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1 God in time past diuersly and many wayes, spake vnto the fathers by Prophetes:
2 but in these last dayes he hath spoken vnto vs by his awne sonne, whom he hath made heyre of all thynges by whom also he made the worlde.
3 Which (sonne) beinge şe bryghtnes of his glory, and şt very ymage of his substance rulynge all thynges with şe worde of hys power, hath by hys awne person pourged oure synnes, and sytteth on the ryght hande of the maiestye on hye:
4 beynge so moch more excellent then the angels, as he hath by inherytaunce obteyned a more excellent name then they.
5 For vnto which of the angels sayde he at eny tyme: Thou art my sonne, thys daye haue I begotten the? And agayne I wyll be hys father, and he shalbe my sonne.
6 And agayne, when he bringeth in the fyrst begotten sonne into the worlde, he sayth. And let all the angels of God worshyppe hym.
7 And vnto the angels he sayth. He maketh hys angels spretes, and hys minystres a flamme of fyre.
8 But vnto the sonne he sayth: Thy seate (O God) shalbe for euer and euer The scepter of thy kyngdome is a ryght scepter.
9 Thou hast loued ryghtewesnes, and hated iniquyte. Wherfore, God, euen thy God hath anoynted the with şe oyle of gladnes aboue thy felowes.
10 And thou Lorde in şe begynnynge hast layde the foundacyon of the erth. And the heauens are the workes of thy handes.
11 They shall perysshe, but thou endurest, But they all shall wexe olde also as doth a garment:
12 & as a vesture shalt thou chaunge them, & they shalbe chaunged. But thou art euen the same and thy yeres shall not fayle.
13 Unto whych of the angels sayde he at eny tyme: Syt on my ryght hande, tyll I make thyne enemyes thy fote stole?
14 Are they not all minystrynge spretes, that are sent to minyster, for theyr sakes whych shalbe heyres of saluacyon?




1 Wherfore, we ought to geue the more ernest hede to the thynges that are spoken vnto vs, lest at any tyme we perysshe.
2 For yf şe worde whych was spoken by angells was stedfast: And euery transgressyon and disobedience receaued a iust recompence of rewarde,
3 howe shall we escape, yf we despyse so great saluacyon, which at the fyrst began to be preached of the Lorde hym selfe, and was confirmed vnto vs warde, by them şt hearde it?
4 God bearynge wytnes therto, both with sygnes & wonders also & with diuers myracles, & gyftes of the holy gooste, accordynge to hys awne wyll.
5 For vnto the angels hath he not subdued the worlde to come, wherof we speake,
6 but one in a certayne place wytnessed, sayinge, What is man, that thou art myndfull of hym. Or the sonne of man, that thou visitest hym?
7 Thou madest hym a lytle lower then the angels: thou hast crowned hym with honour & glory, and hast set hym aboue the workes of thy handes.
8 Thou hast put all thynges in subieccyon vnder hys fete. In şt he put all thynges vnder him, he left nothynge that is not put vnder him.
9 Neuerthelesse, we se not yet all thynges subdued vnto him: but him that was made lesse then the angels, we se that it was Iesus, which is crowned with glory and honour for şe sofferynge of death: that he by the grace of God, shulde tast of deeth for all men.
10 For it became him, for whom are all thinges and by whom are all thynges (after that he had brought many sonnes vnto glory) that he shulde make the Lorde of their saluacyon perfecte thorowe affliccyons.
11 For both he that sanctifyeth and they which are sanctyfyed, are all of one. For whych causes sake he is not a shamed to call them brethren,
12 sayinge: I wyll declare thy name vnto my brethren, in the myddes of the congregacyon wyll I prayse the.
13 And agayne: I wyll put my trust in hym. And agayne: beholde, here am I and the chyldren whom God hath geuen me.
14 For as moch then as the chyldren are partetakers of flesshe and bloud, he also him selfe lykewyse toke parte with them that (thorowe deeth) he myght expell hym that had lordshyppe ouer deeth, that is to saye the deuyll,
15 and that he myght delyuer them, which thorowe feare of deeth were all there lyfe tyme subdued vnto bondage.
16 For he in no place taketh on hym the angels: but the seed of Abraham taketh he on hym.
17 Wherfore, in all thynges it became hym to be made lyke vnto his brethren, that he myght be mercyfull, and a faythfull hye Preste in thynges concernynge God, for to pourge the peoples synnes.
18 For in that it fortuned hym selfe to be tempted, he is able to sucker them also that are tempted.




1 Therfore holy brethren, partakers of the celestiall callynge consyder the ambassadour and hye preste of oure professyon Christ Iesus,
2 howe that he is faythfull vnto hym that put hym in the offyce, euen as was Moses in all his house.
3 For loke howe moche honoure he (that hath buylded a house) hath more then the house it selfe, so moch honour is he counted worthy of more then Moses.
