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1 The reuelacyon of Iesus Christ which God gaue vnto him, for to shewe vnto hys seruauntes, thynges whych muste shortely come to passe. And whan he had sent, he shewed by hys Angell vnto his seruaunt Iohn,
2 which bare recorde of the worde of God, and of the testymony of Iesus Christ, and of all thynges that he sawe.
3 Happy is he that readith, and they that heare the wordes of the prophesy, and kepe those thynges which are written therin. For the tyme is at hande.
4 Iohn to the seuen congregacions in Asia . Grace be vnto you and peace, from him which is and which was, and which is to come, & from the seuen spretes which are before his trone,
5 & from Iesus Christ, which is a faythfull wytnes, & fyrst begotten of the deed: & Lorde ouer the kynges of the erth. Unto him that loued vs, and wesshed vs from oure synnes in hys awne bloude,
6 & made vs kynges and Prestes vnto God his father, be glory and dominion for euermore. Amen.
7 Beholde, he cometh with cloudes, & all eyes shall se him, & they also which pearsed him. And all kynredes of the erth shall wayle. Euen so: Amen.
8 I am Alpha and Omega, the begynnyng and şe endynge, sayth the Lorde almyghty, which is and which was, and which is to come.
9 I Iohn youre brother, and companion in tribulacion, and in the kyngdome & pacience in Iesu Christ, was in the yle that is called Pathmos, for şe worde of God, and for the witnessing of Iesu Christ:
10 I was in the sprete on a sondaye, & herde behynde me a great voyce, as it had bene of a trompe,
11 sayinge: I am Alpha and Omega, the fyrst and the laste. That thou seyst, wryte in a boke, and sende it vnto the seuen congregacions which are in Asia, vnto Ephesus, & vnto Smyrna and vnto Pergamos, and vnto Thiatira, and vnto Sardis, & vnto Philadelphia, and vnto Laodicia.
12 And I turned backe to se the voyce that spake to me. And when I was turned: I sawe seuen golden candelstickes,
13 & in the myddes of the candelstickes, one lyke vnto the sonne of man, clothed with a lynnen garment downe to the fete, and gyrd about the pappes wt a golden gyrdle.
14 His heed, & his heares were whyte, as whyte woll, & as snowe and hys eyes were as a flame of fyre:
15 & hys fete lyke vnto brasse, as though they brent in a fornace, and his voyce as the sounde of many waters.
16 And he had in his ryghte hande .vii. starres. And out of his mouthe went a sharpe two edged swearde. And his face shone, euen as the sonne in his strength.
17 And when I saw him, I fell at his fete. euen as deed. And he layde his ryghte hande vpon me, saying vnto me: feare not. I am şe fyrst & the laste,
18 & and am a lyue, and was deed. And beholde I am a lyue for euermore & haue şe keyes of hell & of deeth.
19 Wryte therfore the thynges which thou hast sene, and the thynges which are, and the thinges which must be fulfylled here after:
20 şe mistery of the .vii. starres which thou sawest in my ryght hande, and the .vii. golden candelstickes. The .vii. starres are the messengers of the .vii. congregacions, And the seuen candelstickes which thou sawest, are the seuen congregacyons.




1 Unto the messenger of şe congregacyon of Ephesus wryte: these thynges sayth he, that holdeth the seuen starres in hys ryght hande, and that walketh in the myddes of the seuen golden candelstickes.
2 I knowe thy workes, and thy labour, & thy pacience, and how thou cannest not forbeare them whych are euyll: and hast examined them whych saye they are Apostles, and are not: & hast founde them lyars,
3 & hast suffred. And hast pacience: and for my names sake hast labored, and hast not faynted.
4 Neuerthelesse, I haue sum what agaynst the, because thou haste lefte thy fyrst loue.
5 Remember therfore from whence thou art fallen, & repent, and do the fyrst worckes. Or elles I wyll come vnto the shortly, & wyll remoue thy candelsticke out of his place, except thou repent.
6 But this thou hast, because thou hatest the dedes of the Nycolaitans, which dedes I also hate.
7 Lett hym that hath eares, heare what the sprete sayth vnto şe congregacyons. To hym that ouercommeth, wyll I geue to eate of the tre of lyfe, which is in şe myddes of the Paradyse of God.
8 And vnto the angell of the congregacyon of Smyrna wryte: These thynges sayth he that is fyrst, & the laste, which was deed, and is alyue.
9 I know thy workes & tribulacyon and pouerte, but thou art ryche. And I knowe şe blasphemy of them, whych call them selues Iewes & are not: but are the congregacyon of Sathan.
10 Feare none of those thynges, which thou shalt suffre. Beholde, the deuyll shall caste some of you into preson, to tempte you, & ye shall haue tribulacyon ten dayes. Be faythfull vnto şe deeth, and I wyll geue the a croune of lyfe.
11 Let hym that hath eares, heare, what şe sprete sayth to the congregacyons. He that ouercommeth, shall not be hurt of the seconde deeth.
12 And to the messenger of the congregacyon in Pergamos wryte: This sayth he, which hath the sharpe swearde with two edges:
13 I knowe thy workes, & where thou dwellest, euen where Sathanas seat is, and thou kepest my name, & hast not denyed my fayth. And in my dayes Antipas was a faythfull wytnes of myne, whych was slayne amonge you, where Sathan dwelleth.
14 But I haue a fewe thynges agaynst şe: because thou hast there, them that mayntayne şe doctrine of Balam which taught in Balake, to put occasyon of synne before the chyldren of Israel , şt they shulde eate of meate dedycat vnto ydoles, and commyt fornycacyon.
15 Euen so hast thou them that mayntayne şe doctryne of the Nycolaitans, which thynge I hate.
16 But be conuerted, or elles I wyll come vnto şe shortly, and wyll fight agaynst them with şe swearde of my mouth.
17 Let hym that hath eares, heare, what şe sprete sayth vnto şe congregacyons. To hym that ouercommeth, wyll I geue to eate Manna that is hyd, & wyll geue hym a whyte stone, & in the stone a newe name wrytten, which no man knoweth, sauynge he that receaueth it.
18 And vnto şe messenger of şe congregacyon of Thyatira wryte. Thys sayth the sonne of God, which hath eyes lyke vnto a flamme of fyre, & hys fete are lyke brasse:
19 I knowe thy workes, & thy loue, seruyce, and fayth; and thy pacience, & thy dedes, which are mo at the last then at the fyrst.
20 Notwith standynge I haue a feaw thynges agaynst the, because thou sufferest that woman Iesabell, which called her selfe a Prophetise, to teache & to deceaue my seruauntes, to make them commyt fornycacyon, & to eate meates offered vp vnto ydoles.
21 And I gaue her space to repent of her fornycacyon, & she repented not.
22 Beholde, I wyll cast her into a beed: & them that commyt fornycacyon with her into gret aduersytie, excepte they turne from their deades.
23 And I wyll kyll her chyldren with deeth. And all the congregacyons shall knowe, that I am he which searcheth the reynes & hertes. And I wyll geue vnto euery one of you acordynge vnto hys workes.
24 Unto you I saye, and vnto other of them of Thyatira, as many as haue not this lernyng & which haue not knowen the depnes of Sathan (as they saye) I wyll put vpon you none other burthen,
25 but şt which ye haue already. Holde fast tyll I come,
26 & whosoeuer ouercommeth & kepeth my workes vnto the ende, to hym wyll I geue power ouer nacyons,
27 & he shall rule them wt a rodde of yron: & as şe vessels of a potter, shall they be broken to sheuers. Euen as I receaued of my father,
28 so wyll I geue hym the mornynge starre.
29 Let hym that hath eares, heare, what şe sprete sayth to the congregacyons.




