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1 Paul and Tymothe the seruauntes of Iesu Chryst. To all the saynctes in Chryst Iesu, which are at Philippos with the Bisshops and Deacons.
2 Grace be vnto you and peace from God oure father, and from the Lorde Iesus Chryst.
3 I thanke my God with all remembraunce of you
4 all wayes in all my prayers for you, and praye with gladnes:
5 because ye are come into şe fellowshyppe of the Gospell from the fyrst daye vnto nowe
6 and am suerly certyfyed of thys, that he, which hath begonne a good worke in you, shall perfourme it vntyll the daye of Iesus Chryst,
7 as it becommeth me, so iudge I of you all, because I haue you in my herte: for asmoche as ye all are companyons of grace with me, euen in my bondes, and in the defendynge and stablisshynge of the Gospell.
8 For God is my recorde, howe greatly I longe after you all, from the very herte rote in Iesus Chryst.
9 And thys I praye, that youre loue maye increase yet more and more in knowledge, and in all vnderstandynge,
10 that ye maye accepte the thynges that are most excellent, that ye maye be pure, and soche, as offende no man vntyll şe daye of Christ:
11 beynge fylled with the frute of ryghtewesnes, which cometh by Iesus Christ vnto the glory and prayse of God.
12 I wolde ye shulde vnderstonde (brethren) that the thynges which happened vnto me, chaunced vnto the greate furtheraunce of the Gospell:
13 So that my bandes in Christ, are manifeste thorowe out all the iudgement hall and in all other places:
14 In so moche that many of the brethren in the Lorde beynge encoraged thorowe my bandes, dare more boldly speake the worde without feare.
15 Some preache Chryst of enuie and stryfe, and some of good wyll,
16 The one parte preache Chryst of stryfe and not syncerely, supposynge to adde more aduersytie to my bandes.
17 Agayne the other parte preache of loue, because they knowe, that I am set to defende the Gospell.
18 What then? So that Chryst be preached anye maner of waye, whether it be by occasyon, or of true meaninge, I am glad therof, ye and wyll be glad.
19 For I knowe, that this shall chaunce to my saluacyon, thorowe youre prayer and ministrynge of the sprete of Iesu Chryst
20 accordinge to my expectacion, and hope, that in nothinge I shalbe ashamed: but that wyth all boldnesse, (as all wayes euen so nowe also) Christ shall be magnifyed in my body, whether it be thorowe lyfe, or thorowe deeth.
21 For Christ is to me lyfe, and deeth is to me auauntage.
22 If it chaunce me to lyue in the flesshe, that thinge is to me frutefull for the worcke, and what I shall chose I wote not.
23 For I am constrayned of these two thinges. I desyre to be loosed, & to be wt Christ which is moche & far better.
24 Neuerthelesse, to abyde in şe flesshe is more nedfull for you,
25 And thys am I sure of, that I shall abyde, and continue with you all, for youre furtheraunce and ioye of youre fayth,
26 that youre reioysinge maye be şe more aboundant thorowe Iesus Christ in me, by my commynge to you agayne.
27 Onely let youre conuersacyon be, as it be commeth the Gospell of Christ: that whether I come & se you, or els be absent, I maye yet heare of youre condicyon, that ye contynue in one sprete, and in one soule, labourynge as we do, to mayntayne the fayth of the Gospell,
28 and in nothinge fearynge youre aduersaryes, which is to them a cause of perdicyon, but to you of saluacyon, & that of God:
29 for vnto you it is geuen for Chryst, that not onely ye shulde beleue on hym: but also that ye shulde suffre for hys sake,
30 hauynge euen soche a fyght, as ye sawe in me, and nowe heare of me.




1 If ther be therfore eny consolacyon in Christ, yf ther be eny comforte of loue, yf ther by eny fellishyppe of the sprete, yf ther be eny compassion and mercy:
2 full fyll ye my ioye, that ye be lyke mynded, hauinge one loue, beynge of one accorde, and of one mynde,
3 that nothinge be done thorowe stryfe or of vayne glory, but in mekenes of mynde, let euery man esteme another better then hym selfe.
