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1 Paul the seruaunt of God, and apostle of Iesu Christ accordinge to the fayth of goddes electe, and accordynge to the knowledge of the trueth, which is after godlynes
2 in şe hope of eternall lyfe, which God (that cannot lye) promysed before the worlde beganne:
3 but hath opened his worde at the tyme appoynted thorowe preachinge, which is commytted vnto me, accordynge to the commaundement of God oure saueoure.
4 To Tytus hys naturall sonne after the commen fayth. Grace mercy & peace from God şe father & from the Lorde Iesu Christ oure saueoure.
5 For this cause left I the in Creta, şt thou shuldest refourme the thynges that are vnperfect, & shuldest ordeyne elders in euery cytie, as I had appoynted the.
6 If eny be blamelesse, the husband of one wyfe, hauynge faythfull children, which are not slaundred of ryote, nether are disobedient.
7 For a bysshope must be blamesse, as şe stewarde of God: not stubborne, not angrye not geuen to moch wyne, no fyghter, not geuen to fylthy lucre:
8 but a keper of hospitalite, one that loueth goodnes sobre, ryghteous, godly, temperat,
9 and such as cleueth vnto şe true worde of doctryne, that he maye be able also to exhorte by wholsome learnynge, & to improue them that saye agaynst it.
10 For ther are many vnruely and talkers of vanite, and disceauers of myndes, specially they that are of the circumcision,
11 whose mouthes must be stopped which peruert whole houses, teachinge thinges which they ought not, because of fylthy lucre.
12 One of them selues (euen a prophete of their awne) sayde: The Cretyans are all wayes lyars, euyll beastes, slowe belyes.
13 Thys wytnes is true: wherfore rebuke thou them sharply, that they maye be sounde in şe fayth,
14 not takynge hede to Iewes fables and commaundementes of men that turne awaye the trueth.
15 Unto şe pure, are all thynges pure: but vnto them that are defyled and vnbeleuynge, is nothynge pure: but euen the mynde and conscience of them is defyled.
16 They confesse şt they knowe God: but with the dedes they denye hym seinge they are abominable and disobedient, & vnapte vnto euery good worcke.




1 But speake thou the thinges which become wholsome learning.
2 That the elder men be sober sage, discrete, sounde in the fayth, in loue, in pacyence:
3 the elder wemen lykewyse, that they be in soche rayment as be commeth holynes, not beynge false accusars, not geuen to moch wyne, but that they teache honest thynges,
4 to make the younge wemen sobre mynded, to loue theyr husbandes, to loue their chyldren,
5 to be discrete, chast, huswyfly good, obedient vnto their husbandes, that the worde of God be not euyll spoken of.
6 Yonge men lykewyse exhorte, that they be sobre mynded.
7 In all thinges shewe thy selfe an ensample of good worckes in şe doctryne, with honestie, grauytie, & with the wholsome
8 worde which cannot be rebuked: that he which withstandeth, maye be ashamed, hauinge no euell thynge to saye of you.
9 Exhort seruauntes, to be obedient vnto their awne masters, & to please them in all thinges, not answering agayne,
10 nether to be pickers, but şt they shewe all good faythfulnes, şt they maye do worshippe to the doctrine of God oure saueoure in all thynges.
11 For the grace of God, şt bryngeth saluacyon vnto all men, hath appeared
12 and teacheth vs şt we shulde denye vngodlynes and worldy lustes, & that we shulde lyue soberly, and ryghteously, and godly in thys present worlde,
13 lokynge for şe blessed hope & appearinge of the glory of the greate God, & of oure sauioure Iesu Christ,
14 whych gaue him selfe for vs, to redeme vs from all vnryghtewesnes, and to pourge vs a peculyer people vnto hym selfe feruently geuen vnto good workes.
15 These thynges speake, and exhorte, and rebuke, with all feruentnes of commaundynge. Se that no man despyse the.




1 Warne them that they submytte them selues to rule & power: that they obey the officers: that they be ready vnto euery good worke:
2 şt they speake euyll of no man: that they be no fyghters, but gentle, shewynge all mekenes vnto all men.
3 For we oure selues also were somtyme foolyshe dysobedient, deceaued, seruynge diuerse lustes and volupteousnes, lyuynge in maliciousnes and enuye, full of hate, hatynge one another.
4 But after that the kyndnes and loue of oure saueoure God to man warde appeared,
5 not by şe dedes of rightewesnes which we wrought, but accordynge to hys mercye he saued vs by the fountayne of the newe byrth, and renuynge of the holy goost,
6 which he shedd on vs abountdantly, thorowe Iesus Christ oure saueoure,
7 that we iustifyed by hys grace, shulde be made heyres accordinge to şe hope of eternall lyfe,
8 Thys is a true sayinge. Of these thynges I wyll that thou certifye, that they which beleue in God, myght be diligent to go forwarde in good workes. For these thynges are good and profitable vnto men,
9 Folysshe questyons, and genealogies, and braulynge, thorowe stryuinges aboute şe lawe, auoyde? for they are vnprofytable and superfluous.
10 A man that is an auctor offectes, after the fyrst & the seconde admonycion auoyde:
11 knowynge, that he (that is soche) is peruerted & synneth euen damned by hym selfe.
12 When I shall sende Artemas vnto şe, or Tychicus, be diligent, to come to me vnto Nichopolis: For I haue determined there to winter,
13 Bringe Zenas the lawear & Apollos on their iorney diligently, that nothynge be lackynge vnto them.
14 And let oures also learne to excell in good workes, as farforth as nede requyreth, that they be not vnfrutefull.
15 All şt are with me, salute the. Grete them şt loue vs in the fayth. Grace be with you all. Amen.