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1 This is the worde of the Lorde, that came vnto Oseas the sonne of Beery in the days of Oseas, Ioathan, Ahas and Iezekias kynges of Iuda: and in the tyme of Ieroboam sonne of Ioas kinge of Israel.
2 Fyrst, when the Lorde spake vnto Oseas he sayde vnto hym. Go thy waye, take an harlott to thy wyfe, and get chyldren by her: for the lande hath commytted greate whordome agaynst the Lorde.
3 So he wente, & toke Gomer the daughter of Deblaim: whych conceaued, and brought forth a sonne.
4 And the Lorde sayde vnto hym: call hys name Iesrael, for I wyll shortly auenge the bloude of Iesrael vpon the house of Iehu, & wyll brynge the kyngdome of the house of Israel to an ende.
5 Then wyll I breake the bowe of Israel , in the valley of Iesrael .
6 She conceaued yet agayne, and bare a daughter. And he sayde vnto hym. Call her name. Loruhamah (that is, not optayninge mercy) for I wyll haue no pytie vpon the house of Israel , but forget them and put them cleane out of remembraunce.
7 Neuerthelesse, I wyll haue mercy vpon the house of Iuda, and wyll saue them, euen thorowe the Lorde theyr God. But I wyll not delyuer them thorowe eny bowe, swearde, battell, horses or horsmen.
8 Nowe, when she had weaned Loruhamah, she conceaued agayne, and bare a sonne.
9 Then sayde he: call hys name, Loamy. For why? ye are not my people, therfore will not I be your God.
10 And though the nombre of the chyldren of Israel be as the sande of the see, whych can nether be measured ner tolde: yet in the place where it is sayde vnto them ye be not my people: euen there shall it be thus reported of them they be the chyldren of the lyuynge God.
11 Then shall the chyldren of Iuda and the chyldren of Israel be gathered together agayne and chose them selues one head, and then departe out of the lande: for greate shalbe the daye of Israel.




1 Tell youre brethren, that they are my people: and youre systerne, that they haue optayned mercy.
2 As for youre mother, ye shall chyde wt her, and reproue her for she is not my wyfe, nether am I her husbande, onlesse she put awaye her whordome out of my syght, & her aduoutry from her brestes.
3 If no I shall stryppe her naked, & sett her euen as she came into the worlde: yee, I shall laye her waste, and make her lyke a wyldernesse, & slaye her for thyrste.
4 I shall haue no pite also vpon her children for they be the chyldren of fornicacyon.
5 Their mother hath broken her wedlocke, and she that bare them is come to confusion. For she sayd: I will go after my louers, şt geue me my water and my bread, my woll & flaxe, my oyle and my dryncke.
6 But I will hedge her waye with thornes, and stoppe it, that she shall not fynde her fotesteppes:
7 and though she runne after her louers, yet shall she not get them: she shall seke them, but not fynde them. Then shall she saye: well, I wyll go turne againe to my fyrst housbande, for at şt tyme was I better at ease, then nowe
8 But this wolde she not knowe, where as I yet gaue her corne, wyne, oyle, syluer & gold whych she hath hanged vpon Baal.
9 Wherfore, nowe will I go take my corne and wyne agayne in their season, and fet agayne my woll & my flax, whych I gaue her, to couer her shame.
10 And nowe will I discouer her foolyshnesse, euen in the syght of her louers, & no man shall delyuer her out of my handes.
11 Moreouer, I will take awaye all her myrth her holy dayes, her newmoones; her Sabbathes and all her solempne feastes:
12 I wyll destroye her vyneyardes & fygg trees, though she sayeth: lo, heare are my rewardes, that my louers haue geuen me. I wyll make it a wodde, and wylde beestes shall eate it vp.
13 I wyll punysh her also for şe dayes of Baal wherin she censed hym, deckynge hym wyth her earynges & cheynes: when she folowed her louers, and forgat me, sayeth the Lorde.
14 Wherfore beholde, I wyll call her agayne bringe her into a wyldernes, & speake frendly vnto her:
15 there will I geue her her vyniardes agayne, yee & the valley of Achor also to shewe her hope and comforte. Then shall she synge there as in the tyme of her youth, and lyke as in the daye when she came out of the lande of Egypte.
16 Then (sayeth şe Lorde she shall saye vnto me) O my housbande, & shall call me nomore Baal:
17 for I wyll take awaye those names of Baal from her mouth, yee, she shall neuer remembre their names eny more.
18 Then wyll I make a couenaunt with them, with the wylde beastes, with the foules of the ayre, and wyth euery thynge that crepeth vpon the earth. As for bowe, swerde and battel, I will destroye soch out of the lande, & wyll make them to slepe safely.
19 Thus wyll I mary the vnto myne awne selfe for euermore: yee, euen to my selfe wyll I mary şe, in ryghteousnesse, in equite, in louynge kyndnesse and mercy.
20 In fayth also wyll I mary the vnto my selfe, and thou shalt knowe the Lorde.
21 At the same tyme wyll I shewe my selfe frendly & gracyous vnto the heuens, sayeth the Lord: and the heauens shall helpe the earth
22 and the earth shall helpe the corne, wyne and oyle, & they shall helpe Iesrael.
23 I wyll sowe them vpon earth, for a sede to myne amne selfe, & wyll haue mercy vpon her, that was wythout mercy. And to them whych were not my people, I wyll saye: thou art my people and he shall saye: thou art my God.




