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1 In the begynnynge was the worde, and the worde was wyth God: and God was the worde.
2 The same was in e begynnyng wyth God.
3 All thinges were made by it, & wythout it, was made nothynge that was made.
4 In it was lyfe, and the lyfe was the lyght of men,
5 and the lyght shyneth in darcknes, and the darcknes comprehended it not.
6 There was sent from God a man, whose name was Iohn.
7 The same cam as a wytnes to beare wytnes of the lyght, that all men through hym myght beleue.
8 He was not e lyght: but was sent to beare wytnes of the lyght.
9 That lyght was e true lyght, whych lyghteth euery man that cometh into the worlde.
10 He was in the worlde, and the worlde was made by hym: and the worlde knewe hym not.
11 He cam amonge hys awne, and hys awne receaued him not.
12 But as many as receaued hym to them gaue he power to be the sonnes of God: euen them that beleued on hys name:
13 whych were borne, not of bloude nor of the wyll of the flesshe, nor yet of the wyll of man: but of God.
14 And the same worde became flesshe, and dwelt amonge vs: and we sawe the glory of it, as the glory of the onely begotten sonne of the father, full of grace and trueth.
15 Iohn beareth wytnes of hym, and cryeth sayinge: Thys was he of whom I spake: which though he came after me, went before me, for he was before me.
16 And of hys fulnes haue all we receaued, euen grace for grace.
17 For the lawe was geuen by Moses, but grace & trueth came by Iesus Christ.
18 No man hath sene God at eny tyme. The onely begotten sonne, whych is in the bosome of e father, he hath declared hym.
19 And thys is e recorde of Iohn: when e Iewes sent Prestes and Leuites from Ierusalem, to aske hym, what art thou?
20 And he confessed & denyed not, & sayde playnly. I am not Chryst.
21 And they asked him: what then? art thou Helyas? And he sayeth: I am not. Arte thou that Prophete? And he answered no.
22 Then sayde they vnto hym: what art thou, that we maye geue an answer to them that sent vs. What sayest thou of thy selfe?
23 He sayde I am the voyce of a criar in the wildernes, make strayght the waye of e Lorde, as sayde the Prophete Esaias.
24 And they whych were sent, were of the Pharyses:
25 And they asked him, & sayde vnto him: why baptisest thou then, yf thou be not Christ, nor Helias, nether that Prophet?
26 Iohn answered them sayinge I baptise with water: but there stondeth one amonge you, whom ye knowe not,
27 he it is which though he came after me, was before me, whose sho latchet I am not worthy to vnlose.
28 These thynges were done in Bethabara beyonde Iordan where Iohn dyd baptise.
29 The nexte daye, Iohn seeth Iesus comminge vnto hym, and sayeth beholde the lambe of God, whych taketh awaye e synne of the worlde.
30 Thys is he of whom I sayd: After me cometh a man, whych went before me, for he was before me,
31 and I knewe him not: but that he shuld be declared to Israell, therfore am I come baptysinge with water.
32 And Iohn bare recorde, sayinge: I sawe the sprete descende from heauen, lyke vnto a doue, & abode vpon him,
33 and I knewe hym not. But he that sent me to baptise in water, the same sayde vnto me: vpon whom thou shalt se the sprete descende, and tary styll on hym, the same is he whych baptiseth wyth e holy goost.
34 And I sawe, and bare recorde, that he is the sonne of God.
35 The nexte daye after, Iohn stode agayne, & two of his disciples,
36 and he behelde Iesus as he walked by, & sayeth: beholde e lambe of God.
37 And the two disciples hearde hym speake, and they folowed Iesus.
38 And Iesus turned about, and sawe them folowe hym, & sayeth vnto them: what seke ye? They sayd vnto hym: Rabbi (whych is to saye yf one interprete it Master) where dwellest thou?
39 He sayeth vnto them: come & se. They came, & sawe where he dwelt: & abode with hym t daye. For it was about the tenth houre.
40 One of e two which hearde Iohn speake, and folowed him, was Andrew Simon Peters brother.
41 The same founde hys brother Simon fyrst, and sayeth vnto him: we haue founde Messias (whych is by interpretacion, annoynted)
42 and brought him to Iesus. And Iesus behelde hym, and sayde: thou art Simon the sonne of Ionas, thou shalt be called Cephas: which is by interpretacion a stone.
43 The daye folowyng. Iesus wolde go into Galile, and founde Philip, and sayeth vnto him: folowe me
44 Philip was of Bethsaida the citie of Andrew and Peter.
45 Philip founde Nathanael, and sayeth vnto him: We haue founde hym, of whome Moses in the lawe and the Prophetes dyd wryte, Iesus e sonne of Ioseph of Nazareth.
46 And Nathanael sayd vnto him can there eny good thynge come out of Nazareth ? Philip sayeth vnto him come and se.
47 Iesus sawe Nathanael comynge to him, & sayeth of him: Beholde a ryght Israelyte, in whom is no gyle.
48 Nathanael sayeth vnto him: whence knowest thou me? Iesus answered, and sayde vnto him. Before that Philip called the, when thou wast vnder the fygge tree, I sawe the.
49 Nathanael answered and sayd vnto him: Rabbi, thou art euen the very sonne of God, thou art e kyng of Israel .
50 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto him: Because I sayde vnto the, I sawe the vnder e fygge tree, u beleuest. Thou shalt se greater thynges then these.
51 And he sayeth vnto him: Uerely, verely, I saye vnto you: herafter shall ye se heauen open, & e angels of God ascendynge & descendynge ouer e sonne of man.




1 And the thyrd daye, was ther a mariage in Cana a cytie of Galile, & the mother of Iesus was there.
2 And Iesus was called (& his disciples) vnto the mariage
3 And when the wyne fayled, the mother of Iesus sayeth vnto him: they haue no wyne.
4 Iesus sayeth vnto her: woman what haue I to do wyth the, myne houre is not yet come.
5 His mother sayeth vnto the ministres: whatsoeuer he sayeth vnto you, do it.
6 And ther were standynge there, syxe waterpottes of stone after the maner of the purifyenge of the Iewes, contaynynge two or thre fyrkins a pece.
7 Iesus sayeth vnto them: fyll the water pottes with water. And they fylled them vp to e brym.
8 And he sayeth vnto them: drawe out now, & beare vnto the gouerner of the feaste And they bare it.
9 When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was turned vnto wyne, and knewe not whence it was (but e mynistres whych drue the water knewe) He calleth e brygdegome,
10 and sayeth vnto hym: Euery man at the begynninge doth sett forth good wyne, and when men be droncke, then that whych is worse. But thou hast kept the good wyne, vntyll now.
11 Thys begynninge of myracles dyd Iesus in Cana of Galile, and shewed hys glory, & his disciples beleued on him.
12 After this he wente downe to Capernaum , he & his mother, and his brethren, and his disciples, and there continued not manye dayes.
13 And e Iewes ester was euen at hande, and Iesus went vp to Ierusalem,
14 & founde syttynge in the temple, those that solde oxen and shepe and doues, & chaungers of money.
15 And when he had made (as it were) a scourge of smal coardes, he droue them all out of the temple, with the shepe & oxen, and powred out the chaungers money, and ouerthrue the tables,
16 & sayde vnto them that solde doues: Haue these thinges hence, & make not my fathers house an house of marchaundyse.
17 And his disciples remembred it t is wrytten: the zele of thyne house hath euen eaten me.
18 Then answered e Iewes and sayde vnto him: what token shewest thou vnto vs, seinge that thou dost these thynges?
19 Iesus answered & sayde vnto them: destroye thys temple, and in thre dayes I wyll reare it vp.
20 Then sayde e Iewes .xlvj. yeres was thys temple a byldynge: & wylt thou reare it vp in thre dayes?
21 But he spake of the temple of his body.
22 Assone therfore as he was rysen from deeth agayne, his disciples remembred that he thus had sayde. And they beleued the scripture, & e wordes which Iesus had sayde
23 When he was in Ierusalem at Easter in e feast daye, many beleued on his name, when they sawe his myracles whych he dyd.
24 But Iesus dyd not commit him selfe vnto them, because he knewe all men,
25 and neded not, that eny man shuld testifye of him. For he knewe what was in man.




1 Ther was a man of the Pharises named Nycodemus, a ruler of e Iewes.
2 The same cam to Iesus by nyght, and sayde vnto him: Rabbi, we knowe that thou arte a teacher come from God: for no man coulde do suche myracles as thou doest, except God were wt him.
3 Iesus answered & sayd vnto him: Uerely, verely, I saye vnto the, except a man be borne from aboue, he cannot se the kyngdom of God.
4 Nicodemus sayeth vnto hym how can a man be borne when he is olde? can he enter into hys mothers wombe and be borne agayne?
5 Iesus answered verely, verely, I saye vnto the: except a man be borne of water & of the sprete, he cannot enter into the kyngdom of God,
6 That whych is borne of the flesshe, is flesshe, and that which is borne of the sprete, is sprete.
7 Maruayle not thou that I sayd to the, ye must be borne from aboue.
8 The wynde bloweth where it lysteth, & thou hearest the sounde therof but canst not tell whence it commeth & whether it goeth. So is euery one that is borne of the sprete.
9 Nicodemus answered and sayde vnto hym how can these thynges be?
10 Iesus answered & sayde vnto hym: art u a master in Israel , & knowest not these thinges?
11 Uerely, verely I saye vnto the: we speake t we do knowe, & testify t we haue sene: and ye receaue not oure wytnes.
12 If I haue tolde you earthly thinges, and ye beleue not: how shall ye beleue, yf I tell you of heauenly thynges.
13 And no man ascendeth vp to heauen, but he that came doune from heauen, euen the sonne of man whych is in heauen:
14 And as Moses lyfte vp the serpent in e wyldernes, euen so must the sonne of man be lyfte vp,
15 that whosoeuer beleueth in him, perysshe not, but haue eternall lyfe.
16 For God so loue e worlde, that, he gaue is only begotten sonne, that whosoeuer beleueth in him, shulde not perisshe, but haue euerlastyng lyfe.
17 For God sent not his sonne into the worlde, to condempne the worlde but that the world through him myght be saued.
18 He that beleueth on him, is not condemned. But he t beleueth not, is condemned all ready, because he hath not beleued in the name of the onely begotten sonne of God,
19 And thys is the condemnacion: that lyght is come into the world, and men loued darcknes more then light, because their dedes were euyll.
20 For euery one that euyll doeth, hateth the lyght: nether commeth to the lyght, lest his dedes shuld be reproued.
21 But he that doth trueth, commeth to the lyght, that hys dedes maye be knowen, how that they are wrought in God.
22 After these thinges cam Iesus & his disciples into the land of Iewry & ther he taried with them. and baptysed,
23 And Iohn also baptised in Enon besydes Salim, because ther was moch water there, & they came & were baptised.
24 For Iohn was not yet cast into preson.
25 And ther arose a question betwene Iohns disciples and the Iewes, aboute purifyinge.
26 And they came vnto Iohn, & sayde vnto him: Rabbi, he t was wyth the beyonde Iordan (to whom thou barest wytnes) beholde the same baptiseth & all men come to hym.
27 Iohn answered, & sayde: a man can receaue nothinge, except it be geuen him from heauen.
28 Ye youre selues are witnesses how that I sayd: I am not Christ, but am sent before him:
29 He that hath the bryde, is the brydegrome. But the frende of the brydegrome, whych standeth and heareth hym, reioyseth greatly because of the brydegromes voyce. This my ioye therfore is fulfilled.
30 He must increace: but I must decreace.
31 He that commeth from an hye, is aboue all: He that is of e erth, is earthly, and speaketh of the erth. He that commeth from heauen, is aboue all,
32 & what he hath sene and hearde: t he testifieth: and no man receaueth hys testimonye.
33 He that hath receaued hys testimonie hath set to hys seale, that God is true.
34 For he whom God hath sent, speaketh e wordes of God: For God geueth not the sprete by measure vnto him.
35 The father loueth the sonne & hath geuen all thynges into hys hande
36 He t beleueth on the sonne hath euerlastinge lyfe: He that beleueth not the sonne, shall not se lyfe, but the wrath of God abydeth on him.