4 Loke not ye euery man on hys awne thinges, but euery man on the thinges that are other mens.
5 Let the same mynde be in you, that was also in Christ Iesu:
6 which whan he was in the shape of God, thought it no robbery to be equall with God
7 Neuerthelesse he made hym selfe of no reputacion, takynge on hym the shape of a seruaunte, and became lyke vnto men,
8 and was founde in his apparell as a man. He humbled him selfe, and became obedient vnto the deeth, euen the deeth of the crosse.
9 Wherfore, God also hath exalted him on hye, and geuen him a name which is aboue all names:
10 that in the name of Iesus euery knee shulde bowe, both of thinges in heauen and thynges in erth and thynges vnder the erth,
11 and that all tonges shulde confesse, that Iesus Christ is the Lorde, vnto şe prayse of God the father.
12 Wherfore (my dearly beloued) as ye haue alwayes obeyed, not when I was present onely, but nowe moche more in myne absence, euen so worcke out youre awne saluacion with feare and tremblyng.
13 For it is God, which worketh in you, both the wyll and also the dede, euen of good wyll.
14 Do all thynge with out murmuringe, & dysputynge,
15 that ye maye be soche as no man came complayne on: and vnfayned sonnes of God without rebuke, in the myddes of a croked and peruerse nacyon: amonge whom se that ye shyne as lyghtes in the worlde,
16 holdynge faste the worde of lyfe, that I maye reioyce in the daye of Chryst, howe that I haue not runne in vayne, nether haue laboured in vayne.
17 Yee and though I be offered vp vpon the offeringe & sacrifyce of youre fayth: I reioyce and reioyce with you all.
18 For the same cause also do ye reioyce, and reioyce with me.
19 I trust in the Lorde Iesus, for to sende Timotheus shortly vnto you, that I also maye be of good comforte, when I knowe what case ye stande in.
20 For I haue no man that is so lyke mynded to me, which with so pure affeccyon wyll care for youre matters.
21 For all other seke theyr awne, and not the thynges which are Iesus Christes.
22 ye knowe the proffe of hym, howe that as a sonne with the father, so hath he with me bestowed hys seruice in the Gospell.
23 Hym therfore I hope to sende, assone as I knowe howe it wyll go with me.
24 I trust in the Lord, that I also my selfe shall come shortly.
25 But I supposed it necessary to sende brother Epaphroditus vnto you, my companion in laboure and felowe souldier, youre Apostell, which also ministreth vnto me at nede.
26 For he longed after you all, and was full of heuynes, because that ye had hearde saye, that he had bene sycke.
27 And no doute he was sicke, in somoch that he was nye vnto deeth. But God had mercy on him: and not on him onely, but on me also, lest I shulde haue sorowe vpon sorowe.
28 I sent hym therfore the more diligently: that when ye se hym, ye maye reioyce agayne, and that I maye be the lesse sorowfull.
29 Receaue him therfore in the Lorde with all gladnes, and make moche of soche:
30 because that for the worke of Chryst he went so farre, that he was nye vnto deeth, and regarded not hys lyfe: to fullfyll that, which was lackynge on youre parte to warde me.




1 Moreouer, (brethren) reioyce ye in the Lorde. It greueth me not to wryte one thynge often to you. For to you it is a sure thynge.
2 Beware of dogges, beware of euyll workers. Beware of dissensyon.
3 For we are circumcisyon, which serue God in the sprete, and reioyce in Chryst Iesu, and haue no confydence in the flesshe:
4 though I myght also reioyce in the flesshe. If eny other man thynketh that he hath wherof he might trust in the flesshe: I haue more:
5 beynge circumcysed the eyght daye, of the kynred of Israel, of the trybe of Beniamin an Ebrue borne of the Ebrues as concernynge the lawe, a Pharisaye:
6 as concernynge feruentnes, I persecuted the congregacyon, as touchynge the ryghtewesnes which is in the lawe, I was vnrebukable.
7 But the thynges that were vauntage vnto me, those I counted losse for Chrystes sake.
8 ye I thynke all thynges but losse for the excellencye of the knowledge of Chryst Iesu my Lorde. For whom I haue counted all thynge losse, and do iudge them but vyle, that I maye wynne Chryst,
9 and be founde in him not hauynge myne awne ryghtewesnes of the lawe: but that which is thorow the fayth of Chryst: euen the ryghtewesnes which commeth of God thorowe fayth:
10 that I maye knowe hym and the vertue of hys resurrecyon, and the fellowshyppe of hys passyons, whyle I am conformable vnto hys (deeth)
11 yf by eny meanes I myght attayne vnto the resurreccyon of the deed.