1 Then sayde the Lorde to me: Go yet thy waye & wowe an aduouterous woman, whom thy neyghboure loueth, as the Lorde doth the chyldren of Israel: how be it they haue respecte to straunge goddes, & loue the wyne kannes.
2 So I gat her for .xv. syluerlynges, and for an Homer & an halfe of barlye,
3 & sayde vnto her: Thou shalt byde with me a longe season, but se that thou playest not the harlot, & loke şu medle wt none other man, & then will I kepe my selfe for the.
4 Thus the chyldren of Israel shall syt a great while without kynge and prince, without offering and aulter, without preste & reuelacyon.
5 But afterwarde shall the chyldren of Israel conuerte, and seke the Lorde theyr God, and Dauid theyr kynge: & in the latter dayes they shall worshyppe the Lorde, & hys louynge kyndnesse.




1 Heare the worde of the Lord, O ye chyldren of Israel. For the Lorde must punysh, them that dwell in the lande. And why? There is no trewthe, there is no mercie, there is no knowledge of God in the lande:
2 but swearyng, lyenge, manslaughter: theft & aduoutry haue gotten the ouerhande, and one bloudgyltinesse foloweth another.
3 Therfore shall the land be in a miserable case, and all they that dwell therin, shall be roted out. The beastes in the felde, the foules in the ayre, & the fyshes in şe see shall dye.
4 Yet is there none, şt wyll chasten nor reproue another. For thy people rebukethe the prestes, whych shulde refourme other men.
5 Therfore stomblest thou in the daye tyme & the prophet wt the in şe nyght. I wyll bring thy mother to sylence, and why?
6 my people perish, because they haue no knowledg. Seinge then şt thou hast refused vnderstanding, therfore wyll I refuse the also: so that thou shalt nomore be my preste. And for so moche as thou hast forgotten şe lawe of thy God, I wyll also forget thy chyldren.
7 The more they increased in the multitude, şe more they synned agaynst me, therfore wyll I change theyr honoure into shame.
8 They eate vp the synnes of my people, and corage them in theyr wickednesse.
9 Thus the prest is become lyke the people. Wherfore I wyll punish them for their wicked wayes, and rewarde them accordynge to their awne ymaginacyons.
10 They shall eate, & not haue ynough. They haue vsed whordome, therfore shall they not prospere: and why? they haue forsaken the Lorde and not regarded hym.
11 Whordome, wyne & dronckenesse taketh the herte awaye.
12 My people aske councell at their stockes, their staffe must tell them. For an whoryshe mynde hath desceyued them so that they committe fornicacion agaynst theyr God.
13 They make sacrifyces vpon the hye mountaynes, & burne their incense vpon the hilles, yee, among the okes, groues & bushes, for there are good shadowes. Therfore, youre daughters are become harlottes, and youre spouses haue broken theyr wedlocke,
14 I wyll not punish youre daughters for beinge defyled, & youre brydes şt became whores: seynge the fathers them selues haue medled wt harlottes, & offered wt vnthriftes: but the people şt wyll not vnderstande must be punyshed.
15 Though thou Israel art disposed to playe the harlot, yet shuldest not thou haue offended, O Iuda: thou shuldest not haue runne to Gilgal ner haue gone vp to Bethauen, ner haue sworne, the Lord lyueth.
16 For Israel is gone backe lyke a wanton cowe. The Lorde therfore shall make her fede, as the lambe that goeth astraye.
17 And where as Ephraim is become partaker of Idols, wel, let him go.
18 Their dronckennes hath put them backe, & brought them to whordome. Their rulers loue rewardes, bringe, (saye they) to their awne shame.
19 A wynde shall take holde of theyr fethers, and they shalbe confounded in theyr offrynges.




