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1 After the death of Iosua it came to passe, that the children of Israel asked şe Lorde saying: who shall go vp for vs against the Cananites, and who shall first fight agaynst them.
2 And the Lorde sayde: Iuda shall go vp beholde I haue delyuered the lande in to hys handes.
3 And Iuda sayde vnto Simeon hys brother: come vp with me in my lotte, that we maye fight agaynst the Cananites: And I lykewyse wyll go with the into thy lotte. And so Symeon went with him.
4 And Iuda went vp, and the Lorde delyuered şe Cananites & Pheresites into theyr handes. And they slewe of them in Bezek ten thousand men.
5 And they founde Adoni bezek in Bezek. And they fought against him, and slewe şe Cananites and Pheresites.
6 But Adonibezek fled, & they folowed after hym, and caught hym, and cut of his thombes and his great toes.
7 And Adonibezek sayde: thre skore & ten kynges hauing their thombes and great toes cut of, geathered their meate vnder my table: as I haue done, so God hath done to me againe. And they brought him to Ierusalem, and there he dyed.
8 The children of Iuda fought agaynst Ierusalem, and toke it and smote it wyth şe edge of the swerde, and set the cytie on fire,
9 After warde the children of Iuda went to fight against the Cananites, that dwelt in the mountayne, and towarde the south, & in the lowe contreye.
10 And Iuda went against the Cananites that dwelt in Hebron, which before time was called kariath Arbe. And slew Sesai, Ahiman & Thalmai.
11 And from thence they went to the inhabiters of Dabir, whose name in olde tyme was called kariathsepher.
12 And Caleb sayde he that smyteth Kariathsepher, & taketh it, to him will I geue Acsah my daughter to wyfe.
13 And Othoniel the sonne of kenez Calebs younger brother toke it: to whom he gaue Acsah hys daughter to wyfe,
14 and as they went, she counceled hym to aske of her father a felde. And then she lyghted of her asse: and Caleb sayde vnto her: What ayleth the?
15 She answered vnto hym: geue me a blessynge: for thou hast geuen me a Southward (or drie) lande, geue me also sprynges of water. And Caleb gaue her springes both aboue & benethe.
16 And the children of the kenite Moses father in lawe went vp out of şe cytie of palme trees with the children of Iuda into the wyldernesse of Iuda, that lieth in the Southe of Arad, and they went and dwelt amonge the people.
17 And Iuda went with Simeon his brother, and they slew the Cananites that enhabited Zephath, and vtterlye destroyed it, and called the name of the cytie Horma.
18 And at the last Iuda toke Azah wyth the coastes therof, and Askalon wyth the coastes therof, and Abaron with the coastes therof,
19 And the lorde was wyth Iuda, and he conquered the mountaynes, but coulde not dryue out şt enhabiters of the valeyes because they had charettes of yron.
20 And they gaue Hebron vnto Caleb, as Moses sayde, And he expelled thence the thre sonnes of Enach.
21 And the children of Beniamin dyd not cast out the Iebusites, that enhabited Ierusalem, but the Iebusites dwell wyth the chyldren of BenIamin in Ierusalem vnto this daye.
22 And in lyke maner they şt were of the house of Ioseph went vp to Bethel & şe lord was wyth them,
23 & şe house of Ioseph serched out Bethel, which before tyme was called Lus.
24 And the spyes sawe a man come out of the cytie, and they sayde vnto hym: shew vs the waye into the cytie, and we wyll shewe the mercy.
25 And whan he had shewed them the waye into the cytie, they smote it wyth the edge of the swerd, but let the man and all hys housholde goo free.
26 And şe man went into the lande of the Hethites, and bylt a cytie, and called şe name therof Lus which is the name therof vnto this daye.
27 Nether dyd Manasses expelle Bethsean with her townes, Thaanach wyth her townes, the enhabitoures of Dor with her townes, şe enhabitoures of Ieblaam wyth her townes, nether şe enhabitoures of Magedo wyth her townes, but the Cananites were bolde to dwell in the lande.
28 But it came to passe şt as sone as Israell was waxed myghtie, they put the Cananites to tribute and expelled them not.
29 In lyke maner Ephraim expelled not the Cananytes that dwelt in Gazer, but the Cananytes dwelt stille in Gazer amonge them.
30 Nether dyd Zabulon expelle the enhabytoures of ketron, nether the enhabytoures of Nahalol: But şe Cananytes dwelt amonge them, and became trybutaries.
31 Nether dyd Aser cast out the enhabytoures of Acho, nether the enhabytoures of Zidon, & of Ahalab, Aczib, & Halbah, Aphek, ner of Rohob,
32 but the Aserites dwelt amonge the Cananites the enhabytoures of the lande, for they might not dryue them out.
33 Nether dyd Nephthalim dryue out the enhabytoures of Bethsames, nor the enhabytoures of Bethanath, but dwelt amongest the Cananytes the enhabytoures of şe lande. Neuerthelesse the enhabytoures of Bethsames & of Bethanath became trybutaries vnto them.
34 And the Amorites troubled the chyldren of Dan in the mountayne, and soffered them not to come downe to the valeye.
35 And the Amorites were content to dwell in mount Heres in Hailon and in Salabim. And the hand of Ioseph preuayled, so that they became tributaries:
36 & the coaste of şe Amorytes was from the goyng vp to Acrabim, and from the rocke vpwarde.




1 And the angell of the Lorde came vp from Gilgall to Bochim, & sayde: I made you to come out of Egypte, and haue brought you vnto the lande which I sware vnto youre fathers. And I sayd: I wyll not breake myne appoyntment şt I made with you.
2 And ye also shall make no couenant wyth the enhabytoures of this lande, but shall breake downe their aultares: Neuertheles ye haue not herkened vnto my voice, why haue ye this done?
3 Wherfore, I haue lykewyse determyned, şt I wyll not cast them out before you: but they shalbe thornes vnto you, and their goddes shalbe a snare vnto you.
4 And when the angell of the Lorde spake these wordes vnto all the chyldren of Israel, the people cryed out and wepte:
5 And called the name of the sayde place. Bochim, and offered sacrifyces vnto the Lorde.
6 And when Iosua had sent the people awaye, the chyldren of Israel went euerye man into hys enheritaunce to possesse the lande.
7 And the people serued the Lord all the dayes of Iosua, and all the dayes of the elders that out lyued Iosua, and had sene all the great workes of the lord that he dyd for Israel:
8 and Iosua the sonne of Nun the seruaunt of the Lorde dyed, when he was an hundred & ten yeres olde:
9 whom they buryed in the costes of hys enheritaunce: euen in. Thamnath Hares in mount Ephraim on the northside of the hyll Gaas.
10 And euen so all that generacyon were put vnto their fathers, and there arose another generacyon after them whych nether knewe the Lorde, nor yet the worckes whych he had done for Israel.
11 And then şe children of Israel dyd wyckedlye in the syght of the lorde, and serued Baalim,
12 and forsoke the Lorde God of their fathers, whych brought them out of the land of Egypte, and folowed straunge goddes, euen of the goddes of the nacyons that were round aboute them, and bowed them selues vnto them and angred the lorde.
13 They forsoke the lord, and serued Baal and Astharoth
14 and the wrath of the lorde waxed hote agaynst Israel, and he delyuered them into the handes of raueners, that spoyled them, and solde them into the handes of their enemyes rounde aboute them, so şt they had no power any longer to stande before their enemyes.
15 But whethersoeuer they went out, the hand of the lord was agaynst them with euell lucke, euen as the lord promysed them, & as he sware vnto them. And he punyshed them sore.
16 Neuerthelesse the lorde raysed vp Iudges, which delyuered them out of the handes of their oppressers,
17 and yet for all that they wold not harken vnto their Iudges: But rather went a whoryng after straunge goddes, and bowed them selues vnto them, and turned quicklye out of şe waye, which their fathers walked in, obeying the commaundementes of the Lord: But they dyd not so.
18 And when the lord raysed them vp Iudges, he was with the Iudge, and delyuered them out of the handes of their enemyes all the dayes of the Iudge for the Lorde had compassyon ouer their sorowinges, whych they had, by the reason of them şt oppressed them & vexed them:
19 yet for all şt as sone as the iudge was dead, they turned and dyd worsse şt their fathers, in folowinge straunge goddes, and in seruyng them, and ceased not from their owne inuencyons, nor from their malycyouse waye.
20 And the wrath of the Lorde was moued agaynst Israel, & he sayde: because this people hath transgressed myne appointement which I commaunded their fathers, & haue not herkened vnto my voyce,
21 I wyll hence furth not cast out before them one man of the nacyons, which Iosua leaft when he dyed,
22 şt through them I maye proue Israel, whether they wyll kepe the waye of the Lorde, & walke therin, as their fathers dyd or not
23 And so the Lord leaft those nacions, & droue them not out ymmedyatlye, nether delyuered them into the hande of Iosua.




1 These are şe nacyons which şe lord left, that he myght proue Israel by them: euen as manye of Israell as had not knowen all the warres of Canaam:
2 Onlye for şe lernyng of şe generacyon of the children of Israel: şt he also myght teach them warre, in asmuch as they şt were before them, knew nothing therof,
3 Of those whom he left, there were fyue lordes of the Philistines, & all the Cananites, & the Sodonites, and the Heuites that dwelt in mount Libanon: euen from mount Baal Hermon vnto Hemath.
4 Those remayned to proue Israel by, and to wete, whether they wold herken vnto the commaundementes of the lorde, which he commaunded their fathers by the hand of Moses.
5 And the children of Israel dwelt amonge the Cananites, Hethites, Amorites, Pheresites, Heuites, and Iubusytes,
6 & toke the daughters of them to be their wyues, & gaue their owne daughters to their sonnes, & serued their Goddes,
7 And the children of Israell did wickedlye in the syght of the lord, and forgate the lord their God, and serued Baalim & Aseroth.
8 Therfore the lord was angrye with Israel, & delyuered them into şe handes of Chusan Risathaim kyng of Mesopotamia, and the children of Israell serued Chusam Risathaim .viii. yeres.
9 And when the children of Israel cryed vnto the lorde, the lorde stered vp a sauer, to şe children of Israel, & saued them: one Othoniel the sonne of kenes. Calebs younger brother.
10 And the sprete of the lorde came vpon him. And he iudged Israel, and went out to warre. And şe lorde delyuered Chusan Risathaim kyng of Mesopotamia into his hande, & his hande preuayled agaynst Chusan Risathaim.
11 And şe lande had rest fourtye yeres, and Othoniel şe sonne of kenes died.
12 And the children of Israel went to agayne, & committed wickednesse in the sight of şe lord. And the Lord strengthed Eglon the kyng of the Moabites, agaynst the children of Israel, because they had committed wickednesse before şe lord.
13 And this (Eglon) geathered vnto hym the children of Ammon, and the Amalekites, and went and smote Israel, & conquered the citye of Paulme trees.
14 And so the children of Israel serued Eglon the king of Moab .xviii. yeres.
15 But when they cryed vnto the lorde, the lorde stered them vp a sauer, Ahud the sonne of Gera the sonne of Iemini a man that coulde do nothing handsomlye with his ryght hande. And by him the chyldren of Israel sent a present vnto Eglon the king of Moab:
16 but Ahud made him a dagger with two edges, of a cubyte length, & he dyd gyrde yt vnto his rayment vpon his right thygh,
17 and caryed the present vnto Eglon the kynge of Moab: And Eglon was a very fatte man.
18 And it fortuned that when he had presented the present, he sent the people that bare it awaye,
19 but he him selfe turned agayne (from şe place of grauen ymages, that was by Gilgal) and sayde: I haue a secret errand vnto the, O kyng. Which sayde: kepe sylence. And all that stode before hym, went out from hym.
20 And Ahud came vnto hym, and in a somer parler, which he had, sat he him selfe alone, and Ahud sayde I haue a message vnto şe from God. And he arose out of hys seate.
21 And Ahud put forth hys lefte hande, & toke şe dagger from his ryght thyghe, & thrust it into hys belye,
22 and the haft went in after the blade. And the fatte, closed the haft, so şt he myght not drawe the dagger out of hys belye, but the dyrt came out.
23 Ahud gat him out at a posterne dore, and shut the dores of the parler about him, and locked them.
24 When he was gone out, hys seruauntes came, and whan they sawe that the dores of the parler were locked, they sayde: peraduenture he couereth hys fete in hys somer chamber.
25 And they taried tyll they were ashamed, and beholde: seyng he opened not the dores of the parler: they toke a keye, and opened them. And beholde, their Lord was fallen downe dead on the erthe.
26 And Ahud eskaped (whyle they taryed) and was gone beyonde, to the place of the grauen ymages, and eskaped into Seirath.
27 And when he was come he blewe a trompette in mount Ephraim. And the chyldren of Israel went downe wyth hym from the hyll and he went before them.
28 And he sayde vnto them, folowe me: for the Lord hath delyuered youre enemyes, the Moabytes into youre hande. And they descended after him, and toke the passages of Iordan, towarde Moab, and soffered not a man to passe ouer.
29 And they slew of the Moabites şe same tyme vpon a ten thousande men, which were all fatte & men of warre, & there skaped not a man,
30 so Moab was subdued that daye, vnder the hande of Israel: and the land had rest .lxxx. yeres.
31 After hym was Samgar the sonne of Anath, whych slewe of the Philistines .vi. hundred men with an oxe goade, and delyuered Israel also.




