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1 The prouerbes of Salomon, the sonne of Dauid kynge of Israel:
2 to learne wisdome, & to perceaue the instruccyon, and to perceaue the wordes of vnderstondynge: & therby to receaue prudence,
3 ryghteousnes, iudgement and equite.
4 That the very simple myght haue wyt, and şt the yonge men myght haue knowledge and true vnderstanding.
5 By hearing the wise man shall come by more wysedome: and he şt is endewed wt vnderstanding
6 shal optayn wit to perceaue a parable, & the interpretacyon therof, şe wordes of the wyse, & the darcke speaches of the same.
7 The feare of the Lorde is the begynnyng of wysdome. But fooles despyse wysdome & instruccion.
8 My sonne, heare thy fathers doctrine: & forsake not the lawe of thy mother:
9 for that shall bringe grace vnto thy heed, and shalbe as a cheyne about thy neck.
10 My sonne, consente not vnto synners,
11 yf they entise the, & saye: come with vs, we will laye wayte for bloude, & lurcke preuely for the innocent without a cause:
12 we shall swalowe then vp lyke the hell, & deuoure them quycke and hole, as those şt go downe into the pyt.
13 So shall we fynde all maner of costelye ryches, & fill our houses wt spoyles.
14 Cast in thy lot among vs: & let vs haue all one purse.
15 My sonne, walke not thou with them: refrayne thy fote from their waye.
16 For their fete runne to euell: & are hasty to shed bloud.
17 But in vayn is şe net laied forth before şe byrdes eyes:
18 yee they them selues laye wayte one for anothers bloud & one of them wold sleye another.
19 These are şe wayes of all soch as be couetous, şe one wold rauysh anothers lyfe.
20 Wisdome cryeth wtout, & putteth forth her voyce in şe stretes.
21 She calleth before the congregacyon in the open gates, & sheweth her wordes thorow şe citye, saying:
22 O ye children, how longe wyll ye loue childesshnes? how longe wyll şe scorners delyte in scorning, & the vnwyse be enemyes vnto knowledge?
23 O turne you vnto my correccion: lo, I wyll expresse my mynde vnto you, & make you vnderstande my wordes.
24 I haue called, & ye refused it: I haue stretched out my hande: & no man regarded it:
25 but all my councels haue ye despised: & set my correccion at naught.
26 Therfore shall I also laugh in youre destruccion, & mocke you, when that thinge that ye feare commeth vpon you:
27 euen when the thynge that ye be afrayed of, falleth in sodenly lyke a storme, & your misery lyke a tempest: yee, when trouble & heuines commeth vpon you.
28 Then shal they call vpon me, but I wyll not heare: they shall seke me early, but they shall not fynde me.
29 And that because they hated knowledge, & receaued not the feare of the Lorde:
30 but abhorred my councell, and despysed all my correccion.
31 Therfore shall they eate the frutes of theyr awne waye, & be filled with their awne inuencions:
32 for the turnynge awaye of the vnwyse shall sleye them, and the prosperytie of fooles shalbe their awne destruccyon.
33 But whoso harkneth vnto me, shall dwell safely, and be sure from any feare of euyll.




1 My sonne, yf thou wilt receaue my wordes, and kepe my commaundementes by the,
2 that thou wylt enclyne thyne eare vnto wysdome, applye thyne hert then to vnderstandynge.
3 For yf thou cryest after wisdome, and callest for knowledge:
4 yf thou sekest after her as after money, and dyggest for her as for treasure,
5 then shalt thou vnderstande the feare of the Lorde, and fynde the knowledge of God.
6 For it is the Lorde şt geueth wisdome, out of his mouth commeth knowledge and vnderstandynge.
7 He hydeth vp healthe for the ryghteous. He preserueth the welfare of the ryghteous, and defendeth them that walke syncerely:
8 he kepeth them in the ryght pathe, and preserueth the waye of soche as serue hym with godlynesse.
9 Then shalt thou vnderstande ryghteousnesse, iudment, and equyte: yee, and euery good path.
10 Yf wysdome entre into thyne herte, and thy soule delyte in knowledge:
11 then shall councell preserue the, and vnderstandynge shall kepe the.
12 That thou mayest be delyuered from the euell waye, and from the man that speaketh frowarde thinges.
13 From soche as leaue the hye strete, & walke in the wayes of darckenesse:
14 which reioyse in doynge euell: and delyte in wycked thynges:
15 whose wayes are croked, and they frowarde in thyr pathes.
16 That thou mayest be deliuered also from the straunge woman, and from her that is not thyne awne: which geueth swete wordes,
17 forsaketh the husbande of her youth, & forgetteth the conuenaunt of her God.
18 For her house is enclyned vnto death, & her pathes vnto hell.
19 All they şt go in vnto her come not agayn, nether take they holde of şe waye of lyfe.
20 Therfore, walke şu in the waye of soch as be verteous, and kepe the pathes of the ryghteous.
21 For the iust shall dwell in the lande: and they that be perfecte shall remayne in it:
22 but the vngodly shalbe roted out of the lande: and şe wycked doers shalbe roted out of it.




1 My sonne, forget not thou my lawe, but se şt thyne hert kepe my commaundementes.
2 For they shall prolonge the dayes & yeres of thy lyfe, and bringe şe peace.
3 Let mercy and faythfulnes neuer go from the: bynde them about thy necke, and wryte them in the tables of thyne herte.
4 So shalt şu fynde fauour & good vnderstanding, in the syght of God and men.
5 Put thy trust in God with all thyne herte: and leane not vnto thyne awne witte.
6 In all thy wayes haue respecte vnto hym: & shall order thy goynges.
7 Be not wyse in thyne awne conceate: but feare the Lorde, and departe from euell:
8 so shall thy nauell be whole, and thy bones stronge.
9 Honoure the Lord wt thy substaunce: and with thy firstlinges of all thyne encrease
10 so shall thy barnes be fylled with plenteousnesse: and thy presses shall flowe ouer with swete wyne.
11 My sonne, despyse not the chastenynge of the Lorde, nether faynte when thou art rebuked of hym.
12 For whom the Lorde loueth, hym he chasteneth, and yet deliteth in him, euen as a father in his awne sonne.
13 Well is him that findeth wysdome, and opteyneth vnderstandinge:
14 for the getting of it is better then any marchaundise of syluer, and the profet of it is better then golde.
15 Wysdome is more worth then precious stones: and all the thinges that thou canst desire are not to be compared vnto her.
16 Upon her ryght hande is longe lyfe, and vpon her left hande is riches and honour.
17 Her wayes are pleasaunt wayes and all her pathes are peaceable.
18 She is a tree of lyfe to them that laye hold vpon her, and blessed is he that kepeth her fast.
19 With wysdome hath the Lorde layed the foundacion of the erth: and thorowe vnderstandinge hath he stablyshed the heauens.
20 Thorowe his wisdome the deapthes breake vp, and the cloudes droppe downe the dew.
21 My sonne, let not these thynges departe, from thyne eyes: but kepe my lawe and my councell,
22 that thou mayest haue the pleasure of longe lyfe and vnderstandynge: for they shalbe lyfe vnto my soule, & grace vnto my mouth.
23 Then shalt thou walke safely in thy waye: and thy fote shall not stomble.
24 If şu slepest, thou shalt nott be afrayed: but shalt take thy rest, and slepe swetely.
25 Thou nedest not to be afrayed of any soden feare, nether for the vyolent russhynge in of the vngodly when it commeth.
26 For the Lorde shall stonde by thy syde, and kepe thy fote, that thou be not taken.
27 Withdrawe no good thinge from them that haue nede, so longe as thyne hand is able to do it.
Pro 3:28 Saye not vnto thy neyghboure: go thy waye, & come agayne, to morowe wyll I geue the:
29 where as thou haste nowe to geue hym. Intende no hurte vnto thy neyghboure, seynge he dothe dwell in reest by the.
30 Stryue not lyghtely with anye man without cause, where as he hathe done the no harme.
31 Folowe not a wicked man, and chose none of hys wayes:
32 for the Lorde abhorreth the frowarde: but hys councell is amonge şe ryghteous.
33 The curse of the Lorde is in the house of the vngodly: but he blesseth the dwellynges of the ryghteous.
34 As for the scornefull dothe not he laugh them to scorne? but he geueth grace vnto the lowly.
35 The wise shall haue honour in possession: but shame is the promocion that foles shall haue.




1 Heare, O ye chyldren, the fatherly exhortacyon, and take good heade, that ye maye lerne wysdome.
2 For I haue geuen you a good doctryne, forsake nott ye my lawe.
3 For when I my selfe was my fathers deare sonne, and tenderly beloued of my mother:
4 he taught me also, and sayde vnto me: Lett thyne herte receaue my wordes, kepe my commaundementes, and thou shalt lyue.
5 Get the wysdome: and get the vnderstanding: forget not şe wordes of my mouth, and shrynke not from them.
6 Forsake her not and she shall preserue the: loue her, and she shall kepe the.
7 The chefe poynte of wysdome is, that thou be wyllynge to optayne wysedome: and before all thy goodes to gett the vnderstandynge.
8 Make moche of her and she shall promote the: Yee, yf thou embrace her, she shall brynge the vnto honoure.
9 She shall make the a gracyous heed, and garnysshe the with a crowne of glory.
10 Heare my sonne, and receaue my wordes and the yeares of thy lyfe shall be many.
11 I haue shewed the, the waye of wysdome, and ledd the into the ryght pathes.
12 So that yf thou goest therin, there shall no straytenes hynder the: and when thou runnest, thou shalte not fall.
13 Take fast holde of doctryne, and let her nott go: kepe her, for she is thy lyfe.
14 Come nott in the pathe of the vngodly: and walke nott in the waye of the wycked.
15 Abhorre it, and go not therin: departe asyde, and passe ouer by it.
16 For they cannot slepe, excepte they haue fyrst done some myschefe: nether take they anye reste, excepte they haue fyrst done some harme.
17 For they eate the breade of wyckednesse, and dryncke the wyne of robberye.
18 The pathe of the ryghtewes shyneth as the lyght, that is euer brighter and brighter vnto the perfect daye.
19 But the waye of the vngodly is as the darcknesse: they knowe nott where they fall.
20 My sonne, marcke my wordes, and enclyne thyne eare vnto my sayinges.
21 Let them not departe from thyne eyes: but kepe them euen in the myddest of thyne herte.
22 For they are lyfe vnto all those that fynde them, and health vnto all theyr bodyes.
23 Kepe thyne herte with all diligence, for there vpon hangeth lyfe.
24 Put awaye from the a frowarde mouth, & let the lyppes of sclaunder be farre from the.
25 Let thyne eyes beholde the thyng şt is ryght, and let thyne eye lyddes loke strayght before the.
26 Pondre the path of thy fete, and let all thy wayes be ordred a ryght.
27 Turne not asyde, nether to şe ryght hande net to the lefte, but witholde thy fote from euell.




