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1 The wordes of Nehemia the sonne of Hachalia. It fortuned in the moneth Chisleu in the twentie yere, that I was in the castell at Susan:
2 & Hanani one of my brethren came with certayne men of Iuda, and I asked them how the Iewes dyd that were delyuered an escaped from the captyute, and how it went at Ierusalem.
3 And they sayde vnto me: The remnaunt of the captyuyte are there in the lande in greate misfortune and rebuke. The wall of Ierusalem also is broken downe, and the gates therof are brent with fyre.
4 It fortuned, that when I hearde these wordes, I sat me downe and wepte, and mourned certayne dayes, & fasted, & prayed before the God of heauen,
5 & sayde, O Lorde God of heauen, thou greate & terrible God, thou that kepest couenaunt and mercy for them that loueth the, and obserue thy commaundementes:
6 let thyne eares hearken, I beseche şe, and let thyne eyes be open, that thou mayest heare the prayer of thy seruauntes, whych I praye now before the, daye & nyghte, for the chyldren of Israel thy seruauntes, and knowledge the synnes of the chyldren of Israel, which we haue synned agaynst the. I and my fathers house haue synned.
7 We haue bene vtterly dispersed from thy lawe, and haue not kepte the commaundementes, statutes and lawes, which thou commaundedst thy seruaunt Moses.
8 I besech the, call to remembraunce the worde that thou commaundedst thy seruaunt Moses, & saydest: Ye wyll transgresse, and I will scater you abroade among the nacions.
9 But yf ye turne vnto me, and kepe my commaundementes & do them: though ye were cast out vnto the vttermost parte of heauen, yet will I gather you from thence, and wyll brynge you vnto the place, that I haue chosen to set my name there.
10 They are thy seruauntes, and thy people, whom thou hast deliuered thorowe thy great power & in thy myghtie hand.
11 O Lord, I besech the, let thyne eare herken to şe prayer of thy seruaunt, and to the prayer of thy seruauntes, whose desyre is to feare thy name, and let thy seruaunt prospere this daye, and graunte hym mercy in the syght of thys man: for I was the kynges buttelar.




1 It fortuned, that in the moneth Nisan in the twentyeth yeare of kynge Arthaxerses, the wyne stode before hym, and I toke vp the wyne, and gaue it vnto the kynge, and I was heuy in his presence.
2 And the kyng sayde vnto me: why lokest thou so sadly, whan şu art not sycke? it is nothynge els, but şt thou art heuy herted. And I was sore afrayed,
3 and sayed vnto the kynge: God saue the kynges life for euer. How shulde I not loke sadly, whan şe cytie and place of my fathers buryall lyeth waste, and the gates therof are so consumed with fyre?
4 And şe kyng sayde vnto me: what is then thy request? I made my prayer also to the God of heauen,
5 and sayde vnto the kyng: yf it please şe kyng, and yf thy seruaunt haue founde fauoure in thy syghte, sende me into Iuda vnto the cytie of my fathers buryall, şt I maye buylde it.
6 And the kynde sayde vnto me (the quene his wyfe sytting by him) howe longe shall thy iourney continue, and when wylt thou come agayne? And it pleased şe kynge to sende me, and I sett him a tyme,
7 & sayde vnto şe kyng: yf it please the kyng, let him geue me letters to the captaynes which are beyonde the water, that they maye conuaye me ouer, tyll I come into Iuda:
8 and letters vnto Asaph the Lord of the kinges wood, that he maye geue me tymber to make beames for the gates of the palace (which is harde by şe house) & for the walles of the cytie, and for the house that I shall entre into. And the kynge gaue me accordinge to the hande of my God, which was good vpon me.
9 And when I came to the captaynes beyonde the water, I gaue them the kynges letters And the kynge had sent captaynes and horsmen with me.
10 Sanabalat also the Horonite and Tobia a seruaunt (the Ammonite) hearde of it, and it greued them sore, that there was come a man which soughte the welth of the chyldren of Israel.
11 And I came to Ierusalem, & was there thre dayes,
12 and I gat me vp in the night season, and a fewe men with me: nether tolde I anye man, what God had geuen me in my hert to be at Ierusalem: and there was not one beast with me saue it şt I rode vpon.
13 And I departed in the nyghte by the valley porte, before the Dragon well, & to the Donge porte, and considered the walles of Ierusalem, how they were broken downe, and the portes therof consumed with the fyre.
14 And I went ouer vnto the wellporte, and to the kynges condyte, and there was no rowme for the beast şt was vnder me, to passe.
15 Then wente I on in the nyght by the brooke syde and consydered the wall, and turned backe, and came home agayne by the valley porte.
16 And şe rulers knewe not whither I wente or what I dyd: neyther dyd I as yet tell it vnto the Iewes, to the preastes, to the noble men, to the rulers, and to the other that laboured in the worcke.
17 Then sayde I vnto them: ye se the miserye that we are in, how Ierusalem lyeth waste, and how the gates therof are brent with fyre: come therfore, that we maye buylde vp the wall of Ierusalem, & şt we be no more a rebuke.
18 And I told them of the hande of my God, (that it was gracious ouer me) and the kynges wordes that he had spoken vnto me. And they sayde: let us get vp and buylde: and they strengthed their hande to goode.
19 But when Sanabalat the Horonite, and Tobia the seruaunt (an Ammonite,) and Gesem the Arabian herde it, they laughed vs to skorne, and mocked vs, and sayde: what is thys that ye do? Wyll ye fall awaye from şe kynge?
20 Then answered I them, and sayde: the God of heauen, he it is that hath graunted vs prosperite: and we be his seruauntes. Let vs get up and buylde. As for you, ye haue no porcyon nor right, nor remembraunce in Ierusalem.




1 And Eliasib the hie preast gat him vp with hys brethren the preastes, & they buylded the Shepegate. They repayred it, & set vp şt dores of it: euen vnto the tower Mea repayred they it, and vnto şe tower of Hananeel.
2 Nexte vnto him also buylded the men of Iericho. And besyde him buylded Sachur the sonne of Amri.
3 But the fyshe porte dyd the chyldren of Sanaa buyld, which also layed the beames therof, an set on the dores, lockes and barres of it.
4 And nexte vnto him builded Meremoth the sonne of Uria, şe sonne of Hakoz: and nexte vnto them buylded Zadoc the sonne of Baana.
5 And nexte vnto him buylded they of Thekoa. But the great men that were amonge them, put not theyr neckes to the worcke of their Lorde.
6 The Oldegate buylded Iehoiada şe sonne of Paseah, and Mesulam the sonne of Besodia, they layde the beames therof, and set on the dores, lockes and barres of it.
7 Nexte vnto them, buylded Malatiah of Gibeon, and Iadon of Merano, men of Gibeon, and of Mispa, where he that was captayne of this syde the water had a mansion.
8 Nexte vnto him buylded Usiel the sonne of Harhaiah şe goldsmyth. Nexte vnto him also builded Hananiah the sonne of Harakahim, and they repayred Ierusalem vnto the brode wall.
9 Nexte vnto them buylded Raphaiah the sonne of Hur, the ruler of the halfe parte of Ierusalem.
10 Nexte vnto hym buylded Iedata the sonne of Harumaph ouer agaynst his house: and nexte vnto him buylded Hatus the sonne of Hasabnia.
11 But Melchia the sonne of Harim and Hasub şe sonne of the captayne of Moab buylded the other pece, and the tower besyde the fornaces.