4 For euery house is buylded of some man. But he that ordeyned all thynges, is God.
5 And Moses verely was faythfull in all hys house, as a minyster, to beare witnes of those thynges which were to be spoken afterwarde.
6 But Christ as a sonne, hath rule ouer the house, whose house are we, yf we holde fast the confydence and the reioysynge of that hope, vnto the ende.
7 Wherfore (as the holy goost sayth:) to daye yf ye wyll heare hys voyce,
8 harden not youre hertes, as in the prouokynge, in the daye of temptacyon in the wyldernes,
9 where youre fathers tempted me, proued me, and sawe my workes .xl. yeare.
10 Wherfore I was greued with şe generacyon, and sayde: They do all waye erre in their hertes: they verely haue not knowen my wayes,
11 so şt I sware in my wrath: they shall not enter into my rest.
12 Take hede brethren, lest at anye tyme ther be in anye of you a frowarde herte subiect vnto vnbelefe, that he shulde departe from the lyuynge God:
13 but exhorte ye one another dayly, while it is called to daye: lest eny of you wexe harde harted thorowe the deceytfulnesse of synne.
14 We are made partetakers of Christ, yf we kepe sure (vnto the ende) the begynnynge of the substance,
15 so longe as it is sayde: to daye yf ye wyll heare hys voyce, harden not youre hertes, as in the prouokynge,
16 for some when they hearde dyd prouoke: howe be it not all şe came out of Egypt by Moses.
17 But with whom was he despleased .xl. yeares? Was he not despleased with them that had synned, whose carkases were ouerthrowen in the desert?
18 To whom sware he that they shulde not enter into his rest, but vnto them that were not obedient?
19 And we se, that they coulde not enter in, because of vnbelefe:




1 Let vs feare therfore, lest eny of you (forsakynge şe promes of entringe into hys rest) shulde seme at anye tyme to haue bene disapoynted.
2 For vnto vs is it declared, as well as vnto them. But it proffyted not them, that they hearde the worde: because they whych hearde it, coupled it not with fayth.
3 For we which haue beleued, do enter into his rest, as he sayde. Euen as I haue sworne in my wrath: they shall not enter into my rest. And that spake he verely longe after that the workes were made, and the foundacyon of the worlde layde.
4 For he spake in a certayne place of the seuenth daye, on thys wyse. And God dyd rest the seuenth daye from all hys workes.
5 And in thys place agayne: They shall not enter into my rest.
6 Seynge therfore it foloweth, that some must enter therinto, and they (to whom it was fyrst preached) entred not therin for vnbelefes sake,
7 he apoynteth a certayne daye after so longe a tyme sayinge in Dauid (as it is rehearsed) this daye yf ye wyll heare hys voyce, harden not your hertes.
8 For yf Iosue had geuen them rest, then wolde he not afterwarde haue spoken of another daye.
9 There remayneth therfore yet a rest to the people of God.
10 For he that is entred into hys rest hath ceased also from his awne workes, as God dyd from his.
11 Let vs study therfore to entre into that rest, lest eny man fall after the same ensample of vnbelefe.
12 For the worde of God is quycke, and myghty in operacion, and sharper then eny two edged swearde: & entreth through, euen vnto the diuidynge a sonder of the soule and the sprete, and of the ioyntes and the mary: and is a discerner of şe thoughtes and of the intentes of the herte:
13 nether is ther eny creature that is not manifest in the syght of him: But all thinges are naked and open vnto the eyes of him, of whom we speake.
14 Seynge then, that we haue a great hye prest which is entred into heauen (euen Iesus the sonne of God) let vs holde the profession.
15 For we haue not an hye preste, which cannot haue compassyon on oure infirmities: but was in all poyntes tempted, lyke as we are: but yet with out synne.
16 Let vs therfore go boldely vnto the seate of grace, that we maye obtayne mercy, and fynde grace to helpe in tyme of nede.




1 For euery hye preste that is taken from amonge men, is ordeyned for men, in thynges pertaynynge to God to offer gyftes and sacrifyces for synne,
2 which can haue compassion on the ignoraunt, and on them that erre out of the waye, for as moch as he him selfe also is compassed with infirmitie.
3 And for the same infirmities sake he is bounde to offer for synnes, as well for him selfe, as for the people.
4 And no man taketh honour vnto him selfe, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron.
5 Euen so Christ also glorified not him selfe, to be made the hye preste: but he that sayde vnto him, thou art my sonne, this daye haue I begoten the, glorifyed him.
6 As he sayeth also in another place: thou art a Preste for euer after the order of Melchisedech
7 which in şe dayes of his flesshe, whan he had offered vp prayers and supplicacions, with stronge cryinge and teares (vnto him that was able to saue him from deeth) and was hearde because of hys reuerence,
8 though he were şe sonne yet learned he obedience, by those thynges which he suffered:
9 & he beynge perfecte, was the cause of eternall saluacion vnto all them that obeyed him:
10 and is called of God an hye Prest, after the order of Melchisedech.