12 Not that I haue attayned vnto it all ready, or that I am all ready perfecte: but I folowe, yf that I maye comprehende that, wherin I am comprehended of Chryst Iesu.
13 Brethren, I counte not my selfe that I haue gotten it as yet, but this one thynge I saye: I forget those thinges which are behinde, & endeuoure my selfe vnto those thinges which are before,
14 and (accordinge to the marke apoynted) I preace to the rewarde of the hye callynge of God thorowe Chryst Iesu.
15 Let vs therfore as many as be perfect, be thus wyse mynded, and yf ye be other wyse mynded, God shall open the same also vnto you.
16 Neuerthelesse vnto that which we haue attayned vnto, lett vs proceade by one rule, that we maye be of one accorde.
17 Brethren, be folowers together of me, and loke on them which walke euen so, as ye haue vs for an ensample.
18 For many walke (of whom I haue tolde you often and nowe tell you wepynge) that they are şe enemies of şe crosse of Christ,
19 whose ende is damnacion, whose God is theyr belly and glory to theyr shame, which are worldely mynded.
20 But oure conuersacyon is in heauen, from whence we loke for the saueoure, euen şe Lorde Iesus Chryst,
21 which shall chaunge oure vyle bodie, that he maye make it lyke vnto hys glorious body, accordynge to the workynge, wherby he is able also to subdue all thynges vnto him selfe.




1 Therfore my brethren (dearly beloued and longed for) my ioye and crowne, so continue in the Lorde ye beloued.
2 I praye Euodias, and beseche Sintiches, şt they be of one accorde in the Lord.
3 Yee and I beseche the faythfull yockefelowe, helpe şe wemen which laboured with me in the Gospell, and with Clement also, and with other my laboure felowes whose names are in şe boke of lyfe.
4 Reioyce in şe Lord alwaye and agayne I saye reioyce.
5 Let youre softenes be knowen vnto all men: The Lorde is euen at hande.
6 Be carefull for nothynge: but in all prayer and supplicacyon let youre peticyons be manifeste vnto God with geuynge of thankes.
7 And the peace of God (which passeth all vnderstandynge) kepe youre hertes and myndes thorowe Christ Iesu.
8 Furthermore, brethren, whatsoeuer thinges are true, whatsoeuer thynges are honeste, whatsoeuer thinges are iust, whatsoeuer thynges are pure, whatsoeuer thynges are conuenient, whatsoeuer thinges are of honeste reporte: Yf ther be eny vertue, yf ther be eny prayse,
9 those same haue ye in youre mynde, which ye haue bothe learned & receaued, hearde also and sene in me those thinges do, and the God of peace shalbe with you.
10 I reioyce in the Lord greatly, şt nowe at the last youre care is reuyued agayne for me in that wherin ye were also carefull, but ye lacked oportunite.
11 I speake not because of necessite. For I haue learned in whatsoeuer estate I am, therwith to be content.
12 I knowe howe to be lowe and I knowe howe to excede. Euery where and in all thinges I am instructed, both to be full and to be hongrye, both to haue plenty and to suffre nede.
13 I can do all thinges thorowe Christ which strengtheneth me.
14 Not withstandynge ye haue well done, şt ye bare parte wt me in my tribulacion.
15 Ye of Philippos knowe also that in the begynnynge of the Gospell, when I departed from Macedonia , no congregacyon bare parte with me, as concernynge geuynge & receauinge, but ye onely.
16 For when I was in Thessalonica, ye sent once and afterward agayne vnto my necessite:
17 not şt I desire gyftes: but I desyre aboundant frute on youre parte.
18 Neuertheles I receaued all, and haue plentie. I was euen fylled after that I receaued of Epaphroditus şe thinges, which were sent from you, an odoure of a swete smell a sacrifyce accepted and pleasaunt to God.
19 My God shall supplye all youre nede thorow his gloryous riches by Iesu Christ.
20 Unto God & oure father be prayse for euermore. Amen.
21 Salute all the saynctes in Christ Iesu. The brethren which are with me, greate you.
22 All the saynctes salute you, most of all they which are of the emperours housholde.
23 The grace of oure Lord Iesu Christ be with you all. Amen.