12 Nexte vnto him buylded Sallum a syngers sonne, the ruler of şe halfe parte of Ierusalem, he and his daughters.
13 The valley gate buylded Hanum, & the cytesyns of Zanoa. They buylded it, and set on the dores, lockes and barres therof, and a thousande cubites on the wall, vnto şe Donge porte.
14 But the Donge porte buylded Melchiah the sonne of Rechab, the ruler of the fourth parte of Bethcharem: he repayred it, and set on the dores, lockes and barres therof.
15 But the wellgate repayred Sallum the sonne of Cholhosah, the ruler of the fourth parte of Mispa. He buylded it, and layed the beames, and set on the dores, lockes, and barres therof, and the wall vnto the pole of Siloah by the kynges garden, and vnto the steppes that go downe from the cytie of Dauid.
16 After him buylded Nehemiah the sonne of Afbok, the ruler of the halfe parte of Bethzur, vntyll the other syde ouer agaynst the sepulchres of Dauid, and to the pole that was repayred, and vnto the house of the myghtie.
17 After him buylded the Leuites, Rehum the sonne of Bani: and nexte vnto him buylded Hasabia the ruler of the halfe parte of Keilah in hys quarter.
18 After hym buylded theyr brethren. Bauai the sonne of Henadad the ruler of the halfe parte of Keilah:
19 and after hym buylded Ezer the sonne of Iesua the ruler of Mispa the other pece, harde ouer agaynst the goynge vp to the house of ordinaunce that was in the corner.
20 Agayne, after hym brake forth Baruch the sonne of Zachai of indignacyon, and repayred the other pece from the turnyng corner vnto the dore of the house of Eliasib the hye prest.
21 After hym also buylded Merimoth the sonne of Uria the sonne of Hacos the other pece, from the dore of the house of Eliasib, euen as longe as the house of Eliasib extended.
22 After hym buylded the preastes, the men of the playne.
23 After hym buylded BenIamin and Hasub ouer agaynst theyr house: and after hym wrought Asaria the sonne of Maasia the sonne of Anania nexte vnto hys house.
24 After hym also buylded Benui the sonne of Hanadad the other pece, from the house of Asaria vnto the turnynge of the wall, and vnto the corner.
25 After hym buylded Pala şe sonne of Usai ouer agaynst the corner and the hye tower, which lyeth out ouer from the kynges house, that was besyde the courte of the preson. After hym Phedaia the sonne of Pharhos
26 (as for şe Nethinims they dwelt in the strong holde vnto the watergate, towarde the east, and to the tower that lyeth out.)
27 After hym buylded they of Thekua the other pece ouer agaynst the greate tower, that lyeth outwarde, vnto the wall of the stronge holde.
28 But from aboue the Horsgate forth, buylded the preastes, euery one ouer agaynst his house.
29 And after them buylded Zadok the sonne of Immer ouer agaynst his house. After hym buylded also Semeia the sonne of Sechania the keper of the Eastgate.
30 After him buylded Hanania the sonne of Selemia, and Hanun the sonne of Zalaph the syxte, the other peace. And after him buylded Mesulam the sonne of Barachia ouer agaynst his store house.
31 After him buylded Malachia the goldsmythes sonne, vntyll şe house of Nithinims, and of the merchauntes ouer agaynst the gate of Mephkad, and to the parler in the corner.
32 And betwene the parlour of the corner vnto the Shepegate buylded the goldsmytes and the merchauntes.




1 But when Sanabalat heard that we buylded the wall, he was wroth in hym selfe, and toke greate indignacion, & mocked şe Iewes,
2 and sayde before his brethren & the souldyers of Samaria: what do these impotent Iewes? wyll the hethen suffre them? shall they offre? shall they perfourme it in one daye? shal they make şe stones whole agayne that are brought to dust, and brent?
3 And Tobiah şe Ammonite was besyde him, and sayde: Though they buylde, yet yf a foxe go vp, he shall breake downe theyr stonye wall.
4 Heare (O thou oure God) for we are despised, turne their shame vpon their awne heade, & geue them ouer into despisynge in the lande of their captiuite.
5 Couer not their wickednesse, & let not their synne be put out in thy presence: for they haue prouoked şe buylders.
6 And so buylded we the wall, & it was ioyned whole together, vnto şe half heygth therof. And the people were mynded to laboure.
7 And it fortuned, şt when Sanabalat, and Tobiah, & the Arabians, Ammonites, & Asoodites heard, şt the walles of Ierusalem were mad vp, and şt the gappes beganne to be stopped, they were very wroth,
8 & conspired all together to come, & fyght against Ierusalem, and to make the people an hynderaunce therin.
9 Neuertheles, we made our prayer vnto our God, & set watchmen by them, which buylded daye & nyght ouer agaynst them.
10 And Iuda sayd: the strength of the bearers is to feble, & there is yet moch more morter, & we are not able to buyld on the wall.
11 And our aduersaries sayd: they shall not knowe nether se, tyll we come in the middes amonge them, and slaye them, and hinder the worcke.
12 But it fortuned şt when the Iewes (which dwelt besyde them) came, they tolde vs as good as ten tymes, şt in all places where ye go vnto, they are appointed to fal vpon vs.
13 Therfore set I şe people after their kinredes wt their swerdes, speares & bowes beneth in şe lowe places behynd the wal,
14 & I loked, & gat me vp, & sayd vnto the chefe men, to şe rulers, & to şe other people, be not ye afrayed of them, but thincke rather vpon the greate Lord, whych ought to be feared, & fight for your brethren, your sonnes, yor daughters, your wiues, & your houses.
15 Neuertheles, it chaunced that when our enemies hearde, that we had gotten worde of it. God brought their councel to naught, & we turned all againe to şe wal, euery one vnto his labor.
16 And from that time forth it came to passe şt the half parte of the yong men did the laboure, & the other half parte of them helde the speares, shyldes, bowes, and brestplates: & the rulers stode behynde all the house of Iuda,
17 which buylded on the wall, and bare burthens from those şt laded them. With one hande dyd euery one worcke, & wt the other helde he hys weapen.
18 And euery one şt buylded, had his swerd, gyrde by hys thygh, and so buylded they. And the trompet blewe besyde me.
19 And I sayd vnto the principal men, to the rulers, and to the other people: the worke is great and large, & we are separated vpon the wall one farre from another.
20 Loke in what place therfore ye heare the noyse of the trompet, resorte ye thyther vnto vs, & our God shal fight for vs,
21 & we will be labouryng in the worcke. And the halfe part of them helde şe speares from şe mornyng spryng, tyll the starres came forth.
22 And at the same tyme said I vnto the people: euery one abyde with hys seruaunt at Ierusalem, that in the night season we maye watch, and labour on the daye tyme.
23 As for me and my brethren, my seruauntes, and the men of the watch (which were behynde me) we put neuer of oure clothes, nomore then the other dyd theyr harnesse, saue onely because of the water.




1 And there arose a great complaynte of şe people, and of theyr wyues agaynst their brethren the Iewes.
2 For there were some that sayd: our sonnes and daughters and we are to many, therfore wyll we take corne for them, şt we maye eate, and lyue.
3 Some also there were that sayde: let vs sett our landes, vyneyardes and houses to pledge, and take vp corne in the darth.
4 But som there were that sayde: let vs borowe money for the kynges trybute & that vpon our landes and vyneardes.
5 Behold, oure bodyes as the bodyes of oure brethren, and oure chyldren as theyr chyldren: elles shulde we subdue our sonnes and daughters vnto bondage, and some of oure daughters are subdued vnto bondage all ready, & no strength is there in houre handes, and other men haue our landes and vyneyardes.
