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1 The vision of Esay e sonne of Amos which he sawe vpon Iuda and Ierusalem: in the dayes of Uzia and Ioatham, Ahaz & Iehezikiah kynges of Iuda.
2 Heare, O heauen, & Herken O earth: For the Lorde hath spoken: I haue norished and promoted children, but they haue done wyckedly against me.
3 The oxe hath knowne his owner & e asse his masters cribb: but Israel hath receaued no knowledge, my people hath no vnderstandyng.
4 Alas for thys synfull nacion, a people of great iniquitie: a seed of vngracious people corruptinge ther wayes. They haue forsaken the Lorde, they haue prouoked the holy one of Israel vnto anger, and are gone backward.
5 Wherby shulde ye be plaged any more for ye are euer fallinge awaye. The whole head is syck, & e hert is heuy.
6 From the sole of the fote vnto e head, there is no whole parte in all your body: but all are woundes, botches, sores, & strypes, whych can nether be helped, bounde vp, molifyed, ner eased wt any oyntment.
7 Your land lyeth waste, your cyties are brent vp, your enemyes deuoure youre lande, & ye must be fayne to stande, & loke vpon it: & it is desolate, as they were subuerted t were alienate from e Lorde.
8 Moreouer, the daughter of Syon ys left alone lyke a cotage in a vineyard, lyke a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, lyke a wasted cytie.
9 And excepte e Lorde of Hostes had left vs a fewe alyue: we shuld haue bene as Sodoma, and lyke vnto Gomorra.
10 Heare e worde of the lorde ye Lordes of Sodoma: & herken vnto e lawe of our God, u people of Gomorra.
11 Why offre ye so many sacrifices vnto me saith Lorde? I am full of e brentoffrynges of wethers, and of e fatnesse of fedbeastes. I haue no pleasure in e bloud of bullokes, lambes and goates.
12 When ye come to apeare before me, who requireth this of you to treade within my porches?
13 Therfore offre me no mo oblacions, for it is but lost laboure. Incense is an abhominable thinge vnto me. I Maye not awaye with youre newe moones, your Sabbathes & gatheringe togyther at e solempne dayes.
14 I hate your newe mone dayes & solempne feastes, euen fro my very hert. I can not awaye wt suche vanitie & holdinge in of the people.
15 They lye vpon me as a burthen, and I am wery of beringe them. Whan ye holde out your handes, I will turne myne eyes from you. And though ye make many prayers, yet wil I heare nothynge at all, seyng your handes are ful of bloude.
16 Wash you therfore, and make you cleane, put awaye your euell ententes out of my syght, cease from doynge of euell.
17 Lerne to do ryght, applye your selues to equite, delyuer e oppressed, helpe e fatherles to his ryght, let the widowes complainte come before you.
18 Come I praye ye (sayeth e Lorde) let vs reason oure matter together. Though youre sinnes be as read as scarlet, thei shalbe as white as snowe. And though they were lyke purple, they shalbe as whit as wolle.
19 If ye be louynge & obedient, ye shal enioye e best thyng t groweth in e land.
20 But yf ye be obstinate & rebellyous, ye shalbe deuoured wt e swerde: for thus e Lorde hath promised wt his awne mouth.
21 How happepeneth it then t e ryghteous cytie (which was full of equite) is become vnfaythfull as an whore? ryghtuousnes dwelt in it, but now murtherers.
22 Thy syluer is turned to drosse, & thy wyne myxte with water.
23 Thy prices are wicked & companyons of theues. They loue gyftes altogether, and gape for rewardes. As for e fatherles, they helpe him not to his ryght, nether wyll they lett the wydowes causes come before them.
24 Therfore, sayeth e lorde God of Hostes, e myghty gouerner of Israel, Oute vpon ye, I wyll ease me of myne enemyes, & I will auenge me of myne aduersaryes,
25 I shall laye my hand vpon e, & burne out thy drosse from e fynest & purest, & put out all thy tynne,
26 & set thy iudges agayne as they were somtyme & thy Senatours as they were from e beginynge. Then shalt u be called e ryghteous cytie, e faythfull cytie.
27 Sion shalbe redemed wt equite, & they shal turne againe vnto her in ryghteousnesse.
28 For e transgressours & vngodly, and soch as are be come vnfaythfull vnto the Lord, must altogether be vtterly destroyed.
29 For they shall be ashamed of the goddes t you longed for. And ye shall be put to shame for e Idols grouegardens t ye haue chosen:
30 ye shalbe as a tree whose leaues are fallen awaye, & as a garden t hath no moystnesse.
31 And as for the glory of your graued Images, it shalbe turned to drye strawe, and he t made them to a sparke. And they shal both burne together, so that no man shalbe able to quench them.




1 Thys is the worde t was opened vnto Esay the sonne of Amos, vpon Iuda & Ierusalem.
2 It wilbe also in the last dayes t e hyll where e house of e Lorde is builded, shall be e chefe amonge hylles, and exalted aboue all lytle hylles. And all nacyons shall preace vnto hym, and the multytude of people shal go
3 speaking thus one to another: vp, let vs go to e hyll of the Lord, & to the house of the God of Iacob: that he maye shewe vs his waye, and t we maye walcke in his pathes. For the lawe shall come out of Sion, and the word of the Lorde from Ierusalem,
4 and shall geue sentence amonge the Heathen, and shall reforme the multitude of people: They shall breake theyr swerdes also in to mattockes, and theyr speares to make sythes. And one people shall not lyft vp weapen against another, nether shal they learne to fyght from thens forth.
5 Come ye (O house of Iacob) let vs walcke in the lyght of e Lorde.
6 But thou hast forsaken thy people e house of Iacob, because they go farre beyonde e east contreys in Sorceryes (whom they haue as e Philistines had) and in straunge chyldren they thinke them selues to haue ynough.
7 Theyr land is full of siluer and gold, nether is there any ende of theyr treasure: Theyr land is also full of horses, & no ende is there of theyr charets.
8 Theyr lande is also full of vayne goddes, and before e worcke of theyr awne handes haue they bowed them selues, yee, euen before the thinge that theyr awne fyngers haue made.
9 There kneleth the man, there falleth the man downe before them, but u (o Lorde) wilt not leaue them vnpunished.
10 And therfore get the in to some rock, and hyde e in the grounde for feare of the Lord, and for the glory of his magestye:
11 Which casteth downe the high lookes of presumptuous personnes, and bringeth lowe e pryde of man, and the Lorde only shall be exalted in that daye.
12 For the daye of e Lord of Hostes shall go ouer al pride and presumption, vpon all them that exalte them selues, and shall brynge them all downe:
13 vpon all e hygh and stoute Cedre trees of Libanus, & vpon all the okes of Basan,
14 vpon all hygh hylles, and vpon all stoute mountaynes,
15 vpon all costly towres, & vpon all stronge walles,
16 vpon all shyppes of Tharsis, and vpon euery thyng that is glorious and pleasaunt to loke vpon.
17 And it shall brynge downe the pryde of man, and laye mans presumptuousnesse full lowe, and the Lorde shall only haue the vyctory in that daye.
18 But the Idols shall vtterly be roted out.
19 Men shall crepe in to holes of stone, and into caues of the earth, for feare of the Lorde, and for the glory of hys magesty: what tyme as he shall aryse vp to condemne e earth.
20 Then shall man cast awaye hys goddes of syluer, and hys goddes of gold (which he neuertheles had made to honour them) vnto Molles & Backes:
21 And they shall crepe in to the caues and rockes, & into the clyftes of hard stones, for feare of God, and for the glory of hys magestye, whan he ryseth to condemne the earth.
22 Feare not ye then any man, whose breth is in hys nostrels. For what is he of reputacion?




1 For lo, the Lorde God of Hostes doth take awaye from Ierusalem and Iuda, all possessions & power al meat and dryncke,
2 the captayne and the soudyar, the iudge and prophete, the wyse and the aged man,
3 the prince of fyftie yeare olde, and the honorable: the Senatours, and men of vnderstandynge: the master of craftes and oratours.
4 And I shall geue them children to be theyr princes, & babes shall haue the rule of you.
5 The people also shalbe pylled and polled, and one shall euer be doynge violence and wronge to another. The boye shall presume agaynst the elder, and the vyle persone agaynst the honorable.
6 Yee, one shall take a frende of hys awne kynred by the bosome, and saye: thou hast clothynge, thou shalt be our head, for thou mayest kepe vs from thys fall & parell.
7 Then shall he sweare & saye I cannot helpe you. Moreouer, there is nether meate ner clothyng in my house, make me no ruler of the people.
8 For Ierusalem is ouerthrowne & Iuda must fall to e grownde, because that both theyr wordes & councels are agaynst the Lorde, to prouoke the presence of hys magesty vnto anger.
9 The chaungynge of theyr countenaunce bewrayeth them, yee, they declare theyr awne synnes, them selues, as the Sodomites, & hyde them not. Wo be vnto theyr soules for they haue retourned euyll vnto them selues.
10 Byd the ryghteous do well, for they shall enioye the frutes of theyr studies.
11 But wo be to e vngodly and vnryghteous, for they shalbe rewarded after theyr worckes.
12 Children are extorcioners of my people, and wemen haue rule of them. O my people, those that call the blessed deceaue the, and depraue the waye of thy fotesteppes.
13 The Lorde is rysen vp to commen of the matter, and standeth vp (I saye) to geue iudgement of the people.
14 The Lorde shall come forth to reason with the Senatours and prynces of hys people. It is ye that haue burnt vp my vyneyarde, the extorcyon done to the poore is in your houses.
15 Wherfore do ye oppresse my people, & marre e faces of e poore? sayeth the Lorde God of hostes.
16 Moreouer, thus sayth e lord: Seing e daughters of Sion are be come so proude, and come in wt stretched out neckes and with vayne wanton eyes: seynge they come in tryppyng so nycely with theyr fete:
17 Therfore shall the Lorde shaue the heades of the daughters of Sion, and shal discouer theyr shame.
18 In that daye shall e Lord take awaye the gorgiousnes of theyr apparell, and spanges, cheynes, partelettes,
19 and colarres, bracelettes and hooues,
20 e goodly floured, wyde and brodered rayment, brooches, and headbandes,
21 rynges and garlandes,
22 holy daye clothes and vales, kerchefes and pinnes,
23 glasses and cypresses, bonettes and taches.
24 And in steade of good smell, there shalbe stynck amonge them. And for theyr gyrdles there shalbe lowse bandes. And for well sett heare there shalbe baldenesse. In steade of a stomacher, a sack cloth, and for theyr bewty witherdnesse, and sonne burnyng.
25 Youre housbandes and myghtie men shall perysh with the swerde in batayle.
26 At that tyme shal theyr gates mourne and complayne, and they shall sytt as desolate folck vpon the earth.




1 Then shall seuen wyues take holde of one man, and saye: we wyll laye all our meate and clothynge together in comen, only that we may be called thy wyues, & that thys shamefull reprofe maye be taken from vs.
2 After that tyme shall the braunche of the Lorde be bewtyfull and myghtye, and the frute of the earth shalbe fayre and pleasaunt for those Israelytes that shal spring therof.
3 Then shall the remnaunt in Sion & the remnaunt at Ierusalem be called holy: Namely all soch as are wrytten among the lyuynge at Ierusalem:
4 What tyme as the Lorde shall wasth awaye the fylthynes of the daughters of Sion, and pourge e bloude out from Ierusalem with the wynde of hys iudgmente and with fyre.
5 Moreouer, vpon all the dwellynges of the hyll of Sion and vpon theyr whole congregacion, shall the Lorde prouyde a cloude and smoke by daye, & the shynynge of a flammynge fyre by nyght: for all theyr glory shalbe preserued.
6 And Ierusalem shall be a tabernacle for a shadowne because of hete in the daye tyme a place and refuge where a man maye kepe hym from wether & rayne.




1 Now will I syng my beloued frende a songe of my frendes, because of hys vyneyarde. My beloued frende hath a vyneyarde in a very frutefull plenteous grounde.
2 This he hedged, thys he walled rounde aboute, and planted it with goodly grapes. In the myddest of it buylded he a towre, and made a wyne presse therin. And afterwarde when he loked that it shulde brynge him grapes, it brought forth thornes.
3 Now therfore (O ye Cytysens of Ierusalem and whole Iuda:) Iudge I praye you betwixte me, and my vyneyard.
4 What more could haue bene done for it that I haue not done? Wherfore then hath it geuen thornes, where I loked to haue had grapes of it?
5 Well, now I shall tell you how I wyll do with my vyneyarde: I will take e hedge from it, that it maye perysh, and breake downe the wall, that it maye be troden vnder fote.
6 I will laye it waste, that it shall nether be digged nor cut, but beare thornes and brears. I will also forbyd the cloudes that they shall not rayne vpon it.
7 As for the vyneyarde of the Lord of hostes it is the house of Israel, and whole Iuda hys fayre planting. Of these he loked for equite, but se there is wrong: for ryghteousnesse, lo, It is but mysery.
8 Wo vnto them that ioyne one house to another, & bring one lande so nygh vnto another, that e poore can get no more grounde, & t ye maye dwel vpon the earth alone.
9 These thynges are in the ears of the Lorde of Hostes: shall not many greater & more gorgyous houses be so waste, that no man shall dwell in them?
10 And ten akers of vynes shal geue but a Quarte, and .xxx. bushels of sede shall geue but an Epha.
11 Wo be vnto them, that ryse vp early to folowe dronckennes, and to them that continue so, vntyll nyght, & tyl they be sett on fyre with wyne.
12 In those companyes are harpes and lutes, tabrettes & pipes, and wyne. But they regarde not the worcke of the Lord, and consydre not the operacyon of his handes.
13 Therfore commeth my folk also into captyuite, because they haue no vnderstandynge. Theyr glory is fameshed with hunger, and theyr pryde is marred for thyrste.
14 Therfore gapeth hell, and openeth her mouth maruelous wyde: that theyr pryde, boastinge and welth, with soch as reioyse therin, maye descende into it.
15 Thus hath man a fall, and is brought lowe, and the hygh loke of the proude shalbe layde downe.
16 But the Lord of hostes is exalted in iudgement, and God that is holy, is praysed in ryghteousnes:
17 Then shall the shepe eate in ordre, and the rych mens landes that were layde waist, shall straungers deuoure.
18 Wo be vnto them, that drawe wyckednes vnto them with coardes of vanite and synne, as it were with a cart rope.
19 Which vse to speake on thys maner: let hym make haste nowe, & go forth with hys worcke, that we maye se it. Lett the councell of the holy one of Israel come, and drawe nye, that we maye knowe it.
20 Wo be vnto them t call euell good, and good euell, which make darcknesse lyght, & lyght darcknesse, that make sowre swete, & swete sowre.
21 Wo be vnto them that are wyse in theyr awne syght, and thynke them selues to haue vnderstandynge.
22 Wo be vnto them, that are strong to suppe out wyne and experte men to sett vp dronckenesse.
23 These geue sentence with the vngodly for rewardes, but comdempne the iust cause of the ryghteous.
24 Therfore, lyke as fyre lycketh vp the strawe, and as the flame consumeth the stubble: Euen so theyr rote shalbe as corrupcion: and theyr blossome shall vanysh awaye lyke dust: for they haue cast awaye the lawe of the Lord of Hostes, & blasphemed the word of the holy maker of Israel.
25 Therfore is the wrath of the Lord kindled also agaynst hys people, and he shaketh his hande at them: yee, he hath smyten, so that the hylles dyd tremble. And theyr karcases dyd lye in the open streates, lyke myre. And in all thys, the wrath of God hath not ceassed, but hys hande is stretched out styl.
26 And he shall gyue a token vnto a straunge people: and call vnto them in a farre countre: and beholde, they shall come hastely with spede.
27 There shall not be one faynt nor feble amonge them, no not a slogysh nor slepery persone. There shall not one of them put of the gyrdle from his loynes, ner lowse theyr lachet of his shooe.
28 Hys arowes are sharpe, & al his bowes bent. His horse hoofes are lyke flynt, & his cartwheles lyke a stormy wynde.
29 His crye is as it were of a lyon, and he roareth lyke lyons whelpes. They shall roare, & hantch vp the praye, & no man shall recouer it or get it from them.
30 In that daye they shalbe so fearce vpon them, as the see. And yf we looke vnto the lande, beholde, it shalbe all darcknesse & sorowe. If we loke toward heauen: beholde, it shalbe darcke.




1 In the same yeare that kinge Oziah dyed, I sawe the Lorde syttynge vpon an hygh and glorious seate, & his trayne fylled the temple.
2 And aboute him stode the Seraphins, wherof euery one had sixe winges. With twayne eche couered his face, wt twayne hys fete, and with twayne dyd he flye,
3 They cried also eche one to ather on thys maner: holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of Hostes. The whole worlde is full of his glory.
4 Yee, e geastes and dorechekes moued at his cryeng, and the house was full of smoke.
5 Then I sayde, O wo is me For I am lost in asmoch as I am a man of vncleane lyppes, & dwell amonge people t hath vncleane lyppes also: for myne eyes haue sene the Kynge and Lorde of Hoostes.
6 Then flewe one of the Seraphins vnto me, hauynge a hote cole in his hande, which he had taken from the aulter with the tonges,
7 and touched my mouth, and sayde, lo: this hath touched thy lyppes, & thyne vnryghteousnes is taken awaye, & thy synne forgeuen.
8 Also, I herd the voyce of e Lord sayenge on this maner: Whom shall I send, and who wylbe oure messaunger? Then I sayde: here am I, sende me.
9 And he sayde, go, and tell this people: ye shall heare in dede, but ye shall not vnderstande: ye shall playnely se, and not perceaue.
10 Harden the harte of this people, stoppe theyr eares, and shut theyr eyes, that they se not with theyr eyes, heare not with theyr eares, and vnderstand not with theyr hertes, and conuerte and be healed.
11 Then spake I: Lorde, how longe? he answered: vntill the cyties be vtterly wasted without inhabitours, & the houses without men, tyll the lande be also desolate, and lye vnbuylded.
12 For the Lorde shall take e men farre awaye, so that the lande shal lye waste a longe season,
13 yet in yt shall succeade .x. kinges, and the lande shall retorne and be layde waste. And as The terebint tre and oke in winter cast ther leaues, and yet haue ther sappe in them so shall the holy sead contynue in theyr substance.




1 It happened in the tyme of Ahaz the sonne of Iotham, which was the sonne of Uziah Kynge of Iuda: t Razin the Kynge of Syria, and Pechah e sonne of Romelyah, kynge of Israel: went vp toward Ierusalem to besege it, but Razin was not able to winne ye.
2 Now when the house of Dauid (that is Ahaz) herde worde therof, t Syria & Ephraim were confederate together: his herte quaked (yee and the hertes also of his people) lyke as whan a tree in the felde is moued with the wynde.
3 Then sayde God vnto Esay: go mete Ahaz (thou and thy sonne Sear Iasub) at the head of the ouer pole, in the fote path by the fullers grounde,
4 & saye vnto hym, take hede to thy selfe & be styll, but feare not, nether be faynt harted, for these two tayles: t is: for these two smokyng fyre brandes, the wrath and furiousnes of Razin the Syrian and Romelies sonne:
5 because that the kynge of Syria Ephraim and Romelies sonne haue wickedly conspyred agaynst the saying:
6 We wyll goo vp agaynst Iuda, vexe them, and brynge them vnder vs, and set a kynge there, euen the sonne of Tabeel
7 For thus sayeth the Lorde God therto, It shal not so goo forth, nether come so to passe:
8 for the head cytie of e Sirians is Damascus, but the head of Damascus is Rayzin. And after fyue & threscore yeare, shall Ephraim be no more a people.
9 And e chefe cytie of Ephraim is Samaria, but the head of Samaria is Romelies sonne. Yf ye beleue not: it commeth of thys: that ye are vnfaithfull to God.
10 Moreouer, God spake once agayne vnto Ahaz, sayinge,
11 requyre a token of the Lorde thy God, whether it be toward the depth beneth, or towarde e heygth aboue.
12 Then sayd Ahaz: I will requyre none, nether wyll I tempte e Lorde
13 The Lorde answered: Then heare to, ye of e house of Dauid: Is it not ynough for you t ye be greuous vnto men, but ye must greue my God also.
14 And therfore e Lord shall geue you a token: Behold, a vyrgin shall conceaue and beare a sonne, and (u hys mother) shalt cal his name Emanuel.
15 Butter and hony shall he eate, t he maye knowe to refuse the euell, and chose the good.
16 For or euer the chyld come to knowledge, to eschue the euel and chose the good. The lande (that thou so Abhorrest) shalbe desolate of both her kynges.
17 The Lorde also shall sende a tyme vpon the, vpon thy people, & vpon thy fathers house (soch as neuer came sence the tyme that Ephraim departed from Iuda) thorowe the kynge of the Assirians.
18 For at e same tyme shall the Lord whystle for the flyes that are aboute the water of Egypt, and for the Bees in e Assirians lande.
19 These shall come, and shall lyght all in the desolate valeyes, in the holes of stones, vpon all thornye and bushye places.
20 At the same tyme shall the Lord shaue the heare of the head and the fete and e beerd cleane of, with the rasoure that he shall hyer beyonde the water: namely, with the kynge of the Assirians.
21 At the same tyme shall a man lyue with a kowe, and two shepe.
22 Then, because of the aboundaunce of mylck, he shall make butter & eate it. So that euery one which remayneth in the lande, shall eate butter and hony.
23 At the same tyme all vyneyardes (though there be a thousande vynes in one, & were solde for a thousande syluerlynges) shalbe turned to brears & thornes.
24 Lyke as they shall come in to the lande wt arowes & bowes, so shall all the lande be come brears and thornes.
25 And as for al hylles that are hewen downe, ther shall not come vpon them anye feare of brears & thornes. But e catell shal be dryuen thyther, and the shepe shall fede there.




1 Moreouer, the lord sayd vnto me: Take e a greate leaf, & write in it, as men do wt a penne, make hastye spede to robbe, & haste to e spoyle.
2 And I called vnto me faythfull witnesses to recorde. Uryah the prest, & Zachariah the sonne of Barachiah.
3 After that went I vnto the Prophetisse, t had conceaued & borne a sonne. Then sayde the Lorde to me: geue him this name: a spedie robber: an hastie spoiler.
4 For why, or ouer e chylde shal haue knowledge to crye father, & mother: shall the ryches of Damascus & e substaunce of Samaria be taken awaye by e spoyler, before the kyng of the Assirians.
5 The Lorde spake also vnto me, sayinge:
6 for so moch as thys people refuseth the still rennynge water of Sylo, and put theyr delyte in Razin & Romelies sonne:
7 Behold, the Lorde shall brynge myghtie & greate floudes of water vpon them: namely, the kynge of the Assirians with all his power: Which shall clyme vp vpon all his floudes, and renne ouer all theyr banckes.
8 And shal breake in vpon Iuda, flowinge & increasing in power, tyll he gett him by e neck. He shall fyll also the widenesse of thy lande with hys brode winges, O Emanuel.
9 Breake downe (o ye peple of Assur) and ye shall be, broken downe: herken to all ye of farre countrees. Muster you, and you shalbe broken downe, prepare you to batell and you shall be torne in peces:
10 take your councell together, yet must your councel come to naught: go in hande withall, yet shall it not prospere: for God is with vs.
11 For the Lord spake thus to me in the powre of his hande, & warned me, sayinge vnto me: that I shulde not walcke in the waye of this people. He sayde moreouer:
12 rounde with none of them, whosoeuer saye: yonder people are bounde together: feare them not, nether be afrayd of them,
13 but sanctifie the Lord of Hostes, lett hym be youre feare and drede.
14 For he shall be the holy place to flye to, and stone to stomble at: the rock to fall vpon: a snare and net to both the houses of Israel, and the inhabitours of Ierusalem.
15 And many shall stomble, fall, and be broken vpon hym: yee, they shalbe snared & taken.
16 Now laye the witnesses together & seale the lawe wt my disciples.
17 Thus wil I wayte vpon the Lorde that hath turned his face from the house of Iacob, and I will loke for him.
18 But lo, as for me, and the children which the lord hath geuen me: we are a token and a wondre in Israel, for the Lord of Hostes sake, which dwelleth vpon the hyll of Sion.
19 And yf they saye vnto you: aske councell at the sothesayers, witches, charmers and coniurers, then make them thys answere. Is there a people eny where, t asketh not councell at his God? Shulde men renne vnto the dead for e lyuynge?
20 If eny man want lyght, leet hym loke vpon the lawe, and the testimony, whether they speake not after this meaning.
21 If he do not thys, he stombleth and suffreth hunger. And yf he suffre hunger he is out of pacience, and blasphemeth his kyng & his God. Then loketh he vp warde, & downe warde to e earth,
22 & beholde, there is trouble and darckenesse, vexacion is rounde aboute hym, and the cloude of erroure. And out of soch aduersite, shal he not escape.




