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1 Thys ys şe booke of the generacyon of Iesus Chryst, şe sonne of Dauid, the sonne of Abraham.
2 Abraham begat Isaac. Isaac begat Iacob. Iacob begat Iudas and hys brethren.
3 Iudas begat Phares and Zaram of Thamar. Phares begat Esrom. Esrom begat Aram .
4 Aram begat Aminadab. Aminadab begat Naasson. Naasson begat Salmon.
5 Salmon begat Boos of Rahab. Boos begat Obed of Ruth. Obed begat Iesse.
6 Iesse begat Dauid the kynge. Dauid the kynge begat Salomon, of her that was the wyfe of Urye.
7 Salomon begat Roboam. Roboam begat Abia. Abia begat Asa.
8 Asa begat Iosaphat. Iosaphat begat Ioram. Ioram begat Osias.
9 Osias begat Ioatham. Ioatham begat Achas. Achas begat Ezechias.
10 Ezechias begat Manasses. Manasses begat Amon. Amon begat Iosias.
11 Iosias begat Ieconias and hys brethren about the tyme they were caryed awaye to Babylon .
12 And after they were brought to Babylon , Iechonias begat Salathiel. Salathiel begat Zorobabel.
13 Zorobabel begat Abiud. Abiud begat Eliachim. Eliachim begat Azor.
14 Azor begat Sadoc. Sadoc begat Achin. Achin begat Eliud.
15 Eliud begat Eleasar. Eleasar begat Matthan: Matthan begat Iacob.
16 Iacob begat Ioseph the husbande of Mary, of whom was borne Iesus, euen he that is called Chryst.
17 And so all the generacyons from Abraham to Dauid, are fourtene generacyons. And from Dauid vnto the captyuyte of Babylon , are fourtene generacyons. And from the captiuyte of Babylon vnto Christ, are fourtene generacyons.
18 The byrth of Iesus Chryst was on this wyse. When his mother Mary was maryed to Ioseph (before they came to dwell togeather) she was founde with chylde by the holy ghoost.
19 Then Ioseph her husbande (because he was a ryghteous man, and wolde not put her to shame) he was mynded preuely to departe from her.
20 But whyll he thus thought, beholde, the aungell of the Lorde appeared vnto hym in slepe, saying: Ioseph, thou sonne of Dauid: feare not to take vnto the Mary thy wyfe. For that which is conceaued in her, cometh of the holy ghost.
21 She shall brynge forth a sonne, and thou shalt cal hys name Iesus. For he shall saue his people from theyr synnes.
22 Al this was done, şt it might be fulfilled, which was spoken of the Lord by şe prophet, saying:
23 Behold, a mayd shalbe wt chylde, & shall bring forth a sonne, & they shall call his name Emanuel, which yf a man interpret, it is asmoch to say as God with vs.
24 And Ioseph as sone as he awoke out of slepe, dyd as the angel of the Lorde had bydden hym: and he toke hys wyfe vnto hym,
25 & knewe her not, tyll she had brought forth her fyrst begotten sonne, and called his name Iesus.




1 When Iesus was borne at Bethleem a cytie of Iewry, in the tyme of Herode the kynge. Beholde, there came wyse men from the east to Ierusalem,
2 sayinge: Where is he that is borne king of Iewes? For we haue sene hys starre in the east, and are come to worshyppe hym.
3 When Herode the kyng had hearde these thynges, he was troubled, and all the cyte of Ierusalem with hym.
4 And whan he had gathered all the chefe prestes and scrybes of the people togeather, he demaunded of them, where Christ shulde be borne.
5 And they sayd vnto hym: At Bethleem in Iewrye. For thus it is wrytten by the prophet:
6 And şu Bethleem in the lande of Iuda, art not the leest among the princes of Iuda. For oute of the shal there come vnto me the captayne, that shall gouerne my people Israel .
7 Then Herode (when he had preuely called the wyse men) he enquyred of them diligently what tyme the starre appered,
8 & he bad them go to Bethleem, & sayd: God your waye thither, & searche diligently for şe childe. And when ye haue founde him, bryng me word agayne, that I maye come and worshyp hym also.
9 When they had heard şe kyng, they departed: and lo, the starre which they sawe in the easte, went before them, tyll it came, & stode ouer the place, wherin the chylde was.
10 When they sawe the starre, they were exceadynge glad:
11 and went into the house, and found the chylde with Mary his mother & fel downe flatt and worshipped hym, and opened their treasures & offered vnto hym gyftes, golde, franckincense, & myrre.
12 And after they were warned of God in slepe (that they shuld not go agayne to Herode) they returned into their awne countre another waye.
13 When they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appered to Ioseph in slepe saying, aryse, & take the chyld and his mother, and flye into Egipt: and be thou there tyll I brynge the worde. For it wyll come to passe that Herode shall seke the chylde, to destroye hym.
14 So whan he awoke, he toke the childe and hys mother by night, and departed into Egipt,
15 and was there vnto the deeth of Herode, that it myght be fulfylled, which was spoken of şe Lorde by the prophete, sayenge: out of Egypt haue I called my sonne.
16 Then Herode whan he sawe şt he was mocked of şe wyse men, he was exceading wroth, & sent forth men of warre, & slue all şe chyldren that were in Bethleem, and in all şe coastes, (as many as were two yeere olde or vnder) accordynge to the tyme, whych he had dilygently knowe out of the wyse men.
17 Then was fulfylled that, which was spoken by the prophet Ieremy: where as he sayd:
18 in Rama was there a voyce herde lamentacyon, weping, and great mourninge. Rachel weping for her chyldren, & wolde not be comforted because they were not.
19 But when Herode was deed: beholde, an angell of the Lorde appeared in a slepe to Ioseph, in Egypte,
20 sayenge: aryse, and take the chylde of hys mother, and go into the lande of Israell. for they are deed which sought the chyldes lyfe.
21 And he arose, and toke the chylde and hys mother, & came into the land of Israell .
22 But when he hearde that Arthelaus dyd raygne in Iewry, in the rowme of his father Herode, he was afrayde to go thither. Notwithstandinge, after he was warned of God in a slepe, he turned a syde into şe parties of Galile,
23 and went and dwelt in a cyte which is called Nazareth : that it might be fulfylled which was spoken by the prophetes: he shalbe called a Nazarite.




1 In those dayes came Iohn şe Baptist, preachyng in the wyldernesse of Iewry,
2 and sayeng: Repent of the life that is past, for the kingdome of heauen is at hand.
3 For this is he, of whom the Prophete Esaye spake, which sayeth: The voyce of a cryer in the wyldernes, prepare ye the waye of the Lorde: & make hys pathes streyght.
4 Thys Iohn had hys rayment of camels heer. And a gyrdell of a skynne about hys loynes. His meat was locustes and wylde hony.
5 Then went out to hym Ierusalem and all Iewrye, and all the regyon rounde about Iordan,
6 and were baptysed of hym in Iordan, confessyng their synnes.
7 But when he sawe many of the Pharises and Saduces come to hys baptyme, he sayd vnto them: O generacion of vypers, who hath taught you to fle from the vengeaunce to come?
8 Bring forth therfore the frutes that belong to repentaunce.
9 And be not of soch mynde that ye wolde saye wtin your selues: we haue Abraham to oure father. For I saye vnto you: that God is able to bryng to passe, that of these stones ther shall ryse vp children vnto Abraham.
10 Euen now is the axe also put vnto the rote of the trees: so that euery tree which bringeth not forth good frute, is hewen downe, and cast into the fyre.
11 I baptyse you in water vnto repentaunce: but he şt shall come after me is myghtyer then I, whose shoes I am not worthy to beare. He shall baptise you with the holy ghost and with fyre:
12 whose fan is in hys hand, & he wyll purge hys floore, & gather his wheat into the barne, but wyll burne the chaffe wt vnquencheable fyre.
13 Then commeth Iesus from Galile to Iordan vnto Iohn to be baptysed of hym.
14 But Iohn forbade hym, sayinge: I haue nede to be baptised of the: and commest thou to me?
15 Iesus answered & said vnto him: Let it be so now. For thus it becometh vs to fulfyll all ryghteousnesse. Then he suffred hym.
16 And Iesus when he was baptised, came straight waye out of the water. And lo heuen was open vnto him: and he sawe şe sprete of God descendynge lyke a doue, and lyghtyng vpon hym.
17 And loo, there came a voyce from heauen saienge. Thys is my beloued sonne, in whom I am well pleased.




1 Then was Iesus led awaye of şe sprite: into wyldernes: to be tempted of the deuell.
2 And when he had fasted fourty dayes and fourty nyghtes, he was at the last an hungred.
3 And when the tempter came to hym, he sayde: yf thou be the sonne of God commaunde, that these stones be made bread:
4 But he answered and sayde: it is wrytten, man shall not lyue by bread onlye, but by euery worde şt proceadeth out of the mouth of God.
5 Then the deuyll taketh him vp into şe holy cytie, & setteth hym on a pynacle of the temple,
6 and sayeth vnto him: yf thou be the sonne of God, cast thy selfe downe headling. For it is written he shall geue hys angels charge ouer the, & with their handes they shal holde the vp, lest at any tyme thou dash thy fote agaynst a stone.
7 And Iesus sayde to hym: it is wrytten agayne: Thou shalt not tempte the Lorde thy God.
8 Agayne, the deuel taketh him vp into an exceading hye mountayne, and sheweth him all the kyngdomes of the world, and the glory of them,
9 and sayeth vnto hym: all these will I geue the, yf thou wylt fall downe, & worshyppe me.
10 Then sayeth Iesus vnto hym Auoyde Satan. For it is written: Thou shalt worshyp the Lorde thy God, and hym onely shalt thou serue.
11 Then the deuyl leaueth him, and behold, the angels came, & ministed vnto him.
12 When Iesus had heard that Iohn was taken, he departed into Galyle,
13 and left Nazareth, and went and dwelt in Capernaum: whych is a cytie vpon the see coast; in şe borders of Zabulon & Neptalim:
14 that it myght be fulfilled which was spoken by Esay the prophet, saying:
15 The lande of Zabulon & Neptalim, by the waye of the see beyonde Iordan, Galile of the Gentils:
16 the people which satt in darckenesse and in the shadowe of death, sawe great light: & to them which sat in the region & shadowe of death, is the light sprong vp.
17 From that tyme, Iesus beganne to preache, and to saye: repent, for the kyngdome of heauen is at hande.
18 As Iesus walked by the see of Galile he sawe two brethren: Symon, which was called Peter, & Andrew his brother, castyng a neet into the see (for they were fisshers)
19 and he sayth vnto them: folowe me, and I wyll make you fisshers of men.
20 And they streyght waye lefte the nettes, and folowed hym.
21 And whan he was gone forth fro thence, he sawe other two brethren, Iames şe sonne of Zebede, & Iohn his brother, in şe shyp wt Zebede their father, mending their nettes, & he called them.
22 And they immediatly lefte the shyp and theyr father, and folowed hym.
23 And Iesus went about all Galile, teachynge in their synagoges, & preachynge the gospel of the kingdome, and healing all maner of sycknes, & all maner of disease amonge the people.
24 And hys fame spreed abroade throughout al Siria. And they brought vnto him all syck people şt were taken with dyuers diseases and grypynges, and them that were possessed with deuyls: and those which were lunatyke, & those that had the palsye: & he healed them.
25 And ther folowed hym great multitudes of people, from Galile, and from the ten cytes, and from Ierusalem, and from Iewry, and from the regions that lye beyonde Iordan.




1 When he sawe the people, he went vp into a mountayne, and when he was sett, hys discyples came to him:
2 and after that he had opened hys mouth, he taught them, sayinge:
3 Blessed are the poore in sprete, for theyrs is the kyngdome of heauen.
4 Blessed are they that mourne, for they shall receaue comfort.
5 Blessed are şe meke: for they shall receaue the enheritaunce of the earth.
6 Blessed are they which honger and thyrst after ryghteousnes: for they shalbe satisfyed.
7 Blessed are şe mercyful: for they shall obteyne mercy.
8 Blessed are the pure in herte: for they shall se God.
9 Blessed are the peace makers: for they shalbe called the children of God.
10 Blessed are they which suffre persecucyon for righteousnes sake: for theirs is the kingdome of heauen.
11 Blessed are ye, when men reuyle you, and persecute you, and shall falesy say all maner of euyll sayinge against you, for my sake.
12 Reioyse & be glad for greate is your rewarde in heuen. For so persecuted they the prophetes, which were before you.
13 Ye are the salt of the earth: But yf şe salt haue lost the saltnes, what shalbe seasoned therwith? It is thence forth good for nothynge, but to be cast out, and to be troaden downe of men.
14 Ye are the light of the world. A cytie that is set on an hyll cannot be hyd,
15 nether do men lyght a candell, and put it vnder a busshell, but on a candelstyck, and it geueth light vnto all that are in şe house.
16 Let your light so shyne before men. That they maye se your good worckes, & gloryfy your father, which is in heauen.
17 Thynke not şt I am come to destroye the lawe, or the prophetes: no, I am not come to destroye, but to fulfyll.
18 For truely I saye vnto you: tyll heauen and earth passe, one iott or one tytle of the lawe shal not scape, tyll all be fulfylled.
19 Whosoeuer therfore breaketh one of these leest commaundementes, and teacheth men so, he shalbe called the leest in the kyngdome of heauen. But whosoeuer doeth and teacheth, the same shalbe called greate in the kyngdome of heauen.
20 For I saye vnto you: except your righteousnesse exceade the ryghteousnesse of the Scribes and Pharises, ye cannot entre into the kyngdome of heauen.
21 Ye haue heard that it was sayd vnto them of şe olde tyme. Thou shalt no kyll: whosoeuer killeth, shalbe in daunger of iudgement.
22 But I say vnto you: that whosoeuer is angrye with hys brother (vnaduysedly) shalbe in daunger of iudgement. And whosoeuer saye vnto hys brother Racha, shalbe in daunger of a councell. But whosoeuer sayeth thou foole, shalbe in daunger of hell fyre.
23 Therfore, yf thou offrest thy gyfte at the aulter, and there remembrest that thy brother hath ought agaynst the:
24 leaue ther thyne offringe before the aulter & go thy waye fyrst, and be reconcyled to thy brother, and then come, and offre thy gyfte.
25 Agree with thyne aduersary quycklye whyles thou art in the waye with him, lest at any tyme the aduersary deliuer the to the iudge, and the iudge delyuer the to şe mynister, and then thou be cast into preson.
26 Uerely, I say vnto the: thou shalt not come out thence, tyll thou haue payed the vtmost farthynge.
27 Ye haue herde that it was sayd vnto them of olde tyme. Thou shall no committ aduoutrye.
28 But I say vnto you that whosoeuer loketh on another mans wyfe to lust after her, hath commytted aduoutrye with her all ready in hys hert.
29 Yf thy ryght eye hynder the, plucke hym out, and cast hym from the. For better it is vnto the, that one of thy membres perysshe, then şt thy whole body shuld be cast into hell.
30 And yf thy ryght hande hynder the, cutt hym of, and cast hym from the. For better it is vnto the, that one of thy membres perysshe, then that all thy body shulde be cast into hell.
31 It is sayd, whosoeuer putteth awaye his wyfe, lett hym geue her a letter of the deuorcement.
32 But I say vnto you: that whosoeuer doth put awaye his wyfe (excepte it be for fornycacyon) causeth her to breake matrymony. And whosoeuer maryeth her that is deuorsed commiteth aduoutrye.
33 Agayne, ye haue hearde how it was sayd to them of olde tyme: thou shalt not forsweare thy selfe, but shalt perfourme vnto şe Lorde those thinges that thou swearest.
34 But I say vnto you: sweare not at all: nether by heauen, for it is Goddes seate,
35 nor by the earth, for it is his fote stole: nether by Ierusalem, for it is the cytie of the great king:
36 nether shalt thou sweare by thy heed, because şu canst not make one heare whyte or blacke.
37 But your communicacyon shalbe, ye, ye, nay, nay: For whatsoeuer is added more then these, it commeth of euyll.
38 Ye haue hearde that it is sayd: an eye for an eye: and a toth for a toth.
39 But I saye vnto you, şt ye resist not euell. But whosoeuer geue the a blowe on the ryght cheke, turne to hym the other also.
40 And yf eny man wyll sue the at the law, and take awaye thy coate, let him haue thy clooke also.
41 And whosoeuer wyll compell the to go a myle, go with him twayne.
42 Geue to him that asketh şe, and from hym that wolde borowe, turne not thou awaye.
43 Ye haue heard that it is sayde, thou shalt loue thyne neyghbour, and hate thyne enemy.
44 But I saye vnto you: loue your enemyes. Blesse them that curse you. Do good to them that hate you. Praye for them which hurt you and persecute you,
45 that ye maye be the children of your father which is in heauen: for he maketh his sonne to aryse on şe euell, & on şe good, & sendeth rayne on şe iust & on şe vniust.
46 For yf ye loue them which loue you: what reward haue ye? Do not the publycans also euen the same?
47 And yf ye make moche of your brethren only, what singuler thinge do ye? Do not also the publicans lykewise?
48 ye shall therfore be perfecte, euen as your father which is in heauen is perfecte.