6 And when I heard their complaynte and soch wordes, it displeased me sore,
7 and I aduised so in my mynde, şt I rebuked the councelers, and the rulers, and sayde vnto them: Euery one of you is to chargeable vnto hys brother. And I brought a greate congregacyon agaynst them,
8 and sayd vnto them we (after oure abilite) haue bought our brethren the Iewes, which were solde vnto şe heathen. And wyll ye sell your brethren agayne vnto the heathen, after that they haue bene solde vnto vs? Then helde they theyr peace, and coulde fynde nothynge to answere.
9 And Nehemia sayde: It is not good that ye do. Ought ye not to walke in the feare of God, because of the rebuke of the heathen şt are our enemyes?
10 I and my brethren, and my seruauntes do lend them money & corne: but as for vsurye, let vs leaue it.
11 Therfore, thys same daye I pray you se that ye restore them theyr landes agayne, theyr vineyardes, oyle gardens, and their houses, and remytte the hundred part of the money, of the corne, wyne and oyle that ye haue wonne of them.
12 Then sayd they: we will restore them agayne, & wyll requyre nothing of them, and will do as şu hast spoken. And I called şe prestes, & toke an oth of them, şt they shuld do so.
13 And I shoke my lappe, & sayde. God shake out euery man after the same maner from hys house & laboure, şt maynteyneth not this word: euen thus be he shaken oute, and voyde. And all the congregacyon sayde: Amen, and praysed the Lord. And the people dyd so.
14 And from the tyme forth şt (the kyng) committed vnto me to be a captayne of them that were in the land of Iuda, euen from the .xx. yere vnto the .xxxij. yeare of kynge Arthaxerses (that is .xij. yere) I wt my brethren lyued not of soch sustenaunce as was geuen to a captayne.
15 For şe olde captaynes şt were before me, had bene chargeable vnto the people, and had taken of them bread and wyne, and .xl. sycles of syluer: yee, and their seruauntes had oppressed the people. But so dyd not I, and that because of the feare of God.
16 But I laboured also in the worcke vpon the wal, and bought no lande. And all my seruauntes came thyther together vnto the worke.
17 More ouer, there were at my table an .C. and .l. of the Iewes and rulers, which came vnto me from among the heathen, that are about vs.
18 And ther was prepared for me dayly an oxe and .vj. chosen shep, and byrdes, & euer once in .x. dayes a greate summe of wyne. Yet requyred not I the lyuyinge of a captayne, for the bondage was greuous vnto the people.
19 Thincke vpon me my God vnto şe best, according to all şt I haue done for thys people.




1 And when Sanabalat, Tobiah, & Gesem the Arabian, and the other of our enemyes heard that I had buylded şe wall: and that ther were no mo gappes therin (howbeit at the same tyme had I not hanged the dores vpon the gates)
2 Sanabalat & Gesem sent vnto me, sayenge: that we maye mete and take councell together in the villages that are in the playne of the cytie Ono. Neuerthelesse, they thought to do me euell.
3 And I sent messengers vnto them, sayenge: I haue a great busynes to do, and I cannot come downe. The worcke shulde stande stil, yf I were neclygent, and came downe to you.
4 Howbeit, they sent vnto me as good as foure times after the same maner. And I gaue them the same answere.
5 Then sent Sanabalat hys seruaunt agayne vnto me the fyfth tyme, wt an open letter in hys hand,
6 wherin was writen: it is tolde the heathen, and Gesem hath sayde it, that thou and the Iewes thincke to rebell: for the which cause thou buyldest the wall, that thou mayest be their kyng in these matters,
7 and hast ordeyned the prophetes to preach of the at Ierusalem, and to saye: He is kynge of Iuda. And now shall thys come to the kynges eares: come now therfore, and let vs take our councell together.
8 And I sent vnto hym, sayinge: there is no soch thynges done as thou sayst: for thou faynest them out of thyne awne herte.
9 For they were all mynded to make vs afrayed, sayinge: they shall withdrawe their handes from the worcke, that it shall not be fynisshed. Howbeit, I strengthed my hande the more.
10 And I came vnto the house of Semaia the sonne of Delaia the sonne of Mehetabeel, and he had shut hym self within, and sayde: let vs come together into the house of God, euen vnto the myddes of the temple, and shutte the dores of the temple: for they wyll come to slaye the, yee, euen in the nyght wyll they come to put the to death.
11 And I sayde: shulde any soch man as I flye? Who is that, beyng as I am, that wil go into the temple, to saue his lyfe? I wyll not go in.
12 And I perceaued, that God had not sent hym. Yet spake he prophecy vpon me, neuerthelesse, Tobiah and Sanabalat had hyred him for money.
13 Therfore toke he the money that through feare I shulde so do, and synne: that they might haue an euell reporte of me, to blaspheme me.
14 My God, thinke thou vpon Tobiah and Sanabalat accordynge vnto these theyr workes, and of the prophet Noadia, and of the other prophetes, that wolde haue put me in feare.
15 And the wall was fynysshed on the fyue and twentye daye of the moneth Elul, in two and fyfty dayes.
16 And when all our enemyes hearde therof, all the heathen that were about vs, were afrayed, and theyr courage fayled them. And they perceaued, that thys worcke came of our God.
17 And at the same tyme were ther many of the chefe of Iuda, whose letters wente vnto Tobiah, and agayne from Tobiah vnto them
18 (for there were many in Iuda, that were sworne vnto him: for he was the sonne in lawe of Sechania, the sonne of Arah, & his sonne Iehonathan had the daughter of Mesullam, the sonne of Barachia,
19 and they spake good of hym before me, and tolde hym my wordes) and Tobiah sent letters, to put me in feare.




1 Now when the wall was buylded, I hanged on the dores also, and the porters, syngers & leuites were appoynted.
2 And I commaunded my brother Hanani, and Hanania the ruler of the castel at Ierusalem: for he was a faithfull man, and feared God more then dyd many other,
3 and I sayde vnto them let not the gates of Ierusalem be opened, vntyll the sonne be whote. And whyle they were standinge in the watch, they shutt the dores and barred them. And we appoynted certayne cytesins of Ierusalem, appoynted to be watchmen, euery one to kepe hys watch, and euery one to be ouer against his house.
4 As for şe cite, it was large of rowme, and great, but the people were fewe therin, and the houses were not buylded.
5 And my God gaue me in my hert, that I gathered togeather the principall men, & the officiers, and the people, to nombre them, and I founde a register of the nombre of them which came vp before out of the captiuyte:
6 & founde wryten therin: these are the sonnes of şe land that wente vp from the captiuyte of the caryinge awaye (whom Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon had brought awaye) & came agayne to Ierusalem & Iuda, euery one vnto his cytie.
7 They which came wt Zorobabel are these: Iesua, Nehemia, Asariah, Raamia, Nahamani, Mardochee, Belsam, Mesperath, Beguai, Nahum and Baanah. This is the nombre of the men of the people of Israel.
