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1 For as moche as many haue taken in hande to set forth the declaracion of those thinges, which are most surely to be beleued amonge vs,
2 euen as they delyuered them vnto vs, whych from the begyndyng sawe them them selues with their eyes, and were ministers of the thinges that they declared:
3 I determyned also (as sone as I had searched out dyligently all thinges from the begynnyng) that then I wolde wryte vnto şe, good Theophilus:
4 that thou myghtest knowe the certente of those thinges wherof thou hast bene infourmed.
5 There was in şe dayes of Herode the Kynge of Iurie, a certayne Preste named Zacharias of the course of Abia. And his wyfe was of the daughters of Aaron: and her name was Elizabeth :
6 they were, both ryghteous before God, and walked in all the lawes and ordynaunces of the Lorde, that no man coulde fynde fawte with them.
7 And they had no chylde, because that Elizabeth was barren, and they booth were now well stricken in age.
8 And it came to passe, şt whan Zachary executed the Preastes offyce before God, as hys course came
9 (accordyng to the custome of the prestes office) hys lot fell to burne incence.
10 And he went into the temple of the Lorde, & the whoale multitude of şe people were without in prayer, whill the incense was a burninge.
11 And ther appeared vnto him an Angell of the Lorde, standynge on the ryght syde of the aultare of incense.
12 And when Zacharias sawe him, he was abashed, & feare cam on him.
13 But the Angell sayde vnto him: feare not Zachary, for thy prayer is hearde. And thy wyfe Elizabeth shall beare the a sonne, and thou shalt call his name Iohn,
14 and thou shalt haue ioye and gladnes, and many shall reioyce at his byrth.
15 For he shalbe greate in the syght of the Lorde, and shall nether drincke wyne ner stronge drincke. And he shalbe fylled with the holy goost, euen from his mothers wombe:
16 and many of the chyldren of Israel shall tourne to their Lord God.
17 And he shall go before him in the sprite & power of Helias to tourne the hertes of the fathers to the children, and the vnbeleuers to the wysdome of the iuste men, to make readye a perfecte people for the Lorde.
18 And Zacharias sayde vnto the angell: by what token shall I knowe this? For I am olde, and my wyfe well strycken in yeres.
19 And şe angell answered, and sayd vnto him. I am Gabriel, that stande in the presens of God, and am sent to speake vnto the: and to shewe the these glad tydinges.
20 And beholde it shall come to passe, that thou shalt be domme, and not be hable to speake, vntill the daye that these thinges be performed, because thou beleuedst not my wordes, which shalbe fulfylled in their season.
21 And the people wayted for Zacharias, and merueyled that he taryed in the temple.
22 And when he came out, he coulde not speke vnto them. And they perceaued, that he had sene a visyon in the temple. And he beckened vnto them, and remayned speachlesse.
23 And it fortuned, that as sone as the dayes of his office were out, he departed into his awne house.
24 And after those dayes, his wyfe Elizabeth conceaued, & hid her selfe fyue monethes, sayinge:
25 Thys wyse hath God dealte with me, in the dayes wherin he hath loked on me, to take from me my rebuke amonge men.
26 And in the syxt moneth the angell Gabriel was sent from God vnto a cytie of Galile, named Nazareth,
27 to a virgin spoused to a man, whose name was Ioseph, of the house of Dauid, and the virgins name was Mary.
28 And the angell went in vnto her, and sayde. Hayle full of grace, the Lorde is with the: blessed art thou amonge wemen.
29 When she sawe him, she was abasshed at his sayinge: and cast in her mynde, what maner of salutacion that shulde be.
30 And the angell sayde vnto her: feare not Mary: for thou hast founde grace with God.
31 Behold, thou shalt conceaue in thy wombe, & beare a sonne, & shalt call his name Iesus.
32 He shalbe greate, & shalbe called the sonne of the hyest. And the Lorde God shall geue vnto him the seate of his father Dauid
33 and he shall raygne ouer the house of Iacob for euer, and of his kyngdome there shalbe none ende.
34 Then sayde Mary vnto the angell: How shall this be, seynge I knowe not a man?
35 And the angell answered, & sayde vnto her. The holy goost shall come vpon şe, and the power of the hyest shall ouer shaddowe the. Therfore also that holy thynge which shalbe borne, shalbe called the sonne of God.
36 And beholde, thy cosyn Elizabeth , she hath also conceaued a sonne in her age. And this is her syxt moneth, which was called barren:
37 for with God shall nothinge be vnpossible.
38 And Mary sayde: beholde the hande mayden of şe Lorde, be it vnto me according to thy worde, And the angell departed from her.
39 And Mary arose in those dayes, & went into the mountayns with haste into the cytie of Iewrie,
40 and entred into the house of Zachary, and saluted Elizabeth .
41 And it fortuned, that whan Elizabeth hearde the salutacyon of Mary, the babe sprange in her wombe. And Elizabeth was fylled with the holy ghost,
42 & cried with a loude voyce, and sayde: Blessed art thou among wemen, and blessed is the frute of thy wombe.
43 And whence happeneth this to me, that şe mother of my Lorde shulde come to me?
44 For lo, as sone as the voyce of thy salutacion sownded in myne eares, the babe sprange in my wombe for ioye.
45 And blessed art thou that hast beleued: for those thinges shalbe performed, which were tolde the from the Lorde.
46 And Mary sayde. My soule magnifieth the Lord.
47 And my sprete hath reioysed in God my sauyour
48 For he hath loked on the lowe degre of hys hande mayden: for lo: now from hence forth shall all generacions call me blessed.
49 Because he that is myghty, hath done to me greate thinges, & holye is his name.
50 And his mercy is on them that feare him, from generacion to generacion.
51 He hath shewed strength with his arme, he hath scattered them that are proude in the ymaginacyon of their herte.
52 He hath putte downe the myghty from theyr seates, and exalted them of lowe degre.
53 He hath fylled the hongrye with good thynges: and sent awaye the ryche emptye.
54 He hath helped hys seruaunt Israel , in remembraunce of hys mercye.
55 Euen as he promysed to oure fathers, Abraham, and to his seede for euer.
56 And Mary abode with her aboute a .iij. monethes, and retourned agayne to her awne house.
57 Elizabeths tyme came that she shulde be delyuered, and she brought forth a sonne.
58 And her neyghboures and her cosyns hearde howe the Lorde had shewed greate mercy vpon her, and they reioysed with her.
59 And it fortuned that in şe eyght daye, they came to circumcyse the chylde: and called his name Zacharias, after şe name of hys father.
60 And his mother answered and sayde: not so but he shalbe called Iohn.
61 And they sayd vnto her: Ther is none in thy kynred, that is named with this name:
62 And they made sygnes to his father, howe he wolde haue him called.
63 And he asked for wrytinge tables, and wrote, saying: his name is Iohn. And they maruelled all.
64 And hys mouth was opened immediatly, & his tonge also, & he spake, and praysed God.
65 And feare came on all them that dwelt nye vnto them. And all these sayinges were noysed abroade throughout all şe hyll countre of Iurie:
66 and all they that herde them layde them vp in their hertes, saying: What maner of chylde shall this be? And the hande of the Lorde was with him:
67 And his father Zacharias was filled with the holy goost, and prophisyed sayinge?
68 Praysed be the Lord God of Israel , for he hath visited and redemed his people:
69 And hath raysed vp an horne of saluacion vnto vs, in the house of his seruaunt Dauid.
70 Euen as he promysed by the mouth of his holy prophetes, which were sens the worlde began.
71 That we shulde be saued from oure enemies, and from the hande of all that hate vs.
72 That he wolde deale mercifully with oure fathers, and remember his holy couenaunt.
73 And that he wolde performe the oothe, which he sware to oure father Abraham,
74 for to geue vs. That we deliuered oute of the handes of oure enemies, might serue him with out feare,
75 all the dayes of oure lyfe, in such holynes and rightewesnes as are accept before him
76 And thou chylde shalt be called the Prophet of the hiest: for thou shalt go before the face of the Lorde, to prepare his wayes:
77 to geue knowlege of saluacyon vnto his people for the remission of synnes.
78 Through the tender mercy of oure God, wherby the daye springe from an hye hath visited vs.
79 To geue light to them şt sate in darcknes & in the shadowe of deathe, to gyde oure fete into the waye of peace.
80 And the child grewe and wexed strong in sprete, and was in wildernes, tyll the daye came, when he shulde shewe him selfe vnto the Israelites.




1 And it chaunced in those dayes: that ther went oute a commaundement from Augustus the Emperour, şt all the world shulde be taxed.
2 And thys taxinge was the fyrst, & executed when Syrenius was leftenaunt in Syria .
3 And euery man went vnto his awne cytie to be taxed.
4 And Ioseph also ascended from Galile, out of a cytie called Nazareth , into Iewry: vnto the cytie of Dauid, which is called Bethlehem , because he was of the house and lynage of Dauid,
5 to be taxed with Mary his spoused wyfe, which was with childe.
6 And it fortuned that while they were there, her tyme was come that she shulde be deliuered.
7 And she broughte forth her fyrst begotten sonne, & wrapped him in swadlinge clothes, and layde him in a maunger, because ther was no rowme for them in the ynne.
8 And ther were in the same region shepherdes, watchynge and kepinge their flocke by night.
9 And lo, the angell of the Lorde stode harde by them, and the brightnes of the Lorde shone rounde aboute them, & they were sore afrayed.
10 And the angell sayde vnto them: Be not afrayed. For beholde, I bringe you tydinges of greate ioye, that shall come to all people:
11 for vnto you is borne this daye in the cytie of Dauid, a saueoure which is Christ şe Lord.
12 And take this for a sygne: ye shall fynde the childe wrapped in swadlinge clothes, & layed in a manger.
13 And streyght waye ther was with the angel a multitude of heauenly sowdyers, praysing God: & sayinge:
14 Glory to God on hye, and peace on the erth, & vnto men a good wyll.
15 And it fortuned, as sone as şe angels were gone awaye from them into heauen, The shepherdes sayde one to another: let vs go now euen vnto Bethlehem, and se this thing that we heare saye is happened, which the Lorde hath shewed vnto vs.
16 And they came wt hast, & founde Mary and Ioseph & the babe layde in a manger.
17 And when they had sene it, they publisshed a brode the sayinge, which was tolde them of that chylde.
18 And all they that hearde it, wondred at those thynges which were tolde them of the shepherdes.
19 But Mary kepte all those saienges, and pondered them in her hert.
20 And the shepherdes retourned, praysynge and laudinge God for all the thinges that they had herde and sene, euen as it was tolde vnto them.
21 And when the eyght daye was come şt the childe shulde be circuncised his name was called Iesus which was named of şe Angell, before he was conceaued in şe wombe.
22 And when the tyme of their purificacion (after the lawe of Moses) was come, they brought him to Hierusalem, to present him to the Lorde
23 (as it is wrytten in the lawe of the Lorde euery man chylde that fyrst openeth şe matrix, shalbe called holy to şe Lord)
24 and to offer (as it is sayde in the lawe of the Lorde) a payre of turtle doues, or two yonge pigions.
25 And beholde, ther was a man in Hierusalem whose name was Simeon. And the same man was iuste & godly, & loked for the consolacion of Israel , and the holy goost was in him.
26 And an answer had he receaued of the holy goost şt he shulde not se deeth, excepte he fyrst sawe the Lordes Christ.
27 And he came by inspiracion into the temple. And when the father & mother brought in the chylde Iesus: to do for him after şe custome of the lawe,
28 then toke he him vp in his armes, & sayd:
29 Lorde, now lettest şu thy seruaunt departe in peace, accordynge to thy promes.
30 For myne eyes haue sene şe saluacion:
31 which thou hast prepared before the face of all people
32 A lyght to lighten şe gentyls, & the glory of thy people Israel .
33 And his father & mother: meruylled at those thinges, whych were spoken of hym.
34 And Simeon blessed them, and sayde vnto Mary his mother: beholde, this chyld is sett to be şe fall and vprising agayne of many in Israel , & for a sygne which is spoken agaynst.
35 And moreouer, the swearde shall pearce thy soule that the thoughtes of manyhertes maye be opened.
36 And ther was a Prophetisse, one Anna, şe daughter of Phanuel of the trybe of Aser: which was of a greate age, & had lyued with an husbande .vij. yeres from her virginite.
37 And she had bene a wedowe aboute .iiij. scoore & .iiij. yere, which departed not from the temple, but serued God with fastinges and prayers nyght & daye.
38 And she came forth şt same houre, and praysed the Lorde, & spake of him, to all them that loked for redempcyon in Hierusalem.
39 And whan they had perfourmed all thinges accordyng to the lawe of the Lorde, they returned into Galile, to their awne citie Nazareth .
40 And the chylde grewe, and wexed stronge in sprete, & was fylled with wysdome, & the grace of God was vpon him.
41 And his father & mother went to Hierusalem euery yere at the feaste of easter.
42 And when he was .xij. yere olde, they went vp to Hierusalem after the custome of the feast daye.
43 And when they had fulfylled the dayes: as they returned home, the chylde Iesus a bode styll in Ierusalem, & hys father & mother knewe not of it:
44 but they supposyng him to haue bene in the company, came a dayes iorney & sought him amonge their kynsfolke & acquayntaunce.
45 And when they founde him not, they went backe agayne to Hierusalem, and sought him.
46 And it fortuned that after .iij. dayes, they founde him in the temple, syttynge in the middes of the doctours, hearyng them, & posynge them
47 And all that hearde him, were astonnyed at his vnderstonding & answers.
48 And when they sawe him, they marueyled. And his mother sayde vnto him: sonne, why hast thou thus dealt with vs? Beholde, thy father & I haue sought the, sorowenge.
49 And he sayde vnto them: how is it şt ye sought me? Wist ye not, that I must goo aboute my fathers busynes?
50 And they vnderstode not that sayinge which he spake vnto them.
51 And he went downe wt them, & came to Nazareth , & was obedient vnto them. But his mother kept all these sayenges together in her hert.
52 And Iesus prospered in wysdome & age, and in fauoure, with God & men.




1 In the fyfteneth yere of the raygne of Tyberius the Emperoure, Pontius Pylate beynge leftenaunt of Iewrie, and Herode beinge Tetrach of Galile, and his brother Philip Tetrach of Iturea & of the region of the Traconites, & Lysaniath the Tetrach of Abyline
2 (when Anna and Cayphas were the hye prestes) şe worde of the Lorde came vnto Iohn the sonne of Zacharias in the wyldernes.
3 And he came in to all the coastes aboute Iordan, preaching şe baptyme of repentaunce for the remission of synnes,
4 as it is wrytten in the boke of şe wordes of Esayas the prophet, sayenge: The voyce of a cryar in wyldernes: prepare ye şe waye of the Lord, make his pathes strayght.
5 Euery valley shalbe fylled, & euery mountayne & hyll shalbe brought lowe. And thinges that be croked, shalbe made streyght: & şe rough wayes shalbe made playne:
6 & all flesshe shall se the Saluacion of God.
7 Then sayde he to the people, that were come forth to be baptysed of him. O ye generacion of vypers, who hath taught you to flye from the wrath to come?
8 Brynge forth therfore due frutes of repentaunce, & begyn not to saye wyth in youre selues: we haue Abraham to oure father. For I saye vnto you. God is able of these stones to reyse vp chyldren vnto Abraham.
9 Now also is the axe leyde vnto the rote of the trees: euery tree therfore which bryngeth not forth good frute, is hewen doune, & cast into the fyre.
10 And şe people asked him, sayinge: what shall we do then?
11 He answereth and sayeth, vnto them: He that hath two coates? lett him parte wyth hym that hath none, & he şt hath meate, let him do lyke wyse.
12 Then cam şe publicans also to be baptised, & sayde vnto him: Master, what shal we do?
13 And he sayde vnto them: requyre no more, then that which is appoynted vnto you.
14 The soudyoures lykewyse demaunded of him, sayinge: and what shall we do? And he sayde vnto them: hurt no man: nether trouble eny man wrongfully: and be content with youre wages.
15 As the people were in a doute, and all men musyd in their hertes of Iohn, whether he were very Christ,
16 Iohn answered & sayde vn them all: I baptise you wyth water, but one stronger then I shall come after me, whose shoo latchet I am not worthy to vnlowse: he shall baptyse you with the holy goost, & wt fyre:
17 which hath hys fanne in hys hande, & wyll pourge his floore, and gather the corne into his barne: but the chaffe wyll he burne with fyre that neuer shalbe quenched.
18 And many other thinges in his exhortacion preached he vnto the people.
19 Then Herode the Tetrach when he was rebuked of hym for Herodias his brother Philippes wyfe, & for all şe euyls which Herode dyd:
20 added this aboue all, and layed Iohn in preson.
21 And it fortuned that whan all the people receaued baptime (& when Iesus was baptised and dyd praye) the heauen was opened,
22 and the holy goost cam downe in a bodely shape lyke a doue vpon him, and a voyce came from heauen, which sayde: Thou arte my beloued sonne, in the do I delyte.
23 And Iesus him selfe beganne to be aboute thirty yere of age, so that he was supposed to be the sonne of Ioseph: whych was şe sonne of Hely:
24 whych was the sonne of Mathat whych was the sonne of Leui: whych was şe sonne of Melchi: whych was the sonne of Ianna: whych was the sonne of Ioseph:
25 whych was the sonne of Matatthias: which was the sonne of Amos: which was şe sonne of Naum: whych was the sonne of Hesty: which was the sonne of Nagge.
26 which was the sonne of Maath: which was the sonne of Matathias: which was şe sonne of Semei: which was the sonne of Ioseph: which was the sonne of Iuda:
27 which was the sonne of Ioanna: whych was the sonne of Rhesa: whych was the sonne of Zorobabel: whych was the sonne of Salathiel: which was the sonne of Neri:
28 which was the sonne of Melchi: whych was the sonne of Addi: whych was the sonne of Coosam: which was şe sonne of Helmadan: whych was the sonne of Her:
29 which was şe sonne of Ieso: which was the sonne of Heliezer: which was the sonne of Iozam: which was the sonne of Mattha: which was the sonne of Leui:
30 which was the sonne of Simeon: which was the sonne of Iuda: which was the sonne of Ioseph: which was the sonne of Ionam: which was the sonne of Heliachim:
31 which was the sonne of Melcha: which was şe sonne of Menan: which was the sonne of Mathatha: which was the sonne of Nathan: which was the sonne of Dauid:
32 which was the sonne of Iesse: which was the sonne of Obed: which was the sonne of Boos: which was şe sonne of Salmon: which was şe sonne of Naassan:
33 which was the sonne of Aminadab: which was şe sonne of Aran: which was şe sonne of Esron: which was şe sonne of Phares: which was the sonne of Iuda:
34 which was şe sonne of Iacob: which was şe sonne of Isaac: which was the sonne of Abraham: which was the sonne of Tharra: which was şe sonne of Nachor:
35 which was the sonne of Saruch: which was the sonne of Ragau: which was şe sonne of Phalec: which was the sonne of Heber: which was the sonne of Sala:
36 which was şe sonne of Cainam: which was the sonne of Arphaxat: which was the sonne of Sem: which was the sonne of Noe: which was the sonne of Lameth:
37 which was the sonne of Mathusala: which was the sonne of Enoch: which was the sonne of Iareth: which was şe sonne of Malaleel: which was the sonne of Cainam:
38 which was the sonne of Enos. which was şe sonne of Seth: which was the sonne of Adam: which was the sonne of God.