11 Wherof we wolde speake many thinges but they are harde to be vttered: seynge ye are dull of hearinge.
12 For when as concerninge the tyme, ye ought to be teachers, yet haue ye nede agayne, that we teache you the fyrst principles of the worde of God: and are become soch as haue nede of mylke: and not of stronge meate:
13 for euery man that is fed with mylke, is inexperte in the worde of ryghteousnes. For he is but a babe.
14 But stronge meate belongeth to them that are perfecte euen those, which (by reason of vse) haue their wittes exercised to discerne both good and euyll.




1 Therfore leauynge şe doctryne that pertayneth to the begynnynge of Christen men, let vs go forth vnto perfeccion, not layenge agayne the foundacyon of repentaunce from deed workes and of fayth towarde God,
2 of baptysynges, of doctryne, and of layinge on of handes, and of resurreccyon from deeth, and of eternall iudgement.
3 And so wyll we do If God permytte.
4 For it can not be that they which were once lyghted, and haue tasted of the heauenly gyfte, & were become partakers of the holy goost,
5 and haue tasted of the good worde of God, and of the power of the worlde to come:
6 yf they fall awaye (and as concernynge them selues crucifye the sonne of God a fresshe, and make a mocke of him) that they shulde be renued agayne by repentaunce.
7 For the erth which dryncketh in şe rayne that commeth oft vpon it, and bringeth forth herbes mete for them that dresse it, receaueth blessinge of God.
8 But that grounde which beareth thornes and bryars, is reproued, and is nye vnto cursynge: whose ende is to be burned.
9 Neuerthelesse (deare frendes) we trust to se better of you, and thynges which accompany saluacion, though we thus speake.
10 For God is not vnryghteous şt he shulde forget youre worke and laboure that procedeth of loue, which loue ye shewe in his name, which haue ministred vnto the saynctes, and yet minister.
11 Yee, and we desyre, şt euery one of you shewe the same diligence, to the full stablishinge of hope, euen vnto şe ende,
12 that ye faynt not, but be folowers of them, which thorowe fayth and pacience receaue the enheritaunce of the promyse.
13 For when God made promes to Abraham because he had none greater to sweare by he sware by him selfe,
14 sayinge: Surely I will blesse the, and multiplie the in dede.
15 And so after that he had taried paciently, he enioyed the promes.
16 For men verely sweare by hym that is greater then them selues, and an othe to confyrme the thynge, is to them an ende of all stryfe.
17 So God wyllinge very aboundantly to shewe vnto the heyres of promes, the stablenes of his counsayl, added an oth:
18 that by two immutable thynges (in whych it was vnpossible that God shulde lye) we myght haue a stronge consolacyon, which hitherto haue fled, for to holde fast the hope that is set before vs,
19 whych hope we holde as an ancre of the soule both sure and stedfast, whych hope also entreth in, into those thinges which are with in the vayle,
20 where the fore runner is for vs entred, euen Iesus, that is made an hye preste for euer, after the order of Melchisedech.




1 This Melchisedech kynge of Salem (which beinge preste of şe most hye God, met Abraham, as he returned agayne from the slaughter of the kynges and blessed him:
2 to whom also Abraham gaue tythes of all thynges) fyrst is called by interpretacion kynge of ryghtewesnes: after that, kynge of Salem (that is to saye, Kynge of peace)
3 wythout father without mother, without kynne, & hath nether begynnynge of dayes, nether yet ende of lyfe: but is likened vnto the sonne of God and contynueth a preste for euer.
4 Consyder what a man this was, vnto whom also the patriarke Abraham gaue tythes of the spoyles.
5 And verely those chyldren of Leuy, which receaue the office of the prestes, haue a commaundement to take (accordinge to şe lawe) tythes of the people, that is to saye, of their brethren, yee though they spronge out of the loynes of Abraham.
6 But he whose kynred is not counted amonge them, receaued tythes of Abraham, and blessed him that had the promises.
7 And no man denyeth, but that he which is lesse, receaueth blessynge of him which is greater.
8 And here men that dye, receaue tythes. But there he receaueth tythes, of whom it is wytnessed, that he lyueth.
9 And to saye the trueth, Leuy hym selfe also which vseth to receaue tythes payed tythes in Abraham.
10 For he was yet in the loynes of hys father whan Melchisedech met Abraham.
11 If now therfore perfeccion came by the presthod of şe Leuytes (for vnder that presthod the people receaued the lawe) what neded it furthermore, that another prest shuld ryse to be called after the order of Melchisedech, and not after the order of Aaron?
12 For yf the presthod be translated, then of necessitie must the lawe be translated also.
13 For he of whom these thynges are spoken pertayne vnto another trybe, of whom neuer man serued at the aultare.
14 For it is euident that oure Lorde spronge of the trybe of Iuda, of whych trybe spake Moses nothinge concerninge presthod.