1 Take heade, şt ye geue not your almose in the sight of men, to the intent that ye wold be sene of them. Or els ye haue no rewarde with youre father which is in heauen.
2 Therfore, whan thou geuest thyne almes, let not trompetes be blowen before the, as şe ypocrites do in the synagoges and in the stretes: for to be praysed of men. Uerely, I saye vnto you: they haue their rewarde.
3 But when thou wylt geue almes, let not thy left hande knowe what thy ryghte hande doth,
4 that thyne almes maye be in secrete: and thy father whych seeth in secrete, shall rewarde the openly.
5 And when thou prayest thou shalt not be as the ypocrytes are. For they vse to stand praieng in the synagoges, and in the corners of the stretes, that they maye be sene of men. Uerely, I saye vnto you: they haue theyr rewarde.
6 But when thou prayest entre into thy chamber, & when thou hast shut thy dore praye to thy father which is in secrete: & thy father which seeth in secrete, shall rewarde the openly.
7 But when ye praye bable not moch, as the heathen do: for they thyncke it will come to passe, that they shalbe herd for their moch bablynges sake.
8 Be not ye therfore lyke vnto them. For youre father knoweth what thinges ye haue neade of before ye aske of him:
9 after thys maner therfore praye ye. Oure father which art in heauen, halowed be thy name.
10 Lett thy kyngdome come. Thy will be fulfylled, as well in earth, as it is in heauen.
11 Geue vs this daye oure daylye bread.
12 And forgeue vs our dettes, as we forgeue oure detters.
13 And leade vs not into temptacyon: but delyuer vs from euyll. For thyne is the kyngdome and the power, and the glorye for euer. Amen.
14 Therfore, yf ye forgeue other men theyr trespasses, your heuenly father shall forgeue you.
15 But yf ye wyll not forgeue men theyr trespasses, nomore shall your father forgeue you youre trespasses.
16 Moreouer, when ye fast, be not sad as the ypocrites are. For they disfigure their faces, that it maye appeare vnto men, how that they fast. Uerely, I saye vnto you, they haue theyr rewarde.
17 But thou, when thou fastest, anoynte thyne heed, and wash thy face,
18 that it appere not vnto men, how that thou fastest: but vnto thy father, which is in secret: and thy father which seeth in secrete, shal rewarde the openly.
19 Laye not vp for your selues treasure vpon earth, where the rust and mothe doth corrupte, and where theues breake through, and steale.
20 But laye vp for you, treasures in heuen, where nether rust nor mothe doth corrupte, and where theues do not breake thorow nor steale.
21 For where your treasure is, there will youre hert be also.
22 The light of the body is the eye. Wherfore, yf thyne eye be single, all thy body shall be full of light.
23 But and yf thyne eye be wicked, all thy body shalbe full of darcknesse. Wherfore, yf the lyght şt is in the be darcknes, how greate is that darcknes?
24 No man can serue two masters. For ether he shal hate the one and loue the other, or els leane to the one, and despyse the other: ye cannot serue God and Mammon.
25 Therfore I saye vnto you: be not carefull for youre lyfe, what ye shall eate or drincke, nor yet for youre bodye, what rayment ye shall put on. Is not the lyfe more worth then meat: and the body more of value then rayment?
26 Behold, the foules of the ayer: for they sowe not, nether do they reape, nor cary into the barnes: and youre heuenly father fedeth them. Are ye not moch better then they?
27 Whych of you (by takynge carefull thought) can adde one cubyte vnto hys stature?
28 And why care ye for rayment? Consydre the lylies of the felde, how they growe. They laboure not, nether do they spynne.
29 And yet I saye vnto you, that euen Salomon in all hys royalte was not arayed lyke one of these.
30 Wherfore, yf God so cloth the grasse of the felde (which though it stande to daye, is to morow cast into şe fornasse) shall he not moch more do the same for you, O ye of lytle fayth?
31 Therfore, take no thought, saying: what shall we eate, or what shall we dryncke, or wherwith shall we be clothed?
32 after all these thynges do the gentyls seke. For youre heuenly father knoweth, that ye haue nede of all these thynges.
33 But rather seke ye fyrst şe kyngdome of God, and the ryghteousnesse therof, and al these thinges shalbe ministred vnto you.
34 Care not then for the morow, for the morowe daye shall care for it selfe: sufficient vnto the daye, is the trauayle therof.




1 Iudge not, that ye be not iudged.
2 For as ye iudge, so shall ye be iudged. And with what measure ye meate, with the same shall other men measure to you.
3 Why seest thou a mote in thy brothers eye, but consydrest not the beame that is in thyne awne eye?
4 Or how sayest thou to thy brother suffre me, I wyll plucke oute a moate out of thyne eye, and beholde, a beame is in thyne awne eye.
5 Thou ypocryte, fyrst cast oute the beame out of thyne awne eye, and then shalt thou se clearly to plucke out the mote oute of thy brothers eye.
6 Geue not ye that whych hys holy vnto dogges, nether cast ye youre pearles before swyne, lest they treade them vnder their fete & the other turne against you, & al to rent you.
7 Aske, and it shalbe geuen you: Seke, & ye shall fynde: Knocke, and it shalbe opened vnto you.
8 For whosoeuer asketh, receaueth: and whosoeuer seketh, fyndeth: and to hym that knocketh, it shalbe opened.
9 Is there eny man amonge you, which (yf hys sonne aske bread) wyll offer him a stone?
10 Or yf he aske fisshe, will he profer him a serpent?
11 If ye then (whan ye are euell) can geue youre children good gyftes, how moch more shall your father which is in heauen, geue good thynges, yf ye aske of hym?
12 Therfore, whatsoeuer ye wolde şt men shulde do to you: do ye euen so to them also. For this is the lawe and the prophetes?
13 Enter in at the strayte gate: for wyde is the gate, and broade is the waye that leadeth to destruccion: and many there be which go in ther at.
14 For straite is the gate, and narowe is the waye, which leadeth vnto lyfe, and fewe there be that finde it.
15 Beware of false prophetes, which come to you in shepes clothynge, but in wardly they are rauenyng wolues.
16 Ye shall knowe them by theyr frutes. Do men gather grapes of thornes? or figges of thistles?
17 Eue so euery good tree bringeth forth good frutes. But a corrupte tree, bringeth forth euell frutes.
18 A good tre can not brynge forth bad frute: nether can a bad tree bring forth good frutes.
19 Euery tree şt bringeth not forth good frute, is hewen downe, and cast into şe fyre.
20 Wherfore, by their frutes ye shall knowe them.
21 Not euery one şt sayth vnto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kyngdome of heauen: but he that doth the wyll of my father, which is in heauen.
22 Many wyll saye to me in şt daye: Lord, Lorde, haue we not prophecyed thorow thy name? And thorow thy name haue cast out deuyls? And done many miraracles thorow thy name?
23 And then wyll I knowledge vnto them. I neuer knewe you. Departe fro me, ye that worcke iniquyte.
24 For whosoeuer heareth of me these wordes, & doth the same, I will lyken hym vnto a wyse man, which buylt hys house vpon a rock:
25 and a shower of rayne descended, & the flouddes came, & the wyndes blewe, and bet vpon that house, & it fell not, because it was grounded on the rocke.
26 And euery one şt heareth of me these wordes, and doth them not shalbe likened vnto a folysh man, which built his house vpon sande:
27 and a shower of rayne descended, and the floudes came, and the wyndes blew, and bet vpon that house, and it fell, and greate was the fall of it.
28 And it came to passe, that when Iesus had ended these sayinges, the people were astonnyed at hys doctryne.
29 For he taught them as one hauinge power, and not as the scribes.




1 When he was come downe from the mountayne, moch people folowed hym.
2 And beholde, there came a leper, and worshypped him sayeng: Mayster, yf thou wylt, thou canst make me cleane.
3 And Iesus put forth hys hande, and touched him sayenge: I will, be thou cleane, and immediatly hys leprosye was clensed.
4 And Iesus sayeth vnto hym: se thou tell no man but go, & shewe thy selfe to the preste: and offre the gyfte (that Moses commaunded to be offred) for a witnes vnto them.
5 And when Iesus was entred into Capernaum , ther came vnto him a Centurion, and besought him,
6 sayenge: Master, my seruaunt lyeth at home sycke of the palsye, and is greuously payned.
7 And Iesus saith whan I come vnto hym, I wyll heale hym.
8 The Centurion answered, & sayd: Syr, I am not worthy, that thou shuldest come vnder my rofe: but speake the word only, and my seruaunt shalbe healed.
9 For I also my self am a man subiect to the aucthoryte of another, and haue soudyers vnder me, and I saye to thys man: go, & he goeth: and to another come, and he cometh, & to my seruaunt do this, and he doeth it.
10 When Iesus herd these wordes, he marueled: and sayde to them that folowed him. Uerely, I saye vnto you: I haue not founde so greate fayth in Israell.
11 I saye vnto you şt many shall come from the east, and west, and shall rest with Abraham and Isaac and Iacob in the kyngdome of heauen:
12 but the children of the kyngdome shalbe cast out into vtter darcknes: there shalbe weping and gnasshing of teth.
13 And Iesus sayde vnto the Centurion: go thy waye, and as thou beleuest, so be it vnto the. And hys seruaunt was healed in the selfe same houre:
14 And when Iesus was come into Peters house, he sawe hys wyues mother lyenge in bed, and sycke of a feuer.
15 And he touched her hande, and the feuer left her: and she arose, & minystred vnto them.
16 When the euen drue on, they brought vnto him many that were possessed with deuils. And he cast out the spretes with a worde, and healed all that were sycke,
17 that it myght be fulfylled, which was spoken by Esay şe prophete, when he sayth: He toke on hym oure infirmytes, and bare oure sycknes.
18 When Iesus sawe moch people about him, he commaunded that they shulde go vnto the other syde of the water.
19 And a certayne scribe (whan he was come) sayde vnto him: Master, I wil folowe the whither soeuer thou goest.
20 And Iesus sayeth vnto him: the foxes haue holes, and the byrdes of the ayer haue nestes: but the sonne of man hath not where to reste his head.
21 And another of the nomber of his disciples sayd vnto him: Master, suffre me first to go and bury my father.
22 But Iesus sayde vnto hym: folowe me, and let the deed burye theyr deed.
23 And whan he entred into a shyp, his disciples folowed him.
24 And beholde, there arose a greate tempeste in the see, in so moche that the shyppe was couered with waues, but he was a slepe.
25 And hys discyples came to hym, and awoke hym, sayenge: Master, saue vs, we peryshe.
26 And he sayth vnto them: why are ye fearful, O ye of lytle faith? Then he arose and rebuked the wyndes and the see, and there folowed a greate calme.
27 But the men marueyled, sayinge: what maner of man is this, that both wyndes and see obey hym?
28 And when he was come to şe other syde, into the countre of the Gergesites, ther met him two possessed of deuylles, which came out of the graues, and were out of measure fearce, so that no man might go by that waye.
29 And beholde, they cryed out sayinge: O Iesu şu sonne of God what haue we to do with şe? Art thou come hyther to torment vs before the tyme?
30 And ther was a good waye of from them a heerd of many swyne, fedynge.
31 So, the deuyls besought him, sayinge, yf thou cast vs out, suffre vs to go oure waye into the heerd of swyne.
32 And he sayde vnto them: go youre wayes. Then went they out, and departed into the heerd of swyne. And beholde, the whole heerd of swyne was caried headlynge into the see, and perisshed in the waters,
33 Then they that kepte them, fledd, and went their wayes into the cytie, and tolde euery thinge, and what had fortuned vnto the possessed of the deuyls.
34 And beholde, the whole cytie came out to mete Iesus: and when they sawe him, they besought him şt he wolde departe out of their coastes.




1 He entred also into a shyppe, and passed ouer, and came into his awne cytie,
2 and beholde, they brought to hym a man sicke of the palsye, lyinge in a bed. And when Iesus sawe the fayth of them, he sayd vnto the sicke of the palsye: sonne, be of good cheare, thy synnes be forgeuen the.
3 And beholde: certayne of the Scribes sayde within them selues: this man blasphemeth.
4 And when Iesus sawe their thoughtes, he sayde. Wherfore thyncke ye euyll in youre heartes?
5 Whether is easyer to saye, thy synnes be forgeuen the, or to saye, aryse and walke?
6 But that ye maye knowe, that the sonne of man hath power to forgeue synnes in erth. Then sayeth he vnto the sycke of the palsye: arise, take vp thy bed, and go vnto thyne house.
7 And he arose, and departed to his house.
8 But the people that sawe it, marueyled, and gloryfyed God, which had geuen soch power vnto men.
9 And as Iesus passed forth from thence, he sawe a man (named Mathew) syttynge at the receate of custome, and he sayeth vnto him: folow me.
10 And he arose, & folowed him. And it came to passe as Iesus sat at meate in hys housse: beholde, many Publicans also and synners that came, sat downe with Iesus and his disciples.
11 And when şe Pharises sawe it, they sayde vnto his disciples: why eateth youre master with publicans and synners?
12 But when Iesus heard that, he sayde vnto them. They that be stronge, nede not the phisicyon, but they that are sicke.
13 Goo ye rather and learne what şt meaneth. I will haue mercy, and not sacrifice. For I am not come to call the ryghtewes, but synners to repentaunce.
14 Then came the Disciples of Iohn vnto him, saying: why do we and the Pharises fast, for the most parte: but thy disciples fast not?
15 And Iesus sayde vnto them: can the brydegromes children mourne as longe as the brydegrome is with them? But the dayes wyll come, when the brydegrome shalbe taken from them, and then shall they fast.
16 No man putteth a pece of new cloth in an olde garment. For then taketh he awaye the pece from the garment, and the rent is made worse.
17 Nether do men put new wyne into olde: bottels: els the bottels breake, and the wyne runneth out, and the bottels peryshe. But they putt new wyne into new bottels, and both are saued together.
18 Whyle he thus spake vnto them, beholde, ther came a certayne ruler, & worshipped him, sayinge: my daughter is euen now diseased, but come and laye thy hand vpon her, & she shall lyue.
19 And Iesus arose, and folowed him, and (so dyd) his disciples.
20 and beholde, a woman which was diseased with an yssue of bloude twelue yeres, came behynde him, and touched the hemme of his vesture.
21 For she sayde within her selfe: yf I may touche but euen hys vesture onely, I shalbe safe.
22 But Iesus tourned him aboute, and whan he sawe her, he sayde. Daughter, be of good comforte, thy faith hath made the safe. And the woman was made whole, euen that same tyme.
23 And when Iesus came into the rulers house, and sawe the minstrels, and the people makyng a noyse,
24 he sayde vnto them: get you hence, for şe mayde is not deed but slepeth. And they laughed him to scorne.
25 But whan the people were put forth, he went in, and toke her by şe hande, and şe damsell arose.
26 And this noyse went abroade into all that lande.
27 And whan Iesus departed thence, two blynde men folowed him, cryinge & sayinge: O thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy on vs:
28 And when he was come into the house, the blynde came to him. And Iesus sayeth vnto them: Beleue ye, that I am able to do this? They saye vnto him: Lord, we beleue.
29 Then touched he their eyes, sayinge: accordynge to youre fayth be it vnto you.
30 And their eyes were opened. And Iesus charged them sayinge. Se that no man knowe of it.
31 But they, whan they were departed, spreed abroade his name in all that lande.
32 As they went out, beholde they brought to him a domme man possessed of a deuyll.
33 And whan şe deuyll was cast out, şe domme spake. And the people merueyled, sayinge: it was neuer so sene in Israell.
34 But şe pharises sayde. he casteth out deuyls, thorow the prince of deuels.
35 And Iesus went about all cyties & townes, teachinge in their synagoges, and preachinge the glad tydinges of the kyngdome, and healinge euery sicknes and euery disease amonge the people.
36 But when he sawe the people: he was moued with compassion on them, because they were destitute, and scattered abroade, euen as shepe hauynge no shepherde,
37 Then saieth he vnto his disciples, şe heruest truly is plenteous, but şe labourers are feawe.
38 Praye ye therfore the Lord of the haruest, that he will sende labourers into his haruest.