1 Iesus beynge full of the holy goost, returned from Iordan and was led by the sprete into wildernes,
2 and was .xl. dayes tempted of the deuyll. And in those dayes dyd he eate nothynge. And when they were ended, he afterwarde hongred.
3 And the deuyll sayde vnto him: yf thou be the sonne of God commaunde this stone that it be breed.
4 And Iesus answered hym, saying: It is written man shall not lyue by breed only, but by euery worde of God.
5 And the deuyll toke him into an hye mountayne, and shewed him all the kyngdoms of the worlde, euen in the twincklyng of an eye.
6 And the deuyll sayde vnto him: all this power will I geue the euery whit, & şe glory of them: for they are delyuered vnto me, and to whomsoeuer I wyll, I geue it.
7 If şu therfore wyll falt downe before me & worshyp me, they shalbe all thyne.
8 Iesus answered and sayde vnto him: hence from me Satan. For it is wrytten Thou shalt worshyp şe Lorde thy God, and him onely shalt şu serue.
9 And he caryed him to Ierusalem, and set him on a pynacle of the temple, and sayd vnto him: Yf thou be the sonne of God, cast thy selfe downe from hens.
10 For it is wrytten: he shall geue his Angels charge ouer the, to kepe the,
11 and in their handes they shall beare the vp, that thou dasshe not thy fote agaynst a stone.
12 And Iesus answered, and sayde vnto hym, it is sayd: thou shalt not tempte the Lorde thy God.
13 And as sone as all the tentacion was ended, the deuell departed from him for a season.
14 And Iesus returned by the power of the sprete, into Galile, and there went a fame of him thorow out all the region.
15 And he taught in theyr synagoges and was commended of all men.
16 And he came to Nazareth where he was noursed and (as hys custome was) he went into the synagoge on the Saboth daye, and stode vp for to reade.
17 And there was delyuered vnto hym the boke of the prophete Esayas. And when he had opened the boke, he founde the place, where it was wryten.
18 The sprete of the Lord vpon me, because he hath annoynted me: to preache the Gospell to the pore he hath sent me: to heale the broken harted, to preach delyueraunce to the captyue, & syght to the blynde: frely to set at liberte them that are brosed,
19 and to preach the acceptable yeare of the Lorde.
20 And he closed the boke, and gaue it agayne to the minyster, and sate downe. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagoge, were fastened on him.
21 And he began to saye vnto them: Thys daye is thys scripture fulfylled in your eares.
22 And all bare hym wytnes and wondred at the gracious wordes, which proceaded out of of hys mouth, and they sayde: Is not thys Iosephs sonne?
23 And he sayd vnto them: Ye wyll vtterly saye vnto me this prouerbe: Phisicion, heale thy selfe. Whatsoeuer we haue heard done in Capernaum , do the same here lykewise in thyne awne countre.
24 And he sayde: Uerely I saye vnto you: No prophete is accepted in hys awne countre.
25 But I tell you of a treuth: many weddowes were in Israel in the daies of Helias when heauen was shut thre yeares and syxe monethes, when greate famyshment was throughout all the lande,
26 and vnto no one of them was Helias sent, saue into Sarepta besydes Sidon , vnto a woman that was a wedowe.
27 And many lepers were in Israell in the tyme of Helyseus the prophete: & none of them was clensed, sauyng Naaman the Syrian.
28 And all they in the synagoge (when they herde these thinges) were filled with wrath:
29 and rose vp, and thrust him out of the cyte, & ledd him euen vnto the edge of the hyll (where on theyr cytie was bylte) şe they myght cast him downe headlyng.
30 But he departed, and went hys waye euen thorow the myddes of them.
31 And came downe to Capernaum , (a cytie of Galile) and there taught them on the saboth dayes.
32 And they were astonyed at his doctryne: for his preaching was with power.
33 And in the synagoge there was a man which had an vncleane sprete of a deuyll, and cryed with a loude voyce,
34 sayenge: let me alone, what hast thou to do with vs, thou Iesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroye vs? I knowe the what thou art, euen the holy of God.
35 And Iesus rebuked him, sayinge: holde thy peace, and come out of hym. And whan the deuyll had throwen hym in the myddes, he came out of him, and hurt him not.
36 And feare cam on them all, and they spake among them selues, sayinge: what maner a thing is thys? For with auctorite & power he commaundeth the foules spretes, and they come oute?
37 And the fame of hym was spred abrode thorowe out euery place of the countre rounde aboute.
38 And whan he was rysen vp & come out of the synagoge, he entred into Simons house. And Simons mother in lawe was taken with a great feuer, and they made intercession to hym for her.
39 And he stode ouer her, and rebuked the feuer, and the feuer left her. And immedyatly she arose, and mynistred vnto them.
40 When the sonne was downe, all they that had syck, taken with diuers diseases, brought them vnto hym: and he layde hys handes on euery one of them, and healed them.
41 And deuyls also came out of many, crying & saieng: thou art Christ the sonne of God. And he rebuked them, and suffered them not to speake: for they knewe that he was Christ.
42 As sone as it was daye, he departed, and went into a desert place, & the people sought him, and came to hym, and kept hym that he shulde not departe from them.
43 And he sayde vnto them: I must preach the kyngdome of God to other cyties also: for therfore am I sent.
44 And he preached in the synagoges of Galile




1 It came to passe that (whan şe people preassed vpon him, to heare the word of God) he stode by the lake of Genezareth:
2 and sawe two shyppes stande by the lake syde, but the fishermen were gone oute of them, and were wasshyng their nettes
3 And he entred into one of the shyppes, (which perteyned to Simon) and prayed him that he wold thrust oute a lytell from the lande. And he sate downe, and taught the people out of the shyp.
4 When he had lefte speakynge, he sayde vnto Simon: Launche out into the depe, and let slyppe youre nettes to make a draught.
5 And Simon answered, and sayd vnto hym: Master, we haue laboured all night, and haue taken nothynge. Neuerthesse, at thy commaundement I wyll lose forth the net.
6 And when they had this done, they in closed a greate multitude of fysshes. But theyr net brake,
7 & they beckened to theyr felowes (which were in the other shyp) that they shulde come, and helpe them. And they came: and fylled both the shyppes, that they soncke agayne.
8 When Simon Peter sawe thys, he fell downe at Iesus knees, saying: Lord, go from me, for I am a sinful man.
9 For he was astonnyed & all şt were with hym, at the draught of fysshes which they had taken:
10 and so was also Iames and Iohn the sonnes of Zebede, which were parteners with Symon. And Iesus sayde vnto Symon: feare not, from hence forth thou shalt catche men.
11 And they brought the shyppes to lande, and forsoke all, and folowed hym.
12 And it fortuned that whan he was in a certen cytie: behold, ther was a man ful of leprosy, & when he had spyed Iesus, he fell flat on hys face, and besought him, saieng: Lord, yf thou wylt, thou canst make me clene.
13 And he stretched forth his hand, and touched him saying: I will, be thou clene. And immediatly the leprosy departed from hym.
14 And he charged him, şt he shuld tell no man: but go (saith he) and shewe thy selfe to the preste, & offer for thy clensyng accordyng, as Moses commaunded, for a wytnes vnto them.
15 But so moch the more went there a fame abrode of hym, and moch people came together to heare, & to be healed of hym from theyr infirmityes.
16 And he kepte hym oute of the waye in the wildernesses, and gaue him selfe to prayer.
17 And it happened on a certen daye: that he taught: and ther sate the Pharises and doctours of lawe, which were come out of all the townes of Galile and Iewrye, and Ierusalem. And the power of the Lord was present, to heale them.
18 And behold, men brought in a bed, a man which was taken with a palsie: and they sought meanes to bring him in, and to laye him before hym.
19 And when they coulde not fynde on what syde they myghte bring hym in (because of the prease) they went vp on the toppe of the house & let him downe thorowe the tylyng, beed and all, euen in the myddes before Iesus.
20 When he sawe theyr fayth he sayd vnto him: man, thy synnes be forgeuen the,
21 And the scribes and the pharises began to thincke, saying: What felowe is this, which speaketh blasphemye? who can forgeue synnes but God only?
22 But when Iesus perceaued their thoughtes, he answered, and said vnto them: What thyncke ye in your hertes?
23 Whether is easier to saye thy synnes be forgeuen the, or to saye: ryse vp, and walke.
24 But şt ye maye knowe that the sonne of man hath power to forgeue synne on earth, he sayd vnto the sycke of the palsye: I saye vnto şe: aryse, take vp thy bed, and go vnto thy house.
25 And immediatly he rose vp before them, and toke vp hys bedd, (wher on he laye) and departed to hys awne house, praysing God.
26 And they were all amased, and they gaue the glory vnto God. And were fylled with feare, saying: We haue sene straunge thynges to daye.
27 And after this, he went forth, and sawe a publican named Leuy, syttynge at the receyte of custome, & he sayd vnto him: folowe me.
28 And he left all, and rose vp, and folowed him:
29 And Leuy made hym a greate feaste in his awne house. And ther was a great companye of publicans and of other that sate at meate, with them.
30 And the scribes and pharises murmured against his disciples, saying: Why do ye eate and drincke with publicans and sinners?
31 And Iesus answered, and sayd vnto them: They that are whole, nede not the phisicion: but they that are sycke.
32 I came not to call the ryghtewes, but synners to repentaunce.
33 And they sayde vnto hym: Why do the disciples of Iohn fast often, and praye, & the disciples of the pharises also: but thyne eate and dryncke?
34 He sayde vnto them: Can ye make the chyldren of the wedding fast, whyle the brydgrome is with them?
35 The dayes wyll come, when the brydgrome also shalbe taken awaye from them: then shall they fast in those dayes.
36 He spake also vnto them a similitude. No man putteth a pece of a newe garment, into an old vesture, for yf he do, then breaketh he the newe, and the pece that was taken out of the newe, agreeth not with the olde.
37 And no man powreth newe wyne into olde bottels. For yf he do, the newe wyne wyll burst the bottels, and runne out it self, and the bottels shall perysh.
38 But newe wyne must be put into newe bottels, and both are preserued.
39 No man also that dryncketh old wyne, straight waye can awaye with newe: for he sayeth the olde is better.




1 It happened on an after pryncipall Saboth, that he went thorow the corne felde, and hys discyples plucked the eares of corne, and dyd eate, and rubbed them in theyr handes:
2 And certayn of the pharises said vnto them: Why do ye that, which is not lawfull to do on the Saboth dayes?
3 And Iesus answered them, and sayde: Haue ye not redde what Dauid dyd, when he him selfe was an hungred, and they which were with hym:
4 howe he went into the house of God, and dyd take and eate the shew bread, and gaue also to them that were with hym: which are not lawfull to eate, but for the prestes only?
5 And he sayde vnto them: The sonne of man is Lorde also of the Saboth daye.
6 And it fortuned in another Sabboth also, that he entred into the synagoge, & taught. And ther was a man, whose right hande was dryed vp.
7 And the scribes & pharises watched hym whether he wolde heale on the sabboth daye, that they myght fynde how to accuse him.
8 But he knewe their thoughtes, and sayd to the man which had şe wythred hand: Ryse vp, and stande forth in the myddes. And he arose & stode forth.
9 Then sayd Iesus vnto them: I wyll aske you a question: Whether is it lawfull on the sabboth dayes to do good, or to do euil? to saue ones life, or to destroye it?
10 And he behelde them al in compasse, and sayd vnto the man: Stretch forth thy hand. And he dyd so: & hys hande was restored agayne as whole as the other.
11 And they were fylled with madnes, and communed together amonge them selues, what they myght do to Iesu.
12 And it fortuned in those dayes şt he went out into a mountayne for to praye, & contynued all nyght in prayer to God.
13 And as sone at it was daye, he called hys disciples, & of them he chose .xij. whom also he called apostles.
14 Symon whom he also named Peter, & Andrew hys brother, Iames and Iohn, Philip & Bartholomew,
15 Mathew & Thomas, Iames the sonne of Alpheus, and Symon which is called Zelotes,
16 and Iudas Iames sonne, and Iudas Iscarioth, the same that was the traytour.
17 And he came downe with them, & stode in the playne felde, and the company of hys disciples and a greate multitude of people (out of all Iewrye and Ierusalem, & from the see coast of Tyre and Sidon) which came to heare him, and to be healed of their dyseases
18 and they şt were vexed with foule spretes and they were healed.
19 And al şe people preased to touche him, for ther went vertue oute of hym, and healed them all.
20 And he lyft vp his eyes vpon the disciples and sayd: Blessed be ye pore, for yours is the kingdome of God.
21 Blessed are ye that honger now, for ye shalbe satisfyed. Blessed are ye şt wepe now, for ye shall laugh.
22 Blessed shall ye be, when men hate you, & thrust you out of their company, and rayle on you, and abhorre your names as an euyll thing, for the sonne of mannes sake.
23 Reioyse ye in şt daye, and be glad: for beholde, your rewarde is greate in heauen. For thus dyd theyr fathers vnto the prophetes.
24 But wo vnto you that are ryche: for ye haue your consolacion.
25 Wo vnto you that are full: for ye shall honger. Wo vnto you şt now laugh: for ye shall wayle & wepe.
26 Wo vnto you when all men prayse you: for so dyd theyr fathers to the false prophetes.
27 But I saye vnto you which heare. Loue youre enemyes. Do good to them which hate you.
28 Besse them that curse you. And praye for them which wrongfullye trouble you.
29 And vnto hym that smyteth the on the one cheke, offer also the other. And him that taketh awaye thy gowne, forbyd not to take thy cote also.
30 Geue to euery man that asketh of the. And of him şt taketh a waye thy goodes, aske them not agayne.
31 And as ye wolde that men shuld do to you, do ye also to them lykewyse.
32 And yf ye loue them which loue you, what thanke haue ye? For synners also loue theyr louers.
33 And yf ye do good for them which do good for you, what thanke haue ye? For synners also do euen the same.
34 And yf ye lende to them of whom ye hope to receaue: what thanke haue ye? for synners also lende to synners, to receaue soch lyke agayne.
35 But loue ye youre enemyes, and do good, and lende, lokynge for nothynge agayne: and your reward shalbe greate, and ye shalbe the chyldren of the hyest: for he is kynde vnto the vnkynde and to the euyll.
36 Be ye therfore mercyfull, as your father also is mercyfull.
37 Iudge not, and ye shall not be iudged: Condempne not, and ye shall not be condempned. Forgeue, and ye shalbe forgeuen.
38 Geue, and it shalbe geuen vnto you: good measure and pressed downe, and shaken together and runnyng ouer, shall men geue into youre bosomes. For with the same measure that ye mete withall, shall other men mete to you agayne.
39 And he put forth a similitude vnto them Can the blynde leade the blynde? Do they not both fall into the dyche?
40 The disciple is not aboue his master. Euery man shalbe perfecte, euen as hys master is.
41 Why seest thou a moate in thy brothers eye, but consyderest not the beame that is in thyne awne eye?
42 Ether howe cannest thou saye to thy brother. Brother, let me pull out the moate that is in thyne eye, when thou seest not the beame that is in thyne awne eye. Thou ypocrite cast out the beame out of thyne awne eye fyrst, & then shalt thou se perfectly, to pull oute the moate that is in thy brothers eye.
43 For it is not a good tree, that bringeth forth euyll frute: nether is that an euyll tree, that bringeth forth good frute.
44 For euery tre is knowen by hys frute. For of thornes do not men gather fygges, nor of busshes gather they grapes.
45 A good man out of şe good treasure of hys herte, bryngeth forth that which is good. And an euyll man, out of the euyll treasure of his hert, bringeth forth that which is euyll. For of the aboundance of the hert, hys mouth speaketh.
46 Why call ye me Lord Lord, and do not as I byd you:
47 whosouer commeth to me & heareth my sayinges, and doth the same, I wyl shewe you to whom he is like.
48 He is lyke a man which bylt an house, and dygged depe, and layde the foundacion on a rock. When the waters arose, the flud bet vpon that house, & coulde not moue it. For it was grounded vpon a rocke.
49 But he that heareth and doth not, is lyke a man that without foundacyon bylt an house vpon the earth, against which şe floud dyd beat: and it fell immediatly. And the fal of that house was greate.