15 And it is yet a more euident thynge, yf after the similitude of Melchisedech there aryse another preste,
16 whych is not made after the lawe of şe carnall commaundement: but after şe power of şe endlesse lyfe.
17 (For after thys maner doth he testifie thou art a prest for euer, after the order of Melchisedech)
18 Then şe commaundement that went afore, is disanulled, because of weaknes and vnproffytablenes.
19 For the lawe brought nothynge to perfeccion: but was an introduccyon to a better hope, by şe whych we drawe nye vnto God.
20 And therfore is it a better hope, because şe thing was not done without an othe.
21 For those prestes were made without an othe, but thys preste with an othe, by hym that sayde vnto hym. The Lorde sware, and wyll not repent: Thou art a prest for euer after the order of Melchisedech.
22 And for that cause was Iesus a stablyssher of a better testament.
23 And amonge them many were made prestes, because they were not suffred to endure by the reason of deeth
24 But this man (because he endureth euer) hath an euerlasteng presthode.
25 Wherfore, he is able also euer to saue them to the vttemost, that come vnto God by him, seynge he euer lyueth to make intercession for vs.
26 For soch an hye Prest it became vs to haue, which is holy, harmlesse, vndefiled, separate from synners, made hyer then heauen.
27 Which nedeth not dayly (as yonder hye prestes) to offer vp sacrifice. Fyrst for his awne synnes and then for şe peoples synnes. For that dyd he once, when he offered vp him self.
28 For şe lawe maketh men prestes, which haue infirmitie: but the worde of şe oth that came sence the lawe, maketh şe sonne preste, whych is perfecte for euermore.




1 Of the thynges which we haue spoken, thys is the pyth: that we haue soch an hye preste as sytteth on the ryght hande of the seate of maiestye in heauen,
2 and is a minyster of holy thynges, and of the true tabernacle, whych God pyght, and not man.
3 For euery hye prest is ordeyned to offer gyftes and sacrifices: wherfore it is of necessite, that this man haue some what also to offer.
4 For he were not a prest, yf he were on the erth where are prestes, that accordynge to the lawe
5 offer gyftes whych serue vnto the ensample, and shadowe of heauenly thynges: euen as the answere of God was geuen vnto Moses, when he was about to fynyssh the tabernacle. Take hede (sayde he) that thou make all thinges accordinge to the patrone which is shewed to the in the mount.
6 But now hath he obtayned a presthode so moch the more excellent, as he is the mediator of a better testament, which was confirmed in better promyses.
7 For yf that fyrst testament had bene soch, şt no faute coulde haue bene founde in it, then shulde no place haue bene sought for the seconde.
8 For in rebukynge them, he sayth vnto them. Beholde the dayes come (sayth the Lord) and I wyll fynyssh vpon the house of Israel , and vpon the house of Iuda,
9 a new testament: not like şe testament that I made with theyr fathers in şt daye, when I toke them by the handes, to leade them out of the land of Egypte . For they contynued not in my testament, and I regarded them not sayth the Lord.
10 For this is the testament, that I wyll make wt the house of Israel : After those dayes (sayth şe Lord) I wyll put my lawes in their myndes, and in their hertes I will write them, and I wylbe their God, and they shalbe my people.
11 And they shall not teach euery man hys neyghboure, and euery man hys brother, saying: knowe the Lord: for they shall knowe me, from the least to the moste of them:
12 For I wilbe mercyfull ouer their vnrightewesnes, and their synnes & their iniquities will I thinke vpon nomore.
13 In that he sayth a new testament, he hath worne out the olde, For that which is worne out & wexed olde, is redy to vanyshe awaye.




1 The olde testament then had verely ordynaunces, and seruinges of God, and wordly holynes.
2 For there was a fore tabernacle made, wherin was the lyght, and the table, and the shewe breed, whych hys called holy.
3 But within the seconde vayle was there a tabernacle, whych is called holyest of all,
4 whych had the golden senser, and the arcke of the testament ouerlayde round about with golde, wherin was the golden pot with Manna, and Aarons rodde, that spronge and the tables of the testament.
5 Ouer the arcke were the Cherubins of glory, shadowyng şe seate of grace. Of which thynges we cannot now speake particularly.
6 When these thinges were thus ordeyned, the prestes went allwayes into the fyrst tabernacle, whych executed şe seruice of şe holy thinges.
7 But into the seconde, went the hye prest alone once euery yeare: not wyth out bloud which he offered for him selfe, and for the ignoraunces of the people.
8 Wherwith şe holy goost thys signifyed, that the waye of holy thynges was not yet opened, whyll as yet şe fyrst tabernacle was standyng.
