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1 After ŝe death of Moses the seruaunt of ŝe Lorde, it happened also that the Lorde spake vnto Iosua ŝe sonne of Nun Moses minister saying:
2 Moses my seruaunt is deed. Now therfore vp & goo ouer Iordan: thou & all this people, vnto the lande the whych I geue vnto the children of Israel .
3 All the places that ŝe sooles of youre fete shall treade vpon, haue I geuen you, as I sayde vnto Moses:
4 from ŝe wildernes & this Libanon vnto the greate ryuer Euphrates: all the lande of the Hethites, euen vnto the great see towarde ŝe going downe of the sonne, shalbe youre coaste.
5 There shall not a man be able to withstande ŝt all the dayes of thy lyfe. For as I was with Moses, so will I be with the and will not fayll the, nor forsake the.
6 Be strong therfore and bolde: for vnto this people shalt ŝu deuyde the lande which I sware vnto their fathers to geue them.
7 Onely be thou strong & as bolde as thou canst, that thou mayest obserue & do according to all ŝe lawe, which Moses my seruaunt commaunded ŝe. Tourne therfrom nether to the right hand, nor to the lefte: that thou mayste do wysely in all thou takest in hande:
8 let not the boke of this lawe departe out of thy mouthe: But recorde therin daye & night ŝt thou mayst obserue, & do according to all that is written therin. For then shalt thou make thy waye prosperouse, and then thou shalt do wysely.
9 Haue not I commaunded ŝe, that thou shuldest be stronge & hardye & not feare ner be faynt harted? For I the Lord thy God am with the, whether soeuer thou goest.
10 Then Iosua commaunded the officers of ŝe people, sayinge:
11 Goo thorowe ŝe myddes of the hoste, & comaunde the people, saying: prepare you vitayles: for after thre dayes ye shall passe ouer this Iordan, to goo in & enioye ŝe lande which the Lord youre God geueth you, to possesse it.
12 And vnto ŝe Rubenites, Gadites, & half ŝe trybe of Manasses spake Iosua saying:
13 Remember the worde, which Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde commaunded you, sayinge: the Lorde youre God hathe geuen you reast, & hathe geuen you this land.
14 Youre wyues, youre children, and youre catell shall remayne in ŝe lande which Moses gaue you on this syde Iordan: But ye shall go before youre brethren armyd, all ŝt be men of warre, and helpe them
15 vntill the Lorde haue geuen youre brethren reast, as he hathe you, and vntill they also haue obtayned the lande, which the Lorde youre God geueth them. And then shall ye retourne vnto the lande of youre possession & enioye it, which lande Moses ŝe Lordes seruaunt gaue you on this syde Iordan towarde ŝe sonne rysynge.
16 And they answered Iosua sayinge: All that ŝu hast commaunded vs, we will do, and whether soeuer thou sendest vs, we wyll go.
17 According as we obeyed Moses in all thinges, so wyll we obeye the: onlye the Lorde thy God be with the as he was with Moses.
18 And whosoeuer he be that doth dysobeye thy mouth, and will not herken vnto thy wordes in all that thou commaundest him, let him dye: Onlye be strong and of good courage.




1 And Iosua the sonne of Nun sent out of Settim two men to spye secretlye, sayinge: go & vewe the lande and also Iericho. And they went, and came into a harlotes house, named Rahab, & lodged there.
2 And it was tolde the kynge of Iericho, and sayd: Beholde, there came men in hyther to nyght, of the children of Israel, to spye out the countrey.
3 And the kyng of Iericho sent vnto Rahab saying: brynge forth the men that are come to the, & which are entred into thyne house: for they be come to searche out all the lande.
4 And the woman toke ŝe two men & hid them. And sayde thus: in dede there came men vnto me, but I wist not whence they were.
5 And aboute the tyme of the shuttynge of the gate when it was darcke, the men went out, whether the men went I wot not: folowe ye after them quycklye, & ye shall ouer take them.
6 But she brought them vp to the rooffe of the house, and hydd them wt the stalckes of flaxe, which she had lyinge abroade vpon ŝe rooffe.
7 And the men of the cytye pursued after them, the waye to Iordan, euen vnto the ferie, and as sone as they which pursued after them were gone out, they shutt the gate.
8 And or euer they were a slepe, she came vp vnto them vpon ŝe rooffe,
9 & sayde vnto the men: I knowe, ŝt the Lorde hathe geuen you the lande for the feare of you is fallen vpon vs, & the enhabiters of the land faynt at the presence of you.
10 For we haue heard, how ŝe Lorde dried vp ŝe water of the redd see before you when you came out of Egypte, & what you dyd vnto ŝe two kynges of the Amorites, that were on the other side Iordan Sehon, & Og, whom ye vtterlye destroyed.
11 And as sone as we had heard these thynges oure hertes dyd fainte. And there remayned no moare courage in any man at the presence of you. For the Lord youre God, he is ŝe God in heauen aboue, & on the erth benethe.
12 Now therfore (I pray you) sweare vnto me by the Lorde, ŝt as I haue shewed you mercie, ye shall also shewe mercie vnto my fathers house, & geue me a true token.
13 And that ye shall saue alyue, bothe my father, & my mother, my brethren, & my systers, and all that they haue. And that ye shall delyuer oure soules from death.
14 And the men answered her: oure liues for you to dye, yf ye vtter not this oure busines. And when ŝe Lord hathe geuen vs the land, we will deale mercifully & truly with the.
15 And then she lett them downe by a coarde, thorow a windowe: For her house was by the towne wall. And she dwelt by the towne wall.
16 And she sayd vnto them: gett you into the mountayne, lest the pursuers mete you, & hyde youre selues there thre dayes, vntill the pursuars be returned and then shall ye goo youre awne waye.
17 And the men sayde vnto her: we will be blamelesse of this thy othe, which thou hast made vs sweare.
18 Beholde, when we come into ŝe lande, ŝu shalt bynde this purple coarde in the window, which ŝu lattest vs downe bye. And thou shalt bring thy father, & thy mother, thy brethren, and all thy fathers houshold, euen into thy house.
19 And then whosoeuer doth go out at the dores of thy house, into the streat, his bloude shalbe vpon his awne head, & we wilbe giltlesse. And whosoeuer shalbe with the in the house, hys bloude shall be on oure heade, yf any mannes hande touche him:
20 And yf thou vtter these oure wordes, we wilbe quyte of thy othe, which thou hast made vs sweare.
21 And she sayde: accordinge vnto youre wordes, so be it: and she sent them awaye to departe. And she bounde the purple coarde in the window.
22 And they departed, and came into ŝe mountayne, and there aboade thre dayes, vntill the pursuars were returned. And the pursuars sought them thorowe out all ŝe waye but founde them not.
23 And the two men returned, & descended from the mountayne, and passed ouer, and came to Iosua the sonne of Nun, and tolde hym all that had chaunced them.
24 And they sayd vnto Iosua: the Lord truly hathe delyuered into oure handes all ŝe lande, and all the inhabiters of the contrey faynte at the presence of vs.




1 And Iosua rose erlye: and they remoued from Settim, & came to Iordan, he and all the children of Israel, and lodged there, before they went ouer.
2 And after thre dayes it fortuned, that the officers went thorow out the hoste,
3 and commaunded the people sayinge: when ye se ŝe arcke of the testament of the Lord youre God, & the preastes that are Leuites bearing it: ye shall departe from youre place, & go after it.
4 So yet that there shall be a space betwene you & it, aboute a two thousande cubites by measure. And ye shal not come nye vnto it, that ye maye knowe the waye, by which ye must go: for ye haue not gone this waye in tymes past
5 And Iosua sayd vnto the people: Sanctifie youre selues, for tomorowe the Lorde shall do wonders amonge you.
6 And Iosua spake vnto the preastes, saying: Take vp the arcke of ŝe couenaunt: & go before the people. And they toke vp the arcke of the testament, and went before the people.
7 And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua: this daye will I begynne to magnifie the, in the syght of all Israel, ŝt they maye knowe how that as I was with Moses so wyll I be with the.
8 And thou shalt commaunde the preastes that beare the arcke of the couenaunt saying: when ye are come to the edge of the waters of Iordan, ye shall stande still in it.
9 And Iosua sayde vnto ŝe children of Israel: come hither, & heare the wordes of the Lord youre God.
10 And Iosua sayde, Herbye ye shall knowe that the liuyng God is among you, & that he will wythout fayle cast out before you, ŝe Cananites, & the Hethites, ŝe Heuites, ŝe Pheresites, ŝe Gergesites, ŝe Amorites, & ŝe Iebusites.
11 Beholde, the arcke of ŝe apointment of ŝe Lord of all ŝe worlde goeth before you into Iordan.
12 Now therfore take from amonge you twelue men out of ŝe tribes of Israel, out of euery tribe a man.
13 And as sone as ŝe sooles of ŝe fete of ŝe preasts (ŝt beare the arcke of the Lord the Gouernour of all the world) tread in the waters of Iordan, the waters of Iordan shall be deuided: & the waters that come from aboue, shall stande still vpon an heape.
14 And it fortuned, that when the people were departed from their tentes to goo ouer Iordan, the preastes bearyng ŝe arcke of the appointment, went before the people.
15 And as sone as they that bare ŝe arcke came vnto Iordan, & the fete of the preastes that bare ŝe arcke were dipped in the brym of ŝe water (For Iordan vseth to fill all hys banckes all the tyme of haruest)
16 the waters also that came downe from aboue, did ryse vp vpon an heape and departed farre from Adam, ŝt was besyde Zarthan, And the waters that were beneth to ward the see of ŝe wildernes, fell awaye & departed into the salt see, and the people went ryght ouer agaynst Iericho,
17 And the preastes ŝt bare the arcke of the appointement of the Lorde, stoode drye within Iordane ready prepared, & all the Israelites went ouer thorow the drye, vntill all the people were gone cleane ouer thorow Iordan.




1 And it fortuned, that whan the people. were all gone ouer Iordan, the Lorde spake vnto Iosua, sayinge:
2 Take you twelue men out of the people, out of euery trybe a man. And commaunde you them, sayinge: take you hence out of the myddes of Iordan
3 (euen out of the place where the preastes stoode in a redynes) twelue stones, which ye shall take awaye with you, and leaue them in ŝe place, where you shal lodge this night.
4 And Iosua called the twelue men, which he had prepared of the children of Israel, out of euery trybe a man,
5 and Iosua sayde vnto them: gett you before the arcke of the Lord youre God, euen thorow the myddes of Iordan and take vp euery man of you a stone vpon his shulder, according vnto the nombre of the trybes of the children of Israel,
6 that this maye be a signe among you. That when youre children aske thier fathers in tyme to come, sayinge: what meane these stones with you?
7 Ye maye answere them how that ŝe waters of Iordan deuyded at the presence of the arcke of the appoyntement of the Lorde. For whan it went ouer Iordan, ŝe waters of Iordan deuided: And these stones are become a memoriall vnto the children of Israel for euer.
8 And the children of Israel dyd euen so as Iosua commaunded, and toke vp twelue stones out of the myddes of Iordan, as the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua, accordynge to ŝe nombre of ŝe tribes of the children of Israel, & caryed them awaye with them vnto the place where they lodged, & layed them doune there.
9 And Iosua set vp twelue stones also in the myddes of Iordan, in the place where the fete of the preastes which bare the arcke of the testament, stode. And there haue they continued vnto this daye.
10 For the preastes which bare ŝe arcke stode in the myddes of Iordan, vntill all was finisshed that the Lorde commaunded Iosua to saye vnto the people, according to all that Moses charged Iosua. And ŝe people hasted, and went ouer.
11 It fortuned also, that whan all the people were cleane ouer, ŝe arke of ŝe Lord went ouer also, & ŝe preastes before the people.
12 And the children of Ruben, & the children of Gad, & halfe the tribe of Manasses went before the children of Israel armed, as Moses charged them.
13 Euen fourty thousande prepared for warre, went before the Lorde vnto battell, thorow the playne of Iericho.
14 That daye the Lorde magnified Iosua in the sight of all Israel, and they feared him, as they feared Moses all dayes of his lyfe.
15 And the Lord spake vnto Iosua, saying:
16 commaunde the preastes that beare the arcke of witnesse, to come vp out of Iordan.
17 Iosua therfore commaunded ŝe preastes, saying: Come ye vp out of Iordan,
18 And when the preastes ŝt bare the arcke of the apoyntment of the Lorde were come vp out of the myddes of Iordan, and as sone as the soales of the preastes fete were set on the drye land, ŝe waters of Iordan retourned agayne vnto their place, & went ouer all their banckes, as they dyd before.
19 And the people came vp out of Iordan the tenth daye of the fyrst moneth, and pitched in Gilgal, euen in the east border of the cyte Iericho.
20 And the twelue stones which they toke out of Iordan, did Iosua pitche in Gilgal
21 And he spake vnto the children of Israel, saying: Yf youre children aske their fathers in tyme to come, & saye: what meane these stones?
22 ye shal shewe youre children, & saye: Israel came ouer this Iordan on drie land.
23 For the Lord youre God dryed vp the water of Iordan before you, vntill ye were gone ouer, as ŝe Lorde youre God dyd ŝe red see which he dryed vp before vs, tyll we were gone ouer:
24 that all the people of the worlde maye knowe ŝe hande of ŝe Lord, how myghtie it is, and that ye might feare the Lord youre God for euer.