1 My sonne, geue hede vnto my wysdome, and bowe thyne eare vnto my prudence:
2 that thou mayest regarde good councel, and that thy lippes maye kepe knowledge
3 For şe lyppes of an harlot are a droppyng hony combe and her throte is more glisterynge them oyle.
4 But at the last she is as bytter as wormwod, and as sharpe as a two edged swerde.
5 Her fete go downe vnto death and her steppes pearse thorowe vnto hell.
6 Parchaunse thou dwellynge with her wylt ponder the path of lyfe? so vnstedfast are her wayes, şt thou canst not knowe them.
7 Heare me nowe therfore (O my sonnes) & departe not from the wordes of my mouth.
8 Kepe thy waye farre from her, and come not nye the dores of her house.
9 That thou geue not thy strength vnto other, & thy yeares to şe cruell.
10 That other men be not fylled with thy goodes, and that thy laboures come not in a straunge house.
11 Yee that thou mourne not at the last (when thou hast spent thy body and lusty greane youth)
12 and then saye: Alas, why hated I nourtoure: why did my herte despise correccion?
13 Wherfore was not I obedient vnto the voyce of my teachers, and herkened not vnto them that infourmed me?
14 I am come almost into all misfortune, in the myddest of the multitude and congregacion.
15 Drincke of the water, of thyne awne well and of şe ryuers that runne out of thyne awne springes.
16 Let thy welles flowe out abroade, that there may he ryuers of water in the stretes:
17 but let them be onely thyne awne, and not straungers with the.
18 Let thy well be blessed and be glad with the wyfe of thy youth.
19 Louinge is the hynde, and frendly is the Roo: let her brestes alwaye satisfye the, and holde the euer content with her loue.
20 My sonne, why wylt thou haue pleasure in an harlot, & embrace the bosome, of another woman?
21 For euery mans wayes are open in the syght of the Lorde, and he pondreth all theyr goynges.
22 The wyckednesse of the vngodly shall catch hymselfe, and with the snares of hys awne synnes shall he be trapped.
23 He shall dye without amendement, and for hys greate folyshnesse he shall go astraye.




1 My sonne yf şu be suertye for thy neyghboure, and hast fastened thyne hand for another man,
2 thou art bounde wt thyne awne wordes, and taken with thine awne speache.
3 Therfore, my sonne, do thys & thou shalt be discharged: when thou art come into thy neighbours daunger. Goo thy wayes then soone, humble thy selfe, and with thy frendes intreate thy creditour:
4 let not thyne eyes slepe, ner thyne eye lyddes slomber.
5 Saue thy selfe as a doo from the hande of the huntre, & as a byrde from the hande of the fouler.
6 Go to the Emmet (thou slougard) consydre herwayes, & lerne to be wyse.
7 She hath no guyde, no ouersear nor ruler:
8 yet in şe Sommer she prouideth her meate, and gathereth her fode to gether in the haruest.
9 Howe longe wylt thou slepe, thou slougysh man? When wylt thou aryse out of thy slepe?
10 Yee slepe on styll a lytle, slomber a lytle, foulde thyne handes together yet a lytle, that şu mayest slepe:
11 so shall pouertye come vnto the as on that trauayleth by the waye, & necessytelke a weapened man.
12 An vngodly person, a wycked man goeth with a frowarde mouth
13 he wyncketh with his eyes, he tokeneth with hys fete, he poynteth with hys fyngers,
14 he is euer ymagenynge myschefe, and frowardnesse in hys herte, & causeth discorde.
15 Therfore shall hys destruccyon come hastly vpon him, sodenly shall he be all to broken, and not be healed.
16 These syxe thynges doth the Lord hate, and the seuenth he vtterly abhorreth:
17 A proude looke a lyinge tonge, handes şt shed innocent bloude,
18 an herte that goeth aboute wyth wycked ymaginacyons fete that be swyfte in rennynge to do myschefe,
19 a false wytnesse that bringeth vp lyes, and soche one as soweth discorde amonge brethren.
20 My sonne, kepe thy fathers commaundement, and forsake not the lawe of thy mother.
21 Put them vp together in thyne herte, and bynde them aboute thy neck.
22 That they may leade the where thou goest, preserue the when thou art a slepe, and that when şu awakest, thou mayest talke of them.
23 For the commaundement is a lanterne, and the lawe a lyght: yee chastenyng and nourtoure is the waye of lyfe
24 that they may kepe the from the euell woman, and from the flatteryng tonge of şe harlote:
25 that thou lust not after her beauty in thyne herte, and lest thou be taken with her fayre lookes.
26 An harlot wyll make a man to begge his bread, and a woman wyll hunt for the precyous lyfe.
27 Maye a man take fyre in hys bosome and hys clothes not be brent?
28 Or can one go vpon hote coales, and hys fete not be hurte?
29 Euen so, whosoeuer goeth into his neyghbours wyfe, and toucheth her, cannot be vngylty.
30 Men do not vtterly despyse a thefe that stealeth to satisfye hys soule, when he is hungry:
31 but yf he maye be gotten, he restoreth agayne seuen tymes as moche, or els he maketh recompense with all the good of hys house.
32 But whoso committeth aduoutry with a woman, he is a foole and bryngeth his lyfe to destruction.
33 He getteth hym selfe also shame and dishonour, soche as shall neuer be put out.
34 For the gelousy and wrath of the man wyll not be intreated,
35 no though thou woldest offre him great gyftes to make amendes, he will not receaue them.



1 My sonne, kepe my wordes, & laye vp my commaundementes by the.
2 Kepe my commaundementes and my lawe, euen as the apple of thyne eye, and thou shalt lyue.
3 Bynde them vpon thy fyngers, and wryte them in the table of thyne hert.
4 Saye vnto wysdome: thou art my syster, and call vnderstandynge thy kynswoman:
5 that they maye kepe the from the straunge woman, and from the harlot which geueth swete wordes.
6 For out of the wyndowe of my house I loked thorowe the latysse,
7 & behelde the symple people: and amonge other yonge folkes I spyed one yonge foole,
8 goinge ouer şe stretes, by the corner in the waye towarde şe harlottes house,
9 in the twylight of the euenynge, when it beganne nowe to be nyght & darcke.
10 And beholde, there mett hym a woman wt open tokens of an harlot, onely her herte was hyde,
11 She was full of loude wordes, & redy to daly: whose fete coulde not abyde in the house,
12 nowe is the without, now in the stretes, and layeth abayte in euery corner,
13 she caught the yongeman, kyssed hym, and was not ashamed, sayinge:
14 I had a vowe of peace offerynges to paye, and thys daye I perfourme it.
15 Therfore came I forth to mete şe, that I myght seke thy face, and so I haue founde the.
16 I haue deckte my bed with couerynges and clothes of Egypte.
17 My bed haue I made to smell of Mirre, Aloes, and Cynamon.
18 Come lett vs ly together, and take oure pleasure tyll it be daye lyght: and we wyll enioye the pleasures of loue.
19 For the good man is not at home, he is gone farre of.
20 He hath taken the bagge of moneye with hym: And will retourne home at şe appoynted solempne feste?
21 Thus with many swete wordes she ouercame him, and with her flatterynge lyppes she entysed hym
22 sodenlye to folowe her: as it were an oxe led to the slaughter, & lyke as it were a foole that laugheth when he goeth to the stockes, to be punyshed,
23 so longe tyll she had wounded hys lyuer with her dart: lyke as yf a byrde hasted to the snare, not knowynge that the parell of hys lyfe lyeth ther vpon.
24 Heare me nowe therfore, O my chyldren, and marcke the wordes of my mouth.
25 Let not thyne herte wandre in her wayes, and be not thou disceaued in her pathes.
26 For many one hath she wounded and cast downe, yee many a stronge man hath bene slayne by the meanes of her.
27 Her houses are the waye vnto hell, and brynge men downe into the chambers of death.




1 Doth not wysdome crye? doth not vnderstandynge put forth her voyce?
2 Standeth she not in the hye places in the stretes and wayes?
3 doth she not crye before the whole cytie, and in the gates where men go out and in?
4 It is you, O ye men (sayeth she) whom I call: Unto (the chyldren of men) do I lyft vp my voyce.
5 Take hede vnto knowledge O ye ignoraunt be wyse in herte, O ye foles.
6 Geue eare, for I wyll speake of greate matters, and open my lyppes to tell thynges that be ryght.
7 For my throte shalbe talkynge of the trueth and my lyppes abhorre vngodlynesse.
8 All the wordes of my mouth are righteous, there is no frowarnedsse nor falshede therin.
9 They are all playne to soche as wyll vnderstande, and ryght to them that fynde knowledge.
10 Receaue my doctryne, and not syluer: and my knowledge, more then fyne golde.
11 For wysdome is more worth then precious stones, yee all thynges that thou canst desyre, maye not be compared vnto it.
12 I wysdome haue my dwellynge with knowledge, and prudent councell is myne awne.
13 The feare of the Lorde abhorreth wyckednesse, pryde dysdayne, and the euell waye: and a mouth that speaketh wycked thynges, I vtterly abhorre.
14 I can geue councell, and I conferre thinges: I haue vnderstanding, I haue strength.
15 Thorowe me, kynges reygne: thorowe me counselars make iust lawes.
16 Thorowe me, do prynces beare rule, and all iudges of the earth execute iudgement.
17 I am louynge vnto those that loue me: and they that seke me early shall fynde me.
18 Ryches and honoure are with me, ye excellent goodes and ryghteousnes.
19 My frute is better then golde and precious stone, and myne encrease more worth then fyne syluer.
20 I wyll guyde the in the waye of ryghteousnes, and in the strete of iudgement.
21 That I maye sende prosperite to those that loue me, and to encrease their treasure.
22 The Lorde him selfe had me in possessyon in the begynnynge of his wayes, or euer he beganne his worckes a fore tyme.
23 I haue bene ordened from euerlastynge, and from the begynnynge or euer the earth was made.
24 When I was borne, there were nether depthes nor sprynges of water.
25 Before the foundacyons of the mountaynes were layed, yee before all hylles was I borne.
26 The earth and all that is vpon the earth was not yet made, no not the grounde it selfe.
27 For when he made the heauens, I was present: when he sett vp the depthes in ordre,
28 when he hanged the cloudes aboue: when he fastened şe sprynges of the depe:
29 When he shut the see within certayne bowndes, that the waters shulde not go ouer their marckes şt he commaunded. When he layed the foundacyons of şe earth
30 I was with him, ordrynge all thynges: delytinge dayly, and reioysynge all waye before him.
31 As for the rounde compase of thys worlde, I make it ioyfull: for my delyte is to be amonge the chyldren of men.
32 Therfore herken vnto me, O ye chyldren, blessed are they that kepe my wayes.
33 O geue eare vnto nurtoure, be wyse, and refuse it not.
34 Blessed is the man that heareth me, watchynge dayly at my gates, and geuynge attendaunce at şe postes of my dores.
35 For who so fyndeth me, fyndeth lyfe, and shall obtayne fauour of the Lorde.
36 But who so offendeth agaynst me, hurteth his awne soule. All they that hate me, are the louers of death.




1 Wysdome hath buylded her selfe an house, & hewen out seuen pyllers:
2 she hath kylled her vitayles, powred out her wyne, & prepared her table.
3 She hath sent forth her maydens to crye vpon şe hyest place of the cytie:
4 Who so is ignoraunt, let hym come hyther. And to the vnwyse she sayde:
5 O come on your waye, eate my bread, and drincke my wyne, which I haue poured out for you.
6 Forsake ignoraunce, and ye shall lyue: and se that ye go in the waye of vnderstandynge.
7 Who so reproueth a scornefull personne, getteth him selfe dishonoure: and he that rebuketh the vngodly, stayneth him selfe.
8 Reproue not a scorner lest he owe the euell wyll: but rebuke a wyse man, and he wyll loue the.
9 Geue a discrete man but an occasyon, and he wylbe şe wyser: teache a ryghteous man, and he wyll increase in knowledge.
10 The feare of the Lorde is şe beginnynge of wysdome, & the knowledge of holy thynges is vnderstandynge.
11 For thorowe me thy dayes shalbe prolonged, and the yeares of thy lyfe shalbe many.
12 If thou be wyse, thy wisdome shall do thy selfe good but yf thou thynkest scorne therof, it shalbe thyne awne harme.
13 A folyshe restlesse woman, full of wordes, and soch a one as hath no knowledge,
14 sytteth at şe dore of her house, and in the hye places of the cyte,
15 to call soch as go by, and that walke streyght in theyr wayes.
16 Who so is ignoraunt (sayth she) let hym come hyther, and to the vnwyse she sayeth:
17 stollen waters are swete, and şe bread that is preuely eaten, hath a good taste.
18 And he doth not consydre, that they are but deed which be there, and that her gestes are in the depe of hell.