9 Which was a symilitude for the tyme then present, in which were offered gyftes and sacrifices, that coulde not make the minister parfecte, as pertayning to the conscyence,
10 wyth onely meates & drinckes, & diuers wasshinges and iustifyinges of the fleshe, whych were ordeyned vntyll the tyme of reformacyon.
11 But Christ beynge and hye Prest of good thynges to come, came by a greater & a more perfecte tabernacle, not made wyth handes: that is to saye, not of thys buylding,
12 nether by the bloude of goates & calues: but by hys awne bloude he entred in once into the holy place, and founde eternall redempcyon.
13 For yf the bloud of oxen and of gotes & şe asshes of a yong kow, when it was sprinckcled, purifieth the vnclene, as touchyng the purifyinge of the flesshe:
14 how moch moare shall the bloud of Christ (which thorow the eternall sprete, offered him self without spot to God) pourge youre conscience from deed workes, for to serue the lyuinge God?
15 And for this cause is he the mediator of the new testament, that thorow deeth which chaunsed, for the redempcion of those transgressions that were vnder the fyrst testament they whych are called, myght receaue şe promes of eternall inheritaunce.
16 For where as is a testament, ther must also (of necessite) be şe deeth of hym that maketh the testament.
17 For the testament taketh auctoritie when men are deed: for it is yet of no value, as longe as he şt maketh şe testament is alyue,
18 for which cause also nether şe first testament was ordeyned without bloude.
19 For when Moses had declared all the commaundement to all the people according to the lawe, he toke the bloud of calues and of goates, with water & purple wolle, and ysope, and sprinckled both the boke, & all the people,
20 saying: this is şe bloud of the testament, whych God hath appoynted vnto you.
21 Moreouer, he sprinckled the tabernacle wyth bloud also, and all the ministringe vessels.
22 And almost all thinges are by the lawe purged with bloud, & without sheadinge of bloud is no remissyon.
23 It is nede then, that the similitudes of heauenly thynges be purifyed wyth soch thynges: but that the heauenly thynges them selues be purifyed wt better sacrifyces then are those.
24 For Christ is not entred into şe holy places that are made wyth handes (whych are symilitudes of true thynges) but is entred into very heauen, for to appeare now in the syght of God for vs:
25 not to offer hym selfe often as the hye prest entreth into şe holy place euery yeare with straunge bloud,
26 for then must he haue often offered sence şe worlde began. But now in the ende of the worlde, hath he appeared once, to put sinne to flight by the offerynge vp of him selfe.
27 And as it is apoynted vnto all men tkat they shall once dye, and then commeth the iudgement
28 euen so Christ was once offered, to take awaye şe sinnes of many, & vnto them that loke for hym shall he appeare agayne without synne vnto saluacyon.




1 For the lawe (hauynge the shadowe of good thynges to come, and not şe very fasshion of şe thinges them selues) can neuer with those sacrifices which they offer; yeare by yeare continually make the commers therunto parfayt.
2 For wold not then those sacrifices haue ceased to haue bene offred, because that the offerers once purged shuld haue had no more conscience of synnes?
3 Neuerthelesse, in those sacrifyces, is there mencyon made of synnes euery yeare.
4 For the bloude of oxen and of goates can not take awaye synnes.
5 Wherfore, when he commeth into şe worlde he sayth: Sacryfyce and offerynge şu woldest not haue: but a bodye hast şu ordeyned me:
6 Burnt offerynges also for synne hast şu not alowed.
7 Then sayd I: lo, I am here. In the begynnyng of the booke it is written of me, şt I shuld do thy will, o God.
8 Aboue, when he sayeth: sacryfice & offeryng, & burnt sacryfyces and synne offerynges şu woldest not haue, nether hast şu alowed them (whiche yet are offered by şe lawe)
9 then sayd he: Lo, I am here, to do thy wyll, o God: he taketh awaye the fyrst to stablisshe the latter,
10 by wych will we are made holy, euyn by şe offeryng of şe body of Iesu Christe once for all.
11 And euery prest is ready dayly ministring and offryng often tymes one maner of oblacion, which can neuer take awaye synnes.
12 But thys man after he hath offered one sacrifice for synnes, is set downe for euer on the ryght hand of God,
13 & from hence forth taryeth tyll his foes be made his fote stole.
14 For wt one offeringe hath he made parfecte for euer, them şt are sanctyfyed.
15 The holy goost him self also beareth vs recorde, euen when he tolde before:
16 This is şe testament şt I wyll make vnto them: after those dayes (sayth şe lorde) I will put my lawes in their hertes, & in their myndes will I write them,
17 & their synnes & iniquities will I remember nomore.
18 And where remission of these thynges is, ther is nomore offeryng for synne.
19 Seyng therfore brethren, şt by şe meanes of şe bloud of Iesu we haue libertye to enter into şe holy place,
20 by şe new & lyuing waye whych he hath prepared for vs, through şe vayle (that is to saye, by his flesshe.)