1 Euen lyke as in tyme past, it hath bene well sene, that the lande of Zabulon and the lande of Nephtaly (where thorow e see waye goeth ouer Iordane into the lande of Galilee) was at the fyrst in lytle trouble: but afterwarde sore vexed.
2 The people that walke in darckenes haue sene a greate lyght. As for them that dwell in the lande of the Shadowe of death, vpon them hath e lyght shyned.
3 Thou hast multyplyed the people, & not increased theyr ioye. They reioyse before the, euen as men make mery in haruest, and as men that haue gotten e victory, when they deale the spoyle.
4 For thou hast broken the yocke of e peoples burthen: the staff of hys shoulder and the rod of hys oppressoure, as in the dayes of Madian.
5 And trulie euery batayll t the warryoure accomplissheth, is done wt confused noyse & defylinge ther garmentes wt bloude: But this batayle shall be wt burnynge & consumynge of fyre.
6 For vnto vs a chylde is borne, & vnto vs a sonne is geuen. Upon hys shoulder doth the kyngdome lye, and he is called wt hys awne name: wonderfull. The geuer of councell, e myghtye God, e euerlasting father, the prince of peace,
7 he shall make no ende to encrease e kyngdome & peace, & shall syt vpon the seate of Dauid & in his kyngdome, to set vp the same, & to stablish it wt equyte and ryghteousnesse, from hence forth for euermore. Thys shall the gelousy of the Lorde of Hostes brynge to passe.
8 The Lorde sent a worde into Iacob, the same is come into Israel.
9 And all the people of Ephraim shall knowe, and they that dwell in Samaria, t can saye with pryde and hye stomackes, on this maner.
10 The tyle worcke is fallen downe, but we will buylde it wt squared stones. The Molbery tymbre is broken, but we shall sett it vp agayne with Cedre.
11 Neuertheles, e Lord shall prepare Razin the enemye agaynst them, and so ordre theyr aduersaryes,
12 that the Sirians shall laye holde vpon them before, and the Philistynes behynde, and so deuoure Israel with open mouth. After all thys is not the wrath of e Lorde ceassed, but yet hys hande stretched oute styll.
13 For the people turneth not vnto hym that chastyseth them, nether do they seke the Lorde of Hostes.
14 Therfore hath e Lorde roted oute of Israel both head and tayle, braunche and twigge in one daye.
15 By the head, is vnderstande the Senatoure and honorable man, and by the tayle the Prophet that preached lyes.
16 For all they which enfourme the people that they be in a ryght case, soch be disceauers. Soch as men thyncke also to be perfecte among these, are but cast awayes.
17 Therfore shall the Lorde haue no pleasure in theyr yonge men, nether fauoure theyr fatherlesse & wydowes. For they are all together ypocrytes and wycked, and all theyr mouthes speake foly. After all thys is not e Lordes wrath ceassed, but yet hys hande is stretched out styll.
18 For vngodlynesse burneth, as a fyre in the bryers and thornes. And as it were out of a fyre in a wood or a rede bush, so ascendeth the smoke of theyr pryde.
19 For cause of the wrath of the Lorde of Hostes, is the lande full of darckenesse, and the people be consumed, as it were with fyre, no man doth spare his brother,
20 but he robbyth on e ryght hand: & doth famishe, he eateth on the lefte hande, and he shall not haue ynough. Euery man shall eate the flesh of his awne arme.
21 Manasses shall eate Ephraim, and Ephraim. Manasses, and they both shall eate Iuda. After all thys is not the Lordes wrath ceassed, but yet is hys hande stretched out styll.




1 Wo be vnto them t make vnryghteous lawes, & deuyse thinges, which be to harde for to kepe:
2 wher thorow the poore are oppressed, on euery syde, and e innocentes of my people robbed of iudgement: that wyddowes maye be theyr praye, and that they maye robbe e fatherlesse.
3 What will ye do in tyme of the visitacyon, and whan destruccion shall come from farre? To whom wyll ye ronne for helpe? and to whom wyll ye geue youre honoure, that he maye kepe it?
4 that when I with drawe my hande ye come not amonge the presoners, or lye amonge the deed? After all this doth not the wrath of the Lord ceasse, but yet is his hande stretched out styll.
5 Wo be also vnto Assur, which is a staf of my wrath, in whose hande is the rod of my punyshement.
6 I shall sende hym amonge those ypocritish people, amonge the people that haue deserued my dysfauoures shall I send hym: that he may vtterly robbe them, spoyle them, and treade them downe lyke the myre in e strete.
7 Howbeit, his meanyng is not so nether thynketh his hert of thys fasshyon. But he ymagineth onely, how he may rote out and destroye moch people,
8 for he sayeth are not my Prynces all Kynges?
9 Is not Calno as easye to wynne, as Charchamis? Is it harder to conquere Hamath then Arphad? Or is it lyghter to ouercome Damascus then Samaria?
10 As who say: I were able to wynne the Kyngdome of the Idolaters and their goddes: but not Ierusalem & Samaria.
11 Shal I not do vnto Ierusalem & their ymages, as I dyd vnto Samaria and their ydoles?
12 Wherfore e Lord sayeth: Assone as I haue perfourmed my whole worcke vpon the hyll of Syon and Ierusalem, then wyll I vyset the noble and stoute hart of the kynge of Assyria, with hys proude lookes.
13 For he standeth thus in his awne conceate: This do I thorowe e power of myne awne hande, and thorow my wysdome: For I am wyse, I am he that remoue the landes of the people: I robbe their treasures: and (lyke one of the worthyes) I dryue them from their hye seates.
14 My hande hath founde out the strength of the people, as it were a nest. And lyke as egges, that were layde here and there, are gathered together: So do I gather all countrees. And there is no man, t darre be so bolde, as to touch a fether, that darre open his mouth, or once whysper.
15 Shall the axe boast it selfe, agaynst him that heweth therwith? or doth e sawe make eny bragging agaynst him that ruleth it? That were euen lyke, as yf the rod dyd exalte it selfe agaynst him that beareth it: or as though the staff shulde magnifye it selfe, as who saye: it were no wood.
16 Therfore shal e Lord of hostes send him amonge his fatlinges leanes, & burne vp his glory, as it were wt a fyre.
17 But the lyght of Israel shalbe that fyre, and his Sanctuary shalbe the flamme and it shall kyndle, and burne vp his thornes and breers in one daye,
18 yee all the glory of his woddes and feldes shalbe consumed with body & soule: And they shalbe as an hoost of men, whose standerd bearer fayleth.
19 The trees also of hys felde which remayne, shalbe of soch a nombre, that a childe maye tell them.
20 After that daye shall the remnaunt of Israel, & soch as are escaped out of the house of Iacob, seke nomore conforte at him that smote them, but with faythfulnesse & treuth shal they trust vnto the Lord, the holy one of Israel.
21 The remnaunt, euen the Posteryte of Iacob, shall conuerte vnto God the myghty one.
22 For though thy people (O Israel) be as e lande of the see, yet shal e remnaunt of them conuerte in hym. Perfecte is the iudgement of him that floweth in ryghteousnesse,
23 and therfore the Lorde of hostes shall perfectly fulfyll the thynge, t he hath determined in e myddest of e whole worlde
24 Therfore thus sayeth the Lord God of hostes: Thou my people, t dwellest in Syon, be not afrayed, for e kynge of the Assirians: He shal smyte the with a rodd, & shal wagg his staff at the, as the Egypcians dyd some tyme:
25 But soone after, shall my wrath and myne indignacion be fulfylled in the destruccion of them.
26 Moreouer, the Lord of Hostes shall prepare a scourge for him, lyke as was e slaughter of Madian vpon the rock of Oreb. And he shall lyft vp his rodd ouer the see, as he dyd somtyme ouer the Egypcians.
27 Then shall hys burthen be taken from thy shoulders, and his yock from thy neck, yee, the same yock shall be corrupte for very fatnesse.
28 He shall come to Aiath, and go thorow toward Mygron: at Mychmas shall he laye vp his harnesse,
29 and go ouer the foorde. Gybea shall be their restynge place, Rhamah shalbe a frayed, Gybea Saul shall flye awaye.
30 The voyce of e noyes of thy horses (O daughter Gallim) shalbe herde vnto Lays & to Anathoth, which also shalbe in trouble.
31 Madmena shall tremble for reare, but e citesins of Gabin are manly,
32 yet shal he remayne at Nob t daye. After that, shal he lyft vp hys hande agaynst the mount of e daughter Syon, the hyll of Ierusalem.
33 But se, the Lord God of hostes shall take awaye the proude from thence, with feare. He shall hewe downe the proude, & fel the hye mynded.
34 The busshes also of e wood shal he rote out with yron, and Lybanus shall haue a myghtye fall.




1 And there shall come a rodd forth of the kynred of Isai, and a blossome shall florish out of hys rote.
2 The sprete of e Lord shall lyght vpon hym: the sprete of wysdome, and vnderstandynge: e sprete of councell, & strength the sprete of knowledge, and of the feare of the Lorde:
3 and shall make hym feruent in the feare of God. For he shall not geue sentence, after the thyng that shal be brought before his eyes, nether reproue a matter at e fyrst hearing:
4 but wt ryghteousnesse shal he iudge e poore, and with holynes shal he refourme the simple of the worlde. He shall smyte the worlde with the rodd of hys mouth, & wt the breath of hys mouth shall he staye the vngodly.
5 Ryghteousnesse shalbe the gyrdle of his loynes, trueth & faythfulnesse, the gyrdynge vp of hys raynes.
6 The wolfe shall dwell with the lambe, and the Leoparde shal lye downe by e goate. Bullockes, Lyons & catell shall kepe company together, so t a lytle chylde shall rule them.
7 The kowe & the Bere shall fede together, & their yonge ones shall lye together. The Lyon shall eate strawe lyke the oxe, or the kowe.
8 The childe whyle he sucketh, shal haue a desire to the serpentes nest, and when he is weaned, he shall put hys hande into the Cockatryce denne.
9 No man shall do euel to another, no man shal destroye another, in all the hyll of my holynes. For the earth shalbe full of the knowledge of the Lord, euen as the see floweth ouer with water.
10 And in t daye shal the gentyles enquere after e rote of Iesse which shalbe set vp for a token vnto the people, & hys dwellynge shalbe glorious.
11 At e same time shal e lord take in hande agayne, to conquere the remnaunt of his people (which shalbe left alyue) From the Assyrians, Egypcians, Arabians, Morians, Elamites, Caldeyes, Antiochians and from the Ilandes of the see.
12 And he shall sett vp a token amonge the Gentyles, and gather together the dispersed of Israel, yee & the out castes of Iuda from the foure corners of the worlde.
13 The hatred of Ephraim also and enemyes of Iuda shalbe cleane roted oute. Ephraim shall beare no euell will to Iuda, and Iuda shal not hate Ephraim:
14 but they both together shall flye vpon the shoulders of e Philistines toward the west, and spoyle them together that dwell towarde the East. The Idumytes and the Moabites shall lett their handes fall, & the Ammonites shalbe obedient vnto them.
15 The Lorde also shall cleue the tunges of the Egypcians see, & with a myghtie wynde shall he lyft vp his hande ouer Nilus, and shall smyte hys seuen streames, and make men go ouer drye shod.
16 And thus shal there be awaye for his people, t remayneth from the Assirians, lyke as it happened to the Israelites, what tyme they departed out of e land of Egypt.




1 So that then u shalt saye: O Lorde, I wyll thanke the, for thou waste displeased at me, but refrayne thou from thy wrath, and comforte me.
2 Behold, God is my saluacion in whom I will trust, and not be afrayde. For the Lorde God is my strength, & my songe, he also is become my saluacion.
3 Therfore with ioye shall ye drawe water out of the welles of the Sauioure,
4 & then shall ye saye: geue thanckes vnto the lorde, call vpon his name, declare his councels amonge the people, kepe them in remembrance, for his name is excellent.
5 O syng prayses vnto the Lord, for he hath done greate thynges, as it is knowne in all the worlde.
6 Crye out, and syng thou t dwellest in Syon, for great is the holy one of Israell in the myddes of the.




1 This is the heuy burthen of Babylon, which Esay the sonne of Amos dyd se.
2 Lyft vp the banner vpon the hye hyl, call vnto them, holde vp youre hande that the Prynces maye go in at the dore.
3 I haue sent for my debytes & my gyauntes (sayth the Lord) which shall execute wrath, I wyll call for soch, as triumphe in my glory.
4 There is a noyse of a multytude in the mountaynes, like as of a great people, a russhynge, as though the kyngdomes of e nacions came together. (And the Lord of Hostes, mustreth his armye to bataile.)
5 They come out of a farre countree, from the ende of heauen: Euen the Lord hym selfe wt the ministers of his wrath, to destroye e whole lande.
6 Mourne ye, for e daye of the Lord is at hande, and shall come as a destroyer from the almyghtie.
7 Therfore shall all handes be letten downe, & all mens hertes shal melt awaye,
8 they shall stande in feare, carefulnesse and sorow shall come vpon them, & they shall haue payne, as a woman t trauayleth with childe. One shall be abasshed of another, and their faces shall burne lyke the flamme of fyre.
9 Beholde, the daye of the Lord shall come, terrible, ful of indignacion, furoure & wrath to make the lande waste, & to roote out the synners therof.
10 For the starres & planetes of heauen shal not geue their lyght, the sunne shalbe darkened in the rysynge, and the moone shall not shyne with his lyght.
11 And I wyll punysh the wyckednesse of the worlde, and the synnes of the vngodly, sayeth the Lorde. The hye stomackes of the proude wyll I take awaye, and wyll laye downe the boastynge of tyrauntes.
12 I will make a man dearer then fyne golde, and a man to be more worth then a golden wedge of Ophir.
13 Therfore, I wyll shake the heauen, and the earth shall remoue out of her place: in the wrath of the Lord of hostes, and in the daye of hys fearfull indignacion.
14 And Babylon shalbe as an hunted or chased doo, and as a shepe t no man taketh vp. Euery man shall turne to hys awne people, and flye eche one into his awne lande.
15 Who so is founde alone, shalbe shot thorow: And who so gather together, shalbe destroyed with the swerde.
16 Their chyldren shalbe slayne before their eyes, their houses spoyled, and their wyues rauished.
17 For lo, I shall brynge vp the Medes agaynst them, which shall not regarde siluer, nor be desirous of gold.
18 With bowes shall they destroye the yong chidren, & haue no pytie vpon wemen wyth chylde, & their faces shall not spare the chyldren.
19 And Babylon (that glory of kyngdomes and bewtye of the Caldees honour) shalbe destroyed euen as God destroyed Sodome and Gomorre.
20 It shall not endure for euer, nether shall there be any more dwellyng there, from generacyon to generacyon. The Arabians shall pytch no tentes there, nether shal e shepheardes make their foldes there any more:
21 but fearfull wild beastes shall lye there, & e houses shalbe full of greate Dules. Estriches shall dwel there, & Apes shal daunse there
22 wild cattes shal crye in the palaces, and Dragons shalbe in e pleasaunt houses. And as for Babylons tyme it is at hand, & her dayes shal not be prolonged.




1 But the Lord wylbe mercyfull vnto Iacob, and wil yet chose Israel agayne, and set them in their awne lande. Straungers shal cleaue vnto them, & get them to the house of Iacob.
2 The people shal take them, & cary them home to their awne lande. And make them to enherite e house of Israel in e lande of e Lord t they maye be seruauntes & hand maydens of the Lord. They shal take those prisoners whose captyues they had bene a fore: & rule those t had oppressed them.
3 When the Lord now shal bringe the to rest, from the trauayle, feare, & harde bondage t thou wast laden wt all:
4 then shalt thou vse thys mockage vpon the kyng of Babylon, & saye: How happeneth it t the oppressour leaueth of? Is the golden tribute come to an ende?
5 The Lord hath broken e ceptre of e vngodly & the rodd of the lordly.
6 Which when he is wroth smyteth e people wt continual strokes, & tyrannouselye reignethe ouer e hethen whom he persecuted without compassion.
7 And therfore the whole worlde is now at rest & quyetnes and men synge for ioye.
8 Ye, euen e Fyrre trees & Cedres of libanus reioyse at thy fall sayeng: Nowe t thou art layd downe, there come no mo vp to hewe downe vs.
9 Hell also beneth trembleth to mete e at thy commynge, & for thy sake hath raysed his deade, & all myghtie men & princes of e earth. All kynges of e earth stande vp from their seates,
10 t they may all answere & speake vnto e. Art u become weake also as we? art thou become lyke vnto vs?
11 Thy pompe and thy pryde is layde downe into the pyt, and so is the melody of thy instrumentes. Wormes be layde vnder the, & wormes are thy couerynge.
12 How art thou fallen from heauen (O Lucifer) thou faire mornynge childe? how hast thou gotten a fall euen to the grounde, and art become weaker then e people?
13 For thou saydest in thyne herte: I will clyme vp into heauen, & exalte my throne aboue besyde e starres of God, I will syt also vpon the holy mount towarde the North,
14 I will clyme vp aboue the cloudes, and wylbe lyke the hyghest of al.
15 Yet thou shalt be brought downe to e depe of hell.
16 They that se the, shall narowly loke vpon the, and thynke in them selues, sayenge: Is thys the man, t brought all landes in feare, and made the kingdomes afrayde?
17 Is this he that made the worlde in a maner waste, and layde the cytyes to the grounde, which let not his prisoners go out?
18 The kynges of the nacions lye euery one in his awne house with worshype,
19 and u art cast out of thy graue lyke a filthy abhominable braunch: lyke as dead mens raymint t are shot thorow with the swerde, & go downe to the stones of the depe: as a dead coarse that is troden vnder fete:
20 and art not buried with them. Euen because that thou hast wasted thy lande, and destroyed thy people The generacyon of the wycked shalbe without honour, for euer.
21 Let there a waye be sought to destroye their children, that he in their fathers wyckednes, t they come not vp agayne to possesse the lande, and fyll the worlde full of enemyes.
22 I will stande vp agaynst them (sayeth the lord of hostes) & roote out e name & remnaunt sonne, & sonnes sonne of Babylon (sayeth e Lord)
23 & will geue it to e Otters, & will make water poddels of it. And I wyll swepe them out wt the besome of destruccion, sayeth e Lorde of Hostes.
24 The Lord of Hostes hath sworne an othe, sayinge? It shall come to passe as I haue determyned, and shalbe fulfylled as I haue deuysed.
25 So that Assiria shal I destroye in my lande, & vpon my mountaynes will I treade him vnder foote. Wher thorow his yock shal come from them, and his burthen shalbe taken from their shoulder.
26 Thys deuyce hath God taken thorow the whole worlde, and thys is hys hande stretched out ouer all people.
27 For yf the Lord of hostes determen a thynge, who is able to dysanulle it? And yf he stretch forth his hande, who maye holde it in agayne?
28 The same yeare that Kynge Ahaz dyed, god threatened on this maner:
29 Reioyse not (thou whole Palestyna) because the rod of hym t beateth the is broken: for out of the serpentes rote, there shall come an adder, & e frute shalbe a fyrie flynge worme.
30 But the fyrst borne of e poore shalbe fed, & e symple shal dwel in safetye. Thy rote also will I destroye wt honger, & it shal slaye thy remnaunt.
31 Mourne u porte, wepe u citye, for (O whole land of Palestina) u art layde waste for there shall come from e North, a smoke that not one alone may abyde in his place
32 Who shall then answere e messangers of e Gentyles? For e Lord hath stablyshed Syon, & the poore of his people t be therin, do put theyr trust in him.




1 This is the heuy burthen vpon Moab: Ar of Moab was destroyed & ouerthrowen in e nyght season: Kir also in Moab was destroyed & peryshed in the nyght.
2 They wente vp to the ydols house, euen to Dibon to the hye places, to wepe for Nebo, and Moab dyd mourne for Medba: All theyr heades, were balde & all theyr beardes shauen.
3 In theyr stretes are they gyrded aboute with sack cloth. In all e toppes of their houses & stretes shalbe nothynge but mournynge & wepynge.
4 Hesebon & Eleale shall crye, t theyr voyce shalbe hearde vnto Iahaz. The worthyes also of Moab shall bleare out and crye for very sorow of their Myndes:
5 Wo shall my herte be for Moabs sake. They shal flye vnto e cyte of Zoar, which is lyke a fayre yong bullock of thre yere olde, for they shall all go vp to Luith, wepinge. Euen so by e waye toward Horonaim they shall make lamentacion for ther vtter destruccion.
6 For e waters of Nimrim shalbe dried vp, by reason wherof e grasse is withred, e herbes destroyed, & the grene thynges gone.
7 For the residue t he hath done, they are sory. As for theyr substaunce, e enemyes haue caried them to the broke of e wyllyes.
8 For e crie went ouer e whole lande of Moab: vnto Eglaim & vnto Beer Elim was there nothing but mournyng,
9 because the waters of Dimon were full of bloude: for I the Lord shall sende more bloude vpon Dimon, & lyons vpon the remnaunt of the lande, & on them that are escaped from Moab.




1 Sende e Lord of the world a lambe, from the rocke t lyeth towarde e deserte, vnto e hil of the daughter Syon.
2 For as for the daughters of Moab, they shalbe as a tremblyng byrde, t is put out of heruest, for they shal carye them vnto Arnon:
3 gather your councel, come together in iudgement, couer vs wt your shadowe in the myddaye, as the nyght doth hyde the chased, and bewraye not them that are fled
4 let my persecuted people dwell amonge you Moab, be thou their refuge against the destroyer: for the aduersary is brought to naught, e robber is vndone, the tyraunt is waysted out of the land.
5 And in mercy shall the seate be prepared, and he shal syt vpon it in the trueth, in the tabernacle of Dauid iudgyng and sekyng iudgement, & making hast vnto ryghteousnes.
6 We haue heard of the pryde of Moab, he is very proude, presumpteous, arrogant, and full of indignacyon, & vayne are hys lyes.
7 Therfore shal Moab make lamentacion because of the Moabites (that shalbe slayne) yee they shal wayle all together. Because of the foundacyons of the citye that is made of brick, shal ye complayne: euen ye lame people that are left onely behinde.
8 For the vynes of Hesbon are cut downe: As for the vyne of Sibma, the Lordes of the Heithen haue broken downe hyr principall braunches: they are come euen vnto Iazer, they went on wandering vnto e wildernesse. Hyr goodly braunches were throwen downe, as they went ouer the see.
9 Therfore will I mourne for Iazer, & for the vyne of Sibma. I will poure my teares vpon the, O Hesbon and Eleale, for the crie of thyne enemyes is fallen vpon thy sommer frutes, and vpon thyne haruest.
10 The Myrth and chere is taken awaye out of the plentifull felde, and in the vyneyardes there shalbe no ioye ner gladnesse. The treader shall treade out no wyne in the presses, e song of theyr mery chere haue I layde downe.
11 Wherfore, my bowels shal romble lyke an harpe for Moabs sake, and myne inwarde partes for the cityes sake t is made of bryck.
12 And it shal come to passe, that whan it is sene that Moab shalbe made wery of hys hyll chapels, he shall come to his temple to praye, but he shal not be able
13 So then, thys is the sayeng t the Lord hath spoken concernyng, Moab sens that tyme.
14 But now the Lord hath spoken sayeng. In thre yeares which shalbe as the yeares of an hyred seruaunt: shall the glorye of Moab be turned into confusion, thorow out al his multitude, which is very great. And that whych remayneth, shalbe very small and feble.




1 Thys is the heuye burthen vpon Damascus: Beholde, Damascus is taken awaye, to be nomore a citye, but shalbe an heape of broken stones.
2 The waste cityes of Aroer shalbe foldes for catel which shal lye there, and there shalbe none to fraye them awaye
3 Ephraim also shall nomore be strong, & Damascus shall nomore be a kyngdome, & the remnaunt of Syria shalbe as e glorye of e children of Israel, sayeth e Lord of hostes.
4 And in t daye it shal come to passe t Iacob shalbe made very poore, & e fatnesse of hys fleshe shall waxe leane.
5 And he shalbe as one t gathereth vp corne in haruest, euen lyke him whose arme reapeth e eares of corne. He shalbe also lyke hym t gathereth eares of corne in the valley of Rephaim.
6 Some gathering in dede shal there be left in it, euen as in the shakyng of an olyue tre there remayne two or thre beryes in the toppe of the vppermost bowe, & foure or fyue in e brode frutefull braunches therof, sayeth the Lorde God of Israel.
7 Then shall man turne agayne to his maker, & his eyes shall haue respecte to e holy one of Israel.
8 As for the altares which are his awne handy worke, he shal not regarde them, & the thynges t his fyngers haue made (as groues & ymages) those shall he not cast his eye vnto.
9 In t daye shal their strong cities be as the forsaken shrubbes & braunches, which they left because of the children of Israel, & the londe shalbe desolate.
10 Because thou hast forgotten God thy saluacion, and hast not bene myndefull of thy strong rock, therfore shalt thou set pleasaunt plantes, & shalt graffe the braunche of another mans vyne.
11 In the daye shalt thou make thy plant to growe, & early in the mornynge shalt thou make thy sede to florish. The haruest shalbe gone in the daye of enheritaunce, & there shalbe sorowe without hope of comforte.
12 Wo shalbe to the multitude of moche people, which shall make a sounde lyke the noyse of e see: And the violence of e nacions, which shal rage lyke the russhyng in of many waters:
13 Euen lyke many waters shall the people rage. God shall rebuke him, and he shal flye farre of. He shalbe chaced awaye lyke as drye strawe vpon the mountaynes before the wynde, and lyke a thing that turneth before the storme.
14 At euen beholde, there is trouble: & or euer it be mornyng, lo, he is gone. This is e porcyon of them that oppresse vs, and the lott of them that robbe vs.




