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1 Thys is the worde of the Lorde, şt came vnto Micheas şe Morastite, in the dayes of Iothan Ahas and Iehezekiah kynges of Iuda: whych was shewed hym vpon Samaria & Ierusalem.
2 Heare al ye people, marcke this well O earth and all that therin is. Yee, şe Lorde God hym selfe be wytnesse amonge you euen the Lord from his holy temple.
3 For why? beholde, şe Lorde shall go out of his place, & come downe, & treade vpon the hye thynges of the earth.
4 The mountaynes shall consume vnder him, & the valleyes shal cleue asunder: lyke as waxe consumeth at the fyre, & as the waters runne downwarde.
5 And all thys shalbe for the wyckednesse of Iacob. and the synnes of the house of Israel . But what is the wyckednesse of Iacob? Is not Samaria ? Whych are the hye places of Iuda? Is not Ierusalem?
6 Therfore I shall make Samaria an heape of stones in the felde, to laye aboute the vyneyarde: her stones shall I cast into the valley, and discouer her foundacyons.
7 All her Images shall be broken downe & all her garmentes shall be brent in the fyre: yee, all her Idols will I destroye: for why? they are gathered out of şe hyre of an whore, & into an whores hyre shall they be turned agayne.
8 Wherfore I will mourne & make lamentacion, bare & naked will I go: I must mourne lyke the dragons, and take sorowe as the Estriches:
9 for theyr wounde is past remedy: And why? it is come into Iuda, & hath touched the porte of my people at Ierusalem alredy.
10 Wepe not, lest they at Geth perceaue it. Thou at Bataphra, welter thy selfe in şe dust & asshes.
11 Thou şt dwellest at Sephyr, get the hence with shame. The proude shall boost nomore for very sorowe: and why? her neyghboure shal take from her what she hath
12 The rebellyous cytie hopeth, şt it shall not be so euell: but for all şt, the plage shall come from the Lorde, euen into the porte of Ierusalem,
13 The greate noyse of şe charettes shall feare them, that dwell at Lachys, which is an occasyon of the synne of the daughter of Syon, for in the came vp the wyckednesses of Israel.
14 Yee, she sent her coursers into the lande of Geth. The houses of lyes will dysceaue şe kynges of Israel.
15 And as for şe (O thou şt dwellest at Morassa) I shal bring a possessioner vpon şe, & the plage of Israel shal reach vnto Odolla.
16 Make the balde, & shaue the, because of thy tender chyldren: Make the cleane balde as an Aegle, for they shalbe caryed awaye captiue from the.




1 O wo vnto them, that Imagyn to do herme, and deuyse vngracyousnesse vpon theyr beddes, to perfourme it in şe cleare daye: for ther power is agaynst God.
2 When they couet to haue lande, they take it by vyolence, they robbe men of theyr houses. Thus they oppresse a man for his house & euery man for his herytage.
3 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde: Beholde agaynst thys housshold haue I deuysed a plage, wherout ye shall not plucke your neckes: Ye shall nomore go so proudly, for it wyll be a perlous tyme.
4 In that daye shal thys terme be vsed and a mournynge shalbe made ouer you on thys maner: We be vtterly desolate şe porcyon of my people is translated. Whan will he parte vnto vs the laude, that he hath taken from vs?
5 Neuertheles there shalbe noman to deuyde the thy porcyon in the congregacyon of şe Lorde.
6 Tush, holde your tunge (saye they) It shall not fall vpon thys people, we shall not come so to confusyon,
7 sayeth the house of Iacob. Is şe sprete of the Lorde so cleane awaye? or is he so minded? Treuth it is, my wordes are frendly vnto them şt lyue ryght:
8 but my people doth the contrary, therfore must I take parte agaynst them: for they take awaye both cote and cloke from the symple. Ye haue turned youre selues to fyght,
9 the wemen of my people haue ye shut out from their good houses, & taken awaye my excellent gyftes from theyr children.
10 Up, get you hence, for here shall ye haue no rest. Because of theyr Idolatrye they are corrupte, & shal myserably perysh.
11 If I were a fleshly felowe, & a preacher of lyes, and tolde them that they myght syt bybbynge & bollyng, & be droncken. O şt were a Prophete for thys people,
12 But I will gather the in dede, O Iacob, & dryue şe remnaunt of Israell all together. I shal cary them one with another, as a flocke in the folde, and as şe catell in theyr stalles, that they maye be dysquyeted of other men.