1 As sone as e Lord knewe, how the Pharises had hearde, t Iesus made and baptised moo disciples then Iohn
2 (though that Iesus him selfe baptised not: but his disciples)
3 he lefte Iewry, and departed agayne into Galile.
4 For it was so that he must nedes goo thorowe Samaria
5 Then came he to a cytie of Samaria (which is called Sichar) Besydes the possessyon that Iacob gaue to his sonne Ioseph,
6 And there was Iacobs well. Iesus then beyng werye of hys iorney, sate thus on the well. And it was about the syxte houre:
7 and there came a woman of Samaria to drawe water. Iesus sayeth vnto her: geue me drinke.
8 For his disciples were gone awaye vnto the towne, to bye meate.
9 Then sayeth the woman of Samaria vnto him: howe is it, that thou beinge a Iewe, askest drincke of me, which am a Samaritane? For the Iewes medle not with the Samaritans.
10 Iesus answered and sayde vnto hyr: yf thou knewest the gyfte of God, and who it is that sayeth to the geue me drincke, thou woldest haue asked of him, & he wolde haue geuen the water of lyfe.
11 The woman sayeth vnto him: Syr, thou hast nothynge to drawe wyth, & the well is depe: from whence then hast thou that water of lyfe?
12 Art thou greater then oure father Iacob which gaue vs e well, and he him selfe, drancke therof, and his children, and his catell?
13 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto hyr: whosoeuer drincketh of thys water, shall thyrst agayne.
14 But whosoeuer drincketh of e water that I shall geue him, shall neuer bemore a thyrst: but the water that I shall geue him, shalbe in him a well of water, spryngynge vp into euerlastinge lyfe.
15 The woman sayeth vnto him: Syr, geue me of that water, that I thyrst not, nether come hyther to drawe.
16 Iesus sayeth vnto her: Go, call thy husband, and come hyther.
17 The woman answered and sayde vnto him: I haue no husband.
18 Iesus sayde vnto her: Thou hast well sayd, I haue no husband. For thou hast had fyue husbandes, & he whom thou now hast, is not thy husband. In t saydest thou truely.
19 The woman sayeth vnto hym: Syr, I perceaue that thou art a prophet.
20 Oure fathers worshypped in thys mountayne & ye saye that in Ierusalem is the place, where men ought to worshyppe.
21 Iesus sayeth vnto her: woman beleue me, the houre commeth, when ye shall (nether in this mountayne, nor yet at Ierusalem) worshyppe the fathers:
22 Ye worsshyp ye wote not what: we knowe what we worshyppe. For saluaciom commeth of the Iewes.
23 But the houre commeth & now is, when the true worshyppers shall worshyppe the father in sprete, & in the treuth. For such the father also requyreth to worshyppe hym.
24 God is a sprete: and they that worshyppe hym, must worshyppe hym in sprete and in the treuth.
25 The woman sayeth vnto him: I wote, t Messias shall come, whych is called Chryst. When he is come, he wyll tell vs all thynges Iesus sayeth vnto hyr.
26 I that speake vnto the am he.
27 And immediatly came hys disciples, & marueyled that he talked with e woman. Yet no man sayd: what meanest thou or why talkest thou with her?
28 The woman then lefte her waterpot, and went her waye into the cytie, & sayeth to the men:
29 Come, se a man whych tolde me all thynges that euer I dyd. Is not he Christ?
30 Then they went out of the cytie, and came vnto him.
31 In the meane whyle his disciples prayed him, saying: Master, eate.
32 He sayde vnto them: I haue meate to eate, that ye knowe not of.
33 Therfore sayde the disciples amonge them selues: hath eny man brought him ought to eate?
34 Iesus sayeth vnto them: my meate is to do the will of him that sent me, & to fynisshe his worcke.
35 Saye not ye: there are yet foure monethes, & then commeth haruest? Beholde I saye vnto you: lyfte vp youre eyes, and loke on the regions: for they are whyte all ready vnto haruest.
36 And he that reapeth, receaueth rewarde, and gathereth frute vnto lyfe eternall: that both he that soweth, & he that reapeth, myght reioyse together.
37 And herin is the saying true, that one soweth & another reapeth.
38 I sent you to reape that wheron ye bestowed no laboure. Other men laboured, & ye are entred into their labours.
39 Many of the Samaritans of that cytie beleued on him, for the saying of the woman, which testified that he tolde her all that euer she dyd.
40 So, when the Samaritans were come vnto him, they besought him, t he wolde tary with them. And he abode there two dayes.
41 And many moo beleued because of his awne wordes,
42 and sayde vnto the woman. Now we beleue, not because of thy sayinge: for we haue herde him oure selues, and knowe that thys is euen Christ, the sauioure of the worlde.
43 After two dayes he departed thence, and went awaye into Galile.
44 For Iesus hym selfe testified, that a Prophete hath none honoure in his awne countre.
45 Then, as sone as he was come into Galile, the Galileans receaued him: whan they had sene all the thynges that he dyd at Ierusalem at e daye of the feast. For they went also vnto the feast daye
46 So Iesus cam agayne into Cana of Galile wher he turned the water into wyne. And ther was a certayne ruler, whose sonne was sycke at Capernaum .
47 As sone as the same herde that Iesus was come out of Iewry into Galile, he went vnto him, & besought him, that he wolde come downe, and heale his sonne. For he was euen at e poynt of death.
48 Then sayde Iesus vnto him: excepte ye se signes & wondres, ye wyll not beleue.
49 The ruler sayeth vnto him: Syr, come downe, or euer that my sonne dye.
50 Iesus sayeth vnto hym: Go thy waye, thy sonne lyueth. The man beleued the worde that Iesus had spoken vnto him. And he went his waye.
51 And as he was now going downe, e seruauntes mett him, & tolde him, sayinge: thy sonne lyueth.
52 Then enquyred he of them the houre, when he beganne to amende. And they sayd vnto him: Yester daye at the seuenth houre, e feuer lefte him.
53 So the father knewe, that it was e same houre, in the which Iesus sayde vnto him: Thy sonne lyueth. And he beleued, and all his housholde.
54 This is agayne the seconde myracle, that Iesus dyd, whan he was come out of Iewry into Galile.




1 After thys was there a feast daye of the Iewes, and Iesus went vp to Ierusalem.
2 And ther is at Ierusalem, by e slaughterhouse, a pole (which is called in e Ebrue tonge, Bethseda) hauing fyue porches,
3 in whych laye a greate multitude of sycke folcke, of blinde, halt, and wythered, waytinge for the mouinge of the water.
4 For an angell went doune at a certayne ceason into the pole, and stered the water. Whosoeuer then fyrst (after the steringe of the water) stepped in, was made whoale of whatsoeuer disease he had.
5 And a certayne man was there, whych had bene dyseased .xxxviij. yeres.
6 When Iesus sawe him lye, and knewe that he now longe tyme had bene dyseased, he sayeth vnto him: Wylt thou be made whole?
7 The sycke man answered hym: Syr, I haue no man when the water is troubled, to put me into e pole. But in the meane time, whyle I am aboute to come, another steppeth downe before me.
8 Iesus sayeth vnto hym ryse, take vp thy bed, & walke.
9 And immediatly the man was made whole, and toke vp hys bed, and walked. And the same daye was the Saboth.
10 The Iewes therfore sayde vnto hym that was made whole: It is the Saboth daye, it is not laufull for the to cary thy bed.
11 He answered them: he that made me whole, sayde vnto me: take vp thy bed, and walke.
12 Then asked they hym: what man is that, whych sayd vnto e, take vp thy bed & walke?
13 And he that was healed, wist not who it was. For Iesus had gotten him selfe awaye, because that ther was preace of people in that place.
14 Afterwarde, Iesus founde him in the temple, and sayde vnto him: beholde, thou art made whole, synne nomore, lest a worsse thinge happen vnto the.
15 The man departed & tolde the Iewes, that it was Iesus, which had made hym whole.
16 And therfore the Iewes dyd persecute Iesus, and sought the meanes to slee him, because he had done these thynges on the Sabboth daye.
17 And Iesus answered them. My father worketh hitherto, and I worke.
18 Therfore, the Iewes sought the more to kyll him, not onely because he had broken the Sabboth: but sayde also that God was hys father and made hym selfe equall with God.
19 Then answered Iesus, & sayde vnto them: verely, verely. I saye vnto you the sonne can do nothinge of him selfe, but that he seeth the father do. For whatsoeuer he doeth, that doeth the sonne also.
20 For the father loueth e sonne, and sheweth hym all thinges that he hym selfe doeth. And he will shewe him greater workes then these, because ye shuld maruayle.
21 For lykewyse as the father rayseth vp the deed, and quyckeneth them, euen so the sonne quyckeneth whom he wyll
22 Nether iudgeth the father eny man: but hath commytted all iudgement vnto e sonne,
23 because that all men shuld honoure the sonne euen as they honoure the father. He that honoureth not the sonne, the same honoureth not the father which hath sent hym.
24 Uerely, verely I saye vnto you. He that heareth my worde, & beleueth on him that sent me, hath euerlasting lyfe, and shall not come into damnacyon: but is scaped from deeth vnto lyfe.
25 Uerely, verely, I saye vnto you e houre shall come, & nowe it is, when e deed shall heare e voyce of the sonne of God. And they that heare, shall lyue.
26 For as the father hath lyfe in hym selfe, so lykewyse hath he geuen to the sonne to haue lyfe in hym selfe:
27 and hath geuen him power also to iudge, because he is the sonne of man.
28 Maruayle not at this: for the houre shal come, in t which, all that are in the graues, shall heare hys voyce,
29 and shall come forth: they that haue done good, vnto the resurreccion of lyfe: and they that haue done euyll, vnto the resurreccion of damnacion.
30 I can of myne awne selfe do nothing. As I heare, I iudge, and my iudgment is iust, because I seke not myne awne wyll, but e wyll of the father whych hath sent me
31 If I shulde beare wytnes of my selfe, my wytnes were not true.
32 Ther is another t beareth witnes of me: & I am sure, that the wytnes which he beareth of me, is true.
33 Ye sent vnto Iohn, & he bare wytnes vnto e trueth.
34 But I receaue not the recorde of man. Neuerthelesse, these thinges I saye that ye myght be safe.
35 He was a burnynge, & a shyninge lyght, & ye wolde for a season haue reioysed in hys lyght
36 But I haue greater wytnes, then the wytnes of Iohn For the worckes which the father hath geuen me to finyshe, e same workes that I do, beare wytnes of me, t the father hath sent me.
37 And e father him selfe which hath sent me hath borne witnes of me. Ye haue not hearde hys voyce at eny tyme nor sene hys shape,
38 hys word haue ye not abydinge in you. For whom he hath sent, him ye beleue not.
39 Search the scriptures, for in them ye thinke ye haue eternall lyfe & they are they which testify of me.
40 And yet wyll ye not come to me, that ye myght haue lyfe.
41 I receaue not prayse of men.
42 But I knowe you, that ye haue not e loue of God in you.
43 I am come in my fathers name and ye receaue me not. If another come in hys awne name, hym wyll ye receaue:
44 How can ye beleue, which receaue honoure one of another, & seke not the honoure that commeth of God onely?
45 Do not thyncke that I wyll accuse you to my father. Ther is one t accuseth you: euen Moses in whom ye trust.
46 For had ye beleued Moses, ye wolde haue beleued me for he wrote of me.
47 But yf ye beleue not hys wrytinges: how shall ye beleue my wordes?




1 After these thinges Iesus went hys waye ouer the see of Galile whych is the see of Tiberias
2 & a great multitude folowed him, because they sawe his myracles whych he dyd on them that were diseased.
3 And Iesus went vp into a mountayne, & there he sate wyth hys disciples.