1 O that lande that trusteth vnder the shadowe of wynges, that lande which is beyonde the waters of Ethiopia:
2 Sending messaungers by the see, euen in vessels of redes ouer the water. Get you hence (ye spedye messaungers) to a nacion that is scatred a brode & robbed of that they had: a fearfull people from their begynning hytherto: a nacion troden downe by lytle and lytle, whose lande the floudes haue spoyled.
3 All ye inhabiters of the worlde and indwellers of e earth, loke vp whan he setteth a token in the mountaynes, and harken whan he bloweth wyth the trompe.
4 For so e Lorde sayde vnto me, as for me, I will take my rest, & loke vpon the matter in my habitacion, lyke a fayre heate after e rayne, & lyke a cloude of dew in e heat of haruest.
5 For afore the haruest, whan the braunche is growne, there shal come ripe frute out of the floure, & he shall cut downe the increace wyth sythes, & the braunches shall he take awaye with hokes.
6 Thus shal they be left together vnto the foules of e mountaynes, and to the beastes of the erth: for in sommer the byrdes shall remayne vpon it, and euery beest of e lande shalbe vpon it in e wynter.
7 In t tyme shal there a present be brought vnto the Lorde of hoostes: euen a people that is scatred abrode, and robbed of that they had, that same people which hath bene fearfull from theyr begynnyng hyther to: a nacyon troden downe by lytle and lytle whose lande the floudes haue spoyled: To the place of the name of e Lord of hoostes, euen to the mount Syon.




1 The heuye burthen of Egypte: Beholde, the Lorde rydeth vpon a swyfte clowde, and shall come into Egypte, & the ydols of Egypte shall tremble at the presence of hym, & the hert of Egypte shall quake in the myddes of her.
2 And I wyll set the Egypcians one agaynst another, so that one brother shall fyght agaynst another, & one neyghboure agaynst another, citye agaynst citye, & realme agaynst realme.
3 The mynde also of Egipte shalbe cleane without councell within it selfe, & the deuyce that they take, wyll I destroye, so that they shall seke councell at ydols & at sorcerers, at workers with spretes & at sothsayers.
4 And the Egypcians will I geue ouer into the hande of a maruelous cruell Lorde, & a myghtie kynge shall haue dominion ouer them, sayeth the Lord God of hostes.
5 The waters of the see shal fayle, & the ryuer shall decreace and be dryed vp.
6 The waters shalbe drawen out: the ryuers of Egypte shalbe emptyed & dryed vp, the redes and flagges shalbe cut downe.
7 The grasse in the ryuer & by the ryuers banck, & all that groweth by the ryuer shal wither awaye, and be brought to naught.
8 The fysshers also shal mourne and all they that cast angle into the water, shal make lamentacion, and they that laye forth theyr nett besyde e waters, shalbe roted out.
9 Morouer, they t worke in flaxe, and make fyne workes, shall be confounded, and so shall they t weaue open workes.
10 For theyr open workes shalbe euen destroyed, and all they that make pondes and stewes for fish shall come to naught.
11 But ye foolish prynces of Zoan, ye wyse councelours of Pharao, whose wit is turned to foolyshnes, how saye ye vnto Pharao: I am come of wyse men & of auncient kynges?
12 Wher ar they? where are (I saye) thy wyse men? Let them tell e (yf they can) what e lord of hoostes hath deuysed vpon Egypte.
13 The prynces of zoan are become fooles, the prynces of Noph are disceaued, they haue disceaued Egypte, euen they that were taken for the chefe kynred therof.
14 In the myddes of it hath the lord powred the sprete of wyckednes, and they haue disceaued Egypt in euery worke therof, euen as a droncken man stackereth in his vomyte.
15 Nether shall the heade or tayle, the braunch or rede be able to do anye worke in Egipte.
16 In t daye shall Egypte be lyke vnto women: It shalbe afrayed and stonde in feare at the mocyon of the hand of the Lorde of hostes, which he shaketh ouer it.
17 And Egipt shalbe afrayed of e land of Iuda: so t euery one which maketh mencyon of it, shalbe afrayed therat, because of the councell of the Lord of hoostes which he deuyseth for it.
18 In that daye shall fyue cities in the land of Egypte speake the language of Canaan, & swere by the Lord of hoostes: the citye of desolacion shalbe called one of them.
19 In t daye shall the altare of the Lord be in e myddes of the land of Egypt, & thys tytle besyde it: VNTO THE LORDE.
20 And it shalbe a token and witnesse vnto the Lord of hoostes in the lande of Egypte. For they shall crye vnto e Lorde because of such as trouble them, & he shall send them a Sauiour & a great man to delyuer them.
21 And the Lord shalbe knowne in Egipte, and the Egypcians shall knowe e Lord in that daye, and do sacrifice and oblation: yee they shall vowe a vowe vnto the Lord, and perfourme it.
22 The lord also that smyte Egypte sore, & heale them agayne, & they shalbe conuerted vnto the Lord, and he shalbe intreated of them, & shall heale them.
23 In that daye shall there be a comen waye out of Egypte into Assyria, and Assyria shall come into Egypte, & Egypte in to Assyria, so that the Egypcians and the Assyrians shall serue the Lorde together.
24 In t daye shal e nacion of Israel be the thyrde wyth Egypte & Assyria,
25 and they shalbe blessed in the myddes of the lande, which lande the Lord of hoostes hath blessed, sayeng: blessed is my people of Egypte, Assur also is the worke of myne handes, and Israel is myne inheritaunce.




1 In the yeare that Tharthan came vnto Asdod (whan Sargon e kyng of Assyria had sent him) and had foughte agaynst Asdod and taken it.
2 At the same tyme spake the Lorde by the hande of Esay the sonne of Amos, sayeng: Go and take of the sacke clothe from thy loynes, & put of thy shooe from thy foote. And he dyd so, walkynge naked and bare foote.
3 And the Lord sayde: lyke as my seruaunt Esay hath walked naked, and bare fote for a signe and wonder thre yeares vpon Egypte, and Ethiopia:
4 Euen so shall the kynge of Assyria take awaye out of Egypte and out of Ethiopia, chyldren and olde men, naked and bare fote wyth their loynes vncouered, to the greate shame of Egypte.
5 They shalbe brought in feare also, & asshamed one of another: Ethiopia of Egypte, and Egypte of Ethiopia, considerynge what glory they were in a fore.
6 And they t dwell in e same yle, shal saye in that daye: Beholde, thus are we regarded. Whither shall we flye for helpe, that we maye be delyuered from the kyng of Assyria? And howe shall we escape?




1 The burthen of the wayst see: Euen as the stormy wether t passeth thorow at the noone daye, to come from the wyldernesse, from that horrible lande.
2 A greuous vision was shewed vnto me: Let one dysceatfull offender come agaynst another, & one destroyer agaynst another. Up Elam, laye sege thou of Media all their gronynge haue I layed downe.
3 Therfore are my loynes fylled with sorow, heuynes, hath taken holde vpon me, as the panges of a woman that is traueyling. It made me stoupe when I herde it, & it vexed me whan I sawe it.
4 My hart panted, fearfulnes came vpon me. The nyght of my volupteousnes hath he turned agaynst me into feare.
5 Whyle they garnished the table, e watch man loked: And while I was eatynge and drynkyng (it was sayde:) vp ye captaynes, take you to your shylde.
6 For thus hath the Lord sayd vnto me: Go and set a watch man, to tell what he seyth.
7 And he sawe a charet, which two horsmen sat vpon, with the cariage of an Asse, and the cariage of a camell.
8 So he loked & toke very diligent hede. And e lyon cried, Lord, I stonde wayting all the whole daye, & am appointed to kepe my watch euery nyght.
9 And beholde, here commeth a charet of men, with two horsmen And he answered & sayde: Babylon is fallen, it is fallen, & all the ymages of hyr goddes hath he smytten downe vnto the grounde.
10 Thou art he whom I must threshe, and thou belongest to my corne floore. This that I herde of the Lorde of hoostes e God of Israel haue I shewed vnto you.
11 The burthen of Duma: he calleth vnto me out of Seir: Watchman, what hast thou espyed by nyght? Watchman, what hast u espyed by nyght?
12 The watchman sayde: The mornynge commeth, & so doth the nyght. Yf ye wyll aske anye question, then aske it, retourne and come agayne.
13 The burthen concernyng Arabia: In the pleasaunt grounde of Arabia shal ye tary all nyght, euen in the stretes of Dedanin.
14 The inhabitours of the lande of Thema brought forth water to him that was thyrstie, they preuented him with their bred that was fled awaye.
15 For because of swerdes are they become fugitiue, euen for the drawen swerde, and for the bent bowe, & because of the greuousnes of warre.
16 For thus hath the lorde sayde vnto me: There is yet a yeare accordynge to the yeares of an hyred seruaunt, & all the glory of Cedar shall fayle.
17 And the nombre of them that shall escape from the bowes, shall be mynisshed by the myghtye chyldren of Cedar, for so the Lorde God of Israel hath spoken.




1 The burthen of the valley of vision: What hast thou to do here, that thou clymest vnto the house toppes?
2 Thou that art full of occupieng, thou sedicious & proude citye: thy slayne men are nether put to death wyth swerde, ner deed in batell.
3 All thy captaynes are fugitiue together, the archers haue taken them presoners: All they t are founde in the, are in captiuyte together, because they fled farre of.
4 Therfore sayd I: let me alone & I wyll make lamentacion. Ye shall not be able to comforte me, because of the destruccyon of the daughter of my people.
5 For thys is a daye of trouble, of ruyne, & of destruccyon t the Lorde wyll bryng to passe in the valley of vision, breakyng downe the citye, & cryeng vnto mountaynes.
6 Elam bare the quyuer wt a charet of fote men and of horsmen, and the cytye of Kyr shewed the shylde open.
7 Thy chefe valley also was full of charetes, and the horsmen set theyr faces directly towarde the gate.
8 And in t daye dyd the enemye take awaye e bewtye of Iuda, and then dyddest thou loke towarde the armoure of the house of the forest.
9 Yee haue sene also e broken places of e citye of Dauid, how that they are many, & ye gathered together the waters of the lower pole.
10 As for the houses of Ierusalem ye haue nombred them, and the houses haue ye broken downe to make e wall strong.
11 A pytt also haue ye made betwene the two walles, for the waters of the olde pole, and haue not regarded the maker therof, nether had respecte vnto him that toke it in hande.
12 And in that daye dyd the Lorde God of hoostes call men vnto wepyng and mournyng, to baldnesse & gyrdyng aboute wyth sack cloth.
13 And Behold, they haue ioye and gladnesse, slayeng oxen & kylling shepe eatyng flesh & drynkyng wyne: Let vs eate and drynke: for tomorowe we shal dye
14 And it came to the eares of the Lord of hoostes: This iniquite shall not be pourged from you till ye dye, sayeth e lord God of hostes.
15 Thus sayeth the Lord God of hostes: Go, get the into younder treasurer, euen vnto Sebna, which is e ruler of e house.
16 What hast thou to do here? and whom hast thou here, that thou shuldest here hewe the out a sepulcre, as it were one that heweth hym out a sepulcre an hye, or t graueth an habitacion for him self in a hard rock?
17 Beholde, O thou man, the Lord shall carye the awaye into captiuite, & shall surely couer the with confusion.
18 The Lord shall turne the ouer lyke a ball with hys handes into a farre contre: There shalt thou dye, & there (in steade of the charettes of thy pompe) shall e house of thy lord haue confusion
19 I will dryue the from thy place, & out of thy dwellyng shall he ouerthrow the.
20 And in that daye shall I call my seruaunt Eliakim the sonne of Helkia.
21 And with thy garmentes will I clothe him, and wyth thy gyrdle will I strength hym: thy power also will I committe into his hande & he shalbe a father of such as dwel in Ierusalem, and in the house of Iuda.
22 And the keye of the house of Dauid will I laye vpon his shoulder, so t he shall open and no man shall shut. He shall shut, and no man shall open.
23 And I wyll fasten hym as a nayle in a sure place, and he shall be the gloryous seate of hys fathers house.
24 Morouer, all generacions and posterites shall hang vpon him, all the glory of their fathers house, all vessels both great and small, and all instrumentes of measure and musyck.
25 In that daye (sayeth the Lorde of hostes) shall the nayle that is fastened in the sure place departe, be broken and fall, and the burthen t was vpon it, shall be plucte awaye, for so the lorde hath spoken.




1 The burthen of Tyre: Mourne ye shyppes of Tharsis, for there commeth such destruccyon that ye shall not haue an house to entre into: Out of the lande of Cittim haue they knowlege of thys plage.
2 Be styll, ye that dwell in e Ile, the marchauntes of Zidon, and such as passe ouer the see, haue made e plenteous.
3 The corne that groweth by the great waters of Nilus, and the frutes of the ryuer were hyr vitailes, so that it became a comen marte of e nacions
4 Be ashamed thou Zidon, for the see (euen the strength of the see) hath spoken, sayenge: I haue not trauayled, ner broughte forth children, ner norished vp young men, or brought vp virgins.
5 Whan tydinges commeth to the Egipcians they shall be sory for the rumore that goeth of Tyre.
6 Get you to Tharsis, mourne ye t dwell in the Ile.
7 Is not this that glorious cyte of youres, which hath bene of olde antiquite? Hyr awne fete shall cary hyr forth to be a sogeourner in to a farre countre.
8 Who hath deuysed thys agaynst Tyre (that geueth garlandes vnto other cities) whose marchauntes are princes, and whose captaines are honorable in the worlde?
9 Euen the lord of hoostes hath deuysed thys, to put downe the pryde of all such as be glorious, and to mynish all them that be proude vpon earth:
10 Get the out of thy lande vnto e daughter of Tharsis, seyng thou hast nomore strength.
11 He that smote the kyngdomes together, holdeth out his hande ouer the see: euen the lorde him self hath geuen a commaundement agaynst the same comen place of marchandise, that they shall vtterly destroye e might therof.
12 And he sayd: Make nomore thy boast (O virgin thou daughter Zidon) thou shalt be brought downe: Up, get the ouer vnto Citim, where neuertheles thou shalt haue no rest.
13 Behold, this people came not of the Caldees, but Assur made them strong with great shippes. They set vp the strong holdes therof, & destroyed his palaces, & he brought it in decaye.
14 Mourne ye shippes of tharsis for your strength is brought downe.
15 And in that daye shall Tyre be forgotten seuentye yeares (accordinge to the yeares of one kyng) and after the ende of the seuentye yeares shall Tyre syng as doth an harlot.
16 Take an harpe, & go aboute the citye (thou harlot that hast bene forgotten) make swete melody, sing moo songes, that thou mayest be had in remembraunce.
17 And after the ende of the seuentye yeares shall the lorde visyt Tyre, & she shall conuerte vnto her rewarde, and shall committe fornicacion with all the kyngdomes of the earth t are in the worlde.
18 Their occupieng also and their rewarde shalbe holy vnto e lord. Their gaynes shall not be layde vp ner kepte in stoare, but it shalbe theyrs that dwell before the lorde, that they maye eate ynough, & haue clothyng sufficient.




1 Beholde the lord maketh the earth wayst and emptye: he turneth it vp syde downe, & scatreth abrode e inhabitours therof:
2 And e prest shalbe as the people, & the master as the seruaunt, e mastresse lyke e mayd, e seller lyke the byer: he that lendeth vpon vsury, lyke hym that boroweth vpon vsury: the creditoure as the detter.
3 The worlde shalbe cleane wasted & vtterly spoyled, for so the lorde hath spoken.
4 The earth is sory & consumeth awaye, the worlde is feble & perisheth, the proude people of e erth are come to naught
5 The earth also is become vnprofitable vnder the inhabitours therof, which haue transgressed the lawes, chaunged the ordinaunce, broken the euerlasting couenaunt.
6 Therfore hath e curse consumed e earth, and they that dwell therin, are fallen into trespace. Wherfore, the inhabitours of the earth are perished with drouth, and fewe men are left behynde.
7 The wyne faileth: the vyne hath no myght, all they t haue bene mery of hart, are come to mournyng.
8 The myrth of tabrettes is layed downe, e noyse of such as haue made mery, is ceassed, e ioye at e herpe is at an ende.
9 They shall drynke nomore wyne wt myrth, strong drynke shalbe bytter to them that drynke it.
10 The citye of vanite is broken downe, euery house is shut vp, t noman maye come in.
11 In e stretes is there a cryeng because of wyne, all chere is vanished awaye, e myrth of the worlde is gone,
12 in the citye is left desolacyon and the gate is smytten with destruccion.
13 For in the myddes of the worlde, euen amonge the people, it shall come to passe, as at the shakyng of Olyues, and as the grapes are whan e wyne haruest is done.
14 They shall lyft vp theyr voyce: and make a mery noyse, and in magnifyeng of the Lord shall they crye out of the west.
15 Wherfore, prayse ye the lord in the valleys, euen the name of the lord God of Israel in the Iles of the see
16 From e vttemost parte of e earth haue we heard prayses and myrth because of the ryghteous. And I sayd: I knowe a thyng in secrete, I knowe a thyng in secrete, wo is me, the transgressours haue offended, the transgressours haue greuously offended.
17 Fearfulnesse, the pytt and the snare are vpon the, O thou that dwellest in the earth.
18 It will come to passe, that whoso escapeth the fearfull noyse, shall fall in to the pytt. And he that commeth vp out of the pytt, shalbe taken wyth the snare. For the wyndowes from an hye are open, and the foundacions of the earth are moued.
19 The earth is vtterly broken downe, the earth hath a sore ruyne, the earth quaketh exceadyngly.
20 The earth shall rele to & fro lyke a dronkerd, and shalbe remoued lyke a like a tent & the iniquitie therof shalbe heuy vpon it. It shall fall, & not rise vp agayne.
21 And in that daye shall the Lord viset the host aboue t is on hye: & the kinges of the world t are vpon the erth.
22 And they shalbe gathered together, as they t be in preson: & they shalbe shut vp in warde, & after many daies shall they be visited.
23 The mone shall be abashed, and the sunne ashamed, when the Lorde of hostes shall raygne in mount Sion and in Ierusalem with worshyp, and in the syght of such as shalbe of hys councell.




1 Thou arte the Lorde my God, I wyll magnifye e, I wyll geue thankes vnto thy name. For u hast brought wonderfull thinges to passe, according to thyne olde councels truly & faythfully.
2 Thou hast mad of a citye an heape of stones, and brought a stronge towne into decaye. The habitation of straungers hast u made to be no citye, nether shal it be builded any more.
3 Therfore shall e mighty people geue glory vnto e: the citye of e valeaunt Heithen shall feare e.
4 For thou hast bene a strength vnto the pore, and a succour for the neady in his trouble. A refuge agaynst euell wether, a shadowe against e heate. For the blast of ragyng men is lyke a storme that casteth downe a wall.
5 Lyke as thou bryngest heate downe out of a drye place, so shalt u suppresse e noyse of aliauntes. The heate is in e shadow of e cloude: e braunch of e mighty shalbe brought lowe.
6 And in this mountaine shal e Lord of hostes make vnto all people a feaste of plenteous & delicate thinges, euen of most pleasaunt & deyntie disshes.
7 And in this mountayne shall e Lorde destroie the couering, t all people are wraped in, and the hanging t is spred vpon all nacyons.
8 As for death, he hath destroyed it for euer. And e Lorde God shall wype awaye teares from all faces, and the rebuke of his people shall he take a waie out of all the earth. For so the Lorde hath sayde.
9 And in that daye it shalbe sayde: Lo, this is our God, we haue wayted for hym, & he shall saue vs. Thys is the Lord, in whom we haue hoped, we wylbe mery & reioyce in the saluation that commeth of hym.
10 For in this mountayne shall the hande of the Lorde cease and Moab shalbe thresshed vnder him, euen as strawe is thresshed vpon e grounde.
11 And he shall stretch out hys hande in the myddes of them (as he that swymmeth, casteth out his handes to swymme) and with the strength of his handes shall he bring downe their pryde.
12 The strongholde also and fence of thy walles hath he ouerthrowen & cast downe, & brought them to the grounde, euen vnto dust.




1 In t daye shall thys songe be songe in the lande of Iuda. We haue a stronge citye. Saluacion shall God appoynte in steade of walles and bulworke.
2 Open ye e gates t the righteous people which kepeth the trueth maye entre in.
3 Their minde is set vpon the, because thou preseruest them in peace yee, euen in peace: because they put their trust in the.
4 Put ye your trust allwaye in the Lorde: for in the Lorde God there is strength for euermore.
5 For he hath brought downe hye mynded citesens. As for e proude citye, he hath brought it lowe: euen vnto the grounde shall he cast it downe, & bring it vnto dust.
6 The fote euen the fote of the poore: and the steppes of such as be in necessitie shall treade it downe.
7 The path of equitye wilt thou graunt vnto the iuste, o thou moost ryghteous, thou shalt order e path of him that is ryghteous.
8 Yee, in the waye of thy iudgmentes, O Lord, haue we put our trust in the. Thy name also: & the remembraunce of the, is e thyng that oure soule longeth for.
9 My soule hath longed for the all the night, and wt my sprete (which is within me) wyll I seke the earlye in the morning. For when thy iudgementes are in the erth, the inhabitatours of e worlde shall learne righteousnes.
10 Shall the vngodly man be fauoured, which hath not learned ryghteousnes, but doth wickedly in the erth where nothynge ought to be done, but that which is ryghteous? He shall not se the glory of the Lorde.
11 Lorde, when thy hande is lyfte vp to stryke, they se it not: but they shall se it, and be confounded with the zele of the people, and the fyer that consumeth thyne enemyes, shall deuoure them.
12 Lord, vnto vs thou shalt prouyde peace: for thou also hast wrought all our workis in vs.
13 O Lorde our God, other lordes besyde the hath subdued vs: but we wylbe mindfull only of the & of thy name.
14 The deed will not lyue, & they t be out of lyfe, will not ryse agayne: therfore hast thou visited & roted them out, and destroyed all the memory of them.
15 Thou hast increased the people (O Lorde) thou hast increased the people, & thou art praysed: thou hast sent them farre of vnto all the coastes of the erth.
16 Lorde in trouble haue they visited the: they powred out their prayer, when thy chastenyng was vpon them.
17 Lyke as a woman wt chylde that draweth nye towarde her trauell, is sory & cryeth in her paynes, euen so haue we bene in thy sight, O Lorde.
18 We haue bene wt chylde & suffred payne, as though we had brought forth winde. For there is no saluation in the erth, nether do e inhabitours of e worlde submyt them selues.
19 Thy deed men shall lyue, euen wt my body shall they rise agayne. Awake and syng ye that dwell in dust. For thy dewe is euen as the dewe of herbes, and the earth shall cast out them that be vnder her.
20 Come my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy dores about e: hyde thy selfe a lytle for a whyle, vntyll the indignation be ouerpast.
21 For lo, the Lorde is commyng out of his place, to viset the wickednes of suche as dwell vpon earth. The earth also shall disclose her awne bloud, and shall nomore hid them that are slayne in her.