1 Prouerbes of Salomon. A wyse sonne maketh a glad father, but an vndiscrete sonne is an heuynesse vnto hys mother.
2 Treasures şt are wyckedly gotten, profyte nothynge: but ryghteousnesse deliuereth from death.
3 The Lorde wyll not let the soule of the righteous suffre honger, but he taketh awaye the ryches of şe vngodlye:
4 An ydle hande maketh poore, but a quycke labouringe hande maketh ryche.
5 Who so gathereth in Sommer, is wyse: but he that is slougysh in haruest, bringeth him selfe to confusyon.
6 Blessynges are vpon the heade of the ryghteous, and the mouth of the vngodly kepeth myschefe in secrete.
7 The memoryall of the iust shall haue a good reporte, but the name of the vngodly shall stincke.
8 A wyse man will receaue warnynge, but a pratinge fole shall be punyshed.
9 He that leadeth an innocent lyfe, walketh surely: but who so goeth a wronge waye shalbe knowne.
10 He şt wynciteth with his eye, will do some harme: but he that hath a foolyshe mouth, shalbe beaten.
11 The mouth of a ryghteous man is a well of lyfe, but şe mouth of the vngodly kepeth mischefe in secrete.
12 Euyll wyll stereth vp stryfe, but loue couereth şe multitude of synnes.
13 In şe lyppes of him şt hath vnderstandynge, a man shall fynde wisdome, but şt rod belongeth to şe backe of the folyshe.
14 Wyse men laye vp knowledge, but şe mouth of şe folyshe is nye destruccion.
15 The riche mans goodes are his stronge holde, but theire awne pouertye feareth şe poore.
16 The ryghteous laboureth to do good, but the vngodly vseth hys encrease vnto synne.
17 To take hede vnto şe chastenynge of nurtoure, is the waye of lyfe: but he that refuseth to be refourmed disceaueth him selfe.
18 Dissemblynge lyppes kepe hatred secretely, and he that speaketh any sclaunder, is a foole.
19 Where moch bablynge is, there must nedes be offence: and he that refrayneth his lyppes, is wyse.
20 An innocent tonge is a noble treasure, but the herte of the vngodly is nothynge worth.
21 The lyppes of the ryghteous sede a whole multitude, but foles shall dye in their awne folye.
22 The blessynge of the Lorde maketh ryche men as for carefull trauayle, it doth nothynge therto.
23 A fole doth wyckedly and maketh but a sporte of it, but wysdome ruleth the man that hath vnderstandynge.
24 The thynge that the vngodly are afrayed of, shall come vpon them, but the ryghteous shall haue their desyre.
25 The vngodly passeth when the tempest commethe: but the ryghtwyse remayneth sure for euer.
26 As vyneger is to the teth, and as smoke is vnto the eyes, euen so is a slougysh personne to them that sende hym forth.
27 The feare of the Lorde maketh a longe lyfe, but the yeares of the vngodly shalbe shortened.
28 The pacient abydinge of şe ryghteous shalbe turned to gladnesse, but the hope of the vngodly shall perishe.
29 The waye of şe Lorde geueth a courage vnto the godly, but it is a feare for wycked doers.
30 The ryghteous shall neuer be ouerthrowne, but the vngodly, shall not remayne in the lande.
31 The mouth of the iust wylbe talkynge of wysdome, but şt the tonge of the frowarde shall peryshe.
32 The lyppes of şe ryghteous are occupyed in acceptable thynges, but the mouth of the vngodly taketh them to the worst.




1 A False balaunce is an abhomynacyon vnto şe Lorde, but a true weight pleaseth him.
2 Where pryde is, there is shame also and confusyon: but where as is lowlynes, there is wysdome.
3 The innocent dealynge of the iust shall leade them, but the wyckednes of such as dissemble, shalbe their awne destruccyon.
4 Riches helpe not in the daye of vengeaunce, but ryghteousnesse delyuereth from death.
5 The ryghteousnes of the innocent ordreth his waye, but the vngodly shall fall in his awne wyckednesse.
6 The ryghteousnesse of the iust shall delyuer them, but the wycked shalbe taken in theyr awne vngodlynesse.
7 When an vngodly man dyeth, his hope is gone, the confydence of riches shall perishe.
8 The ryghteous shalbe delyuered out of trouble, and the vngodly shall come in his steade.
9 Thorowe şe mouth of şe dissembler is his neyghboure destroyed, but thorowe knowledge shall the iust he delyuered.
10 When it goeth well with the ryghteous, the cytie is mery: and when şe vngodly peryshe, there is gladnesse.
11 When the iust are in wealth, the cytye prospereth: but when the vngodly haue the rule, it decayeth.
12 A foole bringeth vp a selaunder of his neyghbour, but a wyse man wyll kepe it secrete.
13 A dyssemblynge person wyll discouer preuy thynges, but he that is of a faythfull herte, wyll kepe councell.
14 Where no good councell is, there the people decaye: but where as many are that can geue councell, there is wealth,
15 He that is suertye for a straunger, hurteth him selfe: and he that medleth not wt suertieshyppe, is sure.
16 A gracious woman maynteyneth honestye, as for the wycked, they maynteyne ryches.
17 He that is mercyfull doth hym selfe a benefyte, but who so hurteth his neyghbour, is a tyraunt.
18 The labour of the vngodly prospereth not, but he that soweth ryghteousnes, shall receaue a sure rewarde.
19 Lyke as ryghteousnes bryngeth lyfe: euen so to cleue vnto euell, bryngeth death.
20 The Lorde abhorreth them that be of a fayned hert, but he hath pleasure in them that are of an vndefyled conuersacyon.
21 The wycked amendeth not for plage vpon plage, but the sede of the ryghteous shalbe preserued.
22 A fayre woman without discrete maners, is lyke a rynge of gold in a swynes snoute.
23 The desyre of the ryghteous is acceptable, but the hope of the vngodly is indignacyon.
24 Some man geueth out his goodes, and is the rycher, but the nygard (hauynge ynough) wyll departe from nothynge, and yet is euer in pouertye.
25 He that is liberall in geuynge, shall haue plenty, and he that watereth, shall be watered also him selfe.
26 Who so hoordeth vp his corne, shalbe cursed amonge the people: but blessynge shall lyght vpon his head that geueth foode.
27 He that laboureth for honesty, fyndeth his desyre: but who so seketh after myschefe, it shall happen vnto hym.
28 He that trusteth in his ryches, shall haue a fall, but the ryghteous shall floryshe as the grene leafe.
29 Who so maketh disquyetnes in his awne house, he shall haue wynde for his heritage, and the foole shalbe seruaunt to the wyse.
30 The frute of the ryghteous is a tree of lyfe: and he that endeuoureth him selfe to wynne mens soules is wyse.
31 If şe ryghteous be recompensed vpon earth, howe moch more then the vngodly and the synner?




1 Who so loueth wysdome, wyll be content to be refourmed: but he şe hateth to be reproued, is a foole.
2 A good man is acceptable vnto the Lorde, but the wycked ymaginer will he condempne.
3 A man cannot endure in vngodlynesse, but the rote of the ryghteous shall not be moued.
4 A huswifly woman is a crowne vnto her husbande: but she that behaueth her selfe vnhonestly, is a corrupcion in hys bones.
5 The thoughtes of the ryghteous are ryght, but the ymaginacion of the vngodly are disceatfull.
6 The talkynge of the vngodly is howe they maye laye wayte for bloud, but şe mouth of the ryghteous wyll deliuer them.
7 God ouer turneth the estate of the wycked & they stande not: but the house of şe ryghteous shall stande steadfaste.
8 A man shalbe commended for hys wysdome, but a fole shalbe despysed.
9 A symple man which laboureth and worketh, is better then one that is gorgyous and lacketh bread.
10 A ryghteous man regardeth the lyfe of hys catell, but the vngodly haue cruel hertes.
11 He that tylleth his lande, shall haue plenteousnesse of bread: but he şt foloweth ydylnes: is a very foole.
12 The desyre of şe vngodly hunteth after myschefe, but the rote of the ryghteous bringeth forth fruyte.
13 The wycked falleth into the snare thorow şe malyce of hys awne mouth, but the iust shall eschape out of parell.
14 Euery man shall enioye good accordynge to the frute of hys mouth, and after the workes of hys handes shall he be rewarded.
15 Loke what a foole taketh in hande, he thynketh it well done: but he that is wyse, wyll be counceled.
16 A foole vttereth hys wrath in all the haste, but a discrete man couerith wronge.
17 A iust man wyll tell the trueth, and shewe the thynge that is ryght: but a false witnesse disceaueth.
18 A sclaunderous person prycketh lyke a swerde but a wyse mans tonge is wholsome.
19 A trewe mouth is euer constant, but a dissemblynge tonge is soone chaunged.
20 They that ymagyn euell in theyr mynde, wyll disceaue: but the councelers of peace, shall haue ioye folowynge them.
21 There shall no mysfortune happen vnto the iust, but the vngodly shalbe fylled with misery.
22 The Lorde abhorreth lyinge lyppes, but they that laboure for trueth please hym.
23 He that hath vnderstandynge, doth hyde wysdome: but an vndiscrete herte telleth out hys folyshnesse.
24 A diligent hande shall beare rule, but the ydle shalbe vnder tribute.
25 Heuynesse discorageth the herte of man, but a good worde maketh it glad agayne.
26 The ryghteous excelleth hys neygboure, but the waye of the vngodly wyll disceaue them selues.
27 The disceytfull man shall not roste, that he toke in huntynge, but the riches of the iuste man is of great valewe.
28 In the waye of ryghteousnesse there is lyfe, and in the same waye there is no death.