1 And the chyldren of Israel beganne agayne to do wickedly in the syght of the Lord, when Ahud was dead.
2 And the Lord solde them into the hande of Iabin kyng of Canaan, şt raygned in Hazor, whose captayne of warre was called Sisara, which dwelt in Haroseth of şe gentiles.
3 And the children of Israel cryed vnto the Lorde: for he had nyne hundred charrettes of yron, & twentie yeres he troubled the children of Israel very sore.
4 And Debora a Prophetysse, the wyfe of Lapidoth Iudged Israel the same tyme,
5 & şe same Debora dwelt vnder a paulme tree betwene Ramath and Bethell, in mounte Ephraim. And the children of Israel came vp to her for iudgement.
6 And she sent & called Barak şe sonne of Abinoam, out of Kedes Nephthalim, and sayde vnto him. Hath not the Lord God of Israel commaunded the, to leade wt faire wordes men to mounte Thabor, and take with the ten thousande men, of the children of Nephthalim & of şe children of Zabulon?
7 And I will bryng vnto the to the ryuer kyson, Sisara, şe Captayne of warre vnto Iabin, wt his charettes, & his people, and will delyuer him into thyne handes.
8 And Barak sayde vnto her: yf thou wylt go wt me, I will go: But & yf thou wilt not come with me, I will not goo:
9 She sayde: I will suerlye go with şe, but this iourney şt thou takest, shall not be for thyne honoure, for the Lord shall sell Sisara into the hande of a woman. Debora went with Barak to kedes.
10 And Barak called Zabulon & Nephthalim to kedes, & led after hym ten thousande men: and Debora went vp with him.
11 But Haber the kenite (which was of the chyldren of Hobab the father in lawe of Moses) remoued from the other kenytes, & pytched hys tente vntyll the playne of Zaanaim, whych is by kedes.
12 And they shewed Sisara, şt Barak the sonne of Abinoam was gone vp to mount Thabor.
13 And Sisara gathered together all his charettes, euen .ix. hundred charettes of yron, & all the people şt were wt him from of Haroseth of the gentyles, vnto the ryuer of kyson.
14 And Debora sayde vnto Barak: vp, for this is the daye in which the Lorde hath delyuered Sisara into thyne hande: Is not the Lorde gone out before the? And so Barak went downe from mount Thabor, & ten thousande men after him.
15 But the Lorde destroyed Sisara and all his charettes, & all his hoste with the edge of the swerde, before Barak: so şt Sisara lyghted downe of his charett, & fled awaye on hys fete.
16 But Barak folowed after the charettes and after the hoste, euen vnto Haroseth of the gentyles. And all the hoste of Sisara fell vpon the edge of the swerde, and there was not a man leafte.
17 How be it Sisara fled awaye on his fete to the tent of Iael the wyfe of Haber the kenite: for there was peace betwene Iabin the kyng of Hazor, & the housholde of Haber the kenite.
18 And Iael went out to mete Sisara, and sayde vnto him: turne in my lord, turne into me, feare not. And whan he had turned in vnto her into her tent, she couered hym with a mantell.
19 And he sayd vnto her, geue me a lyttel water to drynk, for I am thirstye. And she opened a bottell of mylke, & gaue hym drynck, & couered him.
20 And agayne he sayde vnto her: stande in the dore of the tente, and whan any man doth come and enquere of the, whether there be any man here, thou shalt saye: naye.
21 Then Iael Habers wyfe toke a nayle of the tente, & an hammer in her hand, & went softlye vnto hym, and smote the nayle into the temples of his head, and fastened it into the ground, for he slombered sore, and was weery: And so he dyed.
22 And Beholde, as Barak folowed after Sisara, Iael came out to mete him, & sayde vnto him: come, & I wyll shew the the man, whom şu sekest. And when he came into her tente: Beholde, Sisara laye deed, & şe nayle was in his temples.
23 And so God brought Iaben the kyng of Canaan into subieccyon that daye before the chyldren of Israel.
24 And the hande of the children of Israel prospered, & preuayled agaynst Iaben the kyng of Canaan, vntill they had brought him to naught.




1 Then Debora & Barak şe sonne of Abinoam sange the same daye, sayeng:
2 Prayse ye şe Lord, for the auengyng of Israel, and for the people that became so wylling.
3 Heare O ye kynges, herken o ye prynces: I, euen I, will syng vnto the Lord, I wyl prayse the Lorde God of Israel.
4 Lord, whan thou wentest out of Seir, whan şu departedst out of the felde of Edom, the erth trembled, & the heauens rayned: the cloudes also dropped water.
5 The mountaynes melted before the lord, euen as dyd Sinai, before the lorde God of Israel.
6 In the dayes of Samgar the sonne of Anath, in şe dayes of Iael şe hye wayes were vnoccupied: And şe ronners of the pathes walked thorow by wayes.
7 The inhabiters of şe townes were gone, they were gone in Israel, vntyll I Debora came vp, which came vp a mother in Israel.
8 They chose new goddes, and then had they (the enemye) in the gates, though there were shilde and speare. There was not a child or spere sene amonge fourtye thousande of Israel.
9 My hart loueth the gouerners of Israel, and them that are willing amonge the people. O prayse ye the Lorde.
10 Speake ye şt ryde on fayre asses, & şt sitt vppermost in iudgement, & walke by şe wayes
11 At the cryeng of the archers amonge the drawers of water, there shall they speake of şe righteousnes of the Lorde, his righteousnesse in the vnfenced places of Israel: then shall the people of the Lord go downe to the gates.
12 Up Debora vp, get the vp, and syng a songe: Aryse Barac, and leade the captiuyte captyue, thou sonne of Abinoam.
13 Then shall they that remayne, haue domynion of the proudest of the people (of Iabin:) The Lorde shall for my sake haue domynion ouer the myghtie.
14 Out of Ephraim was there a rote of them agaynst Amaleck, and after the, Beniamin amonge thy people. Out of Machir came rulers, & out of zabulon they that gouerne the penne of the wryter.
15 And of Isachar, there were prynces with Debora, Isachar also and Barac were sent on their fete into the valley, whan in the departing awaye of Ruben there were greate men, and wyse of hert?
16 Why abodest thou among the shepe foldes, to heare the bleatinges of the flockes, & to separate thy selfe awaye wt greate men and wyse of hert?
17 Gilead also abode beyonde Iordane: and why doth Dan remayne in shippes? Aser contynued on the see shore, and taried in hys decayed places.
18 But the people of Zabulon haue ieoperde their lyues euen vnto the dethe, lyke as did Nephthalim in the hye places of the felde.
19 The kynges came & fought, then fought the kynges of Canaan in Thamnah, by the waters of Negiddo, and wanne no money.
20 They fought from heauen, euen the starres in their courses fought agaynst Sisera.
21 The ryuer of Cyson remoued them, that auncient ryuer, the ryuer Cyson: My soule shall treade (hym) downe mightely.
22 Then were the horse hoffes smytten asunder by şe meames of the praunsinges şt their mightye men made.
23 Curse ye the cite of Meros (sayd the angell of şe Lord) cursse the inhabitours therof, because they came not to helpe şe Lorde, to helpe the Lorde with the myghtie.
24 Iael the wife of Haber the kenyte shalbe blessed aboue other wemen, blessed shall she be aboue other wemen in the tent.
25 He asked water, & she gaue him mylck, she brought furth butter in a lordly disshe.
26 She put hir hande to the nayle, and hir right hande to the smythes hammer: wt the hammer smote she Sisera, and smote hys heade, wounded him, & pearsed his temples.
27 He bowed hym downe at hir fete, he fell downe & laye still: At hir fete he bowed him downe, & fell. And when he had soncke downe, he laye still desolate.
28 The mother of Sisera loked out at a wyndowe, & cried thorow şe lattesse? Why is his charret so long a commyng? Why tarye the wheles of his cartes?
29 All the wyse ladyes answered her, ye and her awne wordes answered hir selfe.
30 Surely they haue founde, they deuyde the spoyles: euery man hath a damsell or two: Sisera hath a praye of diuerse couloured garmentes, euen a praye of rayment dyed wt sondrye coloures, & şt are made of nedle worke: rayment of diuerses coloures & of nedle worke which is mete for him şt is chefe in distributinge of şe spoyles.
31 So perishe all thine enemyes: O Lord: but they şt loue him, let them be as the sonne whan he ryseth in his might. And the lande had rest fourtye yeres.