1 In that daye, the Lorde wt his sore, great and myghtye swearde shall viset Leuiathan e fugityue serpent, euen Leuiathan that croked serpent, and he shall slaye the dragon t is in the see.
2 In that daye, se t ye syng of the congregatyon which is the vyneiard, t bringeth forth e best wyne.
3 Euen I the Lorde do kepe it. In due seasons shall I water it, & lest the enemye do it any harme, I will both nyght and daye preserue it. There is no displeasure in me,
4 els (when the vyneiarde bringeth me forth breers & thornes) I wold go thorow it by warre, & burne it vp together.
5 Let it take holde of my strength, and it shalbe at one wt me, euen at one shall it be with me.
6 The dayes are commyng, that Iacob shall take rote. Israel shalbe grene & floryshe, and the worlde shalbe fylled with frute.
7 Hath he smytten him as sore, as he did the other that smote him? Or is he slain wt so sore a slaughter as they that slew hym?
8 In measure doth he smyte him, whyle he sendeth vnto him soch thinges, wherby he commeth to hys mynde agayne. For in the daye that the east wynde bloweth sore, it taketh awaye the frutes.
9 Thus therfore shall the iniquytie of Iacob be reconcyled, and here is all the frute of the takynge awaye of his synne, yf he make all the stones of e aultars of ydolles, as chalke stones that are beaten in sunder, that theyr groues and ymages ryse not vp agayne.
10 Els, shall the stronge citye be desolate, & the habitation forsaken & left lyke a wildernes. There shall the calfe fede, & ther shall he lye, & eate vp the graffes therof.
11 When e braunches of it are drie, they are broken of, & the wemen come, and set them on fyer. For it is a people of no vnderstanding, & therfore he that made them, shall not fauoure them, and he t created them, shall geue them no grace.
12 And in that daye shall the Lorde make a thresshing from the middes of the riuer Euphrates vnto the riuer of Egipt: and ye children of Israel shalbe gathered together one to another.
13 In t daye shall e great trompe be blowne, so t they which were lost in the lande of Assiria: & they that were banisshed into e lande of Egipt, shall come and worshyp the Lorde in the holy mount at Ierusalem:




1 Wo be vnto the crowne of pride, euen to the droncken people of Ephraim whose great pompe is as a flour that fadeth awaye vpon the head of the valleye of such as be in welth, and are ouerladen with wyne.
2 Beholde, ther commeth a vehement and sore daye from the Lorde lyke an vnmeasurable hayle and perellous tempest, euen lyke the force of myghtye and horrible waters, t violentlye beareth downe all thinges.
3 The crowne of the pryde of the dronken Ephraemites shalbe troden vnder fote:
4 so that the floure of hys fayrenes and bewty, which is in the head of the valley of fatnes, shall fade awaye, as doth an vntimely rype fygg afore heruest. Which whan a man spyeth, he loketh vpon it: and whyle it is yet in his hande, he eateth it vp.
5 In e daye shall the Lorde of hostes be the crowne of glory, & diademe of bewtye vnto the residue of his people.
6 He wilbe also a spirite of perfyte knowledge to him t sitteth in iudgement, & strength vnto them that turne awaye the battell to the gate of the enemies.
7 But they are out of the waye by reason of wyne: yee, farre out of e waye are they thorowe strong drynke. The preste also & the prophet are gone astraye by the meanes of strong drincke, they are dronken wt wyne, they go amisse thorowe strong drincke: they fayle in prophecying & stomble in iudgment.
8 For tables are so full of vomyte and fylthines, t no place is cleane.
9 Whom then shall such one teach knowledge? And whom shall he make to vnderstonde the thing that he heareth? For they are as ignoraunt as yong children, that are taken from the mylke and are weened.
10 For they that be such must haue after one lesson, another lesson: after one commaundement, another commaundement, after one rule another rule, after one instruccion another instruccyon, there a lytle and there a lytle.
11 For he that speaketh vnto this people is euen as one that vseth rudenes of spech, and a straunge language. Yf any man saye vnto them:
12 lo, this is the rest wherwith ye maye ease hym that is weerye, thys is the refresshinge, they wyll not herken.
13 Therfore, the worde of the Lorde (lesson vpon lesson, commaundement vpon commaundement, rule vpon rule, instruccyon vpon instruccion, there a lytle and there a lytle) shall be vnto them an occasyon of stombling that they maye go on, and fall backward, be brused, tangled and snared.
14 Wherfore, heare the worde of the Lorde ye mockers, ye that haue rule of this people which is at Ierusalem.
15 Because ye haue sayd: we haue made a couenaunt with death, & with hell are we at agrement. And though there go forth a sore plage, it shall nott come vnto vs. For we haue made falshode our refuge, and vnder vanitie are we hid.
16 Therfore thus sayth e Lorde God: Beholde, I laye in Sion for a foundation a stone, euen a tryed stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: Whoso beleueth, let hym not be to hastye.
17 Iudgment also will I laye to the rule, and righteousnes to the balaunce: so t the hayle shall take awaye your vayne confidence as a broome, and the preuy place of youre refuge shall the waters renne ouer.
18 And thus the couenaunt that ye made wt death, shalbe disanulled: and your agrement that ye made with hell, shall not stand. Yee, when the sore plage goeth forth, ye shalbe troden downe vnder it. From the tyme that it goeth forth, it shall take you awaye.
19 For early in the mornynge euery daye: yee, both daye & night shall it go thorowe: & when the noyse therof is perceaued, it shall gendre vexation.
20 For the bed is narow, and nott large: & the couering so small that a man can not wynde him selfe vnder it.
21 For e Lorde shall stonde as in mount Perazim, and shalbe wrothe lyke as in e valley Gibeon, t he maie do his worke, his straung worke & bring to passe his acte, his straunge acte.
22 Now therfore se t ye be no mockers, lest your punyshment increace: for I haue heard of the Lorde of hostes, that there shall come a short ende vpon the whole earth.
23 Heare ye then, & herken vnto my voyce, considre & pondre my spech.
24 Doth not e husbandman plowe all the daie, and openeth & breaketh the clottes of his grounde, t he maye sowe?
25 Whan he hath made it playn, will he not spred abrode the fitches, and sowe comyn, & cast in whete by measure, & the appoynted barlye and rye in their place?
26 God will instructe hym to haue discretion, euen his God wyll teach hym.
27 For fitches shall not be tresshed with an harowe: nether shall a carte whele be brought thorowe the comyn: but the fitches are beaten out with a stafe, and comyn wt a rodd.
28 But the seede that bread is made of, is tresshed, though it be not alwaye a thresshing. And e carte whele must be brought ouer it, lest he grynde it with his teth.
29 This also commeth of the Lorde of hoostes, which worcketh wt wonderfull wysdome, and bringeth excellent workes to passe.




1 Wo vnto e O Ariel Ariel thou citye t Dauid dwelt in Go on from yeare to yeare, and let the lambes be slayne.
2 I will laye sege vnto Ariel, so that there shalbe heuynes and sorowe in it: and it shalbe vnto me euen an aultar of slaughter.
3 I wyll besege the round about, and fight agaynst the thorowe a bulworke: and wyll reare vp diches agaynst e.
4 Thou shalt be brought downe, & shalt speake out of the grounde, and thy spech shall go lowe out of the duste.
5 Thy voyce also shall come out of the grounde lyke the voyce of a witch: and thy talkyng shall whisper out of the dust. Moreouer, the noyse of thy straunge enemyes shalbe lyke thynne dust, & the multitude of tyrauntes shalbe as drye strawe, that cannot tary: euen sodenly and in hayste shall theyr blast go.
6 Thou shalt be visited of the Lorde of hostes wt thondre, erthquake, and wt a great noise: with storme and tempest and wt the flame of a consuming fyer.
7 And the multitude of all nations that fyght agaynst Ariel, shalbe as a dreame sene by night: euen so shall all they be that make warre agaynst it, and stronge holdes to ouercome it, and that laie eny sege vnto it.
8 In conclusion, it shalbe euen as when an hongry man dreameth that he is eating, and when he awaketh, hys soule is emptye. Or as when a thurstye man dreameth that he is drincking: and when he awaketh, he is yet faynt: and his soule lacketh the appetite. Euen so shalbe the multitude of all nations that fyght agaynst Syon.
9 Pondre these thynges once in your myndes, & wondre. Blinded are they them selues and the blind guides of other. They are dronken: but not with wyne: they are vnstable, but not thorowe strong drincke.
10 For the Lorde hath couered you with a slomberinge sprete, and hath closed your eyes. Your prophetes also & rulers that shuld se, them hath he couered.
11 And the visyon of all the prophetes is become vnto you, as the wordes of a boke that is sealed vp, which men deliuer to one that is learned, saying: Reade thou in it. And he sayth: I cannot, for it is sealed.
12 And the boke is geuen vnto him that is not learned, saying: Reade thou in it, and he sayth: I am not learned.
13 Therfore thus hath the Lorde sayde: For somoche as this people when they be in trouble, do honour me with their mouth & wt their lippes: but their hert is far fro me, & the feare which they haue vnto me, proceadeth of a commaundment that is taught of men.
14 Therfore wyll I do maruayls amonge this people, euen maruelous thinges (I saye) & a wonder. For the wysdome of their wise men shall perysh, & the vnderstanding of their wittye men shall hyd it selfe.
15 Wo vnto them that kepe secrete their thoughtes, to hyde their councell from the Lorde, and do their workes in darknesse, sayinge: who seeth vs? & who knoweth vs?
16 Doutles, your destruccion is (in my handes) in reputacyon as the potters claye. And doth the worcke saye of hym that made it, he made not me? And doth an earthen vessell saye of him that fasshyoned it, he had no vnderstandinge?
17 Is it not hard at hande, that Lybanus shalbe turned into a lowe felde, and that the lowe felde shalbe taken as the wodd?
18 And in that daye shall deaffe men heare the wordes of the boke, and the eyes of e blinde shall se euen out of the cloud and out of darcknes.
19 The meke spreted also shalbe mery in the Lorde, and the poore amonge them that be lowly, shall reioyce in the holy one of Israel.
20 For he that dyd violence, is brought to naught, and the scornefull man is consumed: and they roted out that were hastie so soone to vnryghteousnes,
21 makynge a man to synne in the worde, and that toke hym in a snare which reproued them in the open place: and they that haue turned the cause of the ryghteous to naught.
22 Therfore thus sayth the Lorde vnto the house of Iacob, euen thus sayeth he that redemed Abraham: Iacob shall not nowe be confounded, ner his face pale.
23 But when he seeth hys chyldren the worcke of my handes in the middes of him, they shall sanctifie my name, and prayse the holy Lord of Iacob, and feare the God of Israel.
24 They also that haue bene of an erronyouse sprete, shall come to vnderstandyng: and they that haue bene scornefull, shall learne doctryne.




1 Alas, for those disobedient chyldren (sayth the Lorde) that they wyll take councell without me. Alas, t they wyll take a secret aduice, and not out of my sprete, and therfore adde they synne vnto synne.
2 Euen they that walke to go downe into Egypte, and haue asked no question at my mouth: but seke strength in the myght of Pharao, and trust in the shadowe of Egypt.
3 Therfore shall the strength of Pharao be your confusion, and the truste of the shadowe of Egypte youre shame.
4 For his captaynes were at Zoan, and his ambassadours came vnto Hanes.
5 They were all ashamed of the people that could do them no good, and that might not helpe them, ner shew them any profyt, but were theyr confusyon and rebuke.
6 The heauy burthen of the beastes of the south in a lande of trouble and anguysshe, from whence shall come the yonge and olde lion, the vyper and fyrye serpent that flyeth agaynste them that vpon coltes beare theyr riches, and vpon camels their treasures, to a people that can do them no good.
7 For vaine and nothynge worth shall the helpe of the Egipcyans be. Therfore haue I cryed vnto Ierusalem. They shall haue strength ynough, yf they wyll settle their myndes in quietnes.
8 Now therfore, go thy waie, and wryte thys before them in a table, & note it in a boke, that it maye finally remayne and be kept styll for euer.
9 For it is an obstinat people, and dissembling chyldren, children that refuse to heare the lawe of the Lorde.
10 For they saye vnto the seers: Se not, and to them t be cleare of iudgement: loke not out ryght thinges for vs: but speake fayre wordes vnto vs: loke out erroures,
11 gett you out of this waye, departe out of this path, & turne the holy one of Israel from vs.
12 Wherfore thus sayth the holy one of Israel: Because your hertes rise agaynst this worde, & because ye trust in wrongeous dealyng & peruerse iudgment, & put your confidence therin.
13 Therfore shall ye haue thys myschefe for yo destruccion and fall lyke as an hye wall that falleth, because of some ryfte or blast, whose breaking commeth sodenly.
14 And the hurte therof is lyke an erthen vessell, which breaketh without helpe: so that in e burstyng of it, there is not found one sheuer to fetch fyre in, or to take water withall out of the pyt.
15 For thus sayth the Lorde God, euen the holy one of Israel: In repentaunce & in rest shall ye be safe: in quietnes and sure confydence shalbe your strength.
16 But ye haue had no lyst therto. For ye haue sayd: No, but we will escape thorowe horses. (Therfore shall ye flye) & we will get vs vp vpon swyft beastes. And therfore shal your persecutours be swyfter.
17 A .M. shall flye at the rebuke of one, & at the rebuke of .v. shall ye all flye, tyll ye be left as a shypp mast vpon the topp of a mountayne, and as a beaken vpon an hyll.
18 Therfore doth e Lorde cause you to wayte, t he maye haue mercy vpon you: to thintent that he maye haue the preemynence, when he is gracyous vnto you. For the Lorde is the God of iudgement. Blessed are all they that hope in hym.
19 Yf the people remayne in Syon and at Ierusalem, thou shalt not be in heuines: but at the voyce of thy complaynte shall he haue mercy vpon the. And when he heareth it he shall geue the an answer.
20 And though the Lorde geue you the bread of trouble, and the water of aduersitie, thy rayne shalbe nomore so skant, but thyne eyes shall see thy rayne.
21 Yee, and thyne care shall heare e talkynge of hym that doeth speake behynde the. Thys is e waye, walke ye in it. Turne not aside nether to the ryght hande ner to the lyft.
22 Ye shall destroye also the couerynge of youre syluer ymages, and the deckinge of youre golden ydols. Euen as filthynes shall ye put them awaye. And thou shalt say vnto it. Gett the hence.
23 Then shall God geue rayne vnto thy seede, that thou shalt sowe the ground withall, and bred of the increace of the earth, which shalbe fat and very plenteous. In that daye also, shall thy catell be fed in large pasture.
24 The oxen lykewise and the younge asses, that eate the grounde, shall eate cleane prouender, which is pourged with the wynde and the fanne.
25 Finally, vpon euery hye mountaine and hyll shall ther be riuers and streames of waters, in the daye of the greate slaughter, when the towers fall.
26 Moreouer, the lyght of the moone shalbe as the light of the sunne, and the sunne lyght shalbe seuen folde, and haue as much shyne as in seuen dayes besyde: when the Lorde byndeth vp the sore of hys people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.
27 Beholde, the fame of the Lord commeth from farre, and his presence is so hote, that no man is able to abyde. His lyppes are full of indignation, and hys tonge is as a consumynge fyer.
28 Hys breth is as a vehement floude of water, that reacheth vp to the necke. That he maye syft awaye the Heythen in the syue of vanitye. And his breth is as a brydle of errour in the chawes of the people.
29 And ye shall syng, lyke as in the nyghte, when the holy solempnitye beginneth. And ye shall haue gladnes of hert, lyke as when one commeth with a pype vnto the hyll of the Lorde, and to the moost mightye one of Israel.
30 And the Lorde shall cause his gloryous voyce to be heard, and shall declare his stretched out arme with a terrible countenaunce and with the flame of a consuming fyer, with noysome lyghtenynge, with a shower, and with hayle stone.
31 For thorowe the voyce of the Lorde shall Assur be destroyed, which smote other men with the rodde.
32 And it shall come to passe, that whyther soeuer he goth, e rodde shall cleue vnto him, which the Lorde shall laye vpon him with tabrettes and harpes: and with greate warre shall he fyght agaynst his hoost.
33 For the fyer of payne is ordeyned from the begynning: yee, euen for kynges is it prepared. Thys hath e Lorde set in the depe, and made it wyde: the burninge wherof is fyer and muche wodde. The breth of the Lorde, which is a ryuer of brymstone, doth kyndle it.




1 Wo be vnto them that go downe into Egypte for helpe, and truste in horses, and put their confidence in charettes, because they be manye, and in horsemen, because they be lusty and strong. But they regarde not the holy one of Israel, and they aske no question at e Lord.
2 Where as he neuertheles (beynge wysest of all) plageth the wycked, and yet goeth nott from his worde, when he steppeth forth, and taketh the victory agaynst the housholde of the frowarde, and agaynst the helpe of euell doers.
3 Nowe the Egiptians are men, and not God, and their horses flesh and not sprete. And assoone as the Lorde stretcheth oute hys hande, then shall the helper fall, and he that shulde haue bene helped, and they shall all together be destroyed.
4 For thus hath the Lorde spoken vnto me: Like as the lyon or lyons whelpe roareth vpon the praye that he hath gotten, and is not afrayed, though the multitude of shepherdes crye out vpon hym, nether abashed for all the heape of them. So shall the Lorde of hoostes come downe to fyght for mount Syon, and defende hys hyll.
5 Lyke as byrdes flotre aboute their nestes, so shall the Lorde of hoostes kepe, saue, defende and delyuer Ierusalem.
6 Therfore, O ye chyldren of Israel, turne agayne, from that infydelitye, wherin you drowned your selues.
7 For in that daye euery man shall cast out hys ydolles of syluer and hys ydolles of golde, which ye haue made with youre awne handes vnto youre synne.
8 Assur also shalbe slayne with the swearde, not with a mans swearde, nether shall the swearde of eny man deuoure hym. And he shall fle from the slaughter and his seruauntes shalbe disconfyted in their hertes.
9 He shall go for feare to hys strongeholdes, and hys prynces shall fle from hys badge. Thys hathe the Lorde spoken, whose lyght burneth in Syon, and his fyer in Ierusalem.




1 Beholde, a king shall gouerne after the rule of ryghtewesnesse, and the princes shall rule, accordyng to the balaunce of equitye.
2 And that man shalbe vnto men as a defence for the wynd, and as a refuge for the tempest: lyke as a riuer of water in a thirstye place, and the shadowe of a greate rocke in a drye lande.
3 The eyes of the seynge shall not be dym, and the cares of them that heare, shall take diligent hede.
4 The hert of the vnwyse shall attayne to knowledge, and the vnparfyte tong shall speake playnely and distinctlye.
5 Then shall the folyshe nygarde be nomore called gentle, ner the churle liberall.
6 But the nygarde will be nigardly minded, and his hert wyll worke euell and playe the ypocrite, and ymagyn abhominations agaynst God, to make the hongry leane, and to witholde drincke from the thirsty.
7 These are the perlous weapons of the churlysh, these be his shamefull councels: that he maye begyle the poore with disceatfull wordes: yee, euen there as he shulde geue sentence with the poore.
8 But the lyberall persone ymagineth honest thynges, & commeth vp for liberalytie vnto promotyon:
9 Up (ye ryche and ydell women) herken vnto my voyce. Ye careles cities, marke my wordes.
10 After yeares and dayes shall ye be brought in feare, O ye careles cities. For haruest shalbe out, & the grape gatherynge shall not come.
11 O ye rych ydell cities ye that feare no parell. Be abashed, you that lyue in aboundaunce: tremble, you that lyue careles: cast of your rayment, make your selues bare, put sacke cloth aboute you.
12 For as the infantes wepe when their mothers tetes ar dryed: so shall you weape for your fayre feldes and frutefull vyneyardes.
13 My peoples felde shall brynge thornes and thistles: and so shall it be euen in euery house of volupteousnesse and in euery citye that reioyseth.
14 The palaces also shalbe broken, & the greatly occupyed cityes desolate. The towres and bulwarckes shall become dennes for euermore, e pleasure of mules shalbe turned to pasture for shepe:
15 vnto the tyme that e sprete be powred vpon vs from aboue. Then shall the wyldernes be a frutefull felde, and the plenteous feld shalbe rekened for a wodde.
16 Then shall equytie dwell in e desert, and rigteousnes in a frutefull land.
17 And the rewarde of righteousnesse shalbe peace, and her frute rest & quietnes for euer.
18 And my people shall dwell in the ynnes of peace, and in sure dwellinges in safe places of conforte.
19 And when the hayle falleth, it shall fall in the wodde, and the citye shalbe set lowe in the valleye.
20 O howe happy shall ye be, when ye shall safely sowe your seed besyde all waters, and dryue thyther the fete of your oxen and asses.




1 Wo to the that destroiest, when thou waste not destroyed, thou breakest the leage, where as none hath broken it with the: for when thou shalt leaue destroying, thou thy self shalt be destroyed. And when thou ceasest from breakinge the leage, then shall they breake it to the.
2 O Lorde, haue mercy vpon vs: we haue put our hole trust in the. Be an arme to suche early: and our helth, in e tyme of trouble.
3 At that confuse noyse, the people fledd, and at thyne exaltinge, the Heythen were scatred.
4 And the spoyles shalbe gathered (which shalbe youres) as are the gathering of Bruchus. And the multitude going to it, shalbe as locustes runnyng to and fro.
5 The Lorde is exalted, for it is he t dwelleth an hye: he hath fylled Zion with iudgement and righteousnes.
6 And a sure stablysshing of thy tymes shalbe strength, health, wisdome & knowledge: and the very feare of the Lorde shalbe e treasure of it.
7 Beholde, e messengers shall crie without: & the ambassatours of peace shall weape bytterly:
8 The stretes are wast, ther walketh no man therin: God hath broken the appoyntment, the cyties are cast awaye, & men are nothing regarded
9 e desolat erth is in heuynes. Libanus is shamed: & hewen downe. Saron is lyke a wyldernes: Basan & Charmel are despoyled of their frutes.
10 And therfore sayth the Lord: I will vp nowe: now will I be auaunced: now will I be exalted as a mightye God.
11 Ye shall conceaue stubble, & beare strawe, & youre sprete shalbe the fyer, t it maye consume you,
12 & e people shalbe burnt like lyme, & as thornes burne t are hewen of, & cast in the fyer.
13 Now herken to ye t are farre of how I haue done, & considre my power, ye t be at hande.
14 The sinners at Zion are afrayde, a soden fearfulnes is come vpon e ypocrites. What is he amonge vs, say they, t shall dwell by e consuming fier? which of vs maye abyde that euerlasting heat?
15 He t ledeth a godly lyfe, say I, & speaketh the trueth. He t abhorreth gaines wonne by violence & disceyte: he t kepeth his hande t he touch no rewarde: which stoppeth his eares, t he heare no councell agenst e innocent bloude: which holdeth downe his eyes, t he se none euell.
16 He it is, t shall dwell on hye: whose sauegarde shalbe in a bulwarcke of rockes, to hym shalbe geuen meate, & hys waters shall not fayle.
17 Thyne eies shall se e king in his glory: euen e king of e farre countreis shall they se:
18 thine herte studied for feare thinkinge thus. What shall then become of e scribe? of e receyuer of our money? what of him t taxed our fairest houses?
19 There shalt u not se a people a straunge tong to haue so diffused a language, t it may not be vnderstand: nether so straunge a speach but it shalbe perceaued.
20 There shall Zion be sene the heed citye of oure solempne feastes. There shall thyne eyes se Ierusalem that glorious habitatyon: e tabernacle t neuer shall remoue: whose nayles shall neuer be taken out world wt out ende: whose coardes euerychone shall neuer corrupte:
21 for the gloryous magestie of e Lorde shall there be present among vs: as a place, where fayre broade ryuers & streames are, thorow the which shall nether galey rowe, ner greate shyppe sayle.
22 For the Lorde is our iudge, the Lorde is our lawe geuer. The Lorde is our king, and he him selfe shalbe our sauioure.
23 There are e coardes so layde abroade, t they cannot be better. And therfore they haue not fyxed their maste, nor spredde abroade their sayle. Then there is dealed great spoyle: yee, lame men ronne after the pray.
24 There lyeth no man that sayth: I am syck, but all euell is taken awaye from the people that dwell there.




1 Come ye Heythen and heare, take hede ye people. Herken thou erth & all t is therin: u round compasse and all that groweth there vpon:
2 for the Lorde is angry wt all people, and his displeasure is kindled agaynst all the multitude of them, he hath destroied them, & deliuered them to the slaughter.
3 So t their slayne shalbe cast out, and their bodyes stynck: that euen the very hylles shalbe wet wt the bloud of them.
4 All the starres of heauen shall waist, and the heuen shall folde together lyke a roll, and all the starres therof shall fall, lyke as e leaues fall from the vynes and fyggetrees.
5 For my sweard shalbe bathed in heauen, and shall immediatly come downe in iudgment vpon Idumea, and vpon the people which I haue cursed for my vengeaunce.
6 And the Lordes swearde shalbe full of bloude, & be rusty wt the fatnes and bloude of lambes and goates, with the fatnesse of the kidneys of wethers. For the Lord shall kill a great offering in Bozra, & a great slaughter in the lande of Idumea.
7 There shall the vnicornes fall wt them, and the bulles wt the gyauntes: and their lande shalbe thorowely soaked with bloude, & their grounde corrupt with fatnes.
8 Unto the also, O Zion, shall come the daye of e vengeaunce of God, and the yeare when thyne awne iudgmentes shalbe recompensed.
9 And his floudes shalbe turned to pytch, and his earth to brimstone: & there with shall the land be kindled,
10 so that it shall not be quenched daye ner nyght: but smoke euermore, and so forth to lye waste. And no man shall go thorowe it for euer.
11 But pellicanes, storkes, great oules and rauens shall haue it in possession, and dwell therin. For God shall spreede out the lyne of desolation vpon it, & weye it with the stones of emptines.
12 When kynges are called vpon there shalbe none, & all princes shalbe awaye.
13 Thornes shall growe in their palaces, nettels and thistles in their strongholdes, that the dragons may haue their pleasure therin, and that they maye be a court for estryches.
14 There shall straunge visures and monstruous bestes mete one another, and the wylde kepe company together. There shall the lamia lye, & haue her lodging.
15 There shall the oule make her nest, buylde, be there at home and bring forth his yonge ones. There shall the kytes come together, echone to his lyke.
16 Seke thorow the scripture of the Lorde and reade it. There shall none of these thynges be lefte out, there shall not one, ner soche lyke, fayle. For what his mouth commaundeth that same doeth his sprete gather together, or fulfylleth.
17 He hath cast e lot for them, and to those beastes hath his handes deuyded the line: therfore those shall possesse the enherytaunce from generatyon to generatyon, and dwell therin for euer.




1 But the deserte and wildernes shall reioyce, the waste grounde shalbe glad and florysh as the lylly.
2 She shall floryshe pleasauntlye, and be ioyfull, and euer be geuyng of thankes more and more. For the glory of Libanus, the bewtye of Charmel and Saron shalbe geuen her. These shall knowe the honoure of the Lorde, and the magesty of oure God.
3 And therfore strength the weake handes, and conforte the feble knees.
4 Saye vnto them that are of a fearefull hert. Be of good chere, and feare not. Beholde, youre God commeth to take vengeaunce: and you shall se the rewarde that God geueth: God commeth his awne selfe, & will delyuer you.
5 Then shall the eyes of e blinde be lyghtened, and the eares of the deaffe opened.
6 Then shall the lame man leape as an hert, & the domme mans tonge shall geue thanckes. In the wildernes also, there shall welles spring, & floudes of water in e desert.
7 The drye grounde shall turne to riuers, and the thursty to sprynges of water. Where as dragons dwelt afore, ther shall growe swete floures and grene rushes.
8 There shalbe fote pathes & comen stretes, this shalbe called the holy waye. No vnclene person shall go thorowe it: for the Lorde him self shall go with them that waye, and the wayferer, nor ignoraunt shall not erre.
9 There shalbe no lyon & no rauishing beast shall come therin, nor be there but men redemed shall go there fre and safe.
10 And the redemed of the Lorde, I saye, shall conuerte and come to Zion with thanckesgeuing. Euerlastyng ioye shall they haue: pleasure and gladnes shalbe among them. And as for all sorowe and heuynes, it shall vanysh awaye.