1 When he had ended all hys saienges in the audience of şe people, he entred into Capernaum .
2 And a certen Centurions seruaunt which was deare vnto hym laye syck, and was in parell of death.
3 And whan he heard of Iesu, he sent vnto him the elders of the Iewes, besechinge him that he wold come, & heale his seruaunte.
4 And whan they came to Iesus, they besought him instantly, saying: He is worthy that thou shuldest do this for hym.
5 For he loueth oure nacion, and hath buylt vs a synagoge.
6 And Iesus went with them. And whan he was now, not farre from the house, the Centurion sent frendes to hym, sayinge vnto hym: Lorde, trouble not thy self: for I am not worthy: that thou shuldest enter vnder my roffe.
7 Wherfore I thought not my self worthy to come vnto şe: but saye thou the word, & my seruaunt shalbe whole.
8 For I also am a man set vnder power, and haue vnder me soudiers, and I saye vnto one go, and he goeth, & to another, come, & he cometh: and to my seruaunt, do this, & he doth it.
9 When Iesus heard thys, he meruayled at him, and turned hym about, and sayde to the people that folowed him: I saye vnto you, I haue not founde so great faith, no, not in Israel .
10 And they that were sent, turned backe home agayne and founde the seruaunt whole that had bene sycke.
11 And it fortuned after this, şt he went into a cytie which is called Naim, & many of his disciples went with him, and moch people.
12 When he came nye to the gate of the cytie: behold, ther was a deed man caryed out, which was the onely sonne of his mother, & she was a wedowe, & moch people of the cytie was with her.
13 And when the Lord sawe her, he had compassion on her, and sayde vnto her: wepe not.
14 And he came nye, & touched the coffyn: and they that bare him stode styl. And he sayde: Yonge man, I saye vnto the, aryse.
15 And he that was deed, sat vp, & began to speake. And he delyuered him to his mother.
16 And ther came a feare on them al. And they gaue the glory vnto God, sayinge: A great prophete is rysen vp among vs, & God hath visited his people.
17 And thys rumor of him went forth throughout al Iury, and thorow out all the regions which lye rounde about.
18 And the disciples of Iohn shewed him of all these thinges.
19 And Iohn called vnto him two of his disciples, & sent them to Iesus, saying: Art thou he that shuld come: or shall we looke for another?
20 When the men were come vnto him, they sayde: Iohn baptiste sent vs vnto the, saying: Art thou he şt shulde come? or shall we wayte for another?
21 And in that same houre he cured many of their infyrmites and plages, and of euyll spretes, and vnto many şt were blynd he gaue sight.
22 And he answered, & sayd vnto them: Go your waye and bring worde agayne to Iohn, what thinges ye haue sene & heard, how şt the blynde se, the halt go, the lepers are clensed, the deaff heare, the dead ryse agayne: to the poore is şe glad tydinges preached,
23 and happy is he that is not offended at me.
24 And when the messengers of Iohn were departed, he began to speake vnto şe people concerninge Iohn. What went ye out into şe wildernes for to se? a rede shaken wt the wind?
25 But what went ye out for to se? A man clothed in soft rayment? Behold, they which are gorgeously apparelled, and lyue delicatly, are in kynges courtes.
26 But what wente ye forth to se? A prophete? Yee, I saye to you, & more then a prophet.
27 This is he, of whom it is writen: Beholde, I sende myne angell before thy face which shall prepare thy waye before şe.
28 For I saye vnto you, amonge wemens children, is ther not a greater prophete then Iohn baptiste. Neuerthelesse, he tha is lesse, in şe kingdom of God is greater then he.
29 And all the people, and the publicans that heard him, iustified God, and were baptised with the baptyme of Iohn.
30 But the pharises and lawers despised the councell of God agaynst them selues, and were not baptised of hym.
31 And the Lorde sayd: wherunto shall I lyken the men of this generacion: and what thing are they like?
32 They are like vnto children sytting in the market place, & cryeng one to another, and saying: We haue pyped vnto you, & ye haue not daunsed: we haue mourned to you, and ye haue not wepte.
33 For Iohn baptist came, nether eatyng bread, ner drinkynge wyne, and ye saye: he hath the deuyll.
34 The sonne of man is come, and eateth & drincketh, & ye saye: behold a gloutonous man, and an vnmeasurable dryncker of wyne, a frend of publicans and synners.
35 And wysdom is iustifyed of all her children.
36 And one of the pharises desired hym şt he wolde eate with hym. And he went into the pharises house, and sat downe to meate.
37 And behold a woman in that cytie (which was a synner) as sone as she knewe that Iesus sat at meat in the pharises house, she brought an alablaster boxe of oyntment,
38 & stode at his fete behinde him wepyng, & beganne to wasshe hys fete wt teares, and dyd wype them with şe heares of her head, & kyssed his fete, & anoynted them with the oyntment.
39 When the pharise (which had bidden him) sawe, he spake within hym selfe, sayinge: If thys man were a prophete, he wolde surely knowe who, and what maner of woman thys is that touched hym, for she is a synner.
40 And Iesus answered, and sayd vnto him: Simon, I haue some what to saye vnto the. And he sayd: master, saye on.
41 There was a certayne lender which had two detters, the one ought fyue hundred pence, and the other fyfty.
42 When they had nothynge to paye, he forgaue them both. Tell me therfore, which of them wyll loue hym most?
43 Simon answered and sayd: I suppose that he to whom he forgaue most. And he sayde vnto hym: Thou hast truly iudged.
44 And he turned to the woman, & sayd vnto Simon: Seest thou this woman. I entred into thy house, thou gauest me no water for my fete: but she hath wesshed my fete with teares, and wyped them with the heares of her head.
45 Thou gauest me no kysse: but she, sence the tyme I came in, hath not ceased to kysse my fete.
46 Myne head wt oyle thou didest not anoynte: but she hath anoynted my fete with oyntment.
47 Wherfore, I saye vnto the: many synnes are forgeuen her, for she loued moch. To whom lesse is forgeuen, the same doeth lesse loue.
48 And he sayde vnto her: thy synnes are forgeuen the.
49 And they that sate at meat wt him, beganne to saye within them selues. Who is this which forgeueth synnes also?
50 And he sayd to the woman: Thy faith hath saued the. Go in peace.




1 And it fortuned afterwarde, that he hym selfe also wente through oute cyties and townes: preachinge, and shewynge the kyngdome of God, and the twelue with hym.
2 And also certayne women, which were healed of euell spretes, and infirmytes. Mary which is called Magdalen (oute of whom wente seuen deuyls)
3 and Ioanna the wyfe of Chusa. Herodes stewarde, and Susanna, and many other, which minystred vnto hym of theyr substaunce.
4 When moch people were gathered together, and were come to him out of all cytes, he spake by a similytude.
5 The sower wente out to sowe hys seede: and as he sowed, some fell by the waye syde, & it was troden downe, and the foules of the ayre deuoured it vp.
6 And some fell on stone, and as sone as it was spronge vp, it withred awaye because it lacked moystnes.
7 And some fell amonge thornes, and the thornes sprange vp with it, and choked it.
8 And some fel on good grounde, and sprange vp, and bare frute, an hundred folde. And as he sayd these thinges, he cryed: He that hath eares to heare, let hym heare.
9 And his disciples asked hym sayenge: what maner of simylytude is thys?
10 And he sayd: vnto you is it geuen to knowe the secretes of the kingdome of God: but to other by parables, şt when they se, they shuld not se: & when they heare, they shuld not vnderstande.
11 The parable is this. The seed is şe worde of God.
12 Those that are besyde the waye, are they that heare, then commeth the deuyll, and taketh a waye the worde out of their hertes, lest they shulde beleue and be saued.
13 They on the stones, are they which when they heare, receaue the word with ioye, and these haue no rotes: which for a whyle beleue, and in tyme of temptacyon go awaye.
14 And that which fell amonge thornes, are they which whan they haue heard, go forth, and are choked with cares and ryches, and volupteous lyuinge, and brynge forth no frute.
15 That which fell in the good grounde, are they, which with a pure and good herte heare the worde, and kepe it, and brynge forth frute thorow pacyence.
16 No man, whan he lyghteth a candell, couereth it with a vessel, or putteth it vnder a table, but setteth it on a candelsticke, that they which enter in, maye se the light.
17 Nothing is in secret, şt shal not come abrode. Nether any thynge hydd, that shall not be knowen, and come to lyghte.
18 Take hede therfore, howe ye heare. For whosoeuer hath, to hym shalbe geuen: And whosoeuer hath not, from him shalbe taken: euen that same which he supposeth that he hath.
19 Then came to him his mother & his brethren, and coulde not come at him for prease
20 And it was tolde hym, and sayde: Thy mother and thy brethren stande without, and wold se the.
21 He answered and said vnto them: my mother and my brethren are these, which heare the worde of God, and do it.
22 And it chaunsed on a certayne daye, şt he went into a shyp, and his disciples also, & he sayde vnto them: Let vs go ouer vnto the other side of the lake. And they launched forth
23 But as they sayled, he fell a slepe and there arose a storme of wynde in the lake, & they were fylled wt water, and were in ieopardy.
24 And they came to hym, and awoke hym saying: Master master, we are loost. Then he arose, and rebuked the wynde and the tempest of water, and they ceased, and it wexed calme.
25 And he sayde vnto them: where is youre fayth? They feared, and wondred amonge them selues, saying: what (thynke ye) is thys? for he commaundeth both the windes & water, and they obey hym?
26 And they sayled vnto the region of the Gederenites, which is ouer agaynst Galile.
27 And whan he went out to land, ther met him out of the cytie a certayne man, which had a deuyll longe tyme, and ware no clothes, nether abode in eny house: but in graues.
28 When he sawe Iesus & had cryed, he fell downe before him, & wt a loude voyce sayde. What haue I to do with the Iesus, şu sonne of the God moost hyest? I beseche the torment me not:
29 for he commaunded the foule sprete to come oute of the man. For ofte tymes he had caught hym, and he was bounde with chaynes, and kepte with fetters: and he brake the bondes, and was caryed of the fende into wyldernes.
30 And Iesus asked him saieng: What is thy name? And he sayde: Legion, because many deuyls were entred into hym.
31 And they besought hym that he wolde not commaunde them, to go out into the depe.
32 And there was there, an heard of many swyne, feding on an hyll: and they besought him, that he wold suffre them to enter into them. And he suffred them.
33 Then went the deuels out of the man, & entred into the swyne. And the heard ranne heedlyng with violence into the lake, and were choked.
34 When the herdmen sawe what had chaunsed, they fled, and tolde it in the cytie & in the villages.
35 And they came out to se what was done: and came to Iesus, & founde the man (out of whom the deuyls were departed) sittyng at the fete of Iesus: clothed, & in his right mynde, and they were afrayed.
36 They also which sawe it, tolde them by what meanes he (that was possessed of the deuyl) was healed.
37 And all şe multitude of the Gederenites, besought him, that he wold departe from them: for they were taken with great feare. And he gate him vp into the shyp, and returned backe agayne.
38 Then the man (out of whom the deuyls were departed) besought hym that he myght be with hym. But Iesus sent him awaye, sayinge:
39 Go home agayne to thyne awne house, and shewe what thinges soeuer God hath done for şe. And he went his waye, and preached thorow out all the cytie, what thinges soeuer Iesus had done vnto him.
40 And it fortuned that when Iesus was come agayne, the people receaued him. For they all wayted for him.
41 And beholde, there came a man named Iairus (& he was a ruler of the synagoge) & he fell downe at Iesus fete praying him, şt he wold come into his house,
42 for he had but one daughter onely, vpon a .xij. yeare of age, and she laye a dying. But as he went, the people thronged hym.
43 And a woman, hauing an issue of bloud .xij. yeres (which had spent all her substaunce vpon phisicions, nether coulde be holpen of eny)
44 came behynd him, & touched the hem of his rayment: & immediatly her issue of bloud staunched.
45 And Iesus sayd: who is it şt touched me? When euery man denyed, Peter (and they şt were wt hym) sayd: Master, the people thrust the & vexe the, & sayest thou who touched me?
46 And Iesus sayd: Some body hath touched me. For I perceaue, that vertue is gone out of me.
47 When the woman sawe that she was not hyd, she came trymbling, and fell at hys fete, and tolde hym before all the people, for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediatly.
48 And he sayd vnto her: Daughter, be of good comforte. Thy fayth hath saued the, go in peace.
49 Whyle he yet spake, ther came one from the rulers of the synagoges house, which sayd to hym: thy daughter is deed, desease not şe Master.
50 But when Iesus hearde that worde, he answered the father of the damosell. Feare not, beleue onely, and she shalbe made whole.
51 And when he came to the house, he suffred no man to go in with hym, saue Peter, Iames, and Iohn, and the father and the mother of the mayden.
52 Euery body weept, and sorowed for her. And he said: Wepe not. The damosel is not deed, but slepeth.
53 And they laught hym to scorne, knowyng that she was deed.
54 And he thrust them all out, and caught her by the hand, and cryed, sayinge: Mayde, aryse.
55 And her sprete came agayne, and she rose straight waye. And he commaunded to geue her meat.
56 And the father & the mother of her were astonyed. But he warned them, şt they shuld tell no man what was done.