1 And it fortuned ŝt when all ŝe kinges of ŝe Amorites which are beyond Iordan west warde, & all ŝe kinges of the Cananites which were by the see, hearde, how the Lorde had dryed vp the waters of Iordan before the children of Israel, vntill they wer gone ouer theyr hertes fainted for feare. And ther was no sprete in them any moare, for the presence of the children of Israel.
2 That same tyme ŝe Lorde sayde vnto Iosua: Make the sharpe knyues (of stone) & goo to agayne and circumcise the children of Israel ŝe seconde tyme.
3 And Iosua made him sharpe knyues (of stone) & circuncised the children of Israel in the place called ŝe hille of ŝe foreskynnes.
4 And this is ŝe cause why Iosua circucised all the people ŝt came out of Egipte: Namely such as were males because ŝt all the men of warre, died in the wildernes by ŝe waye, after they came out of Egypte.
5 For all the people ŝt came out were circumcised. But all ŝe people that were borne in the wildernesse by the waye after they came out of Egypte, were not circumcised.
6 For the children of Israel walked fourty yeres in the wildernesse, tyll all ŝe people of the men of warre ŝt came out of Egipte were consumed, because they harkened not vnto the voyce of the Lorde. Wherfore the Lorde sware, that he wolde not shewe them the land which the Lord sware vnto theyr fathers, that he wolde geue vs, euen a lande that floweth wyth milke & honye.
7 And their children whom he sett vp in their stead: them Iosua circumcised: for they were vncircumcised, because they circumcised them not by the waye.
8 And when they had circumcised all the people, they abode styll together in the hoste till they were whole.
9 And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua: this daye I haue taken awaye ŝe shame of Egipte from you: wherfore the name of the same place is called Gilgal vnto this daye.
10 And ŝe children of Israel abode in Gilgall and helde the feast of passeouer the fourtene daye of ŝe moneth at euen in the playne of Ierico.
11 And they did eat of ŝe corne of ŝe land on the morowe after passeouer swete cakes & parched corne in ŝe selfe same daye.
12 For the Manna ceased on the morowe, after they had begonne to eat of ŝe corne of the lande, nether had the children of Israel Manna any moare, but dyd eat of the corne of the lande of Canaan that yere.
13 And it fortuned that when Iosua was nye to Iericho, he lyfte vp his eyes & loked: and behold, there stode a man against him, hauyng a swerde drawen in his hande. And Iosua went vnto him, and sayde vnto him: arte thou on oure syde or on oure aduersaries.
14 And he sayde, Naye, but as a captayne of the hoste of the lord am I now come. And Iosua fell on his face to the erth, and dyd reuerence, & sayde vnto hym, what sayth my Lorde vnto hys seruaunt?
15 And ŝe captayne of the Lordes hoste sayde vnto Iosua: do thy shoo of thy fote, for the place wheron thou standest, is holy. And Iosua did so.




1 And Iericho was shut vp, & locked because of ŝe children of Israel, nether myght anye man go out or in.
2 And the Lord sayd vnto Iosua: beholde, I haue geuen into thyne hand Iericho and her kynge and the strong men of warre.
3 And ye shall compasse the cytie, all ye that be men of warre, & go rounde aboute it once and so shall you do syxe dayes.
4 And seuen preastes shall beare before the Arke, seuen trompettes of rammes hornes. And the seuenth daye, ye shal compasse the cytie seuen tymes, and the preastes shall blowe with the trompettes.
5 And when they make a longe blaste wyth the rammes horne, & ye heare the sounde of the horne, all the people shal showte wt a great showte. And then shall the wall of ŝe citie fall doune, and the people shall ascende vp, euery man streight before him.
6 And Iosua the sonne of Nun, called the preastes, and sayde vnto them: take vp the arcke of the appointement, & lett seuen preastes beare seuen trompettes of rammes hornes before the arcke of the Lorde,
7 And he sayde vnto the people, go and compasse the cytie: and lett him ŝt is harnessed, go before the arcke of the Lorde.
8 And when Iosua had spoken vnto the people, the seuen preastes bare the seuen trompettes of rammes hornes, and went forth before the arcke of the Lorde, & blewe with the trompettes, and the arcke of the couenaunt of the Lorde folowed them.
9 And all the men of armes went before the Preastes, that blewe with the trompettes, and the commen people came after the arke: and the prestes that went blewe with trompettes.
10 And Iosua commaunded the people sayinge: Ye shall not showte, ner make any noyse wt youre voyce, neither shal any worde procede out of youre mouthe, vntill ŝe daye I bid you showte, then shall ye showte.
11 And so ŝe arcke of the Lord compased the cytie, and went aboute it once: and they retourned into the hoste, and lodged there.
12 And Iosua rose erly in the mornyng, and the Preastes toke vp ŝe arcke of the Lorde,
13 and seuen Preastes bare seuen trompettes of rammes hornes, & went before the arcke of the Lorde, and blew with the trompettes. And all the men of armes went before them, but the comen people came after the arcke of the Lorde, which went before with the blowing of the trompettes.
14 And the seconde daye they compased the cytie once, & retourned agayne into the hoste, & so they dyd sixe dayes.
15 And when the seuenth daye came, they rose erlye: euen with the dawninge of ŝe daye, and compased the cytie after the same maner seuen tymes: only that daye they compased the cytie seuen tymes.
16 And at the seuenth tyme, whan ŝe preastes blewe wt the trompettes, Iosua sayd vnto ŝe people: showt, for ŝe Lorde hath geuen you ŝe cytie.
17 And the cytie shalbe damned bothe it and all that are therin, vnto the Lorde: onlye Rahab the harlot shall lyue, and all that are with her in the house, because she hidd the messengers that we sent.
18 And in anywise be ye ware of the excommunicate thinges, lest ye make youre selues excommunicate, & take of the excommunicate thinges, and make ŝe hoste of Israel excommunicate and trouble it.
19 But all ŝe siluer, golde, vesselles of brasse, & yron shalbe consecrate vnto the Lorde, & shal come into his treasurie.
20 And the people showted, and blewe wyth trompettes. And when the people heard ŝe sounde of the trompe, they showted wt a great showt: & the wall fell downe, so ŝt the people went vp into ŝe cytie, euery man streyght before him,
21 & toke ŝe citie. And they vtterly destroyed all ŝt was in the cytie, bothe man and woman, younge and olde, oxe, shepe & Asse, with the edge of the swerde.
22 Then Iosua sayde vnto the two men that had spyed out ŝe contreye: goo into ŝe harlottes house, and bringe out thense the woman, and all that she hath, as ye sware to her,
23 And the younge men that were spyes, went in, and brought out Rahab, and her father and mother and her brethren, and all ŝt she had. And they brought out all her kinred, & put them without the hoste of Israel
24 And they burnt the cytie with fier, and all that was therin. Only the siluer and ŝe golde, the vessels of brasse and yron, they put vnto ŝe treasure of the house of ŝe Lord
25 And Iosua saued Rahab the harlott, & her fathers housholde, and all that she had, & she dwelt in Israel, euen vnto this daye because she hidd the messengers, which Iosua sent to spye out Iericho.
26 And Iosua sware at that tyme, sayinge: cursed be the man before the Lorde, that riseth vp, & bildeth this citie Iericho: he shall laye the foundacion in his eldest sonne, and in his youngest sonne shal he sett vp the gates of it.
27 And so the Lord was wt Iosua, and his fame was noysed thorowe out all landes.




1 But yet ŝe children of Israel trespased in the excommunicate thynges: And Acan the sonne of Carmy, the sonne of Zabdi, the sonne of Zareh of the tribe of Iuda, toke of the excommunicat thinges. And the wrath of the Lorde waxed whote agaynst the children of Israel.
2 And Iosua sent men from Iericho to Hai, which is besyde Bethauen, on the east syde of Bethel, & spake vnto them, sayinge: gett you vp, & vewe the countrey. And the men went vp, & spyed out Hai.
3 And retourned to Iosua, and sayde vnto him, lett not all the people go vp, but let as it were a two or thre thousande men goo vp, and smyte Hai and make not all the people to laboure thether, for they are but fewe.
4 And so there went vp thether of ŝe people, aboute a thre thousande men, & they fledd before the men of Hai.
5 And the men of Hai smote of them vpon a thyrtye and sixe men: for they chased them from before ŝe gate euen vnto Sebarim, & smote them in the goyng doune. Wherfore ŝe hertes of ŝe people for feare melted awaye like water.
6 And Iosua rent his clothes, and fell to the erth vpon his face before ŝe arcke of the Lorde vntill the euen tyde, he and the elders of Israel, & put erth vpon their heddes.
7 And Iosua sayde Alas, O Lorde God, wherfore hast ŝu brought thys people ouer Iordan, to diliuer vs into the hande of the Amorites, and to destroie vs: wold to God we had bene content, & dwelt on the other syde Iordan.
8 Oh Lorde what shall I saye, when Israel turneth their backes before their enemyes:
9 Surely the Cananites, and all ŝe enhabiters of ŝe lande shall heare of it, & shall conspire agaynst vs, & destroye the name of vs out of the worlde. And what wilt thou do vnto thy myghtie name?
10 And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua, gett ŝe vp, wherfore lyest thou thus vpon thy face?
11 Israel hath synned, & they haue transgressed myne appointement, which I commaunded them: for they haue taken of the excommunicate thinges, and haue stolen, and dissembled, & put them vnto their awne stuffe
12 And therfore is it that ŝe children of Israel cannot stande before their ennemyes, but shall turne their backes before their ennemyes because they be excommunicate. Nether will I be wt you any moare, excepte ye rote out ŝe excommunicate from amonge you.
13 Up therfore, & sanctifie the people, and saye: sanctifie youre selues against to morowe: for so sayd ŝe Lord God of Israel There is a damned thinge amonge you (O Israel) & therfore ye cannot stande against youre ennemyes, vntill ye haue put ŝe damned thinge from amonge you.
14 Tomorowe morning therfore ye shall be brought according to youre tribes. And ŝe tribe which the Lord taketh, shal come according to ŝe kynreds therof. And ŝe kynred which the Lord shall finde gyltie, shall come by housholders And ŝe housholde which ŝe Lord shall finde fautye, shall come man by man.
15 And he ŝt is founde in ŝe excommunicacion, shalbe burnt with fire, he and all that he hath, because he hath transgressed the couenaunt of the Lord and wrought folye in Israell.
16 And so Iosua rose vp erly in the morning and brought Israell by their tribes: and ŝe tribe of Iuda was caught.
17 And he brought the kynredes of Iuda, and toke the kynred of ŝe Zarehites. And he brought the kynred of the Zarehites, man, by man, & Zabdi was caught.
18 And he brought his housholde man by man, and Acan the sonne of Carmy, the sonne of Zabdi, the sonne of Zareth in the tribe of Iuda was caught.
19 And Iosua sayde vnto Acan: my sonne, I beseche the, geue glorie to ŝe Lord God of Israell, & geue him praise, & shewe me what thou hast done, hyde it not from me.
20 And Acan answered Iosua, & sayde: of a truthe I haue synned agaynst the Lorde God of Israell, & thus & thus haue I done.
21 I sawe among the spoyle a goodlye Babylonishe garment, & two hundred sicles of siluer, & a tonge of golde of fyftie sicles weyghte, and I coueted them, & toke them. And beholde, they lye hydde in the erthe in my tente and the siluer is ther vnder.
22 And so Iosua sent messengers: which whan they ranne vnto his tent, beholde, they were hid in his tent, and the syluer there vnder.
23 Therfore they toke them out of the myddest of his tent, and brought them vnto Iosua, and vnto all the children of Israell, & layed them out before the Lorde.
24 And Iosua toke Acan the sonne of Zareh, and the siluer, & the garment, and the tonge of golde, and his sonnes & his daughters, his oxen, & his asses, his shepe, & his tent, & all that he had: and all Israell wyth hym brought them vnto the valeye of Acor.
25 And Iosua sayde: In as moche as thou haste troubled vs, the Lord shall trouble ŝe this daye. And all Israell stoned him with stones, and burned them with fire,
26 and ouerwhelmed them with stones. And they cast vpon him a great heape of stones vnto this daye. And so the Lorde turned from the wrathe of his indignacion. And the name of the place is called ŝe valeye of Acor vnto this daye.