1 And wryte vnto the messenger of şe congregacion şt is at Sardis : this sayth he şt hath şe seuen spretes of God & the seuen starres. I know thy workes, thou hast a name that thou lyuest, and thou art deed.
2 Be awake, and strength the thynges which remayne, şt are redy to dye. For I haue not founde thy worckes perfayete before God.
3 Remember therfore, how thou hast receaued & heard, & hold faste, & repent. If thou shalt not watche, I wyll come on the as a thefe, & thou shalt not know what houre I wyll come vpon the.
4 Thou hast a feawe names in Sardys, whych haue not defyled theyr garmentes, & they shall walke wyth me in whyte, for they are worthy.
5 He that ouercommeth, shalbe thus clothed in whyte araye, and I wyll not put out his name out of the boke of lyfe, and I wyll confesse hys name before my father, and before hys Angels.
6 Let hym that hath eares, heare, what the sprete sayth vnto the congregacyons.
7 And wryte vnto the angell of the congregacion of Phyladelphia: this sayth he that is holy and true, which hath şe keye of Dauid: whych openeth and no man shutteth, and shutteth, & no man openeth.
8 I knowe thy worckes. Beholde, I haue set before the an open dore, and no man can shut it, for thou hast a lytell strength, & haste kept my sayinges: & hast not denyed my name.
9 Beholde, I make them of the congregacyon of Sathan, whych call them selues Iewes, and are not, but do lye: Beholde, I wyll make them that they shall come, and worshypp before thy fete: and shall knowe, that I haue loued the.
10 Because thou hast kept şe wordes of my pacyence, therfore I wyll kepe the from the houre of temptacyon, which wyll come vpon all the worlde, to tempte them that dwell vpon şe erth.
11 Beholde, I come shortly. Holde that which thou hast, that no man take awaye thy crowne.
12 Hym that ouercommeth, wyll I make a pyllar in the temple of my God, & he shall go nomore out, And I wyll wryte vpon hym, the name of my God and the name of the cytye of my God, new Ierusalem: whych commeth downe out of heauen from my God, and I wyll wryte vpon hym my new name.
13 Let hym that hath eares, heare, what the sprete sayth vnto the congregacyons.
14 And vnto şe messenger of şe congregacyon whych is in Laodicia, wryte: This sayth (Amen) the faythfull and true wytnes, the begynnyng of şe creatures of God.
15 I know thy workes, that thou art nether colde nor hotte: I wolde şu were colde or hotte.
16 So then because thou arr betwene bothe, and nether colde ner hote, I wyll spewe the out of my mouth,
17 because thou sayest: I am ryche & incresyd wyth goodes, and haue nede of nothyng, and knowest not, how thou art wretched & myserable, and poore, & blynde and nakyd.
18 I counsell the to bye of me, golde tryed in the fyre, that thou mayste be ryche: and whyte rayment, that thou mayste be clothed, şt thy fylthy nakednes do not appeare, & anoynt thyne eyes wyth eye salue that thou mayste se.
19 As many as I loue, I rebuke, & chasten, Be feruent therfore, and repent.
20 Beholde, I stande at the dore, & knocke. If eny man heare my voyce, and open the dore, I wyll come in to hym, and wyll suppe with hym, and he with me.
21 To hym that ouercommeth wyll I graunte to syt with me in my seate, euen as I ouercam, & haue sytten with my father in his seate.
22 Lett hym that hath eares heare, what the sprete sayth vnto şe congregacyons.




1 After this I loked, and beholde a dore was open in heauen, and the fyrst voyce whych I hearde, was as it were of a trompett talkynge wyth me, whych sayde: come vp hyther, and I wyll shewe the thynges: whych must be fulfylled hereafter.
2 And immediatly I was in the sprete: & beholde, a seate was sett in heauen, and one sate on the seate.
3 And he that sat, was to loke vpon, lyke vnto a Iasper stone and a Sardyne stone. And ther was a rayne bowe aboute şe seate, in syght lyke to an Emeralde.
4 And aboute şe seate were .xxiiii. seates. And vpon the seates .xxiiii. elders syttyng, clothed in whyte rayment, and had on theyr heades crownes of golde.
5 And out of the seate proceded lyghtnynges, & thundrynges, & voyces, & ther were seuen lampes of fyre, burnynge before the seate, whych are the seuen spretes of God,
6 And before şe seate ther was a see of glasse, lyke vnto Cristal, and in the myddes of the seate, & rounde about the seate were foure beastes full of eyes before & behynde.
7 And the fyrst beast was lyke a lyon , & the seconde beaste lyke a calfe, & the thyrde beast had a face as a man, & the fourth beast was lyke a flyinge Egle.
8 And şe foure beastes had eche one of them .vi. wynges about hym, & they were full of eyes wt in. And they had no rest daye nether nyght saying. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almyghty, whych was, and is, and is to come.
9 And when those beastes gaue glory and honour & thankes to hym şt sate on the seate, (which lyueth for euer & euer)
10 the .xxiiii. elders fell downe before hym şt sat on şe trone & worshypped hym that lyueth for euer & cast theyr crounes before şe trone saying:
11 thou arte worthy o Lord to receaue glory, & honoure, and power, for thou hast created all thynges, & for thy willes sake they are, & were created.




1 And I sawe in şe ryght hande of hym that sat in the trone, a boke written with in & on the backsyde, sealed with seuen seales.
2 And I sawe a stronge angell, which preached wt a lowde voyce: Who is worthy to open the boke, & to lose şe seales therof.
3 And no man in heauen ner in erth nether vnder şe erth, was able to open şe boke, nether to loke theron.
4 And I wepte moch because no man was founde worthy to open & to reade the boke, nether to loke theron.
5 And one of the elders sayde vnto me wepe not: Beholde, a lyon of şe trybe of Iuda, the rote of Dauid, hath obtayned to open the boke, and to lose the seuen seales therof.
6 And I behelde, and lo, in the myddes of the seate, and of the foure bestes, and in şe myddes of the elders, stode a lambe as though he had bene kylled, hauynge seuen hornes, and seuen eyes, whych are the seuen spretes of God, sent into all the worlde.
7 And he came, and toke the boke out of the ryght hande of him that sate vpon the seate.
8 And when he had taken şe boke, the foure beastes and .xxiiii. elders fell downe before şe lambe, hauyng (euery one of them) harpes & golden vialles full of odoures, which are the prayers of saynctes,
9 & they songe a new songe, saying: thou art worthy to take the boke, & to open the seales therof: for şu wast kylled, & hast redemed vs by thy bloud out of all kynredes, & tonges, & people, & nacyons,
10 and hast made vs vnto oure God, kynges, and prestes, & we shall raygne on the erth.
11 And I behelde, and I hearde the voyce of many angels about the trone, & about the beaste & the elders, and I hearde thousand thousandes,
12 saying wt a lowde voyce: Worthy is the lambe that was kylled to receaue power, & ryches, & wysdome, and strength, and honour, & glory, & blessynge.
13 And all şe creatures whych are in heauen, & on şe erth, & vnder the erth, & in the see, & all that are in them, herde I sayinge, blessyng, honour, glory, & power be vnto hym that sytteth vpon şe seate, & vnto the lambe for euermore.
14 And the foure beastes sayd: Amen. And the .xxiiii. elders fell vpon their faces, and worshypped hym that lyueth for euermore.