1 And the chyldren of Israell committed wyckednes in the sight of the Lord. And şe Lord delyuered them into the handes of Madian seuen yeres.
2 And the hande of Madian preuayled agaynst Israel, & because of şe Madianites, the chyldren of Israel made them dennes in the mountaynes & caues and stronge holdes.
3 And when Israel had sowen, the Madianites, şe Amalechites & they of şe east contreye came vp together against them: & pytched their tentes against them,
4 & destroyed the encrease of the erthe, euen till şu come vnto Azah: & lefte no sustistinaunce for Israell, nether shepe, oxe or asse:
5 for they went vp, they and their cattell, & came wt their tentes as a multitude of greshopers: so şt bothe they & also their camels were wt out nombre. And they entred into şe lande to destroye it.
6 And so was Israel excedingly impouereshed in şe sight of şe Madianites, & cryed vnto şe Lord.
7 And when şe children of Israel cryed vnto şe Lord because of the Madianites,
8 şe Lord sent vnto them a prophet, which sayd vnto them: Thus sayth şe lord god of Israel: I fette you from Egypt & brought you oute of şe house of bondage,
9 & I rydd you out of the hande of the Egypcians, & out of şe hand of all şt oppressed you & cast them out before you, & gaue you their land.
10 And I sayd vnto you: I am the Lorde youre God, feare not the goddes of the Amorytes in whose lande you dwell. But you haue not obeyed my voyce.
11 And the Angell of the Lorde came, & sate vnder an Oke which was in Ephrah, that pertayned vnto Ioas şe father of şe Eserites. And his sonne Gedeon pressed out whete out of şe eares in a presse, to hyde it from the Madianites:
12 & the angell of the Lord apeared vnto hym, & sayde: the Lord is wyth the, thou mightie man of warre.
13 And Gedeon answered him: Oh my Lord, yf the Lord be wyth vs, why is all this come vpon vs? ye & where be all hys myracles which oure fathers tolde vs of, and sayde? Did not şe lord bring vs out of Egypte? But now şe Lorde hath forsaken vs, & delyuered vs into the handes of the Madianites.
14 And şe Lord loked vpon him, & sayd: Go hence in this thy might, and thou shalt delyuer Israel out of şe handes of the Madianites: Haue not I sent the?
15 And he answered him: Oh lord, wherwith shall I saue Israel? Beholde, my kinred is poore in Manasses, and I am lytle in my fathers house.
16 The Lord sayde vnto him: I will be with the: and thou shalt smyte the Madianites, as they were but one man.
17 And he answered him: Oh: yf I haue founde grace in thy syght, then shewe me a sygne, that it is thou that talkest wt me.
18 Departe not hence, vntill I come agayne vnto the, and till I bring myne offryng, & haue sett it before the. And he sayde: I wyll tarye vntyll thou come agayne.
19 And Gedeon went in, & made redye a kydd, and swete kakes of an Epha of flowre, & put it wt the fleshe in a basket, & put şe broth in a potte, & brought it out vnto hym vnder the Oke, & presented it.
20 And the angell of God sayd vnto him: take the flesh & şe swete kakes, & laye them vpon this rocke, & powre out the broth. And he dyd so.
21 Then the angell of the Lord put forth the ende of the staffe şt he helde in his hande, & touched the fleshe and the swete kakes. And there arose vp fyre out of şe rocke, & consumed the flesh & the swete kakes. But şe angell of the Lord vanished out of his syght.
22 And when Gedeon perceaued that it was an angell of the Lord, he sayd: Alas, O Lord God, haue I therfore sene an angell of the lord face to face, şt I shulde dye?
23 And the Lord sayde vnto him: peace be vnto the, feare not, thou shalt not dye.
24 Then Gedeon made an aultare there vnto the Lord, & called it: The Lorde of peace. And vnto thys daye it is yet in Ephrath, şt pertayneth vnto the father of the Eserites.
25 And it fortuned that şe same nyght the Lord sayde vnto him: take a yong bullock out of thy fathers droue, & another of .vii. yeres olde, & destroye the aultare of Baal şt thy father hath, & cutte downe the groue şt is by it,
26 & make an aultare vnto şe Lord thy God vpon şe toppe of this rocke in a conuenient place. And take the seconde bullock, & offer burnt sacrifice vpon şe wodd of şe groue, which şu shalt cut downe.
27 Then Gedeon toke ten men of his seruauntes, & dyd as şe Lord bad him. But because he durst not do it by daye for feare of his fathers houshold & of the men of the cytie, he dyd it by nyght.
28 And when the men of the cytie were vp erlye in the morning: Beholde, the aultare of Baal was broken, & the groue cut downe şt was by it, & the seconde bullock offered vpon the aulter that was made.
29 And they sayde one to another: who hath done this thing & whan they enquered & asked, they sayde: Gedeon şe sonne of Ioas hath done this thing.
30 Then the men of the cytie sayde vnto Ioas: bringe out thy sonne, that he maye dye? because he hath destroyed şe aulter of Baal, & cut downe şe groue şt was by it.
31 And Ioas sayde vnto all şt stode by him: will ye leade Baals cause? or will ye be his defenders? he şt hath medled agaynst him, let him dye or the mornynge. If he be a God, let him be auenged of him, that cast downe hys aulter.
32 And from şt daye was Gedeon called: Ierobaal, because his father had sayde: Let Baal be auenged of hym, that hath broken downe his aulter.
33 All the Madianites therfore, & the Amalekites & they of the east, were geathered togeather, & went, & pitched in şe valeye of Iesrael:
34 but şe sprete of the Lord came vpon Gedeon. And he blewe a trompette, & called Abiezer to folow him,
35 & sent messengers thorow out all Manasses, & called them, which also dyd folowe him. And he sent messengers vnto Aser, Zabulon and Nephthalim, and they came to mete hym.
36 And Gedeon sayd vnto God: wilt şu saue Israel in my hande, as şu hast sayde:
37 Beholde, I wyll put a flece of wolle in the threasshyng place. And yf şe dewe come on şe flece onlye, & it be drye vpon all the erth besyde, then shall I be sure, şt şu wilt saue Israel by my hande, as şu saydest.
38 And it came so to passe. For he rose vp erlye on the morowe, and thrust the flece togeather, and wronge the dewe therout, & fylled a bowle of water:
39 & Gedeon sayd agayne vnto God: be not angrye wt me, şt I speake once moare. For I wyll proue once agayne by the flece. Let it be drye onlye vpon the flece, and dewe vpon all the grounde.
40 And God did so that same nyght: For it was drye vpon the flece onely, & there was dew on all the grounde.




1 Then Ierobaall (otherwyse called Gedeon) and all the people that were wyth hym, rose vp early, and pytched besyde the well of Harad, so that the hoste of the Madianites were on the northsyde of the rock that boweth towarde the valley.
2 And the Lorde sayde vnto Gedeon: the people that are with şe, are to many for me to geue the Madianites into their handes, lest Israel make their vaunte agaynst me and saye: myne awne hande hathe saued me.
3 Now therfore make a proclamacyon in şe eares of the people, & saye: yf any man dreade or be aferde, let him returne. And şe people arose erlye. And there departed & returned of the people which weare at mount Gilead .xxii. thousand, and there abode ten thousande.
4 And the Lord sayde vnto Gedeon: şe people are yet to many, bryng them downe vnto the water, and I wyll trye them vnto şe there. And of whom I saye vnto the, thys shall go with the, the same shall go with şe. And of whomsoeuer I saye vnto şe, this shall not go wyth the, the same shall not go.
5 So he brought downe the people vnto the water, and şe Lord sayde vnto Gedeon: as many as lappe the water wyth theyr tonges, as a dogge doth, them put by them selues, & so do them şt knele downe vpon their knees to drincke.
6 And the nombre of them that put there handes to their mouthes and lapped, were .iii. hundred men. But all şe remnaunt of şe people kneled downe vpon their knees to dryncke water.
7 And the Lorde sayde vnto Gedeon: By these thre hundred men that lapped water, wyll I saue you: and delyuer the Madianites into thyne hande. And let all the other people go euery man vnto his place.
8 They therfore of the people toke vitailes with them, & their trompettes. And he sent all şe rest of Israel, euery man vnto his tent, and conforted those thre hundred with him. And the host of Madian was benethe hym in a valeye.
9 And it fortuned that the same nyght the Lorde sayd vnto him: Aryse, get the downe vnto şe hoste, for I haue delyuered it into thyne hande.
10 But & yf thou feare to go downe, then go şu & Pharah thy ladde downe to the hoost,
11 & thou shalt herken what they saye, & so shall thyne handes be strong, to go downe vnto the hoste. Then went he downe and Pharah hys ladde, euen harde vnto şe men of armes that were in the hoste.
12 And the Madianites, the Amalekites, and all they of the East, lay a longe in şe valeye, lyke a multitude of greshopers, and their camelles were without nombre, euen as the sande by the see syde in multitude.
13 And when Gedeon was come: Beholde, there was a man that tolde a dreame vnto his neyhgboure, & sayde: Behold, I dreamed a dreame, and me thought that a loffe of barley bread, tombled into şe hoste of Madian, and came vnto a tente, and smote it that it felle, & ouerturned it, that the tente laye a longe.
14 And his felowe answerd and sayde: this is nothing elles saue the swerde of Gedeon the sonne of Ioas a man of Israell: for into his hande hath God delyuered Madian, and all the hoste.
15 When Gedeon hearde the tellynge of the dreame, and the interpretacion of the same, he worshypped, and returned vnto the hoste of Israel: and sayde: vp, for the Lorde hathe delyuered into youre hande the hoste of Madian.
16 And he deuyded the thre hundred men into thre companies, & gaue euery man a trompet in his hande, wyth an emptye pytcher, and lampes theri,
17 and sayde vnto them: loke on me, and do lykewyse: that when I come to the syde of the hoste, euen as I do, so do you:
18 When I blowe wyth a trompet and all that are wyth me, blowe ye with trompettes also on euery syde of the hoste, & saye: here is the swerde of the Lorde and of Gedeon.
19 And so Gedeon & the thre hundred men şt were with him, came vnto the syde of the host in şe begynning of the myddell watche, & reysed vp şe watche men. And they blewe with their trompettes, & brake the pytchers şt were in theyr handes.
20 And all şe thre companyes blewe wt trompettes & brake the pytchers, & helde the lampes in their lefte handes, and the trompettes in their ryght, to blowe wythall. And they cried: the swerde of the Lord and of Gedeon.
21 And they stode still, euery man in his place rounde about the hoste. And they wythin the hoste, ranne, & cryed & fled.
22 And the thre hundreth blewe wyth trompettes, & the Lorde sett euery mannes swerde vpon hys neyghboure, thorow out all the hoste. And the hoste fled to Bethsitah, to Zererath, & to the edge of the playne of Meholah vnto Tabath.
23 And the men of Israel beynge geathered together out of şe trybe of Nephthalim, of Aser, & of all Manasses folowed after the Madianites.
24 And Gedeon sent messengers vnto all mount Ephraim, saying: come downe against şe Madianites, & take before them şe waters vnto Bethbarath & to Iordan. Then all şe men of Ephraim geathered together, & toke the waters vnto Bethbarath, & to Iordan.
25 And they toke two captaynes of the Madianites, Oreb and Zeb, and slew Oreb vpon the rocke Oreb, and Zeb at the presse Zeb, & folowed after Madian. And brought the heades of Oreb and Zeb, to Gedeon on the other syde Iordan.




1 And the men of Ephraim sayde vnto hym: why hast şu serued vs thus, that thou calledst vs not, when thou wentest to fyght with şe Madianites? And they chode with hym a good.
2 And he sayde vnto them: What dede haue I done lyke vnto youres: is not a cluster of Ephraim better, then the wyne heruest of Abiezer?
3 God hath delyuered into youre handes the Lordes of Madian, Oreb and Zeb. And what was I able to do lyke as you haue done? And then their spirites abated from of him, when he had sayde şt.
4 And Gedeon came to Iordan to passe ouer, he & the thre hundred men that were with hym, verye faynte, and yet folowed the chace.
5 And he sayde vnto the men of Socoth: geue I praye you kakes of breed vnto the people that folowe me: for they be fayntie, that I maye folowe after Zebath, and Zalmona kynges of Madian.
6 And the Lordes of Socoth sayde: are the handes of Zebath & Zalmona nowe in thyne handes, that we shulde geue breed vnto thyne armye?
7 Gedeon sayde, therfore when the Lord hath delyuered Zebath and Zalmona into myne hande, I wyll teare the fleshe of you with the thornes of the wildernes and wt breers.
8 And he went vp thence to Phanuel, & spake vnto them lykewyse. And the men of Phanuel answered hym, as dyd the men of Socoth.
9 And he sayde also vnto the men of Phanuel: when I come agayne in peace, I wyll breake downe this towre.
10 Zebath and Zalmona were in Carkar, and their hostes with them, vpon a .xv. thousand men, which were all that were lefte of all the hostes of them of the Easte: For there were slayne a hundred and twentye thousande men, that drewe swerdes.
11 And Gedeon went thorowe them that dwell in Tabernacles on the easte syde of Nobah and Iebahah, and smote the hoste: for the hoste did cast no perrelles.
12 And whan Zebah and Zalmona fledde, he folowed after them, and toke the two kynges of Madian, Zebath and Zalmona, and discomforted all the hoste.
13 And Gedeon the sonne of Ioas returned from battell, afore the sonne was downe,
14 and caught a ladde of the men of Socoth, & enquered of him. And he wrote hym of şe lordes & Elders of Socoth .lxxvii. men.
15 And he came vnto the men of Socoth, and sayde: Beholde, here I haue Zebath and Zalmona, wt which ye did cast me in the tethe, sayinge: are the handes of Zebath and Zalmona allredye in thyne hande, that we shuld geue breed vnto thy faintye men?
16 And he toke the elders of the citie, & thornes of şe wildernesse & breers, & made the men of Socoth to fele them.
17 And he brake downe the towre of Phanuel, & slewe the men of the cytie.
18 And then sayd he vnto Zebath & Zalmona, what maner of men were they whom ye slew at Thabor? and they answered: the lykenesse of the and them is all one, euen after the fassyon of the chyldren of a kynge.
19 And he sayde: they were my brethren, euen my mothers chyldren. As trulye as the Lorde lyueth, yf ye had saued their lyues, I wolde not sleye you.
20 And he sayde vnto Iether his eldest sonne: vp and sleye them: But the lad drue not hys swerde, for he feared, because he was yet yong.
21 Then Zebath & Zalmona sayde: Ryse thou, & falle vpon vs: for as the man is, so is his strength. And Gedeon arose and slewe Zebath and Zalmona, & toke awaye the ornamentes, that were on their camels neckes.
22 Then the men of Israel sayde vnto Gedeon: Raygne thou ouer vs, bothe thou, thy sonne & thy sonnes sonne, for thou hast delyuered vs out of the hand of Madian.
23 And Gedeon sayd vnto them: I wyll not raygne ouer you, nether shall my childe raygne ouer you, but the Lord shall raygne ouer you.
24 And agayne Gedeon sayde vnto them: I wolde desyre a certayne request of you, euen şt you wolde geue me euerye man şe earynges of his praye. For they had golden earynges, because they were Ismaelites:
25 & they answered: We wyll geue them. And they spreed a mantell, & dyd cast there in euery man şe earynges of hys pray:
26 & the weyght of the golden earynges şt he required, was a thousand & seuen hundred sycles of golde, besyde cheynes, pommaunders and purple rayment that was on the kynges of Madian, & besyde the cheynes, that were about their camels neckes.
27 And Gedeon made an Ephod therof, & put it in his citie Ephrah And all Israell went a whoryng after it, in the same place, whych thynge became a ruyne vnto Gedeon and to his house.
28 Thus was Madian brought lowe before şe chyldren of Israel, so şt they lyfte vp their heades no moare. And şe contreye was in quietnes fourtye yeres in the dayes of Gedeon.
29 And Ierobaall the sonne of Ioas went, and dwelte in his awne house.
30 And Gedeon had .lxx. sonnes of his bodye begotten, for he had many wyues.
31 And his concubine that was in Sichem, bare him a sonne also, whose name he called Abimelech.
32 And Gedeon the sonne of Ioas dyed, in a good age, and was buryed in the sepulchre of Ioas his father, euen in Ephrah, that pertayned vnto the father of the Ezrites.
33 But it fortuned, that as sone as Gedeon was deed, şe children of Israel turned awaye & went a whoring after Baalim, & made a couenaunt wt Baal to be their God,
34 & şe children of Israel thought not on şe Lorde their god, which had delyuered them out of şe handes of all their enemyes on euery syde.
35 Nether shewed they mercy on şe house of Ierobaal, other wyse called Gedeon, according to all şe goodnesse which he had shewed vnto Israel.