1 And whan his .xij. disciples were called vnto him, he gaue them power agaynst vncleane spretes, to cast them out, and to heale all maner of syckenesse, and all maner of dysease.
2 The names of the .xij. Apostles are these The fyrst, Symon which is called Peter: and Andrew his brother: Iames the sonne of Zebedee, and Iohn his brother:
3 Philip & Bartholomew: Thomas and Mathew, which had bene a Publican. Iames şe sonne of Alphe, and Lebbeus (whose syrname was Taddeus)
4 Simon of Canaan , and Iudas Iscarioth, which also be traied him.
5 Iesus sent forth these twelue in nombre, whom he commaunded, saying. Go not into the waye of the gentyls, and into the cytie of the Samaritans enter ye not.
6 But goo rather to the lost shepe of the house of Israell.
7 Go and preache, saying: The kyngdome of heauen is at hand.
8 Heale the sycke, clense the lepers, rayse şe deed, cast out deuyls. Frely ye haue receaued: geue frely.
9 Possesse not golde nor syluer nor brasse in youre purses,
10 nor yet scrip towardes your iorney: nether two cotes, nether shoes, nor yet a rodde. For the worckman is worthy of his meate.
11 But to whatsoeuer cytie or towne ye shall come, enquyre who is worthy in it, and there abyde tyll ye go thence.
12 And when ye come into an house, salute the same.
13 And yf the house be worthy, let youre peace come vpon it. But yf it be not worthy, let youre peace retourne to you agayne.
14 And whosoeuer shall not receaue you, nor wyll heare youre preachynge: when ye departe oute of that house or that cytie shake of şe duste of youre fete.
15 Uerely I saye vnto you: it shalbe easier for the land of Zodoma and Gomorra in the daye of iudgement, then for that cytie.
16 Beholde, I sende you forth, as shepe among wolues. Be ye therfore wyse as serpentes and innocent as doues.
17 But beware of men, for they shall delyuer you vp to the councels, and shall scourge you in their synagoges.
18 And ye shall be brought to şe heed rulers, and kynges, for my sake, in wytnes to them and to the gentyls.
19 But when they delyuer you vp, take ye no thought, how or what ye shall speake: for it shalbe geuen you, euen in şt same houre what ye shall speake.
20 For it is not ye şt speke, but şe spryte of youre father which speaketh in yon.
21 The brother shall delyuer vp şe brother to deeth, & şe father şe sonne. And the children shal aryse agaynst their fathers and mothers, and shall put them to deeth:
22 & ye shalbe hated of all men for my name sake. But he that endureth to the ende, shalbe saued.
23 But when they persecute you in this cytie, flye ye into another. For verely I saye vnto you: ye shall not go thorowe all the cyties of Israell tyll the sonne of man be come.
24 The disciple is not aboue the master: nor şe seruaunt aboue his Lord.
25 It is ynough for şe disciple, şt he be as his master is, and şt the seruaunt be as his Lorde is. If they haue called the Lord of şe house, Beelzebub: how moche more shal they call them of his householde so?
26 Feare them not therfore. For there is nothing closse, that shall not be opened: and nothynge hyd, that shall not be knowen.
27 What I tel you in darknes, that speake ye in lyght. And what ye heare in the eare, that preache ye on the house toppes.
28 And feare ye not them which kyll the body but are not able to kyll the soule. But rather feare him, which is able to destroye both soule and body into hell.
29 Are not two lytle sparowes sold for a farthyng? And one of them shall not lyght on the grounde with out youre father.
30 Yee, euen al the heares of your head are nombred.
31 Feare ye not therfore: ye are of more value then many sparowes.
32 Euery one therfore şt shall knowledge me before men, him will I knowledge also before my father which is in heauen.
33 But whosoeuer shall denye me before men him will I also denye before my father, which is in heauen.
34 Thinke not şt I am come to sende peace into the erth. I came not to send peace, but a sweard.
35 For I am come to set a man at variaunce agaynst his father, & the daughter agaynst her mother, & the daughter in lawe agaynst her mother in lawe.
36 And a mannes foes shalbe they şt are of his awne houshold.
37 He şt loueth father, or mother more then me, is not worthy of me. And he that loueth sonne or daughter more then me, is not worthy of me.
38 And he that taketh not hys crosse and foloweth me, is not worthy of me
39 He that fyndeth his lyfe, shall lose it: and he that losyth his lyfe for my sake, shall fynde it.
40 He that receaueth you, receaueth me: & he that receaueth me, receaueth him that sent me.
41 He that receaueth a prophet in the name of a prophet, shal receaue a prophetes rewarde. And he that receaueth a ryghteous man, in the name of a ryghteous man, shall receaue a righteous mans rewarde:
42 And whosoeuer shall geue vnto one of these lytle ones to dryncke, a cuppe of colde water onely (in the name of a disciple) verely I saye vnyou, he shall not lose his rewarde.




1 And it came to passe, that when Iesus had made an ende of commaunding his twelue disciples he departed thence, to teache and to preache in theyr cyties,
2 When Iohn beynge in preson hearde the workes of Christ, he sent two of hys dyscyples,
3 & sayde vnto hym: Art thou he that shall come: or do we loke for another.
4 Iesus answered and sayd vnto them: Go, and shewe Iohn agayne, what ye haue heard and sene.
5 The blynd receaue their sight: the lame walke, the lepers are clensed: and the deef heare, şe deed are raysed vp, & the poore receaue the glad tidinges of the gospell.
6 And happy is he, that is not offended by me.
7 And as they departed, Iesus beganne to saye vnto the people concerning Iohn. What went ye out into the wyldernes to se? A rede that is shaken with the wynde?
8 Or what went ye out for to se? A man clothed in softe rayment? Beholde: they that weare softe clothing: are in kinges houses.
9 But what went ye out for to se? A prophete: Uerely I saye vnto you: and more then a Prophete.
10 For this is he, of whom it is wrytten. Beholde, I sende my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy waye before the.
11 Uerely I saye vnto you: amonge them that are borne of wemen, arose not a greater then Iohn the Baptist. Not withstandinge he that is lesse: in the Kyngdome of heauen is gretter then he.
12 From the dayes of Iohn Baptist vntill this daye, şe kyngedom of heuen suffreth violence, and the violent plucke it vnto them.
13 For all the prophetes, and the lawe it selfe prophesied vnto Iohn.
14 And yf ye wyll receaue it this is Helias, which was for to come.
15 He that hath eares to heare: let hym heare.
16 But wher vnto shall I lyken thys generacion? It is like vnto chyldren, which syt in the market places, and call vnto their felowes,
17 and saye: we haue pyped vnto you, and ye haue not daunsed: We haue mourned vnto you & ye haue not sorowed.
18 For Iohn came nether eatynge nor drynkynge, & they saye, he hath the deuyll.
19 The sonne of man came eatyng and drynckyng, and they saye, beholde a glutton, & an vnmeasurable dryncker of wyne: and a frende vnto publicans and synners. And wisdome is iustifyed of her chyldren.
20 Then began he to vpbrayd the cyties which most of hys miracles were done in, because they repented not of their synnes.
21 Wo vnto the Chorasin: Wo vnto the Bethsaida : for yf şe miracles which were shewed in you, had bene done in the cytie of Tyre or Sidon , they had repented of their synnes longe agon in sack cloth and asshes.
22 Neuerthelesse I saye vnto you: it shall be easier for Tyre & Sidon at the daye of iudgement, then for you.
23 And thou Capernaum , which art lyft vp vnto heuen, shalt be brought downe to hell. For yf the miracles which haue bene done in şe, had bene shewed in Zodom: they had remayned vntill this daye.
24 Neuerthelesse, I saye vnto you: that it shalbe easier for the land of Zodom in the daye of iudgement, then for the.
25 At that tyme Iesus answered and sayde: I thanke the O father, Lord of heauen & erth, because thou hast hid these thinges from the wyse and prudent, and hast shewed them vnto babes,
26 verely father, euen so was it thy good pleasure.
27 All thinges are geuen ouer vnto me of my father. And noman knoweth the sonne but the father: nether knoweth eny man the father, saue the sonne, and he to whomsoeuer the sonne will open him.
28 Come vnto me all ye that laboure: and are laden, and I will ease you.
29 Take my yock vpon you, and lerne of me, for I am meke & lowly in herte: and ye shall fynde rest vnto youre soules.
30 For my yocke is easy, and my burden is light.




1 At that tyme Iesus went on the Sabboth dayes thorowe the corne, and hys discyples were an hongred, and beganne to plucke the eares of corne, and to eate.
2 But when the Pharises sawe it, they sayde vnto hym: Beholde, thy discyples do that which is not lawfull to do vpon the Sabboth daye.
3 But he sayde vnto them. Haue ye not read what Dauid dyd, when he was an hongred, & they that were with him?
4 How he entred into the house of God, and did eate the shewe breades which were not lawfull for hym to eate, nether for them which were with hym, but onely for the prestes?
5 Or haue ye not read in the lawe, how that (on the Sabath dayes) the preastes in the temple breake the Saboth, and are blamelesse?
6 But I saye vnto you: that in this place is one greater then the temple.
7 Wherfore, yf ye wyst what this meaneth I require mercy, & not sacrifice: ye wolde not haue condemned innocentes.
8 For the sonne of man also, is Lord euen of the Sabath daye.
9 And he departed thence and went into their synagoge:
10 and beholde, ther was a man which had his hande dried vp. And they asked hym, sayinge is it lawfull to heale vpon the Saboth dayes? that they myght accuse him.
11 And he sayde vnto them: which of you will it be, that shall haue. a shepe, and yf it fall into a pytte on the Saboth daye, wyl he not take it and lyft it out?
12 Howe moch more then is a man better then a shepe? Wherfore, it is lefull to do a good dede on the Saboth dayes.
13 Then sayeth he to şe man: stretch forth thy hande. And he stretched it forth: And it was restored vnto health, lyke as the other.
14 Then the Pharises went out, and helde a counsell agaynst him, how they myght destroye him.
15 But when Iesus knewe it, he departed thence, and moche people folowed him, and he healed them all,
16 and charged them, that they shuld not make him knowen:
17 that it myght be fulfilled which was spoken by Esay the Prophet, which sayeth:
18 Beholde, my childe, whom I haue chosen, my beloued, in whom my soule deliteth. I wyll put my sprete vpon him, and he shall shewe iudgement to the gentyls.
19 He shal not stryue ner crye, nether shall eny man heare hys voyce in the stretes,
20 a brosed rede shall he not breake, and smokyng flax shall he not quenche, till he sende forth iudgement vnto victorie,
21 & in his name shall the gentyls trust.
22 Then was brought to him a blynd & domme man, şt was vexed with a deuyll, & he healed him, in somoch, that the blynd and domme, both spake and sawe.
23 And all the people were amased, and sayde: Is not this that sonne of Dauid?
24 But when the Pharises hearde it, they sayd. This felow dryueth the deuyls no nother wyse out, but by the helpe of Belzebub the chefe of the deuyls.
25 But whan Iesus knewe their thoughtes he sayde vnto them: Euery kingdome deuided agaynst it selfe, shalbe brought to naught. And euery citie or house deuyded agaynst it selfe shall not stande.
26 And yf Satan cast out Satan, then is he deuided agaynst him selfe how shall then his kingdome endure?
27 Also, yf I by şe helpe of Belzebub cast out deuyls, by whose helpe do youre chyldren cast them out? Therfore, they shalbe your iudges.
28 But yf I cast out şe deuyls by the spryte of God: then is şe kingdome of God come vnto you:
29 Or els how can one enter into a strong mannes house, and spoyle his Iewels, excepte he fyrst bynde the stronge man, and then spoyle his house?
30 He that is not with me, is agaynst me. And he şt gathereth not with me, scattereth abrode.
31 Wherfore, I saye vnto you, all maner of synne and blasphemy shalbe forgeuen vnto men but the blasphemy agaynst the sprete, shall not be forgeuen vnto men.
32 And whosoeuer speaketh a worde agaynst the sonne of man, it shalbe forgeuen hym. But whosoeuer speaketh agaynst the holy gost, it shall not be forgeuen him, nether in this worlde, nether in the worlde to come:
33 Ether make the tree good, and his frute good, or els make the tree euyll, and hys frute euyll. For the tree is knowen by his frute.
34 O generacion of vypers, how can ye speake good thinges, when ye youre selues are euyll? For out of the aboundance of the hert, the mouth speaketh.
35 A good man out of şe good treasure of the hert, bryngeth forth good thynges. And an euyll man, out of euyll treasure, bringeth forth euyll thynges.
36 But I say vnto you, of euery ydell worde that men shall haue spoken, they shall geue acountes in the daye of iudgement.
37 For out of thy wordes thou shalt be iustifyed: and out of thy wordes thou shalt be condemned.
38 Then certayne of the Scribes and of the Pharises asked him saying. Master, we wyll se a sygne of the.
39 But he answered and sayde to them. The euyll and aduouterous generacion seketh a signe and ther shall no sygne be geuen to them, but the signe of the Prophet Ionas.
40 For as Ionas was thre dayes and thre nightes in the whales belly, so shall the sonne of man be thre dayes and thre nightes in the herte of şe erth.
41 The men of niniue shall ryse in the iudgement with this nacion, & condemne it, because they amended at the preachyng of Ionas. Beholde, here is one greater then Ionas.
42 The quene of the south shall rise in the iudgement with this generacion, and shall condemne it: for she came from the vtmost partes of the worlde to heare şe wysdome of Salomon. And behold, in this place is one greater then Salomon.
43 When the vnclene spryte is gone out of a man, he walketh throughout drye places, sekyng rest, and findeth none.
44 Then he saieth: I will retourne into my house, from whence I came out. And when he is come, he fyndeth it empty, and swepte, and garnisshed.
45 Then goeth he, and taketh vnto him seuen other spretes worse then him selfe, and so entreth he in, and dwelleth there. And the ende of that man is worse then the begynning. Euen so shall it be also, vnto this froward generacion.
46 Whyle he yet talked to the people: beholde his mother and his brethren stode without, desyringe to speake with him.
47 Then one sayde vnto him beholde, thy mother and thy brethren stande without, desyringe to speake with the:
48 But he answered, & sayde vnto him that had tolde him. Who is my mother? or who are my brethren?
49 And he stretched forth hys hand towarde his disciples, & sayd. beholde my mother and my brethren.
50 For whosoeuer doth şe will of my father which is in heauen, şe same is my brother, syster, and mother.