1 Iesus called the twelue together, and gaue them power, and auctorite ouer all deuyls, and that they might heale diseases.
2 And he sent them to preache the kyngdome of God, and to heale the syck.
3 And he sayd vnto them: Take nothing to your iourney: nether staffe, nor scrype, nether bread, nether money, nether haue two coates.
4 And whatsoeuer house ye enter into, there abyde, and thence departe.
5 And whosoeuer wyll not receaue you, when ye go out of the citie, shake of the very dust from youre fete, for a testimonye agaynst them.
6 And they departed and went thorow the tounes, preaching the gospell and healinge euery where.
7 And Herode the Tetrarch heard of al şt was done by him, & he douted, because that it was sayde of some, that Iohn was rysen agayne from death:
8 and of some, that Helias had appeared, and of some, that one of the olde prophetes was rysen agayne.
9 And Herode sayde: Iohn haue I beheaded: but who is this of whom I heare such thinges. And he desyred to se him.
10 And the apostles returned: & tolde him all that they had done. And he toke them, & went asyde into a solitary place nye vnto the cytie that is called Bethsaida .
11 Which whan şe people knewe, they folowed him. And he receaued them, & spake vnto them of the kyngdome of God, & healed them şt had nede to be healed.
12 And when the daye beganne to weare awaye, then came the .xij. and sayd vnto him: send the people awaye, that they maye go into the townes and next villages & lodge, and get meate, for we are here in a place of wyldernes.
13 But he sayd vnto them: Geue ye them to eate. And they sayd: we haue no mo but .v. loaues and two fysshes, except we shulde go and bye meate for all this people.
14 And they were about a .v.M. men. And he sayd to his disciples: Cause them to sit downe by fyfties in a companye.
15 And they dyd so, and made them al to syt downe.
16 And he toke the fyue loaues and the two fisshes, and loked vp to heauen: and blessed them, and brake, and gaue to the disciples, to seet before the people.
17 And they all dyd eat, & were satisfyed. And there was taken vp of that remayned to them, twelue baskettes full of broken meate.
18 And it fortuned as he was alone praying, his disciples were with him, and he asked them sayeng: who saye the people that I am?
19 They answered, and sayd: Iohn Baptist: Some saye Helias, and some saye that one of the olde prophetes is rysen.
20 He sayd vnto them: But who saye ye that I am? Simon Peter answered, & sayde: thou art şe Christ of God.
21 And he warned and commaunded them that they shuld tell no man that thing,
22 saying: the sonne of man must suffre many thinges, and be reproued of the elders, and of the hye prestes, and scribes, and be slayne, and ryse agayne the thyrd daye.
23 And he sayd to them all, yf eny man will come after me, let him denye him self, & take vp his crosse dayly, & folowe me.
24 For whosoeuer wyll saue hys lyfe shall lose it. But whosoeuer doth lose his lyfe for my sake, the same shall saue it.
25 For what auauntageth it a man, yf he wynne the whole worlde, and lose him selfe, or runne in dammmage of hym selfe?
26 For whoso is ashamed of me, and of my wordes, of him shall the sonne of man be ashamed, when he commeth in his maiestye, and in the maiestye of his father, and of the holy angels.
27 I tell you of a treuth: There be some standinge here, which shall not tast of death, tyll they se the kyngdome of God.
28 And it fortuned şt about an .viij. dayes after these saienges, he toke Peter and Iohn and Iames, & went vp into a mountayne to praye.
29 And as he prayed, the fassyon of hys countenaunce was chaunged, & his garment was whyte, & shone.
30 And behold, there talked with him two men which were Moses and Helias,
31 şt appeared in the maiesty, & spake of his departyng, which be shulde ende at Ierusalem.
32 But Peter and they that were with him, were heuy with slepe. And when they awoke, they sawe his maiesty, and two men standinge with him.
33 And it chaunsed as they departed from him, Peter sayde vnto Iesus: Master, it is good beynge here for vs. Let vs make also thre tabernacles, one for the, and one for Moses, and one for Helias (and wist not what he sayd.)
34 While he thus spake, there came a cloude and ouershadowed them, and they feared when they were come into şe cloude.
35 And there came a voyce out of the cloude saying: This is my deare sonne, heare him.
36 And as soone as the voyce was past, Iesus was founde alone. And they kept it cloose: & tolde no man in those dayes, any of those thinges which they had sene.
37 And it chaunsed that on the nexte daye (as they came downe from the hyll) moche people met him.
38 And beholde, a man of the company cried oute, sayenge: Master, I beseche the behold my sonne, for he is all that I haue:
39 and se, a sprete taketh him, and sodenly he cryeth, and tereth hym, that he fometh agayne, and with moch payne departeth from him, when he hath rent him,
40 and I besought thy disciples to cast him out, & they coulde not,
41 Iesus answered and sayde: O faythles, and croked nacion, howe longe shall I be with you? & shal suffre you? Bring thy sonne hither.
42 As he was yet a comming, the fende rent him, and tare him. And Iesus rebuked the vncleane sprete, and healed the chyld, and deliuered him to his father.
43 And they were all amased at the myghtye power of God. But whyle they wondered euery one at all thinges which he dyd, he sayde vnto hys disciples:
44 Lett these sayinges sinke downe into your eares. For it will come to passe: that the sonne of man shalbe deliuered into the handes of men.
45 But they wist not what şe worde meant, and it was hyd from them, şt they vnderstode it not. And they feared to aske him of that sayinge.
46 And there entred a thought among them which of them shulde be the greatest.
47 When Iesus perceaued the thought of their hertes he toke a chyld, and set him hard by hym,
48 & sayd vnto them: Whosoeuer receaueth this child in my name, receaueth me. And whosoeuer receaueth me, receaueth him that sent me. For he that is lest among you all, the same shalbe greate.
49 And Iohn answered, and sayde: Master. we sawe one castinge oute deuyls in thy name, and we forbade him, because he foloweth not with vs.
50 And Iesus sayd vnto him: forbyd ye him not. For he that is not agaynst vs, is with vs.
51 And it fortuned when the tyme was come that he shulde be receaued vp, he set hys face to go to Ierusalem,
52 and sent messengers before him. And they went and entred into a cytie of the Samaritans, to make ready for him.
53 And they wold not receaue him, because his face was as though he wold go to Ierusalem.
54 When his disciples, Iames & Iohn sawe this, they sayde: Lorde, wilt thou that we commaunde fyre to come downe from heauen and consume them, euen as Helias dyd?
55 Iesus turned about, and rebuked them, saying: ye wote not what maner spret ye are of.
56 For the sonne of man is not come to destroye mennes lyues, but to saue them. And they went to another towne.
57 And it chaunsed that as they were walking in the waye, a certayne man sayd vnto him. I wyll folowe the whithersoeuer thou goo.
58 Iesus sayde vnto him: foxes haue holes, and byrdes of the ayer haue nestes: but the sonne of man hath not where to laye his head.
59 And he sayde vnto another: folowe me. And the same sayde: Lorde, suffre me first to go and bury my father.
60 Iesus sayde vnto him: Let the deed bury their deed: but go şu, and preach the kyngdome of God.
61 And an other sayde: Lorde, I wyll folowe the: but let me first go byd them fare well, which are at home at my house.
62 Iesus sayde vnto hym: No man that putteth hys handes to the plowe, and loketh backe, is apte to the kyngdome of God.




1 After these thynges, the Lorde appoynted other .lxx. also, and sent them two and two before hym into euery cytie & place, whyther he him selfe wolde come.
2 Therfore sayd he vnto them: the haruest is great, but the labourers are fewe. Praye ye therfore şe lord of the haruest, to sende forth labourers into his haruest.
Go your wayes: behold, I sende you forth as lambes among wolues.
4 Beare no wallet, nether scryp, nor shoes, & salute no man by the waye.
5 Into whatsoeuer house ye enter, fyrst saye: Peace be to thys house.
6 And yf the sonne of peace be there, your peace shall rest vpon him: yf not, it shall turne to you agayne.
7 And in the same house tary styll, eatyng and drinckyng soch as they geue: For the labourer is worthy of hys rewarde. Go not from house to house,
8 & into whatsoeuer cytie ye entre, & they receaue you, eate soch thynges as are set before you,
9 and heale the sicke that are therin, and saye vnto them: the kingdome of God is come nye vpon you
10 But into whatsoeuer citie ye enter, & they receaue you not, go your wayes out into the stretes of the same, & saye:
11 euen the very dust of youre cytie (which cleaueth on vs) do we wype of agaynst you: Not withstanding, be ye sure of thys, that the kyngdome of God was come nye vpon you.
12 I saye vnto you: şt it shalbe easier in that daye for Zodome, then for that cytie.
13 Wo vnto the Chorazin: wo vnto the Bethsaida . For yf şe miracles had bene done in Tyre and Sidon , which haue bene done in you, they had (a greate whyle ago) repented of theyr synnes, syttyng in heercloth and asshes.
14 Neuerthelesse, it shalbe easier for Tyre and Sidon , at the iudgement, then for you.
15 And thou Capernaum (which art exalted to heauen) shalt be thrust downe to hell.
16 He şt heareth you, heareth me: and he that despyseth you, despyseth me: and he that despyseth me; despyseth him that sent me.
17 And the .lxx. turned agayne wt ioye, sayeng: Lorde, euen şe very deuels are subdued to vs thorow thy name.
18 And he sayd vnto them: I sawe Satan (as it had bene lightening) falling downe from heauen.
19 Behold, I geue vnto you power, to treade on serpentes, and scorpions, and ouer all maner power of the enemy, and nothing shull hurte you.
20 Neuertheles, in this reioyse not, şt şe spretes are subdued vnto you: but reioyse, that youre names are wryten in heauen.
21 That same houre reioysed Iesus in ghost, and sayd: I thanke the, O father. Lorde of heauen and earth, that thou hast hyd these thinges from the wyse and prudent, and hast opened them vnto babes. Euen so father, for so pleased it the.
22 All thinges are geuen me of my father. No man knoweth who the sonne is, but the father: and who the father is, but the sonne, & he to whom şe sonne wyll shewe hym.
23 And he turned to his disciples, and sayde secretly: Happy are the eyes, which se şe thinges that ye se.
24 For I tell you, that many prophetes and kinges haue desired to se those thinges which ye se, and haue not sene them: and to heare those thynges which ye heare, and haue not hearde them.
25 And behold a certayne lawyer stode vp, & tempted him, saying. Master, what shall I do, to inheret eternall lyfe?
26 He sayde vnto him: What is written in the lawe? How redest thou?
27 And he answered and sayde: loue the Lorde thy God, with all thy hert, & with all thy soule, & with all thy strength, & with all thy mynde: and thy neyghbour as thy selfe.
28 And he sayde vnto him: Thou hast answered right. This do, and thou shalt lyue.
29 But he wyllinge to iustifie him selfe, sayde vnto Iesus: And who is my neyghbour?
30 Iesus answered, & sayde, A certayne man descended from Hierusalem to Hierico, & fell among theues, which robbed him of his rayment & wounded him, and departed, leuynge him halfe deed.
31 And it chaunced, that ther came downe a certayne Preste şt same waye, & when he sawe him, he passed by.
32 And lyke wyse a Leuite, when he went nye to şe place, came and loked on him, & passed by.
33 But a certayne Samaritane, as he iorneyed, came vnto hym: and when he sawe him, he had compassion on him
34 & went to, and bounde vp his woundes, & poured in oyle & wyne, and set him on his awne beaste, and brought him to a commen ynne, and made prouision for him.
35 And on the morow, when he departed, he toke out .ij. pence, & gaue them to şe host, & sayd vnto him. Take cure of him & whatsoeuer şu spendest moare, when I come agayne I will recompence the.
36 Which now of these thre thynkest şu, was neyghbour vnto him şt fell among the theues?
37 And he sayd: he that shewed mercy on him. Then sayde Iesus vnto him: Go, and do thou lyke wyse.
38 It fortuned that as they went, he entred into a certayne towne. And a certayne woman named Martha receaued him into her house.
39 And this woman had a syster called Mary, which also sate at Iesus fete, & heard his worde.
40 But Martha was combred aboute moch seruynge, & stode & sayde: lorde, doest şu not care, that my syster hath left me to serue alone? Byd her therfore, şt she helpe me.
41 And Iesus answered, & sayde vnto her: Martha, Martha, thou art carefull, & troubled about many thinges:
42 verely one is nedefull. Mary hath chosen the good parte, which shall not be taken awaye from her.




1 And it fortuned as he was prayinge in a certayne place: when he ceased, one of his disciples sayde vnto hym: Lorde, teache vs to praye, as Iohn also taught hys disciples.
2 And he sayde vnto them: when ye praye, saye. O oure father which art in heauen, halowed be thy name. Thy kyngdome come. Thy will be fulfilled, euen in erth also as it is in heauen.
3 Oure dayly breed geue vs this daye.
4 And forgeue vs our synnes: For euen we forgeue euery man that treapaseth vs. And Leade vs not into temptacion But deliuer vs from euyll.
5 And he sayd vnto them: yf any of you shall haue a frend, & shall go to him at mydnight, and saye vnto him, frende: lende me thre loaues,
6 for a frende of myne is come out of the waye to me, and I haue nothynge to set before him,
7 and he within answere, and saye: trouble me not, the dore is now shut, and my chyldren are with me in the chamber, I cannot ryse and geue the.
8 I saye vnto you, though he wyll not arise and geue him, because he is his frende: yet because of his importunite he will rise, and geue him as many as he nedeth.
9 And I saye vnto you: aske, and it shalbe geuen you. Seke, and ye shall fynde: Knocke, and it shalbe opened vnto you.
10 For euery one şt asketh, receaueth: and he that seketh, fyndeth: & to him şt knocketh, shall it be opened.
11 Yf şe sonne shall aske breed of eny of you that is a father, wyll he geue him a stone? Or yf he aske fishe, wyll he for fysshe geue him a serpent?
12 Or yf he aske an egge, will he offer him a scorpion?
13 Yf ye then beyng euyll, can geue good giftes vnto youre children, how moch moare shall your father of heauen geue the holy sprete to them, that desyre it of him?
14 And he was castinge out a deuyll, and the same was domme. And when he had cast out the deuill, the domme spake, & the people wondred.
15 But some of them sayde: he casteth out deuyls thorowe Beelzebub the chefe of the deuyls.
16 And other tempted him and requyred of him a signe from heauen.
17 But he knowing their thoughtes, sayd vnto them: Euery kyngdome deuided agaynst it selfe, is desolate: and one house doth fall vpon another.
18 Yf Satan also, be deuyded agaynst him selfe, how shall his kyngdome endure? Because ye saye, that I cast out deuyls thorow Beelzebub.
19 If I, by the helpe of Beelzebub cast out deuyls, by whose helpe do youre chyldren cast them out. Therfore shall they be your iudges.
20 But yf I, with the fynger of God cast out deuyls, no doute the kyngdome of God is come vpon you.
21 When a stronge man armed watcheth his house: the thinges that he possesseth are in peace.
22 But when a stronger then he commeth vpon him, and ouercommeth him, he taketh from him all his harnes (wherin he trusted) and deuideth his goodes.
23 He that is not with me, is against me. And he that gathereth not with me, scattereth abrode.
24 When the vnclene spryte is gone out of a man, he walketh through drie places, sekynge reest. And when he fyndeth none, he sayeth: I will returne agayne vnto my houses, whence I came out.
25 And when he commeth, he fyndeth it swept and garnisshed.
26 Then goeth he and taketh to him seuen other spretes worse then him selfe: and they enter in, & dwell there. And the ende of that man, is worse then the begynnynge.
27 And it fortuned that as he spake these thynges, a certayne woman of the company lyfte vp her voyce, and sayd vnto him. Happy is the wombe that bare the, and the pappes which gaue the sucke.
28 But he sayde: Yee, happy are they that heare the worde of God and kepe it.
29 When the people were gathered thicke together, he began to saye. This is an euyll nacion. they seke a sygne, and ther shall no sygne be geuen them, but the sygne of Ionas the prophet.
30 For as Ionas was a sygne to the Niniuytes, so shall also the sonne of man be to thys nacion.
31 The quene of the south shall ryse at the iudgement, with the men of this nacion, and condempne them: for she came from the vttemost partes of the erth, to heare the wisdome of Salomon. And beholde a greater then Salomon is here.
32 The men of Niniue shall ryse at the iudgement with this nacyon: and shall condempne them: for they were brought to repentaunce by şe preachynge of Ionas. And beholde, a greater then Ionas is here.
33 No man lyghteth a candell, and putteth it in a preuy place, nether vnder a busshell: but on a candelstycke, that they which come in, maye se the light.
34 The lyght of the body is the eye. Therfore, when thyne eye is syngle, all thy body also shalbe full of lyght. But yf thyne eye be euill, thy body also shalbe full of darknes,
35 Take hede therfore, that the lyght which is in the, be not darcknes.
36 Yf all thy body therfore be cleare, hauynge no parte darcke: then shal it all be full of light, euen as when a candell doeth lyght the with bryghtnes.
37 And as he spake, a certayne Pharyse besought him, to dyne with him, and Iesus went in, and sate doune to meate.
38 When the Pharyse sawe it, he marueyled, that he had not fyrst wesshed before dyner.
39 And şe Lorde sayde vnto him: Now do ye Pharises, make clene the out syde of the cup, and the platter: but youre inwarde parte is full of rauenynge and wyckednes.
40 Ye fooles, dyd not he (that made that which is without) make that which is within also?
41 Neuerthelesse, geue almose of that ye haue, and behold, all thinges are cleane vnto you.
42 But wo vnto you Pharises, for ye tythe mynt and rewe, and all manner erbes, and passe ouer iudgement and the loue of God. These ought ye to haue done, and yet not to leaue the other vndone.
43 Wo vnto you Pharises: for ye loue the vppermost seates in the sinagoges, and gretinges in the market.
44 Wo vnto you scrybes and Pharises, ye ypocrites, for ye are as graues which appeare not, and the men that walke ouer them, are not ware of them.
45 Then answered one of the lawears, and sayde vnto him: Master, thus saying thou puttest vs to rebuke also.
46 And he sayde: wo vnto you also ye lawers: for ye lade men with burthens which they be not not able to beare: and ye youre selues touche not the packes with one of youre fyngers.
47 Wo vnto you: ye buylde the sepulchres of the Prophetes, and youre fathers kylled them,
48 truly ye beare witnes, that ye alowe the dedes of youre fathers: for they kylled them, and ye buylde their sepulchres.
49 Therfore sayde the wisdome of God, I will send them Prophetes and Apostles and some of them they shall slaye and persecute:
50 that the bloude of all Prophetes (which is shed from the begynninge of the worlde) maye be required of this generacion,
51 from the bloude of Abell, vnto the bloud of Zachary, which perished betwene the aulter and the temple. Uerely I saye vnto you: it shalbe required of this nacion.
52 Wo vnto you lawears: for ye haue taken awaye the keye of knowledge, ye entred not in youre selues, and them that came in, ye forbad.
53 When he thus spake vnto them, the lawears and the Pharises began to wexe busye aboute him, and capciously to aske him many thinges,
54 layinge wayte for him, and sekynge to catche some thinge of his mouth, wherby they might accuse him.