1 And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua: feare not, nether be thou faynt harted. Take all ŝe men of warre wyth the and vp, and gett the to Hai, Beholde, I haue geuen into thy hande, the kyng of Hai, and his people, hys cytie and hys lande.
2 And thou shalt do to Hai & her kyng, as thou dydest vnto Iericho and her kyng, Neuerthelesse ŝe spoyle and catell therof, shall ye take vnto youre selues: And laye a watch vnto the towne, on the backsyde therof.
3 And so Iosua arose, and all the men of warre, to go vp agaynst Hai. And Iosua chose oute thyrtie thousande stronge men of warre, & sent them a waye by nyght.
4 And he commaunded them, sayinge: beholde, ye shall lye awayte vnto ŝe towne on the backesyde therof. Go not very farre from ŝe cytie, but be all readye.
5 And I and all ŝe people ŝt are with me, will approche vnto the cytie. And when they come out agaynst vs, as they did at the first tyme then will we flee before them.
6 For they will come oute after vs & we will bring them out of the cytie. For they will saye: they flee before vs, as at ŝe first tyme:
7 & we will flee before them. In the meane tyme shall ye ryse vp from lying awayte, & destroye ŝe cytie: For ŝe Lorde youre God will deliuer it into youre hande.
8 And whan ye haue taken ŝe cytie, ye shall set it on fire. Accordinge to the commaundement of the Lord shal ye do: beholde, I haue charged you.
9 Iosua therfore sent them forth, & they went to lye awayte, & abode betwene Bethel and Hai, on the west syde of the cite of Hai. But Iosua lodged that nyght amonge the people.
10 And Iosua rose vp erlye in the mornynge, and nombred the people, & went vp, he & the elders of Israel before the people agaynst Hai.
11 And all the men of warre that were with him, went vp and drue nye, and came agaynst the cytie, and pitched on the north syde of Hai, & there was a valeye betwene them and Hai.
12 And he toke vpon a fyue thousande men, and put them to lye awayte, betwene Bethel & Hai, on ŝe westsyde of ŝe cytie.
13 And they put ŝe people (euen all the hoste that were on the northsyde) agaynst the cytie, and the lyers awayte on the west. And Iosua walked ŝe same nyght in the myddes of the valeye.
14 And it fortuned, ŝt when the kyng of Hai sawe it they hasted and rose vp earlye, and the men of the cytie went oute agaynst Israell to battell, he & all his people, at a tyme apoynted, euen before the playne, and wist not that there were lyers awayte on the backsyde of the cytie.
15 And Iosua & all Israel fayned them selues to be put to the worsse before them, & fled towarde the wildernesse.
16 And all ŝe people of ŝe towne were called together, to folowe after them. And they folowed after Iosua & were drawen a waye from the cytie:
17 And there was not a man left in Hai & in Bethel, ŝt went not out after Israell. And they left the cytie open, & folowed after Israell.
18 And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua: stretch out ŝe spere ŝt is in thine hand, towarde Hai, for I will geue it into thy hand. And Iosua stretched out the spere ŝt he had in his hande, towarde the citie.
19 And ŝe lyers awayte rose quicklye oute of their place, & ranne assone as Iosua had stretched oute his hande, and they entred into the citie and toke it, & hasted, & sett the cite on fire.
20 And when ŝe men of Hai loked backe after them, they sawe ŝe smoke of the citie assende vp to heauen. And they had no leysure to flee ether thys waye or ŝt, & the people ŝt fledd to ŝe wyldernesse, turned backe agayne vpon the folowers.
21 And when Iosua & all Israel sawe that the lyers awayte had taken the citie, & that the smoke of it ascended, they turned agayne and layed on the men of Hai.
22 And the other yssued oute of the citie agaynst them. And so were they in ŝe middes of Israel: for these were on the one syde of them, & the reste on the other syde. And they layed vpon them, so ŝt they lett none of them skape, nor remayne.
23 And the kyng of Hai they toke alyue, & brought hym to Iosua.
24 And when Israell had made an ende of slaying all the enhabiters of Hai in the felde of the wyldernesse, where they chased them, & when they were all fallen on the edge of the swerde, vntyll they were wasted, all the Israelites returned vnto Hai, & smote it in the edge of the swerde,
25 And all that fell that daye, both of men & wemen, were twelue thousande, euen all the men of Hai.
26 For Iosua plucked not hys hand backe agayne, which he stretched oute vpon ŝe spere, vntyll he had vtterlye destroyed all ŝe enhabitatoures of Hai.
27 Only the catell and the spoyle of ŝe citie, Israel toke vnto them selues, according vnto the worde of ŝe Lorde, which he commaunded Iosua.
28 And Iosua sett Hai on fyre, and made it an heape for euer, and a wyldernesse, euen vnto thys daye.
29 And ŝe kyng of Hai he hanged on tree, vntyll euen. And assone as the sonne was downe, Iosua commaunded ŝt they shulde take the carkas doune of the tree, and caste it at the entering of the gate of the citie, and laye theron a great heape of stones, that remayneth vnto this daye.
30 Then Iosua bylt an altare vnto the Lorde God of Israell, in mount Eball,
31 as Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde commaunded the children of Israell, and as it is written in the boke of the lawe of Moses: an altare of whole stones, ouer which noman hath lyft any tole of yron. And they sacrifyced theron burnt sacrifyces vnto the Lorde, and offered peace offrynges.
32 And he wrote there vpon the stones, a rehearsall of the lawe of Moses, and wrote it in the presence of the chyldren of Israell.
33 And all Israell and the elders therof, and their officiers & Iudges stode, parte on this syde the arcke, & parte on that syde, before the Preastes, ŝt were Leuites, which bare the arcke of the apoyntement of the Lorde: as well the straunger, as they ŝt were borne amonge them: halfe on them on ŝe forefronte of the mounte Garizim, and halfe of them on the forefronte of mount Eball: as Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde had commaunded before, that they shulde blesse ŝe people Israell.
34 Afterward he red all the wordes of the lawe, the blessinges and cursynges, according to all that is wrytten in the boke of the lawe:
35 And there was not one worde of all that Moses commaunded, which Iosua read not before all the congregacyon of Israell: The wemen and chyldren, (and the straungers that were come) stondyng amonge them.




1 And it fortuned that when all the kynges that dwell on thys syde Iordan in the hilles and valeys, and alonge by all the coastes of the great see, ouer agaynst Libanon (Namely the Hethites, ŝe Amorites, the Cananites, the Pheresites, the Heuites, and the Iebusytes) herd therof,
2 they gathered them selues together, to fyght agaynst Iosua and agaynst Israell with one accorde.
3 And the enhabitoures of Gibeon heard what Iosua had done vnto Iericho, and to Hai:
4 And they did worke wylylye, & went, and made them selues ambasadoures, and toke olde sackes vpon their Asses, and wyne bottelles olde, and rent and worne,
5 and olde clouted shoes vpon their fete, and their rayment was olde, and all their prouysion of bread was dyred vp, and hored,
6 And they came vnto Iosua into the hoste, to Gilgall, and sayde vnto him and vnto all the men of Israell: we be come from a farre contreye, and now make ye agrement with vs.
7 And the men of Israell sayde vnto the Heuite: paraduenture thou dwellest amonge vs, and then howe can I make peace wyth the?
8 And they sayde vnto Iosua: we are thy seruauntes. And Iosua sayde vnto them agayne: what are ye? and whence come ye?
9 They answered him: From a verye farre contrye thy seruauntes are come, for the name of the Lorde thy God: for we haue heard ŝe fame of him, and all that he did in Egypte,
10 and all that he dyd to the two kynges of the Amorites ŝt were beyonde Iordan, Sehon kynge of Hesbon, and Og kyng of Basan, which was at Astharoth.
11 Wherfore oure elders and all the enhabytoures of oure contrey spake to vs, sayinge: take vitayles wt you to serue by ŝe waye, & go mete them, and saye vnto them: we are youre seruauntes. And now make ye a couenant of peace with vs.
12 Thys oure foode of bread, we toke with vs oute of oure houses whotte, the daye we departed to come vnto you. And now behold, it is dyred vp, and hored.
13 And these bottelles of wyne which we filled, were newe: and se, they be rent. And these oure garmentes and shoes are worne for oldnesse, by the reason of the exceadyng long Iourneye.
14 And the men toke of their vitayles, and counceled not with the mouthe of the Lord.
15 And Iosua made peace wyth them, and made a couenaunt with them, that they shulde be suffred to lyue: & the Lordes of the congregacyon sware vnto them.
16 And it fortuned, ŝt thre dayes after they had made peace wyth them, they hearde that they were their neyboures, & ŝt they dwelte amonge them.
17 And the chyldren of Israel toke their Iourney, and came vnto their cyties the thyrde daye: and their cyties were Gibeon, & Caphira, Beeroth and kariat Iarim.
18 And the children of Israell slewe them not, because ŝe Lordes of ŝe congregacyon had sworne vnto them by the Lorde God of Israell. And all the multitude murmured against ŝe Lordes.
19 But all the Lordes sayde vnto all the congregacyon: we haue sworne vnto them by ŝe Lord God of Israel, & therfore we maye not hurte them.
20 But this we wyll do to them: We will lett them lyue, lest wrath be vpon vs, because of the othe which we sware vnto them.
21 And the Lordes sayd vnto them agayne: Let them lyue, and hewe wodd, and drawe water vnto all the congregacion, and they did as the Lordes sayde vnto them.
22 And Iosua sent for them, & talked wyth them, and sayde: wherfore haue ye begyled vs, sayeng: We dwell farre from you, whan ye dwell amonge vs?
23 and now are you curssed, & there shall not cease to be of you, bond men and hewers of wodd & drawers of water for the house of my God.
24 And they aunswered Iosua and sayde: it was tolde thy seruauntes, how that ŝe Lord thy God had commaunded his seruaunt Moses to geue you all the lande, and to destroye all the enhabytoures therof oute of youre syght, & therfore we were exceadyng sore afrayed for oure lyues at ŝe presence of you, & haue done this thinge,
25 & beholde we are in thine hande, as it semeth good & ryght in thyne eyes to do vnto vs, so do.
26 And euen so dyd he vnto them, and ridde them oute of the hande of the children of Israel, and they slewe them not.
27 And Iosua made them ŝt same daye hewers of wodd, & drawers of water for the congregacyon and for the aulter of God vnto thys daye, in the place which God shulde chose.