1 A Wyse sonne wyll herken to hys fathers warnynge, but he that is scornefull, will not heare when he is reproued.
2 A good man shall enioye şe frute of his mouth but he that hath a frowarde mynde, shalbe spoyled.
3 He that kepeth hys mouth kepeth hys lyfe: but who so openeth hys lyppes to euell, destroyeth hym selfe.
4 The slogarde wolde fayne haue, & cannot get hys desyre: but the soule of the diligent shall haue plenty.
5 A ryghteous man abhorreth lyes, but the vngodly shameth both other and hym selfe.
6 Ryghteousnesse kepeth the innocent in the waye, but vngodlynesse doth ouerthrowe the synner.
7 Some men are ryche, though they haue nothynge, agayne some men are poore, hauing greate ryches.
8 With goodes euery man delyuereth his lyfe, and the poore wyll not be reproued:
9 The lyght of the ryghteous maketh ioyfull, but the candle of the vngodly shalbe put out.
10 Amonge the proude there is euer stryfe, but amonge those that do all thynges with aduisement, there is wysdome.
11 Uaynlye gotten goddes are soone spent: but they that be gathered to gether with the hande, shall increace.
12 Longe taryenge for a thynge that is differred, greueth the herte: but when the desyre commeth: it is a tree of lyfe.
13 Whoso despyseth anye thinge, shalbe hurt for the same: but he şt feareth the commaundement, shall haue the rewarde.
14 The lawe is a well of lyfe vnto şe wyse, that it maye kepe hym from the snares of death:
15 Good vnderstandinge geueth fauour, but harde is şe waye of the despysers.
16 A wyse man doth all thynges with discrecion, but a foole wyll declare hys foly.
17 An vngodly messaunger falleth into myschefe, but a faythfull ambassadour is wholsome.
18 He şt thinketh scorne to be refourmed, commeth to pouerte & sname: but whoso regardeth correccion shall come to honoure.
19 When a desyre is brought to passe, it delyteth şe soule: but fooles counte it abhominacyon to departe from euell.
20 He that goeth in the company of wyse men, shalbe wyse: but whoso is a companyon of fooles, shalbe hurte.
21 Myschefe foloweth vpon synners, but the ryghteous shall haue a good rewarde.
22 He that is vertuous, leaueth an enheritaunce vnto hys chylders children and şe ryches of the synner is layed vp for the iust.
23 There is plenteousnesse of fode in the feldes of the poore, but şe felde not well ordred is without frute.
24 He şt spareth the rodde, hateth hys sonne: but whoso loueth hym, chastiseth hym by tymes.
25 The ryghteous eateth, and is satisfyed, but şe bely of şe vngodly hath neuer ynough.




1 Wyse women vpholde theyr house, but a folysh wyfe plucketh it downe.
2 He şt walketh in the ryght path of the Lorde feareth him: but he şt turneth him selfe awaye from his wayes, dispyseth hym.
3 In the mouth of the foolysh is the rodd of pryde, but the lyppes of the wyse wyll preserue them.
4 Where no oxen are, there şe crybbe is emptye: but where the oxen laboure there is moche frute.
5 A faythfull wytnesse wyll not dissemble, but a false recorde wyll make a lye.
6 A scornefull body seketh wysdome, and fyndeth it not: but knowledge is easy to come by, vnto hym that wyll vnderstande.
7 Se that thou medle not with a foole, in whom thou perceauest to be no knowledge.
8 The wysdome of hym that hath vnderstanding is, to take hede vnto his waye but the folyshnesse of the vnwyse disceaueth.
9 Foles make but a sporte of synne, but there is fauorable loue amonge the ryghteous.
10 The herte feleth hys owne lyues bytternesse: nether shall straunger be partaker of his ioye.
11 The house of the vngodly shalbe ouerthrowne, but the tabernacle of the ryghteous shall floryshe.
12 There is awaye which some men thynke to be ryght, but the ende therof leadeth vnto death.
13 The herte is sorowefull euen in laughter, and the ende of myrth is heuynes.
14 A backslydynge hert shalbe fylled wt his awne wayes, but a good man shall lyue of his frutes.
15 An ignoraunt body beleueth all thinges: but who so hath vnderstandinge, loketh well to his goinges.
16 A wyse man feareth, and departeth from euell, but a furiouse foole goeth on presumpteously:
17 An vnpacyent man dealeth folyshly: but he that is well aduysed, is hated of the fole.
18 The ignoraunt haue folyshnes in possessyon, but the wyse are crowned with knowledge.
19 The euell shall bowe them selues before the good, and şe vngodly shall wayte at the dores of the ryghteous.
20 The poore is hated euen of hys awne neyghboures, but the ryche hath many frendes.
21 Whoso despyseth his neyghbour doth a misse: but blessed is he şe hath pytie of şe poore.
22 Without doute they erre that ymagyne wyckednes, but they that muse vpon good thynges, vnto soche shall happen mercy and faythfulnesse
23 In euery laboure there is some profecte. But only lippe laboure, bringeth forth penurye.
24 Ryches are as a crowne vnto the wyse, but the ignoraunce of fooles is very folyshnesse.
25 A faythfull witnesse delyuereth soules, but a disceytfull wytnesse bryngeth forth lyes.
26 The feare of şe Lorde is a stronge holde, and hys chyldren are vnder a sure defence.
27 The feare of the Lorde is a well of lyfe, to auoyde the snares of death.
28 The increase and prosperite of the comens is the kynges honoure, but the decaye of the people is the confusyon of the Prynce.
29 He that is pacient, hath muche vnderstandyng: but he that is soone displeased, prouoketh folyshnesse.
30 A mery herte is the lyfe of the body, but rancoure consumeth awaye the bones.
31 He that doth a poore man wrong, blasphemeth his maker: but whoso hath pytie of the poore, doth honoure vnto God.
32 The vngodly is cast awaye for hys iniquitye, but the ryghteous hath a good hope euen in death.
33 Wysdome resteth in the herte of hym that hath vnderstandyng and it shalbe knowen amonge them that are vnlerned.
34 Ryghteousnesse setteth vp the people, but the sacrifyce of the hethen is synfull.
35 A discrete seruaunt is a pleasure vnto the kynge, but one that is not honest prouoketh hym vnto wrath.




1 A Softe answere putteth downe displeasure, but frowarde wordes prouoke vnto anger.
2 The tonge of suche as be wyse, vseth knowledge a right, as for a folysh mouth it blabbeth out nothyng, but folyshnesse.
3 The eyes of the Lord loke on euery place, beholdyng both the good & badd
4 A wholsome tonge is a tree of lyfe, but he that abuseth it, hath a broken mynde.
5 A foole despyseth hys fathers correccyon, but he that taketh hede whan he is reproued shall haue the more vnderstandinge.
6 The house of the ryghteous is full of ryches, but the increase of şe vngodly are nye destruccion.
7 A wyse mouth poureth oute knowledge but the herte of the folysh doth not so.
8 The Lord abhorreth the sacrifyce of the vngodly, but the prayer of the ryghteous is acceptable vnto hym.
9 The waye of the vngodly is an abhominacyon vnto the Lord: but whoso foloweth ryghteousnesse, hym he loueth.
10 He that forsaketh the ryght strete, shalbe sore punyshed: and who so hateth correccyon, shall dye.
11 The hell with her payne is knowen vnto the Lorde, howe moche more then the hertes of men?
12 A scornefull body loueth not one that rebuketh hym nether will he come vnto the wyse.
13 A mery herte maketh a chearfull countenaunce, but an heuy herte compelleth a man to syght.
14 The hert of hym that hath vnderstandyng, doth seke after knowledge, but the mouth of fooles is fedd with foolyshnesse.
15 All the dayes of şe poore are myserable, but a quyete hert is as a continual feast.
16 Better is a lytle with the feare of the Lorde, then greate treasure with sorowe.
17 Better is a measse of potage with loue, then a fat oxe with euell will.
18 An angrye man stereth vp stryfe, but he that is pacient, stylleth discorde.
19 The waye of a slouthfull man, is as it were hedged with thornes, but the strete of şe ryghteous is well clensed.
20 A wyse sonne maketh a glad father, but an vndiscrete body shameth his mother.
21 A foole reioyseth in foolyshe thinges, but a wyse man loketh well to his awne goynges.
22 Unaduysed thoughtes shall come to naught, but where as men are şt canne geue councell, there is stedfastnesse.
23 A ioyfull thynge is it, to a man when his counsell is folowed: and very pleasunt is a worde spoken in due season.
24 The waye of lyfe leadeth vnto heauen, that a man shulde beware of hell beneth.
25 The Lorde will breake downe the house of şe proude, but he shall make fast the borders of şe widdowe.
26 The Lorde abhorreth the ymaginacyons of the wycked, but pure wordes of innocentes are pleasaunt vnto hym.
27 The couetous man roteth vp hys awne house, but who so hateth rewardes, shall lyue.
28 The herte of şe ryghtuouse studieth his answere afore. but şe wycked mans mouthe spueth out myschefe.
29 The Lorde is farre from şe vngodly, but he heareth şe prayer of şe ryghteous.
30 Lyke as the clearnesse of the eyes reioyseth the herte, so doth a good name fede the bones.
31 The eare that harkeneth to the refourmacyon of lyfe, shall dwell amonge the wyse.
32 He that refuseth to be refourmed, despyseth hys awne soule: but he that submytteth hym selfe to correccyon, is wyse.
33 The feare of the Lorde is the ryght science of wysdome, and lowlynes goeth before honoure.




1 A Man maye well purpose a thynge in hys herte, but the answere of the tonge commeth of the Lorde.
2 A man thynketh all hys wayes to be cleane, but it is the Lorde that iudgeth the myndes.
3 Commytte thy worckes vnto the Lorde and loke what thou deuysest, it shall prospere.
4 The Lorde doth all thynges for hys awne sake, yee and when he kepeth the vngodly for the daye of wrath.
5 The Lorde abhorreth all such as be of a proude herte, his hande is against ther hande and they shall not escape as innocentes.
6 With louinge mercy & faythfulnesse, synnes be forgeuen, & who so feareth şe Lord eschueth euell.
7 When a mans wayes please the Lorde, he maketh his very enemyes to be his frendes.
8 Better is it to haue a lytle thynge with ryghteousnes, then greate rentes, wrongeously gotten.
9 A man deuiseth awaye in his herte, but it is şe Lorde that ordreth hys goynges.
10 When the prophecy is in the lyppes of the kynge, his mouth shall not go wronge in iudgment.
11 A trewe measure & a trewe balaunce are the Lordes iudgment, he maketh all weyghtes.
12 It is a greate abhominacyon when kynges are wycked, for a kynges seate shulde be holden vp with ryghteousnesse.
13 Ryghteous lyppes are pleasaunt vnto kynges: and he that speaketh the trueth shalbe beloued.
14 The kynges displeasure is a messaunger of death, but a wyse man will pacifye him.
15 The cherefull countenaunce of the kynge is lyfe, and his louynge fauoure is as the euenynge dewe.
16 To haue wysdome in possessyon is better then to haue golde: and to get vnderstandynge, is rather to be chosen them to haue syluer.
17 The path of şe ryghteous is to eschue euell: & who so loketh well to his wayes, kepeth his awne soule.
18 Presumtpteousnes goeth before destruccyon, and after a proude stomake there foloweth a fall.
19 Better is it to be of humble mynde with the lowly, then to deuyde the spoyles with the proude.
20 He that handleth a matter wysely, opteyneth good: & blessed is he, that putteth hys trust in the Lorde.
21 Who so hath a wyse vnderstandynge, shalbe called to councell: and he şt can speake fayre, shall haue the more lernynge.
22 Understandinge is a well of lyfe vnto him that hath it: as for the chastenynge of fooles, it is but foolyshnesse.
23 A wyse hart ordreth hys mouth wysely, and amendeth the doctryne in his lyppes.
24 Fayre wordes are an hony combe, a refreshynge of the mynde, & health of şe bones.
25 There is awaye that men thyncke to be ryght, but the ende therof leadeth vnto death.
26 A troublous soule disquyeteth her selfe, for her awne mouth hath brought her therto.
27 An vngodly personne stereth vp euell, and in his lippes he is as an whote burnynge fyre.
28 A frowarde body causeth stryfe, and he that is a blabbe of hys tonge, maketh deuisyon amonge prynces.
29 A wycked man begyleth hys neyghbour, and leadeth him in to the waye that is not good.
30 The vngodly şt loketh gastely wt hys eyes ymagineth myschefe, & when he moueth his lyppes, he wyll do some harme.
31 Age is a crowne of worshype, yf it be founde in the waye of ryghteousnes.
32 A pacient man is better then one stronge: and he that can rule him selfe, is more worth then he that wynneth a cytye.
33 The lottes are cast in to the lappe, but the ordrynge ther of standeth all in şe Lorde.