1 As ther gathered together an innumerable multitude of people (in so moche that they trood one another) he began to saye vnto his disciples: fyrst of all be warre of the leuen of the Pharises which is ypocrisy.
2 For ther is nothynge couered, that shall not be vncouered: nether hyd, that shall not be knowen.
3 For what thinges ye haue spoken in darknes, shalbe hearde in the light. And that which ye haue spoken into the eare, euen in secrete places, shalbe preached on the toppe of the houses.
4 I saye vnto you my frendes: be not afrayde of them that kyll the body, and after that haue no moare, that they can do.
5 But I will shewe you, whom ye shall feare. Feare him, which after he hath kylled, hath power to cast into hell. Yee, I saye vnto you: feare him.
6 Are not fyue sparowes bought for two farthinges? And not one of them is forgoten of God.
7 Also, euen şe very heeres of youre heed are all nombred. Feare not therfore: ye are moare of value then many sparowes.
8 I saye vnto you euery one: whosoeuer confesseth me before men, him shal şe sonne of man knowledge also before şe angels of God
9 And he that denyeth me before men, shalbe denied before şe angels of God.
10 And whosoeuer speaketh a worde agaynst şe sonne of man, it shalbe forgeuen him. But vnto him şt blasphemeth the holy goost, it shall not be forgeuen.
11 When they bringe you vnto the sinagoges, and vnto the rulers and officers, take ye no thought, how or what thinge ye shall answer, or what ye shall speake.
12 For the holy goost shall teache you in the same houre, what ye ought to saye.
13 One of the company sayde vnto him: Master, speake to my brother, that he deuide the enheritaunce with me.
14 And he sayde vnto him: Man, who made me a iudge or a deuider, ouer you?
15 And he sayde vnto them: take hede, and be warre of couetousnes. For no mannes lyfe standeth in the aboundance of the thinges which he possesseth.
16 And he put forth a simylytude vnto them sayinge: The grounde of a certaine riche man brought forth plentifull frutes,
17 and he thought within him selfe sayinge: what shall I do? because I haue no roume where to bestowe my frutes?
18 And he sayd: This will I do. I will destroye my barnes, and bylde greater, and therin will I gather all my goodes that are growen vnto me:
19 and I will saye to my soule: Soule thou hast moche goodes layd vp in stoore for many yeares, take thyne ease: eate, drincke, be mery.
20 But God sayd vnto him. Thou fole, this nyght will they fetche awaye thy soule agayne from the. Then whose shall those thynges be, which thou hast prouided?
21 So is it with him that gathereth riches to him selfe, and is not riche towarde God.
22 And he spake vnto his disciples: Therfore I saye vnto you. Take no thought for youre lyfe, what ye shall eate: nether for the body, what ye shall put on.
23 The life is moare then meate, and the body is moare then rayment.
24 Consider the rauens, for they nether sowe nor repe, which nether haue stoore house ner barne, and God fedeth them. How moche are ye better then fethered foules?
25 Which of you (with his takinge thought) can adde to his stature one cubit?
26 If ye then be not able to do that thinge which is least: why take ye thought for the remnaunt?
27 Consider the lylies how they growe: They laboure not: they spyn not: and yet I saye vnto you, that Salomon in all his royalte, was not clothed lyke one of these.
28 If God so clothe the grasse (which is to daye in the felde, and to morow is cast into the fornace) how moche more wyll he cloth you, O ye of lytle fayth?
29 And aske not ye what ye shall eate, or what ye shall drincke, nether clime ye vp an hye:
30 for all soche thinges do the hethen people of the worlde seke for.
31 Youre father knoweth, that ye haue neade of soche thinges. Wherfore, seke ye after the kyngdome of God, and all these thinges shalbe ministred vnto you.
32 Feare not lytell flocke, for it is youre fathers pleasure, to geue you the kyngdome.
33 Sell that ye haue, and geue almes. And prepare you bagges, which wexe not olde, euen a treasure that fayleth not in heauen, where no thefe commeth, nether moth corrupteth.
34 For where youre treasure is, there will youre herte be also.
35 Let youre loynes be gerd about, & your lightes brenning
36 and ye youre selues lyke vnto men that wayte for theyr Lorde, when he will returne from the weddinge: that whan he commeth and knocketh they maye open vnto him immediatly.
37 Happy are those seruauntes, whom the Lorde (when he commeth) shall fynde wakynge. Uerely I saye vnto you, that he shall gyrde hym selfe and make them to syt downe to meate, and walke by, and minister vnto them.
38 And yf he come in the seconde watch, yee, yf he come in the thirde watch, and fynde them so, happy are those seruauntes.
39 This vnderstond, that yf the good man of the house knewe, what houre the thefe wolde come, he wolde suerly watch, and not suffer hys housse to be broken vp.
40 Be ye therfore ready also: for the sonne of man will come at an houre when ye thincke not.
41 Peter sayde vnto him: Master, tellest thou this similitude vnto vs, or to all men?
42 And the Lorde sayde: who is a faythfull and wise stewarde, whom his Lorde shall make ruler ouer his housholde, to geue them their duetie of meat in due season:
43 happy is that seruaunt, whom his Lorde when he commeth; shall fynde so doing.
44 Of a trueth I saye vnto you, that he will make him ruler ouer all that he hath.
45 But and yf the seruaunt saye in his herte. My Lorde will deferre his comminge (and shall beginne to smite seruauntes and maydens, and to eate and drincke, and to be droncken)
46 the Lorde of that seruaunt will come in a daye when he thinketh not, and at an houre when he is not ware, and will hewe him in peces, and geue him his rewarde with the vnbeleuers.
47 The seruaunt that knewe his masters will and prepared not him selfe, nether dyd accordinge to hys wyll, shalbe beaten with many strypes.
48 But he that knewe not, and dyd commytte thynges worthy of strypes, shalbe beaten with fewe strypes. For vnto whomsoeuer moch is geuen, of him shalbe moche requyred. And to whom men haue committed moch: of him wyll they aske şe more.
49 I am come to sende fyer on erth: & what is my desier, but şt it were all readye kindled?
50 Not withstandynge I must be baptysed wt a baptime: and how am I payned, tyll it be ended?
51 Suppose ye, that I am come to sende peace on erth? I tell you naye, but rather dyuysyon.
52 For from hence forth ther shalbe fyue in one housse deuided, thre against two, and two agaynst thre.
53 The father shalbe deuided agaynst the sonne, and the sonne agaynst the father. The mother agaynst the daughter, and the daughter agaynst the mother. The mother in lawe agaynst hyr daughter in lawe, and şe daughter in lawe, agaynst hyr mother in lawe.
54 He sayde also to the people: when ye se a cloude ryse out of the west, strayght waye ye saye: ther commeth a shower, and so it is.
55 And when ye se the south wynde blowe, ye saye: it will be hote, and it commeth to passe.
56 Ye ypocrytes, ye can discerne the outwarde appearaunce of the skye and of the erthe: but how happeneth it, that ye cannot skyll of this tyme?
57 Yee, and why iudge ye not of youre selues what is ryght.
58 Whan thou goest with thyne aduersary to the ruler, as thou arte in the waye, geue diligence that thou mayst be deliuered from him, least he brynge the to the iudge, and the iudge delyuer the to the iaylar, and the iaylar cast the into preson.
59 I tell the, thou shalt not departe thence, tyll thou haue made good the vtmost myte.




1 Ther were present at the same season, certayne men that shewed him of the Galyleans, whose bloude Pylate had myngled with theyr awne sacryfyce.
2 And Iesus answered, and sayde vnto them: Suppose ye that these. Galyleans were greater synners then all the other Galyleans, because they suffred suche punysshment?
3 I tell you naye: but except ye repent: ye shall all lyke wyse perysshe.
4 Or those .xviij. vpon which the toure in Syloe fell, and slewe them, thynke ye, that they were synners aboue all men that dwelt in Ierusalem?
5 I tell you naye: But excepte ye repent, ye all shall lyke wyse perysshe.
6 He tolde also this similitude: a certayne man had a fygge tree planted in his vineyarde & he came and sought frute theron, and founde none.
7 Then sayde he to the dresser of his vineyarde: beholde, this thre yeare haue I come and sought frute in this fygge tree, and fynde none: cut it doune: why combreth it the ground?
8 and he answered & sayd vnto him: Lorde, let it alone this yeare also, tyll I dygge rounde aboute it, and donge it,
9 to se whether it will beare frute: and yf it beare not then, after that shalt şu cut it doune.
10 And he taught in one of their synagoges on the Saboth dayes.
11 And beholde, ther was a woman, which had a sprete of infirmite .xviij. yeares: and was bowed together, and coulde in no wyse lifte vp her heade.
12 When Iesus sawe her, he called her to him, and sayde vnto her woman, thou art deliuered from thy disease.
13 And he layde his handes on her, and immediatly, she was made strayght, and glorified God.
14 And the ruler of the synagoge answered with indignacion (because that Iesus had healed on the Saboth daye) and sayde vnto the people. Ther are syxe dayes in which men ought to worke, in them come, that ye maye be healed, and not on the Saboth daye.
15 But the Lorde answered him and sayde: Thou ypocryte, doth not each one of you on the Saboth daye lowse his oxe or his asse from the stall, and leade him to the water?
16 And ought not this daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bounde (lo .xviij. yeares) be lowsed from this bonde on the Saboth daye?
17 And when he thus sayde, all hys aduersaries were ashamed, and all the people reioysed on all the excellent dedes, that were done by him.
18 Then sayde he: what is the kyngdome of God like? or wherto shall I compare it?
19 It is like a grayne of mustarde seede, which a man toke, and sowed in his garden: and it grewe and wexed a greate tree, and the foules of the ayer made nestes in the braunches of it.
20 And agayne he sayde: wher vnto shall I lyken the kyngdome of God?
21 it is like leuen, which a woman toke, and hyd in thre peckes of meele, tyll all was leuened.
22 And he went thorow all cities and townes, teachynge, and iorneyinge towardes Ierusalem.
23 Then sayde one vnto him: Lorde, are ther feaw that be saued? And he sayde vnto him:
24 stryue to enter in at şe strayte gate; for many (I saye vnto you) will seke to enter in, and shall not be able.
25 When the good man of the house is rysen vp, and hath shutt to the dore, and ye beginne to stonde without, and to knocke at the dore sayinge: Lorde, Lord, open vnto vs, and he answer and saye vnto you. (I knowe you not whence ye are)
26 Then shall ye begyn to saye: we haue eaten & dronken in thy presence, & thou hast taught in oure stretes.
27 And he shall saye: I tell you, I knowe you not whence ye are: departe from me all ye şt worke iniquite.
28 There shalbe wepinge & gnasihinge of teth, when ye shall se Abraham and Isaac and Iacob, and all the Prophetes in şe kyngdome of God, and ye youre selues thrust out.
29 And they shall come from the east and from the west, and from şe north and from the south, and shall syt downe in şe kyngdome of God.
30 And beholde, there are last, which shalbe fyrst. And ther are fyrst, which shalbe last.
31 The same daye came there certayne of the Pharises, and sayde vnto him. get the out of the waye, and departe hence: for Herode will kyl the.
32 And he sayde vnto them: Go ye, and tell that foxe, beholde, I cast out deuyls and heale the people to daye and to morowe, and the thyrde daye I make an ende.
33 Neuerthelesse, I must walke to daye and to morow, and the daye folowyng: for it cannot be that a Prophet perisshe eny other where, saue at Ierusalem.
34 O Ierusalem, Ierusalem, which killest Prophetes, and stonest them that are sent vnto the: how ofte wolde I haue gathered thy children together, as a byrde doth gather her yonge vnder her wynges, and ye wolde not?
35 youre habitacion is left vnto you desolate. I tell you, ye shall not se me, vntyll the tyme come that ye shall saye blessed is he that commeth in the name of the Lorde.




1 And it chaunsed, that he went into the house of one of the chefe Pharyses to eate breed on a Saboth daye: and they watched hym.
2 And beholde, ther was a certayne man before him which had the dropsye.
3 And Iesus answered and spake vnto the lawers and Pharyses, sayinge: is it laufull to heale on the Saboth daye?
4 And they helde theyr peace. And he toke him and healed him, and let him go:
5 and answered them, sayinge, which of you shall haue an asse or an oxe fallen into a pytt and wyll not strayght waye pull him out on the Saboth daye?
6 And they coulde not answere him agayne to these thinges.
7 He put forth also a symilitude to the gestes, when he marked how they preased to şe hyest roumes, and sayde vnto them:
8 When şu art bydden of anye man to a weddynge, syt not downe in the hyest rowme, lest a more honorable man then thou be bydden of him,
9 and he (that bade him and the) come, and saye to the: geue this man rowme, and thou then beginne wt shame to take the lowest rowme.
10 But rather when thou art bydden, go and syt in the lowest rowme: that when he that bade the, commeth, he maye saye vnto the: frende syt vp hyer. Then shalt şu haue worshipp in the presence of them that syt at meate with the.
11 For whosoeuer exalteth him self, shalbe brought lowe. And he that humbleth hym selfe, shalbe exalted.
12 Then sayde he also to hym, that had desired him to dyner: When thou makest a diner or a supper, call not thy frendes, nor thy brethren, nether thy kynsmen ner thy ryche neyghbours: lest they also bydde the agayne, and a recompence be made the.
13 But when thou makest a feast, call the poore, the feble, the lame, and the blynde,
14 & thou shalt be happy, for they can not recompence the But thou shalt be recompensed at the resurreccyon of the iuste men.
15 When one of them (that sat at meate also) hearde these thynges, he sayd vnto him: happy is he that eateth bread in the kyngdome of God.
16 Then sayde he vnto him. A certayne man ordened a greate supper, and bade many,
17 and sent his seruaunt at supper tyme, to saye to them that were bydden, come: for all thinges are now ready.
18 And they all atonce beganne to make excuse. The fyrst sayde vnto him: I haue bought a farme, and I must nedes go, & se it, I praye the haue me excused.
19 And another sayde: I haue bought fyue yooke of oxen, and I go to proue them, I praye the, haue me excused.
20 And another sayde: I haue maried a wyfe, and therfore I cannot come.
21 And the seruaunt returned and brought his master worde agayne therof. Then was the good man of the house displeased, and sayde to his seruaunt: Goo out quickly into the stretes and quarters of the cytie, and bring in hyther the poore, and the feble, and the halt and the blynde.
22 And the seruaunt sayd: Lorde, it is done as thou hast commaunded, and yet there is rowme.
23 And şe Lorde sayd to the seruaunt: Go out vnto the hye wayes and hedges, and compell them to come in, that my house maye be fylled,
24 For I saye vnto you, şt none of those men which were bydden, shall tast of my supper.
25 Ther went a greate company with hym, and he turned, and sayd vnto them:
26 If a man come to me, and hate not hys father and mother, and wyfe and chyldren, and brethren, and systers, yee, and his awne lyfe also, he cannot be my disciple.
27 And whosoeuer doth not beare his crosse, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.
28 Which of you disposed to buylde a toure, sytteth not downe before, and counteth the cost, whether he haue sufficient to performe it?
29 lest after he hath layde the foundacyon, and is not able to performe it, all that beholde it, begynne to mocke hym,
30 sayinge: this man beganne to buylde, & was not able to make an ende?
31 Or what kyng goinge to make batayle agaynst another kinge, sytteth not downe fyrst, and casteth in his mynde, whether he be able with ten thousande, to mete him, that commeth agaynst him with .xx. thousande?
32 Or els while the other is yet a greate waye of he sendeth ambassatoures, and desireth peace.
33 So lykewyse, whosoeuer he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.
34 Salt is good, but yf salt haue loste the saltnes, what shal be seasoned ther with?
35 It is nether good for the lande, nor yet for the donge hill, but men cast it out at the dores. He that hath eares to heare, let him heare.




