south.
7 These horses were very stronge, and wente out: & sought to go & take theyr iourney ouer the whole earth. And he sayde: get you hence, & go thorow the worlde. So they wente thorow out the world.
8 Then cryed he vpon me, and spake vnto me, sayeng: behold, these that go towarde şe north, shall styll my wrath in the north countre.
9 And the worde of şe Lord came vnto me, sayeng.
10 Take of şu presoners that are come from Babylon: namely, Heldai, Tobiah, & Idaia: & come thou şe same daye, & go into the house of Iosiah, the sonne of Sophony.
11 Then take golde & syluer, & make crownes therof, and set them vpon şe head of Iesua, the sonne of Iosedeh, the hye preste,
12 & speake vnto hym. Thus sayth the Lorde of hoostes. Behold, the man whose name is the braunche: & he şt shall sprynge vp after him, shall buylde vp şe temple of the Lorde,
13 yee, euen he shal buylde vp şe temple of the Lorde. He shall beare şe prayse, he shal syt vpon the Lordes trone, & haue the dominacyon. A preste shal he be also vpon his trone, & a peaceable councel shalbe betwixte them both.
14 And the crownes shalbe in the temple of the Lorde, for a remembraunce vnto Helem, Tobiah, Idaiah, and Hen the sonne of Sophony. And soch as be farre of, shal come & buylde the temple of the Lorde,
15 that ye maye knowe, how that şe Lorde of hoostes hath sent me vnto you. And thys shall come to passe, yf ye wyll herken dilygently vnto the voyce of the Lorde youre God.




1 It happened also in şe fourth yeare of kynge Darius, şt the worde of şe Lorde came vnto Zachary in the fourth daye of şe nynth moneth, which is called, Casleu:
2 what tyme as Sarasar & Rogomelech & the men şt were wt them sent vnto Bethell for to praye before the Lorde:
3 and that they shulde saye vnto the prestes, which were in the house of the Lord of hoostes, and to the prophetes. Shuld I wepe in the fyfth moneth, & absteyne as I haue done nowe certayne yeares?
4 Then came şe worde of şe Lorde of hoostes vnto me sayenge.
5 Speake vnto all the people of the land, and to the prestes, and saye: when ye fasted and mourned in şe fyfth & seuenth moneth (now this .lxx. yeares) dyd ye fast vnto me?
6 When ye dyd eate also and droncke, dyd ye not eate & dryncke for youre awne selues?
7 Are not these the wordes, which the Lorde spake by his prophetes afore tyme, when Ierusalem was yet inhabited and welthy, she and the cytyes rounde aboute her: when there dwelt men, both towarde the south and in the playne countrees?
8 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto Zachary, sayenge.
9 Thus sayeth the Lorde of hoostes. Execute true iudgement: shewe mercy & louynge kyndnesse, euery man to hys brother.
10 Do the wyddowe, the fatherles, the straunger, & poore no wrong: & let no man ymagen euel agaynst hys brother in hys herte.
11 Neuerthelesse, they wolde not take hede, but turned theyr backes, and stopped theyr eares, şt they shulde not heare:
12 yee, they made theyr hertes as an Adamant stone lest they shulde heare the lawe & wordes, which şe Lord of hoostes sent in hys holy sprete by şe prophetes afore tyme. Wherfore the Lord of hoostes was very wroth at them.
13 And thus is it come to passe: that lyke as he spake and they wolde not heare: euen so they cryed, and I wolde not heare (sayth the Lord of hoostes)
14 but scatered them amonge all Gentyles, whom they knewe not. Thus the lande was made so desolate, şe there trauayled no man in it nether to, ner fro, for şt pleasaunt lande was vtterly layed waste.