1 The same daye went Iesus out of the house, and sat by the see syde,
2 and moche people were gathered together vnto him, so gretly şt he went, and sat in a shippe, and all the people stode on the shore.
3 And he spake many thynges to them by similitudes, sayinge: Beholde, the sower went forth to sowe.
4 And whan he sowed, some sedes fell by the wayes syde, and the fowles came, and deuoured them vp.
5 Some fell vpon stony places, where they had not moche erth, and anone they spronge vp, because they had no depnesse of erth:
6 and when the sonne was vp, they caught heat, & because they had no rote, they wyddred awaye.
7 Agayne, some fell amonge thornes, and the thornes spronge vp and choaked them.
8 But some fell into good ground, & brought forth frute: some an hundred folde, some syxtie folde, some thyrtie folde.
9 Whosoeuer hath eares to heare, let him heare.
10 And the disciples came, & sayde vnto him? Why speakest thou to them by parables?
11 He answered and sayde vnto them: it is geuen vnto you to knowe the secretes of the kyngdome of heauen, but to them it is not geuen.
12 For whosoeuer hath, to him shall be geuen: and he shall haue aboundaunce. But whosoeuer hath not: from him shalbe taken awaye euen that also which he hath.
13 Therfore speake I to them by similitude: for they seinge, se not: and hearinge, they heare not: nother do they vnderstand.
14 And in them is fulfylled the prophecie of Esaias, which sayth: with the eares ye shall heare, and shall not vnderstand and seinge ye shall se, and shall not perceaue.
15 For these peoples hertes is wexed grosse, and their eares are dull of hearynge, and theyr eyes haue they closed, lest at any tyme they shuld se with their eyes, and heare with their eares, & shuld understand with their herte, & be conuerted, that I also myght heale them.
16 But blessed are youre eyes, for they se: & youre eares, for they heare.
17 Uerely I saye vnto you, that many prophetes & righteous men haue desyred to se those thinges which ye se, & haue not sene them: & to heare those thinges which ye heare, and haue not hearde them.
18 Heare ye therfore şe similitude of the sower.
19 Whan one heareth şe word of the kingdome, & understandeth it not, then commeth şe euyll man, & taketh awaye that which was sowen in hys hert: thys is he, which was sowne by the waye syde.
20 But he that receaued the sede which was cast into stony places, şe same is he that heareth the worde, and anone with ioye receaueth it,
21 yet hath he no rote in hym selfe, but dureth for a season: for whan tribulacyon or persecucyon happeneth because of the worde, by and by he falleth.
22 He also that receaued sede into şe thornes, is he şt heareth the worde: and the care of this worlde, and the dissaytfulnes of ryches, choke vp the worde, and so is he made vnfrutefull.
23 But he that receaued sede into şe good ground is he that heareth the worde, and vnderstandeth it: which also beareth frute, & bringeth forth, some an hundred folde, some syxtie folde, some thyrtye folde.
24 Another similitude put he forth vnto them, sayinge: The kyngdome of heauen is lykened vnto a man, which sowed good seed in his felde.
25 But whyll men slept, his enemie came, & sowed tares among the wheate, & went his waye.
26 But when the blade was sprong vp, and had brought forth frute, there appeared the tares also.
27 So the seruauntes of the housholder came, and sayde vnto him. Syr, dyddest not thou sowe good seed in thy felde? from whence then hath it tares?
28 He sayde vnto them, the enuious man hath done this. The seruauntes sayde vnto him: wylt thou then that we go, and wede them vp?
29 But he sayde, nay, lest while ye gather vp the tares ye plucke vp also the wheate with them,
30 let bothe growe together vntill the haruest, and in tyme of haruest, I wyll saye to the repers gather ye fyrst the tares, and bynde them together in sheues to be brent: but gather the wheate into my barne.
31 Another parable put he forth vnto them, sayinge. The kyngdome of heauen is lyke to a grayne of mustard seed, which a man toke & sowed in his felde,
32 which is the leest of all seedes. But when it is growne, it is the greatest among herbes, and is a tree: so that the byrdes of the ayer come, and make theyr nestes in the braunches therof.
33 Another similitude spake he vnto them: The kyngdom of heauen is lyke vnto leuen, which a woman taketh and hydeth in thre peckes of meale, tyll all be leuened.
34 All these thinges spake Iesus vnto şe people by similitudes, & with out a parable spake he nothynge vnto them,
35 that it myght be fulfylled, which was spoken by şe prophet, that sayth I will open my mouth in parables: I wyll speake forth thynges which haue bene kepte secrete from şe begynning of şe world.
36 When the people were sent awaye, then came Iesus into şe house. And his disciples came vnto him, saying: declare vnto vs the parable of the tares of the felde.
37 He answered and sayd vnto them. He şt soweth the good seed, is şe sonne of man.
38 The feld is the worlde. And the chyldren of the kyngdome, they are the good seed: the tares are the chyldren of the wycked:
39 the enemie that soweth them, is the deuyll. The haruest is the ende of the worlde: the reapers be şe Angels.
40 Euen as the tares therfore, are gathered & brent in the fyre: so shall it be in şe ende of this worlde.
41 The sonne of man shall sende forth his Angels, & they shall gather out of his kyngdome all thinges that offende, and them which do iniquite:
42 and shall cast them into a furnes of fyre. There shalbe waylinge & gnasshyng of teth.
43 Then shall the righteous shine as the Sonne in the kyngdom of their father. Whosoeuer hath eares to heare, let him heare.
44 Agayne, the kyngdom of heauen is lyke vnto treasure hid in the felde, the which a man hath found and hydd: and for ioye therof goeth & selleth all şt he hath, & byeth şe felde.
45 Agayne, the kyngdome of heauen is lyke vnto a marchaunt man, sekyng goodly pearles,
46 which (when he found one precious pearle) went & solde all that he had, & bought it.
47 Agayne, the kyngdom of heauen is lyke vnto a nett, şt was cast into şe see & geathered of all kynde
48 which when it was full men drewe to land, & sat downe & geathered şe good into vessels, but cast şe bad awaye.
49 So shall it be at the ende of şe worlde. The angelles shall come & seuer şe bad from amonge the good,
50 & shall cast them into a furnace of fyre: there shalbe wayling & gnasshing of teth.
51 Iesus saieth vnto them: haue ye vnderstande all these thinges? They saye vnto him: ye Lorde.
52 Then sayde he vnto them. Therfore euery Scribe which is taught vnto the kyngedome of heauen, is lyke vnto a man that is an housholder, which bryngeth forth out of his treasure, thinges newe and olde.
53 And it came to passe that when Iesus had finisshed these similitudes, he departed thence:
54 And whan he came into his awne countre, he taught them in their synagoges, in so moch, şt they were astonnied and sayde: whence commeth this wysdome and powers vnto to him?
55 is not this the carpenters sonne? Is not hys mother called Mary? and hys brethren, Iames and Ioses and Simon and Iudas?
56 And are not all his systers with vs? Whence hath he then all these thynges?
57 And they were offended at hym. Iesus sayde vnto them: A prophete is not without honoure, saue in his awne countre, and in hys awne house.
58 And he did not not many miracles there, because of theyr vnbelefe.




1 At that tyme Herode the Tetrarcha heard of şe fame of Iesu,
2 & sayde vnto his seruauntes: this is Iohn şe Baptist. He is rysen from the deed, & therfore are miracles wrought by him.
3 For Herode had taken Iohn, & bound him, & put him in preson because of Herodias, his brother Philips wyfe.
4 For Iohn sayd vnto him: it is not lawfull for şu to haue her.
5 And when he wolde haue put hym to deeth, he feared şe people, because they counted him as a prophet.
6 But when Herodes byrth daye was kepte, the daughter of Herodias daunsed before them, & pleased Herode.
7 Wherfore he promysed with an othe, that he wolde geue her whatsoeuer she wolde aske.
8 And she beynge instructe of her mother before, sayde: geue me here Iohn Baptistes heed in a platter.
9 And the kynge was sory. Neuerthelesse, for the othes sake, & them which sate also at the table, he commaunded it to be geuen her:
10 & sent tourmentours, & behedded Iohn in the preson
11 and his heed was brought in a platter & geuen to şt damsell, and she brought it to her mother.
12 And his disciples came & toke vp hys body, and buried it: went, and tolde Iesus.
13 When Iesus hearde of it, he departed thence in a shyppe vnto a desert place, out of the waye. And when şe people had harde therof, they folowed him on fote and left the cyties.
14 And Iesus went forth, & sawe moch people, and was moued with mercy toward them, and he healed of them those that were sycke.
15 And when şe euen drewe on, his disciples came to him, saying: this is a deserte place, & şe houre is now past, let şe people departe, that they maye go into the townes, and bye them vytaylles.
16 But Iesus sayde vnto them. They haue no nede to go awaye. Geue ye them to eate.
17 They saye vnto him: we haue here but .v. loues and two fysshes.
18 He sayde: brynge them hyther to me.
19 And he commaunded the people to syt downe on the grasse, & he toke the .v. loues & the .ij. fysshes, and lyft vp hys eyes toward heauen & blessed. And whan he had broken them, he gaue the loaues to hys disciples, & his discyples gaue them to the people.
20 And they dyd all eate, and were suffysed. And they gathered vp (of the fragmentes that remayned.) .xij. basketesfull.
21 And they that dyd eate, were aboute .v.M. men, besyde wemen and chyldren.
22 And streyght waye Iesus made his disciples to get vp into a shippe, and to goo before him vnto şe other syde whill he sent the people awaye.
23 And when the people were sent awaye, he went vp into a mountayne to praye alone. And when night was come, he was there him selfe alone.
24 But şe shippe was now in şe myddes of şe see, & was toost wyth waues, for it was a contrary wynde.
25 And in the fourth watche of şe nyght, Iesus went vnto them walkynge on şe see.
26 And when şe disciples sawe hym walkynge on the see, they were troubled, sayinge: it is some sprite, & they cryed out for feare.
27 But streyght waye, Iesus spake vnto them, sayinge: be of good cheare, it is I, be not afrayed.
28 Peter answered hym, and sayde: Lorde, yf it be thou, byd me come vnto şe on şe water.
29 And he sayde, come. And when Peter was come doune out of the shippe, he walked on the water, to go to Iesus.
30 But when he sawe a myghty wynde, he was afrayed. And when he beganne to syncke, he cryed sayinge: lorde saue me.
31 And immediatly Iesus stretched forth his hand, & caught him, & sayd vnto him: O thou of lytell fayth, wherfore dyddest thou dout?
32 And whan they were come into şe shyppe, the wynde ceased.
33 Then they that were in şe shyppe, came and worshypped hym, sayinge: of a truthe thou art the sonne of God.
34 And when they were gone ouer they came into the lande of Genesareth.
35 And when the men of the place had knowledge of him, they sent out messaungers into all that countre rounde about the coast & brought vnto him all that were sycke,
36 & besought hym, şt they myght touche the hemme of his vesture only. And as many as touched it were made safe.




1 Then came to Iesus Scribes and Pharises (whyche were come from Ierusalem) saying:
2 why do thy disciples transgresse the tradicion of the elders? for they washe not theyr handes when they eate bread.
3 But he answered & sayde vnto them: why do ye also transgresse the commaundement of God, because of youre awne tradicion:
4 For God commaundeth sayinge: honoure father and mother, and he that cursseth father or mother: let hym dye the deeth.
5 But ye saye: euery one shall saye to his father and mother: what gift so euer shulde haue come of me, the same is turned vnto thy profyt: & so shall he not honoure his father or his mother.
6 And thus haue ye made the commaundement of God of none effecte, because of youre awne tradicyon.
7 Ypocrites, full well dyd Esaye prophesie of you, saying:
8 This people draweth nye vnto me with theyr mouth, and honoureth me with lyppes, howbeit, their hertes are farre from me:
9 but in vayne do they serue me; teachynge the doctrines and preceptes of men.
10 And he called the people to him, and sayd vnto them: heare and vnderstande.
11 That whych goeth into the mouth, defyleth not the man: but that which commeth out of the mouth, defyleth the man.
12 Then came his disciples, and sayde vnto him: knowest şu not, that şe Pharises were offended at this saying?
13 But he answered and sayd. Euery plante which my heauenly father hath not planted, shalbe plucked vp by the rotes.
14 Let them alone, they be şe blynde leaders of şe blynde. If the blynde leade the blynde, both shall fall into the dyche.
15 Then answered Peter & sayd vnto him: declare vnto vs this parable.
16 Iesus sayde: are ye also yet without vnderstandinge?
17 do not ye yet vnderstande, şt whatsoeuer entreth in at the mouth, goeth into şe bely, & is cast out into the draught?
18 But those thynges whych procede out of şe mouth, come forth from şe hert, & they defyle şe man.
19 For out of şe herte proceade euill thoughtes; murders, breakynge of wedlocke, whordoms, theftes, falsewitnesse, blasphemies.
20 These are şe thinges, which defyle a man. But to take meate wt vnwasshen handes, defileth not a man.
21 And Iesus went thence, & departed into the coastes of Tyre and Sydon
22 & beholde, a woman of Canaan (which cam out of the same coastes) cryed vnto him, sayinge: haue mercy on me o Lorde, şu sonne of Dauid: My daughter is pyteously vexed wyth a deuyll.
23 But he answered her nothing at all, & his disciples came, and besought him, sayinge: sende her awaye, for she crieth after vs:
24 But he answered, & sayde: I am not sent but vnto şe lost shepe of şe housse of Israel
25 Then cam she, & worshipped him, sayinge: lorde, helpe me.
26 He answered and said: it is not mete, to take şe chyldrens bread, and to cast it to dogges.
27 She answered & sayde: truthe Lorde, for the dogges eate of şe crommes, which fall from their masters table.
28 Then Iesus answered and sayde vnto her. O woman, greate is thy faith, be it vnto the, euen as şu wilt. And her daughter was made whole euen at that same tyme.
29 And Iesus went awaye from thence, and cam nye vnto the see of Galile, & went vp into a mountayne, & sat doune there.
30 And moche people came vnto him, bringing wt them those şt were lame, blind, deafe, maymed, and other many: & cast them downe at Iesus fete And he healed them:
31 in so moch, şt the people wondered, whan they sawe şe domme speake, şe maymed to be whole, the lame to walke, and the blynde to se. And they glorified the God of Israel.
32 Then Iesus called his disciples vnto him, & sayde: I haue compassyon on the people, because they continue with me nowe .iii. dayes, & haue nothing to eate: & I will not let them departe fastynge, lest they myscary by şe waye.
33 And his disciples saye vnto him whence shulde we get so moche bread in the wyldernes, as to suffyse so greate a multitude?
34 And Iesus sayeth vnto them: howe many loaues haue ye? And they saye seuen, & a fewe lytle fysshes.
35 And he commaunded the people to syt doune on the grounde:
36 and toke şe seuen loaues, & the fysshes: & after şt he had geuen thankes, he brake them, and gaue to his disciples, & the discyples gaue them to the people.
37 And they dyd all eate, and were suffysed. And they toke vp (of the broken meate that was lefte) seuen baskettes full.
38 And yet, they şt dyd eate were .iiii.M. men. besyde wemen & chyldren.
39 And he sent awaye the people, and toke shyppe, & came into the parties of Magdala.