1 O ye prestes: heare this, take hede, O şe housholde of Israel: gene care, O thou kyngly house, for it wer youre parte to se Iudgement done, but you are become a snare vnto Myzphah, and a spred net vnto the mount of Thabor.
2 They kyll sacrifyces by heapes, And turne farre from the Lord, & I haue bene a rebuker of them all.
3 I know Ephraim well ynough, & Israel is not hyd fro me: for Ephraim is become an harlot: & Israel is defyled.
4 They are not mynded to turne vnto their God, for they haue an whorysh hert, so that they cannot knowe şe Lord.
5 But the pryde of Israel will be rewarded him in hys face, yee, both Israell & Ephraim shall fall for theyr wickednesse, and Iuda wt them also.
6 They shall come with their shepe and bullockes to seke the Lorde, but they shall not fynde him, for he is gone from them.
7 As for the Lorde, they haue refused him, and brought vp bastarde children: a moneth therfore shall deuoure them with their porcyons.
8 Blowe with the shawmes at Gibea, and wt the trompet in Ramah, crye out at Bethauen vpon the yonsyde of BenIamin.
9 In the tyme of the plage shall Ephraim he layed waste, therfore dyd I faythfully warne the trybes of Israel.
10 Yet are the princes of Iuda become lyke them that remoue the landemarckes, therfore wyll I poure out my wrath vpon them lyke water.
11 Ephraim is oppressed, & can haue no right of the lawe: for why? they folowe the doctrynes of vngodly men.
12 Therfore will I be vnto Ephraim as a moth, and to the house of Iuda as a caterpyller.
13 When Ephraim sawe hys sycknesse, and Iuda hys dysease, Ephraim wente vnto Assur, and sent vnto kyng Iareb: yet coulde not he helpe you, ner ease you of your payne.
14 I am vnto Ephraim as a lyon, and as a lyons whelpe to şe house of Iuda. Euen, I will spoyle them, & go my waye. I wyll take them wyth me, and no man shall rescue them.
15 I will go, and returne to my place, tyll they knowledge that they haue synned and seke me.




1 In theyr aduersite they shall erlye seke me, & saye: come, let vs turne agayne to the Lorde: for he hath smyten vs, and he shall heale vs:
2 He hath wounded vs, and he shall bynde vs vp agayne: after two dayes shall he quycken vs, in the thyrde daye he shall rayse vs vp, so that we shall lyue in hys syght.
3 Then shall we haue vnderstandynge, & endeuoure oure selues to knowe the Lorde. He shall go forth as the spryng of the daye, & come vnto vs as the euenynge and mornynge rayne vpon the earth.
4 O Ephraim, what shall I do vnto the? O Iuda, howe shall I intreate the? seyng your loue is lyke a mornyng cloude, & lyke a dewe şt goeth early awaye.
5 Therfore haue I cut downe the Prophetes, and let them be slayne for my wordes sake: so that thy punishment shall come to lyght.
6 For I haue pleasure in louyng kyndnesse and not in offringe: yee, in the knowledge of God, more then in burntsacrifyce.
7 But euen lyke as Adam dyd, so haue they broken my couenaunt, and set me at naught.
8 Gilead is a cite of wicked doers of malycyous people & bloudshedders.
9 And as theues armed wayte for him that passeth by the waye: such is the councell of the prestes whych with one agreed counsell murther cruelye suche as kepe the waye: ye they dare do all vnspeakable myschefe.
10 Horryble thynges haue I sene in the house of Israel, there playeth Ephraim the harlot, & Israel is defyled:
11 yee and thou Iuda hepest an haruest for thy selfe, when I returne the captyuitie of my people.