1 Then resorted vnto him all the publicans and synners, for to heare him.
2 And the Pharises and Scribes murmured, sayinge. He receaueth synners, and eateth with them.
3 But he put forth this parable vnto them, saieng.
4 What man of you hauynge an hundred shepe (yf he lose one of them) doth not leaue nynty and nyne in the wildernes, and go after that which is lost, vntill he fynde it?
5 And when he hath founde it, he laieth it on his shulders with ioye.
6 And assone as he cometh home, he calleth together his louers and neyghbours, saying vnto them: Reioyse with me for I haue founde my shepe, which was loost.
7 I say vnto you, that like wyse ioye shalbe in heauen ouer one synner that repenteth, more then ouer nynty and nyne iuste persons, which nede no repentaunce.
8 Ether what woman (hauynge ten grotes, yf she loose one) doth not light a candell, and swepe the housse, and seke diligently tyll she fynde it?
9 And when she hath founde it, she calleth her louers and her neyghbours together, sayinge: Reioyce with me, for I haue founde the grote which I had lost.
10 Likewyse I saye vnto you, shall ther be ioye in the presence of the angels of God, ouer one synner that repenteth.
11 And he sayd: A certayne man had two sonnes,
12 and the yonger of them sayde vnto the father: father, geue me the porcion of the goodes, şt to me belongeth. And he deuided vnto them his substance.
13 And not longe after, whan the yonger sonne had gathered all that he had together, he toke his iorney into a far countreye, and there he wasted his goodes with ryotous liuing.
14 And when he had spent all, ther arose a greate derth in all that land, and he began to lacke,
15 and went, and came to a citesyn of the same countre: and he sent him to his farme, to kepe swyne.
16 And he wolde fayne haue fylled his bely with the coddes şt the swyne dyd eate: & no man gaue vnto him.
17 Then he came to him selfe, and sayd: how many hyred seruauntes at my fathers haue breed ynough? and I perishe with honger.
18 I wyll aryse, and go to my father, and will saye vnto him: father, I haue synned agaynst heauen, and before the,
19 & am no more worthy to be called thy sonne, make me as one of thy hyred seruauntes.
20 And he arose, & came to his father. But when he was yet a greate waye of, his father sawe him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kyssed him.
21 And the sonne sayde vnto him: father, I haue synned agaynst heauen, and in thy syght, & am nomore worthy to be called thy sonne.
22 But the father sayd to his seruauntes: brynge forth the best garment, and put it on him, and put a rynge on his hande, and shoes on his fete.
23 And brynge hyther that fatt caulfe, and kyll it, and let vs eate and be mery:
24 for this my sonne was deed, and is alyue agayne, he was loste, and is founde. And they began to be merye.
25 The elder brother was in the felde: and when he came and drewe nye to the housse, he herde mynstrelsy & daunsynge,
26 and called one of his seruauntes, and asked, what those thynges meante.
27 And he sayd vnto him: thy brother is come, and thy father hath kylled the fatt caulfe, because he hath receaued him safe and sounde.
28 And he was angry, and wolde not go in. Then came hys father out, and entreated him.
29 He answered and sayde to his father: Lo, these many yeares haue I done the seruice, nether brake at any tyme thy commaundement, and yet gauest thou me neuer a kid, to make mery with my frendes:
30 but assone as this thy sonne was come (which hath deuoured thy goodes with harlotes) thou haste for his pleasure kylled the fatt caulfe.
31 And he sayde vnto him: Sonne, thou art euer with me, and all that I haue is thyne:
32 it was mete that we shulde make mery and be glad: for this thy brother was deed, and is alyue agayne: and was loste, and is founde.




1 And he sayde also vnto his disciples. Ther was a certayn ryche man, whichhad a stewarde, and the same was accused vnto hym, that he had wasted hys goodes.
2 And he called him, and sayde vnto him: How is it, that I heare thys of the? Geue acomptes of thy stewardshype: For thou mayste be no longer steward.
3 The stewarde sayde with in him selfe: what shall I do? for my Master taketh awaye from me the stewardeshypp. I cannot dygge, and to begge I am ashamed.
4 I wote what to do, şt when I am put out of the stewardship, they maye receaue me into their houses.
5 So whan he had called all hys masters detters together, he sayde vnto the fyrst: how moch owest thou vnto my master?
6 And he sayd: an hundred tonnes of oyle. And he sayde vnto him: take thy byll, & syt doune quyckly and wryte fyftye.
7 Then sayd he to another: how moch owest thou? And he sayde: an hondred quarters of wheate. He sayde vnto him. Take thy byll, and wryte foure scoore.
8 And the Lorde commended the vniust stewarde, because he had done wysly. For the chyldren of this worlde are in theyr nacion, wyser then the chyldren of lyght.
9 And I saye vnto you: make you frendes of the vnryghteous mammon, that when ye shall haue nede they may receaue you into euerlastyng habitacyons.
10 He that is faythfull in that which is least, is faythfull also in moch. And he that is vnryghteous in the least: is vnryghteous also in moch.
11 So then, yf ye haue not ben faythfull in the vnryghteous mammon, who wyll beleue you in that which is true?
12 And yf ye haue not bene faythfull in another mannes busynes, who shal geue you şt which is your awne?
13 No seruaunt can serue two masters: for ether he shall hate the one, and loue the other: or els he shall leane to şe one, & despyse the other. Ye cannot serue God & mammon.
14 All these thynges herde the Pharyses also, which were couetous, and they mocked him.
15 And he sayd vnto them: Ye are they which iustifye youre selues before men: but God knoweth youre hertes. For that which is hyghlye estemed amonge men, is abhominable in the syght of God.
16 The lawe and the Prophetes raygned vntyll Iohn: and sence that tyme, the kyngdome of God is preached, and euery man stryueth to go in.
17 Easyer is it for heauen and erth to peryshe, then one tytle of the lawe to fayll.
18 Whosoeuer forsaketh hys wyfe, and marieth another, committeth aduoutrye. And he which marieth her that is deuorsed from her husbande, committeth aduoutry also.
19 Ther was a certayne ryche man, which was clothed in purple and fyne whyte, and fared deliciously euery dyae:
20 And there was a certayne begger named Lazarus, which laye at his gate full of sores,
21 desyrynge to be refresshed with the cromes, which fell from the ryche mannes borde. The dogges came also, and lycked his sores,
22 And it fortuned, that the begger died, and was caryed by the angelles into Abrahams bosome. The riche man also dyed, and was buryed.
23 And beynge in hell in tormentes, he lyfte vp hys eyes and sawe Abraham a farre of and Lazarus in hys bosome,
24 and he cryed and sayde: father Abraham: haue mercy on me, and sende Lazarus, that he maye dyppe the typpe of hys fynger in water, and cole my tonge: for I am tormented in this flame.
25 But Abraham sayde: Sonne remember that thou in thy lyfe tyme, receauedst thy pleasure, & contrary wyse, Lazarus receaued payne. But now is he conforted, and thou art punisshed.
26 Beyonde all this, betwene vs and you ther is a greate space set, so şt they which wolde go from hence to you, cannot: nether maye come from thence to vs.
27 Then he sayd: I praye the therfore father, sende him to my fathers house.
28 (For I haue fyue brethren) for to warne them, lest they also come into this place of tourment.
29 Abraham sayde vnto him: they haue Moses and the Prophetes, let them heare them.
30 And he sayde: naye father Abraham, but yf one come vnto them from the deed, they wyll repent.
31 He sayde vnto him: If they heare not Moses and the Prophetes, nether wyll they beleue, though one rose from deeth agayne.




1 He sayde vnto the disciples: it cannot be: but offences wyll come. Neuerthelesse wo vnto hym thorow whom they come.
2 It were better for him that a mylstone were hanged aboute his neck, and he cast into the see, then that he shulde offende one of these lytleons.
3 Take hede to youre selues. If thy brother trespas agaynst the, rebuke hym:
4 and yf he repent, forgeue hym. And though he synne agaynst the seuen tymes in a daye, and seuen tymes in a daye tourne agayne to the, sayinge: it repenteth me, thou shalt forgeue hym.
5 And the Apostles sayde vnto the Lorde: increase oure fayth.
6 And the Lorde sayde: yf ye had fayth lyke a grayne of mustarde sede, & shuld saye vnto this Sycamyne tree, plucke thy selfe vp by the rootes, and plant thy selfe in the see: it shulde obey you.
7 Who is it of you; yf he had a seruaunte plowynge or fedynge catell, that wyll saye vnto hym when he commeth from the felde: Go quyckly, and syt downe to meat,
8 & sayth not rather vnto him, dresse, wherwt I maye supp, & gyrde vp thy selfe, and serue me, tyll I haue eaten and droncken: and afterward, eate thou, and drincke thou?
9 Doeth he thanke that seruaunt, because he dyd the thynges that were commaunded vnto him? I trowe not.
10 So lyke wyse ye, when ye haue done all those thynges which are commaunded you, saye: we are vnprofitable seruauntes. We haue done that, which was oure duety to do.
11 And it chaunsed as he went to Ierusalem, that he passed thorow Samaria and Galile,
12 And as he entred into a certayne towne, ther met him ten men that were lepers. Which stode a farre of,
13 and put forth theyr voyces and sayde: Iesu master, haue mercy on vs.
14 When he sawe them he sayd vnto them: Go, shewe youre selues vnto the Prestes. And it came to passe, that as they went, they were clensed
15 And one of them, when he sawe that he was clensed, turned backe agayne, & with a loude voyce praysed God,
16 and fell doune on hys face at hys fete, and gaue hym thankes. And the same was a Samaritane.
17 And Iesus answered, & sayde: are ther not ten clensed? But where are those nyne?
18 Ther are not founde that returned agayne, to geue God prayse, saue only this straunger.
19 And he sayd vnto him: aryse, go thy waye, thy fayth hath made the whoale.
20 When he was demaunded of the Pharises, when the kyngdome of God shulde come, he answered them and sayd: The kyngdome of God shall not come with wayting for,
21 nether shal they saye. Lo here, Or lo there: For beholde the kyngdome of God is within you.
22 And he sayde vnto the disciples: şe dayes wyll come, when ye shall desyre to se one daye of the sonne of man, and ye shall not se it.
23 And they shall saye to you: Se here, Se there. Go not after them, nor folowe them:
24 for as the lyghtenynge that apereth out of the one parte that is vnder heauen, & shyneth vnto the other parte which is vnder heauen, so shall the sonne of man be in hys dayes.
25 But fyrst must he suffre many thynges & be refused of this nacion.
26 And as it happened in şe dayes of Noe: so shall it be also in the dayes of the sonne of man.
27 They dyd eate & dryncke, they maryed wyues and were maried, euen vnto that same daye that Noe went into the Arke: and the floude cam, and destroyed them all.
28 Lykewyse also as it chaunced in the dayes of Lot . They dyd eate, they drancke, they bought, they solde they planted, they buylded:
29 But euen the same daye that Lot went out of Zodom, it rayned with fyre and brymstone from heauen, & destroyed them all.
30 Euen thus, shall it be in the daye, when the sonne of man shall appere.
31 At that daye he that is on şe house topp, and his stuffe in the house: let him not come downe to take it out. And let not him that is in the felde, turne backe agayne to şe thinges that he lefte behinde.
32 Remember Lottes wyfe.
33 Whosoeuer wyll go aboute to saue his lyfe, shal lose it: and whosoeuer shall lose his lyfe, shall saue it.
34 I tell you: in that night ther shalbe two in one bed, the one shalbe receaued, the other shalbe forsaken:
35 Two shalbe agryndynge together: the one shalbe receaued, and the other forsaken.
36 <>
37 And they answered, and sayd to him, where Lorde. He sayde vnto them: whersoeuer the body shalbe, thyther wyll also that Egles be gathered together.




1 And he put forth a parable vnto them, signifying that men ought all wayes to praye and not to be wery,
2 sayinge: Ther was in a certayne cytie a iudge, which feared not God, nether regarded man.
3 And ther was a certayne wedowe in the same cytye, and she came vnto hym, sayinge: auenge me of myne aduersary.
4 And he wolde not for a whyle. But after warde he sayd within him selfe: though I feare not God, nor care for man,
5 yet because thys wedowe is importune vpon me, I wyll auenge her, lest she come at the last and rayle on me.
6 And the Lorde sayde, heare what the vnryghtewes Iudge sayeth.
7 And shal not God auenge his electe, which crye daye and nyght vnto him, yee, though he deferre them?
8 I tell you that he will auenge them, & that quickly. Neuerthelesse, when the sonne of man commeth, shall he fynde fayth on the erth?
9 And he tolde this parable, vnto certayne which trusted in them selues that they were perfecte, and despysed other
10 Two men went vp into the temple to praye: the one a Pharise, and the other a publican.
11 The Pharyse stode and prayed thus with hym selfe: God, I thancke the, that I am not as other men are, extorsioners, vniuste, aduoutrers, or as this publycan.
12 I fast twyse in the weke. I geuetythe of all that I possesse.
13 And the publican stondyng a farre of, wolde not lyfte vp his eyes to heauen, but smote vpon hys brest , saying: God be mercyfull to me a synner:
14 I tell you: thys man departed home to hys house iustyfyed, more then the other. For euery one that exalteth him self, shalbe brought lowe: And he that humbleth him selfe, shalbe exalted.
15 They brought vnto him also yong children, that he shulde touche them. When hys dysciples sawe it, they rebuked them.
16 But Iesus (whan he had called them vnto hym) sayde: Suffre children to come vnto me, and forbyd them not. For of soch is the kyngdome of God.
17 Uerely I saye vnto you: whosoeuer receaueth not the kyngdome of God as a chylde, shall not enter therin.
18 And a certayne ruler asked him, sayinge: good master, what ought I to do, to obtaine eternall lyfe?
19 Iesus sayd vnto him: Why callest thou me good? None is good, saue God onely.
20 Thou knowest the commaundementes: Thou shalt not commit aduoutry: şu shalt not kyll: thou shalt not steale, thou shalt not beare false wytnes: honoure thy father & thy mother.
21 And he sayde: all these haue I kept from my youth vp.
22 When Iesus hearde that, he sayd vnto hym: Yet lackest thou one thynge. Sell all şt thou hast, and distrybute vnto the poore, and thou shalt haue treasure in heauen, and come, folowe me.
23 When he hearde thys, he was sory: for he was very ryche.
24 When Iesus sawe şt he was sory, he sayde wyth what difficulte shall they that haue mony, enter into the kingdome of God?
25 it is easyer for a camell to go thorow a nedles eye, then for a ryche man to enter into the kyngdome of God.
26 And they that hearde it: sayd. And who can then be saued?
27 And he sayde: The thynges which are vnpossyble wt men, are possyble wyth God.
28 Then Peter sayde. Lo, we haue forsaken all, and folowed the.
29 He sayde vnto them: Uerely I saye vnto you: ther is no man that hath forsaken house, ether father or mother, ether brethren, or wyfe, or chyldren (for the kyngdome of Goddes sake)
30 whych shall not receaue moch more in this worlde, and in the worlde to come, lyfe euerlastynge.
31 Iesus toke vnto him the twelue, & sayd vnto them: Beholde, we go vp to Ierusalem, and all shalbe fulfylled, that are wrytten by the Prophetes, of the sonne of man.
32 For he shalbe delyuered vnto the gentyls, & shalbe mocked, and despytfully entreated, & spytted on:
33 & when they haue scourged him, they wyll put hym to deeth, and the thyrd daye he shall aryse agayne.
34 And they vnderstode none of these thynges. And this saying was hyd from them, so that they perceaued not the thynges which were spoken.
35 And it came to passe, that as he was come nye vnto Hierico, a certayne blynde man sate by the waye syde, beggynge.
36 And when he hearde the people passe by, he asked what it meant.
37 And they sayde vnto hym, that Iesus of Nazareth passed by.
38 And he cryed, sayinge: Iesu thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy on me.
39 And they whych went before, rebuked hym, that he shulde holde his peace. But he cryed so moch the more: thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy on me.
40 And Iesus stode styll, and commaunded hym to be brought vnto hym. And when he was come neare, he asked hym,
41 sayinge: what wilt thou that I do vnto the? And he sayde: Lorde, that I maye receaue my syght.
42 And Iesus sayd vnto hym: receaue thy syght: thy fayth, hath saued the.
43 And immediatly he receaued his syght, and folowed hym, praysynge God. And all the people, when they sawe it, gaue prayse vnto God.