1 Better is a drye morsell wyth quyetnesse, then a house full of fatt offringe with stryfe.
2 A discrete seruaunt shall haue more rule then the sonnes şt haue no wysdome, and shall haue lyke heritage with the brethren.
3 Lyke as syluer is tryed in şe fyre, and golde in the fornace, euen so doth the Lorde proue the hertes.
4 A wycked body gyueth audience to false lyppes, & a frowarde personne geueth eare to a disceatfull tonge.
5 Who so laugheth the poore to scorne, blasphemeth his maker: and he şt is glad of another mans hurte, shall not be vnpunyshed.
6 Chylders chyldren are a worshyppe vnto the elders, and the fathers are the honoure of the chyldren.
7 Speach of auctorytie becommeth not a foole, moche lesse a lyinge mouth then besemeth a prince.
8 A rewarde is as a precious stone vnto him şt hath it: but vnto whomsoeuer it turneth it maketh him vnwise.
9 Who so couereth another mans offence, seketh loue: but he şt discloseth the faute, setteth şe prynce agaynst him selfe.
10 One reprofe onely doth more good to hym that hath vnderstandynge, then an .C. strypes vnto a foole.
11 A sedycious personne seketh myschefe, & therfore is a cruell messaunger sent agaynst him.
12 It were better to come agaynst a she Beare robbed of her whelpes, then agaynst a foole in his foolishnes.
13 Who so rewardeth euell for good, the plage shall not departe from his house.
14 The beginninge of stryfe is as when a man maketh an Issue for water, therfore or the metynge be leaue of contencyon.
15 The Lorde hateth as well him that iustifieth the vngodly, as him that condempneth the innocent.
16 What helpeth it to geue a foole treasure in hys hande, where as he hath no mynde to bye wysdome?
17 He is a frende that all waye loueth, and in aduersyte a man shall knowe who is hys brother.
18 Who so promyseth by the hande, and is suertye for his neyghboure, he is a foole.
19 He that delyteth in synne loueth stryfe: and who so setteth his dore to hye, seketh after a fall.
20 Who so hath a frowarde herte, opteyneth no good: and he şt hath an ouerthwarte tonge, shall fall into myschefe.
21 He that begettith a fole begettith his sorowe, & şe father of a foole can haue no ioye.
22 A mery herte maketh a lusty age, but a sorowfull mynde dryeth vp şe bones.
23 The vngodly taketh gyftes out of the bosome, to wreste şe wayes of iudgement.
24 Wysdome shyneth in the face of him that hath vnderstandynge, but the eyes of fooles wandre thorowe out all landes.
25 An vndiscrete sonne is a grefe vnto hys father, and an heuynesse vnto hys mother.
26 To punyshe the innocent, and to smite the prynces that geue true iudgement, are both euell.
27 A wyse man, vseth fewe wordes, and he is a man of vnderstandynge, that maketh moch of hys sprete.
28 Yee a very foole (when he holdeth hys tonge) is counted wyse, and to haue vnderstandynge, when he shutteth hys lyppes.




1 He accompanieth hym selfe with all steadfast & helth some doctryne, şt hath a feruent desyre to it and is sequestrate from companye.
2 A foole hath no delyte in vnderstandinge, but onely in those thinges wherin his herte reioyseth.
3 When the vngodly commeth, them commeth also dysdayne, and with the dishonest person commeth shame and dishonour.
4 The wordes of a wyse mans mouth are lyke depe waters, and the well of wysdome is lyke a full streame.
5 It is not good to regarde the personne of the vngodly, or to put backe the ryghteous in iudgement.
6 A fooles lyppes are euer brawelynge, and his mouth prouoketh vnto battayll.
7 A fooles mouth is hys awne destruccyon, and hys lyppes are the snare for hys awne soule
8 The wordes of a sclaunderer are very woundes, and go thorowe vnto the ynmost partes of the body.
9 Who so is slouthfull and slacke in hys laboure, is the brother of him that is a waster.
10 The name of the Lord is a stronge castell, şe ryghteous flyeth vnto it, and is in saue garde.
11 But the ryche mans goodes are his stronge holde, ye he taketh them for an hye wall rounde aboute him.
12 After pryde commeth destruccyon, and honour after lowlynes.
13 He şt geueth sentence in a matter before he heare it, is a foole, and worthy to be confounded.
14 A good stomacke dryueth awaye a mans disease, but when the sprete is vexed, who maye byde it?
15 A wyse herte laboureth for knowledge and a prudent eare seketh vnderstandynge.
16 Lyberalite bryngeth a man to honoure and worshyppe, and setteth him amonge great men.
17 The righteous declareth his awne cause first him selfe, yf his neyghbour come, he shall finde him.
18 The lott pacifyeth the variaunce, & parteth şe myghtye a sunder.
19 A brother though he be greued wt offence, yet is he more worth then a very stronge castell: and they şt holde together are lyke şe barre of a palace.
20 A mans bely shalbe satisfyed wt the frute of his awne mouth, and with the increase of hys lyppes shall he be fylled.
21 Death and lyfe are in the instrument of the tonge: and they that loue it, shall enioye the frute therof.
22 Who so fyndeth a wyfe fyndeth a good thynge, and receaueth an wholsome benefyte of the Lorde.
23 The poore maketh supplicacyon & praieth mekely: but the riche geueth a rough answere.
24 A man that loueth his frendes wyll be compinable with them: and some frende sticketh faster to a man then his brother.




1 Better is the pore that lyueth godly, then şe blasphemer that is but a fole.
2 Where no discrecyon is, there şe soule is inclined to the thyng that is not good, and is swyft on fote, and offendeth.
3 Folysshenes maketh a man to go out of hys waye, & then is hys herte vnpacient against the Lorde.
4 Ryches make many frendes: but the pore is forsaken of hys neyghboure.
5 A false witnes shall not remayne vnpunysshed: and he şt speaketh lyes shall not escape.
6 The multitude hangeth vpon great men: and euery man fauoureth hym that geueth rewardes.
7 As for the poore, he is hated amonge all his brethren: yee, hys awne frendes withdrawe from him: and yf he aske them the cause, they dysdayne to answere hym.
8 He that is wyse, loueth hys awne soule: and kepeth vnderstandinge, that he maye prospere.
9 A false witnes shall not remayne vnpunyshed: and he that speaketh lyes shall peryshe.
10 Pleasure becommeth not a foole, moch more vnsemely is it, a bonde man to haue the rule of prynces.
11 A wyse man can put of displeasure: and it is hys honoure to lett some fautes passe.
12 The kynges dysfauoure is lyke the roarynge of a lyon, but hys frendshypis lyke the dewe vpon the grasse.
13 An vndyscrete sonne is the heuynes of his father: & a braulyng wyfe is lyke the top of an house, where thorowe it is euer droppynge.
14 House and rychesse maye a man haue by the herytage of hys elders: but a dyscrete woman is the gyft of the Lorde.
15 Slouthfulnes bryngeth slepe: and a soule accustomed with crafte shall suffre honger.
16 Whoso kepeth the commaundment, kepeth his awne soule: but he that regardeth not hys waye, shall dye.
17 He that hath pitye vpon the poore, lendeth vnto the Lorde: and loke what he layeth out, it shalbe payed hym agayne.
18 Chasten thy sonne whyle there is hope: but let not thy soule be moued to slaye hym.
19 A man of great wrath beareth a payne: and though thou once deliuer him, thou must agayne do asmoch for him.
20 O geue care vnto good councell, and be content to be reformed, that thou mayest be wyse in thy latter dayes.
21 There are many deuyces in a mans herte: neuertheles, the councell of the Lorde shall stande.
22 It is a mans worship to do good: & better it is to be a pore man then a dissembler.
23 The feare of the Lord bringeth a man to lyfe: and he shall rest the hole night in plenteousnes, without visitacyon of anye plage.
24 A slouthfull man shuteth his handes into his bosom, as into the pot: and wyll not take payne to put it to hys mouth.
25 If thou smytest a scornefull persone, the ignoraunt shall take better heed: and yf thou reprouest one that hath vnderstondynge, he wylbe the wyser.
26 He that hurteth his father or shuteth out hys mother, is a shamefull and an vnworthy sonne.
27 My sonne, heare nomore the doctrine that leadeth the vnto errours from the wordes of vnderstondinge.
28 A false witnes laugheth iudgement to scorne: and the mouth of the vngodly eateth wickednesse.
29 Punyshementes are ordeyned for the scornefull: and stryppes for fooles backes.




1 Wyne maketh a man to be scornefull: and stronge dryncke causeth a man to be vnquyete: who so delyteth therin, shall neuer be wyse.
2 The kynge ought to be feared as the roaryng of a lion: who so prouoketh him vnto anger offendeth agenst his awne soule.
3 It is a mans honour to kepe him selfe from strife: but they that haue pleasure in braulynge are fooles euery one.
4 A slouthfull body wyll not go to plowe for colde of the wynter: therfore shall he go a beggyng in sommer, & haue nothynge.
5 Wyse councell in the herte of man is lyke a water in the depe of the earth: and a man that hath vnderstondynge bryngethe it forth.
6 Many there be that wolde be called good doers: but where shall one fynde a true faythfull man.
7 Whoso leadeth a godly and an innocent life: is righteous and happy shall hys chyldren be whom he leaueth behynde him.
8 A kyng that sitteth in the throne of iudgment, and loketh well about hym, dryueth awaye all euell.
9 Who can saye, my hert is cleane, I am innocent from synne?
10 To vse two maner of weyghtes, or two maner of measures, both these are abhomynable vnto the Lorde.
11 A childe is knowne by his conuersacion, whether his worckes be pure & ryght.
12 The eare to heare, the eye to se: the Lorde hath made them both.
13 Delyte not thou in slepe, lest thou come vnto pouertye: but open thyne eyes, şt thou mayst haue bred ynough.
14 It is naught it is naught (sayeth he that byeth any thynge:) but when he commeth to his awne house, then he boasteth of hys peny worth.
15 A man that hath a mouth of vnderstandynge hathe many precyous stones and costly Iewels.
16 Take hys garment that is suretye for a straunger: and take a pledge of hym for the vnknowne mans sake.
17 Euery man lyketh the breed that is gotten with disceate: but at the last hys mouth shalbe fylled with grauell.
18 Thorowe councell, the thynges that men deuyse go forwarde: and wt discrecion ought warres to be taken in hande.
19 The crafty disceatfull bewrayth secret councell: and to him that custometh flaterynge lyppes ioyne nott thy selfe.
20 Whoso curseth hys father & mother: his lyght shalbe put out in the myddest of darcknes.
21 The heritage that commeth to hastely at the first, shall not be praysed at the ende.
22 Saye not thou: I wyll recompense euell: but put thy trust in the Lorde, and he shall defende the.
23 The Lorde abhorreth two maner of weyghtes, and a false balaunce is an euell thinge.
24 The Lorde ordreth euery mans goinges: howe maye a man then vnderstande hys awne waye?
25 It is a snare for a man to deuoure that which is holy: and after the vowe to turne to thyne awne vse, the thynge thou hast vowed.
26 A wyse king destroyethe the vngodly, and bryngeth the whele ouer them.
27 The lanterne of the Lorde is the breth of man: and goth thorowe all the inwarde partes of the body.
28 Mercye and faythfulnes preserue the kinge: and with louynge kyndnes hys seate is holden vp.
29 The strength of yonge men is theyr worshyppe, and a gray heed is an honour vnto the aged.
30 Woundes dryue, awaye euell, & so do strypes the inwarde partes of the body.