1 The Pharises also wt the Saduces, came and tempted him & desyred him şt he wolde shewe them a sygne from heuen.
2 He answered and sayde vnto them: whan it begynneth to drawe toward euen, ye saye, it wylbe fayre wether, for the skye is reed?
3 And in şe mornynge: It wylbe foule wether to daye, for şe skye is glowmyng reed. O ye ypocrites, ye can discerne şe outward appearaunce of the skye: but can ye not discerne the sygnes of şe tymes?
4 The frowarde & aduoutrous nacyon requyreth a sygne, and there shall no sygne be geuen vnto it, but the sygne of the Prophet Ionas. And he lefte them, and departed.
5 And when his disciples were come to the other syde of the water, they had forgotten to take breed with them.
6 Then Iesus sayde vnto them. Take hede and beware of the leuen of the Pharises & of the Saduces.
7 And they thought in them selues saying: we haue taken no breed wt vs.
8 Which whan Iesus vnderstode, he sayd vnto them: O ye of lytell faith, why take ye thought within your selues, because ye haue brought no breed?
9 Do ye not yet perceaue, nether remember those .v. loaues, when there were .v.M. men, & how many baskettes toke ye vp?
10 Nether the .vii. loues when there were .iiii.M. men: & how many baskettes toke ye vp?
11 how happeneth it şt ye do not vnderstande, that I spake it not vnto you concernyng breed, şt ye shulde beware of the leuen of şe Pharises, & of the Saduces?
12 Then vnderstode they, how that he bad not them beware of şe leuen of breed: but of the doctrine of the Pharises, and of the Saduces.
13 When Iesus cam into the coastes of the cite which is called Cesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples sayinge whom do men saye şt I the sonne of man am?
14 They sayde: some saye şt thou art Iohn Baptist, some Helyas, some Ieremias, or one of şe nombre of the prophetes.
15 He sayeth vnto them: but whom saye ye şt I am?
16 Simon Peter answered & sayde: Thou art Christ the sone of the lyuynge God.
17 And Iesus answered, & sayde vnto hym: happy art şu Simon the sonne of Ionas, for fleshe & bloud hath not opened that vnto şe but my father which is in heuen.
18 And I saye also vnto the şt thou art Peter: & vpon this rocke I wil bylde my congregacion. And şe gates of hell shal not preuayle agaynst it.
19 And I wil geue vnto şe, the keyes of şe kyngdom of heuen: And whatsoeuer thou byndest in erth, shall be bounde in heuen: & whatsoeuer thou loosest in erth, shalbe lowsed in heuen.
20 Then charged he hys disciples, that they shulde tell no man, şt he was Iesus Christ
21 From şt tyme forth beganne Iesus to shewe vnto his disciples, how that he must go vnto Ierusalem, & suffer many thinges of şe elders, & hye Prestes, & Scribes, & must be kylled, and be raysed agayne şe thyrde daye.
22 And when Peter had taken him asyde, he began to rebuke him, saying: master, fauer thy selfe, this shal not happen vnto the:
23 but he turned him aboute, and sayde vnto Peter: go after me Satan, thou hyndrest me: for thou sauourest not the thinges that be of God, but those that be of men.
24 Then sayde Iesus vnto his disciples: If eny man wil folowe me, let him forsake him selfe & take vp his crosse, & folowe me
25 For whoso wil saue his lyfe, shall loose it. Agayne, whoso doth lose his life for my sake, shall fynde it.
26 For what doth it proffet a man, yf he wynne all şe whole worlde: & lose hys awne soule? Or what shal a man geue to redeme his soule agayne with all?
27 For şe sonne of man shall come in şe glory of his father, wt his angels: & then shall he rewarde euery man accordinge to his dedes.
28 Uerely I saye vnto you, ther be stondinge here, which shall not tast of deeth, tyll they se the sonne of man come in hys kyngdome.




1 And after .vi. dayes, Iesus taketh Peter, Iames and Iohn hys brother, and bringeth them vp into an hye mountaine out of the waye,
2 and was transfygured before them and hys face dyd shyne as the sonne, and hys clothes were as whyte as the lyght
3 And beholde, there apered vnto them Moses & Elias talkyng wyth hym.
4 Then answered Peter, and sayde vnto Iesus, Lorde, here is good beinge for vs. If thou wylt, let vs make here .iij. tabernacles: one for the, and one for Moses, and one for Helias.
5 Whyle he yet spake, behold, a bright cloude shadowed them And beholde, there came a voyce out of the cloude whych sayd this is my beloued sonne in whom I delyte heare hym.
6 And when şe discyples hearde these thynges, they fell on theyr faces & were sore afrayed.
7 And Iesus came & touched them, & sayd: aryse, & be not a frayd.
8 And when they had lyft vp theyr eyes they sawe no man saue Iesus onely.
9 And whan they came downe from şe mountayne, Iesus charged them saying: shew şe vysion to no man, vntyll the sonne of man be rysen agayne from the deed.
10 And his disciples asked him, saying. Why then saye şe Scribes, şt Helias muste fyrst come?
11 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto them Helias trulye shall fyrst come, and restore all thynges.
12 But I saye vnto you, şt Helias is come already, & they knewe him not: but haue done vnto hym whatsoeuer they lusted. In lykewyse shal also şe sonne of man suffre of them.
13 Then the disciples vnderstode, şt he spake vnto them of Iohn Baptist.
14 And when they were come to şe people, ther came to him a certayne man knelyng downe to him, & sayeng:
15 Master, haue mercy on my sonne, for he is lunatike & sore vexed, for oft tymes he falleth into şe fyre, & oft into the water,
16 And I brought him to thy disciples, & they coulde not heale him.
17 Iesus answered & sayd: O faythles & croked nacion: how longe shall I be with you? how longe shall I suffre you? bring hym hyther.
18 And Iesus rebuked şe deuyll, & he departed out of him. And the chylde was healed euen şt same tyme.
19 Then came şe disciples to Iesus secretly & sayde: Why could not we cast hym out?
20 Iesus sayd vnto them: Because of youre vnbelefe. For verely I saye vnto you: yf ye haue fayth as a grayne of musterd seed, ye shall saye vnto this mountayne: remoue hence to yonder place, and it shall remoue: nether shal eny thinge be vnpossible vnto you.
21 Howbeit thys kynde goeth not out, but by prayer and fastinge.
22 While they were occupyed in Galile Iesus sayde vnto them: it wyll come to passe şt the sonne of man shalbe betrayed into the handes of men,
23 and they shall kyll him and the thyrd daye shall he ryse agayne. And they were exceadyng sorye.
24 And when they were come to şe cytie of Capernaum , they şt vse to receaue tribute money, cam to Peter, & sayd: Doth your master paye trybute?
25 He sayeth: yee. And when he was come into şe house, Iesus preuented hym saying. What thinkest şu Simon? of whom do the kynges of the erth take trybute or toll, Of theyr chyldren, or of straungers?
26 Peter sayeth vnto hym: of straungers: Iesus sayeth vnto him: Then are şe chyldren fre:
27 Not withstonding, lest we shuld offende them, go thou to şe see, & cast an angle, & take şe fysh şt fyrst commeth vp: & when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt fynde a pece of twentie pence: that take, & geue it vnto them for me & the.




1 At the same tyme came şe disciples vnto Iesus, sayinge: who is the greatest in şe kyngdom of heauen?
2 Iesus called a chylde vnto hym, & set him in şe myddes of them,
3 & sayd: Uerely I saye vnto you except ye turne, & become as chyldren, ye shall not enter into şe kyngdom of heauen.
4 Whosoeuer therfore humbleth him selfe, as this childe, the same is the greatest in the kyngdom of heauen.
5 And whoso receaueth such a chyld in my name, receaueth me.
6 But whoso doth offende one of these lytleons whych beleue in me: it were better for hym, that a mylstone were hanged aboute hys necke, & that he were drowned in the depth of the see.
7 Wo vnto the worlde because of offences. Necessary it is that offences come: But wo vnto the man, by whom the offence commeth.
8 Wherfore yf thy hande or thy fote hinder the, cut him of & cast it from the. It is better for the to enter into lyfe halt or maymed, rather then thou shuldest (hauinge two handes or two fete) be cast into euerlastyng fyre.
9 And yf thyne eye offende the, plucke it oute, and caste it from the. It is better for the to enter into lyfe wt one eye, rather then (hauyng two eyes) to be cast into hell fyre.
10 Take hede: that ye despyse not one of these lytelones. For I saye vnto you, şt in heauen their angels do alwayes beholde the face of my father, whych is in heauen.
11 For şe sonne of man is come to saue that whych was lost.
12 How thynke ye If a man haue an hundred shepe, & one of them be gone astray, doth he not leaue nynty & nyne in şe mountains, & goeth & seketh şt was gone astraye?
13 And If it happen şt he fynd it, verely I saye vnto you: he reioyseth more of şt shepe then of şe nynti & nyne which went not astray.
14 Euen so it is not şe wyll of youre father in heauen, şt one of these lytelons shulde perysshe.
15 Moreouer yf thy brother treaspace agaynst the, go & tell hym hys faute betwene him & the alone. If he heare the, şu hast wonne thy brother:
16 But yf he heare şe not, then take yet wyth the one or two, şt in the mouth of two or .iij. witnesses, euery mater may be stablysshed.
17 If he heare not them, tell it vnto the congregacyon. If he heare not the congregacion let him be vnto şe as anhethen man & as a publican.
18 Uerely I saye vnto you: whatsoeuer ye bynde on erth, shalbe bounde in heauen. And whatsoeuer ye lose on erth, shalbe lowsed in heauen.
19 Agayne I saye vnto you şt yf two of you agree in erthe vpon eny maner a thynge, whatsoeuer they desyre: they shall haue it of my father which is in heauen.
20 For where two or thre are gathered to gether in my name, there am I in şe myddes of them
21 Then came Peter to hym, & sayde: Lorde howe oft shall I forgeue my brother, yf he synne agaynst me: Tyll seuen tymes?
22 Iesus sayeth vnto hym: I saye not vnto the vntill seuen tymes: but seuenty tymes seuen tymes.
23 Therfore is the kyngdom of heauen lykened vnto a certaine man şt was a king, which wolde take acountes of hys seruauntes.
24 And when he had begone to recken, one was brought vnto him, whych ought him ten thousand talentes,
25 but forasmoch as he was not able to paye, his Lord commaunded him to be solde, & hys wyfe & chyldren, & all şt he had, and payment to be made.
26 The seruaunt fell doune, & & be sought him, saying: Syr, haue pacience wt me, and I wyll paye the all.
27 Then had the Lorde pytie on that seruaunt, & lowsed hym and forgaue hym the det.
28 So the same seruaunt, went out, & founde out of hys felowes which ought him an hundred pence: & he layed handes on hym, & toke him by the throte, saying: paye şt thou owest.
29 And his felowe fell downe, & besought hym saying: haue pacyence wt me, & I wyll paye şe all.
30 And he wolde not, but went, & cast hym into preson, tyll he shulde paye the det.
31 So, when his felowes sawe what was done, they were very sory, and came, & tolde vnto their Lord all that had happened.
32 Then his Lord called hym & sayd vnto hym: O thou vngracyous seruaunt, I forgaue the all that det, whan thou desyredst me:
33 shuldest not thou also haue had compassion on thy felow, euen as I had pytie on the?
34 And hys Lorde was wrooth, & delyuered him to the iaylers, tyll he shuld paye all şt was due vnto hym.
35 So lyke wyse shall my heauenly father do also vnto you yf ye from youre hertes, forgeue not (euery one his brother) theyr trespases.




1 And it came to passe that when Iesus had fynisshed these sayinges, he gat hym from Galile, & came into the coastes of Iewry beyonde Iordan,
2 & moche people folowed hym, & he healed them there.
3 The Pharises also came vnto him temptinge him, & saying vnto him: Is it lawfull for a man to make a deuorcement wt his wyfe for any maner of cause?
4 He answered & sayd vnto them: Haue ye not red, how şt he which made man at şe begynnynge made them man & woman:
5 & sayd, for thys cause shall a man leaue father & mother, & shall cleue vnto hys wyfe, & they twayne shalbe one flesshe.
6 Wherfore now, they are not twayne, but one flesshe. Let not man therfore put a sunder, şt whych God hath coupled together.
7 They saye vnto hym: why dyd Moses then commaunde to geue a testimoniall of dyuorsement, & to put her awaye?
8 He sayde vnto them: Moses (because of the hardnes of youre hertes) suffered you to put awaye youre wyfes: But from şe beginnyng it was not so.
9 I saye vnto you: whosoeuer putteth awaye his wyfe (except it be for fornicacion) & marieth another, breaketh wedlocke. And whoso marieth her whych is deuorsed, doeth commyt aduoutry.
10 Hys disciples saye vnto him: yf şe mater be so betwene man & wyfe, then is it not good to mary.
11 He sayd vnto them: all men cannot comprehend this saying saue they to whom it is geuen:
12 for ther are some chaste whych are so borne out of their mothers wombe. And ther are some chaste, which be made chaste of men. And ther be chaste, which haue made them selues chaste for şe kyngdome of heuens sake. He that can comprehende it, let him comprehend it.
13 Then were there brought vnto hym yonge chyldren, that he shuld put hys handes on them, & praye. And şe disciples rebuked them.
14 But Iesus sayde vnto them: suffre the chyldren & forbid them not to come vnto me: for of soch is the kyngdom of heauen.
15 And when he had put hys handes on them, he departed thence.
16 And beholde, one came, & sayd vnto him: good master, what good thynge shall I do that I maye haue eternall lyfe?
17 He sayd vnto him: why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, & şt is God. But yf şu wilt entre into lyfe, kepe the commaundementes.
18 He sayeth vnto hym. Whych? Iesus sayde Thou shalt not commit manslaughter. Thou shalt not commyt aduoutrye: Thou shalt not steale: Thou shalt not beare false witnes:
19 honoure father and mother: and şu shalt loue thyne neybour as thy selfe.
20 The younge man sayeth vnto him: All these thinges haue I kepte from my youth vp: what lacke I yet?
21 Iesus sayd vnto hym, yf thou wilt be perfecte go & sell that şu hast, & geue to şe poore, & shall haue treasure in heauen, & come & folowe me.
22 But when the younge man herde şt saying, he went awaye sorye. For he had grete possessyons.
23 Then Iesus sayd vnto his disciples: Uerely I say vnto you: it shalbe harde for the ryche to enter into the kingdom of heauen.
24 And agayne I saye vnto you: it is easyer for a camell to go through the eye of a nedle, then for the ryche to enter into the kyngdom of God.
25 When the disciples hearde this, they were excedindly amased, saying: who than can be saued?
26 But Iesus behelde them, and sayd vnto them: wyth men this is vnpossyble but wt God all thynges are possyble.
27 Then answered Peter, & sayd vnto him: Beholde we haue forsaken all, and folowed the, what shall we haue therfore?
28 Iesus sayd vnto them: verely I saye vnto you: that when the sonne of man shall syt in the seate of hys maiestye, ye şt haue folowed me in there generacyon shall syt also vpon .xij. seates, & iudge the .xij. trybes of Israel .
29 And euery one that forsaketh house, or brethren, or systers, or father, or mother, or wyfe, or chyldren, or landes, for my names sake, shall receaue an hundred folde, & shall inheret euerlastynge lyfe.
30 But many that are fyrst, shalbe last and the last shalbe fyrst.