1 In the .xiiij. yere of king Hezekias came Sennaherib kyng of the Assirians downe, to laye seage vnto all the stronge cityes of Iuda; to conquer them.
2 And the kyng of Assiryans sent Rabsakeh from Lachis towarde Ierusalem, agaynst king Hezekias, wt an exceading hoste, which set him by the condyte of the ouerpole in the waye t goeth thorow the fullers lande.
3 And so ther came forth vnto him Eliakim Helkias sonne the president Sobna e scribe, and Ioah Asaphs sonne e secretary.
4 And Rabsakeh sayde vnto them: Tell Hezekias, that the greate kynge of Assiria sayth thus vnto him: What presumpcion is thys, that thou trustest vnto?
5 I sayde, Surely thou trustest in thy lyplaboure, when councell & strength are necessary to battayl: or elles wher to trustest u, that u castest thy selfe of frome?
6 lo, thou puttest thy trust in a broken staf of rede (I meane Egipt) which he t leaneth vpon, it goeth into his hande & shutteth hym thorowe. Euen so is Pharao the kynge of Egipte, vnto all them that trust in hym.
7 But yf u woldest saye to me: we truste in e Lord our God. A goodly God in dead: whose hye places and aultars Hezekia toke downe, and commaunded Iuda and Ierusalem to worshyp onely before the aultare.
8 Nowe therfore delyuer hostages that thou rebelle nomore agaynst my Lorde the kynge of Assirians. And I wyll geue the two thousande horses: yf thou be able to set men vpon them?
9 How darest thou resist the power of e smallest prynce, t my Lord hath? how darest thou trust in the charettes and horse men of Egipt?
10 Moreouer, thinckest thou t I am come downe hyther to destroye this land wtout e Lordes will? The Lord sayde vnto me: go downe into e lande, that u mayest destroie it.
11 Then sayd Eliakim, Sobna and Ioah vnto Rabsaketh: Speake to vs thy seruauntes (we praye the) in the Siryans language: for we vnderstande it wel. And speake not to vs in the Iewes tong, lest e folcke heare which lyeth vpon the wall.
12 Then answered Rabsakeh: Thincke ye, t the kyng sent me to speake this only vnto e Lord and e? Hath he not sent me to them also, that lye vpon the wall? that they maye be compelled to eate their awne donge, & drynck their awne stale wt you?
13 And Rabsakeh stode stif, and cryed with a loude voyce in the Iewes tong, and saide: Nowe take hede, howe the great king of the Astyrians geueth you warning.
14 Thus sayth the king: Let not Hezekias disceaue you: for he shall not be able to delyuer you.
15 Morouer let not Hezekias conforte you in the Lorde, when he sayth: The Lord wtout doubt shall defende vs, and shal not geue ouer this citye into the handes of the kyng of the Assyrians, beleue hym not.
16 But thus sayth the kyng of Assyria: opteyne my fauoure, enclyne to me: so maye euery man enioye hys vyneyardes and fygg trees, and drynke the water of his cysterne:
17 vnto the tyme that I come my self, and bringe you into a lande that is lyke your awne: wherin is wheate and wyne, which is both sowen with seede, and planted with vyneyardes.
18 Let not Hezekia disceaue you, when he sayth vnto you: the Lorde shall delyuer vs? Might the Goddes of the Gentils kepe euery mans lande, from the power of the kynge of the Assirians?
19 Where is the God of Hemath and Arphad? Where is the God of Sepharuaim? And who was able to defende Samaria out of my hande?
20 Or which of all the Goddes of these landes hath delyuered theyr countrey out of my power? is the lorde in dede able to delyuer Ierusalem fro my hande?
21 Unto this Hezekias messaungers helde theyr tonges, and answered not one worde: for the king had charged them, that they shulde geue hym none answere.
22 So came Eliakim Helkias sonne the president, Sobna the scribe, and Ioah Asaphs sonne the secretary, vnto Hezekias with rent clothes, and tolde hym the wordes of Rabsaketh.




1 When Hezekias hearde that, he rent hys clothes, and putt on a sacke cloth, and went into the temple of the Lorde.
2 But he sente Eliakim the president. Sobna the scribe, with the eldest prestes clothed in sacke, vnto the prophet Esay the sonne of Amoz,
3 and they said vnto hym: Thus sayth Hezekias: Thys is the daye of trouble, of plage and of blasphemye: for the children are come to the place of byrth: but there is no power to brynge them forth.
4 The Lorde thy God (no doubte) hath well consydered the wordes of Rabsaketh, whom his Lorde the king of Assirians hath sent to defye & blaspheme the lyuynge God: with soche wordes as the Lorde thy God hath hearde ryght well. And therfore, lyfte vp thy prayer for the remnaunt, that yet are left.
5 So the seruauntes of the kynge Hezekias came to Esay.
6 And Esay gaue them thys answere: Saye thus vnto your lorde: thus sayth the Lorde: Be not afraied of the wordes that thou hast hearde wherwith the kyng of the Assirians seruauntes haue blasphemed me.
7 Beholde, I will cause a wynde to go ouer him, assone as he heareth the rumour, he shall go again into hys contrey: there wyll I destroye hym with the swearde in his awne lande.
8 Nowe when Rabsakeh returned, he founde e king of Assiria laying sege to Libnas: for he had vnderstande t he was departed from Lachis.
9 For ther came a rumour t Tharhakas kinge of Ethiopia was come forth to warre agaynst him. And when the king of Assiria heard that, he sent other messaungers to kyng Hezekias wt this commaundement:
10 Saye thus to Hezekias king of Iuda: Let not thy God disceaue the, in whom thou hopest, and sayest: Ierusalem shall not be geuen into the handes of the king of Assiria.
11 For lo, thou knowest well howe the kinges of Assiria haue handled all the landes that they haue subuerted, and hopest thou to escape?
12 Were the people of Gentyles (whom my progenitours conquered) deliuered at any tyme thorow their goddes? As namely, Gozan, Haran, Rezeph, and the chyldren of Eden, which were at Thalassar.
13 Where is the kynge of Hemah, and the kyng of Arphad, and the king of the cytie Sepharuaim, Ena & Aua?
14 Now when Ezekia had receaued the lettre of the messaungers, and read it, he went vp into e house of the Lorde, and opened the letter before the Lorde.
15 And Ezekia prayed before e Lorde on this maner.
16 O Lorde of Hostes, u God of Israel, which dwellest vpon Cherubin. Thou art the God, that onely is God of all the kyngdomes of the worlde, for thou onely hast created heauen and earth.
17 Enclyne thyne eare Lorde & consydre, open thyne eyes, O Lorde, and se, and pondre all the wordes vpon Sennaherib, which hath sent his embassage to blaspheme the lyuyng God
18 It is true, O Lorde, that the kynges of Assyria haue conquered all kyngdomes and landes,
19 and cast theyr goddes in the fyre. Not withstandynge those were no goddes, but e worckes of mens handes, of wood or stone, therfore haue they destroyed them.
20 Delyuer vs then, O Lorde oure God, from the handes of Sennaherib, that all Kyngdomes of the earth maye knowe, that thou onely art the Lorde.
21 Then Esaye the sonne of Amoz sent vnto Hezekia, sayinge: Thus sayth e Lorde God of Israel. Where as thou hast made thy prayer vnto me, as touchyng Sennaherib e kynge of Assyria,
22 this is the answere, that e Lorde hath geuen concernynge hym. Despised art u, and mocked (O daughter of Syon) he hath shaken his head at the, O daughter of Ierusalem.
23 But thou Sennaherib. whom hast thou defyed and blasphemed? Agaynst whom hast thou lifted vp thy voyce, and exalted thy proude lookes? euen agaynst e holy one of Israel.
24 Thou with thy seruauntes hast blasphemed the Lorde, and thus holdest thou of thy selfe. I will couer the hye mountaynes, and sydes of Libanus with my horsmen. And there will I cut downe the hye Cedre trees and the fayrest Fyrre trees. I wyll vp into the heygth of it, and into the chefest of hys tymbre woddes.
25 If there be no water, I wyll graue and drinke. And as for waters of defence, I shall drye them vp with the fete of myne hoost.
26 Yee, hast thou not hearde, what I haue taken in hande, & brought to passe of olde tyme? That same wyll I do nowe also: waste, destroye, and brynge stronge cyties vnto heapes of stones.
27 For theyr inhabitatours shalbe lyke lame men, brought in feare and confounded. They shalbe lyke e grasse & grene herbes in the felde, lyke the hey vpon house toppes, that withereth afore it be growne vp.
28 I knowe thy wayes, thy goinge forth and thy commynge home, yee, & thy madnesse agaynst me.
29 Therfore thy furiousnes against me, and thy pryde is come before me. I wyll put my rynge in thy nose, and my brydle byt in the chawes of the, and turne the about, euen the same waye thou camest.
30 I wyll geue the also this token (O Hezekia) thys yere shalt thou eate such as groweth of yt selfe & the secunde yeare, t which springeth agayne of the same, and in the thyrde yeare, ye shall sowe & reape, yee, ye shall plante vineyardes, and enioye the frutes therof.
31 And soche of the house of Iuda as are escaped, shall come together, and the remnaunt shall take rote beneth, and bringe forth frute aboue.
32 For the escaped shall go out of Ierusalem, and the remnaunt from the mounte Syon. And thys shall the gelousy of the Lorde of Hostes bring to passe.
33 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde, concernynge the kynge of the Assyrians. He shall not come into this cyte, and shal shote no arowe into it, there shal no shilde hurt it, nether shal they cast ditches about it.
34 The same waye t he came, he shal retourne, and not come at thys cytie, sayeth e Lorde.
35 And I wyll kepe and saue e cytie (sayeth he) for myne awne, and for my seruaunte Dauids sake.
36 Thus the angel went forth, and slewe of the Assyrians hoost, an hundred fourescore and fyue thousande. And when men arose vp early in the mornynge. Beholde, they were slayne, and all laye full of deed bodyes.
37 So Sennaherib the kyng of the Assyrians brake vp, & dwelt at Niniue.
38 Afterwarde it chaunsed, as he prayed in the temple of Nesrah his God, that Adramalech and Sarazer hys awne sonnes slewe him with the sweard, and fled into the lande of Armenia. And Asar hadon his sonne raygned in his steade.




1 Not longe afore this, was Hezechia sycke vnto the deeth, & the prophete Esay e sonne of Amoz came vnto him, & sayd: Thus commaundeth the Lord: Set thyne house in ordre, for thou must dye, and shalt not escape.
2 Then Hezechia turned hys face towarde the wall, and prayed vnto the Lorde,
3 and sayde: Remembre (O Lorde) that I haue walcked before the in treuth and a stedfast herte, & haue done the thynge that is pleasaunt to the. And Hezechia wepte sore
4 Then sayde God vnto Esay:
5 Go and speake vnto Hezechia: the Lord God of Dauid thy father sendeth the this worde: I haue hearde thy prayer, and consydred thy teares, beholde, I will put fyftene yeares mo vnto thy lyfe,
6 and delyuer the and the cytie also, from the hande of the kynge of Assyria, for I wyll defende the cytie:
7 And take the thys token of the Lord, that he will do it, as he hath spoken:
8 Beholde, I wyll returne the shadowe of Ahaz dyal, that nowe is layed out with e Sunne and bringe it ten degrees backward. So the Sunne turned ten degrees backwarde, the which he was descended afore.
9 A thanckesgeuynge, which Hezekia Kynge of Iuda wrote, when he had bene sycke, and was recouered.
10 I thought I shulde haue gone to the gates of hell when myne age was shortened, and haue wanted the resydue of my yeares.
11 I spake within my selfe: I shall neuer viset the Lorde (the Lord I saye) in thys lyfe. I shal neuer se man among the dwellers of the worlde.
12 Myne age is folden vp together, & taken awaye fro me, lyke a shepherdes cotage: I haue hewen of my lyfe by my synnes, lyke as a weeuer cutteth of hys webb. He wyll with pyninge sycknesse make an ende of me: yee, he wyll make en ende of me in one daye.
13 I thought I wolde haue lyued vnto the morowe, but he brosed my bones lyke a lyon, and in one daye thou wilt make an ende of me.
14 Then chatred I lyke a swalowe, and lyke a crane, and mourned as a doue. I lyfte vp myne eyes into the heygth: O Lorde (sayde I) my sycknes kepeth me downe: ease thou me.
15 What shall I saye? The Lorde hath made a promise to me. Yee, and he him selfe hath perfourmed it. I shall therfore as longe as I lyue remembre thys bitternes of my lyfe.
16 O Lorde men maye lyue beyond theyr yeares, and I wyll declare to all men: that euen in those yeres I haue a ioyfull lyfe, and that it was thou that causedest me to sleape and agayne thou hast geuen lyfe to me.
17 Beholde bytter as gall was my pensyuenesse, so sore longed I for helth. And it was thy pleasure to deliuer my lyfe, from the fylthye pytt, for thou it is (O Lorde) that hast cast all my synnes behynde thy backe.
18 For hell prayseth not the, death doth not magnifye the. They that go downe into the graue prayse not thy trueth:
19 but the lyuinge, yee, the lyuing a knowledge e, lyke as I do thys daye. The father telleth hys chyldren of thy faythfulnesse.
20 To heale me it is the Lordes worcke, and we wyll synge my songes in thy house, all the dayes of oure lyfe.
21 And Esaye sayde: take a playster of fygges, and laye it vpon the sore, so shall it be whole.
22 Then sayd Hezekia: O what a great miracle is this, that I shall go vp into the house of the Lorde?




1 At the same tyme Merodach Baladam, Baladamus sonne kynge of Babylon, sent lettres and presentes to Hezekia. For he vnderstode howe t he had bene syck, & was recouered agayne.
2 And Hezekia was glad therof, & shewed them the commodities of his treasure, of syluer, of gold, of spices & rotes, of precious oyles, all that was in his cubbordes & treasure houses. There was not one thinge in Hezekias house, and so thorow out all his kyngdome, but he let them se it.
3 Then came Esaye the prophete to kynge Hezekia, and sayd vnto him. What haue the men sayde, and from whence came they vnto the? Hezekia answered: they came oute of a farre countre vnto me, out of Babylon:
4 Esay sayde: what haue they loked vpon in thyne house? Hezekia answered. All that is in myne house haue they sene: and there is nothynge in my treasure, but I shewed it them.
5 Then sayde Esay vnto Hezekia: Understande e worde of the Lord of Hostes:
6 Beholde, the tyme wyll come, that euery thyng which is in thyne house, and all that thy progenitoures haue layde vp in stoare vnto this daye, shalbe caried to Babilon, and nothing left behynde. This sayeth the Lord.
7 Yee, and parte of thy sonnes, that shall come of the, and whom u shalt get, shalbe caryed hence, and become gelded chamberlaynes in the kynge of Babylons courte.
8 Then sayde Hezekia to Esay. Now God prospere his awne councell, which u hast tolde me. He sayde more ouer: So t there be peace & faithfulnes in my tyme.




1 Comforte my people (O ye prophetes) comforte my people, sayeth your God,
2 comforte Ierusalem at the hert, & tell her: t her trauayle is at an ende that her offence is pardoned, that she hath receaued of the Lordes hande sufficient correccion for all her synnes.
3 A voyce crieth in wildernes. Prepare the waye for e Lorde in the wildernesse, make streyght e path for oure God in e deserte.
4 Let all valleyes be exalted, & euery mountayne & hill be layed lowe, what so is croked, let it be made strayght: & let the rough be made playne feldes.
5 For e glory of the Lorde shall appeare, and all flesh shall at once se it, for why: the mouth of the Lorde hath spoken it.
6 The same voyce spake: Nowe crye. And e prophet answered: what shall I crye? that all fleshe is grasse, & that all the godlines therof, is as e floure of e felde.
7 The grasse is wythered, e floure falleth awaye. Euen so is the people as grasse, when the breath of e Lorde bloweth vpon them.
8 Neuertheles, whether the grasse wyther, or e floure fade awaye. Yet e word of our God endureth for euer.
9 Go vp vnto e hye hyll (O Syon) u that bringest good tydynges, lyfte vp thy voyce with power, O thou preacher Ierusalem. Lyfte it vp without feare, and saye vnto the cyties of Iuda: Beholde youre God,
10 beholde the Lord God shall come with power, and beare rule with his arme. Beholde, he bringeth hys treasure with him, and his worckes go before hym.
11 He shall fede his flock lyke an herdman. He shall gather the lambes together with hys arme, and carye them in his bosome, & shall kyndely intreate those that beare yonge.
12 Who hath holden the waters in hys fyst? Who hath measured heauen wt his spanne, & hath comprehended all the earth of e worlde in thre measures? Who hath weyed e mountaynes & hylles in a balaunce.
13 Who hath refourmed the mynde of e Lorde? or to whom hath he shewed his counsell. Or who is of his councell to teach him?
14 or who hath geuen him vnderstandynge and hath taught him the path of iudgement Who taught him conninge and opened to him the waye of vnderstandynge.
15 Beholde, all people are in comparyson of hym, as a droppe to a bocket full, & are counted as the lest thinge that the balaunce weyeth. Yee & e Iles he taketh vp as a very lyttel thing.
16 Libanus is not sufficient to ministre fyre for hys offeringe, and all the beastes therof are not ynough to one sacrifice.
17 All people in comparyson of him are rekened as nothing, yf they be compared with him lesse then nothyng and as it that is not.
18 To whom then wyll ye liken God? or what Similitude will ye set vp vnto him?
19 Shall the caruer make him a carued ymage? & shall e goldsmyth couer hym with golde, or cast him into a fourme of syluer plates?
20 Moreouer, shall the ymage maker (that the poore man which is disposed, maye haue some thing to sett vp also) seke out and chose a tree, t is not roten, & carue therout an ymage, t moueth not?
21 Knowe ye nothing o wretches? Hearde ye neuer of it? Hath it not bene preached vnto you sence the begynning? Haue ye not bene enfourmed of this, by the foundacyon of the earthe,
22 that he sytteth vpon the circle of the worlde, and that all the inhabitoures of the worlde are in comparyson of him, but as greshopers. That he spredeth out e heauens as a couerynge, that he stretched them out, as a tent to dwell in.
23 That he bringeth Princes to nothing, and the iudges of the earth to dust:
24 so t of them it may be sayde they be not planted nor sowen agayne, nether their stock roted agayne in the earth? For as soone as he bloweth vpon them, they wither & fade awaye, like e straw in a whyrle winde.
25 To whom nowe will ye lyken me, & whom shall I be lyke, sayeth the holy one?
26 Lyft vp your eyes on hye, & consydre. who hath made those thinges, which come out by so great heapes? & he can call them all by their names. For there is nothing hid vnto the greatnesse of hys power, strength, & myght.
27 Howe may then Iacob thincke, or how may Israel saye: My wayes are hid from the Lorde, & my God knoweth not of my iudgementes.
28 Knowest thou not, or hast thou not hearde, that the euerlastynge God, the Lorde which made all e corners of the earth, is nether weery nor faynt? and that his wysdome cannot be comprehended:
29 but that he geueth strength vnto the weery, and power vnto the faynte?
30 Children are weery and faynt, and the strongest men fall.
31 But vnto them that haue the Lord before theyr eyes, shall strength be encreased. Aegles wynges shall growe vpon them. When they runne they shall not fall: and when they go, they shall not be weery.




1 Be styll (ye Ilandes) and herken vnto me. Be stronge ye people, Come hyther, and shewe youre cause, we wyll go to e lawe together.
2 Who raysed vp e iust man from the rysinge of the Sunne, & called him to go forth? Who cast downe the people, and subdued the kynges before him: that he maye throwe them all to the grounde with his swearde, and scatre them lyke stubble with his bowe?
3 He foloweth vpon them, and goeth safely him self. And that in a waye where before his fote had not troden.
4 Who hath made and created thes thinges? euen he that called the generacions from the begynnyng? Euen I the Lorde, which am e fyrst, and with the last.
5 The yles sawe it, & did feare, and the endes of the earth, were abashed, drewe nye, & cam hither.
6 Euery man exhorted hys neyghboure, & brother, and bad him be stronge.
7 The carpenter comforted the goldsmyth, & the goldsmyth e hammer man, saying: Glue wyll do very wel in it. It shalbe good, t we fasten this cast worke: & then they fastened it with nayles, that it shulde not be moued,
8 But thou Israel art my seruaunte: thou Iacob art electe, thou art e sede of Abraham my beloued
9 thou art he whom I led from the endes of e earth by the hande. For I called the from farre euen from among the gloriouse men of it, & sayd vnto the. Thou art my seruaunt. I haue chosen the, and not cast the awaye:
10 be not afrayed, for I am wt the. Melt not away as waxe, for I am thy God, to strength the, helpe e, & to kepe the wt this ryght hande of myne.
11 Beholde, all they that resyst the shall come to confusyon & shame: and thyne aduersaries shalbe destroyed & brought to naught.
12 So t whoso seketh after them, shall not fynde them. Thy destroyers shall perysh, and so shall they t vndertake to make batayll agaynst the be as that is not, & as a thinge of naught.
13 For I thy Lorde and God will strengthen thy ryght hand. Euen I that saye vnto the. Feare not. I wyll helpe e
14 Be not afrayde thou lytle worme Iacob, & thou despysed Israel: for I wyll helpe the, sayeth the Lorde, and the holy one of Israel thyne auenger.
15 Beholde, I wyll make e a treading cart and a new flayle, that thou mayst thresshe and grinde the mountaynes, and brynge the hylles to poulder.
16 Thou shalt fanne them and the wynde shall carye them awaye, and the whirlwynde shall scater them. But thou shalt reioyse in the Lorde, and shalt delyte in praysinge the holy one of Israel.
17 When the thyrsty and poore seke water & fynde none, and when theyr tonge is drye of thyrst. I geue it them sayth the Lorde. I e God of Israel forsake them not.
18 I brynge forth floudes in the hylles, and welles in e playne feldes. I turne the wyldernes to ryuers, and the drye lande to condyttes of water.
19 I plante in the waste grounde trees of Cedre, Boxe, Myrre and Oliues. And in the drye I set Fyrre trees, Elmes, & Hawthornes together.
20 All this do I, that they altogether may se and marcke, perceaue with their hertes and consydre, that the hande of e Lord maketh these thynges, and that the holy one of Israel bryngeth them to passe.
21 Stande at youre cause (sayeth the Lorde) & bringe forth youre strongest grounde, sayth the kynge of Iacob.
22 Let them bring forth their goddes, and let ther goddes tel vs what shall chaunse here after: yee, let them shewe vs the thynges t are past, what they be: let them declare them vnto vs that we maye take them to herte, and knowe them herafter.
23 Ether, shewe vs thynges for to come, & tel vs what shalbe done herafter: so shall we knowe, that you are goddes do somthing, ether good or bad: so will we both knowledge the same: and tell it out.
24 Beholde, ye goddes are of naught, & your makynge is of naught, yee abhominable is e man that hath chosen you.
25 Neuertheles, I haue waked vp one from the North, and he shall come. And another from the East, which shall call vpon my name, & shall treade vpon princes as vpon claye, & as the potter treadeth downe the myre.
26 Who declared this from the begynning, and we wyll knowe him. Or from the olde tymes, & we will confesse, and saye t he is righteous. But there is none that sheweth or declareth eny thing, there is none also t heareth youre wordes.
27 The fyrst is he t shall saye to Zyon, Beholde, beholde they are present, & to Ierusalem it selfe will I geue an Euangeliste.
28 But when I consyder there is not a man amonge them, nor any t can geue counsell, nor that when I examen them that can answer one word.
29 Lo, wicked are they & vayne, wt the thinges also t they take in hand: yee, their ymages are but wynde & vayne thinges.