1 And I sawe, when the lambe opened one of şe seales, and I herde one of the foure beastes saye, as it were şe noyse of thonder: come & se:
2 and I sawe. And beholde ther was a whyte horsse: and he that sat on hym, had a bowe, and a crowne was geuen vnto hym, and he went forth conqueryng & for to ouer come.
3 And when he had opened the seconde seale. I herde the seconde beaste, saye: come and se.
4 And ther went out another horsse that was redd, & power was geuen to hym that satt theron, to take peace from the erth, & that they shuld kyll one another. And ther was geuen vnto hym a great swearde.
5 And when he had opened the thyrde seale I herde şe thyrde beaste saye, come & se. And I behelde, & lo, a black horsse: & he that sate on him, had a payre of balances in his hande.
6 And I herde a voyce in şe myddes of şe foure beastes, saye: a measure of whete for a peny, & thre measures of barly for a peny and oyle and wyne se thou hurte not.
7 And when he had opened the fourth seale, I herde the voyce of şe fourth beaste saye, come and se:
8 & I looked. And behold a pale horsse: & his name that sate on him was deeth, & hell folowed after hym, & power was geuen vnto them ouer şe fourth parte of şe erth, to kyll wyth swearde, & wyth honger, & wyth deeth that commeth of vermen of the erth.
9 And when he had opened the fyft seale, I saw vnder şe aultre the soules of them that were kylled for şe worde of God, & for şe testymony whych they had,
10 & they cryed with a lowde voyce, sayinge: How longe taryest thou Lord, holy & true, to iudge & to auenge oure bloud on them şt dwel on şe erth?
11 And longe whyte garmentes were geuen vnto euery one of them. And it was sayde vnto them, that they shuld reste yet for a lytle season vntyll the nomber of theyr felowes, and brethren, & of them şt shulde be kylled as they were, were fulfylled.
12 And I behelde, when he had opened the syxt seale: & lo, ther was a great erthquake and the sunne was as blacke as sacke cloth made of heere. And şe mone wexed all, euen as bloud,
13 and the starres of heauen fell vnto the erth, euen as a fygge tree casteth from her vntymely fygges, when she is shaken of a myghty wynde.
14 And heauen vanisshed awaye, as a scroll when it is rolled to gether. And all mountaynes and yles, were moued out of theyr places.
15 And şe kynges of the erth, and the gret men, and the ryche men, and şe chefe captaynes, & the myghty men, & euery bondman, and euery free man, hyd them selues in dennes, and in rockes of the hylles:
16 and sayde to the hylles and rockes: fall on vs, & hyde vs from the presence of hym that sytteth on the seate, and from the wrath of the lambe:
17 for the grete daye of his wrath is come, and who is able to endure?




1 And after that, I sawe .iiii. angels stande on the .iiii. corners of şe erth holdynge şe foure wyndes of the erth, şt şe wynde shuld not blowe on şe erth, nether on şe see, nether on eny tree.
2 And I sawe another angell ascende from the rysynge of the sunne, which had şe seale of the lyuyng God, & he cryed wyth a loude voyce to şe foure Angels (to whom power was geuen to hurte şe erth & the see)
3 saying: hurt not the erth nether the see, nether the trees, tyll we haue sealed the seruauntes of oure God in their forheades.
4 And I hearde şe nombre of them whych were sealed, & ther were sealed an .C. & .xliiii.M. of all the trybes of the chyldren of Israel .
5 Of the trybe of Iuda were sealed .xii.M. Of the trybe of Ruben were sealed .xii.M. Of the trybe of Gad were sealed .xii.M.
6 Of the trybe of Aser were sealed .xii.M. Of şe trybe of Neptali were sealed .xii.M. Of şe tryb of Manasses were sealed .xii.M.
7 Of şe trybe of Symeon were sealed .xii.M. Of the trybe of Leuy were sealed .xii.M. Of the trybe of Isacar were sealed .xii.M.
8 Of şe trybe of Zabulon were sealed .xii.M. Of the trybe of Ioseph were sealed .xii.M. Of şe trybe of Beniamin were sealed .xii.M.
9 After this I behelde, & lo, a gret multitude (which noman coulde nombre) of all nacyons & people, & tonges, stode before şe seate, & before şe lambe, clothed with longe white garmentes, & palmes in their handes,
10 & cryed with a lowde voyce, sayinge: saluacyon be asscribed to him that sytteth vpon şe seate of oure God, & vnto şe lambe.
11 And all the angels stode in the compase of the seate, & of şe elders & of şe foure bestes, & fell before the seat on their faces, and worshypped God,
12 sayinge, Amen: Blessinge & glory & wysdome & thankes, and honour, & power, & myght, be vnto oure God for euermore. Amen.
13 And one of the elders answered, sayinge vnto me: what are these which are arayed in longe whyte garmentes, & whence came they?
14 And I sayde vnto him: Lord thou wotest. And he sayde to me: these are they, whych came out of great tribulacyon, & made their garmentes large, & made them white by the bloude of şe lambe:
15 therfore are they in the presence of şe seate of God & serue hym daye & nyght in his temple, & he that sytteth in the seate wyll dwell amonge them.
16 They shall honger no more, nether thyrst, nether shall the sunne lyght on them, nether eny heate.
17 For şe lambe whych is in şe myddes of şe seate, shall fede them, & shall leade them vnto fountaynes of lyuynge water, & God shall wype awaye all teares from their eyes.




1 And when he had opened the seuenth seale, ther was sylence in heauen aboute the space of halfe an houre.
2 And I sawe .vii. angelles standyng before God, & to them were geuen seuen trompettes.
3 And another angell came & stode before şe aultre, hauynge a golden senser, & moch of odoures was geuen vnto him, that he shulde offre of the prayers of all saynctes vpon the golden aulter, whych was before şe seate.
4 And the smoke of the odoures whych cam of the prayers of all saynctes, ascended vp before God out of the Angelles hande.
5 And şe Angell toke the senser, and fylled it wyth fyre of the aulter, and caste it into the erth, and voyces were made, & thondrynges & lyghtnynges, and erthquake.
6 And şe seuen Angels whych had şe seuen trompettes, prepared them selues to blowe.
7 The fyrst Angell blewe, & there was made hayle & fyre, which were myngled wt bloud, & they were cast into şe erth: & şe thirde parte of trees was burnt, and all grene grasse was brent.
8 And şe seconde angell blewe: & as it were a gret mountayne burnyng wt fyre was caste into the see, and şe thyrde parte of the see tourned to bloude,
9 and the thyrde parte of the creatures which had lyfe, dyed, & the thyrde part of shyppes were destroyed.
10 And the thyrde Angell blew, & ther fell a gret starre from heauen, burnyng as it were a lampe, & it fell into the thyrde parte of the ryuers, & into fountaynes of waters,
11 & the name of şe starre is called wormwod. And şe thyrde parte was turned to wormwod. And many men dyed of the waters, because they were made bytter.
12 And the fourth Angell blew, and şe thyrde parte of the sunne was smytten, and şe thirde parte of the mone, and the thyrde parte of starres: so that the thyrd part of them was darckned. And the daye was smytten, that the thyrde part of it shulde not shyne, & lykewyse the nyght.
13 And I behelde and herde an Angell flyinge thorow the myddes of heauen, sayinge with a lowde voyce: Woo, woo, to the inhabiters of the erth, because of şe voyces to come of the trompe of the thre Angels, whych were yet to blowe.