1 So the worde of şe Lord came vnto me, sayenge.
2 Thus sayth the Lord of hoostes. I was in a great gelousy ouer Sion, yee, I haue bene very gelous ouer her in a great dyspleasure
3 thus sayeth şe Lord of hoostes. I will turne me agayne vnto Syon, & wyll dwell in the myddest of Ierusalem: so that Ierusalem shalbe called a faythfull & true cytye, şe hyl of the Lorde of hoostes, yee, an holy hyll.
4 Thus sayth the Lorde of hoostes. There shall yet olde men & wemen dwel agayne in şe stretes of Ierusalem: yee, & soch as go wt staues in their handes for very age.
5 The stretes of şe cytye also shalbe full of yonge boyes and damselles, playinge vpon the strates.
6 Thus sayeth the Lord of hostes: yf şe resydue of this people thynke it to be vnpossible in these dayes, shuld it therfore be vnpossyble in my syght, sayth şe Lord of hoostes?
7 Thus sayth the Lorde of hoostes: Beholde, I will delyuer my people from şe lande of the east & west,
8 and wyll brynge them agayne: that they maye dwell at Ierusalem. They shalbe my people, & I wyll be theyr God, in treuth and ryghteousnesse.
9 Thus sayth the Lorde of hostes: let your handes be stronge, ye that now heare these wordes by şe mouth of şe prophetes, whych be in these dayes şt the foundacyon is layed vpon the Lord of hoostes house that the temple maye be builded.
10 For why? before these dayes, nether men ner catel coulde wynne eny thinge, nether myght eny man come in and out in rest, for trouble: but I lett euery man go agaynst his neyghboure.
11 Neuertheles, I wyll now intreate şe resydue of thys people nomore as afore tyme, sayth the Lord of hoostes,
12 but they shalbe a sede of peace. The vyneyarde shal geue her frute, şe grounde shall geue her increase, and the heauens shall geue theyr dewe: and I shall cause the remnaunt of thys people, to haue all these in possession.
13 And it shall come to passe, that lyke as ye were a curse amonge the Heathen (O ye house of Iuda, and ye house of Israel) Euen so wil I delyuer you, that ye shalbe a blessing: feare not, but let your handes be stronge.
14 For thus sayth the Lord of hoostes: lyke as I deuysed to punysh you, what tyme as your fathers prouoked me vnto wrath, sayeth şe Lord of hoostes, & spared not.
15 Euen so am I determined now in these dayes, for to do well vnto the house of Iuda & Ierusalem, therfore feare ye not.
16 Nowe şe thynges that ye shall do, are these: Speake euery man the treuth vnto hys neyghboure, execute iudgement truly, and peaceably wythyn your portes,
17 none of you ymagin euel in his herte agaynst hys neyghboure, and loue no false othes: for all these are şe thynges that I hate, sayeth the Lorde.
18 And the worde of the Lord of hoostes, came vnto me, sayeng:
19 thus sayeth the Lorde of hoostes. The fast of the fourth moneth, şe fast of the fifth, the fast of the seuenth, and the fast of the tenth, shall be ioye and gladnesse, and prosperous hye feastes vnto the house of Iuda: Onely, loue the treuth and peace.
20 Thus sayeth the Lord of hoostes. There shall yet come people, and the inhabiters of many cytyes,
21 & they that dwell in one cyte shal go to another, sayeng. Up, let vs go, & praye before şe Lorde, let vs seke şe Lorde of hoostes, I wyll go wt you:
22 yee, moch people & myghtye Heathen shal come & seke şe Lord of hoostes at Ierusalem, and to praye before şe Lord.
23 Thus sayeth şe Lord of hoostes. In şt tyme shall ten men (out of all maner of languages of the Gentyles) take one Iewe by the hemme of hys garment, & saye: we wyll go wt you, for we haue herde, that God is amonge you.




1 The worde of the Lorde shalbe receaued at Adrach, & Damascus shalbe hys offeryng: for the eyes of all men & of şe trybes of Israel shall loke vp vnto şe Lord.