1 When I vndertake to make Israel whole, then şe vngraciousnesse of Ephraim and the wyckednes of Samaria commeth to lyght: then go they aboute wt lyes: therfore şe theafe robbeth within: & wtout the spoyler destroyeth.
2 They considre not in their hertes that I remembre all their wickednes. Nowie ther awne inuentyons haue beset them whych, I se well ynough.
3 They make the kynge and the prynces, to haue pleasure in theyr wyckednes and lyes.
4 All these burne in aduoutry, as it were an ouen that the baker heateth, when he hath left kneadynge, tyll the dowe be leuended.
5 Euen so goeth it this daye with oure kynges and princes, for they begynne to be wodde droncken thorowe wyne: they vse familiarite with soch as disceaue them.
6 They with the ymaginacyon of their herte are lyke an ouen, their slepe is all şe nyght lyke the slepe of a baker, in the mornynge is he as hote as the flame of fyre:
7 they are all together as hote as an ouen. They haue deuoured their awne iudges, all theyr kynges are fallen: yet is there none of them şt calleth vpon me.
8 Therfore must Ephraim be myxte amonge the Heathen: Ephraim is become lyke a cake, şe no man turneth,
9 straungers haue deuoured his strength, yet he regardeth it not: he waxeth full of gray heares, yet wyll he not knowe it
10 and şe pryde of Israel is cast downe before theyr face, yet wyll they not turne to şe Lord theyr God, ner seke hym for all thys.
11 Ephraim is lyke a doue, that is begyled, and hath no herte. Now call they vpon the Egypcyans, nowe go they to the Assyrians:
12 but whyle they be goynge here and there, I shall sprede my net ouer them, & drawe them downe as the foules of the ayre: & accordyng as they haue bene warned, so will I punishe them.
13 Wo be vnto them, for they haue forsaken me. They must be destroyed, for they haue set me at naught, I am he that haue redemed them, and yet they dissemble wyth me.
14 They call not vpon me with theyr hertes, but lye houlynge vpon theyr beddes. Where as they come together, it is but for meate & dryncke, and me will they not obeye.
15 I haue taught them, and defended theyr arme, yet do they ymagin myschefe against me.
16 They turne them selues, but not to the most hyest, & are become as a broken bowe. Their princes shalbe slayne with the swearde, for the malyce of theyr tunges, soche scornnes shall they haue in the lande of Egypt.




1 Set the horne to thy mouth, and blowe: swyftly (as an Aegle) shall the enemye come against the house of the Lorde: for they haue broken my couenaunt, & transgressed my lawe.
2 Israel shulde haue sayde vnto me: şu art my God, we knowe şe:
3 but he hath refused the thyng şt is good, therfore shall the enemy folowe vpon hym.
4 They haue ordened kynges, but not thorow me: they haue made princes, & I must not knowe of it. Of their syluer & golde haue they made them Images, to brynge them selues to destruccyon.
5 Thy calf, O Samaria, shalbe taken awaye, for my wrothfull indignacyon is gone forth agaynst the. Howe longe will it be, or they can be clensed.
6 For the calfe came from Israel, the worke man made it, therfore can it be no God, but euen in peaces shall şe calfe of Samaria be broken.
7 They haue sowne wynde, therfore shall they reape a storme. Their sede shall beare no corne, there shall no meale be made of theyr increase: though they reape, yet shall straungers deuoure it vp.
8 Israel shall perish, the Gentiles shall intreate him as a foule vessell.
9 Sence they went vp to the Assyrians, they are become lyke a wylde asse in the deserte. Ephraim geueth rewardes to get louers
10 and though they hyre them amonge the hethen yet nowe wyll I gather them vp. They shall begynne to be weeryed wyth the burthen of kynges and prynces.
11 Ephraim hath made many aulters to do wyckednes, hys aulters (I saye) he had to his sinne.
12 Though I shewe them my lawe neuer so moch, they counte it but straunge doctryne.
13 Where as they do sacrifyce, offerynge the flesshe and eatinge it: the Lorde wyll haue no pleasure therin: but wyll remembre theyr wickednes, & punishe their synnes. Israel turneth agayne into Egipt,
14 they haue forgotten him şt made them, they buylde fayre palaces, and Iuda maketh many stronge cyties: therfore will I sende a fyre into theyr cyties, and it shall consume their places.