8 The chyldren of Pharos were two thousand, an hundred & two & seuentye:
9 the chyldren of Saphatiah, thre hundred and two & seuentye:
10 the children of Arah, syxe hundred and two and fyftye:
11 the chyldren of the captayne of Moab amonge the chyldren of Iesua & Ioab, two thousande, eyght hundred, and eyghtene:
12 the chyldren of Elam, a thousande, two hundred and foure and fyftye:
13 the chyldren of Zathua, eyght hundred and fyue & fortye,
14 the chyldren of Zachai seuen hundred and threskore:
15 the chyldren of Banui: sixe hundred & eyght & fortie:
16 the chyldren of Bebai, syxe hundred & eyght & twentye:
17 the chyldren of Asgad, two thousande, thre hundred and two and twentye:
18 the chyldren of Adonicam, syxe hundred thre skore and seuen:
19 the chyldren of Begoai, two thousande, thre skore & seuen:
20 the chyldren of Adin, syxe hundred and fyue an fyftie:
21 the chyldren of Ater of Hezekia, eyght and nyentye.
22 The chyldren of Hasom, thre hundred and eyght & twentye:
23 the chyldren of Bezai, thre hundred and foure and twentye:
24 the children af Hariph, an hundred & twelue:
25 the chyldren of Gibeon, nynetye & fyue:
26 the men of Bethlehem & Nethophah, an hundred foure skore and eyght:
27 the men of Anathoth, an hundred & eyght & twentie:
28 şe men of Beth Asmaneth, two and fourtye:
29 the men of Kariath Iarim, Cephirah & Beeroth, seuen hundred & thre & fortye:
30 the men of Ramah and Geba, syxe hundred & one & twentye:
31 the men of Michmas, an hundred and two and twentye:
32 the men of Bethel and Ai, an hundred and thre and twentye:
33 the men of Nebo, an hundred and two and fyftie:
34 the chyldren of the other Elam, a thousande, two hundred and foure and fyftye:
35 the chyldren of Harim: thre hundred and twentye:
36 the chyldren of Iericho: thre hundred & fyue and fortye:
37 the chyldren of Lodhadid & Ono, seuen hundred and one and twentye:
38 şe chyldren of Sanaa, thre thousande, nyne hundred and thyrtye.
39 The preastes. The chyldren of Iedaiah of the house of Iesua, nyne hundred and thre and seuentye:
40 the chyldren of Immer, a thousande and two & fyftye:
41 the chyldren of Phashur, a thousand, two hundred & seuen & fortye:
42 the chyldren of Harim, a thousande & seuentene.
43 The Leuytes. The chyldren of Iesua of Cadmiel and of the chyldren of Hoduah, foure & seuentye.
44 The syngers. The chyldren of Asaph, an hundred and eyght and fortye.
45 The porters: The chyldren of Sallum, the chyldren of Ater, the chyldren of Talmon, the chyldren of Acub, the chyldren of Hatita, the chyldren of Sobai, all together an hundred and eyght and thyrtye.
46 The Nethinims. The chyldren of Ziha, the chyldren of Hasupha, the chyldren of Tebahoth,
47 the chyldren of Ceros, the chyldren of Sia, the chyldren of Phadon,
48 the chyldren of Lebanah, the chyldren of Hagaba, the chyldren of Salmat,
49 the chyldren of Hanan, the chyldren of Gidel, the chyldren of Gaher,
50 the chyldren of Reaia, the chyldren of Rezin, şe chyldren of Necoda,
51 the chyldren of Gasam, the chyldren of Usa the chyldren of Phaseah,
52 the children of Besai, the chyldren of Meunim, the chyldren of Nephussim,
53 the chyldren of Bachur, the chyldren of Hacupha, the chyldren of Harhur,
54 the chyldren of Bazlith, the chyldren of Mehida, the chyldren of Harsa,
55 the chyldren of Barcos, the chyldren of Sissera, the chyldren of Thamah,
56 the chyldren of Neziah, the chyldren of Hatipha.
57 The chyldren of Salomons seruauntes: the chyldren of Sotai, the chyldren of Sophereth, the chyldren of Pherida,
58 the chyldren of Iaala, the chyldren of Darcon, the chyldren of Giddel,
59 the chyldren of Saphatiah, the chyldren of Hatil, the chyldren of Pochereth of Zabaini, the chyldren of Amon.
60 All these Nethinims and the children of Salomons seruauntes, were thre hundred & nynetie and two.
61 And these wente vp also of Thel Mela, Thel Harsa, Cherub, Adon and Immer: but they coulde not shewe theyr fathers house nor theyr sede, and that they were of Israel.
62 The chyldren of Dalaiah, the chyldren of Tobia and the chyldren of Necoda, syxe hundred and two and fortye.
63 And of the preastes, the chyldren of Habaiah: the chyldren of Hacos, the chyldren of Bersilai, whych toke one of the daughters of Bersilai the Gileadite to wyfe, and was named after their name.
64 These soughte theyr writyng in şe register of theyr generacion, but they were not founde, therfore they were put from the presthode.
65 And Hathirsata sayd vnto them, that they shulde not eate of the moost holy, tyll there came vp a Preaste whych shulde were Urim and Thumin.
66 And so şe whole congregacyon together was two & fortye thousande, thre hundred, & thre skore:
67 besyde their seruauntes and maydens, of whom there were seuen thousande, thre hundred and seuen and thirtye. And they had two hundred and seuen and fortye syngynge men and wemen.
68 Their horses, seuen hundred and syxe & thirtye, & their Mules: two hundred & fyue & fortye.
69 The camels, foure hundred & fyue & thirtye: syxe thousande, seuen hundred and twentye Asses.
70 And certayne of the auncyent fathers gaue vnto şe worcke. Hathirsatha gaue to the treasure a thousand peces of gold, fyftie basens, fyue hundred & thirtye prestes garmentes.
71 And some of the chefe fathers gaue vnto the treasure of the worke, twentie thousande peces of gold & two thousande & two hundred pounde of syluer.
72 And the other people gaue twentye thousande peces of golde, and two thousande pounde of syluer and thre skore and seuen preastes garmentes.
73 And şe preastes & Leuites, the Porters, and the syngers, & the other of the people, and the Nethinims, & all Israel, dwelt in their cyties. And the seuenth moneth came, and the chyldren of Israel were in theyr cities.




1 And all the people geathered them selues together as one man in the strete that was before the watergate, and they sayde vnto Esdras the scrybe, that he shulde fetch the boke of the lawe of Moses, whych the Lorde commaunded to Israel.
2 And Esdras the preast brought şe lawe before şe congregacion both of men and wemen, and all şt coulde vnderstande dyd herken vnto it, vpon the fyrst daye of the seuenth moneth,
3 and he red therin in the strete şt was before the watergate (from the mornynge vntyll the noone daye) before men and wemen that dyd herken to it: and the eares of all the people were inclyned vnto the booke of the lawe.
4 And Esdras the scrybe stode vpon an hye pulpit of wood, whych they had made for the preachinge, & besyde hym stode Mathathia, Sema, Anania, Uriah, Helkia, and Maaseia, on hys ryghte hande: and on hys lefte hande stode Pedaia, Misael, Malchia, Hasum, Hasebadana, Zachary, and Mesulam.
5 And Esdras opened the boke before all the people, for he stode aboue all the people. And when he opened it, all the people stode vp.
6 And Esdras praysed şe Lorde the greate God. And all the people answered Amen, Amen, with their handes vp, & bowed them selues, and worshypped the Lorde, fallynge downe vpon their faces to the grounde.
7 And Iesua, Baam, Serabiah, Iamin, Acub, Sebathai, Hadaia, Maasia, Celita, Azaria, Iozabad, Hanan, Pelaia: and the Leuites caused the people to geue hede vnto the lawe, & the people stode in their place.