1 And it fortuned, that when Adonizedec kyng of Ierusalem had heard how Iosua had taken Hai, & had destroyed it, and how that as he had done to Iericho and her kyng, euen so he had done to Hai and her kyng, and how the Inhabitoures of Gibeon had made peace wyth Israell, and were amonge them, they feared excedinglye,
2 for Gibeon was a great cytie, as any cytie of the kyngdome, & was greater then Hai, and all the men therof were very myghtye.
3 Wherfore Adonizedec kyng of Ierusalem sent vnto Hoham kyng of Hebron, and vnto Pirea kyng of Iarmuth, & vnto Iaphia kyng of Lachis, and vnto Debir kyng of Eglon, saying:
4 Come vp vnto me, & healpe me, ŝt we may smyte Gibeon: for they haue made peace with Iosua and wyth ŝe children of Israell.
5 Therfore ŝe .v. kynges of ŝe Amorites, the kyng of Ierusalem, ŝe kyng of Hebron, the kyng of Iarmuth, the kyng of Lachis, ŝe kyng of Eglon geathered them selues to geather, they withall their hostes, & beseged Gibeon, and made warre agaynst it.
6 And the men of Gibeon sent vnto Iosua & to ŝe hoste to Gilgal, sayinge: withdrawe not thy hande from thy seruauntes, come vp to vs, to saue vs, & to helpe vs: For al the kinges of ŝe Amorites which dwell in ŝe mountaynes are geathered togeather against vs.
7 And so Iosua ascended from Gilgall, he and all the people of warre with him, & all the men of myghte,
8 and the Lord sayde vnto Iosua, feare them not, for I haue delyuered them into thyne hande. Nether shal any of them stande agaynst ŝe.
9 Iosua therfore came vnto them sodenlye, and went vp from Gilgall all nyght.
10 And the Lord troubled them before Israell, and slewe them with a great slaughter at Gibeon, and chased them a longe the waye that gothe vp to Bethoron, and smote them to Esaka & Makeda.
11 And it fortuned, ŝt as they fled from Israell, & were in the goyng doune to Bethoron, the Lorde cast downe great stones from heauen vpon them, vntyll Esaka. And there were mo deed with hayle stones, then they were, whom the chyldren of Israell slewe wyth the swerde.
12 Then spake Iosua before the Lorde, in the daye when ŝe Lorde delyuered the Amorites before the chyldren of Israell, and he sayde in the syght of Israell. Sonne stande thou still vpon Gibeon, and thou Mone, in Aialon.
13 And the sonne abode, and the mone stode styll, vntyll the people aduenged them selues vpon their enemyes. Is not this written in ŝe boke of ŝe ryghtwes? The sonne (I saye) abode in the myddes of heauen and hasted not to goo doune by ŝt space of a whole daye.
14 And there was no daye lyke that, before it, or after it, that the Lorde heard ŝe voyce of a man. For the Lorde fought for Israell.
15 And Iosua returned and all Israel with hym, vnto the hoste to Gilgall:
16 but the fyue kynges fledde, and were hyd in a caue at Makeda.
17 And it was tolde Iosua of one saying, the fyue kynges are founde hid in a caue which is at Makeda.
18 And Iosua sayd rowle great stones vpon the mouthe of the caue, and set men by it, for to kepe them.
19 And stande ye not stylle, but folowe after youre enemyes, and smyte all the hindmost, And soffre them not to entre into theyr cyties, for the Lorde youre God hath delyuered them into youre hande.
20 And it fortuned, when Iosua and the chyldren of Israell had made an ende of slaying them wyth an excedinge great slaughter tyll they were wasted, the rest that remayned of them, entred into walled cyties.
21 And all the people returned to the hoste, to Iosua at Makeda in peace, neither dyd any man moue hys tong agaynst the chyldren of Israel.
22 Then sayde Iosua: open the mouth of the caue, and bryng oute these .v. kynges vnto me oute of the caue.
23 And they dyd so, and brought those fyue kynges vnto hym, oute of the caue, euen the kynge of Ierusalem, the kyng of Hebron, the kyng of Iarmuth, the kyng of Lachis, and the kynge of Eglon.
24 And it fortuned, that when they brought oute those kynges vnto Iosua: Iosua called for all the men of Israell, and sayde vnto the chefe of the men of warre, which wente with hym: come nere, & put youre fete vpon the neckes of these kynges. And they cam neare: and put their fete vpon the neckes of them.
25 And Iosua sayde vnto them: Ye shall not feare, ner be faynt harted. But be strong and plucke vp youre hertes, for thus shall the Lorde do to all youre enemyes agaynst whom ye fyght.
26 And then Iosua smote them, and slewe them, & hanged them on fyue trees. And they hanged still vpon ŝe trees vntill the euening.
27 And at ŝe going doune of ŝe sonne it fortuned that Iosua gaue commaundement, and they toke them doune of ŝe trees, and cast them into ŝe caue, (where in they had bene hyd), & layed great stones on ŝe caues mouthe, which remayne vnto this daye.
28 And that same daye Iosua toke Makeda, and smote it wyth ŝe edge of the swerde, and the kynge therof also destroyed he vtterly, wyth all the soules that were therin, and let nought remayne. And he dyd to the kynge of Makeda as he dyd to the kynge of Iericho.
29 Then Iosua went from Makeda, and all Israell with hym vnto Libna, & fought against Libna.
30 And the Lorde delyuered it and the kynge therof into the hand of Israell, and he smote it wyth the edge of the swerde, and all the soules that were therin. He let nought remayne in it, but dyd vnto the kyng therof as he dyd vnto the kynge of Iericho.
31 And Iosua departed from Libna, and all Israell wyth hym, vnto Lachis, and beseged it, and assaulted it.
32 And the Lord delyuered Lachis into the hande of Israell which toke it the seconde daye, and smote it with the edge of the swerde, & all the soules that were therin, doing accordyng to all, as he had done to the cite of Libna.
33 Then Horam kynge of Geser came vp to helpe Lachis: And Iosua smote hym & his people, vntill naught remayned of hym.
34 And from Lachis Iosua departed, vnto Eglon, and all Israell with hym, and they beseged it, and assaulted it,
35 and toke it the same daye, and smote it with the edge of the swerde, and all the soules that were therin he vtterlye destroyed the same daye, according to all that he had done to Lachis.
36 And Iosua departed vp from Eglon and all Israel with him, vnto Hebron. And they fought agaynst it,
37 and whan they had taken it, they smote it with the edge of ŝe swerde, and ŝe kyng therof, and all the townes that pertayned to it, and all the soules that were therin, and he lefte nought remayning: but did according to all, as he had done to Eglon, and destroyed it vtterlye, and all the soules that were therin.
38 And Iosua returned, and all Israell with him to Dabir, and fought agaynst it.
39 And whan he had taken it, and the kyng therof, and all the townes that pertayned therto. they smote them with the edge of ŝe swerde, and vtterlye destroyed all the soules ŝt were therin, nether let he ought remayne. Euen as he dyd to Hebron, so he dyd to Dabir and ŝe kyng therof, as he had done also to Libna and her kynge.
40 Iosua therfore smote all the hill contreys, and the southe contreys, and the valeyes, and the hill sydes, & all their kynges, & lett nought remayne of them, but vtterly destroyed all that breathed, as the Lorde God of Israell commaunded.
41 And Iosua smote them from Cades barne vnto Asah, and all the contrey of Gosan, euen vnto Gibeon.
42 All those kynges and their lande dyd Iosua take at one tyme: because the Lorde God of Israell fought for Israell.
43 And Iosua and all Israel returned, vnto the hoste that was in Gilgall.




1 And it fortuned, that when Iabin kyng of Hazor had hearde those thinges: he sent to Iobab kynge of Madon, & to the kyng of Simron, and to the kynge of Achsaph,
2 and vnto the kynges that are by northe in ŝe mountaynes, & playnes toward the southesyde of Ceneroth, and in the lowe countreys, & in ŝe borders of Dor westward
3 and vnto the Cananytes bothe by Easte & weste, & vnto the Amorites, Hethites, Pheresites, and Iebusites in the mountaynes: & vnto the Heuites that were vnder Hermon in the lande of Mizpa:
4 And they came out and all their hostes with them, a multytude of folke, euen as the sande that is on the see shore in a greate nombre with horsses & charettes exceding manye.
5 And all these kynges mett together, and came, and pytched together at the waters of Merom, for to fight agaynst Israell.
6 And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosua: be not afrayde at the presence of them: for tomorowe aboute this tyme will I delyuer then all slayne before Israell: thou shalt hough their horsses, & burne their charettes with fire.
7 And so Iosua came and all the men of warre with hym agaynst them by the waters of Merom, & sodenlye fell vpon them.
8 And the Lorde delyuered them into ŝe hande of Israell: and they smote them, and chased them vnto great Sidon, & vnto the whott waters, and vnto ŝe valeye of Mizpa which is Eastwarde: and smote them vntyll they had none remaynyng of them.
9 And Iosua dyd vnto them, as the Lorde bad hym: he houghed their horsses, and burnt their charettes with fyer.
10 And Iosua at that tyme turned backe, & toke Hazor, & smote the kyng therof with the swerde. And Hazor before tyme was ŝe head of all those kingdomes.
11 And they smote all the soules ŝt were therin with the edge of the swerde, vtterlye destroying all: & nothing that breathed, was let remayne. And he burnt Hazor wt fyer.
12 And all ŝe cyties of those kynges, and all the kynges of them, dyd Iosua take, and smote them wyth the edge of the swerde, and vtterlye destroyed them as Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde commaunded.
13 But Israell burnt none of ŝe cyties ŝt stode styll in their strength, saue Hazor onlye that Iosua burnt,
14 And all the spoyle of the sayde cyties and the catell, the children of Israel caught vnto them selues. But the men onlye they smote with the edge of ŝe swerde vntill they had destroyed them nether left they ought that had breath.
15 As the Lorde commaunded Moses hys seruaunt, so dyd Moses commaunde Iosua, and euen so dyd Iosua so that he mynysshed no worde, of all that the Lorde commaunded Moses.
16 And so Iosua toke all the lande, the hylles and all the southe contreye, and all the lande of Gosan, and the lowe contrey, and ŝe playne, and the mountayne of Israell, & the lowe countrey of the same,
17 euen from the mounte of partyng, ŝt gothe vp to Seir vnto the playne of Gad in the valeye of Libanon, vnder mounte Hermon. And all the kynges of the same he toke, & smote them, and slewe them.
18 Iosua made warre longe tyme wt those kynges:
19 nether was there anye citie ŝt made peace with ŝe children of Israell, saue those Hethites that enhabited Gibeon, and therfore all other they toke wyth battell,
20 for it came of the Lorde, wich dyd harden theyr hartes, that they shulde come agaynst Israell in battell: & that they shulde destroye them vtterlye, and shewe them no mercy, but to bryng them to naught, As the Lord commaunded Moses.
21 And that same ceason came Iosua, and destroyed the Enakites out of the mountaynes: Namely, out of Hebron, Dabir, Anab, and out of all the mountaynes of Iuda, and out of all the mountaynes of Israell. And Iosua destroyed them vtterlye with their cities.
22 There was not one Enakite leafte in the lande of the chyldren of Israell, only in Asah Geth, and Asdod, there remayned of them.
23 And Iosua toke ŝe whole lande, according to all that the Lord sayd vnto Moses, and Iosua gaue it for a possessyon vnto Israel according to their partes and trybes: & the lande rested from warre.




1 These are the kynges of the lande whych the chyldren of Israell smote, and possessed theyr land on the other syde Iordan eastwarde, from the ryuer Arnon, vnto mounte Hermon, and all the playne estwarde:
2 Sehon kynge of the Amorites, that dwelt in hesbon, and ruled from Aroer, whych is besyde the ryuer of Arnon, and from the middell of the ryuer, and from halfe Gilead vnto the ryuer Iabock, whych is the border of the chyldren of Ammon:
3 And from the playne vnto the see of Cynneroth eastward, and vnto the see in the playne: euen the salt see eastwarde, the waye to Beth Iesymoth, and from the southe vnder the sprynges of the hill.
4 And the coaste of Og kyng of Basan which was of the remnaunt of the Gyauntes, and dwelt at Astharoth, and Edrai:
5 & rayned in mount Hermon, and in Salcah: and in all Basan, vnto the border of the Gesurites & the Macathites, & halfe mount Gilead, vnto ŝe borders of Sehon kynge of Hesbon.
6 Moses ŝe seruaunt of the Lorde & the children of Israel smote them, and Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde, gaue their lande for a possession, vnto the Rubenites, Gaddites, and halfe the trybe of Manasses.
7 These are the kynges of the countreye, which Iosua & the children of Israel smote on thys syde Iordan, westwarde, from the playne of Gad which is in the valey of Libanon, euen vnto the partyng mount that gothe vp to Seir. Which land Iosua gaue vnto the trybes of Israel to possesse, to euery man his parte:
8 in the vpper lande, & nether lande, in playnes, and hyll sydes, in ŝe wildernesse, and southe contrey: the Hethites, the Amorites, the Cananites, the Pheresites, the Heuites, and the Iebusites:
9 The kynge of Iericho: was one. The kynge of Hai which is besyde Bethel: one.
10 The kynge of Ierusalem: one. The kynge of Hebron: one.
11 The kynge of Iarmuth: one. The kynge of Lachys: one.
12 The kynge of Eglon: one. The kyng of Gaezer: one.
13 The kynge of Debir: one. The kynge of Geder: one.
14 The kynge of Horma: one. The kynge of Arad: one.
15 The kinge of Libna: one. The kynge of Adullam: one.
16 The kynge of Makeda: one. The kynge of Bethel: one.
17 The kynge of Tapuah: one. The kynge of Hepher: one.
18 The kinge of Aphek: one. The king of Lasaron: one.
19 The kynge of Madon: one. The kyng of Hasor: one.
20 The king of Simron meron: one. The kyng of Achsaph: one.
21 The kynge of Thaenach one. The kyng of Megiddo: one.
22 The kynge of Kaedes: one. The kynge of Iokneam of Charmell: one.
23 The kynge of Dor in the contreye of Dor: one. The kynge of the nacions of Gilgall: one.
24 The kynge of Thirza: one. All ŝe kynges togeather thyrtye and one.