1 And he entred in, & went thorow Hierico.
2 And behold, ther was a man named Zacheus, whych was a ruler amonge the Publicans, and was ryche also.
3 And he sought meanes to se Iesus, what he shuld be: and coulde not for the preace, because he was lytle of stature.
4 And he ran before, and clymed vp into a wylde fygge tree, to se him: for he was to come that waye.
5 And when Iesus cam to the place, he looked vp, and sawe hym, and sayd vnto him: Zache, come downe atonce, for to daye I must abyde at thy house.
6 And he came downe hastelye, and receaued hym ioyfully.
7 And when they sawe it, they all grudged, sayinge: He is gone in to tary with a man that is a synner.
8 And Zache stode forth, and sayd vnto the Lorde: beholde Lorde, the halfe of my goodes I geue to the poore: and yf I haue done eny man wronge, I restore him foure folde.
9 Iesus sayde vnto him: this daye is health happened vnto thys house, because that he also is become the chylde of Abraham:
10 For the sonne of man is come to seke, and to saue that whych was loste.
11 As they hearde these thynges, he added therto a parable, because he was nye to Ierusalem, and because they thought, that the kyngdome of God shulde shortly appeare.
12 He sayde therfore: a certayne noble man went into a farre countre, to receaue hym a kyngdome, and to come agayne.
13 And he called hys ten seruauntes, and delyuered them ten pounde, sayinge vnto them: Occupye, tyll I come.
14 But hys cytesens hated hym, & sent a message after him, sayinge: we will not haue thys man to raygne ouer vs.
15 And it came to passe, that when he had receaued his kingdome, he returned, & commaunded these seruauntes to be called vnto hym (to whom he had geuen the money) to wete how moch euery man had done.
16 Then came şe fyrst, saying: Lorde, thy pounde hath gayned ten pounde.
17 And he sayd vnto hym: Well thou good seruaunt: because thou hast bene faythfull in a very lytell thynge, haue thou auctoryte ouer ten cyties.
18 And another came, sayinge: Lorde, thy pounde hath made fyue pounde.
19 And to the same he sayde: be thou also ruler ouer fyue cyties.
20 And another came, saying: Lorde, beholde here is thy pounde, whych I haue kepte in a napkyn:
21 for I feared the, because thou art a strayte man: thou takest vp that thou laydest not downe, and reapest that thou dyddest not sowe.
22 He sayeth vnto hym: Of thyne awne mouth, wyll I iugde the, thou euyll seruaunt. Knewest thou that I am a strayte man, takynge vp that I layde not downe, & reapynge that I dyd not sowe?
23 And wherfore gauest not thou my money into the banke, and at my commynge I myght haue required myne awne wyth vauntage?
24 And he sayd vnto them that stode by, take from hym that pounde, and geue it hym that hath ten pounde.
25 And they sayde vnto hym: Lorde, he hath ten pounde.
26 For I saye vnto you, that vnto euery one which hath, shalbe geuen & from him that hath not shalbe taken awaye, euen that whych he hath.
27 Moreouer, those myne enemyes, (whych wolde not şt I shuld raygne ouer them) brynge hyther, and slee them before me.
28 And when he had thus spoken, he proceaded forth, takynge hys iourney, to go vp to Ierusalem.
29 And it fortuned, when he was come nye to Bethphage & Bethany , besydes şe mounte whych is called Olyuete, he sent two of hys discyples
30 sayinge: go ye into şe towne, which is ouer agaynst you: Into the whych assone as ye are come, ye shall fynde an asses coltetyed, wheron yet neuer man sate. Loose him, and bringe hym hyther.
31 And yf eny man aske you, why do ye loose him? thus shall ye saye vnto hym: the Lorde hath nede therof.
32 They that were sent, went their waye, and founde, euen as he had sayd vnto them.
33 And as they were a lossynge the colte, the owners therof sayd vnto them, why loose ye the colte?
34 And they sayde: for the Lorde hath nede of hym.
35 And they brought him to Iesus, and cast their rayment on the colte, and sett Iesus theron.
36 And as he went, they spredde theyr clothes in the waye.
37 And when he was now come nye to hye goyng downe of the mounte Olyuete, the whole multitude of the discyples began to reioyce, & to prayse God with a loude voyce, for all the myracles that they had sene,
38 sayinge: blessed be the kynge that commeth in the name of the Lorde: peace in heauen, and glory in the hyest:
39 And some of şe Pharyses of the company sayd vnto hym: Master, rebuke the disciples.
40 He sayd vnto them: I tell you, şt yf these holde theyr peace, then shall the stones crye.
41 And when he was come neare, he behelde the cytie, and wept on it,
42 sayinge: If thou haddest knowen those thynges whych belonge vnto thy peace, euen in thys thy daye, şu woldst take hede. But now are they hydde from thyne eyes.
43 For the dayes shall come vpon the, that thy enemyes also shall cast a banke aboute the, and compasse şe rounde, and kepe the in on euery syde,
44 and make the euen wyth the grounde, and thy chyldren which are in the. And they shall not leaue in şe one stone vpon another, because thou knowest not the tyme of thy visitacyon.
45 And he went into the temple, and beganne to cast out them that solde therin, and them that bought,
46 sayinge vnto them: It is written: my house is the house of prayer: but ye haue made it a den of theues:
47 And he taught dayly in the temple. But the hye Prestes & the scrybes and the chefe of the people went aboute to destroye hym:
48 & coulde not fynde what to do. For all şe people stacke by hym, whan they hearde hym.




1 And it fortuned in one of those dayes (as he taught the people in the temple and preached the gospell) the hye Prestes and the Sribes came together wyth the elders,
2 & spake vnto him sayinge: Tell vs: by what auctorite doest thou these thynges? Ether who is he, şt gaue the thys auctorite?
3 Iesus answered & sayd vnto them: I also will aske you one thyng, & answer me.
4 The baptyme of Iohn: was it from heauen or of men?
5 And they thought wyth in them selues sayinge: yf we saye from heauen, he will saye: why then beleued ye hym not?
6 But & yf we saye: of men, all şe people wyll stone vs. For they be perswaded, that Iohn is a Prophete.
7 And they answered, that they coulde not tell whence it was.
8 And Iesus sayd vnto them: nether tell I you, by what auctoryte I do these thynges.
9 Then beganne he to put forth to the people thys parable: A certayne man planted a vyneyarde, and let it forth to husband men, and went hym selfe into a straunge countre for a greate season.
10 And when the tyme was come, he sent a seruaunt to the husband men, that they shulde geue hym of the frute of the vineyarde. And they bet hym, and sent hym, awaye emptye.
11 And agayne, he sent yet another seruaunt. And hym they dyd beat, and entreated hym shamefully, and sent hym awaye emptye.
12 Agayne, he sent the thyrde also, and hym they wounded, and cast hym out.
13 Then sayd the Lord of the vineyarde: what shall I do? I wyll sende my deare sonne: peraduenture they will stande in awe of him, when they se hym.
14 But when şe husbandmen sawe hym, they thought within them selues, sayinge: this is the heyre, come, let vs kyll hym, that the enheritaunce maye be oures.
15 And they cast him out of şe vineyarde, & kylled him. What shall the Lord of şe vineiarde therfore do vnto them?
16 He shall come, & destroye these husbandmen, & shall let out hys vineyarde to other. When they hearde thys, they sayde: God forbyd.
17 And he behelde them, and sayde: what is thys then that is wrytten: the stone that the buylders refused, the same is become the heed of the corner?
18 Whosoeuer doth stomble vpon şe stone, shalbe broken: but on whosoeuer it falleth, it wyll grynde him to powder.
19 And the hye prestes and the Scrybes the same houre went about to laye handes on hym, and they feared the people. For they perceaued that he had spoken thys symilitude agaynst them.
20 And they watched hym, & sent forth spies, which shuld fayne them selues ryghteous men, to take him in hys wordes, and to delyuer him vnto şe power & auctorite of the debyte.
21 And they asked hym, saying: Master, we knowe that thou sayest and teachest ryght, nether consyderest şu the outward appearaunce of eny man, but teachest the waye of God truly.
22 Is it laufull for vs to geue trybute vnto Cesar, or no?
23 He perceaued theyr craftines, and sayde vnto them: why tempt ye me?
24 Shewe me a peny. Whose ymage & superscripcion hath it? They answered and sayde: Cesars.
25 And he sayde vnto them: geue then vnto Cesar, the thynges whych belonge vnto Cesar: & to God the thynges that pertayne vnto God.
26 And they coulde not reproue his sayinge before the people: & they maruayled at his answer, and helde their peace.
27 Then came to hym certayne of the Saduces, which denye that ther is eny resurreccion. And they asked him
28 sayinge: Master, Moses wrote vnto vs, yf eny mannes brother dye hauing a wyfe, & he dye without chyldren, that then hys brother shulde take hys wyfe, and rayse vp seede vnto hys brother.
29 Ther were therfore seuen brethren, and the fyrste toke a wyfe, & dyed without chyldren.
30 And the seconde toke her, and he dyed chyldelesse.
31 And the thyrde toke her: and in lykewise the residue of the seuen, and left no chyldren behynde them, and dyed.
32 Last of all the woman dyed also.
33 Now in the resurreccion, whose wyfe of them shall she be? For seuen had her to wyfe.
34 Iesus answered and sayd vnto them. The chyldren of this worlde mary wyues, and are maryed:
35 but they whych shalbe counted worthy of that worlde and the resurreccion from the deed, do not mary wyues, nether are maryed,
36 nor yet can dye eny more, For they are equall vnto the angels, and are the sonnes of God, in as moch as they are chyldren of şe resurreccion.
37 And that the deed shall ryse agayne: Moses also sheweth besides the busshe, when he calleth: the Lord, the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Iacob.
38 For he is not a God of deed, but of lyuynge. For all lyue vnto him.
39 Then certayne of the Pharises answered, annd sayd: Master, thou hast wel sayd.
40 And after that durst they not aske him eny question at all.
41 And he sayde vnto them: how saye they that Chryst is Dauids sonne?
42 And Dauid him selfe sayeth in the boke of şe Psalmes: The Lorde sayde vnto my Lorde: syt thou on my ryght hande,
43 tyll I make thyne enemyes thy fote stole.
44 Dauid therfore calleth hym Lord: and how is he then hys sonne?
45 Then in the audyence of all the people, he sayde vnto his disciples:
46 beware of şe Scribes, whych wyll go in longe clothynge: & loue gretynges in the markets, and the hyest seates in the synagoges, and the chefe rowmes at feastes,
47 whych deuoure wyddowes houses, faynyng longe prayers: the same shall receaue greater dampnacyon.




1 As he behelde, he sawe the ryche men, whych cast in their offeringes into the treasury.
2 He sawe also a certyane poore wyddowe, whych cast in thyther two mytes.
3 And he sayde: of a trueth I saye vnto you, that thys poore wyddow hath put in moare then they all.
4 For they all haue of theyr superfluyte added vnto the offerynges of God: but she, of her penury hath cast in all the substaunce that she had.
5 And vnto some that spake of the temple, how it was garnysshed with goodly stones and Iewels, he sayde.
6 The dayes wyll come, in the which (of these thynges which ye se) there shall not be lefte one stone vpon another, şt shall not be thorowen doune.
7 And they asked hym sayinge: Master, when shall these thynges be, and what sygne wyll ther be when soch thynges come to passe?
8 And he sayde: take hede, that ye be not deceaued. For many shall come in my name, and saye that they are Chryst: and the tyme draweth neare. Folowe ye not them therfore.
9 But when ye heare of warres and sedicions, be not afrayed. For these thynges must first come to passe, but the ende foloweth not by and by.
10 Then sayde he vnto them: Nacion shall ryse agaynst nacion, & kyngdome agaynst kyngdome,
11 and greate erthquakes shalbe in all places, and honger, and pestilence, & fearfull thinges. And greate sygnes shall ther be from heauen.
12 But before all these, they shall laye handes on you, and persecute you, delyuerynge you vp to the Synagoges & into presons, & shall bringe you vnto kynges & rulers for my names sake.
13 And thys shall chaunce you for a testimoniall.
14 Be at a sure point therfore in your hertes, not to study before, what ye shal answere:
15 for I wyll geue you a mouth & wysdome, where agaynste, all your aduersaries shall not be able to speake nor resist.
16 Moreouer ye shalbe betrayd of your fathers and mothers & brethren, & kynsfolke & frendes, and some of you shall they put to deeth.
17 And hated shall ye be of all men for my names sake,
18 & ther shall not one herre of youre head perysshe.
19 Possesse ye youre soule by pacience.
20 And when ye se Ierusalem beseged wyth an hoste, then be sure that the desolacyon, of the same is nye.
21 Then let them which are in Iewrye, flye to the mountaynes. And let them whych are in the myddes of it, departe out. And let not them that are in other countreyes, enter therin.
22 For these be the dayes of vengeaunce, that all thynges which are wrytten, maye be fulfylled.
23 But wo vnto them that be with chylde, & to them that geue sucke in those dayes: for there shalbe greate trouble in the lande, and wrath ouer all this people.
24 And they shall fall thorow the edge of the swearde, and shalbe ledd awaye captyue into all nacions. And Ierusalem shalbe troden downe of the gentyls, vntyll the tyme of the gentyls be fulfylled.
25 And ther shalbe sygnes in the Sonne, and in the Moone, and in the starres: and in the erth the people shalbe at their wyttes ende, thorow dispayre. The see and the water shall roare,
26 and mennes hertes shall fayle them for feare, and for lokynge after those thynges which shall come on the erth. For the powers of heauen shall moue.
27 And then shall they se the sonne of man come in a cloude with power and greate glory.
28 When these thynges begynne to come to passe: then loke vp, and lyfte vp youre heades, for youre redempcyon draweth nye.
29 And he shewed them a symilitude: beholde the fygge tree, and all the trees,
30 when they shoot forth their buddes, ye se and knowe of youre awne selues, şt sommer is then nye at hand.
31 So lykewyse ye also (when ye se these thynges come to passe) be sure, that the kyngdome of God is nye.
32 Uerely I saye vnto you: this generacion shall not passe, tyll all be fulfylled.
33 Heauen and erth shall passe: but my wordes shall not passe.
34 Take hede to your selues, lest at anye tyme youre hertes be ouercome with surfettynge and dronkennes and cares of thys lyfe, and so the daye come vpon you vnwares.
35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole erth.
36 Watch ye therfore contynually, and praye, that ye maye escape all these thynges that shall come, and that ye maye stande before the sonne of man.
37 In the daye tyme, he taught in the temple: and at nyght, he went out, and abode in the mount that is called Olyuete.
38 And all the people came in the mornynge to hym in the temple, for to heare hym.