1 The kynges herte is in the hande of the Lorde, lyke as are the ryuers of water: he maye turne it whithersoeuer he wyll.
2 Euery man thynketh hys awne waye to be ryght: but the Lorde iudgeth the hertes.
3 To do ryghteousnesse and iudgement is more acceptable to şe Lord then sacrifyce.
4 A presumpteous loke, a proude stomacke: and the plowynge of the vngodly is synne.
5 The deuyces of one that is diligent brynge plenteousnes: but he that is vnaduised commeth vnto pouertye.
6 Whoso hoordeth vp rychesse with the dysceatfulnesse of hys tonge, he is vayne and a foole, and lyke vnto them that seke theyr awne deeth.
7 The robberyes of the vngodly shalbe theyr awne destruccyon: for they wyll nott do the thynge that is ryght.
8 The wayes of the frowarde are straunge: but the worckes of hym that is cleane are ryght.
9 It is better to dwell in a corner vnder the house toppe, then with a braulynge woman in a wyde house.
10 The soule of the vngodly wysheth euell: and hath no pitye vpon hys neyghboure.
11 When the scornefull is punyshed, the ignoraunt take the better heade: and when he seyth the wyse men prospere, he wyll receaue the more vnderstandynge.
12 The ryghteous man wysely consydereth the house of the wicked: and for theyr wickednes God ouerthroweth the vngodly.
13 Whoso stoppeth hys eares at the cryenge of the poore: he shall crye hym selfe, and not be hearde.
14 A preuy rewarde pacyfyeth displeasure, and a gyfte in the bosome, stylleth furiousnesse.
15 The iuste delyteth in doynge the thyng that is ryght: but ouer the worckers of wyckednesse hangeth destruccyon.
16 The man that wandreth out of the waye of wysdome, shall remayne in the congregacyon of the deed.
17 He that hath pleasure in banckettes, shalbe a poore man. Whoso delyteth in wyne and delycates, shall nott be ryche.
18 The vngodly shalbe geuen for the ryghtewes: and the wycked for the iust.
19 It is better to dwell in a wildernes then with a chydynge & an angrye woman.
20 In a wyse mannes house, there is greate treasure and oyle: but a foolysh body spendeth vp all.
21 Whoso foloweth ryghteousnesse and mercy, fyndeth bothe lyfe, ryghteousnesse, and honoure.
22 A wyse man wynneth the citye of the myghtye: and as for the strength that they trust in, he bryngeth it downe.
23 Whoso kepeth his mouth and hys tonge: the same kepeth hys soule from troubles.
24 He that is proude and presumptuous, is called a scornefull man, which in wrath darre worcke malicyouslye.
25 The volupteousnesse of the slouthfull is hys awne death: for his handes wyll not laboure.
26 He coueteth and desyreth all the daye longe: but the ryghteous is allwaye geuynge, and kepeth nothynge backe.
27 The sacrifyce of the vngodly is abhominacyon: howe moche more when they offre the thynge that is gotten with wyckednesse?
28 A false wytnes shall peryshe: but he that is a true man boldely speaketh that he hathe heard.
29 An vngodly man goeth forth rashly: but the iust reformeth hys awne waye.
30 There is no wisdome, there is no vnderstandynge, there is no councell agaynst the Lorde.
31 The horsse is prepared agaynst the daye of battayll: but the Lorde geueth the victorye.




1 A Good name is more worth then greate rychesse, and louinge fauoure is better then siluer and golde.
2 The ryche and poore are together: the Lorde is the maker of them all.
3 A wyse man seeth the plage, and hydeth hym selfe: but the folysh go on styll and are punysshed.
4 The ende of lowlynes and the feare of God is ryches, honoure, prosperite, and health.
5 Thornes and snares are in the waye of the frowarde: but he that doeth kepe hys soule, wyll fle from soche.
6 Teache a chylde in hys youth what waye he shulde go: for he shall not leaue it, when he is olde.
7 The ryche ruleth şe poore: & the borower is seruaunt to the lender.
8 He that soweth wyckednesse shall reape sorowe: and the rodde of hys crueltye shall peryshe.
9 He that hath a louynge eye shalbe blessed: for he geueth of his breed vnto the poore.
10 Cast out the scornefull man, and so shall stryfe go out wt hym: yee, variaunce & sclaunder shall cease.
11 Whoso delyteth to be of a cleane herte and of gracyous lyppes, the kynge shall be his frende.
12 The eyes of the Lorde preserue knowledge, but as for şe wordes of şe despytefull, he bringeth them to naught.
13 The slouthfull body sayeth: there is a lyon without, I myght be slayn in the strete.
14 The mouth of an harlot is a depe pyt, wherin he falleth that the Lorde is angrie wyth all.
15 Folyshnes stycketh in the herte of the lad, & the rodd of correccion shall dryue it awaye.
16 Who so doth a poore man wronge to increase his awne riches, & geueth vnto şe riche to please him, at şe last commeth to pouerte him selfe.
17 My sonne, bowe downe thyne eare, and herken vnto the wordes of wysedome, applye thy mynde vnto my doctryne:
18 for thou shalt be excellent yf şu kepe it in thine herte, & practise it in thy mouth:
19 that thou mayest put thy trust in the Lorde. I haue shewed the this daye the thynge şe thou knowest.
20 Haue not I warned şe very oft with councel & learnyng?
21 şt I might shew the the truth, and that thou with the verite myghtest answere them that sende vnto the?
22 Se that thou robbe not şe poore, because he is weake, & oppresse not the simple in iudgment:
23 for şe Lord him selfe will defende their cause, & do violence vnto them şt haue vsed violence.
24 Make no frendshype wt an angrye wilfull man, & kepe no company wt şe furious:
25 lest şu learne his wayes, & receaue hurte in thy soule.
26 Be not şu one of them that bynde theyr hande vpon promyse, & are suertie for wayghty causes:
27 for yf şu hast nothyng to paye, they shall take awaye thy bed from vnder the.
28 Thou shalt not remoue the lande marcke, which thy fore elders haue sett.
29 Seest şu not, şt they which be diligent in theyr busynes, stande before kynges and not amonge the symple people?




1 When şu syttest at the table to eate wt a Lorde, ordre thy selfe manerly wt the thynges
2 şt are set before the. Measure thyne appetite:
3 & yf şu wylt rule thyne awne selfe, be not ouer gredy of hys meate, for meate begyleth & disceaueth.
4 Take not ouer greate trauayle & labour to be riche, beware of soch a purpose.
5 Why wilt şu set thyne eye vpon the thynge, which sodenly vanisheth awaye? For riches make them selues winges, & take theyr flyght lyke an Aegle in to şt ayre.
6 Eate not şu with the ennyous, & desyre not his meat,
7 for he doth as a man şt pescribeth a mesure to şe in his herte. He sayth vnto the: eate & dryncke, where as his herte is not wt the.
8 Yee, the morsels şt thou hast eaten shalt şu perbrake & lese those swete wordes.
9 Tell nothinge in to şe eares of a foole, for he wyll despyse the wysdome of thy wordes.
10 Remoue not the olde lande marke, & come not within the felde of şe fatherlesse:
11 For he şt delyuereth them, is mightie, euen he shall defende theyr cause against the.
12 Applye thyne herte vnto correccion, & thyne eare to the wordes of knowledge.
13 Witholde not correcion from the childe, for yf şu beatest him wt the rodd, he shall not dye therof.
14 Yf şu smyte him wt the rodde, şu shalt deliuer his soule from hell.
15 My sonne, yf thy herte receaue wysdome, my herte also shall reioyce:
16 yee, my reynes shalbe very glad: yf thy lippes speke the thinge şt is ryght.
17 Let not thyne herte be gelous to folowe synners, but kepe the styll in the feare of şe Lord all the daye longe:
18 for the ende is not yet come, & thy pacient abydynge shall not be in vayne.
19 My sonne, geue eare & be wyse, and set strayte thynehert in the waye of şe Lord.
20 Kepe no company wt wyne bybbers & ryotous eaters of flesh:
21 for soch as be dronckardes & ryotous shall come to pouerte, & he şt is geuen to moch slepe, shall go wt a ragged coate.
22 Geue eare vnto thy father şt begat the, & despyse not thy mother when she is olde.
23 Labour for to get the trueth: sell yt not awaye, & so do by wysdome, nourtour & vnderstandyng:
24 for a ryghteous father is maruelous glad of a wyse sonne, and he şt begettith a wyse chylde shall haue gret pleasure of him.
25 Do so şt thy father & mother may be glad of the, & şt she şt bare the may reioyse.
26 My sonne, geue me thyne herte, & lett thyne eyes haue pleasure in my wayes.
27 For an whore is a depe graue, and an harlot is a narow pytt.
28 She lurketh lyke a thefe, and bringeth vnto her such men as be full of vyce.
29 Who hath wo? Who hath sorow? Who hath strife? Who hath brauling? & who hath woundes without cause Or who hath reed eyes?
30 Euen they şt be euer at şe wyne, & seke excesse.
31 Loke not şu vpon şe wyne, how redd it is, & what a colour it geueth in the glasse.
32 It goeth downe softly, but at şe last it byteth lyke a serpent, & styngeth as an Adder.
33 So shall thine eyes loke vnto straunge wemen, & thyne herte shall muse vpon frowarde thynges.
34 Yee, şu shalt be as though şu layest in the myddest of şe see, or sleptest vpon şe toppe of şe mast of a shippe.
35 They wouded me (shalt şu saye) but it hath not hurte me: they haue all to broken me, but I felt it not. Whan I am well wakened, I will go to şe drincke againe.