1 Do not thou triumphe, O Israel, make no boastynge ouer ioyouse thynges as do the Heathen, for thou hast commytted aduoutry agaynst thy God: whoryshe rewardes hast thou loued, more then all the cornestores.
2 Therfore shall they nomore enioye the cornestores and wyne presses, and theyr swete wyne shall fayle them.
3 They will not dwell in the Lordes lande but Ephraim turneth agayne into Egypte, and eateth vncleane thynges amonge the Assyrians:
4 They poure out no wyne for a drinckoffring vnto the Lorde, nether geue they hym their slayne offrynges: but they be vnto them as mourners meates, wherin all they that eate them, are defyled. For şe bread that they haue soch lust vnto, shall not come into the house of the Lorde.
5 What wyll ye do then in the solempne dayes, and in the feast of the Lorde?
6 Lo, they shall get them awaye for the destruccyon: Egypt shall receaue them, and Noph shall bury them. The nettles shall ouergrowe theyr pleasaunt goodes, and burres shalbe in their tabernacles.
7 Be ye sure (O Israel) the tyme of visitacyon is come, the dayes of recompensynge are at hande. And then shall Israell knowe that they were deceyued by a prophete folyshe mad, and in a fransey: for the multitude of thyne iniquitye God shall multiplye enemyes agaynst the.
8 Ephraim hath made him self a watchman of my God, a prophete şt is become a snare to do hurte in euery strete, and abhominacyon in the house of his God.
9 They be gone to farre, & haue destroyed them selues, lyke as they dyd afore tyme at Gabaa therfore theyr wyckednes shalbe remembred, and their synnes punyshed.
10 I founde Israell lyke grapes in the wyldernes, and sawe their fathers as the fyrst fygges in the toppe of the fygge tre. But they are gone to Baal Peor, & runne a waye fro me to şt shamefull Idoll & are become as abhominable as their louers.
11 Ephraim flyeth lyke a byrde, so shall their glory also: In so moch, that they shall nether begette, conceaue ner beare chyldren.
12 And though they brynge vp eny, yet will I make them chyldeles amonge men. Yee, wo shall come to them, when I depart from them.
13 Ephraim (as me thyncke) is planted in welthynes, lyke as Tyrus, but nowe must she brynge her awne chyldren forth to the manslayer.
14 O Lorde thou shalt geue them: what shalt thou geue them? geue them an vnfrutefull wombe & drye brestes.
15 All their wyckednes is done at Gilgall, there do I abhorre them. For the vngracyousnes of their awne inuencyons, I will dryue them out of my house. I will loue them nomore, for all their prynces are vnfaythfull.
16 Ephraim is hewen downe, their rote is dryed vp, so şt they shall brynge no more frute, yee, and though they brynge forth eny, yet will I slaye euen the best beloued frute of their body.
17 My God shall cast them awaye, for they haue not bene obedient vnto him, therfore shall they go astraye amonge the Heathen.




1 Israel was a goodly vyne, but he hath brought forth vnprofytable frute: yee, şe more frute he had, the mo aulters he made: the more good I dyd to their lande, the more frendshype shewed they to their ymages.
2 Theyr herte is deuyded, therfore wyll they be destroyed. The Lord shall breake downe their ymages, he shall destroye theyr aulters.
3 Then shall they saye: we haue no kynge, for why? we haue not feared şe Lord. And what shall then the kynge do to vs?
4 They comen together, and sweare vayne othes: they be confederat together, therfore groweth their punishment, as the wedes in the sorowes of the lande.
5 They that dwell in Samaria haue worshypped the calfe of Bethauen: therfore shall the people mourne ouer them, yee, & the prestes also, that in theyr welthynesse reioysed wyth them: and why? it shall passe awaye from them.
6 It shall be brought to the Assirian, for a present vnto kynge Iareb. Ephraim shall receaue full punyshment. Israell shalbe confounded for hys awne ymaginacyons,
7 Samaria wt his kynge shall vanyshe awaye as the scomme in the water.
8 The hye places of Auen where Israell do synne, shall be cast downe: thystles and thornes shall growe vpon theyr aulters. Then shall they saye to the mountaynes: couer vs, and to the hylles: fall vpon vs.
9 O Israell, thou hast synned as Gabaa dyd afore tyme, where they remayned: shuld not the batayll then come vpon the wycked chyldren, as well as vpon the Gabaonites?
10 I wyll chasten them, euen after myne awne desyre, the people shalbe gathered together ouer them, when I punyshe them for their great wyckednesse.
11 Ephraim was vnto me, as a cowe şt is vsed to go to plowe, therfore I loued hym, and fell vpon his fayre necke. I droue Ephraim, Iuda plowed, and Iacob played şe husbande man:
12 Sowe vnto ryghteousnes, and reape the frutes of weldoinge: plowe vp your freshe lande, for it is tyme to seake the Lorde tyll he come and rayne rightuousnesse vpon you.
13 But you haue plowed vngodlynes: ye haue reped iniquytie, you haue eaten the frute of lyes. Seynge thou puttest thy confydence in thyne awne wayes, and leauest to the multitude of thy worthyes:
14 there shall growe a sedicyon amonge thy people. All thy stronge cyties shalbe layed waste, euen as Salmana was destroyed with his famyliers, thorowe him that was auenged of Arbell, in the daye of batayll, where the mother peryshed with her chyldren.
15 Euen so shall it go with you (O Bethell) because of youre malicyous wickednesse. Lyke as the mornynge goeth awaye, so shall the kynge of Israel passe.