13 Who so breaketh şe gappe, he shall go before. They shall breake vp şe porte, & go in & out at it. The Kynge shall go before them, and the Lorde shalbe vpon the head of them.




1 And I sayde: heare, O ye heades of the house of Iacob, & ye leders of şe house of Israell: Shulde not ye knowe, what were lawfull and ryght?
2 But ye hate the good, and loue the euel: ye plucke of mennes skynnes, and the flesh from theyr bones:
3 ye eate the flesh of my people, and flay of theyr skynne: ye breake theyr bones, ye choppe them in peces as it were in to a cauldron, & as flesh into a pot
4 Now the tyme shall come, that when they call vnto the Lorde, he shall not heare them, but hyde hys face from them, because that thorow theyr awne Imagynacyons they haue dealte so wyckedly.
5 And as concernynge the prophetes that dysceaue my people, thus the Lorde sayeth agaynst them. When they haue eny thynge to byte vpon, then they preach that all shalbe well: but yf a man put not some thing in to theyr mouthes, they preach of warre agaynst hym.
6 Therfore youre visyon shalbe turned to nyght, & youre prophecienge to darcknesse. The Sunne shall go downe ouer those prophetes, & the daye shalbe darcke vnto them.
7 Then shall the visyon seers be ashamed, and the sothsayers confounded: yee, they shalbe fayne, all the packe of them, to stoppe theyr mouthes, for they haue not Gods worde.
8 As for me, I am full of strength, & of şe sprete of the Lorde, full of iudgement & boldnesse: to shewe the house of Iacob theyr wyckednes, and the house of Israel theyr synne.
9 O heare this ye rulers of the house of Iacob, & ye iudges of şe house of Israel, ye that abhorre the thynge that is laufull, & wrest asyde şe thyng şt is streyght.
10 Ye that buylde vp Syon with bloude, and Ierusalem wt doynge wronge.
11 O ye iudges, ye geue sentence for gyftes: O ye preastes, ye teach for lucre. O ye prophetes, ye prophecy for mony. Yet will they be taken as those şt holde vpon God, and saye: Is not the Lord amonge vs? Tush, there can no mysfortune happen vs.
12 Therfore shall Sion (for youre sakes) be plowed lyke a felde Ierusalem shall become an heape of stones, and the hyll of the temple shall be turned to an hye wodde.




1 But in the latter dayes it will come to passe, that the hyll of the Lordes house shalbe sett vp hyer then eny mountaynes or hylles: Yee, the people shall prease vnto it,
2 and the multitude of the Gentiles shall haste them thyther, sayeng: Come, let vs go vp to the hyll of the Lorde, and to the house of the God of Iacob: that he maye teach vs hys waye, and that we maye walcke in his pathes. For the lawe shall come out of Sion, & the worde of God from Ierusalem,
3 and shall geue sentence amonge the multitude of the Heathen and refourme the people of farre countrees: so that of theyr sweardes they shall make plowshares, & sythes of theyr speares. One people shall not lyft vp a sweard agaynst another, yee, they shal nomore learne to fyght:
4 but euery man shall syt vnder his vineyard & vnder his fygge tre, & no man to fraye him awaye: for şe mouth of şe Lord of hostes hath spoken it.
5 Therfore, where as all the people haue walcked euery man in şe name of hys awne God, we wyll walcke in the name of oure God for euer and euer.
6 At the same tyme, sayeth the Lorde, will I gather vp the lame and the out castes, & soch as I haue chastened:
7 & wyll geue yssue vnto şe lame, and make of the out castes a great people: and the Lorde hym selfe shalbe theyr kynge vpon the mount Syon, from thys tyme forth for euermore.
8 And vnto the. (O şu tower of Eder, thou stronge holde of the daughter Syon) vnto the shall it come: euen the lordshipe and kyngdome of the daughter Ierusalem.
9 Why then art thou now so heuy? is there no kynge in the? are thy councelers awaye that thou art so payned, as a woman in her trayuayle?
10 And now (O thou daughter Syon) be sory, let it greue the as a wyfe laboryng wyth chylde: for now must thou get the out of the cytie, and dwell vpon the playnefelde: Yee, vnto Babylon shalt thou go, there shalt thou be delyuered, and there the Lorde shall lowse the from the hande of thyne enemyes.