1 And the fyft Angell blewe, and I saw a starre fall from heauen vnto the erth. And to him was geuen the kaye of the bottomlesse pytt:
2 And he opened the bottomlesse pytt, and the smoke of the pytt arose as the smoke of a gret fornace. And the sunne, and the ayer were darckned by the reason of the smoke of şe pytt.
3 And there came out of the smoke locustes vpon the erth, & vnto them was geuen power, as the scorpions of the erth haue power.
4 And it was commaunded them, that they shuld not hurt the grasse of şe erth: nether eny grene thynge: nether eny tree: but onely those men which haue not şe seale in their forheades.
5 And to them was commaunded, that they shulde not kyll them, but that they shulde be vexed .v. monethes, & their payne was as the payne şt commeth of a scorpion, when he hath stonge a man.
6 And in those dayes shall men seke deeth, and shall not finde it, & shall desyre to dye, and deeth shall flye from them.
7 And the symilitude of the locustes was lyke vnto horsses prepared vnto battayll, & on their heades were as it were crounes, lyke vnto golde, and their faces were as it had bene şe faces of men.
8 And they had heere as the heere of wemen. And their teethe were as şe teeth of lyons .
9 And they had habbergions, as it were habbergions of yron. And the sounde of their winges, was as the sounde of charrettes, when many horsses runne to gether to battayle.
10 And they had tayles lyke vnto scorpions, and there were stynges in their tayles. And their power was to hurt men .v. monethes.
11 And they had a kyng ouer them, which is şe angell of şe bottomlesse pytt, whose name in the Hebrewe tong, is Abadon: but in the Greke tonge, Apollion şt is to saye: a destroyer.
12 One wo is past, & beholde, two wooes come yet after this.
13 And the syxt Angell blewe, and I herde a voyce from the .iiii. corners of the golden aultre, which is before God,
14 sayinge to the syxt Angell, which had the trompe: Lose the foure Angelles, which are bounde in şe grete ryuer Euphrates .
15 And the foure Angelles were loosed, whych were prepared for an houre, for a daye, for a moneth, & for ayere, for to slee şe .iii. part of men.
16 And the nombre of horsmen of warre were .xx. thousande tymes .x.M. And I herde the nombre of them:
17 & thus I sawe şe horses in a vision, & them şt sate on them, hauynge fyrye habbergions of a Iacincte couloure, & brymstone, & the heades of şe horses were as şe heades of lyons . And out of their mouthes went forth fyre and smoke, & brymstone.
18 And of these thre was şe thyrd part of men kylled: that is to saye, of fyre, smoke, and brymstone: whych proceded out of the mouthes of them:
19 For their power was in their mouthes & in their tayles, for their tayles were lyke vnto serpentes, & had heades, & with them they dyd hurt:
20 And şe remanaunt of şe men whych were not kylled by these plages, repented not of the dedes of their handes şt they shulde not worshyppe deuyls, & ymages of golde and syluer, and brasse, and stone, and of wood, whych nether can se, nether heare, nether go.
21 Also they repented not of their murther, and of their sorcery, nether of their fornycacyon, nether of their thefte.




1 And I saw another myghtye angell come downe from heauen clothed wt a cloude, & the raynebowe vpon his heed. And his face as it were the sunne, & his fete as it were pyllars of fyre,
2 and he had in his hande a lytell boke open, and he put his ryght fote vpon şe see, & his lyfe fote on the erth.
3 And cryed wyth a lowde voyce, as when a lyon roreth. And when he had cryed, seuen thonders spake their voyces.
4 And when şe .vii. thondres had spoken their voyces, I was about to wryte. And I herde a voyce from heauen, sayinge vnto me: seale vp those thynges whych the .vii. thondres spake, & wryte them not.
5 And şe Angell which I sawe stonde vpon the see, & vpon the erth, lyfte vp his hande to heuen,
6 and sware by him that lyueth for euer more, wich created heauen, & the thynges that therin are and the see, & the thynges which therin are: şt there shulde be no lenger tyme
7 but in the dayes of the voyce of the seuenth Angell, when he shall begyn to blowe: euen the mystery of God shalbe fynysshed, as he preached by his seruauntes şe prophetes.
8 And şe voyce which I herde from heuen, spake vnto me agayne, & sayd: go & take the lytle boke which is open in the hande of şe angell which standeth vpon şe see, & vpon şe erth.
9 And I went vnto the angell, & sayde to him: geue me the lytle boke, and he sayde vnto me: take it, & eate it vp, & it shall make thy belly bytter, but it shalbe in thy mouthe as swete as hony.
10 And I toke şe lytle boke out of his hande, & eate it vp, & it was in my mouth as swete as hony: and as sone as I had eaten it, my belly was bytter.
11 And he sayde vnto me: şu must prophesy agayne amonge the people, and nacyons, and tonges, and to many kynges.




1 And then was geuen me a rede, lyke vnto a rodd, & it was sayde vnto me. Ryse & meate the temple of God, & şe aulter, & them şt worshippe therin,
2 & the queer which is wt in şe temple, cast out & meate it not for it is geuen vnto the Gentyles, & şe holy cytye shall they treade vnder fote .xlii. monethes.
3 And I wyll geue power vnto my two witnesses, & they shall prophesy a thousande, two hundred & .lx. dayes, clothed in sacke clothe.
4 These are two olyue trees, & two candelstyckes, standynge before the God of the erth.
5 And yf eny man wyll hurt them, fyre shall procede out of their mouthes, and consume their enemyes. And yf eny men wyll hurt them, thys wyse muste he be kylled.
6 These haue power to shut heauen, that it rayne not in the dayes of their prophesying: and haue power ouer waters to turne them to bloude, and to smyte şe erth with all maner plages, as often as they wyll.
7 And when they haue finysshed their testimony, the beast that cam out of şe bottomlesse pyt, shall make warre agaynst them, & shall ouercome them, & kyll them.
8 And their bodyes shall lye in the stretes of the greate citye, which spritually is called Zodom and Egypte, where oure Lorde was crucyfyed.
9 And they of the people & kynredes, & tonges, & they of şe nacyons, shall se their bodyes .iii. dayes and an halfe, & shall not suffre their bodyes to be put in graues.
10 And they that dwell vpon şe erth, shall reioyce ouer them, and be glad, & shall sende gyftes one to another, for these two prophetes vexed them that dwelt on the erth.
11 And after .iii. dayes & an halfe, the sprete of lyfe from God, entred into them. And they stode vp vpon their fete, & greate feare came vpon them whych sawe them.
12 And they herde a greate voyce from heauen, sayinge vnto them. Come vp hyther. And they ascended vp into heauen in a cloude, & their enemyes sawe them.
13 And şe same houre was ther a great erthquake, and the tenth parte of the cytye fell, and in the erthquake were slayne names of men seuen .M. and şe remnaunt were feared, and gaue glory to şe God of heauen.
14 The second woo is past, & beholde, the thyrde woo wyll come anone.
15 And şe seuenth Angell blewe, & ther were made greate voyces in heauen, sayinge: the kyngdoms of this worlde are oure lordes, and his Christes, & he shall raygne for euermore.
16 And the .xxiiii. elders, whych syt before God on their seates, fell vpon their faces, & worshypped God,
17 sayinge: we geue the thankes O Lord God almyghtye: whych arte & wast, & arte to come, for şu haste receaued thy great myght, and hast raygned.
18 And the nacyons were angry, and thy wrath is come, & the tyme of şe deed şt they shuld be iudged and that şu shuldest geue rewarde vnto thy seruauntes the Prophetes and Saynctes, & to them şt feare thy name small & great & shuldest destroye them, which destroye şe erth.
19 And the temple of God was opened in heauen, & ther was sene in his temple, şe arcke of his testament, & ther folowed lightnynges, and voyces, and thondrynges and erthquake, and moch hayle.