1 When Israell was younge, I loued him: & called my sonne oute of the lande of Egypt.
2 But şe more they were called, şe more they went backe, offringe vnto Idols of Baal, & censynge Images.
3 I lerned Ephraim to go, & bare them in myne armes, but they regarded not me, şt wolde haue helped them.
4 I led them with coardes of frendshyppe, and with bandes of loue. I was euen he, şt layed the yocke vpon their neckes. I gaue their foder my self
5 that they shulde not go agayne into Egypt. And nowe is Assur theyr kynge. For they wolde not turne vnto me.
6 Therfore shall the swearde begynne in their cyties, the stoare şt they haue layed vp, shalbe destroyed and eaten: and şt because of their awne ymaginacyons.
7 And my people shall stonde in a doubte whether to torne them, for when the prophetes called them to the most hiest, not one yet wolde gyue him his glory.
8 What greate thynges haue I geuen the, O Ephraim? howe faythfully haue I defended the, O Israel? haue I dealt with the as with Adama? or haue I intreated şe lyke Seboim? No, my hert is other wise mynded. Yee, my mercy is to feruent:
9 therfore haue I not turned me to destroye Ephraim in my wrothfull displeasure. For I am God and no man, I am euen that holy one in the middest of the, though I came not within the cytie.
10 The Lorde roareth lyke a lyon, that they maye folowe hym: yee, as a lyon roareth he, şt they maye be afrayed lyke the chyldren of the see:
11 şt they maye be scatred awaye from Egypt, as men scarre byrdes: & frayed awaye (as doues vse to be) from the Assyrians lande: and that because I wolde haue them tary at home, sayeth şe Lorde.
12 But Ephraim goeth aboute me with lyes, and şe house of Israell dissembleth. Only Iuda holdeth hym with God, and with the true holy thynges.




1 Ephraim is fed with ayre, and foloweth after şe east winde: he is euer increasynge lyes and destruccyon. They be confederate with the Assyrians, their oyle is caryed into Egypt.
2 The Lorde hath a courte to holde wt Iuda, and wyll punyshe Iacob. After their awne wayes and accordynge to theyr awne inuencyons, shall he recompense them.
3 He toke his brother by the hele, when he was yet in his mothers wombe: and in hys strength he wrestled with God.
4 He strowe with the angell, and gatt the victorye: so şt he prayde & desyred hym. He founde him at Bethell, and there he talketh with vs.
5 Yee, the Lorde God of Hoostes, euen the Lorde him selfe remembred him.
6 Then turne to thy God, kepe mercy and equite, & hope styll in thy God.
7 But şu art lyke şe marchaunt şt hath a false weyght in his hande, he hath a pleasure to occupie extorcyon.
8 Ephraim thinketh thus: Tush, I am rich. I haue good ynough: In all my worckes shall not one fawte be founde şt I haue offended.
9 Yet am I the Lord thy God, euen as when I brought the out of the lande of Egypte, and sett şe in thy tentes, and as in the hye feaste dayes.
10 I haue spoken thorowe the prophetes, & shewed diuerse visyons and declared my selfe by the ministracion of the prophetes.
11 But at Gilaad is şe abhominacyon, they are fallen to vanyte. At Gilgal they haue slayne oxen: as many heapes of stones as they had in theyr lande forowes, so many aulters haue they made.
12 Iacob fled in to şe lande of Siria, & Israell serued for a wife, & for a wife he kepte shepe.
13 By a prophete şe Lorde brought them out of Egypt, and by a prophet he preserued them.
14 But Ephraim hath puoked him to displeasure thorowe his abhominacyons, therfore shall his bloude be poured vpon him selfe, and the Lorde hys God shall rewarde hym hys blasphemyes.