1 Beholde, this is my seruaunte vpon whom I leane, myne electe, In whom my soule is pacifyed. I haue geuen hym my sprete, that he maye shewe forth iudgement and equitye among the Gentiles.
2 He shall not be an outcrier, ner lyfte vp his voyce. His voyce shal not be hearde in the stretes.
3 And a brosed rede shall he not breake, and the smoking flaxe shall he not quench: but faythfully and truly shall be geue iudgement,
4 not be pensyue nor carefull, that he maye restore ryghteousnes vnto the earth, and the Gentyles also shal kepe his lawes.
5 For thus sayeth God the Lorde vnto hym (euen he that made the heauens, and spred them abrode, and set forth the earth wt her increase: which geueth breath vnto the people that is in it, and spirite to them that dwell therin)
6 I the Lord haue called the in ryghteousnes, and led the by the hande. Therfore wyll I also defende the, and geue the for a couenaunnt of the people, and to be the lyght of the Gentiles.
7 That thou mayest open e eyes of the blynde, let out e prisoners from ther bondes & them that syt in darcknesse, out of the dongeon house.
8 Euen I am the Lorde, and this is my name: And my glory wyll I geue to none other, nether myne honoure to grauen ymages.
9 Beholde, olde thinges are come to passe, & new thynges do I declare. And or euer they come, I tell you of them.
10 Synge vnto the Lorde, a newe songe of thanckesgeuinge, blowe out his prayse from the ende of the worlde. They that be vpon the see, and all that is therin, prayse hym, e Iles and they that dwell in them.
11 Let the wyldernes with the cyties lifte vp her voyce, e townes also that they of Cedar dwell in. Lett them be glad that syt vpon rockes of stone, and let them crye downe from the hye mountaynes:
12 ascrybynge glorye vnto the Lorde, and magnifyinge hym amonge the Gentyles.
13 The Lorde shall come forth as a gyaunte, and take a stomack to him lyke as a fresh man of warre. He shall roare & crie, & ouercome his enemies.
14 I haue longe holden my peace (sayeth the Lorde) I haue bene styll and refrayned my selfe, but nowe I wyll crye lyke a trauelynge woman, & at once wyll I destroye, and deuoure.
15 I will make wayste both mountayne and hill, & drye vp euery grene thing t groweth theron. I will drye vp the floudes of water, and drincke vp the ryuers.
16 I wyll bring the blinde into a strete, that they knowe not. and lede them into a fote path, that they are ignoraunt in. I shall make darcknesse lyght before them, and the thynge that is croked to be streyght. These thinges haue I done vnto them, and not forsaken them:
17 They are fallen backe yee, and let them be ashamed earnestly, that hope in Idoles, & saye to fashyoned ymages: ye are oure goddes.
18 Heare, O ye deafe men, and sharpen youre syghtes to se (O ye blinde.)
19 Who is blinde, but my seruaunt? Or so deafe, as my messaunger, whom I sent vnto them? For who is so blynde (faye they) as the perfecte man and so blynde as the Lordes seruaunte?
20 Thou vnderstondest moch, and kepest nothynge: the eares are open, & no man heareth.
21 The Lorde is mercyfull vnto them for his ryghteousnesse sake: that his worde myght be magnifyed and praysed.
22 But the people them selues is robbed and troden vnder the fote chayned in dongeons and they all (I saye) be shut into preson houses. They be caryed awaye captiue and no man doth lowse them: They be troden vnder fote, and no man doth laboure to bring them agayne.
23 But who is he amonge you, t pondreth this, that consydreth it, & taketh it for a warnynge in tyme to come?
24 Who suffred Iacob to be troaden vnder fote, and Israel to be spoyled? Dyd not the Lord? Because we haue synned agaynst him & haue had no delyte to walke in his wayes, nether bene obedient vnto his lawe.
25 Therfore hath he poured vpon hym hys wrathfull displeasure, and stronge battayll, which fyreth hym on euery syde, yet wyll he not vnderstande. He burneth hym vp, yet syncketh it not into hys herte.




1 But nowe, the Lorde that made the O Iacob, and he that fashyoned the: O Israel, sayeth thus: Feare not, for I haue redemed the. I haue called the by name: thou art myne awne.
2 Yf thou goest thorow the water, I wilbe with the, that the stronge floudes shulde not pluck the awaye. And yf thou walckest thorowe the fyre, it shall not burne the, and the flame shall not kyndle vpon the.
3 For I am the Lord thy God the holy one of Israel, thy Sauioure. I gaue Egypte for thy deliueraunce, the Morians & the Sabees for the:
4 because thou wast deare in my syght, and because I set by the, and loued the. I wyll geue ouer all men for the, and delyuer vp all people for thy sake,
5 feare not: for I am with the. I wyll bringe thy sede from the East, and gather the together from the west.
6 I wyll saye to the North, lett go. And to the South, kepe not backe: but bring me my sonnes from farre, and my daughters from the endes of e worlde.
7 Namely, all those that be called after my name. For them haue I created, fashyoned, & made for myne honour.
8 Bringe forth that people, which is blinde & yet hath eyes, which are deafe although they haue eares.
9 If all nacions come in one and be gathered together, which amonge them shall declare soche thynges, and tell vs what is to come? Let them brynge theyr witnesse so shall they be fre: els, let them heare, and saye, it is truth.
10 You are my witnesses (sayth the Lorde) and my seruaunt, whom I haue chosen: therfore be certified and geue me faithfull credence: and consydre, that I am he, before whom there was neuer any God, and that ther shalbe none after me.
11 I am euen, I am the only Lorde and beside me ther is no Sauioure.
12 I gaue warninge, I made whole I taught you when there was no straunge God amonge you. And this recorde must ye beare me youre selues, (sayth the Lord) that I am God.
13 And euen he am I from the begynnynge, and there is none that can take any thynge out of my hande. I do the worke and who shall be able to let it.
14 Thus sayeth the Lorde the holy one of Israel youre redemer: for youre sake I haue sent to Babylon, and brought downe e strongest of them. All they are fugityue with the Chaldees that boost them of theyr shyppes:
15 Euen I the Lorde youre holy one which haue made Israel, and am youre kynge.
16 Thus sayeth e Lorde (euen he that maketh a waye in the see, & a footpath in the myghty waters:)
17 which bringeth forth e charettes & horses, the hoste & the power of warre, that they may fall and neuer ryse, and be extincte, lyke as towe is quenched.
18 Remembre not thynges of olde, and regarde nothinge that is past.
19 Beholde I shall make a newe thynge, and shortly shall it appeare, & shall you not knowe it? I wyll make stretes in the deserte, and ryuers of water in the wyldernes:
20 The wylde beastes shall worshyppe me: the dragons, and the yonge Estriches. For I shall geue water in the wyldernes, and streames in the desert: that may geue drincke to my people, whom I chose.
21 Thys people haue I made for my self, and they shall shewe forth my prayse.
22 For thou (Iacob) woldest not call vpon me, but thou haddest an vnlust towarde me, O Israel.
23 Thou gauest me not thy beastes for burntofferinges nether dydest honour me with thy sacrifyces. Thou boughtest me no deare spyce with thy money, nether pouredest the fat of thy sacrifyces vpon me. Howbeit I haue not bene chargeable vnto the in offeringes, nether greuous in incense.
24 But thou hast laden me with thy synnes, & weryed me with thyne vngodlynes.
25 Where as I yet, euen I am he onely, that for myne awne selfes sake do awaye thyne offences, and forget thy synnes: so that I will neuer thincke vpon them.
26 Put me now in remembraunce (for we wyll reason together) and shewe what thou hast for the, to make the ryghteous.
27 Thy fyrst father offended sore, and thy rulers haue synned agaynst me.
28 Therfore I ether suspended, or slue the chefest prynces. I dyd curse Iacob, and gaue Israel into reprofe.




1 So heare nowe, O Iacob my seruaunt, and Israel whom I haue chosen.
2 For thus sayth the Lord, that made the, fashyoned e, and helped the, euen from thy mothers wombe. Be not afrayed, O Iacob my seruaunt, thou ryghteous, whom I haue chosen.
3 For I shall powre water vpon the drye grounde, & ryuers vpon the thurstye. I shall poure my sprete vpon thy sede, and myne encrease vpon thy stock.
4 They shall growe together, lyke as e grasse, and as the wyllowes by the waters syde.
5 One shall saye: I am the Lordes. Another shall call hym selfe after the name of Iacob. The thyrde shall subscribe with hys hande vnto the Lorde, and geue him self vnder the name of Israel.
6 Thus hath the Lorde spoken: euen the Kynge of Israel, and his redemer, the Lorde of Hostes: I am the fyrst and the last, and without me is there no God.
7 Yf any be lyke me, lett hym call forth the thynge paste and openly shewe it, and laye it playne before me what hath chaunsed synce I apoynted e people of the worlde, and what shall be shortly or what shall come to passe, in tyme longe to come, let them shewe thes thynges.
8 Be not abashed nor afrayde. For haue not I euer tolde you hytherto, and warned you? Ye can beare me recorde youre selues. Is there any God excepte me? or any maker, that I shulde not knowe hym?
9 All caruers of Images are but vayne, & the carued ymages that they loue, can do no good. They must beare recorde them selues, that (seynge they can nether se ner vnderstande) they shalbe confounded.
10 Who darre them make a God, or fashyon an ymage, that is profytable for nothynge?
11 Beholde, all the felowshyppe of them must be brought to confusyon. And truly all the worke masters of them ar men, they shall all be gathered to gyther, they shall stande, tremble, and be confounded one with a nother.
12 The smith maketh an axe, and tempereth it with hoate coales, and fashyoneth it with hammers, and worketh wt it with all the strength of hys armes: yee, sometyme he is faynt for very hunger, and so thurstye, that he hath no more power.
13 The carpenter (or ymage caruer) taketh measure of the tymbre: and spredeth forth his lyne: he marketh it with some coloure. he playneth it, he ruleth it, and squareth it, and maketh it after the ymage of a man, and according to the bewty of a man: t it maye stande in the temple.
14 Moreouer, he goeth oute to hewe downe Cedre trees. He bryngeth home Elmes and Okes: and takynge a bolde corage, he seketh out the best tymbre of the wodde. He him selfe hath planted a pyne tree, which the rayne hath swelled,
15 which wodd serueth for men to burne. Of this he taketh and warmeth hym selfe withall: he maketh afyre of it to bake breade. And afterwarde maketh a God there of, to honoure it: & an Idole to knele before it.
16 One pece he burneth in e fyre, with another he rosteth flesh, that he maye eate roste his bely full: with the thryde he warmeth him self, and sayeth: Aha, I am well warmed, I haue bene at the fyre.
17 And of the residue he maketh him a God, & an Idole for him selfe. He kneleth before it, he worshippeth it, he prayeth vnto it, & sayeth: delyuer me, for thou art my God.
18 Yet men nether consydre ner vnderstande, because theyr eyes are stopped, that they cannot se: and their hertes, that they cannot perceaue.
19 They pondre not in theyr myndes, for they haue nether knowledge ner vnderstandynge, to thincke thus. I haue brent one pece in the fyre. I haue baked bread with the coles there of, I haue rosted flesh with all, & eaten it: shall I nowe of the resydue make an abhominable Idole, and fall downe before a rotten pece of wood?
20 Thus he doth but lese hys laboure, and hys herte which is disceaued, doth turne hym asyde: so that none of them can haue a fre conscience to thincke: maye not Ierre?
21 Consydre thys (O Iacob and Israel) for thou art my seruaunt. I haue made the, that thou myghtest serue me. O Israel, forget me not.
22 As for thyne offences, I haue dryuen them awaye lyke the cloudes, and thy synnes as the myst. Turne the agayne vnto me, for I haue redemed the.
23 Be glad ye heauens, whom the Lorde hath made for the Lorde hath dealte graciously wt hys people, let all that is here beneth vpon e earth, be ioyfull. Reioyse ye mountaynes and woddes, with all the trees therof: for e Lorde hath redemed Iacob, and wyll shewe hys glory vpon Israel.
24 Thus sayth the Lord thy redemer, euen he that fashyoned the from thy mothers wombe. I the Lorde, do all thynges my selfe alone. I only sprede out the heauens and I only haue layde the foundacyon of the earth by myn awne selfe.
25 I destroye the tokens of witches, and make the Sothsaiers fooles. As for the wyse, I turne them backwarde, and make theyr connyng folyshnesse.
26 He doth set vp the purpose of his seruaunte, and fulfylleth the councell of his messaungers Concernynge Ierusalem, he sayeth: It shalbe inhabited. And of the cyties of Iuda: They shalhe buylded agayne, and I will repayre theyr decayed places.
27 He sayeth to the grounde: be drye. And I will drye vp thy wader floudes.
28 He sayeth of Cyrus. He is myne herdman: so that he shall fulfyll all thynges after my will. He sayeth also of Ierusalem: It shall be buylded, and of the temple: It shalbe fast grounded.




1 Thus sayeth the Lord vnto Cyrus his anoynted whom I haue taken by e ryght hande, to subdue nations before him. I wyll lowse the gyrdle of kynges, & I wyll open e gates before his face, and not to shut their dores.
2 I will go before the, and make the croked streyght, I shall breake the brasen dores, & burst the yron barres.
3 I shall geue the e hyd treasures, & the thynge which is secretly kept: t thou mayest knowe that I am e Lorde God of Israel which haue called the by thy name:
4 & that for Iacob my seruauntes sake, & for Israel my chosen. For I called the by thy name, and ordeyned the or euer thou knewest me.
5 Euen I the Lord before whom there is none other: for without me ther is no God. I haue prepared the or euer thou knewest me,
6 that I myght be knowne from the rysing of e sunne to the goynge downe of the same, that all is nothynge without me. For I am e Lorde, and there is els none.
7 It is I t created the lyght & darcknes. I make peace and trouble: yee, euen I the Lorde do all these thinges.
8 Ye heauens from aboue droppe downe, & let the cloudes rayne ryghteousnes. The earth open it selfe, and bringe forth health, that therby righteousnes maye florysh. Euen I the Lorde bringe it to passe.
9 Wo be vnto him t stryueth wt his maker, the potsherde with the potter. Sayeth e claye to the potter. What makest thou? or thy worke serueth for nothing?
10 Wo be vnto him that sayeth to hys father. Why begettest u? And to his mother: why bearest thou?
11 Thus sayeth the Lorde, euen the holy one, & maker of Israel. Aske me of thynges for to come, concernynge my sonnes: and put me in remembraunce, as touching the worckes of my handes:
12 I haue made the earth, and created man vpon it. With myne handes haue I spred forth heauen, and geuen a commaundement for all the hoost therof.
13 I shall wake him vp with ryghteousnes, and ordre all his wayes. He shall buylde my cytie, and let out my prisoners: & that nether for gyft nor rewardes, sayeth the Lord of Hostes.
14 Thus sayeth the Lord. The occupiers of Egypt, the marchauntes of the Morians and Sabees, shall come vnto the with tribute, they shalbe thyne, they shall folowe the, and go with cheynes vpon their fete. They shall fall downe before the, and make supplicacyon vnto the. For God (without whom there is none other God) shalbe with the.
15 O howe profounde art u O God, thou God and Sauioure of Israel?
16 Confounded are they all, and put to dishonoure: they are gone hence together with shame, euen e makers of ymages.
17 But Israel shalbe saued in e Lorde, which is the euerlastinge saluacyon. Ye shall not come to shame ner confusyon, worlde without ende.
18 For thus sayeth the Lord: euen he that created heauen, the God that made the earth, that fashyoned it, and sett it forth. He dyd not make it for naught, but to be enhabited. Euen I the Lorde, without whom there is none other.
19 I haue not spoken secretly, nether in darcke places of the earth. It is not for naught, that I sayde vnto the sede of Iacob: seke me. I am the Lorde, which when I speake, declareth the thing that is righteous & true:
20 gather you & come together, draw nie hyther, you t are escaped of the people. Haue they eny vnderstandynge, that set vp the stockes of theyr Idols, & praye vnto a God, that cannot helpe them?
21 drawe nye, come hyther, and let them aske councell one at another and shewe forth. What is he, that tolde thys before? or, who spake of it, euer sence the begynning? Haue not I the Lord done it? wtout whom there is none other God? the true God and Sauioure, and ther is els none but I?
22 And therfore turne you vnto me (all ye endes of the earth) that ye maye be saued: for I am God, & there is els none.
23 I sweare by my selfe: oute of my mouth commeth the word of ryghteousnesse, and that maye no man turne: but all knees shall bowe vnto me, and all tunges shall sweare by my name,
24 saying. Uerely, in the Lord is my ryghteousnes and strength. To him shal men come: but all they that thincke scorne of him, shalbe confounded.
25 And the whole sede of Israel shalbe iustified and make their boast in the Lorde.




1 Bell is fallen, Nabo is broken downe: whose ymages were a burthen for the beastes and catell, to ouerlade them, and to make them weery.
2 They are soncke downe, and fallen together: for they maye not ease them of theyr burthen, therfore must they go into captiuitie.
3 Herken vnto me, O house of Iacob, and all ye that remayne yet of the housholde of Israel: whom I haue borne from youre mothers wombe, and brought you vp from youre byrth, tyll ye were growen.
4 I, I, which shall beare you vnto youre last age. I haue made you, I wyll also norysh you, beare you and saue you.
5 Whom wyll ye make me lyke or to whom wyll ye make me equall or compare me that I shulde be lyke hym, in fashyon or ymage, that I maye be lyke him?
6 Ye fooles (no doute) wyll take out syluer & golde oute of youre purses, and wepe it, & hyre a goldsmyth to make a God of it, that men maye knele downe and worshyppe it.
7 Yet must he be taken on mennes shoulders & borne, and set in his place, that he maye stande and not moue out of his place. Alas, t men shuld crye crie vnto him which geueth no answere: and delyuereth not the man that calleth vpon him, from hys trouble:
8 Consydre this well, and be ashamed. Go into youre awne selues (O ye runnagates.)
9 Remembre the thynges which are past, sence e begynninge of the worlde: that I am God & that there is els no God, yee, & that there is nothinge, lyke vnto me.
10 In the begynnynge of a thynge. I shewe the ende therof: & I tell before, thinges that are not yet come to passe. My deuice stondeth, stedfastly stablyshed, & I fulfyll all my pleasure.
11 I call a byrde out of the East, & the man by whom my councell shall be fulfylled out of farre countrees, as soone as I thyncke to deuise a thynge, I do it.
12 Heare me, O ye t are of an hye stomacke, but farre from ryghteousnesse,
13 I shall bringe forth my ryghteousnes. It is not farre, & my health shall not tary longe awaye. I wyll laye health in Sion, and in Israel my glory.




1 But as for the (O daughter, u vyrgyn Babilon) sytt thou downe in the dust syt vpon the grounde, & not in a throne (O thou mayden of Caldea.) Thou shalt nomore be called tender & pleasaunt.
2 Bring forth the querne, & grinde meele, vntrusse thy broyded heare, put of thy shoes, make bare thy knees: & wade thorowe e water ryuers.
3 Thy shame shalbe discouered and thy pryuityes shalbe sene. For I wyll auenge me of the & wyll shewe no mercy to the as, I do to other men
4 sayeth oure redemer, which is called e Lorde of Hostes the holy one of Israel.
5 Syt styll, holde thy tunge, and get the into some darck corner (O daughter Chaldea) for thou shalt nomore be called lady of kyngdomes.
6 I was so wroth wt my people, that I punished myne enheritaunce, and gaue them into thy power. Neuertheles, u shewedest them no mercy, but euen the very aged men of them, dydest thou oppresse ryght sore with thy yock,
7 and thou thoughtest thus: I shalbe lady for euer. And besyde all that, thou hast not regarded these thynges, nether remembred what was the ende of that cytie Ierusalem.
8 Heare now therfore, thou wyllfull, that syttest so careles, and speakest thus in thyne herte: I am alone, and without me is there none: I shall neuer be wydowe, ner desolate agayne.
9 And yet both these thynges shall come to the vpon one daye in the twynclinge of an eye: Namely, wyddowhead, and desolacyon. They shall myghtely fall vpon the, for the multitude of thy witches, and for the greate heape of thy coniurers.
10 For thou hast trusted in thy wickednes, and hast sayd. No man seyth me. Thyne awne wysdome and connyng hath deceaued the. In that thou hast sayde: I am alone and without me ther is none.
11 Therfore shall trouble come vpon the, and thou shall not knowe, from whence it shall aryse. Myschefe shall fall vpon the, which thou shalt not be able to put of. A sodayne vtter destruction, shall come vpon the or euer thou be aware.
12 Nowe go to thy coniurers, & to the multitude of thy wytches (with whom thou hast weried thy selfe from thy youth) yf they maye helpe the, or strengthen the.
13 Thou hast hytherto had many councels of them, so let the heauen gasers and the beholders of starres and mone prophetes come on nowe and delyuer the: yee, and lett them shewe, when these newe thinges shall come vpon the.
14 Beholde, they shalbe lyke strawe, whith yf it be kyndled with fyre, no man maye rydde it for the vehemencye of the flame. And yet it geueth no synders to warme a man by, ner cleare fyre to syt by.
15 Thus are they with whom thou hast weryed thy selfe, and thus are thy marchauntes that haue bene with the from thy youth. Euery one hath taken his awne waye and shall none of them defende the.




1 Heare this, O thou house of Iacob: ye that are called by the name of Israel, and are come out of one stocke with Iuda: which sweare by the name of the Lorde, and beare witnes by the God of Israel (but not with trueth and ryght)
2 which are called fremen of the holy cytie, & are grounded vpon the God of Israel, whose name is e Lord of Hostes.
3 The thinges that I shewed you euer sence the begynnynge haue I not brought them to passe, immediatly as they came out of my mouth, and declared them, and they are come?
4 Howbeit, I knowe that thou art obstinate, and that thy neck hath an yron veyne, & that thy browe is of brasse.
5 Neuerthelesse, I haue euer sence the begynninge shewed the of thinges for to come, and declared them vnto the, or euer they came to passe: that u shuldest not saye: myne Idol hath done it, my carued or molten ymage hath shewed it.
6 Thou herdest it before, and beholde, It is come to passe, and whether can ye prophecye of thynges to come? But as for me, I tolde the before at the begynnynge, newe and secret thynges, that thou knowest not of.
7 And some done nowe, not of olde tyme, wherof thou neuer herdest before they were brought to passe: t thou canst not saye: Beholde, I knewe of them:
8 Moreouer, there be some wherof u hast nether hearde ner knowne, nether haue they bene opened vnto thyne eares afore tyme. For I knewe that thou woldest maliciously offende, therfore haue I called the a transgressoure, euen from thy mothers wombe.
9 Neuertheles, for my names sake, I wyll wtdrawe my wrath: & it shalbe for myne honours sake, yf I paciently forbeare the, and do not rote e out.
10 Beholde, I haue pourged the, yet not as siluer. I haue chosen the in e fyer of affliccyon:
11 and that onely for myne awne sake: yee, euen for myne awne sake will I do this: or els, what dishonour wolde they do to my name?
12 Herken vnto me, O Iacob, and Israel whom I haue called, I am he. I am euen he that is, I am the fyrst & the last.
13 My hande hath layde the foundacyon of the earth: and my right hande hath spanned ouer the heauens. Assone as I call them they are there.
14 Gather you all together, and herken: Which of yonder goddes hath declared this? The Lorde hath a loue vnto him, and he shall perfourme hys wyll agaynst Babel, & declare hys power agaynst the Chaldees.
15 I my selfe alone, euen I haue told you this before. Yee, I dyd call hym & bringe hym forth: and he shall geue a prosperous iorney.
16 Come nye and heare thys: haue I spoken eny thing darckly, sens the beginnynge? When a thyng beginneth, I am there. Wherfore, the Lorde God and hys sprete hath sent me.
17 And thus sayth the Lord God thy redemer, the holy one of Israel: I am the Lorde thy God, which teach the profitable thynges, and leade the the waye, that thou shuldst go.
18 O that thou hadst regarded my commaundementes, then had thy welthynes bene as the water streame: and thy righteousnes as the waues flowynge in the see:
19 Thy seede also had be like as the sande in the see, and the frute of thy body lyke e grauelle stones therof. His name shulde not be roted out: nor destroyed before me.
20 Go awaye from Babilon, flye from the Chaldees wt a mery voyce speake of this, declare it abroade, and go forth vnto the ende of the worlde, saye: The Lorde hath redemed hys seruaunt Iacob,
21 that they suffred no thurst, he lead them thorow the wildernes, and caused e waters to flowe out vnto them from out of the rocke. He claue the rocke a sonder, and the water gusshed out.
22 As for the vngodly, they haue no peace, sayth the Lorde.