11 Now also are there many people gathered together agaynst the, saying: what, Sion is cursed, we shall se oure lust vpon her.
12 But they knowe not the thoughtes of şe Lorde, they vnderstande not his councell, that shall gather them together as the sheeues in the barne.
13 Therfore get the vp, O thou daughter Syon, and throsshe out the corne: For I wyll make thy horne yron, & thy clawes brasse, that thou mayest grynde many people: theyr goodes shalt thou appropriate vnto the Lorde, and theyr substaunce vnto the ruler of the whole worlde.




1 After şt shalt thou be robbed thy selfe, O şu robbers daughter: they shall laye sege agaynst vs, & smyte şe iudge of Israel wt a rodde vpon the cheke.
2 And şu Bethleem Ephrata, art lytle amonge şe thou sandes of Iuda, Out of şe shal come vnto me, which shal be şe gouernoure in Israel: whose out goynge hath bene from the begynning, & from euerlastynge.
3 In the meane whyle he plageth them for a season, vntyll the tyme that she (which shall beare) haue borne: then shall the remnaunt of his brethren be conuerted vnto şe children of Israel.
4 He shall stande fast, and geue fode in the strength of the Lord, and in the victory of the name of the Lord his God: and when they be conuerted, he shall be magnified vnto the farthest partes of the worlde.
5 Then shall there be peace, so that the Assyrian maye come into youre lande, & treade in youre houses. We shall bringe vp seuen shepherdes and .viii. princes vpon them:
6 these shall subdue the land of Assur wt the swerde, and şe lande of Nymrod with their naked weapens. Thus shal he deliuer vs from the Assirian, when he commeth within oure land, and setteth his fote within oure borders.
7 And şe remnaunt of Iacob shall be amonge the multitude of people, as the dewe of the Lorde, and as the droppes vpon the grasse, that tarieth for no man, and wayteth of no body.
8 Yee, şe residue of Iacob shalbe amonge the Gentiles and the multitude of people, as the lyon amonge the beastes of the wodd, and as şe Lyons whelpe amonge a flocke of shepe: which (when he goeth thorowe) treadeth downe, teareth in peces, and there is no man that can helpe.
9 Thyne hand shalbe lift vp vpon thyne enemyes, and all thyne aduersaries shall perish.
10 The tyme shall come also, sayeth şe Lord, that I will take thine horses from the, and destroye thy charettes.
11 I wil breake downe the cityes of thy lande, and ouerthrowe all thy stronge holdes.
12 All witchcraftes wyll I rote oute of thyne hande, there shall no mo sothsayinges be within the.
13 Thine Idols and thyne Images will I destroye out of şe so şt thou shalt nomore bowe thy selfe vnto the worckes of thyne awne handes.
14 Thy groues will I plucke vp by şe rotes, & breake downe şe cities.
15 Thus will I be auenged also, vpon all şe Heathen that will not heare.




1 Herken now what the Lord sayeth: Up, reproue the mountaynes, & lett the hylles heare thy voyce.
2 O heare the punishement of the Lord, ye mountaynes, & ye mightie foundacions of the earth: for the Lord will reproue his people, & reason wt Israel.
3 O my people, what haue I done vnto şe? or wherin haue I hurte the? geue me answere.
4 Because I brought the from the lande of Egipte, and deliuered the out of şe house of bondage? Because I made Moses, Aaron and Miriam to lede şe?
5 Remembre (O my people) what Balach şe kyng of Moab had Imagyned agaynst the and what answere that Balaam the sonne of Beor gaue him, from Sethim vnto Galgal, that ye maye knowe the louyng kyndnesses of the Lorde.
6 What acceptable thinge shall I offre vnto the Lord? shal I bowe my knee to the hie God? Shall I come before hym with brentoffrynges, and wyth calues of a yeare olde?
7 Hath the Lord a pleasure in many thousand rammes, or innumerable streames of oyle? Or shall I geue my fyrst borne for myne offences, & the frute of my body for the synne of my soule?
8 I will shewe the, O man, what is good, & what the Lorde requyreth of the Namely, to do right, to haue pleasure in louinge kyndnesse, to be lowly, & to walcke wt thy God,
9 The Lordes voyce crieth vnto şe citye, & the man şt shall be saued considerethe thy name (O Lorde) Herken what is your rodde, & here him şt warnith you?