4 And easter, a feast of e Iewes was nye.
5 When Iesus then lyfte vp his eyes, and sawe a great company come vnto him, he sayeth vnto Philip: whence shall we bye breed, that these maye eate?
6 This he sayd to proue hym: for he him selfe knewe, what he wolde do.
7 Philip answered him two hundred peny worthe of breed are not sufficient for them, t euery man maye take a lytell.
8 One of his disciples (Andrew, Simon Peters brother) sayeth vnto him:
9 There is a lad here, whych hath fyue barly loues and two fysshes: but what are they amonge so many?
10 And Iesus sayde. Make e people syt downe. Ther was moch grasse in t place. So the men sate downe in nombre, about fyue thousand.
11 And Iesus toke the breed: And whan he had geuen thanckes, he gaue to the disciples, and e disciples to them that were set downe: And lykewyse of the fysshes as moch as they wolde:
12 When they had eaten ynough, he sayeth vnto his disciples: gather vp e broken meate whych remayneth: t nothynge be lost.
13 And they gathered it together, and fylled twelue baskettes with the broken meate of the fyue barly loaues: whych broken meate remayned vnto them that had eaten.
14 Then those men (when they had sene the myracle that Iesus dyd) sayd: this is of a trueth e same Prophete, t shulde come into the worlde.
15 When Iesus therfore perceaued, t they wolde come, & take hym vp to make hym kyng, he departed agayne into a mountayne him selfe alone.
16 And when euen was now come, hys disciples went downe vnto the see,
17 & gat vp into a shippe, and came ouer the see vnto Capernaum . And it was now darcke, and Iesus was not come to them.
18 And e see arose with a greate wynde that blewe.
19 So when they had rowen about a .xxv. or .xxx. furlonges, they sawe Iesus walkyng in the see, & drawing nye vnto the shippe, & they were afrayed.
20 But he sayeth vnto them: It is I, be not afrayde.
21 Then wold they haue receaued him into the shyp, & immediatly the shyp was at the lande whyther they went.
22 The daye folowynge whan the people (whych stode on the other syde of the see) sawe, t ther was none other shyp there, saue that one wher into his disciples were entred, & that Iesus went not in wyth his disciples into e shyp: but that his disciples were gone awaye alone
23 (Howbeit, ther cam other shyppes from Tiberias nye vnto the place, where they dyd eate bred, after that the Lord had geuen thankes)
24 when the people therfore sawe that Iesus was not there, nether hys disciples, they also toke shypping, & came to Capernaum, sekynge for Iesus.
25 And when they had founde hym on the other syde of the see, they sayde vnto hym: Rabbi, when camest thou hyther?
26 Iesus answered them, and sayde: verely, verely I saye vnto you: ye seke me, not because ye sawe e myracles but because ye dyd eate of the loaues, and were fylled.
27 Laboure not for the meate whych perissheth, but for that whych endureth vnto euerlastinge lyfe, whych meate the sonne of man shall geue vnto you. For hym hath God the father sealed.
28 Then sayde they vnto him: what shal we do, that we myght worcke the worckes of God?
29 Iesus answered & sayde vnto them: This is the worcke of God, that ye beleue on him, whom he hath sent,
30 They sayde therfore vnto him what sygne shewest thou then, that we maye se, and beleue the? What doest thou worcke?
31 Oure fathers dyd eate Manna in the desert as it is wrytten: He gaue them breed from heauen to eate.
32 Then Iesus sayde vnto them: verely, verely I saye vnto you: Moses gaue you not that breed from heauen: but my father geueth you the true breed from heauen.
33 For the breed of God is he, whych commeth downe from heauen, and geueth lyfe vnto the worlde.
34 Then sayd they vnto him: Lord, euermore geue vs this breed.
35 And Iesus sayd vnto them. I am the breed of lyfe. He that commeth to me shall not honger: and he that beleueth on me shall neuer thurst.
36 But I sayde vnto you: that ye also haue sene me, and yet ye beleue not.
37 All that e father geueth me shall come to me: and he that commeth to me, I cast not awaye?
38 For I came downe from heauen: not to do that I will, but that he will, whych hath sent me.
39 And this is the fathers wyll whych hath sent me, that of all whych he hath geuen me, I shall loose nothinge: but rayse them vp agayne at the last daye.
40 And thys is e will of him that sent me: that euery one whych seeth the sonne and beleueth on him, haue euerlasting lyfe. And I wyll rayse him vp at the last daye.
41 The Iewes then murmured at him, because he sayd: I am e breed whych came downe from heauen.
42 And they sayde: Is not this Iesus the sonne of Ioseph, whose father & mother we knowe? How is it then t he sayeth, I came downe from heauen?
43 Iesus answered & sayd vnto them. Murmur not amonge youre selues.
44 No man can come to me, except the father which hath sent me, drawe hym: And I wyll rayse hym vp at e last daye.
45 It is written in the Prophetes: and they shalbe all taught of God. Euery man therfore t hath hearde, and hath learned of the father, commeth vnto me.
46 Not that eny man hath sene the father, saue he which is of God: the same hath sene the father.
47 Uerely, verely, I saye vnto you: he t putteth his trust in me, hath euerlastinge lyfe.
48 I am that breed of lyfe.
49 Youre fathers dyd eate Manna in the wyldernes, & are deed?
50 Thys is that breed, whych commeth downe from heauen, that a man maye eate therof, & not dye.
51 I am that lyuinge bread, whych came downe from heauen. If eny man eate of this bread, he shall liue for euer And the breed that I will geue, is my flesshe, whych I will geue for the lyfe of the worlde.
52 The Iewes therfore stroue amonge them selues, saying: How can this felowe geue vs e flessh of his, to eate?
53 Then Iesus sayde vnto them: Uerely, verely, I saye vnto you, except ye eate the flesshe of the sonne of man, and drinke his bloude: ye haue no lyfe in you.
54 Whoso eateth my flesshe & dryncketh my bloude, hath eternall lyfe, & I wyll rayse him vp at the last daye.
55 For my fleshe is meate in dede: and my bloude is drincke in dede.
56 He that eateth my flesshe & drinketh my bloude, dwelleth in me and I in him.
57 As the lyuinge father hath sent me, and I liue for e father: Euen so he that eateth me, shall lyue by the meanes of me.
58 This is e breed, which cam downe from heauen: not as youre fathers dyd eate Manna, & are deed: He that eateth of this breed, shall lyue euer.
59 These thinges sayd he in the synagoge, as he taught in Capernaum .
60 Many therfore of his disciples (when they had herde this) sayde: this is an harde sayinge: who can abyde the bearinge of it?
61 Iesus knewe in him selfe, that his disciples murmured at it, & he sayd vnto them: Doth this offende you?
62 What and yf ye shall se e sonne of man ascende vp thither where he was before?
63 It is the sprete that quyckeneth, the flesh proffyteth nothinge. The wordes t I speake vnto you, are sprete and lyfe.
64 But there are some of you that beleue not. For Iesus knewe from the begynninge, which they were, that beleued not, & who shulde betraye him:
65 And he sayd: therfore sayde I vnto you: that noman can come vnto me, except it were geuen vnto hym of my father.
66 From t tyme many of his disciples went backe, and forsoke him, and walked nomore with hym.
67 Then sayde Iesus to the twelue: wyll ye also goo awaye?
68 Then Simon Peter answered him: Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou haste the wordes of eternall lyfe
69 and we beleue and are sure that thou art Chryst the sonne of the lyuinge God.
70 Iesus answereth them: Haue not I chosen you twelue, and one of you is a deuyll?
71 He spake of Iudas Iscarioth the sonne of Simon. For he it was, that shuld betraye hym, beynge one of the twelue.




1 After these thinges, Iesus went about in Galile: for he wolde not go aboute in Iewry because that the Iewes sought to kyll hym.
2 The Iewes feast of tabernacles was at hande.
3 Hys brethren therfore sayde vnto him: get the hence, and go into Iewry, that thy disciples also maye se thy worckes that thou doest.
4 For ther is no man that doeth eny thynge in secret, and he hym selfe seketh to be knowne openlye. If thou do soch thinges, shewe thy selfe to e world.
5 For his brethren beleued not in him.
6 Then Iesus sayde vnto them: My tyme is not yet come: but youre tyme is all waye ready.
7 The worlde cannot hate you. But me it hateth: because I testify of it, that the workes therof are euill.
8 Go ye vp vnto this feast, I will not go vp yet vnto this feast, for my tyme is not yet full come.
9 whan he had sayde these wordes vnto them he abode styll in Galile.
10 But as sone as his brethren were come, then went he also vp vnto the feast not openly: but as it were preuely.
11 Then sought him the Iewes at the feast, & sayde: where is he?
12 And moch murmuringe was ther of him amonge e people. For some sayde: He is good, other sayde naye, but he deceaueth the people.
13 How be it no man spake openly of him, for feare of the Iewes.
14 Now whan halfe of e feast was done, Iesus went vp into the temple, and taught.
15 And the Iewes marueyled, saying: How knoweth he the scriptures, seynge t he neuer learned?
16 Iesus answered them, & sayde: My doctryne hys not myne: but his t sent me.
17 If eny man wyll be obedient vnto his wyll, he shall knowe of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speake of my selfe.
18 He t speaketh of him selfe, seketh his awne prayse. But he that seketh hys prayse that sent him, the same is true, & no vnryghtewesnes is in him.
19 Dyd not Moses geue you a lawe, & yet none of you kepeth e lawe? Why go ye about to kyll me?
20 The people answered and sayde: thou hast the deuyll: who goeth aboute to kyll the?
21 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto them: I haue done one worcke, and ye all maruayle.
22 Moses therfore gaue vnto you e circuncisyon: not because it is of Moses, but of the fathers: And yet ye on the Saboth daye, circuncyse a man.
23 If a man on the Saboth daye receaue circumcysion without breakynge of the lawe of Moses: disdayne ye at me, because I haue made a man euery whit whoale on the Saboth daye?
24 Iudge not after the vtter aperaunce, but iudge with a ryghtewes iudgement.
25 Then sayde some of them of Ierusalem: is not this he, whom they go about to kyll?
26 But lo, he speaketh boldly, and they saye nothing to him. Do the rulers knowe in dede, t this is very Christ?
27 Howbeit we knowe this man whence he is: but when Christ cometh, no man knoweth whence he is.
28 Then cryed Iesus in e temple (as he taught) saying: ye both knowe me, and whence I am ye knowe. And I am not come of my selfe: but he that sent me is true, whom ye knowe not.
29 But I knowe him for I am of him, & he hath sent me.
30 Then they sought to take him: but no man layde handes on him, because his houre was not yet come
31 Many of the people beleued on hym & sayde: when Christ commeth, will he do moo myracles then these, that this man hath done?
32 The Pharises hearde that the people murmured suche thinges concernyng him And the pharises and hye prestes sent ministres to take him.
33 Then sayde Iesus vnto them: Yet am I a lytell whyle with you, and then go I vnto him that sent me.
34 Ye shall seke me, and shall not fynde me: & where I am, thyther can ye not come.
35 Then sayde the Iewes among them selues: whither wyll he go, that we shall not fynde him? Wyll he go amonge the gentyls (whych are scattered abroade) and teach the gentyls:
36 What maner of saying is this that he sayd: ye shall seke me, & shall not finde me: and where I am, thyther can ye not come?
37 In the last daye, that great daye of e feast Iesus stode, and cryed, sayinge: If eny man thyrst, lett him come vnto me, & drincke.
38 He that beleueth on me (as sayeth the scripture) out of his belly shall flowe ryuers of water of lyfe.
39 But this spake he of e sprete, whych they that beleue on him, shulde receaue. For e holy goost was not yet there, because Iesus was not yet glorifyed.
40 Many of the people therfore (when they hearde this saying) sayd of a trueth this is a prophet:
41 but other sayde this is Christ. But some sayde: shal Christ come out of Galile:
42 Sayeth not e scripture, t Christ shall come of e seed of Dauid: and out of e towne of Bethleem where Dauid was?
43 So was ther dissencion amonge the people because of him.
44 And some of them wolde haue taken him but no man layed handes of him.
45 Then came the mynisters to the hye prestes and Pharises. And they sayed vnto them: why haue ye not brought him?
46 The mynisters answered: neuer man spake as this man doeth,
47 Then answered them e Pharises: are ye also disceaued?
48 Doth eny of the rulers or of the Pharises beleue on him?
49 But this comen people whych knowe not the lawe, are cursed,
50 Nicodemus sayeth vnto them (he that came to Iesus by nyght, & was one of them)
51 Doth oure lawe iudge eny man, before it heare him, and knowe what he hath done?
52 They answered, and sayd vnto him: art u also of Galile? Search & loke, For out of Galile aryseth no Prophete.
53 And euery man went vnto his awne house.