1 Be not thou gelous ouer wycked men, and desyre not to be amonge them.
2 For ther herte ymagyneth to do hurte, and theyr lyppes talke of myschefe.
3 Thorow wysdome is an house buyled, and wyth vnderstandynge is it sett vp.
4 Thorow discrecion shalt the chambers be fylled with all costly and pleasaunt ryches.
5 A wyse man is euer stronge, yee, a man of vnderstanding encreaseth of strength.
6 For with discrecyon must warres be taken in hande, & where as are many that can geue councell, there is the victory.
7 Wysdom is to hye a thinge for a fole, for he darre not open his mouth in the gate.
8 He that ymagyneth myschefe, maye welbe called an vngracious personne.
9 The thought of the foolysh is synne, & the scornefull is an abhominacion vnto men.
10 If thou be ouersene and negligent in tyme of nede, then is thy strength but smal.
11 Deliuer them şt go vnto death, & are led awaye to be slayne, & be not neglygent therin yf şu be able to do them good.
12 If şu wilt saye: I knewe not of it. Thinkest thou şt he which made the hertes, doth not considre it? & şt he which regardeth thy soule, seeth it not? Shall not be recompence euery man according to his worckes?
13 My sonne, şu eatest hony & the swete hony combe, because it is good & swete in thy mouth.
14 Euen so shall şe knowledge of wysdome be vnto thy soule, assone as şu hast gotten it. And thow shalt haue longe dayes, yee, thy hope shall not be in vayne.
15 Laye no preuy wayte (o wicked man) vpon the house of the ryghteous & disquiete not his restyng place.
16 For a iust man falleth seuen tymes, & ryseth vp agayne, but şe vngodly fall into wyckednes.
17 Reioyce not şu at şe fall of thyne enemye, & lett not thyne herte be glad when he stombleth.
18 Lest the Lord (when seith it) be angrye, and turne hys wrath from hym vnto the.
19 Let not thy wrath & gelousy moue the, to folowe the wycked & vngodly.
20 And why? the wicked shall haue no posterite, and the candle of the vngodly shall be put out.
21 My sonne, feare şu the Lord & the kynge, & kepe no company wt them şt slyde backe from his feare:
22 for theyr destruccion shall come sodenly, & who knoweth şe aduersyte şt maye come from them both?
23 These are also şe sayenges of şe wyse. It is not good, to haue respecte of any persone in iudgement.
24 He şt sayeth to the vngodly: şu arte ryghteous hym shall the people curse, yee, the comentie shall abhorre him.
25 But they şt rebuke the vngodly, In them doth God delite, & a ryche blessyng shall come vpon them.
26 Euery man shall kysse his lyppes, şt geueth a good answere.
27 Fyrst make vp thy worck şt is without, & loke well vnto şt which şu hast in the felde & then buylde thyne house.
28 Be no false witnesse agaist thy neyghbour & speake no falshode wt thy lyppes.
29 Saye not: I will handle him, euen as he hath dealte wt me, & wyll rewarde euery man accordinge to his dedes.
30 I went by şe felde of şe slouthfull, & by şe vyneiarde of the foolysh man.
31 And lo, it was all couered wt nettels, & stode full of thystles, & the stone wall was broken downe.
32 Thys I sawe, & considered it well: I loked vpon it, & toke it for a warnyng.
33 Yee, slepe on styll a lytle, slombre a lytle, folde thy handes together yet a lytle:
34 so shall pouerte come vnto the as one that trauayleth by the waye, & necessite lyke a weapened man.




1 These also are the parables of Salomon, which the men of Ezekiah Kynge of Iuda copied out.
2 It is şe honour of God to kepe a thinge secrete, but şe kynges honour is to search out a thyng.
3 The heauen is hye, the earth is depe, & the kynges herte is vnsearcheable.
4 Take şe drosse from şe syluer, & there shalbe a cleane vessell therof.
5 Take awaye vngodlynesse from şe kinge, & his seate shalbe stablished wt ryghteousnes.
6 Put not forth thy selfe in the presence of şe king, & preace not into şe place of greate men.
7 Better is it that it be sayde vnto şe: come vp hyther, then şu to be put lower in the presence of the prince whom şu seyst wt thyne eyes.
8 Be not hastie to go to the lawe, lest happlye şu do some offence after şe strife be ended wherby thy neyghbour put the to shame.
9 Handle thy matter wt thy neyghbour him selfe, and discouer not another mans secrete:
10 lest when men heare therof, it turne to thy disshonoure, and least thyne euell name do not ceasse.
11 A worde spoken in due season, is lyke apples of golde in a graued worke of syluer.
12 The correccion of şe wyse is to an obedient eare, a golden cheine & a Iewell of golde.
13 Lyke as the winter coole in the haruest, so is a faythfull messaunger to them şt send him: for he refressheth his masters mynde.
14 Whoso maketh greate boastes & geueth nothyng, is lyke cloudes & wynde without rayne.
15 With pacience is a prince pacified, & wt a soft tong is rygorousnes broken.
16 If şu findest hony, eate so moch as is sufficient for şe: lest şu be ouerfull, & perbrake it out agayne.
17 Withdraw thy foote from thy neyghbours house least he be wery of şe, & so abhorre şe.
18 Who so beareth false wytnesse against his neyghboure, he is a very clubb, a swearde, & a sharpe arowe.
19 The hope şt is put in a false man in tyme of neade, is lyke a rotten toth & a slypperi foote.
20 who so taketh awaye a mans garment in the colde wether, is lyke vyneger vpon chalck, or lyke him şt syngeth songes to an heuie hart.
21 If thyne enemye honger, feade him: yf he thryst, geue him drinke:
22 for so shalt thou heape coales of fyre vpon hys head, and the Lorde shall rewarde the.
23 The North winde dryueth awaye the rayne, euen so doth an earnest sober countenaunce a backbyters tonge,
24 It is better to syt in a corner vnder the rofe, then with a brauling woman in a wyde house:
25 A good reporte out of a farre countre, is lyke coulde water to a thyrstie soule.
26 A ryghteous man fallynge downe before the vngodly, is lyke a troubled well & a springe that is destroyed.
27 Lyke as it is not good to eate to moch hony, euen so he that will search out hye thynges, it shall be to heuy for hym.
28 He şt cannot rule hym selfe, is lyke a cyte which is broken downe, & hath no walles.




1 Like as snowe is not mete in sommer, ner rayne in haruest, euen so is worshipe vnsemely for a foole.
2 Lyke as the byrde & the swalowe take theyr flyght & fle here & there, so the curse şt is geuen in vayne, shall not lyght vpon a man.
3 Unto the horse belongeth a whyppe, to the Asse a brydle, & a rodde to the fooles backe.
4 Geue not the foole an answere after his foolyshnesse, lest şu become lyke vnto him:
5 but make the foole an answere to his foolyshnesse, lest he be wyse in his awne conceate.
6 He is lame of his fete, yee droncken is he in vanyte, şt committeth eny message to a foole.
7 Lyke as in a lame man his legges ar not equall, euen so is a parable in the fooles mouth.
8 He that setteth a foole in hie dignite, şt is euen as yf a man put a stone in a slynge.
9 A parable in a fooles mouth is lyke a thorne şt prycketh a droncken man in the hande.
10 A man of experience discerneth all thinges wel: but he şt putteth şe fole to silence endeth the stryfe.
11 Lyke as the dogg turneth agayne to his vomyte, euen so a foole beginneth hys folyshnesse agayne a fresh.
12 If şu seest a man şt is wyse in his awne conceate, there is more hope in a foole then in hym.
13 The slouthfull sayeth: there is a lyon in the waye, & a lyon in the myddest of şe stretes.
14 Lyke as the dore turneth aboute vpon the henges, euen so doth the slouthfull welter him selfe in his bedd.
15 The slouthfull body thrusteth his hande into hys bosome, and it greueth hym to put it agayne to his mouth.
16 The slogarde thinketh him selfe wyser, then seuen men şt sytt & teach.
17 Who so goeth by & medleth wt other mens stryfe he is lyke one şt taketh a dogge by şe eares.
18 Lyke as a madd man that castith fyre brandes, and shoteth deadly arowes and dartes euen so doth a dissembler wt his neyghboure.
19 And then sayth he I dyd it but in sporte.
20 Where no wodd is, there the fyre goeth out: Euen so where the tale betrayer is taken awaye, there şe strife ceaseth.
21 Coles kyndle heate, & wodd the fyre: euen so doth a brauling felowe stere vp variaunce.
22 A taleberars wordes are lyke men şt stryke with hammers, but they pearse the inwarde partes of the body.
23 Uenymous lyppes and a wycked herte, are lyke a potsherde couered with syluer drosse.
24 And enemye shalbe knowen by his talkyng, & in the meane season he ymagyneth myschefe,
25 but when he speaketh fayre, beleue him not, for there are seuen abhominacions in his herte.
26 Who so kepeth euell will, secretly to do hurte, his malyce shalbe shewed before the whole congregacyon.
27 Who so dyggeth vp a pytt, shall fall therin: & he that weltreth a stone, shall stomble vpon it him selfe.
28 A dyssemblinge tonge hateth one şt rebuketh hym, and a flatterynge mouth worcketh myschefe.




1 Make not thy boost of to morowe for şu knowest not what maye happen to daye.
2 Let another man prayse the, and not thyne awne mouth: yee other folckes lyppes, and not thyne.
3 The stone is heuy and the sande weyghtye: but a fooles wrath is heuyer then them both.
4 Wrath is a cruell thinge and furiousnesse is a very tempest: but who is able to abyde enuye?
5 An open rebuke is better then a secrete loue.
6 Faythfull are the woundes of a louer, but the kysses of an enemye are cruell.
7 He that is full, abhoreth an hony combe: but vnto him that is hongrye, euery sowre thinge is swete.
8 He that oft tymes flytteth, is lyke a byrde şt forsaketh her nest.
9 Balme and swete encense make the hert mery: so is the swete counsell of a mans frende that agreeth to his purpose.
10 Thyne awne frende and thy fathers frende se thou forsake not: but go not into thy brothers house in tyme of thy trouble. For better is a frende at hand then a brother farre of.
11 My sonne, be wyse, and thou shalt make me a glad herte so that I shall make answere vnto my rebukers.
12 A wyse man seynge the plage. wyll hyde hym selfe, as for fooles they go on styll, and suffer harme.
13 Take hys garment şt is suertye for a straunger, and take a pledge of him for the vnknowen mans sake.
14 He that is to hastye to prayse hys neyghboure aboue measure, shalbe taken as one that geueth hym an euell reporte.
15 A braulynge woman and the rofe of the house droppynge in a raynye daye, maye well be compared together.
16 He that refrayneth her, refrayneth the wynde, & holdeth oyle fast in hys hande.
17 Lyke as one yron whetteth another, so doth one man comforte another.
18 Who so kepeth hys fygge tre, shall enioye the frutes therof: euen so, he that wayteth vpon his master, shall come to honoure.
19 Lyke as in one water there apeare dyuerse faces, euen so diuerse men haue diuerse hertes.
20 Lyke as hell and destruccyon are neuer full, euen so the eyes of men can neuer be satisfyed.
21 Syluer is tryed in the moulde, and golde in the fornace, and so is a man, when he is openly praysed to hys face.
22 Though şu shuldest bray a foole wt a pestell in a morter lyke frumentye corne, yet will not hys foolyshnesse go from hym.
23 Se şt şu knowe the nombre of thy catell thy selfe, & loke well to thy flockes.
24 For ryches abyde not alwaye, & the crowne endureth not for euer.
25 The heye groweth, the grasse commeth vp, & herbes are gathered in the mountaynes.
26 The lambes shall clothe the and for şe goates thou shalt haue money to thy husbandry.
27 Thou shalt haue goates mylck ynough to fede the, to vpholde thy housholde, and to susteyne thy maydens.