1 Abimelech the sonne of Ierobaal went to Sichem, vnto his mothers Brethren, and comuned with them and with all his mothers fathers kinred, saying
2 saye I praye you, in the eares of all the enhabytoures of Sychem: whether is better for you, that all the sonnes of Ierobaal (which are .lxx. personnes) raygne ouer you, ether that one raygne ouer you? Remember, that I am of youre bone, and of youre fleshe.
3 And his mothers brethren spake of hym in the audience of the men of Sichem all these wordes, and their hartes were moued to folowe Abimelech. For they sayde: he is oure brother.
4 And they gaue him .lxx. peces of syluer out of the temple of Baal Berith, where wyth Abimelech hyred vayne and lyght personnes which went with him.
5 And he went vnto hys fathers house at Ephrah and slewe all his brethren, the sonnes of Ierobaal, euen .lxx. personnes with one stone. Not withstandynge, yet Ioatham the youngest sonne of Ierobaal eskaped, for he hyd hym selfe.
6 And all the men of Sichem gathered together, and all the house of Mello, & came and made Abimelech kyng in the playne, where şe great stone was by Sichem.
7 And when they tolde it to Ioatham, he went and stode in the toppe of mount Garizim, and lyfte vp hys voyce, and cried, and sayde vnto them: Herken vnto me you men of Sichem, şt God maye herken vnto you.
8 The trees went forth to anoynt a king ouer them, and sayde vnto şe olyue tree: raygne thou ouer vs.
9 But the olyue tree sayd vnto them: shulde I leaue my fattenesse, whych both goddes and men prayse in me, and go to be promoted ouer şe trees?
10 And the trees sayde to the fygge tree: come thou, and be king ouer vs.
11 The figge tree answered them: shuld I forsake my swetnes, and my good frute, and go to be promoted ouer the trees?
12 Then sayde the trees vnto the vyne: come thou and be kyng ouer vs.
13 The vyne sayde vnto them: shuld I leaue my wyne wherby I cheare bothe goddes and men, and go to be promoted ouer the trees?
14 Then sayde all the trees vnto the fyrre bushe: come thou, & raygne ouer vs.
15 And the fyrre bushe sayde vnto şe trees: yf it be true şt ye will anoynt me kynge ouer you, then come, & put youre trust vnder my shadowe. Yf no, the fyre come out of the firre busshe, and waste the Cedre trees of Libanon.
16 Now therfore, yf ye do trulye and vncorruptlye, to make Abimelech kyng: and yf ye haue dealte well with Ierobaal and his house, & haue done vnto hym accordyng to the deseruyng of his handes, iudge ye.
17 For euen he (my father) fought for you, and aduentured his lyfe, and rydde you out of the hande of Madian.
18 And ye are rysen vp agaynst my fathers house this daye, and haue slayue hys chyldren, euen .lxx. personnes with one stone, and haue made Abimelech the sonne of his mayde seruaunt, kyng ouer the men of Sichem, because he is youre brother:
19 yf ye then haue dealte trulye and purelye with Ierobaal and with his house thys daye, then reioyse ye wyth Abimelech, and let him reioyse with you.
20 But yf you haue not dealt trulye, then I praye God a fyre maye come out of Abimelech, and consume the men of Sichem and the house of Mello. And that there maye come a fyre from among the men of Sichem, and out of the house of Mello, and consume Abimelech.
21 And Ioatham ranne awaye, and fledde, and went to Beer and dwelt there, for feare of Abimelech his brother.
22 When Abimelech had raygned thre yere,
23 God sent a sprete of hate betwene Abimelech, & şe men of Sichem. And şe citezens of Sichem rayled vpon Abimelech,
24 & wisshed şt the wickednes done to şe .lxx. sonnes of Ierobaal myght come on him, and şt god wolde laye the bloude of them vnto Amelech their brother which slewe them, and vpon the other men of Sichem which ayded him in the kylling of his brethren.
25 And şe cytezens of Sichem set men to laye awayte for hym in the toppe of the mountaynes, which men robbed all that came a longe the waye by them. And it was tolde Abimelech.
26 And Gaal the sonne of Abed came wyth his brethren, and they gat them to Sichem. And the men of Sichem put their confidence in him.
27 And they went out into the feldes, & geathered in their grapes, and troade them, and made mery: and went into the house of their goddes, and dyd eate and drynke, and curssed Abimelech.
28 And Gaal the sonne of Abed sayde: what is Abimelech? and what is Sichem? that we shulde serue him? Is he not the sonne of Ieroboal? and Zebul is his officer? Serue soche as come of Hemor şe father of Sichem, for what reason is it that we shulde serue him?
29 wold God this people were vnder my hande, then wolde I take Abimelech out of şe waye. And he spake against Abimelech: make thyne hoste greater, & go out.
30 And when Zebull the ruler of the cytie hearde the wordes of Gaal şe sonne of Abed, he was wroth,
31 and sent messengers vnto Abimelech priuely, saying: Behold, Gaal the sonne of Abed and his brethren be come to Sichem: & beholde, they sett the cytie against şe.
32 Nowe therfore vp by nyght, thou and all the people şt is wyth the, and lye in wayte in şe felde.
33 And ryse erlye in the mornynge as sone as the sonne is vp, and fall vpon the citie. And yf he and the people that is with hym, come out agaynst şe, do to him what thine handes shalbe able.
34 And Abimelech roase vp, & all the people şt were wt him by night. and they layd awayte against Sichem in foure companyes.
35 And Gaal şe sonne of Abed went out, & stode in şe entring of şe gate of the cytie. And Abimelech rose vp, & şe folcke şt were wt him, from laying awayt.
36 And when Gaal saw şe people, he sayd to Zebul: beholde, there come people downe from şe top of şe mountaynes. And Zebul sayd vnto him: şe shadow of şe hylles seme men vnto şe
37 & Gaall answered agayne, & sayd: se, there come folcke downe by şe myddell of şe land, & another company come a long by şe playne of şe charmars.
38 Then sayd Zebul vnto him: where is now thi mouth şt sayd: what felow is Abimelech, that we shuld serue him? Is not this şe people şt şu hast despysed? Goo out now & fyght with them.
39 And Gaall went out before the cytizens of Sichem, & fought wt Abimelech.
40 And Abimelech chased him, şt he fledd before him & many were ouerthrowen & wounded, euen vnto şe entering of şe gate,
41 And Abimelech dwelt at Arumah. And Zebul thrust out Gaal & his brethren, şt thei shulde not dwell in Sichem.
42 And on şe morow, it happened şt the people went out into şe felde. And they tolde Abimelech.
43 And he toke the people, & deuided them into thre companies, and layd awayte in the feldes, and loked, & beholde, the people were come out of the cytie, and he ranne vpon them, and smote them.
44 And Abimelech, & the companies şt were wt him, reached forther, & stode in the entringe of the gate of şe cytie. And the two other companies ranne vpon all the people şt were in the feldes, & slue them.
45 And when Abimelech had fought against şe cytie all that daye, he toke it, & slew şe people şt was therin, & destroyed şe cytie & sowed salt thorow it.
46 And when all şe men of şe towre of Sichem heard şt, they entered into a strong holde of the house of their God Baall Berith
47 And it was tolde Abimelech, that all the men of the tower of Sichem were geathered together,
48 & Abimelech gat him to mount Zelmon, bothe he & all the people şt were wt him, & toke axes wt him and cut downe bowes of trees, & toke them & bare them on his shulder, & sayde vnto the folcke şt were with hym what ye haue sene me do, spede youre selues, and do lykewyse as I haue done.
49 And all şe men şt were among the people, cut downe bowes, and folowed Abimelech, and put them into the holde, and sett the holde a fier by them: so that all the men of the tower of Sichem were slayne, vpon a thousande men and wemen.
50 Then went Abimelech to Thebez, and beseged it, and toke it.
51 But there was a strong towre with in the cytie, and thither ranne all the men and wemen, and all the chefe şt were in the cytie, and shut it to them, and got them vp to the toppe of the towre.
52 And Abimelech came vnto şe towre, and fought agaynst it, and went harde vnto the dore of the towre, to set it on fier.
53 And a certayne woman cast a pece of a mylstone vpon hys head, and all to brake hys brayne panne.
54 Then Abimelech called hastelye vnto the young man that bare hys harnesse, & sayd vnto him: draw thy swerde and slee me, şt men saye not of me: a woman slew him. And hys ladd thrust him thorow, and he dyed.
55 And when the men of Israel sawe şt Abimelech was deed, they departed, euery man vnto his awne house.
56 And thus the wyckednesse of Abimelech whych he dyd vnto his father, in sleynge his seuentye brethren
57 and therto all the wyckednesse of the men of Sichem, dyd God bring vpon their heedes And vpon them came the cursse of Ioatham the sonne of Ierobaal.




1 After Abimelech there arose, to defende Israel, one Thola (the sonne of Phuah) his vncles sonne, a man of Isakar, which dwelt in Samir in mount Ephraim.
2 And he iudged Israell .xxiii. yere and dyed, and was buryed in Samir.
3 And after him arose Iair a Gileadite, and iudged Israel .xxii. yere.
4 And he had thyrtie sonnes that rode on thirtie Asse coltes, & they had thirtye cyties, which are called şe townes of Iair vnto thys daye, and are in the lande of Gilead.
5 And Iair dyed & was buryed in Kamon.
6 And şe children of Israel wrought wyckednesse yet agayne, in şe syght of the Lord, & serued Baalim and Astharoth, & şe goddes of Siria, şe goddes of Sidon, and the goddes of Moab, the goddes of the children of Ammon, and the goddes of the Philistines, and forsoke the Lord & serued not him
7 And the Lorde was wroth with Israel, & solde them into the handes of the Philistines, & into the handes of the children of Ammon:
8 which from that yere forth, pyld & oppressed şe children of Israel .xviii. yere, all that were on the other syde Iordan: in the lande of the Amorites which is in Gilead.
9 Moreouer, şe children of Ammon went ouer Iordan to fight agaynst Iuda, Beniamin, and the house of Ephraim: so şt Israel was sore combred,
10 And the children of Israel cryed vnto the Lord, sayinge: we haue synned agaynst the: for we haue forsaken oure awne God, and haue serued Baalim.
11 And the Lorde sayde vnto şe children of Israel: dyd not şe Egypcians, the Amorites, şe children of Ammon, şe Philistines,
12 şe Sidonytes, şe Amaleckites, & the Maonites, oppresse you? And ye cryed to me & I delyuered you out of their handes.
13 And for all that ye haue forsaken me, and serued straung goddes, wherfore I will helpe you no more.
14 Go & crye vnto the goddes which ye haue chosen, and lett them saue you in the tyme of youre tribulacion.
15 And the children of Israel sayde vnto the Lorde: We haue sinned: do şu vnto vs whatsoeuer please şe, delyuer vs onely this daye.
16 And thei put away the straung goddes from them, and serued the Lorde. And hys soule had pytie on the miserie of Israel.
17 Then the children of Ammon geathered togeather, & pitched in Gilead. And şe children of Israel geathered them togeather, & pitched in Mizpa.
18 And şe Lords of Gilead sayd eche to other: whosoeuer will beginne şe battell agaynst the children of Ammon, the same shalbe hed ouer all şe enhabiters of Gilead.