1 Ye yles, herken vnto me, & take heede ye people from farre. The Lorde hath called me fro my birth, and made mencyon of my name fro my mothers wombe:
2 he hath made my mouth like a sharpe swerde: vnder the shadowe of hys hande hath he defended me, and hyd me in hys quyuer as a good arowe,
3 & sayd vnto me. Thou art my seruaunt Israel, I wilbe honoured in the.
4 Then answerde I: I haue lost my laboure, I haue spent my strength in vayne. Neuertheles, I will commyt my cause and my worcke vnto the Lorde my God.
5 And nowe sayth the Lorde, euen he that fashyoned me fro my mothers wombe to be his seruaunte, t I maye bryng Iacob agayn vnto him: howbeit, Israel wyll not be gathered vnto hym agayne. In whose sight I am greate, which also is my Lorde, my God and my strength.
6 And he sayde: It is but a small thinge that u art my seruaunt, to sett vp the kynreddes of Iacob, and to restore the destruccyon of Israel. For I haue made the the light of the Gentyls, that thou mayst be my health vnto the ende of the worlde.
7 Moreouer, thus sayth the Lorde the auenger and holy one of Israel: because of the abhorringe and despysinge amonge the Gentiles, concerning the seruaunt of all them that beare rule. Kynges and princes shall se, and aryse and worshyp, because of the Lord that is faythfull: & because of the holy one of Israel, which hath chosen the.
8 And thus saith e Lorde: In the tyme accepted haue I heard the, and in the daye of saluacion haue I helped the. I will preserue the and make the to be the atonement of the people, that u mayst helpe vp the earth agayne: & possesse agayne the desolate herytages.
9 That thou mayest saye to the presoners: go forth, and to them that are in darcknesse: come into the lyght, they shall fede in the hye wayes, and get their pasture in all hye places.
10 They shall nether honger, ner thurst: heate nor sunne shall not hurte them. For he that fauoureth them, shall leade them, and geue them dryncke of the springe welles.
11 I wyll make wayes vpon all my mountaynes, and my fote pathes shalbe exalted.
12 And beholde, they shall come from far: lo, some from the north and west, some from the lande of Sinis, which is in the south.
13 Reioyse ye heauens: & synge prayses, thou earth. Talke of ioye ye hylles, for God hath conforted hys people, and wyll haue mercye vpon his that be in trouble.
14 But Sion sayde: God hath forsaken, & my Lorde hath forgotten me.
15 Wyll a wyfe forget the childe of her wombe, and not pitie the sonne whom she hath borne? And though, they do forget, yet will not I forget e.
16 Beholde, I haue written the vp vpon my handes, thy walles are euer in my syght.
17 They make hast to buylde the vp agayne. As for those that ouerthrowe the, and made the wast, they shall departe from the.
18 Lyft vp thyne eyes, and loke about the: all these gather them together, & come to the. As truly as I lyue (sayth the Lord) thou shalt put them all vpon the, as an apparell, & gyrde them to the as a bryd doth her iewels.
19 As for thy land that lyeth desolate wasted and destroyed: it shalbe to narowe for them that shall dwell in it. And they t wolde deuoure the, they shalbe farre awaye.
20 Then the childe whom the baren shall bringe forth vnto e, shall saye in thyne care: thys place is to narowe, gyue place t I maye haue rowme.
21 Then shalt thou thynke by thy selfe: Who hath begotten me these? seinge I am baren and alone, a captyue and an out cast? And who hath noryshed them vp for me? I am desolate and alone, but from whence come these?
22 And therfore thus sayth the Lorde God: Behold, I wyll stretch out myne hande to e Gentyls, and set vp my token to the people. They shall bring the thy sonnes in their lappes: and carye thy daughters vnto the vpon their shoulders.
23 For kinges shalbe thy nursyng fathers, and quenes shalbe thy nursing mothers. They shall fall before the wt theyr faces flatt vpon the earth: and lycke vp the dust of thy fete: that thou mayst knowe how that I am the Lorde. And who so putteth his trust in me, shall not be confounded.
24 Who spoyled the gyaunte of his praye? or who taketh the presoner from the mightye?
25 And therfore, thus sayeth the Lorde. The prisoners shalbe taken from the gyaunte, and the spoyle delyuered from the violente: for I wyll maynteyne thy cause agaynst thyne aduersaryes, and saue thy sonnes.
26 And wyll fede thyne enemyes with theyr awne fleshe, and make them drynke of their awne bloude, as of swete wyne. And all flessh shall knowe, O Iacob, that I am the Lorde thy sauiour, thy noble redemer.




1 Thus sayth e Lord: where is e byll of your mothers deuorcement, that I sent her awaye? or who is e vsurer, to whom I solde you? Beholde, for your awne offences are ye solde, & because of youre transgression, is youre mother forsaken.
2 For why wolde no man receaue me, when I came? and when I called, no man gaue me answere. Is my hande shortened that it might not helpe? or haue I not power to deliuer? lo, at a worde I dryncke vp the see and of water floudes I make drye lande: so that for want of water, the fyshe corrupt and dye for thurst.
3 As for heauen, I clothe it with darcknesse, and put as it were a sack vpon it.
4 The Lorde God hath geuen me a well lerned tonge, so that I can confort them which are troubled: yee, and that in due ceason. He wakeneth myne eare vp by tymes in e mornynge: by tymes in the morninge, I saye, he will waken myne eare, that I myght herken as to e scole masters.
5 The Lord God hath opened myne eare, therfore can I nott saye, naye: ner withdrawe my selfe:
6 but I offre my backe vnto the smyters, & my chekes to the nippers. I turne not my face from shame and spittyng,
7 & the Lord God shall helpe me: therfore shall I not be confounded. I haue hardened my face like a flynt stone, for I am sure, t I shall not come to confusion.
8 He is at hand that iustifieth me, who will then go wt me to lawe? Let vs stande one against another: yf there be any t wyll reason with me, let hym come here forth to me.
9 Beholde, the Lorde God standeth by me, what is he then t can condempne me? lo, they shalbe all like as an olde clothe, the mothe shall eate them vp.
10 Therfore, whoso feareth the Lord among you, let him heare the voyce of his seruaunt, Whoso walketh in darcknesse, and no lyght shyneth vpon him, lett hym put hys trust in the name of the Lorde, and holde him by his God.
11 But take hede, ye all kyndle a fyre of the wrath of God, and stere vp the coales: walke on in the glistering of your awne fyre & in e coales t ye haue kindled. This cometh vnto you fro my hande, namely that ye shall slepe in sorowe.




1 Herken vnto me, ye t holde of righteousnes, & ye that seke the Lorde. Take hede vnto e stone, whereout ye are hewen, & to the graue wherout ye are dygged.
2 Considre Abraham your father, & Sara t bare you: howe t I called him alone, & blessed hym, and encreased him
3 Therfore shall the Lorde comforte Syon, & repayre all her decaye: making her deserte as a paradise, & her wildernesse as e garden of the Lorde. Myrth and ioye shalbe founde there, thankesgeuing & e voyce of prayse.
4 Haue respect vnto me then, O my people both hyghe & lowe & laye thyne eare to me: for a lawe & an ordinaunce shall go forth fro me, to lyghten the Gentils.
5 It is hard by, that my health & my righteousnes shall go forth, and the people shalbe ordred with myne arme. The ylandes, t is the Gentils, shall hope in me, and put their trust in myne arme.
6 Lift vp your eyes towarde heauen, and loke vpon the earth beneth. For the heauens shall vanyshe awaye lyke smoke, and the earth shall waxe olde lyke a cloth, & they t dwell therin shall perysh in lyke maner. But my saluacion shall endure for euer, and my righteousnesse shall not cease.
7 Herken vnto me, ye that haue pleasure in righteousnes, u people t bearest my lawe in thyne hert. Feare not the curse of men: be not afrayde of their blasphemyes and reuylinges:
8 for wormes & mothes shall eate them vp lyke cloth & woll. But my ryghteousnes shall endure for euer, & my sauynge health from generacion to generacyon.
9 Wake vp, wake vp: and be stronge. O thou arme of the Lorde, wake vp, lyke as in tyme past, euer and sence the worlde beganne.
10 Art not thou the same arme, that hast wounded the proude Egypt, and hewen the Dragon in peces? Art not u euen he, which hast dryed vp the depe of the see, which hast made playne e see grounde, t the delyuered myght goo thorow?
11 Therfore e redemed of e Lord shall turne agayne, & come wyth ioye vnto Sion, there to endure for euer? That myrth & gladnesse myght be with them: that sorowe and wo myght fle from them?
12 Yee I, I am euen he, that in all thynges geueth you consolacyon. What art thou then, that fearest a mortall man, the chylde of man, which goeth awaye as doeth the floure?
13 And forgettest e Lorde that made the, that spred out the heauenes, and layde the foundacion of the earth But thou art euer afrayde for the syght of thyne oppressoure, which is ready to do harme: Where is the wrath of the oppressoure?
14 The tyme commeth on faste when the presoner shall be losened, and he shall not dye in the dongeon nor yet be consumed by famyshement.
15 I am the Lorde thy God (that make the see to be styll, & to rage:) whose name is the Lorde of Hostes
16 I haue put my wordes in thy mouth, & haue defended the in the shadowe of my hande: that I maye plante the heauens, & leye the foundacyon of the earth, and saye vnto Sion: thou art my people.
17 Awake, awake, and stande vp, O Ierusalem, thou that from the hande of the Lord, hast droncken out the cuppe of hys wrath: thou that hast supped of, and sucked out the dregges of his deadly cuppe to the botome.
18 For among all the sonnes whom he hath begotten, there is not one t maye holde it vp: & not one to leade it by the hande, of all the sonnes that he hath noryshed.
19 Both these thynges are happened vnto the, but who is sory for it? Yee, destructyon, wastynge, hunger and swerde: but who wyll comforte the?
20 Thy sonnes lye comfortles at the heade of euery strete lyke a taken venyson, and are full of the terrible wrath of the Lorde, and punishment of thy God.
21 And therfore thou miserable and droncken (howbeit not wyth wyne) Heare this:
22 Thus sayeth thy Lorde: thy Lorde and God, the defender of hys people: Beholde, I wyll take the slombrynge cuppe out of thy hande, euen the cuppe wyth the dregges of my wrath: that from hence forth thou shalt neuer drinke it more,
23 but I wyll putt it into their hande t trouble e: whych haue spoken to thy soule: stoupe downe, t we maye go ouer the: & thou laydest thy body euen wyth the grounde, and as the strete to go vpon.




1 Vp Sion vp, take thy strength vnto the: put on thyne honest rayment O Ierusalem, thou holy citie. For from thys tyme forth, there shall no vncircumcysed ner vncleane person come in e.
2 Shake the from the dust, aryse & stande vp, O Ierusalem. Plucke out thy neck from the bonde: O u captiue daughter Sion.
3 For thus sayeth the Lord: ye are solde for naught, therfore shall ye be redemed also without eny mony.
4 For thus sayeth e Lorde God: My people wente downe afore tyme into Egypte, there to be straungers, and the kynge of the Assyrians oppressed them wythout anye cause.
5 And nowe what profyt is it to me (sayth the Lorde) that my people is frely caryed awaye, and brought in to heuynes by their rulers, & my name euer still blasphemed? sayeth e Lorde?
6 Therfore that my people maye knowe my name, therfore I say in that daye they shall knowe it, that I am he t do speake. I saye euen I.
7 O howe bewtifull are e fete of the Embassitoure, t bryngeth e message from e mountayne, & proclameth peace: that bryngeth the good tydynges, and preacheth health, and sayeth vnto Sion: Thy God is e kynge.
8 Thy watchmen shall lyft vp theyr voyce: with lowde voyce shall they preach of hym: for they shall se hym present, when the Lorde shall conuerte Sion.
9 Be glad, with thankes gyuynge. O u desolate Ierusalem, & reioyce together for the Lorde hath comforted hys people, he hath delyuered Ierusalem.
10 The Lorde hath made bare hys holy arme, and shewed it forth in the syght of all the Gentiles, & all the endes of the earth hath sene the sauinge health of our God.
11 Awaye, awaye, get you out from thence and touche no vncleane thynge. Go oute from amonge soche. And be cleane, that beare the vessell of the Lorde.
12 For ye shall not escape by rennynge ner by flyenge awaye: but the Lorde shall go before you, and the God of Israel shall gather you together.
13 Beholde, my seruaunt shall deale wysely, therfore shall he be magnified, exalted & greatly honoured.
14 Lyke as the multitude shall wondre vpon hym, because hys face shalbe so deformed & not as a mans face, hys bewtye lyke no man:
15 Euen so shall the multitude of the Gentyles loke vnto hym, & kynges shall shut their mouthes before him. For they t haue not bene tolde of him, shall se hym, & they t herde nothynge of hym, shall beholde him.




1 But who hath geuen credence vnto the thynge we haue hearde? Or to whom is the arme of the Lord knowne?
2 For he dyd growe before the Lord lyke as a braunche, & as a rote in a drye grounde, he hath nether bewtye nor fauoure. When we shall loke vpon hym, there shalbe no fayrnesse: we shall haue no lust vnto him.
3 He is despised & abhorred of men, he is soch a man as is full of sorowe & as hath good experience of infirmyties. We haue rekoned hym so vyle, that we hyd oure faces from hym, ye he was despised & therfore we regarded him not.
4 Howbeit he only hath taken on hym oure infyrmitie, & borne our paynes. Yet we dyd iudge hym, as though he were plaged & cast downe of God:
5 and punished where as he (not wythstandynge) was wounded for oure offences, and smytten for oure wyckednes. For e chastysement of oure peace was layde vpon him, and wyth hys strypes are we healed.
6 As for vs, we haue gone all astraye (like shepe) euery one hath turned his awne way. But the Lorde hath heaped together vpon him the iniquitie of vs all.
7 He suffred violence and was euell intreated, & dyd not yet open his mouth. He shalbe led as a shepe to be slayne, yet shall he be as styll as a lambe before the shearer, and not open hys mouth.
8 He was had awaye from preson hys cause not herde, and wythout eny iudgement: Whose generacyon yet who maye nombre? he was cut of from the grounde of the lyuynge: Whych punyshment dyd go vpon hym, for the transgressyon of my people, whych in deade had deserued that punyshment,
9 Hys graue was geuen hym wyth the condemned, and wyth the ryche man at hys deeth. Where as he dyd neuer violence ner vnryght, nether hath there bene eny disceatfulnesse in hys mouth.
10 Yet hath it pleased the Lorde thus to bruste hym wyth plages, and to smyte hym wyth infyrmite, that when he had made his soule an offeryng for synne, he myght se longe lastynge sede. And thys deuyce of the Lorde shall prospere in hys hande.
11 With trauayle & laboure of hys soule, shall he optayne frute, and he shall be satisfyed by the knowledge of hym whych is my ryghteous seruaunt he shall iustifye the multitude, for he shall beare awaye theyr synnes.
12 Therfore wyll I geue hym the multitude for hys parte, and he shall deuyde the spoyle wyth the strongest because he geueth ouer hys soule to death, and is rekened amonge the transgressours, whych neuertheles hath taken awaye the synnes of the multitude, and made intercessyon for the mysdoers.




1 Be glad now, thou baren that bearest not, reioyce, synge and be mery thou that art not wyth chylde: For e desolate hath moo chyldren, then the maryed wyfe, sayeth e Lorde.
2 Make thy tentes wyder, and sprede out the hangynges of thyne habitacion: spare not, laye forth thy coardes, and make fast thy stakes:
3 for u shalt be multiplied on the ryght syde & on the left, and thy sede shall haue the Gentyles in possessyon and dwell in the desolate cyties.
4 Feare not, for thou shalt not be confounded: Be not ashamed, for thou shalt not come to confusyon. Yee thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, & shalt not remembre the dishonoure of thy wedowhead.
5 For he t made the, shalbe thy Lord & husbande (whose name is the Lorde of hostes) and thy redemer shalbe euen the holy one of Israel, the Lorde of the whole worlde.
6 For the Lord, hath called the, beynge as a desolate sorowfull woman, & as a younge wyfe that hath broken her wedlocke: sayeth thy God.
7 A lytle whyle haue I forsaken the, but wt greate mercyfulnes shall I take the vp vnto me.
8 When I was angry, I hydde my face from e for a lytle season, but thorow euerlastinge mercye haue I pardoned the, sayth the Lord thyne auenger.
9 And this is vnto me as the water of Noe: for lyke as I haue sworne t I wyll not bringe the water of Noe eny more vpon the worlde: so haue I sworne that I wyll neuer be angry with the, ner reproue e:
10 The mountaynes shall remoue, and the hylles shall fall downe: but my louynge kyndnesse shall not moue, and the bonde of my peace shall not fall downe from the, sayeth the Lorde thy mercyfull louer.
11 Beholde u pore, ouerwhelmed with tempest & wythout comforte. I will make thy walles of precyous stones, & thy foundacyon of Saphyres,
12 thy wyndowes of Chrystal, thy gates of fyne cleare stone, & all thy borders of pleasaunt stones.
13 Thy children shall all be taught of God, & I wyll geue them plenteousnes of peace.
14 In ryghteousnes shalt thou be grounded, & be farre from oppressyon: for the whych thou nedest not be afrayed, nether for hynderaunce, for it shall not come nye the.
15 Beholde, the aleaunt that was farre from me, shall dwell with e: & he that ioyneth batayle agenst the shall perishe.
16 Beholde, I make the smith that bloweth the coales in the fyre, & he maketh a weapen after hys handy worcke. I make also the waster to destroye:
17 but all the weapens that are made agaynst the, shall not prospere. And as for all tunges, t shall resyste e in iudgement, thou shalt ouercome them, & condemne them. Thys is the heritage of the Lordes seruauntes, and their ryghteousnes commeth of me, sayeth the Lorde.




1 Come to the waters all ye, t be thursty, and ye that haue no money. Come, bye, t ye maye haue to eate. Come, bye wyne and mylck, wythout any money, or money worth.
2 Wherfore do ye laye out youre money, for the thynge that fedeth not, & spende youre laboure aboute e thynge that satisfyeth you not. But herken herken rather vnto me, & ye shall eate of e best, and youre soule shall haue her pleasure in plenteousnes.
3 Enclyne your eares, and come vnto me, take hede (I saye) & your soule shall lyue. For I will make an euerlastynge couenaunt wyth you, euen e sure mercyes of Dauid.
4 Beholde, I gaue him for a wytnesse among the folke, for a Prynce and captayne vnto the people.
5 Lo, thou shalt call an vnknowne people: & a people that had not knowledge of the, shall runne vnto the: because of the Lord thy God, and the holy one of Israel, whych glorifyeth e.
6 Seke the Lorde, whyle he may be founde, and call vpon hym whyle he is nye.
7 Let e vngodly man forsake his owne wayes, & the vnryghtuous hys owne ymagynacyons, and turne agayne vnto the Lorde: so shall he be mercyfull vnto hym: and to oure God, for he is very ready to forgeue.
8 For thus sayeth the Lorde: my thoughtes are not youre thoughtes, and youre wayes are not my wayes,
9 but as farre as the heauens are hyer then the earth, so farre do my wayes exceade yours, and my thoughtes yours.
10 And lyke as the rayne & snowe commeth downe from heauen, and returneth not thyther agayne, but watereth e earth, maketh it frutefull and grene, that it maye geue corne vnto the sower, and breade to hym that eateth.
11 So the worde also that commeth out of my mouth shall not turne againe voyde vnto me, but shall accomplyshe my wyll and prospere in e thynge wherto I sende it.
12 And so shall ye goo forth wt ioye, & be led wt peace. The mountaynes & hylles shall synge wyth you for ioye, & all the trees of the felde shall clappe theyr handes.
13 For thornes, there shall growe Fyrre trees, & the Myrre tre in the steade of breers. And thys shall be done to e prayse of the Lorde, and for an euerlastynge token, that shall not be taken awaye.




1 Thus sayeth the Lorde. Kepe equite, and do ryght, for my sauyng health shall come shortly, & my ryghteousnes shalbe opened.
2 Blessed is e man that doth thys, and the mans chylde whych kepeth the same. He that taketh hede, that he vnhalowe not the Sabboth (that is) he that kepeth hym selfe that he do no euel.
3 Then shall not the straunger, which cleaueth to e Lorde, saye: Alas, the Lorde hath shut me cleane out from hys people. Nether shall the gelded man saye: lo, I am a drye tre.
4 For thus sayeth the Lorde, vnto the gelded that kepeth my Sabboth: Namely, that holdeth greatly of the thynge that pleaseth me, and kepeth my couenaunt:
5 Unto them wyll I geue in my housholde and wythin my walles, a better herytage & name, then yf they had bene called sonnes & daughters. I will geue them an euerlastinge name, t shall not perish.
6 Agayne the straungers that stycke to the Lorde, to serue hym, and to loue hys name: and to be hys seruauntes. And all they, whych kepe them selues, that they vnhalowe not the Sabboth, namely, that they fulfyll my couenaunt:
7 Them wyll I brynge to my holy mountayne, and make them ioyfull in my house of prayer. Theyr burnt offrynges and sacrifyces shalbe accepted vpon myne aulter. For my house shalbe called an house of prayer for all people.
8 Thus sayeth the Lorde God whych gathereth together the scatred of Israel: I will brynge yet another congregacyon to hym.
9 Come all ye beastes of the felde, that ye may deuoure, all e beastes of e wodd.
10 For hys watchmen are all blynde, they haue all together no vnderstandynge, they are all domme dogges, not beynge able to barcke, they are slepy: slogysh are they, and lye snortynge:
11 they are shamelesse dogges, that be neuer satisfyed. The sheperdes also in lyke maner haue no vnderstandynge, but euery man turneth his awne waye, euery one after his awne couetousnes with all hys power.
12 Come (saye they) I wyll fetch wyne, so shall we fyll oure selues, that we maye be dronken. And do to morowe, lyke as to daye, yee and moche more.




1 The ryghteous perisheth, and no man regardeth it in hys hert, Good godly people are taken a waye, and no man consydreth it. Namely, that the ryghteous is conuayed awaye from the wycked.
2 He commethe into peace, & godlye men rest in their chambres, and before the godly man goeth peace.
3 Come hyther therfore ye charmers children, ye sonnes of the aduoutrer and the whore:
4 Wherin take ye youre pleasure? Upon whom gape ye with your mouth, & bleare out your tonge? Are ye not children of aduoutry, and a sede of dissimulacion?
5 Ye make youre fyre vnder the okes, and vnder all grene trees, and ye offre chyldren in the valleys, and dennes of stone.
6 Thy parte shalbe with the stony rockes by the riuer: Yee, euen these shall be thy parte. For there u hast poured meat & drincke offringe vnto them. Shulde I delite in that?
7 Thou hast made thy bed vpon hye mountaynes, thou wentest vp thyther, and there hast thou slayne sacrifices.
8 Behynde e dores and postes, hast thou sett vp thy remembraunce. When thou haddest dyscouered thy selfe to another then me, when thou wentest downe and made thy bed wyder, and wyth those Idols hast thou made a couenaunt, and louedest theyr couches, where thou sawest them.
9 Thou wentest streyght to kynges wyth oyle & dyuerse oyntmentes (that is) thou hast sent thy messaungers farre of, & yet art thou fallen into the pyt therby.
10 Thou art weery for the multitude of thyne awne wayes, yet saydest thou neuer: I wyll leaue of. Thou hast had e lyfe t thy handes wrought, & therfore thou art carelesse.
11 For when wylt thou be abasshed or feare, seynge thou hast broken thy promyse, and remembrest not me, nether hast me in thyne hert? Thynkest thou, that I also wyll holde my peace (as afore tyme) that thou fearest me not?
12 Yee, verely I wyl declare thy goodnes and thy workes, but they shall not profyt the:
13 when thou cryest, let thy chosen heape deliuer the. But the wynde shall blowe them furth, and vanite shall take them all awey. Neuertheles, they that put their trust in me, shall inheret the lande, & haue my holy hyll in possessyon.
14 And therfore thus he sayeth: Make playne, make playne, & clense the strete, take vp the stomblynge blockes out of the waye that ledeth to my people.
15 For thus sayeth the hye & excellent, euen he that dwelleth in euerlastyngnesse, whose name is the holy one: I dwell hye aboue and in the sanctuary, and wyth hym also, that is of a contrite and humble sprete do I dwell: t I maye heale a troubled mynde, and a contrite herte.
16 For I chyde not euer, & am not wroth wyth out ende. But the blastyng goeth from me, and is included in the body, and I made the breath.
17 I am wroth wyth hym for his couetousnes, I smyte him, I hyde me, and am angrye, when he turneth him selfe, & foloweth the by waye of his awne hert.
18 I haue seen his wayes and I heale hym I lede him and restore to hym comforte, and to those that were sory for him
19 I make the frutes of thankesgeuynge, that he maye saye. Peace peace vnto them that are farre of, and to them that are nye, sayth the Lorde, and I make hym whole.
20 But the wycked are lyke the ragynge see, that cannot rest, whose water fometh wyth the myre & grauel.
21 Euen so the wycked haue no peace, sayeth God.




1 Crye nowe, as loude as u canst. Leaue not of, lyft vp thy voyce lyke a trompet, & shewe my people theyr offences, & the house of Iacob their synnes.
2 For they seke me daylye, & wyll knowe my wayes, euen as it were a people that dyd ryght, and had not forsaken the statutes of theyr God. They argue wyth me concernynge ryght iudgement, and will be nye vnto God.
3 Wherfore fast we (saye they) and thou seest it not? we put out lyues to straytenes, and thou regardest it not?
4 Beholde, when ye fast, youre lust remayneth styll: for ye do no lesse vyolence to your detters: lo, ye fast to stryfe and debate, & to smyte with youre fyst without mercy. Now ye shall not fast thus that your voyce myght be hearde aboue.
5 Thyncke ye this fast pleaseth me, that a man shulde chasten him selfe for a daye, and to wrythe his head aboute lyke an hoope, & to lye vpon the earth in an heary cloth? Shulde that be called fastynge, or a daye that pleaseth the Lorde?
6 Doth not this fastynge rather please me, that thou loose him out of bondage, that is in thy daunger: that thou breake the ooth of wycked bargaynes, that thou lett the oppressed go fre, and take from them all maner of burthens:
7 to deale thy bread to the hongry, & bringe the poore wandringe, home into thy house, when thou seest the naked t thou couer him, and hyde not thy face from thy neyghboure.
8 Then shall thy lyght breake forth as the mornyng, & thy health floryshe ryght shortly: thy righteousnesse shall go before the, and the glory of the Lorde shall embrace the.
9 Then yf thou callest, the Lorde shall answere the: yf thou cryest, he shall saye: here I am. Yee, yf thou layest awaye from the thy burthens, and holdest thy fingers, & ceasest from blasphemous talkinge,
10 yf thou hast compassyon vpon the hongrye, & refreshest the troubled soule: Then shall thy lyght sprynge out in the darcknesse, & thy darcknesse shalbe as e noone day.
11 The lord shall euer be thy guyd, & satisfie the desyre of thyne herte in e tyme of drougthe, & fyll thy bones wt mary. Thou shalt be lyke a fresh waterd garden & lyke the fountayne of water, t neuer leaueth runnynge.
12 Then the places that haue euer bene waste, shalbe builded of the: there shalt thou laye a foundacion for many kynredes. Thou shalt be called the maker vp of hedges, & the buylder agayne of the waye of e Sabboth.
13 Yee, yf thou turne thy fete in the Sabbath, so that thou do not the thynge which pleaseth thy self in my holy daye: & thou call the pleasaunt, holy, and glorious Sabbath of the Lorde, and that thou gyue him the hononoure: so that thou do not after thyne awne ymagination, nether seke thyne awne wyll, ner speake thyne awne wordes.
14 Then shalt thou haue thy pleasure in the Lord, and I wyll carye the hye aboue the earth, and fede the wyth the herytage of Iacob thy father: for e Lordes awne mouth hath so promysed.