1 The vngodly flyeth whan no man chaseth hym, but the ryghteous standeth styf as a lyon.
2 Because of synne, şe lande doth oft chaunge her prince: but thorow men of vnderstandynge and wysdome a realme endureth longe.
3 One poore man oppressynge another by violence, is lyke a continuall rayne that destroyeth the frute.
4 They that forsake the lawe, prayse the vngodly: but soch as kepe şe lawe, abhorre them.
5 Wycked men discerne not the thynge that is ryght, but they that seke after şe Lorde, discusse all thynges.
6 A poore man leadynge a godly lyfe, is better then the ryche that goeth in frowarde wayes.
7 Who so kepeth the lawe, is a chylde of vnderstandynge: but he that is a companyon of ryotous men, shameth his father.
8 He that by vsurye and vniuste gaynes gatherith ryches: he shall laye them in store for a man that will pytye the pore.
9 He that turneth awaye hys eare from hearing the lawe, hys prayer shalbe abhominable.
10 Who so ledeth the ryghteous into an euell waye, shall fall into hys awne pytt, but the iust shall haue the good in posession.
11 The rych man thyncketh him self to be wyse, but the poore şt hath vnderstandynge, can perceaue him well ynough,
12 When ryghteous men are in prosperite, then doth honoure florysh but when şe vngodly come vp, şe state of men chaungeth.
13 He that hydeth his synnes, shall not prospere: but whoso knowledgeth them and forsaketh them, shall haue mercy.
14 Well is him that standeth alwaye in awe: as for him that hardeneth his herte, he shall fall in to myschefe.
15 Lyke as a roarynge lyon and an hongrye beare, euen so is an vngodly prynce ouer the poore people.
16 Where the prince is without vnderstandynge, there is greate oppressyon and wronge: but yf he be soch one as hateth couetousnesse, he shall longe raygne.
17 He that by vyolence sheddeth eny mans bloude, shall be a rennagate vnto hys graue, and no man shall be able to souccoure hym.
18 Who so leadeth a godly & an innocent lyfe, shalbe saued: but he that goeth froward wayes, shall once haue a fal.
19 He that tylleth his land, shall haue plenteousnesse of bread: but he şt foloweth ydylnesse, shall haue pouerte ynough.
20 A man şt dealeth faythfully, shalbe fylled with blessynges: & he that maketh to moch haste for to be ryche, shall not be vngyltye.
21 To haue respecte of personnes in iudgement is not good: And why? A man will do wronge, yee, euen for a pece of bread.
22 He şt wyll be rych all to soone, hath an euelleye, and consydereth not, şt pouerte shall come vpon hym.
23 He that folowynge my precepts rebuketh a man? shall fynde more fauoure at the last, then he that flatreth hym.
24 Whoso robbeth his father and mother, and sayeth it is no synne: the same is lyke vnto a destroyer.
25 He that is of a proude stomacke & without feare, stereth vp stryfe: but he that putteth hys trust in the Lorde, shalbe well fedd.
26 He that trusteth in hys awne herte, is a foole: but he şt dealeth wysely, shalbe safe.
27 He that geueth vnto the poore, shall not lacke: but he that turneth awaye hys eyes from soch as be in necessyte, shall suffre greate pouerte hymselfe.
28 When the vngodly are come vp, men are fayne to hyde them selues: but when they perysh, the ryghteous increase.




1 He that is styfnecked, & wyll not be refourmed, shall sodenly be destroyed without eny help.
2 When the ryghteous haue the ouerhande, the people are in prosperite: but when the vngodly beareth rule, there the people mourne.
3 Who so loueth wysdome maketh his father a glad man: but he that kepeth company with harlottes, spendeth awaye that he hath.
4 With true iudgement the kynge setteth vp the lande, but yf he be a man şt oppressith the people with gatheringes, he turneth it vp syde downe.
5 Who so flatreth hys neyghbour, layeth a nette for his fete.
6 The synne of şe wicked is his awne snare, but the ryghteous doth syng & reioyse.
7 The ryghteous considreth şe cause of şe poore: but the vngodly regardeth no vnderstandynge.
8 Wycked people bringe a cytie in decaye, but wyse men set it vp agayne.
9 If a wyse man go to lawe wt a foole (whether he deale wt him frendly or roughly) he getteth no rest.
10 The bloude thyrstie hate the ryghteous: but şe iust seke his soule.
11 A foole powreth out hys sprete altogether but a wyse man kepeth it in tyll afterwarde.
12 If a prince delyte in lyes, all his seruauntes are vngodly.
13 The poore and the lender mete together, & the Lord lyghteneth both theyr eyes.
14 The seate of the Kynge that faithfully iudgeth the poore, shall continue sure for euermore.
15 The rodde and correccyon ministre wysdome, but yf a chylde be not loked vnto, he bryngeth his mother to shame.
16 When the vngodly come vp, wyckednes increaseth: but the ryghteous shall se theyr fall.
17 Nurtoure thy sonne wt correccion, and thou shalt be at rest, yee, he shall do the good at thyne herte.
18 When the worde of god is not preached, the people peryshe, but well is hym that kepeth şe lawe.
19 A seruaunt wyll not be the better for wordes, for though he vnderstande, yet wyll he not regarde them.
20 Yf thou seest a man şt is hastye to speake vnaduysed, thou mayest trust a foole more then hym.
21 He that delycately bryngeth vp his seruaunt from a chylde, shall make him hys master at length.
22 An angry man stereth vp stryfe, and he that beareth euell wyll in his mynde, doth moch euell.
23 After pryde commeth a fall, but a lowely sprete bringeth greate worshyp.
24 Who so kepeth company wyth a thefe, hateth his awne soule: he heareth blasphemyes, and telleth it not forth.
25 He that feareth men, shal haue a fall: but who so putteth hys trust in the Lorde is with out daunger.
26 Many there be that seke the Princes fauoure, but euery mans iudgement commeth from the Lorde.
27 The ryghteous abhorreth the vngodly: but as for those that be in the ryght waye, the wycked hate them.




1 The wordes of Agur the sonne of Iakei, and the prophecie that the same man spake vnto Ithiel, euen vnto Ithiel, and Uchal:
2 I am more foolysh then any man, and haue no mans vnderstandyng
3 I neuer lerned wysdome, ner had knowledge of holy thynges.
4 Who hath clymed vp into heauen? Who hath come doune from thence? Who hath holden the wynd fast in his hand? Who hath comprehended the waters in a garment? Who hath sett all the endes of the worlde? What is hys name, or his sonnes name? Canst thou tell
5 all the wordes of God are pure and cleane, for he is a shylde vnto all them, that put theyr trust in hym.
6 Put thou nothyng vnto hys wordes, lest he reproue the, and thou be founde a lyar.
7 Two thynges haue I requyred of the, that thou wylt not denye me before I dye.
8 Remoue fro me vanite and lyes: geue me nether pouerte nor ryches, onely graunte me a necessary lyuynge.
9 Lest yf I be to full, I denye the, and saye: who is the Lorde? And lest I beinge constrayned thorow pouerte, fall vnto stealynge, and take the name of my God in vayne.
10 Accuse not a seruaunt vnto hys master, lest he speake euell of the, and thou be hurte.
11 There is a generacyon that curseth theyr father, and doth not blesse theyr mother.
12 There is a generacion that thynke them selues cleane, and yet is not clensed from theyr fylthynesse.
13 There is a generacyon that hath a proude loke, & doth cast vp theyr eye lyddes.
14 There is a generacion whose teth are swerdes, & with theyr chaw bones they consume & deuoure şe symple of the earth, and the poore from amonge men.
15 The horsleche hath two daughters cryeng: bryng hyther, bryng hyther.
16 There be thre thynges that are neuer satysfyed, yee, fowre thynges sayeth neuer hoo. The graue: a womans wombe closed: and the earth that hath neuer water ynough. As for fyre, it sayeth neuer hoo.
17 Who so laugheth hys father to scorne, and setteth hys mothers commaundement at naught: the rauens pycke out hys eyes in the valleye, and deuoured be he of the yonge Aegles.
18 There be thre thynges to hye for me, yea foure that passeth my knowledge.
19 The waye af an Aegle in şe ayre, şe waye of a serpent ouer a stone, the waye of a shyp in the see, and the waye of a man wyth a yonge woman.
20 Soch is the waye also of a wyfe that breaketh wedlocke, which wypeth her mouth lyke as when she hath eaten and sayeth: As for me. I haue done no harme.
21 Thorow thre thynges the earth is dysquieted, & the fourth may it not beare:
22 Thorow a seruaunt şt beareth rule. Thorow a foole şt hath to moche breed,
23 thorow a wife worthy hatered when she is maryed, and thorow an hand mayden that is heyre to her mastres.
24 These be foure thynges in the earth, the which are very lytle: but in wysdome they exceade the wyse
25 The emmettes are but weake people yet gather they theyr meate together in the haruest.
26 The Conyes are but a feble folke, yet make they theyr couches amonge the rockes.
27 The greshoppers haue not a gyde, yet go they forth together by heapes.
28 The spyder laboureth with her handes, & is in Kynges places.
29 There be thre thynges that go styfly, yea fowre ar comlye in goinge.
30 A Lyon, which is strongest among beastes, and geueth place to no man:
31 A grehounde stronge in the hynder partes: A ramme also & a Kyng, agaynst whom no man aryseth vp.
32 Yf thou hast done foolyshly whan thou wast in hye estate, or yf thou hast taken euell councell: then laye thyne hande vpon thy mouth.
33 Who so chyrmeth mylcke, maketh butter: and he that rubbeth hys nose, maketh it blede: Euen so he that causeth wrath bringeth forth stryfe.




1 The wordes of Kyng Lamuel, & the lesson that hys mother taught hym.
2 My sonne (why do ye so) şu sonne of my body: O my deare beloued sonne,
3 geue not ouer thi strength & waies vnto wemen, which are şe destruccion euen of kynges.
4 O Lamuel, yt is not for kynges, it is not (I saye) for kinges to drinke wyne, nor Princes stronge dryncke
5 lest they beynge droncken forgett the lawe, and paruerte the iudgement of all poore mens childerne.
6 Geue stronge drincke vnto soch as are condempned to death, and wyne vnto those that mourne:
7 that they maye drincke it, and forgett theyr mysery & aduersytie.
8 Be thou an aduocate, for the dombe and stande in iudgement thy selfe, to speake for all soch as be socourles in this transitorye worlde.
9 Open thy mouth, defende the thynge that is lawfull and ryght, and the cause of the poore and helpelesse.
10 Who so fyndeth an honest faythfull woman, she is moch more worth then perles.
11 The hert of her husband maye safely trust in her, so that he shall fall in no pouertye.
12 She will do hym good and not euell, all the dayes of her lyfe.
13 She occupyeth woll and flaxe, & laboureth gladly with her handes.
14 She is lyke a marchauntes shyppe, that bryngeth her vytayles from a farre.
15 She is vp in the nyght season, to prouyde meate for her housholde, and fode for her maydens.
16 She consydreth lande, & byeth it, and with the frute of her handes she planteth a vyneyarde.
17 She gyrdeth her loynes with strength, & courageth her armes.
18 And yf the perceaue that her houswyferye doth good, her candle goeth not out by nyght.
19 She layeth her fyngers to the spyndell: and her hande taketh holde of şe distaffe.
20 She openeth her hande to the poore, yee she stretcheth forth her handes to soche as haue nede.
21 She feareth not that the colde of wynter shall hurte her house, for all her housholde folkes are clothed with skarlett.
22 She maketh her selfe fayre ornamentes, her clothynge is whyte sylke & purple.
23 Her husband is moch set by in the gates, when he sytteth amonge the rulers of the land.
24 She maketh cloth of sylke and selleth it, & delyuereth gyrdles vnto the marchaunt.
25 Strength and honoure is her clothynge, & in the latter daye she shall reioyse.
26 She openeth her mouth with wysdome, and in her tonge is the lawe of grace.
27 She loketh well to the wayes of her housholde: & eateth not her bred with ydylnes.
28 Her children shall aryse, and call her blessed: & her housband shall make moch of her.
29 Many daughters there be that gather riches together, but thou goest aboue them all.
30 As for fauoure, it is disceatfull, and beutie is a vayne thynge: but a woman that feareth şe Lorde, she is worthy to be praysed.
31 Geue her of şe frute of her handes and let her awne worckes prayse her in the gates.