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1 The heuy burthen, which şe Lorde sheweth agaynste Israell, by Malachy.
2 I haue loued you, sayeth the Lorde: & yet ye saye wherin haste thou loued vs? Was not Esau Iacobs brother, sayeth şe Lorde? yet haue I loued Iacob,
3 and hated Esau: yee, I haue made hys hylles wast and his heritage a wildernesse for dragons.
4 And though Edom sayde: well, we are destroyed, we wyll go buylde vp agayne the places that he wasted, yet (sayeth the Lorde of hostes) what they buylded, that brake I downe: so that it was called a cursed lande, and a people, whome the Lorde hath euer bene angrye withall.
5 Youre eyes haue sene it, and ye youre selues must confesse, şt the Lorde hath brought şe lande of Israel to great honoure.
6 Shulde not a sonne honoure his father, & a seruaunt his master? Yf I be now a father, where is myne honoure? Yf I be the Lord, where am I feared? sayeth the Lorde of hostes. Now to you prestes, şt despyse my name. And yf ye saye: wherin haue we despised thy name?
7 In this, şt ye offre vnclene bred vpon myne aulter. And yf ye wil saye: wherin haue we offered any vnclene thinge vnto the? In this şt ye saye: the aulter of the Lorde is not to be regarded.
8 Yf ye offre the blynde, is not that euel? And yf ye offre the lame and sycke, is not that euell? Yee, offre it vnto thy prince, shal he be content with the, or accepte thy personne, sayeth şe Lorde of hostes?
9 And now make youre prayer before God, that he maye haue mercy vpon vs: for soche thinges haue ye done. Shal he regard your personnes, thinke ye, saieth the Lorde of hostes?
10 Yee, what is he amonge you, that wyl do so moch as to shut the dores, or to kindle the fyre vpon myne aulter for naught? I haue no pleasure in you, sayeth the Lord of hostes: and as for the meatoffringe, I wyl not accepte it at youre hande.
11 For from the risyng vp of the sonne vnto the going downe of the same, my name is greate amonge the Gentiles: yee, in euery place shal there sacrifice be done, and clene meatoffring offred vp vnto my name: for my name is great amonge the Heathen, sayeth şe Lorde of hostes.
12 But ye haue vnhalowed it, in that ye saye, the aulter of the Lorde is not to be regarded, and the thyng that is set thervpon not worthy to be eaten.
13 Now saye ye: It is but laboure and trauayle, and thus haue ye thought scorne at it (sayeth the Lorde of hoostes) offrynge robbery, yee, the lame and the sycke. Ye haue brought me in a meatofferyng, shulde I accepte it of your hande, sayeth şe Lorde?
14 Cursed be the dissembler, which hath in his flocke one that is a male, and when he maketh a vowe, offereth a spotted one vnto şe Lord. For I am a greate kynge (sayeth the Lorde of hostes) and my name is fearfull among the Heathen.




1 And now (O ye prestes) this commaundement toucheth you:
2 yf ye wyll not heare it, ner regard it, to geue şe glory vnto my name, sayeth the Lorde of hostes, I will sende a curse vpon you, & will curse youre blessynges: yee curse them wyll I yf ye do not take hede.
3 Beholde, I shall corrupte your sede, and cast donge in youre faces, euen the donge of youre solempne feastes and it shall cleue fast vpon you.
4 And ye shall knowe, that I haue sent thys commaundement vnto you: that my couenaunt which I made with Leui, might stande sayeth the Lorde of hoostes.
5 I made a couenaunt of lyfe & peace wyth him: this I gaue him, that he myght stande in awe of me: and so he dyd feare me, and had my name in reuerence.
6 The lawe of truthe was in his mouth, and there was no wickednesse founde in his lyppes. He walked with me in peace and equyte, and dyd turne many one awaye from their synnes.
7 For in the prestes lyppes shulde be sure knowledge, şt men may seke the lawe at his mouth, for he is a messaunger of the Lorde of hostes.
8 But as for you, ye are gone clene out of şe waye, and haue caused the multitude to be offended at the lawe: ye haue broken the couenaunt of Leui, sayeth the Lorde of hostes.
9 Therfore wyll I also make you to be despysed, and to be of no reputacyon amonge all the people: because ye haue not kepte my wayes, but haue bene parciall in the lawe.
10 Haue we not all one father? Hath not one God made vs? Why doth euery one of vs then despise his awne brother, & so breake the couenaunt of oure fathers?
11 Now hath Iuda offended: yee, the abhominacion is donne in Israel and in Ierusalem for Iuda hath defyled the Sanctuary of the Lorde, which he loued, and hath kepte the daughter of a straunge God.
12 But the Lorde shal destroye the man that doth this: (yee, both the master and the scoler) out of the tabernacle of Iacob with hym that offreth vp meatoffryng vnto şe Lorde of hostes.
13 Now haue ye brought it to this poynte agayne, şt the aulter of the Lorde is couered with teares, wepynge and mournynge: so that I wyll nomore regard the meatofferynge, nether wyl I receaue or accepte eny thyng at your handes.
14 And yet ye saye: wherfore? Euen because that where as the Lorde made a couenaunt betwixte şe and the wyfe of thy youth, thou hast despysed. Yet is she thyne awne companyon and maryed wyfe.
15 So dyd not the one, and yet had he an excellent sprete. What dyd then the one? He sought the sede promised of God. Therfore loke well to your sprete, and let no man despyse the wyfe of his youth.
16 Yf şu hatest her put her awaye sayeth şe Lorde God of Israell and geue her clothynge for the scorne, sayeth the Lorde of Hostes. Loke well then to youre sprete, and despyse her not.
17 Ye greue the Lorde with your wordes, & yet ye saye: wherwith al haue we greued him? In this, that ye saye. Al that do euel are good in the syght of God, and soch please hym. Or els where is the God that punisheth?