1 And there was one Iephthaha Gileadite, a strong man, şe sonne of an harlott: and Gilead begat Iephthah.
2 And Gileads wyfe bare him sonnes, which when they were come to age, thrust out Iephthah, and sayd vnto him: şu shalt not enheret in oure fathers house, for şu art the sonne of a straung woman.
3 Then Iephtah fledd from his brethren, & dwelt in the land of Tob. And there geathered ydle men to Iephthah, and went out wt him.
4 And it chaunced in processe of tyme, şt the children of Ammon made warre agaynst Israel.
5 And whan the children of Ammon fought thus agaynst Israel, the elders of Gilead went to fett Iephthah out of the land of Tob
6 and sayd vnto him: come & be oure captayne, şt we maye fyght wt the children of Ammon.
7 Iephthah answered şe elders of Gilead: did not ye hate me & expell me out of my fathers house? how happeneth it then, şt you come vnto me now in tyme of youre tribulacion?
8 And the elders of Gilead sayde vnto Iephthah: Therfore we turne agayne to the now, şt şu mayest go wt vs, & fight agaynst the children of Ammon and be oure heed ouer all the enhabiters of Gilead.
9 And Iephthah sayde vnto şe elders of Gilead: If ye brynge me home agayn, to fight with the children of Ammon, then yf the Lord deliuer them before me, shall I be your heed?
10 And şe elders of Gilead sayde to Iephthah: şt Lorde be witnesse betwene vs yf we do not according to thy wordes.
11 Then Iephthah went wyth the elders of Gilead. And the people made hym heed and ruler ouer them. And Iephthah rehearsed all hys wordes before the Lorde in Mizpa.
12 And Iephthah sent messenges vnto şe king of the children of Ammon, saying: what hast thou to do wt me, şt şu art come agaynst me, to fight in my land?
13 The king of şe children of Ammon answered vnto the messengers of Iephthah: Because Israel toke awaye my land, when they came out of Egypt: euen from Arnon vnto Iabok, and vnto Iordan. Now therfore restore those landes agayne wt faire meanes.
14 And Iephthah sent messegers again vnto the children of Ammon
15 and sayd vnto him: thus sayth Iepthah: Israel toke not awaye the land of Moab, nor şe land of şe children of Ammon.
16 But when Israel came out of Egypt, & walked thorow şe wildernesse, euen vnto şe redd see, they came to Cades
17 & sent messengers vnto the king of Edom, saying: let me (I praye şe) go thorow thy land. But the king of Edom wolde not agre therto. And in lyke maner they sent vnto şe king of Moab, but he wold not consent. And so Israel abode stil in Cades.
18 And then they went along thorow the wildernesse, & compased şe lande of Edom, & the land of Moab, & came a long by the east syde of şe land of Moab, & pitched on şe othersyde of Arnon, & wolde not come with in the coaste of Moab: for Arnon was şe vtmost border of Moab.
19 And then Israel sent messengers vnto Schon, king of the Amorites, & king of Hesbon, & sayd vnto him: Lett vs passe thorow thy land vnto oure awne contreye.
20 But Sehon consented not to Israel, şt he shulde go thorow hys coast: but gathered all his people togeather, & pitched in Iazah, & fought wt Israel.
21 And şe Lord God of Israel delyuered Sehon & all his folke into şe handes of Israel. And so Israel smote them & conquered all şe land of the Amorites, the enhabiters of the sayde contrey.
22 And they conquered all the coastes of the Amorites, from Arnon vnto Iabok, & from the wildernesse vnto Iordan.
23 So now, seyng the Lorde God of Israel hath cast out the Amorites before hys people Israel, shuldest thou possesse the land?
24 Naye, but what people, Camos thy God dryueth out, that land possesse şu. Euen so whatsoeuer nacion the Lorde oure God expelleth, that lande ought we to enioye.
25 And art thou better then Balack the sonne of Zephor king of Moab? dyd he striue wt Israel or fyght agaynst them,
26 all the whyle Israel dwelt in Hesbon and her townes, in Aroer & her townes, & in all the cyties şt be a longe by the coastes of Arnon, thre hundred yeres? why dydist thou not recouer them in all that space?
27 Wherfore I haue not synned agaynst the. But thou doest me wronge, to warre agaynst me. The Lorde therfore which is a Iudge be Iudge thys daye betwene the children of Israel, and the children of Ammon.
28 Howbeit the kynge of the chyldren of Ammon, harkened not vnto the wordes of Iephthah, which he sent him.
29 Then the sprete of the Lorde came vpon Iephthah. And he passed ouer to Gylead & to Manasses, & came to Mazphah that lieth in Gilead, and from thence vnto the chyldren of Ammon.
30 And Iephthah vowed a vowe vnto the Lord, and sayd: If thou shalt delyuer the chyldren of Ammon into my handes,
31 then that thinge that cometh oute of the dores of my house against me, when I come home in peace, from the chyldren of Ammon, shalbe the Lordes, and I wyll offer it vp for a burnt offering:
32 And so Iephthah went vnto the children of Ammon to fyght wt them. And the Lord delyuered them into hys handes.
33 And he smote them from Aroer tyll thou come to Menith, euen .xx. cytes: and so forth to the playne of the vyneyardes, with an exceding great slaughter. And thus the children of Ammon were brought vnder, before the chyldren of Israel
34 When Iephthah came to Mazphah vnto his house, se, his daughter came out agaynst him, with tymberelles & daunses, which was his onely childe: so that besyde her, he had nether sonne, nor daughter.
35 And when he sawe her, he rent his clothes, and sayde: Alas my daughter, thou hast brought me lowe, and art one of them that trouble me. For I haue opened my mouth vnto the Lord, and cannot go backe.
36 And she sayd vnto him: my father, yf şu haue opened thy mouth vnto the Lorde, then do wt me accordyng to it that proceaded out of thy mouth, for as moch as the Lorde hath aduenged the of thyne enemyes the chyldren of Ammon.
37 And she sayde vnto her father: do thys moche for me: lett me alone two monethes, that I maye go downe to the mountaynes, & be wayle my virginyte, I & my felowes.
38 And he sayd: go, & he sent her awaye two monethes. And so she went with her companions, & lamented her maydenheed vpon the mountaynes.
39 And after the ende of the two monethes, she turned agayne vnto her father, which dyd with her accordynge to hys vowe which he had vowed, & she had knowne no man. And it grewe to a custome in Israel.
40 The daughters of Israel came yere by yere to lament the daughter of Iephthah the Gyleadite, foure dayes in a yere




1 And the men of Ephraim geathered them selues together, & went northwarde, and sayde vnto Iephthah: Wherfore wentest thou to fyght with the children of Ammon, and dydest not call vs to go with the? we will therfore burne thine house vpon şe fyer.
2 And Iephthah said vnto them: I & my people were at great stryfe wt the chyldren of Ammon. And when I called you, ye delyuered me not out of their handes.
3 And when I sawe şt ye deliuered me not, I put my lyfe in my handes, & went vpon the children of Ammon. And the Lord delyuered them into my handes. Wherfore then are ye come vpon me now, to fyght wt me?
4 Iephthah therfore gathered together all the men of Gilead, & fought wt şe Ephraites And the men of Gilead smote the Ephraites, because they sayd: Ye Gileadites are but runneagates of Ephraim amonge the Ephraites & the Manassites.
5 Moreouer, the men of Gilead toke the passages of Iordan before the Ephraites. And when those Ephraites that were escaped, sayde: lett vs go ouer, then the men of Gilead sayd vnto them: Art thou an Ephraite? they sayde: naye.
6 Then sayde they vnto him: then saye: Schibboleth. And he sayde: Sibboleth: for he coulde not so pronounce. And then they toke him, and slewe hym at şe passages of Iordan. And there were ouerthrowen at that tyme of the Ephraites .xlij.M.
7 And Iephthah iudged Israel .vi. yeare & dyed, and was buryed in one of the cyties of Gilead.
8 After thys man, iudged Israell one Abezan of Bethlehem,
9 & he had .xxx. sonnes and .xxx. daughters, whom he sent out, and toke .xxx. other in, for his sonnes. And when Abezan had iudged Israel .vii. yere,
10 he dyed, and was buryed at Bethlehem.
11 After him, Elon a Zabulonite iudged Israel ten yere, & Elon the Zabulonite dyed,
12 & was buryed in Aialon, in the countre of Zabulon.
13 After hym, Abdon the sonne of Hellel a Pharathonite iudged Israel.
14 And he had .xl. sonnes, and thirty neueus, that rode on .lxx. asse coltes. And when Abdon the sonne of Hellel the Pharathonite had iudged Israell eyght yeare,
15 he dyed, & was buryed in Pharthon in the lande of Ephraim, in the mount of the Amalekites.




1 And the chyldren of Israell began agayne to commytte wyckednes in the sight of the Lord. And the Lord delyuered them into the handes of the Philistines fourty yere.
2 And ther was a man in Zaraah of the kynred of Dan, named Manoah, whose wyfe was barren, and bare not.
3 And the Aungell of the Lorde apeared vnto the woman: and sayde vnto her: Beholde, thou art barren, and bearest not: But thou shalt conceaue, & beare a sonne.
4 And now beware şt thou drinke no wyne. ner strong drincke, nether eate any vncleane thing:
5 for se, thou shalt conceaue and beare a sonne. And there may no rasor come on hys heed. For the ladd shalbe an abstayner vnto God, euen from his byrth. And he shall begynne to delyuer Israell out of the handes of the Phylistines.
6 Then the wyfe came, & tolde her husband sayenge: a man of God came vnto me, & the fassion of him was lyke the fassion of an Angell of God, excedyng fearfull. But I asked hym not whence he was, nether tolde he me hys name, but sayd vnto me:
7 beholde, thou shalt be with childe & beere a sonne, and now drincke no wyne nor strong dryncke, nether eate any vncleane thyng: for the ladd shalbe an abstayner to God, euen from hys byrth, to the daye of hys death.
8 Then Manoah made intercessyon to the Lorde, and sayde: I praye the my Lorde, lett the man of God whych thou sendest, come once moare vnto vs, and teache vs what we shal do vnto the ladd, when he is borne.
9 And God hearde the voyce of Manoah, and the angell of God came agayne vnto the wyfe as she sat in the felde. But Manoah her husband was not with her.
10 And the wyfe made hast, and ranne, and shewed her husbande, & sayde vnto hym: Beholde, the man apeared vnto me, that came vnto me to daye.
11 And Manoah arose, and went after hys wyfe, and came to the man, and sayde vnto him: art thou the man that spakest vnto my wyfe? And he sayde: I am.
12 Manoah sayde: now when thy saieng is come to passe: what shalbe the maner of the childe, and what shall he do?
13 And the angell of the Lorde sayd vnto Manoah: thy wyfe must absteyne from all that I sayde vnto her:
14 she maye eate of nothyng şt cometh of the vyne tree, ner dryncke wyne or strong dryncke, nor eate any vncleane thynge: But must obserue all that I bad her.
15 Manoah sayde vnto the aungell of the Lord: we wyl kepe the styll, vntyll we haue made redye a kydd, and haue sett it before the.
16 And the angell of the Lorde sayde vnto Manoah: though thou make me abyde. I wyll not eate of thy bread. And yf thou wylt offre a burntoffring, thou must offer it vnto the Lorde. For Manoah wist not, that it was an angell of the Lord.
17 And Manoah said agayne vnto the angel of şe Lord: what is thy name, that when thy sayinge is come to passe, we maye do the some worshyppe?
18 And the angel of the Lorde sayd vnto hym: why askest thou after my name, whych is Secrete.
19 And so Manoah toke a kydde wt a meateofferinge, and offered it vpon a rocke vnto şe Lorde. And the angell dyd wonderouslye. Manoah and hys wyfe lokynge vpon.
20 And when the flame came vp toward heauen from the aultare, the angell of the Lord ascended vp in the flame of the aultare. And Manoah and hys wyfe loked vpon it, and fell flat on their faces vnto the grounde.
21 But the angel of the Lorde dyd nomoare apeare vnto Manoah and his wife. And then Manoah knew that it was an angel of the Lorde,
22 and sayde vnto hys wyfe we shall suerlye dye, because we haue sene God.
23 But his wife said vnto him: Yf şe Lord wold kyll vs, he wolde not haue receaued a burntoffryng & a meateoffring of oure handes, nether wolde he haue shewed vs all these thinges, nor wolde now haue tolde vs any soche.
24 And the wyfe bare a sonne, and called his name Samson. And the ladd grewe, and the Lorde blessed hym.
25 And şe sprete of şe Lorde beganne to moue hym in the host of Dan, betwene Zaraah & Esthaol.