1 For the kyngdom of heauen is lyke vnto a man şt is an housholder, whych went out early in the mornyng to hyer labourers into hys vyneyard.
2 And whan the agrement was made wyth the labourers for a peny a daye, he sent them into hys vineyarde.
3 And he went out about the thirde houre, & sawe other standyng ydell in şe market place,
4 & sayde vnto them: go ye also into the vineyarde: & whatsoeuer is ryght, I wyll geue you. And they went theyr waye.
5 Agayne, he went out about the syxte & nynthe houre, & dyd lykewyse.
6 And aboute the eleuenth houre he went out, & founde other standynge ydell, & sayd vnto them: Why stande ye here all the daye ydell?
7 They saye vnto hym because no man hath hyred vs. He sayeth vnto them: go ye also into the vineyarde: & whatsoeuer is ryght, that shall ye receaue.
8 So, when euen was come, the Lord of the vineyarde sayeth vnto his steward: call şe labourers, & geue them their hyer, begynnyng at şe laste vntill şe fyrst.
9 And whan they dyd come, şt cam about şe eleuenth houre, they receaued euery man a peny.
10 But whan the fyrst came also, they supposed şt they shuld haue receaued more, & they lykewyse receaued euery man a peny.
11 And when they had receaued it, they murmured agaynst şe good man of the house,
12 sayinge: These last haue wrought but one houre, & şu hast made them equall vnto vs, which haue borne şe burthen & heat of şe day.
13 But he answered vnto one of them & sayde: frende, I do the no wronge: dydest thou not agre wt me for a penny?
14 Take that thine is & go thy waye: I wyll geue vnto thys last, euen as vnto the.
15 Is it not lawfull for me to do as me lysteth wt myne awne goodes? Is thyne eye euyll, because I am good?
16 So şe last shalbe fyrst, & the fyrste shalbe last. For many be called, but fewe be chosen.
17 And Iesus going vp to Ierusalem, toke the .xij. disciples asyde in the waye, & sayd vnto them:
18 Beholde, we go vp to Ierusalem, & the sonne of man shalbe betrayed vnto the chefe Prestes, & vnto the Scribes, & they shall condemne hym to deeth,
19 & shall delyuer hym to the gentyls, to be mocked and to be scourged, and to be crucifyed: and the thyrde daye he shall ryse agayne.
20 Then came to him the mother of Zebedes chyldren, wt her sonnes, worshyppyng him & desyryng a certaine thynge of him.
21 And he sayeth vnto her, what wilt thou? She sayde vnto him: Graunte, şt these my two sonnes may syt, the one on thy ryght hande, and the other on the lefte, in thy kyngdome.
22 But Iesus answered & sayde: Ye wot not what ye aske. Are ye able to dryncke of şt cuppe that I shall drynke of: & to be baptised wt şe baptyme, şt I am baptised wt?
23 They saye vnto him: we are. He sayde vnto them: ye shall dryncke in dede of my cup: & be baptised wt şe baptyme that I am baptised with. But to syt on my ryght hande & on my left, is not myne to geue: but it shall chaunce vnto them, şt it is prepared for of my father.
24 And when şe ten heard this, they disdayned at the two brethren:
25 But Iesus called them vnto him, & sayde: ye knowe that the princes of the nacions haue dominion ouer them. And they that are great men, exercyse auctorite vpon them.
26 It shall not be so amonge you. But whosoeuer wyll be greate amonge you, let him be youre minister:
27 and whoso will be chefe amonge you, let him be youre seruaunt:
28 euen as the sonne of man cam, not to be ministred vnto, but to minister, & to geue his lyfe a redempcion for many.
29 And as they departed from Hiericho, moch people folowed him.
30 And beholde, two blynd men sittinge by the waysyde, when they hearde that Iesus passed by, they cried sayinge: O lord thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy on vs.
31 And the people rebuked them, because they shulde holde their peace. But they cried the more sayinge: haue mercy on vs. O Lord thou sonne of Dauid.
32 And Iesus stode still, and called them, & sayde: what wyll ye that I shall do vnto you:
33 They saye vnto him: Lorde, that oure eyes maye be opened:
34 So Iesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes, & immediatly their eyes receaued syght. And they folowed him.




1 And whan they drew nye vnto Ierusalem, and were come to Bethphage, vnto mounte Olyuete: then sent Iesus two discyples,
2 saying vnto them: Go into the towne that lyeth ouer agaynst yon, and anone ye shall fynde an asse bound, and a colte with her: loose them, & bringe them vnto me.
3 And yf eny man saye ought vnto you, say ye: the Lorde hath neade of them: & streyght waye he wyll let them go.
4 All this was done, şt it might be fulfylled which was spoken by the prophete, saying.
5 Tell ye the daughter of Sion: beholde, thy kynge commeth vnto şe, meke, syttinge vpon an asse & a colte, the fole of the asse vsed to the yocke.
6 The discyples went & dyd as Iesus commaunded them,
7 & brought the asse, & the colte, & put on them their clothes, & sett him theron.
8 And many of the people spred their garmentes in şe waye. Other cut doune braunches from şe trees, & strawed them in şe waye.
9 Moreouer, the people şt went before, & they şt came after, cried saying: Hosanna to the sonne of Dauid Blessed is he şt commeth in the name of şe Lord Hosanna in şe hyest.
10 And when he was come to Ierusalem, all şe citie was moued, saying: who is this?
11 And the people sayd: this is Iesus the Prophet of Nazareth (a cyte) of Galile
12 And Iesus went into the temple of God, & cast out all them şt solde & bought in the temple, & ouerthrew the tables of şe mony chaungers, & the seates of them that solde doues,
13 & sayd vnto them: It is wrytten my house shalbe called şe house of prayer. But ye haue made it a denne of theues.
14 And the blynde & the halt came to him in the temple, & he healed them.
15 When the chefe Prestes & Scribes sawe şe wonders that he dyd, & the chyldren cryinge in the temple (& sayinge: Hosanna to the sonne of Dauid) they disdayned,
16 and sayd vnto him: hearest thou what these saye? But Iesus saieth vnto them why not? haue ye neuer redde. Out of the mouth of babes & suckelynges thou haste ordeyned prayse?
17 And he lefte them, and went out of the cytie vnto Bethanie, & had his abydinge there.
18 In the mornynge as he returned into şe cytie agayne, he hungred:
19 & whan he had spyed a fygge tree in the waye, he came to it, & founde nothynge theron, but leaues onely, & sayde vnto it: Neuer frute growe on the hence forwardes. And anone şe fygg tree widdered awaye.
20 And when hys discyples sawe it, they marueled, saying. How soone is şe fygge tree wydderd awaye?
21 Iesus answered, and sayd vnto them: Uerely I saye vnto you yf ye haue fayth & dout not, ye shal not onely do this that is happened vnto şe fygge tree: but also yf ye shall saye vnto this mountayne, remoue, & cast thy selfe into the see, it shalbe done.
22 And all thinges whatsoeuer ye aske in prayer (yf ye beleue) ye shall receaue them.
23 And when he was come in to şe temple, the chefe Prestes & the elders of the people came vnto him (as he was teachinge) & sayde By what auctorite doest thou these thinges? & who gaue the thys power?
24 Iesus answered & sayde vnto them: I also wyll aske of you a certayne thing, which yf ye tell me, I in lyke wyse will tell you by what auctorite I do these thinges.
25 The baptime of Iohn: whence was it? from heauen or of men? And they thought amonge them selues, saying: yf we saye from heauen, he wyll saye vnto vs: why dyd ye not then beleue him?
26 But yf we shall saye of men, then feare we the people. For all men holde Iohn as a prophet.
27 And they answered vnto Iesus & sayde: we cannot tell. And he sayd vnto them: nether tell I you, by what auctorite I do these thynges.
28 What saye ye to this? A man had two sonnes, & cam to the fyrst, & sayde: sonne, go & worke to daye in my vineyarde.
29 He answered & sayde, I wyll not, but afterward, he repented, & went.
30 Then cam he to the seconde, & sayd lykewise. And he answered, & sayd: I will syr, & went not.
31 Whether of them twayne dyd şe wyll of the father? And they saye vnto him: the fyrst. Iesus sayeth vnto them: verely I saye vnto you, the publicans & harlotes go into the kyngdom of God before you.
32 For Iohn cam vnto you by the waye of ryghtewesnes, and ye beleued hym not: but publicans & harlottes beleued hym. And ye (whan ye had sene it) were not moued afterwarde wyth repentaunce, that ye myght haue beleued hym.
33 Herken another symilitude Ther was a certaine man an housholder, whych planted a vineyarde, & hedged it rounde about, & made a wynepresse in it, & bilt a tower, and let it out to husbandmen, & went into a straung countre.
34 And when şe tyme of şe frute drewe neare, he sent his seruauntes to the husbandmen şt they myght receaue the frutes of it.
35 And şe husbandmen caught his seruauntes, & bet one, killed another, & stoned another.
36 Againe, he sent other seruauntes, moo then the fyrst: and they dyd vnto them lykewyse.
37 But last of all, he sent vnto them his awne sonne, saying: they wyll stande in awe of my sonne.
38 But when şe husbandmen sawe the sonne, they sayd amonge them selues: This is the heyre: come, let vs kyll him, & let vs enioye his inheritaunce
39 And they caught hym, & thrust hym out of şe vineyarde, & slewe him.
40 When the Lord therfore of the vineyard commeth, what wil he do vnto those husbandmen?
41 They sayd vnto him: For asmoch as they be euell, he will cruellye destroye them, & will let out his vineyard vnto other husbandmen, which shall delyuer hym the frute in due seasons.
42 Iesus sayeth vnto them: dyd ye neuer reade in şe scriptures The stone whych the bylders refused, the same is become the heade of the corner: thys is şe Lordes doinge, & it is meruelous in youre eyes.
43 Therfore saye I vnto you, şe kyngdom of God shalbe taken from you, and geuen to a nacion, whych shall brynge forth the frutes therof.
44 And whosoeuer falleth on this stone, shalbe broken in peces: but on whomsoeuer it falleth it shall all to grynd hym.
45 And when the chefe Prestes and Pharises had hearde hys parables, they perceaued, that he speake of them.
46 And they went about to laye handes on him but they feared the people, because they tooke him as a Prophet




1 And Iesus answered, & spake vnto them agayne by parables and sayde.
2 The kyngdome of heauen is lyke vnto a man that was a kynge, whych made a mariage for hys sonne
3 & sent forth his seruauntes, to call them that were byd to the weddynge, & they wolde not come.
4 Agayne, he sent forth other seruauntes sayinge: Tell them whych are bydden: beholde, I haue prepared my dynner: my oxen & my fatlynges are kylled, & all thinges are ready, come vnto şe mariage.
5 But they made lyght of it, & went their wayes: one to his ferme place, another to hys marchaundise,
6 & the remnaunt toke his seruauntes, & intreated them shamefully and slewe them.
7 But when the kyng hearde therof, he was wroth, & sent forth his men of warre & destroyed those murtherers, and brent vp theyr cytie.
8 Then sayd he to his seruauntes: şe mariage in dede is prepared. But they whych were bydden, were not worthy.
9 Goo ye therfore out into şe hye wayes: & as many as ye fynde byd them to the mariage.
10 And the seruauntes went out into the hye wayes, & gathered together all, as many as they coulde fynde, both good & bad, & the weddynge was furnisshed with gestes.
11 Then the kyng came in, to se the gestes, & whan he spyed there a man, whych had not on a weddynge garment,
12 he sayd vnto hym: frende, how camest thou in hyther not hauyng a weddynge garment? And he was euen spechlesse.
13 Then sayd şe king to the ministers: take & bynde him hand and fote, & cast hym into vtter darcknes there shall be wepynge & gnasshynge of teth.
14 For many be called but feaw are chosen.
15 Then went the pharises, & toke counsell how they myght tangle him in his wordes.
16 And they sent out vnto hym theyr discyples wyth Herodes seruauntes, sayinge: Master, we knowe that şu art true, & teachest the waye of God truely, nether carest şu for eny man, for thou regardest not the outward appearaunce of men.
17 Tell vs therfore: how thynkest şu? Is it lawfull şe trybute be geuen vnto Cesar or not?
18 But Iesus perceauyng theyr wyckednes, sayde: Why tempte ye me ye ypocrites?
19 Shewe me şe tribute mony. And they toke him a peny.
20 And he sayde vnto them: whose is this ymage & superscripcion?
21 They saye vnto him, Cesars. Then sayd he vnto them. Geue therfore vnto Cesar, şe thinges whych are Cesars: & vnto God, those thinges şt are Gods
22 When they had hearde these wordes, they marueled, & left hym, & went theyr waye.
23 The same daye came to him the Saduces (which saye şt there is no resurreccion) & asked him
24 sayinge: Master, Moses sayde: that yf a man dye hauynge no chylde, hys brother shulde mary hys wyfe, & reyse vp seed vnto his brother.
25 Ther were with vs seuen brethren: & the fyrste maried a wyfe, & deceased wtout yssue & lefte his wyfe vnto his brother.
26 Lykewyse, the seconde & şe thyrd, vnto şe seuenth.
27 Laste of all şe woman dyed also.
28 Therfore, in şe resurreccion, whose wyfe shall she be of the seuen? For they all had her.
29 Iesus answered & sayde vnto them: ye do erre, not knowinge the scriptures, nor the power of God.
30 For in the resurreccyon, they nether mary, nor are maryed but are as the Angels in heauen.
31 But as touchyng the resurreccyon of the deed: haue ye not red that which is spoken vnto you of God, whych sayth:
32 I am the God of Abraham & the God of Isaac, & the God of Iacob? God is not a God of deed, but of lyuinge.
33 And when şe people heard this, they were astonnyed at his doctryne.
34 But when the pharises had heard, şt he had put the Saduces to sylence, they came together,
35 & one of them which was (a doctour of lawe) asked him a question, temptinge him, & saying:
36 Master, which is the greate commaundement in the lawe?
37 Iesus sayd vnto hym: Thou shalt loue şe Lord thy God wyth all thy herte, and wyth all thy soule, & wyth all thy mynde.
38 This is the fyrst & greate commaundement.
39 And the seconde is lyke vnto it. Thou shalt loue thyne neyboure as thy self.
40 In these two commaundementes hange all the lawe and the Prophetes.
41 Whyle the Pharises were gathered together, Iesus asked them,
42 saying: what thynke ye of Chryst? Whose sonne is he? They saye vnto him: the sonne of Dauid.
43 He sayde vnto them how then doeth Dauid in sprete, call him Lorde sayinge:
44 The Lord sayd vnto my Lorde syt şe on my ryght hande tyll I make thyne enemyes thy foote stoole.
45 If Dauid then, call him Lord, how is he then his sonne?
46 And no man was able to answere him anye thing: nether durste eny man (from that daye forth) aske him any moo questions.