8 And they red in şe boke of the lawe of God distinctly & playnly, so şt men vnderstode the thinge that was red.
9 And Nehemiah (which is Hathirsatha) & Esdras the preast & scrybe, and the Leuites that caused the people to take hede, sayd vnto all the people: thys daye is holy vnto the Lorde youre God: be not ye sory, and wepe not. For all the people wepte, when they herde the wordes of the lawe.
10 And he sayd vnto them: go youre waye, and eate the fat, & drincke the swete, & sende parte vnto them also that haue not prepared them selues: for thys daye is holy vnto oure Lorde, be not ye sory therfore: for the ioye of the Lorde is youre strength.
11 And the Leuites stylled all the people, and sayd: holde youre peace, for the daye is holy, vexe not ye youre selues.
12 And all şe people wente theyr waye to eate and drincke, and to sende parte vnto other, and to make greate myrth, because they had vnderstand the wordes that were declared vnto them.
13 And on şe nexte daye were geathered together the chefe fathers amonge all the people and the preastes and Leuites, vnto Esdras the scrybe, that they myght vnderstand the wordes of şe lawe.
14 And they founde wrytten in the lawe (which the Lorde had commaunded by Moses) that the children of Israel shulde dwell in bothes in the feast of the seuenth moneth:
15 & şt they shulde cause it to be declared and proclamed in all theyr cyties, & thorow out Ierusalem, sayenge: go forth vnto the mount, and fetch Olyue braunches, Pyne braunches, Myrbraunches, Palmebraunches, and braunches of thicke trees, to make bothes, as it is wrytten.
16 And so the people went forth, and sett them, and made them bothes, euery one vpon şe rofe of his house, & in theyr courtes, & in the courtes of the house of God, and in the strete by the watergate, and in the strete by porte Ephraim.
17 And all the congregacion of them that were come agayne out of the captiuite, made bothes, & sat vnder şe bothes: for sence the tyme of Iosua şe sonne of Nun vnto this daye, had not the chyldren of Israel done so, and ther was very greate gladnesse.
18 And euery daye from the fyrst daye vnto the last, red Esdras in the boke of the lawe of God. And seuen dayes helde they the feast, and on the eyght daye, they geathered together, accordinge vnto the mane.




1 In the foure & twentye daye of this moneth came the children of Israel together agayne, wyth fastinge and sack clothes, and erth vpon them,
2 and they that were of the sede of Israel were separated from all the straunge children, & stode & knowleged theyr synnes, & the wyckednesses of theyr fathers,
3 & stode vp in theyr place, & red in the boke of şe lawe of the Lord their God foure tymes on şe daye, and they knowleged, & worshipped şe Lord their God foure tymes on the daye.
4 And şe Leuytes stode on hye, namely Iesua, Bani, Cadmiel, Sabaniah, Buni, Sarebiah, Bani, & Chanani, & cryed loude vnto the Lord theyr God.
5 And the Leuites, Iesua and Cadmiel Bani and Hasabnia, Serebia & Hodia, Sebania, and Phathahia, sayde: stande vp, and prayse the Lord yor God for euer: & let thankes be geuen vnto the name of thy glorye, which excelleth all thankesgeuynge & prayse.
6 Thou art Lord alone. Thou hast made heauen, & the heauen of all heauens, with all theyr hoost, the earth & all thinges şt are therin, the see & all şt is therin: & thou preseruest them all, and the hoost of heauen worshippeth şe.
7 Thou art the Lord God, that hast chosen Abram, & broughtest hym out of Ur in Chaldea, and calledst him Abraham,
8 and foundest hys hert faythfull before the and madest a couenaunt wyth him, to geue vnto hys sede the lande of the Cananites, Hethites, Amorites, Pheresites, Iebusites and Gersites, and hast made good thy wordes: for şu art ryghteous
9 and hast consydered the mysery of oure fathers in Egypte, and hearde their complaynte by the reed see,
10 and shewed tokens & wonders vpon Pharao, and on all hys seruauntes, and on all the people of hys lande: for thou knewest, that they were presumptuous and cruell agaynst them, and so madest thou the a name, as it is thys daye.
11 And the reed see dydest thou deuyde in sunder before them, so that they went thorow the myddes of the see drye shode: and theyr persecuters threwest thou into the depe (as a stone) in şe myghtie waters,
12 & leddest them on the daye tyme in a cloudy pyller, & on the nyghte season in a pyller of fyre, to shewe them lyghte in the waye that they wente.
13 Thou camest downe also vpon mount Sinai, & spakest vnto them from heauen, and gauest them right iudgmentes, true lawes good commaundementes and statutes,
14 and declaredst vnto them thy holy Saboth, and commaundest them preceptes, ordinaunces, and lawes, by the hand of Moses thy seruaunt:
15 and gauest them bred from heauen when they were hongrye, & broughtest forth water for them out of the rock when they were thyrstye: and promysedst them, that they shuld go in, and take possessyon of the land, ouer whych thou haddest lyfte vp thyne hand for to geue them.
16 But they & oure fathers were proude and hardnecked, so şt they folowed not şe commaundementes,
17 and wolde not obeye, nether were myndefull of the wonders that thou dyddest for them: but became obstynate and heady, in so moche, that they turned backe to theyr bondage for theyr disobedyence. And thou my God forgauest, and wast gracyous, mercyfull, pacyent, and of greate goodnesse, and forsokest them not
18 And though they made a moulten calfe (& sayde: Thys is thy goddes that brought the out of the land of Egypte) and dyd greate blasphemyes,
19 yet forsokest thou them not in the wyldernes, accordyng to thy greate mercy. And the cloudy pyller departed not from them on the daye tyme to leade them the waye, nether şe pyller of fyre in the nyght season, to shewe them lyghte in the waye that they wente.
20 And thou gauest them thy good sprete, to enfourme them, and withheldest not thy Manna from theyr mouth, and gauest them water when they were thyrstye.
21 Fortye yeares longe madest thou prouisyon for them in the wyldernesse, so şt they lacked nothynge, their clothes waxed not olde, and their fete swelled not.
22 And thou gauest them kyngedomes and nacyons, & partedst them accordynge to their porcions, so şt they possessed the lande of Sehon kyng of Hesebon, and the lande of Og the kynge of Basan.
23 And their chyldren multiplyedst thou as the starres of heauen, and broughtest them into the lande, wherof şu haddest spoken vnto theyr fathers, that they shulde go into it, and haue it in possessyon.
24 And the chyldren went in, and possessed the land, and thou subduedst before them the inhabyter of the lande, euen the Cananites, and gauest them into theyr hande, with their kynges and the people of the lande, that they might do with them what they wolde.
25 And they wanne theyr stronge cyties, and a fat lande, and toke possessyon of houses that were full of all maner of goodes, welles digged out, vineyardes, oylegardens, and many frutefull trees: and they dyd eate, & were fylled, and became fat, and lyued in welth thorow thy greate goodnes.
26 Neuertheles they were disobedient, & rebelled agaynst the, and cast thy lawe behynde their backes, and slewe thy prophetes (which exhorted them earnestly, that they myght bring them agayne vnto the) & dyd greate blasphemyes.
27 Therfore, şu gauest them ouer into the hand of their enemyes, that vexed them. And in şe tyme of their trouble whan they cryed vnto the, şu hardest them from heauen: & thorow thy greate mercy thou gauest them sauiours, whych helped them out of the hande of their enemyes.