1 And ther appered a gret wonder in heauen: A woman clothed wt şe sonne, & the mone vnder her fete, & vpon her heed a croune of .xii. starres.
2 And she was wt chylde, & cryed trauaylinge in byrth, & payned redy to be delyuered.
3 And ther appered another wonder in heauen, for beholde, a gret red dragon hauynge .vii. heddes, & ten hornes & seuen crounes vpon hys heades:
4 and hys tayle drue the thyrde parte of the starres and cast them to the erth. And the dragon stode before the woman whych was redy to be delyuered: for to deuoure her chylde as sone as it were borne.
5 And she brought forth a man childe, which shulde rule all nacyons with a rodd of yron. And her sonne was taken vp vnto God, & to his seate.
6 And şe woman fleed into wyldernes, where she had a place, prepared of God, şt they shulde fede her there a .M.ii. hundred and .lx. dayes.
7 And ther was a great battayll in heauen, Michael & his angels fought with the dragon, & şe dragon fought & his Angelles,
8 and preuayled not, nether was their place founde eny more in heauen.
9 And the great dragon, that olde serpent, called the deuyll & Sathanas, was cast out. Which deceaueth all şe worlde. And he was cast into the erth & his angelles were cast out also
10 And I hearde a lowde voyce sayinge: in heauen is now made saluacyon and strength & the kyngdome of oure God, & the power of hys Chryst. For is cast doune, which accused them before God daye and nyght.
11 And they ouercame him by the bloude of the lambe, and by the worde of their testimony, & they loued not their lyues vnto şe deeth.
12 Therfore reioyce heuens, & ye that dwell in them. Woo to the inhabiters of the erth, and of the see: for the deuyll is come downe vnto you, which hath great wrath, because he knoweth şt he hath but a short tyme.
13 And when şe dragon sawe şt he was caste vnto şe erth, he persecuted şe woman, which brought forth şe man chylde.
14 And to şe woman were geuen two wynges of a great Egle, şt she myght flye into the wyldernes into her place, where she is norysshed for a tyme, tymes, & halfe a tyme, from şe presence of şe serpent.
15 And şe dragon cast oute of hys mouth water after şe woman as it had bene a ryuer, because she shuld haue bene caught of the floud.
16 And şe erth holpe the woman, and şe erth opened her mouth & swalowed, vp şe ryuer, which şe dragon cast out of his mouth.
17 And the dragon was wroth wyth the woman: and went, & made warre wyth the remnaunt of hyr sede, which kepe the commaundementes of God, and haue the testimony of Iesus Christe. And he stode on the see sande.




1 And I sawe a beaste ryse out of şe see, hauyng seuen heddes, and ten hornes, and vpon his hornes ten crounes, & vpon his heed, şe name of blasphemy.
2 And şe beast which I sawe, was lyke a catte of şe mountayne, and hys fete were as şe fete of a beare, & hys mouth as the mouth of a lyon . And şe dragon gaue hym his power & his seate, & gret auctorite:
3 and I sawe one of his heedes as it were wounded to deeth, & his dedly wounde was healed. And all the worlde wondred at the beast,
4 & they worshypped şe dragon, whych gaue power vnto the beast, and they worshypped şe beast sayinge: who is lyke vnto the beast? who is able to warre with hym?
5 And ther was geuen vnto hym a mouth, that spake great thynges & blasphemyes, & power was geuen vnto hym, to do .xlii. monethes.
6 And he opened his mouth vnto blasphemy agaynst God, to blaspheme his name & his tabernacle, & them that dwell in heauen.
7 And it was geuen vnto hym to make warre with the Saynctes, & to ouercome them. And power was geuen him ouer all kynred, and people, and tonge, and nacion,
8 and all şt dwell vpon şe erth worshypt hym: whose names are not written in the boke of lyfe of the lambe, which was kylled from the begynnynge of the worlde.
9 If eny man haue an eare let hym heare.
10 He şt leadeth into captyuyte, shall go into captyuyte: he that kylleth with a swearde, must be kylled with a swearde. Heare is the pacyence, & the fayth of the saynctes.
11 And I behelde another beast comminge vp out of the erth, and he had two hornes lyke a lambe, & he spake as dyd the dragon.
12 And he dyd all şt the fyrste beast coulde do in his presence, & he caused the erth, & them which dwel therin, to worshyppe the fyrst beast, whose dedly wounde was healed.
13 And he dyd grett wonders, so şt he made fyre come doune from heauen in şe syght of men.
14 And deceaued them that dwelt on the erth, by şe meanes of those sygnes whyche he had power to do in the syght of the beast, sayinge to them that dwelt on şe erth: şt they shuld make an ymage vnto the beast, whych had the wounde of a swearde, and dyd lyue.
15 And he had power to geue a sprete vnto the ymage of the beast, & that the ymage of the beast shuld speake, and shuld cause, şt as many as wolde not worshyppe the ymage of şe beast, shuld be kylled.
16 And he made all, both small & gret, ryche & poore, fre & bond, to receaue a marke in theyr ryght handes or in theyr forheddes.
17 And şt no man myght by or sell, saue he that had the marke or the name of the beast, other the nombre of his name.
18 Here is wysdome. Let hym that hath wytt, count the nombre of the beast. For it is the nombre of a man, and his nombre is syxe hondred, threscore, and syxe.




1 And I loked, and lo, a lambe stode on the mount Syon , & with hym an .C. & .xliiii. thousande hauynge his fathers name written in theyr forheddes.
2 And I herde a voyce from heuen, as the sounde of many waters, and as the voyce of a gret thoundre. And I herde şe voyce of harpers harpynge with theyr harpes.
3 And they songe as it were a newe songe, before the seate, & before şe foure beastes, & şe elders, & no man coulde learne şt songe, but şe hondred & .xliii.M. which were redemed from şe erth.
4 These are they, which were not defyled wt wemen, for they are virgyns. These folowe the lambe whythersoeuer he goeth. These were redemed from men, beynge şe fyrste frutes vnto God and to the lambe,
5 & in their mouthes was founde no gyle. For they are with oute spot before the trone of God.
6 And I sawe, another angell flye in şe myddes of heauen hauynge the euerlastyng gospell, to preache vnto them şt syt & dwell on the erth, & to all nacyons, kynreds, & tonges & people,
7 saying wt a lowde voyce: Feare God, & geue honour to hym, for the houre of his iudgement is come: and worshyppe him, şt made heauen & erth, & the see, & fountaines of water.
8 And there folowed a nother angell, saying: Babylon is fallen is fallen that greate cyte, for she made all nacyons dryncke of the wyne of her fornycacyon.
9 And şe thyrd angell folowed them sayinge wt a loude voyce: If any man worshyppe şe beast and his ymage, & receaue his marke in his forhed, or on his hande,
10 şe same shall drincke the wyne of şe wrath of God, which is powred in the cup of his wrath. And he shalbe punysshed in fyre & brymstone, before the holy angels, & before the lambe.
11 And the smoke of theyr torment ascendeth vp euermore. And they haue no rest daye nor night, which worshyppe the beast & his ymage & whosoeuer receaueth the prynt of his name.
12 Here is the pacyence of saynctes Heare are they that kepe the commaundementes and the fayth of Iesu.
13 And I hearde a voyce from heauen saying vnto me: wryte. Blessed are şe deed, which here after dye in the Lorde, euen so sayth şe sprete: that they rest from theyr laboures, but theyr workes folowe them.
14 And I loked, and beholde a whyte clowde, and vpon the clowde one syttynge lyke vnto the sonne of man, hauyng on his heed a golden crowne, and in his hande a sharpe sykle.
15 And another angell came out of the temple, crying with a lowde voyce to hym that sate on the clowde: Thruste in thy sykle & repe, for thy tyme is come to repe, for the corne of şe erth is rype.
16 And he that sate on the cloude, thrust in hys sycle on the earth, and the erth was reped.
17 And another angell came out of the temple, whych is in heauen, hauyng also a sharpe sykle.
18 And another angell came out from the aultre, whych had power ouer fyre, and cryed with a lowde crye to hym that had şe sharpe sykle, & sayde: thrust in thy sharpe sykle, & gaddre the clusters of the erth, for her grapes are rype.
19 And the angell thrust in hys sharpe sykle on the erth, & cut downe the grapes of the vyneyarde of şe erth: and cast them into the gret wynefat of şe wrath of God,
20 & şe wynefat was troden with out the cytie, and bloud came out of şe fat, euen vnto şe horsse brydles, by şe space of a thousande, and .vi.C. furlonges.