1 Then spake Iesus to the people, and to his disciples,
2 saying: The Scribes and the Pharises syt in Moses seate.
3 All therfore whatsoeuer they byd you obserue, that obserue and do: but do not ye after theyr workes:
4 for they saye, and do not. Yee, they bynde together heuy burthens and greuous to be borne, & laye them on mennes shoulders: but they them selues wyll not heaue at them with one of their fyngers.
5 All theyr worckes do they for the intent, şt they maye be sene of men. They set abroade their philateries, & make large şe borders of their garmentes,
6 & loue the vppermoste seates at feastes, & to sytt in the chefe place in councels,
7 & gretynges in the markett, and to be called of men, Rabbi.
8 But be not ye called Rabbi. For one is youre master, euen Chryst, and all ye are brethren.
9 And call no man youre father vpon şe erth, for one is your father which is in heauen
10 Nether be ye called masters, for one is youre master, euen Chryst.
11 He that is greatest amonge you, shalbe youre seruaunt.
12 But whosoeuer exalteth him selfe? shalbe brought lowe. And he that humbleth him selfe, shalbe exalted.
13 Wo vnto you Scribes & Pharises, ye ypocrites, for ye shutt vp the kyngdome of heauen before men ye nether go in your selues, nether suffre ye them that come, to enter in.
14 Wo vnto you Scribes, & pharises, ye ypocrites: for ye deuoure wyddowes houses: and that vnder a pretence of longe prayer: therfore shall ye be the sorer punysshed.
15 Wo be vnto you Scrybes and Pharises, ye ypocrytes: for ye compasse see and lande, to make one proselyte: & when he is become one, ye make hym two folde moare the chylde of hell, then ye youre selues are.
16 Wo be vnto you ye blynde gydes, ffor ye saye: whosoeuer doth sweare by the temple: it is nothynge: but whosoeuer sweareth by the golde of the temple, he is gyltye.
17 Ye fooles & blinde: For whether is greater: şe gold, or the temple that sanctifyeth the gold?
18 And whosoeuer sweareth by the aultre, it is nothinge, but whosoeuer sweareth by the gyft that is vpon it, he is giltye,
19 ye foles & blynd for whether is greater? the gyft: or şe altare that sanctifieth şe gyft?
20 Whoso therfore sweareth by the aultre, sweareth by it, and by all thinges that are there on.
21 And whoso sweareth by the temple, sweareth by it, & by hym that dwelleth therin.
22 And he that sweareth by heauen, sweareth by the seate of God, and by hym that sytteth theron.
23 Wo vnto you Scribes & Pharises, ye ypocrites: For ye tyth mynt, and anyse, & commyn, & haue leaft the wayghtier matters of the lawe: iudgement, mercy, & fayth. These ought ye to haue done, & not to leaue şe other vndone.
24 ye blynde gydes, which strayne out agnat, & swalowe a Camell.
25 Wo vnto you Scrybes and pharises, ye ypocrites: for ye make cleane the vtter syde of the cuppe, & of the platter: but within they are full of brybery and excesse.
26 Thou blynde Pharise, clense fyrst that whych is wt in the cup & platter, that the outesyde of them maye be cleane also.
27 Wo vnto you Scrybes & pharises, ye ypocrites: for ye are lyke vnto painted sepulcres which in dede appeare beautifull outwarde but are wythin full of deed mens bones & of all fylthynes.
28 Euen so ye also, outwardlye appere ryghteous vnto men: But wythin, ye are full of faynednesse and iniquyte.
29 Wo vnto you Scribes and Pharises, ye ypocrites: ye buylde the tombes of the Prophetes, and garnysihe the sepulchres of the ryghteous,
30 & saye: yf we had bene in şe dayes of our fathers, we wolde not haue bene parteners wyth them in the bloude of the Prophetes.
31 And so ye be wytnesses vnto youre selues, şt ye are the chyldren of them whych kylled the prophetes.
32 Fulfyll ye lykewyse the measure of your fathers.
33 Ye serpentes, ye generacion of vypers, how wyll ye scape the damnacyon of hell?
34 Wherfore beholde I sende vnto you Prophetes & wyse men, & scrybes, and some of them ye shall kyll & crucifye: & some of them shal ye scourge in youre synagoges, & persecute them from cytie to cytie:
35 şt vpon you maye come all şe ryghteous bloude whych hath bene shedd vpoon the erthe, from the bloude of ryghteous. Abel, vnto şe bloude of Zachary sonne of Barachias, whom ye slewe betwene the temple & şe altare.
36 Uerely I saye vnto you: all these thynges shall come vpon this generacion.
37 O Ierusalem, Ierusalem, thou şt kyllest the prophetes, & stonest them which are sent vnto the: how often wolde. I haue gathered thy chyldren together, euen as the henne gathereth her chyckens vnder her wynges, & ye wolde not?
38 Beholde youre house is left vnto you desolate.
39 For I saye vnto you: ye shall not se me hence forth, tyll that ye saye blessed is he, that commeth in the name of the Lorde.




1 And Iesus went out, & departed from the temple: & hys discyples came to him, for to shewe him the byldynges of the temple.
2 Iesus sayde vnto them: Se ye not all these thinges? Uerely I saye vnto you ther shall not be here lefte one stone vpon another, that shall not be destroyed.
3 And as he sat vpon mount Oliuete , hys disciples came vnto him secretly, saying: Tell vs: when shall these thinges be: & what shalbe şe token of thy commyng & of the ende of the world?
4 And Iesus answered, and sayd vnto them: take hede, şt no man deceaue you.
5 For many shall come in my name, sayinge: I am Chryst: & shall deceaue many
6 ye shall heare of warres, & tidinges of warres: be not troubled. For all must come to passe, but the ende is not yet.
7 Nacion shall ryse agaynst nacion, and realme agaynst realme: and ther shalbe pestilence, & hunger, and erthquakes in all places.
8 All these are the begynnynges of sorowes.
9 Then shall they put you to trouble, and shall kyll you: & ye shalbe hated of all nacions for my names sake.
10 And then shall many be offended, & shall betraye one another, & shall hate one another.
11 And many false prophetes shall aryse, & shall deceaue many.
12 And because iniquite shall haue the vpper hand, şe loue of many shall abate.
13 But he that endureth to the ende, the same shalbe safe.
14 And this Gospell of the kyngdome shalbe preached in all the worlde, for a wytnes vnto all nacyons, and then shall the ende come.
15 When ye therfore shall se the abhominacion of desolacion (that was spoken of by Daniel şe prophet) stande in the holy place: whoso readeth it let him vnderstande.
16 Then lett them whych be in Iewry, flye into the mountaynes.
17 And let hym whych is on the house toppe, not come downe to fet eny thinge out of hys house.
18 Nether let him whych is in the felde, returne backe to fetche his clothes.
19 Wo shalbe in those dayes to them şt are wt chylde, & to them şt geue sucke.
20 But praye ye that youre flyght be not in the winter, nether on the Saboth daye.
21 For then shalbe great tribulacions suche as was not sens şe begynning of the worlde to this tyme, nor shalbe.
22 Ye & except those dayes shulde be shortened, there shulde no fleshe be saued: but for the chosens sake, those dayes shalbe shortened.
23 Then yf eny man saye vnto you: lo here is Chryst, or there: beleue it not.
24 For there shall aryse false Chrystes, and false prophetes and shall shew great miracles, & wondres. In so moch (that yf it were possyble) şe verie electe shuld be deceaued:
25 behold, I haue tolde you before.
26 Wherfore, yf they saye vnto you: beholde, he is in the desert, go not ye forth: behold, he is in şe secret places, beleue it not.
27 For as the lyghtnynge commeth out of the East, and appeareth into the west: so shall the commynge of the sonne of man be.
28 For wheresoeuer a deed karkas is, euen thether wyll şe Egles also be gathered together.
29 Immediatly after the tribulacyons of those dayes, shall şe sonne be derkened: & şe moone shall not geue her lyght, and şe starres shall fall from heauen, & the powers of heauen shall be moued.
30 And then shall appeare şe token of the sonne of man in heauen. And then shall all şe kynredes of the earth mourne, and they shall se şe sonne of man commyng in şe cloudes of heauen, wyth power & greate glorie
31 And he shall sende his Angels wt the greate voyce of a trompett, & they shall gather to gether his chosen, from the foure wyndes: euen from the hyghest partes of heauen, vntyll the endes ther of.
32 Learne a symilitude of the fygge tree: When hys braunches is yet tender, & the leaues sprong, ye knowe that sommer is nye.
33 So lykewyse ye, when ye se all these thinges, be ye sure that it is neare, euen at the dores.
34 Uerely I saye vnto you: this generacion shal not passe, tyll all these thinges be fulfylled
35 Heauen & earth shall passe, but my wordes shall not passe.
36 But of that daye and houre knoweth no man, no not the angels of heauen, but my father onely.
37 But as şe dayes of Noe were, so shall also the commynge of the sonne of man be.
38 For as in the dayes (that went before the floud) they dyd eate and dryncke, mary, and were maryed, euen vntyll the daye that Noe entred into the shyppe,
39 and knewe not tyll the floud came and toke them all awaye: So shall also the commynge of the sonne of man be.
40 Then shall two be in the felde, the one receaued, & şe other refused
41 two wemen shalbe gryndinge at the myll, the one receaned & the other refused.
42 Watch therfore, for ye knowe not what houre your lord will come.
43 Of this yet be sure, that yf the good man of şe house knew what houre şe thefe wolde come: he wolde suerly watche, & not suffre hys house to be broken vp.
44 Therfore, be ye also ready, for in soch an houre as ye thynke not: wyll the sonne of man come.
45 Who is a faythfull & wyse seruaunt, whom his Lorde hath made ruler ouer his housholde, to geue them meate in season.
46 Blessed is that seruaunt whom hys Lord (when he cometh) shall fynde so doynge:
47 Uerely I saye vnto you, that he shall make hym ruler ouer all hys goodes.
48 But & yf that euyll seruaunt saye in hys herte, my Lorde wyll be long a commyng
49 (and so begynne to smyte his felowes, yee, and to eate & drincke wyth the droncken)
50 the same seruauntes Lord shall come in a daye when he loketh not for hym, and in an houre that he is not ware of,
51 & shall hewe him in peces, & geue hym his porcyon wyth ypocrites: there shalbe wepynge and gnasshynge of teth.




1 Then shall şe kyngdom of heauen be like vnto ten virgins, which toke their lampes, & went to mete şe brydgrome
2 But fyue of them were foolysshe, & fyue were wise.
3 They şt were folysshe, toke their lampes, but toke none oyle wt them.
4 But şe wyse toke oyle wt them in their vessels with şe lampes also.
5 Whyle the brydegrome taryed, they all slombred & slept.
6 And euen at midnyght, there was a crye made: behold, the brydgrome commeth, go out to mete hym.
7 Then all those virgins arose, & prepared theyr lampes.
8 So the folysshe sayde vnto the wyse: geue vs of youre oyle: for oure lampes are gone out.
9 But the wyse answered, sayinge: not so, lest ther be not ynough for vs and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, & by for your selues.
10 And whyll they went to bye, the brydgrome came: & they that were ready went in with hym to the mariage, & the gate was shut vp.
11 Afterwarde came also şe other virgins, saying: Lorde, Lorde, open to vs.
12 But he answered & sayd: verely I saye vnto you: I knowe you not.
13 Watche therfore: for ye knowe nether the daye nor yet the houre wherin the sonne of man shall come.
14 Lykewise as a certeine man ready to take his iorney to a straunge countre, called his seruauntes, & delyuered vnto them hys goodes.
15 And vnto one he gaue .v. talentes, to another .ij. & to another one: to euery man after his habilite, & streight waye departed.
16 Then he şt had receaued the fyue talentes, went, & occupied wt the same, & wanne other fyue talentes.
17 Lykewyse also, he şt receaued two, gayned other two.
18 But he that receaued that one, went & dygged in the erth, and hid his Lordes money.
19 After a longe season, the Lorde of those seruauntes came, and rekened wyth them.
20 And so he that had receaued fyue talentes came, & brought other fyue talentes, sayinge: Sir, thou delyueredst vnto me fyue talentes: beholde, I haue gayned with them fyue talentes moo:
21 His Lord sayde vnto him: well thou good and faythfull seruaunt. Thou hast bene faythfull ouer fewe thinges, I wyll make the ruler ouer many thinges: entre thou into the ioye of thy Lorde.
22 He also that had receaued two talentes, came and sayde: Sir, thou delyueredst vnto me two talentes: beholde, I haue wone two other talentes with them:
23 his Lord sayd vnto him: well good & faythfull seruaunt. Thou hast bene faythfull ouer fewe thinges. I will make the ruler ouer many thinges: Entre şu into the ioye of thy Lorde.
24 Then he whych had receaued the one talent, came, & sayd: Sir I knewe the şt thou art an harde man: reaping where thou hast not sowen, & gathering where thou hast not strawed,
25 and therfore was I afrayde, & went, and hyd thy talent in the erth: lo, there thou hast şt thine is.
26 His lord answered & sayd vnto him thou euyll & slowthfull seruaunt, thou knewest, şt I reape where I sowed not, & gather, where I haue not strawed:
27 şu oughtest therfore to haue delyuered my money to the exchaungers, & then at my commynge shulde I haue receaued myne awne with vauntage.
28 Take therfore the talent from hym, & geue it vnto hym which hath ten talentes.
29 For vnto euery one that hath shalbe geuen, and he shall haue aboundance: But he that hath not, from hym shalbe taken awaye, euen that which he hath.
30 And cast the vnprofytable seruaunt into vtter dercknes there shalbe wepinge and gnasshinge of teeth.
31 When the sonne of man commeth in his glorye, & all the holy angels wyth him, then shall he syt vpon the seate of hys glorie,
32 and before him shalbe gathered all nacions. And he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherde deuydeth the shepe from the goates:
33 and he shall set the shepe on hys ryght hande, but the goates on the lyfte.
34 Then shall the Kynge saye to them şt shalbe on hys ryghte hande: Come ye blessed of my father, inheret the kyngdome prepared for you from the begynninge of the worlde.
35 For I was an hongred, & ye gaue me meate. I was thyrstye, & ye gaue me drincke. I was herbourlesse, & ye toke me in:
36 Naked, & ye clothed me: Sicke & ye visyted me. I was in preson, and ye came vnto me.
37 Then shall the righteous answere him saying: Lord, when sawe we the an hongred, and fedd the? or thirstye, & gaue şe drinke?
38 when sawe we şe herborlesse, & tooke şe in? or naked, and clothed the?
39 or when sawe we şe sycke, or in preson, and came vnto the?
40 And the kyng shall answere, and saye vnto them: veryly I saye vnto you: in as moch as ye haue done it vnto one of şe leest of these my brethren, ye haue done it to me.
41 Then shall he saye also vnto them, that shalbe on the lyfte hand: departe from me ye cursed into euerlastynge fyre: whych is prepared for the deuyll and his angels.
42 For I was an hungred, and ye gaue me no meate. I was thirstye, and ye gaue me no drynke.
43 I was harborlesse, and ye toke me not in. I was naked, and ye clothed me not. I was sycke & in preson, and ye visyted me not.
44 Then shall they also answere him saying, lorde, when sawe we şe an hungred, or a thyrst, or herbourlesse, or naked, or sycke, or in preson, & dyd not minister vnto the?
45 Then shall he answere them sayeng: Uerely I saye vnto you, in as moche as ye dyd it not to one of the leest of these, ye dyd it not to me.
46 And these shall go into euerlastynge payne: the ryghteous into lyfe eternall.