1 Iosua was olde, and strycken in yeares, and the Lorde sayde vnto hym: thou art olde and strycken in yeres,
2 and there remayneth yet excedynge moche lande to be possessed: This is the lande that yet remayneth: all ŝe regyons of the Philistines: & all Gesuri:
3 from Nilus which is on ŝe outwarde parte of Egipt, vnto ŝe borders of Aeckron northward, which lande is counted vnto Cananye, euen fyue Lordshippes of the Philistines, the Asathites, Asdodith, Ascalonites, Gethites, Akaronites, & the Euites.
4 And from the south, all the lande of the Cananites, and ŝe caue, that is besyde the Sidonians, euen vnto Aphek, and to the border of the Amorites.
5 And the land of the Giblites, and all Libanon toward ŝe sonne risynge, from ŝe playne of Gad vnder mount Hermon, vntyl a man come to Hemath:
6 all the enhabitoures of ŝe hyll country, from Libanon vnto the whotte waters, and all the Sidonians, wyll I cast out from before the children of Israel: onely se that thou in any wyse deuyde it by lotte vnto the Israelites, to enheret, as I haue commaunded the.
7 Now therfore deuide thys land to enheret, vnto the nyne trybes & the halfe trybe of Manasses.
8 For with ŝe other halfe the Rubenites and the Gaddites haue receaued theyr enheritaunce, whych Moses gaue them beyonde Iordan eastwarde: euen as Moses the seruaunt of the Lord gaue them:
9 from Aroer that lyeth on ŝe brym of the ryuer Arnon, and from the citie ŝt is in the myddes of the ryuer. And all the playn of Medeba vnto Dibon,
10 & all the cyties of Sehon kynge of the Amorites, which raygned in Hesbon, euen vnto the border of the chyldren of Ammon:
11 and Gilead, & the border of Gesuri and Machati, and all mount Hermon, with all Basan vnto Salecah:
12 euen all the kyngdom of Og in Basan, whyche raygned in Astharoth and Edrai, which same remayned yett of the rest of the Giauntes. These dyd Moses smyte, & cast them out
13 Neuerthelesse the chyldren of Israel expelled not the Gesurites & the Machathites: But the Gesurites and the Machathites dwell amonge the Israelites euen vnto this daye,
14 Only vnto the trybe of Leui, he gaue none enheritaunce: But ŝe offrynge of the Lorde God of Israel is theyr enheritaunce, as he sayde vnto them.
15 Moses gaue vnto the trybe of the chyldren of Ruben enheritaunce accordyng to theyr kynredes.
16 And theyr coast was from Aroer that lyeth on ŝe bancke of the ryuer Arnon, & from the citie that is in ŝe myddes of the ryuer, and all the playne which is by Medeba,
17 Hesbon, wyth all their townes ŝt that lye in the playne: Dibon and the hyll places of Baal, and the house Baalmeon:
18 and Iahazah, and kedemoth and Mephaah
19 Kiriathaim, Sabamah and Zarath Zahar in the mounte of the valley,
20 the house of Peor, and the sprynges of the hylles: and Bethiesimoth:
21 and all the cyties of the playne. And all the kyngdome of Sehon kynge of the Amorites, whych raygned in Hesbon, which Moses smote with ŝe lordes of Madian, Eui, Rekem, Zur, and Hur and Reba, the which were dukes of Sehon dwellyng in the contrey.
22 And Balaam also the sonne of Beor the sothesayer, dyd ŝe children of Israel slaye with the swerde, among other of them that were slayne.
23 And the border of the chyldren of Ruben was Iordan with the contrey ŝt lyeth theron. This was the enheritaunce of the chyldren of Ruben after their kynredes, cyties & villages pertaynynge therto.
24 And Moses gaue enheritaunce vnto the trybe of Gad, euen vnto ŝe chyldren of Gad he gaue by theyr kynredes.
25 And theyr costes were Iazer, & all the cyties of Gilead, and halfe the lande of ŝe chyldren of Ammon, vnto Aroer ŝt lyeth before Rabba.
26 And from Hesbon vnto Ramoth, Mazphah, & Betonim: and from Mahanaim vnto ŝe borders of Lidbir.
27 And in ŝe valeye they had Betharan Bethnimra, Socoth, and Zaphon, ŝe rest of the kyngdome of Sehon kyng of Hesbon, vnto Iordan and the costes that lye theron, euen vnto the edge of the see of Ceneroth, on the other syde Iordan eastward.
28 This is the enheritaunce of the children of Gad after their kynredes, their cyties and villages.
29 And Moses gaue enheritaunce vnto the halfe trybe of Manasses. And this was ŝe possession of ŝe halfe trybe of Manasses by theyr kynredes.
30 Theyr coste was from Mahanaim, euen all Basan, & all ŝe kyngdom of Og kynge of Basan, and all ŝe townes of Iair which lye in Basan, euen thre skore cyties,
31 & halfe Gilead, Astaroth, & Edrai, cyties of ŝe kyngdome of Og in Basan whiche pertayne vnto the chyldren of Machir ŝe sonne of Manasses, euen ŝe halfe porcion of the chyldren of Machir by theyr kynredes.
32 These are the thinges which Moses did distribute in the feldes of Moab, on ŝe other syde Iordan ouer against Iericho eastward.
33 But vnto the trybe of Leui, Moses gaue none enheritaunce, for the Lorde God of Israell is their enheritaunce, as he sayd vnto them.




1 And these are the contreyes which the chyldren of Israell enhereted in ŝe lande of Canaan, which Eleazer the preaste, and Iosua the sonne of Nun and the auncient heades of ŝe trybes of the chyldren of Israell, distributed to them.
2 By lotte they receaued their possessions as the Lorde commaunded by ŝe hande of Moses, to geue vnto the nyne trybes, & vnto ŝe halfe trybe.
3 For Moses had geuen enheritaunce vnto two trybes and an halfe on ŝe other syde Iordan. But vnto ŝe Leuites he gaue none enheritaunce amonge them.
4 For the children of Ioseph were two tribes, Manasses & Ephraim. And therfore they gaue no parte vnto the Leuites in the land, saue cyties to dwell in with the suburbes of the same, for their beastes and cattell.
5 As the Lorde commaunded Moses: euen so ŝe children of Israel did when they deuided ŝe lande.
6 And the children of Iuda came vnto Iosua in Gilgall. And Caleb the sonne of Iephune ŝe kenesyte sayde vnto hym: thou wottest what the Lorde sayd vnto Moses the man of God, about my matter and thyne in Cades Barne.
7 Fourty yeare olde was I when Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde sent me from Cades Barne to spie out the lande. And I brought hym worde agayne euen as it was in myne herte.
8 Neuerthelesse my brethren that went vp wyth me, dyscouraged the herte of the people. And I folowed the Lorde God.
9 And Moses sware ŝe same daye, saying: the lande wheron thy fete haue troaden, shalbe thyne enheritaunce and thy chyldrens for euer, because ŝu hast folowed the Lorde God.
10 And beholde, the Lorde hath kept me alyue (as he sayde) this fourtye and fyue yeares, euen sence the Lord spake this word vnto Moses, whyle the chyldren of Israell wanderyd in the wyldernesse. And now lo, I am this daye foure skore & fyue yere old:
11 & yet am as stronge at this tyme, as I was when Moses sent me: looke how stronge I was then, so strong am I now whether I go to warre, or come agayne.
12 Now therfore geue me thys mountayne wherof the Lorde spake in that daye, for ŝu herdest in that daye, how the Enakins are there, and the cities great & walled. Peraduenture the Lorde wilbe with me, & I shall he able to dryue them out, as the Lorde sayd.
13 And Iosua blessed him, & gaue vnto Caleb the sonne of Iephune, Hebron to enheret.
14 And Hebron therfore became ŝe enheritaunce of Caleb the sonne of Iephune the kenesite, vnto thys daye: because he folowed ŝe Lord God of Israell.
15 And the name of Hebron was called in olde tyme, kariatharbe. For the same was a great man amonge the Enakims. And the lande ceased from warre.




1 This was the lotte of the trybe of the chyldren of Iuda by theyr kynredes: Namely, towarde the border of Edom in the wyldernesse of Zin, southwarde, euen from the vtmoost parte of the southe coste.
2 And theyr south coste was from the brynke of the salt see, from a rock that leaneth southward.
3 And it went out to ŝe south syde toward the goynge vp to Acrabim, & went a longe to Zinna, and ascended vp on the south syde vnto Cades Barne, & went a longe to Hezron, and went vp to Adar, and fette a compase to Karca.
4 From thence went it a longe to Azmon, and reached vnto the ryuer of Egypt: and the ende of that cost was on the west syde. And this is theyr south coste.
5 Their east coste is the salt see, euen vnto the edge of Iordan.
6 And their border in the north quarter was from the rocke of the see and from the edge of Iordan. And the same border went vp to Bethhagla, and went a long by the northsyde of Betharabah, and vp from thence to the stone of Bohen ŝe sonne of Ruben.
7 And agayne, thesame border went vp to Dabir from the valeye of Acor, and so northwarde, turnyng towarde Gilgall, that lieth before ŝe goyng vp to Adonim, whych is of the southe syde of the ryuer. And the same border went vp to ŝe waters of the fountayne of the Sonne, and ended at the well of Rogell.
8 And then went vp to the valeye of the sonne of Hennom, euen vnto the southe syde of Iebusi: the same is Ierusalem. And then went vp to the toppe of the hille that lyeth before the valeye of Hennon, westwarde, and by the edge of the valeye of the Giauntes northwarde:
9 And then it compaseth from the toppe of the hill vnto the fountayne of the water of Nephthoah, and gothe out at the cities of mount Ephron: and draweth to Baala, whiche is kiriathiarim,
10 and then it compaseth from Balah westwarde vnto mount Seir, & then goeth a longe vnto the syde of mount Iarim, (which is Chesalon) on ŝe north syde. And cometh downe to Bethsames, and gothe to Thamnah,
11 and gothe out agayne vnto the syde of Akaron northwarde: And then draweth to Secron and gothe a longe to mounte Balah, and goeth out at Iabnel: & the endes of the coastes leaue at the west see.
12 And the west border was the gaeat see, and the same coaste was the coast of the chyldren of Iuda rounde about in theyr kynredes.
13 And vnto Caleb the sonne of Iephune dyd Iosua geue a parte among the children of Iuda, accordynge to the mouthe of the Lorde, euen kiriatharbe of the father of Enock, whiche cytye is Hebron.
14 And Caleb droue thence the thre sonnes of Enack, Sesai, and Ahman, and Thalmai, which were, the sonnes of Enack.
15 And he went vp thence, to the enhabitoures of Dabir. And the name of Dabir in the olde tyme was kariath sephar.
16 And Caleb sayde: he that smyteth kariath sepher, & taketh it: to hym wyll I geue Acsah my daughter to wyfe.
17 And Othniel, the sonne of kenes, the brother of Caleb toke it. And he gaue hym Acsah hys daughter to wyfe.
18 And as she went in vnto hym, she moued hym, to aske of her father a felde. And she alyghted of her asse. And Caleb sayde vnto her, what ayleth the?
19 Who answered: gyue me a blessyng: for thou hast geuen me a south lande: geue me also springes of water. And he gaue her sprynges of water, bothe aboue and benethe.
20 Thys is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the children of Iuda by their kynredes.
21 And the vttmost cyties of the tribe of the children of Iuda, towarde ŝe coastes of Edom southwarde, were: Kabzel, Eder & Iagur:
22 kinah, Dimonah, and Adada:
23 kedes, Hazor and Iethnan:
24 Ziph, Telem and Baloth,
25 Hazor, Hadathah, karioth, Hesron (which is Hazor)
26 Eman, Sami, and Moladah:
27 Hazargadah, Hasmon & Bethpheleth:
28 Hasar sual, Bersabe, and Bazothah:
29 Baalah, Iim, and Azen:
30 Eltholad, Cecill, and Horma:
31 Zikelag, Medemenah & Sensenah:
32 Labaoth, Selhim, Ain and Rimon: all these cyties are twentye and nyne with their villages.
33 And in ŝe lowe contreye they had Esthaol, Zareah, and Asenah:
34 Zoneah, Enganim, Thaphuah & Enam:
35 Iarmuth Adulam, Socoh, & Azkah:
36 Saarem, Adithaim, Gederah, and Gederothaim: Fourtene cyties with their villages.
37 Zenan, Hadazah, and Magdalgad:
38 Deleam, Mizpa, and Iektheel:
39 Lachis, Bazcath and Eglon:
40 Cabon, Lahamam, and Cethlis
41 Gaderoth, Bethdagon, Maamah and Makedah: Syxtene cyties with their villages.
42 Lebnah, Ether, and Asan:
43 Iephthah, Asnah, and Nezib:
44 keilah, kahezip and Maresah: nyne cyties wyth theyr vyllages.
45 Akron with her townes & villages.
46 From Akron & from ŝe west, all that lyeth aboute Asdod wt their villages.
47 Asdod with hertownes & villages. Azah with her townes & villages, euen vnto the ryuer of Egypte and the great see was their coaste.
48 And in the mountaynes, they had Samir Iathir, and Socoh,
49 Danah: and kariah senath, which is Dabir:
50 Anab, Esthemoh, & Anim,
51 Gozen, Holon, & Giloh, a leuen cyties with their villages.
52 Arab, Dumah, & Esean:
53 Ianim, Beththaphuah & Apheah.
54 Humatah, & kariath arbe: which is Hebron and Zior: nyne cyties wyth their villages.
55 Maon, Carmel, Siph, & Iutah:
56 Iesraell, Iukadan, and Sanoch:
57 Cain, Gabaah, and Thamnah: ten cyties with their villages
58 Halhull Bethzur and Gedor:
59 Maarath, Bethanoth, & Elthecon: Sixe cyties with their villages.
60 Kariath Baal whych is kariath Iarim and Harabba: two cyties with their villages.
61 In the wildernesse they had Betharabah, Meddin & Sacacah:
62 Nebson, the cytie of salt, and Engaddi: Syxe cyties wyth their villages.
63 Neuertheles, the Iebusites that were ŝe enhabiters of Ierusalem, coulde not ŝe children of Iuda cast out. But the Iebusites dwell with the children of Iuda vnto this daye.