1 And I sawe another sygne in heuen gret and meruellous, seuen Angels, hauyng the seuen laste plages, for in them is fulfylled the wrath of God.
2 And I sawe as it were a glassye see, myngled wt fyre, & them that had gotten victory of the beast, and of hys ymage, and of the nombre of hys name, stande on the glassye see, hauyng the harpes of God,
3 and they songe the songe of Moses the seruaunt of God, & the songe of the lambe, sayinge: Gret and maruelous are thy workes: Lorde God almyghtye, iuste & true are thy wayes, thou Kyng of Saynctes.
4 Who shall not feare o Lorde, & gloryfy thy name? For thou only arte holy, and all gentyls shall come and worshyppe before the, for thy iudgementes are made manyfeste.
5 And after that, I loked, and beholde, the temple of the tabernacle of testimony was open in heauen,
6 and the seuen Angels came out of the temple whych had the seuen plages clothed in pure and bryght lynnen, and hauyng theyr brestes gyrded with golden gerdels.
7 And one of the fowre beastes gaue vnto şe seuen Angels seuen golden vyalles, full of the wrath of God, whych lyueth for euermore.
8 And the temple was full of the smoke of the glory of God & of hys power, and no man was able to entre into the temple, tyll şe seuen plages of the seuen Angels were fulfylled.




1 And I herde a great voyce out of the temple saying to the seuen angels: go youre wayes, powre out youre vyalles of wrath vpon the erth.
2 And şe fyrst Angell went, & powred out his vyall vpon the erth, & there fell a noysome, & a sore botche vpon the men whych had the marke of the beast, & vpon them whych worshypped hys ymage.
3 And the second Angell shed out hys vyall vpon the see, and it turned as it were into the bloud of a deed man: and euery lyuyng thyng dyed in the see.
4 And the thyrde Angell shed out his vyall vpon the ryuers and fountaynes of waters, & they turned to bloud.
5 And I herde an Angell saye: Lorde, whych arte and wast, thou arte ryghteous & holy, because thou hast geuen soche iudgementes,
6 for they shed out şe bloud of sainctes, and prophetes, & therfore hast şu geuen them bloud to dryncke: for they are worthy.
7 And I herde another saye: euen so Lorde God almyghty: true and ryghteous are thy iudgementes.
8 And the fourth Angell powred out hys vyall on şe sunne, & power was geuen vnto him to vexe men with heat of fyre.
9 And the men raged in gret heate: & spake euyll of şe name of God, which hath power ouer those plages, & they repented not of theyr euill dedis, to geue him glory.
10 And the fyft Angell powred out his viall vpon şe seate of şe beaste, and his kyngdome wexed derke, & they gnewe theyr tonges for sorowe,
11 and blasphemed şe God of heauen for sorowe & payne of theyr sores, & repented not of theyr dedes.
12 And şe syxt Angell powred out his vyall vpon şe gret ryuer Euphrates , & the water dryed vp, şt the wayes of the kynges of the east shulde be prepared.
13 And I sawe thre vnclene spretes lyke frogges come out of şe mouth of şe dragon, & out of şe mouth of the beast, & out of the mouth of şe false Prophete.
14 For they are the spretes of deuyls, workyng myracles, to go out vnto the kynges of the erth and of şe whole world, to gathre them to the battayle of that gret daye of God almyghty.
15 Beholde, I come as a thefe. Happy is he that watcheth, and kepeth hys garmentes, lest he walke naked, and men se hys fylthynes.
16 And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrue tonge Armagedon.
17 And the seuenth Angell powred out hys vyall into the ayre. And ther cam a greate voyce out of heauen from şe seate, saying, it is done.
18 And ther folowed, voyces, thondringes, and lightenynges, & ther was a greate erthquake, suche as was not sence men were vpon the erth, so mighty an erthquake & so great.
19 And the great cytye was deuyded into thre partes, and şe cyties of all nacyons fell. And greate Babylon came in remembraunce before God, to geue vnto hyr şe cup of the wyne of the fearcenes of his wrathe.
20 Euery yle also fled awaye, and şe mountaynes were not founde.
21 And ther fell a greate hayle (as it had bene talentes) out of heauen vpon the men, and the men blasphemed God: because of the plage of the hayle, for it was great, and the plage of it sore.




1 And ther came one of the seuen Angels, whyche had the seuen vyalles: and talked wyth me, sayenge vnto me: come, I wyll shewe vnto the, the iudgement of the great whore that sytteth vpon many waters,
2 wyth whome haue commytted fornicacion the kynges of the erthe, and the inhabyters of the erth are droncken wyth the wyne of hir fornicacion.
3 And şe sprete caryed me awaye in to the wyldernes. And I sawe a woman syt vpon a rose colored beast, full of names of blasphemye, whyche had seuen heades and ten hornes.
4 And the woman was arayed in purple and rose coloure, and decked wyth golde, precious stone, and pearles, and had a cup of golde in her hande, full of abhominacions and fylthynes of her fornicacion.
5 And in her forheade was a name written, a mystery, gret Babylon the mother of whordom and abominacions of the erth.
6 And I sawe the wyfe droncken wyth the bloude of saynctes, and with the bloude of the wytnesses of Iesu. And when I sawe her: I wondred with great meruayle.
7 And the Angell sayde vnto me: wherfore maruaylest thou? I wyll shewe the the mystery of the woman, and of the beast şt beryth her, which hath seuen heades and ten hornes.
8 The beast that thon seest, was, and is not, and shall ascende out of the bottomlesse pyt, and shall go into perdicion, & they that dwel on the erth shall wondre (whose names are not written in the boke of lyfe from the begynnynge of the worlde) when they behold the beast that was and is not.
9 And here is a mynde that hath wysdome. The seuen heades are seuen mountaynes, on which the woman sytteth,
10 they are also seuen kynges. Fyue are fallen, and one is, and another is not yet come. And when he commeth, he must continew a shorte space.
11 And the beast that was, & is not, is euen şe eyght and is one of the seuen, and shall go into destruccion.
12 And the ten hornes which şu sawest are ten kynges which haue receaued no kingdom as yet, but shall receaue power as kynges at one houre wyth şe beast.
13 These haue one mynde, and shall geue their power and strength vnto the beast.
14 These shall fyght with the lambe, & the lambe shall ouercome them. For he is Lorde of lordes, and kynge of kynges, and they that are on his side, are called, and chosen, and faythfull.
15 And he sayde vnto me: the waters whych thou sawest, where şe whore sitteth, are people, and folke, & nacions, and tonges.
16 And the ten hornes, which thou sawest vpon the beast, are they that shall hate the whore, & shall make her desolate and naked, & shall eate her flesshe, & burne her wyth fyre.
17 For God hath put in theyr hertes to fulfyll his wyll, & to do wyth one consent, for to geue their kyngdome vnto the beast, vntyll the wordes of God be fulfylled.
18 And the woman which thou sawest, is şe great cytye, whiche raygneth ouer the kynges of the erth.