2 The borders of Hemath shall be herde therby, Tirus also & Sidon, for they are very wyse,
3 Tirus shall make her self stronge, heape vp syluer as şe sande, & golde as şe claye of şe stretes.
4 Behold, şe Lord shal take her in, & haue her in possessyon: he shal smyte downe her power into şe see, and she shalbe consumed wt fyre.
5 This shall Ascalon se, & be afrayed. Gaza shalbe very sory, so shall Accaron also, because her hope is come to confusion. For şe kynge of Gaza shal perysh, & at Ascalon shall no man dwell.
6 Straungers shall dwell at Asdod, & as for şe pryde of the Philystynes, I shall rote it out.
7 Theyr bloude wyll I take awaye from theyr mouth, & theyr abhomynacyons from among theyr teeth. Thus they shalbe left for our God, yee, they shalbe as a prince in Iuda, & Accaron lyke as a Iebusy.
8 And so wyll I compase my house rounde about wt my men of warre goynge to & fro: that no oppressoure come vpon them eny more. For that haue I sene now with myne eyes.
9 Reioyce şu greatly, O daughter Syon be glad, O daughter Ierusalem. For lo, thy kynge commeth vnto the, euen the ryghteous and Sauioure, Lowly & symple is he, he rydeth vpon an asse, & vpon şe foale of an asse.
10 I will rote out şe charrettes from Ephraim, & the horse from Ierusalem, şe batel bowes shalbe destroyed. He shall geue the doctrine of peace vnto şe Heathen, & his dominyon shalbe from şe one see to şe other, & from the floudes to the endes of the worlde.
11 Thou also thorow the bloude of thy couenaunt: shalt let thy presoners out of the pitte wher in is no water.
12 Turne you now to şe stronge holde, ye şt be in preson, & longe sore to be deliuered. And this daye I bryng şe worde, şt I wyll rewarde şe double agayne.
13 For Iuda haue I bent out as a bowe for me & Ephraim haue I fylled. Thy sonnes, O Sion, will I rayse vp agaynst şe Grekes, & make şe as a gyauntes swearde:
14 şe Lorde God shalbe sene aboue them, & hys dartes shall go forth as şe lyghtenynge. The Lord God shall blowe the trompet, and shal come forth as a storme out of the south.
15 The Lord of hoostes shall defende them, they shal consume & deuoure, & subdue them with slynge stones. They shall dryncke & rage, as it were thorow wyne. They shalbe fylled lyke şe basens, & as şe hornes of şe aulter.
16 The Lord their God shal delyuer them in the daye, as şe flock of his people: ffor as precyous stones of a dyademe they shall be sett vp ouer his lande.
17 O how prosperous and goodly a thynge shal that be? The corne shall make şe yonge men chearefull, and the new wyne the maydens.




1 Praye the Lorde then by tymes to geue you şe latter rayne, so shal the Lorde make bright cloudes, and geue you rayne ynough for all the increase of the felde.
2 For vayne is the answere of Idols. The sothsayers se lyes, and tell but vayne dreames: the conforte that they geue, is nothyng worth. Therfore, go they astraye lyke a flocke of shepe, and are troubled, because they haue no shepherde.
3 My wroth full displeasure is moued at the shepherdes, & I will vyset the goates. For the Lorde of hostes will graciously viset his flock, the house of Iuda, and holde them as a goodly fayre horse in the batel.
4 Out of Iuda shal come the helmet the nayle the batelbowe, and all the princes together.
5 They shalbe as şe gyauntes, which in the batell treade downe the myre vpon the stretes. They shal fyght for the Lorde shalbe wyth them, so that the horsmen shalbe confounded.
6 I wyll comforte the house of Iuda, and preserue the house of Ioseph. I wyll turne them also, for I pitie them: and they shal be lyke as they were, when I had not cast them of. For I the Lorde am their God, and wyll heare them.