1 And the lotte of ŝe children of Ioseph felle from Iordan by Iericho, vnto the water of Iericho Estward, and to ŝe wildernesse that goeth vp from Iericho thorow out mount Bethel:
2 & goeth out from Bethel to Lus, & runneth alonge vnto the borders of Arcimataroth:
3 & goeth downe agayne westard euen to the coaste of Iaphlethi, and vnto the coaste of Bethhoron the nether, and to Gasor, and the endes of their coostes leaue at the west see.
4 And so the children of Ioseph Manasses & Ephraim toke their enheritaunce.
5 And the border of ŝe children of Ephraim was by their kinreds. Their border on the east syde, was: Ataroth, Ador, euen vnto Bethhoron ŝe vpper,
6 & went out westward to Machmathah on ŝe Northside, and returneth Estward vnto Thaanath Silo, and past it on the Estside vnto Ianoah,
7 & went downe from Ianoah to Atharoth & Naarath, & came to Iericho, & went out at Iordan.
8 And their border went from Thaphuah westwarde vnto the ryuer kanah, and the endes were the west see. This is the enheritaunce of ŝe trybe of ŝe children of Ephraim by their kynredes.
9 And the separate cyties for the children of Ephraim, were amonge the enheritaunce of the children of Manasses: euen the cyties with their villages.
10 And they draue not out ŝe Cananites y dwelte in Gasor: but the Cananites dwell amonge the Ephraites vnto this daye, and serue vnder tribute.




1 This was the lotte of ŝe tribe of Manasses, which was the Eldest sonne of Ioseph. And Machir the Eldest sonne of Manasses which was the father of Gilead (and a man of warre) had Gilead and Basan,
2 This was the possession of the rest of the children of Manasses by their kinredes: Namely, of the children of Abiezer: the children of Helek: the children of Ariel: the children of Sichem, the children of Hepher: ŝe children of Semida: for these were ŝe male children of Manasses the sonne of Ioseph by their kinredes.
3 But Zelaphead ŝe sonne of Hepher, ŝe sonne of Gilead, ŝe sonne of Machir, the sonne of Manasses, had no sonnes but daughters whose names are these: Mahela, Noa, Hagla, Melcha & Thirza:
4 which came before Eleazar ŝe preaste, & before Iosua the sonne of Nun, & before ŝe Lordes saying: the Lorde commaunded Moses to geue vs an enheritaunce amonge oure brethren. And therfore according to the commaundement of the Lord, he gaue them an enherytaunce amonge ŝe brethren of their father.
5 And there felle ten porcyons to Manasses, besyde the lande of Gilead & Basan, which is on the other syde Iordan:
6 because ŝe daughters of Manasses dyd enherett amonge hys sonnes. And Manasses other sonnes, had the lande of Gilead.
7 And the cooste of Manasses was from Aser to Machmathah ŝt lieth before Sichem and went a longe on the ryght hande, euen vnto the enhabiters of Entaphuah,
8 & the land of Thaphuah belonged to Manasses, whych Thaphuah is besyde the border of Manasses, and besyde the border of the children of Ephraim.
9 And the cooste descended vnto ŝe ryuer Canah southwarde, euen to the ryuer of the cyties of Ephraim, and betwene ŝe cyties of Manasses. The cooste of Manasses wente also on ŝe northsyde to the ryuer, & the endes of it go out at ŝe see:
10 so that the south pertayned to Ephraim, & the northe to Manasses, and the see is hys border. And they mette togeather in Aser northwarde, and in Isacar eastwarde.
11 And Manasses had in Isacar & in Aser, Bethsean, & her townes: Iiblean, and hir townes: & the enhabitoures of Dor, wyth the townes: pertaynyng to the same: & the enhabitoures of Endor with the townes of ŝe same: and the enhabitoures of Thaanath with her townes: and the enhabitoures of Magedo with the townes of ŝe same, euen thre contreys.
12 Yet the children of Manasses coulde not ouercome those cyties. But the Cananites presumed to dwell in the same land,
13 Neuerthelesse, assone as ŝe children of Israel were waxed strong, they put ŝe Cananites vnder tribute, but expelled them not.
14 And the chyldren of Ioseph spake vnto Iosua saying: why hast thou geuen me but one lotte and one porcyon to enheret, seing I am a great people, & for as moche as the Lorde hath blessed me hitherto?
15 and Iosua answered them: yf ŝu be moche people, then gett the vp to the wodde contreye, and prepare for thy selffe there in the lande of the Pheresites & of the Giauntes, yf mounte Ephraim be to narowe for the.
16 And ŝe children of Ioseph sayd: The hill is not ynough for vs: & all the Cananites that dwel in ŝe lowe contreye haue charettes of yron, & so haue they that enhabite Bethsean, and the townes of the same, & they also dwel in the valeye of Iezreel.
17 And Iosua sayde vnto the house of Ioseph, Ephraim & Manasses: ye be moche people, and haue great power, & shall not therfore haue one lotte.
18 Therfore ŝe hill shalbe youres, & ye shall cut downe the wodd ŝt is in it: & the endes of it shalbe youres, yf ye cast out ŝe Cananites which haue yron charettes, & are very stronge.




1 And the whole congregacion of the children of Israel came together at Silo, and set vp the tabernacle of witnesse there, and the lande was in subieccion before them.
2 And there remayned amonge the children of Israel seuen tribes, whych had not yet receaued their enheritaunce.
3 And Iosua sayd vnto the children of Israel: how long are ye so slacke to come, and possesse the lande which the Lord God of youre fathers hath geuen you?
4 Geue out from amonge you for euery trybe thre men, that I maye sende them. And that they maye ryse, and walke thorowe the lande and distribute it according to the enheritaunce therof, and come agayne to me.
5 And let them deuyde it vnto them in to seuen partes. And Iuda shal abyde in their coaste on ŝe south, and the house of Ioseph shall stande in their coastes on the northe.
6 Descrybe ye the lande therfore into seuen partes, and bryng the descripcion hether to me, and I shall cast lottes for you here before the Lord oure God.
7 But the Leuites haue no parte among you, for the preasthode of the lorde is their enheritaunce. And God, and Ruben, and halfe the tribd of Manasses haue receaued their enheritaunce beyonde Iordan eastwarde, which Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde gaue them.
8 And the men arose, & went their waye. And Iosua charged them that went to describe the lande, saying: departe, & go thorowe the lande, and describe it, & come agayne to me, ŝt I maye here cast lottes for you before ŝe Lorde in Silo.
9 And the men departed, & walked thorowe the lande, & described it by cyties into seuen partes, in a booke, and retourned to Iosua into the hoste at Silo.
10 And Iosua cast lottes for them in Silo before the Lorde, and there Iosua deuyded ŝe land vnto the children of Israell, to eche their porcion.
11 And the lotte of the tribe of the children of Beniamin came vp according to their kynredes. And ŝe coaste of their lotte came out betwene ŝe children of Iuda and the children of Ioseph.
12 And their north coaste was from Iordan, and went vp to the syde of Iericho on ŝe northsyde, & went vp thorowe the mountaynes westward, & they ended at the wildernesse of Bethauen:
13 and went from thence to the southsyde of Lus (ŝe same is Bethel) & descended agayne to Atrothadar, vnto ŝe hylle that lyeth on the southe syde of ŝe nether Bethhoron.
14 And the coaste turneth thence, & compaseth the corner of ŝe see southwarde, euen from the hill ŝt lyeth before Bethhoron southwarde, & goeth out at kiriathbaal which is kiriath Iarim, a cytie of the children of Iuda: this is the west quarter:
15 & the south coaste goeth from the edge of kiriathiarim, and gothe out westwarde, and thence it turneth to the waterwell of Nephthoah,
16 & commeth downe agayne to ŝe edge of the hill, ŝt lyeth before ŝe valeye of ŝe sonne of Hennon, euen in the valeye of the Giauntes northwarde and descendeth into ŝe valeye of Hennon besyde Iebusy southwarde, and gothe downe to the well of Rogell,
17 and compaseth from the north, and goeth forth to the well of ŝe sonne, and departeth from thence to ŝe places of Geliloth, which are toward ŝe goyng vp vnto Adomim: & goeth downe to ŝe stone of Bohan ŝe sonne of Ruben:
18 & then goeth alonge towarde the syde of the playne, northwarde: and goeth downe into the feldes:
19 and goeth along to the syde of Bethhaglah northwarde, & endeth at the pointe of the salt see north therfrom, euen at the south ende of Iordan. This is the southe coaste.
20 And Iordan kepeth in this coast on the east syde, and this is the enheritaunce of the children of Beniamin by their coastes rounde aboute thorow out their kynredes.
21 These were the cyties of the trybes of the children of Beniamin thorow out theire kynredes: Iericho, Bethhaglah, & ŝe playne of Kaziz:
22 Betharabah, Zamarim, & Bethel:
23 Auim, Pharah, and Ophrah:
24 Chepar Ammona, Ophni, & Gabai, twelue cyties with their villages.
25 Gibeon, Ramah, & Beroth:
26 Mazphah, Caphairah, and Mozah:
27 Reken, Iarephel, and Tharelah,
28 Zela, Eleph, and Iebusi, which is Ierusalem, Gibeath, and kiriath, fourtene cyties with their villages. This is the enheritaunce of the children of Beniamin thorowe out their kynredes.




1 And the seconde lotte came out for ŝe trybe of the children of Simeon by their kynredes. And their enheritaunce was in the myddes of the enheritaunce of the children of Iuda.
2 And they had in theyr enheritaunce, Bersabe, Sabe, & Moladah,
3 Hazorsual, Balah, & Azem,
4 Eltholad, Bethul & Hormah,
5 Zikelag, Bethmarcaboth & Hazetsusah,
6 Bethlebaoth, and Saruhen thirtene cyties with their villages.
7 Aim, Remon, Ether, & Asan, foure cyties wyth their villages:
8 & therto all ŝe villages that were rounde about these cyties, euen vnto Balaath, Beor, & Ramath, southwarde. This is ŝe enheritaunce of ŝe tribe of ŝe children of Simeon thorow out their kiredes.
9 Out of ŝe lotte of the children of Iuda, came the enheritaunce of the children of Simeon. For the parte of the children of Iuda was to moche for them: and therfore the children of Simeon had their enheritaunce in the enheritaunce of them.
10 And the thyrde lotte arose for the children of Zabulon thorow out their kynredes. And the coastes of their enheritaunce came to Sarid,
11 & went vp westwarde, and to Marialah, and reached to Dabaseth, and came thence to ŝe ryuer that lyeth before Iokneuen:
12 & turned from Sarid eastwarde towarde ŝe sonne rysyng vnto ŝe border of Chisloth Thabor: and then goeth out to Dabereth, & goeth vp to Iaphia:
13 and from thence goeth a longe eastwarde, to Gethah, Iepher, Ithah, & Iazin, & goeth to Remon, Methoar, & Neoh.
14 And compaseth it on ŝe northe syde to Nathan, & endeth in the valeye of Iephthahel.
15 And Iatath, Nahalol, Semron, Iedalah, and Bethlehem: twelue cyties wyth their villages.
16 This is the enheritaunce of the chyldren of Zabulon thorowe out their kynredes, and these are the cyties with their villages.
17 And ŝe fourth lott came out for ŝe children of Isacar by theyr kinredes.
18 And their coast was Iesraelah, Casuloth, & Sunem.
19 Hapharaim, Sion, and Anaharath:
20 Harabith kision, and Abez:
21 Rameth. Enganim, Enhadah, & Bethphazez.
22 And his coaste reacheth to Thabor, & Sahazimah & Bethsames, and endeth at Iordan, Syxtene cyties with there villages.
23 This is ŝe enheritaunce of the trybe of ŝe children of Isacar by their kynredes, And these are the cyties with their villages.
24 And the fifte lotte cam out for the trybe of the children of Aser by their kynredes.
25 And their coaste was: Helkath, Hali, Beten & Achsap:
26 Alamelech, Amaad and Miseal: & came to Carmel westwarde, & to Sihor Labanath,
27 and turneth towarde the sonne rysyng to Bethdagon, and commeth to Zabulon & to the valeye of Iephthahell, towarde ŝe northsyde of Bethemek & Negel, & goeth out on ŝe lifte syde of Cabul:
28 & to Hebron, Rohob, Ramon, & kanah, euen vnto great Sidon.
29 And then the coast turneth to Ramah and to the strong cytie of Zor, and turneth to Hozah, & endeth at the see, by ŝe possession of Achzibah:
30 Amah also & Aphek and Rohob: Twentye and two cities with their villages.
31 This is ŝe enheritaunce of ŝe children of Aser by their kynredes: These are the cyties with their villages.
32 And the Sixte lotte cam out for the children of Nephthali by their kynredes.
33 And their coaste was from Heleph & from Elom to Zaananim, Adami, Nekeb and Iabneel euen to Lakum, and doth go out at Iordan.
34 And then the coast turneth westwarde to Asanoth Thabor, and then goeth out from thence to Hukokah, and reacheth to Zabulon on ŝe southe syde, & goeth to Aser on ŝe west syde, and to Iuda vpon Iordan towarde ŝe sonne rysynge.
35 And their stronge cyties are Zidin, Zer, Hamah, Racath and Cenereth,
36 Adainah, Hermah & Hazor:
37 kedes, Edrai, and Enhazor:
38 Ieron, Magdelel: Horen, Bethanah & Bethsames: nynetene cyties wt their villages.
39 This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the children of Nephthali by their kynredes: these also are the cyties & their villages.
40 And the seuenth lotte came out for ŝe trybe of the children of Dan by their kynredes.
41 And the coaste of their enheritaunce was: Zaraah, Esthaol. Irsames,
42 Saelabin, Atalon Iethlah:
43 Eglon & Thennathah & Akaron:
44 Elthekeh, Gibethon & Baalath:
45 Iehud Banebarak & Gathermon,
46 Meiericon and Aarcon, wt the border that lyeth before Iapho.
47 And ŝe coastes of ŝe children of Dan went out from them. And the children of Dan went vp to fyght agaynst Lesen, and toke it, and smote it with ŝe edge of the swerde, and conquered it, & dwelt therin, & called it Dan after the name of Dan their father.
48 This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of ŝe children of Dan in their kynredes: these also are the cyties with their villages,
49 When they had made an ende of deuydyng ŝe lande by her coastes, the children of Israell gaue an enheritaunce vnto Iosua ŝe sonne of Nun amonge them,
50 according to the worde of ŝe Lorde they gaue him the cytie which he asked, euen Thamnath serah in mounte Ephraim And he bylte ŝe cytie & dwelt therin.
51 These are the enheritaunces which Eleazar the preast and Iosua the sonne of Nun, and the auncient fathers of the trybes of the children of Israel deuided by lotte in Siloh before the Lorde, in the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse, and so they made an ende of deuiding the contreye.