1 Iesus went vnto mount olyuete ,
2 and early in the mornynge he came agayne into the temple, and all the people cam vnto hym, & he sate downe, & taught them.
3 And e Scribes & Pharises brought vnto hym a woman taken in aduoutry: & whan they had set hir in the myddes,
4 they saye vnto hym: Master, thys woman was taken in aduoutry, euen as the dede was a doing.
5 Moses in the lawe commaunded vs, that suche shulde be stoned. But what sayest thou?
6 This they sayde to tempt him that they myght accuse him. But Iesus stouped downe, and with his fynger wrote on the grounde.
7 So, whan they contynued askynge him, he lyfte him selfe vp, and sayde vnto them: let him that is amonge you without synne, cast the fyrst stone at her.
8 And agayne he stowped downe, & wrote on the grounde.
9 And assone as they hearde this, they went out one by one, begynning at the eldest. And Iesus was lefte alone, & the woman standynge in the myddes.
10 When Iesus had lyfte vp him selfe, and sawe no man, but the woman, he sayde vnto hir: woman, where are those thyne accusars? Hath no man condempned e?
11 She sayde: No man, Lorde. And Iesus sayde. Nether do I condempne the. Go and synne nomore.
12 Then spake Iesus agayne vnto them, saying: I am the lyght of the worlde. He t foloweth me, doth not walke in darcknes but shall haue e light of lyfe.
13 The Pharises therfore sayde vnto him: thou hearest recorde of thy selfe, thy recorde is not true.
14 Iesus answered, & sayde vnto them: though I beare recorde of my selfe, yet my recorde is true: for I knowe whence I cam, and whither I go. But ye cannot tell whence I come, and whither I go.
15 Ye iudge after e flesshe I iudge no man.
16 And yf I iudge, my iudgement is true. For I am not alone: but I & the father that sent me.
17 It is also wrytten in youre lawe, that the testimony of two men is true.
18 I am one that beareth wytnes of my selfe, & the father that sent me, beareth wytnes of me.
19 Then sayde they vnto him: where is thy father? Iesus answered: ye nether knowe me, nor yet my father: If ye had knowen me, ye shulde haue knowen my father also.
20 These wordes spake Iesus in the tresury as he taught in the temple, and no man layde handes on hym for his houre was not yet come.
21 Then sayde Iesus agayne vnto them: I go my waye, & ye shall seke me, & shall dye in youre synnes. Whyther I go, thyther can ye not come.
22 Then sayde the Iewes: will he kyll him selfe, because he sayth: whyther I go, thyther can ye not come?
23 And he sayde vnto them: ye are from beneth, I am from aboue. Ye are of this world, I am not of this world,
24 I sayd therfore vnto you, that ye shal dye in youre synnes. For yf ye beleue not that I am he, ye shall dye in youre synnes.
25 Then sayd they vnto him. who arte thou? And Iesus sayeth vnto them: Euen the very same thing that I speake vnto you.
26 I haue many thinges to saye, and to iudge of you: Yee, & he that sent me, is true. And I speake in the world, those thinges, which I haue hearde of hym.
27 Howebeit they vnderstode not that he spake of his father.
28 Then sayd Iesus vnto them: when ye haue lyft vp an hye the sonne of man, then shall ye knowe, t I am he, and that I do nothinge of my selfe: but as my father hath taught me, euen so I speake these thinges:
29 and he that sent me, is wt me. The father hath not lefte me alone, for I do all wayes those thinges that please him.
30 As he spake these wordes, many beleued on him. Then sayde Iesus to those Iewes, which beleued on him:
31 If ye continue in my worde, then are ye my very disciples,
32 and ye shall knowe the trueth: and the trueth shall make you free.
33 They answered him: We be Abrahams seed, and were neuer bonde to eny man: how sayest thou then: ye shalbe made fre?
34 Iesus answered them: verely, verely I saye vnto you, that whosoeuer committeth sinne,
35 is the seruaunte of sinne. And the seruaunt abydeth not in the house for euer.
36 But the sonne abydeth euer. If the sonne therfore shal make you fre, then are ye fre in dede.
37 I knowe that ye are Abrahams seed: but ye seke meanes to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.
38 I speake that which I haue sene with my father: and ye do that, which ye haue sene with youre father.
39 They answered and sayde vnto him: Abraham is oure father. Iesus sayeth vnto them: If ye were Abrahams children, ye wolde do the dedes of Abraham.
40 But now ye go aboute to kyll me, a man that hath tolde you the trueth whych I haue heard of God: this dyd not Abraham.
41 Ye do the dedes of youre father. Then sayde they to him: we were not borne of fornicacion. We haue one father, euen God.
42 Iesus sayd vnto them: yf God were youre father, truly ye wolde loue me. For I proceaded forth, and came from God. Nether came I of my selfe, but he sent me:
43 Why do ye not knowe my speache? Euen because ye can not abyde the hearing of my worde.
44 Ye are of youre father t deuyll, and the lustes of youre father will ye serue. He was a murtherer from the beginninge and abode not in the trueth, because there is no trueth in him. When he speaketh a lye, he speaketh of his awne. For he is a lyar, and e father of the same thing:
45 And because I tell you the trueth, therfore ye beleue me not.
46 Which of you rebuketh me of synne? If I saye the trueth, why do not ye beleue me?
47 He that is of God, heareth Goddes wordes. Ye therfore beare them not, because ye are not of God.
48 Then answered the the Iewes, and sayd vnto him: Saye we not well, that thou art a Samaritan, and hast the deuyll?
49 Iesus answered: I haue not the deuyll: but I honoure my father, and ye haue dishonored me.
50 I seke not myne awne prayse: ther is one that seketh, and iudgeth.
51 Uerely verely, I saye vnto you: yf a man kepe my saieng, he shall neuer se deeth.
52 Then sayd the Iewes vnto him: Now knowe we that thou hast the deuyll. Abraham is deed, and the prophetes, and thou sayest: yf a man kepe my saying, he shal neuer taste of death.
53 Art thou greater then our father Abraham, which is deed? and the prophetes are deed. Whom makest thou thy selfe?
54 Iesus answered: If I honoure my selfe, myne honour is nothinge. It is my father t honoureth me, which ye saye, is your God,
55 & yet ye haue not knowen hym: but I knowe him. And yf I saye, I knowe him not, I shalbe a lyar lyke vnto you. But I knowe him, and kepe his sayinge.
56 Your father Abraham was glad to se my daye: and he sawe it, & reioysed.
57 Then sayd the Iewes vnto him: thou art not yet .l. yere olde, and hast thou sene Abraham?
58 Iesus sayd vnto them: Uerely verely, I saye vnto you: yer Abraham was borne, I am.
59 Then toke they vp stones, to cast at hym: But Iesus hyd him selfe, and went out of the temple.




1 And as Iesus passed by, he sawe a man, which was blynde from hys byrth.
2 And his discyples asked him sayinge: Master, who dyd synne, this man, or hys father and mother, that he was borne blynd?
3 Iesus answered: Nether hath this man sinned, nor yet his father and mother: but that the worckes of God shulde be shewed in hym.
4 I must, worcke the worckes of hym that sent me, whyle it is daye. The nyght commeth, when no man can worcke.
5 As longe as I am in the worlde. I am the lyght of the worlde.
6 Assone as he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and made claye of the spetle, and rubbed the claye on the eyes of the blynde,
7 & sayd vnto him: Go, wesshe the in the pole of Siloe, which (by interpretacion) is asmoche to saye as, sent. He went his waye therfore, and wasshed, & came agayne, seinge:
8 So the neyghboures and they t had sene him before (how t he was a begger) said: is not this he that sat and begged?
9 Some sayd: this is he. Agayne, other sayd he is lyke hym. He hym selfe sayde: I am euen he.
10 Therfore sayde they vnto hym: Howe are thyne eyes opened?
11 He answered and sayde: The man that is called Iesus, made claye, and anoynted myne eyes, and sayd vnto me: Go to the pole Siloe, and wasshe. And whan I went & wesshed, I receaued my syght.
12 Then sayd they vnto him: where is he? He sayde: I cannot tell.
13 They brought to the pharises, hym that a lytell before was blynde:
14 and it was the Sabboth daye, when Iesus made e claye, and opened hys eyes.
15 Then agayne the pharises also asked hym, howe he had receaued his syght. He sayd vnto them: he put claye vpon myne eyes, and I wasshed, and do se.
16 Therfore sayd some of the pharises: thys man is not of God, because he kepeth not the Saboth daye. Other sayde: howe can a man t is a synner, do such myracles? And ther was a stryfe amonge them.
17 They spake vnto the blynde man agayne: What sayst thou of him, because he hath opened thyne eyes? He sayd: He is a prophete.
18 But the Iewes dyd not beleue of the man (how that he had bene blynde, and receaued hys syght) vntyll they called the father and mother of him that had receaued hys syght.
19 And they asked them, saying: Is thys youre sonne, whom ye saye was borne blynde? How doth he now se then?
20 His father and mother answered them, and sayde: we knowe, that thys is oure sonne, and that he was borne blynde:
21 but by what meanes he nowe seeth, we cannot tell. Or who hath opened his eyes, cannot we tell He is olde ynough, aske him, let hym answere for hym selfe.
22 Suche wordes spake hys father and mother, because they feared the Iewes. For the Iewes had conspyred all ready, that yf eny man dyd confesse that he was Christ, he shulde be excommunicat out of the synagoge.
23 Therfore sayd hys father and mother: he is olde ynough, aske him.
24 Then agayne called they the man t was blynde, and sayd vnto hym: Geue God the prayse: we knowe that thys man is a synner.
25 He answered therfore, and sayde: Whyther he be a synner or no, I cannot tell. One thynge I am sure of: that where as I was blynde, nowe I se.
26 Then sayde they to hym agayne: What dyd he to the? How opened he thyne eyes?
27 He answered them: I tolde you yer whyle, and ye dyd not heare. Wherfore wold ye heare it agayne? Wyll ye also be his disciples?
28 Then rated they hym, & sayd: Be u hys disciple. We are Moses disciples.
29 We are sure, t God spake vnto Moses. As for this felowe, we knowe not from whence he is.
30 The man answered, and sayde vnto them: this is a maruelous thing, that ye wote not from whence he is, and yet he hath opened myne eyes.
31 For we be sure, t God heareth not synners. But yf eny man be a worshipper of God, and obedient vnto his wyl, him heareth he.
32 Sence the world began was it not hearde, that eny man opened the eyes of one that was borne blynde.
33 If thys man were not of God, he coulde haue done nothing.
34 They answered, and sayd vnto hym: thou art al together borne in synne, and dost thou teach vs? And they cast him out.
35 Iesus heard that they had excommunicate hym: and when he had founde hym, he sayde vnto hym: doest thou beleue on the sonne of God?
36 He answered and sayd: Who is it Lord that I myght beleue on him?
37 And Iesus said vnto him: Thou hast sene him, and he it is that talketh with the.
38 And he sayd: Lord, I beleue, and he worshipped hym.
39 And Iesus sayd vnto him: I am come vnto iudgement into this worlde: that they which se not, myght se: and that they which se, might be made blynde.
40 And some of the pharises which were with him, hearde these wordes, and sayd vnto him: are we blynde also?
41 Iesus sayd vnto them: If ye were blynde, ye shulde haue no synne. But now ye saye: we se, therfore your synne remayneth.