28 But when they came to rest, they turned back agayne, to do euell before the: therfore leftest thou them in the hande of theyr enemyes, so that they had the dominyon ouer them. And whan they conuerted, and cryed vnto the, thou herdeft them from heauen, & many tymes hast thou delyuered them accordyng to thy greate mercy,
29 & testyfyedst vnto them, that thou myghtest bryng them agayne vnto thy lawe. Not withstandyng, they were proude, & herkened not vnto thy commaundementes, but synned in thy lawes (whych yf a man do he shall lyue in them,) and turned the shoulder awaye, and were styffnecked, and wolde not heare.
30 And many yeares dyddest thou forbeare them, & testifyedst vnto them thorow thy sprete, euen by the hande of thy prophetes, and yet wolde they not heare. Therfore gauest thou them into the hande of the nacions in the landes.
31 And for thy great mercyes sake thou hast not vtterly consumed them, nether forsaken them: for thou art a gracyous and mercyfull God.
32 Now therfore oure God, thou greate God, myghtye and terrible, thou that kepest couenaunt & mercy, regarde not a lytle all the trauayle that hath happened vnto vs, and oure kinges, oure princes, our preastes, oure prophetes, & our fathers, and all thy people, sence the tyme of the kynges of Assur vnto thys daye.
33 And truly, thou art iust in all şt thou hast broughte vpon vs: for thou hast done ryght.
34 As for vs, we haue bene vngodly, & oure kynges, & oure princes, oure preastes, & oure fathers haue not done after thy lawe, nor regarded thy commaundementes, & thy earnest exhortacyons, wherwith şu hast exhorted them,
35 & they haue not serued the in their kyngdome, & in thy greate goodes that thou gauest them, and in the large and plenteous lande which thou gauest before them, & haue not conuerted from their wycked worckes.
36 Beholde, we are in bondage this daye: & so is the lande that şu gauest vnto oure fathers, to enioye the frutes & goodes therof, beholde, there are we bondmen.
37 And greate is the increase of it vnto the kynges, whom şu hast set ouer vs, because of oure synnes, & they haue domynion ouer oure bodyes and catell (euen as they will them selues,) and we are in great trouble.
38 And in all this make we a sure couenaunt, & wryte it, and oure princes, Leuites & preastes seale vnto it.




1 The sealers were: Nehemiah (şt is) Hathirsatha şe sonne of Hachaliah and Zedekia,
2 Saraia, Asariah, and Ieremy,
3 Phashur, Amaria, Malchia,
4 Hatus, Sebaniah, Malluch,
5 Harim, Merimoth, and Obadia,
6 Daniel, Ienthon, & Baruch,
7 Mesulam, Abia, and Miamin,
8 Maasia, Belgai and Semeia, these were preastes.
9 The Leuytes were: Iesua the sonne of Azania, Benui amonge the chyldren of Henadad and Cadmiel.
10 And their brethren: Sechania, Hodia, Celita, Pelaia, Hanan,
11 Micha, Rehob, and Hasabiah,
12 Sachur, Serebia, Sabania,
13 Hodia, Bani & Beninu.
14 The heades of the people were: Phares, the captayne of Moab, Elam, Zathu, and Bani,
15 Boni, Asgad, Bebai,
16 Adonia, Begoai, Adin,
17 Ater, Hezekia, Asur,
18 Hodia, Hasum, Bezai,
19 Harip, Anathoth, & Nebai,
20 Magphias, Mesulam, Hesir,
21 Mesesabel, Zadoc, Iaddua,
22 Phalatia, Hanan, Anaia,
23 Hosea, Hanania, Hasub,
24 Halohes, Phaleha, Sobek,
25 Rehum, Hasebna, Maasia,
26 Ahia, Hanan, & Anan,
27 Malluch, Harim & Baana.
28 And şe other people, the preastes, Leuites, porters, syngers, Nethinims, & all they that had separated them selues from şe people in şe landes vnto şe lawe of God, wt their wiues, their sonnes, and their daughters, and as many as coulde vnderstonde,
29 & theyr lordes that had rule of them, receaued it for theyr brethren. And they came to sweare, and to bynde them selues with an ooth to walke in Gods lawe, whych was geuen by Moses the seruaunt of God, and that they wolde obserue & do accordynge vnto all the commaundementes, iudgementes & statutes of the Lord our God:
30 and that we wolde not geue oure daughters vnto the people in the londe, nether to take their daughters for our sonnes.
31 And yf the people of the lande broughte ware on the saboth, & all maner of vitayles to sell, that we wolde not take it of them on the saboth & on the holy dayes. and that we wolde let şe seuenth yeare be fre, concernynge all maner of charge.
32 And we decreed a statute vpon oure selues to geue yearly the thyrde parte of a sycle to the mynistracion in şe house of oure God,
33 to the shewbred, to şe daylye meatofferynge, to the daylye burntofferynge of the sabothes, of the newe mones, and feast dayes, & to the thynges that were sanctifyed, & to the offerynges of attonement, to reconcyle Israel wyth all, and to all the busynes in the house of oure God.
34 And we cast the lot amonge the preastes, Leuites and the people, for offerynge of the wood to be brought vnto şe house of or God from yeare to yeare, after the houses of oure fathers that it myght be brent at tymes appoynted, vpon the aultare of şe Lorde God, as it is wrytten in the lawe:
35 and to bryng the fyrstlinges of oure land, & the fyrstlynges of oure frutes of all trees, yeare by yeare, vnto the house of the Lorde:
36 and the fyrstlinges of oure sonnes, and of oure catell, as it is wrytten in the lawe: and the fyrstlinges of oure oxen & of oure shepe, whych we shulde bring to the house of oure God, vnto the preastes that mynister in the house of oure God:
37 and that we shuld bryng the fyrstlynges of oure dowgh, and of oure heueofferynges, and the frutes of all maner of trees, of wyne also and of oyle, vnto the preastes to the chestes of the house of oure God. And the tythes of our lande vnto the Leuites, that the Leuytes myght haue the tithes in all the cyties of oure minystracyon.
38 And the preast the sonne of Aaron shall wyth the Leuites haue also of the tithes of şe Leuites, so that the Leuites shal brynge vp the tythes of theyr tithes vnto the house of oure God, to the store houses and to the treasure houses.
39 For the chyldren of Israel & the chyldren of Leui shall brynge vp the heueofferynges of the corne, wyne and oyle vnto şe store houses, there as are the vessels of şe sanctuary, and the preastes that minister, & the porters and syngers, that we forsake not şe house of oure God.




1 And the rulers of the people dwelt at Ierusalem. The other people also cast lottes, that amonge ten, one parte shulde go to Ierusalem into the holy cytie to dwell, and nyne partes to be in the cyties.
2 And the people thanked all the men, that were wyllynge to dwell at Ierusalem.
3 These are the heades of the lande, that dwelt in Ierusalem and in the cyties of Iuda, euery one in hys possessyon, and in theyr cyties: they of Israell, the preastes, Leuytes, the Nethinims, and the chyldren of Salomons seruauntes.
4 And at Ierusalem dwelt certayne of the chyldren of Iuda and of BenIamin. Of the chyldren of Iuda: Athaia the sonne of Usia, the sonne of Zachary, the sonne of Amaria, the sonne of Saphatia, the sonne of Mahalaleell, of şe chyldren of Phares.
5 And Maasia the sonne of Baruch, the sonne of Chal Hose, the sonne of Hasaia, the sonne of Adaia, the sonne of Ioiarib, the sonne of Zachary, the sonne of Siloni.
6 All these were the chyldren of Phares that dwelt at Ierusalem: euen foure .C. thre score and eyght valeaunt men.
7 These are the children of BenIamin: Sallu the sonne of Mesullam, şe sonne of Ioed, the sonne of Pedaia, the sonne of Calaia, the sonne of Masia, the sonne of Ithiel, the sonne of Isai.