7 Ephraim shalbe as a gyaunt, and their hert shalbe chereful as thorow wyne: yee, their children shall se it, and be glad, and their hert shall reioyce in the Lorde.
8 I wyll blowe for them and gather them together, for I wyll redeme them. They shall increace, as they increased afore.
9 I wyll sowe them amonge the people, that they may thyncke vpon me in farre countrees: they shall lyue with their children, & turne agayne.
10 I wyll brynge them agayne also from the lande of Egypt, and gather them out of Assyria. I wyll carye them into the lande of Galaad & to Libanus and they shal wante nothinge.
11 He shall go vpon the see of trouble, & smyte the see waues: so that all the depe floudes shalbe dryed vp. The proude boastynge of Assur shalbe cast downe, and the sceptre of Egypte shall be taken awaye.
12 I wyll comforte them in the Lorde, that they maye walke in his name, sayeth the Lorde.




1 Open thy dores, O Libanus, that şe fyre maye consume thy Cedre trees.
2 Howle ye Fyrre trees for the Cedre is fallen, yee, all the proude are wasted awaye. Howle (O ye oke trees of Baasan) for the myghtye stronge wood is cut downe.
3 Men may heare the shepherdes mourne, for their glorye is destroyed. Men may heare the lyons whelpes roare, for the pryde of Iordane is wasted awaye.
4 Thus sayeth the Lorde my God: Fede the shepe of the slaughter,
5 whiche shalbe slayne of those şt possesse them: yet they take it for no sinne, but they that sell them, saye: The Lord be thancked, I am rich: yee, their awne shepherdes spare them not.
6 Therfore wyll I nomore spare those that dwell in the lande, (sayeth the Lorde) but lo, I wil deliuer the people, euery man into his neyghbours hande and into the hande of his kynge: that they maye smyte the lande, and out of their handes I wyll not delyuer them.
7 I my selfe fedde şe slaughter shepe (a poore flocke verely) and toke vnto me two staues: the one is called louyng mekenesse, the other is called destroyer, and so kepte the shepe.
8 Thre shepherdes I putt out of offyce in one moneth, for I myght not awaye wyth them, nether had they eny delyte in me.
9 Then sayde I: I wyll fede you nomore şe thynge that dyeth, let it dye: and that wyll perysh, let it perish, and let the remnaunt eate, euery one the fleshe of his neyghboure.
10 I toke also my louynge meke staff, and brake it, şt I myght disanull the couenaunt, which I made wyth all people.
11 And so it was broken in that daye. Then the poore symple shepe that had a respect vnto me, knewe therby, that it was the worde of the Lorde.
12 And I sayde vnto them: yf ye thinck it good, bring hyther my pryce: yf no, then leaue. So they wayed downe .xxx. syluer pens, the value şt I was prysed at.
13 And the Lorde said vnto me: cast it vnto the potter (a goodly pryce for me to be valued at of them) and I toke the .xxx. syluer pens, and cast them to the potter in şe house of the Lorde.
14 Then brake I my other staf also (namely destroyer) şt I might lowse şe brotherhead betwixt Iuda and Israel.
15 And the Lorde sayde vnto me. Take şe also the staff of a foolysh shepherde:
16 for lo, I wyl rayse vp a shepherde in the lande, which shal not seke after şe thinges that be lost, ner care for such as go astraye: he shal not heale şe wounded, he shall not norysh the thinge that is whole: but he shal eate the flesh of soch as be fat, and teare theyr clawes in peces.
17 O Idols shepherde, that leaueth the flocke. The swerde shall come vpon hys arme and vpon hys ryght eye. Hys arme shalbe cleane dryed vp, and hys ryght eye shalbe sore blynded.




1 The heuy burthen which şe Lorde hath deuysed for Israell. Thus sayeth the Lorde which spred the heauens abrode, layde the foundacion of the earth and geueth man the breath of lyfe.