1 And after that, I sawe another Angell come from heauen, hauyng gret power, and the erthe was lyghtened wyth hys bryghtnes.
2 And he cryed myghtely with a stronge voyce, sayinge: Great Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and is become the inhabitacion of deuyls, and the holde of all fowle spretes, and a cage of all vncleane and hatefull byrdes,
3 for all nacyons haue dronken of the wyne of the wrath of her fornicacion. And the kynges of the earth haue commytted fornicacion wyth her, and the merchauntes of the erth are wexed ryche of the aboundaunce of her pleasures.
4 And I herde another voyce from heauen saye, come awaye from her my people, şt ye be not partakers of her synnes, and şt ye receaue not of her plages.
5 For her synnes are gone vp to heauen, & God hath remembred her wickednes.
6 Rewarde her euen as she rewarded you, & geue her double accordyng to her workes. And powre in double to her in, the same cuppe which she filled vnto you.
7 And as moche as she glorifyed her selfe and liued wantanly, so moch powre ye in for her of punysshement and sorowe, for she sayde in her selfe: I syt beynge a quene, & am no wyddowe, and shall se no sorowe.
8 Therfore shal her plages come in one daye, deeth, & sorowe, and honger, & she shalbe brent with fyre: for stronge is şe Lorde God which shal iudge her.
9 And the kynges of the erth shall bewepe her and wayle ouer her, which haue commytted fornicacion with her, & haue lyued wantanly with her, when they shall se the smoke of her burnyng,
10 & shall stande a farre of, for feare of her punishement, sayinge. Alas, Alas, that gret cytie Babylon , şe myghtye citie: for at one hour is thy iudgement come.
11 And the marchauntes of the erth shal wepe and wayle in them selues, for no man wyll bye theyr ware eny more,
12 the ware of gold and siluer, & precious stones, nether of pearle, and raynes, and purple, and skarlet, and all thynne wodde, and all maner vessels of yuery, & all maner vessels of most precious wodde, & of brasse & yron,
13 & synamom, and odours, & oyntmentes, and franckinsence, & wyne, and oyle, and fyne floure, and wheate, beastes, and shepe, and horsses, and charetes, and bodyes, and soules of men.
14 And şe apples that thy soule lusted after, are departed from the. And all thinges which were deyntie, and had in price, are departed from the, & thou shalt fynde them nomore.
15 The marchauntes of these thynges whyche were wexed ryche, shall stande a farre of from hir, for feare of şe punyshement of her, wepynge and waylynge,
16 & saying: Alas, Alas, that gret cytie, şt was clothed in raynes and purple, and scarlet, and decked with golde, and precious stones, & pearles:
17 for at one houre so great ryches is come to nought. And euery shyppe gouerner, and all they that occupied shyppes, and shypmen which worke in the see, stode a farre of,
18 and cryed, when they sawe the smoke of her burnyng, saying: what cytie is lyke vnto this gret citie?
19 And they cast dust on theyr heddes, and cryed wepyng, & waylyng, & sayde: Alas, Alas, that great cytie, wherin were made riche all that had shippes in şe see, by the reason of her costlynes, for at one houre is she made desolate.
20 Reioyce ouer her thou heauen, and ye holy Apostles and Prophetes: for God hath geuen your iudgement on her.
21 And a mighty angell toke vp a stone lyke a gret milstone and cast it into şe see, saying: with such vyolence shall that gret citie Babylon be cast, & shalbe founde no more.
22 And şe voyce of harpers, and musycions, & of pypers, and trompetters shalbe herde no more in the: and no craftes man, of whatsoeuer craft he be, shalbe founde eny more in the. And the sounde of a myll shalbe herde no more in the,
23 and the voyce of the brydegrom and of the bryde, shalbe herd no more in şe, for thy marchauntes were the gret men of şe erth. And wt thyne inchauntment were deceaued al nacions:
24 & in her was founde the bloude of the Prophetes, & of the saynctes, & of all şt were slayne vpon şe erth.




1 And after that, I herde a greate voyce of moch people in heauen saying: Alleluia. Saluacion & glory & honour & power be ascribed to şe Lorde our God,
2 for true and ryghteous are his iudgementes, for he hath iudged the gret whore which dyd corrupt the erth wt her fornicacion, & hath auenged the bloud of his seruauntes of hyr hande.
3 And agayn they said: Alleluia. And smoke rose vp for euermore.
4 And şe .xxiiii. elders, & şe .iiii. bestes fell downe, & worshipped God that sate on şe seate, saying: Amen, Alleluia.
5 And a voyce came out of the seat, sayinge: praise our Lord God all ye şt are his seruauntes, & ye şt feare hym both small and great.
6 And I herde şe voyce of moche people euen as the voyce of many waters, & as the voyce of strong thondrynges sayinge: Alleluia, for the Lord our God omnipotent raygneth.
7 Let vs be glad and reioyce, & geue honoure to him, for the mariage of the lambe is come, and hys wyfe made her selfe ready.
8 And to her was graunted, that she shuld be arayed with pure and goodly raynes. For the raynes is the rightewesnes of sainctes.
9 And he sayd vnto me, wryte, happy are they whiche are called vnto şe supper of şe lambes mariage. And he sayd vnto me: these are şe true sayinges of God.
10 And I fell at his fete, to worshippe him. And he sayde vnto me: se şu do it not. For I am thy felow seruaunt, & one of thy brethren, euen of them şt haue the testimony of Iesus. Worshyppe God. For the testimony of Iesus is şe sprete of prophesy.
11 And I sawe heauen open, & behold, a whyte horsse: & he şt sat vpon him was called faythfull & true, & in rightewesnes he doth iudge & make battayle.
12 His eyes were as a flamme of fyre: & on his heed were many crownes: & he had a name wrytten, that noman knew but he hym selfe.
13 And he was clothed wyth a vesture dipt in bloude, & his name is called şe worde of God.
14 And the warriers which were in heauen, folowed him vpon whyte horsses, clothed wyth whyte & pure raynes:
15 and out of hys mouthe wente a sharpe two edged swerde, that wyth it he shulde smyte the hethen. And he shall rule them wyth a rodde of yron, and he trode şe wynefat of fearsnes and wrath of almyghty God.
16 And hath on hys vesture and on his thygh a name wrytten: Kyng of Kynges, and Lorde of Lordes.
17 And I sawe an Angell stande in the sonne, and he cryed with a loude voyce, sayinge: to all the fowles that flye by the middes of heauen: come and gather youre selues to gether vnto şe supper of şe great God,
18 that ye maye eate fleshe of kynges, and the fleshe of hye captaynes, and the fleshe of myghty men, & the fleshe of horsses, and of them that syt on them, and the flesh of all free men and bonde men and of small and gret.
19 And I sawe the beast, and the kynges of the earth, and their warriers gathered together to make batayle agaynst hym that sat on the horsse, and agaynst his soudiers.
20 And the beast was taken, & with hym that false prophet that wrought miracles before hym, with whych he deceaued them that receaued the beastes marke, & them that worshypped hys ymage. These both were cast quicke into a ponde of fyre burnynge wyth brymstone:
21 & the remnaunt were slayne wt the swearde of hym şt sat vpon the horsse, whych swearde proceaded out of his mouth, & all şe soules were fulfylled wyth theyr fleshe.




1 And I sawe an Angel come downe from heauen, hauyng the kaye of şe bottomlesse pyt, and a greate chayne in hys hand.
2 And he toke şe dragon şe olde serpente, which is the deuyll & Satanas, & he bounde hym a thousande yeres:
3 and cast hym into şe bottomlesse pyt, and he shutte hym vp, and set a seale on hym, that he shulde deceaue şe people nomore, tyll the thousande yeres were fulfylled. And after that he must be losed for a lytell season.
4 And I sawe seates, and they sat vpon them, & iudgement was geuen vnto them: and I sawe the soules of them that were beheaded for şe wytnes of Iesu, and for the worde of God: & which had not worshipped the beast, nether his ymage, nether had taken his marke vpon their forheades, or in their handes: and they lyued, and raygned with Christ a .M. yere:
5 but the other of the deed men lyued not agayne, vntyll the thousand yere were finisshed. This is that first resurreccion.
6 Blessed and holy is he, that hath parte in the first resurreccion. For on such shall the seconde deeth haue no power, but they shalbe the Prestes of God & of Christ, and shall raygne wyth hym a thousande yere.
7 And when the thousand yeres are expyred, Satan shalbe lowsed out of his preson
8 and shall go out to deceaue şe people, whych are in the foure quarters of the erth, Gog & Magog, to gather them together to battayle, whose nombre is as the sonde of the see:
9 and they went vp in the playne of the erth: & compased the tentes of the saynctes about, & the beloued citie. And fyre came downe from God out of heauen, and deuoured them:
10 and the deuyll that deceaued them, was cast into a lake of fyre and brymstone, where the beast and the false prophetes shalbe tormented daye and nyght for euermore.
11 And I sawe a great whyte seate, and him that sate on it, from whose face fleed awaye both şe erth and heauen, and their place was nomore founde.
12 And I sawe the deed, both gret and small stonde before God: And the bokes were opened, and another boke was opened, which is the boke of lyfe, & the deed were iudged of those thynges whych were written in the bokes accordyng to their dedes:
13 and the see gaue vp her deed which were in her, and deeth and hell deliuered vp the deed, which were in them: & they were iudged euery man accordyng to his dedes.
14 And deeth and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the seconde deeth.
15 And whosoeuer was not founde wrytten in the boke of lyfe, was cast into the lake of fyre.