1 Uerely verely, I saye vnto you: he t entreth not in by the dore into the shepefolde, but clymeth vp some other waye, the same is a thefe and a murthurer.
2 But he that entreth in by the dore, is the shepherde of the shepe:
3 to hym the porter openeth, & the shepe heare hys voyce, and he calleth his awne shepe by name, and leadeth them out.
4 And when he hath sent forth his awne shepe, he goeth before them, and e shepe folow him: for they knowe his voyce.
5 A straunger will they not folowe, but wyll flye from him: for they knowe not the voyce of straungers.
6 Thys prouerbe spake Iesus vnto them. But they vnderstode not what thinges they were, which he spake vnto them.
7 Then sayd Iesus vnto them agayne: Uerely verely, I saye vnto you: I am the dore of the shepe.
8 All (euen as many as came before me) are theues & murthurers: but e shepe dyd not heare them.
9 I am the dore: by me yf any man entre in, he shalbe safe, and shall go in and out, and fynde pasture.
10 A thefe commeth not but for to steale, kyll, and to destroye. I am come, that they might haue life, and that they myght haue it more aboundantly.
11 I am e good shepeherd. A good shepherde geueth hys lyfe for the shepe.
12 An hyred seruaunt, and he which is not the shepeherd (nether the shepe are his awne) seeth the wolfe comminge, and leaueth the shepe, and flieth, and the wolfe catcheth, and scattereth the shepe.
13 The hyred seruaunt flyeth, because he is an hired seruaunt, and careth not for e shepe.
14 I am the good shepheard, and knowe my shepe, and am knowen of myne.
15 As my father knoweth me, euen so knowe I also my father. And I geue my lyfe for the shepe:
16 & other shepe I haue, which are not of thys fold. Them also must I bring, and they shall heare my voyce, and ther shalbe one fold and one shephearde.
17 Therfore doth my father loue me, because I put my lyfe from me, that I myght take it agayne.
18 No man taketh it from me: but I put it awaye of my self. I haue power to put it from me, and I haue power to take it agayne. Thys commaundement haue I receaued of my father.
19 There was a dissencyon therfore agayne amonge the Iewes for these sayinges,
20 and many of them sayd: He hath the deuel, and is madd: why heare ye him?
21 Other sayde: these are not the wordes of him that hath the deuyll. Can the deuyll open the eyes of the blynde?
22 And it was at Ierusalem the feaste of the dedicacyon, and it was winter:
23 and Iesus walked in the temple, euen in Salomons porche.
24 Then cam the Iewes rounde about him, and sayd vnto him: Howe longe dost thou make vs doute? If thou be Christ, tell vs playnely.
25 Iesus answered them: I tolde you, and ye beleue not. The worckes that I do in my fathers name, they beare witnesse of me.
26 But ye beleue not, because ye are not of my shepe. As I sayd vnto you:
27 my shepe heare my voyce: and I knowe them, & they folowe me,
28 and I geue vnto them eternall lyfe, and they shall neuer perissh, nether shall eny man plucke them oute of my hande.
29 My father which gaue them me, is greater then all, and no man is able to take them oute of my fathers hand.
30 I and my father are one.
31 Then the Iewes agayne toke vp stones, to stone hym with all.
32 Iesus answered them: many good worckes haue I shewed you from my father: for which of them do ye stone me?
33 The Iewes answered him, sayeng: For thy good worckes sake we stone u not, but for thy blasphemy, and because that u beynge a man, makest thy selfe God:
34 Iesus answered them: Is it not wrytten in youre lawe I sayde, ye are goddes?
35 If he called them goddes, vnto whom the word of God was spoken (and the scripture cannot be broken
36 concernynge hym whom the father hath sanctifyed, and sent into the worlde) Do ye saye t I blaspheme because I sayde, I am the sonne of God?
37 If I do not the worckes of my father, beleue me not.
38 But yf I do, and yf ye beleue not me, beleue the worckes: that ye maye knowe and beleue, that the father is in me, and I in him.
39 Agayne they went about to take hym: & he escaped out of their hande,
40 & went awaye agayne beyonde Iordan, into e place wher Iohn before had baptysed, and there he abode.
41 And many resorted vnto him, and sayd: Iohn dyd no myracle, but all thynges that Iohn spake of this man were true.
42 And many beleued on him there.




1 A certen man was syck, named Lazarus of Bethania the towne of Mary, and her syster Martha.
2 It was that Mary which anoynted Iesus with oyntment, and wyped his fete wt her hear, whose brother Lazarus was sick.
3 Therfore, his syster sent vnto him, saying: Lord, beholde, he whom thou louest, is sicke.
4 Whan Iesus herd t, he sayde: this infirmitie is not vnto death: but for the prayse of God, that the sonne of God myght be praysed by the reason of it.
5 Iesus loued Martha and her sister and Lazarus.
6 Whan he had heard therfore, that he was sycke, he abode two dayes styll in the same place where he was.
7 Then after that, sayd he to his disciples: let vs go into Iewry agayne.
8 Hys disciples sayde vnto hym: Master, the Iewes lately sought to stone the, and wylt thou go thyther agayne?
9 Iesus answered: are there not .xij. houres of the daye? If a man walke in the daye, he stombleth not, because he seeth the light of this worlde.
10 But yf a man walke in the nyght, he stombleth, because there is no lyght in him.
11 This sayd he, and after that he sayd vnto them: our frende Lazarus slepeth: but I go to wake him out of slep.
12 Then said his disciples: Lord, yf he slepe, he shal do wel ynough.
13 Howbeit, Iesus spake of his death: but they thought, that he had spoken of the naturall slepe.
14 Then sayde Iesus vnto them playnely. Lazarus is deed,
15 and I am glad for your sakes, that I was not there, because ye maye beleue. Neuertheles, let vs go vnto him.
16 Then sayd Thomas (which is called Dydimus) vnto the disciples: lett vs also go, t we maye dye with hym.
17 Then went Iesus, and founde that he had lyen in hys graue foure dayes allready.
18 Bethanie was nye vnto Ierusalem, about fyftene furlonges of,
19 and many of the Iewes came to Martha & Mary to comforte them ouer their brother.
20 Martha assone as she heard that Iesus was commynge, went and met hym: but Mary sate styll in the house.
21 Then sayd Martha vnto Iesus: Lord, yf thou haddest bene here, my brother had not dyed:
22 neuerthelesse, nowe I knowe that whatsoeuer thou askest of God, God wyll geue it the.
23 Iesus sayth vnto her: Thy brother shall ryse agayne.
24 Martha sayeth vnto hym: I knowe that he shall ryse agayne in e resurreccyon at the last daye.
25 Iesus sayth vnto her: I am the resurreccyon and the lyfe: He that beleueth on me, ye though he were deed, yet shall he lyue.
26 And whosoeuer lyueth and beleueth on me, shall neuer dye: Beleuest thou this?
27 She sayd vnto him: yee Lorde, I beleue that thou art Christ e sonne of God, which shuld come into the world.
28 And assone as he had so sayde, she wente her waye, & called Mary her syster secretly, saying: The master is come, and calleth for the.
29 Assone as she heard that, she arose quyckly, and came vnto him.
30 Iesus was not yet come into the towne: but was in that place where Martha met hym.
31 The Iewes then which were with her in the house and comforted her, (when they sawe Mary that she rose vp hastely, and went out) folowed her, saieng: She goeth vnto the graue, to wepe there.
32 Then when Mary was come wher Iesus was, and sawe hym, she cometh nye vnto his fete, and sayth vnto him: Lorde, yf u haddest bene here, my brother had not bene deed.
33 When Iesus therfore sawe her wepe (and the Iewes also weping which came wt her) he groned in the sprete, and was troubled in him selfe,
34 and sayde: Where haue ye layed him? They saye vnto him: Lorde, come, and se.
35 And Iesus wept.
36 Then sayd the Iewes Behold, howe he loued hym.
37 And som of them sayde: coulde not he which opened the eyes of the blynde, haue made also, that this man shulde not haue dyed?
38 Iesus therfore agayne groned in him self, and came to the graue. It was a caue, and a stone layde on it.
39 Iesus sayd: take ye awaye e stone. Martha the sister of him that was deed, sayd vnhym: Lorde, by this tyme he styncketh. For he hath bene deed foure dayes.
40 Iesus sayeth vnto her: Sayd I not vnto the, that yf thou dydest beleue, thou shuldest se the glorye of God?
41 Then they toke awaye the stone from the place where he that had bene deed, was layde. And Iesus lyft vp his eyes, and sayd: Father, I thanke the, that thou hast hearde me.
42 Howbeit, I knewe, that thou hearest me allwayes: but because of the people which stande by. I sayde it, that they maye beleue, that thou hast sent me.
43 And when he thus had spoken, he cryed wt a loud voyce: Lazarus, come forth.
44 And he that was deed, came forth, bounde hande & fote wt graue clothes, & his face was bound with a napkin. Iesus sayd vnto them: loose him, & let him go.
45 Then many of the Iewes which came to Mary (and had sene e thynges which Iesus dyd) beleued on hym.
46 But some of them went theyr wayes to the pharises, & tolde them what Iesus had done.
47 Then gathered the hye prestes & the pharises a councel, & sayd: what do we? For this man doth many miracles.
48 If we lett hym scape thus, al men will beleue on him, and the Romayns shall come, and take awaye both our rowme and the people.
49 And one of them named Caiphas (being the hye preste t same yere) sayd vnto them: Ye perceaue nothynge at all, nor consyder,
50 that it is expedient for vs, that one man dye for the people, and not t all the people perysshe.
51 Thys spake he not of him selfe, but beynge hye preste that same yere, he prophesied that Iesus shulde dye for the people,
52 and not for the people onely, but that he shuld gather together in one, the children of God, t were scatered abrode.
53 Then from that daye forth they toke councel together, for to put him to death.
54 Iesus therfore walked nomore openly among the Iewes: but went his waye thence vnto a countre nye to a wildernes, into a cytie which is called Ephraim, and there contynued wt his disciples.
55 And the Iewes Easter was nye at hand, & many went out of e countre vp to Ierusalem before the Easter, to purify them selues.
56 Then sought they for Iesus, & spake among them selues, as they stode in the temple: What thinke ye, seyng he commeth not to the feaste daye?
57 The hye prestes and pharises had geuen a commaundement, t yf eny man knewe wher he were, he shuld shewe it, that they myght take him.