2 Beholde, I wyll make Ierusalem a cuppe of surfet, vnto all the people that are rounde about her. Yee, Iuda hym selfe also shalbe in the sege agaynst Ierusalem.
3 At the same tyme wyll I make Ierusalem an heuy stone for al people, so that al soch as lyft it vp, shalbe toarne and rente, and all the people of the earth shalbe gathered together agaynst it.
4 In that daye, sayeth the Lorde, I wyll make all horses abashed, and those that ryde vpon them, to be out of their wittes. I wyl open myne eyes vpon the house of Iuda, and smyte all şe horses of the people with blindnesse.
5 And the princes of Iuda shall saye in their hertes. The inhabyters of Ierusalem shall geue me consolacion in the Lorde of hostes their God.
6 In that tyme will I make şe princes of Iuda lyke an hote burnynge ouen with wood, and lyke a cresset of fyre among the strawe: so that they shall consume all şe people rounde aboute them, both vpon the ryght hande & the left. Ierusalem also shalbe inhabyted agayne: namely, in the same place where Ierusalem standeth.
7 The Lorde shall preserue the tentes of Iuda lyke as a fore tyme: so şt the glory of the house of Dauid: & the glory of the cytesyns of Ierusalem, shalbe but lytle regarded, in comparison of şe glory of Iuda.
8 In that daye shall the Lorde defende şe cytesyns of Ierusalem: so that the weakest then amonge them shalbe as Dauid: and the house of Dauid shalbe lyke as Gods house, and as the Aungell of the Lorde before them.
9 At the same tyme will I go about to destroye all soch people as come against Ierusalem.
10 Moreouer, vpon the house of Dauid and vpon the cytesyns of Ierusalem will I poure out the sprete of grace & compassion, so şt they shall loke vpon me, whom they haue pearsed: & they shal bewepe him as men mourne for their only begotten sonne: yee, & be sory for him, as men are sory for their first chyld.
11 Then shall there be a great mournyng at Ierusalem, lyke as the lamentacion at Adremnon in the felde of Maggadon.
12 And the lande shall bewayle euery kinred by them selues. The kinred of şe house of Dauid them selues alone, and their wiues by them selues:
13 The kynred of the house of Nathan them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues. The kynred of the house of Leui them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues. The kynred of the house of Semei them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues.
14 In lyke maner, all şe other generacions euerychone by them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues.




1 In that tyme shall the house of Dauid and the cytesyns of Ierusalem haue an open well, to wash of synne and vnclennesse.
2 And then (sayeth the Lorde of hostes) I wyll destroye the names of Idoles out of the lande: so that they shall nomore be put in remembraunce. As for the false prophetes also, and the vnclene sprete, I shall take them out of şe lande.
3 So that yf any of them prophecye any more, his awne father and mother that begat him, shall saye vnto him. Thou shalt dye for thou speakest lyes vnder the name of şe Lorde: yee, his awne father and mother that begat him, shall wounde him, when he prophecieth.
4 And then shall those prophetes be confounded, euery one of his vision when he prophecieth: nether shal they were sack clothes any more, to disceaue men with all.
5 But he shall be fayne to saye: I am no Prophet: I am an husbandeman, for so am I taught by Adam fro my youth vp.
6 And yf it be sayde vnto hym: how came these woundes then in thine handes? He shal answere. Thus am I wounded in the house of myne awne frendes.
7 Aryse, O thou swearde, vpon my shepherde, and vpon the Prince of my people, saieth the Lorde of hostes. Smyte the shepherd, and the shepe shalbe scatred abrode, and so wyll I turne myne hande to the lytle ones.
8 And it shall come to passe (sayeth şe Lorde) that in all the land two partes shalbe roted out, but the thyrde parte shall remayne therin.
9 And the same thyrde parte wyll I bringe thorow şe fire, & wil clense them, as the siluer is clensed: yee, & trye them lyke as golde is tryed. Then shall they call vpon my name and I will heare them: I wyll saye: it is my people. And they shal saye: Lorde my God.