1 And I sawe a newe heauen and a new earth. For the fyrst heauen, and the fyrst earth were vanysshed awaye, and ther was nomore See.
2 And I Iohn sawe that holy cytie, newe Ierusalem come downe from God out of heauen, prepared as a bryde garnisshed for her husband.
3 And I herde a greate voyce out of heauen sayinge: beholde, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he wyll dwell wyth them. And they shall be hys people, and God hym selfe shalbe wyth them, and be theyr God.
4 And God shall wype awaye all teares from theyr eyes. And there shalbe nomore deeth, nether sorowe, nether cryenge, nether shall ther be eny more payne, for the olde thynges are gone.
5 And he that sate vpon the seate, sayde: Beholde, I make all thynges newe. And he sayde vnto me: wryte, for these wordes are faythfull and true.
6 And he sayd vnto me: it is done, I am Alpha and Omega, the begynnyng & the ende I wyll geue to hym that is a thyrst, of the well of the water of lyfe, fre.
7 He that ouer commeth shall enheret all thynges, and I wyll be hys God, and he shalbe my sonne.
8 But the fearfull and vnbeleuynge, and the abhominable, and murdrers, & whormongers, and sorcerers, and ydolaters, and all lyars shall haue theyr parte in the lake which burnyth with fyre and brymstone, which is the seconde death.
9 And there cam vnto me one of şe seuen Angels which had the seuen vyalles full of the seuen last plages: & talked with me sayinge: come hyther, I wyll shewe the şe bryde, the lambes wyfe.
10 And he caryed me awaye in şe sprete to a great and an hye mountayne, and he shewed me the great cytie holy Ierusalem, descendyng out of heauen from God:
11 hauyng the bryghtnes of God. And her shynynge was lyke vnto a stone moste precious, euen lyke a Iasper cleare as Cristall:
12 & had walles great & hye, & had .xii. gates & at şe gates .xii. Angels: and names written, whych are the names of the .xii. trybes of Israell:
13 on şe East parte .iii. gates, & on the Northside .iii. gates, & towardes the South .iii. gates, and from the West thre gates,
14 and the wall of the cytie had .xii. foundacyons: and in them şe twelue names of şe lambes .xii. apostles.
15 And he that talked with me, had a golden reade to measure the cytie with all and the gates therof & the wall therof.
16 And the cytie was bylt .iiii. square, and the length was as large as the bredth, & he measured şe cytie with the rede .xii.M. furlonges: and the length & the bredth, and the heyth of it, were equall.
17 And he measured the wal therof, an .cxliiii. cubytes: the measure that the angell had, was after the measure that man vseth.
18 And the byldynge of the wal of it was of Iasper. And the cytie was pure golde, lyke vnto cleare glasse,
19 and the foundacions of the wall of the cytie were garnisshed with al maner of precious stones. The fyrst foundacion was Iaspis, the seconde Saphyre, the thyrde a Calcedony, şe fourth an Emeralde,
20 the fyft Sardonix, the syxte Sardeos, the seuenth Crysolite, the eyght Berall, the .ix. a Topas, the tenth a Crusoprasos, the eleuenth a Iacynte, the twelueth an Amathist.
21 The twelue gates were twelue pearles, euery gate was of one pearle, and the strete of the cytie was pure golde, as thorow shynynge glasse.
22 And I sawe no temple therin . For the Lorde God almighty and the lambe are the temple of it.
23 And the cytie hath no nede of şe sonne, nether of şe mone to lighten it. For the brightnes of God dyd lyght it, and the lambe was the lyght of it.
24 And the people whych are saued shall walke in the lyght of it. And the kinges of the earth shall brynge theyr glory vnto it.
25 And şe gates of it are not shut by daye. For there shalbe no nyght there.
26 <>
27 And there shall enter into it none vncleane thinge, nether whatsoeuer worketh abhomynacion or maketh lyes: but they only which are wrytten in the lambes boke of lyfe.




1 And he shewed me a pure ryuer of water of lyfe, clere as Crystall: procedynge out of the seate of God, and the lambe.
2 In the middes of the stret of it, and of ether syde of the ryuer, was ther woode of lyfe: whych bare twelue maner of frutes: & gaue frute euery moneth: & the leues of the wood serued to heale şe people with all.
3 And ther shalbe no more cursse, but the seate of God and the lambe shalbe in it: and hys seruauntes shall serue hym.
4 And they shall se hys face, and his name shalbe in their forheddes
5 And there shall be no nyght there, & they nede no candle, nether light of the sunne: for the Lorde God geueth them lyght, and they shall raygne for euermore.
6 And he sayde vnto me: these sayinges are faythfull and true. And the Lorde God of şe holy Prophetes sent hys Angell to shewe vnto hys seruauntes, the thynges whyche must shortly be fulfylled.
7 Beholde, I come shortly. Happy is he that kepeth şe saying of the prophesy of thys boke.
8 I am Iohn, which sawe these thynges and herde them. And when I had herde & sene, I fell doune to worshyppe before the fete of the Angell, whyche shewed me these thynges.
9 And he sayde vnto me: se thou do it not, for I am thy felowe seruaunt, & the felowe seruaunt of thy brethren the Prophetes, and of them which kepe the sayinges of thys boke. But worshyppe God.
10 And he sayde vnto me: seale not the sayinges of the prophesy of this boke. For the tyme is at hande.
11 He that doeth euyll, let him do euyll styll: and he which is filthy, let him be fylthy styll: and he that is ryghteous, let hym be more ryghteous: & he that is holy, let hym be more holy.
12 And beholde, I come shortly, and my rewarde is wyth me, to geue euery man accordynge as his dedes shalbe.
13 I am Alpha and Omega, şe begynninge and the ende: the fyrst and the last.
14 Blessed are they that do his commaundementes, that theyr power maye be in the tree of lyfe, and maye entre in thorow the gates into the cytie.
15 For wythout shalbe dogges and inchaunters, and whormongers, and mortherers, and ydolaters, & whosoeuer loueth or maketh leasynges.
16 I Iesus sent myne Angell, to testyfye vnto you these thynges in the congregacions. I am the rote and the generacion of Dauid and the bryghte mornynge starre.
17 And the sprete and the bryde saye come. And let him that heareth, saye also: come. And let him that is a thyrst: come. And let whosoeuer wyll, take of the water of lyfe, fre.
18 I testifye vnto euery man that heareth şe wordes of the prophesy of thys boke: yf eny man shall adde vnto these thynges, God shall adde vnto hym the plages şt are wrytten in thys boke.
19 And yf eny man shall mynisshe of the wordes of the boke of this prophesy, God shall take awaye hys parte out of şe boke of lyfe, and out of şe holy cytie, and from the thynges which are written in this boke.
20 He whych testifyeth these thynges, sayeth: be it. I come quyckly. Amen. Euen so come Lorde Iesu.
21 The grace of our Lorde Iesu Christ be wyth you all. Amen.