1 When Ephraim spake, the hethen trembled: and he was exalted amonge the Israelytes, but he is gone backe to Baal, therfore must he dye.
2 And nowe they synne more and more: of their syluer, they make them molten ymages, after the ymaginacyons of ther awne braynes şt is, very ydols, and yet all is nothinge but the worke of the craftesman: Not witstandynge they preache of şe same to such as there sacrificeth: who so will kysse şe calues, offreth perfectlye.
3 Therfore, they shalbe as şe morninge cloude, and as the dewe that early passeth awaye and lyke as dust that şe whorle wynde taketh awaye, from the flore, and as smoke that goeth out of the chymney.
4 I am the Lorde God, which brought the out of the lande of Egypt: that thou shuldest knowe no God but me onely, and that thou shuldest haue no Sauioure but only me.
5 I toke diligent hede of the in the wyldernesse şe drye lande.
6 But when they were well fedde and had ynough, they waxed proude, & forgat me
7 therfore will I be vnto them as a lyon and as a leoparde in şe waye to şe Assyrians.
8 I will come vpon them as she beare, şt is robbed of her whelpes, & I will breake şt stubburne herte of theirs. There will I deuoure them as a lyon: yee: şt wylde beastes shall teare them.
9 O Israel, thine iniquite hath destroyed şe but in me only is thy helpe.
10 Where are thy kynges nowe, that shulde helpe the in all thy cyties? Yee, and thy iudges, of whom thou saydest: geue me a kyng and princes?
11 well, I gaue the a kynge in my wrath, and in my displeasure will I take hym from the agayne.
12 The wyckednesse of Ephraim is bounde together, and hys synne lyeth hyd.
13 Therfore, shall sorowes come vpon hym, as vpon a woman that trauayleth. An vndiscrete sonne is he, for he consydreth not, that he shulde not haue bene able to haue endured in the tyme of hys byrth,
14 had not I defended hym from the graue, and delyuered hym from death. O death, I will be thy death: O hell, I wyll be thy kynge.
15 Yet can I se no comforte, for when he is nowe the goodlyest amonge the brethren, the east wynde (euen the wynde of the Lorde) shall come downe from the wildernes, and drye vp his conduytes, & dryncke vp his welles: he shall spoyle the treasure of all pleasaunt vessels.
16 As for Samaria, they shalbe made waste, and why? they are dysobedient vnto theyr God. They shall peryshe with the swearde, theyr chyldren shalbe slayne, and their wemen great with chylde shalbe rypte vp.




1 O Israell, turne the nowe, vnto şe Lorde thy God, for şu hast taken a greate fall thorowe thy wickednes.
2 Take these wordes with you, when ye turne to the Lorde, and saye vnto hym: O, forgeue vs all oure synnes, receaue vs graciously, & then wyll we offre the bullockes of oure lyppes vnto the:
3 Assur shalbe nomore oure helper, nether will we ryde vpon horses eny more. As for the worckes of oure handes, we wyll nomore call vpon them: For it is thou that art oure God, thou shewest euer mercye vnto şe fatherlesse.
4 O (yf they wolde do this) I shulde heale theyr sores: yee, with all my herte wolde I loue them: so that my wrath shulde cleane be turned awaye from them.
5 Yee, I wolde be vnto Israel as the dewe, and he shulde growe as the lylie, and hys rote shulde breake out as Libanus.
6 His braunches shulde sprede out abroade and be as fayre as the olyue tre and smell as Libanus.
7 They that dwell vnder hys shadowe, shulde come agayne, and growe vp as the corne, & floryshe as the vyne he shulde haue as good a name, as the wyne of Libanus.
8 O Ephraim, what haue I to do wyth Idols eny more? I wyll graciously heare hym, and sede hym forth. I wyll be vnto the as a grene fyrre tre, vpon me shalt thou fynde thy frute.
9 Who so is wise, shall vnderstand thys: and he that is ryght enstructe, wyll regarde it. For the wayes of the Lorde are ryghteous, soch as be Godly wyll walke in them. As for the wycked, they wyll stomble therin.