1 Samson went downe to Thamnath, and sawe a woman in Thamnath of şe daughters of şe Philystines,
2 and he came vp, and tolde hys father and hys mother, and sayde: I haue sene a woman in Thamnath of şe daughters of şe Phylistynes. And now geue me her to wyfe.
3 Then hys father and mother sayde vnto hym: Is there neuer a woman among the daughters of thy brethren, and amonge all my people, but that thou must go, and take a wyfe of the vncircumcysed Phylistynes? And Samson sayde vnto his father: geue me thys woman, for she pleaseth me well.
4 But hys father and mother wyst not that it was the Lordes doynge, and that he sought an occasion agaynst the Philistynes, for at şt tyme the Philistines raygned ouer Israel.
5 Then went Samson and hys father and his mother downe to Thamnath, and came to the vyne yardes of Thamnath. And behold a yonge lyon roared vpon hym.
6 And the sprete of the Lorde came vpon hym. And he tare hym, as he wolde haue rent a kydde, and yet had nothynge in hys hande, neyther tolde hys father & mother what he had done.
7 And he went downe, & talked with the woman, which semed well fauored in the syght of Samson.
8 And within a shorte space after, as he went thyther agayne to take her to wyfe, he turned oute of the waye, to se the carkasse of the lyon. And beholde, there was a swarme of bees, and honye in the carkasse of the lion.
9 And he toke of the honye in hys handes, and wente eatynge, and came to hys father and mother, and gaue them also. And they dyd eate. But he tolde not them, that he had taken the honye oute of the carkasse of the lyon.
10 And so hys father came vnto the woman, and Samson made there a feaste, for so vsed the yonge men to do.
11 And when they sawe him, they brought .xxx. companions to be with hym.
12 And Samson sayd vnto them: I wil now put forth a ryddle vnto you. And yf you can declare it me within .vij. dayes of the feast, & fynde it out. I will geue you .xxx. shertes, and .xxx. chaunge of garmentes:
13 But & yf you cannot declare it me, then shall ye geue me .xxx. shertes and .xxx. chaunge of garmentes. And they answered hym: put forth thy rydle, that we maye heare it.
14 And he sayd vnto them: Out of the eater came meate: and out of the stronge came swetnes. And they coulde not in .iij. dayes expounde the ryddle.
15 And when the seuenth daye was come, they sayde vnto Samsons wyfe: flater thyne husband, that he maye declare vs the ryddle, lest we burne the & thy fathers house with fyer. Haue ye called vs hyther, to make vs beggers?
16 And Samsons wyfe wepte before hym and sayde: Surely thou hatest me and louest me not: for thou hast put forth a ryddle vnto the chyldren of my folcke, and hast not tolde it me. And he sayde vnto her: Beholde, I haue not tolde it my father and my mother, and shall I tell it the?
17 And Samsons wyfe wepte before hym .vij. dayes, whyle the feast lasted. And şe .vii. daye he tolde her, because she laye so sore vpon him. And she tolde it the children of her folke.
18 And the men of the cytie sayd vnto hym the seuenth daye, before the sonne went downe. What is sweter then honye, & what is stronger then a lyon? Then sayde he vnto them: If ye had not plowed with my caulfe, ye had not founde out my rydle.
19 And the sprete of the Lorde came vpon hym. And he went downe to Askalon, and slewe thyrty men of them, and spoyled them, and gaue chaunge of garmentes vnto them whych expounded the ryddle. And he was wroth, and went vp to hys fathers house.
20 But Samsons wyfe was geuen to one of hys companyons, that he had taken vnto hym.




1 But it chaunced within a whyle after, euen in the tyme of whete heruest, that Samson visited hys wyfe with a kydde, sayenge: I wyll go into my wyfe into the chaumber: but her father wolde not suffre hym to go in.
2 And her father sayd: I thought that thou haddest hated her, and therfore gaue I her vnto one of thy companions. Is not her yonger syster fayrer then she? Take her in steade of the other
3 Samson sayd vnto them: Now am I more blamelesse then the Philistines, and therfore wyll I do them displeasure.
4 And Samson went out, and caught thre hundred foxes, and toke fyrebrandes, and fastened tayle to tayle, and put a fyer brand in the myddes betwene two tayles.
5 And whan he had set the brandes of fyer, he sent them out into the standing corne of the Philistines, and burnt vp both the reped corne and also the standing, with the vyneyardes and olyues.
6 Then the Philistines sayde: who hath done thys? And it was tolde them that Samson the sonne in lawe of the Thamnite, because he had taken hys wyfe, and geuen her to hys companyon. And the Philistines came vp and burnt her and her father with fyer.
7 And Samson sayde vnto them: Though ye haue done this, yet will I be aduenged of you, and then I wyll cease.
8 And he smote them legge and thygh with a myghtye plage. And then he went and dwelt in the caue of the rocke Etam.
9 Then the Philistines came vp, & pitched in Iuda, and laye in Lehi.
10 And the men of Iuda sayde, why are ye come vp vnto vs? They answered: to binde Samson are we come vp, and to do to hym as he hath done to vs.
11 Then thre thousande men of Iuda went downe to the caue of the rocke Etam, and sayde to Samson: wottest thou not that the Philistines are rulers ouer vs? Wherfore then hast thou done thus vnto vs? He answered them as they dyd vnto me, so haue I done vnto them.
12 And they sayd vnto hym agayne: we are come downe to bynde the, and to delyuer the into the hand of the Philistines. And Samson sayd vnto them: swere vnto me that ye shall not fal vpon me your selues.
13 They answered hym, sayenge: No, but we wyll bynde the, and delyuer şe vnto their handes: But we wyll not kyl the. And they bounde him with two new cordes, & brought hym from the rocke.
14 And when he came to Lehi, the Philistines showted agaynst him. And the sprete of the Lord came vpon hym, and the cordes that were vpon hys armes, became as flaxe that was burnt wt fyer, for the bandes lowsed from of hys handes.
15 And he founde a rotten Iawe bone of an asse, and put forth hys hande, and caught it, and slue a thousande men therwith.
16 And Samson sayde: with the Iawe of an asse, haue I made heapes of them: with the Iawe of an asse haue I slaine a thousand men.
17 And when he had left speakyng, he cast awaye the Iawe bone out of hys hand, and called the place Ramath Lehi.
18 And he was sore a thyrst, and called on şe Lorde, & sayde: Thou hast geuen this great victory, in the hande of thy seruaunt. And now I must dye for thyrst, and fall into the handes of the vncircumcised.
19 But God brake a great toth that was in the Iawe, and ther came water therout. And when he had droncke, his sprete came agayne, and was refresshed, wherfore the name therof was called, vnto this daye, the well of the caller on, which came of the Iawe.
20 And he iudged Israell in the dayes of the Philistines, twenty yeares.




1 Then wente Samson to Azath, and sawe ther an harlot, and went in vnto her.
2 And it was tolde the Azathites, sayeng: Samson is come hither. And they went aboute, & layde awayte for hym there, all nyght in the gate of şe cytie, and were still all the nyght, saying: in the mornyng whan it is daye, we shall kyll hym.
3 And Samson toke his rest tyll mydnyght, & arose at mydnyght, and toke the dores of the gate of the cyte, and the two syde postes, and rent them of, with the barre and all, and put them vpon his shoulders, and caryed them vp to the top of an hyll, that is before Hebron.
4 And after thys, it fortuned, that by the ryuer of Sorek, he loued a woman, called Dalila:
5 vnto whom came the Lordes of the Philistines, and sayde vnto her: perswade hym, and se wherin his great strength lieth, and by what meane we maye ouercome him that we maye bynde him, to bryng him vnder, and euery one of vs shal geue the aleuen hundred syluerlynges.
6 And Dalila sayde to Samson: Oh, tell me where thy great strength lieth, and how thou myghtest be bounde, and brought vnder.
7 Samson answered vnto her: If they bynde me with seuen grene withes şt were neuer dryed, I shalbe weake as other men.
8 And then şe lordes of şe Philistines brought her seuen wythes that were yet grene and neuer dryed, and she bounde hym therwith.
9 Notwithstandynge she had men lyinge in wayte with her in the chaumbre. And she sayd vnto hym: the Philistines be vpon the Samson. And immediatly he brake the cordes as a strynge of towe breaketh, when it fealeth fier. And so his strength was not knowen.
10 And Dalila sayde vnto Samson: Se, şu hast mocked me & tolde me lyes. Now therfore tel me, wherwith şu mightest be bounde.
11 He answered her: yf they bynde me wyth new ropes that neuer were occupyed, I shalbe weake, and as another man.
12 Dalila therfore toke new ropes, and bounde hym therwith, and sayde vnto him: the Philistines be vpon the Samson. And there were lyers of wayte in the chamber, & he brake them from of hys armes, as they had bene but a threde.
13 And Dalila sayde vnto Samson: hytherto thou hast begyled me, and tolde me lyes: yet tell me, how thou myghtest be bounde. He sayde vnto her: If thou plattedest the .vij. lokes of my head with an heare lace.
14 And she fastened them with a nayle, and sayde vnto hym: the Philistines be vpon the Samson. And he awaked out of his slepe, & plucked awaye the nayle, that was in the plattinge with the heare lace.
15 And she sayde vnto hym agayne: How canst thou saye that thou louest me, when thyne herte is not with me? beholde, şu hast mocked me thys thre tymes, & hast not tolde me, wherin thy greate strength lyeth.
16 And as she laye vpon him with her wordes continually vexyng of hym, hys soule was encombred euen vnto the death.
17 And so he tolde her all his hert, & sayd vnto her: there neuer came raser vpon myne heed, for I haue bene an abstayner vnto God, euen from my mothers wombe: therfore whan I am shauen, my strength wyll go from me, and I shall waxe weake, and be lyke all other men.
18 And when Dalila sawe that he had tolde her all his hert, she sent and called for the lordes of şe Philistines, sayeng: come vp yet this once, for he hath shewed me all hys herte. Then the lordes of the Philystines came vp vnto her, & brought şe money in their handes.
19 And she made him slepe vpon her knees & she sent for a man, & he dyd shaue of the seuen lockes of his heed, & beganne to vexe him, & his strength was gone from him.
20 And she sayde: the Philistines be vpon the Samson. And he awoke out of his slepe, & sayd: I wil go out now as at other tymes before, & shake my selfe, & he wist not şt the Lorde was departed from him.
21 But the Philistines toke hym, and put oute his eyes, & brought hym downe to Azath, and bounde hym with two fetters of brasse. And he dyd grynde in the preson house,
22 howbeit the heare of hys head beganne to growe agayne after that he was shauen.
23 Then the lordes of şe Philistines gathered them together, for to offer a solempne offrynge vnto Dagon theyr God, and to reioyse: for they sayde, oure God hath delyuered Samson oure enemy into oure handes.
24 And when the people sawe hym, they praysed theyr God: for they sayde: our God hath delyuered into oure handes oure enemy, and destroyer of oure countreye, whych slue manye of vs.
25 And when theyr hertes were merye, it fortuned, that they sayde: sende for Samson, that he maye make vs laugh. And they fette Samson oute of the preson house, and he played before them, and they set hym betwene the pyllers.
26 And Samson sayd vnto the ladd that leed him by the hand: sett me that I maye touche the pyllers, that the house stande vpon, and that I maye leane to them.
27 And the house was full of men & women. And there were all the lordes of the Philistines. And there were vpon the roufe a thre thousande men and wemen, that behelde whyle Samson played.
28 And Samson called vnto the Lord, and sayde: O Lorde God, thyncke vpon me, and strengthen me, at thys tyme onlye, O God, that I maye be aduenged of the Philistines for my two eyes.
29 And Samson caught the two middel pillers on which the house stode, and on which it was borne vp, the one in hys ryght hande, and the other in hys lefte,
30 and sayde: my soule shall dye with the Philistines, and bowed them with all hys myghte. And the house fell vpon the lordes and vpon all the people that were therin. And so the deed which he slewe at hys deeth, were moo then they whych he slewe in hys lyfe.
31 And then hys brethren and al the house of hys father came downe, & toke him vp, & brought hym, and buryed hym betwene Zarah and Estahol, in the buryinge place of Manoah hys father. And he iudged Israell twentye yeares.