21 And seing also şt we haue an hye prest whych is ruler ouer şe house of God,
22 let vs draw nye wt a true herte in a sure fayth, sprynckeled in our hertes & şe euyll conscience put awaye & wesshed in our bodyes wt pure water:
23 let vs kepe şe profession of our hope, wt out waueryng (for he is faithfull şt promysed)
24 & let vs consider one another, to şe intent şt we maye prouoke vnto loue, & to good workes,
25 not forsakynge şe felishyppe şt we haue among our selues, as the maner of some is: but let vs exhorte one another, & so moch the more, because ye se that the daye draweth nye.
26 For yf we synne wyllfully after şt we haue receaued şe knowledge of the trueth, ther remayneth nomore sacryfyce for synnes,
27 but a fearfull lokyng for iudgement, & violent fyre, whych shall deuoure şe aduersaries.
28 He şt despiseth Moses lawe, dyeth wythout mercy vnder two or thre witnesses:
29 how moch sorer (suppose ye) shall he be ponisshed which treadeth vnder fote şe sonne of God: & counteth the bloude of şe testament, wherwith he was sanctifyed, as an vnholy thyng, & doth dishonoure to şe sprete of grace.
30 For we knowe hym şt hath sayd: It belongeth vnto me to take vengeaunce. I wyll recompence sayth şe Lord. And agayne: şe Lord shal iudge his people.
31 It is a fearfull thynge to fall into şe handes of the lyuyng God.
32 Call to remembraunce the dayes that are passed, in the whych after ye had receaued lyght, ye endured a greate fyght of aduersities,
33 partly whyle all men wondred & gased at you for the shame and tribulacyon on şt was done vnto you: partly, whyle ye became companyons of them which so passed their tyme.
34 For ye became parttakers also of şe afflyccyons whych happened thorow my bondes, & toke in worth the spoylyng of your goodes, & that wyth gladnes: knowynge in your selues, how that ye haue in heauen a better & an enduring substaunce.
35 Cast not awaye therfore your confydence, whych hath a great recompence of rewarde.
36 For ye haue nede of pacyence, that after ye haue done the wyll of God, ye myght receaue şe promes.
37 For yet a very lytell whyle, & he şt shall come wyll come, & wyll not tary.
38 But the iust shall lyue by faith. And yf he withdrawe him selfe, my soule shall haue no pleasure in him.
39 It is not we şt withdrawe our selues vnto dampnacion, but we partayne vnto fayth, to the wynnynge of the soule.




1 Fayth is a sure confydence of thynges, whych are hoped for, & a certayntie of thynges whych are not sene.
2 For by it the elders obtayned a good reporte.
3 Thorowe fayth we vnderstande, that the worlde was ordeyned by şe worde of God, and that thinges whych are sene, were made of thynges whych were not sene.
4 By fayth Abel offered vnto God a more plenteous sacryfyce then Cayn: by whych he obteyned witnes şt he was ryghteous, God testyfyinge of his gyftes: by whych also he beyng deed, yet speaketh.
5 By fayth was Enoch translated, şt he shulde not se deeth: nether was he founde: for god had taken him awaye. For a fore he was taken awaye, he obteyned a good reporte, şt he pleased God:
6 but without fayth it can not be şt anye man shuld please him. For he şt commeth to God, must beleue that God is, & that he is a rewarder of them that seke hym.
7 By fayth Noe beynge warned of God, eschued the thynges which were as yet not sene, and prepared the arke to the sauynge of hys housholde, thorow the whych arke, he condempned the worlde, and became heyre of the ryghtewesnes which is accordyng to fayth.
8 By fayth Abraham, when he was called obeyed, to go out into a place, which he shuld afterwarde receaue to inheritaunce: & he went out, not knowing whether he shuld go.
9 By fayth he remoued into şe lande of promes, as into a straunge countre, whan he had dwelt in tabernacles: & so dyd Isaac & Iacob heyres wt hym of the same promes.
10 For he loked for a cytie hauyng a foundacyon, whose buylder and maker is God.
11 Thorow fayth Sara also receaued strength to conceaue and be with chylde, and was delyuered of a childe when she was past age, because she iudged him faythful which had promysed.
12 And therfore sprange ther of one (euen of one whych was as good as deed) so many in multitude as are şe starres of şe skye, & as şe sond, şt which is by şe see shore, innumerable.
13 These all dyed accordinge to fayth, whan they had not receaued the promises: but sawe them a farre of, and beleued them, & saluted them, and confessed, that they were straungers and pilgrems on the erthe.
14 For they that saye soch thynges, declare, şt they seke a countre.
15 Also yf they had bene myndfull of şe countre, from whence they came out, they had leasure to haue returned agayne:
16 but now they desyre a better (şt is to saye) a heauenly. Wherfore God himselfe is not ashamed to be called theyr God for he hath prepared for them a citye.
17 By fayth Abraham offered vp Isaac, when he was proued, and he offered him beyng his only begotten sonne, in whom he had receaued the promyses.