1 The Lorde also spake vnto Iosua sayinge:
2 Speake to ŝe children of Israel, and saye: Appointe out from amonge you cyties of refuge, wherof I spake vnto you by the hand of Moses,
3 that the slear that killetth any person vnwares and vnwittinglye, maye flee thether. And those cyties shalbe youre refuge from the auenger of bloud.
4 And he that doth flee vnto one of those cyties, shall stande at the entryng of the gate of the cytie, and shall shewe hys cause in the eares of the elders of the cytie. And they shall take him into the cytie vnto them, & geue hym a place, that he maye dwell amonge them.
5 And yf the auenger of bloude folowe after him, they shall not deliuer the slear into his hande: because he smote his frende ignorantlye, and hated hym not before tyme.
6 And he shall dwell in the sayde cytie vntill he stande before ŝe congregation in Iudgement, and vntill the death of the hye preaste that shalbe in those dayes: for then shall the slear retourne, and come vnto his awne cytie, and vnto his awne house, and vnto the cytie from whence he fled.
7 And they sanctified kedes in Galile, in mount Nephthali, and Sichem in mount Ephraim, and kiriatharbe (which is Hebron) in the mountaine of Iuda.
8 And on the other syde Iordan ouer agaynst Iericho estwarde, they appointed Bozor in ŝe wildernesse vpon the playne, out of ŝe tribe of Ruben: & Ramoth in Gilead out of the trybe of Gad: and Gosan in Basan out of ŝe trybe of Manasses.
9 These were the cyties appoynted for all ŝe children of Israell, and for the straunger ŝt soiourned amonge them, that whosoeuer killed any person ignorantlye, ŝe same might flee thether, & shulde not die by the hand of the auenger of bloude, vntill he stode before the congregacion.




1 And then came the principall fathers of the Leuites vnto Eleazar ŝe preaste, and vnto Iosua the sonne of Nun, and vnto ŝe auncient fathers that were ouer the trybes of the children of Israel,
2 & spake vnto them at Silo in the lande of Canaan, saying: the Lorde commaunded by Moses, to geue vs cyties to dwell in, with the suburbes therof, for oure catell.
3 And ŝe children of Israell gaue vnto ŝe Leuites out of their enheritaunce at ŝe bidding of ŝe Lorde these cyties folowing wt their Suburbes.
4 And the lotte cam out for the kynred of the Cahathites: and the children of Aaron the preaste, which were of the Leuites, had geuen them by lott, out of the trybe of Iuda, out of the trybe of Simeon, and out of ŝe trybe of Beniamin: thirtene cyties.
5 And the reast of the children of Cahath had by lotte, out of the kynredes of ŝe trybe of Ephraim, out of ŝe trybe of Dan, and out of ŝe halfe trybe of Manasses: ten cyties.
6 And the children of Gerson had by lotte out of ŝe kynredes of the trybe of Isacar, and out of the trybe of Aser, out of the trybe of Nephthali & out of the other halfe trybe of Manasses in Basan: thirtene cyties.
7 And ŝe children of Merari by their kynredes, had out of the trybe of Ruben, and out of the trybe of Gad, and out of the trybe of Zabulon, twelue cyties:
8 And the children of Israell gaue by lotte vnto the Leuites these cyties with their Suburbes, as the Lord commaunded by Moses.
9 And they gaue out of the trybe of ŝe children of Iuda, & out of the trybe of the children of Simeon, these cyties by name:
10 which the children of Aaron being of the kynredes of the Cahathites, & of the children of Leui, obtayned: for theirs was the fyrst lotte.
11 And they gaue them kariath Arbe of the father of Enack (which is Hebron) in the hyll contreye of Iuda, with the Suburbes of the same rounde about it.
12 But the londe that pertayned to the cytie, and the villages therof, gaue they to Caleb the sonne ne of Iephune, to be his possession.
13 And thus they gaue to ŝe children of Aaron the preast, a cyte, to the which ŝe slayer might flye: euen Hebron with her Suburbes: Libna with her Suburbes:
14 & Iathir with her Suburbes, & Estimoa with her Suburbes:
15 Holon wt her Suburbes, Dabir with her Suburbes:
16 Ain with her Suburbes: Iutah with her Suburbes: Bethsames with her Suburbes: nyne cities out of those two trybes.
17 And out of the trybe of Beniamin, they gaue Gibeon with her Suburbes: Gaba wt her Suburbes:
18 Anatoth with her Suburbes: Almon with her Suburbes: foure cyties.
19 All these cyties of ŝe children of Aaron preastes, were thirtine cyties with theyr Suburbes.
20 And ŝe kynredes of the children of Cahath that were Leuites: that is to saye the other children of Cahath, had cities geuen them for their lotte, out of the trybe of Ephraim.
21 For they gaue them the cytie ŝt the slear might flye vnto: Sichem with her Suburbes, in mount Ephraim: and Gazer with her Suburbes,
22 and Kabzaim with her Suburbes: & Bethhoron with her Suburbes: foure cyties.
23 And out of the trybe of Dan: Eltheke wt her Suburbes: Gibthon with her Suburbes:
24 and Aialon with her Suburbes, Gathremon with her Suburbes: foure cyties.
25 And out of the halfe trybe of Manasses, Thanach with her suburbes: and Gathremon with her Suburbes: two cyties.
26 All the cyties for the other kynredes of ŝe children of Cahath, were ten with their Suburbes.
27 And vnto the children of Gerson which were of the kynredes of the Leuites, they gaue out of ŝe other halfe trybe of Manasses, the cytie of refuge for the slear: Golan in Basan with her Suburbes: & Beestherah with her Suburbes: two cyties.
28 And out of the trybe of Isacar, kision with her Suburbes: and Daberah with her Suburbes:
29 & Iarimoth with her Suburbes: Enganim with her Suburbes: foure cyties.
30 And out of the trybe of Aser, Misael with her Suburbes: Abdon wt her Suburbes,
31 Halakath with her Suburbes: & Rohob with her Suburbes: foure cyties.
32 And out of the trybe of Nephthali, the cytie for the slear to flye vnto: kedes in Galile with her Suburbes: & Hamothdor with her Suburbes: & Carthan with her Suburbes: thre cities.
33 All the cities of the Gersonites thorowe out their kynredes, were thirtene cyties with their Suburbes.
34 And vnto the other kynredes of the children of Merari, the rest of the Leuites, they gaue out of the trybe of Zabulon: Iecnam with her Suburbes: & Carthah wyth her Suburbes:
35 Damna with her Suburbes, & Nahalal with her Suburbes: foure cyties,
36 And out of the trybe of Ruben, Bozor with her Suburbes: and Iahelah with her suburbes:
37 kedmoth with her Suburbes, and Maphaath with her Suburbes: foure cyties.
38 And out of the trybe of Gad, they gaue ŝe cytie for ŝe slear to flye vnto: Ramoth in Gilead with her Suburbes, and Mahanaim with her suburbes,
39 Hesbon with her suburbes: & Iaser with her suburbes: foure cyties in all,
40 so that all the cyties of ŝe children of Merari thorow out their kynredes (which were the rest of the kynredes of the Leuites) were by their lot, twelue cyties.
41 And all the cyties ŝt the Leuites had among the possession of ŝe children of Israel were .xlviii. with their suburbes.
42 And these cyties laye euery one seuerally, hauyng their suburbes rounde aboute them thorow out all the sayde cyties.
43 And ŝe Lorde gaue vnto Israel all the lande which he sware to geue vnto their fathers. And they conquered it, and dwelt therin.
44 And the Lorde gaue them rest rounde aboute, accordyng to all ŝt he sware vnto their fathers: and there stode not a man of all their ennemyes before them. The Lorde also delyuered all theyr enemyes into their handes.
45 There skaped nothing of all the good thynges, which the Lord had sayde vnto the house of Israell, But all came to passé.