1 Beholde, I will sende my messaunger, whiche shall prepare the waye before me: and the Lorde whom ye wolde haue, shal soone come to his temple, yee, euen the messaunger of the couenaunt whom ye longe for. Beholde, he commeth, saieth the Lorde of hostes.
2 But who may abyde the daye of his commyng? Who shalbe able to endure, when he appeareth? For he is like a goldsmythes fyre, ad lyke wasshers sope.
3 He shal syt him downe to trye and to clense the syluer, he shall pourge the chyldren of Leui, and purifye them lyke as golde and syluer: that they maye bringe meatofferinges vnto the Lorde in righteousnes.
4 Then shall the offeryng of Iuda and Ierusalem be acceptable vnto the Lorde, lyke as from the begynnynge and in the yeares, a fore tyme.
5 I wyll come and punyshe you, and I my selfe wyl be a swyfte wytnes agaynst the witches, agaynste the aduouterers, agaynst false swearers: yee, & agaynst those that wrongeously kepe back the hyrelynges dewty: which vexe the wyddowes and the fatherlesse, and oppresse the straunger, and feare not me, saieth the Lorde of hostes.
6 For I am the Lorde that chaunge not, & ye (O chyldren of Iacob) wyll not leaue of
7 ye are gone awaye fro myne ordinaunces, and sens the tyme of your forfathers haue ye not kepte them. Turne you now vnto me, and I wyll turne me vnto you, sayeth the Lorde of hostes: ye saye, wherin shal we turne?
8 Shulde a man vse falshed and disceat with God as ye vse falshed and disceate with me? yet ye saye wherin vse we disceate wt the? In Tithes & heaue offeringes.
9 Therfore are ye cursed wyth penury, because ye dissemble with me, all the sorte of you.
10 Bringe euery Tithe into my barne, that there maye be meat in myne house: and proue me withall (sayeth the Lorde of hoostes) yf I wyll not open the wyndowes of heauen vnto you, and poure you out a blessyng with plenteousnesse.
11 Yee, I shall reproue the consumer for your sakes, so şt he shall not eate vp the frute of youre grounde, nether shall the vynyarde be baren in the felde, sayeth the Lorde of hostes:
12 In so moch that all people shall saye, that ye be blessed, for ye shall be a pleasaunt lande, sayeth the Lorde of hostes.
13 Ye speake harde wordes agaynst me, sayeth the Lorde. And yet ye saye: What haue we spoken agaynst the?
14 Ye haue sayde: It is but lost labour, to serue God? What profyt haue we for kepynge his commaundementes, and for walkynge humbly before the Lorde of hostes?
15 Therfore maye we saye, that şe proude are happie, & that they which deale with vngodlynesse, are sett vp: for they tempte God, and yet escape.
16 But they that feare God, saye thus one to another: the Lorde consydereth and heareth it. Yee, it is before him a memoryal boke, wrytten for soch as feare the Lorde, and remembre his name.
17 And in the daye that I wyll make (sayth the Lorde of hostes) they shalbe myne awne possession: and I will fauoure them, lyke as a man fauoureth hys awne sonne, that doth hym seruyce.
18 Turne you therfore, and consydre what dyfference is betwyxte şe righteous and vngodly, betwixte him that serueth God, and him that serueth hym not.




1 (3:19) For marck, the daye commeth that shal bnrne as an ouen: and all the proude, yee, and all soch as do wyckednesse, shalbe strawe, & the daye that is for to come, shall burne them vp (saieth the Lord of hostes) so that it shal leaue them nether rote ner braunche.
2 (3:20) But vnto you that feare my name, shall that Sonne of ryghteousnesse aryse, and health shalbe vnder his wynges: ye shal go forth, and multiplie as the fat calues,
3 (3:21) ye shal treade downe the vngodly: for they shalbe lyke the asshes vnder the soles of youre fete in the daye that I shall make, sayeth the Lorde of hoostes.
4 (3:22) Remembre the lawe of Moses my seruaunt, whych I commytted vnto hym in Oreb for all Israell, with the statutes and ordinaunces.
5 (3:23) Beholde, I wyll sende you Elias the prophet: before the commynge of the daye of the greate and fearefull Lorde.
6 (3:24) He shal turne the hertes of the fathers to theyr children, and the hertes of the chyldren to their fathers, that I come not and smyte the earth with cursynge.