18 And to hym it was sayde, in Isaac shal thy seed be called:
19 for he consydered, that God was able to rayse vp agayne from deeth. Therfore, receaued he him also for an ensample of the resurreccion.
20 By fayth did Isaac blesse Iacob and Esau, concernyng thynges to come.
21 By fayth Iacob when he was a dying, blessed both the sonnes of Ioseph, & bowed him selfe towarde the toppe of hys scepter.
22 By fayth Ioseph when he dyed, remembred the departing of the children of Israel , & gaue commaundement of hys bones.
23 By fayth Moses when he was borne was hyd thre monethes of his father & mother because they sawe he was a proper childe, nether feared they the kynges commaundement.
24 By fayth Moses when he was great, refused to be called the sonne of Pharaos daughter,
25 & chose rather to suffre aduersitie wyth the people of God, then to enioye the pleasures of synne for a ceason,
26 and estemed the rebuke of Christ greater riches then the treasures of Egypt. For he had respect vnto the rewarde.
27 By fayth he forsoke Egipt & feared not the fearcenes of şe king. For he endured, euen as though he had sene him which is inuisible.
28 Thorow fayth he ordeyned şe passeouer and şt effusyon of bloud, lest he şt destroyed the fyrst borne, shulde touch them.
29 By fayth they passed thorow şe reed see as by drye lande: which when the Egypcyans had assayed to do, they were drowned.
30 By fayth şe walles of Iericho fell downe after they were compassed about seuen dayes.
31 By fayth şt harlot Raab perisshed not wt them that were disobedient, when she had receaued the spyes to lodgyng peaseably.
32 And what shall I more saye: for şe tyme wyll be to short for me to tell of Gedon, of Barach, & of Sampson, & of Iephthae, of Dauid also & Samuel, & of şe Prophetes:
33 Which thorow faith subdued kingdomes wrought righteousnes: obteyned şe promyses: stopped şe mouthes of lyons:
34 quenched şt violence of fyre: escaped şe edge of şe swearde: out of weaknesse, were made stronge: waxed valient in fyght: turned to flight the armyes of the alientes
35 the wemen receaued theyr deed raysed to lyfe agayne. Other were racked, & wolde not be delyuered, şt they myght inheret a better resurrection.
36 Agayne, other were tried wt mockynges & scourginges moreouer, wt bondes & presonment:
37 were stoned, were hewen asunder, were tempted, were slayne wt swearde, walked vp & downe in shepe skynnes, and goates skynnes, being destitute, troubled & vexed:
38 which men şt worlde was not worthy of: they wandred in wildernesses: & in mountaynes, and in dennes, and caues of erth.
39 And these all thorow faith obtained good reporte, & receaued not şe promes,
40 because God had prouided a better thing for vs, şt they wt out vs shuld not be made parfecte.




1 Wherfore, let vs also (seyng şt we are compassed with so great a multitude of witnesses) laye awaye all that presseth doune, and the synne şt hangeth so fast on, let vs runne with pacience vnto the battayle şt is set before vs,
2 lookyng vnto Iesus şe captayne & finissher of our fayth, which (for the ioye şt was set before him) abode the crosse, & despised the shame, & is set downe on the ryghte hande of the throne of God.
3 Consyder therfore, how şt he endured such speakinge agaynst hym of synners lest ye shuld be weryed and faynte in your mindes.
4 For ye haue not yet resysted vnto bloud, striuynge agaynst synne.
5 And haue forgotten the exhortacion, which speaketh vnto you as vnto children? my sonne, despyse not thou şe chastening of the Lord, nether faynt, when şu art rebuked of hym:
6 for whom şe Lorde loueth, hym he chasteneth: yee, he scourgeth euery sonne şt he receaueth.
7 If ye endure chastening, God offereth him selfe vnto you as vnto sonnes. What sonne is he whom the father chasteneth not?
8 If ye be not vnder correccion (where of all are part takers) then are ye bastardes, and not sonnes.
9 Therfore seyng we haue had fathers of our flesshe which corrected vs, & we gaue them reuerence: shall we not moch rather be in subieccion vnto the father of spirites, & lyue?
10 And they verely for a feaw dayes, nurtred vs after theyr awne pleasure: but he nurteth vs for our profit, to the intent that he maye mynister of his holynes vnto vs.
11 No maner chastisyng for the present tyme semeth to be ioyous, but greueous: neuertheles afterwarde, it bringeth şe quyet frute of ryghtewesnes, vnto them which are exercysed therby.
12 Stretch forth therfore şe handes which were let downe, and the weake knees:
13 and se that ye haue strayght steppes vnto youre fete, lest eny halting turne you out of the waye: yee let it rather be healed.