1 Then Iesus (syxe dayes before Easter) came to Bethany , wher Lazarus had ben deed, whome he raysed from death.
2 Ther they made hym a supper, and Martha serued, but Lazarus was one of them that sate at the table wt him.
3 Then toke Mary a pound of oyntment (called Nardus, perfecte and precious) and anoynted Iesus fete, and wyped his fete with her hear, & the house was fylled with the odoure of the oyntment.
4 Then sayd one of his disciples: (euen Iudas Iscarioth Simons sonne, which afterward betrayed him)
5 why was not this oyntement solde for thre hundred pence, and geuen to the poore?
6 This he sayd, not that he cared for the pore but because he was a thefe, and had the bagge, & bare that which was geuen.
7 Then sayd Iesus: Let her alone, against the daye of my buryinge hath she kept this.
8 For the poore allwayes shall ye haue with you, but me haue ye not allwaye.
9 Moche people of the Iewes therfore had knowledge that he was ther. And they came not for Iesus sake onely, but t they myghte se Lazarus also whom he raysed from death.
10 But the hye prestes helde a councell, t they myght put Lazarus to death also,
11 because t for his sake many of the Iewes went awaye and beleued on Iesus.
12 On the next daye moch people that were come to the feaste, when they hearde that Iesus shuld come to Ierusalem,
13 toke braunches of palme trees, and went forth to mete hym, and cryed: Hosanna, blessed is he that in the name of the Lorde, commeth Kyng of Israell.
14 And Iesus got a yonge asse, and sate theron, as it is wryten:
15 feare not daughter of Syon, beholde, thy Kynge commeth, sytting on an asses colte.
16 These thinges vnderstode not his disciples at the fyrst: but when Iesus was glorifyed, then remembred they that soch thinges were wryten of him, and t soche thynges they had done vnto hym.
17 The people t was with hym (when he called Lazarus out of his graue, and raysed hym from death) bare recorde.
18 Therfore mete hym the people also, because they hearde that he had done soche a miracle.
19 The pharises therfore sayd among them selues: perceaue ye, howe we preuayle nothing? behold, worlde goeth after him.
20 Ther were certen Grekes amonge them, that came to worshyp at the feaste:
21 the same cam therfore to Philip (which was of Bethsaida a cytie in Galile) and desyred hym, saying: Syr, we wolde fayne se Iesus.
22 Philip came and tolde Andrew. And agayne Andrew and Philip told Iesus.
23 And Iesus answered them, sayinge: the houre is come, t the sonne of man must be glorifyed.
24 Uerely verely, I saye vnto you except the wheat corne fall into the ground, & dye, it bydeth alone. If it dye, it bryngeth forth moch frute.
25 He t loueth hys lyfe, shall destroye it: and he t hateth hys lyfe in thys world, shal kepe it vnto lyfe eternall.
26 If eny man mynister vnto me, lett him folowe me: and Where I am, there shall also my minister be. Yf any man mynister vnto me, hym will my father honoure.
27 Nowe is my soule troubled, and what shall I saye? Father, delyuer me from this houre: but therfore came I vnto thys houre.
28 Father, glorify thy name. Then cam ther a voyce from heauen, saying: I haue both glorifyed it, & will glorify it agayne.
29 The people therfore that stode by and heard it, sayde, that it thoundred. Other sayde: an angell spake to hym.
30 Iesus answered and sayde: this voyce came not because of me but for your sakes.
31 Now is the iudgment of this worlde: now shall the prince of thys worlde be cast out.
32 And I (yf I were lyft vp from the erth) will drawe all men vnto me.
33 Thys he sayde signifyinge, what death he shulde dye.
34 The people answered hym: We haue heard out of the lawe, that Christ bydeth euer, and how sayst thou: the sonne of man must be lyft vp? who is that sonne of man?
35 Then Iesus sayd vnto them: yet a lytell whyle is the lyght with you. Walke whyle ye haue lyght, lest the darcknes come on you. He that walketh also in the darck, woteth not whyther he goeth
36 Whyle ye haue lyght, beleue on the lyght, t ye maye be the children of the lyght. These thynges spake Iesus, and departed, and hid him self from them.
37 But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet beleued not they on hym,
38 that the sayinge of Esaias the prophet myght be fulfylled, which he spake: Lord, who shal beleue our saying? And to whom is the arme of the Lorde declared?
39 Therfore could they not beleue, because that Esaias saith agayne:
40 he hath blynded their eyes, and hardened their hert, that they shuld not se with their eyes, & lest they shuld vnderstand with their hert, and shuld be conuerted, and I shulde heale them.
41 Soch thynges sayd Esaias, when he sawe his glorye, & spake of him.
42 Neuertheles, amonge the chefe rulers also, many beleued on hym. But (because of e pharises) they wold not be a knowen of it, lest they shulde be excommunicat.
43 For they loued e prayse of men, more then the prayse of God.
44 Iesus cryed, and sayd: he that beleueth on me, beleueth not on me, but on hym that sent me.
45 And he that seeth me, seeth him that sent me.
46 I am come a lyght into the worlde: that whosoeuer beleueth on me, shulde not byde in darcknes.
47 And yf any man heare my wordes, and beleue not, I iudge him not. For I came not to iudge the world: but to saue the worlde.
48 He that refuseth me, & receaueth not my wordes, hath one that iudgeth hym. The worde that I haue spoken, the same shal iudge hym in the last daye.
49 For I haue not spoken of my selfe: but the father which sent me: he gaue me a commaundment, what I shuld saye, & what I shulde speake.
50 And I knowe that his commaundement is lyfe euerlastinge. Whatsoeuer I speake therfore, euen as the father bade me, so I speake.




1 Before the feaste of Easter, when Iesus knewe that hys houre was come, that he shuld depart out of this world vnto e father. When he loued his which were in the worlde, vnto the ende he loued them.
2 And when supper was ended, after that the deuyll had put in the herte of Iudas Iscarioth Simons sonne, to be traye hym.
3 Iesus knowynge that the father had geuen all thinges into hys handes, and that he was come from God, and went to God:
4 he rose from supper, and layde asyde his vpper garmentes: and whan he had taken a towell, he gyrded him self.
5 After that, he powred water into a basyn, and beganne to wash the disciples fete, and to wype them with the towell, wherwith he was gyrded.
6 Then came he to Symon Peter. And Peter sayde vnto hym: Lord, dost thou wasshe my fete?
7 Iesus answered, and sayd vnto him: what I do, u wotest not nowe, but u shalt know herafter.
8 Peter sayeth vnto him: thou shalt neuer wasshe my fete. Iesus answered hym: yf I wasshe the not, thou hast no parte with me.
9 Symon Peter sayeth vnto hym: Lorde, not my fete onely, but also the handes and the head.
10 Iesus sayth to hym: he that is wasshed, nedeth not, saue to wasshe his fete, but is cleane euery whyt. And ye are cleane, but not all.
11 For he knewe who it was that shuld be traye hym. Therfore sayd he: ye are not all cleane:
12 So after he had wasshed their fete, and receaued hys clothes, and was sett downe, he sayde vnto them agayne: wote ye what I haue done to you?
13 Ye call me master and Lorde, and ye saye well, for so am I.
14 If I then youre lorde and master haue wasshed youre fete, ye also ought to wasshe one anothers fete.
15 For I haue geuen you an ensample that ye shulde do, as I haue done to you.
16 Uerely verely, I saye vnto you: e seruaunte is not greater then his master, nether e messenger greater then he that sent hym.
17 If ye vnderstande these thinges happy are ye, yf ye do them.
18 I speake not of you all, I knowe whom I haue chosen. But that the scripture maye be fulfylled: he that eateth bread with me, hath lyfte vp hys hele against me.
19 Now tell I you before it come t when it is come to passe, ye might beleue that I am he.
20 Uerely verely, I saye vnto you: He t receaueth whomsoeuer I sende, receaueth me. And he that receaueth me, receaueth him that sent me.
21 When Iesus had thus sayd, he was troubled in the sprete, and testifyed and sayd: verely verely, I saye vnto you: that one of you shall be traye me.
22 Then the disciples loked one on another, dowtynge of whom he spake.
23 There was one of Iesus disciples, (which leaned on hym) euen he whom Iesus loued.
24 To hym beckened Symon Peter therfore, that he shulde aske, who it was of whom he spake.
25 He then when he leaned on Iesus brest , sayd vnto him: Lord, who is it?
26 Iesus answered: he it is to whom I geue a soppe. And he wet the brede & gaue it to Iudas Iscarioth Simons sonne.
27 And after the soppe. Satan entred into him. Then sayd Iesus vnto him: that thou dost, do quyckly.
28 That wist no man at the table, for what intent he spake vnto him.
29 Som of them thought because. Iudas had the bagge, t Iesus had sayd vnto him: bye those thinges that we haue nede of agaynst the feaste: or t he shuld geue some thyng to the poore.
30 Assone then as he had receaued the soppe, he went immediatly out and it was night.
31 Therfore when he was gone oute. Iesus sayd: Now is the sonne of man glorifyed. And God is gloryfyed by him.
32 If God be glorifyed by him, God shall also glorify hym by hym selfe: and shall strayght waye gloryfy hym.
33 Lytle chyldren, yet a lytel whyle am I with you. Ye shall seke me, & as I sayd vnto the Iewes, whyther I goo, thyther can ye not come. Also to you saye I now.
34 A newe commaundement geue I vnto you, that ye loue together, as I haue loued you, that euen so ye loue one another.
35 By this shall all men knowe that ye are my discyples, yf ye haue loue one to another.
36 Symon Peter sayd vnto hym: Lorde, whyther goest thou? Iesus answered him: whyther I go, thou canst not folowe me now, but thou shalt folowe me afterwardes.
37 Peter sayd vnto him: Lorde, why cannot I folowe the now: I wyl ieoparde my lyfe for thy sake?
38 Iesus answered hym: wylt thou ieoparde thy lyfe for my sake? Uerely verely, I saye vnto the: the cocke shall not crowe, tyll thou haue denyed me thryse.




1 And he sayde vnto his disciples: lett not your herte be troubled. Ye beleue in God, beleue also in me.
2 In my fathers house are many mansions: If it were not so, I wolde haue tolde you. I go to prepare a place for you.
3 And yf I go to prepare a place for you, I will come agayne, and receaue you euen vnto my selfe: that wher I am, ther maye ye be also.
4 And whyther I go, ye knowe, and the waye ye knowe.
5 Thomas sayth vnto him: Lord, we knowe not whither thou goest. And how is it possible for vs to knowe the waye?
6 Iesus sayeth vnto hym: I am the waye and the treuth, and the lyfe. No man cometh vnto the father, but by me.
7 If ye had knowen me, ye had knowen my father also. And now ye knowe him, and haue sene hym.
8 Philip sayth vnto hym: Lorde, shewe vs the father, & it suffiseth vs.
9 Iesus sayth vnto hym: haue I bene so longe tyme with you, & yet hast thou not knowen me? Philip, he that hath sene me, hath sene my father. And howe sayest thou then: shewe vs the father?
10 Beleuest u not, t I am in the father, & the father in me? The wordes t I speake vnto you, I speake not of my self: but the father that dwelleth in me is he t doth the workes.
11 Beleue me t I am in the father, & the father in me. Or els beleue me for the worckes sake.
12 Uerely verely, I saye vnto you: he t beleueth on me, the worckes that I do, the same shal he do also, & greater worckes then these shall he do, because I go vnto my father.
13 And whatsoeuer ye aske in my name, that will I do, t the father maye be glorifyed by the sonne.
14 If ye shall aske any thynge in my name. I will do it.
15 If ye loue me, kepe my commaundementes,
16 & I will praye e father, and he shall geue you another comforter, that he maye bide wt you for euer:
17 euen the sprete of treuth, whom the world cannot receaue, because the worlde seeth hym not, nether knoweth him. But ye knowe him. For he dwelleth wt you, & shalbe in you.
18 I wyll not leaue you comforteles: but will come to you:
19 Yet a lytell while and the world seeth me nomore: but ye se me. For I lyue, & ye shall lyue.
20 That daye shall ye knowe that I am in my father, and you in me, and I in you.
21 He that hath my commaundementes, and kepeth them: the same is he t loueth me. And he that loueth me, shalbe loued of my father: and I wyll loue hym, and wyll shewe myne awne selfe to him.
22 Iudas sayth vnto hym: (not Iudas Iscarioth) Lorde, what is done that thou wylt shewe thy selfe vnto vs, and not vnto the world?
23 Iesus answered & sayd: vnto them: yf a man loue me, he will kepe my sayinges, and my father wyll loue hym, and we wyll come vnto hym, and dwell wt hym.
24 He that loueth me not, kepeth not my sayinges. And the worde which ye heare, is not myne, but the fathers which sent me.
25 These thinges haue I spoken ynto you, being yet present with you.
26 But the comforter which is the holy ghost whom my father wil sende in my name, he shal teach you all thinges, & bryng all thinges to your remembraunce whatsoeuer I haue sayd vnto you.
27 Peace I leaue with you, my peace I geue vnto you. Not as the world geueth, geue I vnto you. Let not youre hertes be greued, nether feare.
28 Ye haue hearde howe I sayde vnto you: I go, and come agayne vnto you. If ye loued me, ye wolde verely reioyse, because I sayd: I go vnto the father, for the father is greater then I.
29 And nowe haue I shewed you before it come, that when it is come to passe, ye myght beleue.
30 Here after wyll I not talke many wordes vnto you. For the prince of this worlde commeth, and hath naught in me.
31 But t e worlde maye knowe that I loue the father. And as the father gaue me commaundment, euen so do I. Ryse, let vs go hence.