8 And after hym Gabai, Selai nyne hundreth and eyght & twentye.
9 And Ioel the sonne of Zichri had the ouersyght of them: and Iuda the sonne of Senua was next ouer the cytie.
10 Of the preastes: Iedaiah şe sonne of Ioiarib, Iachin.
11 Saraiah the sonne of Helkia the sonne of Mesullam, the sonne of Zadoc, şe sonne of Meraioth, şe sonne of Ahitob, was prince in the house of God:
12 and hys brethren şt perfourmed the worke in the temple .viij.C. and .xxij. And Adaia the sonne of Ieroham, the sonne of Plalaliel, şe sonne of Amzi, the sonne of Zachary, the sonne of Phashur the sonne of Malchia
13 and his brethren chefe amonge the fathers: two hundreth and two and fortye. And Amasai the sonne of Isarel the sonne of Ahasai, şe sonne of Moselemoth, the sonne of Immer:
14 and hys brethren were valiaunt men, an hundreth and eyght & twentye. And theyr ouersear was Zabdiel a sonne of one of the great men.
15 Of the Leuytes: Semeia the sonne of Hasub the sonne of Aserikam, the sonne of Hasabia the sonne of Bunni:
16 and Sabathai and Iosabab of the chefe of the Leuites, had the ouersight of the outwarde busynes of şe house of God.
17 And Mathania the sonne of Micha, şe sonne of Zabdi, şe sonne of Asaph, was the principall to begynne the thankesgeuynge and prayer. And bakbukia the seconde amonge hys brethren, and Abda the sonne of Sammua, the sonne of Galai, the sonne of Ieduthun.
18 All şe Leuites in the holy cytie were two hundreth foure skore and foure.
19 And the porters Acub and Talmon, & theyr brethren that kepte the portes, were an hundreth and two and seuentye.
20 As for the resydue of Israel, the preastes and Leuites, they were in all the cyties of Iuda, euery one in hys inherytaunce.
21 And the Nethinims dwelt in Ophel: and Ziba and Gispa was set ouer şe Nethinims.
22 The ouersear of the Leuites at Ierusalem, was Usi the sonne of Baani, the sonne of Hasabia, the sonne of Mathania, the sonne of Micha. Of the chyldren of Asaph there were syngers aboute the busynes in şe house of God:
23 for it was the kynges commaundement concernyng them, that the syngers shulde deale faythfully euery daye as was accordynge.
24 And Pathaia the sonne of Mesebabel of the chyldren of Zerah the sonne of Iuda nexte the kynge in all matters concernynge the people, and theyr vyllages, and landes.
25 And some of the chyldren of Iuda that were wythout in the townes of theyr lande dwelt at Kariath Arbe, and in the vyllages therof, at Didon, and in the vyllages therof:
26 and at Iecabzeel, and in the vyllages therof: at Iesua, Moladah, Bethphalet
27 in the towne of Sual: Beerseba, and in theyr vyllages,
28 at Sikelag and Moconah, and in theyr vyllages:
29 And at Enremon, Zarah, Ierimuth,
30 Zonoa, Odollam and in theyr vyllages: At Lachis, and in the feldes therof: At Aseka, & in the villages therof: and they dwelt from Bersabe vnto the valley of Hinnon.
31 The chyldren also of BenIamin of Geba, dwelt a Machinas, Aia, Bethel and in theyr vyllages.
32 And at Anathoth, Nob, Ananiah,
33 Hazor, Ramah, Gethaim,
34 Hadid, Zeboim, Nabalath,
35 Lod, and Ono, the carpenters valley.
36 And the Leuytes had possessyon both in Iuda and in BenIamin.




1 These are the preastes and Leuites that wente vp with Zorobabel the sonne of Salathiel & with Iesua: Sararia, Ieremi, & Esdras,
2 Amaria, Maluch, Hatus,
3 Sechania, Rehum, Merimoth,
4 Iddo, Genthoi, Abia,
5 Miamin, Maaria, Belga,
6 Semaia, Ioiarib, Iadaia,
7 Salu, Amok, Helkia, and Iadaia. These were the heades among the preastes, and theyr brethren, in the dayes of Iesua.
8 The Leuytes were these: Iesua, Bennui, Cadmil, Sarabia, Iuda and Mathania which was ouer the offyce of thankesgeuynge, he and hys brethren:
9 Bacbukia and Himni and theyr brethren, were aboute them in the watches.
10 Iesua begat Ioakim. Ioakim also begat Eliasib, & Eliasib begat Ioiada.
11 Ioiada begat Ionathan, and Ionathan begat Iadua.
12 In the dayes of Ioakim were these the chefe fathers amonge the prestes: vnder Sararia, Maraia: vnder Ieremy, Hanania:
13 vnder Esdras, Mesulam: vnder Amaria, Iehoanan:
14 vnder Milico, Ionathan: vnder Sebania, Ioseph:
15 vnder Harim Adna: vnder Maraioth, Helca:
16 vnder Iddo, Zachary: vnder Genthon, Mesullam:
17 vnder Abia, Zichri: vnder Miniamin and Moadia, Piltai:
18 vnder Belga, Samua: vnder Senieia, Iehonathan:
19 vnder Ioiarib, Mathenai, vnder Iadaia, Usi:
20 vnder Selai, Kelai: vnder Amok, Eber:
21 vnder Helchia, Hasabia: vnder Iadaia, Nathanael.
22 And in the tyme of Eliasib: Ioiada, Iohanan & Iadua, were şe chefe fathers amonge the Leuites and the preastes, written vnder the raygne of Darius the Persian.
23 The chyldren of Leui, şe principall fathers were written in the Chronicles, vntill the tyme of Ionathan the sonne of Eliasib.
24 And these were the chefe among the Leuites, Hasabia, Serebia and Iesua the sonne of Cadmiel, and theyr brethren in their presence, to geue prayse & thankes, accordynge as Dauid the man of God had ordeyned it, one watch ouer agaynst another.
25 Mathania, Balbukia, Obadia, Mesullam, Talmon and Abub were porters in the watch at the thresholdes of the gates.
26 These were in the dayes of Ioiakim the sonne of Iesua the sonne of Iosedec, and in şe dayes of Nehemia the captayne, and of the preaste Esdras the scrybe.
27 And in the dedycacyon of the wall at Ierusalem, they sought the Leuites out of all theyr places, that they myghte be brought to Ierusalem, to kepe the dedicacion & gladnesse, wyth thankesgeuynges, and singinge wyth Cymbales, Psalteries, and harpes.
28 And the chyldren of the syngers geathered them selues together from euery syde out of the playne countre aboute Ierusalem, and from the vyllages of Netho phathi,
29 from the house of Gilgal, and out of the countrees of Geba and Asmaueth: for the syngers had buylded them vyllages rounde aboute Ierusalem.
30 And the preastes and Leuites were purifyed, and clensed the people, and the gates and the wall.
31 And I brought the princes of Iuda vp vpon the wall, and appoynted two greate queers of men to geue thankes, whych wente on the ryghte hande of the wall towarde the Donggate,
32 and after them wente Hosaia, and halfe of the prynces of Iuda,
33 and Asaria, Esdras, and Mesullam,
34 Iuda, BenIamin, Semia and Ieremy:
35 and certayne of the preastes chyldren wyth trompettes, namely Zachary the sonne of Ionathan, the sonne of Semeia, the sonne of Mathania, şe sonne of Michaia, the sonne of Zacur, the sonne of Asaph,
36 and hys brethren Semeia, Alarael, Melalai, Gilalai, Maai, Nathanael & Iuda and Hanani, wyth the musicall instrumentes of Dauid the man of God. And Esdras the Scrybe went before them,
37 and besyde the wellgate, they wente vp ouer agaynst them vpon the steppes of the cytye of Dauid at the goynge vp of the wall beyonde the house of Dauid, vnto the Watergate Eastwarde.