14 Folow peace with all men and holynes: with out the which no man shall se şe Lorde.
15 And loke, şt no man be destitute of the grace of god, lest anye roote of bytternes spryng vp and trouble, & therby many be defyled:
16 şt ther be no fornicator, or vncleane person, as Esau whych for one mease of meate solde his byrthryght.
17 For ye knowe how that afterwarde when he wolde by inheretaunce haue optayned blessyng, he was put by, For he founde no place of repentaunce, though he sought it with teares.
18 For ye are not come vnto the mounte şt is touched, & vnto burnyng fyre, nor vnto storme, & darcknes, and tempestes of wedder,
19 and sounde of a trompe, and the voyce of wordes: which voyce, they (that hearde it) wysshed awaye, that the communicacyon shuld not be spoken to them,
20 For they coulde not abyde that which was commaunded. If a beast touche the mountayne, it shall be stoned, or thrust thorow with a darte:
21 so terrible was şe syght which appeared. Moses sayde: I feare and quake.
22 But ye are come vnto the mount Syon, and to the citye of the liuynge God, the celestiall Ierusalem: and to an innumerable syght of angels,
23 and vnto the congregacion of the fyrst borne sonnes; whych are wrytten in heauen, and to God, the iudge of all, & to the spretes of iust and parfecte men,
24 and to Iesus the mediator of the new testament, & to the sprincklynge of bloud that speaketh better then the bloud of Abel.
25 Se that ye despyse not hym, şt speaketh. For yf they escaped not, whych refused him that spake on erth: moch more shall we not escape, yf we turne awaye from hym, that speaketh from heauen:
26 whose voyce then shoke the erth, and now hath declared sayinge: yet once more will I shake, not şe erth onely, but also heauen.
27 Where as he sayth: yet once more, it signifyeth the remouyng awaye of those thynges which are shaken as of thinges which haue ended their course: that the thynges which are not shaken, maye remayne.
28 Wherefore, yf we receaue the kyngdome which can not be moued, we haue grace, wherby we maye so serue God, and that we maye please hym with reuerence and godly feare.
29 For oure God is a consumyng fyre.




1 Let brotherly loue continue
2 Be not forgetfull to lodge straungers, For therby haue dyuers men lodged angels vnwares.
3 Remember them that are in bondes, euen as though ye were bounde wt them your selues. Be myndfull of them which are in aduersyte, as ye which are yet in the bodye.
4 Wedlocke is to be had in honoure among all men, and the bed vndefyled. As for whore kepers & aduoutrers God shall iudge them.
5 Let your conuersacyon be without coueteousnes and be content with soch thynges as ye haue all ready. For he hath sayd: I will not fayle the, nether forsake the:
6 so that we maye boldly saye: the Lorde is my helper, and I will not feare what man maye do vnto me.
7 Remember them whych haue the ouersyght of you, whych haue spoken vnto you the worde of God. Whose fayth se that ye folowe, and consider the ende of theyr conuersacyon.
8 Iesus Christ yesterdaye and to daye, and the same continueth for euer.
9 Be not caryed aboute with diuers and straunge learnyng. For it is a good thynge that şe herte be stablysshed with grace, and not wt meates, which haue not proffeted them that haue had theyr pastyme in them.
10 We haue an aulter, wherof they maye not eate, which serue in the tabernacle.
11 For the bodyes of those beastes whose bloud is brought into the holy place by şe hye prest to purge synne, are burnt with out the tentes.
12 Therfore Iesus also to sanctifye the people with hys awne bloud, suffered without the gate.
13 Let vs goo forth therfore vnto hym, out of the tentes, and suffer rebuke with hym.
14 For here haue we no continuynge cytie: but we seke one to come.
15 By him therfore do we offer sacrifyce of lande alwayes to God: şt is to saye, the frute of those lippes, which cofesse his name.
16 To do good & to distribute, forget not, for wt such sacrifyces God is pleased.
17 Obeye them that haue the ouer syght of you, & submyt your selues vnto them, for they watch for your soules, euen as they that must geue acomptes: that they maye do it with ioye, & not with grefe. For that is an vnproffitable thyng for you.
18 Praye for vs. For we trust we haue a good conscience among all men, and desyre to lyue honestly,
19 But I desyre you şe more, that ye so do, that I maye be restored to you the sooner.
20 The God of peace that brought agayne from deeth our Lorde Iesus the gret shepperde of the shepe, thorow the bloud of the euerlastyng testament,
21 make you parfect in all good workes, to do hys wyll, and bryng to passe, that the thyng which ye do, maye be pleasaunt in his syght thorowe Iesus Christ. To whom be prayse for euer whyle the world endureth. Amen.
22 I beseche you brethren, suffre the worde of exhortation: for we haue wrytten vnto you in feawe wordes.
23 Ye knowe our brother Timothe, that he is at libertye: with whom (yf he come shortly) I wyll se you.
24 Salute them that haue the ouersyght of you, and all the saynctes. They of Italy salute you.
25 Grace be with you all. Amen.