10 Shuld I not be displeased, for şe vnrightuous good in şe houses of şe wycked, & because şe measure his mynished?
11 Or shulde I iustifie şe false balaunces and şe bagge of disceatfull weyghtes,
12 amonge those that be full of riches vnryghtuously gotten: where the cytesins deale with falshede, speake lyes, & haue disceatfull tunges in their mouthes?
13 Therfore, I will take in hande to punish şe, & to make şe desolate, because of thy sinnes.
14 Thou shalt eate, & not haue ynough: yee, şu shalt bringe thy selfe downe. Thou shalt fle, but not escape: & those that thou woldest saue, will I delyuer to the swerde.
15 Thou shalt sowe, but not reape: şu shalt presse out oliues, but oyle shalt thou not haue to anoynte thy selfe withall: thou shalt treade out swete must, but shalt dryncke no wyne.
16 Ye kepe the ordinaunces of Amri, and all the customes of the house of Ahab: ye folowe their pleasures, therfore wyll I make the waste, and cause thy inhabyters to be abhorred, O my people: & thus shalt thou beare thyne awne shame.




1 Wo is me: I am become as one, that goeth a gleanynge in the haruest, There are no mo grapes to eate, yet wold I fayne (wyth all my herte) haue of the best frute.
2 There is not a godly man vpon earth, there is not one rightuous amonge men. They laboure all to shed bloud, and euery man hunteth his brother to death:
3 yet they saye they do well when they do euel. As the prince will, so sayeth the iudge: that he maye do him a pleasure agayne. The greate man speaketh what his herte desireth: & the hearers alowe him.
4 The best of them is but as a thistle, & the most rightuous of them is but as a breer in the hedge. But when the daye of thy preachers commeth, that thou shalt be visyted: then shall they be wasted awaye.
5 Let no man beleue his frende, ner put hys confydence in a brother. Kepe şe porte of thy mouth from her that lyeth in thy bosome:
6 for the sonne shal put his father to dyshonoure, the daughter shall rise agaynst her mother, the daughter in lawe against her mother in lawe: and a mans foes shalbe euen they of hys awne housholde.
7 Neuerthelesse, I will loke vp vnto şe Lord I wyll paciently abyde God my sauyoure: my God shal heare me.
8 O thou enemye of myne, reioyce not at my fall, for I shall get vp agayne: & though I sytt in darcknesse, yet the Lorde is my lyght.
9 I wyll beare the punishement of şe Lord (for why, I haue offended him) tyll he syt in iudgement vpon my cause, & se şt I haue right. He wyll bryng me forth to the lyght, & I shall se his rightuousnesse.
10 She that is myne enemy shal loke vpon it, & be confounded, which now saieth. Where is thy Lord God? Myne eyes shall beholde her, when she shalbe troden downe, as şe claye in şe stretes.
11 The tyme will come, that thy gappes shal be made vp, & the lawe shal go abrode:
12 & at şt tyme shal they come vnto the from Assur vnto the stronge cityes, & from the stronge cityes vnto the ryuer: from the one see to şe other, from the one mountayne to şe other.
13 Notwythstandynge, şe land must be wasted, because of them that dwell therin, and for the frutes of their awne Imaginacions.
14 Therfore fede thy people with thy rodde, şe flocke of thine heritage which dwel desolate in the wodde: that they maye be fedde vpon the mount of Charmell, Basan & Galaad as afore time.
15 Maruelous thinges wil I shewe them, lyke as when they came oute of Egipte
16 Thys shall the Heathen se, and be ashamed for all their power, so that they shall laye their hande vpon their mouth, and stoppe their eares.
17 They shal lycke the dust lyke a serpent, & as the wormes of the earth, that tremble in their holes. They shalbe afrayed of the Lord oure God, & they shall feare the.
18 Where is there soch a God as thou? that pardonest wyckednes, and forgeuest the offences of the remnaunt of thyne herytage? He kepeth not his wrath for euer: and why? his delite is to haue compassion:
19 he shal turne agayne, and be mercyfull to vs: he shal put downe oure wyckednesses, and cast all oure synnes into the botome of şe see.
20 Thou shalt kepe thy trust with Iacob, & thy mercy for Abraham, lyke as thou hast sworne vnto oure fathers longe agoo.