1 And it came to passe, when Iesus had fynisshed all these sayinges he sayde vnto his discyples:
2 ye knowe şt after two dayes shalbe Easter, and the sonne of man shalbe delyuered ouer, to be crucifyed.
3 Then assembled together şe chefe prestes & the scrybes & the elders of the people vnto the palace of the hye preste, (whych was called Cayphas)
4 and helde a counsell, that they myght take Iesus by suttelte, and kyll him.
5 But they sayd: not on şe holy daye, lest there be an vproure amonge the people.
6 When Iesus was in Bethany , in the house of Simon şe leper,
7 ther came vnto him a woman hauyng an alabaster boxe of precious oyntment, and powred it on his heed, as he sate at the bourde.
8 But when his disciples sawe it, they had indignacyon, sayinge. Wherto serueth this wast?
9 This oyntment myght haue bene well solde, and geuen to the poore.
10 When Iesus vnderstode that, he sayde vnto them: why trouble ye the wooman? For she hath wrought a good worcke vpon me.
11 For ye haue the poore all wayes, with you: But me shal ye not haue alwayes.
12 And in şt she hath cast this oyntment on my bodye, she dyd it to burye me.
13 Uerely I saye vnto you: wheresoeuer thys gospell shalbe preached in all şe world, there shall also this şt she hath done, be tolde for a memoriall of her.
14 Then one of the twelue (which was called Iudas Iscarioth) went vnto şe chefe prestes,
15 and sayd vnto them: what will ye geue me, and I wyll delyuer him vnto you? And they apoynted vnto hym thyrty peces of syluer.
16 And from that tyme forth, he sought oportunite to betraye him.
17 The fyrst daye of swete breed, the disciples came to Iesus, sayinge vnto him: where wilt thou that we prepare for the, to eate the passeouer?
18 And he sayd: go into the cytie, to soche a man, and saye vnto him, the master sayeth: my tyme is at hand, I will kepe myne Easter by the, wyth my disciples:
19 And şe disciples dyd as Iesus had apoynted them, and they made ready the passeouer.
20 When the euen was come, he sate doune wyth the twelue.
21 And as they dyd eate, he sayd: Uerely, I saye vnto you, that one of you shall betraye me.
22 And they were exceadynge sorowfull, and beganne euery one of them to saye vnto him: Lord, is it I?
23 He answered and sayde: he that dyppeth hys hande with me in the disshe, the same shall betraye me.
24 The sonne of man truly goeth, as it is written of him: but wo vnto that man, by whom the sonne of man is betrayed. It had bene good for şt man, if he had not bene borne.
25 Then Iudas which betrayed him, answered, and sayd: master, is it I? He sayde vnto him: şu hast sayd.
26 Whan they were eatyng, Iesus toke bread, and whan he had geuen thankes, he brake it, & gaue it to şe disciples, & sayd: Take, eate, this is my body.
27 And he toke şe cup, & thanked, and gaue it them, sayinge: drincke ye all of this.
28 For this is my bloud (which is of the new testament) that is shed for many, for şe remissyon of synnes.
29 But I saye vnto you: I will not dryncke hence forth of this frute of the vyne tree, vntyll that daye, when I shall drincke it newe with you in my fathers kyngdome.
30 And when they had sayde grace, they went out vnto mount Oliuete .
31 Then sayeth Iesus vnto them: all ye shalbe offended because of me this nyght. For it is wrytten: I will smyte the shepeherde, & şe shepe of the flocke shalbe scattered abroade.
32 But after I am rysen agayne, I will go before you into Galile.
33 Peter answered, & sayde vnto him: though all men be offended because of the, yet will not I be offended.
34 Iesus sayd vnto him: Uerely, I saye vnto the, that in this same myght, before the cocke crowe, thou shalt denye me thryse.
35 Peter sayde vnto him. Yee, though I shuld dye with the, yet will I not denye the: Like wyse also sayde all the disciples.
36 Then came Iesus wt them vnto a farme. place (which is called Gethsemane ) and sayde vnto the disciples: syt ye here while I go and praye yonder.
37 And he toke with him Peter and the two sonnes of Zebede, and began to wexe sorowfull and heuye.
38 Then sayde Iesus vnto them: my soule his heuy, euen vnto the deeth. Tary ye here: and watche wt me.
39 And he went a lytell farther, and fell flat on his face, and prayed, sayinge: O my father, yf it be possible, let this cuppe passe from me: neuerthelesse, not as I will, but as şu wilt.
40 And he came vnto şe disciples, & founde them aslepe, and sayeth vnto Peter: what, coulde ye not watch with me one houre:
41 watche, and praye, that ye entre not into temptacyon. The sprete is willinge, but the fleshe is weake.
42 He went awaye once agayne and prayed, sayinge, O my father, yf this cuppe maye not passe awaye from me, excepte I drincke of it, thy will be fulfylled.
43 And he came, and founde them aslepe agayne. For their eyes were heuy.
44 And he lefte them & went agayne, and prayed şe thyrd tyme, sayinge şe same wordes.
45 Then commeth he to his disciples, and sayeth vnto them Slepe on now, and take youre rest. Beholde, the houre is at hande & şe sonne of man is betrayed into the handes of synners.
46 Ryse, let vs be goinge: beholde, he is at hande, that doth betraye me.
47 Whil he yet spake: lo: Iudas one of the nombre of the twelue, came & with him a greate multitude, wt sweardes and staues, sent from the chefe prestes and elders of the people.
48 But he şt betrayed him gaue them a token, sayinge: whomsoeuer I kysse, that same is he, hold him fast.
49 And forth with he came to Iesus, and sayde, hayle Master: and kyssed him.
50 And Iesus sayde vnto him: frende, wherfore art thou come? Then came they, and layed handes on Iesus and toke him.
51 And beholde, one of them whych were with Iesus, stretched out his hande, and drue his swearde, and stroke a seruaunt of the hye hye prestes, and smote of his eare.
52 Then sayd Iesus vnto him: put vp thy swearde into his sheath. For All they that take the swearde, shall perishe with şe swearde.
53 Thinkest thou that I cannot now praye to my father, and he shall geue me more then twelue Legions of angels?
54 But how then shall the scriptures be fulfylled? for this must it be.
55 In that same houre sayde Iesus to the multitude: ye be come out as it were vnto a thefe, with swerdes and staues, for to take me. I sat daylie with you, teachinge in the temple, and ye toke me not.
56 But all this is done, that the scriptures of the prophetes myght be fulfilled.
57 Then all the disciples forsoke him, and fleed. And they toke Iesus, & led him to Cayphas şe hye Preste, where the Scribes and şe elders were assembled.
58 But Peter folowed him a farre of, vnto the hye prestes palace: & went in, and sate with the seruauntes, to se the ende.
59 The chefe Prestes and the elders, and all the councell, sought false witnes agaynst Iesus (for to put hym to deeth)
60 but founde none: yee, when many false witnesses came, yet founde they none. At the last came two false witnesses,
61 and sayde: This felowe sayde. I am able to destroye şe temple of God , & to buylde it agayne in thre dayes.
62 And the chefe preste arose, & sayd vnto him: answerest thou nothyng? Why do these beare wytnes against the?
63 But Iesus helde hys peace. And the chefe preste answered and sayde vnto him: I charge the by the lyuinge God, şt thou tell vs, whether thou be Christ the sonne of God.
64 Iesus sayeth vnto hym, thou hast sayd. Neuerthelesse I saye vnto you here after shall ye se the sonne of man syttinge on şe right hande of power, and commyng in the cloudes of the skye.
65 Then şe hye preste rent his clothes, sayinge: he hath spoken blasphemye. what nede we of eny moo witnesses? Beholde, now ye haue hearde his blasphemy:
66 what thinke ye? They answered, and sayde: he is worthy to dye:
67 Then dyd they spytt in his face, & buffeted him with fistes. And other smote him on hys face wyth the palme of their handes,
68 sayinge: tell vs thou Christ, who is he that smote the?
69 Peter sat with oute in the palace. And a damsell came to him, sayinge: Thou also wast with Iesus of Galile:
70 but he denyed before them all, saying. I woot not what thou sayest.
71 When he was gone out into the porche, a nother wenche sawe him, and sayde vnto them that were there: This felowe was also with Iesus of Nazareth.
72 And agayne he denyed with an othe: (sayeng.) I do not knowe the man.
73 And after a whyle, came vnto him they (şt stode by) and sayde vnto Peter. surely şu art euen one of them, for thy speache be wrayeth the.
74 Then beganne he to curse and to sweare, that he knewe not the man. And immediatly the cocke krew.
75 And Peter remembred the worde of Iesu, which sayde vnto him: before the cocke crowe, thou shalt denye me thryse: and he went out, and wepte bytterly.




1 When şe mornynge was come, all the chefe prestes and the elders of the people helde a counsayle agaynst Iesus, to put him to deeth,
2 and brought him bounde and delyuered him vnto Poncius Pylate the debite.
3 Then Iudas (which had betrayed him) seyng that he was condempned, repented him selfe, and brought agayne the thirtye plates of syluer, to the chefe Prestes and elders,
4 sayinge: I haue synned, betrayinge the innocent bloud. And they sayd: what is that to vs? Se thou to that.
5 And he cast downe the syluer plates in the temple, and departed and went and hanged hym selfe.
6 And the chefe prestes toke the syluer plates and sayd: it is not lawfull for to put them into the treasure, because it is the pryce of bloud.
7 And they toke counsell: and bought wt them a potters felde to bury straungers in.
8 Wherfore şt felde is called şe felde of bloud, vntyll this daye.
9 Then was fulfylled, that which was spoken by Ieremy the Prophet, sayinge: and they toke thirtye syluer plates, the pryse of him şt was valued, whom they bought of the chyldren of Israel ,
10 and gaue them for the potters felde, as the Lorde apoynted me.
11 Iesus stode before the debite, and the debite asked him, sayinge: art thou the kyng of the Iewes? Iesus sayeth vnto him: Thou sayest.
12 And when he was accused of the chefe prestes & elders, he answered nothyng.
13 Then sayeth Pilate vnto him: hearest thou not, how many witnesses they laye agaynst the?
14 and he answered him to neuer a worde: in so moch that the debyte marueyled greatlye.
15 At that feast, the debite was wonte to delyuer vnto the people a presoner, whom they wold desier.
16 He had then a notable presoner, called Barrabas.
17 Therfore, when they were gathered together, Pilate sayd: whether wil ye that I geue loosse vnto you? Barrabas, or Iesus, whych is called Chryst?
18 For he knewe şt for enuie they had delyuered him.
19 When he was set downe to geue iudgement, his wyfe sent vnto him sayinge: haue şu nothinge to do with şt iust man. For I haue suffered many thinges this daye in my slepe because of him.
20 But the chefe prestes and the elders persuaded the people, şt they shulde aske Barrabas, and destroye Iesus.
21 The debite answered, and sayde vnto them: whether of the twayne, will ye, that I let loosse vnto you? They sayd: Barrabas.
22 Pilate sayde vnto them: what shall I do then with Iesus whych is called Christ? They all sayd vnto him: let him be crucifyed.
23 The debite sayde: what euyll hath he done? But they cryed the more, sayinge: let him be crucifyed.
24 When Pilate sawe şt he coulde preuayle nothinge, but that more busynes was made, he toke water, and wasshed hys handes before the people, sayinge: I am innocent of the bloud of this iust person, ye shall se.
25 Then answered all the people, and sayd his bloud be on vs, and on oure children.
26 Then let he Barrabas loose vnto them, and scourged Iesus, and delyuered him to be crucifyed.
27 Then the soudeours of the debite toke Iesus in the comen hall, and gathered vnto him al the company.
28 And they stripped him, and put on him a purpill robe,
29 and platted a croune of thornes and put vpon his heed, and a rede in his ryght hande: and bowed şe knee before him: & mocked him, saying: hayle, kyng of the Iewes:
30 and whan they had spytt vpon him, they toke the rede, and smote him on the heed.
31 And after that they had mocked him, they toke the roabe of him agayne, and put hys awne rayment on him, & led him awaye to crucifye him.
32 And as they came out, they founde a man of Cyren (named Simon) him they compelled to beare his crosse.
33 And they came vnto the place which is called Golgotha (şt is to saye, a place of deed mens sculles)
34 and gaue hym veneger to drincke myngled with gall. And when he had tasted therof, he wolde not drincke.
35 When they had crucifyed him, they parted his garmentes, & dyd cast lottes: şt it myght be fulfylled which was spoken by the Prophet. They departed my garmentes amonge them: and vpon my vesture dyd they cast lottes.
36 And they sate and watched him there,
37 and set vp ouer his heed the cause of hys deeth, wrytten: This is Iesus the kynge of the Iewes.
38 Then were there two theues crucifyed with him, one on the ryght hande, and another on the lyfte.
39 They that passed by, reuyled him, waggynge their heades,
40 and sayinge: thou that destroydest the temple of God and dyddest bylde it in thre dayes, saue thy selfe If thou be the sonne of God, come downe from the crosse.
41 Like wyse also şe hye prestes, mocking him with şe Scribes and elders sayde:
42 He saued other, him selfe can he not saue. If he be şe kynge of Israel : let him now come doune from the crosse, & we will beleue him.
43 He trusted in God, let him delyuer him now, yf he wyll haue him: for he sayde, I am şe sonne of God.
44 The theues also, which were crucifyed with him, cast the same in his tethe.
45 From şe syxte houre was there dercknes ouer all the lande vnto the nynth houre.
46 And about the nynth houre, Iesus cryed, wyth a loude voyce, sayinge: Eli, Eli lamasabaththany. That is to saye: my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
47 Some of them şt stode there, when they herde şt, sayde: This man calleth for Helias.
48 And streyght waye one of them ranne, and toke a sponge, and whan he had fylled it full of veneger, he put it on a rede, and gaue him to drincke.
49 Other sayde, let be: let vs se whether Helias will come, & delyuer him.
50 Iesus, whan he had cried agayne wt a loude voyce, yelded vp şe goost.
51 And beholde, şe vayle of the temple dyd rent in to two partes, from the toppe to the bottome, and the earth dyd quake, and the stones rent
52 and graues dyd open: and many bodyes of sainctes which slept, arose,
53 & went out of the graues after his resurreccyon, and came in to the holy cytie, and appeared vnto many.
54 When the Centurion and they that were with him watchinge Iesus, sawe the erth quake, those thinges which happened, they feared greatly, saying: Trulye, this was the sonne of God.
55 And many wemen were there (beholdinge hym a farre of) whych folowed Iesus from Galile, mynistringe vnto him.
56 Amonge which was Mary Magdalen, and Mary şe mother of Iames and Ioses, and the mother of Zebedes chyldren.
57 When şe euen was come there came a riche man of Aramathia named Ioseph, which also was Iesus disciple:
58 He went to Pilate and begged the body of Iesus. Then Pilate commaunded the bodye to be delyuered.
59 And whan Ioseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a cleane lynnen cloth,
60 and layed it in hys newe tombe, whych he had hewen out, euen in the rocke, and rolled a greate stone to the dore of the sepulcre & departed.
61 And there was Mary Magdalene and the other Mary syttynge ouer agaynste the sepulcre.
62 The nexte daye that folowed the daye of preparinge, the hye prestes and Pharises came together vnto Pilate,
63 sayeng: Syr, we remembre, that this deceauer sayde whyle he was yet alyue. After thre dayes I wyll aryse agayne.
64 Commaunde therfore that the sepulcre be made sure vntyll the thyrd daye, lest hys disciples come, & steale him awaye and saye vnto the people: he is rysen from the deed, & the last errour shalbe worse then the fyrst.
65 Pylate sayde vnto them: Ye haue the watch go your waye, make it as sure as ye can.
66 So they went, and made the sepulcre sure with watche men, and sealed the stone.




1 Vpon an euening of the Sabbothes, whych dawneth the fyrst daye of şe Sabbathes, came Mary Magdalene & the other Mary, to se the sepulcre.
2 And beholde, ther was a greate earthquake. For şe angell of şe Lord descended from heauen, & came & rowlled backe the stone from the dore, and sat vpon it.
3 Hys countenaunce was lyke lyghtnynge, and his rayment whyte as snowe.
4 And for feare of him the kepers were astonnyed, and became as deed men.
5 The angell answered, & sayd vnto the wemen, feare ye not. For I knowe, şt ye seke Iesus which was crucifyed:
6 he is not here: he is rysen as he sayde. Come se şe place where şe şe Lord was layed:
7 & go quickly, & tell his disciples, şt he is rysen agayne from the deed. And behold, he goeth before you into Galile, there ye shall se him. Lo I haue tolde you:
8 And they departed quickly from the sepulcre, with feare and greate Ioye, & dyd runne, to bryng his disciples worde.
9 And as they went to tell his disciples: beholde, Iesus met them, sayinge: All hayle. And they came, & held him by the fete, & worshipped him.
10 Then sayd Iesus vnto them: be not afrayde. Go tell my brethren, şt they go into Galile & there shal they se me.
11 When they were gone, behold, some of the kepers came into the cytie & shewed vnto the hye prestes, all şe thinges that had happened.
12 And they gathered them together with the elders, & toke counsell, & gaue large money vnto şe soudiers,
13 saying: Saye ye, şt his disciples came by nyght & stole hym awaye whyle ye slept.
14 And yf this come to şe rulers eares, we will persuade him, and saue you harmeles.
15 So they toke şe money, & dyd as they were taught. And this sayinge is noysed amonge şe Iewes vnto this daye.
16 Then the .xj. disciples went awaye into Galile, into a mountayne where Iesus had appoynted them.
17 And when they sawe him, they worshipped him. But some douted.
18 And Iesus came, and spake vnto them, sayinge: All power is geuen vnto me in heauen, & in erth.
19 Go ye therfore, & teach all nacions, baptising them in the name of the father, & of the sonne, & of the holy goost:
20 Teachinge them to obserue all thinges, whatsoeuer I haue commaunded you. And lo I am wyth you allwaye, euen vntyll şe ende of the worlde.