1 Then Iosua called vnto the Rubenites, the Gaddites and to the halfe trybe of Manasses,
2 and sayde vnto them: ye haue kept all that Moses ŝe seruaunt of the Lorde commaunded you, and haue obeyed my voyce in all that I commaunded you:
3 ye haue not lefte youre brethren of a long ceason vnto this daye, but haue kept the commaundement of the Lorde youre God.
4 And now that the Lorde hath geuen rest vnto youre brethren as he promysed them, therfore retourne ye, and go vnto youre tentes, & vnto the lande of youre possession, which Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde gaue you on the other syde Iordan.
5 But in any wise take diligent hede, and do the commaundement and lawe, whych Moses the seruaunt of the Lorde charged you: that ye loue the Lorde youre God, and walke in all hys wayes, and kepe hys commaundementes, and cleaue vnto him, and serue him with all youre hertes, & all youre soules.
6 And so Iosua blessed them and sent them awaye. And they went vnto theyr tentes.
7 Unto the one halfe of the trybe of Manasses Moses gaue possession in Basan: & vnto the other halfe therof gaue Iosua amonge their brethren on this syde Iordan westwarde. And Iosua sent them awaye also vnto their tentes, and blessed them,
8 and sayd vnto them: retourne with moche ryches vnto youre tentes, and with a great multitude of catell, with syluer and golde, with brasse, and yron, and with moch rayment and deuide the spoyle of youre enemyes with youre brethren.
9 And the children of Ruben, the children of Gad, and halfe ŝe trybe of Manasses, returned, and departed from the children of Israel out of Silo (which is in the lande of Canaan) to go vnto the contreye of Giliad, to the lande of their possession, which they had opteyned, according to the worde of the Lorde by the hande of Moses.
10 And when they came vnto ŝe place of Geliloth besyde Iordan (that is in the lande of Canaan) there the children of Ruben, the children of Gad and ŝe halfe trybe of Manasses, buylt an altare faste by Iordan, and that a great altare to se to.
11 Which when the children of Israel hearde of, they sayd: beholde, ŝe children of Ruben, the children of Gad, and the halfe trybe of Manasses haue buylt an altare in the forefronte of ŝe lande of Canaan euen in Geliloth besyde Iordan on the syde of ŝe children of Israell.
12 And when the children of Israel heard of it, ŝe whole congregacion of ŝe children of Israell gathered them together to Silo, to make batell agaynst them.
13 And the children of Israell sent vnto the children of Ruben, and to the children of Gad, and to ŝe halfe trybe of Manasses, into the lande of Gilead, Phinehes the sonne of Eleazar the preaste,
14 & wyth him ten Lordes, of euery chefe house a Lord, thorow out all ŝe tribes of Israell, which were heades of their fathers housholdes among ŝe thousandes of Israel.
15 And they went vnto ŝe children of Ruben, and to the children of Gad, & to the children of the halfe trybe of Manasses, vnto the lande of Gilead, and they spake with them, saying.
16 Thus saye the hole congregacion of the Lorde what transgression is this that ye haue transgressed agaynst the God of Israell, to turne awaye this daye from ŝe Lord in that ye haue bylded you an altare, for to rebelle this daye against the Lorde?
17 Is the wicked deade of Peor to lyttell for vs, wherof we are not yet cleansed vnto thys daye, and for the which there was in ŝe congregacion of the people a plage of ŝe Lord?
18 Ye also are turned awaye thys daye from the Lorde. And seynge ye rebelle to daye agaynst the Lorde, it wil come to passe, that tomorow he shall be wroth wt all the congregacion of Israel.
19 Notwithstandyng yf ye thinke, that the lande of youre possession is vncleane, then come ouer vnto the lande of the possession of ŝe Lorde, where in ŝe Lordes tabernacle dwelleth, & take possession amonge vs. But transgresse not agaynst ŝe Lorde, nor prouoke vs, to buylde you anye other aulter, saue ŝe aulter of the Lorde oure God.
20 Dyd not Acan the sonne of Zareth trespase in ŝe excommunicate thing, & wrath fell on all ŝe cogregacion of Israel, which notwithstandinge that he was but one man, yet he alone perisshed not for his wickednesse?
21 Then ŝe children of Ruben & the children of Gad, and halfe the trybe of Manasses answered, and sayde vnto the heades ouer the thousandes of Israel.
22 The God of goddes, the Lorde, God of goddes, euen ŝe Lord he knoweth, & Israel also shall knowe. If it be to rebelle, or to transgresse agaynst ŝe Lorde, then thou Lorde saue vs not thys daye.
23 Or elles if we haue bylt vs an aulter to turne from folowing the Lorde, or to offer theron burnt offryng or meatoffringe, or to offer peace offringes theron: let ŝe Lorde require it.
24 And yf we haue not rather done it of a carefulnes & of a sure occasion, sayenge: In tyme to come your children might saye vnto oures: what haue ye to do with ŝe Lorde God of Israel?
25 ŝe Lorde hath made Iordan a border betwene vs and you (ye children of Ruben and of Gad) ye haue no parte therfore in the Lorde: and so shall youre children make oure children ceasse from fearinge the Lorde.
26 Therfore we sayd: We wil make vs an aulter, not for burntofferinge, nor for sacrifice,
27 but for a witnesse betwene vs and you, and oure generacyons after vs, that we shulde serue the Lorde, with oure offeringes, sacrifices and peace offeringes before him: and that youre children shulde not saye to oures in time to come: ye haue no parte in the Lorde.
28 Therfore sayde we, that if they shulde so saye to vs or to oure generacions in tyme to come, that we wolde saye agayne: Beholde the fassion of the aulter of the Lorde, which oure fathers made, nether for burntofferynges nor sacrifices, but for a witnesse betwene vs and you.
29 God forbyd, that we shuld rebell agaynst the Lorde, and turne thys daye from after him, & buyld any other aulter for burntofferinges, oblacions, or sacrifices, saue the altare of the Lord oure God, that is before his tabernacle.
30 And when Phinehes the Preaste, and the Lordes of ŝe congregacion and heades ouer the thousandes of Israell which were with him, hearde these wordes that the children of Ruben, and the children of Gad and the children of Manasses spake, they were well content.
31 And Phinehes the sonne of Eleazar the preaste sayde vnto the children of Ruben, and to the children of Gad, & to the children of Manasses: this daye we perceaue, that the Lord is among vs, because ye haue not done this trespase agaynst ŝe Lorde: Now ye haue rydde the children of Israell out of the hande of the Lorde.
32 And Phinehes the sonne of Eleazar the Preaste wt the Lordes, retourned from the children of Ruben, and from the children of Gad out of the lande of Gilead vnto ŝe lande of Canaan, to the children of Israel, and brought them this worde agayne.
33 And the sayeng pleased the children of Israel, and they blessed God, and dyd not entende to go agaynst them in batell, & to destroye the lande which the children of Ruben and Gad dwelt in.
34 And the children of Ruben, and the children of Gad called the aulter: Oure witnesse, that the Lorde is God.




1 And it came to passe a longe ceason after that the Lorde had geuen reste vnto Israel from all theyr enemyes rounde about, that Iosua waxed olde, and was stricken in age.
2 And Iosua called for all Israel, and for their elders, their heades their Iudges and officers, and sayde vnto them: I am olde and stryken in age.
3 And ye haue sene all that ŝe Lorde youre God hath done vnto all these nacions befo you, how ŝe Lorde youre God hath fought for you.
4 Beholde, I haue subdued vnto you these nacions ŝt remayne, to be an enheritaunce for youre tribes: euen from Iordan, and (from the lande) of all the nacions that I haue destroyed, euen vnto the great See westwarde.
5 And the Lorde youre God shall expell them before you, and cast them from out of youre sight, and ye shall conquere their lande, as the Lorde youre God hath saide vnto you.
6 Go to therfore as strongly as ye maye, that ye take hede and do all that is written in the boke of the lawe of Moses, that ye vowe not a syde therfrom, to the ryght hand or to the lefte:
7 and lest that whan ye come amonge these nacions, (euen amonge these that are left with you) ye make mencion or sweare by the names of their goddes: and that ye nether serue them, nor bowe youre selues vnto them.
8 But that ye sticke fast vnto ŝe Lorde youre God, as ye haue done vnto this daye.
9 So shall ŝe Lorde cast out before you great nacions and myghtye, as no man hath bene able to stande before you hitherto.
10 One man of you shall chase a thousande: for ŝe Lorde youre God he fighteth for you, as he hath promised you.
11 Take good hede therfore vnto youre selues, ŝt ye loue the Lorde youre God.
12 Els, yf ye go backe and cleaue vnto the rest of these nacions ŝt remayne wyth you, and shall make mariages with them, & go in vnto them, and they to you:
13 be ye sure, that ŝe Lorde youre God will nomore cast out all these nacions from before you. But they shalbe snares and trappes vnto you and scourges in youre sydes, and thornes in youre eyes, vntyll ye peryshe from of thys good lande, whych the Lorde youre God hath geuen you.
14 And behold, this daye, do I entre in to the waye of all the worlde, & ye knowe in all your hertes & in all youre soules, that nothyng hath fayled of all the good thynges which the Lord youre God promysed you:
15 But all are come to passe, & nothyng hath fayled therof. Therfore, as all good thinges are come vpon you, which the Lorde youre God promysed you, so shall ŝe Lorde bryng vpon you all euell, vntyll he haue destroyed you from of thys good lande, whych ŝe Lorde youre God hath geuen you,
16 when ye haue transgressed the appointment of the Lorde youre God, which he commaunded you: and haue gone and serued straunge goddes, and bowed youre selues to them. Then shall the wrath of the Lorde waxe whote vpon you, & ye shall peryshe quicklye from of the good lande, which he hath geuen you.




1 And Iosua geathered all the trybes of Israell to Sichem, and called for ŝe elders of Israell, and for theyr heades, Iudges and officers, and they presented them selues before God.
2 And Iosua sayde vnto all the people: thus sayth the Lord God of Israell: youre fathers dwelt on the other syde of the floud in olde tyme: euen Thareh the father of Abraham & of Nachor, and serued straunge goddes.
3 And I toke youre father Abraham from the other syde of the floude, & brought him thorow out all the lande of Canaan, & multiplied his seed, and gaue him Isahac.
4 And I gaue vnto Isahac, Iacob & Esau. And I gaue vnto Esau mount Seir, to possesse it. But Iacob and his children went downe into Egypte.
5 I sent Moses also & Aaron. And I plaged Egypte: & whan I had so done among them,
6 I brought you out, and I brought youre fathers out of Egypte. And as they came vnto the see, the Egypcians folowed after youre fathers with charettes & horsmen, vnto the redd see.
7 And whan they cried vnto the Lord, the Lord put darcknesse betwene you and the Egypcians, and brought the see vpon them, and couered them. And youre eyes haue sene what I haue done to the Egypcians. And ye dwelt in the wildernesse a longe ceason.
8 And I brought you into the lande of the Amorites, which dwelt on the other syde Iordan. And they fought with you: and I gaue them into your hand, that ye myght conquere their contre. And I destroyed them from out of youre syght.
9 Then Balak the sonne of Ziphor, king of Moab arose, & warred agaynst Israell, & sent & called Balaam the sonne of Beor for to cursse you.
10 But I wolde not herken vnto Balaam, & therfore he rather blessed you: And so I deliuered you out of his hande.
11 And ye went ouer Iordan, and came vnto Iericho, and the men of Iericho fought agaynst you: the Amorites, Pheresites, Canaanites, Hethites, Girgosites, Heuites, & Iebusites, and I deliuered them in to youre hande.
12 And I sent hornettes before you, whych cast them out of youre sight: euen the two kinges of the Amorites: but not with your owne swerde, or with youre owne bowe.
13 And I haue geuen you a lande, in which ye dyd no laboure, and cyties which you bilt not, and which ye dwell in: vineyardes also, and Olyue trees which ye planted not, and whereof ye do eate.
14 Now therfore feare the Lorde, & serue him in perfectnesse and truthe: And put awaye the goddes, whych youre fathers serued on the other syde of the floude, and in Egypte, and serue ye the Lorde.
15 And yf it seme euell vnto you to serue the Lorde, then chose you this daye whom you will serue: whether the goddes which youre fathers serued (that were on the other syde of the floude) ether the Goddes of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell. As for me and my howse, we will serue the Lorde.
16 The people answered and sayde: God forbyd, that we shulde forsake the Lorde, and serue straunge goddes.
17 For the Lorde oure God, he it is that brought vs and oure fathers out of the lande of Egypte, and from the howse of bondage, and which dyd those great miracles in oure syght, & preserued vs in all the waye that we went, & amonge all the nacions which we came thorow.
18 And the Lorde dyd cast out before vs all the nacions, specially the Amorites, which dwelt in the lande. And therfore will we also serue the Lorde, for he is oure God.
19 And Iosua sayd vnto the people, Ye can not serue the Lorde: for he is an holye God, and a gelous God, and cannot beare youre iniquite and synne.
20 Yf ye forsake the Lorde and serue straunge goddes, he will turne and do you euell, and consume you, after that he hath done you good.
21 And the people sayde vnto Iosua: naye, but we will serue the Lorde.
22 And Iosua sayde vnto the people: ye are witnesses youre selues, that ye haue chosen you the Lorde, to serue him: and they sayd: we are wytnesses.
23 Then put awaye (sayde he) the straunge goddes which are amonge you, and bowe youre hertes vnto ŝe Lorde God of Israell.
24 The people sayde vnto Iosua: the Lord oure God will we serue, and his voyce will we obeye,
25 And so Iosua made a couenant with the people the same daye, and set an ordinaunce and lawe before them in Sichem.
26 And Iosua wrote these wordes in the boke of the lawe of God, and toke a great stone, and pitched it on ende in ŝe sayde place, euen vnder an oke that was in the sanctuarye of the Lorde.
27 And Iosua sayde vnto all ŝe people: beholde, this stone shalbe a witnesse vnto vs, for it hath hearde all ŝe wordes of the Lorde which he spake wyth vs, It shalbe therfore a witnesse vnto you, lest ye denye youre God.
28 And so Iosua let the people departe, euery man vnto his enheritaunce.
29 And after these thinges it came to passe, that Iosua the sonne of Nun, the seruaunt of the Lorde died, beyng an hundreth and ten yeres olde.
30 And they buryed hym in the contrey of hys enheritaunce, euen in Thamnath Sareth, which is in mount Ephraim, on the northsyde of the hill of Gaas.
31 And Israel serued the Lord all ŝe dayes of Iosua, & all the dayes of the elders that ouer lyued Iosua, and whych had knowne all ŝe worckes of the Lorde that he had done for Israel.
32 And the bones of Ioseph, which the children of Israell brought out of Egypte, buryed they in Sichem in a parcell of grounde, whych Iacob bought of ŝe sonnes of Hemor the father of Sichem, for an hundreth peaces of syluer, and it became the enheritaunce of the children of Ioseph.
33 And Eleazar the sonne of Aaron dyed, whom they buryed in a hill that pertayned to Phinehes his sonne, which (hill) was geuen him in mount Ephraim.