1 The feast of swete breed drue nye, which is called Easter,
2 and the hye Prestes, and Scrybes sought how they myght kyll him, for they feared the people.
3 Then entred Satan into Iudas, whose syr name was Iscarioth (which was of the nombre of the twelue)
4 and he went his waye and communed with the hye prestes and officers, how he myght betraye him to them.
5 And they were glad & promysed to geue hym money.
6 And he consented, and sought oportunyte to betraye hym vnto them, when the people were awaye.
7 Then came the daye of swete breed, when of necessyte Passeouer must be offered.
8 And he sent Peter & Iohn, sayinge: go & prepare vs the Passeouer, that we maye eate.
9 They sayde vnto him. Where wilt thou, şt we prepare?
10 And he sayd vnto them: Beholde, when ye entre into the cytie, ther shall a man mete you, bearynge a pytcher of water, him folowe into the same house that he entreth in,
11 and ye shall saye vnto the good man of the house: The master sayeth vnto the: where is şe gest chamber, where I shall eate Passeouer wt my disciples?
12 And he shall shewe you a greate parloure paued. Ther make ready.
13 And they went and founde as he had sayd vnto them, and they made ready the Passeouer.
14 And when the houre was come, he sate downe, & the .xij. Apostles wyth hym.
15 And he sayde vnto them: I haue inwardly desyred to eate thys Passeouer wyth you, before that I suffre.
16 For I saye vnto you: hence forth I wyll not eate of it eny more, vntyll it be fulfilled in the kyngdome of God.
17 And he toke the cup, and gaue thankes, and sayd: Take thys, and deuyde it amonge you.
18 For I saye vnto you: I wyll not dryncke of the frute of the vyne, vntyll the kyngdome of God come.
19 And he toke breed, and whan he had geuen thankes, he brake it, and gaue vnto them, sayinge: Thys is my body, whych is geuen for you. Thys do, in the remembraunce of me.
20 Lykewyse also, when he had supped, he toke the cup, sayinge: Thys cup is the new testament in my bloude, whych is shedd for you.
21 Yet beholde, şe hande of hym that betrayeth me, is wyth me on the table.
22 And trulye the sonne of man goeth, as it is apoynted: But wo vnto that man, by whom he is betrayed.
23 And they began to enquyre amonge them selues, whych of them it was, şt shulde do it.
24 And ther was a stryfe amonge them, whych of them shuld seme to be the greatest.
25 And he sayde vnto them: the kynges of nacyons raygne ouer them: and they that haue auctoryte vpon them, are called gracious lordes.
26 But ye shall not be so. But he that is greatest amonge you, shalbe as the younger: and he that is chefe, shalbe as he that doth mynister.
27 For whether is greater, he that sytteth at meate, or he that serueth? Is not he şt sytteth at meate? But I am amonge you, as he şt mynistreth.
28 Ye are they, whych haue bydden wyth me in my temptacyons.
29 And I apoynt vnto you a kyngdom, as my father hath apoynted to me:
30 that ye maye eate and dryncke at my table in my kyngdome, & syt on seates, iudgynge the twelue trybes of Israell.
31 And the Lord sayde: Symon, Simon, beholde, Satan hath desyred to syfte you, as it were wheate:
32 but I haue prayed for the, that thy fayth fayle not. And when thou arte conuerted, strength thy brethren.
33 And he sayde vnto hym: Lorde, I am ready to go wyth the into preson, and to deeth.
34 And he sayd: I tell the Peter, the cocke shall not crowe thys daye, tyll thou haue thryse denyed that thou knewest me.
35 And he sayde vnto them: when I sent you wythout wallet and scryppe and shoes lacked ye eny thynge? And they sayde, no.
36 Then he sayde vnto them: but now he that hath a wallet, let hym take it vp, and lykewyse hys scrippe. And he şt hath no swearde, let hym sell hys coate, and bye one.
37 For I saye vnto you, that yet the same whych is wrytten, must be performed in me: euen among the wycked was he reputed. For those thynges whych are wrytten of me, haue an ende.
38 And they sayde: Lorde, beholde, here are two sweardes. And he sayde vnto them: it is ynough.
39 And he came out, and went (as he was wonte) to mounte Olyuete. And the discyples folowed hym.
40 And when he came to the place, he sayd vnto them: praye, lest ye fall into temptacyon.
41 And he gate hym selfe from them, about a stones cast, and kneled downe, and prayed,
42 saying: Father, yf thou wylt, remoue thys cup from me. Neuerthelesse, not my wyll, but thyne be fulfylled.
43 And ther appeared an angell vnto hym from heauen, confortynge hym.
44 And he was in an agoyne, and prayed the longer. And hys sweate was lyke droppes of bloud, trycklynge downe to şe grounde.
45 And whan he rose vp from prayer and was come to hys discyples, he founde them slepynge for heuynesse,
46 and sayde vnto them: why slepe ye? Ryse, and praye, lest ye fall into temptacyon.
47 Whyll he yet spake: beholde, ther came a company, and he that was called Iudas one of the twelue, went before them, and preased nye vnto Iesus, to kysse hym.
48 But Iesus sayde vnto hym: Iudas, betrayest thou the sonne of man wyth a kysse?
49 When they which were about hym, sawe what wolde folow, they sayde vnto him: Lorde, shall we smyte with swearde.
50 And one of them smote a seruaunt of the hye preste, & stroke of his ryght eare.
51 Iesus answered & sayde: suffre ye thus farre forth. And whan he touched hys eare he healed hym.
52 Then Iesus sayde vnto the hye prestes and rulers of the temple and the elders, whych were come to hym. Ye be come out, as vnto a thefe, wyth sweardes and staues.
53 When I was dayly wyth you in the temple, ye stretched forth no handes agaynst me. But thys is euen youre very houre, and the power of darcknes.
54 Then toke they hym, and ledde hym, and brought hym to the hye Preastes house. But Peter folowed a farre of
55 And when they had kyndled a fyre in the myddes of the palace, and were set downe together. Peter also sate downe amonge them.
56 But whan one of the wenches behelde hym, as he sate by the fyer (and loked vp on hym) she sayde: thys same felow was also wyth hym.
57 And he denyed hym, saying: woman: I knowe hym not.
58 And after a lytell whyle, another sawe hym, and sayd, thou art also of them. And Peter sayd: man I am not.
59 And about the space of an houre after, another affyrmed, sayinge: verely thys felowe was wyth hym also, for he is of Galile.
60 And Peter sayde: man I wote not what thou sayest. And immediatly whyll he yet spake, şe cocke crew.
61 And the Lorde tourned backe, and loked vpon Peter. And Peter remembred the worde of the Lord, how he had sayd vnto hym: before the cocke crowe, thou shalt deuye me thryse.
62 And Peter went out, and wepte byttrely.
63 And the men that toke Iesus, mocked him, and smote him:
64 and whan they had blyndfolded him, they stroke hym on the face, & asked hym, saying: arede, who is it that smote the?
65 And many other thynges despytfullye sayd they agaynst hym.
66 And assone as it was daye, the elders of the people and the hye Prestes and Scrybes, came together, and ledde hym into their councell, sayinge:
67 art thou very Chryst? tell vs. And he sayde vnto them: yf I tell you, ye wyll not beleue.
68 And yf I aske you, ye wyll not answere me, nor let me go:
69 Her after shall the sonne of man syt on the ryght hand of the power of God.
70 Then sayde they all: art thou then the sonne of God? He sayd: ye saye that I am.
71 And they sayde: what nede we eny further wytnes? For we oure selues haue herde of hys awne mouth.




1 And şe whole multitude of them arose, and led hym vnto Pylate.
2 And they beganne to accuse him, sayinge: we founde thys felowe peruertinge the people, and forbyddynge to paye tribute to Cesar: sayinge, that he is Chryst a kynge.
3 And Pylate apposed him, sayinge: art thou the kynge of the Iewes? He answered hym, and sayde: thou sayest it.
4 Then sayde Pylate to the hye Prestes, and to the people: I fynde no faute in this man.
5 And they were the more fearce, sayinge: He moueth the people, teachyng thorow out all Iewry, and beganne at Galile, euen to thys place.
6 When Pylate hearde mencyon of Galile, he asked, whether the man were of Galile.
7 And assone as he knewe that he belonged vnto Herodes iurisdiccyon, he sent him to Herode, whych was also at Ierusalem at that tyme.
8 And when Herode sawe Iesus, he was exceadyng glad, For he was desyrous to se hym of a longe season, because he had hearde many thynges of hym, and he trusted to haue sene some myracle done by hym.
9 Then he questyoned with him many wordes. But he answered hym nothyng.
10 The hye Prestes & Scrybes, stode forth, accused hym straytly.
11 And Herod wyth hys men of warre, despysed hym: and whan he had mocked hym, he arayed hym in whyte clothyng, and sent hym agayne to Pylate.
12 And the same daye Pylate and Herod were made frendes together. For before, they were a variaunce.
13 And Pylate called together şe hye Prestes and the rulers, and the people,
14 and sayde vnto them: ye haue brought thys man vnto me, as one that peruerteth the people. And beholde, I examyn hym before you, and fynde no faute in thys man, of those thynges where of ye accuse hym:
15 No nor yet Herode. For I sent you to hym: and lo, nothynge worthy of deeth is done to hym.
16 I wyll therfore chasten hym, and let hym losse.
17 For of necessyte, he must haue let one losse vnto them at the feast.
18 And all the people cryed at once, sayinge: awaye wyth hym, and delyuer to vs Barrabas:
19 (whych for a certayne insurreccyon made in şe cytie and for morther, was cast in preson)
20 Pylate spake agayne to them wyllynge to let Iesus losse,
21 But they cryed, sayinge: Crucifye hym, Crucifye hym.
22 He sayde vnto them şe thyrde tyme: What euyll hath he done? I fynde no cause of deeth in him. I wyll therfore chasten him, & let him go.
23 And they cryed wyth loude voyces, requiryng that he myght be crucyfyed. And the voyces: of them and of the hye Prestes preuayled.
24 And Pylate gaue sentence, that it shuld be as they requyred
25 and he let losse vnto them, hym that (for insurreccyon & morther) was cast into preson, whom they had desyred, and he delyuered vnto them Iesus, to do wt hym what they wolde.
26 And as they ledde hym awaye, they caught one Symon of Syren, commynge out of the felde: and on hym layde they the crosse, that he myght beare it after Iesus.
27 And there folowed hym a greate company of people, and of wemen whych bewayled and lamented hym.
28 But Iesus turned backe vnto them, and sayd: Ye daughters of Ierusalem, wepe not for me: but wepe for youre selues, and for youre chyldren.
29 For beholde, the dayes wyl come, in the which they shall saye: happy are the baren and the wombes that neuer bare, and the pappes which neuer gaue sucke.
30 Then shall they begynne to saye to the mountaynes: fall on vs: and to the hylles, couer vs.
31 For yf they do thys in a grene tree, what shalbe done in the drye?
32 And ther were two euyll doers ledde wt hym to be slayne.
33 And after that they were come to the place (which is called Caluary) ther they crucifyed him, & the euyl doers, one on the ryght hande, and the other on the lefte.
34 Then sayd Iesus: father forgeue them, for they wote not what they do. And they parted his rayment, and cast lottes.
35 And the people stode, and behelde. And the rulers mocked him wyth them, saying: he saued other men, let him saue him selfe, yf he be very Christ, the chosen of God.
36 The soudyers also mocked hym, and came, and offred hym veneger,
37 and sayd: yf thou be the kynge of şe Iewes, saue thy selfe.
38 And a superscripcyon was wrytten ouer hym, wt lettres of Greke, & Latin, and Hebrew: This is the kynge of the Iewes.
39 And one of the euyll doers whych were hanged, rayled on him, sayinge: If şu be Chryst, saue thy selfe and vs.
40 But the other answered & rebuked him, sayinge: Fearest thou not God, seynge thou art in the same dampnacyon?
41 We are ryghteously punysshed, for we receaue accordynge to oure dedes: But thys man hath done nothynge amysse.
42 And he sayde vnto Iesus. Lorde, remember me, when thou commest into thy kyngdome.
43 And Iesus sayde vnto hym: Uerely I saye vnto the: to daye shalt thou be wyth me in Paradyse.
44 And it was about the syxte houre. And ther was darcknes ouer all the earth, vntyll the nynth houre,
45 and the sonne was darckned. And the vayle of the temple dyd rent, euen thorow the myddes.
46 And whan Iesus had cryed with a loude voyce, he sayd: Father, into thy handes I commende my sprete. And when he thus had sayd, he gaue vp the goost.
47 When the Centuryon sawe what had happened, he gloryfyed God sayinge. Uerely, this was a righteous man.
48 And all the people şt came together to that syght, & sawe the thynges whych had happened, smote theyr brestes, and returned.
49 And all hys acquayntaunce and the wemen that folowed hym from Galile, stode a farre of, beholdynge these thynges.
50 And beholde ther was a man (named Ioseph) a councellour, and he was a good man and a iuste:
51 the same had not consented to the counsell & dede of them, whych was of Aramathia, a cytie of the Iewes, whych same also wayted for the kyngdome of God:
52 he went vnto Pylate, and begged the boddy of Iesus,
53 and toke it downe and wrapped it in a lynnen clooth, and layed it in a sepulchre that was hewen in stone, wherin neuer man before was layed.
54 And that daye was the preparyng of the Sabboth, and the Sabboth drue on.
55 The wemen that folowed after, whych had come wyth hym from Galile, behelde the sepulcre, and how his body was layed.
56 And they returned and prepared swete odoures and oyntmentes: but rested the Sabboth daye, accordynge to the commaundement.




1 But vpon the fyrst daye of the Sabbothes, very early in the mornynge, they came vnto the sepulcre, and brought the swete odoures whych they had prepared, and other wemen wyth them.
2 And they founde the stone rowled awaye from the sepulcre,
3 and they went in: but founde not the body of the Lorde Iesu.
4 And it happened, as they were amased therat, Beholde, two men stode by them in shynynge garmentes.
5 And as they were afrayde, and bowed doune theyr faces to the erth, they sayde vnto them: why seke ye the lyuynge amonge the deed?
6 He is not here: but is rysen. Remember, how he spake vnto you, when he was yet in Galile,
7 sayinge: that the sonne of man must be delyuered into the handes of synfull men, and be crucyfyed, and the thyrde daye ryse agayne.
8 And they remembred hys wordes,
9 & returned from the sepulcre, & tolde all these thynges vnto those eleuen, & to all the remnaunt.
10 It was Mary Magdalen, & Ioanna, and Mary Iacobi, and other that were wyth them, whych tolde these thynges vnto the Apostles.
11 And theyr wordes semed vnto them fayned thynges, nether beleued they them.
12 Then arose Peter and ran vnto the sepulchre, and loked in, and sawe the lynnen clothes layde by them selfe, and departed, wondrynge in hym selfe at that whych had happened.
13 And beholde, two of them went that same daye to a towne (called Emaus) which was from Ierusalem about thre skore forlonges,
14 and they talked together of all these thynges that had happened.
15 And it chaunsed, that whyle they communed together and reasoned, Iesus hym selfe drue neare, and went wyth them.
16 But theyr eyes were holden, şt they shulde not knowe hym.
17 And he sayde vnto them: What maner of communycacyons are these that ye haue one to another, as ye walke, and are sadd?
18 And the one of them (whose named was Cleophas) answered, and sayde to hym: art thou onely a straunger in Ierusalem, and hast not knowen the thynges whych haue chaunsed there, in these dayes?
19 He sayde vnto them: what thynges? And they sayd vnto hym: of Iesus of Nazareth, whych was a Prophet, myghtye in dede and worde before God and all the people:
20 and how the hye Prestes, and oure rulers delyuered hym to be condempned to deeth: & haue crucyfyed hym.
21 But we trusted that it had bene he whych shuld haue redemed Israel . And as touchynge all these thynges, to daye is euen the thyrd daye, that they were done.
22 Yee, and certayne wemen also of oure company made vs astonnyed, which came early vnto the sepulchre,
23 and founde not hys body: and came, sayinge, that they had sene a visyon of angels, whych sayd that he was alyue.
24 And certayne of them whych were wyth vs, went to the sepulchre, and founde it euen so as the wemen had sayde: but hym they sawe not.
25 And he sayde vnto them: O fooles & slowe of herte, to beleue all that the Prophetes haue spoken.
26 Ought not Chryst to haue suffred these thynges, and to enter into hys glory?
27 And he began at Moses, and all the Prophetes, & interpreted vnto them in all scriptures whych were wrytten of hym.
28 And they drue nye vnto the towne, whych they went vnto. And he made, as though he wold haue gone further.
29 And they constrayned hym sayinge: abyde wyth vs, for it draweth towardes nyght, and the daye is farre passed. And he went into tary wyth them.
30 And it came to passe, as he sate at meate wyth them, he toke bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gaue to them.
31 And their eyes were opened, and they knewe hym: and he vanysshed out of their syght.
32 And they sayd betwene them selues: dyd not oure hertes burne wyth in vs, whyll he talked wyth vs by the waye, and opened to vs the scryptures?
33 And they rose vp, the same houre, and returned agayne to Ierusalem, and founde the eleuen gathered together, and them that were wyth them,
34 saying: the Lorde is rysen in dede, & hath apered to Symon.
35 And they tolde, what thynges were done in the waye, and how they knewe hym, in breakynge of bread.
36 As they thus spake Iesus hym selfe stode in the myddes of them, and sayeth vnto them: peace be vnto you.
37 But they were abasshed and afrayde, & supposyd that they had sene a sprete.
38 And he sayde vnto them: why are ye troubled, and why do thoughtes aryse in youre hertes?
39 Beholde my handes and my fete, that it is euen I my selfe. Handle me and se: for a sprete hath not flesshe and bones, as ye se me haue.
40 And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them hys handes and hys fete.
41 And whyll they yet beleued not for ioye, and wondred, he sayd vnto them: Haue ye here eny meate?
42 And they offred hym a pece of a broyled fysshe, and of an hony combe.
43 And he toke it, and dyd eate before them.
44 And he sayde vnto them. These are the wordes whych I spake vnto you, whyll I was yet with you: that all must nedes be fulfylled, whych were wrytten of me in the lawe of Moses and in the Prophetes, and in the Psalmes.
45 Then opened he theyr wyttes, that they myght vnderstand the scryptures,
46 and sayde vnto them: Thus is it wrytten, and thus it behoued Christ to suffre, and to ryse agayne from deeth the thyrde daye,
47 & that repentaunce and remyssyon of synnes shulde be preached in hys name amonge all nacyons, and must begynne at Ierusalem.
48 And ye are wytnesses of these thynges.
49 And beholde, I will sende the promes of my father vpon you. But tary ye in the cytie of Ierusalem, vntyll ye be endewed wyth power from an hye.
50 And he led them out into Bethany , and lyfte vp hys handes, and blessed them.
51 And it cam to passe, as he blessed them, he departed from them, and was caryed vp into heauen.
52 And they worshypped hym, and returned to Ierusalem wyth greate ioye,
53 and were contynually in the temple praysynge & laudynge God, Amen.