1 Beholde, şe daye of the Lorde commeth, that şu shalt be spoyled and robbed,
2 for I will gather together all şe Heathen to fight agaynst Ierusalem: so şt the citie shalbe wonne, the houses spoyled, and the wemen defiled. The halfe of the citie shal go awaye into captiuite, and the residue of the people shal not be caried out of the citie.
3 After that shall şe Lorde go forth to fight agaynst those Heathen, as men vse to fyght in şe daye of battel.
4 Then shall his fete stand vpon şe mount olyuete, that lyeth vpon şe east syde of Ierusalem. And şe mount olyuete shall cleue in two, eastwarde and westwarde, so şt there shalbe a great valley, and the halfe mount shall remoue towarde şe north, & the other towarde the south.
5 And ye shall fle vnto şe valley of my hylles, for the valley of the hylles shall reach vnto Asal. Yee, fle shall ye lyke as ye fled for the earthquake in şe dayes of Osiah kynge of Iuda. And the Lord my God shal come, & al saintes wt him.
6 In that daye shal it not be lyghte, other cleare or dymme.
7 This shalbe that speciall daye whiche is knowne vnto şe Lord; nether day ner nyght but about the euenyng tyme it shalbe light.
8 In that tyme shall there waters of lyfe runne out from Ierusalem: the halfe potte of them towarde the east see, and şe other halfe towarde the vttermost see, and shall continue both somer and wynter.
9 And the Lorde hym selfe shalbe kynge ouer all the earth. At şt tyme shall there be one Lord onely, & his name shalbe but one.
10 Men shall go about the whole erth, as vpon a felde: from Gibea to Rennon, & from the south to Ierusalem. She shalbe set vp, & inhabited in her place: from BenIamyns porte, vnto şe place of the fyrst porte, & vnto the corner porte: & from the tower of Hananeell, vnto the kinges wyne presses.
11 There shal men dwel, & there shalbe no more cursinge, but Ierusalem shalbe safely inhabited.
12 This shalbe the plage, wherwith the Lorde will smyte all pleople, şt haue fought agaynst Ierusalem. Namely, their flesh shall cosume awaye, though they stande vpon their fete, their eyes shalbe corrupt in their holes and their tunge shal consume in their mouth.
13 In that daye shall şe Lorde make a great sedicion amonge them, so şt one man shall take another by the hande, & laye his handes vpon the handes of his neyghboure.
14 Iuda shall fyght also against Ierusalem, & the goodes of all şe Heathen shalbe gathered together round aboute: golde & syluer & a very great multitude of clothes.
15 And so shall this plage goo ouer horsses, mules, camels, asses, & all the beastes şt shalbe in şe host, lyke as yonder plage was.
16 Euery one şt remayneth then of all the people, which cam agaynst Ierusalem, shall go vp yerly, to worshyppe the kynge (euen the Lorde of hostes) and to kepe the feast of tabernacles.
17 And loke what generacion vpon the earth goeth vp to Ierusalem for to worshyp the kynge (euen the Lorde of hostes) vpon the same shall come no rayne.
18 Yf the kynred of Egypte go not vp, & come not, it shall not rayne vpon them nether. This shalbe şe plage wher wt the Lorde wil smyte all şe Heathen, şt come not vp to kepe şe feast of tabernacles:
19 yee, this shalbe şe synne plage of Egipt & şe sinne plage of al people şt go not vp to kepe şe feast of tabernacles.
20 At that tyme shall the rydyng gere of the horses be holy vnto the Lorde, & the kettels in the Lordes house shall be lyke the basens before the aulter:
21 yee, al the kettels in Ierusalem and Iuda, shalbe holy vnto the Lorde of hostes: and all they that slaye offeringes, shall come & take of them, & dyght them there in. And at that tyme there shall be no mo Cananites in the house of the Lorde.