1 I am the true vyne, and my father is the husbandman.
2 Euery braunche that beareth not frute in me, he will take awaye. And euery braunche that beareth frute, will he pourge, that it maye bring forth more frute.
3 Nowe are ye cleane thorow the wordes which I haue spoken vnto you.
4 Byde in me, and I in you. As the braunche cannot beare frute of it selfe, excepte it byde in the vyne: nomore can ye, except ye abyde in me.
5 I am e vyne, ye are the braunches. He that abydeth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth moche frute. For without me can ye do nothing.
6 If a man byde not in me, he is cast forth as a braunche, & is wythered: and men gather them: and cast them into the fyre, and they burne.
7 If ye byde in me, and my wordes abyde in you: aske what ye wyll, and it shalbe done for you.
8 Herin is my father glorifyed: that ye beare moch frute, and become my disciples.
9 As the father hath loued me, euen so haue I also loued you. Continue ye in my loue.
10 If ye kepe my commaundementes, ye shall byde in my loue, euen as I haue kepte my fathers commaundementes, & byde in hys loue.
11 These thynges haue I spoken vnto you, t my ioye myghte remayne vnto you, and that youre ioye myght be full.
12 Thys is my commaundement, that ye loue together, as I haue loued you.
13 Greater loue hath no man, then thys: that a man bestowe hys lyfe for his frendes.
14 Ye are my frendes, yf ye do whatsoeuer I commaunde you.
15 Hence forth call I you not seruauntes: for the seruaunt knoweth not what hys lorde doeth. But you haue I called frendes: for all thynges that I haue heard of my father, haue I opened to you.
16 Ye haue not chosen me, but I haue chosen you, and ordeyned you, to goo, and brynge forth frute, and t your frute shuld remayne, that whatsoeuer ye aske of the father in my name, he maye geue it you.
17 This commaunde I you, that ye loue together.
18 If the worlde hate you, ye knowe that it hated me before it hated you.
19 If ye were of the worlde, the worlde wolde loue his awne. Howbeit, because ye are not of e world. But I haue chosen you out of e world therfore the world hateth you.
20 Remember the worde that I sayd vnto you: the seruaunt is not greater then the lorde. If they haue persecuted me, they wyll also persecute you. If they haue kept my saying, they will kepe youres also.
21 But all these thinges wyll they do vnto you for my names sake, because they haue not knowen hym that sent me.
22 If I had not come and spoken vnto them, they shuld haue had no synne: but now haue they nothyng to cloke their synne withall.
23 He that hateth me, hateth my father also:
24 If I had not done amonge them the workes whych none other man dyd, they shuld haue had no synne. But now haue they both sene, & hated: not onely me but also my father.
25 But thys happeneth that the sayinge myght be fulfylled, that is writen in their lawe: they hated me without a cause.
26 But when the comforter is come, whom I will sende vnto you from e father (euen the sprete of treuth, which proceadeth of the father) he shall testifye of me.
27 And ye shall beare witnesse also, because ye haue bene with me from the beginning.




1 These thynges haue I sayde vnto you because ye shuld not be offended.
2 They shall excommunicat you: ye the tyme shall come, that whosoeuer kylleth you, will thinke that he doth God seruyce.
3 And such thinges will they do vnto you, because they haue not knowen the father, nether yet me.
4 But these thinges haue I tolde you, that when e tyme is come, ye maye remember then that I tolde you. These thynges sayde I not vnto you at the begynninge, because I was present with you.
5 But now I go my waye to hym that sent me, & none of you asketh me whyther I go.
6 But because I haue sayd suche thynges vnto you, your hertes are ful of sorowe.
7 Neuertheles, I tel you the treuth, it is expedient for you, t I goo awaye. For yf I goo not awaye, that comforter wyll not come vnto you. But yf I departe, I wyll sende hym vnto you.
8 And when he is come, he wyll rebuke the worlde of synne, and of rightewesnes, & of iudgement.
9 Of synne, because they beleue not on me.
10 Of ryghtewesnes, because I go to my father, and ye shal se me nomore:
11 Of iudgement, because the prynce of thys worlde is iudged all ready.
12 I haue yet many thinges to saye vnto you but ye cannot beare them awaye now.
13 Howbeit when he is come (which is the sprete of treuth) he will leade you into all treuthe. He shall not speake of hym selfe: but whatsoeuer he shall heare, that shall he speake, and he will shewe you thinges to come.
14 He shal glorify me, for he shall receaue of myne, & shall shewe vnto you.
15 All thynges that the father hath, are myne. Therfore sayde I vnto you, that he shall take of myne and shewe vnto you.
16 After a while ye shall not se me, and agayne after a whyle ye shall se me: for I go to the father.
17 Then sayde some of hys discyples betwene them selues: what is thys that he saith vnto vs, after a while, ye shall not se me, and agayne after a whyle ye shall se me: and that I go to the father?
18 They sayd therfore: what is this that he sayth: after a whyle? we cannot tell what he sayth.
19 Iesus perceaued, that they wolde aske him, and sayde vnto them. Ye enquire of this betwene your selues, because I sayde after a whyle ye shal not se me, & agayne after a whyle ye shall se me.
20 Uerely verely, I saye vnto you: ye shall wepe and lamente, but contrary wyse, the world shall reioyse. Ye shall sorowe, but yor sorowe shalbe turned to ioye.
21 A woman when she trauaileth, hath sorowe, because her houre is come: but assone as she is deliuered of the childe, she remembreth nomore the anguisshe, for ioye that a man is borne into the worlde.
22 And ye now therfore haue sorowe: but I will se you agayne, and your hertes shall reioyse, and your ioye shal no man take from you.
23 And in e daye shall ye aske me no question. Uerely verely, I saye vnto you: whatsoeuer ye shall aske e father in my name, he wyll geue it you.
24 Hytherto haue ye asked nothynge in my name. Aske, and ye shall receaue: that youre ioye maye be full.
25 These thinges haue I spoken vnto you by prouerbes. The tyme will come, when I shal nomore speake vnto you by prouerbes: but I shall shewe you playnely from my father.
26 At t daye shall ye aske in my name. And I saye not vnto you that I will speake vnto my father for you.
27 For the father him selfe loueth you, because ye haue loued me, and haue beleued, that I came out from God.
28 I went out from the father, and came into the worlde. Agayne, I leaue the worlde, and go to the father.
29 His disciples sayd vnto him: lo, now talkest thou playnly, and speakest no prouerbe.
30 Nowe are we sure, that thou knowest all thinges, and nedest not, that eny man shulde aske the any question. Therfore beleue we, t thou camest from God.
31 Iesus answered them: Now ye do beleue.
32 Behold, the houre draweth nye, and is all ready come, t ye shalbe scatered euery man to his awne, & shal leaue me alone. And yet am I not alone. For the father is with me.
33 These wordes haue I spoken vnto you, that in me ye myghte haue peace. For in the worlde shall ye haue tribulacyon: but be of good chere, I haue ouercome the worlde.




1 These wordes spake Iesus, and lift vp his eyes to heauen, and sayde: father, the houre is come: glorify thy sonne that thy sonne also maye glorify the:
2 as thou hast geuen him power ouer all flesh, that he shuld geue eternall lyfe to as many as thou hast geuen him.
3 This is lyfe eternal, t they might knowe the, the onely true God, & Iesus Christ whom thou hast sent.
4 I haue glorifyed the on the erth. I haue finysshed the worcke, which thou gauest me to do.
5 And now glorifye thou me (O father) with thyne awne self, with the glory, which I had with the, yer the worlde was.
6 I haue declared thy name vnto the men, which thou gauest me out of the world. Thyne they were, and thou gauest them me, and they haue kept thy worde.
7 Now they haue knowen, t all thinges whatsoeuer thou hast geuen me, are of the.
8 For I haue geuen vnto them the wordes which thou gauest me, and they haue receaued them, and haue knowen surely, that I came out from the: and they haue beleued, that thou diddest send me.
9 I praye for them, I praye not for the world: but for them which u hast geuen me, for they are thyne.
10 And all myne are thyne, & thyne are myne, & I am glorified in them.
11 And now I am not in the worlde, and they are in the worlde, and I come to the. Holy father, kepe thorow thine awne name, them which thou hast geuen me, t they also maye be one, as we are.
12 Whyle I was with them in the world, I kepte them in thy name. Those that thou gauest me, haue I kepte, and none of them is lost, but that lost childe, that the scripture might be fulfilled.
13 Now come I to the, & these wordes speake I in the world, that they might haue my ioy ful in them.
14 I haue geuen them thy worde, and the worlde hath hated them, because they are not of the world, euen as I also am not of the world.
15 I desyre not that u shuldest take them out of the worlde: but that thou kepe them from euyll.
16 They are not of the worlde, as I also am not of the worlde.
17 Sanctify them thorow thy treuth. Thy word is the treuth.
18 As thou dyddest send me into the worlde, euen so haue I also sent them into e world,
19 & for their sakes sanctifie I my selfe, that they also myght be sanctifyed thorowe the treuth.
20 Neuertheles, I praye not for them alone, but for them also which shall beleue on me thorow their preaching:
21 that they al maye be one, as thou father art in me, and I in the, and that they also maye be one in vs: that the worlde maye beleue, that thou hast sent me:
22 And the glory which thou gauest me, I haue geuen them, that they maye be one, as we also are one.
23 I in them, and thou in me, t they maye be made parfecte in one, & t the worlde maye knowe, that thou hast sent me, and hast loued them as thou hast loued me.
24 Father, I will that they which thou hast geuen me be with me where I am, t they maye se my glory, which thou hast geuen me. For thou louedest me before the makyng of the worlde.
25 O righteous father, e worlde also hath not knowen the: but I haue knowen the: and these haue knowen, that thou hast sent me.
26 And I haue declared vnto them thy name, and will declare it, that the loue wherwith thou hast loued me, maye be in them, & I in them.




1 When Iesus had spoken these wordes, he went forth with hys discyples ouer the broke Cedron, wher was a garden, into e which he entred and hys disciples.
2 Iudas also which betrayed him, knewe the place: for Iesus ofte tymes resorted thyther wt his discyples.
3 Iudas then after he had receaued a bonde of men, (and mynysters of the hye Prestes & Pharyses) came thyther with lanternes, and fyerbrandes, and wepens.
4 And Iesus knowyng all thynges that shulde come on hym, went forth, and sayde vnto them: whom seke ye?
5 They answered him: Iesus of Nazareth. Iesus sayeth vnto them: I am he. Iudas also which betrayed hym, stode with them.
6 Assone then as he had sayde vnto them, I am he, they went backewarde and fell to the grounde.
7 Then asked he them agayne: whom seke ye? They sayde: Iesus of Nazareth .
8 Iesus answered: I haue tolde you, that I am he. If ye seke me therfore lett these goo their waye.
9 That the saying might be fulfylled which he spake: of them which thou gauest me, haue I not lost one.
10 Then Simon Peter hauynge a swearde, drue it, and smote the hye prestes seruaunt, and cut of hys ryght eare. The seruauntes name was Malchus.
11 Therfore sayeth Iesus vnto Peter: put vp thy swearde into the sheath: shall I not dryncke of the cup, which my father hath geuen me?
12 Then the company and the Captayne, and mynysters of the Iewes toke Iesus, and bounde hym,
13 and led him awaye to Anna fyrst: for he was father in lawe vnto Cayphas, which was the hye Preste that same yere.
14 Cayphas was he, which gaue counsell to the Iewes that it was expedient, that one man shulde dye for the people.
15 And Symon Peter folowed Iesus, and so dyd another dyscyple: that dyscyple was knowen vnto the hye preste, & went in with Iesus into the palace of the hye Preste.
16 But Peter stode at the dore without. Thent went out that other discyple (which was knowen vnto the hye preste) and spake to the damsell that kept the dore, and brought in Peter.
17 Then sayde the damsell that kept the dore, vnto Peter. Art not u also one of this mannes dyscyples? He sayde: I am not.
18 The seruauntes and the ministers stode there, which had made a fyer of coles: for it was colde, and they warmed them selues. Peter also stode amonge them, and warmed hym.
19 The hye preste then asked Iesus of hys dyscyples and of hys doctryne.
20 Iesus answered hym: I spake openly in the worlde. I euer taught in the Synagoge, and in the temple, whyther all the Iewes resorte, and in secret haue I sayde nothyng.
21 Why askest thou me? Aske them which hearde me, what I haue sayd vnto them. Beholde, they can tell what I sayde.
22 When he had thus spoken, one of the ministers which stode by, smote Iesus on the face, sayinge: answerest thou the hye preaste so?
23 Iesus answered hym: If I haue euyll spoken, beare witnes of the euyll: But yf I haue well spoken, why smytest thou me?
24 And Annas sent hym bounde vnto Cayphas the hye preste.
25 Symon Peter stode, and warmed him selfe Then sayde they vnto hym: art not thou also one of hys dyscyples? He denyed it, & sayde: I am not.
26 One of the seruauntes of the hye prestes (hys cosyn whose eare Peter smote of) sayde vnto hym: dyd not I se the in e garden with him?
27 Peter therfore denyed agayne: and immediatly the cocke crewe.
28 Then led they Iesus from Cayphas into the hall of iudgement. It was in the mornynge, & they them selues went not into e iudgement hall lest they shulde be defyled, but that they myght eate Passeouer.
29 Pylate then went out vnto them and sayde: what accusacyon bryng ye agaynste thys man?
30 They answered and sayde vnto him: If he were not an euyll doar we wolde not haue delyuered him vnto the.
31 Then sayde Pylate vnto them take ye hym, & iudge him after youre awne lawe. The Iewes therfore sayd vnto him: It is not lawfull for vs to put eny man to deeth.
32 That the wordes of Iesus myght be fulfylled which he spake, signifyeng, what deeth he shuld dye.
33 Then Pylate entred into the iudgement hall agayne, and called Iesus, and sayde vnto hym: art thou the kynge of the Iewes?
34 Iesus answered: sayst u that of thy selfe, or dyd other tell it the of me?
35 Pylate answered: Am I a Iewe? Thyne awne nacion and hye prestes haue delyuered the vnto me. What hast thou done?
36 Iesus answered: my kyngdome is not of this worlde. Yf my kyngdome were of this worlde, then wolde my mynysters suerly fyght, that I shulde not be delyuered to the Iewes, but now is my kyngdome not from hence.
37 Pylate therfore sayde vnto him. Art thou a kyng then? Iesus answered: thou sayst that I am a kyng. For this cause was I borne, & for this cause came I into the worlde, that I shulde beare witnes vnto e trueth. And all that are of the trueth, heare my voyce.
38 Pylate sayde vnto him, what thynge is trueth? And when he had sayde this, he went out agayne vnto the Iewes, and sayeth vnto them. I fynde in him no cause at all.
39 Ye haue a custome, that I shulde deliuer you one loose at Easter. Wyll ye that I lose vnto you e kynge of the Iewes?
40 Then cryed they all agayne sayinge. Not hym, but Barrabas: the same Barrabas was a murtherer.