38 The other queer of them that gaue thankes, went ouer agaynst them, and I after them, and the halfe parte of the people vpon the wall, beyonde the fornacegate, vntyll the brode wall,
39 and beyonde the porte of Ephraim, & beyonde the Oldgate, beyonde the fyshgate, and the tower of Hananeel, and the tower of Mea, vntyll the Shepegate. And they stode styll in the presongate,
40 and so stode the two queers (of them that gaue thankes) in the house of God, and I and the halfe of the rulers wyth me,
41 and the Preastes, namely Eliakim, Maasia, Miniamin, Michaia, Elioenai, Zachary and Hanania, wyth trompettes,
42 and Maasia, Semeiah, Eleasar, Ursi, Iehohanan, Melchiah, Elam and Ser. And the syngers sange loude, hauynge Iestahiah for theyr ouerseer.
43 And the same daye, they offred greate sacrifyces and reioysed: for God had geuen them greate gladnesse, so that both the wyues and chyldren were ioyfull, and the myrth of Ierusalem was herde farre of.
44 At the same tyme were there men appoynted ouer the treasure houses (wherin were the Heue offerynges, the fyrstlynges & the tythes) that they shulde geather them out of the feldes aboute the cytyes, to destribute them vnto şe preastes & Leuites according to şe lawe: for Iuda was glad of the preastes, & Leuites, that they stode & wayted
45 vpon şe office of their God, which is a pure office. And şe singers & porters stode after şe commaundment of Dauid & of Salomon his sonne:
46 for in the tyme of Dauid & Asaph, were the chefe syngers founded, & şe songes of prayse & thankesgeuyng vnto God.
47 In the tyme of Zorobabel & Nehemia, dyd all they of Israel, geue porcions vnto the syngers and porters, euery daye hys porcion, and they gaue tythes vnto şe Leuites: and şe Leuites gaue tythes agayne, vnto the children of Aaron.




1 And şt daye dyd they reade in the boke of Moses, & şe people herkened therto, & there was found writen therin, şt the Ammonites & Moabites shulde neuer come into the congregacion of God,
2 because they mett not şe children of Israel wt bread and water, but hyred Balaam agaynst them, şt he shuld curse them: and oure God turned the curse into a blessing.
3 Now when they herde the lawe, it fortuned, şt they separated from Israell euery one that had myxte hym selfe therin
4 And before this had şe preast Eliasib şe ouer syght of şe treasury of şe house of oure God, & he was kynsman vnto Tobia:
5 & had made him a great chambre, & there had they afore tyme layed şe offeringes, frankencense, vessell, & the tythes of corne, and wyne and oyle (accordyng to the commaundement geuen to the Leuites, syngers and porters) and the heueofferynges of the preastes:
6 But in all this tyme was not I at Ierusalem: for in şe two & thyrtie yeare of Artaxerses kyng of Babylon, came I vnto the kyng, and after certayne dayes optayned I lycence of the kyng
7 to come to Ierusalem. And I gat knowlege of şe euell that Eliasib dyd vnto Tobia, in şt he had made him a chambre in the court of the house of God,
8 and it greued me sore, & I cast forth all the vessels of the house of Tobia out of the chambre,
9 and commaunded them to clense the chambres. And thither brought I agayne the vessels of the house of God, with the meatoffering, and the incense.
10 And I perceaued, that the porcions of the Leuites were not geuen them, and that euery one fled to his land, euen şe Leuites and syngers şt executed şe worke.
11 Then reproued I şe rulers, & sayd? why is şe house of God forsaken? And I gathered them together, & set them in their place.
12 Then brought all Iuda şe tythes of corne, & wyne and oyle vnto the treasure.
13 And I made treasurers ouer şe treasure, euen Selemiah the preast, & Zadoc the scrybe, and of the Leuites, Phadaia, & vnder their hand was Hanan the sonne of Zacur the sonne of Mathania: for they were counted faythfull, and their office was to distribute the porcions vnto their brethren.
14 Thyncke vpon me O my God here in, and wipe not out my mercy that I haue shewed on the house of my God, and on the offices therof.
15 At the same tyme sawe I some tredynge wyne presses on the Saboth, & bryngyng in shefes, & asses laden wt wyne, grapes, figges & brynging all maner of burthens vnto Ierusalem, vpon the Sabaoth daye. And I rebuked them earnestly şe same daye that they sold the vitayles.
16 There dwelt men of Tyre also therin, which brought fysh and all maner of ware, & solde on the Saboth vnto şe children of Iuda in Ierusalem.
17 Then reproued I the rulers in Iuda, & sayde vnto them: what euell thyng is this şt ye do, & breake the Saboth daye?
18 Dyd not youre fathers euen thus, & our God brought all thys plage vpon vs & vpon this cytie? And ye make the wrath more yet vpon Israel, in that ye breake the Saboth.
19 And it fortuned, şt when the portes of Ierusalem beganne to be darke in the euenyng before the Saboth, I commaunded to shutt the gates, and charged, that they shuld not be opened tyll after the Saboth & some of my seruauntes set I at the gates, şt there shulde no burthen be brought in on şe Saboth daye.
20 Then remayned şe chapmen & marchauntes once or twyce ouer nyght without Ierusalem wyth all maner of wares.
21 Then reproued I them sore, and sayde vnto them: why tary ye all nyght about the wall? If ye do it once agayne, I wyll laye handes vpon you. From şt tyme forth came they nomore on the Saboth.
22 And I sayde vnto the Leuites şt they shulde clense them selues, and that they shulde come and kepe the gates, to halowe the Saboth daye. Thynke vpon me (O my God) concernyng this also, & spare me, accordyng to thy great mercy.
23 And at the same tyme sawe I Iewes, that maried wyues of Asdod, of Ammon and of Moab,
24 & their childen spake halfe in şe speach of Asdod, & coulde not speake in the Iewes language, but by the tong myght a man perceaue euery people.
25 Then I reproued them, & cursed them, & smote certayne men of them, & made them bare, and toke an ooth of them by God: Ye shal not geue your daughters vnto their sonnes, nether shall ye take their daughters vnto youre sonnes, or for youre selues.
26 Dyd not Salomon the kyng of Israel synne for soch? and yet among many Heythen was there no kynge lyke him, whych was deare vnto his God, & God made him kynge ouer all Israel, & yet neuertheles, outlandysh wemen caused him to synne?
27 Shall we then obeye vnto you, to do all this great euell, & to transgresse agaynst oure God, and marye straunge wyues?
28 And one of the children of Iehoiada the sonne of Eliasib the hye preast, had made a contracte with Sanabalat the Horonite: but I chaced him from me.
29 (O my God) thynke thou vpon them that defyle the presthode, & the couenaunt of the presthode & of the Leuites.
30 Thus clensed I them from all soch as were outlandish, and appoynted the courses of şe preastes & Leuites, euery one in his office,
31 & to offre the wod at tymes appoynted, and the fyrst frutes. Thinke thou vpon me (O my God) for the best. Amen