1 Beholde the Lordes hande is not so shortened that it can not helpe, nether is his eare so stopped that it maye not heare.
2 But youre mysdedes haue separated you from youre God, & your synnes hyde his face from you, that he heareth you not.
3 For youre handes are defyled wyth bloude, & youre fyngers wt vnrighteousnesse: Your lyppes speake lesynges, and youre tonge setteth oute wyckednes.
4 No man regardeth ryghteousnes, and no man iudgeth truly. Euery man hopeth in vayne thynges, and ymagineth disceate conceaueth weerynesse, and bryngeth forth euell.
5 They brede cockatrice egges, and weaue the spyders webb: Who so eateth of their egges, dyeth. But yf one treade vpon them, there commeth vp a serpent.
6 Theyr webbe maketh no clothe, and they maye not couer them wyth their labours. Their dedes are e dedes of wyckednes, and the worcke of robbery is in their handes.
7 Theyr fete runne to euell, and they make haste to shed innocent bloude. Theyr councels are wicked councels, harme and destruccyon are in their wayes.
8 But the waye of peace they knowe not. In theyr goinges is no equyte: their wayes are so croked, that whosoeuer goeth theryn, knoweth of no peace.
9 And this is the cause that equite is so farre from vs, and that righteousnes commeth not nye vs. We loke for lyght, lo, it is darckenesse: for the mornynge shyne, se, we walcke in the darcke.
10 We grope lyke the blynde vpon the wall, we grope euen as one t hath none eyes. We stomble at the none daye, as though it were toward nyght: in the fallyng places, lyke men that are halfe deed.
11 We roare all lyke Beers, and mourne styll lyke doues. We loke for equyte, but there is none: for health, but it is farre from vs.
12 For oure offences are many before the, & oure synnes testifye agaynst vs. Yee, we must confesse t we offende, & knowledge that we do amysse:
13 Namely, transgresse & dissemble agaynst the Lorde, and fall awaye from oure God: vsynge presumptuous and traytorous ymaginacyons, and castinge false matters in oure hertes.
14 And therfore is equite gone asyde, and ryghteousnes standeth farre of treuth is fallen downe in the strete, and the thynge that is playne and open, maye not be shewed.
15 Yee, the treuth is taken awaye, and he that refrayneth him selfe from euell, must be spoyled. When the Lord sawe thys, it displeased him sore, t there was no equite.
16 He sawe also, t there was no man, ryghtwise, & he wondered t ther was no man to helpe hym. Wherfore he helde hym by his awne power, and he sustayned him by his awne righteousnes.
17 He put ryghteousnes vpon him for a brest plate, a set the helmet of health vpon hys head. He put on wrath in steade of clothynge, & toke gelousy about hym for a cloke:
18 (lyke as when a man goeth forth wrathfully to recompence hys enemyes, & to be auenged of hys aduersaryes.) Namelye, t be myght recompence & rewarde the Ilandes,
19 wher thorowe the name of the Lorde myght be feared, from the rysynge of the Sunne: and hys magesty, vnto the goinge downe of the same. For he shall come as a violent waterstreame, whych the wynde of the Lorde hath moued.
20 But vnto Sion there shall come a redemer, and vnto them in Iacob that turne from wyckednesse, sayeth the Lorde.
21 I wyll make thys couenaunt wyth them (sayth the Lorde:) My sprete that is vpon the, and the wordes which I haue put in thy mouth, shall neuer go out of thy mouth, nor out of e mouth of thy chylders chyldren, from thys tyme forth for euermore worlde wythout ende sayth e Lorde.




1 Get the vp by tymes, & be bryght, for thy lyght commeth, & the glory of the Lorde is rysen vp vpon the.
2 For lo, whyle the darcknesse & cloude couereth the earth and the people, the Lorde shall shewe e lyght, & his glory shall be sene in e.
3 The Gentiles shall come to thy lyght, and kynges to the bryghtnes t spryngeth forth vpon the.
4 Lyft vp thyne eyes, & loke rounde aboute the? All these gather themselues, & come to the. Thy Sonnes shall come vnto the from farre, and thy daughters shall gather them selues to the on euery syde.
5 Then thou shalt se thys: and be gloriouse, thou shalt maruell exceadyngly, and thyne hert shalbe opened: when the abundaunce of the see shalbe conuerted vnto the (that is) when the ryches of the Gentiles shall come vnto the.
6 The multitude of Camels shall couer the, the dromedaries of Madian & Epha All they of Saba shall come, bryngynge golde & incense, & shewinge the prayse of the Lord.
7 All the catell of Cedar shalbe gathered vnto the, e rammes of Nabaioth shall serue e, to be offred acceptablye vpon myne aulter, which I haue chosen, & in the house of my glory which I haue garnyshed.
8 But what are these, that fle here lyke the cloudes, & as the doues flyenge to theyr wyndowes?
9 The Iles also shall wayte for me, & specially the shyppes of Tharsis: that they maye brynge thy sonnes from farre, & theyr syluer & their golde with them, vnto the name of the Lorde thy God, vnto the holy one of Israel, that hath glorifyed the.
10 Straungers shall buylde vp thy walles, & theyr kynges shall do the seruyce. For when I was angrie, I smote the: and of my mercye, I pardoned e:
11 Thy gates shall stande open styll both daye and nyght, and neuer be shut: that the hooste of the Gentiles maye come, and that theyr kinges maye be brought vnto the.
12 For euery people and kyngdome that serueth not e, shall perysh, & be distroyed wt vtter destructyon.
13 The glory of libanus shall come vnto the. The Fyrre trees, Boxes and Cedres together, to garnyshe e place of my Sanctuary, for I wyll glorifye the place of my fete.
14 Moreouer, those shall come knelyng vnto the, that haue vexed the: and all they that despysed the, shall fall downe at thy fote. Thou shalt be called the cytie of the Lorde, Sion the cytie of the holy one of Israel.
15 Because thou hast bene forsaken and hated, so that noman went thorowe the: I wyll make the gloryous for euer and euer, and ioyful thorow out all posterities:
16 Thou shalt sucke the mylck of the Gentiles, and kynges brestes shall fede the. And thou shalt know, that I the Lorde am thy Sauyoure and redemer, the myghty one of Iacob.
17 For brasse, wyll I geue the golde, and for yron syluer: for wod brasse, & for stones yron. I will torne thyne oppressyon into peace, & thyne exactyons into ryghteousnes.
18 Uiolence and robbery shall neuer be hearde of in thy lande, nether harme and destruccyon with in thy borders. Thy walles shalbe called health, and thy gates the prayse of God.
19 The Sunne shall neuer be thy daye lyght, and the lyght of the Moone shall neuer shyne vnto the: but the Lorde him selfe shalbe thyne euerlastyng lyght, and thy God shalbe thy glory.
20 Thy Sunne shall neuer go downe, and thy Moone shall not be hydde, for the Lorde hym selfe shalbe thy euerlastynge lyght, and thy sorowfull dayes shalbe ended.
21 Thy people shalbe all ryghteous, and possesse the lande euer: the floure of my plantynge, the worke of my handes, wherof I wyll reioyce.
22 Thy yongest and leest shall growe in to a thousande, and the symplest in to a stronge people. I the Lorde shall shortly bringe this thinge to passe in his tyme.




1 The sprete of the Lorde God is vpon me, for the Lorde hath anoynted me, and sent me, to preach good tydynges vnto the poore, that I myght bynde vp the wounded hertes, that I myght preach delyueraunce to the captyue, and open the preson to them that are bounde:
2 that I myght declare the acceptable yeare of the Lorde, and the daye of the vengeaunce of oure God: that I myght comforte all them that are in heuynesse,
3 that I myght geue vnto them t mourne in Sion, that I myght geue I saye, bewty in the steade of ashes, ioyfull oyntement for syghthinge, pleasaunt rayment for an heuy mynde: That they myght be called trees of ryghteousnesse, a plantynge of the Lorde for hym to reioyce in.
4 They shall buylde the longe rough wyldernes, & sett vp the olde deserte. They shall repayre the waste places, & soch as haue bene voyde thorowe out many generacyons.
5 Straungers shall stande and fede youre catel, and the Aleauntes shalbe youre plowmen & dressers of youre vynes.
6 But ye shalbe named the prestes of the Lorde, and men shall call you the seruauntes of oure God. Ye shall enioye the goodes of the Gentiles, and triumphe in their substaunce.
7 For youre greate reprofe youe shall haue double ioye, and for shame, shalt they haue ioye of their porcyon. For they shall haue double possession in their lande, and euerlastynge ioye shalbe with them.
8 For I the Lorde, which loue ryght and hate robbery (though it were offred me) shall make theyr workes full of faythfulnes & make an euerlastinge couenaunt with them.
9 Their sede also and their generacion shalbe knowen amonge the Gentiles, and amonge the people. All they that se them, shall knowe that they are the hye blessed sede of the Lord.
10 And therfore I am ioyfull in the Lorde, & my soule reioyseth in my God. For he hath put vpon me the garment of saluacion, & couered me with the mantle of ryghteousnes. He shall decke me lyke a brydegrome, and as a bride t hath hyr apparell vpon her.
11 For lyke as the grounde bryngeth forth frute, & as the garden shoteth forth sede: So shall the Lord God cause righteousnes, and prayse to God to florysh forth, before all the Heathen.




1 For Sions sake therfore wyll I not holde my tunge, and for Ierusalems sake I will not ceasse: vntyll their righteousnes breake forth as the shynynge lyght, and their saluacyon as a burnynge lampe.
2 Then shall the Gentiles se thy ryghteousnes, and all kynges thy glory. Thou shalt be named with a newe name, which the mouth of e Lord shall shewe.
3 Thou shalt be a crowne in the hande of the Lorde, and a gloryous garlande in the hande of thy God.
4 From thys tyme forth thou shalt neuer be called e forsaken, and thy lande shall nomore be called e wildernesse. But u shalt be called: My pleasure is in her, & thy lande shalbe called: the maryed woman: for the Lord loueth the, & thy lande shalbe ioyned in mariage.
5 And lyke as a yonge man taketh a daughter to mariage, so shall thy sonnes be maryed vnto e. And as a bryde grome is glad of hys bryde, so shall thy God reioyse ouer the.
6 I haue set watchmen vpon thy walles (O Ierusalem) which shall nether ceasse daye nor night to preache the Lorde. And ye also that remembre the Lorde ye shall not kepe him close,
7 nor leaue to speake of him, vntyll Ierusalem be sett vp, & made the prayse of the worlde.
8 The Lord hath sworne by his right hande & by his stronge arme, that from hence forth he wyll not geue thy corne to be meate for thyne enemyes, ner thy vyne (wherin u hast laboured) to be drincke for the straungers.
9 But they that haue gathered in the corne, shall eate it, & geue thanckes to the Lord: & they t haue borne in the wyne, shall drinck it in the court of my Sanctuary.
10 Go you, go you thorowe the gatis, make cleane the way, make playne, make playne e fote pathe, & take awaye e stones, out of yt & set out a token for the people.
11 Beholde, the Lord proclameth vnto e endes of e worlde: tell the daughter Syon: se, thy sauyour commeth, beholde, he bringeth his treasure with him, & his worckes go before him.
12 For they whom e Lord delyuereth, shalbe called e holy people: & as for the: thou shalt be named e greatlye occupyed, & not the forsaken cytie.




1 What is he thys, t cometh from Edom, wt redd coloured clothes of Bosra: (which is so costly cloth) & cometh in so myghtylye wt all his strength. I am he that teacheth ryghtuousnes, & am of power to helpe.
2 Wherfore then is thy clothynge read, & thy rayment lyke his that treadeth in the wyne presse?
3 I haue troaden the presse my selfe alone, and of all people there is not one with me. Thus wyll I treade downe myne enemyes in my wrath, and set my fete vpon them in my indignacyon. And their bloude shalbe spronge vpon my cloothes, and so wyll I stayne all my rayment.
4 For the daye of vengeaunce is assigned in my hert, & the yeare when my people shall be delyuered, is come.
5 I loked aboute me, and there was no man to shewe me eny helpe, I maruayled t no man helde me vp. Then I helde me by myne awne arme, & my feruentnesse susteyned me.
6 And thus will I treade downe e people in my wrath, & bathe them in my displeasure: and vpon the earth will I laye their strength.
7 I will declare the goodnesse of e Lord, ye and the prayse of the Lorde for all that he hath geuen vs, for the greate good t he hath done for Israell: which he hath gyuen them of his awne fauoure, & accordynge to e multitude of his louynge kindnesses.
8 For he sayde: These no doute are my people, & no shrinkynge chyldren, and so he was their sauyoure.
9 In their troubles he was also troubled wt them, and the angell t went forth from hys presence, delyuered them: Of very loue & kyndnesse t he had vnto them, redemed he them. He hath borne them, and caryed them vp euer, sence e worlde beganne.
10 But after they prouoked him to wrath & vexed his holy mynde he was their enemye, & fought agaynst them him selfe.
11 Yet remembred Israell the olde tyme of Moses & his people. sayinge wher is he t brought them from e water of the see, with them t fead his shepe? where is he t hath geuen his holy sprete amonge them?
12 he ledd them by the ryght hande of Moses with hys glorious arme: deuidinge e water before them (wherby he gat him selfe an euerlastinge name)
13 he led them in the depe, as an horse is led in e playne, t they shulde not stomble,
14 as a tame beast goeth in the felde: and the breath gyuen of God gyueth him rest. Thus (O God) hast thou led thy people, to make thy selfe a glorious name with all.
15 Loke downe then from heauen, & beholde the dwellynge place of thy sanctuary & thy glory. Howe is it, t thy gelousy, thy strength, the multitude of thy mercyes & thy louynge kyndnesse, wyll not be entreated of vs?
16 Yet art thou our father. For Abraham knoweth vs not, nether is Israel acquaynted wt vs. But u Lorde art our father & redemer, & thy name is euerlastynge.
17 O Lorde, wherfore hast u led vs out of thy waye: Wherfore hast thou hardened our hertes, t we feare the not? Be at one wt vs agayne, for thy seruauntes sake and for the generacyon of thyne herytage.
18 Thy people hath had but lytle of thy Sanctuary in possessyon, for oure enemyes haue troden downe the holy place.
19 And we were thyne from the begynnynge: when thou wast not their Lorde, for they haue not called vpon thy name.




1 O that thou woldest cleue e heauen in sonder, & come downe: that the mountaynes myght melte awaye at thy presence,
2 lyke as at an hote fyre: & that the malicyous myght boyle, as the water doth vpon e fyre: Wherby thy name myght be knowne amonge thyne enemyes, & t the Gentyls myght tremble before the.
3 When thou wroughtest wonderous straunge worckes, we loked not for them. Thou cammest downe and the hylles melt at thy presence.
4 For sence the begynnynge of the worlde it hath not bene hearde or perceaued, nether hath any eye sene another God besyde the: which dost so moche for them, that put their trust in the.
5 Thou helpest him that doth ryght wyth cherefulnesse, & them that thyncke vpon thy wayes. But lo, thou hast bene angrye, for we offended & haue bene euer in synne, yet shall we be saued.
6 We are all as an vnclene thynge, & all oure ryghteousnes are as the clothes stayned with e floures of a woman: we fall euerychone as the leafe, for oure synnes cary vs awaye lyke the wynde.
7 There is no man that calleth vpon thy name, that standeth vp to take holde by the. Therfore hydest thou thy face from vs, and consumest vs, because of oure synnes.
8 But nowe O Lorde, u father of oures: we are the claye, & thou art oure potter, & we all are the worcke of thy handes.
9 Be not to sore dyspleased (O Lorde) & kepe not oure offences to longe in thy remembraunce, but consydre that we all are thy people.
10 The cyties of thy Sanctuary lye waste. Syon is a wyldernesse, and Ierusalem a desert.
11 Oure holy house which is oure bewty, where oure fathers praysed the, is brent vp: ye, all oure commodities & pleasures are wasted awaye.
12 Wylt thou not be intreated (Lorde) for all this? Wylt thou holde thy peace, and scourge vs so sore?




1 They seke me, that hytherto haue not asked for me: they fynde me, t hyther to haue not sought me. I haue sayde I am here, I am here. I am founde of a people that neuer called vpon my name.
2 For thus longe haue I euer holden out my handes to an vnfaythfull people, t go not the ryght waye, but after their awne ymaginacyons:
3 To a people that is euer defyinge me to my face. They make their oblacyons in gardens, and their smoke vpon aulters of brycke,
4 they lurcke amonge the graues, and lye in the dennes all nyght. They eat swynes fleshe, & vncleane broth is in their vessels.
5 If u comest nye them, they saye touch me not, for I am holyer then thou All these men when I am angry, shalbe turned to smoke & fyre, that shall burne for euer.
6 Beholde it is wryten before my face, & shall not be forgotten, but recompensed. I shall rewarde it them into their bosome:
7 I meane youre mysdedes, and the mysdedes of youre fathers together (sayeth the Lorde) which haue made their smokes vpon e mountaynes, and blasphemed me vpon the hylles: therfore will I measure their olde dedes into their bosome againe.
8 Moreouer, thus sayeth the Lorde: lyke as when one wolde gather holy grapes, men saye vnto hym: breake it not of for it is holy: euen so wyll I do also for my seruauntes sakes, that I wyll not destroye them all.
9 But I wyll take a sede out of Iacob, & out of Iuda one, to take possession of my hyll. My chosen shall possesse these thinges, & my seruauntes shall dwell there.
10 Saron shalbe a shepefolde, & the valley of Achor shall geue e stallynge for the catell of my people, t feare me.
11 But as for you, ye are they t haue forsaken the Lord, and forgotten my holy hill. Ye haue set vp an aulter vnto Iuppiter, & geuen rych dryncke offerynges vnto the planettes.
12 Therfore wyll I nombre you with the swerde, t ye shall be destroyed all together. For when I called, no man gaue me answere: when I spake, ye herkened not vnto me, but dyd wyckednes before myne eyes, and chose the thynge t pleased me not:
13 Therfore thus sayeth e Lorde God: Beholde, my seruauntes shall eate, but ye shall haue honger: Beholde, my seruauntes shall dryncke, but ye shall suffre thurste. Beholde, my seruauntes shall be mery, but ye shall be confounded.
14 Beholde, my seruauntes shall reioyce for very quyetnesse of herte: But ye shall crye for sorowe of hert, and complayne for vexacyon of mynde.
15 Youre name shall you leaue accursed amonge my chosen, for God the Lorde shall slaye you, and call his seruauntes by another name.
16 Who so reioyseth vpon earth, shall reioyse in e true God. And who so sweareth vpon earth, shall sweare in the true God. For e olde enmyte shalbe forgotten, and taken awaye oute of my syght.
17 For lo, I shall make a newe heauen, and a newe earth. And as for e olde, they shall neuer be thought vpon, ner kepte in mynde:
18 but e Lorde sayth be glad and euermore reioyse, for the thynges, that I shall do. For why: Beholde, I shall make a ioyfull Ierusalem, and his people ioyfull,
19 yee, I my selfe will reioyse wyth Ierusalem, & be glad wt my people. And the voyce of wepynge and waylinge shall not be herde in her from thence forth.
20 There shall nether be chylde ner olde man, that haue not their full dayes. But when the chylde commeth to an hondreth yeare olde, it shall dye. And yf he t is an hundreth yeare of age do wronge, he shalbe cursed.
21 They shall buylde houses, & dwell in them: they shall plante vyneyardes, & eate e frute of them.
22 They shall not buylde, and another possesse: they shall not plant and another eate: But the lyfe of my people shalbe lyke a tre, and so shall the worcke of their handes.
23 My chosen shall lyue longe, they shall not laboure in vayne, ner begett wyth trouble: for they are the hye blessed sede of the Lorde, and their frutes with them.
24 And it shalbe, that or euer they call, I shall answere them. Whyle they are yet but thinckynge howe to speake, I shall heare them.
25 The wolff and the lambe shall fede together, and the lyon shall eate haye lyke the bullock. But earth shalbe the serpentes meate. There shall no man hurte ner slaye another, in all my holy hyll, sayeth the Lorde.




1 Thus sayeth the Lorde: Heauen is my seate, & the earth is my fote stole. Where shall nowe e house stande, that ye wyll buylde vnto me? And where shall be the place, that I wyll dwell in?
2 As for these thynges, my hande hath made them all, & they are all created, sayeth the Lorde. Whych of them shall I then regarde? Euen him that is pore and of a lowly troubled sprete, & standeth in awe of my wordes.
3 For who so slayeth an oxe for me, doth me so greate dishonoure, as he that kylleth a man. He that kylleth a shepe for me, knetcheth a dogge. He that bryngeth me meatoffrynges, offreth swynes bloude: Who so maketh me a memoryall of incense, prayseth e thynge that is vnryght. Yet take they soch wayes in hande, and their soule delyteth in these abhominacyons.
4 Therfore wyll I also haue pleasure in laughynge them to scorne, and e thynge that they feare, wyll I brynge vpon them. For when I called, no man gaue answere: when I spake, they wolde not heare: But did wickednesse before myne eyes, and chose e thynges t displease me.
5 Heare the worde of God all ye that feare the thynge which he speaketh. Youre brethren that hate you, and cast you out for my names sake, saye: The Lorde is haynouse against vs, but you shall se him in ioye when they shalbe confounded.
6 Then shall be heard agret noyse from the cytie and the temple, the voyce of the Lorde, t wyll rewarde, & recompence his enemyes:
7 lyke as when a wyfe bringeth forth a man chylde, or euer she suffre the payne of e byrth & anguyshe of e trauayle.
8 Who euer hearde or sawe soche thynges? doth the grounde beare in one daye? or are the people borne all at once, as Syon traueyled in childe byrth and bare her sonnes?
9 For thus sayeth the Lorde. Am I he that maketh other to beare, and beare not my selfe? Am not I he that beareth and maketh baren? sayeth thy God.
10 Reioyse with Ierusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that loue her. Be ioyfull with her, all ye t mourned for her.
11 For ye shall sucke comforte out of her brestes, and be satisfyed. Ye shall taste, and haue delyte in the plenteousnesse of her power.
12 For thus sayeth e Lord: beholde, I wyll lett peace into her, lyke a water floude, and the myght of the Heythen lyke a flowynge streame. Then shall ye sucke, ye shall be borne vpon her sydes, and be ioyfull vpon her knees.
13 For lyke as a chylde is comforted of his mother, so shall I comforte you, and ye shalbe comforted in Ierusalem.
14 And when ye se thys, youre herte shall reioyse and youre bones shall floryshe lyke an herbe. Thus shall the hande of the Lorde be knowne amonge hys seruauntes, and hys indignacyon amonge hys enemyes.
15 For beholde, the Lorde shall come with fyre, & hys charet shall be lyke a whorle wynde, that he maye recompence his vengeaunce in his wrath and hys indignacyon with the flame of fyre.
16 For the Lorde shall iudge all flesh wyth the fyre and with his swerde, and there shalbe a greate nombre slayne of the Lorde.
17 Soch as haue made them selues holy and cleane in the gardens, & those t haue eaten swynes flesh, myce, and other abhominacyons, shalbe taken awaye together, sayeth the Lorde.
18 For I wyll come to gather all people & tonges with their workes and ymaginacyons: these shall come, and se my glory.
19 Unto them shall I geue a token, and sende certayne of them (that be delyuered) amonge the Gentiles: into Cilycia, Affryca, and Lydia (where men can handle bowes) into Italye and also Greke lande. The Iles farre of, that haue not herde speake of me, and haue not sene my glory, shall preache my prayse amonge the Gentiles,
20 and shall brynge all youre brethren for an offrynge vnto the Lorde, out of all the people, vpon horses, charrettes and horse lytters, vpon Mules and cartes to Ierusalem my holy hyll (sayeth the Lorde) lyke as the chyldre of Israel brynge the offrynge in cleane vessels, to the house of the Lorde.
21 And I shall take out certayne of them for to be prestes and leuites, sayeth e Lorde.
22 For lyke as the newe heauen and the newe earth which I wyll make, shalbe fast stablisshed by me: (sayeth e Lorde) So shall youre sede and youre name contynue,
23 and there shalbe a newe Moone for the other, and a newe Sabbath for the other, and all fleshe shall come to worshippe before me (sayeth e Lorde)
24 And they shall go forth and loke vpon the caryons of them that haue transgressed agaynst me. For their wormes shall not dye, nether shall their fyre be quenched, & all flesh shall abhorre them.