1 Then Pylate toke Iesus therfore, & scourged hym.
2 And the soudiers wounde a croune of thornes, and put it on hys heed. And they dyd on him a purple garment,
3 and sayde: hayll kynge of the Iewes: and they smote hym on the face.
4 Pylate went forth agayne, and sayde vnto them: beholde, I brynge hym forth to you, that ye maye know, that I fynde no faute in hym.
5 Then came Iesus forth, wearynge a croune of thorne, and a robe of purple. And he sayeth vnto them: beholde the man.
6 When the hye Prestes therfore and ministers sawe hym, they cryed sayinge: crucify him, crucify hym. Pylate sayeth vnto them: Take ye him, and crucify him: for I fynde no cause in him.
7 The Iewes answered him: We haue a lawe, and by oure lawe he ought to dye: because he made him selfe the sonne of God.
8 When Pylate hearde e sayinge, he was the moare afrayde,
9 and went agayne into e iudgement hall, and sayeth vnto Iesus: whence arte thou? But Iesus gaue him none answere.
10 Then sayde Pylate vnto him: Speakest thou not vnto me? Knowest u not, that I haue power to crucify the, and haue power to loose the?
11 Iesus answered: Thou couldest haue no power at all agaynst me, except it were geuen the from aboue. Therfore he that delyuered me vnto the, hath the more synne.
12 And from thence forth sought Pylate meanes to loose hym: but the Iewes cryed sayinge: yf thou let him go, thou art not Cesars frende. For whosoeuer maketh hym selfe a kynge, is agaynst Cesar.
13 When Pylate hearde t sayinge, he brought Iesus forth, and sate downe to geue sentence, in a place t is called e pauement: but in e Hebrue tonge, Gabbatha.
14 It was e preparyng daye of the easter, aboute e syxte houre. And he sayeth vnto e Iewes: beholde youre king?
15 They cryed, awaye wt him, awaye wt him, crucifye him. Pylate saieth vnto them: shall I crucifye your kyng? The hye prestes answered: we haue no kyng but Cesar.
16 Then delyuered he hym vnto them, to be crucified. And they toke Iesus, and led hym away.
17 And he bare hys crosse, and went forth into a place, which is called e place of deed mens sculles. But in Hebrue, Golgotha :
18 where they crucified hym, and two other with hym; on ether syde one, and Iesus in the myddes.
19 And Pylate wrote a tytle, & put it on the crosse. The wrytynge was. Iesus of Nazareth kynge of the Iewes.
20 Thys tytle redd many of the Iewes. For e place where Iesus was crucyfyed, was nye to the cytye. And it was wrytten in Hebrue, and Greke and Latyn.
21 Then sayde the hye prestes of the Iewes to Pylate: wrytte not kynge of the Iewes, but that he sayde, I am kynge of the Iewes:
22 Pylate answered: what I haue wrytten, that haue I wrytten.
23 Then the soudiers, when they had crucifyed Iesus, they toke his garmentes & made foure partes, to euery soudier a parte, & also hys coate. The coate was without seme, wrought vpon thorowe out.
24 They sayd therfore amonge them selues: Lett vs not deuyde it, but cast lotes for it, who shall haue it. That the scrypture myght be fulfylled, sayinge: They parted my rayment amonge them, and for my coate dyd they cast lotes. And the soudiers dyd soch thynges in dede.
25 There stode by the crosse of Iesus hys mother, and his mothers syster, Mary the wyfe of Cleophas, & Mary Magdalene.
26 When Iesus therfore sawe his mother, & e disciple stondinge whom he loued, he sayeth vnto his mother: woman: beholde thy sonne.
27 Then sayde he to e disciple: beholde thy mother. And from t houre the disciple toke her for hys awne.
28 After these thinges, Iesus knowinge that all thinges were now performed: t the scripture myght be fulfylled: he sayeth: I thyrst
29 So ther stode a vessel by, full of veneger. Therfore they fylled a sponge with veneger and wounde it about with ysope, and put it to his mouth.
30 Assone as Iesus then receaued of the veneger, he sayde. It is fynisshed, & bowed his heed, and gaue vp the goost.
31 The Iewes therfore because it was the preparing of the Sabboth, that e bodyes shuld not remayne vpon the crosse on the sabboth daye (for that sabboth daye was an hye daye) besought Pilate, t their legges might be broken and that they might be taken downe.
32 Then came the soudiers, and brake the legges of e fyrst, and of the other which was crucyfied with him.
33 But when they came to Iesus: and sawe t he was deed already, they brake not his legges:
34 but one of the soudiers wt a speare, thrust him into the syde, and forth with came ther out bloude and water.
35 And he t sawe it, bare recorde, & hys record is true. And he knoweth t he sayth true, that ye might beleue also.
36 For these thinges were done, t e scripture shulde be fulfylled. Ye shall not breake a bone of him.
37 And agayne another scripture sayeth: they shal loke on him, whom they pearsed.
38 After this, Ioseph of Aramathia (which was a disciple of Iesus: but secretly for feare of the Iewes) besought Pilate, that he might take downe the body of Iesus. And Pilate gaue him licence.
39 And ther cam also Nicodemus (which at e begynnynge came to Iesus by night) & brought of myrre and aloes mingled together, aboute an hundred pounde wayght.
40 Then toke they e body of Iesu, & wounde it in lynnen clothes wt the odoures, as the maner of the Iewes is to bury.
41 And in the place where he was crucified, there was a garden, and in e garden a newe sepulchre, wherin was neuer man layd.
42 There layde they Iesus therfore, because of e preparinge of the Sabboth of the Iewes for the sepulchre was nye at hande.




1 The fyrst daye of the Sabbothes cam Mary Magdalene early (when it was yet darcke) vnto e sepulchre, and sawe the stone taken awaye from the graue.
2 Then she ranne, and came to Symon Peter, and to the other dyscyple whom Iesus loued, and sayeth vnto them. They haue taken awaye e Lorde out of the graue, & we cannot tell where they haue layde him.
3 Peter therfore went forth, & that other disciple, and came vnto e sepulchre.
4 They ranne both together, & the other disciple dyd out runne Peter, & came fyrst to the sepulchre.
5 And whan he had stowped downe he sawe the lynnen clothes lyenge, yet went he not in.
6 Then came Symon Peter, folowinge him, & went into e sepulchre, & sawe e lynnen clothes lye,
7 & e napkin that was aboute his heed, not lyinge wt the lynnen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by it selfe.
8 Then went in also e other discyple, which came fyrst to e sepulchre, and he sawe & beleued.
9 For as yet they knew not e scripture, that he shulde ryse agayne from deeth.
10 Then the disciples went awaye agayne vnto theyr awne home.
11 Mary stode without at e sepulcre wepinge. So as she wepte, she bowed her selfe into e sepulchre,
12 & seeth two angels clothed in whyte, sytting, e one at the heed & e other at e fete, where they had layde the body of Iesus.
13 They saye vnto her, woman, why wepest thou? She sayeth vnto them: for they haue taken awaye my Lord, & I wote not where they haue layde him.
14 When she had thus sayd, she turned her selfe backe, & sawe Iesus standinge, and knewe not t it was Iesus:
15 Iesus sayeth vnto her: woman, why wepest thou? Whom sekest thou? She supposing that he had bene a gardener, sayeth vnto him. Syr: yf u haue borne him hence, tell me wher u hast layde him, and I wyll fet him.
16 Iesus sayeth vnto her. Mary. She turned her selfe, & sayd vnto hym: Rabboni, which is to saye, master.
17 Iesus sayeth vnto her, touche me not, for I am not yet ascended to my father. But go to my brethren, & saye vnto them? I ascende vnto my father & youre father: & to my God, & youre God.
18 Mary Magdalene came & tolde e disciples, t she had sene the Lorde, and that he had spoken soch thinges vnto her.
19 The same daye at night: which was the fyrst daye of e Sabothes, when e dores were shut (where e disciples were assembled together for feare of e Iewes) came Iesus, and stode in the myddes, & saieth vnto them: peace be vnto you.
20 And when he had so sayde, he shewed vnto them his handes, & his syde. Then were e disciples glad when they sawe e Lord.
21 Then sayd Iesus to them agayne: peace be vnto you. As my father sent me, euen so sende I you also.
22 And when he had sayd those wordes, he brethed on them and sayeth vnto them: Receaue ye e holy goost.
23 Whosoeuers synnes ye remitte, they are remitted vnto them. And whosoeuers synnes ye retayne, they are retayned.
24 But Thomas one of e twelue (which is called Didymus) was not wt them when Iesus came.
25 The other disciples therfore sayde vnto him: we haue sene e Lorde. But he sayde vnto them: except I se in hys handes e prynt of e nayles, & put my fynger in to e prynte of e nayles, & thrust my hande into his syde, I will not beleue.
26 And after .viij. dayes, agayne his disciples were wt in, & Thomas wt them. Then came Iesus when e dores were shut, & stode in the myddes, and sayde: peace be vnto you.
27 After t sayd he to Thomas: bringe thy fynger hether, & se my handes, & reach hyther thy hande, & thrust it into my syde, & be not faythlesse, but beleuinge.
28 Thomas answered, and sayde vnto him: my Lorde, & my God:
29 Iesus sayeth vnto him: Thomas, because u hast sene me, thou hast beleued, blessed are they that haue not sene, and yet haue beleued.
30 And many other sygnes truly dyd Iesus in the presence of his discyples, which are not wrytten in this boke.
31 These are written, that ye myght beleue, that Iesus is Chryst e sonne of God, and that (in beleuyng) ye myght haue lyfe thorow hys name.