1 There was a man in mount Ephraim named Micah,
2 and he sayde vnto hys mother: the leuen hundreth syluerlynges that were taken from the, aboute which thou cursedst, & spakest it in myne eares. Behold, the syluer is with me, I toke it awaye. And hys mother sayde: blessed be şu my sonne, in şe Lorde.
3 And when he had restored the leuen hundred syluerlynges to his mother agayne, his mother sayde: I vowed the syluer vnto şe Lord of myne hande for the my sonne: that şu shuldest make a grauen ymage and an ymage of metall. Now therfore, I wyll geue it the agayne.
4 And when he restored the moneye againe vnto his mother, his mother toke two hundreth syluerlynges, and gaue them to a goldsmyth, which made therof a grauen image, and a ymage of metall, and it was in the house of Micah.
5 And the man Micah had a temple of goddes, and made an Ephod and Theraphim, and fylled the hande of one of hys sonnes which became hys preaste.
6 In those dayes there was no kyng in Israel, but euery man dyd that which was good in hys awne eyes.
7 And there was a yonge man out of Bethlehem Iuda, of the kynred of Iuda: which yonge man was a Leuite, & soiourned ther.
8 And the man departed oute of the cytie of Bethlehem Iuda, to go dwel where he coulde fynde a conuenient place. And he came to mount Ephraim, to the house of Micah as he iourneyed.
9 And Micah sayde vnto hym. whence commest thou? The leuite answered hym. I am of Bethlehem Iuda, & go to dwell where I maye fynde a place.
10 And Micah sayd agayne vnto him: dwell with me, and be vnto me a father and a preste. And I wyll geue the ten syluerlynges by yeare, two garmentes, and thy meate and dryncke.
11 And the Leuite was content to dwell wt the man, and was vnto hym as one of hys awne sonnes.
12 And Micah consecrated şe hande of the leuite, and the yonge man became his preste, and was in the house of Micah.
13 Then sayde Micah: now I am sure, that the Lord wyll be good vnto me, seynge: I haue a leuyte to my preste.




1 In those dayes there was no king in Israell. And in those dayes the tribe of Dan sought then an enheritaunce to dwell in for vnto şt tyme there fel none enheritaunce vnto them amonge the trybe of Israell.
2 And the children of Dan sent of their kinred fyue actyue men in feates of warre oute of theyr coastes, euen out of Zaraah and Estahol, to vewe the lande and searche it out, and sayde vnto them: go, and searche out the lande. Which whan they came to mount Ephraim, euen to the house of Micah, they lodged ther
3 And when they were in the house of Micah, they knewe the voyce of şe yonge man the leuite: and when they turned in thyther, they sayde vnto hym: who brought the hyther? what makest thou in thys place? and what hast thou here?
4 And he answered them: thus and thus dealed Micah with me, and hath hired me, and I am become hys preste.
5 And they sayde vnto hym agayne: Aske councell now of God, şt we maye knowe, whether the waye whych we go, shalbe prosperous, or no.
6 And the preste sayde vnto them: go in peace, for the Lorde gydeth your waye which ye go.
7 Then the fyue men departed, and came to Lais, and sawe the people that were therin, how they dwelt careles, after the maner of şe Sydons, styll, and without castynge of parelles: and that no man made any trouble in the land, or vsurped any domynion, but were farre from the Sidons, and had no busines with other men.
8 And they came vnto theyr brethren, to Zaraah & Estahol. And their brethren sayd vnto them: what haue ye done?
9 And they answered: Aryse, that we maye go vp agaynst them, for we haue sene the lande: surely a very good one. And do ye sytt stil? be not slouthful to departe: But come to conquere the lande.
10 Yf ye wyll go, ye shall come vnto a people that casteth no parelles, & it is a very large countre: which God hath geuen into your handes. It is also a place, which doth lacke nothynge şt is in the worlde.
11 And there departed thence of the kynred of the Dannites, euen out of Zaraah and Esthaol, syxe hundred men appoynted with instrumentes of warre.
12 And they went vp, and pitched in kariath Iarim which is in Iuda. Wherfore they called the place, the hoost of Dan, vnto thys daye: and it is on the backsyde of kariath Iarim.
13 And they went thence vnto mount Ephraim, & came to the house of Micah.
14 Then answered the fyue men that went to spye out the countre of Lais, & sayde vnto their brethren: wot ye not şt there is in these houses an Ephod, Theraphim, a grauen ymage, & an ymage of metall? Now therfore consydre what ye haue to do.
15 And they turned thitherwarde and came to the house of şe yong man the Leuite, euen vnto the house of Micah, and saluted hym peasably.
16 And the syxe hundred men gyrded with weapons of warre, which were of the chyldren of Dan, stode by şe enteryng of the gate.
17 And the fyue men that went to spye out the lande, went in thyther and toke the kerued Image, and the Ephod, Theraphim, and the ymage of metall. And the preste stode in the enterynge of the gate with the syxe hundred men şt were armed vnto batayl,
18 whyle the other wente into Michas house, and fet the kerued ymage, the Ephod, Theraphim, and the ymage of metall. Then sayd şe preste vnto them: what do ye?
19 They answered hym: holde thy peace, laye thyne hande vpon thy mouth, and come with vs, to be oure father & preste. Is it better for the to be a preste vnto the house of one man, then to be a prest vnto a trybe or a kynred in Israell?
20 And the preste was glad and toke the Ephod, and Theraphim, and the grauen ymage, & went with the people.
21 And they turned and departed, and put the chyldren, the catell and their other substaunce before them.
22 And when they were a good waye from the house of Micah, the men that were in şe houses, and in Micahs house, made an oute crye, and folowed after the chyldren of Dan, and called vnto them.
23 And they turned their faces, and sayde vnto Micah: what ayleth the, şt thou makest an out crye?
24 And he sayd: ye haue taken awaye my goddes whych I made, and also the preste, and go your wayes with them. And what haue I more? how then saye ye vnto me, what ayleth the?
25 And the chyldren of Dan sayde vnto hym: let not thy voyce be hearde amonge vs, lest angrye felowes runne vpon the, and thou loose thy lyfe with the lyues of all thyne housholde.
26 And so the chyldren of Dan wente theyr wayes. And when Micah sawe that they were to stronge for hym, he turned and went backe vnto hys house agayne.
27 And they toke the thynges which Micah had made, & the preste which he had, & came vnto Lais, euen vnto a people that were at reast & without mistrust, & smote them with the edge of the swerd, & burnt the cytie with fyre.
28 And there was no man to helpe, because Lais was farre from Sidon, & they had no medelyng with any other man. And the cyte stode in the valey that lyeth by Bethrehob. And they bylt them there a cytie, & dwelt therin.
29 And called it Dan, after şe name of Dan their father which was borne vnto Israell. Howbeit, in very dede the name of the cytie was Lais at the begynninge.
30 And the chyldren of Dan set them vp the grauen ymage. And Ionathan the sonne of Gerson, the sonne of Manasses and hys sonnes were the prestes in şe trybe of Dan vntyll they were caryed awaye out of the land captyue.
31 And they sett them vp the kerued ymage which Micah made, all the whyle şt the house of God was in Silo.




1 It chaunced in those dayes, when there was no kyng in Israel, that a certayn leuyte sogeournynge on the syde of mount Ephraim, toke to wyfe a concubyne out of Bethlehem Iuda:
2 and hys concubyne played the whore by hym, and went awaye from hym, vnto her fathers house to Bethlehem Iuda, and there continued foure monethes.
3 And her husbande arose, and went after her, to speake frendely vnto her, and to bring her home agayne, hauynge hys ladd with hym, and a couple of asses. And she brought him vnto her fathers house, and when the father of the damosell sawe hym, he reioysed of hys comyng.
4 And his father in lawe the damosels father kept him. And the Leuyte aboade with hym thre dayes, and so they dyd eate and drincke, and lodged there.
5 The fourth daye whan they arose erly in the mornynge, the man stode vp, to departe. And the damoselles father sayd vnto his sonne in lawe: confort thyne hert with a morsell of bread, and then go your waye.
6 And they sate downe, and dyd eat and drincke both of them togeather. And the damoselles father sayd vnto the man: Be content I praye the, & tarye all nyght, and let thyne herte be mery.
7 And when the man stode vp to departe, hys father in lawe compelled him to turne againe: and to tarie all nyght there.
8 And he rose vp erlye the fyfth daye to departe, and the damoselles father sayde, comforte thine herte: & they taried vntyll after middaye. And they dyd eate bothe of them to geather.
9 And when the man arose to departe with his concubine and his ladd, his father in law the damoselles father sayde vnto hym: beholde, the daye gothe fast awaye & draweth towarde euen, tary all night: at şe least waye tarye this daye here, that thyne hert maye be merye. And to morowe get you erlye vpon your waye, that thou mayest get the to thy tent.
10 Neuerthelater the man wolde not tary, but arose and departed, and came as ferre as Iebus, (which is Ierusalem) and his two asses laden, and his concubine and his ladd with him.
11 And when they were fast by Iebus the daye was sore spent, and the younge man sayd vnto his master: come I praye the and let vs turne in, into this cytie of the Iebusites and lodge all night there.
12 His master answered him: we will not turne into a straunge cytie that are not of the chyldren of Israel: we wyll go forth to Gibea.
13 And he sayd vnto hys ladd, go forwarde, and we shall come to one of these places to lodge all night ether in Gibea or in Rama.
14 And they went forwarde vpon theyr waye, and the sonne went downe vpon them, when they were fast by Gibea which belongeth to them of BenIamin.
15 And they turned thither warde to go in, and lodge all nyght in Gibea. And when he came, he sat him downe in a streat of the cytie, for there was no man that toke them to lodginge.
16 And behold, there came an olde man from his worke, out of the felde at euen, which was also of mount Ephraim, & dwelt as a straunger in Gibea. But the men of the place were the children of Iemim.
17 And when he had lyfte vp his eyes, he sawe a wayefaring man in the streate of the cytie. And the olde man sayde: whether goest thou? And whence comest thou?
18 He answered him: we come from Bethlehem Iuda towarde the syde of mount Ephraim: from thence am I, and I went to Behlehem Iuda, and go now to the house of the Lord. And there is no man that receaueth me to house.
19 We haue strawe and prauender for oure Asses, and bread and wyne for me and thy handmayde, and for the ladd that is with thy seruaunt, and we lacke nothynge.
20 The olde man sayd: peace be with the, all that thou lackest shalt thou fynde with me: onelye abyde not in the streate all nyght,
21 and so he brought him into his house, and gaue fodder vnto his Asses. And they wasshed their fete, and dyd eate and drynck.
22 And as they were makynge their herttes merye, beholde, the men of the cytie which were wicked, set the house rounde aboute, and thrust at the dore, and spake to the man of the house, the olde man, sayinge: brynge forth the man that came into thyne house, that we maye knowe hym.
23 And the man of the house, the olde man went out, and sayde vnto them, Oh, naye my brethren, do not so wickedlye, seyng that this man is come into myne house: do not so vnmete a thing.
24 Beholde, here is my daughter a mayden, and this mannes concubine, them I wyll bringe out now vnto you, and humble them, and do with them what semeth you good: but vnto this man, do not so abhominable a thinge.
25 But the men wolde not herken to him. And the man toke his concubine, and brought her out vnto them, which knewe her, and abused her, all the nyght, euen vnto the mornynge. And when the daye beganne to sprynge, they let her go.
26 And then came the woman in the dawnyng of the daye, and fell downe at the doore of the mannes house, where her Lorde was, tyll it was daye.
27 And her Lorde arose vp in the mornyng, and opened the dores of şe house, and went out to go hys waye. And beholde, the woman, euen his concubine laye a longe before the dore of the house, & her handes stretched out vpon the thressholde. And he
28 sayde vnto her: vp and let vs be goynge. But she answered not. Then the man toke her vp vpon an Asse, and stode vp, and gat him vnto his awne home.
29 And when he was come vnto his house, he toke a knyfe, & caught hys concubine, and deuided her with the bones into twelue peces, and sent her into all quarters of Israell.
30 And all that sawe it, sayde: there was no soche dede done or sene sence the children of Israel cam out of Egipt vnto this daye, consyder the matter, take aduisement, and saye youre myndes.




1 Then all the chyldren of Israel went out: and the congregacyon was gathered togeather as it had bene but one man, euen from Dan to Berseba and vnto the lande of Gilead, vnto the Lorde in Mizpa,
2 and there stode folke out of al quarters and of all the trybes of Israell, in the congregacyon of the people of God, foure hundred thousande fote men that drewe swerdes.
3 And whan the chyldren of BenIamin hearde that the chyldren of Israell were gone vp to Mizpa, and had sayde. O ye chyldren of Israell, tell vs how this wickednesse happened.
4 And the Leuite, the womans husbande that was slayne, answered and sayde, I came into Gybea that is in BenIamin with my concubyne to lodge all nyght.
5 And the men of Gibea rose agaynst me, and set the house rounde aboute vpon me by nyght, and thought to haue slayne me: and my concubyne haue they so forced, that she is deed.
6 And I toke my concubyne, and cutt her in peces, and sent her thorow out all the landes of the enherytaunce of Israell. For they haue commytted abhominacyon and folly in Israell.
7 Beholde, ye are all chyldren of Israell. Pondre thys matter, and geue youre aduyse in the case
8 And all the people arose, as it had ben one man, saying, there shall not a man of vs go to his tent, nether turne into his house.
9 But this shalbe it that we wyll do to Gibea: We will go vp by lottte agaynst it.
10 And we will take ten men of the hundred thorowe out all the trybes of Israell, and an hundred of the thousande, and a thousande out of ten thousande, to fett vitayle for the people to make that they maye go agaynst Gibea BenIamin, because of all the abhominacyon, that they haue wrought in Israell.
11 And so all the men of Israell gathered to geather agaynst the cytie, knyte to geather, as it had ben but one man.
12 And the trybes of Israell sent men thorow all the trybe of BenIamin sayinge what wyckednesse is this that is happened amonge you?
13 Now therfore delyuer vs the men, those chyldren of Belial which are in Gibea, that we maye sley them, and put awaye euell from Israell. Neuerthelater the chyldren of BenIamin wolde not herken vnto the voyce of their brethren the chyldren of Israell:
14 but geathered them selues to geather out of the cyties vnto Gibea, to come out and fight agaynst the chyldren of Israell.
15 And the chyldren of BenIamin were nombred at that tyme, out of şe cyties .xxvj. thousand men that drewe swerdes, besyde the enhabiters of Gibea, which were nombred seuen hundred chosen men.
16 And amonge all these folke were seuen hundred left handed men, which euery one coulde slyng stones at an heare breadeth, and not mysse.
17 And the chyldren of Israell besyde BenIamin, were nombred foure hundred thousande men that drew swerdes, and were all men of warre.
18 And the chyldren of Israell arose, & went vp to Bethel, & asked councell of God, who shulde begynne the battell agaynst the chyldren of BenIamin? And the Lord sayd. Iuda shall begynne.
19 And the chyldren of Israel stode vp erlye and beseged Gibea.
20 And the men of Israell went out to battell agaynst BenIamin, and the men of Israel put them selues in araye to fyght agaynst them, besyde Gibea.
21 And the chyldren of BenIamin came out of Gibea, and destroyed of the Israelites that daye .xxij. thousande men, and brought them to the erth.
22 And the folke of the chyldren of Israell plucked vp their hertes and went to agayne, and made batell in the same place where they dyd the fyrst daye.
23 And the chyldren of Israel went vp, and wept before the Lord vnto euen, and asked of the Lord, saying, shall we go agayne to battell agaynst the chyldren of BenIamin oure brethren? And the Lord sayde: go vp agaynst them.
24 And the chyldren of Israel came out agaynst the children of BenIamin the seconde daye.
25 And the chyldren of BenIamin went agaynst them out of Gibea, the seconde daye, and destroyed to the erth of the chyldren of Israell once agayne .xviij. thousande men that drew swerdes euery man of them.
26 Then the chyldren of Israell and all the people went vp and cam vnto Bethell, and wepte and sat there before the Lord, and fasted the same daye vnto euen, & offered burntofferynges and peaceofferynges before the Lorde.
27 And the chyldren of Israel asked the Lord: for there was the arcke of the apoyntment of God,
28 in those dayes. And Phinehes the sonne of Eleazar, the sonne of Aaron waytynge vpon it at that tyme sayde: shall I get me vp to go out any moare to batell agaynst the chyldren of BenIamin my brethren, or shall I cease? The Lorde sayde: go, for to morowe I will delyuer them into youre handes.
29 And Israell sett layers awayte rounde about Gibea.
30 And the chyldren of Israel went vp agaynst the chyldren of BenIamin the thyrde tyme, and put them selues in araye agaynst Gibea, as twyse before.
31 And the chyldren of BenIamin came out agaynst şe people, and were drawen awaye from the cytie: And they beganne to smyte of the people deed (as twise before, by two hye wayes of which one gothe vp to Bethell and şe other to Gibea thorowe the felde) vpon a thyrtye men of Israell.
32 And the chyldren of BenIamin sayde. They are fallen before vs, as at the fyrst. But the chyldren of Israel sayde: let vs flye and plucke them awaye from the cytie, vnto the hye wayes.
33 And all the men of Israell rose vp out of their place, and put them selues in araye at Baal Thamar. And lyke wyse the layers in wayte of Israel came forth out of their places, euen out of the medowes şt were aboute Gibea,
34 & came agaynst Gibea: ten thousande chosen men out of all Israel, and there was a sore battell. But the other wist not that so great euyll was so nye them.
35 And the Lorde plaged BenIamin before Israel, & the chyldren of Israel destroyed of the Beniamites the same daye .xxv. thousande and a hundred men, that drue swerdes euerye one of them.
36 And whan the chyldren of BenIamin sawe that they were put to the worste, the men of Israel gaue rowme to the Beniamites, because they trusted vnto the layers in wayte which they had layde besyde Gibea.
37 And the layers in wayte hasted, and ranne vpon Gibea, and went and smote all the cytye with the edge of the swerde.
38 And an apoyntment had the men of Israell from the layers in wayte that they shulde make a greate smoke ryse vp out of the cytie.
39 And whan the men of Israel fledd in the battell BenIamin began to smyte deed of the chyldren of Israel, aboute a thyrtie parsonnes, and sayde: the other are put to the worsse before vs, as in the fyrst batell.
40 But whan there began to aryse out of the cytie a pyller of smoke, the Beniamites loked backe: and beholde, the wastynge of the hole cytie began to ascende vp to heauen.
41 When the men of Israell also turned agayne, the men of Ben Iamin were abasshed: for they saw that euel approched them.
42 And therfore they turned their backes before the men of Israel vnto the waye that leadeth to the wildernesse, but the men of warre ouertoke them. And besyde that, they which came out of the cytie, destroyed them in the myddle of them.
43 And thus they compassed the Beniamites aboute, and chased them to Menuha, and ouerranne them to Gibea on the east syde:
44 and there were slayne of BenIamin .xviij. thousande, which were all men of warre.
45 And they turned and fledd to the wyldernesse warde, and vnto the rocke of Rymmon. And the other slue by the waye of the rest of them, fyue thousande men, and stycked vnto them, vntyll they cam to Gideom and slue two thousande men of them.
46 So that all that were slayne that same daye of BenIamin were .xxv. thousande men that drue swerdes, which were all men of warre:
47 onelye .vj. hundred men turned and fledd to the wyldernesse, vnto the Rocke of Rymmon and abode there .iiij. monethes.
48 And the men of Israell turned backe agayne vnto the chyldren of BenIamin, & smote them with the edge of the swerde in the cyties, bothe man and beast and all that came to hande, and sett on fyer all the cyties that they coulde come by.




1 And euery man of Israel sware in Mizpa, sayinge: there shall none of vs geue hys daughter vnto any of BenIamin to wyfe.
2 And the people came to Bethell & abode there tyll euen before God, & lyfte vp theyr voyces and wept sore,
3 and sayde. O Lorde God of Israel, why is thys chaunced in Israel, that there shulde be thys daye one trybe lackynge in Israell?
4 And on the morow the people rose vp by tyme, and made there an altare, and offered burntofferinges and peaceofferynges.
5 And the chyldren of Israell asked, who are they amonge all the tribes of Israel, that came not vp with the congregacyon vnto şe Lorde? for they had made a greate othe concernynge him that came not vp to the Lord to Mizpa, sayinge: he shall suerlye dye.
6 And the chyldren of Israell had pytie on BenIamin theyr brethren, and sayde: there is one trybe cut of from Israell thys daye:
7 what shall we do vnto the remnaunt of them, that they maye haue wyues? we haue sworne by the Lorde, that we will not geue them of oure daughters to wyues.
8 And they sayde: Is there any of the trybes of Israel, that came not vp to Mizpa to the Lorde?
9 And beholde, ther came none of the enhabitoures of Iabes Gilead vnto the hoost and congregacyon. For the people were vewed: and beholde, there were none of the enhabiters of Iabes Gilead there.
10 And they sent thether a multitude, euen .xij. thousande men of the strongest of them, and commaunded them, sayinge: go and smyte the enhabiters of Iabes Gilead with the edge of şe swerde, both wemen and chyldren.
11 And this is it that ye shall do: vtterlye destroye all the males and all the wemen that haue lyen by men.
12 And they founde amonge şe in habiters of Iabes Gilead foure hundred damoselles, virgines, that had knowen no man, by lyeng with any male. And they brought them vnto the host to Silo, which is in the lande of Canaan.
13 And the hole congregacion sent and spake with the chyldren of BenIamin that were in the Rocke of Rymmon, and called peceablye vnto them:
14 and BenIamin came agayne at that tyme, and they gaue them wyues, which they had saued alyue of the wemen of Iabes Gilead. But they suffysed them not.
15 And the people had compassyon on BenIamin, because that God had made a gappe in the trybes of Israel.
16 And then the elders of the congregacyon, sayde: what shall we do to the remnaunt of them, to get them wyues, seinge all the wyues of BenIamin are destroyed?
17 And they sayde: there must be an enheritaunce for them that be escaped of BenIamin, that a trybe be not destroyed out of Israell:
18 howbeit, we maye not geue them wyues of oure daughters. For the chyldren of Israell had sworne, sayinge: curssed be he, that geueth a wyffe to BenIamin.
19 Then they sayde: beholde, there is a feast of the Lord yearly in Sylo, which is on the northsyde of Bethel, and on the east syde of the waye that goeth from Bethel to Sichen and south from Libanon.
20 Therfore they commaunded the chyldren of BenIamin, saying: go and lye in wayte in the vynyardes.
21 And when ye se that the daughters of Silo come out to daunce in a rowe, then come ye out of the vyneyardes, and catch you euerye man a wyfe of the daughters of BenIamin.
22 And whan theyr fathers or brethren come vnto vs to complayne, we wyll saye vnto them: haue pytie on vs for theyr sakes, because we reserued not to eche man his wyfe in tyme of warre, Neither haue ye geuen vnto them, that ye shulde synne at this tyme.
23 And the chyldren of BenIamin dy euen so: and toke them wyues accordynge to the nombre of them that daunced, whom they caught. And they went, and returned vnto theyr enheritaunce, and repayred the cyties, and dwelt in them.
24 And the chyldren of Israell departed thence at that tyme, and went euery man to hys trybe, and to hys kynred, and went out from thence euery man to hys enheritaunce.
25 In those dayes there, was no kynge in Israel: but euery man dyd şt which semed ryght in his awne eyes.